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									                                                                      Vo l u m e 4 , Is s u e 1 ❦ M a r c h 2 0 0 3

                                                                                             We are also thrilled to announce

          any of you have heard our
          story and been impressed                                                        that Hill & Knowlton has agreed to
          with what we have accom-                                                        provide CharityWorks pro bono public
plished in such a short time. Because                                                     relations services. The metropolitan
of CharityWorks, Habitat for Humanity                                                     area is going to start hearing about
has 20 more lots upon which to build                                                      CharityWorks and the outstanding
homes. A single mother and her                                                            work we do like never before! We are
daughter now have a home to call                                                          grateful they thought the CharityWorks
their own. Twenty-four local foster                                                       story worthy of this investment.
youths are on their way to a four-year                                                       Finally, thanks to Stasia MacLane,
college degree. New literacy programs                                                     CharityWorks is about to get its first
have been set up in Maryland,                                                             website. We are working with Jerome
Virginia and the District. Our story is                                                   Smith and Diana Villarreal at
compelling, and we are finally starting                                                   BrandEvolve on the specifications for
to be recognized for our contributions.                                                   the site. In the near future, you will be
We are excited to announce some                                                           able to get the latest CharityWorks
                                             petition and are honored to have been        news, events, Gala information and so
upcoming events that we hope will            selected as Nordstrom’s partner. Thank
make our fundraising efforts to benefit                                                   much more right from your desktop.
                                             you to Meredith LaPier for bringing             As always, thank you for your contin-
The Fishing School even more suc-            CharityWorks to Nordstrom’s attention
cessful and fun in 2003.                                                                  ued support; 2003 is lining up to be a
                                             and shepherding us through the process.      ground breaking year for CharityWorks.
   We were selected by Nordstrom to be          Thanks to George and Marilyn
the beneficiary of their Designer Event to   Pedersen and The Washington Area
be held on June 24th. Noted designer         Bass Federation, we are going to have
Michael Kors will be previewing his fall     our first Bass Fishing Tournament this
fashions in a fabulous runway show           summer! Details are currently in the
complete with an on premises boutique        works, but this is sure to be the event      Terry Lineberger, 703.442.4888
for shopping. We had some tough com-         of the summer!                               President, CharityWorks

                                                                    Fishing Tournament
                                                    Marilyn Pedersen, 703.821.2668           for him to confirm the date. The
                                                                                             tournament winner will receive a

                                                            great special summer event       fantastic prize. We are working
                                                            is coming to Washington --       hard in obtaining a Hummer to be
                                                            the CharityWorks Bass            the prize. And this is not all, the
                                                    Fishing Tournament to benefit The        fun will start at The Fishing School
                                                    Fishing School. Yes, you "heard" it      with a parade of over 100
                                                    right! Thirty sponsored boats will       Hummers bringing the children to
                                                    be fishing for bass on the Potomac       the dock for the tournament. What
                                                    -- a great bass fishing ground.          a way to have fun while making a
                                                    Former President George Bush, an         difference in the lives of children
                                                    avid fisherman himself, has been         in our community. ■
                                                    asked to be the honorary judge at
                                                    the "weigh in", and we are waiting

                     The Fishing School
                   CharityWorks 2003 Partner
Sarah Richmond Reid, 703.748.9752             curious kids, they asked him what he
                                              was doing. And thus began their expe-

  magine being a kid -- six, ten or           rience with The Fishing School. In the
  twelve years old -- living in a neigh-      next few issues, we will share with
  borhood where there is high crime,          you their stories. Here is James’ story.
drug dealers on every corner, people             James was raised by his mother
hanging out on the streets day and            with no male role model in his life,
night, the sound of police sirens every       save the guys on the street – selling
hour. Another person shot. Another            drugs, hustling others. The Fishing
arrested. Another crack cocaine sale          School changed his life. He learned
made. Another kid addicted to crack           what he could achieve if he tried
cocaine. This is where James, Caryl           hard, if he didn’t give in to the beck-
and Kelvin grew up . . . in our               oning of the streets. When asked why             James Huff
nation’s capital . . . in the very shad-      he was attracted to The Fishing
ow of the Capitol Building.                   School, he said, “It was a beacon of       The Fishing School, they don’t stand a
   As they were roaming the streets           light – the only positive thing in a bad   chance. Like so many of my friends
one day, they saw a man moving                area, a tough neighborhood where           they would be dead or selling drugs.”
boxes into a broken down row house            kids roam the streets, with nothing to     Today, James is one of our nation’s
on Wiley Street in Northeast. Being           do and no one to help them. Without        finest, a Policeman. ■

