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					2006 annual report

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
Our Core Purpose
    To advance ethical and effective fundraising

Our Vision
    Fundraising is viewed as a credible and respected profession for civic betterment throughout the world

Our Core Values
    philanthropy: Believing that ethical and effective fundraising is the cornerstone of philanthropy and that philanthropy
    changes the world

    Inclusiveness: Embracing diversity in the fundraising community, with a commitment to understanding and addressing
    the shared and unique needs of all members of that community

    excellence: Providing the fundraising community with the highest quality of knowledge, research, advocacy, career
    support, news and information, strategic alliances, and related tools and insights to ensure a successful future

    Integrity and Credibility: Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy
    stewards of our resources

    Collaboration: Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with the strong support and partnership of other
    individuals, AFP chapters and other groups who share our vision

    Service responsiveness: Understanding that our focus is on service to our members, our chapters, stakeholders and
    customers and that it is provided in a timely and thoughtful manner, open to new ideas and exceeding expectations

           Advancing philanthropy through education, training and advocacy
                                                              MESSAGE             FROM   THE     CEO     AND     CHAIR

                                       The Story of You

T   here are so many ways we could describe
    to you what a successful year 2006 was
for the Association of Fundraising
                                                                                All of these perspectives point to a very
                                                                             successful year for AFP in 2006. But in our
                                                                             mission to advance ethical and effective
Professionals (AFP).                                                         fundraising, we not only serve the profession
    We could look at numbers, as AFP’s                                       overall, but each and every individual mem-
membership continued to grow steadily to                                     ber of the profession. Thus, our overall suc-
nearly 28,000 members in 188 chapters                                        cess will be measured differently for each
across North America and around the world,                                   individual. You have a unique story and rela-
including 9 new collegiate chapters. More                                    tionship with the association, whether as a
                                                     Paulette V. Maehara,
than 4,000 people attended the International              CFRE, CAE          member, donor, supplier or supporter.
Conference on Fundraising in Atlanta in                                      Why did you connect with AFP in 2006?
April, and AFP received a record 170 nomi-                                   How did we help advance the profession
nations for its international awards program.                                together? What did you gain from the
    We could talk about strategic plans and                                  relationship? How did we serve you, and
goals. Not only did AFP complete its                                         what can we do better in 2007?
2004–2006 Strategic Plan on time, it was                                        What you’ll find in our 2006 Annual
deemed so successful that it was used as the                                 Report, above and beyond our numbers,
basis for our next plan covering 2007–2010.                                  plans and milestones, are stories. Stories
More importantly, the Delegate Assembly                                      about members, donors, honorees, supporters
approved a new governance plan that will                                     and others who connected with AFP—the
make dramatic changes to the association’s                                   people who are AFP. Maybe you’ll hear some
internal infrastructure. These changes will                                  familiar ideas and themes that remind you of
                                                      Alphonce J. Brown
create a more streamlined, flexible organiza-             Jr., ACFRE         your own experiences. Maybe you’ll learn
tion better able to respond to new challenges                                something new about AFP and what it does.
and member needs, and will allow for greater                                 Either way, I hope you’ll consider them your
member participation in our governance                                       stories as well.
processes.                                                            Because AFP is, after all, your organization and your
    We could also list some of our impressive achieve-             community. You’re not just a number, a voter or part
ments and milestones from the year. AFP led the effort             of a milestone. Each of you adds something powerful
to develop an international code of ethics, the                    and unique to our association, making it what it is
International Statement of Ethical Principles, culminat-           today. We wouldn’t be where we are today, the leading
ing in representatives of fundraising organizations from           association of fundraisers in the world, without your
24 countries approving the document in October.                    help. So read on, and enjoy the story we’ve laid out for
After years of intense lobbying, the IRA Rollover pro-             you. The profession’s story. AFP’s story. Your story.
vision finally became law in the U.S., while the elimina-
tion of the capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated
securities to charities was finally made permanent in
Canada. Both incentives are estimated to increase
giving by billions of dollars annually. And our new
Nonprofit Management Institute, co-sponsored with                  Paulette V. Maehara,            Alphonce J. Brown Jr.,
the Stanford Social Innovation Review, was standing                CFRE, CAE                       ACFRE
room only with participants (and those who weren’t                 AFP President and CEO           AFP Chair
able to attend) already clamoring for additional
institutes in the near future.

                                            2006 Annual Report •                                               1
    AFP      STRATEGIC                 PLAN    2004–2006                /   2006     AFP      BOARD            OF   DIRECTORS

                              AFP Strategic Plan 2004–2006

    I  n 2006, the Association of Fundraising Professionals
       reached the last year of the organization’s strategic
    plan cycle. This annual report will detail the progress
                                                                              Strengthening the Profession.             Effective,
                                                                              ethical, accountable fundraising will be recognized as
                                                                              both a profession and as an essential component of
    made towards each of the goals in 2006, as well as set                    philanthropy. See page 4.
    the stage and define future work. As these areas are core
    to the AFP mission, the AFP Strategic Plan 2007–2010                      Connecting Communities. AFP will be a leader
    will build upon the work of this planning cycle as we                     in connecting diverse communities, individuals and
    continue to work toward achieving the overall AFP                         organizations that share the value of ethical and
    vision and mission.                                                       effective fundraising. See page 6.

    2006 AFP Board of Directors

    2006 AFP Officers                    Vice Chair, Professional             Secretary                             Maretta Emery, BA, CA, CFRE
                                            Advancement                       Scott C. Staub, ACFRE                 Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Chair                                Roberta A. Healey, MBA, NHA,         EMQ Children & Family Services
    Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE            ACFRE                             San Jose, Calif.                      Alice L. Ferris, CFRE
    National Academy of Public           Farr Healey Consulting LLC                                                 KNAU–Arizona Public Radio
       Administration                    Exton, Pa.                           President and CEO                     Flagstaff, Ariz.
    Washington, D.C.                                                          Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
                                         Vice Chair, External Relations       Association of Fundraising            Walter R. Gillette, III, CFRE
    Chair-Elect                          Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE                 Professionals                     WAMU 88.5 FM American
    Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE             Cheekwood Botanical Garden &         Arlington, Va.                          University
    Kentucky Community & Technical          Museum                                                                  Washington, D.C.
       College System                    Nashville, Tenn.                     2006 AFP Directors                    Marcia M. Kerz, CFRE
    Versailles, Ky.
                                         Vice Chair, Resource                                                       Goal Busters
    Immediate Past Chair                    Development                       Tim J. Burchill, CFRE (deceased)      Flagstaff, Ariz.
    Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE        Donald W. Taylor, CFRE               Hendrickson Institute for Ethical
                                                                                 Leadership                         Andrea McManus, CFRE
    Paschal Murray, Executive Search     Courage Center
                                                                              Winona, Minn.                         The Development Group
    Indio, Calif.                        Golden Valley, Minn.                                                       Calgary, Alberta
    Vice Chair, Membership Services      Treasurer                            Ana Maria Dapena, MPA
                                                                              Museo de Arte de Ponce                Joyce M. Mitchell-Antoine, CFRE
    Jay Frey, CFRE                       Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE                                                 Planned Parenthood of Central
    Rush University Medical Center       Gundersen Lutheran Medical           San Juan, Puerto Rico
                                                                                                                       North Carolina
    Chicago, Ill.                           Foundation                                                              Chapel Hill, N.C.
                                         La Crosse, Wis.

2              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
          AFP       STRATEGIC       PLAN        2004–2006           /   2006        AFP          EXECUTIVE       COMMIT TEE

Organizational Effectiveness.           AFP will be an             Advocacy and Public Policy. Public policy
effectively governed, efficiently managed, appropriately           affecting the fundraising profession will be based upon
structured international organization that enjoys a                principles important to AFP and the fundraising
sound and diverse revenue base. See page 10.                       profession. See page 12.

Chapter Partnerships.        Through renewed and                   Knowledge.       The AFP body of knowledge will drive
strengthened partnerships with chapters, AFP will                  the evolution of the profession, provide the basis for
deliver optimal value to members. See page 11 for AFP              continuing education and underpin curriculum
Vice Chair, Membership Jay Frey’s comments and                     development. See page 14.
vision on working with chapters effectively.

Mark A. Neville, CFRE           Deborah Rabe-San Román, CFRE       Susan Storey, CFRE                 Chair Appointees
Mayo Clinic                     American British Cowdray Medical   Alzheimer Society of Ontario
Rochester, Minn.                   Center                          Toronto, Ontario                   Robert E. Carter, CFRE
                                Lerma de Villada, Edo Mex, Mex.                                       Ketchum, Inc.
Carol J. Numrich, CFRE                                             S. Sanae Tokumura, ACFRE           Pittsburgh, Pa.
Numrich & Associates            Roderick L. Reinhart, CFRE         Solid Concepts, Inc.
Pasadena, Calif.                City of Chula Vista                Honolulu, Hawaii                   Krista Thompson, CFRE
                                San Diego, Calif.                                                     Covenant House Vancouver
Kay C. Peck, CFRE                                                  Susan B. Ulin                      Vancouver, BC
Flying Pigs Creative Services   Charlotte Rhodes, ACFRE            Susan Ulin Associates, Ltd.
Las Vegas, New Mex.             Amarillo Area Foundation–          New York, N.Y.
Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE         Amarillo, Texas                    Daniel R. Zorn, CFRE
J.G. Pettey & Associates                                           AVANCE, Inc.
San Francisco, Calif.           Gary Schrenk, CFRE                 Houston, Texas
                                Greeley, Colo.
Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE
Pranger Consulting & Training   Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE
Webster, N.Y.                   Hazen, Inc.
                                Washington, D.C.
                                Shereitte C. Stokes, III, ACFRE
                                Tennessee State University
                                Nashville, Tenn.

                                               2006 Annual Report •                                               3
                                    STRENGTHENING                   THE      PROFESSION

                                        Strengthening the Profession
                Effective, ethical and accountable fundraising—around the world—will be recognized
                     not only as a profession, but also as an essential component of philanthropy.

               C    ontinuing the work begun at the first International
                    Fundraising Summit in Toronto in 2003, represen-
               tatives of fundraising associations from 24 countries
                                                                                         The statement contains five universal principles that
                                                                                      help outline and guide the behavior of all fundraisers:
                                                                                          Honesty: Fundraisers shall at all times act honestly
               met on Monday, Oct. 16, 2006, and gave their initial                       and truthfully so that the public trust is protected
               approval to a universal code of ethics for the profes-                     and donors and beneficiaries are not misled.
               sion—the International Statement of Ethical
               Principles—at the fourth International Fundraising                         Respect: Fundraisers shall at all times act with
               Summit in Noordwijkerhout, Holland.                                        respect for the dignity of their profession and their
                   The fact that representatives from countries with                      organization and with respect for the dignity of
               vastly different legal systems, cultures and customs                       donors and beneficiaries.
               regarding philanthropy could reach agreement on these                      Integrity: Fundraisers will act openly and with
               critical areas is a testament to how important and uni-                    regard to their responsibility for public trust.
               versal ethical philanthropy is worldwide. There will be                    They shall disclose all actual or potential conflicts
               differences in how the statement is applied because of                     of interest and avoid any appearance of personal
               different jurisdictions and laws, but the core practices                   or professional misconduct.
               of the profession will be the same—no matter the
               nationality—and fundraisers will be expected to adhere
               to the most rigorous interpretation of the law.

                        I    have always believed that the ideas of philanthro-           As the leaders in fundraising ethics, it is up to us to partici-
                             py, trust and ethics are shared by people around         pate in and sometimes even start these conversations with
                          the world, and that everyone involved in the philan-        those in countries where fundraising is still relatively new and
                          thropic process—no matter where they are—                   developing. We have seen the impact of the few who practice
                          should know that fundraisers are bound by a com-            unethical fundraising tactics and we need to share these sto-
                          mon set of standards and best practices.                    ries with leaders around the world as they strive to develop
                              In fact, the Association of Fundraising                 the nonprofit sector in their own countries.
                          Professionals was formed almost 50 years ago be-                I was deeply moved when the AFP board embraced the
                         cause the founders recognized that in order for the          vision of our work and voted to approve the International
Paulette V. Maehara,
CFRE, CAE                fledgling profession of fundraising to develop, there        Statement of Ethical Principles, making us the first organization
                         needed to be a strong foundation built on ethics and         to sign on. By the end of the year, 24 international professional
                trust. The AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of            fundraising organizations have approved the statement, vowing
                Professional Practice was introduced in 1964 and members              to uphold the tenants of honesty, respect, integrity, empathy
                since have embraced the Code and what it represents, not              and transparency outlined in the statement.
                only for themselves, but also for their organizations, donors             AFP members strive to envision a day when fundraising is
                and stakeholders. Annually every member reaffirms their               viewed as a credible and respected profession for civic better-
                commitment to the Code and A Donor Bill of Rights, which              ment throughout the world, as captured in our vision state-
                provide the ethical direction envisioned by our founders.             ment. This will only happen if we share what we’ve learned
                     Over the past three years with my colleagues from                about fundraising ethics, stewardship and trust, and listen to
                around the globe, I’ve been an active participant as we               the teachings of others around the world.
                worked to develop a set of universal ethical principles for                                    —Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
                fundraising. Our shared vision was to build upon the ethical                                                 AFP president and CEO
                foundation that AFP pioneered almost 50 years ago and to
                spread that to everyone involved in fundraising—regardless of
                their geographic location or the language that they speak.

    4                    Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                         STRENGTHENING                THE       PROFESSION

   Empathy: Fundraisers will work in a way that pro-                     AFP, which was the first national association to approve
   motes their purpose and encourage others to use                       the document, will not require members to sign annu-
   the same professional standards and engagement.                       ally the statement, as its practices are already addressed
   They shall value individual privacy, freedom of                       in the association’s Code of Ethical Principles and
   choice and diversity in all forms.                                    Standards of Professional Practice.
   Transparency: Fundraisers stimulate clear reports                         Also in 2006, the AFP Ethics Committee continued
   about the work they do, the way donations are                         to provide assistance and directions to the many mem-
   managed and disbursed and costs and expenses, in                      bers who asked for advice about various ethical situa-
   an accurate and comprehensible manner.                                tions and dilemmas.
                                                                             Educational sessions focusing on ethics and public
A key aspect of the statement is the six standards of                    policy were an important component at the 44th AFP
practice agreed to by fundraisers and fundraising                        International Conference on Fundraising in Atlanta in
associations around the world:                                           April, covering such topics as “Promoting Ethics as a
                                                                         Guiding Force in Philanthropic Fundraising” and
1. Fundraisers’ responsibility regarding donations                       “Who’s Watching You Now? A review and update of
2. Relationship with stakeholders                                        state regulation of charitable fundraising.” Plans are in
3. Responsibility for communications, marketing and                      place to offer more sessions on ethics at future confer-
   public information                                                    ences, as well as in future Audioconferences.
4. Management reporting, finance and fundraising costs
5. Payments and compensation
6. Compliance with national laws

The representatives attending the summit included:
  Yaële Aferiat, Union pour la Générosité
  John Baguley, International Fundraising Consultancy
  Gosse Bosma, Dutch Association of Fundraising Organizations
                                                                              “T       he Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA)
                                                                                       and AFP go back quite some years—and
                                                                              the relationship seems to get better with time.
  Lindsay Boswell, Institute of Fundraising (United Kingdom)                  In the beginning it was an idea, with the U.K.’s
  Mercedes de Campos de Oris de Roa, Argentinean Fundraisers                  Institute of Fundraising, to consider an interna-
     Association (AEDROS)                                                     tional statement on ethics in fundraising, an idea
  Barbara Crole-Rees, Swiss Association for Fundraising Professionals         that took four years and 35 organizations, to
  Norma Galafassi, Argentinean Fundraisers Association (AEDROS)                                                                    Sue-Anne Wallace,
                                                                              develop as the International Statement of Ethical
  Lutgart Govaerts, Fundraisers Network Belgium                                                                                    BPharm, BAHons, Ph.D.
                                                                              Principles in Fundraising.
  Mette Grovermann, Danish Fundraising Association                                Then there was a closer collaboration on ethics, with an invitation to
  Dr. Marita Haibach, European Fundraising Association                        sit as the international observer on AFP’s Ethics Committee.
  Robert Kawalko, Polish Fundraising Association
                                                                                  AFP’s committee has been established for 10 years, whereas FIA’s
  Svitlana Kuts, Institute of Fundraising in the NIS Countries
                                                                              has just been formed. The road that AFP has followed is very much
  Frances Lake, Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising
                                                                              providing guidance to FIA in the development of processes and
  Elisa Larroude, Associacas Brasileira de Captadores
                                                                              procedures, including the complaints process.”
  Beatrice Lentati, Association of Italian Fundraisers
  Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE, Association of Fundraising                                     —Sue-Anne Wallace, BPharm, BAHons, Ph.D.,
     Professionals                                                                          MFIA chief executive officer, Fundraising Institute of Australia
  Ramses Man, Dutch Fundraisers Association
  Michael Naholi Muchilwa, Kenya Association of Fundraising
     Professionals (KAFP)
  George Pappas, Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising
  Gabriele Rubner, German Fundraisers Association
  Balazs Sator, Hungarian Foundation Association
                                                                                                       “O        ur strategic partnership with AFP is
                                                                                                                 of great value to us. Fundraisers,
                                                                                                       wherever they are, are generous in sharing
  Trond Solvang, Norwegian Fundraising Association                                                     their skills, expertise and knowledge with each
  Aki Temiseva, Finnish Fundraising Association
                                                                                                       other and this partnership allows this to happen
  Ricard Valls, Asociación de Profesionales del Fundraising
                                                                                                       beyond international boundaries. AFPs interna-
  Johann Vos, Fundraising Institute of New Zealand
                                                                                                       tional perspective helps to drive fundraising
  Sue-Anne Wallace, Bpharm, BAHons, Ph.D., Fundraising Institute
     Australia Ltd. (FIA)                                                                              forward and we are all richer as a result.”
  Marc Wortmann, Dutch Fundraisers Association                                Lindsay Boswell                      —Lindsay Boswell, chief executive,
  Young Woo Choi, Korean Fundraising Association                                                                              Institute of Fundraising
  Erik Zachrison, Swedish Fundraising Council

                                                     2006 Annual Report •                                                             5
                       CONNECTING               COMMUNITIES

                                 Connecting Communities
    AFP will be a leader in connecting diverse communities, individuals and organizations
                    that share the value of ethical and effective fundraising

    T   he Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
        has made a commitment to engage the sector in
    learning how to encourage and embrace diverse
                                                                         in Mexico City, bringing together over 400 fundraising
                                                                         and nonprofit leaders from North, Central and South
    groups, individuals and organizations in fundraising                     The AFP Diversity Committee implemented several
    and philanthropy. Through the work of the AFP                        initiatives in 2006 to help members and chapters with
    Diversity Committee many new initiatives were created                the goal of inclusion. The Diversity Workshop and
    in 2006. AFP also served as host to the Second                       Diversity Art Showcase at the 44th AFP International
    Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising—Latin America                    Conference on Fundraising gave members a chance to
                                                                         talk about diversity and to see it portrayed through
                                                                         paint and canvas. Documents such as an updated
                                                                         Chapter Diversity Resource Guide help to clarify the
                                                                         diversity initiative at AFP and the creation of a new
                                                                         Friends of Diversity Designation for AFP Chapters
                                                                         offers one more way to raise awareness.
                                                                             A new networking and educational opportunity
                                                                         called the Diverse Communities in Fundraising pro-
                                                                         gram has brought together people with shared back-
                                                                         grounds and perspectives in order to further the diver-
                                                                         sity discussion and act as a support network. Online
                                                                         and in person, AFP hopes that these communities
                                                                         blossom into a source of real and positive change in
                                                                         the fabric of the profession.

6           Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                CONNECTING           COMMUNITIES

    The launch of an electronic newsletter, Kaleidoscope,
will help members and nonmembers explore diversity
in the sector, read about successful models and
research, as well as thought-provoking opinions from
leaders across the sector. Kaleidoscope is sponsored by
Community Counselling Service (CCS) and the AFP
Foundation for Philanthropy.
    AFP also focused on building the community of
Latin American fundraising professionals. In January
2006, more than 400 people attended the Second
Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising—Latin America,
which was co-convened by AFP and London-based
The Resource Alliance. Attendees from Mexico and 20
different countries attended 60 different educational             2006 Diversity Art Showcase, AFP International Conference on Fundraising, Atlanta
workshops and two plenary sessions that were translat-
ed into Spanish and English. Experienced fundraisers
and those new to the profession not only appreciated
the educational sessions but also the ample time
allowed for networking with colleagues.
    AFP plans to continue the focus on inclusiveness
with new initiatives planned for 2007:                                 F     or many years, I have felt the void from the absence of people
                                                                             like me in the professional marketplace—those whose motiva-
                                                                       tion is similar to my own. Often I have commiserated with friends
   Te Informa, an electronic Spanish-language newsletter,              who say they represent their entire race or culture. I have had
   will debut in 2007 as a bi-monthly publication focusing             intense conversations about how fundraising in underserved popu-
   on fundraising for the world wide Latino population                 lations is different, and how few educational
   Increasing the number of Diverse Communities in                     courses, seminars, research and periodicals
   Fundraising as well as the online community tools                   speak to our individual professional needs.
   on the AFP website                                                       Most our colleagues who are a part of the
   Increasing the number of sessions and networking                    traditional professional network will never know
   opportunities at the International Conference and at                the additional commitment, time and effort
   the AFP chapter level                                               required to nurture a newcomer to the profes-
                                                                       sion whose presence is seen as the exception
   Provide more resources to chapters to assist them in                rather than the rule. Even for those who are dar-
   their diversity efforts and to have chapters apply for the                                                                   Alphonce J. Brown
                                                                       ing, our traditional colleagues would know very
   Friends of Diversity designation, which shows a                                                                              Jr., ACFRE
                                                                       little about how to address issues that are most
   chapter’s commitment to diversity as a strategic                    critical to our professional well-being.
   initiative.                                                              As the philanthropic universe has changed, so too has the need
                                                                       increased for us to know and understand the requirements,
                                                                       desires and motivations of professionals with various backgrounds.
                                                                       Communication is central to this understanding. The reintroduc-
                                                                       tion of Kaleidoscope, a quarterly e-newsletter, is a monumental
                                                                       step in providing a tool that will bridge the gap by informing, edu-
                                                                       cating, teaching and sharing with others the best practices of non-
                                                                       traditional professionals. Another tool to build community is the
   AFP would like to thank all the sponsors of                         AFP Diverse Communities initiative that will be launched in 2007.
   diversity initiatives. A special thanks and                         Bringing together professionals who have a common bond—
   recognition go to THE ALFORD GROUP for its                          through ethnicity, race, lifestyle, culture—to create a nurturing
   long time sponsorship and leadership in AFP                         community of professionals within the AFP family can only serve
   diversity initiatives such as the Diversity                         to strengthen those communities and foster understanding.
   Workshop and Diversity Art Showcase at the                               We will see the reflections of these efforts in years to come
   AFP International Conference on Fundraising.                        because we have chosen now to become engaged and answer the
                                                                       call, “If not I, then who?”
                                                                                             —Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE, AFP chair
                                                                              and vice president of development for the National Academy of
                                                                                                   Public Administration in Washington, D.C.

