Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Craghead Development by wuzhenguang


									Cannie Crack
The Voice of Craghead Area Partnership                                 Winter 2010

        Merry Christmas and a
          Happy New Year

  Everyone is invited to a ‘ White Christmas’ afternoon
       with a free showing of ‘ White Christmas’
     accompanied by mince pies and ginger wine!

Dates will be put up on the notice boards in the Village Hall in early December!
   If you are interested in coming along, please let Chris or Alison know.
                                                           Craghead Village Hall
Burnside Resource Centre
                                                              Activities List
Monday                                       Monday
Youth Club                                   10am— 12 mid.          Basic Computing
5.00 pm—7.00pm
                                             1.00pm— 3.00pm         Wriggle and giggle

The Centre is also available on Saturdays.   2.00pm -3.00pm         Credit Union

            Please ring Alison on            6.00pm - 8.00pm        Martial Arts
           01207 291341 or email:          Tuesday
                                             2.00pm - 4.00pm        Convivial Club

                                             5.30pm - 7.00pm        Youth Club

                                             7.00pm - 9.30pm        Ladies Social Services
Would you like to be involved
       in supporting
  your local community?                      Wednesday
                                             9.00am - 11.00am       Toddlers
    Craghead Development Trust
      Volunteering opportunities             6.00pm—7.00pm          Boxercise
                                             7.00pm - 9.45pm        OAP community group

              Catering staff
               Bus drivers                   9.30am—2.30pm          SureStart ABC2 Project.
                                                                    (Starting January 2011)
               Admin staff                   6.30pm - 7.30pm        Weight Wise
                                             7.30pm - 9.30pm        Line Dancing
          Handyman or woman

     Detailed role descriptions and           9.00am - 11.00am      Toddlers
    hours of work are available from         10.00am - 11.00am Baby Signing
    the Village Hall office or by con-
       tacting Alison or Chris on            2.00pm - 4.00pm        Family/Local history*
             01207 291341

                or email:                    Saturday and Sunday           Available for private hire

                                             We are also part of Durham County Council‘s Educa-
             JOBS BOARD                      tion In The Community Scheme and provide Educa-
                                             tional Courses. These are listed on Page 4.
There is a Jobs board situated in the main
foyer. The jobs are updated every week.

                                                The Gaff

The cinema was finally opened on Friday, October 1st with a free screening of ‗Billy Elliott‘. Un-
fortunately the weather was dreadful and attendance was not as good as we had hoped it would
be. The Opening Ceremony was performed by Alan Oughton, former projectionist at the original
Craghead Gaff and he regaled us with stories of his time working there.

We have been fortunate to obtain funding and the cinema is for the benefit of the local commu-
nity. The screen is 4 metres by 4 metres and sound quality is equal to that of conventional cine-
mas. We even sell popcorn, sweets and drinks!

 f you have any ideas about what films you would like to be shown, please let us know. If you like
the idea of hiring the cinema for a private party, for example, for your very own Mamma Mia
night, please ask Chris (01207 291341) for details.

                               Craghead Medical Centre
                                       Tel: 01207 290032

As of 1st of September 2010 we changed our half day - we are open all day Wednesdays and
close on Thursdays at 12:00.

Flu Vaccination
Flu vaccines are still available for all patients aged 65 and over or who have a long term condi-
tion. Please contact the surgery for more details or to book an appointment.

Pneumonia Vaccination
All patients over 65 years of age or have a long term condition may benefit from a pneumonia
vaccination. Please make an appointment at the surgery at your earliest convenience. This can
be given with the flu vaccine.

Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessment
Available for all patients aged over the age of 40 which involves having a blood test followed by
an appointment for the assessment. Make your appointment with the practice nurse.

Christmas Closing
We will be closed Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th December and 3rd January only. Normal open-
ing hours apply for all other days during December.

