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Max Comics
painted cover by david mack
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/Michael Gaydos (A)
* THE SCOOP: Detective Jessica Jones begins her strangest case yet!
* THE SET-UP: Red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos continue their gritty tale of
a former costumed crime-fighter who's now a down-and-out private investigator specializing in
superhuman cases!
* THE STORY: Jessica Jones is a big city P.I. -- but this new case takes her to a small town where the
locals aren't telling her everything she needs to know find a missing girl. And her past as a super heroine
won't help her this time!
* THE BUZZ: "God, I love this comic... I can't get enough of ALIAS right now. It's better than one of those
really chuncky Kit-Kat bars. And we all know how tasty they are, right?" -Comics International
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
* THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

Painted Cover by David Mack
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/Michael Gaydos (A)
* THE SCOOP: It's twice the ALIAS this month!
* THE SET-UP: Red-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos continue their gritty tale of
Jessica Jones, a former costumed crime-fighter who's now a down-and-out private investigator
specializing in superhuman cases!
* THE STORY: Jessica Jones's investigations into a small town show that a missing young girl is not what
she seemed. And, once again: no appearances by Luke Cage!
* THE BUZZ: "It looks like a book that was already good will be getting even better."
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
* THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.

Cover by Kyle Hotz
Brian K. Vaughan (W)/Kyle Hotz (P)/Eric Powell (I)
* THE SCOOP: Enter the controversial and complex life of a brand-new super-villain in this hard-edged,
MAX crime drama!
* THE STORY: It's an action-packed diamond heist -- where everything goes terribly wrong for
up-and-coming super-villain Parker Robbins! And this one has an ending that everyone will be talking
* THE BUZZ: "I love a good crime book, and Brian K. Vaughan's story about a new super-villain sounds
like exactly the kind of thing I'd like to read. Art by Kyle Hotz is icing on the cake, as I've really enjoyed his
work on HULK and THE AGENCY. This seems like a super-hero story by way of Richard Stark or Elmore
Leonard, and I can't wait to read it." -Randy Lander,
* THE FORMAT: A monthly, six-part story. 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
* THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.
7-59606-05322-3-00311                $2.99

Painted Cover by Leonardo Manco
John Ostrander (W)/Leonard Manco (A)
* THE SCOOP: The Wild West explodes in a fully-painted MAX series!
* THE SET-UP: Following the success of their critically acclaimed BLAZE OF GLORY miniseries, John
Ostrander and Leonardo Manco return to bring you a new tale of the Old West more real and raw than
any you've seen before. As part of the MAX line, the kid gloves are off and the bullets are flying. Manco's
art, shot directly from his colored pencils and watercolors, makes this perhaps the most gorgeous comic
of the year. Think you don't like Westerns? Take a look at this and think again. Love Westerns? Prepare
to go crazy, because APACHE SKIES is coming at you like a bullet between the eyes!
* THE STORY: A man is murdered. A legend is born. It is 1886. The American Southwest. The original
Apache Kid is dead, gunned down in an ambush by a pack of cowards. Now his friend Johnny Bart, the
Rawhide Kid, rides the vengeance trail to make the killers pay. But someone else is also hunting those
murderers, someone who may have a claim to the title of Apache Kid! And little do they know that another
man hunts them all. There are those who will make one last run, one last fight, to stand free and tall in the
mountains under the wide blue Apache Skies!
* THE WRITER SPEAKS: "This is a chance to show violence even more realistically," explained
Ostrander. "Why is that a good thing? Because showing it sanitised makes it too easy, makes it more
glamorous. I want the violence to feel brutal."
* THE FORMAT: Each issue of this four-part, monthly series will be 32 pages, with ads.
* THE WARNING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.
7-59606-?-00111            $2.99

Painted Cover by Tim Bradstreet
Christopher Hinz (W)/Steve Pugh (P&I)
* THE SCOOP: It's a Blade comic as wicked as his new movie!
* THE STORY: The Tryk warrior known as Rowks has kidnapped Blade's new girlfriend -- now the
Daywalker must enter his lair to try to get her back! The Tryk queen holds the secret that could turn Blade
fully human -- a secret so horrifying it could also drive him mad!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
* THE RATING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.
7-59606-05195-3-00511             $2.99

Cover by Richard Corben
Brian Azzarello (W)/
Richard Corben (P&I)
* THE SCOOP: It's payback time -- and time to get paid!
* THE SET-UP: Life on the streets is a high stakes game. There are winners and losers. And those that
play by the rules do so at their own risk, and often pay a price. So who's got their back? There's a man
who can set things straight. He doesn't come cheap, but if you've got the bank, he's got game.
* THE STORY: Hammerhead... Tombstone... everyone gets just what's comin' to 'em -- "Hero for Hire"
style! And justice ain't cheap!
* THE BUZZ: "It's nice to see the MAX line carry on with good stuff, and it's expecially nice to see Cage in
a story that makes him look less like a joke, and more like a hero."
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
* THE RATING: Contains explicit content. Recommended for adult readers.
7-59606-05255-4-00511             $2.99

Cover by Mike McKone & Mark McKenna
Judd Winick (W)/Mike McKone (P)/Jon Holdredge (I)
It's Mimic vs. Namor for the fate of Earth! But how far will he go to save a world that isn't his own? And
what will he discover about himself in the process? Meanwhile, the rest of the team attempts to take on
the whole Atlantean Army ... with Dr. Doom by their side! But can the Exiles withstand the urge to take out
the maniacal dictator themselves? "My appreciation for EXILES remains strong. It's got the appeal and
accessibility of an old school super hero book, but it has the visual style and writing approach that's more
7-59606-05108-3-01511 (MarvelPG)          $2.25

Cover by Shawn Martinbrough
Geoff Johns (W)/Shawn Martinbrough (P)
Continuing a look into the mutant urban myth! Postman. Electric Eve. Angel Dust. Shatter. Cell. Trader.
Litterbug. Not so long ago, they were like anyone else -- like you and me. They had homes, families,
hopes and dreams. Now, they have no choice but to go underground, where they can live in peace. But
before they do that, this group of extraordinaryily powered -- but still fragile -- people must face a
squadron of Sentinels -- and the final goodbye to the lives they're leaving behind! "MORLOCKS boasts
work from two sharp talents known for their work at DC, and Marvel readers are in for a treat."
7-59606-05249-3-00411 (MarvelPG)          $2.50