                                              2006 Annual Report •                                                               7
                                 CONNECTING               COMMUNITIES

           Youth in Philanthropy

           A      FP is committed to promoting and encouraging the
                  involvement of young people in philanthropy and the
           profession of ethical fundraising. There are several ongoing
                                                                                   2006 William R. Simms Award for Outstanding
                                                                                   Youth in Philanthropy, Ages 18–23
                                                                                   The Midland College Students for Philanthropy Club in
           initiatives to recognize, educate and inform youth about phi-           Midland, Texas, was established in 1997 by the college and
           lanthropy and fundraising such as the continuing formation of           the Abell-Hanger Foundation to not only help students learn
           collegiate chapters with AFP collegiate members, the William            about philanthropy, but also to engage them in the charitable
           R. Simms Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) awards and             process: determining goals, raising funds, reviewing grant
           the initiatives of the Youth in Philanthropy Task Force.                applications and making contributions. The program is stu-
                                                                                   dent-directed, and participants work together to make grant
           Collegiate Chapters                                                     decisions that reflect their concerns and those of the college.
           By the end of 2006, AFP had chartered 9 collegiate chapters                 To date, more than 236 students have participated in the
           including the first collegiate chapter in Canada at Mount Royal         program, granting in total nearly $150,000 to 132 organiza-
           College in Calgary.                                                     tions in the area. The students’ fundraising is matched on a
               The Collegiate Chapter Task Force, which was created in             15:1 basis by the Abell-Hanger Foundation.
           2005, continues to monitor the pilot program as chapters
           concluded their first year of activity. As part of the pilot pro-       Youth in Philanthropy Summit
           gram, the task force has begun to refine the guidelines for             In November 2006, AFP initiated and convened the Youth in
           forming collegiate chapters based on feedback of the profes-            Philanthropy Summit, a three-day event with representatives
           sional chapters, the advisers for the collegiate chapters and           from 30 national and regional organizations in the U.S. and
           the collegiate chapter members themselves.                              Canada involved in youth in philanthropy training attending
               “It may sound cliché…but AFP strives to make the world              the event. In addition, 10 outstanding high school and college
           a better place. By joining the AFP Thoroughbred Collegiate              students also attended, contributing their ideas and leadership
           Chapter, I realized that there is a whole world of people out           to the discussion. The Summit, which was by invitation only,
           there who love to do the same things I do. Also, I realized             marked the first time that so many leading youth organiza-
           that philanthropy is an actual career opportunity…a very                tions had come together to discuss ways to collaborate in
           admirable one at that,” says Whitney Yeary, University of               their programming and education.
           Kentucky student and AFP collegiate member.                                 “One of AFP’s key goals has been to encourage and recog-
                                                                                   nize youth in philanthropy,” said Katherine Falk, CFRE, Falk
           Awards                                                                  Associates, Newtown, Pa., nonprofit development consultant
           For the second year, AFP honored two recipients of the                  and chair of the AFP Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Task Force.
           William R. Simms Youth in Philanthropy Awards.                          “The Summit underscores AFP’s leadership in the YIP move-
                                                                                   ment. Our goals in convening the Summit were to bring togeth-
           2006 William R. Simms Award for Outstanding                             er representatives from organizations that have achieved excel-
           Youth in Philanthropy, Ages 5-17                                        lent results in youth philanthropy and to share experiences and
                         Vasanth Kuppuswamy is currently a 16-year-old             energy. By working together, we can use our resources better
                         in the tenth grade at Academic Magnet High                and reach far more youth than we ever could by working
                         School in Charleston, S.C. He has been voluntar-          alone.”
                         ily teaching English to children in the village               The Summit produced numerous ideas and strategies for
                         schools of Maganoorpatti, Tamil Nadu, India, for          bringing organizations from across North America together to
                         the past several years. He knew there was more            encourage young people to get involved in philanthropy. From
                         he could do to both help the students in India            these discussions and from pre-summit participant interviews, six
                         and engage his fellow students back in                    primary goal areas emerged: Public Awareness, Education,
                         Charleston.                                               Collaboration, Resources, Research and Infrastructure.
Vasanth Kuppuswamy           In the words of one of Mr. Kuppuswamy’s                   Participants developed a goal statement for each area, as
                         teachers: “Vasanth did not merely initiate and            well as key indicators of progress.
            lead a fundraiser to India, he inspired a generation of youth to           “The Summit was an extraordinary opportunity for schol-
            go out and help others for the rest of their lives. Vasanth            ars, practitioners and youth from across the United States
            taught us that each individual can indeed change the world.            and Canada to study youth in philanthropy issues and best
            What a valuable lesson to teach children. And adults.”                 practices,” said David Odahowski, president of the Edyth

8                     Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                     CONNECTING                  COMMUNITIES

                                                                              2006 Awards Program
                                                                              F     or donors, volunteers and others who give of their money and time to
                                                                                    support charitable causes, it is often the connections they make that are
                                                                              the most rewarding aspect of their philanthropy. Meeting people, learning their
                                                                              stories and seeing the impact of their gifts inspires them to continue giving.
                                                                                   F Terry Stent, the recipient of the 2006 Ketchum Award for Outstanding
                                                                              Volunteer Fundraiser from Atlanta, Ga., not only gives generously to charities,
                                                                              but uses his flying skills as a former pilot for Delta Air Lines and donates his pri-
                                                                              vate airplanes and crew time to help critically ill individuals, disaster evacuees
  Vanessa Fry, a student participant in YIP summit representing               and Special Olympics participants. During his acceptance speech at the Awards
  Leadership & Renewal Outfitters, Indianapolis, Ind. and Pat                 for Philanthropy Banquet, Stent recounted one of his favorite stories, meeting
  Bjorhovde, AFP area chapter manager.
                                                                              Special Olympian “Silent Sylvester.”
                                                                                   “I was helping to take 1,500 kids from Alabama to Minneapolis, the venue
  Bush Charitable Foundation, Winter Park, Fla., which provid-                for the games. My co-pilot and I were alternating flying legs, and during the
  ed a grant to support the event.                                            flight Sylvester never uttered a word to me. I figured the young man was a
       The Summit concluded with participants volunteering to lead            nervous flyer or else not able to speak. Eight days later, I returned to
  or serve on workgroups that will address each goal area and                 Minneapolis, and Sylvester entered the plane with a huge medal. He had won
  develop appropriate strategies. AFP will continue to serve as               gold in bocce ball. I tried to talk with the young man as I was piloting, but he
  facilitator and participate in these ongoing discussions.                   never said a word to me during the two-hour flight back to Alabama. But after
       The 2007 Youth in Philanthropy Task Force, under the leader-           the plane had landed, Sylvester was the last one to get off. He turned to me
  ship of John Fettig, CFRE, is focusing its primary attention on sup-        and said, “Mr. Stent, the co-pilot’s landing was much better than yours. That’s
  porting and encouraging chapter youth philanthropy programs.                all he ever said to me.”

  The task force’s goals for 2007 are:
                                                                              The Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) annual awards program
    Further develop resources to help AFP chapters consider,                  recognizes outstanding achievement by individual, foundation and corporate
    plan and implement youth philanthropy programs                            philanthropists, fundraising volunteers and professional fundraisers. In profes-
    (updating the Resource Guide and website resources).                      sional fundraising, such individuals and organizations form a vital partnership
    Develop and oversee a formal outreach program to                          with charities and the nonprofit sector to ensure that the needs of all citizens
    chapters personal contact to all YIP chairs and presidents                are met. It is right and proper, therefore, that AFP honors those who hold high
    of chapters without any YIP activity to offer resources                   ethical standards and best exemplify commitment and dedication toward
    and mentors).                                                             helping society. AFP’s international awards are given in recognition to those
    Conduct and promote public relations activities that                      individuals and organizations whose life-time or long-term achievements
    support youth philanthropy programs (work with AFP staff                  have made a significant impact upon society.
    to include YIP articles in AFP publications).
    Monitor and support as appropriate the ongoing work and
                                                                              AFP’s 2006 Honorees:
    developments generated by the November 2006 AFP                           CCS Award for Outstanding Fundraising              William R. Simms Youth in Philanthropy
    Youth in Philanthropy Summit (participating in the post-                  Professional: Stanley Weinstein, ACFRE,            (5-17): Vasanth Kuppuswamy,
                                                                              Albuquerque, N.M.                                  North Charleston, S.C.
    Summit workgroups and helping to form a national
    umbrella consortium to oversee national youth in                          Ketchum Award for Outstanding Volunteer            Barbara Marion Award for Outstanding
    philanthropy development).                                                Fundraiser: F. Terry Stent, Atlanta, Ga.           Leadership to AFP: Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE,
                                                                                                                                 Las Vegas, Nev.
                                                                              Paschal* Murray Award for Outstanding
                                                                              Philanthropist: James E. Rogers, Las Vegas, Nev.   Campbell and Company Award for Excellence
The Youth in Philanthropy Summit would not have been                                                                             in Fundraising: Honor Your Father Campaign,
                                                                              Award for Outstanding Corporation:
possible without the generous support of the Edyth Bush                                                                          Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
                                                                              Pier 1 Imports, Fort Worth, Texas
Charitable Foundation, the National 4-H Council and gifts                                                                        Award for Outstanding Achievement in
through the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy from                              Award for Outstanding Foundation:
                                                                                                                                 E-Philanthropy: Sojourners, Washington, D.C.
numerous generous individuals. AFP also thanks Rollins                                .
                                                                              Alfred P Sloan Foundation, New York, N.Y.
College Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Center                                                                             Charles R. Stephens Excellence in Diversity
                                                                              William R. Simms Youth in Philanthropy
and the AFP Central Florida Chapter for their support.                                                                           Award: AFP Florida, Suncoast Award
                                                                              (18-23): Midland College Students in
                                                                              Philanthropy Club, Midland, Texas                  AFP Abel Hanson Award: AFP California,
                                                                                                                                 San Diego Chapter

                                                      2006 Annual Report •                                                                               9
                                     AFP      GOALS

                                                                      AFP Goals
                T   wo of the goals in the AFP Strategic Plan focus on
                    the internal workings of AFP and the organiza-
                tion’s relationship with members and chapters.
                                                                                           With the passage of the governance proposals, two new
                                                                                       task forces will be formed to oversee the implementation
                                                                                       of the proposals and ensure a smooth transition. Susan
                                                                                       Hosbach, CFRE, director of development and marketing
                Organizational Effectiveness. AFP will be an effectively               at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in
                governed, efficiently managed, appropriately structured                Nashville, Tenn., and AFP’s vice chair of external relations,
                international organization that enjoys a sound and                     will lead the implementation task force. Jill Pranger,
                diverse revenue base.                                                  CFRE, president, Pranger Consulting and Training,
                   The Delegate Assembly held in Los Angeles over-                     Webster, N.Y., will lead the Leadership Academy task
                whelmingly approved new governance proposals on                        force. The task forces will conclude their work in 2007.
                Saturday, Oct. 28, that would create a Chapter                             2007 and 2008 will be transition years as both the
                Presidents’ Council and allow AFP members to vote                      board of directors and the Committee on Directorship
                directly for board members.                                            switch over to the process described in the new gover-
                   The proposals, developed for more than two years by                 nance recommendations.
                the Governance Task Force under the leadership of Steve
                Batson, Ed.D., CFRE, were designed to ensure a more                    Chapter Partnerships. Through renewed and strength-
                transparent governance system allowing for greater mem-                ened partnerships with chapters, AFP will deliver opti-
                ber participation and ownership. Numerous changes were                 mal value to members.
                made to the proposals by the task force in response to                    AFP ended 2006 with 188 chapters in the U.S.,
                member and chapter feedback during the process.                        Canada, Mexico, China, Indonesia and Singapore.

                         N       ever one to walk away from a challenge, I accept-     took as the process went along. We received countless good sug-
                                 ed the offer to become the chair of the               gestions from chapters and members through the member-wide
                           Governance Task Force, knowing that the process of          conference calls that the task force held, the task force’s email box,
                           getting us to the right governance model for AFP            town hall meetings held at chapters and various other forms of
                           would be as challenging, if not more challenging, than      communication. And the members’ voices were heard as we
                           the actual decision to implement the new model.             altered a number of the recommendations accordingly.
                               The Governance Task Force was created to con-               I also am proud of the approach that the task force members
                           sider the challenges presented by AFP's robust mem-                                                                        .
                                                                                       took in crafting the best possible governance structure for AFP It
                          bership growth and continued international develop-          showed their intense commitment not only to the project, but to fel-
Steve W. Batson,
Ed.D., CFRE               ment. The current AFP governance structure had               low members and to AFP as an organization. The open and construc-
                          been in place for the past 15 years. During this time,       tive way that we engaged with other members, chapter leaders,
                 AFP membership has grown by 53 percent and the number                 board members and AFP staff to get us to the right model—agree or
                 of chapters has increased by 37 percent. The international            disagree, my colleagues never surprised me in their respectful
                 membership has grown by 92 percent and the delegate                   approach to negotiating differences and reaching consensus.
                 assembly has increased in size by more than 150 members.                  Of course, the greatest reward is knowing that the work of
                     With these significant changes in size, membership and pro-       the governance task force was vital to AFP and all of its mem-
                 jected future growth, the task force, composed of 19 current          bers, and the task force's final recommendations will chart the
                 and future AFP leaders, was charged with reviewing the AFP            course of our organization for years to come, We adopted a gov-
                 governance systems and developing recommendations intended            ernance structure that ensures a stronger voice for our members
                 to ensure a stronger, more diverse and inclusive voice for mem-       while providing both flexibility and stability as we continue to
                 bers while enhancing and improving AFP's governance practices         evolve as an organization, particularly as we grow internationally.
                 and procedures. These 19 leaders worked tirelessly with me            I feel proud of what we as an organization have accomplished.
                 and remained fully engaged during the two year process and I                  —Steve W. Batson, Ed.D., CFRE, chair, AFP Governance
                 am grateful to them for their commitment and contributions.             Task Force and vice president for institutional advancement, Darton
                     The rewards for me were many. I was so impressed with                                                                College, Albany, Ga.
                 our membership and the thoughtful approach that our members

    10                    Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                                                            AFP      GOALS

              These chapters are at the heart of AFP, offering local                     The AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of
              benefits, networking opportunities and educational                     Professional Practice received the highest score in terms of
              programming, as well as a voice in government and in                   satisfaction (4.63 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the high-
              the media in their communities.                                        est) when respondents rated specific member benefits.
                 The Membership Services Division continues to                           The overwhelming majority, 90.8 percent of
              work through committees and task forces to support                     respondents, say they use the AFP Code of Ethics in
              the chapters in their work and to integrate the work                   their operational duties. A majority of respondents
              they do with the overall AFP mission and vision. AFP                   (58.9 percent) said they share the Code with their
              also has a strong chapter manager program whereby                      donors. The Code has ranked No. 1 in every member
              chapters are visited at least once every two years and                 benefits survey that AFP has conducted.
              have individual managers assigned to them who can                          The Code is followed closely in satisfaction to
              help answer questions, provide assistance in strategic                 members by A Donor Bill of Rights (4.62), followed by
              planning, membership development and other areas                       networking at the chapter level (4.09), Advancing
              of importance to chapters.                                             Philanthropy magazine (4.09), and chapter programs/
                 As part of its ongoing strategic governance process,                meetings (4.01).
              AFP conducted a membership satisfaction survey to                          The high satisfaction rating of chapter networking
              determine the most valuable services members receive.                  opportunities and chapter programs/meetings shows
                 A total of 1,389 responses were received in this                    the vital importance of work on the AFP chapter level.
              2006 survey, for an overall response rate of 5 percent.                    It is through strategic partnering that AFP and its
              The survey had a 95 percent confidence level.                          chapters maintain ethical standards in the profession
                                                                                     and bring highly valued benefits to members.

                          A      s vice chair of membership, one of the high-            Being a leader—especially a volunteer—can be a thankless
                                 lights of my year is working with new chapter       job. So here’s my opportunity to express gratitude to all of you.
                           leaders one-on-one and in groups as they undertake        AFP is only as strong as its volunteer leaders. They are the ones
                           their responsibilities. In helping these dedicated vol-   “on the ground” who by and large deliver value for member-
                           unteers get acquainted with their roles and the           ship. I know that I speak for all of us when I say that I am deeply
                           resources available to them, it is very rewarding to      grateful for your hard work.
                           share their excitement and enthusiasm about the               Without volunteer leaders who are committed to promoting
                           contribution they are making to the profession and to     the tenets of best practices that AFP espouses, our association
                           the sector—to both members and nonmembers—                would not play the prominent leadership role that it does in the
Jay Frey, CFRE
                           and to advancing philanthropy worldwide.                  nonprofit sector—a role that is growing ever more important.
                              At the AFP International Conference in Atlanta             Without chapters that educate and train fundraising profes-
               and again in Ottawa at the AFP Canadian Leadership Retreat,           sionals, advocate for and enlighten others about the need for
               I led and participated in the Chapter Leadership Workshops            ethical and effective fundraising and practitioners, AFP could not
               that are offered to all AFP chapter leaders.                          provide value and service to members. The organizations for
                   At both workshops, we took time to introduce ourselves            which they work and to the entire nonprofit community would
               to each other. I make it a point to encourage the participants        suffer otherwise.
               to share one unique fact about themselves. I am always                    AFP chapters and their leaders are truly the heart and soul
               impressed by the diversity of our members and their                   of our organization. I salute all of you—current, former and
               responses. While some of their comments focus on home                 future leaders. Thank you for making a difference. I pledge my
               and family and others are about funny things that have hap-           own and the association’s continued commitment to provide
               pened to them, my favorites are the stories about how or              information, resources and assistance to advance philanthropy in
               why they got involved in fundraising and philanthropy. These          your communities and around the world.
               comments inevitably lead to values: feeling passionate about a                       —Jay Frey, CFRE, AFP vice chair, membership and
               cause or mission, wanting to change the world or to help                              senior major gifts officer and development director,
               others. It often seems as if the vocation chose them. And                                    Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Ill.
               their reasons for being involved in AFP are strikingly similar.

                                                                 2006 Annual Report •                                                        11
                                     ADVOCACY             &   PUBLIC          POLICY

                                               Advocacy & Public Policy

               P    ublic policy affecting the fundraising profession will
                    be based upon principles important to AFP and the
               fundraising profession.
                                                                                           However, because, by law, the IRA Rollover provi-
                                                                                       sion is only effective for two years (2006 and 2007),
                                                                                       the committee will spend 2007 advocating that
                   The relentless work in advocacy and public policy                   Congress make the provision permanent and enhance
               initiatives came to fruition in 2006 with the passage of                the provision by removing the $100,000 cap on gifts,
               several pieces of important legislation. There is still                 lowering the age threshold from 70-1/2 to 59-1/2 and
               much work to be done as AFP continues to educate                        allowing both direct and planned gifts.
               both legislators and regulators about the complexities                      In 2006, the committee also helped prevent
               and needs of the nonprofit sector.                                      Congress from passing onerous charitable reforms such
                                                                                       as the proposed floor for charitable deductions in the
               U.S. Government Relations Activities                                    non-itemizer deduction provision.
               The AFP U.S. Government Relations Committee                                 Equally significant was the committee’s participation
               truly had a banner year. History was made when it                       in the National Conference on Faith-Based and
               led the charitable sector in getting the IRA Rollover                   Community Initiatives in Washington, D.C., hosted by
               provision passed in the Pension Reform Act. As many                     the White House. The committee simultaneously coor-
               of you know, AFP spent many years trying to get this                    dinated a lobby day for those AFP members who were
               important charitable giving incentive passed by                         in town for the national conference so they could edu-
               Congress.                                                               cate key Senate members and staff about charitable
                                                                                       giving incentives and the charitable reform issues.

                         I   t is a real testament to the importance of the pro-           I also took the opportunity of my involvement to share
                             fession and our association that AFP was invited          with my organization’s leadership the role that AFP played in
                          to partner with the White House as they presented            getting this legislation passed and in raising visibility on issues
                          the National Conference on Faith-Based and                   affecting the sector to government officials through participa-
                          Community Initiatives on March 9, 2006 at the                tion in events such as the National Conference. I was invited
                          Hilton Washington.                                           to participate because I am a member of AFP and it is impor-
                              As vice chair of the external relations division, I      tant for my organization to recognize that their investment in
                          viewed our participation as an important opportuni-          my professional development is also an investment in the
                         ty to raise the stature of AFP and our work in pro-           advancement of our organization and the sector as a whole.
Susan Hosbach, CFRE
                         moting philanthropy and advocating for charitable                 My colleagues in Canada, through the work of AFP mem-
                         giving incentives.                                            bers and the Canadian Government Relations Committee,
                   On a personal level, I felt honored to be invited and to            shared some equally impressive legislative victories—particu-
               attend. While in D.C. I met with colleagues and AFP staff               larly in the elimination of the capital gains tax on gifts of
               who joined me in making visits to our representatives in                appreciated securities. The grassroots advocacy efforts by
               Congress on both the House and Senate sides. There is real              members and chapters in Canada serve as a model to us all
               satisfaction in being a part of the legislative process and             on creating and implementing effective government relations
               knowing that through your own efforts and those of your                 programs.
               colleagues, change can occur.                                               I encourage all AFP members to get involved in advocating
                   When the IRA Rollover provision was passed as part of               for our profession through involvement with the government
               the Pension Reform Act, I truly felt that I had made a differ-          relations process. I’ve seen first hand that the process
               ence by reaching out to my representatives and being a part             works—it can benefit me and my profession.
               of the system to enact legislation. I salute the U.S.                                                         —Susan Hosbach, CFRE
               Government Relations Committee and all my colleagues who                    AFP vice chair external relations and director of development,
               did likewise—by visiting their representatives, writing letters,                           Cheekwood Botanical Garden, Nashville, Tenn.
               making phone calls and by educating and encouraging their
               colleagues to do the same.

   12                     Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                          ADVOCACY            &     PUBLIC         POLICY

    In May of last year, Paulette Maehara, CFRE, CAE,             (LHINs) the power to compel one health service
president and CEO of AFP, testified on the commit-                provider to transfer its charitable property to another
tee’s behalf before the House Small Business                      health service provider.
Subcommittee on Rural Enterprises, Agriculture and                   “I was delighted with the successful efforts of the
Technology where AFP called on Congress to help                   Canadian Government Relations Committee this past
charities by passing charitable giving incentives.                year,” said Susan Mullin, CFRE, chair of the Canadian
    On the state level, the committee was successful in           Government Relations Committee and vice president
persuading the New York Assembly and Senate to post-              development, York University Foundation, Toronto,
pone the passage of an ethics education bill this year,           “AFP, as well as the entire charitable sector, won an
giving more time for interested parties to redraft the            incredible victory when the government eliminated the
bill to make it clearer, more effective and less intrusive.       capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated securities. We
Guided by the committee, AFP participated in a                    made great strides on the government relations front in
roundtable discussion in Albany, N.Y. with New York               2006, and I look forward to future successes and con-
University and the Assemblymember who sponsored                   tinuing to work collaboratively with our colleagues in
the bill and coordinated a lobby day where representa-            the sector and the government.”
tives of AFP New York Chapters and AFP staff met
with key Assemblymembers, Senators and their staffs to            AFP PAC
discuss this legislation. The committee will continue to          During the pivotal 2006 election cycle, the AFP PAC
work with both the New York Assembly and Senate                   Board distributed campaign contributions to the
when the legislation is reintroduced in 2007.                     following Members of Congress:

Canadian Government Relations                                        Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT)
Activities                                                           Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
                                                                     Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS)
The Canadian Government Relations Committee had
                                                                     Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
much success in 2006 as well. Thanks to the commit-                  Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)
tee’s efforts, including oral and written testimony                  Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
before Parliament and a letter to the Prime Minister,                Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
the Canadian government enacted the elimination of                   Rep. Clay Shaw (R-FL)
the capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated securities.            Rep. Jim McCrery (R-LA)
This success was several years in the making, and this
charitable giving incentive will enhance the altruistic           The AFP PAC continues to assist AFP in building
missions of charities across the country.                         strategic contacts on Capitol Hill and enhancing access
    In September 2006, AFP testified and provided                 to key Members of Congress.
written testimony before the Standing Committee on
Finance and called on Parliament to extend the exemp-
tion from capital gains tax to gifts of land and real estate,
as well as enact legislation formally recognizing National
Philanthropy Day®. In 2007, the committee will contin-
ue to urge Parliament to enact this exemption.
    The committee’s efforts to make Canada the first
country in the world to permanently recognize
National Philanthropy Day® took a step forward when
Parliament reintroduced the National Philanthropy
Day® Act. The committee plans to work with
Parliament in 2007 with the hope that it will see that
bill finally passed.
    The committee testified and provided written testi-
mony before the Canada Radio-Television and
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regarding
the implementation of the national do not call list.              Robert E. Carter, CFRE, Jimmie R. Alford, CFRE and Donald A.
    On the provincial level, the committee provided oral          Campbell Jr., CFRE and Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE attend
                                                                  White House Philanthropy Summit reception.
and written testimony in Ottawa before Ontario’s
Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 36
that would, among other things, have given the
Minister and local health integration networks

                                              2006 Annual Report •                                                13

                T   he AFP body of knowledge will drive the evolution
                    of the profession, provide the basis for continuing
                education and underpin curriculum development.
                                                                                        two yearly reports, the AFP State of Fundraising
                                                                                        Report and the AFP Compensation and Benefits Study.
                                                                                           The State of Fundraising Report, which provides
                   With a membership that represents all the major                      yearly data on gross dollars earned, reveals that in the
                sectors of philanthropy, AFP has a pool of resources                    United States, 62.9 percent of U.S. charities raised
                enabling broad and relevant education and research. Its                 more money in 2005 than in the previous year. This
                diverse array of educational courses, publications and                  figure is only two points lower than in 2004, when 65
                partnerships make it an indispensable resource to the                   percent of U.S. charities raised more money than in the
                nonprofit sector.                                                       previous year. Canadian fundraisers experienced slightly
                   AFP is working towards its long-term goal of creating                more success than their American counterparts, with
                a well-developed, widely accepted and utilized body of                  64.4 percent of respondents raising more money in
                knowledge that reflects the best practices of the fundrais-             2005, a 2 percent increase from the 2004 survey.
                ing profession within culturally diverse societies. This                   The 2006 Compensation and Benefits Study showed
                body of knowledge is meant to drive the evolution of the                that the average salary of U.S. respondents dropped in
                profession, provide the basis for continuing education                  2005 by 16.7 percent from the 2004 average of
                and underpin curriculum development.                                    $80,685. In 2005 the mean salary was only $67,101.
                                                                                        Average salaries for Canadian fundraisers increased from
                Research                                                                C$65,183 in 2004 to C$65,768 in 2005.
                Extensive research programs provided by AFP allow                          AFP also advances the body of knowledge through its
                fundraisers and the greater community to see a more                     support of fundraising research. In 2006 the AFP
                vivid picture of fundraising today as a profession. AFP                 Research Committee awarded grants to Renee A. Irvin,
                lends its statistical expertise to the field by publishing              Ph.D., of the University of Oregon, Eugene Ore., for her

                          A       FP allows me to balance my love for fundraising       about their challenges and successes as well as learning from them
                                  and my love of teaching. As vice chair of the pro-    about the culture of fundraising in Latin America.
                            fessional advancement division, I’ve had the pleasure of        With my colleagues in the Greater Philadelphia Chapter I
                            being part of a team bringing fundraisers and educators     checked in with those in other chapters who were presenting the
                            together to define what practitioners need to know,         AFP Essentials series for the first time. My chapter developed this
                            identify the gaps that exist in that knowledge and build    grassroots program and gave it to AFP International to share with
                            education programs and services to help fundraisers be      other chapters throughout the world. We continue to have success
                            successful. The professional advancement division is        with our local Essentials programming as we reach out to grass-
                           refining the way in which we look at education and           roots organizations that otherwise would have nowhere else to
Roberta Healey, ACFRE
                           training for adult learners and how AFP can enhance its      turn for fundraising programming of this caliber. I also have had the
                           educational offerings to further its mission.                opportunity to teach some of the Essential modules I helped to
                     Teaching has been a passion of mine for some time. In 2006         develop.
                 I was part of the 4th Faculty Training Academy held in Miami.              I was also a student in 2006. I attended the first Stanford Social
                 I take real pleasure in helping others become better presenters        Innovation Review/AFP Nonprofit Management Institute held on the
                 and educators. There are so many seasoned professionals who            Stanford University campus where I participated in discussions with
                 want to share their knowledge and passion for fundraising with         colleagues, Stanford University professors and other educators about
                 others. I enjoy my small part in helping them make that a reality.     leadership and management challenges facing the sector.
                 I’ve watched the Faculty Training Academy program grow over                Thanks to all the volunteers who give of their time and expert-
                 the years and am proud of the nearly 90 master trainers who            ise, AFP offers many meaningful educational programs for practi-
                 have gone through the program and who share their expertise            tioners at all stages in their career. It is a pleasure to be part of
                 with colleagues in their organizations and AFP chapters.               this effort.
                     I also was a presenter at the Second Hemispheric                                            —Roberta Healey, MBA, NHA, ACFRE,
                 Congress on Fundraising—Latin America held in Mexico City.                                          AFP vice chair, professional advancement
                 I’ve enjoyed staying in touch with my “students”, hearing                           and senior member, Farr Healey Consulting LLC, Exton, Pa.

