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									    Using lSO 14001 for
 Environmental Management
  Not just a buzzword
• Important concept for business and personal behavior
• Will allow future generations to have access to resources and

  Methods and regulations may cause disagreement,
  but most can agree on overarching goals & tenets

  ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
• Creates framework to establish environmental goals and practices

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                   Using ISO 14001 EMS
   Environmental                         4th section-basic
   Management                            framework
   Standard (EMS)                    •   General system requirements
• Not complex or long                •   Policies and planning
• Suitable for use by small &        •   Implementation & operation
  large organizations in varying     •   Evaluation and correction
  industries                         •   Management review

   Consists of 4 sections
• Three brief sections relating to
  normative references and

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                   Easy to Incorporate

                                    Likeness to ISO 9001
                                  • Makes ISO 14001 easy to
                                    integrate into an existing
                                    Quality Management System
                                  • Responsibility is placed on top
  ISO 14001 EMS
• Requirements align with Plan-
  Do-Check-Act approach similar
  to ISO 9001

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   Focus on Environmental Regulation Compliance

  Regulatory compliance
• Difference between ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

  ISO 14001 is different from a regulation
• Is a management approach to identifying and meeting all requirements -
  from internal and external sources
• Can start small and grow to meet organization’s needs
• Can be implemented a process at a time to reduce complexity

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                   Benefits of ISO 14001
   Beyond compliance               External
• Many organizations are         • Bottom line: reduced energy
  surprised by the benefits of     costs, disposal fees and
  enacting environmentally         consumables use
  friendly practices
                                 • Employees with more positive
                                   view of their organization

                                   Compliance costs
                                 • May be reduced

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     Goals of Implementing ISO 14001 EMS
  Simplify compliance

  Improve effectiveness and efficiency of
  environmental management efforts

  Promote business as a good neighbor and
  responsible citizen

  Contribute to long term sustainability

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