Angela Cain
Practice Manager

            Craghead Area Partnership
                      and                                            Contributions for the
           Craghead Development Trust                                   Cannie Crack

                                                                   If you have any articles or
Craghead Development Trust Facebook site                           memories that you‘d like to
A Craghead Development Trust Facebook site is now up and           share, please write to Cannie
running. We would welcome a discussion about Film Clubs!           Crack, c/o the Village Hall,
The Cannie Crack will be available on the website and Face-        Standerton Terrace, Craghead,
book in future.                                                    Stanley, Co. Durham. DH9 6AN
                                                                   or email the Cannie Crack via
Craghead Allotments                                      
Funding has been obtained from Coun. Docherty‘s Community
Neighbourhood Fund and the £25,000 will be invested in the         If you‘d prefer to have a chat,
allotments.                                                        please leave your contact de-
Tenancy agreements have been issued. If you have not re-           tails with Chris or Alison at the
turned yours yet, could you return it as soon as possible          Village Hall (01207 291341)
please?                                                            and Jean or Margaret will get in
                                                                   touch. Any old photographs
Cannie Crack - Volunteers required!                                will be welcome.
Some parts of the village are not receiving the Cannie Crack as
we don‘t have sufficient people to deliver them. Could you
and/or your family give up an hour of your time once a quarter
to deliver to addresses in your local area? We are particularly
looking for volunteers for streets in the Chaytor Terrace, Wood-
side Gardens and Cloverhill Court area.                                       Courses
Copies of the Cannie Crack for delivery would be delivered to
                                                                   Family /Local History
your door! Your help would be greatly appreciated!
                                                                   Friday 2pm - 4pm
                                                                   Starts January 2011
Cannie Crack by email
Would anyone like to receive an email version of the Cannie
Crack? If so, please let Chris or Alison know or email :           Basic Computing                                          Monday 10am -12mid
                                                                   Starts January 2011
Craghead Cinema— volunteers required
Volunteers are required to help with the running of the cinema.    Intermediate computing
Please ask Chris for details.                                      Monday 10am -12mid
                                                                   Starts January 2011
Craghead Village Hall
There will be a re-launch of the Bingo shortly. Details will be     Please register your interest by
posted in the Village Hall.                                         leaving your name and contact
                                                                   details and preference for course
                                                                   days and times at the Village Hall
Craghead Area Partnership meetings.                                    or with Post Office staff.
The Craghead Area Partnership Annual General Meeting was
held on November 8th 2010 and the Craghead Development               Christmas Craft sessions
Trust Board members were appointed. There is still one va-                 for Toddlers
cancy on the board.                                                       On Wednesdays
                                                                    December 1st, 8th and 15th
Partnership meetings will be held MONTHLY on the penulti-                        At
mate Monday of each month.                                           9.30am in the Village Hall

                                             POSTING (E-BAY)
                                            Certificate of Posting
                                             Guaranteed Delivery
                                                 30Kgs Max

         CURRENCY                                                                               BILLS
         Money Gram                      AVAILABLE AT YOUR
                                             POST OFFICE                                         Rent
                                                   and                                       Council Tax
                                         All on your doorstep!!!!                           Gas/Electricity
           Home phone
            Broadband                                                                          FINANCE
           Mobile Top up                                                                        Savings
                                                                                              Credit Cards

Is your organisation/group a member of the
Craghead Development Trust Community Trans-                                           Craghead
port scheme?                                                                          Childcare
                                                             A place to grow

                                                                                 Places still available
                                                           Open 8.00 am - 6.00 pm Monday to Friday all

From January 1st 2011, the new pricing structure                                      year round
for hire of the community transport minibus.                                   Following EYFS Birth to 5
Half day self drive = £35
                                                            OFSTED registered - Tax Credits - call for
Half day with driver = £45
Full day self drive = £60                                                            more details
Full day with driver = £80                                 Open access and partnership working with par-
Price includes up to 100 miles of travel. Subsequent                                 ents/carers
miles will be charged at 10p per mile. The minibus         Flexible free entitlement—childcare vouchers
must be returned full of fuel and in the same
condition it is received in accordance with the original
agreement.                                                 Telephone: 01207-281597 Fax: 01207 283149
Membership of the scheme will remain at £5 per year.        Registered Charity No. 1107991 Registered
For more information on joining the membership                        Company No. 5120656
scheme , please ring Alison or Chris on 01207-291341.

