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									                                                                                      Kidlittles Contract

Kidlittles Day Care
(320) 393-2457

This contract may be terminated by the conditions within this document.

The following holidays are paid days off for me:

         New Years Day                                        Labor Day
         Memorial Day                                         Thanksgiving Day
         Fourth of July                                       Christmas Day

My Day Care Rates

         Hourly: .................................... $2.50
         Full Day: ............................... $22.50
         Weekly: .............................. $110.00

Hourly rate is $2.50 for drop in children or children that come before and/or after school or on an
irregular basis. Drop in is defined as scheduled on the same day.

Part Day is anything up to 5 hours. As this is an inconvenience for scheduling and disrupts the
other children’s routines, part days are not preferred. Part day fees are $12.50 per day.

Full Day is anything more than 5 and up to 10 hours per day, the hourly rate applies in addition to
hours over 10 per day.

Weekly rate is more than 35 hours of care per week. Any family using child care for 5 days per
week, with a minimum of 7 hours per day is considered full time.

Part-day or part-time families may have this contract terminated if scheduling conflicts occur.

A two full day minimum will be charged per week per child to hold your child’s position in my
daycare if they are absent for the entire week.

I may change my rates with no less than 30 days written notice.

Parents will be responsible for the following fees: Any costs and/or fees associated with non-
payment including but not limited to returned checks for insufficient funds. If a check is not
honored by the bank, a late payment fee will also be due. The parent is also responsible for any and
all costs associated with the collections of fees. Any account not paid in full will be assessed an
interest charge of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) with payments being applied to interest first, until
the account is paid in full.

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                                                                                         Kidlittles Contract

Late pick up fee: A fee of $5 for every 15 minutes past your scheduled pick up time can be
assessed unless previous consent from the child care provider is obtained. If your child is here past
the scheduled pick up time and I have personal commitments to attend, alternate arrangements for
the care of your child or children will be made, which may include you picking your child up at
another location. Abuse of the scheduling arrangement and/or late pick up can result in
termination of care.

Full payment must be made on each Monday or the first scheduled day of the week unless
other arrangements are made within this contract. Payments received on the first day of care
will receive a $5 discount for the week for each child in care. For example, one full time child rate
is $110 for a full week, when paid on Monday, fees for each child is $105. Parents are responsible
for all scheduled days of child care. Part-time (two or more days per week) childcare children still
receive the $5 discount per child when paying on the first scheduled day of care.

The co-pay for county subsidized care must be paid in full the first of each month before child care

Child Absent from Daycare
Out of respect, I request a phone call if your child will be out of daycare. I feel responsible for your
child when he/she should be in my care, therefore you may be charged for the time the child would
have been here. Thank you for understanding my concern for your child.

Parents are responsible for the hours that your schedule states. Please verify your schedule before
you give it to me. Variable schedules are due to me in writing the Friday before the week of care. I
have several part-time families and balance my day by the schedules provided. If you change your
schedule during the week, you will be charged just as if your child was in my care. For
example, if I receive your schedule on Friday of the previous week, and on Wednesday you decide
to have Grandma watch your child, you will still be responsible for the scheduled days.

Out of respect for each other, a ten working-day termination notice must be given if you choose to
go elsewhere. If I decide to terminate the contract, I too, will give you a ten working-day notice.
The notice must be in writing. In the event that termination is within the first two weeks of care, no
notice is required. Either party may terminate the contract with the provisions set forth within this
contract. Part-day or part-time families may have this contract terminated if scheduling conflicts
occur. You may choose to take your children out of care for the final two weeks after written notice
is given, in such cases, you will be responsible for payment for your typical schedule of care.

You will be charged your normal rate for any days that your child is absent if your child is scheduled
to attend and is not here and notice is not given. If less than 24-hour notice is given, you may also
be charged for this time as this is an inconvenience to me.

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                                                                                      Kidlittles Contract

I will take some vacation time throughout the year for which you will not be charged and I will do
my best to provide the most amount of notice possible for these.

I understand that every family has different amounts of time off during the year. Please give me at
least two weeks notice for any time off you will be taking.

Upon enrollment into Day Care
If both parties have decided to work together, then the contract, admission, immunization, and
arrangement forms must be signed and returned prior to the first day in my care.

If you have questions or concerns when your child is in my care, please feel free to discuss them
with me. I will try to provide the best quality care for your child when in my home. In home visits
are welcome, feel free to stop in anytime. If this becomes a problem for your child to see you during
the day we will discuss that at that time.

Contract effective date: __________________________________________________________

Your scheduled hours of child care are as follows:

Monday _______ Tuesday_______ Wednesday _______ Thursday ________Friday ________

Saturday_______________       Sunday ______________ (I am not open every weekend)

Pay schedule__________________________________________________________________

I have read the above requirements and agree.

Guardian Signature _______________________________Date: ______________________

Provider Signature ________________________________Date: ______________________

This contract may be modified as deemed necessary and would be presented as a new contract when
modifications are made.

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                                                                                   Kidlittles Contract



Name of Parent or Guardian_____________________________________________________

Name of Parent or Guardian_____________________________________________________

Home Address________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ____________________________Alternate Phone________________________

Names of Children in my care

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

_________________________________________________Date of Birth_________________

I have been given a copy of Kidlittles Day Care Policy and agree to the policy.______________

I understand the child abuse guidelines and agree to the policy.__________________________

I have provided Kidlittles with a copy of each of my children’s immunizations. _____________

I agree to abide by all financial arrangements provided in this contract. ___________________

Signature: ___________________________________Date:___________________________

Provider: ____________________________________Date:___________________________

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