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                       OPEN A
                 BAKERY                                 LOOK GREAT
                                                       FOR SUMMER
                                                      with Tosca Reno
2        [ F E A T U R E D                           S P E A K E R S ]

 MARK RUFFALO & CHRISTOPHER THORNTON                                                                                 How to Make It in
 MEET THE STARS - SEE THE FILM                                                                                       the Music Business
 The Creative Coalition's Spotlight Initiative Screening of                                                          With Kandi Burruss
 Sympathy for Delicious
                                 iew this remarkable film before it opens in theaters, and participate in a live
                              V  dialogue event with Mark Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton
                              Winner of the Sundance Special Jury Prize, this inspired movie marks the
                              directorial debut of Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, and he stars
                              in it along with Christopher Thornton, Juliette Lewis, Orlando Bloom and
                              Laura Linney.
                               SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS tells the story of Dean O'Dwyer, an up-and-coming
                               DJ on the underground music scene in Los Angeles. When a motorcycle accident
                               leaves Dean paralyzed, his once promising career disappears before his eyes.
                               Dean soon meets Father Joe Roselli (played by Ruffalo), a passionate young
                                                                                                                          hether singing, songwriting, or running a
 priest. He then discovers that he possesses the otherworldly power to heal people, but in an odd twist of
 fate, he is utterly unable to heal himself.                                                                         W    company, if you want to make it in the music
                                                                                                                     business, you won't want to miss this amazing class
 To find true healing, Dean must ultimately confront his worst demons and come to terms with his own                  with Grammy winner Kandi Burruss.
 humanity. SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS is an edgy rock-and-roll spiritual journey that explores the lasting
 effects of tragedy, the search for meaning, and the ultimate redemptive power of compassion. The film was            Kandi wrote “Scrubs” for TLC #1 “Bills, Bills,
 awarded a Special Jury Prize for Directing at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.                                      Bills” and “Bug A Boo” for Destiny’s Child and
                                                                                                                     several other hits for Pink, NSYNC, Usher, Boyz II
                    Don't miss this exciting evening with Mr. Ruffalo and Mr Thornton and a chance to see            Men, Fantasia and Whitney Houston.
                    his much anticipated and acclaimed new film before it hits the theaters on April 29.
                                                                               Riding the success of her songwriting career, she
                                                                                                                     released her debut album, Hey Kandi (Columbia
                    The event, presented in conjunction, with the film's distributor Maya Entertainment is            Records) in 2001, yielding a Billboard “Top 25” pop
                    part of The Creative Coalition's Spotlight Initiative that supports outstanding films with        hit, “Don’t Think I’m Not.” She is the first African
                    important social messages. The evening is hosted by Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative             American woman to win the prestigious ASCAP
                    Coalition - the premier, nonprofit, social and public advocacy arm of the entertainment           “Songwriter of the Year” award (2000) and the
                    industry. Her weekly column, "If You Had Five Minutes With the President," appears in The        first woman ever to win ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul
                    Hill. She has edited two books, "If You Had Five Minutes With the President" and "Art & Soul."   Music Award (2000).
                    Register early as seating at our screening room is strictly limited.                             A multi-talented businesswoman, Kandi also runs a
                    Course ZL120 | Sec. A | Apr. 25 | 7:00 - 9:30 pm | Course fee $2499                              music company, and Atlanta-based clothing store
                                                                                                                     T.A.G.S., raising her adorable daughter Riley, runs her
                            Buddy Valastro The Amazing                                                               own production company, AND appears on Bravo's
                                                                                                                     reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
                            Cake Boss is coming to The Learning Annex!                                               In this incredible Learning Annex event, Kandi will
                               ecadent Chocolate Cake…Delicious Cheese Cake…Designer Wedding                         take teach you:
                            D  cakes...Whether it’s making cakes or eating cakes, if you’ve got a passion for
                            cakes, have we got a treat for you.
                                                                                                                     • How to manage your money -- she started as a
                                                                                                                        teenager collecting big bucks and has been able
                                                                                                                        to maintain her lifestyle
                             From humble beginnings learning the trade at the side of his father at Carlo’s City     • The keys to writing a hit song
Hall Bake Shop to world-wide acclaim, Buddy Valastro is an accomplished master baker, cake decorator and
star of the hit TLC reality show Cake Boss. Buddy has been featured in a variety of publications and TV              • How to diversify diversifying your businesses from
shows including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times,                      singing in a group to songwriting to becoming a
Brides Magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, Food                        reality tv star to owning a boutique and starting up
Network Challenge and many more.                                                                                        an online TV show.

In this exciting evening, Buddy Valastro will discuss his secret recipes, baking tips, creative artistry, and        Course BL774
business pointers for aspiring foodie entrepreneurs. As well as take you behind the scenes of his TV show.           Sec. A | Apr. 13 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Buddy Valastro is the author of CAKE BOSS: The Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia. In the book, Buddy             Course fee $4499
shares his and his family's inspiring, fascinating, and poignant life story along with recipes for the bakery's
most popular treats. In addition to his TV show, Buddy and his staff continue to hand-craft thousands of             Members Course fee – FREE
wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and pastries weekly from their modest headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey.
                                                                                                                     Special: The first 20 students to sign up
Course ZL121 | Sec. A | Apr. 25 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                                                                     pay only $19.99
Course fee $2999 Members Course fee – FREE
Become a Learning Annex Member: Unlimited Live and Online Classes Call 800-896-5409 or Visit
                                                                               [ F E A T U R E D                       S P E A K E R S ]                              3

Be “Super Rich”:                                                                      His Films Have Earned Over $3 Billion Worldwide
                                                                                      and More Than 50 Academy Awards.
Your Guide to Having it All
The Laws of Success...In Music and Beyond!                                            Peter Guber:
with Def Jam Founder RUSSELL SIMMONS                                                  Tell To Win
                                         hey call him "The CEO of Hip Hop. "Donald
                                     T   Trump says he's "the ultimate business
                                     person." He created the world's #1 urban         P   eter Guber has been a major force in the
                                                                                          entertainment industry for over thirty years.
                                     brand: Def Jam Records.And in this exclusive     The films he's produced or executive produced
                                     Learning Annex class, Russell Simmons is going   have earned revenues in excess of 3 billion,
                                     to share with you his life-altering Laws         including Rain Man, Batman, The Color
                                     of Success!                                      Purple, Midnight Express, Gorillas In The
                                                                                      Mist, The Witches of Eastwick, Missing,
                                     Whether you want to make it as a recording       Flashdance, and many others. His latest huge
                                     artist, songwriter, music or movie producer,     success is The Kids Are All Right, which won
                                     fashion designer or entrepreneur -- media        2 Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for
                                     mogul and mega-successful entrepreneur           4 Oscars including Best Picture. In the music
                                     Russell Simmons has been there, done that,       world - he founded Casablanca Records and
                                     and will tell you how to succeed. He'll teach    Filmworks, whose record operation included
                                     you to tap into your own inner strength to       such superstars as KISS, Donna Summer and The Village People. In sports, he
                                     achieve your goals.                              recently acquired the NBA franchise, Golden State Warriors. And he's been a full
Russell Simmons knows firsthand that wealth is rooted in much more than the            professor at UCLA for close to four decades.
stock market. If you do what you love, true wealth will follow. Using this            Learn the SECRET: Most Important Communication Tool
knowledge, Simmons became one of America's shrewdest entrepreneurs,
achieving a level of success that most people only dream about. In Super Rich,        The focus of Peter Guber's class will be something he understands better than
Russell uses his rare blend of spiritual savvy and street-smart wisdom to share his   nearly anyone else, the power of communicating well. In fact, he refers to this as
principles for developing an unshakable sense of self that can weather any            the ability to shape the stories we tell each other. In his words: "Storytelling is not
financial storm. As Russell says, "Happy can make you money, but money can't make      frivolous entertainment. It's an inspirational and professional tool that can bring life
you happy."                                                                           into focus. A great story can actually propel your success...whether you're an
                                                                                      executive, entrepreneur, sales manager, marketing & communications expert, artist,
What do YOU want to do? Access your own God given talent that is already              consultant, inventor, or assistant."
inside you to create whatever you can imagine in the outside world!
                                                                                      Proven Success
Then he'll take your questions. His answers will help you follow your dreams
-- breaking into the record business, starting your own clothing line, mass           If you really think about it - the ability to engage and excite others with your ideas
marketing your product, getting on TV or just becoming an empowered                   is at the very heart of any successful business. In fact, it's the basis of any one-on-
person ready to achieve ANY GOAL!                                                     one relationship of any kind, and the only sure-fire way to achieve success. Only
                                                                                      stories and their telling can create the emotional experiences that make important
Forbes Magazine recently named Russell Simmons                                        information memorable and actionable. In this entertaining, enlightening and
one of “Hollywood’s Most Influential Celebrities.”                                     informative presentation, Peter Guber will share his thoughts of how to employ the
USA Today named Russell Simmons one of the “Top                                       power of the story to lead more persuasively, manage more effectively, foster
25 Most Influential People of the Past 25 Years,”                                      deeper collaboration, overcome resistance, and even inspire greater creativity.
calling him a “hip-hop pioneer” for his
groundbreaking vision in music, fashion, finance, the
jewelry industry, television and film and philanthropy.
His life’s work stretches from Def Jam Recordings in
                                                                                                         BONUS: Every single student at Peter
1984 to his New York Times best-sellers Do You! 12                                                       Guber's class will receive a free copy of
Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve
Happiness and Success and “SUPER RICH: A Guide
                                                                                                         his best-selling book Tell to Win. That's
To Having It All”, to Chairman and CEO of Rush                                                           right, you get to attend his amazing class
Communications and devoted yogi! Russell also                                                            and get his book as a gift!
leads the non-profit division of his empire, Rush
Community Affairs and is UN Goodwill Ambassador
For The Permanent Memorial To Honor The Victims Of Slavery and The
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Most recently, he premiered his new reality show
“Running Russell Simmons”.                                                            Course CL117 | Sec. A | Sunday, Mar. 13 | 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Course ZL119 | Sec. A | Mar. 22 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                                      Course fee $69
Course fee $3999                                                                      The first 30 students who register pay only $29
Members Course fee – FREE

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Dear Students,
                                                                                                                Featured Speakers ................2-3, 6, 28
Great news! Now watch The Learning Annex LIVE classes online! Go to and watch our newest classes LIVE as they’re happening. Ask your
                                                                                                                Best of the Annex ..............................5
instructors questions and chat with millions of other students.
Since 1980, The Learning Annex has been the premiere producer of classes                                        Publishing and Writing ......................8
throughout North America. Our 1000’s of celebrity experts are the best and the
brightest in their fields. Now they’re going to teach you their secrets to success,
                                                                                                                Mind, Body & Spirit ............................9
LIVE on! Check out and
For a complete listing of out Ustream classes, please see pages 14-21.
                                                                                                                Something For Everyone ............10-11
We have a great line-up of speakers this Spring, including a few brilliant
business legends. If you are looking to make it big, you don't want to miss
                                                                                                                Internet Business ........................12-13
Peter Guber (p.3) on March 13, Russell Simmons (p.3) on March 22, and Jerry
Weintraub (p. 5) on April 4th. These moguls have seen it all and done it all and
they're coming to teach you how to succeed.                                                                     USTREAM Classes ........................14-21

Keep Learning,                                                                                                  Personal Improvement ................22-23

                                                                                                                Business, Careers, Money ............24-25
Bill Zanker, President and Founder, The Learning Annex
                                                                                                                Registration Information ................26

                     The Learning Annex Book Review:                                                            One Day University ..........................27

                     Tell to Win by Peter Guber
                     Peter Guber has enjoyed a remarkable career. He shares what he's
                     learned in this excellent new book. Whether navigating the waters
                     between Hollywood and Sony executives in Tokyo, or trying to
                     convince Fidel Castro to allow his crew to film in Havana Bay, Guber                      The Learning Annex Network
                     always had a secret weapon at his side: the ability to tell a story.
                     In “Tell To Win” he explains how storytelling can become part of                                    Go back to college for 1 day!
                     anyone's leadership arsenal, by channeling his own experiences as                                   The best professors from the
                     well as the knowledge of colleagues.                                                                finest schools teaching their
                     You'll learn how then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton used the                                        greatest courses.
movie “High Noon” to keep his campaign alive after losing the New Hampshire primary.                               
You'll learn how Famous Amos liked the cookie business better than the agent business.
You'll even learn that Guber went on the movie set to tell Dean Martin to shape up only
to have Frank Sinatra intervene with a “Who the hell are you?” before physically pushing                                                                         TM

him out the door!
Guber focuses on oral storytelling, a key point in the book. If you need to win someone                                                                     TM

over to your way of thinking, don’t get on the phone or send an e-mail. Get face-to-face
with the person. Recognize that emotions play just as an important role as intellect in                    Learn anything in 1 minute. Free to teach!
how people make decisions. Stories – not facts, figures and spreadsheets – tap the heart.                      Free to learn! –
Quite simply, this is a fantastic and insightful book that everyone should read! We give it
5 stars. Buy this book immediately!

                                                                                                                Your Online Spiritual Destination
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Legendary Producer/Promoter
##Jerry Weintraub##
How to Achieve Success
   erry Weintraub is a legend. His passion for the world of entertainment, impressive
J  business savvy and gift of social diplomacy led to his success, He is considered the
greatest promoter, manager and producer of films, television and concerts. His unmatched
ability to recognize and promote talent found him at the top of his game in his 20s, arranging
tours for both Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. He conceived and produced sold-out concert
tours for John Denver, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and others; produced top-rated television
specials; produced blockbuster and critically acclaimed films such as the “Ocean’s Eleven”
series, the “Karate Kid” series, “Diner” and “Nashville”; and recently penned his best-selling autobiography, “When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead”.
Charming, clever, confident, brutally honest, unabashed, unorthodox and sometimes outrageous, Weintraub is a man who was taught early in life to work hard
and dream big, to pursue his visions and to never take no for an answer. And that's exactly what you'll learn to do in this life-changing one hour class.
For some people, it takes many years to succeed in their dreams. The idea is to overcome these obstacles to goals. Properly applied, here are strategies that can
provide a pathway to achieving goals that may appear as "impossible dreams."
In this amazing evening, Jerry Weintraub will discuss how you can harness these stragtegies to acheive your own dreams.
Whether you're starting a business or running one, whether you want to be in the movies or behind the camera, if you're a musician, artist, agent, promoter. whatever
your business and personal goals are, you can't afford to miss an evening with the man who has done and seen it all. Jerry will talk about defining your goals, buidling
on your strengths, eliminating weaknesses, and most of all how to be resilient and never quit.
Course ML117 | Sec. A | Sunday, Apr. 4 | 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Course fee $4495 |      The first 30 students who register pay only $29.
                                Event Planning: Start a New Career or Plan Your Own Events
                                     ith the economy heating up, event and meeting planners are back in demand. Experienced event planners in New York City make
                                W    six figures. And you don’t need a special degree to get started.
                                Whether you’re starting an event business or looking to spice up your own parties, Jennifer Gilbert will tell you how you can plan and
                                execute an event that is sure to leave a great impression.
                                In this class, Jennifer will tell you: • How to get started in event planning • What makes a successful event • What makes a
                                successful planner • Her favorite venues • How to handle difficult clients • Negotiating secrets • Tips you need for home
                                entertaining • And much more
 Jennifer Gilbert is Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of New York based special events company Save the Date. She has been quoted for her expert advise on
 everything from meeting planning to wedding advice in national publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time Out New York, Cosmopolitan,
 People, and more. She has also planned events for Oprah, Bill Gates, Bill Cosby and Sarah Jessica Parker.