   14                      Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada

research on government fundraising in municipalities and            A partnership began with Tecnologico de
to Tamaki Onishi at the Center on Philanthropy at               Monterrey in Mexico to develop a fundraising certifi-
Indiana University in Indianapolis. Onishi’s research           cate for Latin America based primarily on online cours-
focuses on the current conditions and development               es. In progress is an effort to put AFP’s First Course
strategies of philanthropy and fundraising in Japan. The        online as part of Tec’s Social Leader’s program. The
2006 AFP/Skystone Ryan Research Prize was awarded to            Second Hemispheric Congress was held in Mexico City
Marybeth Gasman and Katherine Sedgwick of the                   in January 2006 and featured 56 education sessions.
University of Pennsylvania for the book, Uplifting a            Nearly 400 attended the Congress.
People: African American Philanthropy and Education.                Eleven AFP Audioconferences were held as well as
    Another study began in 2006 by AFP was the                  one Webconference in 2006, and three new books were
Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP). Conducted in           published in the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series.
partnership with the Urban Institute’s Center on                Several more books are due for publication in 2007.
Nonprofits and Philanthropy and other nonprofit associ-             New Ready Reference books in 2006 included So
ations, the project will produce annual survey data on          You Want to Be a Consultant, Making the Most of Your
fundraising gains and losses and will develop perform-          Special Event and Bringing a New Development
ance reports by subsector, region, age of fundraising pro-      Director on Board—Spanish version.
gram and size (total amount of funds raised). Several
donor software firms assisted with the design of the sur-       In 2007, AFP will offer the following programs:
vey and are helping clients extract important data.                Third Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising—
    The AFP Fundraising Resource Center continued its              Latin America in Mexico City
diligent service of information gathering as well, respond-        44th AFP International Conference on Fundraising
ing to 750 inquiries per month on average in 2006.                 in Dallas, Texas
                                                                   First International Conference for Schools and
                                                                   Universities in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Educational programs and sessions continue to be a
cornerstone of the AFP membership benefits package,                Technologico de Monterrey’s Social Leaders program
with a variety of offerings including the AFP                      Audioconferences and Webconferences throughout
International Conference on Fundraising, the                       the year
Hemispheric Congress on Fundraising—Latin America                  Assist chapters in offering First Course, CFRE
in Mexico and monthly Audioconferences that bring                  Review Course and the Essentials of Fundraising
expert fundraising advice to call-in attendees.                    programs
    At the AFP International Conference on
Fundraising in Atlanta more than 4,000 fundraising
and nonprofit professionals came together to network
and learn from 125 speakers in 119 sessions. AFP also
held the first-ever Nonprofit Management Institute in
September and garnered high marks from the 200
executives who attended. The institute equips nonprof-              I   n launching the Fundraising Effectiveness
                                                                        Project, AFP has provided an opportunity for
                                                                    fundraising software companies to create the
it leaders with critical executive management skills and
knowledge they can use immediately. It was held                     reporting mechanism to benchmark all nonprof-
through a partnership between the Stanford Social                   its’ fundraising effectiveness and efficiencies.
Innovation Review at Stanford University and AFP.                        This is the first time the fundraising software
    Twenty eight individuals took part in the fourth                community has been asked to partner with a             John Elliott Joslin, CFRE
Faculty Training Academy in June in Miami. FTA is a                 professional association to meet the expanding
two-and-a-half-day course for experienced fundraising               needs of their membership. Results of the FEP will allow nonprofits
instructors to train them to become master teachers in              to work smarter in their fundraising activities in the future.
AFP’s professional education programs.                                   Our relationship with AFP goes back decades. AFP provides
    In 2006 AFP continued to offer the important                    Donor2 the opportunity to meet face-to-face with leaders and
CFRE Review Course and the First Course in                          decision-makers in the fundraising profession. We have been able
Fundraising, in both classroom and online formats.                  to understand and appreciate specific needs of nonprofit profes-
The Review Course prepares fundraisers for the                      sionals and thereby provide leading-edge technology allowing AFP
Certified Fund Raising Executive examination. The                   members to successfully raise the funds necessary to support and
First Course is designed to educate novices to the                  further their missions.
fundraising profession with vital, beginner-focused                                       —John Elliott Joslin, CFRE, senior consultant,
information about the profession.                                                            Campus Management Corp., Charlotte, N.C.

                                            2006 Annual Report •                                                             15
           THANK      YOU!

                                                             Thank You!
                   AFP wishes to acknowledge the following companies and organizations
              that have supported the work of the association in furthering the advancement of
                                       philanthropy and fundraising.

                       Kintera                              Bernstein Global Wealth                                    Grizzard
           Full Conference Sponsor, Chapter                       Management                                          Registration
                   Website Program                       Opening plenary session co-sponsor
                1 2 1 Direct Reponse                           Campbell & Company                             Golf Tournament Central
                     Phone bank                                 Awards for Excellence
                 Advanced Solutions                      The Center on Philanthropy at                   Award for Outstanding Volunteer
                  International Inc.                          Indiana University                           Fundraiser, exposition grand
           Conference proceedings CD-ROM                         Career Expo                                 opening, chapter event

             Advantage Consulting Inc.                   The Chronicle of Philanthropy                             Marts & Lundy
           AFP Foundation for Philanthropy                    Conference tote bags                                 Major Gifts track
                                                            Community Counselling                                 Mobile Accord
                 AFP Foundation for                                Service (CCS)                               Tuesday Plenary Session
                     Philanthropy                             Award for Outstanding
           Chamberlain Scholarship program,              Fundraising Professional, attendee                The Network for NonProfit
              J. Richard Wilson Keynote                     roster, refreshment stations                       Search Consultants
            Address, Maurice Gurin Lecture                                                                        Career Expo
              on Philanthropy, Margye S.                  Connelly and Associates LLC
               Baumgartner Scholarship                      Monday Plenary Session                             The NonProfit Times
                                                                                                          Internet Café co-sponsor, shuttle
              THE ALFORD GROUP                                     eTapestry Inc.                                   bus sponsor
                Diversity programs                            Internet Café co-sponsor
                                                                                                                 Paschal Murray Inc.
                 American Express                                   EU Services                                 Award for Outstanding
               Opening night reception                         Direct-response sessions                             Philanthropist

                AXA Advisors LLC                           Fundraising Intitiatives Inc.                      Sanford White Company
            Message center and Expo cards                    Sunday Plenary Session                             Official conference pin

               Bentz Whaley Flessner                             GetActive Software                                    Wiley
           Awards for Philanthropy Banquet                       Technology sessions                          AFP conference bookstore

                  W      e believe in the education and networking                  We co-sponsor the Internet Café at the AFP International
                         opportunities AFP provides to the sector.              Conference on Fundraising. We are the online system alter-
                 Better fundraisers are always our best clients, now            native for the nonprofit world and since those visiting the
                 and in the future.                                             Internet Café are in that online world, we want to introduce
                    We make literally hundreds of potential client              ourselves to them. Over the last two years it has been some
                 contacts each year because of our relationship with            of the “smartest” marketing dollars we spend!
                 AFP When you add in our current clients, the num-                                               —Jay Love, president and CEO,
                 ber is in the thousands! These relationships are the                                             eTapestry, Inc., Greenfield, Ind.
Jay Love         “backbone” of our business.

   16              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                              AFP     FOUNDATION             FOR     PHILANTHROPY

                  AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
                     Makes Strategic Progress
F   or nearly 35 years the AFP
    Foundation for Philanthropy
has been promoting ethical and
                                                                                             ter leaders and other volunteers.
                                                                                             Also, for the fifth consecutive
                                                                                             year, Advantage Consulting of
effective fundraising. It has pro-                                                           Fairfield, N.J. provided pro
vided more than $15 million in                                                               bono services for our Every
strategic capital to fund initiatives                                                        Member Campaign calling pro-
not covered by member dues, yet                                                              gram, saving the Foundation
in support of AFP’s education,                                                               considerable expense. We also
research and awareness programs.                                                             salute EU Services of Rockville,
    2006 was the second year of                                                              Md. for its pro bono support of
the Foundation’s Strategic                                                                   our direct mail solicitations.
Initiatives Program. The goal of                                                             Our thanks to all!
this major gifts effort is to fund                                                              In 2006, 138 chapters sup-
important initiatives of the AFP                                                             ported the Chapter Treasury
strategic plan. These include: pro-       Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE and Don W. Taylor, CFRE Campaign, and 67 chapters
moting youth involvement in phi-                                                             achieved 100 percent participa-
lanthropy, building knowledge of                                                             tion from their board members
fundraising in diverse communities, improving and                    in the EMC. Equally exciting was the 100 percent par-
expanding education and training of fundraisers, and                 ticipation by the AFP and AFP Foundation boards, and
the promotion of ethical fundraising. Nearly $200,000                AFP staff. Special thanks go to our newest members of
has been raised for strategic initiatives, and the                   the Omega Circle. The 2006 Class of the Omega
prospects for 2007 are strong.                                       Circle (which is pictured in this report) included a
    Supporting fundraising professionals in building                 record high fifteen donors. We thank them for their
knowledge and skills through educational scholarships                planned gifts to the Foundation.
has long been a major focus of the Foundation.                           We are excited by our partnership with AFP in the
Through the Chamberlain Scholars program, for exam-                  Leadership Society. Now in its second year, the
ple, the Foundation offers every AFP chapter the                     Leadership Society invites interested and qualified past
opportunity for one of its members to attend the annu-               board and committee members to become re-engaged
al International Conference on Fundraising. In 2006                  with AFP and the AFP Foundation. The period of
113 Chamberlain Scholars attended the conference in                  qualifying for Charter Member status ended at the end
Atlanta. The Foundation also provided scholarships in                of 2006, and 64 charter members joined. They are
the international arena by providing scholarships to                 now making substantive leadership contributions to
fundraisers from Brazil, Jordan and Mexico.                          our programs and operations. Members also make an
    The year 2006 saw an important enhancement to                    annual gift and all have cumulative giving of $10,000
the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to support                       and more.
research. After a three year hiatus, the Foundation                      During 2007 the Foundation will continue to
resumed providing major support to the AFP Research                  emphasize major gift support for AFP strategic initia-
Council grants program. This funding supported                       tives that benefit members and the profession, as well
fundraising and philanthropic research being undertak-               as continuing its long support of scholarships, training,
en at the Universities of Indiana, Michigan and                      research, and awards to recognize outstanding achieve-
Oregon on a wide range of fundraising topics.                        ment in our fundraising community. It is a program of
    The Every Member Campaign (EMC) is a vital part                  work that all members our community are invited to
of the Foundation’s development program. Through                     embrace and support.
the generous support of over 5,000 AFP members, the
campaign raised $510,000. Through the EMC and its
other campaigns, the Annual Fund raised a total of
nearly $720,000, which represents the most unrestrict-
                                                                        Don W. Taylor, CFRE             Curtis C. Deane,
ed cash ever raised by the Foundation in a single year.
                                                                        Chair                           CFRE, CAE
This great success would not have been possible with-
out the wonderful fundraising efforts of so many chap-

                                             2006 Annual Report •                                                 17
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY

     Omega Circle Witnesses Strong Growth in 2006
     T    he induction of 14 new members on Oct. 27
          highlighted a year of unprecedented growth for the
     Omega Circle—AFP Foundation for Philanthropy’s
                                                                              Foundation for Philanthropy or AFP Foundation for
                                                                              Philanthropy – Canada.

     planned-giving society.
         “With the tremendous leadership of our planned-giving
     committee co-chairs, Stephen M. Levy, CFRE, president of
     Levy Philanthropic Counsel LLC in Huntington, N.Y., and
     Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE, fundraising consultant with
     Forster-Gilbert Associates in Buford, Ga., the Omega Circle
     has grown by more than 10 percent this year,” said AFP
     Foundation for Philanthropy President Curtis C. Deane,
     CFRE, CAE. “In 2005, we gained only three commitments
     to the Omega Circle, compared to 14 already this year.”
     The Omega Circle now has 122 members.
         A dinner ceremony at La Cachette Restaurant in Los An-
     geles celebrated the induction, and the Omega Circle Class               Inducted into the Omega Circle Class of 2006 were (L to R, seated) Roderick L.
                                                                              Reinhart, CFRE; Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE; Gary Schrenk, CFRE; Krista
     of 2006 also was recognized the next day at a reception for              Thompson, CFRE; Andrew Watt; Cathlene Williams, Ph.D., CAE; (standing) Curtis
     the attendees of the AFP Delegate Assembly in Los Angeles.                                                                               .
                                                                              C. Deane, CFRE, CAE; Jay Frey, CFRE; Lori Gusdorf, CAE; Audrey P Kintzi, ACFRE;
         The Omega Circle honors and recognizes individuals                   Barbara Larson; Andrea McManus, CFRE; and Terry M. Mercer, CFRE.
     who have made a planned gift of $5,000 or more to AFP                    Not pictured are Mark S. Abner, CFRE, and Shauna Klein, MA.

                                                                              Kay Partney Lautman, CFRE           Roderick L. Reinhart, CFRE
     Omega Circle Members                                                     Sharon LeeMaster, CFRE              Carleen K. Rhodes, CFRE
                                                                              Maurice Levite, CAE, CFRE           Jane E. and Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE
     Mark S. Abner, CFRE                 Jay Frey, CFRE                       Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE              Rolando D. Rodriguez, CFRE
     Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE              Paul M. and Mary Gardner             Stephen and Marjorie Levy           Gary E. Rounding
     G. Douglass Alexander               Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE              Patricia F. Lewis, ACFRE            J. Patrick Ryan
     Jimmie R. Alford, CFRE              Walter R. Gillette, III, CFRE        Ellen Livingston                    Thomas W. Safranek
     William F. Bartolini, APR, ACFRE    Mark W. Glickman, CFRE               Claudia A. Looney, FAHP             Thomas G. Sanberg
     Steve W. Batson, Ed.D., CFRE        Susan L. Goepp, CFRE                 Patrick S. Madama, CFRE             Willits H. Sawyer, CFRE
     Margye S. Baumgardner, CFRE         James M. Greenfield, FAHP, ACFRE     David J. Madson, ACFRE              Gary Schrenk, CFRE
     Ted D. Bayley, ACFRE                Lori Gusdorf, CAE                    Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE      Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE
     Renaldo and Gloria Bellini          Bill Hallett, Ph.D., ACFRE           Arthur Makar, CFRE                  John J. Schwartz
     Daniel K. Biggs                     William B. Hanrahan                  Bruce B. Makous, CLU, ChFC, CFRE    E. Ramone Segree, CFRE
     Patricia O. Bjorhovde, CFRE         Bill J. Harrison, CFRE               Guy Mallabone, CFRE                 Robert L. Serow, CFRE
     Dr. W. D. Broadway                  Theodore R. Hart, ePMT, ACFRE        Barbara H. Marion*                  Del Staecker, ACFRE
     Leslie W. Brown, CFRE               Roberta A. Healey, ACFRE             Mark S. McCampbell, CFRE            Scott C. Staub, ACFRE
     Donald A. Campbell, Jr., CFRE       Janet L. Hedrick                     Andrea McManus, CFRE                Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE
     Ron L.* and Pamela Carroll          Doris H. Heiser, CFRE                Terry M. Mercer, CFRE               Nancy L. Stefani, CFRE
     Robert I. Catlin, II                Gene M. Henderson                    Thomas W. Mesaros, CFRE             Charles R. Stephens
     Ralph E. Chamberlain*               Suzanne Hittman                      John Miltner*                       Paul J. Strawhecker, MPA, ACFRE
     Thomas J. and Nancy Clark           Bob Hopkins                          Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE               Don W. Taylor, CFRE
     Robert E Corder, CFRE               J. Lloyd Horton, FAHP                William M. Moran, FAHP, ACFRE       Eugene R. Tempel, Ed.D., CFRE
     Glen W. Cosper, MA, CFRE            Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE             Barbara H. Mulville, CFRE           Krista Thompson, CFRE
     Shirlene Courtis, CFRE              Charles A. and Virginia Johnson      Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE       LeRoy W. Tilt, III
     Robert J. Crandall, CFRE            Ronda J. Johnson, CFRE               Milton and Jeanne Murray            Rita K. Wasmuth, CFRE
     Mary Jane Crist, CFRE               Sarah Jordan-Holmes, CFRE*           Paul and Diane Netzel               Andrew Watt
     Sue L. Dagurt, CFRE                 Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE              Carol J. Numrich, CFRE              Cathlene Williams, Ph.D., CAE
     Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE          Mark I. Kalish, CFRE                 Patrick W. Olenick                  G. Patrick Williams, ACFRE
     William A. Durkin, Jr., CFRE        Yezdyar S. Kaoosji, CFRE             Frank W. and Jane R. Penick         Ernest W.* and Karen Wood
     Gordon H. Durnan, FAHP              Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE              Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE
     Lona M. Farr, Ph.D., ACFRE          Shauna Klein, MA                     Robert and Marion Pierpont          * Deceased
     Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D., ACFRE       Cynthia H. Kuespert                  Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE              As of December 18, 2006
     Gail L. Freeman                     Barb Larson                          Nancy K. Racette, CFRE

18               Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                              AFP     FOUNDATION                          FOR   PHILANTHROPY

                          AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
                            2006 Officers and Directors
2006 Officers                              Board of Directors                  Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE                      Senator Terry M. Mercer, CFRE
                                           Mr. Anthony R. Alonso               Forster-Gilbert Associates                   The Senate of Canada
Chair                                      Advantage Consulting                Buford, Ga.                                  Ottawa, ON
Don W. Taylor, CFRE                        Fairfield, N.J.
Courage Center                                                                 Gary L. Good, CFRE                           Michael E. Moore, FAHP
Golden Valley, Minn.                       B. Bradley Barber, J.D.             Florida Grand Opera                          Millennium Advantage
                                           University of California            Miami, Fla.                                  Granite Bay, Calif.
Chair-Elect                                Oakland, Calif.
Paul J. Strawhecker, MPA, ACFRE                                                          .
                                                                               Audrey P Kintzi, ACFRE                       Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE
Paul J. Strawhecker Inc.                   Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE        Girl Scout Council, St Croix Valley          J.G. Pettey & Associates
Omaha, Neb.                                National Academy of Public          St. Paul, Minn.                              San Francisco, Calif.
Vice Chair, Fundraising                                                        Barbara Larson                               Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE
                                           Washington, D.C.
Shirlene Courtis, CFRE                                                         Community Foundation of                      University of Hartford
Seneca College of Applied Arts             Leslie W. Brown, CFRE                 SiliconValley                              West Hartford, Conn.
   & Technology                            Broward Performing Arts             San Jose, Calif.
                                                                                                                            George C. Ruotolo Jr., CFRE
Toronto, ON                                    Foundation
                                                                               Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE                      Ruotolo Associates Inc.
                                           Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Secretary/Treasurer                                                            Capital Venture                              Cresskill, N.J.
William M. Moran, FAHP ACFRE
                         ,                 Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE            Las Vegas, Nev.
                                                                                                                            S. Sanae Tokumura, APR, ACFRE
St. Vincent’s Foundation                   Kentucky Community and Technical
                                                                               Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE               Solid Concepts, Inc.
Birmingham, Ala.                              College System
                                           Versailles, Ky.                     Association of Fundraising Professionals     Honolulu, Hawaii
President                                                                      Arlington, Va.
Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE                 Paul M. Gardner, Ph.D., CFRE
Association of Fundraising Professionals   Horizons Stewardship Company
Arlington, Va.                             Cabot, Ark.