Cover by Salgood Sam
Karl Bollers (W)/Salgood Sam (P)
Think all mutants wear flashy costumes and have goofy codenames? Think again! In a place of great
beauty too often shattered by violence, a boy must become a man before he's ready -- especially when
he's a mutant! Those close to young Liam Connaughton -- those that should be protecting him -- make
unfair, cruel demands on him. But love can demand even greater sacrifices!
7-59606-05170-0-00611 (MarvelPG)         $2.50

Cover by Sean Phillips
Joe Casey (W)/Sean Phillips (P)
* THE SCOOP: How can the X-Men catch the Vanisher?
* THE STORY: There's a new high on the street -- a drug that is immediately addicting and inevitably
fatal. But the source of this body-altering drug is nearly uncatchable: a man who can disappear at will!
The X-Men have stopped one of his operations already -- but what will it take to shut down the Vanisher
for good?
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-02461-2-40811 (MarvelPG)           $2.25

Painted Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
Jeff Jensen (W)/Arthur Ranson (P)
The mystery grows -- and a conspiracy forms! Agents Kearse and Gray travel to San Francisco, where
the "Sanctuary" movement -- in which churches provide safe haven for mutants -- has been targeted by
extremists. There, they will encounter four strange young girls -- and the mutants who are trying to save
them. And as the two agents dig deeper into the mutant subculture, they're forced to confront unpleasant
truths --- about themselves!
7-59606-05235-6-00311 (MarvelPG)          $2.50

CABLE #107
Cover by Igor Kordey
Darko Macan (W)/Igor Kordey (P & I)
The man from the future is forced to deal with his actions in the present -- and he does so in typically
self-destructive fashion! Believe it when we say that writer Darko Macan and penciler Igor Kordey wrap
up CABLE in a completely unexpected fashion -- and then launch SOLDIER X, just two weeks away!
"Marvel has breathed new life back into the controversial mutant with a succesful string of stories that
place Cable in real-world adventures." -Wizard, the Comics Magazine
7-59606-01362-3-10711 (MarvelPG)          $2.25
Cover by Udon
Gail Simone (W)/Udon (A)
Deadpool faces off against his hated enemy, the Black Swan -- but will he escape with his life? Can
Deadpool keep his mind intact long enough to destroy the man responsible for his decaying brain -- or will
he only cause more pain to himself and his friends? And what happens when even Deadpool is driven
over the edge? This issue is Wade Wilson's last, folks ... or is it? And what's with that new title AGENT X
that everybody's talking about?! No matter which way you look at it, you won't want to miss out on this
issue, where the Merc-with-a-Mouth goes out with a bang! Literally!
7-59606-03703-2-06911 (MarvelPG)        $2.25

Cover by Tony Harris
Dan Jolley (W)/Greg Scott (P)
One of the X-Men's most bloodthirsty foes cuts loose in this no-holds-barred adventure! Victor Creed has
wandered into a plot to kidnap a young woman. Her pursurers? Men with superhuman attributes, who
seem to be able to dish out and absorb even more punishment than Creed! And what is the strange
attraction between this innocent girl and Sabretooth? Could it be... love? Nah! But lust? Definitely! The
second issue of this four-part series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05345-2-00211 (MarvelPG)           $2.99

Cover by Salvador Larroca & Liquid!
Chris Claremont (W)/Salvador Larroca (P)
With Storm on the run from Khan's concubines, the X-Treme team takes action the only way they know
how! Meanwhile, Rogue becomes a one-woman army in her efforts to save her beloved Gambit! And
Bishop leads a team of insurgents as they plot to stop the Invasion from Dimension X -- or die trying!
7-59606-05109-0-01511 (MarvelPG)        $2.99

NEW X-MEN #129
Cover by Igor Kordey
Grant Morrison (W)/Igor Kordey (P)
* THE SCOOP: What is Weapon XII?!
* THE STORY: The secret of Weapon XII is revealed along with a terrifying new
threat to mutants and mankind -- a threat as old as life itself and as monstrous as the unknown!
* THE BUZZ: "Just as Chris Claremont and John Byrne redefined the X-Men in the '80s, Grant Morrison
and his co-creators are redefining the X-Men for this decade."
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-01772-0-12911 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Cover by Adam Kubert
Mark Millar (W)/Adam Kubert (P)/Danny Miki (I)
* THE SCOOP: It's the electric epilogue to the X-Men's World Tour!
* THE STORY: Due to the events of the World Tour, Professor X is all alone -- and at an all-time low -- in
New York City. And while the X-Men fight for their lives elsewhere, the Brotherhood finally gets their act
together... and that's a bad thing for the good guys!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

Cover by Sean Phillips
Joe Casey (W)/Sean Phillips (P)
* THE SCOOP: Showdown with The Vanisher!
* THE STORY: He's outsmarted the X-Men at every turn -- and his deadly "designer gene" gas given rise
to an altogether different kind of drug war -- but now the Vanisher must face the avenging Archangel!
Plus: Nightcrawler and Stacy X face life-changing turning points!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-02461-2-40911 (MarvelPG)          $2.25

Painted Cover by Igor Kordey
Darko Macan (W)/Igor Kordey (P)
* THE SCOOP: What has Cable become after the events of CABLE #107? Find out in this jump-on issue!
* THE STORY: Bored stiff while covering a Sumo tournament, reporter Irene Merryweather -- Cable's old
flame -- gets entangled with S.H.I.E.L.D. and delivers an important hint as to the future of the man
formerly known as Cable! Oh, and it may seem like two weeks, but it's really been two years since
CABLE #107! What has happened to turn him into Soldier X? The answers are revealed here!
* THE BUZZ: "CABLE remains as strong as it has ever been, and definitely as beautiful to look at, as Igor
Kordey delivers some of the most unusual and intense visuals to be found in super hero comics."
* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this monthly series is 40 pages, with ads.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $2.99

Cover by Salvador Larroca & Liquid!
Chris Claremont (W)/Salvador Larroca (P)
With the world as the prize, how does the Team X-Treme repulse a dimensions-spanning armada? What
weapon do they have capable of defending the Earth from this conflagration? Here's one hint: the
outcome will resolve a major subplot regarding Rogue -- and will change the status quo for her and
Gambit in ways never before imagined!
7-59606-05109-0-01611 (MarvelPG)         $2.99