 Course BL173 | Sec. A | Apr. 13 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm | Course fee $4495 |                       Members Course fee – FREE

                          How to Become Centered Become Awakened!
                          Through poetry and storytelling, poet and spiritual teacher Mark Nepo will explore the promise of the inner world that always waits like
                          sun behind clouds and roots waiting in the earth. This evening program will open a conversation with ourselves, each other and the
                          dynamic flow that animates the world when we concentrate on what joins us rather than on what separates us. The common acre of
                          awareness and experience where all spirits land regardless of where they begin.
                          Topics will include: • The courage to listen to your own life • The gift of vulnerability • The willingness to experiment and explore your
                          own voice • The abiding commitment to respect your own and others' journeys • And the life skill of working with what we're given.
                          No is experience required, just a Beginner's Mind and Heart.
                          Mark Nepo is a New York Times #1 bestselling author. Recently, Mark sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey as part of her SIRIUS
                          XM Radio show, Soul Series, and was interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America about his New York Times bestseller The
                          Book of Awakening. His forthcoming work includes a new book of teaching stories, As Far As the Heart Can See.
     Mark Nepo’s          Course SL211 | Sec. A | May 5 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm | Course fee $4495 |                         Members Course fee – FREE
     The Book of

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6        [ F E A T U R E D                             S P E A K E R S ]

Fearless Loving                                            Talking to the                                          The Four Purposes of Life
With Rhonda Britten                                        Other Side                                              A Peaceful Warrior's Way
                                                                                                                   to Meaning and Direction
                                                           With Concetta Bertoldi                                  in a Changing World

                                                                                                                                            W      hat is life for? How will
                                                                                                                                                   you spend yours? By
                                                                                                                                            the end of this workshop,
                                                                                                                                            you will have some answers.
                                                                                                                                            Life snaps into focus when
                                                                                                                                            you understand the four
                                                                                                                                            fundamental purposes we
                                                                                                                                            are here to fulfill — learning
                                                                                                                                            life’s lessons; finding your
                                                                                                                                            career and calling; fulfilling
                                                                                                                                            your life path; and attending
                                                                     One of America’s Top Psychics                 to your purpose in each arising moment. This
                                                                                                                   interactive evening seminar with Dan Millman will
                                                              o Dead People Watch You Shower? Come join
            Open Up and Receive Love

     hat if the key to finding true love was about
                                                           D  world-renowned medium Concetta Bertoldi
                                                           and find out.
                                                                                                                   provide a map of your journey and crystallize a new
                                                                                                                   sense of meaning and direction. Like his new book,

W    “loving yourself more than you want to be liked,
admired, accepted or desired by another”. In the           As a medium to the stars, Concetta’s remarkable
                                                                                                                   Dan speaks to all those at a crossroads in life, facing
                                                                                                                   a challenge or change, and to anyone seeking to
                                                           gift as a spiritual messenger has aided people such     better understand their place in the world. Discover
quest to feel more love, research shows that the last                                                              what you're doing here — and what you're really
person we focus on loving is ourself. Finding a soul       as Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Alec Baldwin,
                                                           Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and Edie Falco. Now, it's your    here to do — day by day, moment by moment.
mate becomes a driving force but even if we find him
                                                           chance to experience Concetta's amazing skills          Beginning in the realm of daily life, the book
or her, we rarely feel the long-term love, acceptance,
                                                           firsthand!                                               addresses career and calling, including the hidden
and happiness we yearn for.
                                                                                                                   calling (or destiny-path) you, as an individual, are
Love, passion, dating, image...It’s a different time and   This unforgettable evening with distinguished           here to fulfill — and it ends with the most important
you’re a different age; your dream mate or just            medium and healer Concetta Bertoldi will give you       purpose of all, one that ties together all the others to
dream date may be right around the corner, but do          new hope and a renewed trust in life and the            bring more sense and meaning to all our lives.
you know how to be open and receive the love you           afterlife. You'll learn techniques for developing
                                                           your intuitive and psychic abilities, accelerating      You will take away • Understanding of the
seek? Would you know what to do if you met him or                                                                  higher purpose of the challenges in your daily life
her? Can you trust yourself to choose? Whether it’s        spiritual development and healing from the pain of
                                                           losing someone you love.                                • Insight and tools for making wiser decisions
feeling comfortable flirting the night away or jumping                                                              about career and relationships • A unique
online, feeling confident and insync with your soul are     Concetta will teach you how to: • Connect with          system to clarify your hidden calling • Keys to
imperative if you are going to be (and attract) the love   loved ones on the Other Side • Contact your spirit      mastering the most important purpose of all.
of your life.                                              guides and angels • Use meditation tools for            This peaceful warrior seminar sows the seeds and
                                                           psychic development and healing • Understand            presents essential reminders to improve the quality
Whether it’s falling in love with yourself or falling in
                                                           your power within and transform yourself in             and enjoyment of your time here on earth.
love with another, its all about love...fearless love.     the process.
Rhonda Britten and Andy Paige are going to give                                                                       *Limited Special VIP Package*
you the tools to give yourself permission to love and      Bonus: You'll have the opportunity to ask                 Meet Dan! Includes reception from 6-7pm,
be loved as you desire.                                    Concetta your questions and a few lucky                   preferred seating and private book signing
                                                           participants will get a reading.                              for only $69.99 (Members $20.00)
Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-winner, author of 4
books including “Fearless Loving”, Founder of              Concetta Bertoldi was tested at Edgar Cayce             Dan Millman, a former world-champion gymnast,
Fearless Living Institute™ and Fearless World™, has        Institute, where her abilities were validated and       martial arts instructor, and college professor, is
appeared in over 600 episodes of reality television in     identified as “clairsentient.” Concetta is endorsed by   author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior (adapted to
over 25 countries. Visit her at                            renowned medium and author James Van Praagh,            film starring Nick Nolte as "Socrates"), and                                      and is a consultant to many highly esteemed figures      numerous other works read by millions of people in
                                                           and celebrities, including members of The British       29 languages. Dan speaks worldwide about ways to
Andy Paige, Beauty, Style and Femininity Expert,           Royal Family. Her book, Do Dead People Watch You        live with a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. His
Author of Style On A Shoestring, Member of the Glam        Shower? And Other Questions You've Been All But         teachings have influenced men and women from all
Squad on TLC’s ‘10 Years Younger’, Stylist on Style’s      Dying To Ask A Medium, was on the NY Times Best         walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health,
‘How Do I Look’ and NBC’s ‘Starting Over’. Visit her at    Seller list in 2008.                                    psychology, education, business, politics, sports,                                                                                                  entertainment, and the arts.
                                                           Course SL112
Course PL119                                               Sec. C | Sunday, Apr. 3 | 2:20 - 3:20 pm                Course PL223
Sec. B | Mar. 21 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                                                                                  Sec. A | May 2 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
                                                           Course fee $1999                                        Course fee $4495
Course fee $4495
                                     Members Course fee – FREE               Members Course fee – FREE
Members Course fee – FREE
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ASK 1               FREE                          PSYCHIC
                                                  * Love

                                                  * Money

                                                  * Astrology

                                                  * Tarot

                                                  * Cheating

Get an honest answer from a LIVE psychic. Ask 1 FREE question now. Visit:

                CALL 1-888-650-4507
8        [ P U B L I S H I N G                               &       W R I T I N G S ]

Get Published Today!                                                                     How to Make a Living
                                   any people dream of                                   Blogging, Writing & Editing
                             M     being a published
                                                                                             onnie Fuller was a superstar magazine editor and left the print publishing
                             writer...but very few
                             realize that dream. The                                     B   world to take on the online world.
                             reason often isn't                                          Generally credited with inventing the "celebrity lens" school of journalism,
                             because they can't write.
                             It's because they don't                                     Bonnie Fuller is currently the President and Editor-in-Chief of Hollywood Life, the
                             know the people who                                         premier digital brand for women 18-35 and, the leading
                             decide what gets                                            destination for young moms. She is the former VP of American Media whose
                             published, or they don't                                    roster includes magazines like Star, Shape, Mens’ Fitness and the former Editor-
                             know the business end of                                    in-chief of US Weekly Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire.
                             the writing game.
                                                               Superstar Publisher       In other words, when it comes to publishing and writing, there’s virtually no better
                            Taught by publishing                                         person on the planet to teach you how to make a living blogging, writing or editing.
                            powerhouses Jason
                            Allen Ashlock and               In Bonnie’s one-time-only Learning Annex class, she will discuss • How to transition from print to online
                            Penny Sansevieri.               • Managing your career when life gets in the way • How to stay positive-no matter what! • What every
This class is packed with insider tips, marketing           woman needs to be their own Madonna -- and much more.
strategies, and publishing success stories. Are you         If you want to get a job (writing) online, or off, you don’t want to miss this Learning Annex event.
ready to be a successfully published author?                Seating is limited. Register early.
This is your chance to learn publishing from the
                                                            Course WL117 | Sec. A | Mar. 23 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm | Course fee $3999
inside out! In this seminar you learn how to:
• Negotiate your first or next book contract                 The first 30 students who register pay only $29. | Members Course fee – FREE
• Instantly stand out from the crowd
• Get Published faster, easier, and less expensively
  than ever before
• Understand the "big picture strategy" to succeed
                                                           How to Write and                                         Write & Publish
  as a best-selling author
• Write powerful book proposals that publishers
                                                           Publish Your                                             Your eBooks
  can't refuse
• Create a successful author platform
                                                           Romance Novel                                            e  Books are the hottest thing since sliced bread and
                                                                                                                        this course will help you claim your morning toast.
                                                                                                                    With 2001 eBook sales expected to hit $1 billion and
• Plus the hottest new marketing strategies,
  including harnessing the power of the Internet
• And more!
                                                           A   ccording to Publisher’s Weekly, romance authors
                                                               generate $885 million in annual sales and
                                                           account for almost half of all mass-market book
                                                                                                                    as much as $3 billion by 2015, this is your chance to
                                                                                                                    participate in a very lucrative Internet marketplace
                                                                                                                    while the barriers to entry are low and the money-
                                                           sales! Come find out how to break into this red-hot       making opportunities are high. Monique McKenzie,
Jason Allen Ashlock is the Founder and Managing
                                                           field from New York Times best selling romance            also known as the eBook Queen, offers tools to help
Partner of Movable Type Literary Group, a Publishing
                                                           author, Sarah McLean.                                    you get your eBook up and running in 5 days or less.
2.0 literary management firm that fosters storytelling
across platforms, devices, formats, territories,           She'll tell you how she did it - and how you can, too!   This course will cover: • 5 Reasons You Must
currencies and generations. He represents more than                                                                 Create an eBook Now • 10 Can't Miss eBook
one hundred authors across categories, and speaks          You will learn: • The ins and outs of the romance
                                                                                                                    Topics • Top Tips to Help You Hitch Your Niche
frequently across the country on topics within media,      publishing industry • Basic story structuring for the
                                                                                                                    • The Hottest Online Spots to Find eBook Readers
publishing and book history, having been featured at       romance novel • How to analyze current novels for
                                                                                                                    • Secrets to Creating Compelling Content (even if
venues as diverse as Yale, NYU, Georgetown, Indiana        dialogue and POV (point of view • What to put in
                                                                                                                    you can't write a word) • Instructions on Making
University, MediaBistro, Writers Digest, Grub Street,      your proposal and where to submit it • Resources
                                                                                                                    Your eBook Available in the Top Three Formats
BookCamp, and many others.                                 available to help you succeed • How to Get an Agent
                                                                                                                    • Strategies to Ensure You Make the Sale • Why
                                                           • Options for Self-publishing, and much more.
Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author                                                                      eBooks are the perfect online business for you • Free
                                                           Stop dreaming of being a romance author. Sign up         Online Tools that Can Help You Get Started Now
Marketing Experts, Inc has more than 10 years of           and get that book published.
experience in publishing. Her firm was one of the                                                                    Monique McKenzie is an award winning journalist
first to launch online campaigns harnessing the             Sarah MacLean is a New York Times and USA Today          and senior editor at She
power of blogs and social media to create viral            bestselling author. She grew up in Rhode Island, and     authored a best selling health guide and ghostwrote
programs and red hot buzz for the books they               now resides in New York City City with her husband,      several conventional books for business experts and
manage! Penny will teach the audience the insider          their dog, and a ridiculously large collection of        other professionals.
secrets for on and offline success using the power of       romance novels. She has degrees from Smith
social media to launch your book up the bestseller list!   College and Harvard University.                          Course WL118
Course WL120                                               Course WL119                                             Sec. A | Apr. 11 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Sec. A | Mar. 31 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm                          Sec. A | Apr. 28 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                        Course fee $1999
Course fee $4495                                           Course fee $1999                                         Members Course fee – FREE
Members Course fee – FREE           Members Course fee – FREE
Become a Learning Annex Member: Unlimited Live and Online Classes Call 800-896-5409 or Visit
                                                                                     [ M I N D ,                   B O D Y             S P I R I T ]                      9

