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                       LastName First Name              Active Email                            Username                        Submitted
                       Alexander     Shannon            Y     salexan@beaumont.k12.tx.us        SHANNON.ALEXANDER1                          edit
                       Alfred        Stephanie          Y     salfre1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        STEPHANIE.ALFRED1                           edit
                       Ali           Ashanti            Y     aali@beaumont.k12.tx.us           ASHANTI.ALI1                                edit
                       Allison       Bradley            Y     balliso@beaumont.k12.tx.us        BRADLEY.ALLISON                             edit
                       Arline        Ralph              Y     rarline@beaumont.k12.tx.us        RALPH.ARLINE                                edit
                       Awoyefa       Regina             Y     rawoyef@beaumont.k12.tx.us        REGINA.AWOYEFA                              edit
                       Baker         Nicole             Y     nbaker@beaumont.k12.tx.us         NICOLE.BAKER3                               edit
                       Bassett       Carla              Y     cbasset@beaumont.k12.tx.us        CARLA.BASSETT                               edit
                       Batiste       Roechelle          Y     rbatist@beaumont.k12.tx.us        ROECHELLE.BATISTE                           edit
                       Blake         Patrick            Y     Pblake@beaumont.k12.tx.us         PATRICK.BLAKE                               edit
                       Brady         Billy              Y     bbrady@beaumont.k12.tx.us         BILLY.BRADY                                 edit
                       Broadway      Susanne            Y     sbroadw@beaumont.k12.tx.us        SUSANNE.BROADWAY                            edit
                       Brown         Diane              Y     dbrown1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        DIANE.BROWN                                 edit
                       Campbell      Crystal            Y     ccampb1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        CRYSTAL.CAMPBELL2                           edit
                       Castille      Marcus             Y     mcastil@beaumont.k12.tx.us        MARCUS.CASTILLE1                            edit
                       Chambers      Lorita             Y     lchambe@beaumont.k12.tx.us        LORITA.CHAMBERS                             edit
                       Colbert       Nettie             Y     nwillia@beaumont.k12.tx.us        NETTIE.COLBERT                              edit
                       Collins       Carl               Y     ccollin@beaumont.k12.tx.us        CARL.COLLINS                                edit
                       Cooper        Marla              Y     mcoope1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        MARLA.COOPER1                               edit
                       Cox           Tony               Y     tcox@beaumont.k12.tx.us           TONY.COX                                    edit
                       Dann          Terri              Y     tdann@beaumont.k12.tx.us          TERRI.DANN                                  edit
                       Davenport     Deirdre            Y     ddavenp@beaumont.k12.tx.us        DEIRDRE.DAVENPORT2                          edit
                       Davis         Melissa            Y     mdavis@beaumont.k12.tx.us         MELISSA.DAVIS26                             edit
                       Davis         Tara               Y     tdavis@beaumont.k12.tx.us         TARA.DAVIS2                                 edit
                       Deblanc       Dolores            Y     ddeblan@beaumont.k12.tx.us        DOLORES.DEBLANC                             edit
                       Djato         Dawoni             Y     ddjato@beaumont.k12.tx.us         DAWONI.DJATO2                               edit
                       Edwards       Adraiene           Y     aedward@beaumont.k12.tx.us        ADRAIENE.EDWARDS1                           edit
                       Eshliman      James              Y     jeshlim@beaumont.k12.tx.us        JAMES.ESHLIMAN                              edit
                       Fontenett     Pandora            Y     pfonte3@beaumont.k12.tx.us        PANDORA.FONTENETT                           edit
                       Fontenot      Rolander           Y     ryoung1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        ROLANDER.FONTENOT                           edit