Cover by Udon
Gail Simone (W)/Udon (A)
* THE SCOOP: Gail Simone (DEADPOOL) and UDON (X-MEN: EVOLUTION) unleash the mysterious
Agent X!
* THE SET-UP: What would you do if you had no idea who you were... where you were from... or how you
got to where you were? And what would you do if you discovered you had special talents that made you
different than everyone else? Would you use those talents for good? For evil? For your own gain? Or a
little bit of everything?
* THE STORY: Introducing the mystery man known only as Agent X! You may think you know what's
coming -- and who this mystery man is -- but do you really? And will Agent X's unique talents make him
tough enough to endure training at the hands of the Taskmaster? Or maybe a better question is: will
Taskmaster let him?
* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this monthly series is 40 pages, with ads.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $2.99

Cover by Sean Chen & Norm Rapmund
Matt Nixon (W)/Ethan Van Sciver (P)/Larry Stucker (I)
Alpha Flight returns -- and brings with them guest-art by Ethan Van Sciver (NEW X-MEN)! At the request
of Shaman, Wolverine pays a visit to the base of his Canadian comrades -- but this isn't a social call!
What deadly menace lurks inside the complex -- and who will be sacrificed to defeat it?
7-59606-02254-0-17911 (MarvelPG)           $2.25

Cover by Udon
Jay Faeber (W)/Udon (P & I)
When the Professor's away, the mutants will play! It's party time at the Xavier Institute when Professor X
takes a trip -- but things really heat up when the Brotherhood crashes the scene! It's a special standalone
story written by Jay Faeber (Noble Causes)!

Cover by Kaare Andrews
Kaare Andrews (W)/Various (P)
* THE SCOOP: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover artist Kaare Andrews sets his sights on the X-Men in the
self-contained epic!
* THE STORY: A young boy who possesses unimaginable power has fallen under the thrall of a religious
zealot seeking to eradicate the stain of mutantkind from our world -- and every other! Together, the two
open a gateway that thrusts countless version of the X-Men across multiple dimensions against one
another in all-out war! It's Wolverine vs. Wolverine vs. Wolverine ad infinitum! Can Professor Xavier and
Kitty Pryde save themselves and the boy -- and what are they willing to sacrifice to do so?
* THE CREATORS: Andrews (TANGLED WEB #10) writes and shares art chores with Mike Kunkel
(Herobear and the Kid), Josh Middleton (Meridian) and more fresh faces!
* THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads.
7-59606-01406-4-03711 (MarvelPG)           $3.50

Cover by Mike Allred
Peter Milligan (W)/Mike Allred & Darwyn Cooke (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: They're X-citing! They X-hilirating! They're... X-pendable? Leaping from the
blood-drenched pages of X-FORCE comes the mutant super-team that America hates to love: X-Statix!
* THE STORY: America's #1 supergroup receives their biggest challenge ever when a new team of even
more media-savvy, camera-friendly, focus-group mutants leaps into the spotlight! Can the squad formerly
known as X-Force rise to the occasion? This special 38-page extra-sized issue features a lead story by
Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and a back-up tale by Milligan and Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman) featuring
that loveable Doop!
* THE BUZZ: "Proceeding from the assumption that given a world containing a score of super heroes, at
least one bunch of them would prove to be media-manipulating cynics, (X-FORCE is) a witty blast of
media criticism disguised as a garish spin-off of the X-Men." -The New York Times Book Review
* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this monthly series is 40 pages, with ads.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $2.99

Cover by Joe Quesada
Ron Zimmerman (W)/Al Rio (P)/Sandu Florea (I)
* THE SCOOP: "Get Shorty" meets "The Player" in this five-issue series that dishes the dirt on the dark
underbelly of Hollywood!
* THE STORY: Kraven wants to make a movie. And what Kraven wants, Kraven gets! Having arrived in
Tinseltown, Al Kravinoff must first get the lay of the land, sniff out the competition, and go
apartment-shopping -- which is easier said than done in this town! Featuring cameos galore -- including a
special guest appearance by everyone's favorite King of the Sea (Namor!) and a special guest star who's
sure to make girls' hearts swoon. Two clues: Joanie loves him, and he's always in charge!
* THE FORMAT: The second issue of this five-part series is 32 pages, with no ads!

Cover by Pat Olliffe & Al Williamson
Tom Defalco (W)/Pat Olliffe (P)/Al Williamson (I)
Witness Spider-Man's final battle with the Green Goblin!

Cover by Mark Bagley
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/
Mark Bagley (P)/Art Thibert (I)
* THE SCOOP: The secret behind Norman Osborn's return!
* THE STORY: S.H.I.E.L.D super spy Nick Fury explains the deal behind the Green Goblin to Peter
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock cover.

Cover by Jason Pearson
J. Michael Straczynski (W)/
John Romita Jr. (P)/Scott Hanna (I)
* THE SCOOP: Another new issue!
* THE STORY: Hey, it's Spidey by the killer team of J.Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr. and Scott
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-04716-1-04311 (MarvelPG)        $2.25

Cover by Scott Sava
Greg Rucka (W)/Scott Sava (A)
The web-slinger faces off against The Lizard in a wide-screen epic written by Greg Rucka (Queen and
Country) and digitally illustrated by Scott Sava (The Lab)! Printed on glossy stock paper, with a cardstock
cover. "A Spider-Man miniseries using computer-generated images may open up the market to the lost
generation of younger readers more familiar with this type of art." -Comics International
7-59606-05333-9-00311 (MarvelPG)            $2.99

Cover by Humberto Ramos
Paul Jenkins (W)/Humberto Ramos (P)/
Wayne Faucher (I)
Regular cover artist Humberto Ramos lends his extraordinary talents to a special four-part story featuring
the return of the web-slinger's most relentless foe: the Green Goblin!
7-59606-04717-8-04611 (MarvelPG)          $2.25

Cover by Tim Sale
Jeph Loeb (W)/Tim Sale (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: The Marvel Knights take a swing at Spider-Man as writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale --
the award-winning team that brought you DAREDEVIL: YELLOW -- deliver another modern day classic!
* THE STORY: Saving Penn Station from the Lizard is a piece of cake, but Peter Parker doesn't know
what to do when Mary Jane Watson meets Gwen Stacy! Could things possibly get more complicated?
Well, sure! Especially when Harry Osborn asks Peter to be his roommate -- and then asks if he can date
Mary Jane!
* THE BUZZ: "A combination of clear, to-the-point dialogue and beautifully staged action that ranges from
the simplest human behavior to a teeth-rattling battle royal has produced one of the best comics of the
year." -Comics Buyer's Guide
* THE FORMAT: The third issue of this six-part, monthly mini-series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on
glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.
7-59606-05341-4-00311 (MarvelPG)        $3.50