                                  Slim                     How Dreams Provide                                      Techniques in
                                  Sexy                     a Window into                                           Psychic Awakening &
                                  Yoga                     Ourselves and Worlds                                    Interpreting Symbols
                                       oga connects
                                  Y    you back to you,
                                   where everything
                                                           with Jungian Analyst                                                                  W     e often sense that
                                                                                                                                                       impressions from
                                   you need to know is
                                                           Beverly Zabriskie                                                                     dreams, idle thoughts,
                                                                                                                                                 and moments of deja vu,
                                   waiting to be                                                                                                 are significant. And that's
                                   discovered and                                                                                                because those impressions
                                   applied. Connecting                                                                                            are significant; they're
                                   to our breath puts                                                                                            the ideas of our soul, or
                                   us in the direct                                                                                              inner guide! Look at
                                   experience with our                                                                                           them closely, and you’ll
                                   intuition,                                                                                                    find they’re psychic.
                                   awareness, and
creativity. When we connect with our intuition                                                                     This unique class will introduce you to ways you can
instead of our thinking, we are navigating our life                                                                understand and interpret the symbolic language of
with inspiration. Fear, stress, worry, and pain                                                                    your psyche. You'll perform a series of clever,
                                                               eing receptive to our dreams allows us to engage
dissolve. Strength, flexibility, space and energy open
up. The more you practice, the more opens up.              B   our creatively and be more effective in following
                                                           our life's path. In this insightful course, Jungian
                                                                                                                   imaginary exercises designed to help you perceive
                                                                                                                   psychic symbols from your inner guide. When one of
                                                                                                                   these symbols shows up in your waking reality, it will
There are no limits. We'll work through yoga,
meditation, and breathing techniques to connect            analyst, author and faculty member of the Jungian       mark a coincidence, a moment of awareness: A
you back to you. Where all the good stuff is.              Psychoanalytic Association in New York, Beverley        symbolic reality exists as a reflection of your physical
                                                           Zabriskie will speak about how our dreams reflect on     world, and you are psychically connected to it.
Tara Stiles is the author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga,          both our being and becoming.
Women’s Health contributor, star of the Yoga                                                                       Keep practicing this game over time, and you’ll find
Anywhere DVD series, the new face of fitness for            For decades Beverley has been exploring why we          that the most amazing patterns and themes arise!
Jane Fonda's WORKOUT series, and personal yoga             dream and what our dreams communicate. You'll           The guiding psychic impressions you assemble from
instructor to Deepak Chopra and founder of Strala.         learn about: • Why we are who and what we dream         this class will offer practical insights into your path in
                                                           • How to follow and interpret clues about life          life— your talent, aspirations, and opportunities.
Named "Yoga Rebel" by The New York Times, Tara             experience in dreams • How dreams provide a
has been featured in publications including Elle, Lucky,   window into our emotions and instincts.• How to         You’ll learn to:
 InStyle, Esquire, Women’s Health and Men's Health.        engage the images in our dreams • What dreams           • Interpret dreams
She’s also the Yoga Master in Nissan’s nationwide          suggest about the present and potential future.
race program, together with Lance Armstrong and            • How dreams can lead to personal freedom               • Attract coincidences
Ryan Hall.                                                 • And more.                                             • Realize your natural psychic gifts
Course PL225                                                                                                       • Meet a spirit guide
                                                           Course CL116
Sec. A | Apr. 12 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                                                                                  • Find meaning in deja vu
                                                           Sec. A | Sunday, Apr. 10 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm
Course fee $4495                                                                                                   • Techniques in collecting psychic insights.
Members Course fee – FREE                                  Course fee $999
                                                                                                                   Bring a pad and pen! Activities will include:
                                                           Members Course fee – FREE                               • Writing • Drawing • Creative play with your
                                                                                                                   five senses • Free-associating with words or
                                                                                                                   concepts • Interpreting pictures and symbols.
Shape Your Destiny with Palmistry                                                                                  Derek Calibre is an internationally recognized
                             id you know that the lines on your hands change every three weeks? Learn how
                         D   to read your own hands as well as others, and to determine - and SHAPE your
                         destiny. Using class examples, internationally renowned palmist Madalyn Aslan will
                                                                                                                   teacher and psychic, with 10 years experience in
                                                                                                                   New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. Derek is the author of
                                                                                                                   "Can You Turn It Off?: A Diary of Psychic Awakening".
                         give all a reading, and will demonstrate in this very "hands-on" course how to read,      He's been featured on CNN, News 8's “Psychic
                         predict, and utilize free will. We will compare the unconscious anima hand with the       Hawaii”, and Comcast, where he hosted a show
                         conscious persona hand, and find out how to immediately know if someone is your            called "Psychic Workshop". Derek has taught
                         soul mate, friend or foe, and how they live their life - and will live their future.      meditation at the YMCA and Psychic Development at
   Madalyn Aslan
                                                                                                                   Kapiolani Community College.
  with Carson Daly      Madalyn Aslan, M.A., is the only psychic palmist included in Who's Who in America
                        and in Who's Who in the World and whose readings have been auctioned at                    Course SL207
Christie's. She has been interviewed on The Today Show and by The New York Times, and has published
                                                                                                                   Sec. A | Apr. 28 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm
books as well as many columns,including the weekly celebrity predictions column in the New York Post.

Course CL107 | Sec. A | Sunday, Apr. 3 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm                                                            Course fee $4495
                                                                                                                   Members Course fee – FREE
Course fee $999 Members Course fee – FREE

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10        [ S O M E T H I N G                                   F O R           E V E R Y O N E ]

A Team of Experts Will Show You:                                Acting for Non-Actors                                   How to Build and
                         How To Make                                                          Have Fun &                Run a Business Empire
                         It In Fashion                                                        Explore Your                                        o you have a great
                                                                                              Hidden                                               D
                                                                                                                                                  idea for a business, but
                                                                                                                                              don’t know where to start?
                           f you have a flair for design
                         I and a desire to break into
                         the industry- even create your
                                                                                              Talents                                         Whether you’re interested
                                                                                                                                              in starting a successful
                                                                                                  ou'll have fun and
                         own line- our experts will
                         teach you how to get your
                                                                                              Y   explore your hidden
                                                                                              talents in acting as
                                                                                                                                              business or you’re already
                                                                                                                                              running your enterprise
                         fashions to stores, customers,                                                                                       and need some help
                                                                                              well as your ability to                         growing it, Rasheed
                         and in the media!
                                                                                              become a powerful                               Young, the man behind
Our expert fashion insiders will give you all the information                                 communicator.                                   Rev Run, Russel
you need to start a career out of designing your own line,                                                              Simmons, and the Simmons family empire, can
                                                                Through characterization, improvisation, theater
styling for celebrities, or making your own unique pieces.                                                              show you how!
                                                                games, and other modes of expression, you will
They will cover: • How to turn your passion into                learn how to: • Open your immense "color wheel"         Rasheed will teach you: • How to get started • 5
a career • How to start a collection • How to                   of personalities • Stay in the moment • Listen          things you must include in your business plan • How
execute your designs • How to attract a                         and communicate with power • Make your voice a          to generate funds and reach your financial goals
department store buyer • How to style for the                   powerful instrument • Gain the emotional freedom        • Keys to building a winning team • What you need
stars • How to make connections and                             you have always wanted to have                          to know about branding your product • Spotting
collaborate with other brands • How to build                                                                            trends - how do distinguish between a long-term
your business using social media • And much more!               Everyone can be a star. Over 4,000                      trend and a fad • How to recognize the needs and
                                                                students have benefited from Arthur                     wants of consumers • And more!
Rolando Santana began his career designing for
well-known dress companies. He soon started his                 Reel's course - now you can too!                        Rasheed Young, President of Run Athletics and
own collection, which is now sold at Neiman                     Arthur Reel is the artistic director of Drama           Pastry & Chivalrous Culture at Rush
Marcus. Micaela Erlanger is a fashion stylist who               Committee Repertory Theatre, which has presented        Communications, overcame many personal
has worked with stars such as Michael C. Hall, Nick             over 200 plays in N.Y.C. since the mid '70s. He has     hardships before becoming the man behind the
Jonas, Edie Falco, Melissa Etheridge, Nicole Richie,            taught acting for more than 25 years, and his           Simmons family empire. His work as business and
Jessica Simpson, Cynthia Nixon and Scarlett                     unique method of teaching has helped transform          personal adviser to Rev Run, Russell Simmons, and
Johansson. Erica Domesek, founder, creator, and                 the lives of countless people from all walks of life.   the Simmons family has propelled their business
author of P.S.- I made this..., is a DIY design and                                                                     ventures into an empire. Young’s service to the family
style expert living in New York City. Erica has been seen       Course CL101                                            will be chronicled in his upcoming book, MAN B.
crafting on Martha Stewart, E! News, NBC, and CBS.              Sec. O | May 2 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm                         Course BL176
Course BL175                                                    Course fee $999                                         Sec. A | Apr. 27 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm
Sec. A | Apr. 7 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                                Members Course fee – FREE                               Course fee $999
Course fee $1999                                                                                                        Members Course fee – FREE
Members Course fee – FREE

How to Talk to Your Angels With the author of Angels In My Hair
                                orna Byrne sees and talks with angels every day. Since she was a baby, she sees angels physically as you or I might see someone sitting
                             L  in front of us. Her first book Angels in My Hair is a huge international bestseller - translated into 20 languages, in 47 countries. She’s been
                             featured extensively in the European media – BBC TV, The Economist, The Telegraph, The Times, Die Welt; to name just a few.
                             Lorna knows no matter how alone we sometimes feel in the world, we are all, always, accompanied by a guardian angel. Lorna’s vivid, startling
                             descriptions of the angels she sees – everywhere - have helped people all over the world to make contact with their guardian angel.
                             “I have been seeing and talking with Angels since I was a baby. I am finally doing what the Angels have been asking me to do for
                             years and talking openly for the first time about what I have seen and learned from them.” Lorna Byrne
Regardless of religion or belief, you will learn how to: • Communicate better with Your Guardian Angel • Recognize signs from your Guardian Angel • Find out
your Guardian Angels name • Invite teacher angels, healing angels and others into your life • Receive Guardian Angel Messages more frequently and clearly
• Recognize the difference between good angels of light and bad angels of darkness and their activities.
If you believe in the power of prayer and angelic visitations do not miss this awe inspiring and life changing evening with Lorna Byrne.

Course SL204 | Sec. A | Mar. 14 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Course fee $1999 | Members Course fee – FREE

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                                                          [ S O M E T H I N G                                F O R            E V E R Y O N E ]                          11

How to Find Your                                          How to Develop an                                            Learn New Orleans
Soulmate —                                                iPhone or iPad App                                           Piano and Boogie
Discover Your True Love Destiny ...And Make Millions                                                                   Woogie
                              f you think love and                                                                                               Even If You've
                            I attraction are simply a
                            matter of luck, think
                                                                                     T   he iPhone is more than
                                                                                         a smart phone for some
                                                                                     users - it's a portable                                     Never Played
                            again! If there is a
                            relationship you would
                                                                                     entertainment system and                                    Before!
                                                                                     a potential gold mine for
                                                                                                                                                     ver wanted to learn the
                            like to repair, a lover you
                            just can't forget, or
                            someone you've met and
                                                                                     entrepreneurs who create
                                                                                     apps for the device. And                                    E   secrets to piano legends
                                                                                                                                                 like Dr. John, Professor
                                                                                     the iPad is expected to be
                            felt like you've known                                   sold to over 100 million                                    Longhair, Fats Domino, Ray
                            forever, then you've                                     people within 2 years.                                      Charles, Elton John?
probably met your “soulmate.” If you want true
happiness in love, then this empowering workshop                                  Bring your ideas to this                                       This introductory workshop
is for you. Renowned psychic Roxanne Usleman will                                 class, and we'll discuss                                       will give you an appreciation
provide you with insight and valuable tools you can                               potential pitfalls, how to                                     of the New Orleans Piano
use to find “The One.”                                                             monetize them, and how to                                      style that is only learned
                                                          get them developed and into the app store.                                             from being passed down
You'll learn how to: • Put yourself in the right place                                                                                           aurally.
at the right time • Visualize your soulmate then          Topics to cover include: • How to get an app
attract them in your life • Stop attracting certain       developed • How to get your app noticed in the app           Even if you've never played before, you will walk
types of people over and over again • Summon              store • Selling your app vs. other revenue models •          away with knowledge and a new found appreciation
your "Love Angels" for guidance and help •                The app submission process • The current state               for this unique piano style and you will have BLAST!
Recognize past-life relationships when you meet           and future of apps on the iPhone, iPad and other platforms
                                                                                                                       • An overview of New Orleans Piano
them in your current life • Never be mistreated by        Acrossair apps currently in the app store include:           • Understanding of the history, culture and how the
a partner again • Recognize early signs that you          Augmented Reality Browser • NY Subway • Nearest              music grew and developed over time
are with the wrong person - so you can get out and        Tweets • Nearest Wiki • Nearest Places • Stella
not waste precious time • And more!                                                                                    • Learn how you “FEEL” the music
                                                          Artois Le Bar Guide • Ice Wars Game for iPad
Roxanne Usleman, Ph.D., is an internationally             • MiniMonsters Game for iPad                                 • Break down of piano classics like Blueberry Hill
renowned Psychic, Metaphysician, and                                                                                   Masterful pianist and soulful singer/ songwriter Josh
Parapsychologist. She has been on CNN, CNBC,              Dana Farbo's iPhone and iPad Application company,
                                                          Acrossair, is a world leader in the development of           Charles has appeared on Good Morning America,
NBC, Fox News Channel, (where she predicted the                                                                        Tavis Smiley, CNN, and has been featured in USA
events of 911), Night Line, Good Morning America,         Augmented Reality applications for the mobile market.
                                                          Acrossair is at the forefront of creating iPhone and         Today, LA Weekly, and the Huffington Post. Josh is
Bravo, NPR, as well as The New York Times,                                                                             currently the new Casio Privia spokesperson and his
Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. She conducts private       mobile applications that integrate Augmented Reality
                                                          into the experience.                                         debut CD Love, Work and Money, was released last
readings in person and by telephone.                                                                                   year to critical acclaim. Josh has toured extensively
Course SL108                                              Course BL102                                                 and performed with the Neville Brothers and Joss Stone.
Sec. D | Apr. 20 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm                         Sec. J | Mar. 27 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm                            Course CL115
Sec. E | June 3 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm                          Sec. K | May 3 | 7:00 - 9:30 pm                              Sec. A | Mar. 28 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm
Course fee $1995                                          Course fee $1999                                             Course fee $1995
Members Course fee – FREE                                 Members Course fee – FREE                                    Members Course fee – FREE

                        Find the Guru in You with Yogi Cameron Alborzian
                        A guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority and uses it to guide others. Yogi Cameron Alborzian dives
                        into explaining the importance of being your own guru and how one can become more in tune with themselves and their bodies.
                        In this powerful workshop, Yogi Cameron will show you: • How to go from outer beauty to inner beauty • How to tap into the guru in you
                        • How to create your practice of yoga • How to continue your practice • The importance of practice through daily life.
                        Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion to seek the higher path available to all of us. In 2003, he began his ongoing studies in Ayurveda
                        at Arsha Yoga in India after completing the training at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. Yogi Cameron has appeared on NBC Nightly
                        News, The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, E! Entertainment, and Extra, as well as in such publications as Elle magazine, The New
                        York Times, and Vogue.

                        Course SL211 | Sec. A | Mar. 16th | 7:40 - 8:40 pm | Course fee $999 |                            Members Course fee – FREE

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12      [ I N T E R N E T                         B U S I N E S S ]

Start Your Own Web TV Show You Can Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Web TV Show,
Stand Apart From the Competition, and MAKE MONEY! has watched the web television medium evolve for six years and has worked with tens of thousands of independent shows. Members of’s content
b   team will share what they’ve learned and explain how to put that knowledge to work.
                                     They’ll explain: • How to effectively cherry pick the best aspects of established television practices and Internet innovation.
                                     • How to make the most of your budget, even if your budget is zero. • How to build an audience fast • How to make money
                                     In the Twenty-first century, a great idea is not enough. If you want to stand out and get noticed, you need to execute. Producing a
                                     web show requires a major investment of time and talent, but the payoff is huge, no matter what your longterm goals are.
                                     Eric Mortensen: As the Director of Content Development for, Eric oversees relationships with content producers and the
                                     management of the company's content library.
                                     Tom Reynolds: As the Producer Relations Manager for, Tom’s oversees support operations for all of producers, and
                                     works with developers to streamline producer workflow.
                                     Aaron Sonnenberg: As the Content Operations Manager for, Aaron oversees many aspects of the content library,
                                     and works with adverting and development teams. He also manages relationships with some of blip's top shows.