     Neighbourhood Policing Team - Craghead and South Stanley

         PC 2588 James Heald;       PCSO 6430 Stephen Wilkinson ( Craghead Team)
         PC 1805 Natalie Hulse;     PCSO 6863; Lyndsay Hindson (South Stanley Team)
                  Durham Police Non—Emergency Number 0345 6060 365

Craghead and South Stanley's Neighbourhood Policing Team are committed to making your
neighbourhood a safer place to live, work in and visit. Our team is made up of police officers,
police community support officers and special constables. We are currently working with local
people to find out what matters most to you in the area you live. We are working together with
the community and other partners to tackle local problems and help improve the quality of life for
local residents.

Priorities for Craghead and South Stanley
The current priorities for your neighbourhood are:

    01/11/2010 Craghead identified priorities mainly to be parking on double yellow lines
    outside Bloemfontein Primary School and speeding traffic outside school, especially
    during school hours.

Police Surgeries at Craghead Village Hall
Police surgeries are now taking place in Craghead Village Hall on Thursdays, 11am—12 mid-
day. A room is available to ensure confidentiality.

Craghead Village Hall
We are very disappointed to report that vandalism and graffiti are continuing. The shutters were
damaged and had to be repaired. Last month, there was extensive graffiti on houses in Greyling-
stadt Terrace and the nursery. Over the past 12 months, it has cost us over £1000 to repair the

Acts of theft and vandalism are continuing. The Police need to get a picture of the extent of the
problem, so would all allotment holders please report incidents to the Police so that action can be

Sadly we have to report that animals have been killed on the allotments and the carnage from
this despicable act was found by a child! The RSPCA and the Police are investigating this. Let‘s
hope whoever carried out this sickening act is soon caught.

Allotment holders have asked us to continue to appeal to the public to do the same as for the Mil-
lennium Green and do not allow your animals to foul in public areas and to use ‗poo‘bags and
keep all paths clean!!
                       Special report from your local Police
The Police are aware of a re-occurring trend , which involves snapping off domestic waste pipes
from houses. These pipes are then being stuck into the ground so there is mud and stones in-
side which is then being flicked at moving cars, house windows and various other properties.

Due to the increasing number of incidents reported, the Police are taking the strongest action
possible against those involved.

Anyone caught participating in this current trend will be prosecuted for various offences including:

     Criminal damage to and the theft of the pipe
     Possessing an article with intent to cause damage
     Any mud left on the building or car or any damage caused is also criminal damage.

Until such time that this trend stops, all those involved will be prosecuted and may end up with a
criminal record.

For further information, please contact your local neighbourhood police team on 0345 60 60 365

                                       New Bingo Group
A new Bingo group is starting in the Village Hall in the near future. Please look out for details.
Come along and enjoy yourself.

                                        Great North Run
I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who kindly sponsored me in the Great North Run
in aid of the Alzheimer‘s Society in September. This was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Angela Cain, Practice Manager
Craghead Medical Centre

    Alzheimer‘s Society—Derwentside Branch
          5 Trafalgar Street, Consett
                    DH8 5AP
           Telephone 01207-591835

  Are we at risk of developing dementia? And
what is the risk? Please contact Alison Rundle on
          the above telephone number

                                                  Mobile Library Times
                                                  Durham County Council
                Toy Library                       Mobile Library
A Toy Library is now available in Craghead Vil-   New Times
lage Hall. Please see Chris or Alison for de-     Friday
tails or ring 01207 291341 or email:
                                                  Larch Terrace/South View 09.40-10.00
                                                  Bloemfontein Terrace                   10.05-10.40
                                                  John Street 10.45-11.30

                                                  Range of fiction and non-fiction titles. Books not in
                                                  stock can be ordered for collection. Ask the

