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									 The Power of

        Analyzing VISUAL TEXTS

•   Overview
•   Parts
•   Title
•   Interrelationships
•   Conclusions
• Overview: March 30,
  1942, photo by Dorothea
• Parts: Signs: I am an
  American; Sold; Grocery.
• Title: Japanese Owned
  Grocery Store, Oakland
• Interrelationships:
• Conclusions
     Photography as an agent of
           Social Change

•   Poverty
•   Child Labor abuses
•   Racial injustices
•   Homelessness
Jacob Riis
How the Other Half Lives
      Photography as a political

• The Burning Monk
• June 11, 1963
  Photographer Bernie Boston
• Bernie Boston is as much a legend in the
  photographic world as his famous images. For
  more than 40 years, he was part of the A-team
  of photojournalists who grasped the essence of
  “picturing history.” And although some of his
  photographic assignments during his years at
  the White House or for The Los Angeles Times
  resembled a Who’s Who of the social and
  political scene, Boston also managed to literally
  seize the day—everyday—by recording the
  commonplace elements of human existence.
Hands Across America
Flower Power
Tribute to comrades : Soldier places flags at gravestones in
   Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day, 1988
  Ernest Withers:
“Graphic Historian”
Tent City: 1960
In September 1960, after the crops were gathered, white landowners in
Fayette and Haywood counties forced black sharecroppers off their land
because they were trying to vote. Here a family prepares to move from
their sharecropper home to the Tent City erected for displaced farmers.
            War Images
• Should gruesome images be censored?

• Should the public know the reality of war?

• Can photographs sway public opinion?

• Can photographs desensitize people to
  the horrors of war?

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