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					                                                                                                                   July 2008

Serving Santa Barbara
                                       Are gas prices boosting bicycling?
We’re a countywide advocacy                   by Ralph Fertig                                                            At one store, a woman
and resource organization that
                                    Everybody is talking about the                                                    from Montecito was there
promotes bicycling for safe
transportation and recreation.      soaring cost of gasoline and                                                      with her son and their two
                                    what people are doing about                                                       bikes. She told me that it
How to reach us                     it. All over the country, there                                                   now costs over $100 to fill
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition     are reports of people leaving                                                     up their SUV, so they are
PO Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190-2047
                                    cars in the garages as they                                                       going to make more trips
phone 962-1479                      walk, bike and bus more. So                                                       by bike. She was getting a
email               I ask the question, are local                                                     handlebar metal basket and
web                  residents biking more?                                                            trailer to haul two dogs for
                                        Americans are definitely                                                      her bike, plus a new saddle
July 1st meeting
Join us on the first Tuesday        driving less. The US Depart-                                                      and helmet for her son.
of the month for our general        ment of Transportation                                                               South Coast residents
meeting:                            monitors traffic at 4000                                                          are biking more. Since 1997­,
Tuesday, July 1st                   locations. The result for the                                                     Bicycle Coalition volunteers
Madam Lu Chinese Restaurant
3524 State Street
                                    first quarter of 2008 is a de- Bicyclists must feel good about their              have counted bicyclists at a
Santa Barbara                       crease of 16.2 billion vehicle responsible and sustainable steeds when they       number of South Coast inter-
                                                                     pedal by gas stations these days.
6:00 PM No-host dinner              miles traveled compared to                                                        sections. We used to do it ev-
7:00 PM Meeting                     2007­—representing an unprecedented 2.3% drop              ery year, but in 2005 started counting every other
                                    in motor vehicle travel.                                   year, so 2008 is an off year. But I didn’t want to
Online email list
We sponsor a free online email          Local bike shop business is up. I visited four         wait for 2009 to find out whether more people
forum where you can post and        Santa Barbara bike shops. Two reported good,               were bicycling. So I took the six busiest intersec-
read messages that pertain to       but not exceptional sales. The other two are ex-           tions and counted passing bicyclists at our stan-
regional bicycling issues. To       periencing definite growth. Not only are people            dard mid-week days, 4:00-6:00 PM at each one.
subscribe, just send an email
message to:
                                    hauling old bikes from their garages for mainte-              The 2008 counts showed 220 more bicyclists,   nance, but they are buying baskets, racks, helmets         a 14% increase over the averages since 2000.
Leave the subject line and          and other accessories for utility trips. One shop             So overall, people are driving less and biking
body of the message blank.          moved hybrid and town bikes up front because               more. It certainly seems clear that the cost of
                                    that’s what their customers are asking for—a               gasoline is effecting behavior, but likely other fac-
Join our Coalition
You can help improve bicycling      trend seen in a national 6% increase in hybrid rev-        tors—like concern about fossil-fuel’s effect on our
safety and conditions in Santa      enue in 2007­, above the 4% general increase.              climate, and rising obesity—are also contributing.
Barbara County by joining
others in our regional bicycling
advocacy group. Together
we’ll continue to make a real
                                          Goleta Valley Cycling Club funds local programs
difference. See page 6 for info.                                                                     At their annual meeting on June 8th, the Goleta
                                                                                                     Valley Cycling Club met not only to enjoy a
Our CycleSmart program                                                                               barbecue lunch and have fun, but also to invest
The Santa Barbara Bicycle
                                                                                                     some of their hard-earned People Powered Ride
Coalition’s CycleSmart
bicyclist education program                                                                          income back into our community.
offers bicycling skills classes                                                                         Our Bicycle Coalition was awarded funding
for school children and                                                                              to purchase rear LED lights and bells, plus more
adults. Look for details of
                                                                                                     for general use and our Bici Centro program.
upcoming classes inside Quick
Release, or contact our Co-                                                                          Other local recipients of funding are Traffic
coordinators Dru van Hengel                                                                          Solutions and COAST. Finally, they voted to sup-
and Erika Lindemann by email                                                                         port four other organizations—Adventure Cy-                                                                               cling, League of American Bicyclists, California
                                                                                                     Bicycle Coalition, and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.
 Quick Release is published                                                                             We are extremely grateful to the Club for
 monthly by the Santa Barbara
                                                                                                     their support of bicycling activities locally,
 Bicycle Coalition, PO Box
 92047, Santa Barbara, CA           Stow Grove Park was the site of the Goleta Valley Cycling Club   statewide, and nationally. Learn more about
 93190. Subscribe for $25 per       annual barbecue and meeting, attracting about 40 members.        them at their website
 year. Issue # 201.
        Coast Starlight trains “relaunch” in SB                                                          Street Skills Class
The only long-distance Amtrak train passing                                                                July 17-19th
through Santa Barbara county is the Coast
                                                                                                  Every other month, we offer our Street Skills
