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       1. Chestnut Street House
       2. Letter from Volunteer Coordinator
          AND EVERY VISIT!!
       4. Schedule for Fall 2010
       5. Meal Planning and RMH Kitchen facilities
       6. What do we do when we get there
       7. Activities Night schedule and information
       8. Attendance
       9. Other volunteer activities to make up for time!


Chestnut Street House
Chestnut Street House

                                         The Philadelphia
Ronald McDonald House at Chestnut Street offers a home-
like environment in the heart of University City.
Conveniently located near several pediatric hospitals, including The Children's Hospital of
Philadelphia, our Chestnut Street location provides families with the comforts of home while
also offering the support of the PRMH staff and volunteers.

Housed in an historic building that was expanded in 1995 to serve a total of 45 families each
night, the Chestnut Street House gives families the opportunity to relate to other families
receiving treatment for their children.

Chestnut Street also offers the following amenities to all who stay at the House:

       45 private, comfortable guest bedrooms
       Large kitchen and dining area
       Fully stocked pantry
       Delicious dinners cooked every night and served at 6pm by volunteers
       Breakfast cooked and served on the weekends
       Complimentary coffee, tea, milk, and juice – available 24 hours a day
       Living room and lounges
       Laundry facilities
       Children's play areas
       Teen Center with jukebox, arcade games, pool table, and video games
       Wireless internet access and computer areas
       Exercise room
       Peaceful outdoor serenity garden
       Van shuttle service to and from hospitals
       Social Worker available Monday through Friday

The Heart of the House is our Volunteer program. The volunteers serve in many ways, helping to
make the House a comfortable and supportive place for our families. The caring volunteers of the
PRMH make this House a home.
Letter from the Volunteer Director
We offer the Weekend Breakfast Program for a variety of reasons. After a long, and
often exhausting, week in the hospital, families look forward to waking up for a “home-
away-from-home” hardy breakfast. We believe that the breakfast program provides a
nutritional meal that might otherwise be skipped because of financial difficulties or time

The earliest groups can access the facility is 8:15 a.m. We request that breakfast be
ready to serve at 9 a.m. Groups are asked to prepare for 40 to 50 people. We have a
fully stocked preparation area with six stoves and ovens, griddles and plenty of pots and
pans available for your use. We ask that you bring the food, prepare, serve and clean

Groups always have the opportunity to interact with our families and children. This is
optional and depends on the comfort level of each group. Breakfasts are served as you
wish. Some groups allow the children of the group to seat the families and provide
them with handmade menus and their choice of breakfast options, while others choose
to provide a buffet style meal.

It is extremely important that we ensure there are safeguards in place to reduce the risk
of communicable diseases to be brought into the House. Effective immediately and until
further notice we have asked all individuals coming to the House to read the
attached medical questionnaire. While you do not have to fill out the form, we do ask
that you have each member of your group read the questions before your scheduled
meal. We appreciate your cooperation with these important guidelines.

However you choose to assist us with our breakfast program, we can promise you a
rewarding experience. This is one of the many programs the Philadelphia Ronald
McDonald House offers to its families to help make a difficult time in their life a little
more bearable.

Thank you again for your interest, and for offering to take time out of your hectic
schedule to assist our families who depend on the help of volunteers like you! Please
call me at 215-291-0907 x449 or email me at if you have


Lori-Anne Miller
Volunteer Assistant
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
of these kids have little immunity to virus or bacteria so BE CAREFUL EACH TIME!!!!!

                                   Medical Questionnaire
                       The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House is committed to providing a
                       safe environment for our families, staff and volunteers. Therefore, it is
                       extremely important that we ensure there are safeguards in place to
                       reduce the risk of communicable diseases to be brought into the House.

                    Has any member of your family (including all persons who live in your
home), friends, co-workers or others that you may have been in close contact with in the
past 10 days:
Question                                                                                 If Yes,
Family Member         Age
Have flu-like/cold symptoms/stomach virus                                  Yes           No
Had contact with anyone with flu-like/cold symptoms/stomach virus          Yes           No

Flu-like symptoms include: Fever (usually high), headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore
throat, runny or stuffy nose, stomach virus symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
can also occur but are more common in children than adults.

IF any question is marked yes, please contact Lori-Anne Miller ext. 449 or Linda Parry ext.
     404 during the normal work week or the Manager on Duty during the weekend.