2006 Leadership Society
AFP and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy would like to thank                Suzanne Hittman                              Robert Pierpont, CFRE
the members of the Leadership Society and recognize their                      Bob Hopkins                                  Paul Pribbenow, Ph.D., CFRE
service and contributions to the fundraising profession. Members               Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE                     Nancy K. Racette, CFRE
have given gifts of leadership and have given $10,000 or more to               Ronda J. Johnson, CFRE                       Carleen K. Rhodes, CFRE
                                                                               Yezdyar S. Kaoosji, CFRE                     Charlotte Rhodes, ACFRE
the foundation. They are also invited to continue to participate in
                                                                               Kay Partney Lautman, CFRE                    Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRE
AFP activities, and they commit to continued support.                          Sharon LeeMaster, CFRE                       Patricia Rich, ACFRE
                                                                               Stephen M. Levy, CFRE                        Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE
Leadership Society Members:                                                    Claudia A. Looney, FAHP                      Michael J. Rosen, CFRE
                                                                               Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE                      J. Patrick Ryan
Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE                     Robert J. Crandall, CFRE            Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE               Eugene Scanlan, Ph.D., CFRE
Jimmie R. Alford, CFRE                     Mary Jane Crist, CFRE               Arthur Makar, CFRE                           Gary Schrenk, CFRE
Emilio Alonso-Mendoza, J.D.                Lona M. Farr, Ph.D., ACFRE          Thomas W. Mesaros, CFRE                      Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE
Steve W. Batson, Ed.D., CFRE               Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D., ACFRE       Richard G. Miller, CFRE                      E. Ramone Segree, CFRE
Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE               Gail L. Freeman                     Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE                        Scott C. Staub, ACFRE
Leslie W. Brown, CFRE                      Paul M. Gardner, Ph.D., CFRE        William M. Moran, FAHP, ACFRE                Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE
Donald A. Campbell, Jr., CFRE              Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE             Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE                Charles R. Stephens
Robert E. Carter, CFRE                     Walter R. Gillette, III, CFRE       Milton J. Murray, FAHP                       Paul J. Strawhecker, MPA,ACFRE
Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE                   Margaret A. Guellich, CFRE          Carol J. Numrich, CFRE                       Don W. Taylor, CFRE
Thomas J. Clark, CAE                       William B. Hanrahan                 Kathleen E. Pavelka, CFRE                    Eugene R. Tempel, Ed.D., CFRE
David M. Coyne, CFRE                       Roberta A. Healey, ACFRE            Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE                      Cathlene Williams, Ph.D., CAE

                                                           2006 Annual Report •                                                               19
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY

                        2006 Individual Leadership Donors
     PARTNER                             Claudia A. Looney, FAHP             Lynn M. Croneberger, CFRE           Michael Ostroff
     ($10,000 – $24,999)                 William M. Moran, FAHP, ACFRE       Yulanda N. Davis-Quarrie, CFRE      John D. Paquette, CFRE
     Claude H. Grizzard Sr., CFRE        Colette M. Murray, J.D., CFRE       Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE          Kathleen E. Pavelka, CFRE
     Stephen M. Levy, CFRE               Mark S. Peterson, CFRE              D. C. Dreger, ACFRE                 Kay C. Peck, CFRE
                                         Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE             Maretta Emery, BA, CA, CFRE         Diana Pool-Spencer
     PATRON                              Robert Pierpont, CFRE               Lona M. Farr, Ph.D., ACFRE          Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE
     ($5,000 – $9,999)                   Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRE         Alice L. Ferris, CFRE               Paul Pribbenow, Ph.D., CFRE
     Robert E. Carter, CFRE              Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE               John G. Fike, CFRE                  Deborah Rabe-San Román, CFRE
     William B. Hanrahan                 Eugene Scanlan, Ph.D., CFRE         Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D., ACFRE       Nancy Kelly Racette, CFRE
     Roberta A. Healey, ACFRE            Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE          Jay Frey, CFRE                      Roderick L. Reinhart, CFRE
     Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE      Don W. Taylor, CFRE                 Geraldine Gallagher, CFRE           Carleen K. Rhodes, CFRE
     Carol J. Numrich, CFRE              Susan B. Ulin                       Gary L. Good, CFRE                  Charlotte Rhodes, ACFRE
                                                                             Margaret A. Guellich, CFRE          Patricia Rich, ACFRE
     FOUNDERS’ CLUB                      PRESIDENT’S CLUB                    Lori Gusdorf                        Michael J. Rosen, CFRE
     ($3,500 – $4,999)                   ($1,000 – $1,999)                   Les Helmuth, CFRE                   J. Patrick Ryan
     Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE        Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE              J. Lloyd Horton, FAHP               Gary Schrenk, CFRE
     Gail L. Freeman                     Felicia H. Allender-Brant, CFRE     Ronda J. Johnson, CFRE              Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE
     Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE            Anthony R. Alonso                   Yezdyar S. Kaoosji, CFRE            E. Ramone Segree, CFRE
                                         Terry B. Axelrod                    John Kelleher, CFRE                 Steven S. Smith, CFRE
     STEWARDS’ CLUB                      B. Bradley Barber III, J.D.         Marcia M. Kerz, CFRE                Scott C. Staub, ACFRE
     ($2,000 – $3,499)                   Dr. William F. Bartolini, ACFRE     Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE             Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE
     Jimmie R. Alford, CFRE              Steve W. Batson, Ed.D., CFRE        Jeffrey Kost                        Charles R. Stephens
     Emilio Alonso-Mendoza, J.D.         Michael E. Blimes                   Barbara Larson                      Shereitte C. Stokes III, ACFRE
     Leslie W. Brown, CFRE               Tim J. Burchill, CFRE               Kay Partney Lautman, CFRE           Paul J. Strawhecker, MPA, ACFRE
     Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE            Donald A. Campbell Jr., CFRE        Sharon LeeMaster, CFRE              Sharon T. Svensson, CFRE
     Robert J. Crandall, CFRE            Sonya Campion, CFRE                 Harry Lynch, CFRE                   Eugene R. Tempel, Ed.D., CFRE
     Ana Maria Dapena, MPA               Brent P. Chambers, CFRE             Thomas W. Mesaros, CFRE             S. Sanae Tokumura, APR, ACFRE
     Paul M. Gardner, Ph.D., CFRE        Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE            Richard G. Miller, CFRE             Lise D. Twiford, MBA, CFRE
     Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE             Thomas J. Clark, CAE                Joyce M. Mitchell-Antoine, CFRE     Mal Warwick
     Walter R. Gillette III, CFRE        Timothy S. Coffey, CFRE             Michael E. Moore, FAHP              Cathlene Williams, Ph.D., CAE
     Theresa F. Haenn, CFRE              Vincent F. Connelly                 Milton J. Murray, FAHP              G. Patrick Williams, ACFRE
     Suzanne Hittman                     David M. Coyne, CFRE                Sandra H. Nelson, CFRE              David C. Wolfson, CFRE
     Bob Hopkins                         Mary Jane Crist, CFRE               Mark A. Neville, CFRE               Daniel R. Zorn, CFRE

     2006 Organization Donors
     DISTINGUISHED PATRON                MERITORIOUS PATRON                  PARTNER                             GOLD MEDALIST
     ($100,000 – $249,999)               ($50,000 – $99,999)                 ($10,000 – $24,999)                 ($500 – $749)
     Advantage Consulting                THE ALFORD GROUP, INC.              EU Services                         Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.
     Association of Fundraising          Campbell & Co.                                                          Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.
        Professionals                    Community Counselling Service       PRESIDENT’S CLUB
                                            Co., Inc.                        ($1,000 – $1,999)                   SILVER MEDALIST
                                         Ketchum                             Crescendo Interactive, Inc.         ($100 – $249)
                                         Legacy Leaders, Inc.                The Dini Partners                   Carlton & Company
                                         Paschal Murray, Inc.                eTapestry Inc.                      Sarasota Memorial Healthcare
                                                                             Ruotolo Associates Inc.                Foundation
                                         HONORED PATRON
                                         ($25,000 – $49,999)
                                                                                                                   In-Kind Gift
                                         Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                                   Multi-Year Commitment

20               Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                              AFP     FOUNDATION                  FOR   PHILANTHROPY

                               2006 Individual Donors
PLATINUM MEDALIST              Joanne Welch, CFRE                Michael Driebe, CFRE               L. Kimberly Karl, CFRE
($750 – $999)                  David P. Whitehead                Lisa Dunlop, CFRE                  Sara L. Karrer
Sheeraz Haji                   David E. Wiercinski, CFRE         Paul A. Dunne                      Wanda L. Kay
Gail A. Hallenbeck, CFRE       Robert C. Williams, CFRE          Steve Edmisten                     Denice Keliikoa, CFRE
Charles A. Johnson             Karen C. Wilson, CFRE             Gloria Elliot, CFRE                Jack Kerber, CFRE
Gustave Kein, M.A., CFRE       Kathy Yarbrough                   Victoria A. Emmons, MPA, CFRE      Meggan Kerber, CFRE
Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE                                          Leslie V. Esposito Jr., CFRE       John Kivimaki, CFRE
David J. Madson, ACFRE         STERLING MEDALIST                 James N. Falk, CFRE                Anne Kratz, CFRE
Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE          ($250 – $499)                     David A. Fanning, CFRE             Katie Kuelbs, CFRE
Gregory A. Silberman, CFRE     Robert A. Adams                   John M. Fettig, CFRE               Alane Q. Larimer, CFRE
                               Roberta M. Allan, CFRE            Laura L. Fike, CFRE                William Leh, CFRE
GOLD MEDALIST                  Holly Allison                     Peter Fleischmann                  Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE
($500 – $749)                  Richard P. Anderson Jr.           Kevin J. Foyle, CFRE               Grace M. Lewis
Helen B. Arnold, CFRE          Jeannette J Archer-Simons         Katherine L. Friend, CFRE          Ralph E. Lewis, CFRE
Viki L. Barie, CFRE            Bert Armstrong                    Kate Frillmann, CFRE               William R. Lewis, CFRE
Brant Bousquet, CFRE           Leo Paul Arnoult, CFRE            L. Laura Fritz, CFRE               Joseph Like, CFRE
Keith Burwell, CFRE            Chuck Barber, MPA, CFRE           Stephen A. Frye, CFRE              Gwyneth J. Lister
Kimberly Churches, CFRE        Kathleen K. Barger, CFRE          Joseph Edmund Gadbois              Patti M. Look, CFRE
Martin A. Conover, MPA, CFRE   J. Gregory Barrett                Millicent E. Gale, CFRE            Wayne K. Lynch, ACFRE
Barry Cosel-Pieper, CFRE       Marilyn Benuska, CFRE             Colleen M. Garland                 June K. Mansberger-Royer, CFRE
Kathryn J. Cousins, CFRE       Timothy Benz                      Sue M. Gaub, CFRE                  Donna J. Marino
Julie Ellsworth Cox, CFRE      John M. Biggins                   Charlotte R. Gillespie, CFRE       Lisa A. Mastropietro
Robert S. Cullenbine           Dr. Thomas A. Bila, CFRE          Edith A. Glassey                   Mark S. McCampbell, CFRE
Patricia Chambers Daly         Patricia O. Bjorhovde, CFRE       Mark W. Glickman, CFRE             Maggie McCarthy
Charles E. Day, CFRE           J. Nell Blair                     Michael Godnick                    Nancy F. McConnell, CFRE
Frederick J. Dixon Jr., CFRE   Joan H. Blumenthal                Susan L. Goepp, CFRE               Brandon T. McCray
Bernadine Douglas, CFRE        Julie S. Bornhoeft, CFRE          Brenda J. Goldsmith                Carol McKeever
Delphia A. Duckens             Frank E. Bourget, CFRE            Henry Goldstein, CFRE              Heather McKenzie-Densmore, CFRE
Katherine Falk, CFRE           Kathryn Susor Bricker, CFRE       Jennifer S. Goodwin, CFRE          Stephanie A. Meeks
Yvonne Frey Oppenheimer        Jesse L. Brooks                   Marianne Gorczyca, CFRE            Gail S. Meltzer, CFRE
Jon W. Galloway                Anita Kathleen Brower, CFRE       Rodney M. Grabowski, CFRE          Dr. Tom Melzoni
Ferdinand Gasang               Robert J. Brown                   Sherry L. Griffin, CFRE            Gail Gibson Milnor
Heather Gee, CFRE, CAP         Michelle Turner Buchanan          Ellen Grill                        Debra L. Minton
Marshall H. Ginn, CFRE         Kent Burbank                      John C. Gundersdorf                Cariann Moore
Bill J. Harrison, CFRE         Sandra S. Byrd, ACFRE             Susan A. Hacker, CFRE              Edward J. Moran
Grace Hong                     Suzanne P. Cabrera, CFRE          F. Duke Haddad, CFRE               Ouida Yvonne Morris
James D. Ingolio, ACFRE        Dr. Arthur Caccese                Barbara G. Hammerman               Eileen M. Murphy
Donna B. Johnson, CSPG, CFRE   Janet Carbonneau Jones            Barbara Harr, CFRE                 Edgar J. Myers, CFRE
Larry Karnoff                  Jenny Porter Carrillo, CFRE       Albert W. Hartman III              Kristie Kirschner Naines, CFRE
Katherine Karpé, CFRE          June M. Cason, CFRE               Pauline Urbano Hechler, CFRE       Joshua R. Newton, CFRE
Kathryn B. Knox, ACFRE         Susan W. Chamberlain, CFRE        Jane Rolfing Heimerdinger          John Niedfeldt-Thomas
Karen Bates Kress              Craig T. Chindemi, CFRE           Doris H. Heiser, CFRE              Susan M. O’Donovan
Clyde W. Kunz, CFRE            India Chumney                     Eileen R. Heisman, ACFRE           Bernadette O’Shea
Roseanne C. Landey, CFRE       Christina Colandro                Thomas J. Hessel                   Elliott S. Oshry, CFRE
Kathy P. MacNaughton, CFRE     Stanton F. Collemer               James R. Hickey, CAP, CFRE         Carol Ann Paddock, CFRE
Elizabeth J. Meyer             Eileen Casey Cook                 Geannine L. Hladky, CFRE           Laurence A. Pagnoni, MA, MPA
Juddee A. Milito, CFRE         I. Leticia Coronado-Hansen        Sherry Hogan English, CFRE         Tina M. Palmer, CFRE
Marquis Miller                 Amy M. Cosper, CFRE               John Montgomery Hogewood, CFRE     James M. Peak, CFRE
Mickey Nickelson               Carrie S. Croley                  Sara Nees Holcomb                  Joyce W. Penland, CFRE
Sara L. Niemeyer, CFRE         Janice Crumpacker, CFRE           Keith Hopkins, CFRE                Nora C. Perry
John C. Olberding              Susan Lasker Dankoff              Reginald Jackson, CFP              Karen Petrucelli, CFRE
John Paul                      Diane L. David                    Thomas M. Jansen                   Linda K. Ploeg
Kevin A. Peter, CAP, CFRE      Amy R. Davis                      Christine Jeffers                  Monica G. Porter
George C. Ruotolo Jr., CFRE    James DeLauro, Ph.D.              Paula Jenkins, CFRE                Amanda Preston, CFRE
L. Scott Schultz               Gary Dembs, CFRE                  Kristan Jez                        Barbara Racklin, CFRE
Kimberly Sterling              Gregory Demetriou                 Caleen Norrod Johnson, CFRE        Lisa Marie Radetski
Carol A. Stevie                Carol A. Demoulin                 Wells B. Jones, CAE, CFRE          P. Joanne Ray, CFRE
Jan Swauger                    Doug Diefenbach                   Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE            Brenda L. Rayford, MSW
Barbara Ellen Talisman         James A. Donovan                  Joanne Juhl, CFRE                  Bryn Reese

                                              2006 Annual Report •                                                     21
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR     PHILANTHROPY

     STERLING MEDALIST—continued        Kathleen R. Swayze, CFRE            SILVER MEDALIST                      Marion E. Anderson, CFRE
                                        John Wm. Thomas                     ($100 – $249)                        Katherine S. Andes
                                        Linda Toyota                        M. Ann Abbe                          Sara J. Andrews
     James R. Rennert, CFRE             Barbara S. Travis                   Marilyn Abegg                        Lesly Bosch Annen
     Carole Richard, CFRE               Dr. Tim Turnham                     Dro M. Abrahamian                    April D. Anthony
     David G. Ricks, CFRE               Lawrence E. Tuttle, CFRE            De Ann Acosta, CFRE                  Tom Anthony, CFRE
     Carole M. Ringer, CFRE             Ree C. Unterspan                    Timothy J. Acton, CFRE               Bruce M. Arbit, CFRE
     Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE             Cam Van Noord                       Christina Adams                      Sally A. Archer
     Joann P. Ruden                     Catherine C. Veal                   Sandra Lincoln Adams, CFRE           Brian Archimbaud, CFRE
     Debra J. Salmon                    Martha L. Wagerman                  Craig P. Ahlquist                    David I. Armendariz
     A. Abigail Sandel                  Jon Wagner, CFRE                    Joan H. Ainsworth, CFRE              Jane Pope Arnett, CFRE
     Fred G. Scarborough, CFRE          Jill Walker, MA, CFRE               Jana P. Alamillo                     Ellen H. Arnold, CFRE
     Lester J. Scheinfeld               Jane Walstrom, CFRE                 David L. Alderfer, CFRE              Starr Arnold
     Jeanne E. Schmelzer, CFRE          Susan E. Waschler, CFRE             Adele M. Alderman                    Susan W. Arnold
     Cynthia L. Schmidt, CFRE           Christopher Watson                  David Alexander                      Tami Arnold
     John D. Schmitt, CFRE              William Weitzel                     Shannon Alexander, CFRE              Lynn Arturi
     Richard T. Schuster, CFRE          Karen Wenk                          Jan Alfieri                          David H. Assmus
     John Andrew Scola, CFRE            Suzette Wexner                      Julie Alfred, CFRE                   Cindy Atmar
     Joseph A. Serviss, CFRE            Judy Whittier, CFRE                 Margo Allen Finlayson                Sandy Auburn
     John A. Shehane, CFRE              Brenda Wilberger, CFRE              Christine Allen, CFRE                Leah Babb
     Camille B. Shy, CFRE               Jeffrey R. Wilcox, CFRE             Deborah Howe Allen                   Ellen R. Babby, Ph.D.
     David Siebert                      Joan Christine Williams             Laura Allen                          Jody Bacon
     Steven Siegel                      Leslie Williams-Hurt                Richard C. Allen                     Michael A. Bacon, CFRE
     Nicholas B. Simmonds, CFRE         Richard A. Wilson, CFRE             Derek D. Alley, CFRE                 Myrtle Lucille Bailey
     Dennick Skeels                     Dr. R. Peter Wolf, CFRE             Glenn Allison                        Sue Bailey
     Roberta L. Skipton, CFRE           Michael R. Wolfston                 Sara Alonzo                          Michael Dwayne Baker
     R. Glen Smiley, FAHP               M. Sue Woodward, CFRE               James N. Alston                      Reade Baker, CFRE
     Bettye M. Speake                   Holland Youngblood-Hensley          Richard Altomonte                    Stephen C. Baker
     Diane Louise Stanton               Tania R. Yount, CFRE                Robin S. Amato, CFRE                 Jeremiah W. Balser
     Dennis Alan Steele                 Robin Zanotti, ACFRE                Margaret A. Amatore                  Janice Bandrofchak
     C. Marler Stone                                                        Cindy Amos                           Rebecca Banks, CFRE
     Karen Sumner                                                           Paul W. Amundsen, CFRE               Joe Daye Banner
     Marc D. Suntup                                                         Cynthia B. Anderson, CFRE            Maryle Jackson Barber

                                                                            Maurice Gurin Endowment Fund
     A    FP Foundation for Philanthropy manages endowment
          funds that provide resources for scholarships, research,
     awards, and speaker programs. Many of the funds are
                                                                            Donald Johnson Memorial
                                                                               Endowment Fund
                                                                                                                 Blair Schreyer Endowment Fund
                                                                                                                 Site Services/Mirman Endowment
                                                                            Charles L. Lawson Endowment          Skystone Ryan Research
     established as a tribute to those who have made significant               Fund                                  Endowment Fund
     contributions to philanthropy.                                         Patricia F. Lewis Ethics Endowment   Peggy Torosion Endowment Fund
                                                                               Fund                              Washington, D.C., Chapter
     Margye S. Baumgardner              Ralph E. Chamberlain, Sr.           John R. Miltner Leadership               Endowment Fund
        Endowment Fund                     Endowment Fund                      Development Fund                  J. Richard Wilson Memorial Fund
     Donald A. Campbell, Jr.,           Jeanne De Lille Memorial            Barbara H. Mulville Endowment        Ernest W. Wood Endowment Fund
        Scholarship Fund                   Scholarship Endowment Fund          Fund
     Ron and Pam Carroll Endowment      First Course Faculty Scholar        Carol J. Numrich Endowment Fund
        for International Development      Endowment Fund                   Pierpont/Welde Research Library
     Gale Clarke Ellsworth Endowment    General Endowment Fund                 Fund
        Fund                            Mary Jean Gillman-Gilbert           Edgar Powell Endowment Fund
                                           Endowment Fund                   Henry Rosso Endowment Fund

22              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                   AFP    FOUNDATION               FOR     PHILANTHROPY

SILVER MEDALIST—continued         Nina M. Bell, CFRE                Larry G. Boles, CFRE               Debra Bronow, CFRE
                                  Darlene Benjamin                  Jacquelyn M. Bonavia               Susan Brooks
                                  Stephenetta Benjamin              Brian J. Bonde, ACFRE              William P. Bross
Jeffrey W. Barhite                James N. Bennett, CFRE            Julie Bondi                        Laurie C. Brough
Eve Barker                        Carolyn Head Benthien, CFRE       Robert A. Bonesteel                Joseph E. Broussard
William Nolan Barkhouse           Michael E. Benzin, CFRE           James Bonner                       Anthony J. Brown
Janet A. Barlett, CFRE            M. Diane Berg                     Linda Bonomi                       Barbara L. Brown
Brett J. Barnes                   Betty H. Bergstrom, CFRE          David Borlaug                      Beth Brown
Lester E. Barnhart                Nina P. Berkheiser, CFRE          Krista J. Boscoe                   Kimberly O. Brown
Barbara Barnholtz                 Harreen Bertisch                  Jordan Boss                        Nancy L. Brown, ACFRE
Cathy L. Barr                     Rev. Edward G. Bertram            Mendal A. Bouknight                Nancy M. Brown, CFRE
Karen Barr                        Courtney Best                     Sharon K. Bourgeois                Pam Brown, CFRE
Kristen Barrett                   Kathleen Betz                     Ashley Gattin Bowden               E. R. Jay Browning, CFRE
M. Patricia Barrett               Sharon L. Biddle, CFRE            Brian J. Bowden, CFRE              Dr. Mary A. Brumbach, CFRE
Richard D. Barrett                Francie Lyn Billotti Wood         John F. Bowen                      Donna M. Bruner, CFRE
Joseph L. Barry                   Claire Birney, CFRE               Bryan D. Bowles, CFRE              Thomas Brunner
John R. Barstad                   Jean Bjorseth                     Steve Bowman                       Martha B. Bryans, CFRE
Barbara Bartell, CSW              Peggy Wulff Blackard, CFRE        Wendy W. Boyle, CFRE               David Bryant
Laura E. Barton, CFRE             Christopher I. Blackwall          Rachelle Bracebridge-Bussell       J. Scott Buchanan, CFRE
Dr. Kathy M. Bates                Joette B. Blakesley               Lynn Brackenridge, CFRE            Jay R. Bucher
Sara Gundersen Battison           Brenda Blakovich                  Hope Bradberry, CFRE               Lawrence R. Buck, ACFRE
Tim Bauer                         Marilyn L. Blanchette, CFRE       Vincent Bradley, FAAMA             Amy Cole Buehler
Kate Bayer                        I. Annette Blaschke               Rick Bragga                        Virginia F. Bugg
Allen B. Baytop                   Samantha Blauwkamp                Lea S. Bramnick                    Tricia G. Bunten, CFRE
Karen T. Beach, CFRE              Larry Bleich                      John Brannelly Jr.                 Anthony Burchard II
Ann L. Beatty                     Jennifer N. Blohm, CFRE           Priscilla A. Bratcher, CFRE        Sarah H. Burdi, CFRE
Rocky Ray Beckett                 Ellen E. Blondell                 Stephen J. Braverman               Jim Burke
Sandra Bedgood                    Carl Bloom                        Jan F. Brazzell, Ph.D., CFRE       David L. Burkhardt, CFRE
Emily Begay                       Lynda S. Bluestein                Cynthia Breithaupt Patterson       Dwight F. Burlingame Ph.D. CFRE
Evelyn B. Behm                    Blair T. Blum                     Tami Brenneman                     Heather Burnell
Beverly Beisgen, CFRE             Elizabeth H. Blume, CFRE          Gary Brewer                        Karen Burns, CFRE
Helene Belisle                    Janice Bobo, CFRE                 Valerie T. Broadie                 Steven P. Burr
Michael L. Bell                   James M Bok, O.F.M.               Dr. W. D. Broadway                 Jo Ann Burton

Endowments Make First Grants

F    our endowment funds at AFP Foundation for Philanthropy         their local libraries or other sites where it will be available to
     made their first-ever grants in 2006. The Mary Jean            the public. In 2006, The Pierpont-Welde Research Library
Gillman-Gilbert Endowment Fund made its first grant to sup-         Fund made its first grant to three chapters to support the
port the AFP Faculty Training Academy, held in Miami in June.       donation of this collection to their local sites.
Nearly 30 senior fundraising professionals participated to learn        The Margye S. Baumgardner Scholarship promotes the
how to effectively teach adult learners.                            professional advancement of a dedicated, experienced profes-
    The Barbara H. Mulville Endowment Fund achieved its             sional who adheres to AFP’s Code of Ethics and seeks to gain
funding level of $50,000 in 2005 and made its first grant in        new and more in-depth knowledge in the field of philanthropy.
2006 to support strategic planning activities for AFP’s 50th        In 2006, two scholarships were awarded for the very first time
anniversary, which will occur in 2010. The fund recognizes the      for individuals participating in the Master Track at AFP’s
significant strategic planning undertaken by AFP when Mulville      International Conference on Fundraising.
was chair of AFP’s board of directors.                                  Grants from these endowment funds helped to strengthen
    The Pierpont-Welde Research Library Fund allows AFP             education and training programs and to provide new opportu-
chapters to donate The AFP Pierpont-Welde Affiliate Library         nities for fundraising professionals.
Collection—36 books on philanthropy and fundraising—to

                                                2006 Annual Report •                                                      23
     AFP     FOUNDATION               FOR      PHILANTHROPY