                       Frank         Brian              Y     bfrank1@beaumont.k12.tx.us        BRIAN.FRANK                                 edit
                       Gerard        Stennie            Y     sgerard@beaumont.k12.tx.us        STENNIE.GERARD                              edit

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                       Gordon        Jeremy          Y       jgordon@beaumont.k12.tx.us    JEREMY.GORDON          edit
                       Hall          Sharese         Y       sjoseph@beaumont.k12.tx.us    SHARESE.HALL           edit
                       Hebert        Ashley          Y       aheber1@beaumont.k12.tx.us    ASHLEY.HEBERT          edit
                       Henry         Otis            Y       ohenry@beaumont.k12.tx.us     OTIS.HENRY1            edit
                       Holton        Barbara         Y       bholton@beaumont.k12.tx.us    BARBARA.HOLTON2        edit
                       Howell        Felicie         Y       fhowell@beaumont.k12.tx.us    FELICIE.HOWELL         edit
                       Jamjoum       Kamal           Y       kjamjou@beaumont.k12.tx.us    KAMAL.JAMJOUM          edit
                       Jennings      Emma            Y       ejennin@beaumont.k12.tx.us    EMMA.JENNINGS1         edit
                       Johnson       Dorothy         Y       djohns4@beaumont.k12.tx.us    DOROTHY.JOHNSON10      edit
                       Jones         Rakesha         Y       rjones3@beaumont.k12.tx.us    RAKESHA.JONES1         edit
                       Joseph        Bridgette       Y       bjoseph@beaumont.k12.tx.us    BRIDGETTE.JOSEPH       edit
                       Keedy-wall Marilynne          Y       mkeedy@beaumont.k12.tx.us     MARILYNNE.KEEDY-WALL   edit
                       Kelley        Ronald          Y       rkelley@beaumont.k12.tx.us    RONALD.KELLEY          edit
                       Kindle        Jacqueline      Y       jkindle@beaumont.k12.tx.us    JACQUELINE.KINDLE      edit
                       Kuhn          Malinda         Y       mkuhn@beaumont.k12.tx.us      MALINDA.KUHN           edit
                       Lane          Vivian          Y       vpoulla@beaumont.k12.tx.us    VIVIAN.LANE            edit
                       Ledet         Paul            Y       pledet@beaumont.k12.tx.us     PAUL.LEDET             edit
                       Lee           Robert          Y       rlee@beaumont.k12.tx.us       ROBERT.LEE7            edit
                       Limbrick      Cynthia         Y       climbri@beaumont.k12.tx.us    CYNTHIA.LIMBRICK       edit
                       Littles       William         Y       wlittle@beaumont.k12.tx.us    WILLIAM.LITTLES1       edit
                       Lupton        Randy           Y       rlupton@beaumont.k12.tx.us    RANDY.LUPTON           edit
                       Lynd          Michael         Y       mlynd@beaumont.k12.tx.us      MICHAEL.LYND1          edit
                       Madaiah       Susheela        Y       smadaia@beaumont.k12.tx.us    SUSHEELA.MADAIAH       edit
                       Malone        Paula           Y       pmalone@beaumont.k12.tx.us    PAULA.MALONE           edit
                       Mansfield     Sharon          Y       smansfi@beaumont.k12.tx.us    SHARON.MANSFIELD       edit
                       Matondo       Hughes          Y       hmatond@beaumont.k12.tx.us    HUGHES.MATONDO         edit
                       Mayhall-                                                            FLORENCE.MAYHALL-
                                     Florence        Y       fmayhal@beaumont.k12.tx.us                           edit
                       andrews                                                             ANDREWS
                       McLemore      Brian           Y       bmclemo@beaumont.k12.tx.us    BRIAN.MCLEMORE1        edit
                       McSwain       Shannon         Y       smcswai@beaumont.k12.tx.us    SHANNON.MCSWAIN        edit
                       Mitchell      Diana           Y       dmitche@beaumont.k12.tx.us    DIANA.MITCHELL2        edit
                       Moore         Datrice         Y       dmoore2@beaumont.k12.tx.us    DATRICE.MOORE          edit
                       Moore         Kyle            Y       kmoore1@beaumont.k12.tx.us    KYLE.MOORE1            edit
                       Morgan        Debra           Y       dmorgan@beaumont.k12.tx.us    DEBRA.MORGAN4          edit
                       Morris        Cecil           Y       cmorris@beaumont.k12.tx.us    CECIL.MORRIS1          edit
                                     Melanie         Y       mmoye@beaumont.k12.tx.us      MELANIE.MOYE-YOUNG     edit
                       Nonette       Natanya         Y       nnonett@beaumont.k12.tx.us    NATANYA.NONETTE        edit