 Will Teach         Course ML116 | Sec. A | Apr. 2 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm | Course fee $2995
           You the Secrets           The first 30 students who register pay only $1995 | Members Course fee – FREE

How to Make Money                                                                   Making Money on eBay
in Online Fashion                                                                   Join the Millions of Home-based Entrepreneurs
  f you want to turn your interest in fashion into a profitable career, or blog
I about the industry you love – our experts will teach you how to make money
in the exciting world of online fashion! Our experts from top fashion blogs
                                                                                    who are Making Fortunes on eBay
                                                                                        n eBay… a Corvette sells every 3 hours, a diamond ring every 6 minutes, a and will teach you:                                O   digital camera every 90 seconds, an article of clothing every 3 seconds! With
                                                                                    hundreds of thousands of people making their living on eBay, and even more
                                      • How to get your site up and running         people earning cash everyday, eBay is one of the easiest ways to make money
                                      • How to make connections in the              from home.
                                        fashion world
                                                                                    Barbara Weltman will cover:
                                      • How to generate original content
                                        for your site                               • How eBay works
                                                                                    • The feedback system
                                      • How to get advertisers interested
                                                                                    • eBay vs. other sales
                                      • How to market your site to get                channels
                                        the most hits possible
                                                                                    • Setting up your
                                      • How to turn your passion into a viable        eBay business
                                        online business
                                                                                    • How to determine
                                      • And more!                                     market value
Ari Goldberg, founding partner and CEO of StyleCaster Media Group,                  • Sourcing products
is responsible for all aspects of the company’s business operations and             • Digital photography tips
development. In addition to StyleCaster, Goldberg is also the co-founder            • Compelling descriptions
of Sociocast Networks, a leading intelligent optimization technology.               • Best practices for listing
Daniel Saynt, best known as the founder of the widely popular fashion blog,         and selling on eBay, is a social media strategist who has helped numerous              • Shipping and postage online tools
luxury fashion brands discover new opportunities online. Upon selling his blog,     • How to get free supplies for your eBay business
Saynt was hired by Rebecca Minkoff to manage global marketing as the                • Common pitfalls
brand’s Chief Marketing Officer.
                                                                                    • Dealing with consignors, vendors and customers
Course BL177                                                                        • Tools to help automate your eBay business                    ONLINE!
Sec. A | Apr. 26 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm
                                                                                    Course BV105 / 1 Hour Online Video Program
Course fee $4495                                                                    Course fee $4495
Become a member. Take this course for FREE.                                         Become a member. Take this course for FREE.
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                                                                                [ I N T E R N E T                        B U S I N E S S ]                           13

Marketing Strategies Using Social Media
      hether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon, or any of the other sites, social
W     media remains the hottest thing on the internet. In this seminar you will learn how to use social media
sites to market your business and to further your professional career.
You will learn: • Why social media is imperative for your business • How to start your social media efforts
• Secrets of social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
• 5 Secrets that every new blogger must know • The latest Facebook and Youtube "hooks" to increase
traffic • What types of content are considered viral • Case studies of some of the heaviest hitters in the
social media space • How you can involve your audience for maximum gain • And much more...
Anthony DeRosa co-founded with Richard Blakeley. Neighborhoodr is the first and only
hyperlocal blog network to leverage the tumblr platform, allowing anyone to find out and share what is
happening in their distinct neighborhood. Anthony has contributed his writing to Gawker, Mediaite,                         Anthony DeRosa was recently called
BrandChannel and IFC. Anthony is Proposition Leader at Reuters Media and the editor-in-chief for the SB                            The King of Tumblr
Nation Tumblr. The New York Times recently called him the undisputed king of Tumblr with nearly 11,000                           by The New York Times
followers at his SoupSoup page.

Course BL147 | Sec. D | Apr. 17 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm | Course fee $1999 |                          Members Course fee – FREE
                              Facebook Marketing & Advertising
                                 acebook boasts an extremely devoted user base, with more than 250 Million of them returning every day! With Facebook, an
                              F  organization can market and promote their brand, products, or services via the network’s built-in components of profile pages,
                              events, community building, advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, and business applications. This class wil teach you how to get the
                              most out of Facebook with insightful resources focused on the strategies, tactics, and techniques necessary to lead your organization
                              into the world of Facebook marketing
                              You will learn: • Where are we today with Facebook • Why Facebook isn't going away • How to build a great Facebook page
                              • How to advertise your page • How to gain insights from your page • How to gain insights from your ad • Why Facebook is becoming
                               a game of likes • How to get more likes • Case studies of success • What's the future of Facebook • Key takeaways • Q&A
Paul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz. Paul is currently the Global
Managing Director of Services and Social Marketing for Avaya. He has been featured in BtoB Magazine Top 25 B2B Marketer of the Year for 2009 and 2010. Paul is
also a co-author of 3 Dummies books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies, Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies and Facebook Advertising for Dummies.
Richard Krueger is founder of AboutFaceDigital. Richard is co-founder of, a leading reputation management platform. Prior to Samepoint, Richard
was part of several successful online start-ups, including LocalEyes, Inc. (acquired by AOL) and Icon CMT (acquired by Qwest). Richard is also a prolific writer, blogger,
and also a co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and Facebook Advertising for Dummies.
Course ML115 | Sec. A | Apr. 6 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm | Course fee $4495 |                         Members Course fee – FREE

How to Succeed                                                                          Build and Optimize Your Website
in Business Using LinkedIn                                                              Web 2.0 Strategies for Making Money Online
   reate Connections and Career Opportunities on the World’s #1 Business
C  Networking Site. Once you’re LinkedIn, you’ve joined the largest online
network of professionals in the world!
                                                                                        I f you want to make money on the internet, this course will teach you the
                                                                                          basics of how to get started. You will learn simple website and marketing
                                                                                        strategies so you can start making huge profits online. Internet entrepreneur Koz
Get the best business advice that will help you market yourself and find a job, an       Khosravani has taught tens of thousands of students how to generate extra
employee, an investor, or more business for your business! Discover how to              income by following his easy-to-learn online strategies. You will learn how to:
mine the most searched professional website for career opportunities. It is now         • Master the basic keys to online success • Start an online business in less
estimated that 19 million business professionals log onto this site every day to        than eighteen hours • Find hot money-making online businesses • Create
look for jobs, search for potential clients, get recommendations from colleagues,       online content on a low budget • Utilize audio files and video images to
and reconnect with former coworkers. Discover how to:                                   maximize traffic • Achieve high ranking on search engines
• Sign up and join LinkedIn • Create a profile that attracts connections
• Start or join LinkedIn groups • Post business questions to LinkedIn Answers
• Request and write recommendations • Generate and research sales leads
                                                                                        Course BV103 / 1 Hour Online Video Program
                                                                                        Course fee $4495
Course BV115 / 1 Hour Online Video Program                                              Become a member. Take this course for FREE.
Course fee $4495                                                           ONLINE!
Become a member. Take this course for FREE.
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                           LIVE Classes
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Wednesday, March 2nd                    SPIRITUALITY: Natural Magic:         SPIRITUALITY: Master the               LOVE: A Woman's Guide
                                        Learn the Ancient Art of             Kabbalah & Change Your Life            to Understanding Your
ASTROLOGY: How Astrology Can            Chinese Healing                      Dating back to the time of             Astrological Sign
                                        With The Ancient Art of Chinese      creation, a set of secret, spiritual   (and Your Partner’s)
Change Your Life (Pts. 1 & 2)           Healing, you can boost your          rules known as the Kabbalah were
Looking for your soulmate? A new                                                                                    The moon sign rules your romantic
                                        energy, strengthen your immune       communicated to humanity in a
job? For clues to your hidden                                                                                       personality, and by reading into
                                        system and reduce stress and         moment of Divine revelation.
talents and interests? In this                                                                                      your moon sign and understanding
                               minutes! Learn simple   Learn all about the history of the
class, you will learn how to use                                                                                    its meaning, you will discover how
                                        tools to bring your body, mind and   Kabbalah, its origins and teachings.
astrology to live the fulfilling life                                                                               to use it to attract your partner
                                        spirit into balance - and enhance    Inst: Amy Shukat                       and enhance all your
you deserve.                            the joy of living.                                                          relationships.
Inst: Diana Brownstone                  Inst: Robert Peng
                                                                             Sunday, March 6th                      Inst: Karen Thorne
ANGELS: Connect with Your               SPIRITUALITY: Qigong Healing –                                              SPIRITUALITY: The Mysteries
Angels and Spirit Guides                Learn to Heal Yourself               FENG SHUI: Move Your Stuff,            of 2012: Predictions and
(Pts. 1 & 2)                            Learn how to use and apply           Change Your Life: Feng Shui            Prophecies for the End of
By tapping angel energy, you can        Qigong healing, enabling you to
create powerful, lasting changes and    boost your energy and immune
                                                                             for Money, Love and More               the World (Pts. 1, 2 & 3)
achieve your greatest dreams. In this   system, heal yourself, reduce        Discover how the proper placement      The End of the Mayan Calendar is
class, you will learn how to connect    stress and bring your body, mind     of your home, office, bed, desk or     scheduled for December 21,
with your personal angels to get        and spirit into balance.             stove can bring new riches, good       2012. Explore the mystery of the
exactly what you want out of life.                                           health, balanced relationships and     2012 prophecy in a whole new
                                        Inst: Robert Peng
                                                                             many other exciting benefits to        light with Dr. Carmen Harra as she
Inst: Georgia Jean
                                                                             your life and family.                  discusses the Maya revelation and
                                        SPIRITUALITY: Use the Power                                                 what this “end” might mean for you.
PSYCHICS: How to Interpret              of the Kabbalah to Make              Inst: Maria Gorens
                                                                                                                    Inst: Dr. Carmen Harra
Signs & Symbols in Your Life            Your Wishes and Dreams               PSYCHICS: Psychic Vampires:
Tony LeRoy is a psychic whose           Come True                            Protect Yourself and Your Space
gifts lie in what he calls “intuitive
counseling.” As a healer and guide,     Rev. Amy Shukat takes you on a       Do you feel as though your life        Wednesday, March 9th
the “miracles” Tony works are all       journey towards self-discovery and   blood is being drained by needy
about helping you discover your         self-mastery. She teaches you how    people, overtaxing schedules,          PSYCHICS: Connect
own power to create your own life.      to use the power of the Kabbalah     stressful situations or your own
                                        to make your wishes and dreams       negative thinking? Learn how to        Telepathically with Animals
Inst: Tony LeRoy                        come true.                                                                  (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                                                             fortify yourself against the
                                        Inst: Amy Shukat                     predators and parasites who steal      Wonder what your pet is thinking?
                                                                             away your personal power.              Wish you could find out? If you'd
                                                                             Inst: Mama Donna Henes                 like to intuitively communicate
                                                                                                                    and deepen your bond with your
                                                                                                                    animal companion, Rae Ramsey

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  LIVE Classes Now Available on
can help you develop your own         PSYCHICS: Communicating               ANGELS: How to Summon and              SELF HELP: Unlock the
telepathic abilities. Yes, everyone   with the Dead                         Talk to Your Angels (Pts. 1 & 2)       Guru in You (Pts. 1 & 2)
has this ability!
                                      Psychic ability simply comes down     Your angels want to speak with         We all have the power to heal
Inst: Rae Ramsey                      to communicating with spirits.        you! In this entertaining, uplifting   ourselves. Yogi Cameron has
                                      Master clairvoyant Cyd the Psychic    evening, you will learn how to         developed a practice that works
LOVE: Love Never Ends –               explains what it's like to be         summon your angels and work            for your individual needs, helping
Talking to Loved Ones Who             psychic, how you can connect with     with them to comfort and heal. By      you embark on a journey to
Have Crossed Over                     those on the other side and why       learning to communicate with your      reconnect with your body and
Death is inevitable - but knowing     spirits are interested in             angels, you can live a more            discover its natural ability to heal.
that doesn't make it easier to deal   communicating with you.               satisfying life and increase your      Inst: Yogi Cameron
with the pain when a loved one        Inst: Cyd the Psychic                 spiritual awareness.
dies. Robert Hansen will help you                                           Inst: Trudy Griswold
to heal the hurt by revealing what    PSYCHICS: Your Psychic                                                       Sunday, March 20th
people experience on the other        Questions Answered –                  SELF HELP: 7 Extraordinary
side - even tapping into specific     Relationship or Career                Tips For Propelling Your
messages from your loved ones                                                                                      BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Get Your
who have crossed over.                (Pts. 1 & 2)                          Life Forward                           Invention to Market With the
                                      Can't make a relationship, career     Do you believe that you were           Inventor of The Topsy Tail
Inst: Robert Hansen                                                         meant and made to do something
                                      or work decision? Get the clarity                                            (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                      you're seeking as renowned            extraordinary, but can't identify
PSYCHICS: How to Tap                                                        what it is? Steve Olsher will teach    Have an idea for a fashion, beauty
                                      psychic Faith McInerney answers
Into and Master Your                  your questions and brings you         you the exact step-by-step process     or lifestyle product? Joan Lefkowitz,
Psychic Powers                        specific answers for anything you     you can start immediately to           inventor of the Topsy Tail, shows
In this spellbinding seminar with     wish to ask about.                    create the life you deserve and        you how to get your product to
psychic medium Robert Hansen,                                               desire.                                market as you learn about the
                                      Inst: Faith McInerney
you'll discover how to harness your                                         Inst: Steve Olsher                     packaging and pricing of a good
inborn psychic powers and use                                                                                      product, market research, protecting
                                      SPIRITUALITY: How the Law of                                                 your invention, developing a
them to achieve breakthroughs                                               DATING/SEXUALITY: Be a Pick
                                      Attraction Really Works:                                                     marketing strategy, building on a
and accomplish your dreams.                                                 Up Artist and Meet the Most
                                      Beginner & Advanced                   Beautiful Women on the
                                                                                                                   product's momentum to keep
Inst: Robert Hansen                                                                                                consumers interested, and how to
                                      There's a powerful force at work in
                                      your life right now - but it could    Planet (Pts. 1 & 2)                    get the word out.
TAROT: How to Master the                                                    Looking to up your game? Speer
                                      be working against you! You could                                            Inst: Joan Lefkowitz
Mystic Power of Tarot Cards           be missing out on the one thing       will teach you how to approach the
Have you ever wanted to               that can turn your life around. Law   most beautiful women on the            WRITING/PUBLISHING: How to
understand the mystical power of      of Attraction expert Joe Nunziata     planet, build interesting              Get Published Right Now!
tarot cards? Now you can learn        will show you how to eliminate the    connecting conversations, seduce,
how to read them AND combine                                                and date them.                         (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                      unwanted and fill your life with
tarot with other forms of             energy, prosperity, and joy.          Inst: Speer                            Have you written a book and want
divination. With your power to                                                                                     to get it published? Find out how
                                      Inst: Joe Nunziata
understand the cards, you'll be                                             ANGELS: Discover the                   to go from manuscript to published
able to understand events from                                                                                     book with literary agent and media
the past, present and future more
                                                                            Fascinating Other World                relations specialist Penny
than you ever realized.
                                      Wednesday, March 16th                 of Angels (Pts. 1 & 2)                 Sansevieri, who will teach you the
                                                                                                 No matter how     process and share industry secrets
Inst: Derek Calibre
                                      PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:                                alone we          publishers will never tell you.
ANGELS: Communicating with            Get Rich With Stock Options                                sometimes         Inst: Penny Sansevieri
                                                                                                 feel in the
Your Angel Guides                     (Pts. 1 & 2)                                               world, we are     BUSINESS/CAREERS: Make
Angels and guides follow us every     The options market is a very                               all always
day. Discover the power of your       exciting, fast-moving market that                          accompanied
                                                                                                                   Money Doing Voiceovers
angels and guides as you explore      offers the potential for great                             by a guardian     (Pts. 1 & 2)
their world. Learn how to summon      financial rewards...IF you know                            angel. Lorna      Somebody gets those voiceover
and work with your angels and         what you're doing. Todd Horwitz                            describes her     jobs. What's the secret? Voiceover
guides to comfort and heal you.       will help you to understand the ins   rich visions, dreams and               performer Charles Michel shows
Inst: Cyd the Psychic                 and outs of the options market -      revelations of angels that God has     you how to use your talents to
                                      and show you how to make it work      given her and helps you discover       change your voice overnight into a
                                      for you.                              the fascinating dynamics               moneymaking one.
                                      Inst: Todd Horwitz                    of angels and how they operate,        Inst: Charles Michel
                                                                            not only in the heavenly realms
                                                                            but also in our lives here on earth.
                                                                            Inst: Lorna Byrne