     SILVER MEDALIST—continued         Jim J. Chroust, CFRE                Deborah Dale                        Bohdan Durkacz, CFRE
                                       Karyn Cilker                        Randee L. Dalzell                   Richard K. Durning
                                       Jeannie A. Citerman-Kraeger         Lee E. Daney, CFRE                  Teresa Dusil
     Ken Busby                         Donna S. Clare                      Sandra Danforth, Ph.D., CFRE        Sherry Jo Dutton
     Caroline Bush                     Ann Clark                           Myra J. Daniels                     Dorcie Kafka Dvarishkis
     Mary M. Bymel, CFRE               Ann F. Clark                        Peggy E. Darby                      Dolly Dyer, CFRE
     Gina Marie Caballero              Lisa Clark                          Yolanda Darville                    Melanie Dykstra
     Linda R. Cadigan                  Norma Towne Clayton, CFRE           Judy B. Davidson, CFRE              Donald A. Eachus
     James P. Caldarola, CFRE          William H. Clements                 LuAnn Davis, CFRE                   Ginny Ann Eager
     Juan Calixto, CFRE                Susan B. Clemow                     Michael D. Davis                    J. Frederick Eagle III
     Melinda Conway Callahan, CFRE     George M. Cleveland                 Olivia Davis                        Cris Ealy
     Patricia Callahan                 Sister Denise A. Clifford, SL       Sonya Davis                         John F. Eastman
     Kevin J. Callanan                 Nancy L. Clifton-Cripe              Mark J. Davy                        Nan C. Edgerton
     Gloria G. Callihan                Mark Climie, CFRE                   Michael Davy                        Jay Ediger
     Heather Matthews Camfield         Geoffrey Close, CIMA                Charmaine Day                       Margie Puerta Edson, CFRE
     Maribeth Canning                  Jared A. Close                      Bobby Dean, CFRE                    Kristi Edwards, CFRE
     Vicki Cannon                      Carol Clotfelter, CFRE              Lynne T. Dean, CFRE                 Susan C. Edwards
     Carole Cantor, CFRE               Bobby Cobbs, CFRE                   Rose Dean                           Patricia G. Egan, CFRE
     Julie Whelan Capell               Cheryl J. Cobbs, MA, CFRE           Molly DeJohn                        Jane Egbert, CFRE
     Peter A. Caputo, CFRE             Shawn Cobbs                         Melanie Delap                       Linda Eisenhart, CFRE
     Carol L. Carbary, CFRE            Mary Colacurci                      Audrey Y. DeLoffi                   R. Brian Elderton
     Paul M. Carey                     Charles Cole                        Mike Delzotti, CFRE                 Cindy A. Eller
     Stephen W. Cargill, CFRE          Cynthia Perry Colebrook, CFRE       Robert P. DeMartinis, CFRE          Edna V. Ellett
     Judith Carney                     Donna W. Coleman, CFRE              Perry D. Dement                     Ann Marie Ellingham
     Beth W. Carona, CFRE              Darrellyn Summer Colldar            Stephanie Demos                     Philip T. Ellmore, Ph.D., CFRE
     Adrianna Carr                     Barry D. Collins                    John R. Dennis                      Chiquita Elmore-Barbee
     W. Plack Carr Jr.                 DeAnn J. Collins, CFRE              Lois Deutsch, CFRE                  Janet C. Emery, CFRE
     Natalie C. Carranza               KC Collins                          Mildred E. Devine                   Kathleen B. Emmett, CFRE
     Charles Carrington                David Colwell, CFRE                 Mary DeWeese                        Sharon B. Engle
     Patrick J. Carroll                Marion F. Combs                     Anne Dewey, CFRE                    Bill M. Ennis
     Carol A. Carter                   Judy Comeau-Hart                    Jane Dewey                          Yuri Enriquez
     Felecia Carter                    Eli V. Compton                      Melanie Dickinson                   R. Nicholas Espinosa
     Fran Carter, CFRE                 Michelle Conklin                    Linda Dierks                        Christine Etheridge
     Julie Deen Carter                 Terrie Conrad, CFRE                 Renee L. Dietrich, CFRE             Kelly Shayne Ethington
     W. Lee Carter                     Anthony Conway                      Michelle DiMuro, CFRE               Scott Evans
     Louis F. Cartier                  Jeff A. Conway, CFRE                Lisa J. Dinga, CFRE                 Tim Evans, CFRE
     Stephen G. Carver, CFRE           Allan Cooper                        Donald G. Distelberg, CFRE          Alan H. Facter, CFRE
     Delbert W. Case, CFRE             Larry W. Coppock, CFRE              Brian Arthur Dohe                   Kent W. Faerber
     Valerie Castles                   Anita Cordova                       Pamela Doherty, CFRE                Sara Ann Fagin
     Joan E. Casto                     Linda M. Coulston                   Steve Dolbow                        Jean Falvey
     Michael W. Cathey                 Gretchen Couraud, CAE, CFRE         Trish Dominic                       Martha W. Farabee, CFRE
     Marla Caulk, CFRE                 Barbara Coury, CFRE                 Rev. Paul Donohue                   Vinsen H. Faris, CFRE
     Leslie Causey                     Linda J. Coveleskie                 Janet Doolin, J.D.                  Bryant J Farnsworth
     Tim Center, Esq.                  Nelson Cover Jr.                    Angela H. Dorsey                    Patrick Feeley
     Kenneth Cerini                    Maureen Cover-Bryan                 J. J. Doughtie                      Charles L. Fehr, CFRE
     Shauna A. Chabot, CFRE            Jannie Cox, FAHP                    Emelda Douglas                      Rosanna M. Felix, CFRE
     Douglas J. Chadwick               Jenny Cox                           Rod Douglas                         James J. Fennell
     Teri Champion, CFRE               Suzanna Coxhead                     Roger W. Dow                        Joseph Ferraro, CFRE
     Jenny Ann Chang                   Robert W. Cradle                    Thomas P. Dowdall                   Robert W. Feucht
     Delara M. Chaoui                  Michelle D. Cramer, CFRE            Stacey A. Dowdle                    Heather Filipowicz
     Richard F. Charles, CFRE          Mary Crean                          Robert C. Doyon                     Katherine M. Finley, CAE, CFRE
     Bill Checkley                     David Cresson, CFRE                 Randi M. Dresner, CFRE              Linnie H. Finley
     Suellen Chesley                   Linda Crofton                       Heidi Ann Droegemueller, CFRE       Sarah C. Finnegan
     Jan L. Chester                    Melissa Cromwell                    Roland C. Dubay, CFRE               Carole Fish, CFRE
     Mary A. Chicoine                  Anne Marie Cronin                   Joseph A. Dubee                     Amanda E. Fisher
     Anthony E. Childs                 Catherine Crooker, CFRE             Lisa Duck, CFRE                     Rochelle D. Fisher
     Leslie J. Choitz                  Julie H. Crudele                    Stephanie T. Dudek                  Kate Fitzpatrick
     Alyssa Cholodofsky, CFRE          Louise C. Cummings, CFRE            Brenda K. Duello, CFRE              Barbara A. Flasch, CFRE
     Mary L. Chrastil, CFRE            Jana Lee Cuneo, CFRE                Mark T. Dulworth, CFRE              Julia Ann Fleming
     Amy Christensen                   Debra N. Czestochowski              Deborah Duncan                      Dee Flood
     Timothy A. Christensen            Chivas Dabbs                        Holly H. Duncan, CFRE               Patty Flowers
     Kenna L. Christians, CFRE         Mary Dahlen                         Deborah L. Dunham, CFRE             MaryEllen E. Forgay
     Diane Schieman Christman          Susan E. Daily, CFRE                Kendra L. Dunn, CFRE                James L. Forst

24             Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                 AFP      FOUNDATION                   FOR    PHILANTHROPY

SILVER MEDALIST—continued         Marsha Gittleman                  Jane G. Hansen, CFRE                 Patricia Evans Henderson
                                  Pamela H. Glasgow                 Cindy A. Harbin, CFRE                Mary J. Hendley
                                  John P. Gleason, CFRE             Joan Piper Harden, CFRE              Connie Hendrix-Kral
David H. Foubert, CFRE            Cindy Godwin                      Robin S. Harding                     Ragan Henninger
Melinda Fox                       David S. Goettler, CPA            Cal Farley Harriman                  Linda Hennings, CFRE
Deborah Fox-Davis                 Lisa Goin                         Charlotte A. Harris                  Jerry W. Henry, CFRE
Cynthia H. Frahm                  Kristie Goldsmith                 Patti C. Harris                      Michele Henry
Patrice Frank                     Terri Elise Goldstein, CFRE       Penny S. Harris, CFRE                Karen Hensel
Randi Frank, CFRE                 Princess Y. Goldthwaite, CMP      Carol Harrison                       Randy Hensley
Patti S. Franklin, CFRE           Angie Golis-Yamamoto              Marcia Harrison                      Lauren Herbstritt
Wendy Franklin                    Michelle S. Gollapalli, CFRE      Sarah Harrison                       Pam B. Herman
Melanie Frazier                   Nancy S. Good, CFRE               William L. Harry                     Jennifer Herod-Sullivan
Rich Frazier                      Lisa Goodrich                     Margo Hatton-Wolf                    Tina Herpe
Nicole Ambos Freber               Gretchen C. Gordon, CFRE          Laurie Hatzenbuhler                  Thomas H. Herren, CFRE
Steve French                      Karen Gordon                      Bryce D. Haugsdahl                   Tyrone Herring, CFRE
Vivienne R. French                Les Gordon                        Janet L. Hawley, CFRE                Laurence W. Herron
William B. Friedeman              Shelley Goren                     Eileen Hayden, CFRE                  Beth N. Hershenhart
Francine Friedman, CFRE           Pagett Gosslee, CFRE              Robert Hayden                        Jennifer E Hesseltine
Kenneth C. Frisch, ACFRE          Peter J. Grabow, CFRE             Jean Haynes                          Bridget Hester
Gregg Froio                       Geoff C. Graham                   Robert W. Hazel, CAE, M.A., CFRE     Gloria Hibbett
Susan Frost, CFRE                 Austin Grainger                   Bruce G. Heard, CFRE                 John W. Hicks
Jeffrey R. Fulgham, CFRE          Shawn Marie Graves                Mildred H. Heaton                    Gregory S. Higgerson, CFRE
Jeffrey L. Fuller, CFRE           Ashley Gray III                   Carolyn Heckman                      Katherine Highstrete, CFRE
Debra Fulton                      Jack B. Gray                      Connie Hedrick, CFRE                 Craig Hightower
Pilar Furlong                     Jamie Gray                        Julie A. Hein, CFRE                  Linda Hightower
Albert P. Gabrielli               Travis N. Gray                    Rev. Richard L. Heiss                Marnie Hill, CFRE
Tere T. Gade                      Kay Marsh Green                   Richard L. Heist, CFRE               Charles R. Hillary
Clark A. Gafke                    Linda Holmes Green                Thomas J. Helinski, CFRE             Dr. David A. Hillman, O.D.
Kelly E. Gagan, CFRE              Sherry A. Greenblatt, CFRE        Nancy Joan Heller                    Cheryl Y. Hitchcock
Benjamin A. Gair III, CFRE        Billie L. Greenfield, CFRE        Cathy Henderson                      Russ Hitzemann
Karen E. Galentine                Heidi Malin Greenfield, CFRE      Pamela J. Henderson, CFRE            Mary E. Hizer
Pirie M. Gall                     Leslie S. Greer
Kathy Gallagher                   Robert E. Gregg, CFRE
Chris Gallaher                    Dorothy F. Gregory
Susan Galler                      Teresa A. Gregory, CFRE
Rita J. Galowich                  Lorri M. Greif, CFRE
Meg Gammage-Tucker, Ph.D., CFRE   Daniel T. Griffin, CFRE
Bruce Eric Ganger                 Dr. Bruce R. Grob
Michele A. Garashi-Ellick         Steve Gruber                            AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
Marta H. Garcia
Roxann D. Garcia, CFRE
                                  Richard L. Gruen
                                  Michael P. Grzesiak
                                                                          Partners Help to Reach
Phillippa Gard, CFRE
David W. Gardner
                                  Thomas J. Guagliardo, CFRE
                                  Diane Gunn
                                                                          Every Member
Sharon Garland                    David E. Guyer, CFRE
John F. Garofalo
Don L. Garrett, CFRE
Rose Garvin Aquilino
                                  Sandra V. Haas
                                  Kelly Hagerman
                                  Ronnie Hagerty, CFRE
                                                                          I  n 2006, AFP Foundation for Philanthropy benefited from its
                                                                             partnerships with Advantage Consulting of Fairfield, N.J.
                                                                          ( and EU Services of
Sandra A. Gaspar                  Jeff Hahn                               Rockville, Md. (
Michael A. Gatton                 Mark Haidet, CFRE                          For the fifth year, Advantage Consulting provided the Every
Blanche Gaynor                    Lynn Patrice Hailes
                                                                          Member Campaign Advantage Calling Program. Through the pro-
Diane M. Gedeon-Martin            Ann M. Hale, CFRE
Carol J. Geisbauer                Deana Hale                              gram, the foundation has added more new donors to its rolls and
Scott D. Gentry                   Frank R. Hall, FAHP                     re-engaged past donors. With this important partnership, the
Danielle Gentry-Barth             Patricia A. Hall, CFRE                  foundation has raised nearly $1.2 million to date.
Cassandra George                  Susan Kimball Halpern                      The creative staff of EU Services helped the foundation to
Maureen E. Gerard, CFRE           Anne Halvorson                          launch a new direct-mail program in 2005, which proved quite
Matthew Getman                    Jerry Hamill, MPA, CFRE                 successful. For 2006, EU renewed its support and again provided
Elaine Ann Gibbard                Anne L. Hamilton, CFRE
                                  Michelle Cole Hamilton, CFRE            excellent assistance in generating great results for the Every
Dr. Russ Gibbs, CFRE
Carol K. Gieske, CFRE             Heidi Hancock                           Member Campaign.
Gina L. Gilb                      Gary R. Hand                               AFP Foundation for Philanthropy salutes its partners for their
JoEllen Giles, CFRE               John R. Haney                           support and aid in advancing ethical and effective fundraising
Larry A. Gilhousen, CFRE          Mary Lynn Hanily, Ph.D.                 worldwide!

                                                 2006 Annual Report •                                                          25
             AFP        FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY

                                                                                      SILVER MEDALIST—continued           Michael Hyle Jessup Jr.
                                                                                                                          Gerald R. Jindra
                                                                                                                          Janet Kelley Jobe, CFRE
                                                                                      Richard F. Hobson                   Don L. Johnson, CFRE
     2006 Annual Fund Awards                                                          Elizabeth Carroll Hocker
                                                                                      Sarah Hoddinott
                                                                                                                          Hal Johnson, CFRE
                                                                                                                          Kathryn Johnson
                                                                                      Kenneth T. Hoffman, CFRE            Lauren S. Johnson
     2006 Highest Annual Fund Giving: This category                                   Thomas G. Hofmann, CFRE             Peter B. Johnson
                                                                                      Edward T. Hogan, CFRE               Robert A. Johnson
     recognizes chapters that contribute most to the success of the Annual
                                                                                      Robin Holley                        Scott W. Johnson, CFRE
     Fund from all sources, including EMC and the Chapter Treasury.                   George E. Hollingshead              Judy Johnston
                                                                                      Margaret M. Holman                  Tina Jones Dantzler
        Metro I:     AFP CA, Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter—$2,265               Patricia S. Holmes, CFRE            Debra Jones
        Metro II:    AFP FL, Fort Lauderdale/Broward Chapter—$14,170                  Toni L. Holmes, CAE                 Jennifer Jones, CFRE
        Metro III:   AFP CA, San Diego Chapter—$15,336                                Brenda Hook                         Rachel A. Jonte
        Metro IV:    AFP DC, Washington D.C. Metro Area Chapter—$34,335               Trish Hoover                        Andrea B. Joseph, CFRE
                                                                                      Susan E. Hoover-Miller, CFRE        John Elliott Joslin, CFRE
     2006 Highest Every Member Campaign                                               Betsy Hope, CFRE                    Stephen C. Jubb
     Giving: This category recognizes chapters whose EMC total giving                 Joy Horak-Brown                     Teri Juhl-Blackett
     led their Metro group.                                                           Pam Horan                           Michelle Just
                                                                                      William J. Horan                    Sharron S. Kaczynski, CFRE
        Metro I:     AFP PR, Puerto Rico Chapter—$2,100                               Anne Horton                         Rima Kamal
        Metro II:    AFP FL, Fort Lauderdale/Broward Chapter—$11,170                  Kathryn Hostetler, CFRE             Mary Fae Kamm
        Metro III:   AFP CA, San Diego Chapter—$12,536                                Ritchie M. Houge                    Jane M. Kamp
        Metro IV:    AFP DC, Washington D.C. Metro Area Chapter—$31,735               Jeffrey E. Hough                    Karen J. Kannenberg, CFRE
                                                                                      Ron Houp Jr.                        Jerold D. Kappel, CFRE
                                                                                      James Lawrence House, CFRE          Teresa S. Karamanos, CFRE
     2006 Highest Percent Member Participation:                                       Marguerite Rivera Houze             Fran Karliner
     This category recognizes chapters whose ratio of donors to chapter               Gale G. Howden                      Zoltan A. Karpathy, ACFRE
     members is the highest among its Metro grouping.                                 Ellen Howe                          Phillippa Kassover, CFRE
                                                                                      Lynn J. Hoy, CFRE                   Debbie Bogatin Katzman
        Metro I:     AFP TN, Mountain Empire Chapter—92.86%                           Diana V. Hoyt, CFRE                 Mary Kaufman-Cranney, CFRE
        Metro II:    AFP WI, Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter—68.75%                  Tina L. Hubbell                     Geoffrey Kauppinen
        Metro III:   AFP NY, Genesee Valley Chapter—39.38%                            Kristina Huber, CFRE                Michelle Keegan
        Metro IV:    AFP MO, St. Louis Regional Chapter—31.83%                        Ray Huber Jr.                       Judith Keel, M.B.A.
                                                                                      Evelyn Hudson                       Sally S. Keller
                                                                                      Mandy Hughes                        James K. Kelley, CFRE
     2006 Highest Chapter Treasury Campaign                                           Stephen M. Hughes                   David R. Kennedy
     Gift: This category recognizes the chapter whose generous gift from              Linda D. Hull, CFRE                 Kara Kennedy
     its own chapter resources is the highest within its Metro group.                 William Hull                        Beth Keough
                                                                                      Charles G. Hunsaker                 Carol A. Kerr, CFRE
        Metro I:   AFP TX, Central Chapter—$500                                       Kathleen A. Hunt, CFRE              Penny S. Ketchem
                   AFP MS, Mississippi Chapter—$500                                   Linda M. Hunt                       Mary Jo Ketchum
        Metro II: AFP FL, Ft. Lauderdale/Broward Chapter—$3,000                       Julie Marie Huso                    Milton Key, CFRE
        Metro III: AFP TX, Greater Dallas Chapter—$3,500                              Janet Hutchinson                    Amy Laser Kiger, CFRE
        Metro IV: AFP TX, Greater Houston Chapter—$5,100                              Robert A. Hutson, CFRE              Gayle Kimball, Esq., CFRE
                                                                                      Julie H. Iacobelli                  William J. Kimball, CFRE
                                                                                      William H. Ingraham                 C. William Kimbell
     2006 Highest EMC Dollars Per Decision:                                           Frank A. Interlichia, CFRE          Charles D. Kimpel, CFRE
     This category recognizes the chapter with the highest pledge rate and            Ann Irving                          Melanie Kincaid
     average gift via the 2006 EMC Advantage calling program.                         Mary Alice Isele, CFRE              Dr. Elizabeth H. King
                                                                                      Miranda Iwataki                     Pamela King, J.D., CFRE
        Metro I:     AFP AZ, Northern Chapter—$80                                     Clay H. Jackson                     Richard H. King
        Metro II:    AFP TN, Nashville Chapter—$66                                    Ginger Jackson                      Ronan D. King
        Metro III:   AFP CA3, San Diego Chapter—$63                                   Russell Alan Jackson                Adam Robin Kinsey
        Metro IV:    AFP TX, Greater Houston Chapter—$61                              Jeanne G. Jacob, CAE, CFRE          Edie Kirk, CFRE
                                                                                      Jaclynne M. Jacobs                  Marilyn Foster Kirk, CFRE
                                                                                      Todd M. Jacobs                      Paul J. Kirpes, CFRE
     2006 Award of Excellence: This category recognizes the                           Stephen M. Jakab, CFRE              Beverly Kleckner, CFRE
     chapter with the highest overall per capita giving.                              Beth Boney Jenkins                  Linda Klehammer
                                                                                      Lesley Dionne Jenkins               Amelia Ribnick Kleiman
        AFP PR, Puerto Rico Chapter—$91.30                                            Patricia P. Jenkins                 Alice J. Klein, CFRE
                                                                                      Karen Thornton Jensen, CFRE         Gary Klein

26                        Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                   AFP    FOUNDATION                 FOR      PHILANTHROPY

SILVER MEDALIST—continued          Victor L. Lisciani               Albert May Jr.                        Josie McElroy
                                   Elsie L. Listrom, CFRE           J. S. May, CFRE                       Nancy McEneny, CFRE
                                   Jovanna Little, CFRE             Mary Jo May, CFRE                     Cynthia McFarlin
Angela Kliewer, CFRE               Thomas H. Livers, CFRE           Cooky Maddox Mays, CFRE               Kathy McFarlin
Lucy Klinkhammer                   John D. Loder                    Lori McBee                            Jonathan Mark McFerran, CFRE
Amy Kluth                          Roni Lomeli                      Joan McBride                          Telly Scott McGaha
Jana L. Knapp                      Roberta A. Longworth             Mary A. McCarthy, CFRE                Norma J. McGee, CFRE
Margot H. Knight                   Pat Lord                         Thomas G. McCarty, CFRE               Jean L. McGroarty
Nicholas J. Koas                   Sarah Duck Loudermilk            Kimberly McCaslin, CFRE               Carl R. McIntosh, CFRE
Diane M. Kochis, CFRE              Ruby Smith Love                  Emma Lee McCloskey, CFRE              Laurie Cook McIntosh
Thomas J. Kolda, Ph.D., CFRE       Darrell M. Loyless, CFRE         Georgann McClure                      Gayle Keller McJunkin
Mikel Koon                         Leslie M. Loysen                 Sara McClure                          Joy Christine McKee
Jacqueline Kordsmeier              Theresa Lu, Ph.D.                Carolyn McCone, CFRE                  Barbara T. McKelvey
Dolores M. Korf, CFRE              Bich-ly M. Ludwig                Marie L. McCormick, M.A.S.C.          Steven V. McKinney, CFRE
Sue Ann Kortkamp, CFRE             Diane B. Ludwig, CFRE            Kimberly McCoy                        Jeffery L. McLain, CFRE
Jill Koski, CFRE                   Ellen Lueck, CFRE                Bill McCuaig                          Charles N. McLarty Jr.
James G. Kramer, CFRE              James R. Lund                    Jay McCullough                        James A. McLaughlin, CFRE
Kathy Kramer                       Dr. Ronald A. Lundeen, ACFRE     Jane A. McDermott, CFRE               Kevin P. McLaughlin, CFRE
Vicki Kranenburg                   Wendy M. Lux, CFRE               Margaret McDonnell                    Todd McLaughlin
Gary Krauss                        Sharon Lyle                      Bo McElroy                            Ben McLintock
Terry Krivan                       Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE
Henry M. Kroondyk, CFRE            Sheena Mackenzie
Laurie F. Krotman                  Kirk Chandler Mackey
Mimi B. Krystel                    Nancy Mills Mackey
Jane C. Kuechle                    Lane Macy
Robert W. Kuhn                     Theresa DePaolo Maday
Karla S. Kurtz, CFRE
Karen J. Kutzer, CFRE
                                   Jennifer Madden
                                   Caroline F. Maddox                    2006 Staff Campaign Donors
Karen LaFontaine, CFRE             Stephanie Corp Maguire                In 2006, AFP staff again reached 100 percent participation in support-
Phillip L. Lakin Jr., CFRE         J. Stanley Maher, CFRE                ing AFP Foundation for Philanthropy. The Staff Campaign was led by
Michael Landers                    Dr. Marie J. Maher                    Tami Mallette, manager of AFP’s Canadian office in Ottawa, Ontario.
Dr. Bruce C. Landis, Ed.D., CFRE   Maureen Mahoney Hill, CFRE
Bernadette L. Lane                 Randy D. Maiers, CFRE
Suzanne Lapis                      Margaret M. Malito                    Jan Alfieri                             Tami Mallette
Joseph L. Lapp                     D. Kay Malone                         Amir Baig                               Steven L. Mayo
Ronald W. LaRose                   DuVal Malone                          Suzanne Benson                          Todd McLaughlin
Jean M. Larsen                     Henry R. Maly                         Peg Bergeron                            Demond McWilliams
Vicki L. LaRue                     Jo-Anne M. Mancini, CFRE              Patricia O. Bjorhovde, CFRE             Stephanie Miller
Judy Lawrence, CFRE                Michael J. Mangan                     Jacklyn P. Boice                        Julie Newhouse
Sally Lawrence                     Sandy Mann                            Vernon Bowen                            Michael Nilsen
Thomas Milton Lazar                Susan M. Mann, CFRE                   Roger Burgess                           Joyce O’Brien
Sheri Lazare                       Andrew L. Mantione                    Thomas J. Clark, CAE                    Tiffany Oglesby
Anne P. Leary                      Richard C. Mappin                     Mark D. Clarke                          Joseph Ortega
Cathleen B. Leather                Nancy Mariano                         J. Aundré Clinton                       Susie Patch
Shawn Rene Lecker-Pomaville        Sharon D. Markman, CFRE               Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE              Wil Robinson
Alan W. Lee                        Richard M. Markoff, Ph.D.             Lauren Engelhart                        Janel Russell
Jason Lee                          Christine Marquez                     Sherry Ferguson                         Carolyn Schick
Joseph F.X. Lee                    Anne Marsh                            Celessa Fletcher                        Walter Sczudlo, J.D.
Marion Therese Lee, CFRE           Lyn Marsteller, CFRE                  Sawanna Foster                          Prabhash Shrestha
Julie Aguilar LeFebvre             Dr. J. Lynn Martell, D.Min.           Matthew Getman                          John L. Skendall
Deborah Legault                    David V. Martin                       Lori Gusdorf                            Lynn Smith, CMP
Gail Lehrmann                      Kristin M. Martin, CFRE               Rochelle Hargraves, MBA                 Nick R. Steidel
Carrie Leising                     Dr. Margaret Martin-Hall              Brad Henderson                          Reed Stockman
Beverly Lenihan, CFRE              Lisa Maska, CFRE                      Brenda Hill, PHR                        Jennifer Watkins
Wendy Lennon                       Michael Mason                         George Howard                           Shannon Watson
Donna G. Levy                      Claire Massey                         Sara L. Karrer                          Andrew Watt
John J. Lewandowski                Paul F. Mastrodonato                  Rita Keener                             DeShon Wellington
Robert K. Lewis III                Peggy J. Mathieu, CFRE                Rebecca Knight                          Cathlene Williams, Ph.D., CAE
Michael Lichtenstein               Bruce R. Matthews, CFRE               Karen Lawrence                          Shamola Williams
Beth A. Liles, CFRE                Deborah S. Matush                     Valetta Lay, CFRE                       Michael Winn, CAE
Todd D. Lilley                     Martheil Mauthe-Clanton, CFRE         Jason Lee                               Myrlin Young
Christian John Lillis              Mark E. Maxwell, CFRE                 Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
Sonya Lindquist                    Stephanie A. Maxwell, CFRE