                         Gala News
Victoria Sabo, 703.476.8579                   ■ Terry Lineberger and Lisa                               ■ Contracts for photog-
Michele Welsh, 703.908.0156                     Harder, Auction Co-chairs,                              raphy and entertainment
                                                focus their skills on devel-                            occupy the minds of

        harityWorks’ 2003 Gala, Sea of          oping strategies for solicit-                           Chairs Debby Perras and
        Dreams, to benefit The Fishing          ing auction items. Letters,                             Beverly Strean.
        School will take place on               graphs, forms and folders
                                                                                                        ■ Tiffany Conaway
Saturday, September 20, 2003, at 7              begin to appear. Rumors of
                                                                                                        keeps the gala Co-chairs
p.m. in the Ronald Reagan Building,             a few surprises are floating
                                                                                                        in line balancing the
Washington, DC. This black tie event            in the air.
                                                                                                        phone calls and emails.
will include a cocktail reception with
                                              ■ After hours, on weekends
a silent auction, followed by a sit                                                                     ■ Dana Gordon,
                                                and in between clients, Fritz Michele Welsh
down dinner, a live auction and danc-                                                                Membership Chair, not
                                                Partlow created an exception-
ing to the band Odyssey.                                                                      only provides names, phone num-
                                                al, professional development pack-
   Preparations for the gala have                                                             bers and emails, she personally
                                                age. She and Leah Gansler can be
already begun.                                                                                incorporates new members into the
                                                            found working Saturday
■ Kay Walsh, Decorations                                                                      organization.
                                                            mornings and late Sunday
   Chair, and Sally Hottle
                                                            evenings in an attempt to     ■   Robin Finnell manages to keep us
   and Gail Tomlinson, Co-
                                                            guarantee a financially suc-      all sane by planning special events
   chairs, concentrate on
                                                            cessful event.                    and member meetings.
   theme and mood translat-
   ing a slim idea into a fan-                             ■ Robin Fitch, called in
                                                                                            The Chairs along with the mem-
   tastic reality with their                               to help with contract
                                                                                         bers have mobilized. They are excited
   incredible handiwork. The                               negotiations, coordinated
                                                                                         and busy preparing for a wonderfully
   entire decorations com-                                 an early food tasting.
                                                                                         successful evening. Come join us.
   mittee is in full swing cre-                            When asked, she will
                                                                                         Help the dream float into reality on
   ating another                                           explain with great delight
                                                                                         seas of giving.
   CharityWorks master-                                    every aspect of the menu
   piece.                                                  and the table settings.
                                 Vicky Sabo

                         Everybody Wins!
Jan Dombroff, 703.255.0660                  enthusiasm for the RAL program is         Lisa Harder, 703.796.1993
                                            great, and teachers love it. Timid and    Terry Lineberger, 703.442.4888

        hanks to the partnership with       reluctant students become more self-
        CharityWorks, Everybody Wins!

                                            assured. Older students receive lead-        t is that time of the year when
        is thrilled to announce the         ership training throughout the year          CharityWorks members get busy
expansion of their unique literacy and      and continually surprise and delight         planning for the fall gala, and the
mentoring programs to six new               teachers with their developing skills.    Auction Committee is in full force
schools in Maryland and DC. A won-          CharityWorks also supports                and starting to solicit donations for
derful new chapter in the life of the       Everybody Wins! programs at Key           the Live and Silent Auctions. The
Program started this fall with the          Elementary in Arlington.                  success of the auction depends on
opening of two new sites in                    We are working to reach every          your generous support. Fabulous
Montgomery County at Twinbrook              child. The expansion of Everybody         trips, excursions and weekend
Elementary and at Beall Elementary.         Wins! programs made possible by the       getaways, airline tickets, personal
Mentors and students are developing         partnership with CharityWorks is          pampering, exquisite jewelry, sports
great relationships, and the waiting        tremendous, but so is the need.           items, catering, home collectibles,
list students are anxious to get started.   Contact Everybody Wins! DC at             “fishing” related items, and anything
We want to be able to answer, “Yes!”        202.624.3957 or visit their website at    else unique and exciting that one
to the often-asked question, “Do you        www.everybodywinsdc.org to find out       cannot purchase on their own are
have a mentor for me yet?”                  how you can help.                         being sought from our wonderful
    The Readers Are Leaders (RAL)              On March 18, 2003, CharityWorks        friends and supporters. If you have
program pairs students from Grades 4        was honored with a special award for      any questions or need more
to 6 with students from Grades 1 to         their generous support of the             information or ideas, please call
3. The RAL program is enjoying a            Everybody Wins programs. The award        Lisa Harder or Terry Lineberger. ■
tremendous expansion. The addition          was presented at the annual spring
of RAL programs at Burrville, Davis,        celebration held at the Ronald Reagan
Thomas, and Tubman Elementary               Building in Washington, DC. ■
Schools has doubled student enroll-
ment from 200 to 400. Student
                                                                                     Kelly Baxter, 703.759.73908
                                                                                     Eileen Culligan, 703, 847.6949
                                                                                     Jeanne Reid, 703.821.1383

