BOONE AREA LIBRARY
                            PERSONNEL POLICIES
                             Reviewed and attended
                           July, 1995, October, 1997
                          September, 1998, May, 1999
                                  March, 2000
                    Revised June, 2000, Revised May, 2001
                   Revised July, 2002, Revised July, 2003
              Revised November, 2004, Revised November, 2005
            Revised November 14, 2006, Revised December 9, 2008

Pay rate is based on years and quality of service and educational
background. Employees are paid on an hourly basis, which will include
time spent at required meetings on Library business, required educational
programs, and the time required to close the Library after the official
hours of the day. Salaries are re-evaluated each year when the yearly
budget is prepared, and whenever the Board thinks it advisable to do so.
There are three types of employees:
1.    Head Librarian
2.     Children’s Coordinator
3.    Library Assistant
4.    Library Aide
Staff using her/his own car on Library business (excluding commuting)
will be reimbursed at the rate of .58 per mile.

There are no retirement benefits for employees.   The Library provides
Workman's Compensation.

The Librarian will be considered to be a full time staff member,
working thirty-five (35) hours per week.

Hours and Schedules:
The Boone Area Library operates on the following schedule:
      Monday              10:00 a.m. to 8:00p.m
      Tuesday             1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
      Wednesday         9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
      Thursday            1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
      Friday              9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
      Saturday          9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The Head Librarian is authorized to work 35 hours per week. The Board for
specific projects may authorize additional hours for the Head Librarian or
Library Assistants. Usually only the Head Librarian will be required to
attend Board and other meetings, but if she or he is unable to attend, a
Library Assistant attends in her or his place; the Library Assistant will
be paid for these hours.

Vacation and Leave:
Employees will not be paid sick leave, personal leave, jury duty,
emergency leave, maternity leave, or leave of absence. Employees having
one year of employment and working over 20 hours per week will earn one
week of vacation time per year. Employees having two years or more
of employment and working over 20 hours per week will earn two weeks of
vacation time. The head librarian, children’s coordinator and library
assistants will be receiving 20 hours of paid personal time per year. If
it is necessary for an employee to be absent from work, and the Head
Librarian is unable to reschedule the staff to provide coverage, the head
Librarian should contact the President of the Board of Trustees to arrange
for a replacement.
The Head Librarian, Children’s Coordinator and Library Assistants will be
paid for eight (8) holidays per year, and will be paid for the hours they
are normally scheduled for that day of the week. The money for each
holiday will be paid in the month the holiday occurs. They are:
1.    New Years Day
2.    Memorial Day
3.    Independence Day
4.    Labor Day
5.    Thanksgiving Day
6.    Christmas Day
7.    Christmas Eve
8.    New Year's Eve

Any personnel working under twenty (20) hours per week will be considered
as Library Aides and will not be eligible for holiday pay.

As staff members of the Boone Area Library, all personnel who will be
taking vacation days are to state their intentions at least one (1) week
before the vacation is to be taken. This is to be reported to the
Librarian and she will report to the President of the Board.

Staff Development:
The Board of Trustees will cover the cost of in-service training for the
Head Librarian, Children’s Coordinator and the Library Assistants. The
Board of Trustees must first approve courses of study.
The Board may also approve other courses deemed necessary. Certification:
If a Head Librarian is hired who does not have a degree in Library
Science, the library will consider paying for the whole or partial amount
of the tuition. This does not cover travel time, lab fees, mileage,
books, or time spent on the course. The Board of Trustees will consider
tuition reimbursement on a case by case situation and this will be
dependent on amount of the needed courses as well as the financial and
economic status of the library. If the head librarian wishes to seek
tuition reimbursement, the head librarian can submit proposed course of
study and cost to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Upon completion
of degree or course of study the Head Librarian agrees to remained employed
by library for one year. If the Librarian leaves before completing this year
the full amount of tuition paid will be due back to the library.

Staff Children:
It is recognized that emergencies may arise which necessitates staff
bringing small children to the library so the Library can be open, but
this is not a recommended procedure.

