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VIEWS: 26 PAGES: 8 | Using ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. While being environmentally responsible through implementing an EMS is frequently seen as an expense that provides benefits only outside the business, many organizations that enact environmentally friendly practices are surprised by the benefits to the organization.

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									    Using lSO 14001 for
 Environmental Management
  Not just a buzzword
• Important concept for business and personal behavior
• Will allow future generations to have access to resources and

  Methods and regulations may cause disagreement,
  but most can agree on overarching goals & tenets

  ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
• Creates framework to establish environmental goals and practices

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                   Using ISO 14001 EMS
   Environmental                         4th section-basic
   Management                            framework
   Standard (EMS)                    •   General system requirements
• Not complex or long                •   Policies and planning
• Suitable for use by small &        •   Implementation & operation
  large organizations in varying     •   Evaluation and correction
  industries                         •   Management review

   Consists of 4 sections
• Three brief sections relating to
  normative references and

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                   Easy to Incorporate

                                    Likeness to ISO 9001
                                  • Makes ISO 14001 easy to
                                    integrate into an existing
                                    Quality Management System
                                  • Responsibility is placed on top
  ISO 14001 EMS
• Requirements align with Plan-
  Do-Check-Act approach similar
  to ISO 9001

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   Focus on Environmental Regulation Compliance

  Regulatory compliance
• Difference between ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

  ISO 14001 is different from a regulation
• Is a management approach to identifying and meeting all requirements -
  from internal and external sources
• Can start small and grow to meet organization’s needs
• Can be implemented a process at a time to reduce complexity

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                   Benefits of ISO 14001
   Beyond compliance               External
• Many organizations are         • Bottom line: reduced energy
  surprised by the benefits of     costs, disposal fees and
  enacting environmentally         consumables use
  friendly practices
                                 • Employees with more positive
                                   view of their organization

                                   Compliance costs
                                 • May be reduced

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     Goals of Implementing ISO 14001 EMS
  Simplify compliance

  Improve effectiveness and efficiency of
  environmental management efforts

  Promote business as a good neighbor and
  responsible citizen

  Contribute to long term sustainability

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