           The Punch Bowl

               Open Everyday

          Bed & Breakfast Available
     Tea Time Specials Meals From £3.00
         Sunday lunches Only £4.95
      Served from 12 noon until 3.00pm

       Proprietor Chris Robinson

                                    Convenience Store
                                     Green Groceries
                                     Wines & Spirits,
                                 Tobacco & Confectionary
                                 (THE NATIONAL LOTTERY)

                       Cancer Information and Support Service

                                ‘Talking About Cancer Team’

The County Durham and Darlington Community Health Services‘ Talking About Cancer (TAC)
team is working within your local community to help raise awareness of cancer.

The TAC team can:
      help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of bowel, breast and lung cancers;
      promote the NHS screening programmes for bowel, breast and cervical cancer; and
      provide awareness sessions to community groups and organisations to talk about cancer,
      the signs and symptoms and the screening programmes available.

Information stands will be in your local community venues over the next few months focusing on
lung and cervical cancer. A member of the TAC team will be there for you to talk to and give out
leaflets and information for you to take away with you.

Research shows early detection of breast, bowel and lung cancer and increased awareness of
the NHS screening programmes and how to access them will increase survival rates and ulti-
mately save lives.

The awareness sessions aim to provide good quality, easy to understand information about the
signs and symptoms of cancer and the screening programmes available. We will also encourage
members of the public who may be concerned to visit their GP sooner.

If your group or organisation would be interested in having an awareness session, please contact
Vicki Moffat on 01207 523425 or Julie Thomas on 01207 523632.

Services                                                     Dixon and Hall
       Free Prescription Collection from most surgeries in
      the Stanley area
        NHS and Private Prescriptions Dispensed              6 Standerton Terrace
                                                             The Middles
        Free Medicines Advice                                Craghead
                                                             Telephone: 01207 290630
     Over the Counter Medicines for sale
     Limited range of toiletries and hygiene products
     Medical Devices (such as diabetes and blood pressure monitors) and Disability Aids can be
    obtained – please ask.

              Craghead Village Hall’s Tenth Anniversary!!!!!!!

     Ir is ten years since Craghead Village Hall opened. The opening was described in a 2000
     edition of the Cannie Crack:

     ‗At 2pm on Saturday 25th November 2000, the whole village (well, almost the whole village),
     turned out to see Craghead's new Village Hall officially opened. Fergus Mitchell, an officer from
     Derwentside District Council, was chosen unanimously by the Village Hall Committee to do the
     honours, as he has lived and breathed our new building since it was no more than a twinkle in a
     lottery chief's eye!

     After listening to Rev. Austin Johnson bless the new Village Hall, the huge crowd in the hall and
     the foyer heard Fergus declare the building open, and then watched a performance by the Crag-
     head Children's Variety Group. The first Christmas Fayre was then held, and afterwards most
     people took the opportunity to have a look at the rest of the building while tucking into the buf-
     fet and champagne. Santa's Grotto was in the new Business space, but for many of the older
     children the I.T. (Information Technology ) room was the place to be. There is also a training
     room as well as a new base for Groundwork West Durham, who have carried out so many of the
     environmental improvements in our area.

     As usual, our local businesses came up trumps and donated prizes and gifts - many thanks to all
     of you. Thanks must also go to all members of the Village Hall Committee who have worked so
     hard to make the dream a reality, especially Betty Stout, Eileen Cox and Janice Docherty, who
     have no doubt endured many a sleepless night over the last few months!‘

     A party was held on November 27th to celebrate 10 years of Craghead Village Hall.
     Many thanks to all the users of the Village Hall and our cleaners over the years who have
     kept it in such good condition.


                                                            ‘Pennies from Heaven’
         Mobile Library service
                                                      Margaret Coulson‘s book, ‗Pennies from
The mobile library comes to Craghead on Fri-          Heaven‘ which she wrote in memory of Ann
days, 9.40am to and stops at the side of        Urwin raised £1000 which she kindly do-
Larch Terrace facing down to the Village Hall and     nated to Willowburn Hospice.
Health Centre. If we don‘t use it, there is a dan-
ger that the service might cease and we‘ll lose it!   Willowburn Hospice said that in their letter of
                                                      thanks to Margaret that the money was very
                                                      gratefully received as they need every penny
                                                      to be able to continue their service.