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  LIVE Classes Now Available on
SPIRITUALITY: Kinetic                 Wednesday, March 23rd                    WRITING/PUBLISHING: Make               DATING/SEXUALITY: Sexting:
Massage: How to Use Motion                                                     Money Writing: Learn From              Learn New Ways to Turn on
and Energy to Get the Most            DATING/SEXUALITY:                        Hollywood Life’s Bonnie                Your Partner (Pts. 1 & 2)
Out of Massage (Pts. 1 & 2)           The Revealing Secrets to                 Fuller (Pts. 1 & 2)                    These days, a healthy sex life isn’t
Discover the world of truly                                                                          Navigating the   just about face-to-face contact.
effective therapeutic massage as
                                      Erotic Photography                                                              Learn new ways to turn on your
                                      Learn the secrets behind how you can                           waters of the
Edan Harari shows you how to                                                                         publishing       partner and increase attraction by
employ kinetic energy to get the      easily master the art of taking nude                                            sending text messages with your
                                      photos that are both artistic and fun.                         industry can
most out of massage by including                                                                     be a             mobile phone.
muscle movement and stretching        Inst: Andrew Einhorn                                           frightening      Inst: Lux Alptraum
in each session.                                                                                     task. Media
Inst: Edan Harari                     BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Two                                          Executive        INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: How to
                                      Second Commute: Make Big                                       Bonnie Fuller    Develop an iPhone or iPad
PSYCHICS: Understanding               Money at Home (Pts. 1 & 2)                                     introduces you   App…And Make Millions
Messages From Your                                                             to the world of publishing and helps
                                      Many great home-based jobs can           you find out what it can offer you!    The iPhone and iPad have become
Spirit Guides, Angels                 be found online, but trustworthy                                                a portable entertainment system
                                      guidance is scarce. Leading work-        Inst: Bonnie Fuller
and Loved Ones (Pts. 1 & 2)                                                                                           for users and a potential goldmine
                                      at-home expert Christine Durst                                                  for entrepreneurs who create the
America's #1 Psychic Michelle         demonstrates how to make money
Whitedove connects with your                                                                                          apps for them. Learn about the
spirit guides, angels and loved
                                      working out of your home.                Sunday, March 27th                     current state of the industry, how
ones and provides you with            Inst: Christine Durst                                                           to get your app developed,
techniques to communicate with                                                                                        submitted and noticed and how
                                      PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:              DATING/SEXUALITY: How to               your app idea can make you rich!
them and make them work for you.
                                      How to Save Money on Your                Catch a Cheater (Pts. 1 & 2)           Inst: Dana Farbo
Inst: Michelle Whitedove
                                      Taxes THIS YEAR                          Do you think your partner is
                                                                               cheating on you? Have no fear.
                                      Do you pay too much in taxes or          Darrin Giglio is here to show you      Monday, March 28th
Tuesday, March 22nd                   feel helpless when it comes to
                                      your tax situation? You don't have
                                                                               how to catch them in the act.
                                      to anymore! Auditor and tax preparer     Inst: Darrin Giglio                    BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Franchising:
CELEBRITY INSTRUCTORS:                James Oliveri will show you how to
                                                                               UFOS: Origins of UFOs: Learn           Make the Big Money That
Be “Super Rich”:                      use the tax laws to maximize your                                               You Deserve
                                      tax loopholes and grow your wealth.      Why They’re Here
Your Guide to Having It All                                                    Where do UFOs come from? Are           Looking to be your own boss?
                                      Inst: James Oliveri                                                             Want to make a lot of money?
                     What do YOU                                               they from another planet or
                     want to do?                                                                                      Franchise owners have a lower
                     Whether you
                                      SPIRITUALITY: Kundalini Yoga:            dimension? Part of an ancient          failure rate than of any other kind
                                      Tap Into Your Inner Energy               Earth civilization? Learn about the
                     want to make                                                                                     of business. Learn about both the
                                                                               origins of spacecrafts and why
                     it as a          and Awareness                            they’re here with Patrick Cook,        good and bad behind franchising,
                     recording        (Pts. 1 & 2)                                                                    ways to finance and market your
                                                                               author of The Greatest Deception:
                     artist,          Kundalini is the sleeping, dormant                                              business, keys to franchising
                                                                               The Bible UFO Connection.
                     songwriter,      potential force within you. Donna                                               success and more.
                                                                               Inst: Patrick Cooke
                     music or         Amrita Davidge demonstrates how                                                 Inst: Alan Someck
                     movie            to take an active approach to yoga,      DATING/SEXUALITY: How to
producer, fashion designer or         helping you awaken your inner                                                   BE YOUR OWN BOSS: How to
entrepreneur -- media mogul                                                    Write Erotica (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                      energy and awareness.                                                           Start Your Own Successful
Russell Simmons has been there,                                                The demand for erotica has never
done that, and will tell you how to   Inst: Donna Amrita Davidge
                                                                               been greater and it's one of the       Restaurant
succeed. He'll teach you to access                                             easiest ways to break into             Are you a great cook who’s been
your own God-given talent and         DATING/SEXUALITY: Dating                 professional writing. Author           thinking of opening a restaurant?
inner strength to achieve your        While Separated (Pts. 1 & 2)             Rachel Bussel teaches you the          It's fast-paced, hard work and a lot
goals and have it all. His answers    Going through a separation can be        dirty little secrets of how to         of fun but you shouldn’t quit your
will help you follow your dreams!     a difficult time, but that doesn’t       making money writing dirty.            day job until you’ve learned how to
Inst: Russell Simmons                 mean that it’s not time to move          Inst: Rachel Bussel
                                                                                                                      succeed in the restaurant business.
                                      on. Dr. Jeff Gardere will share the                                             You'll discover how to develop your
                                      secrets of how to get back on the                                               concept, secure financing, create
                                      dating scene and bring love back                                                "buzz" for your new restaurant and more.
                                      into your life.                                                                 Inst: Alan Someck
                                      Inst: Dr. Jeff Gardere

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  LIVE Classes Now Available on
SELF HELP: How to Talk to               all the information you’ve read? Ed       SELF HELP: Using Instinct and         PSYCHICS: Communicate With
Anyone About Anything                   Strachar, inventor of the Reading         Intuition for Success                 Lost Loved Ones (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                        Genius speed reading system, will
(Pts. 1 & 2)                            help you tap into your brainpower         (Pts. 1 & 2)                          Dubbed the 'Next Generation of
Do you hate the prospect of             and unlock your potential for increased   Having a strong body-mind             Spirit Communication,’ Christopher
walking into a room that's packed       reading speed and comprehension.          connection allows you to access       Allan will help you connect with
with strangers, approaching                                                       the important intuitive, emotional    lost loved ones and receive
                                        Inst: Ed Strachar                                                               messages from the other side.
someone you've never met and                                                      and psychological information you
striking up a conversation? If so,      HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS: How to               need to create the life you want.     Inst: Christopher Allan
this class will open doors for you                                                Karol Ward explains how to tap
and show you the secrets of how         Get High Naturally (Pts. 1 & 2)           into your own body for knowledge      PSYCHICS: Talking to the
to become a polished, expert            The world, for ages, has been             and guidance.                         Other Side (Pts. 1 &2)
conversationalist.                      trying to get high and improve            Inst: Karol Ward
                                        their well-being. Jason Messina                                                 What if the people you thought
Inst: Don Gabor                                                                                                         you'd lost forever have merely
                                        explores methods that allow you to        BE YOUR OWN BOSS: How to
                                        get high and feel better without                                                passed to another world? What if
BUSINESS/CAREERS: How to Be                                                       Start a Business on a                 you were able to speak to them
                                        the use of drugs.
a Standup Comic Star                                                              Small Budget (Pts. 1 & 2)             one last time - to tell them you
                                        Inst: Jason Messina                                                             love them, or just to say good-bye?
Are people always telling you how                                                 Are you sick of working for other
funny you are? That you should be                                                                                       Medium to the Stars Concetta
                                                                                  people and dream of starting your     Bertoldi will show you how to
on Leno or Letterman? Learn how         Wednesday, March 30th                     own business? Titi and Miko Branch,   connect with the dead.
to start a comedy career, develop                                                 co-founders of Miss Jessie’s Salon,
great material, fine-tune your                                                    give you the necessary tips on how    Inst: Concetta Bertoldi
technique, delivery and more.           BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Create                  to get your business off the ground
Whether you want go pro or just         Your Own T-Shirt Line –                   and set your dream in motion.         CELEBRITY INSTRUCTORS:
hone your funny bone, this is one       Anyone Can Do It!                         Inst: Titi & Miko Branch
                                                                                                                        An Evening with Hollywood
class you won't want to miss!                                                                                           Legend Jerry Weintraub
                                        Want to create your own T-Shirt
Inst: Kevin Brown                       line but not sure how? Learn from         PSYCHICS: Mary Occhino,               (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                        Mark Venezia, VP of Global Sales          Syfy Psychic Star, Talks to
INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: How to              and Marketing North America of                                                                         Later this year,
Make Money in the                       Spreadshirt, a website which has
                                                                                  the Other Side (Pts. 1 & 2)                                  HBO will debut
                                        over 400,000 T-Shirt shops online                            Gifted psychic-                           His Way, a
Adult Industry                                                                                       intuitive Mary                            documentary
The adult Internet industry is a        run by people just like you.
                                                                                                     Occhino helps                             on the
multibillion-dollar industry. People    Inst: Mark Venezia
                                                                                                     you develop                               compelling life
are making serious cash with adult                                                                   your own                                  of Hollywood
sites and so can you. Jay Servidio,     PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:                                  psychic ability                           entrepreneur
owner of the largest provider of        Grow Your Money in the                                       so that you can                           Jerry Weintraub.
adult sites in North America, will      Stock Market (Pts. 1 & 2)                                    enhance your                              On this
reveal everything you'll need to                                                                     own spiritual      exclusive evening, Jerry will showcase
know to start and grow your adult       Nationally recognized stock
                                        trading coach Adam Mesh leads                                development        his amazing storytelling skills as
business.                                                                         and gain the comfort of being in      he discusses his work as the producer
                                        this high-energy investment class,
Inst: Jason Servidio                    teaching you how to protect and           contact with a departed loved one.    of such films as The Karate Kid
                                        grow your money in the stock              Inst: Mary Occhino                    and the Ocean’s Eleven series, his
INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: How to              market while implementing a                                                     time producing sold-out tours for
Make Money in the                       proven risk/reward system.                                                      artists such as Led Zeppelin and
                                                                                                                        Bob Dylan and more.
Gaming Industry                         Inst: Adam Mesh                           Sunday, April 3rd                     Inst: Jerry Weintraub
Did you know the gaming industry
makes up to 25% of all money            HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS: Healing
                                                                                  SELF HELP: How to Get Famous          DATING/SEXUALITY: Erotic
generated on the Net? Learn all         with Chinese Herbs: Boost                                                       Hypnosis (Pts. 1 &2)
you'll need to know about getting       Your Immune System and                    Almost Overnight (Pts. 1 & 2)
started in the gaming industry and                                                If you’ve always believed that you    How's your sex life? Is it absolutely,
how you can take your business          Prevent Disease                           deserve to be in the spotlight,       positively wonderful every single
from an initial idea to a moneymaker.   Did you know that many health             Nancy Trent will teach you how        time? If not, here’s your chance to
                                        remedies can be found in nature?          you establish your brand and style,   turn up the heat, as you learn how
Inst: Jason Servidio
                                        In this informative course, Drew          get noticed and get the instant       to use hypnosis to reduce your
                                        Divittorria will educate you about                                              inhibitions, increase arousal and
SELF HELP: Mega-Speed Reading:          the ancient Chinese way of
                                                                                  recognition you’ve been seeking.
                                                                                                                        improve your overall sexual health.
Learn to Read Faster in                 categorizing herbs and using them         Inst: Nancy Trent
                                                                                                                        Inst: Neal Shaal
Just One Class                          to boost your immune system,
Are you unable to read as fast as       detoxify your body, prevent disease
you desire? Do you have trouble         and more.
understanding and remembering           Inst: Drew Divittorria

                       Please visit our Education and Spirituality channels for times:
18                                                HIGHLIGHTS FROM USTREAM
  LIVE Classes Now Available on
SPIRITUALITY: Shape Your                    SPIRITUALITY: Freemasonry               DATING/SEXUALITY: Sex Tips               especially when you can build a
Destiny with Palmistry (Pts. 1 &2)          Exposed (Pts. 1 & 2)                    from a Real Stripper                     Facebook Page for free? Learn how
                                                                                                                             to use the Wall, start a discussion,
If you want to learn how to reach           For hundreds of years, the Freemasons   (Pts. 1 & 2)                             host an event, and promote your
your full potential, size up a potential    have been a mysterious, secret          Stop settling for a run-of-the-mill      business. Branch out into more
lover or just learn what the future         organization. In this course,           sex life! Sky, a professional            engaging Facebook ad strategies
has in store for you, come find out         Freemason Mark E. Koltko-Rivera         stripper, will provide you with a        and measure your marketing success!
why your life's secrets are in the          answers questions like “What is         stripper’s perspective on how to         Inst: Paul Dunay and Richard Krueger
palm of your hand. Palmist                  Freemasonry?” “What does it             have passionate sex and drive your
Madalyn Aslan will introduce you            mean to be a Freemason?” “How           partner wild.
to the basics of palmistry and
show you how to predict your future.
                                            does Freemasonry work?” and more.       Inst: Sky                                Sunday, April 10th
                                            Inst: Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D
Inst: Madalyn Aslan                                                                 SPIRITUALITY: Empower
                                            DATING/SEXUALITY: How to                                                         WRITING/PUBLISHING: How to
                                                                                    Yourself With Chakra Healing             Become a Published Author
Monday, April 4th                           Succeed at Dating and Find              In this fascinating course, you'll
                                            “The One”                               learn about the emotional                (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                            When we’re out looking for love,        dynamics of the chakras and how          You can't just put manuscripts in
LOVE: Where to Look For Love                the dating game can be rather           they influence your health, vitality,    the mail and wait for a reply. You
and Find It (Pts. 1 & 2)                    challenging. Professional               empowerment, emotions,                   have to go out and get it. Book guru
Tired of looking for love in all the        matchmaker Steve Fox will show          expression and spirituality.             Judy Katz teaches you the secrets
wrong places? The love you’re looking       you how to conquer the wild world       Inst: Joe Nunziata
                                                                                                                             behind what publishers and
for is out there but you just need          of dating easily and naturally.                                                  editors want and how they want it.
to know how to find them! Dr.               Inst: Steve Fox                         SPIRITUALITY: Synchronicity and          Inst: Judy Katz
Debbie will show you where to find                                                  the Power of Coincidence
love and land your perfect match.                                                                                            DATING/SEXUALITY: How
Inst: Dr. Debbie
                                            Wednesday, April 6th                    (Pts. 1 & 2)                             to Keep Things Spicy in
                                                                                    Coincidences happen every day,           the Bedroom (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                                                                    but are they events that coincide
PSYCHICS: Get a Reading From                INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: Building            by pure accident and only seem to        Certified sexuality educator Yvonne
a Psychic to the Stars (Pts. 1 & 2)         a Successful Online Business            have a connection or are they part       Fulbright coaches you on how to
Considered to be one of the best in the                         In less than a      of a larger, intentional pattern?        keep things spicy in the bedroom
industry, Karyn Reece has a client list                         decade, Rich        Squire Rushnell explains the             and get the most out of your sex life.
that includes high profile people in the                        Antoniello,         deeper meaning of why coincidences       Inst: Yvonne Fulbright
U.S., including Hollywood Celebrities!                          CEO of              exist and how you can recognize
Find out more about yourself as she                             Complex             “God Winks” in your life.                INTERNET/NEW MEDIA:
provides you with a psychic reading.                            Media, has          Inst: Squire Rushnell                    How to Make Money
Inst: Karyn Reece                                               launched                                                     Playing Video Games
                                                                Complex             PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:
                                                                Magazine and                                                 The video game industry has gone
HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS: Building                                                       Use Coupons to Reduce                    from the one kid on the block with
                                                                expanded its
a Healthier You With                        offering into a successful online       Your Grocery Bill (Pts. 1 & 2)           an Atari to countless consumers
Resistance Training and                     business. Learn how you can do          For many people, their grocery bill      owning thousands of dollars in
Cardio Exercise                             the same with strategies that will      is one of their largest monthly          hardware and software. It's a multi-
                                            help you launch, market and grow        expenses. In this course, The            billion dollar business – and for those
Exercise is essential to living a long                                                                                       of you who love playing, there are
and healthy life. Renowned fitness          your online business from concept       Original “Coupon Queen” Susan
                                            to cash cow.                            Samptur will help you ease the           jobs to be had! Dave Oshry provides
instructor Benita Perkins will teach                                                                                         you with the knowledge to break
you how to use resistance training and      Inst: Rich Antoniello
                                                                                    pain of your grocery bill by
                                                                                    providing you with tips that’ll help     into the exciting world of video games.
cardio exercise to build a healthier you.
                                            INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: How to              you cash in at the checkout.             Inst: Dave Oshry
Inst: Benita Perkins
                                            Find an Exciting Job in                 Inst: Susan Samptur
                                                                                                                             BE YOUR OWN BOSS: T-Shirts
SPIRITUALITY: Living a Soulful              Social Media                            INTERNET/NEW MEDIA:                      Can Make You Millions
Life – Heart, Intimacy &                    As the Web moves into a new era
Pleasure (Pts. 1 & 2)                       and technology continues to
                                                                                    Facebook Marketing                       (Pts. 1 & 2)
Everything around you tells you to          change and improve, it’s become         For Any Business: Turn                   Want to get in on the multi-billion
                                            vital to understand concepts such       Your Computer Into a                     dollar t-shirt industry? Tees for
improve, commit, grow and prove                                                                                              Change founder Andreea Ayers will
yourself. Start caring for the              as social networking and search         Cash Machine (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                            engine optimization. Learn about                                                 show you how to price, market and
things that are important in your                                                   Facebook continues to grow,              sell your t-shirt idea and turn it
life. Thomas's focuses on making            these innovations and more and          engaging a growing demographic
                                            how you can use them to build                                                    into a thriving business.
life work, finding its satisfactions                                                base. Why wouldn’t you want to
and understanding its challenges.           and grow your business.                 market your business to its
                                                                                                                             Inst: Andreea Ayers