Cover by Leo Fernandez
Daniel Way (W)/Leo Fernandez (P)
Tombstone is a ruthless gangster who can bang with the best of them -- until he finds himself in the jail
from hell. Now he must navigate a treacherous sea of gangs, corrupt guards and every man's worst
nightmare: the 7 foot-tall, 500-pound monster known as Kangaroo -- who has a "thing" for poor
Tombstone! Printed on glossy stock with a cardstock cover. "This title is slowly becoming the most
consistently entertaining book in the Spider-Man line."
7-59606-05106-9-01611 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson
Kevin Smith (W)/Terry Dodson (P)/Rachel Dodson (I)
* THE SCOOP: King of All Comics Kevin Smith returns to Marvel and -- along with Terry Dodson (Harley
Quinn) -- takes the reins of comics' hottest character -- Spider-Man!
* THE FORMAT: The seond issue of this four-part series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper
with a cardstock cover.
7-59606-05309-4-00211 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Marvel Knights
Painted Cover by Greg Horn
Greg Rucka (W)/Carlo Pagulayan (P)/Danny Miki (I)
* THE SCOOP: Elektra has killed hundreds of men -- but she's never faced the consequences of her
actions. That's about to change!
* THE STORY: In this issue, the mysterious Mr. Locke takes the beautiful assassin on a guided tour of
her blood-drenched past -- and the results will change Elektra forever!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper.
7-59606-05132-8-01211 (MarvelPGplus)              $2.99

Painted Cover by Glenn Fabry
John Figueroa & Gene Ha (W)/Alberto Ponticelli & Gene Ha (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: The MK imprint presents two more bold visions by two killer creative teams!
* THE STORIES: Daredevil and the Punisher help out the Black Widow with an old enemy in a new tale
by the regular MARVEL KNIGHTS creative team of John Figueroa and Alberto Ponticelli! Plus: the
martial arts master known as Iron Fist answers a strange cry for help, in a surprising story by Gene Ha
(Top Ten)!
* THE FORMAT: A four-part, monthly series. This issue is 32 pages, with ads.
* MARVEL MEMO: This is a resolicitation. All previous orders are canceled.
7-59606-05159-5-00411 (MarvelPGplus)            $2.99

Cover by John Cassaday
John Ney Rieber (W)/John Cassaday (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: It's more CAP drama ripped from the headlines!
* THE SET-UP: Marvel Knights is proud to present an all-new, ongoing CAPTAIN AMERICA series of
gut-wrenching intensity, by the acclaimed creative team of writer John Ney Rieber (Books of Magic) and
penciler John Cassaday (Planetary)!
* THE STORY: Captain America has faced terrorists at home -- now he follows the deadly trail to a secret
organization based in Germany! But in a post-modern world, who can he trust?
* THE BUZZ: "After the vile assaults of September 11th, America needs an icon -- and the ultimate
patriotic hero is ready to fill the bill. This is a gritty, real-world Captain America who's giving up villains
with crimson craniums to take on terrorists and other enemies of freedom." -Comic Shop News
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05153-3-00411 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Painted Cover by TIM BRADSTREET
Garth Ennis (W)/Steve Dillon (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: The PUNISHER team supreme -- Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon -- are back!
* THE STORY: The madmen who made Preacher a best-selling book are back for another round! The
Punisher must smuggle a mob boss out of Colombia alive -- but if mercenaries don't kill the mafioso,
Frank Castle just might do it himself!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05113-7-01411 (MarvelPGplus)         $2.99

Cover by Alex Maleev
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/Alex Maleev (P&I)
* THE SCOOP: If you dig Brian Michael Bendis' take on the teenaged web-slinger in ULTIMATE
SPIDER-MAN, just wait until you see his version of the older wall-crawler in this issue!
* THE STORY: Daredevil struggles to put his life back together -- but first he'll have to face a fighting-mad
Mr. Hyde!
* THE BUZZ: "Bendis' take on DD has been more like watching 'The Sopranos' or 'Goodfellas' than
reading a super hero adventure... as for the art, Alex Maleev is working miracles in this book"
* THE STORY: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-04706-2-03511 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Painted Cover by Scott Morse
Scott Morse (W & A)
* THE SCOOP: A fully-painted ELEKTRA series by Scott Morse, the acclaimed creator of Ancient Joe
and Magic Pickle!
* THE STORY: As the assassin Elektra prepares to take a job, she's drawn into the strange tale of a dead
blues musician. But the Hand, that ancient, evil mystic order, has an interest in the musician's son -- and
that means Elektra will soon be tested as never before!
* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this 4-issue mini-series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy
stock paper with a cardstock cover.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $3.50

Cover by Alberto Ponticelli
John Figueroa (W)/Alberto Ponticelli (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: Daredevil, Black Widow and the Punisher -- now in one street-level book!
* THE STORY: Without the money to pay off Kingpin's former associates, the Brothers Grace decide to
bail out on New York -- but the Marvel Knights won't let them get away that easily! And when Mr. Tune
decides to stay behind to finish his masterpiece of evil, it's up to Punisher to shut the madman down!
* THE CREATORS: Screenwriter John Figueroa (The Project) and artist Alberto Ponticelli (Sam and
Twitch) take the Marvel Knights back to the streets for a whole new level of danger!
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05229-5-00511 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Marvel Heroes
Cover by Keron Grant
Adam Warren (W)/Keron Grant (P)/Derek Fridolfs (I)
It's an identity crisis of the physical kind as, trapped in a pocket dimension headed inexorably for
extinction, the Thing must grapple with bizarre extensions of his own psyche given tangible form -- while
the clock ticks ever onward towards annihilation!
7-59606-04456-6-05811 (MarvelPG)              $2.25

Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa
Ben Dunn & Kevin Gunstone (W)/Ben Dunn (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: A new story begins!
* THE STORY: Intent on taking over New York, Dr. Doom takes the UN hostage! Harnessing his
awesome techno magick, he sets about recasting New York in his own graven image -- and depowering
the Mangaverse heroes in the proces! As he beats down the mechanical might of the Avengers, only Dr
Strange, Black Panther and Tigra stand against him! The Mangaverse will be changed forever as this
"take no prisoners" Doom leaves only corpses in his wake! Plus: a cover by Sidekick's Takeshi Miyazawa!
* THE BUZZ: "What started out as a fun little fifth-week event has spawned a collector frenzy." -Wizard,
the Comics Magazine
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy-stock paper.
7-59606-05296-7-0041 (MarvelPG)        $2.25

