How To Diversify Your Portfolio With A Gold IRA by carolynberkman


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									                               How To Diversify Your Portfolio With A Gold IRA

Back in the year 1997, the Tax Payer Relief Act was established and thus made it possible for people
to add precious metals to their IRA accounts, which is why more and more people now have gold IRA
investments. These precious metals included not just gold and silver but platinum as well. There are
more and more account holders that have gold IRA accounts just so they can diversify their funds. As
a rule, the price of gold increases when stock prices decrease so having gold in your IRA is great for
balance during periods of weak stock market performance.

If you too want a precious metals IRA, you should go to your IRA custodian and ask if you are allowed to
add gold to the IRA you already have. You have to take this step because there are some plans which do
not have this provision as yet. If you have a plan such as this, you have to start a new IRA account. It may
set you back a couple of weeks, but do know that it is worth the wait.

The next thing you have to do is to pick a precious metals plan handled by a custodian who has a lot of
experience in dealing with gold and other precious metals. You may in fact add gold to all types of IRAs
which include Roth, traditional, simplified incentive match plans for employees or simplified employee

With all this talk of gold, one may think that only gold is worthy to be placed in an IRA but that is not at
all true. Gold is just one of the things you can put in an IRA. However, for gold to be eligible to be placed
inside an IRA, it needs to be 99.5% pure gold. Your gold must also be classified as legal tender for it to
qualify and be placed in an IRA. Do take note however that other metals are also qualified. There are
even some people who opt for a silver IRA instead of gold.

Gold may seem like the ultimate investment but if you take a look at some numbers, you will
understand why silver IRA accounts are enjoying a surge in popularity. You see, in the recent years, silver
has constantly been outperforming gold when it comes to returns on investments both in the short-term
and the long term. Before you invest, make sure you check out which precious metals IRA will work for

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