Inst: Thomas Moore                          Inst: Rich Antoniello                   hundreds of millions of loyal members,

                       Please visit our Education and Spirituality channels for times:
                                               HIGHLIGHTS FROM USTREAM                                                                                   19

  LIVE Classes Now Available on
SPIRITUALITY: How to Have                PSYCHOLOGY: NLP: Succeed                  COOKING: How to Cook a                PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:
Your Own Conversations                   Easily Through Self-Awareness             Romantic Dessert and                  Low Risk Techniques for
with God (Pts. 1 & 2)                    (Pts. 1 & 2)                              Show Your Love (Pts. 1 & 2)           Making Money in the
God is constantly sending                Have you heard the promises, read         Having trouble showing your love?     Commodities Market
messages to us but having a              the hype, and felt the frustration        Why not show your love with           (Pts. 1 & 2)
dialogue with him can be                 of never getting the "inside              desserts? Melissa Murphy, founder                         In this rocky
challenging. International spiritual     information" about how to succeed         of Sweet Melissa Patisserie,                              economy,
healer Alexandra Solnado makes           easily and effortlessly in your           demonstrates how to cook sweets                           making money
it easy, as she shows you how            goals? Lynda Wells, a master of           for your sweetie that will add                            is no easy
to have your own conversations           Neuro-Linguistic Programming,             sparks to your love life.                                 task. In this
with God and change your life            examines self-awareness and the           Inst: Melissa Murphy                                      environment,
for the better.                          relationship between successful                                                                     demand for
Inst: Alexandra Solnado                  patterns of behavior and the              SELF HELP: Anti-Anxiety Tool                              commodities
                                         experiences underlying them.                                                                        is rising.
                                                                                   Kit: Discovering Life Without
SPIRITUALITY: Your Dreams                Inst: Lynda Wells
                                                                                   Fear and Panic                                            Market
Revealed (Pts. 1 & 2)                                                                                                    strategist Matt Grossman will
                                         SPIRITUALITY: Tibetan                     Discover life without fear or panic   provide you with simple, low risk
As the distinguished psychologist                                                  as you learn and practice hands-
Carl Jung explained, the purpose         Meditation: Reduce                                                              techniques for making money in
                                                                                   on techniques that will reduce or     any commodities market.
of dreams is to reveal the inner         Your Stress (Pts. 1 & 2)                  eliminate all types of anxiety.
truth of the individual. With this       Dr. Miles Neale, a Buddhist                                                     Inst: Matt Grossman
                                                                                   Inst: Melissa Tiers
program, you’ll learn how to             psychotherapist, will help you acquire
decode and understand your               Tibetan meditation practices that                                               DATING/SEXUALITY: The Flirting
dreams and use this knowledge to                                                   DATING/SEXUALITY: How to              Bible: Maximize Your
                                         will reduce the tension in your life      Please Your Woman (Pts. 1 & 2)
enrich your life.                        and help you develop compassion                                                 Sex Appeal (Pts. 1 & 2)
Inst: Beverly Zabriskie                  for your fellow man.                      Dr. Madeleine M Castellanos           Explore how to flirt, date and
                                                                                   shares sexy bedroom methods that      mingle with Fran Greene.
                                         Inst: Dr. Miles Neale                     will thrill and delight the woman     Maximize your sex appeal and
Monday, April 11th                       SPIRITUALITY: Introduction to
                                                                                   in your life.                         transform everyday situations into
                                         Chakras: Control Your                     Inst: Dr. Madeleine M Castellanos     an opportunity to attract the man
FENG SHUI: Feng Shui for                                                                                                 or woman of your dreams!
                                         Well-Being (Pts. 1 & 2)                   BUSINESS/CAREERS: How to
Love and Money                           The chakras, also known as the wheels     Find a Job Quickly -
                                                                                                                         Inst: Fran Greene

By simply applying the principles        of life, control your well-being.
of Feng Shui -- the judicious use        Anodea Judith will show you how to
                                                                                   Guaranteed (Pts. 1 & 2)               INTERNET/NEW MEDIA:
of color, space and furniture            keep them cleansed and cleared so you     If you’ve been sending out            How to Make Money
arrangement -- to your home, you         can relax, release blocked creative       resumes but haven’t been getting      Designing Games
can change your marriage, sex life       and spiritual energies, improve your      any response, you may be going        Computer gaming has become a
and bank account.                        sex life, and live life to the fullest.   about your job search in the wrong    multi-billion dollar industry and
                                                                                   way. Staffing professional Bruce      the opportunities are endless.
Inst: Laura Cerrano                      Inst: Anodea Judith
                                                                                   Hurwitz explains how to grab an       Whether you're a newbie with no
DATING/SEXUALITY: The Art of                                                       employer’s attention and make         experience or a veteran looking to
War for Dating (Pts. 1 & 2)              Wednesday, April 13th                     sure the search for your ideal job
                                                                                   produces real results.
                                                                                                                         take your career to the next level,
For centuries, man has studied                                                                                           this class will help you dominate
the ancient art of war before
                                                                                   Inst: Bruce Hurwitz                   one of the world's hottest
                                         HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS:                                                            industries.
heading into battle. If only he did      Introduction to Reiki, The                SPIRITUALITY: Your Spiritual
that before trying to pick up                                                                                            Inst: Jon Radoff
women! Eric Rogell will help you         Ancient Japanese Technique                Third Eye: Discover Yourself
apply the lessons of Sun Tzu’s Art       For Natural Healing                       Through Prayer and                    SPIRITUALITY: How to Craft
of War to your dating skills and         (Pts. 1 & 2)                              Meditation (Pts. 1 & 2)               Spells for Success in Love
use those lessons to pick up women.      Reiki is an ancient Japanese              We all have our own spiritual         and Business (Pts. 1 & 2)
Inst: Eric Rogell                        technique for natural healing. Reiki      purpose. Discover your spiritual      In this fun course with Lexa
                                         is a vibrational medicine, practiced      path with psychic medium Torii        Rosean, the modern-day sorceress
DATING/SEXUALITY: One Leg Up -           by placing your hands on yourself or      Allah, as she shows you how to        known as "the Martha Stewart of
Instant Bedroom Fun!                     someone else and directing universal      open your third eye and use prayer    Witches," you'll discover that
Nobody wants a stale sex life.           life energy. In this class, you'll        and meditation to achieve a higher    creating simple magical spells and
Learn how to indulge your                discover how to safely give gentle        state of consciousness.               using them in your everyday life is
fantasies and change things up in        hands-on healing treatments to lessen     Inst: Torii Allah                     as easy as a trip to the supermarket.
the bedroom, ensuring that your          physical ailments, reduce stress and
                                                                                                                         Inst: Lexa Rosean
sex life stays exciting and inventive.   anxiety, boost energy and create
Inst: Palagia
                                         balance in yourself and others.           Sunday, April 17th
                                         Inst: Pamela Miles

                          Please visit our Education and Spirituality channels for times:
20                                            HIGHLIGHTS FROM USTREAM
  LIVE Classes Now Available on
SPIRITUALITY: Meditate for              DATING/SEXUALITY:                     PSYCHICS: Life After Death:               BE YOUR OWN BOSS: 17 Businesses
Success (Pts. 1 & 2)                    How to Overcome Shyness               Answers and Piece of Mind                 You Can Start From Home
If you've thought about practicing      With Women                            (Pts. 1 & 2)                              With Joe Nunziata, it has never
meditation but don't think you          Do you avoid meeting women                                 Dying people         been easier to get a business
have the time for it, this class will   because you're too shy? Do you                             glimpsing            started from home. Learn how to
show you how meditation can             wish you could have more                                   heavenly             start a successful business from
easily become a fun and satisfying      confidence? Love Expert Dr. Diana                          realms of light      home part-time while keeping your
part of your everyday life. Learn       Kirschner will show you how to                             just prior to        day job. When your business
how to tap into your passion,           overcome your shyness, meet                                passing              income surpasses your job, say
improve your relationships a            women and find the happiness you                           away…medical         goodbye to your boss forever.
nd more.                                deserve.                                                   personnel            Inst: Joe Nunziata
Inst: Dr. Chris Willard                 Inst: Dr. Diana Kirschner                                  seeing
                                                                                                   patients'            BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Crowd
INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: Smart               DATING/SEXUALITY: How to Tell         spirits leave their bodies at the         Funding: How to Successfully
Social Media Strategies for             if a Women is Interested and          moment of death…visionary                 Turn Your Idea Into Reality
                                                                              encounters with the departed. Are
Marketing Your Business                 Learn to Read the Signs               these messages from beyond and            (Pts. 1 & 2)
(Pts. 1 & 2)                            Figuring out whether a woman’s        signs from the departed? Join Dr.         If the idea of taking a large financial
Social media remains the hottest        into you or not can be quite          Raymond Moody, a leading authority        risk is preventing you from getting
thing on the internet and in this       difficult. Learn how to read the      on the "near-death experience," as        a great idea off the ground, Jed
class with Anthony De Rosa, you'll      signs, take the guesswork out of      he offers both answers and peace          Cohen will show you how to
learn how to use social media to        the dating game and connect with      of mind on matters of death.              successfully use crowd funding to
market your business and further        the woman you’re after.                                                         easily turn that idea into a reality.
                                                                              Inst: Raymond Moody
your professional career.               Inst: Dr. Diana Kirschner                                                       Inst: Jed Cohen
Inst: Anthony De Rosa
                                        INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: The                                                         DATING/SEXUALITY: Sacred Sex:
                                        Future: Boost Your Abilities          Wednesday, April 20th                     Energetic Ways to Bond With
Monday, April 18th                      With Emerging Technologies                                                      Your Partner (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                        (Pts. 1 & 2)                          UFOS: UFOs and Crop Circles:              Explore Tantra, the art of sacred
SELF HELP: How to Develop               As technology continues to            What They Mean For You                    sexuality. You'll learn easy ways to
Executive Presence and                  become an essential part of our       For much of the past century, UFOs        intensify sexual pleasure, either
                                        lives, the ways that our bodies and   and crop circles have intrigued people    alone or with a partner. Using
Climb the Corporate Ladder                                                                                              Tantric and Taoist techniques,
                                        machines work together increase.      across the globe. Learn about the
If you’re an aspiring executive                                               mysteries behind these paranormal         you'll discover ways to experience
                                        Develop a new understanding of
who’s built up a solid resume but                                             activities and what they mean for you.    prolonged sexual rapture and
                                        how we communicate, what we
still struggles to climb the                                                                                            orgasms, methods for experiencing
                                        need to connect fully with one        Inst: Alan Steinfeld
corporate ladder, you’ll discover                                                                                       "spiritual sex," and energetic ways
                                        another, and how our addiction to
strategies that will help you build                                                                                     to bond with your partner in daily life.
                                        email and texting can be countered    SPIRITUALITY: 2012: Adjusting
your executive presence and land         with technologies that put us –                                                Inst: Barbara Carellas
the job you deserve.                    literally – in each other’s minds.    Your Reality to the Inevitable
Inst: Teressa Moore Griffin
                                        Inst: Michael Chorost
                                                                              Changes                                   INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: How to
                                                                              December 21, 2012 marks the               Start Your Own Web Series
SELF HELP: Effective Public             SPIRITUALITY: One Moment              end of the Mayan calendar. Learn          (Pts. 1 & 2)
Speaking (Pts. 1 & 2)                   Meditation: Simple                    all about the 2012 prediction and
                                                                                                                                             In recent
Does the thought of public                                                    how you can adjust your reality to
                                        Meditation You Can                    deal with the inevitable changes.                              years, video
speaking make you sweat? You’re                                                                                                              blogging and
not alone. Public speaker and           Do Anywhere                           Inst: Alan Steinfeld                                           web series
teacher Isaak Gelbinovich will          In the course of your busy day,                                                                      have seen a
show you how to analyze your            there are countless opportunities     DATING/SEXUALITY: Signs                                        sharp rise in
audience and tailor your                for meditation. Martin Boroson        They're Cheating (Pts. 1 & 2)             popularity. That’s because they’re
presentation accordingly. He'll get     offers you a simple form of           If you think your partner has been        both easy and entertaining ways to
you skilled at the presentation         meditation that you can do            seeing someone else behind your           express yourself. The folks from
techniques of voice, body               anywhere, anytime, giving you a       back, you have a right to know the, who provide services to
language and visual aids. Your          chance to reduce stress, refresh      truth. Security expert Todd Morris        over 50,000 independently-
presentations will not only be          your mind, and open yourself to       shares the telltale signs of a cheater,   produced web shows, will show
informative, they'll be fun!            new possibilities.                    helping you to confirm or deny            you how to turn your cool idea for
Inst: Isaak Gelbinovich                 Inst: Martin Boroson                  your suspicions.                          a web series from concept to reality.
                                                                              Inst: Todd Morris                         Inst: Mortensen, Reynolds & Sonnenberg