Starlight service that takes passengers be-
                                                                                                  for Cyclists classes. This is your chance to
tween Los Angeles and Seattle. To celebrate
                                                                                                  save gas money by honing your bicycling
amenity enhancements, the inaugural train
                                                                                                  knowledge and skills for biking confidently
was greeted in Santa Barbara by 100 people
                                                                                                  around town. Here’s our next class:
for a ceremony on June 10th.
   The relaxing 35-hour trip costs $180 one                                                                 Street Skills for Cyclists Class
way for Coach service; sleeping cars cost                                                                 Thursday, July 17­, 5:30-8:30 PM
more. Bicyclists have to box their bikes                                                                 Saturday, May 19, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM
beforehand. They can pack them in their                                                                    Granada Garage, Santa Barbara
own containers, or buy a box from Amtrak                                                          The class is open to anybody 16 years of
for $15, then remove pedals and turn the                                                          age or older. You can bring your child who
handlebars to fit.                                                                                is 14 or 15, with your supervision. The class
   For short distance rail travel, consider                                                       costs $30, however ask about scholarships.
the San Diego-to-San Luis Obispo Pacific         Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum smashes a         We are grateful to the City of Santa Barbara
Surfliner trains. To learn more about Am-        ceremonial bottle against the inaugural Coast
                                                 Starlight train while photographers snap away.   for their sponsorship of these classes.
trak options, go to                                                                  Learn more about the class and what it
   With the soaring cost of driving and                                                           offers you on our website
flying, trains are experiencing sold-out
coaches. In recognition of the need to sup-                Wet Willy Sez                          CycleSmart/apply.html. If you have questions,
                                                                                                  phone Dru van Hengel at 564-5544 or
port train passenger service, the House and      Dear Wet Willy: I’ve been thinking about         email her at
Senate both passed Amtrak funding alloca-        getting thornproof tubes or putting Slime
tions of $15 billion over five years for roll-   Tire Sealant in my current inner tubes to
ing stock and track capacity. President Bush
said he will veto it because rail should have
                                                 minimize the potential for flat tires. Seems
                                                 like a good fix to a common problem, but
                                                                                                         Coalition urges
no subsidy, but the passage in both houses
was high enough to override any veto.
                                                 what do you think? Cheers. — Travis                    Carpinteria safety
                                                 Dear Travis: Thornproof tubes or Slime           On June 3rd, our Bicycle Coalition sent a
                                                 Tire Sealant can minimize flats, particularly    letter to Caltrans District 5 chief of envi-
                                                 if you ride off road in the desert, but they     ronmental planning Cathy Stettler express-
                                                 also may make your bike ride like a slug.        ing concerns about bicyclist safety in the
                                                 Thornproof tubes are extra thick and extra       upcoming Linden/Casitas 101 project. The
                                                 heavy, and Slime adds ¼ pound to each reg-       project is mostly replacing Linden and
                                                 ular tube. Tires are the last place you want     Casitas Pass bridges over Highway 101;
                                                 to add weight, so what should you do?            however, it also entails new bikepaths along
                                                     Get good tires with an aramid belt sand-     Carpinteria Creek under the highway be-
                                                 wiched between the belt and the case. Many       tween Via Real and Carpinteria Avenue.
                                                 of these are just as light as cheaper tires         We wrote “We are concerned with bicyclist
                                                 yet far more flat resistant. Are they as flat    security at two parts of the project design:
                                                 resistant as thornproof tubes or Slime?          g
                                                                                                      For reasons of security, the proposed bike-
                                                 Not quite, maybe, but they ride way better           path tunnel design under Via Real should
                                                 and are worth the slightly increased flat            consider having the road rise up and the
                                                 frequency compared to thornproof or Slime            bikepath drop so the view at the end of the
                                                 treated tubes.                                       tunnel is clearly visible. If not, the bikepath
                                                     Wet Willy rides Panaracer Pasela TG tires        should drop gradually so the tunnel end is
                                                 that have an aramid belt. These are reason-          likewise clearly visible.
                                                 ably light, can be acquired for about $25        g
                                                                                                    Security underneath Highway 101 on the
                                                 each (sometimes less) and last a long time.        proposed bikepath along Carpinteria Creek
                                                 They are also available in widths from 23c         is also a concern. A short time ago, a wom-
                                                                                                    an was accosted there. Clear sight distances
                                                 up to 35c.
                                                                                                    and good nighttime lighting will increase
                                                                                                    security for both bicyclists and pedestrians,
                                                      Carbon tire tread                             hopefully without adversely impacting the
                                                                                                    nearby creek habitat.”
                                                 “Arguably, the most important thing you          Later this year, a Draft Environmental Im-
                                                 can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to     pact Report will be issued on the $97­-mil-
                                                 ride a bike instead of drive a car.”             lion project that will start in 2012. We’ll be
                                                  —Ed France, Santa Barbara Independent           hearing more about it.