Filling Vacancies:
The Board of Trustees advertises job openings by posting in the library
and on the library's website.
In filling the Head Librarian position, the Personnel Committee will
review applications, interview candidates, and make recommendations to the
Board. The Board will interview the candidate(s), and if an appropriate
candidate is not found, the Committee will seek other
applicants and begin the process again. In filling the position of the
Children’s Coordinator, Assistant Librarian or Library Aide, after the
Personnel Committee has reviewed the submitted applications, the Head
Librarian will interview the prospective candidates. After the
interviews, the Head Librarian shall recommend a candidate for employment.
A majority vote of the Board is required to hire a new employee. If the
Board does not approve of the Librarian's recommendation, the process will
begin again.

Performance Evaluation:
The Board of Trustees evaluates the Head Librarian on an on-going basis.
Within three to six months of hiring, a formal evaluation will be done by
a Personnel Committee of no less than three Board members. Thereafter, an
evaluation will be done yearly.
The Head Librarian will evaluate the Children’s Coordinator, Library
Assistants and/or Aides on an on-going basis. Within three to six months
of hiring, a formal evaluation will be done by the Head Librarian, who
will submit her evaluation of the Aide as satisfactory or unsatisfactory
to the Board. Thereafter, the Head Librarian will formally evaluate the
Aide and/or Assistant yearly.

Personnel Records:
All employees have the right to inspect their own personnel records. These
are kept in the library. Employees should notify the Head librarian of
any change or update which should be made in the personnel records. The
Head Librarian will keep copies of the personnel records in a locked file
in the Library Office and will be responsible for maintenance. Access to
personnel records is limited to employee, head librarian and board members
as per Federal law.

If a complaint is registered against a Children’s Coordinator, Library
Aide and/or Assistant, the matter should be referred to the Head
Librarian, who will investigate and report to the Board.

If the complaint is against the Head Librarian, the Personnel Committee
will investigate and report to the Board. If the complaint is found to
have substance, and counseling is insufficient, probation or termination
may be called for. (See WhistleBlower Policy)

A probationary status is an official notification of unsatisfactory job
performance and the establishment of a probationary period not to exceed
six months during which the employee's job performance will be closely
evaluated for the necessary improvements. The Board of Trustees does the
evaluation of the director. Head Librarian will evaluate other staff. If
sufficient improvement does not occur during this period, the employee
will be subject to termination. If sufficient improvement does occur
during this period, the employee will be free of said probation. Records
of the probationary status are kept in the personnel file.

Conduct on Duty:
The Boone Area Library's success depends largely upon the interaction and
relationships of individuals. To help maintain a level of stability in
these relationships, the Boone Area Library has established guidelines for
the smooth and successful operation of our library. Infractions or abuse
of the guidelines listed below are a cause for disciplinary action.
1.    Embezzlement of funds.
2.    Reporting to work under the influence of intoxication beverages or
       illegal substances.
3.    Flagrant and continued insubordination.
4.    Theft.
5.    Forgery or falsifying any official documents.
6.    Destruction or defacement of Library property.
7.    Disorderly conduct on Library premises.

1.    Walking out of the work situation for unexcused reasons.
2.    Divulging confidential information about the Library or its
      patrons without authorization from the Board of Trustees.
3.    Engaging in preventable unsafe acts, which endanger Library
      property or the health and safety of patrons.
4.    Habitual tardiness, irregular attendance, or absence from the
      Library without the authorization of the Board of Trustees.
5.    Continued uncooperative behavior and inability to function.
6.    Unprofessional attitudes or dress (Dress Code – All employees shall
      dress in a professional manner. There will be no wearing of shorts,
      halters, or “sloppy” clothes. Appropriate shoes must be worn. At
      the discretion of the Head Librarian a staff member may be consulted
      on their clothing/attire.
7.    Misuse of library equipment and/or supplies

Grievance Procedures:
When an employee feels that he/she has been grieved or discriminated
against in any action by the Board of Trustees or other employees, the
employee should appeal the action in writing to the President of the Board
of Trustees within seven (7) days of the action.

The Board of Trustees will consider this appeal and ask that the
employee present his or her case at the Board of Trustees meeting. The
decision of the Board of Trustees is final.

Resignation and Dismissals:
When an employee plans to resign, the employee is encouraged to inform the
Board of Trustees at least one (1) month before terminating employment.
An employee will be dismissed if the employee is on probationary status
and does not improve or exhibits conduct that leads to termination. (See
Conduct on Duty and Probation)

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