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  LIVE Classes Now Available on
Monday, April 25th                         DATING/SEXUALITY:                       SPIRITUALITY: 2012: Healing               PERSONAL FINANCE/INVESTING:
                                           Finding Your Soulmate                   the World with Psychic                    What Your CPA
DATING/SEXUALITY: Magnetic                 If you think love and attraction are    Wholeness                                 Isn't Telling You
                                           simply a matter of luck and chance,     As 2012 quickly approaches, it’s          CPA Mark Kohler shows you how
Attraction: Mastering the                  think again. Your soulmate is out
Force That Brings Couples                                                          increasingly more important that          to build personal wealth and pay
                                           there but you can’t just wait for       we reach our true potential.              for the largest expense of your life:
Together (Pts. 1 & 2)                      them to come to you. Learn how to       Internationally renowned clinical         taxes. By answering the question
Dr. Stephen Betchen provides you           find out where your soul mate is        psychologist Carmen Harra                 “How can I save on my taxes?”
with a guide to repairing romantic         and attract them to you, meet           explains that we must embrace             you’ll be empowered to use
relationships by identifying the           them by putting yourself in the         wholeliness: the unity of humanity,       underutilized tax strategies to
"master conflict,” the magnetic            right place at the right time and       the Divine, and the universe. By          achieve huge tax savings, greater
force that brings a couple together        stop attracting the wrong person.       doing so, we can regain trust in          wealth, and ultimately, the
but has also become the source of          Inst: Jill Dahne                        ourselves and others and achieve a        American Dream.
their worst fights.                                                                state of abundance, generosity and joy.   Inst: Mark Kohler
Inst: Dr. Stephen Betchen                  CELEBRITY INSTRUCTORS:                  Inst: Dr. Carmen Harra
                                           Learn From Cake Boss                                                              BUSINESS/CAREERS: Tax and
SELF HELP: Using Eye Contact               Buddy Valastro (Pts. 1 & 2)             DATING/SEXUALITY: Karma &                 Legal Strategies Every
for Success with Women                                          In this exciting   The Law of Attraction                     Small Business Owner
& Business                                                      evening,           Wouldn't it be heavenly to erase          Needs to Know
Eye contact can help land you a                                 Buddy              the mistakes of the past, eliminate
                                                                Valastro, star     confusion in your daily life, and         If you’re a small business owner,
job. It can help land you a date. It                                                                                         you know that maximizing your
can help deepen your connection                                 of TLC’s hit       feel safe about what tomorrow
                                                                show Cake          brings? Learn how to plant karmic         profits is key to the success of
with the people you love. It can                                                                                             your business. With the knowledge
improve your self-worth! Simply                                 Boss, will         seeds, understand your own karma
                                                                discuss his        and get the tools to heal the past        and steps developed by Mark
put, eye contact is one of the most                                                                                          Kohler, you'll be able to easily
powerful forces in human face-to-                               secret recipes,    and discover a more joyful future.
                                                                baking tips,                                                 understand complex tax and legal
face interaction. Michael Ellsberg                                                 Inst: Dr. Carmen Harra                    issues and how to handle them
will show you how to use the                                    creative
                                                                artistry, and                                                with confidence.
potent force of eye contact for success                                            HEALTH/DIET/FITNESS:
in your work and personal relationships.                        business                                                     Inst: Mark Kohler
                                                                pointers for       Get Fit Now!
Inst: Michael Ellsberg                                                             A healthy life begins with a              BUSINESS/CAREERS:
                                                                aspiring foodie
                                                                entrepreneurs.     complete and productive fitness           How to Build and Run a
DATING/SEXUALITY: Sustain                  He’ll also take you behind the          routine. Fitness instructor Tom
Desire: What It Takes to                                                           Holland teaches you how to                Business Empire (Pts. 1 & 2)
                                           scenes of his TV show.
Bring Lust Home (Pts. 1 & 2)                                                       believe in yourself and better your       Do you have a great idea for a
                                           Inst: Buddy Valastro                                                              business but don’t know where to
Why does great sex often fade for                                                  life through fitness.
couples who claim to love each                                                     Inst: Tom Holland
                                                                                                                             start? Rasheed Young, the man
other as much as ever? Couples                                                                                               behind Rev Run, Russell Simmons
therapist Esther Perel explores the        Wednesday, April 27th                   SPIRITUALITY: Shamanism for               and the Simmons family empire
                                                                                                                             will teach you how to get started,
union of domesticity and sexual                                                    an Improved Life (Pts. 1 & 2)             build and brand your business
desire and explains what it takes          WRITING & PUBLISHING: How to            Learn the secrets of Shamanic
to bring lust home.                                                                                                          and more!
                                           Sell Your Screenplay (Pts. 1 & 2)       healing and spiritual self-defense.       Inst: Rasheed Young
Inst: Esther Perel                                                                 Practicing Shamanic Healer Itzhak
                                           If you think you’ve got an idea for     Beery teaches you the core
ASTROLOGY: Using the Zodiac                the next Academy Award-winning          Shamanic healing beliefs,
                                           film, Bill Collage, one of the most     diagnostic methods, and techniques
to Find Your Perfect Match                 sought-after screenwriters in
The secrets to your love life are                                                  to repel negativity. Open pathways
                                           Hollywood, will give you the tools      for happier relationships, better
written in the stars. Jill Dahne,          to transform yourself from an
listed as the #1 Love Psychic in                                                   sleep, higher energy, better
                                           aspiring writer to a cinema             concentration, peacefulness, and
"100 Top Psychics in America"              success story.
educates you about what makes                                                      the attainment of abundance.
                                           Inst: Bill Collage
each zodiac sign unique and helps                                                  Inst: Itzhak Beery
you determine which sign is the
right match for you.
Inst: Jill Dahne

                            Please visit our Education and Spirituality channels for times:
22      [ P E R S O N A L                          I M P R O V E M E N T ]

                             Beauty Makeover The Face Station
                             Seen On Ambush Makeover, Faking It and Inside Edition
                              et David
                             LLearn stepGroshen the ”celebritytohair stylist” for Celebrity Style Hair Magazine, and his team work their red carpet magic ON YOU!
                                         by step instructions recreate celebrities’ red carpet styles.

                             Your day of beauty includes the following beauty package - a $350 value:
                              • Hair Styling & Cut: Participate in choosing your hair style and new makeup • Makeup Application: Have your makeup applied using
                              the right colors for your skin • Face Mapping: Identify your face shape • Color Analysis: Discover your perfect colors... the right tone
that makes your skin look its best. Receive a chart with the best tones and colors for you • Hair Consultation: Discuss the current condition of your hair & what you
have done in recent past to your hair • Receive hair and makeup charts to take with you and use at home
Watch as your hair is being styled and makeup applied and learn to use the right products * Last appointment is 4pm!

Bonus: Take 15% off any additional services done that day and/or your next visit.
Face Station styles for Major Models INC and NY1 News and is the Makeover Team for many TV shows including Ambush Makeover, Faking It and Inside Edition.
They also have a monthly column in Celebrity Hairstyle Magazine.

Course SL104
Sec. S | Sun., Mar. 13 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm              Sec. T | Sun., Apr. 10 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm              Sec. U | Sun., May 15 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Course fee $99 (includes $40 styling fee)              Members Course fee – FREE With $45 styling fee only

Fearless Conversation: How to Talk to Anybody about Anything
   on't you hate it? The prospect of walking into a room that's packed with strangers, approaching someone you've never met and
D  striking up a conversation. Well, don't be discouraged. Our instructor, Don Gabor has turned them into polished, expert
This class will open door for you. Success will naturally flow your way -- and with less effort than you ever imagined possible. Here's
just a sampling of the secrets you'll discover: • The two most powerful “instant rapport” techniques. Use them and you'll always make
a terrific first impression • The four rules of effective “small talk” – and the one huge error many people commit • How to converse
intelligently on any subject – even if you know little or nothing about it • Magic phrases that never fail to win a new acquaintance's
trust and goodwill • How to handle difficult people. Ingenious ways to turn even the fiercest tigers into pussycats
Don Gabor is a “small talk” expert and the author of How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends (Simon & Schuster), plus several
other books on interpersonal communication skills. He is the current president of the New York Chapter of the National Speakers
Association and has been a member since 1991. Don has been speaking professionally in New York City since 1980.

Course PL202 | Sec. F | May 5 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm | Course fee $4495 |                       Members Course fee – FREE

                             The Eat-Clean Diet: Fat Loss That Lasts Forever
                                re you looking to shed those few extra pounds? Do you want to lose weight, gain energy and self esteem? Well now you can! Fitness
                             A  guru, Tosca Reno, will show you how by doing the Eat-Clean Diet.
                             Tosca will show you: • Why this program works • You can eat and still lose weight • You can lose at ANY age • Eating Clean keeps
                             you feeling great and full of energy • Eating Clean is not a fad; it’s a way of life
                             Tosca Reno’s is the author of the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet Books. She has a column in Oxygen and Clean Eating magazine. She is
                             also a regular contributor to Maximum Fitness and Reps! magazines, has been a host on Extra and a guest on numerous national
                             television programs including Good Morning America, The Montel Williams Show, and The Doctors. She was even the star of her own
                             reality show named Tosca: Flexing at 49 and tours North America consulting and conducting seminars for companies, government
                             agencies, schools and private organizations. Audiences are captivated by Tosca's high energy, no-nonsense delivery of her message,
                             responding with everything from tears to laughter.

                             Course PL224 | Sec. A | May 4 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm | Course fee $1999 |                        Members Course fee – FREE

Become a Learning Annex Member: Unlimited Live and Online Classes Call 800-896-5409 or Visit
                                                               [ P E R S O N A L                           I M P R O V E M E N T ]                                    23
Be Your Own Shaman! Heal Yourself and Others
    re you ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Fasten your seatbelt as you launch into the stratosphere with Master Healer Deborah
A   King! You may not realize it, but everyone’s a natural born healer, including you! You probably already have some of the
extrasensory skills that are a sign of becoming a shaman. Don’t you sometimes know who’s calling before you pick up the phone;
sense when a family member is getting sick; know your partner is cheating before they ‘fess up?
This experiential workshop will knock your socks off as it opens you to your hidden shamanic powers and the greatest mysteries of all
time. You’ll see how to develop your inner talents and become your own shaman, capable of healing whatever ails you—your health,
your relationships, even your weight—and you can learn to heal others, too! And if you’re interested in stepping up to the next level of
spirituality, this is the place to be as initiations happen frequently. Get on board now for your journey into the invisible!
Step into the mystery that’s calling you! This knock-your-socks-off workshop will open your hidden shamanic powers as you —
a natural-born healer—learn to become your own shaman. You’ll learn all about the extrasensory skills you naturally have to heal
whatever ails you, and to heal others as well..
Deborah King is a master healer, teacher, and author of the national best-seller Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. Her new book, Be Your Own Shaman, takes
you on a one-of-a-kind journey into the powerful esoteric world of healing. Traveling extensively, Deborah brings her knowledge and experiential workshops to
audiences worldwide, hosts a popular weekly Hay House radio show, and offers an online 21st Century Energy Medicine program at
for those who are interested in healing themselves or others.

Course SL209 | Sec. A | Apr. 11 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm | Course fee $1999 |                        Members Course fee – FREE

                                     Authentic Happiness: Change Your Mind and Your Life
                                         ature has wired us to it’s futile to try to stop. Worrying is a normal function. Our brains are programmed to analyze
                                     N   problems. This class will teach you how to turn negative thoughts associated with worry into positive and productive reuslts.
                                     Dr. Martin Rossman has authored numerous books and CDs, including Guided Imagery for Self-Healing and Fighting Cancer
                                     from Within, and his work has been featured in academic, trade, and popular national media outlets including O, Self, Body &
                                     Soul, and CNN. In this class, based on his new book, The Worry Solution, Dr. Rossman will show you how to capitalize on the
                                     powerful mental force behind worry – utilizing the imagination to facilitate positive growth, change, and healing, instead of letting
                                     it run us into the ground with debilitating stress, anxiety, and disease.
                                     You will learn: • How unproductive worry can lead to heart diesease, fibromyalgia, and obesity and other stress-related illnesses
                                     • hands-on easy-to-use guided imagery technques, how "productive" worry can help us solve problems and prevent disease
                                     • how to re-program our brains to accept worry and put it good use • how to once-and-for-all eliminate unnecessary pills and
                                     drugs. * Why worrying makes us gain weight, and how to avoid this and other worry and stress killers.
                 Can you re-program your mind and eliminate worry?...of course you can. In one evening with Dr. Martin Rossman. Don't miss this class. Seating is
                 limited and it's sure to sell-out early

Course SL208 | Sec. A | Mar. 24 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm | Course fee $4495 |                         Members Course fee – FREE

T-Shirt Entrepreneurs Can Make Millions. Yes…MILLIONS!
    uring this inspiring and informative evening, t-shirt entrepreneur Andreea Ayers and a team of experts will teach you about the
D   business and creative side of the t-shirt industry, including how to: • Find a manufacturer for your t-shirts • Get the media
and celebrities to love your t-shirts – with Melissa Cassera, PR Expert • Get your t-shirts into profitable stores – with Grace Kang,
Retail Expert and former buyer for large department stores • Learn everything you need to know about the printing process with
Jose Andrade of BKNY Printing • Set up your website for maximum success • Increase traffic and sales on your website • And
much more…
There are few businesses with such a huge market and few barriers to entry. It's easy to get started, it doesn't take a huge amount
of money, you don't need to know “the right people”. If you're currently working in a dead-end job, it's time to change! Everybody
buys and wears t-shirts - why not make sure they're wearing yours?
Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn the secrets of this growing industry.                                                                   Your
Andreea Ayers is the founder of Tees for Change. Their shirts have been featured in Redbook Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal,                           Idea
Cosmo Girl Online, Glamour Online, Organic Spa Online, American Salon, USA Today Magazine, Chicago Tribune, NY Newsday
and on ABC, CBS, NBC, and on The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Course BL107 | Sec. H | Sunday, Apr. 10 | 5:00 - 6:00 pm | Course fee $999 |                           Members Course fee – FREE

    Become a Learning Annex Member: Unlimited Live and Online Classes Call 800-896-5409 or Visit
24       [ B U S I N E S S ,                             C A R E E R S ,                     M O N E Y ]