Quick Release ~ July 2008 ~ Page 2
       Coalition addresses 101 bikepath issues                                                         July 1st night meeting
As part of the $151 mil-                                                shoulder, or picking           Our July Bicycle Coalition general meeting is
lion Highway 101 widen-                                                 up the new bikepath at         another evening one so more members can
ing project in western                                                  Bates Road. Those head-        join us. It’s at Madam Lu Chinese Restau-
Ventura County, safer                                                   ing north would have to        rant, 3524 State Street, Santa Barbara. No-
bicyclist conditions were                                               use the new bikepath.          host dinner 6:00 PM, meeting at 7­:00 PM.
proposed at meetings                                                        As for intersecting           It is our election meeting for Officers
with Caltrans in August                                                 the pedestrian tunnel          and Board members. Since the June Quick
2007­ and February 2008.                                                at La Conchita, Caltrans       Release, note that Michael Chiacos has
On June 12th, a follow-up                                               adopted a suggestion           decided to run for a position on our Board.
meeting attracted about                                                 that Fertig had sent           Ballots will be available at the meeting if
20 concerned bicyclists to                                              them. Essentially, part        you haven’t already mailed yours in.
hear how the project was                                                of the bikepath could             In addition to several topics of impor-
progressing. We were rep-                                                serve people walking          tance, Diana Estorga from the County will
                              Caltrans planner Carlos Montez describes
resented by Wilson Hub- possible arrangements for the proposed           to the tunnel. The path       describe proposed changes to Highway 246
bell and Ralph Fertig.        bikepath along Highway 101.                would drop down, con-         and to Purísima Road near Lompoc.
   As plans were left                                                    nect with the tunnel at a