THOR #51
Cover by Tom Raney
Dan Jurgens (W)/Tom Raney (P)/Scott Hanna (I)
Guest-starring Spider-Man! We can't tell you why the web-slinger is swinging among the spires of Asgard
without giving away the climax to THOR #50. But we can tell you that he's on a collision course with Thor
-- who's come to some Earth-shattering decisions about what the Lord of Asgard should be doing!
7-59606-03506-9-05111 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Cover by Patrick Zircher & Al Vey
Fabian Nicieza (W)/Patrick Zircher (P)/Al Vey (I)
Two issues a month, two parallel story tracks, two chances for new readers to jump on board! A new
team is forged -- but can they survive their first mission?! Why does Harrier harbor a secret hatred
towards Hawkeye? And will he decide to act on that anger? This is the THUNDERBOLTS, baby, so the
answer is: watch out, Hawkeye!
7-59606-03566-3-06711 (MarvelPG)          $2.25

Cover by Jorge Lucas
Christopher Priest (W)/Jorge Lucas (P)
It's the rootin'-tootin', gun-slingin' conclusion to our weirdest yarn yet! Trapped in the Old West in the
1800's, Black Panther and company find themselves caught in Loki's latest scheme to destroy the Norse
Gods! Can T'Challa, the Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt save the mighty Thor and stop Loki
before he brings on the deaths of the Gods? "It can't be emphasized enough: this is a book that you
should be reading. And now is as good a time as any to jump on."
7-59606-03876-3-04711 (MarvelPG)              $2.50

Cover by Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin (W & P)/Al Milgrom (I)
How can a nondescript farmhouse in upstate New York hold the key to universal armageddon? That's
what Spider-Man and Captain Marvel have to figure out -- while the secret of Thanos' scheme becomes
apparent, and an ally becomes an implacable enemy! The third issue of this biweekly, six-part series is 32
pages, with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05156-4-00311 (MarvelPG)         $2.99

Cover by Michael Ryan
Mike Grell(W)/Michael Ryan(P)/Sean Parsons (I)
Trapped in the stronghold of an implacable enemy where nothing is as it seems, Iron Man fights ever
onward towards its center -- but what he will find there is not what he expects! "Mike Grell and Michael
Ryan have revitalized and reworked this book so much, it's almost like a Marvel Knights title. And I mean
that in the best sense."
7-59606-04457-5-06711 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Cover by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino
Kurt Busiek & Jo Duffy(W)/Matt Haley(P)/Dan Panosian (I)
It's The Order vs. Everybody! And no mater who wins, the fate of more than one world lies in the balance!
This is it, a major turning point for the world, for The Order and for The Defenders!
7-59606-05250-9-00611 (MarvelPG)            $2.25

Cover by David Finch
Chuck Austen (W)/David Finch (P)/ART THIBERT (I)
* THE SCOOP: Marvel's big launch of 2002 continues!
* THE STORY: Jimmy, Mick, Porkchop and the rest of the firefighters are pinned by an out-of-control
blaze! But strange things are beginning to happen, and when Jimmy steps into the truck, his entire world
is turned upsidedown! When our nation beckons, who will answer The Call?
* THE CREATORS: Written by Chuck Austen (ULTIMATE X-MEN, U.S. WAR MACHINE) and illustrated
by David Finch (WOLVERINE)!
* THE FORMAT: The second issue of this six-issue series is 32 pages, with no ads.
7-59606-05306-3-00211 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Cover by David Finch
Bruce Jones (W)/Tom Mandrake (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: Marvel's big launch of 2002 continues with a second huge miniseries! When tragedy
strikes, who will answer THE CALL?
* THE STORY: Meet a NYPD police officer, who -- in the space of just 24 hours -- encounters: a girl who
doesn't exist, a brother he never knew, and a wife that can no longer be part of his life! His name: Frankie
"Gunz" Gunzer. His new assignment: The Call. His current priority: save humanity!
* THE CREATORS: Written by Bruce Jones (INCREDIBLE HULK) and illustrated by Tom Mandrake (JLA:
* THE FORMAT: The first issue of this six-issue series is 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $2.25

Cover by Chriscross
Peter David (W)/Chriscross (P)/Rich Perrota (I)
As Captain Marvel squares off for the final showdown with the Magus, Rick Jones and Marlo face a most
unexpected peril in the Microverse... while Moondragon faces her worst nightmare! "This issue is packed
with all this series' trademark elements: action, drama and, of course, comedy." -Comics International
7-59606-04815-1-03411 (MarvelPG)           $2.50

Cover by Kaare Andrews
Bruce Jones (W)/John Romita Jr. (P)/Tom Palmer (I)
* THE SCOOP: The conclusion to this chilling four-parter!
* THE STORY: A drugged and helpless Bruce Banner has beenabducted by the mysterious Agent Pratt --
but to what end? As Sally Riker rushes to the rescue, Pratt offers Banner major clues as to who is after
him -- and what they want from him. Can Sally save Banner from Pratt? Or must Banner dig down deep
inside himself and tap and old friend for help?
* THE BUZZ: "INCREDIBLE HULK is fast becoming an essential title. The combined heavyweight talents
of the creative team delivers a knockout punch." -Comics International
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-04745-1-04311 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Cover by Patrick Zircher & Al Vey
Fabian Nicieza (W)/Chris Batista (P)/Rich Perotta (I)
Two issues a month, two parallel story tracks, two chances for new readers to jump on board! A vicious
murder on Counter Earth puts Moonstone and Dallas Riordan on the hunt for a psychotic superhuman.
But in order to stop him, will Moonstone repeat the sins of her past? This is THUNDERBOLTS, baby, so
the answer is: watch out Phantom Eagle!
7-59606-03566-3-06811 (MarvelPG)          $2.25

Painted Cover by Greg Horn
Bill Rosemann (W)/Guy Davis (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: The shocking climax to this CSN "Hot Pick" series!
* THE STORY: Can Daily Bugle reporter Kat Farrell figure out who killed The Judge? Who's her
anonymous guardian angel? And what's up with her goldfish? All of the answers are waiting for you in the
urban thriller's chilling conclusion!
* THE BUZZ: "I'll admit, your average reader may pass over this excellent, well-written, lavishly illustrated
comic just because it's not like other titles. But if you're one of those readers, you owe it to yourself to give
DEADLINE a try." - Aint It Cool News
* THE FORMAT: The final issue of the monthly, four-part series is 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy
stock paper.
7-59606-05261-5-00411 (MarvelPG)            $2.99

Cover by Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin (W & P)/Al Milgrom (I)
Something has gone awry with Eternity and Infinity -- and Adam Warlock seeks the answer to their
baffling condition, while the Abyss beckons! The fourth issue of this biweekly, six-part series is 32 pages,
with ads. Printed on glossy stock paper.
7-59606-05156-4-00411 (MarvelPG)         $2.99