Coach Yourself                                             Don't Get Ripped Off.                                   How to Find and Get
to Success                                                 Protect Your Work!                                      the Job You Really Want
                                    id your career
                                D   disappear with
                                the economy? Are
                                                           Musicians, Artists, Writers,
                                                           Producers: Don’t Get Ripped
                                you still looking for
                                your “passion?”            Off. Protect Your Work!
                                When the question is,                                        hether you are an
                                “Now what?” the
                                answer is Laura
                                                                                       W     author, musician,
                                                                                       artist, film producer or
                                Berman Fortgang                                        entrepreneur, you need
                                and her Now What                                       to understand certain
                                coaching.                                              business and legal
                                Now is the time to                                     basics in order to
                                understand what you                                    protect yourself in the
                                                                                                                       ow many interviews have you had - and how
                                offer as a unique
                                individual, and how
                                                                                       This informative class
                                                                                                                   H   many offers? How many resumes have you
                                                                                                                   sent out with no reply? Learn the job-hunting
                                to monetize it. It is                                  with attorney Wallace       strategies and interview techniques which have
                                the time to ask who        Collins will teach you how to set-up and conduct        enabled countless Learning Annex students to get
                                you want to be, and        your business, and how to understand and protect        hired - usually at much better salaries.
to shape the job you want from there. Now is the time      your legal rights.
to focus your desires and strengthen the skills that                                                               You'll learn how to:
will fulfill them.                                          You will learn how to:                                  • Ace your next job interview
                                                           • Develop and protect your creations and ideas          • Convince headhunters to “market” you
Her coaching also offers a simple and clear                • Safeguard your most valuable asset:                   • Impress the interviewer
approach to building financial and emotional                  Your intellectual property                            • Use Linked In and other online resources
security. She believes that in order to obtain wealth      • Develop your name or logo as a trademark                to get the gate-keepers attention.
and happiness we need to become receptive to all             for your products and services                        • Even negotiate a higher salary.
the world has in store for us. We must build lives         • Safeguard confidential information
outside of the “norm”and what we thought our lives           and trade secrets                                     Barry Cohen is an internationally-known career
“should” or “could” be.                                    • Protect your ideas from competitors                   coach and resume writer who has assisted
                                                             and predators                                         hundreds of job seekers in getting hired within 30 –
Laura Berman Fortgang will show you:                                                                               60 days. He has appeared on “Good Day New York”
                                                           You’ll also learn about contracts and license           and currently oversees job placement for 14 New
                                                           agreements – including what to sign, and what not       York City colleges. His book, POWER INTERVIEWING
• How to re-energize your relationships                    to sign – in order to best profit from your dealings     is considered a classic.
                                                           as a creative person in the business world.
• How to re-prioritize your life for prosperity                                                                    Course BL115
                                                           Course WV101                                            Sec. M | Mar. 21 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm
• The top strategy is for finding your next career move     2 1/2 Hour Online Video Program ONLINE!                 Course fee $4495
                                                           Course fee $4495
• The three things that may be keeping you from                                                                    Members Course fee – FREE
  having clarity                                           Members Course fee – FREE
• Jumpstart your career
                                                          Double Your Income Doing What You Love
Laura Berman Fortgang is the coach to the stars.
She has been a media perennial for years. Her
                                                          Using The Chagall Effect # # #
appearances on Oprah, The CBS Early Show, NBC's           Do you want to find your passion and discover your purpose? Paul Peixoto will powerfully outline the path of
Today, Good Morning America, various nationally           success through discovery of your life’s purpose, working from the principles in his latest book, What On Earth
syndicated and cable outlets as well as a long stint      Should I Do? Paul tackles the subject with unforgettable stories, vivid humor and passionate energy. You will
as contributing editor for Redbook Magazine and in        achieve a: • Clarified sense of purpose • Strengthened self-esteem • Direction for the future • Soaring
other major print and digital media have helped her       confidence • Elimination of self-limiting beliefs
reach millions of people who want to improve their        Learn how to: • Create your Chagall window • Determine your purpose before someone else does • Use your
work and life.                                            passions as indicators of life purpose • Maximize your personality: the power behind purpose
Course PL226                                              Paul Peixoto has been inspiring and training audiences for over 25 years. He's president and founder of The
Sec. A | Apr. 21 | 7:00 - 9:30 pm                         Serra Group, Inc., a professional development training company headquartered in the New York metropolitan area.
Course fee $1999                                          Course BV106 / 15 Minute Online Video Program
Members Course fee – FREE                                 Course fee $4495 Members Course fee – FREE
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                                                  [ B U S I N E S S ,                          C A R E E R S ,                        M O N E Y ]                        25

Get NYC Housing at                                        How to Make Money                                        Vending Trucks –
1970’s Prices                                             Doing Voiceovers                                         Make Money!
You Don't Need a Broker                                   on Radio & TV                                                                                 W ant to make big
                                                                                                                                                          cash fast with
                                                                                                                                                   little money down?
                                                                                                                                                   Want to be your
                                                                                                                                                   own boss and
                                                                                                                                                   choose your own
                                                                                                                                                   hours? Want to
                                                                                                                                                   begin immediately?
                                                                                                                                                   Start one of the
                                                                                                                                                   fastest growing
                                                                                                                                                   businesses in the
                                                                                                                                                   country - the
                                                                                                                   Mobile concession vending business! You could
                                                                                                                   make thousands of dollars your first day!
                                                                                                                   Join Jerome Chang and Sean Sullivan in an
    inding a great deal on a fantastic apartment is the                                                            information-packed evening as they tell you a
F   dream of almost every New Yorker. Most think
                                                              omebody gets those voiceover jobs. What's the
                                                                                                                   step-by-step, easy-to-understand method including:
that if you don't "know somebody," you are unlikely
to ever secure one. The fact is - that's just not true.   S   secret? You'll get the tips you need to become
                                                          a real player in this billion dollar a year industry.
                                                                                                                   • What you need to get your permits and licenses
                                                                                                                   • The cost of the trucks
Its also a matter of "what you know" - and that's                                                                  • Choosing product that brings the most profit
what this new class is all about.
                                                          Included:                                                • How to handle inventory
There are many special housing programs in place,                                                                  • Growing your business to financial success
                                                          • Learn...Technique "Triggers" that will change
both City and State mandated, and the very best                                                                    • The best locations and the types of events that
                                                           your voice overnight into a money-making one
apartments go to the people who understand them:                                                                      bring great revenues
                                                          • Discover...How to consistently read commercial         • How to begin with little or virtually no start-up capital
• Mitchel-Lama, which offers thousands of
                                                            copy better than anyone else and get the best jobs
  high quality co-ops and rental units.                                                                            • Take control of your life by gaining financial
                                                          • Wake up...To what makes your voice special so             independence and success for your future!
• 80/20 programs that apply to newly constructed
                                                            that you can use your own individual talents to
  buildings which must rent 20% of their                                                                           Jerome Chang is the executive pastry chef and
                                                            earn the big bucks.
  apartments to low income residents in order for                                                                  co-owner of DessertTruck, an innovative mobile food
  landlords to qualify for tax exemptions.                You will be amazed at the dramatic differences           concept that has taken New York City by storm.
                                                          that selected participants will achieve when             Chef Chang has taken desserts from the world of
• Section 421 - a program for new construction,
                                                          Charles Michel directs them on microphone.               fine-dining and made them mobile, achieving critical
  and J-51 - a program for new properties.
                                                                                                                   acclaim and recognition from the NY Times, NY
                                                          "After this evening of discovery, I promise...You will   Magazine, TIME Magazine, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit,
• Mayor Bloomberg's New Housing Marketplace Plan
                                                          never look at voiceover or yourself the same way         and various other publications and media. In less
These programs, and others like them, can be a            again."...Charles Michel                                 than one year of operations, DessertTruck was
dream come true for apartment seekers - if you                                                                     named Best Mobile Food by TimeOut NY. A graduate
                                                          Charles Michel is a voiceover performer,
know how to properly apply, understand how to                                                                      of the French Culinary Institute, he was previously
                                                          commercial director, and producer. For 30 years he
properly fill out the paperwork, and comply with all                                                                pastry sous chef at New York City’s iconic Le Cirque.
                                                          has been grooming hundreds of voice over
qualification rules. And that's exactly what Robin                                                                  In addition to the truck, he opened a brick & mortar
                                                          performers, introducing them to his
Warshay will teach you!                                                                                            pastry shop concept, DessertTruck Works in 2010.
                                                          "Triggers"...(Fundamental techniques guaranteed
NOW is the time to find good deals!                       to make the difference between failure and               Sean Sullivan is the owner of “Feed Your Hole.” He
                                                          success in an ultra-lucrative field.) Charles Michel      built his food truck in hopes to do what he loves
As the owner and founder of “robinslist”, Robin           has also provided overall voice and presentation
Warshay has been a New York City affordable                                                                        most, to feed peoples hunger with simplicity. He
                                                          training to business people and others interested        makes all his own sauces, pickles his own peppers,
housing consultant for over twenty years. She has         in improving their voices. His success lead him to
helped countless clients secure the home or                                                                        and cucumbers as well as makes his own mustard,
                                                          an appearance on Donald Trump's "The                     ketchup and what he call The Old NY Way hotsauce.
apartment they have desperately sought after.             Apprentice" as a coach to the participants.              You can follow where his truck will be by going to
Course RL109                                                                                             
                                                          Course ML105
Sec. A | Mar. 29 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                         Sec. F | Apr. 11 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm                        Course BL178
Sec. B | May 4 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm                           Sec. G | May 17 | 6:45 - 9:30 pm                         Sec. A | Mar. 19 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
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      One Day University                                                                                            ®
                                                                                                     A Learning Annex Company
                                                                                                                                  ®   27

                   13 Award-Winning Professors All in One Day
                       You Choose What You Want to Learn
The Magic of Story – UCLA                   Keynote                               Technology
Professor Peter Guber is the chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.          What is Technology Doing to Our Brains? - Cornell
Among the award-winning films Guber has produced or executive                      Jeff Hancock
produced are Midnight Express, Gorillas in the Mist, Batman, and Rain
Man. Mandalay's latest film, The Kids Are All Right, recently won 2 Golden         Philosophy
Globes, including Best Picture, and was nominated for 4 Academy Awards,
including Best Picture. Peter Guberis a full professor at UCLA and is the owner
                                                                                  The Philosophy of Religion - Auburn
and co-executive Chairman of the NBA franchise the Golden State Warriors.         Matthew Baggar

Art                                                                               Psychology
Five Paintings Every Art Lover Should See - Columbia                              The Psychology of Good and Evil - Amherst
Tina Rivers                                                                       Catherine Sandersen
Neuroscience                                                                      Science
Understanding the Mind: How We Know What We                                       Beyond Darwin: What Modern Genetics Teaches
Know - Williams                                                                   Us Now - Harvard
Safa Zaki                                                                         Andrew Berry
Politics                                                                          Music
Does Our Government Still Work? The Problem                                       What Makes Great Music Great? Why We Like What
with Republicans and Democrats - Brown                                            We Like - Boston University
Jim Morone - Brown                                                                Jeremy Yudkin
History                                                                           Law
400 Years of American Immigration: Separating Fact                                Is There Anyone the First Amendment Should Not
from Fiction - Tufts                                                              Protect? - Cornell
Sol Gittleman                                                                     Faust Rossi
Language                                                                          Design
Evolving English: How Surprising New Words Enter                                  Why Design Matters: Restaurants, Hotels, Theaters
Our Language - Oregon                                                             and Museums - Parsons
Peter Laufer                                                                      Tim Ventimiglia

                          Each Professor Lectures for 60 Minutes plus Q+A.
                                  No Tests.
                                  No Homework.
                                  No Stress.
                                                                                                $       99         For the Next
                                                                                                                   67 Students!
                                                                                                    use coupon code MARCAT

                                     Limited Seating Available. This Unique, Live Classroom Event Will Sell Out Quickly
                                      NYC - Sunday, March 13, 2011 • NY Hilton • 6th Avenue and 54th Street • 9am - 5:00pm

RESERVE YOUR SEAT                                                                               1-800-379-7163
                          or go to
w w w. l e a r n i n g a n n e x . c o m
                                           Explore the Mysteries                                   An Evening with
                                           of What Happens                                         Psychic Intuitive
                                           When We Die                                             Mary Occhino
                                           with the Bestselling Author                             Star of SyFy TV Show
                                           of Life After Life, and                                 “Mary Knows Best”
                                           Glimpses of Eternity,                                                                W    orld renowned
                                           Dr. Raymond Moody                                                                    internationally
                                                                                                                                acclaimed Mary          Your Guide to Having It All
                                                                         ying people                                            Occhino has
                                                                        Dglimpsing heavenly
                                                                     realms of light just prior
                                                                                                                                amazed millions of
                                                                                                                                people with her
                                                                                                                                                        RUSSELL SIMMONS
                                                                                                                                                               See Page 3
                                                                     to passing                                                 psychic abilities on
                                                                     away…medical                                               the SyFy TV Show
                                                                     personnel seeing                                           “Mary Knows
                                                                     patients' spirits leave                                    Best’. Now it’s your
                                                                     their bodies at the                                        chance to
                                                                     moment of death,                                           experience her
o n l i n e :

                                                                     relatives and loved ones                                   psychic gifts LIVE!
                                                                     co-living the dying                                          Not only will she
                                           experience…electric lights or household                                                read the energy of
                                           appliances switching on and off all by themselves       those who have crossed over, but also
                                           in homes where someone has recently                     demonstrate her abilities as a medical intuitive.
                                           died…visionary encounters with the departed.            Mary’s accuracy as a psychic intuitive has been
                                           Are these messages from beyond and signs from           tested by Harvard accredited scientists for over
re g i s t e r

                                           the departed? Do we live after we die?                  11 years and she is also referred to as one of the
                                           These real-life occurrences are very familiar to many   top ten psychics in the world!                       How to Achieve Success
                                           of us.                                                  Bonus: Mary will do group readings and help          JERRY WEINTRAUB
                                           Join Dr. Raymond Moody, a respected medical             people to connect with the Other Side.                      See Page 5
                                           doctor, philosopher, bestselling author and world's     In this unique experience, Mary will explain her
                                           leading authority on the “near-death experience”        psychic intuitive process and teach You how to:
                                           (or NDE) – a phrase he coined in 1975- as he
                                           offers both answers and peace of mind on matters        • Awaken your natural 5 senses that will then
                                           of death. In this extraordinary seminar he will:          allow you to enhance your sixth sense.
                                           • Explore the mysteries of life and death
                                           • Divulge the newest information on shared              • Learn to read the Signs and Symbols that are
                                              death experiences                                      really messages from the universe.
                                           • Reveal astounding new research
                                                                                                   • Surrender your anxieties and take
                                           • Discuss why NDEs inspire permanent change,              control of your destiny.
                                              greater appreciation of life, more concern for
                                              others, increased belief in an afterlife, and        • Talk to the Other Side
                                              decreased fear of death.
                                                                                                   Mary O, as she is known on her daily call-in         The Four Purposes of Life
                                           Whether you're a skeptic or a true believer, this       radio show, “Angels On Call, has been on the air
                                           remarkable seminar will transform your life!            for over 4 years on Sirius/XM Stars 102 and XM          DAN MILLMAN
                                           Dr. Raymond Moody is a best-selling author of           155. Mary O can also be seen on her new docu-               See Page 6
                                           eleven books including Life After Life, which has       reality TV show, “Mary Knows Best”, on the Syfy
                                           sold over 13 million copies world wide. He has          Channel. You can see the first season’s
                                           appeared on Oprah three times, and on hundreds          episode’s of “Mary Knows Best,” on the web or
                                           of local and nationally syndicated programs such        Syfy “On Demand”. The author of 3 bestselling
                                           as: CBS,Sunday Morning Show,MSNBC, NBC                  books, her latest book is entitled “Awakened
                                           Today, ABC's Turning Point, Donahue, Sally Jessy        Instincts, Seven Keys for Enhancing Every
                                           Raphael Show, Geraldo, and The Joan Rivers Show.        Aspect of Your Life.”
                                           He is a world-renowned scholar and researcher
                                           and is considered the world's 'leading authority on
                                                                                                   Course SL130                                               Follow Us on
                                           the "near-death experience."                            Sec. B | Mar. 30 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm
                                           Course SL205                                            Course fee $2999
                                           Sec. A | Apr. 18 | 7:40 - 8:40 pm                       Become a member.
                                                                                                   Take this course for FREE.
                                           Course fee $1999
                                           Become a member.
                                           Take this course for FREE.

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