                                                      A big thank you to Margaret for showing how
                                                      one action of kindness can lead to much
                                                      help for others!

                                                      Copies of the book are still available in the
                                                      Post Office and every penny from the sale is
                                                      going to Willowburn Hospice.

                                     Christmas Traditions
Whilst Christmas is primarily about the Christian celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus, and we
are all familiar with the Bible stories about the gifts of the three wise men and the star that guided
them, a number of other traditions have grown up around how we celebrate Christmas.

Did you know…….?

                                                               Santa Claus originally wore a
                                                               green suit until Coca Cola
                                                               changed it to red for an ad-
                                                               vert and it‘s been red ever
          Christmas trees were intro-                          since.
          duced to Great Britain by
          Prince Albert after his
          marriage to Queen Victoria.
          This had been a German
          tradition for many years.
                                                              Christmas crackers were
                                                              invented by Tom Smith in
                                                              1847. He‘d been to Paris
                                                              and seen sugared almonds in
                                                              twists of tissue paper, so
                                                              he added jokes, love mes-
                                                              sages, charms and toys.
                                                              Then in 1860 he added the
                                                              saltpetre friction strip to
            Holly, ivy and mistletoe                          give us the crackers we
            stemmed from pagan tradi-                         know today.
            tions which cheered people in
            the depths of winter. These
            festivals were taken over by
            Christian celebrations

                                                      The custom of burning the Yule Log stems from
                                                      a Nordic tradition. (Yule is the name of the old
                                                      Winter Solstice in Scandinavia and Northern
                                                      Europe) and has spread across Europe. Differ-
                                                      ent types of wood are used in different coun-
                                                      tries: in England, Oak but Scotland, Birch. The
                                                      ashes are supposed to be lucky—
                                                      but not if you throw them out on
                                                      Christmas Day. Now we also have
                                                      chocolate cake logs as a Christ-
                                                      mas dessert.

                                     Christmas 1935

 It was a time of hardship and unemployment. However, my father had found a job in Newcas-
 tle and we had moved there from Shield Row, just a few months before Christmas.

 I was six years old with brothers, Dick, 13 and Ron, 10 years old and my sister, Nancy, was
 16. Dad took us to see the ‗The Bonnie Lights‘ in the city centre—a real treat!

 Christmas Eve—usual routine—bath and early to bed. We didn‘t write to Santa to ask for
 toys—just hoped he‘d be kind.

 Naturally we woke very early and took down our stockings from the foot of the bed. They
 contained the usual—an apple, oranges, sweets and a shiny 3d piece. There was also our
 selection boxes. These we had bought ourselves with money we had earned by running er-
 rands for neighbours. Two shillings was hard to accumulate as usually our pay was a half-
 penny - and some neighbours would say ‗ see you at the weekend‘ but never did. We took
 our halfpennies to the little local shop to be entered onto our savings cards. I hadn‘t quite
 made it, but my brothers each gave me A WHOLE PENNY to complete the cost.

 So we sat on the bed till our sister called us into the living room. There were our presents!
 Santa didn‘t have two Meccano sets so he left my brothers a larger one between them and a
 pair of socks each.

 My presents were two boxes. The small one held 5x 2 inch dolls dressed in pink, blue, lilac,
 mauve and green shifts—oh lovely—5 dolls!

 My brother, Dick, had made a cot with rockers out of cardboard for my old teddy, bedding by
 my sister, Nancy.

 Brother Ron had made me a big set of drawers from matchboxes. I felt so rich!