        Due to the great harm that infectious diseases can cause children who are immune
suppressed, I understand that I must notify the staff of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
immediately if one of the volunteers should come down with any flu-like/cold symptoms within
ten (10) days after visiting the House. I understand that failure to comply with these infection
control guidelines may jeopardize future visits at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

Chestnut Street House                        Front & Erie House

3925 Chestnut Street                         100 East Erie Avenue

Phone: 215-387-8406                          Phone: 215-291-0907
                                  Schedule Fall 2010

      Sunday August 29                             Sunday September 26
         1. Caitlin Billingham                        1. Mary Corrigan
         2. Katy Dynarski                             2. Elena Martinez **
         3. Laura Quaresima                           3. Sarah Gross
         4. Thomas Hoffman                            4. Christopher Cali
         5. Taylor Hamilton                           5. Jessica Deffler
         6. Alexander Metz**                          6. Christine Gerchman
         7. Julie Fuentes                             7. Katherine McAlpine

      Sunday October 24                            Sunday November 7
         1. Caitlin Billingham                        1. Mary Corrigan
         2. Katy Dynarski                             2. Elena Martinez
         3. Laura Quaresima                           3. Sarah Gross
         4. Thomas Hoffman                            4. Christopher Cali**
         5. Taylor Hamilton**                         5. Jessica Deffler
         6. Alexander Metz                            6. Christine Gerchman
         7. Julie Fuentes                             7. Katherine McAlpine

      Possible November 21 so please               Sunday December 5
      save the date!!!!!                              1. Caitlin Billingham
                                                      2. Katy Dynarski**
   If you are going to be here the Sunday after       3. Laura Quaresima
   Thanksgiving, please let me know as it is not      4. Thomas Hoffman
   taken at RMH Chestnut Street.                      5. Taylor Hamilton
                                                      6. Alexander Metz
   **indicates group leader-description will be       7. Julie Fuentes

Evening Activities: Laura, Alex, Elena, Sarah, Chris, Katherine

Time: at PRMH from 7-8:30 leave Villanova at 6:15 return at 9:00pm

Day: Tuesdays September 28, October 26 and November 30
                          Recipe for a Good Meal
                      Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House at
                                  Chestnut Street
                            “The House That Love Built”

Sunday Morning serving breakfast at 9 a.m. (you can come in as early as 8:15 a.m. to

Menu Planning 40-50 people

Delicious Food
       Meet with your service group and make a menu for breakfast two weeks in advance.
        Team Leader** will give food order to Mary Aiello. You can make any combination of
        food below or be creative. I would not suggest anything really spicy.

              Here are Breakfast Suggestions from Ronald McDonald House

Hearty Home Cooked Breakfast
• Pancakes or French Toast • Breakfast Meat • Fresh Fruit    • Yogurt

Lighter Fare Breakfast
• Eggs • Toast and or Bagels with cream cheese and butter          • Hash Browns     • Fresh

Continental Breakfast
• Yogurt with granola on the side • Fresh Fruit
• Assortment of Danishes, Muffins, Croissants, Bagels with
• Cream Cheese & Butter • Hard boiled Eggs • Cereal

Thanks to people like you, the families staying at PRMH who have
spent a long day at the hospital can come back to a completely prepared nutritious
meal. Or, if you would like, you can help them kick off the day by preparing a weekend
breakfast. Either way, the families appreciate the time you spend to make their day a
little easier. For directions and parking information visit:
What the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House Provides:
Dishes, Cookware and Appliances:
• Dishes, Silverware, Glasses, Napkins & Straws
• Serving bowls & platters • 2 Griddles
• Pitchers • 3 Crock pots
• Cutting boards • Electric blenders
• Measuring spoons & cups • 4 Ovens & Stoves
• Pots & frying pans • 4 Microwaves
• Colanders • 2 Propane Grills
• Knives & cooking utensils • Dishwashers
• Cookie sheets • Pot holders & Dish Towel
• Hand mixers

Beverages and Condiments:
• Coffee, Tea and associated condiments
(donated by Lehigh Diary)
• Milk and Juice (donated by McDonalds)
• Coke products that families purchase for 25 cents a can
• Ice

For Leftovers and Clean Up:
• Tupperware containers
• Aluminum foil
• Plastic wrap
• Cleaning supplies

What PRMH Does Not Provide:
• Ingredients for your meal
• Disposable aluminum pans
(13’x9’ recommended size)
Getting Ready to Cook Breakfast for 50

serve buffet or restaurant style.

  1. Team designs menu two weeks in advance and send food order
     to you don’t want to serve the same
     Sunday Breakfast two weeks in a row, talk to the other group.
        a. Understand there can only be one boss in the kitchen. That
           boss will listen to suggestions but the kitchen help should
           be cooperative.
        b. Assign people to tasks (i.e. who is going to cook or prepare
           what food. (toast, eggs, setting up, serving) Communicate
           those assignments (see assignment sheet below)
        c. Timing is everything. Think about what you are going to do
           first, how you are going to keep things warm. Are you going
           to cook everything at once? Buffet or restaurant style with
           menus) we will learn along the way, but a good meal is well
           planned, ingredients, timing and of course some love
           thrown in.
        d. If you have a cold or your roommate has the flu get
           someone to take your place. DO NOT GO IF YOU ARE
           you have a cold sore!! See medical information sheet
           provided by RMH.