                                                                                                           Mayor Blum sponsors
in February, there would be bikelanes on            T-intersection, then rise back up.
both sides of Highway 101, plus a separate             Because of limited space between the
bikepath on the mountain side. There were           widened roadway and the Union Pacific
concerns about the bikepath crossing a new right-of way, encounters between people
                                                                                                             bike resolution
beach tunnel under 101 at La Conchita.              emerging from the tunnel and bikepath              At the annual Conference of Mayors meet-
   Before the meeting, we received an email         cyclists are a concern. However several sug-       ing this June 20-24 in Miami, Santa Barbara
from Ventura saying that Caltrans was go-           gestions were made to increase visibility          Mayor Marty Blum is joining eight other
ing to make the bikepath one-way, not two.          and alert users of others approaching.             mayors in co-sponsoring a resolution stat-
This made no sense and turned out to be                Everybody seemed satisfied with the             ing that bicycling should be integrated into
false. Caltrans did tell us that there could        meeting. Caltrans expects that an Environ-         our nation’s transportation, climate, energy
not be a northbound bikelane on the high-           mental Impact Report will not be required          and health policy initiatives.
way next to the bikepath.                           because there are no serious environmen-              The resolution will be up for discussion
   Cyclists heading south on 101 would              tal issues. By August we should hear how           and possible adoption. It consists of 13
have the choice of riding on the roadway            things are progressing.                            “whereas” statements full of reasons why
                                                                                                       bicycling is so good for Americans, and is
                                                                                                       followed by six points of the resolution:
      Santa Maria bikeway master plan update                                                           g
                                                                                                           Achieve increased levels of bicycling in the
   by Wilson Hubbell                                                                                       national interest
                                                                              ture. The crowd
The City of Santa Ma-                                                         responded by pro-
                                                                                                           Implement of a coordinated national bicy-
ria Planning Depart-                                                          viding a wealth of           cling strategy to increase safe bicycle use as
ment began the pro-                                                                                        transportation.
                                                                              information regard-
cess of updating their                                                        ing where the prob-      g
                                                                                                           Urge Congress in the next federal trans-
1992 Bikeway Master                                                           lem spots are for            portation reauthorization to fund policies
Plan with a public                                                            cyclists in Santa Ma-        that reduce vehicle miles travelled, improve
meeting that attracted                                                                                     bicyclist safety, collect data to monitor
                                                                              ria and what types
                                                                                                           progress, and provide incentives for Com-
a group of nearly 50                                                          of facilities might be       plete Street policies.
local cyclists. The                                                           developed to provide
Plan is being updated
                                                                                                           Even without Federal incentives, states
                                                                              better bicycling con-
to conform with cur-                                                                                       should embrace Complete Street policies
                                                                              nectivity to schools,
                                                                                                           that integrate bicycling into standard street
rent Caltrans design                                                          commercial areas
                         Workshop participants in Santa Maria offered                                      design.
standards, which will many suggestions for improving bicycling. Photo        and recreational op-
allow the City to ap-
                                                                                                           Urge all mayors to approve the Climate Pro-
                         by Wilson Hubbell.                                  portunities within
                                                                                                           tection Agreement that includes bicycling
ply for State Bicycle                                                        the community.                programs as a key component in reducing
Transportation Account funding and other               Wilson Hubbell represented the Bicycle              greenhouse gas emissions.
grants.                                             Coalition at the meeting and will continue
   Alta Planning+Design has been hired by
                                                                                                           Encourage every city to become a Bicycle
                                                    to monitor the progress of the Plan with
                                                                                                           Friendly Community.
the City to move the Plan update forward,           City staff and Alta Planning. Other public
and both Alta and City staffers were on             meetings will be scheduled as the Plan de-         We certainly applaud Mayor Blum’s efforts
hand to question the crowd regarding what           velops and, if the first meeting is any indi-      to help raise national awareness of the ben-
is working, what is not working, and what           cator, a significant number of local cyclists      efits of bicycling. We’ll let you know how it
is missing in the City’s bicycling infrastruc-      can be expected to participate.                    all turns out.