Cover by Scott Kolins & Andy Lanning
Geoff Johns (W)/Scott Kolins (P)/Andy Lanning (I)
* THE SCOOP: The creative team behind The Flash throw the spotlight on the ever lovin' blue-eyed
* THE STORY: The adventures of the world's grumpiest hero continue as Ben Grimm finds himself
blessed with perhaps the strangest thing since cosmic rays: a town full of people absolutely enthralled
with the Thing! But getting all this attention isn't making the traveling Freak Show happy, and the
Ringleader sets out to offer Grimm an ultimatum: join us or... get the worst stomach ache of your life?!
* THE CREATORS: Writer of JSA -- and soon to join AVENGERS -- Geoff Johns and Flash penciler Scott
Kolins enter The House by taking on one our greatest characters!
* THE FORMAT: The second issue of this four-part series is 32 pages, with ads.
7-59606-?-00211 (MarvelPG) $2.99

Cover by Luke Ross
Kurt Busiek (W)/Yanick Paquette (P)
Kurt Busiek ends his five-year run as writer, setting the stage for the debut of Geoff Johns (JSA, The
Flash) next month! The Avengers are assembled to face an accounting of their actions! Guest-starring the
Beast, She-Hulk, and USAgent!
7-59606-04458-0-05611 (MarvelPG)         $2.25

Painted Cover by Alex Ross
Alex Ross & Jim Krueger (W)/
Doug Braithwaite (P)/Bill Reinhold (I)
Big revelations issue! Captain America, Phoenix, Doom, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Hank Pym and Matt
Murdock make a fateful discovery regarding Mar-Vell and the nature of the new Paradise! Plus: the real
reasons that the Guardians of the Galaxy have traveled back in time to visit Earth X! Printed on glossy
stock paper with a cardstock cover, this 32-page issue features an all-new painted cover by Alex Ross!
7-59606-05259-2-00411 (MarvelPG)          $2.99

Cover by Bryan Hitch
Mark Millar (W)/Bryan Hitch (P)/Andrew Currie (I)
* THE SCOOP: A new story arc begins here!
* THE STORY: With their ranks thinned, Nick Fury is forced to enlist new superhumans into The
Ultimates! But how will the team -- and the world -- react to Hawkeye, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and
the Black Widow?
* THE BUZZ: "With its larger-than-life stories and settings, Mark Millar sets the tone for a grand,
cinematic war epic. And Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie are up to the task, drawing huge, detailed pages
that give us the feel of a David Lean movie with spandex."
* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Printed on glossy paper, with a cardstock cover.

Marvel Hardcovers
Painted Cover by David Mack
Still available! This 224-page hardcover -- printed on 7 1/4" x 10 7/8" glossy-stock paper -- collects the
first nine issue of Brian Michael Bendis's next hit -- the critically acclaimed, adult-themed crime series!
Now with tons of behind-the-scenes extras! Meet Jessica Jones, a former unsuccessful costumed super
hero, who's now a self-destructive, chain-smoking, alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex! Jones is the
owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations -- a small P.I. firm specializing in superhuman cases. But
this time, the ex-Avenger is in over her head -- make that way over her head! Because, while working a
missing-persons case, she unwittingly uncovers Captain America's secret identity! "The standout in
Marvel Comics' new explicit content-allowed line blends hard-boiled melodrama with unusual ethical
dilemmas... mystery, patriotism, and paranoia combine with carefully modulated suspense."
-Entertainment Weekly

Still available! This all-new 160-page hardcover artbook spotlights the greatest covers, examines the
most controversial decisions, and reveals the behind-the-scenes scandals of comics' greatest comeback!
Out of the ashes of bankruptcy, Marvel reimagined the Spider-Man and X-Men franchise, attracted some
of the industry's most talented -- and unique -- creators, and was the only major comics publisher to post
growth in 2001. Presented here are the untold stories behind such moves as The House's decision to
drop the Comics Code, the creation of its adult imprint, its hotly debated "no-reprint" policy and the
decision to reveal Wolverine's origin! Complimented by a spectacular assortment of stunning sketches
and gorgeous covers, Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada tell it like it is, like it was and like it will be! Plus:
insights and observations from the creators that made the magic, including Jeph Loeb, Mark Millar and
many more!

Cover by Joe Quesada
Mark Millar (W)/Adam Kubert & Andy Kubert (P)
* THE SCOOP: The sold-out series that catapulted Marvel's mega-popular mutant heroes into the 21st
Century is now the latest hardcover from the House of Ideas!
* THE STORY: They are the Tomorrow People -- Homo superior. Through evolution, they have
developed powers and abilities far beyond that of humans. Led by Professor Xavier, the X-Men are
mutant teens trained to use their genetic gifts to prevent all-out war between mutants and humans! This
oversized hardcover collects ULTIMATE X-MEN #1 - #12 -- by Mark Millar (The Authority, THE
ULTIMATES), Adam Kubert (UNCANNY X-MEN) and Andy Kubert (ORIGIN) -- and GIANT-SIZE X-MEN
#1! Plus: pages of previously unpublished material and behind-the-scenes extras!
* THE FORMAT: This 352-page hardcover is printed on 7 1/4" by 10 7/8" glossy-stock paper.
7-59606-?-00111          $34.99

Marvel Trades
Cover by Kaare Andrews
Bruce Jones (W)/John Romita Jr.(P)
Still available! This 144-page collection reprints INCREDIBLE HULK #34 - #39, by horror writer Bruce
Jones and the great John Romita Jr.! "With interesting stories like this, Jones can stay writing
INCREDIBLE HULK forever. An excellent start. Grade: A." - Comics Buyer's Guide

Cover by Udon
Devin Grayson (W)/Udon (A)
* THE SCOOP: Collects the new comics based on the hit cartoon!
* THE STORY: The lives of Professor X, Magneto, Storm and Wolverine collide as the world stands on
the brink of genetic war! Plus: the secret origins of Cyclops and Jean Grey! Reprinting X-MEN:
EVOLUTION #1 - #4 by Devin Grayson (BLACK WIDOW) and UDON (TASKMASTER)!
* THE FORMAT: 96-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111 (MarvelPG) $8.99