                                                                                              pplications are now ready for
                                                                                              distribution to qualified non-
                                                                                              profit organizations to be the
                                                                                     beneficiary of our 2004 Gala. The
                                                                                     applicants should be organizations
                                                                                     whose programs improve the quality
                                                                                     of life for children and families in the
                                                                                     Washington Metropolitan area and
                                                                                     focus on education, health or poverty
                                                                                     reduction. We are depending on our
                                                                                     membership and our Advisory Board
                                                                                     to spread the word about this unique
                                                                                     opportunity. Applications must be
Everybody Wins! student and volunteer                                                postmarked by May 15, 2003. Please
                                                                                     call 703.286.0758 for an application
                                                                                     or further information. ■

                                            CHARITYWORKS GEO-CENTERS
                                             SCHOLAR ABIGAIL WALTHALL
                                       Orphan Foundation of America                     semester at University College Cork in
                                       Debby Perras, 703.938.1018                       Ireland. She is taking Celtic Religion
                                                                                        through Women’s Studies,
 Designer Event
                                               bby’s childhood was marred               Introduction to the History of
                                               by emotional and physical                Medieval Ireland, and Introduction to
Meredith LaPier, 703.734.4714                  abuse at the hands of her                Celtic Literature and Tradition. The
                                       mother. At age 14, she was finally put           following is an excerpt from a letter
                                       into foster care only to move seven              CharityWorks recently received from

            e are very excited and
            grateful that Nordstrom    times in four years. Despite changing            Abby:
            will underwrite Michael    high schools three times and living in               "Greetings. I want everyone at
Kors' first Washington Metropolitan    four foster homes and three group                CharityWorks to know that they are
area appearance at an evening          homes, she graduated from high                   helping me have the best year of my
reception and runway fashion show      school with honors while simultane-              life. Every day I wake up and say
to benefit CharityWorks and The        ously taking community college                   after all I have been through this is
Fishing School on Tuesday, June 24     classes at Northern Virginia                     incredible. But it wouldn’t even be
at Halcyon House in Georgetown,        Community College. In the fall of                possible had I not written that paper
DC. Kors has been designing sports-    2002 she started at George Mason                 one year ago that gave me a scholar-
wear for 22 years and was named        University as a second semester fresh-           ship from the Orphan Foundation all
the 1999 Womenswear Designer of        man and earned a 3.5 GPA.                        funded by CharityWorks and the won-
the Year by the Council of Fashion        In January, Abby left George                  derful people at GEO-CENTERS. I
Designers of America. His fashions     Mason University for her spring                  have never been happier." ■
reflect American simplicity, luxury
and understated style. Tickets will
be $100 and seating will be limited,
so make your reservations as soon
as you get your invitation.
Remember, all the proceeds will be
going to CharityWorks and The
Fishing School! ■

                                              Abigail Walthall with Eileen McCaffrey, Executive Director, Orphan Foundation

                                            Members Corner
Dana Gordon, 703.276.8210                   Werner. We would like to note that        the connection. It is paramount that
                                            with the addition of Judith Werner,       we continue to renew our member-