                                                                                                                  Quick Release ~ July 2008 ~ Page 3
    Coalition asks Caltrans for safer work zones                                                               Bici Centro news
Recently Ken McGuire, the Caltrans Bicycle
Program Manager requested input about
                                                        crossing of Highway 101) are advisory, not
                                                        compulsory. However, few people know
                                                                                                                and promotion
bicyclist safety in construction zones. The             that. The signs ask bicyclists to walk across    Two major
intent is to craft standards where none cur-            Mission Street at a traffic signal, walk on      newspaper
                                                        the south side sidewalk, then either cross       articles featur-
rently exist. The Bicycle Coalition’s Ralph
                                                        Mission at an uncontrolled T-intersection        ing Bici Centro
Fertig responded with the following com-                after two blocks, or walk another block to
ments and photos about two situations that                                                               appeared in the
                                                        a crosswalk controlled by stop signs. The
occurred in Santa Barbara, as follows:                                                                   Santa Barbara
                                                        added several minutes are a real inconve-
                                                        nience, and the crossing at the uncontrolled     News-Press on
    Construction signs should not be placed in
                                                        T-intersection is possibly more dangerous        June 8th, fol-
    bike lanes.
                                                        than sharing the lane with motorized traffic     lowed by the Santa Barbara Independent
    Signs should make options clear. Detours            on Mission street itself.”                       on the 12th. Written by Karna Hughes and
    should not be more dangerous than alterna-                                                           Ben Preston, respectively, both had lots of
    tives. I was told that the current orange         We hope that those comments make bicy-
                                                                                                         photos and extensive descriptions of the
    signs in the photo (Mission Street under-         cling safer for us.
                                                                                                         program, providing excellent exposure.
                                                                                                            The Bici Summer youth program will
                                                                                                         start on July 7­th. There will be three sepa-
                                                                                                         rate two-week classes open to 12-16 year
                                                                                                         olds. Each class takes 40 hours, costs $12,
                                                                                                         and includes membership in our Bicycle
                                                                                                         Coalition. To register, stop by the shop or
                                                                                                            Separate from the youth program, come
                                                                                                         by to volunteer or work on bikes. Regular
                                                                                                         open shop hours are at 601 East Montecito
                                                                                                         Street, Santa Barbara:
                                                                                                           Thursdays 4:00-8:00 PM
                                                                                                           Saturdays 1:00-7­:00 PM.
                                                                                                         More information at

                                                                                                          Milpas to Hot Springs
Construction signs in the bikelane force bicyclists   Signs intended for our safety can cause not only
into the traffic lane.                                inconvenience but sometimes greater danger.

                                                                                                           project launched
            Upcoming bike meetings and events
The solstice is past, summer is upon us, the          sored by Momentum 4 Life. This camp is for
days are long, so make the best of them.              children ages 7­-12 who can swim 25 yards
Check our website for ongoing updates and             in a pool and ride a two wheel bike. Class
longer event descriptions at          takes place at UCSB, 2:30-5:00 PM. For more
meet/meet.html.                                       information, go to
July 1, Bicycle Coalition General Meeting,            July 17­ & 19, Street Skills for Cyclists,
sponsored by our Bicycle Coalition. This              sponsored by our Bicycle Coalition. Tune up
evening we will hold our officer and board            your bicycling skills just in time for summer
election. Madam Lu Chinese Restaurant,                with our two-day, 10-hour class. You can
3524 State Street, Santa Barbara. No-host             learn all about it and register online at www.
dinner 6:00 PM, meeting at 7­:00 PM. Phone  
                                                                                                         Caltrans director Will Kempton addresses a crowd
president Ralph Fertig, 962-147­9 or email            July 20, Santa Barbara Kid’s Triathlon,            at the Highway 101 corridor groundbreaking
him at                                                                                 ceremony.
                                                      sponsored by Momentum 4 Life. This is
July 12, Windmill Century, sponsored by               open to children aged 7­-15 to help them es-       The Milpas/Hot Springs corridor project
Tailwinds Bicycle Club. Choice of full or             tablish a healthy foundation for life. Details     entails much more than highway widening.
metric century, or 40-mile rides out of Los           at                        A new undercrossing of the freeway at Ca-
Alamos County Park over lightly-traveled                                                                 cique Street will allow Eastside bicyclists ac-
                                                      July 28-August 1, BMX Camp, sponsored by
roads. Food stops, sag support, and dinner                                                               cess to the waterfront without tackling the
                                                      Elings Park. This week-long camp for ages 5-
with Santa Maria style top sirloin, chicken,                                                             roundabout. Also, the Bird Refuge bikepath
                                                      12 is the third of three. Improve basic skills,
or vegetarian option, at the end. Register                                                               will continue with a tunnel under the rail-
                                                      learn track etiquette and get a healthy work-
and get info at                                                                     road and take people into Montecito more
                                                      out. Daily 9:00 AM-3:00 PM. Information and
July 14-18, Kid’s Triathlon Camp, spon-               registration at                safely. Watch for the progress.