                                                 2006 Annual Report •                                                             27
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR     PHILANTHROPY

     SILVER MEDALIST—continued          Douglas E. Miller                    Patricia Montesino, CFRE           Connie P. Munn
                                        Elizabeth A. Miller, CFRE            Martha Montgomery                  Fran Rusciano Murnane
                                        Jan B. Miller, CFRE                  Deborah L. Montonen, CFRE          Bridget Murphy
     Joyce M. McNeely, CFRE             Jennifer M. Miller                   Magdalena Mook                     Judy Murphy, CPA
     Kathy McNeill                      John H. Miller                       Jane Moore                         Marky Murphy
     Jane McNierney                     Julie Miller                         Robert Moore                       Sandra Murphy
     Richard C. McPherson               Lisa A. Miller                       Russell Moore                      Michael P. Murray, CFRE
     Karen E. Meadow                    Lois P Miller                        Thomas J. Moore, APR, CFRE         Dan H. Murrell
     Karen L. Medicus, CFRE             Murley Miller, CFRE                  Lori Moore-McMullen, CFRE          Karen Musante
     Maria I. Medina                    Pamela Miller                        Sandy Morckel, CFRE                Steven A. Myer
     Harold A. Melser, FAHP             R. David Miller                      Elizabeth W. Morgante, CFRE        Josette M. Myers, CFRE
     Rosemary Mendel, CFRE              Joan A. Minasian                     Carolyn A. Morris Hunt, CFRE       Jennifer Nall
     John R. Mercier, CFRE              Erin L. Minné, CFRE                  Craig Morris                       Dennis J. Narango, CFRE
     Stephanie Merryman                 Kristie Minnickel, CFRE              Patricia S. Morris, CFRE           Gibbie Nauman
     Diana Metcalf                      Robert Mirisch                       Erin Morrow                        Joy S. Nazzaro
     Tamy Metzger                       Donna Meindt Mitchell                Jean A. Morrow                     Nancy Neal
     James E. Meyer                     James F. Mitchell, CFRE              Paul A. Mortimer, CFRE             Beverly E. Neisler, CFRE
     Roger A. Meyer, CFRE               Millie Mitchell                      Sandra Divack Moss                 Kathryn Anne Nelson, CFRE
     Keith D. Meyering, CFRE            Maggie A. Modjeski                   Robert Mottola                     Rev. Ronald E. Nelson
     Theodore J. Meyers, ACFRE          Edward F. Moffett, CFRE              William J. Mountcastle             Sue Hacker Nelson, CFRE
     Catherine Marie Michaels           Patricia Moline, CFP, CFRE           Lauren Geiger Moye                 Susan K. Nenstiel, CFRE
     Barbara Mieras                     Shanan Molnar                        James Mueller                      Elizabeth G. Nesbitt
     John Milentis, CFRE                George J. Mongon                     Robert J. Mueller, CFRE            Diana S. Newman, CFRE
     Natalie Miles-Thompson             Marshall Monroe                      Tom Mueller                        JoAnne Newman, CFRE
     Carl R. Miller                     Kathleen M. Monteleone, CFRE         Marcia G. Muller                   William G. Newnan
     Deborah S. Miller, CFRE            Terry Monteleone, CSPG, CFRE         Barbara H. Mulville, CFRE          Sandra A. Nicholas

     2006 Chapter Donors
     PATRON                             AFP NY, Long Island Chapter          AFP MN, Minnesota Chapter •        GOLD MEDALIST
     ($5,000 – $9,999)                  AFP OH, Greater Cincinnati           AFP NC, Triangle Chapter           ($500 – $749)
     AFP TX, Greater Houston              Chapter •                          AFP NH, Northern New England       AFP AB, Edmonton & Area
        Chapter • *                     AFP PA, Greater Philadelphia           Chapter                             Chapter •
                                          Chapter •                          AFP OH, Central Chapter •          AFP AK, Alaska Chapter •
     FOUNDERS’ CLUB                     AFP PA, Western Chapter              AFP OH, Miami Valley Chapter •     AFP BC, Vancouver Chapter
     ($3,500 – $4,999)                                                       AFP OH, Northwest Chapter          AFP CA, Capital Chapter •
     AFP MA, Massachusetts Chapter      PRESIDENT’S CLUB                     AFP OK, Eastern Oklahoma Chapter   AFP CA, Greater Los Angeles
     AFP TX, Greater Dallas Chapter •   ($1,000 – $1,999)                    AFP ON, Greater Toronto Chapter       Chapter *
                                        AFP AB, Calgary & Area Chapter •     AFP PA, Central Chapter •          AFP CA, Santa Barbara/Ventura
     STEWARDS’ CLUB                     AFP AR, Arkansas Chapter •           AFP TN, Nashville Chapter •           Counties Chapter
     ($2,000 – $3,499)                  AFP AZ, Southern Chapter             AFP TX, Fort Worth Metro Chapter   AFP FL, Central Chapter •
     AFP AL, Alabama Chapter •          AFP CA, Golden Gate Chapter          AFP TX, San Antonio Chapter •      AFP FL, Southwest Chapter
     AFP AZ, Greater Arizona Chapter    AFP CA, Orange County Chapter        AFP VA, Central Chapter            AFP HI, Aloha Chapter •
     AFP CA, San Diego Chapter          AFP CT, Fairfield County Chapter •   AFP WA, Washington Chapter •       AFP IA, Central Chapter
     AFP CA, Silicon Valley Chapter     AFP FL, First Coast Chapter •        AFP WI, Greater Milwaukee          AFP IA, Eastern Chapter •
     AFP CT, Connecticut Chapter        AFP FL, Miami-Dade County              Chapter •                        AFP IL, Central Chapter *
     AFP DC, Washington D.C. Metro         Chapter                                                              AFP IN, Indiana Chapter
        Area Chapter                    AFP FL, Palm Beach County            PLATINUM MEDALIST                  AFP KY, Greater Louisville
     AFP FL, Fort Lauderdale/              Chapter •                         ($750 – $999)                         Chapter •
        Broward Chapter •               AFP FL, Suncoast Chapter             AFP DE, Brandywine Chapter         AFP MB, Manitoba Chapter •
     AFP IL, Chicago Chapter •          AFP GA, Greater Atlanta              AFP NY, Genesee Valley Chapter •   AFP MO, Mid-America Chapter
     AFP MI, Greater Detroit Chapter       Chapter • *                       AFP OH, Greater Cleveland          AFP MS, Mississippi Chapter •
     AFP MO, St. Louis Regional         AFP LA, Greater New Orleans             Chapter •                       AFP NC, Charlotte Chapter
        Chapter •                          Chapter                                                              AFP NE, Nebraska Chapter •
     AFP NJ, New Jersey Chapter *       AFP MD, Maryland Chapter •                                              AFP NM, New Mexico Chapter

28              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                          AFP    FOUNDATION                  FOR    PHILANTHROPY

SILVER MEDALIST—continued             Douglas E. Olson, CFRE               Shirley Patterson, CFRE             John Petty, CFRE
                                      Malcolm B. O’Malley                  Lee G. Pattison                     Patricia Pflum
                                      George J. Omiros, CFRE               Melanie Patz, CFRE                  James K. Phelps, CFRE
Barbara M. Nichols                    George H. O’Neal III                 Lisa Pauls, CFRE                    Amy Dameron Phipps, CFRE
Dan J. Nicoson                        Michael J. O’Neal                    R. Barkley Payne                    Douglas Picha, CFRE
Linda E. Niemiec, CFRE                Dee L. Orren                         Cynthia S. Peak-Hoffmann, CFRE      Lisa Pieper
Amelia G. Nieto-Duval                 James W. Orsund, CFRE                Barbara Ann Peck                    Nancy Pierpont
Janice M. Nillias, CFRE               Nora Ortiz Fredrick                  G. Allen Peckham                    Frank S. Pisch
Dennis N. Nissen                      Dee Jay Oshry, CFRE                  Daniel H. Peddie                    Etta J. Pittman
Kathy Nixon                           Nancy Ostrander                      Jeffrey J. Pederson                 Amanda M. Place
Nicole Noble                          Melanie Otero                        Ruth A. Peebles                     Bob Plunk
Ann Nobs                              William R. O’Toole Jr., CFRE         Anthony Peldunas                    Greer Shilling Polansky
Randi A. Nordeen, CFRE                Lori Hunter Overmyer, CFRE           Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko, Ph.D., CFRE     Maria Polinsky
John M. Norden                        Joyce M. Overton                     Frank W. Penick                     Marilyn R. Pomeroy Marsho
Gail G. Nordheimer, CFRE              Jeffrey Lee Owen, CFRE               Elizabeth Pentak Averill, CFRE      Thomas R. Poole, CFRE
Mayme H. Norman                       Janet G. Owens, CFRE                 Delia G. Perez, CFRE                Samonia Catheryne Lee M. Pope
Thomas E. Norman, J.D., CFRE          Marie A. Palagonia, CFRE             Mary Perkins                        Melanie T. Popper
Martin L. Novom, CFRE                 Scott C. Palmer                      Gail Perry, CFRE                    Richard M. Pordes, CFRE
Paul F. Nowak, CFRE                   Nancy McDonald Paris, CFRE           John Perry, CFRE                    Angela B. Porfilio
Sheree Parris Nudd                    Jon Parker                           Larry Pesch                         Audrey Porsche
Patrick O’Donnell                     Chanda B. Parrett, CFRE              Beth A. Peters                      Allison Porter
Rebecca L. Odum, CFRE                 Paula K. Parrish, CFRE               Susan Peters, CFRE                  H. Hall Powell Jr., CFRE
Richelle K. Ogle                      Linda Frace Parton, CFRE             Suzy Peters, CFRE                   Dovie R. Prather
Bob O’Keefe                           David R. Pass, CFRE                  Keith R. Peterson                   Jane F Pressly, CFRE
Laura E. Olague                       Jan Paszczykowski                    Louise L. Petrie, CFRE              Joel Preston
Amy Oliver                            Melissa S. Patrick                   Alex S. Petrus, CFRE                Kathleen Price

AFP NY, Central Chapter •             AFP ND, North Dakota Area            AFP IL, Capital Area Chapter •      BRONZE MEDALIST
AFP OK, Oklahoma Chapter                Chapter •                          AFP KS, Topeka Chapter on           ($50 – $99)
AFP RI, Rhode Island Chapter •        AFP NV, Las Vegas Chapter              Philanthropy •                    AFP GA, Coastal Chapter •
AFP TN, Memphis Chapter •             AFP NV, Sierra Chapter               AFP LA, Baton Rouge Chapter         AFP KS, Greater Wichita Chapter
AFP TX, Central Chapter               AFP NY, Hudson-Mohawk Chapter •      AFP MI, Capital Area Chapter •      AFP LA, North Chapter •
AFP TX, Greater Austin Chapter        AFP NY, Western Chapter •            AFP MI, Mid-Michigan Chapter        AFP MA, Central Massachusetts
AFP VA, Shenandoah Chapter            AFP ON, Ottawa Chapter •             AFP NC, Western Chapter •              Chapter •
AFP WI, Upper Mississippi Valley      AFP ON, South Eastern Ontario        AFP NF, Newfoundland and            AFP NY, Finger Lakes Chapter •
  Chapter                               Chapter                              Labrador Chapter                  AFP SK, Saskatoon Chapter
                                      AFP PA, Allegheny Mountains          AFP NS, Nova Scotia Chapter
STERLING MEDALIST                       Chapter                            AFP OH, Mahoning-Shenango           BLUE RIBBON
($250 – $499)                         AFP PA, Northwestern Chapter           Chapter •                         (up to $49)
AFP AR, Northwest Chapter •           AFP QC, Québec Chapter •             AFP PA, Berks Regional Chapter •    AFP OH, North Central Chapter •
AFP CA, Greater San Fernando          AFP TN, Mountain Empire              AFP SC, Central Carolina Chapter
   Valley Chapter                       Chapter •                          AFP SK, Regina Chapter •            • Indicates 5 percent or more
AFP CA, Inland Empire Chapter •       AFP TN, Southeastern Chapter         AFP TN, Great Smoky Mountain          increase over 2005 gift.
AFP CO, Colorado Chapter              AFP TX, El Paso Chapter •              Chapter •
AFP CO, Southern Chapter •                                                                                     * Indicates restricted gift during
                                      AFP TX, Lubbock Area Chapter         AFP TX, Permian Basin Chapter •
AFP FL, Everglades Chapter •                                                                                     2006.
                                      AFP VA, Piedmont Chapter             AFP TX, Texas Plains Chapter •
AFP GA, Middle Chapter                                                     AFP VA, First Chapter •
AFP IA, Greater Tri-State Chapter •   SILVER MEDALIST                      AFP VA, Hampton Roads Chapter •
AFP IA, Siouxland Chapter             ($100 – $249)                        AFP WI, Greater Madison Chapter •
AFP IL, Rockford Area Chapter         AFP AL, Central Chapter •
AFP IN, Michiana Chapter              AFP AL, Gulf Coast Chapter
AFP IN, Northeast Chapter •           AFP AZ, Northern Chapter
AFP KY, Bluegrass Chapter • *         AFP BC, Vancouver Island Chapter
AFP MN, Southern Minnesota            AFP CA, Monterey Bay Chapter
   Chapter                            AFP FL, Big Bend Chapter
AFP NC, Triad Chapter •               AFP FL, Indian River Chapter *
                                      AFP GA, Greater Augusta Chapter •

                                                     2006 Annual Report •                                                            29
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY

     SILVER MEDALIST—continued           D. Shenell Reed                     Sally Ridgway, CFRE                  Laura Rossmann
                                         Mark A. Reed, CFRE                  Michele Riedel, CFRE                 Norman A. Rotenberg
                                         Pauletta Reed, CFRE                 Robert J Riggs                       Frances Rozner, CFRE
     Mary L. Price                       Sandra Rees, CFRE                   Kevin E. Riordan, CFRE               Leon M. Rubin
     Pamela L. Price                     Dianne Reeves                       Peter D. Rittenhouse                 Mary Beth Rubin, CFRE
     Kristin Oaas Prieur                 Louise Reeves, CFRE                 Mark A. Roberts                      Michael D. Rubin, CFRE
     Bobby A. Prince, CFRE               Jennifer Regan Haight               Anita Robertson                      Diane Ruder, CFRE
     Jenny Printz, CFRE                  Theresa Regnante                    Linda Robertson, CFRE                Joan Rudnitzki, CFRE
     Donna Pritchard                     Mary Lynn Reid, CFRE                Patrick J. Robinson                  Paul A. Rueschhoff, CFRE
     Judy Prokupek, CFRE                 Nancy Reierson                      Shirley Robinson, CFRE               Jeri Rusk
     John V. Puotinen, CFRE              Dean A. Rein                        Laura Lee Rodriguez                  Susan G. Rutherford
     Therese Quinlan, CFRE               Dan Reina                           Melba Rodriguez                      Kara D. Rutowski, CFRE
     Alexis D. Quiroz                    Erica Debra Reiter                  Kevin Roehl                          Jimena Ryan
     Kristin Raack                       Laurel Rematore                     William L. Roemer                    Kristie Prichard Ryan, CFRE
     Margo Rafaty                        Ronnie Renken                       Edward L. Rogers, CFRE               Melissa Ryan, CFRE
     Michael Rafferty                    Sonya L. Renner, CFRE               Heather Rae Rogers                   Kathleen L. Rydar
     Stephen Ragan                       Martha L. Rennie, CFRE              Marcie Lynn Rogers                   Patricia D’Alba Sabatelle
     Stephen C. Ragan                    Robb Resler, CFRE                   Jerry Rohrbach, CFRE                 Frances Sack
     Dr. Gonzalo Ramirez                 John R. Reusing                     Matthew Rolinger                     Dawn Sacks
     Mary Rapoport, CFRE                 Cheryl Reynolds                     Lisa M. Rollins                      Nora Sale, CFRE
     Patrick A. Rath                     Daniel C. Reynolds                  Peter J. Rood                        Jennifer L Salerno
     Kayce Rathmann                      Mari Ellen Reynolds, CFRE           Kate Roosevelt, CFRE                 Deborah Salisbury
     Jennifer S. Ray                     Kenneth A. Rice                     John W. Roppolo                      John Sanchez
     Linda A. Ray, CFRE                  Hazel Richards, CFRE                Beth Rose                            Connie Sanderson, CFRE
     Carlton S. Raymond III              George Richardson, CFRE             Patricia R. Rosen                    Patricia D. Sandstrum
     Pauline Ream                        John M. Richardson Jr.              Alexander L. Rosenberg               Warren G. Sarasin, CAE, CFRE
     Michelle Ann Redding                Pamela D. Richardson                Sylvia Rosenberger                   Theresa Sargent
     Skip Redmond                        Cedric A. Richner                   Ralph J. Rosenthal                   Suzanne M. Sato
     Christopher Redo, CFRE              Holly Rider                         Sandra L. Rossi                      Ann V. Satterthwaite

     2006 Every Member Campaign

     100 Percent Chapter Board Participation                                 AFP LA, Baton Rouge Chapter          AFP PA, Northwestern Chapter
     In 2006, chapter board members did their part in making the             AFP LA, Greater New Orleans          AFP PA, Western Chapter
                                                                               Chapter                            AFP PR, Puerto Rico Chapter
     Every Member Campaign a success. Sixty-seven chapters
                                                                             AFP MI, West Michigan Chapter        AFP TN, Mountain Empire Chapter
     reported 100 Percent Board Participation! Congratulations and           AFP MO, Central Chapter              AFP TN, Nashville Chapter
     thanks to those chapter boards that led by example!                     AFP MO, St. Louis Regional Chapter   AFP TN, Southeastern Chapter
                                                                             AFP NC, Charlotte Chapter            AFP TX, Fort Worth Metro Chapter
     AFP AK, Alaska Chapter              AFP FL, Fort Lauderdale/Broward     AFP NC, Triangle Chapter             AFP TX, Greater Austin Chapter
     AFP AL, Alabama Chapter               Chapter                           AFP ND, North Dakota Area Chapter    AFP TX, Greater Dallas Chapter
     AFP AZ, Greater Arizona Chapter     AFP FL, Palm Beach County           AFP NH, Northern New England         AFP TX, Greater Houston Chapter
     AFP AZ, Southern Chapter              Chapter                             Chapter                            AFP TX, Lubbock Area Chapter
     AFP CA, Monterey Bay Chapter        AFP FL, Southwest Chapter           AFP NM, New Mexico Chapter           AFP TX, Permian Basin Chapter
     AFP CA, Orange County Chapter       AFP FL, Suncoast Chapter            AFP NY, Genesee Valley Chapter       AFP TX, San Antonio Chapter
     AFP CA, San Diego Chapter           AFP GA, Greater Atlanta Chapter     AFP NY, Long Island Chapter          AFP TX, Texas Plains Chapter
     AFP CA, Silicon Valley Chapter      AFP IA, Eastern Chapter             AFP OH, Central Chapter              AFP VA, Piedmont Chapter
     AFP CA, Wine Country Chapter        AFP IA, Greater Tri-State Chapter   AFP OH, Greater Cincinnati Chapter   AFP VA, Shenandoah Chapter
     AFP CO, Colorado Chapter            AFP IL, Chicago Chapter             AFP OK, Oklahoma Chapter             AFP WI, Greater Milwaukee Chapter
     AFP CT, Fairfield County Chapter    AFP IL, East Central Chapter        AFP PA, Allegheny Mountains          AFP WI, Upper Mississippi Valley
     AFP DC, Washington D.C. Metro       AFP IL, Rockford Area Chapter         Chapter                              Chapter
       Area Chapter                      AFP IN, Northeast Chapter           AFP PA, Berks Regional Chapter
     AFP FL, First Coast Chapter         AFP KS, Greater Wichita Chapter     AFP PA, Greater Philadelphia
                                         AFP KY, Bluegrass Chapter             Chapter

30               Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY

SILVER MEDALIST—continued        William J. Shustowski             Brad Stith, CFRE                    Darby L. Stubberfield, CFRE
                                 Dorie Shwedel                     Jan Stork                           Barry A. Stumbo
                                 Amy Lynn Silverman, CFRE          Terry Robert Stoupa                 Janet L. Stump, CFRE
Ronald L. Sauder, CFRE           Laura C. Simic, CFRE              Karen M. Strickland                 Marjorie J. Sullivan
Lisa N. Sauer                    Joy A. Simpson, CFRE              M. Kent Stroman, CPA, CFRE          Wendy J. Sutherland
Gae Hoffman Savino, CFRE         Doris K. Sipos, CFRE              JC Stromberger                      Kathleen A. Sutton
Chuck Sawicki, CFP, CLU          Constance Sipple                  Deborah J. Strong, CSP, CFRE        Ann Marie Suydam, CFRE
Jennifer Sawyer                  Krystine Sipple                   Jack H. Strong                      Nicole Suydam, CFRE
Carolyn Saxton, CFRE             Susan G. Sirkus, CFRE
Judy A. Saylor                   Bonnie F. Sirower, CFRE
Michele Scanlan                  Susan T. Siwiec, APR
Jeremy L. Scarbrough             Libby Skelley
Gwyn F. Schabacker, CFRE         Margaret C. Skidmore
Linda Schaefer Cameron           David F. Skipp
Kitty Schaum                     Mark Skipper, CFRE                      Promoting Diversity
Philip T. Schavone               Carolyn Slack
Mark Scheffler                   Angie Hatcher Sledge
Mary Scheuner, CFRE
Diane Schieman-Christman
                                 Carol Sloan
                                 Mark Slocum
                                                                         A     FP Foundation for Philanthropy secured funding for three sig-
                                                                               nificant initiatives in 2006 relating to diversity within the fund-
                                                                         raising profession, one of the key goals for AFP and the foundation.
Elizabeth Schiff                 Robert G. Smallfoot
Rosemary Schlachter, CFRE        Alvin F. Smith                              The Diversity Workshop and Diversity Art Showcase, both
Jeffrey Schleifer                Amy Dunn Smith, CFRE                    held each year during AFP’s International Conference on
John J. Schlesinger, CFRE        Fred H. Smith                           Fundraising, are two important events that highlight diverse
Tracy Schleyer, CFRE             Hannah E. Smith                         people and communities. THE ALFORD GROUP generously
Carol A. Schmidt, CFRE           Jerold R. Smith                         renewed its support of these initiatives for three years, with a
Anne Schmitt, CFRE               Judith A. Smith, CFRE                   commitment totaling more than $50,000.
Brett T. Schott, CFRE            Kathy G. Smith
Mark J. Schottinger              Laura S. Smith, APR, CFRE                   Lori Gusdorf, CAE, AFP’s vice president of membership and
Lynn G. Schrader, CFRE           Lee P. Smith, CFRE                      chapter services, discussed the importance of these diversity initia-
Thomas J. Schramm                Lesa Smith, CFRE                        tives. “With the changing demographics in the world today, it is
Susan Schroeder                  Linda Kay Smith, CFRE                   increasingly important that we diversify the fundraising profes-
Bill Schulte, O.F.M.             Rheba Smith                             sion.” She continued, “Having the right people to be an organiza-
Mr. Patrick J Schulte            Sally Jean Smith, CFRE                  tion’s fundraising voice in the community is extremely important
Stacy Schultz                    Wendy Smith, CFRE
                                                                         and beneficial. We are very grateful for THE ALFORD GROUP’s
Kim Schweitzer, CFRE             Cheryl J. Smoot, CFRE
Stefanie Scoppettone             Janece Smoot                            continuing support to promote diversity in fundraising.”
Deborah Scott, MPH               Terry Snapp, CFRE                           In addition to the workshop and art showcase, the foundation
Jennifer L. Scott, CFRE          Sue Snively                             also received financial support to launch the e-newsletter
Tamara Seikel                    Nikki Sobkowski, CFRE                   Kaleidoscope and eight subsequent regular issues. Community
Timothy L. Seiler, Ph.D., CFRE   Robert Sosa                             Counselling Service (CCS) pledged more than $12,000 to fund
Tyan Selby                       Lynn J. Sossamon, CFRE                  nine issues of the quarterly publication. Kaleidoscope supports
Joan B. Selman                   Patricia G. Soto
                                                                         AFP’s strategic goal of connecting communities around the world
Karen Sendelback, CFRE           Chelsey Piasentin Souza
Frederic Serino, CFRE            Keri J. Sperry                          by promoting cultural diversity to donors, boards and fundraisers.
Robert L. Serow                  Cathy Spicola                           Distributed to the more than 28,000 members of AFP and con-  ,
Norma J. Sexton, CFRE            Isazetta A. Spikes, CFRE                taining articles from the most basic to the most thought-provok-
Miriam Shabo                     Ronald E. Spratt, CFRE                  ing, Kaleidoscope takes a look at diverse communities and individu-
Jan Shaeffer                     Noel M. Stanek                          als, offering a glimpse of how they give back to their communities
Edwin M. Shafer, FAHP            Bobby Ann Stanton
                                                                         and why.
Robert M. Shafis, CFRE           Kristina A. Starkey
Sherri Shaner                    William David Starnes, CFRE                  “We are immensely grateful to CCS for its strong support of
Nancy C. Sharp, CFRE             Barbara Stechert                        Kaleidoscope and AFP’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity within the
Heather Sheahan-Landstrom        Gary A. Steiner                         fundraising community,” said Alphonce J. Brown Jr., ACFRE, vice presi-
K. Scott Sheldon, CFRE           Ruth I. Stenberg, CFRE                  dent of development for the National Academy of Public Ad-
William Shelp-Peck               Barbara Anne Stephens                   ministration in Washington, D.C., and chair of AFP’s board of directors.
Jim Shenk                        Jessica Stephens                            Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE, president of AFP Foundation for
Lori Shepherd                    Gail K. Sterman
                                                                         Philanthropy, expressed his excitement for these programs.
Michelle M. Sherbun              David L. Sternberg
Robert H. Sherrod                Jennifer Stewart                        “These two organizations share AFP’s vision for a profession that
Alan G. Sherwood, MBA, CFRE      Donna M. Stidham, CFRE                  that represents and serves an increasingly diverse population,” he
Jeffrey J. Shilling              Arthur Thomas Stillwell                 said. “The foundation is very grateful for the support from THE
Laura A. Shuford                 David L. Stimpson                       ALFORD GROUP and CCS. These programs are only possible
Mary Ellen Shuntich, CFRE        Patricia L. Stirling                    through their support.”