       ongratulations to Sarah              Kelly Baxter’s mother, and Sarah          ship -- not just for the volunteer
       Richmond Reid and her hus-           Culvahouse, Pamela’s daughter, we         efforts that drive the organization, but
       band Avo on the birth of their       now have six mother/daughter teams        also for the financial support, which
long awaited, precious son Avedis           at CharityWorks. For those keeping        CharityWorks needs to operate.
Thomas Reid III who arrived on              record, the other teams are: Christine       If you have a friend, neighbor, or
December 3 and weighed 7 lb., 10            and Leah Gansler, Dina Mackney and        acquaintance you would like to intro-
oz. Everyone’s prayers were answered        Andy Scamardo; Stasia and Katherine       duce to our organization, please con-
on his safe arrival.                        MacLane; and Jenny Warren, and            tact Dana Gordon or the CharityWorks
   We would like to welcome                 Maggie and Marilyn Pedersen.              office, and we will be happy to for-
CharityWorks newest members: Karen              The heart and soul of CharityWorks    ward a membership packet.
Alcalde, Vici Boguess, Joan Carrese,        is its members. The dues that mem-           Our 2003 Membership Directory is
Lindsay Comparato, Sarah                    bers contribute pay for our operating     almost completed. If you have changed
Culvahouse, Lynne DeLay, Sue Falk,          costs. When you receive an invitation     your e-mail, home address or phone
April Georgelas, Linda Renzulli, Lin        to an event, your dues make it possi-     number, please contact the office with
Roderick, Katherine Siciliano, and          ble. When you receive an email or         the updated information. ■
Cindy Stamp, Diana Villarreal, Judith       call from our office, your dues pay for

                Decorations Committee
Kay Walsh, 703.759.7046                     turquoise berries and grapes on the
                                            sale table. Gosh, it feels so good to      Sea of
   t is just about time to go fishing.      get a great bargain.
   That’s right, to kick off the year for
   The Fishing School, we are going to
dive right into our fantastic theme of
                                               We are beginning our decorating
                                            meetings in mid-March. Maybe the
                                            snow goddess will have taken her
SEA OF DREAMS. This year’s gala, as         powers somewhere else. Spring sure
you all may have heard, will be at the      sounds good to all of us. Don’t hold
Ronald Reagan Building on 14th              your breath, but we’ll be in touch
Street in Washington, D.C. It is an         later for an update.
awesome site with a towering atri-
um…let’s just say high drama. So, our
first adventure was a short meeting at
the CharityWorks office on March 14,
and then a group of members went
downtown to investigate the gala site.
    So far we have been thinking fish
… seaweed… clams… seashells…
seahorses… coral and of course beau-
tiful blues and aquas for the center-
pieces. Some wonderful ideas have
been flowing. The steering committee
actually all jumped on the boat as we
raided every Michael’s Store east of
the Mississippi. A big, big thanks to
all you ladies who picked up

                                       Development Committee
Pam Culvahouse, 703.739.2924                 way to “unlock the door” and give          Nancy and Donald deLaski
Leah Gansler, 703.356.6069                   children an opportunity to become              Foundation
Marilyn Pedersen, 703.821.2668               productive citizens.                       Tom Dziedzic Video
Stacey Reynolds, 703.264.8896                   With the nation in a state of war,      Enterprise Solutions Group/Victoria
Mary Ann Ronald, 301.947.5880                with the stock market collapsing, with         and William Sabo
Carol Seitz, 703.742.3908                    non-profits experiencing a severe          Robin and Tom Finnell
                                             decline in revenues, we need your          Leah and Jacques Gansler

        iolent crime, alcohol, sub-          support more than ever to make the         General Dynamics Corporation
        stance abuse and                     dreams of The Fishing School a reality.    Dana Gordon and Edward Yingling
        unemployment are destroying          A new building, buses and extended         Hill & Knowlton
our cities and having a devastating          educational activities are needed in       JuiceBox Design
impact on society. Children, our most        order to double the impact of the pro-         Communications/Peter Fellows
vulnerable citizens, are suffering the       grams offered by The Fishing School.       Kimsey Foundation
most and need an opportunity to              Funding made possible through the          Kreative Design/KayWalsh
break the cycle of poverty and depri-        CharityWorks partnership will allow
                                                                                        Terry and Robin Lineberger
vation that surrounds them. In two of        The Fishing School to cast a safety net
                                                                                        Jeff Lubin Photography
the most crime-ridden, despondent            to another 100 plus children.
neighborhoods in Northeast                                                              ManTech International/Marilyn and
                                               We are grateful to the fol-                  George Pedersen
Washington, The Fishing School is
                                             lowing individuals and corpo-              Nordstrom
that opportunity. It is a refuge from
violence, addiction and abuse.               rations who have already                   Paras Productions
   The Fishing School brings hope,           pledged their support:                     Peterson Family Foundation
skills and education to economically                                                    Raytheon International, Inc.
disadvantaged children. The programs         BAE SYSTEMS/Mary Ann and Mark              Wachovia Wealth
                                                 Ronald                                     Management/Deborah Shore
offered by the school are what our
nation’s capital needs to begin revers-      Kelly Baxter and Ned Wheeler               Michele and John Welch
ing the startling rates of failure in pub-   BearingPoint                               WEST*GROUP
lic schools. An education is the best        Tiffany and Tom Conaway