Cover by Kaare Andrews
J. Michael Straczynski (W)/
John Romita Jr. (P)/ Scott Hanna (I)
* THE SCOOP: It's another collection of great stories by the collosal creative team of J. Michael
Straczynski & John Romita Jr.!
* THE STORY: The critically acclaimed creative team delivers again! Peter Parker has learned that with
great power, there must also come great responsibility, but in the wake of the Sept. 11th tragedy, Marvel's
wisecracking wall-crawler comes to understand that not all heroes possess amazing abilities. Plus: Aunt
May discovers Peter's greatest secret, as a new status quo is set for the web-slinger and the woman who
raised him! Reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (vol. 2) #36 - #39!
* THE FORMAT: 96-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111         $8.99

Cover by Mike McKone
Judd Winick (W)/Mike McKone & Jim Calafiore (P)
Still Available! The X-Men meet Quantum Leap in Wizard's "Book of the Month!" This 160-page trade
paperback collects EXILES #5-#11, written by Pulitzer Prize-nominee Judd Winick! "The best new
X-concept on the market!"
Cover by Frank Quitely
Grant Morrison (W)/Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver & Igor Kordey (P)
Still available! As Professor X lies in a coma, Cassandra Nova returns to Earth -- with the might of the
entire Shi'ar Imperium! This must-have trade paperback gathers NEW X-MEN #118 - #126 in a
224-page volume! "At the end of each issue, I find myself truly shocked -- wondering what will happen
next and dreading the wait. Under Grant Morrison's guidance, NEW X-MEN has become the comic book
equivalent of heroin. I can't wait for my next hit." -Cinescape

Cover by Steve Ditko
Stan Lee (W)/Steve Ditko (P)
Still available! The second volume of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's classic run, collecting AMAZING
SPIDER-MAN #11 - #20 in one 224-page hardcover! (Marvel Memo: This item was solicited in April.
Please use APRIL? to order.)

Painted Cover by Ariel Olivetti
Dan Jurgens (W)/Stuart Immonen & Joe Bennett (P)
Still available! Odin's heroic sacrifice has shaken the Eternal Realm to its very foundations -- and turned
the Thunder God's world upside-down! Collecting THOR #39-#44 in a 144-page trade paperback!

Cover by Mike Wieringo
Chris Claremont (W)/
Michael Golden, Dave Cockrum & Paul Smith (P)
* THE SCOOP: It's jungle action with Marvel's most popular characters!
* THE STORY: On a quest to reunite a young woman with the man she loves, the wall-crawler and the
Children of the Atom battle dinosaurs and face a world-threatening secret hidden in the land that time
forgot! Reprinting MARVEL FANFARE #1 - #4!
* THE FORMAT: 80-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111         $9.95

Cover by Leonardo Manco
John Ostrander (W)/Leonardo Manco (P)
Still available! Thrill to the last ride of Marvel's Western heroes -- as chronicled by John Ostrander and
Leonardo Manco, co-creators of APACHE SKIES -- in this rip roarin' 96-page trade paperback!

Painted Cover by David Mack
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/David Mack (A)
Still available! Collecting DAREDEVIL #17 - #20, the critically acclaimed arc by Brian Michael Bendis and
David Mack!

Cover by Bruce Timm
Stan Lee (W)/Jack Kirby (P)
Still available! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK #1 - #6 and selections from TALES TO ASTONISH #60 -
#91, this 512-page trade paperback is printed in bold black-and-white!
Cover by Gil Kane
Various (W)/Gil Kane (P)
Still available! This 256-page trade paperback reprints TALES TO ASTONISH #76, TALES OF
WHAT IF? #3 and #24, the classic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #99 and more!

Cover by Sean Chen
Frank Tieri (W)/Sean Chen & Dan Fraga (P)
* THE SCOOP: It's Wolverine in mortal combat for his title!
* THE STORY: Logan says he's the best there is at what he does -- but now the enigmatic assassin
known as Mr. X is challenging him for that moniker! Now Wolverine must travel to Madripoor to face the
likes of Taskmaster, Toad, Puma and more in no-holds-barred cage matches! Reprinting WOLVERINE
#159 - #161!
* THE FORMAT: 144-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111         $12.99

Cover by J.H. Williams III
Frank Tieri (W)/Sean Chen & Georges Jeanty (P)
Still available! This 240-page volume Collectes WOLVERINE #162 - #166, plus DEADPOOL: AGENT OF
WEAPON X #1 - #4 -- the stories that lead to the upcoming WEAPON X series!

Cover by Kaare Andrews
* THE SCOOP: The industry's best writers craft silent stories that let comicdom's most talented artists do
the talking!
* THE STORY: Includes INCREDIBLE HULK #35 (by Bruce Jones and John Romita Jr.), NEW X-MEN
#121 (by Grant Morrision and Frank Quitely), PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #38 (by Paul Jenkins and
Mark Buckingham), THOR #44 (by Dan Jurgens and Stuart Immonen), X-FORCE #123 (by Peter Milligan
and Mike Allred), PUNISHER #7 (by Steve Dillon), and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #39 (by J. Michael
Stracynski and Romita Jr.)!
* THE FORMAT: A 240-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111         $21.99

Larry Hama (W)/Various (P)
* THE SCOOP: Some of the best issues of G.I. JOE are reprinted here!
* THE STORY: The secrets of Snake Eyes... revealed! Cobra Commander... captured! Plus: "Silent
Interlude," regarded as the greatest G.I. JOE story ever told! This volume collects G.I. JOE #21 - #30,
written by Larry Hama (WOLVERINE); and illustrated by a host of top talent!
* THE FORMAT: 240-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111          $24.99

Cover by John Romita Jr.
Cuck Dixon (W)/John Romita Jr. (P)
* THE SCOOP: It's The Punisher -- by Chuck Dixon & John Romita Jr.!
* THE STORY: The scourge of the underworld goes undercover -- striking an uneasy alliance with the
very vermin he's sworn to eradicate! Collecting PUNISHER WAR ZONE #1 - #6!
* THE FORMAT: 144-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111         $15.99
Cover by Alex Maleev
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/Alex Maleev (P & I)
* THE SCOOP: Who put out a hit on the Kingpin... and Matt Murdock?
* THE STORY: The mystery man named Mr. Silke has inspired Wilson Fisk's lieutenants to rise up and
take down the Kingpin of Crime! What is the connection between the underbosses' uprising and the
contract on DD's life? The true-crime creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, ALIAS) and Alex
Maleev (Sam & Twitch) reveal all! This 144-page trade paperback collects DAREDEVIL #26 - #31!
* THE FORMAT: 144-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111          $14.99