                       Normand       Mitchell        Y       mnorman@beaumont.k12.tx.us    MITCHELL.NORMAND       edit
                       Owens         Shirley         Y       sowens@beaumont.k12.tx.us     SHIRLEY.OWENS          edit
                       Perales       Jose            Y       jperale@beaumont.k12.tx.us    JOSE.PERALES           edit
                       Perkins       Corey           Y       cperkin@beaumont.k12.tx.us    COREY.PERKINS1         edit
                       Pitre         Chad            Y       cpitre@beaumont.k12.tx.us     CHAD.PITRE             edit
                       Prevost       Rashawn         Y       rprevos@beaumont.k12.tx.us    RASHAWN.PREVOST        edit
                       Prewitt       Patricia        Y       pprewit@beaumont.k12.tx.us.   PATRICIA.PREWITT       edit
                       Pugh          Marie           Y       mpugh@beaumont.k12.tx.us      MARIE.PUGH             edit
                       Retzer        Kimberly        Y       kretzer@beaumont.k12.tx.us    KIMBERLY.RETZER        edit
                       Rezaie        Mohsen          Y       mrezaie@beaumont.k12.tx.us    MOHSEN.REZAIE          edit
                       Rice          Calvin          Y       crice@beaumont.k12.tx.us      CALVIN.RICE            edit

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                       Robinson      Cheymere        Y       crobin2@beaumont.k12.tx.us     CHEYMERE.ROBINSON         edit
                       Robinson      Vanessa         Y       vrobins@beaumont.k12.tx.us     VANESSA.ROBINSON4         edit
                       Rogers        Laquisha        Y       lrogers@beaumont.k12.tx.us     LAQUISHA.ROGERS1          edit
                       Rufus         Judy            Y       JRUFUS@BEAUMONT.K12.TX.US JUDY.RUFUS                     edit
                       Ryals         Sherry          Y       sryals1@BEAUMONT.K12.TX.Us     SHERRY.RYALS              edit
                       Sanford       Byron           Y       bsanfor@beaumont.k12.tx.us     BYRON.SANFORD1            edit
                       Sathanan      Duraippandian Y         dsathan@beaumont.k12.tx.us     DURAIPPANDIAN.SATHANAN    edit
                       Scott         Laura           Y       lscott1@beaumont.k12.tx.us     LAURA.SCOTT3              edit
                       Sholl         Gregory         Y       gsholl@beaumont.k12.tx.us      GREGORY.SHOLL             edit
                       Singleton     Marla           Y       msingle@beaumont.k12.tx.us     MARLA.SINGLETON2          edit
                       Spann         Clemente        Y       cgrimes@beaumont.k12.tx.us     CLEMENTE.SPANN            edit
                       Steward       Mark            Y       mstewar@beaumont.k12.tx.us     MARK.STEWARD              edit
                       Steward       Victoria        Y       vstewar@beaumont.k12.tx.us     VICTORIA.STEWARD          edit
                       Stewart       Paul            Y       pstewar@beaumont.k12.tx.us     PAUL.STEWART1             edit
                       Taylor        Karen           Y       ktaylor@beaumont.k12.tx.us     KAREN.TAYLOR10            edit
                       Touchett      Jennifer        Y       jtouche@beaumont.k12.tx.us     JENNIFER.TOUCHETT         edit
                       Trevino       Dolores         Y       dtrevin@beaumont.k12.tx.us     DOLORES.TREVINO1          edit
                       VanHook       Carolyn         Y       cvanhoo@beaumont.k12.tx.us     CAROLYN.VANHOOK2          edit
                       Waguspack Deborah             Y       dwagusp@beaumont.k12.tx.us     DEBORAH.WAGUSPACK2        edit
                       Washington Andrew             Y       awashin@beaumont.k12.tx.us     ANDREW.WASHINGTON         edit
                       Weaver        Jimmie          Y       jweaver@beaumont.k12.tx.us     JIMMIE.WEAVER             edit
                       Wiggins       Darrell         Y       dwiggin@beaumont.k12.tx.us     DARRELL.WIGGINS           edit
                       Wilcox        Natasha         Y       nwilcox@beaumont.k12.tx.us     NATASHA.WILCOX1           edit
                       Williams      Rhonda          Y       rwilli2@beaumont.k12.tx.us     RHONDA.WILLIAMS8          edit
                       Williams      Sandra          Y       swilli1@beaumont.k12.tx.us     SANDRA.WILLIAMS12         edit
                       Wilson        Ashley          Y       awilson@beaumont.k12.tx.us     ASHLEY.WILSON4            edit
                       Young         Rudi            Y       ryoung@beaumont.k12.tx.us      RUDI.YOUNG                edit

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