  2. Pick up food as instructed by dining services before you leave.

What do I do when I get there??

  1. After you park, there is an elevator lobby with a cart in it (which you can use to help
     move the food upstairs. You need to push on the intercom box next to the elevator and
     someone will send the elevator down to you.

  2. After you get off the elevator on the first floor, turn right and walk past the living room
     (on your left). The kitchen is at the end of the hallway on your right.
   3. If you need additional assistance, continue walking past the kitchen, through the glass
      enclosed hallway until you see the front desk on your right side. The volunteers can assist

       Menu and Assignments (sample)

Team Leader____________________________________________

Scrambled Eggs and Fried Eggs
Toast or Breakfast rolls or biscuits or combination
Cinnamon Coffee Cake danish

Food Order
10-12 dozen eggs (those only 2 eggs you can order liquid eggs as well
5 loaves of bread (3 wheat, 2 white)
150 sausage or 10 lbs bacon or 3 sliced hams
4 coffee cakes

Assignment (Example)
      Lead chef should be busy but not too busy to supervise or help
      Jane: Julia: Setting up serving table cutting up cake or waitresses
      John heat or cook meat_-should be cooked and ready to serve warm at
      James        Toast: make initial batch and keep toast basket filled while
       people are still getting food
      Jill  Eggs-Make initial batch ready for 8:55am—get more ready for
       cooking as families come it. Make sure there is a place to keep cooked
       eggs warm. There is nothing more gross than cold eggs.
      Jane and Julia Manage the dining room—refill empty serving bowls, let
       cooks know if they need to heat up or cook more food well before the plate
       or bowl empties. Take special requests back to the kitchen.

8:30          Unpack all food and take to prep areas
              Make sure you have what you need condiments, utensils, plates,
              napkins, serving spoons or forks anything needed for menu.

8:45          Cook meats if necessary (keep warm )
              Beat eggs and get ready for pan (keep warm)
              Begin toast prep or heat up rolls (keep warm)

8:50          Begin putting food on buffet table if necessary! Don’t do it too soon
              or it will go cold and dry. You can keep cooking eggs or French
              toast or pancakes, but you must have an initial batch so people
              can eat and be on their way.
9:00 Kitchen should be busy but calm to welcome families. Clean up!!!!
                             Evening Activities

                    Evening Activities:
Please design an activity for children which may be adapted for the 3-15 year
old person. The Office of Service learning will pay for supplies. Examples of
activities, party games, face painting, cookie decorating, decorating tshirts,

This is a time for laughter, creativity, company and diversion from the day to
day trials of being sick.

Time: at PRMH from 7-8:30 leave Villanova at 6:15 return at 9:00pm
Day: Tuesdays September 28, October 26 and November 30

The number of children or teens varies from night to night and week to week. If
you make it fun and relaxing you may attract more residents. Prepare supplies
for 15 children and we will see where it goes from there. You can bring
musical instruments for a sing along—remember not to restrict their creativity.
They may have a better idea than you do about what to do with supplies.

Age Group: from 3-15 years of age

Materials: We have some supplies. Lots of markers, construction paper,
newspaper print. If you plan ahead we can order by mail. If you have to shop
you may turn in a receipt to Mrs. Aiello SAC 385. (we cannot advance money-
university policy)

Preparation: collect all materials, decide what different age groups can do
with materials.

        It’s extremely important to consistently serve with your community
         partner. If we sign up we show up. Remember you represent more
         than yourself, you are ambassadors of villanova, reflections of your
         families and most importantly your own values as a person who
         can be trusted and respected.

        Whether you’re working with children, teens, or adults your
         complete physical, mental, and emotional presence is a must in
         order to establish strong bonds and an effective partnership in
         Philadelphia. Remember, community extends beyond Alumni Hall
         and building this extended community is a part of your mission as
         members of SLC.

        Service attendance is also taken into account in order to receive a
         passing grade for SLC-1000. Please review the point system found
         in your course syllabus for details

        Your driver will be responsible sign in sheets for each service day.
         These records will be monitored for attendance and liability


        If a client discloses information that is sensitive or of concern to you,
         such as abuse, drugs, or anything that indicates they may be a danger
         to themselves or others make sure to inform your site supervisor
         before you leave service that day.

        Also, if you ever feel uncomfortable or threatened during a service
         experience your site supervisor is the first person you should go to
         for guidance and to report an incident.
   All service sites have a supervisor on location at all times. You can read
    more about your particular site supervisor in the following section of this
    guide, and you will formally meet him or her during your first week of

   When you return to Villanova follow up with a Graduate Assistant or
    Noreen Cameron so that we know about the situation and can continue
    to do the best we can to maintain successful community partnerships

   You may also feel comfortable speaking with your 4th Hour teacher or
    student facilitators about anything that occurs during service

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