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									                       October 6, 2010 - BETWEEN THE BRICKS By Lois Weiss


                Buddy “The Cake Boss” Valastro
	    Buddy “The Cake Boss.”                                       dollar	 renovation	 and	 are	
Valastro,	will	soon	be	baking	in	                                 repositioning	 a	 portion	 of	 the	
more	than	30,000	square	feet	in	                                  ground	floor	for	retail,	which	will	
Jersey	 City.	 The	 TIC	 baker	 will	                             garner	 higher	 rents.	 Industrial	
use	the	space	in	the	1.3	million-                                 rents	 in	 Hudson	 County	 are	 in	
square-foot	Lackawanna	Center	                                    the	single	digits,	brokers	said.	
at	 629	 Grove	 St.	 for	 baking.	                                	 Skip Dolan	of	Dolan	Realty	
classrooms	and	as	a	studio	for	                                   repped	 Valastro	 in	 the	 sweet	
his	popular	television	show.	                                     deal,	 while	 Carrie Brown	 of	
	    “I	want	to	create	more	jobs	                                 CB	 Richard	 Ellis	 handled	 the	
for	 Hudson	 County	 and	 New	                                    ownership.	
Jersey,”	 said	 Valastro,	 whose	                          	 Once	employees	are	moved	
family	 bought	 Carlo’s	 Bakery	 BUDDY VALASTRO —	 and	 the	 new	 space	 and	 a	
at	 95	 Washington	 St.	 in	 nearby	 ‘’The	Cake	Boss.”   revamped	 Web	 site	 are	 up	 and	
Hoboken	in	1963.	                              running	—	Valastro	told	us	he’ll	never	be	able	
	    Currently,	 120	 employees	 work	 in	 three	    to	say	no	to	a	cake	order	from	fans	any	where	
shifts	 in	 7,500	 square	 feet,	 but	 some	 will	   in	the	world.
move	over	to	the	new	facility	right	outside	the		    “I	 don’t	 want	 to	 lose	 any	 quality,”	 he	
Holland	Tunnel.	                                insisted.	“I	want	people	to	taste	a	cake	they	
	   Lackawanna	 Center	 owners	 Emmes	 got	in	the	mail	just	like	something	they	ate	in	
Asset	 Management	 and	 Sol	 Goldman	 Carlo’s.”	
Investment	are	in	the	midst	of	a	multi-million	

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