Quick Release ~ July 2008 ~ Page 4
Team SB Green Power bikes RAAM                                                Coalition addresses UCSB’s plan
                                                                            The University’s Long Range Development Plan has been under
                                                                            development for years. UCSB staff have been giving presentations
                                                                            to government groups and private organizations for months, how-
                                                                            ever a public comment event was held on June 4th.
                                                                               About 100 people attended, including a large group of resi-
                                                                            dents of Phelps Road who do not want their street completed be-
                                                                            tween Storke and Los Carneros. Ralph Fertig spoke for bicyclists.
                                                                            He first noted that people are driving much less, so the traffic
                                                                            calculations and street widening proposals may no longer be valid.
                                                                            He also looked at the car/bike/pedestrian mix on the proposed
                                                                            Ocean Road, and suggested making motorists “invited guests”
                                                                            with speeds comparable to bicyclists. The Dutch woonerf street
Team leader Don Flanigan, right, describes their challenge at a kick-off    design already includes means of mixing all modes of travel to-
reception at sponsor B3 Architects on June 4th                              gether. The comments will be followed up with a letter from us.
An eight-man team from Santa Barbara entered the Race Across
America (RAAM) in order to promote renewable energy, sustainable
lifestyles, and healthy cycling as transportation. They finished the
3014 miles on June 18th in six days and 17­ hours—meaning that
they averaged 18.7­ MPH, above their goal of 18 MPH. The team, led
by Don Flanigan, raised money for CALM, a child-abuse charity.

     June Coalition meeting topics
Our June 3rd monthly Bicycle Coalition meeting was held at noon in
Santa Barbara, attracting 20 people to discuss these topics:
    The State/De la Vina intersection in Santa Barbara will return to the
    Architecture Board of Review for further consideration. It’s impor-
    tant for more bicyclists to express concerns this time.
    Dru van Hengel sought ideas about bicyclist safety near proposed
    curb extensions on West Anapamu Street. Suggestions were made.
    Ralph Fertig described an upcoming meeting with Caltrans about
    bicyclist safety on 101 near La Conchita, plus one at UCSB about
    their Long Range Development Plan.
  . Bicyclist detour options at the Mission Street/101 undercrossing
    construction zone were discussed and clarified.
    Lori La Riva from Traffic Solutions said that people could register
    for their August-September Commute Challenge starting in July.
    Nominations for Officers and Board members were accepted.
  . Sarah Grant reported on the successful Street Skills Class.
    Ralph Fertig asked for paid bike/ped counters to help Alta Planning
    with a roundabout safety study.
    Ongoing Bici Centro activities were described, plus their new sum-
    mer youth bike classes.

    We thank our active members
Please thank and support the following Bicycle Coalition business
  	 Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara
  	 Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara
  	 Open Air Bicycles, Santa Barbara
  	 Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria
  	 Chris King Precision Components, Portland OR
  	 Run Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
In addition, we thank those who joined us: Courtney Dietz. And              Quick Release accepts advertisements. Circulation is about 500
we greatly appreciate those who renewed their memberships: Alex             people. Ad details and an order form are available online at www.
& June Pujo, Nancy Mulholland and Mark Sapp.                       .