                                                2006 Annual Report •                                                              31
     AFP      FOUNDATION               FOR      PHILANTHROPY

     SILVER MEDALIST—continued          Deirdre Toeller-Novak               Michael K. VanDerhoef               Mitchell Wasserman
                                        Cecilia Degnan Tonsing              Peggy VanHorn, CFRE                 Kara McWhirter Waugh
                                        Danay Torano                        Eduardo Vargas                      Cindy Webb
     Stacy Swadish, CFRE                Vincent Torti                       Lynne D. Vass, CFRE                 Nada J. Weekley
     Mae Ruth Swanson                   Rorie Trammel                       Judith Lach Veeck                   Amy Weeks
     Nancy Swanson                      Diana Trapani                       Alfonso V. Velarde                  Betty S. Weemes, CFRE
     James A. Swanstrom                 Robert Traub                        Kay A. Vickery                      James F. Weidman, CFRE
     Judie List Sweeney, CFRE           Barbara C. Traylor, CFRE            Debra Haerr Victor, CFRE            Eric S. Weiler
     Corrine D. Sylvia, CFRE            Amy Tribble                         Charles Edward Vinson               Lynn S. Weill
     Bonnie Tadross                     Chuck Trinone                       Marianne M. Virgilio, CFRE          Gary Weinberg
     Molly Talbot                       Darrell L. Tucci                    Bradford Wm. Voigt, CFRE            Leslie E. Weir, ACFRE
     Linda Hood Talbott, CFRE           Jennifer Turner                     Karen Dempsey Volke, CFRE           Teresa Welborn, CFRE
     Judith Tamm                        John A. Turner, CFRE                Carole F. Voskamp, CFRE             Michelle Wellens
     Barbara Tartaglia, CFRE            Mrs. Margaret Turner                Julie Vulaj                         Irene Wells
     Lawrence Taylor                    Vilandria Turner                    Carol Lynn Wacker, CFRE             Tracy A. Wells
     Richard D. Taylor, CFRE            Virginia Turner                     John W. Wadas, CFRE                 Pamela M. Werner, CFRE
     W. Earl Taylor, CFRE               Kenneth M. Turpen, CFRE             Sally J. Wade                       Karen Wertheimer
     Berne Teeple                       Emma Lee Twitchell, CFRE            Reg Wagle                           Deborah Weston
     Robert N. Teeter, Ph.D.            Beth Twiton                         Barbara L. Walker, CFRE             Jacqueline Wetherholt, CFRE
     Fred Teichert                      Chandler A. Tyrrell, II, CFRE       Debra Walker                        Joe Wheeler
     Mary M. Temple, CFRE               Norma I.B. Upshur, CFRE             Jennifer S. Walker                  Pamela L. Whitcomb
     Mark J. Teresi, CFRE               Linda Valencia, CFRE                Mark D. Walker, CFRE                Anne C. White, Ph.D., CFRE
     Shelby H. Terry                    Mark Y. Valentine, CFRE             James Wallace                       Holly P. White
     John Carlisle Thatcher             Christin Valentini                  Karen L. Waller                     Tammy L. White
     Joan Thomas, CFRE                  Bryan John Van Deun, Ed.D., CAE     Greg Walters                        Vicki S. White, CFRE
     Dan L. Thompson                    Karla Van Drunen Littooy, CFRE      Steven A. Wander                    Richard B. Whitlock, CFRE
     Vicki Thompson, CFRE               Pieter van Meeuwen                  Pamela Wanser                       Susan Whitmore
     Kati Timmons                       Marilyn Van Petten                  Helen E. Wardner, CFRE              Kathryn A. Whitney, CFRE
     James J. Tobin, CFRE               Stacey Vanden Heuvel                John W. Warren                      Larry Wickham, CFRE

     2006 AFP Chamberlain Scholars

     T    he 43rd AFP Inter-
          national Conference on
     Fundraising welcomed 112
     Chamberlain Scholars among
     the thousands of attendees
     who flocked to Atlanta on
     April 2–5, 2006.
         Chamberlain Scholars
     expressed gratitude for their
     awards. Elaine W.
     Hammonds of the AFP
     Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter
     said, “Thank you … for this            Made possible through a         annual conference. Scholars         campaigns that make up the
     scholarship. It confirmed that     generous planned gift from          are able to build their             foundation’s annual fund.
     I am in the right profession.”     Ralph E. Chamberlain, CFRE,         fundraising “toolbox” by            Unrestricted gifts help to
         A scholar from the San         and unrestricted support of         attending educational ses-          fund educational programs,
     Diego Chapter “received            the Every Member                    sions and by exchanging ideas       partnership grants and
     invaluable information that        Campaign, the Chamberlain           with colleagues from around         research, in addition to
     empowers [her] to be a             Scholars Program allows one         the world.                          the Chamberlain
     more effective fundraiser and      first-time attendee from each           The Every Member                Scholarships.
     philanthropist.”                   chapter to attend AFP’s             Campaign is one of several

32              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                                    AFP   FOUNDATION                FOR   PHILANTHROPY


Lisa Wiedmann
Ethelind Altman Wiener, CFRE      AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
Daniel D. Wiersum, CFRE
Marisa Wigglesworth               Alpha Society Donors
Jeffrey Wilklow
Timothy J. Willard, Ph.D., CFRE   AFP Foundation for Philanthropy’s Alpha Society makes giving easy! A donor simply commits to
Charles Willenbrink, CFRE         give a specific amount each month, and the gift is automatically transferred from the donor’s
Beth Williams
                                  account. In 2006, more than 130 donors gave through Alpha Society. The foundation recognizes
David K. Williams, CFRE
Holly K. Williams                 these donors for their commitments.
Jacqueline Williams
Jacquelyn M. Williams, MPA,CSPG   Sandra A. Adams, ACFRE                  Walter R. Gillette III, CFRE    Randi A. Nordeen, CFRE
John C. Williams                  Deborah Howe Allen                      Marshall H. Ginn, CFRE          Paul F. Nowak, CFRE
Lisa B. Williams                  Sharon K. Ammons, CFRE                  Brenda J. Goldsmith             Carol J. Numrich, CFRE
Luanne M. Williams, CFRE          Penelope Anderson                       Terri Elise Goldstein, CFRE     Ms. Peggy Paulli
Suzy Williams                     April D. Anthony                        Angie Golis-Yamamoto            Kevin A. Peter, CAP, CFRE
Ted E. Williams                   Jeannette J Archer-Simons               Austin Grainger                 Mark S. Peterson, CFRE
Ty Williams                       Bert Armstrong                          Shawn Marie Graves              Janice Gow Pettey, CFRE
Polly J. Willis                   Reade Baker, CFRE                       Sherry L. Griffin, CFRE         Jill A. Pranger, ACFRE
Darnell Wilson                    Robin L.T. Ballard                      Theresa F. Haenn, CFRE          Peggy Prather
Iska G. Wire                      Paul Bamford                            Debra K. Hagarty                Paul Pribbenow, Ph.D., CFRE
Karen E. Wirick, CFRE             Chuck Barber, MPA, CFRE                 Cynthia Hamilton                Patrick A. Rath
Denise Wisdom                     Dr. William F. Bartolini, ACFRE         Roberta A. Healey, ACFRE        Jennifer S. Ray
Nancy Withbroe, CFRE              Letitia Bayer, CFRE                     Steven Herlich                  Patricia Rich, ACFRE
Barbara E. Witte                  Helene Benitez                          Sarah Hoddinott                 Shirley Robinson, CFRE
Johanna T. Wolfe                  Francie Lyn Billotti Wood               Susan Earl Hosbach, CFRE        Leon M. Rubin
Sandy Wolff                       Samantha Blauwkamp                      Jeffrey E. Hough                Melissa Ryan, CFRE
Jodi L. Wong, CFRE                Cheryl L. Brown                         Lynn J. Hoy, CFRE               Jeffrey Schleifer
Barbara Wood                      Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE                Ray Huber Jr.                   Tracy Schleyer, CFRE
Victoria Wood                     Suzanne P. Cabrera, CFRE                Frank A. Interlichia, CFRE      John D. Schmitt, CFRE
Gigi A. Woodruff                  Beth W. Carona, CFRE                    Paula Jenkins, CFRE             Martha H. Schumacher, CFRE
Brett L. Woods, CFRE              Jenny Porter Carrillo, CFRE             Michelle Johnson                Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE
Christine O. Woodworth, CFRE      Melanie Cawthon                         John Kelleher, CFRE             Joseph A. Serviss, CFRE
Cynthia Woolbright                Garry G. Cheney                         Kara Kennedy                    Heather Sheahan-Landstrom
Cathie Wright, CFRE               Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE                Dr. David G. Lalka              Gregory A. Silberman, CFRE
Marilyn F. Wright, CFRE           Cheryl J. Cobbs, CFRE                   Adrienne Lao                    Amy Dunn Smith, CFRE
Anne R. Wunsch, CFRE              Stanton F. Collemer                     Barbara Larson                  Steven S. Smith, CFRE
Sheryl W. Wylie, CFRE             Martin A. Conover, MPA, CFRE            William Leh, CFRE               Kathleen R. Swayze, CFRE
William G. Yagerlener, CFRE       David M. Coyne, CFRE                    Martin Leifeld                  Corrine D. Sylvia, CFRE
Lianne Soga Yamamura              Robert J. Crandall, CFRE                Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE          Barbara Ellen Talisman
Spencer T. Yantis                 Sonya Davis                             Laura Linhart-Kistner           Don W. Taylor, CFRE
Karen Yarbrough, CFRE             Curtis C. Deane, CFRE, CAE              Claudia A. Looney, FAHP         James J. Tobin, CFRE
Shannon Yasman, CFRE              Marie Bloom Deckert, CFRE               Pat Lord                        Lise D. Twiford, MBA, CFRE
Kay Yates                         Angela H. Dorsey                        Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE         Cam Van Noord
Amy Yeatts, CFRE                  J. J. Doughtie                          David J. Madson, ACFRE          Mitzi Viola
Steve Yorde, CFRE                 Lisa Duck, CFRE                         D. Kay Malone                   Marianne M. Virgilio, CFRE
Carolyn Young, CFRE               Marlo X. Duffy                          Michael Marsh, CFRE             Sally J. Wade
Karen L. Young                    Lisa Dunlop, CFRE                       Martheil Mauthe-Clanton, CFRE   Jon Wagner, CFRE
Lisa C. Young, CFRE               Robin E. Dunn, CFRE                     Stephanie A. Maxwell, CFRE      Jill Walker, MA, CFRE
Philip W. Young                   Linda Eisenhart, CFRE                   Brenda Michael-Haggard, CFRE    Suzette Wexner
James D. Yunker, Ed.D.            Kathleen B. Emmett, CFRE                Leah Miles                      Anne L. Wiehagen, CFRE
Janna Zeigler, CFRE               Jeanne Engle                            Cal Miller                      Brenda Wilberger, CFRE
Sandra Travis Zieky               Patrick Feeley                          John R. Mitterling, CFRE        Ty Williams
Helene Zimmerman                  Alice L. Ferris, CFRE                   Ann H. Moffitt, ACFRE           Richard A. Wilson, CFRE
John D. Zoilo                     Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D., ACFRE           Lauren Geiger Moye              Nancy Withbroe, CFRE
Stacy Zolotin                     Jay Frey, CFRE                          Dan H. Murrell                  Victoria Wood
Gregory A. Zuroski, CFRE          Jeffrey L. Fuller, CFRE                 Susan K. Nenstiel, CFRE         Karen Yarbrough, CFRE
Tracey A. Zwick                   Heather Gee, CAP, CFRE                  Mark A. Neville, CFRE

                                            2006 Annual Report •                                                         33
     2006   CONSOLIDATED                  FINANCIAL             INFORMATION

                          AFP Consolidated Statements
                              of Financial Position

                                                                                              December 31
                                                                                           2006         2005
                Cash and cash equivalents                             780,771       1,099,832
                Accounts Receivable, net                              268,192         209,741
                Pledges Receivable, net                               381,131         398,249
                Inventory                                             112,871          83,400
                Prepaid Expenses and other                            840,659         737,062
                Investments                                         4,313,191       4,395,979
                Property, equipment and leasehold improvements, net   527,503         263,613
                Total Assets                                                            7,224,318            7,187,876

                Liabilities and net assets

                Accounts payable and accrued expenses                 450,992         385,143
                Accrued Wages and Benefits                            656,479         468,639
                Deferred revenues                                   4,125,921       3,892,770
                Capital lease obligation                               19,693          33,043
                Total Liabilities                                                       5,253,085            4,779,595

                Net Assets:
                Unrestricted                                          686,329       1,317,582
                Temporarily Restricted                                542,082         369,868
                Permanently Restricted                                742,822         720,831
                Total net assets                                                        1,971,233            2,408,281

                Total liabilities and net assets                                        7,224,318            7,187,876

34          Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                             2006      CONSOLIDATED                FINANCIAL     INFORMATION

        Consolidated Statements
of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

                                                                      December 31
                                                                   2006         2005
 Changes in unrestricted net assets
 Revenues, support and gains:
 Membership Dues                                     5,119,976       4,706,817
 International Conference                            2,586,795       2,474,510
 Advertising and Sponsorships                        1,421,777       1,220,316
 Registration Fees                                     556,639         567,328
 Sales of merchandise                                  233,726         212,932
 Contributions and Grants                              822,230         789,192
 Donated Services                                      140,639         138,000
 Investment Income                                     316,196         307,375
 Miscellaneous                                          55,902          18,361
                                                    11,253,880      10,434,831
 Net assets released from restrictions                 139,471          30,685
    Total Revenues and Support                               11,393,351     10,465,516
 Program Services
    Member and Chapter services                               1,469,951       1,490,848
    Professional Advancement                                  1,038,672         913,728
    Public Relations                                          2,369,948       2,130,682
    International Development                                   526,752               0
    International Conference                                  2,316,305       2,206,841
    Board Governance                                            838,724         684,832
    Foundation Grants                                           200,633         119,768
    Total Program Services                                     8,760,985      7,546,699
 Support Services
    Management and general                                    3,014,176       2,846,190
    Resource Development                                        249,443         290,079
     Total Support Services                          3,263,619       3,136,269
 Total Expenses                                              12,024,604     10,682,968

                             2006 Annual Report •                               35
     2006    CONSOLIDATED                  FINANCIAL              INFORMATION

                 Change in unrestricted net assets                                         (631,253)                  (217,452)
                 Changes in temporarily restricted net assets
                 Contributions                                                               226,414          34,644
                 Investment Income                                                            85,271          73,445
                 Net Assets released from restrictions                                     (139,471)         (30,685)
                        Change in temporarily restricted net assets                          172,214                   77,404

                 Changes in permanently restricted net assets
                    Contributions                                                             21,991          8,103
                        Change in permanently restricted net assets                           21,991           8,103
                        Change in net assets                                               (437,048)        (131,945)
                        Net assets, beginning of year                                      2,408,281       2,540,226
                 Net assets, end of year                                                   1,971,233              2,408,281

      2006 Consolidated Income (Audited)                                    2006 Consolidated Expenses (Audited)
                                                                                                Foundation Grants
                       Contributions                                                                   2%
                           11%                                                Resource Development
                                                                                       3%                      Member & Chapter Services
       Advertising/                                                                                                     15%
           18%                                                                                                                 Professional
                                                    Membership                   & General
                                                      44%                          31%

                                                                                         Governance                            24%
                    22%                                                                     9%

                                                 2006 AFP Foundation Grants

                                         EMC Chapter                                       Lectures
                                       Partnership Grants                                    41%

                                                            Outreach          Research
                                                             13%                9%

36           Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                    2006     CONSOLIDATED                FINANCIAL   INFORMATION

    AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
    Fondation de Philanthropie AFP – Canada
                                      Balance Sheet
                                   As of December 31, 2006

                              Designated      Endowment            General              Total
                                Funds           Fund                Fund         2006           2005

Cash                            $ 88,399       $ 24,671      $ 64,305      $ 177,375      $ 130,356
Accounts receivable                7,500              _         3,451         10,951          2,886
Pledges receivable (note 3)            _              _         2,366          2,366         12,360
                                $ 95,899       $ 24,671      $ 70,122      $ 190,692      $ 145,602

Accounts payable                       _              _      $ 11,757       $ 11,757         $ 1,784
Deferred revenue                       _              _         1,000          1,000               _
                                       _              _      $ 12,757       $ 12,757          1,784

Externally restricted            95,899          24,671             _       120,570          82,346
Unrestricted                           _              _        57,365         57,365         61,472
                                 95,899          24,671        57,365       177,935         143,818
                                $ 95,899       $ 24,671      $ 70,122      $ 190,692      $ 145,602

                                   2006 Annual Report •                                 37
     AFP    FOUNDATION               FOR      PHILANTHROPY                  —   CANADA

                           Strengthening the Fundraising
                                Profession in Canada
     A     s chair of the AFP Foundation for
           Philanthropy – Canada I want to say
     THANK YOU! Thank you to all our donors,
                                                                                    I also enjoy my interaction with my
                                                                                 Canadian peers who are working on behalf of
                                                                                 the profession through other AFP committees
     leaders and volunteers for making 2006 one                                  and task forces. I am able to speak with the
     of our best year’s ever. We surpassed our                                   chapter leaders who have benefited from the
     Every Member Campaign (EMC) goal with                                       foundation’s commitment and support of the
     more than $101,000 in undesignated dona-                                    AFP Essentials of Fundraising program. The
     tions. In addition, the foundation raised                                   program has made it possible for chapters to
     more than $25,000 through our major gift                                    offer the individual classes and reach out to
                                                            Senator Terry
     initiatives. This wouldn’t have been possible          Mercer, CFRE         the grassroots organizations who most benefit
     without the support of AFP members and                                      from the course offerings.
     friends of the AFP Foundation for                                              The foundation is also the happy recipient
     Philanthropy – Canada.                                                      of philanthropy through our partnerships with
         One of the highlights of my year is participating in         great organizations, working with us to help us further
     chapter events as I get the opportunity to speak with            our mission. Univision Marketing Group Inc. did a
     members and nonmembers alike about our sector. It is             great job for the Canadian Foundation last year and
     wonderful to be surrounded by a group of individuals             reached out to over 1,000 members on a pro bono
     committed to making Canada and our individual                    basis through our calling program for the 2006 EMC
     communities a better place.                                      campaign. We had an overall 25 percent member
         It also gives me the opportunity to speak one-on-            participation rate in this EMC program.
     one with other professionals in the nonprofit sector. To             So let me end where I began, THANK YOU for all
     explain the role that the foundation plays and what our          you do to further the mission of the Association of
     goals and aspirations are for AFP members, fundraising           Fundraising Professionals through your gifts of time,
     professionals and the sector as a whole. It gives me             treasure and talent to the AFP Foundation for
     great pleasure and pride to see the excitement of a              Philanthropy – Canada. On behalf of my colleagues on
     scholarship winner attending a conference—one they               the foundation board, we really appreciate it!
     may not have been able to attend without the generosi-
     ty of their peers through the foundation scholarship
     programs. Or to meet professionals like me, who see
     the value and benefit of supporting the AFP
     Foundation in giving back to the fundraising communi-
     ty by contributing to the EMC or contributing their                                  Senator Terry Mercer, CFRE
     time and leadership to a committee or task force, work-                              2005-2006 Chair
     ing for the foundation and AFP Canadian chapters.

        The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada supported many Canadian communities in 2006 through its partner-
        ship with the AFP Chapters throughout Canada. The Canadian Foundation’s support has provided scholarships for both
        members and non-members to attend educational events that teach them ethical and effective fundraising which allow
        them to better support their communities and organizations. Our support has also allowed individuals within the various
        communities’ access to fundraising literature through the affiliate libraries hosted by chapters and community colleges and
        universities. The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada supported various chapter educational programs from the
        Essentials of Fundraising series to National Philanthropy Day® events that have enticed tens of thousands of members and
        non-members to attend on an annual basis.
            The Canadian Foundation was delighted with its success in the 2006 Every Member Campaign achieving over
        $100,000 in pledges and payments for the first time in its young existence. The Foundation wishes to thank the individuals
        and communities that helped make this happen.

38            Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                                   AFP         FOUNDATION          FOR       PHILANTHROPY                  —    CANADA

      AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                  2006 Executive Committee and Board of Directors

EXECUTIVE                              Secretary                         Scott Decksheimer                   Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
COMMITTEE                              Shauna Klein, MA                  Nine Lions Development Consulting   Association of Fundraising
                                       Girl Guides of Canada             Calgary, AB                            Professionals
Chair                                  Toronto, ON                                                           Alexandria, Va.
                                                                         Chantal Gelinas
Senator Terry Mercer, CFRE                                                                                   Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE
                                       Immediate Past Chair              Université de Montréal
The Senate of Canada
                                       Maretta Emery, BA, CA, CFRE       Montréal, QC                        Gundersen Lutheran Medical
Halifax, NS
                                       MeesPierson Private Bank                                                 Foundation
                                       Singapore                         Pati Greenwood, CFRE                La Crosse, Wis.
                                                                         McMaster Children’s Hospital
Marnie Hill, CFRE                                                                                            Don Taylor, CFRE
                                                                         Toronto, ON
Victoria Hospice and Palliative Care
                                                                                                             Courage Center
   Foundation                          BOARD OF                          Brenda Lockyer                      Golden Valley, Minn.
Victoria, BC
                                       DIRECTORS                         Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care
Treasurer                                                                   Foundation
                                       Rob Appleton, CFRE                St. John’s, NL
Frank Lockington, CFRE
                                       Canuck Place Children’s Hospice
St. Lawrence College                                                     Leona MacDonald
                                       Vancouver, BC
Kingston, ON                                                             Manitoba Theatre Centre
                                       Mark Climie, CFRE                 Winnipeg, MB
                                       Wyers Direct Inc.
                                       Pickering, ON

    The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada, exists to advance the
    charitable objectives of AFP through targeted funding for strategic initiatives all across Canada. The various initiatives
    undertaken benefit everyone, members and non-members alike, by increasing accessibility to educational programs,
    funding new and innovative research in our sector and conducting public educational programs to enhance the
    environment for philanthropy across the country.

Chapter Treasury Campaign

T   he Chapter Treasury Campaign is an important annual                      These are critical projects which help advance philanthropy
    campaign, providing the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy              and support careers in fundraising. All AFP members have
(international) with resources to support the following pro-             access to these programs and it is important for Canadian
grams: Scholarships, such as the Chamberlain chapter scholar-            Chapters to support these important initiatives. Thank you to
ships for the International Conference; Education, through               all of our Canadian Chapters for their commitment to the
grants and seed funding for programs such as the Executive               Chapter Treasury Campaign! (The contributing chapters are
Leadership Institute and the Faculty Training Academy;                   listed in the Chapter Treasury listing found on pages 28–29.)
Research, through funding to the AFP Research Council; and
Strategic Initiatives such as diversity programs, ethics education
and the Essentials of Fundraising Series.