                                     Special Events Committee
Robin Finnell, 703.237.2150                  comprehensive collection of 18th and       mately 2:30. Cost for the event is
Tiffany Conaway, 703.848.2540                19th century Russian art outside of        $27.50 and space in limited to 30
                                             Russia. Artwork is displayed in a          people. Please make your check

       he Special Events Committee is        grand setting as it was when Marjorie      payable to CharityWorks and mail it
       busy trying to create some won-       Merriweather Post founded Hillwood.        to Robin Finnell at 5924 Woodley
       derful outings for our members.       We will meet at the CharityWorks           Road, McLean, VA 22101. Checks
    On April 8, at 10 a.m., there will be    office at 8:45 a.m. and carpool into       must be received no later than March
a new member coffee and orientation          Washington. The Museum opens at            31st since Robin must give Hillwood
at Leah Gansler's home. This will give       9:30 a.m. which will give us ample         a guaranteed number on April 1st.
new members an opportunity to learn          time to tour on our own or follow the      Any questions, please call Robin.
about CharityWorks, ask questions in a       audio guide. At 11 a.m. we will have          The next General Membership
small setting environment, sign up for       a guided tour of the gardens and then      meeting will be held May 21st. We
committees and, hopefully, make new          have lunch in the café. After lunch        are in the process of securing a site.
friends while having fun and raising         we will have the opportunity to see        Please look for your invitation the last
funds. Please call Dana Gordon at            the Myths of St. Petersburg Collection,    week in April.
703.276.8210 if you plan to attend.          which explores the various impres-            Mark your calendars for an evening
    A trip on April 29 to Hillwood           sions and beliefs that Russia’s rulers,    social at Robin Fitch’s home on
Museum and Gardens will be our first         artisans, and inhabitants have held        Saturday, June 28; this will surely be a
outing this year. The Museum, which          about their capital city. We will return   wonderful event. Look for your invita-
is set on 25 acres, features the most        to the CharityWorks office at approxi-     tion in the mail toward the end of May.

                                                  Special Feature
                         H AT S O F F T O M A R I LY N P E D E R S E N

                                          on behalf of the CharityWorks partner.

          arilyn Pedersen has been one
          of CharityWorks’ pillars of     When our 2000 Partner, Habitat for
          strength, creativity and com-   Humanity, was having difficulties get-
mitment. She has been instrumental in     ting permits to start construction of
turning the concept of an all volunteer   the First Lady’s House sponsored and
organization with an Advisory Board       built by CharityWorks, it was Marilyn
of community leaders into one of the      who got ManTech to take care of the
premiere charities in the Metropolitan    environmental studies. CharityWorks’
area, thus turning into reality the       fundraising capabilities and successes
dreams of local non-profits that truly    are also, in a big way, the result of
transform the lives of children and       Marilyn’s commitment and tenacity.
families. In her quiet, unassuming        When George W. Bush was suggested
way, she is the driving force behind      as the Honorary Chair of the Gala,
many of our accomplishments.              Marilyn didn’t hesitate to call Andrew
   When we decided to move the            Card, the President’s Chief of Staff, or
Gala downtown, Marilyn was there          Senator Gregg to ask for their support
designing the stage and the lighting to   in getting our request approved. She
turn the Building Museum into a mag-      lends her incredible sense of art,
ical setting. It is Marilyn’s idea to     beauty and substance to decorations,
have a fishing tournament and a           invitations, and gala programs and to
parade of Hummers to benefit The          every aspect of CharityWorks. Clearly,
                                          it is not an exaggeration to say that,     Marilyn Pedersen
Fishing School. When she learned
that David, a recipient of one of the     without her, CharityWorks would not
CharityWorks scholarships, would be       be the success it is today.
alone for Thanksgiving, Marilyn made          Marilyn has a B.A. degree in Art
sure he spent the holiday with her        History from George Washington
family. She was instrumental in con-      University in Washington. As a
vincing Nordstrom to select               Trustee of the Walters Art Museum,
CharityWorks as their partner.            she represents the Board of Directors
Marilyn participates in the process of    in the development of the Museum’s
selecting our annual partner and          marketing strategies. She also has sup-
actively recruits organizations; she      ported The Ivymount School in
then spends the entire year working       Rockville, MD, for many years in rais-
                                          ing funds for the school’s program for
                                          special children. In her spare time,
                                          Marilyn is also involved in the build-
                                          ing of The Life With Cancer Family
                                          Center. She is married to George, a
                                          Viking with red hair who says he
                                          “fears no man and only one woman -
                                          Marilyn.” She has three daughters,
                                          Chris, Jenny and Maggie and a grand-
                                          son, Eric.
                                              Marilyn, you are a remarkable per-
                                          son. On behalf of the hundreds of lives
                                          you have touched and changed, we
                                          honor and thank you! ■