                                                                                                          Quick Release ~ July 2008 ~ Page 5
                        “If you bicycle, you should join the Bicycle Coalition”                                                  Shop discounts
                             Application for Membership                                                                      Bicycle Coalition members
                                                                                                                             benefit from discounts at local
              Yes! I want to help make bicycling better for all of us in Santa Barbara County.                               shops. It’s another reason to join
      ❏ Individual, 1 year $25      ❏ Student/Senior, 1 year $12           ❏ Household, 1 year $40                           our group. To get your discount,
      ❏ Individual, 2 years $45     ❏ Student/Senior, 2 years $22          ❏ Household, 2 years $7­5                         take your copy of Quick Release
      ❏ Business, 1 year $100       ❏ Business, 2 years $180               ❏ Lifetime $1000
                                                                                                                             to the shop and show them your
      name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________           address label that says “MEM-
      address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________          BER” on it. Or cut out the label
      city, state, zip _______________________________________________________________________________________________       box and take it.
      phone ___________________________________ email _____________________________________________________________             Discount details are online at
      ❏ New membership ❏ Renewal membership                                                                        
      ❏ Email me Adobe PDF files of Quick Release newsletters instead of printed ones.                                       Please patronize these shops:
      Make payable to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. Mail to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 92047,
                                                                                                                             Bicycle Bob’s
      Santa Barbara, CA 93190. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
                                                                                                                             250 Storke Road #A, Goleta
                                                                                                                             15 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition          Regional bicycle clubs & groups           Road repair contacts
President, Ralph Fertig, 962-1479        The Cutters                               Caltrans                                  Bicycle Connection                         Mark Langowski, 937-3252                   223 W. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc
Vice President, Wilson Hubbell, 683-               Carpinteria                               Hazard’s Cyclesport
1240,              Echelon Santa Barbara                       Tom Evans, 684-5405 x402
                                                                                           110 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara
Secretary, Drew Hunter, 896-2119           Kim Weixel, kweixel@photoscene.                    com                                     Goleta                                    Mad Mike’s Bikes
                                         Goleta Valley Cycling Club                  Bill Millar, 961-7575                   1108 E. Clark Avenue #G, Santa
Treasurer, David Bourgeois, 899-3728                                                          Doris Phinney, 968-3143                                                           Maria
Director, Judy Keim, 687-2912                                                        Larry Bean, 736-1261                    Main Street Cycles                       Lompoc Valley Bicycle Club
                                           Bob Grant, 735-7763                               311 East Main Street, Santa Maria
Director, Don Lubach, 722-2349                                                     Santa Barbara City
                                                                                              Open Air Bicycles                                                                    Dru van Hengel, 564-5544
                                         SB Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers                                                   224 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara
Director, Jim Marshall, 962-3531                                           
                                           John Berberet, 681-0048                                                                 Santa Barbara County                      Pedal Power Bicycles
Director, Mark McClure, 967-5031                                                     Matt Dobberteen, 568-3576               1740 Broadway, Santa Maria
                                         Santa Barbara Bicycle Club                                                     
                                           Dave Court, david_court@earthlink.
Director, Nancy Mulholland, 563-9073       net                                     Santa Maria                               Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle                                                                David Whitehead, 925-0951 x227          Phone 275-2335
                                         Santa Barbara BMX
Advisor, Dru van Hengel, 564-5544          Dale Bowers,         VeloPro Cyclery                                                   Solvang
                                         Tailwinds Bicycle Club                                                              633 State Street, Santa Barbara
Advisor, Erika Lindemann, 569-1544         Kris Madaus, 268-1802                     Brad Vigro, 688-5575                                                                     5887 Hollister Avenue, Goleta
Advisor, Matt Dobberteen, 568-3000       UCSB Cycling Club                         UCSB                          Jennifer Johansen, 661-478-5374           Dennis Whelan, 893-7009
Advisor, Ed France, 310-936-0857                 

                                                                                                                                            NONPROFIT OR-
                                                                                                        RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                           SANTA BARBARA,
P.O. Box 92047                                                                                                                                   CA
Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 647

                                                                              MEMBERSHIP IS VALID IF LABEL BELOW SAYS “MEMBER”

                                                                                      Is an address label missing?

                                                                                 Put your name here by joining the
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