Cover by Bryan Hitch
Mark Millar (W)/Bryan Hitch (P)
* THE SCOOP: The dream team of Mark Millar (ULTIMATE X-MEN) and Bryan Hitch (The Authority)
unleashes the fourth title in the red-hot Ultimate line!
* THE STORY: A mutant madman attacked the President of the United States on the White House lawn.
A gaudily costumed teen climbs walls in New York City. The strange beings who've appeared overnight
are here to stay. The old order has fallen, and people are scared. Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage
agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., has a unique solution: Put these bizarre characters on his payroll! His
grand idea: a small but lethal army known as The Ultimates, created to protect us all from the rising
threats to mankind! Reprinting THE ULTIMATES #1 - #6, featuring newly reimagined incarnations of
Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Giant-Man and The Wasp!
* THE FORMAT: 160-page trade paperback.
7-59606-?-00111           $12.99

Marvel Posters
You wanted it, you got it... more Marvel posters -- and this month that web-slinging movie star takes the
spotlight! You know how everyone has been asking about how they can buy posters featuring Marvel
characters? Well now you can buy the Point Of Purchase posters that were once only available to
7-59606-?-00111 SPIDER-MAN: #2            $5.95
7-59606-?-00111 SPIDER-MAN: #3            $5.95

Marvel ReCharge CCG
Showcasing official Spider-Man: The Movie images alongside beautiful new and fan-favorite artwork, this
first Expansion Set for the Marvel ReCharge Collectible Card Game boasts 250 all-new cards (including
150 unique game cards and 100 rare Power Plus foil cards). Building on the basic game mechanic,
Marvel ReCharge 2 is packed with all-new Specials to add a new dimension to your strategizing. Power
Absorption, Chaos Engine, and Reinforcements are just a few of the Specials that will spice up gameplay
by affecting card draws, discards, counter-venturing and more! Fully compatible with Inaugural Edition
7-59606-10912-8           $7.99
7-59606-10913-5           $7.99
U7-59606-10914-2          $63.92
7-59606-10915-9   $1.49
7-59606-10916-6   $53.64

Diamond Select Toys
A Diamond Select Release! Sculpted by Rudy Garcia and designed in conjunction with Adam Kubert,
Ultimate Wolverine is the fifth in DST's Ultimate X-Men line. Rudy Garcia has captured all the aspects of
Wolverine's personality; the seething anger just beneath the surface can be seen in his eyes. He is
poised ready to burst into action. Is he friend or foe? Forget all you know about Wolverine and the X-Men,
this is Ultimate X-Men, updated and brought forth for a new generation of fans! The claws and attitude are
still there, but Logan is bulked up and ready to make a play for Jean Grey. That still mysterious past is
never far from the X-Men's thoughts. Is he here to hunt down the X-Men, or to work beside them? Has he
left Magneto's side, or is he in deep cover waiting for the right moment to shatter Xavier's dream? This
piece is in scale with the rest of the Ultimate line, and measures 7" tall including the display base
featuring the Ultimate X-Men logo. The box features art by series artist Adam Kubert, colored by Rich
Isanove, and inspired by the bust itself. This piece is limited to 6,500 pieces worldwide and features a
full-color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Also available as a Special Edition version, limited to
just 500 pieces, each including a Certificate/mini-print, hand-signed by Kubert and Garcia! Guaranteed to
ship in August 2002!
REGULAR-Bust $50.00
LIMITED-Bust $70.00

A Diamond Select Release! The god of mischief has been captured! The illusive half-brother of Thor has
been captured in high detail by master sculptor Shawn Nagle! The third piece in the Avengers &
Adversaries line, this is no "mini-statue!" Loki measures almost 8" in height, from the detailed castle ruin
base to the tips of his curling horns. This is the companion piece to the Thor piece offered in last month's
Previews, and like all pieces in the line, Loki is in scale with Thor, and can be displayed as a companion
piece for the Thunder God or any other hero from the line! Who will win this all-out war between the
Avengers and the villains that have plagued them from their inception?! Limited to 3,000 pieces
worldwide, complete with a full-color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Guaranteed to ship in
August 2002!
Statue $85.00

A Diamond Select Release! Designed and sculpted by the Art Asylum! Wow! Is this a dream come true,
or what!? Carnage, one of Spider-Man's deadliest foes, was a convicted serial killer empowered by the
alien symbiote that created Spidey's other deadly foe, Venom! Sculpted by the inmates of the Art Asylum,
this piece features Carnage ripping free of his padded cell, ready to make Spider-Man pay! Carnage will
not be held back and neither will this piece! Sculpted in exacting detail - including parts of the symbiote
virtually growing out of him - Carnage will not be denied! Will you? Measuring 6" high and limited to 6,500
pieces worldwide, the Carnage Bust includes a full-color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
Guaranteed to ship in August 2002!
Bust      $45.00

A Diamond Select Release! What do you get when you combine the intense writing style of Grant
Morrison with the detailed pencils of Frank Quitely? For one thing, you get a runaway hit series and
renewed interest in the X-Men! For the first time ever, Diamond Select brings you the members of X-Men
in their new outfits and in exacting detail. Fans have been wondering what would happen to the X-Men if
humanity knew they were housed in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters... Well, wonder no more
fanboy! Just go out and grab a copy of the hit book New X-Men! While you're at it, grab up a copy of this
awesome X-Team poster, measures 22 1/4" x 34" and printed on 100lb paper. Guaranteed to ship in July
Poster, 22x34 $5.99

Dynamic Forces
by "Ultimate" Universe artist Art Thibert!
Art Thibert has produced one of the
masterworks of his long comics career. Every single Ultimate Marvel character to date is here! Dynamic
Forces is proud to present this beautiful, fully-painted lithograph, which measures an impressive 18" by
24", and is printed on 80 pound Gallerie Art Silk Stock.
$24.99 MSRP
$39.99 MSRP!

By painter Richard Isanove!
Original art created exclusively for Dynamic Forces! This is the pinnacle point in his life where James
honed his feral senses! Measures18" by 24" and is printed on 80 pound Gallerie Art Silk Stock.
$49.99 MSRP!

This incredible "Cel" features Spider-Man and his most spectacular villains from the Vulture to the Kingpin
and many more! Most animation cels can go for hundreds of dollars, but check out the prices on this
$40.00 MSRP
$89.99 MSRP

Signed by Writer Mark Millar! Word on the street is that the latest "ultimate" offering from Marvel is a hit,
with issue #1 setting sales charts on fire! Dynamic Forces was able to get Mark Millar to sign a few more
of these Ultimate #1's and we're offering them to you here. Marvel sold out of these, and they didn't
make any 2nd printings, so get them now while you can!
$19.99 MSRP

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