  George amd Marilyn Pedersen

CharityWorks is grateful for the support of
our Advisory Board whose dedication and
commitment are changing lives. The
Board consists of the following:                            SCHEDULE     OF   EVENTS

Nicholas Chabraja, Co-Chair                                 April 8       10:00 a.m.     Leah Gansler’s       New Member Coffee
Chairman and CEO, General Dynamics
Kathryn A. MacLane, Co-Chair                                April 10      10:00 a.m.     CW Office            Board Meeting
Executive Vice-President, WEST*GROUP
                                                            April 29       8:45 a.m.     Hillwood Museum      and Gardens
Mark Ronald, Chair, Finance Committee
President and CEO, BAE Systems, N. A.                       April 30      10:00 a.m.     Michele Welch’s      Gala Steering Committee
Nunda Ambegaonkar                                           May 3         7:00 p.m.      Marilyn Pedersen’s   Advisory Board Dinner
President, Bridging, Nations Foundation
C.G. Appleby, Senior Vice President and General             May 15        CW Office                           Application deadline for
Counsel, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.                                                                            2004 Beneficiary
Nancy Appleby                                               May 21        10:30 am       TBA                  General Membership Meeting
Daniel R. Bannister, Chairman, DynCorp
                                                            May 22-23     10:00 a.m.     CW Office            Review of applications
Kelly Baxter
                                                                                                              for 2004 Beneficiary
Diane Brendsel
Leland Brendsel
                                                            June 5        10:00 a.m.     CW Office            Board Meeting
Chairman and CEO, Freddie Mac Corp.                         June 11-13    10:00 a.m.     CW Office            2004 Beneficiary
Arlene Coffman                                                                                                applicant Presentations
Thomas M. Culligan
President, Raytheon International, Inc.                     June 24       TBA            Halcyon House        Nordstrom’s Designer Event
Dan Crippen                                                 June 28                      Robin Fitch’s        Summer Evening Social
Arthur B. Culvahouse                                        July 7-10     10:00 a.m.     Jeanne Reid’s        2003 Gala Invitation Mailing
Lauren Peterson Fellows
Peterson Family Foundation
Robert Feinberg, Chairman, Duron, Inc.
The Honorable Jacques S. Gansler
Leah Gansler, Founding Chair, CharityWorks
James Kimsey
Founding CEO and Chairman Emeritus, AOL
Michael Kimsey
Vice President of Programs, Kimsey Foundation
Janet Kreutter, Executive Director,                        Post Office Box 3294
Northern Virginia Community Foundation                     McLean, Virginia 22103-3294
Meredith LaPier                                            703.286.0758 phone
First Vice President, C.B. Richard Ellis
                                                           703.286.0791 fax
Mark Lowham, CEO, Wyoming Ventures
Robin Lineberger
Senior Vice President, BearingPoint, Inc.
Frank Marvin, VP Interactive Marketing, AOL
Marvin McIntyre, Senior Vice President and Senior
Managing Director, Legg Mason
Marge Odeen, Founder, CharityWorks
Philip A. Odeen
George Pedersen
Chairman and CEO, ManTech International
Marilyn Pedersen, Founder, CharityWorks
William Sabo, President, Enterprise Solutions Group
Deborah Shore
Senior Vice President Wachovia National Bank
Sylvia von Bostel, Corporate Manager Government
Affairs, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
John Welch
Executive Vice President, Marine Systems,
General Dynamics
Edward M. Wheeler
Senior Managing Director, Friedman Billings Ramsey, Inc.

  Newsletter design courtesy Fritz Partlow, Paras Productions, Inc. ■ Newsletter printing courtesy Marge and Philip Odeen

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