                                                      2006 Annual Report •                                                     39
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR          PHILANTHROPY                    —    CANADA

                                       2006 Annual Fund Donors
     Partner Club                            Presidents’ Club                      Platinum Medalist             Tony Myers, MA, LL.B., CFRE
     Univision Marketing Group Inc.          James Allen, ACFRE                    Jolayne Davidson, CFRE        Rachel Renaud
                                             James Church                          Marnie Hill, CFRE             Vincent Emile Duckworth, CFRE
     Patron Club                             Mark E. Climie, CFRE                                                Scott Decksheimer
     AFP ON, Greater Toronto Chapter         Shirlene Courtis, CFRE                Gold Medalist                 Vicki Kranenburg
     Great West Life                         Jay Frey, CFRE                        Brent Barootes                Yves C.L. Gadler, CFRE
     The Henry N.R. Jackman                  Amanda Gellman                        Mary Bowyer, CFRE             Alice L. Ferris, CFRE
        Foundation                           Pati Greenwood, CFRE                  Rosalie Courage               Ron Bailey, CFRE
     AFP MB, Manitoba Chapter                Bill Hallett, Ph. D., ACFRE           Maretta Emery, BA, CA, CFRE   Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
     RBC Foundation                          Shauna Klein, MA                      Derek D. Fraser, CFRE         Philip G. Schumacher, CFRE
     The Winnipeg Foundation                 Dianne Lister, LL.B., CFRE            Patricia Hardy, MA, ACFRE     Frank Lockington, CFRE
                                             Senator Terry Mercer, CFRE            Nena Jocic-Andrejevic, CFRE   Andrew Watt
     Founders’ Club                                                                Alanna J.T. Jones, CFRE
                                             Alayne Metrick, FAHP                                                Brian E. Duclos, CFRE
     AFP AB, Calgary & Area Chapter                                                Anne Kirkpatrick, CFRE        Julie Hamilton, CFRE
                                             Nicholas Offord, CFRE
     Stewards’ Club                          Patrick Olenick                       Linda Lindsay, CFRE           James Julien
                                             Susan Storey, CFRE                    Tania Little, CFRE            Susan Mullin, CFRE
     Joan V. Black, CFRE
                                             Krista Thompson, CFRE                 Paul E. Marcus, LL.B., CFRE
     Andrea McManus, CFRE                                                                                        Sterling Medalist
                                             Leslie Weir, MA, ACFRE                Heather Morrison
     AFP QC, Quebec Chapter                                                                                      Charllotte Adkens-Weiler
                                                                                                                 Steve Baker
                                                                                                                 Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Carole Chabot, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Margaret Dawkins, CFRE
         100 Percent Board Participation Chapters                                                                Lori Gusdorf, CAE
                                                                                                                 Steve Hoscheit, CFRE
         Congratulations to the following chapters for reaching 100 percent Board participation!                 Michael House, CFRE
         A special thank you to the volunteer leaders who lead the way by example.                               Heather E. Hurst
                                                                                                                 Adele MacDonald
          AFP AB, Calgary & Area Chapter                             AFP MB, Manitoba Chapter                    Ross Marsh
          AFP BC, Vancouver Chapter                                  AFP ON, Greater Toronto Chapter             Elizabeth Mills, CFRE
          AFP BC, Vancouver Island Chapter                                                                       Suzanne Marguerite Munroe, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Robin Porter
                                                                                                                 Joyce Van Deurzen, B. Ed., M.
                                                                                                                 Josephine Van Herpt, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Ann Vessey
                                                                                                                 Denny Young, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Trish Bronsch
                                                                                                                 Jason Demers
     2006 Canadian Leadership Society                                                                            R. Scott Fortnum, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Mark Hierlihy, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Luce Moreau
                                                                                                                 Nollind Van Bryce, CFRE
     The Canadian Leadership Society, a joint program of AFP and the AFP Foundation for                          Leona Yez, CFRE
     Philanthropy – Canada, recognizes long-term service to the fundraising profession.                          Rose Anne Mallett
     Members have given $5,000 or more and continue to participate and support                                   Walter Sczudlo, JD
     AFP and the Canadian Foundation.                                                                            Rob I. Peacock, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Anthony R. Alonso
                                                                                                                 Robert D. Appleton, CFRE
     Joan Black, CFRE                        Bill Hallett, ACFRE                   Nicholas Offord               Jeff Gignac, CFRE
     Mark Climie, CFRE                       Shauna Klein, MA                      Patrick Olenick               Jim D. Hilborn
     Shirlene Courtis, CFRE                  Dianne Lister, LL.B., CFRE            Philip Schumacher, CFRE       Susan E. Hosbach, CFRE
     Maretta Emery, BA, CA, CFRE             Paulette Maehara, CFRE, CAE           Susan Storey, CFRE            Stephen M. Levy, CFRE
     Alice Ferris, CFRE                      Andrea McManus, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Thérèse MacNeil
     Jay Frey, CFRE                          Senator Terry Mercer, CFRE
                                                                                                                 Mario-Olivier Massie
     Amanda Gellman                          Alayne Metrick, FAHP

40              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                           AFP      FOUNDATION              FOR       PHILANTHROPY                     —    CANADA

STERLING MEDALIST—continued     Danette Downton                   Catherine Mann, CFRE                   Sandra Rankin, CFRE
                                Michilynn Dubeau, CFRE            Nancy Margeson                         Stuart Reid
                                Maria Dyck, CFRE                  Jackie Markstrom, CFRE                 Susan Reitz
D. John McKenzie                Steven Endicott, CFRE             Lesley A. Marshall, CFRE               Donald G. Rizzo, CFRE
Valerie McMurtry, CFRE          Leah G. Eustace, CFRE             Ray Marshall, CFRE                     Patricia Robertson
Hunter M. Wight                 Ted M. Fauteux                    Ken Mayhew                             Kathryn Robson
Roberta A. Healey, ACFRE        Barb Ferguson                     Beth McCarthy, CFRE                    Gena Rotstein
Megan Campbell, CFRE            Karen Filbert                     Barry McDonald                         Catherine Rowe, CFRE
Elizabeth Gauthier, CFRE        Doug Flanders                     Melinda McGill                         Margaret Saul, CFRE
Cynda P. Heward, CFRE           Darlene L. Frampton               Catherine Michitsch                    John E.M. Saunders
Valerie Hoey, CFRE              Ian M. Fraser, MBA, FAHP          Laura Mikuska                          Eugene Scanlan, Ph.D., CFRE
Linna Morgan, CFRE              Elaine Fung                       Joyanne Mitchell, CFRE                 Jacqueline Scott, CFRE
Eric W. Dean, FAHP, CFRE        Febe Galvez                       Anne Moore, CFRE                       Stacey Diane Scott, CFRE
Lois A. Flemming, CFRE          Sherri Garrity                    Norma M. Morrow                        Andrea Segal, CFRE
Kathleen A. Provost             Chantal Gélinas, CFRE             Michelle Myrick                        Tillie Shuster
                                Kathleen E. Gibbard               Lucinda Neufeld, CFRE                  Nory Siberry
Silver Medalists
                                Pamela M. Gignac                  Adrienne A. Nolan, CFRE                Gary E. Sim, CFRE
Lorie Abernethy, CFRE           Mary Jean Gilbert, CFRE           Joyce O’Brien                          Susan Skinner
Darcie Acton, CFRE              Deborah Glassman, CFRE            Sheldon Kelly Oleksyn, CFRE            Douglas Paul Smith
Stephani A. Agg                 Howard Golberg                    Andrew Otway, CFRE                     Jackie Smith
Roger D. Ali, CFRE              Larissa Groch                     Sara M. Park                           Vivian Ann Smith, CFRE
Sheree A. Allison, CFRE         Sharilyn D. Hale, M.A., CFRE      John A. Phin, CFRE                     Phyllis M. Snider
Ingrid Ameli                    Gwendolyn W. Harper, CFRE         Valerie Prodanuk                       Marnie A. Spears
Kim Anthony, CFRE               Joan Hart                         Lawrence Prout, CFRE                   Kim Spirou
Phyllis Argue                   Derek Henry                       Louise Pujo                            Wayne Laurence Steer
Barbara A. Armstrong, CFRE      Edie Holzapfel, CFRE              Gerarda Pura, OSB, Ph.D.               Adam Stewart
Zak Bailey, CFRE                Raymond E. Hook                   Belinda Pyle, CFRE                     Evelyn Stewart, CFRE
Arno Bangert, CFRE              Peter Hoppe                       Cynthia Quigley                        Gail Dawn Stewart
Christina Barwinsky             Susan Horvath, CFRE               Nancy Kelly Racette, CFRE              Gloria D. Stewart
Jeffrey Beach                   Ruth Hummel                       Debra Ramage, CFRE                     Paul J. Strawhecker, MPA, ACFRE
Elissa Beckett, CFRE            Doug Jamieson
Claude Bellemarre               Jennifer Jasechko, CFRE
Joan Blight                     Paulanne Jushkevich, M.A., CFRE
John M. Bouza, CFRE             Maria Kadatz
Diane Boyle                     Karen Karpuk, CFRE
Kate Brenner                    Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE
Yolanda Bronstein               JoAnne Lee Korten
Alphonce J. Brown, Jr., ACFRE
Leslie W. Brown, CFRE
                                Rebecca Knight
                                Sharon Kremeniuk
                                                                       Honored Chapters
Daniel P. Brunette              Christin Kyle
Penelope Burk                   Sylvie Labrosse                        Congratulations!
Jessica Carn                    Dolores P. Larrier, CFRE               The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada would
Daphne Carter                   Barbara Larson                         like to recognize the following chapters for their success
Francine Champoux               Deborah Legrove, CFRE                  during the 2006 Every Member Campaign. Thank you
Marie Chapman, CFRE             Phil Levson                            all for your efforts and generosity. These chapters were
Ami Chokshi                     Geoff Lloyd
Daniel G. Clapin, ACFRE                                                honoured at the All Metro meeting and the 2006
                                Brenda Lockyer                         International Conference. The 2006 Canadian Chapter
Thomas J. Clark, CAE            Deborah Loosemore, CFRE
Marie-Josée Condrain                                                   Award Winners are:
                                LuAnn Lovlin, CFRE
Glenn Craig, CFRE               May Low
Robert J. Crandall, CFRE                                               AFP Manitoba Chapter for Highest Per Capita Giving at $73.60
                                Marilyn V.E. Lybbert                   AFP Regina Chapter for Highest Participation Rate at 50 percent
Sherry Dahl-Wykes, CFRE         Heather Macdonald, CFRE
Sharon Damery                                                            (for the fifth year in a row)
                                Leona J. MacDonald                     AFP South Eastern Ontario Chapter for 2006 EMC Dollars
John L. Davies                  Peggy MacDonald, CFRE                    Per Decision (via Calling Program) at $123.33
Mo Davies, CFRE                 Sarah MacDougall
Judy Davis, CFRE                Donna McLennan, CFRE
Curtis C. Deane, CAE, CFRE                                             These chapters were awarded funds to be used within
                                Ian MacLennan
Beverly Deeth                                                          their chapter’s geographical area for educational programs
                                Guy Mallabone, CFRE
Anne De Jager                                                          and/or scholarships/bursaries.
                                Tamera Mallette
Louis de Melo                   Adrienne Malloy, CFRE

                                               2006 Annual Report •                                                         41
     AFP      FOUNDATION                FOR      PHILANTHROPY                  —   CANADA

     SILVER MEDALIST—continued           Kennedy J. L. Coles, CFRE           George F. Jacob                     Mireille Millette, CFRE
                                         Julie Cookson                       Heather Johnson                     Theresa Mitchell, CFRE
                                         Erin Coons, CFRE                    Sylvia Kadlick, CFRE                Joyce M. Mitchell-Antoine, CFRE
     Glenn Stresman, CFRE                Dawn Cooper                         Sara L. Karrer                      Gordon Moir
     Sonya Swiridjuk, CFRE               Jane Dafoe, CFRE                    Nestor N. Kelba                     Aysa Moola
     Barbara Ellen Talisman              Elizabeth Dalgleish                 Maryann Kerr                        Karen Morgan
     Cheryl Taylor                       Leanne Denis                        Alison Keys                         Nadine Moriarty
     Don W. Taylor, CFRE                 Mandy Dennison                      Teena Kindt                         Krista Moroz
     Andrew Charles Telfer               Cheryl L. Denomy                    Patricia L. Kipping                 Timothy Mowers
     Dree Thomson-Diamond, CFRE          Jennifer Diakiw                     Fiona E. Kirkpatrick Parsons        Michael Mulloy
     Nancy Tiffin                        Monica L. Dinney, CFRE              Paul Klie                           Melodie Murray, CFRE
     Robert Pierre Tomas, CFRE           Jan-Marie Divok                     Lucy Komori                         Chris Must
     Suzan Valenta                       Robert J. Donelson, CFRE            Lois Krause                         Rosemary Nault, CFRE
     Teresa Vasilopoulos, CFRE           Angela Draskovic                    Heather Laser                       Pat Nilsson
     André Verret                        JoAnne Drebett                      Colleen Lathan                      Carol J. Numrich, CFRE
     Helen Walsh, CFRE                   Brian Duggan                        Maryam Latiepoor-Keparoutis         Krista O’Donnell
     Fran Ward, CFRE                     Danielle M. Dunbar, CFRE            Jennifer Laughton                   Jane O’Hare
     Edna Jen Warrington                 Laird Eddy                          Rob Lavery, CFRE                    Carol Oliver, FAHP
     Janice Waud Loper, CFRE             Paula Eddy-Shea                     Kathryn G. Lawrie                   Jeralee D. Olson
     Genesa Wheaton, CFRE                Christina Margaret Edwards          Jim Lawson, CFRE                    John Ouellette, CFRE
     Ann Wight                           Shoneugh Edwards                    Tony Lee, CFRE                      Lori Paine
     Karen D. Willson, CFRE              Danielle Ethier                     Laurie Leier                        Kara Palleschi
     Leone Winthers                      Kiersten Eyes                       Nicholas H. Locke                   David Palmer
                                         Sarah Eyton                         Debbie Logel Butler                 Jill Palmer, CFRE
     Bronze Medalists
                                         Diane E. Fahlman                    Iris Lord                           Bridgette V. Parker, CFRE
     Arlene Adamson                      Mike Faye                           Joanna Munroe Luciano               Charllene Pedersen
     Scott Allen                         Pamella R. Fearon                   A. Paula Lunn                       Susan Pendray
     Sarah E. Andrusco                   Rae Fehr                            Jan Luther                          Vashti Persaud
     Chris Arnet                         Leslie Fields, CFRE                 Shaun G. Lynch, CFRE                Rosanna Petricca, CFRE
     Helen B. Arnold, CFRE               Andrew Finn                         Nancy Adams MacDonnell, CFRE        Josée Pinsonneault, CFRE
     Jannine Atkinson                    Rick Firth                          Lori MacIntyre                      Maureen F. Pool
     Adreinne Bakker                     Rainer Fischer                      Gerry MacIsaac, CFRE                Jane Potentier-Neal, CFRE
     Holly Bannerman                     Heather M. Fitzpatrick              Eileen Mackenzie                    Gerry Power
     Barb Barootes                       Nadine Fowler                       Kimberley MacKenzie, CFRE           David Prendergast, CFRE
     Michel Beauchamp                    Ronitte Friedman                    Christina MacNeil                   Beth Proven, CFRE
     Barbara Becker, CFRE                Margaret E. Gage, CFRE              Timothy R. Maloney                  Jeanette Pyle
     Tom Berekoff, CFRE                  Joanne Giannakopoulos               Tricia Mandryk                      Mitchell Ravvin
     Peg Bergeron                        Walter R. Gillette, III, CFRE       Doug Mann                           Vicki Raw
     Eyre Purkin Bien                    Tara Gish, CFRE                     Elmar Maripuu                       Michelle Regel, CFRE
     Jean Bjorseth                       Peter Glazier                       Diane Marrow                        Diane Reid, CFRE
     Marla Bloomfield                    Robert Gottschalk                   Andrea Marsh                        Eva Riis-Culver, CFRE
     Jill Bloor                          Ron Goyette                         Carl Terrance Martin                Delia Roberts, CFRE
     Debra Bond-Gorr, CFRE               Ted Greenaway                       Julie Kaija Martin, CFRE            Struan Robertson
     Janice Bowden                       Deborah Greenfield                  Kate E. Maslen                      Scott Robinson
     Janice Boyle                        Norman D. Griesdorf, Q.C.           Alison Matheson, CFRE               RaeAnne Rose
     Dora Boylen-Pabst, CFRE             Brady Hambleton                     Patricia Matheson, CFRE             Janice Rowe
     Darren C. Brackley                  Nancy I. Hammer, CFRE               Larry Mathieson                     Erin Sargeant Greenwood
     Katrina Bradley                     Nanci Harris                        Lisa Mayeski                        Ken Schnell
     Patti Brewin, CFRE                  Jacqueline Hart                     Susan McAlevy, CFRE                 Margaret Schonewille
     Louis Brill                         Krystal Star Harvey                 Boyd McBride, CFRE                  Teresa Schwarz
     Barbara F. Brown                    Stuart Heard                        Patricia A. McCallum, CFRE          Susan Scott
     Brenda Joy Burgess                  Marianne G. Hebb                    Michelle Marie McCann               Pamela Shainhouse, CFRE
     Kristina Burgess                    Margo J. Helper                     Marlena G. McCarthy                 Judy Shapiro
     Jo-ann E. Burton                    Jody Houlahan, CFRE                 Thomas C. McCauley                  Laurie Siegel
     Marilyn Campbell Davis              Tasha Hryniuk                       Todd McLaughlin                     Danielle Smith
     Frances E. Chant                    Connie Hubbs                        Andrea McLellan, CFRE               Christina Smith
     Devin Chatterjee                    Dalit Dell Hume, CFRE               Paul D. McNair                      Ted Sokolsky
     Sandra Cheung                       Penny Hume                          Krishan Mehta                       Wylie Stafford, CFRE
     Patricia M. Christie, CFRE          Heather Innes                       Chris Meyer                         Scott C. Staub, ACFRE
     Jennifer Clark, CFRE                Dionne Izzard                       Michelle Miatello                   Susan Steen

42               Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
                                            AFP      FOUNDATION              FOR        PHILANTHROPY                       —     CANADA

BRONZE MEDALIST—continued        Jacklyn P. Boice                  Darla Humble                             Pat Letizia
                                 Emily Borrelli                    Kevin D. Hunter                          Prestina Li
                                 Marie-Hélène Boubane              Philip Hyde                              Judy Lightwater
Michelle Stefanski               Kim Boucher, CFRE                 Jacqueline Jones                         Sherry S. Little
Maureen Steltman                 David A. Bremner                  Roger Kayo                               Wendy Loly
Mary Lynne Stewart               Timothy Brown, CFRE               Anthony John Keating                     Bruce Mackenzie
Tonya Stewart                    Lynda Patricia Brummitt           Liz Kenny                                Susan Mackle
Ron Strand                       Sarah Bullick                     Kathy Kloepfer                           Isabel MacNutt
Myriam C. Strauss                Beth Cairns                       Howard Koks                              Dawn Mactaggart
Krystyna Streich                 Lisa Campbell                     Mary Koutsoubos                          Signy Madden, CFRE
Shannon Stuart, CFRE             Trish Carter                      Anastazia Krneta                         Meredith Marr, CFRE
Jean S. Stutsman                 Peter A. Chipman, CFRE            Melanie Laffin Thibodeau                 Jim Martin
Wendy Sung-Aad                   Deborah Conner                    Susan Law                                Gaston Matte
Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin         Michelle Coutinho                 Sharon Leslie                            Teresa McDonald
Catherine Szabo                  Linda K. Crockett, CFRE
Diana Tchakalian                 Debra L. Davis, CFRE
Rose Terzariol, CFRE             Beth Dea
Carlene Thompson                 Susan Deike
Richard B. Thompson, CFRE        Mike den Haan
Valerie Tibbles                  Cathie Desborough, CFRE
Steven Titlebaum
Barbara Track, CFRE
                                 Debbie Devereaux
                                 Jill Didow
                                                                        Thank You!
                                                                        The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada would
Mark Douglas Trask               Maya Dimapilis
Dale Turri                                                              like to thank the following donors for their support of
                                 Rhonda C. Douglas, CFRE
Bill VanGorder, CFRE             Caroline Downey                        Foundation initiatives in Canada.
Caroline M. van Nostrand, CFRE   Suzanne Dube, CFRE                     Patron
Gloria Vidovich                  Lynda Ducharme                         AFP Manitoba Chapter for their support of the Translation Major Gift
Joanne Villemaire                Mira Dudley                               initiative
Laurie Wallis, APR, CFRE         Laura Edwards                          Great West Life for their support of the Translation Major Gift initiative
Wendy Warner, CFRE               Gerald Enchin                          RBC Foundation for their support of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter
Lesley Whyte                     Kelly Ericson                          The Henry N.R. Jackman Foundation for their support of the AFP
Tara Wilkes                      Giovanni Festa-Bianchet, CFRE             Greater Toronto Chapter
Michael Winn, CAE                Paul S. Finn, CAE                      The Winnipeg Foundation for their support of the Translation Major Gift
Julie K. Wirtanen, CFRE          Lindsay Follett, CFRE                     initiative
John Wong                        John Foster
Teri A. Worthington              Kari Frazer, CFRE                      Founder’s Club
Darlene Woywoda                  Meg Friedman, CFRE                     AFP Calgary & Area Chapter for their support of the Translation Major
Stephanie M. Yamniuk             Pat Frost                                Gift initiative
Peggy Yates, CFRE                Kim Gagne                              AFP Québec Chapter for their support of the Translation Major
Henry Zajac                                                               Gift initiative
                                 Maria Galati
                                 Louise Gallagher                       Gold Medalist
Blue Ribbon Donors
                                 Michelle Gallucci, CFRE                AFP Greater Toronto Chapter for their unrestricted support of Canadian
Bruce Acton, CFRE                Maria Goncalves
Kathy Allan, CFRE                                                         Foundation initiatives
                                 Virginia V. Gonzales
Tina Alto                        Ken Gorman                             Donors Supporting AFP initiatives in Canada
Kathleen M. Ancker, CFRE         Lois Graveline                         Founders’ Club
Gail Anglin                      Mary Grebinsky                         AFP Calgary & Area Chapter
Janet L. Antonio                 Kathy Green                            KCI Ketchum Canada Inc.
Lorri Apps                       José F. Guillen, CFRE
Karen Ball                                                              Presidents’ Club
                                 Joan Halvorsen
Caroline Banadar                                                        AFP Greater Toronto Chapter
                                 Denise Harding
Kim Bardwell                     Lily Harriss                           Sterling Medalist
Christine Basque                 Robert Henderson
Tulla Bateman-Parkin                                                    AFP Ottawa Chapter
                                 Dayna Henechowicz
Coy Beaton                       Joe Henschel                           Silver Medalist
Nicole Beaulieu                  Bruce R. Hill, CFRE                    AFP Edmonton & Area Chapter
Peter W. Blakely                 Lynette Hillier                        AFP Québec Chapter
Barry M. Bloom, CFRE             Kara Holm                              AFP South Eastern Ontario Chapter
Jennifer J. Blunt                Richard Horbachewski                   AFP Vancouver Island Chapter
Lisa Bogdonov                    Sharon Howell

                                                2006 Annual Report •                                                                  43
     AFP      FOUNDATION               FOR      PHILANTHROPY                  —   CANADA

     BLUE RIBBON DONORS—continued       Michael Paquet                      Anthony Stewart                     Heather Wilcox
                                        Mandy Parker, CFRE                  Nicole Storozuk, CFRE               Kim Willis-More, CFRE
                                        Susan Reid                          Tim Sunquist                        Ali Wilson
     Derek J. McLean, CFRE              Christina Ritchie                   Jasmine Sweatman                    Julia Wilson
     Lori McLeod                        Carmen Roca                         Michel Tasse                        Andrea Wink
     Kimberley A. McRuer                Daniela Rodrigo                     Connie Taylor                       Christine Thompson
     Demond McWilliams                  Brenda Rothwell, CFRE               Anne Thibodeau                      Joan Wolf
     Matthew Miller                     Nicole Salmon                       Graham Thompson                     Christine Woodbridge
     Myra Miller                        Alan Savlov                         Joanne Thurlbeck                    Selina Jane Yano
     Stephanie Miller                   Elaine Scrivener                    Krista Tinslay                      Cathy Yanosik
     Karen Mitchell                     Rebecca Shields                     Connie Tsui                         Tan-ling Yeung
     Allison Mitton                     Gay Silverman                       Julie Tsui                          Sean Zikman
     Deborah Morrison                   Dawne Smithson, CFRE                Cathy Wallace, CFRE
     Mark A. Neville, CFRE              Rose Spicer                         Elaine Warick
     Blair Nicholls, CFRE               Marla Spiegel                       Shannon Watson
     Anita D. Nielsen, CFRE             Tim Staunton                        Clive Waugh
     Jennifer M. O’Neill                Sara Steers                         Scott Wight

44              Association of Fundraising Professionals • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy • AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada
AFP Foundation for Philanthropy

Mission Statement
    The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy shall strive to enhance philanthropy and volunteerism through programs of
    education, research and service that will benefit all those who lead, serve and support nonprofit institutions.

    The purpose of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy is to generate the resources to fund AFP strategic initiatives that
    advance ethical and effective fundraising.

AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada

    The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada will pursue the advancement of philanthropy through support of the
    mission and goals of AFP in Canada.
             International Headquarters
         4300 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 300 | Arlington, Va. 22203
 703-684-0410 | 800-666-3863 (U.S. & Canada) | 703-684-0540 fax

Aniceto Ortega 629, Colonia del Valle | CP 03100, Ciudad de Mexico, DF
             (52) 55-3626-1592 | (52) 55-3626-1593 fax
                      Toll free 001-866-837-1948

            275 Slater St., Ste. 900 | Ottawa, ON KIP 5H9
                 613-236-0658 | 613-236-1918 fax


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