 But what was in my other box? I opened my eyes and couldn‘t believe my eyes!!! NEW
 SHOES!! Real new shoes!!! All black and shiny!!! - not clogs or sandshoes or ‗X has grown
 out of‘ shoes but REAL NEW SHOES—just for me. What a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

                                                                                  Olga Batey

             Christmas Word Search

          S M Y      E O C N Q O             Q   D    L
          T R    E   E   I   L   Z   G   F   R   N M
          A T    V H     P   L O D       U   R   N    I
          R T    I N R A         P   C   A   N   D    Y
          E E X Y        E B     R   E   H   S   A    D
          E M E      E S N A M W O               N    S
          D O N N E R N Q                H   S   C W
          I C    S M N K         C   A   S   A   E    R
          P B    L   I   T Z     E N     S   N   R    E
          U E    E H F       F   R O     S   T   Y   A
          C L   D C      I   J   P   P   H   A   O    T
          E L    F U G N R           B   C   W T     H

             Ball                Deer            Santa
             Bell                Donner          Sled
             Blitzen             Elf             Snowman
             Candy               Frosty          Star
             Chimney             Gift            Toy
             Comet               Prancer         Tree
             Cupid               Present         Vixen
             Dancer              Rudolph         Wreath
             Dasher              Sack

     How many of Santa‘s reindeer, did you find????

                                        Christmas Fayre

 Chocolate covered dates
 Preparation time : 20minutes
 1 box dates, Almond paste,4oz plain chocolate, Cocktail cherries, Shelled walnuts

 Using a small pointed knife, make a small slit in each date and remove the stone. Fill the
 cavities with plain almond paste and close the dates again. Melt the chocolate in a bowl
 over a pan of hot water and with the aid of two forks, dip the dates in the chocolate.
 Coat evenly and brush off any surplus on the edge of the bowl. Dry the chocolate cov-
 ered dates on sheets of waxed or non stick paper. Just before set, decorate the dates
 with well drained cocktail cherries cut in half or with pieces of shelled walnuts.

 Chocolate covered pineapple
 Preparation time :20minutes
 Small tin of pineapple rings, 6-7oz of plain chocolate, Decorations

 Drain the pineapple rings thoroughly and cut them into halves or quarters. Break up the
 chocolate and melt in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Using two forks, carefully dip the
 pineapple chunks in the chocolate coating them evenly. Dry on waxed or non stick paper
 and before the chocolate sets, decorate with crystallised violets, yellow mimosa balls or
 silver dragees.

                                Christmas Services and Events
Thursday, 16th December
‘ Night of Miracles’ (a Christmas cantata) by North West Durham Circuit Choir at Annfield
Plain Methodist Church at 7.30pm

Sunday, 19th December
Carol Service at Lanchester Methodist Church at 6pm
Carol Service at South Moor Methodist Church at 6 pm
Carol Service at East Stanley Methodist Church at 6 pm

Friday, 24th December. Christmas Eve
Family Service at East Stanley Methodist Church at 3.30pm
Carols on the Village Green, Lanchester, 6pm
Communion service, Lanchester Methodist Church 11.15pm

Saturday, 25th December, Christmas Day
All Age Worship at Lanchester Methodist Church at 10.00am

Other events will be held at other local churches, but at the time of going to print, we do not have details.

                    Secure Your Home As The Dark Nights Close In

Top home security tips :

         Lock up - always keep your doors and windows closed, even when you are at home
         Lighting – make good use of security lighting, both inside and outside your home. Keep
         your curtains closed at night.
         Keys and valuables – when not in use, put house keys, car keys and other valuables
         somewhere they cannot be seen.
         Security marking – mark your valuables with your postcode and register your mobile
         phone and other items of value

A large proportion of crime happens through lack of security or where keys are left within easy
reach for a criminal. Keep your keys in a safe place and remember where they are in case you
need to get out in an emergency. Simply lock your house doors/windows, even if you are at

Remove all property from your vehicle when you are leaving it unattended. Keep your car in a
secure garage or locked on the driveway of your home. If you park outside, leave your car in a
well-lit area and make sure it is locked. Keep your car locked and remove all items, even if you
are leaving it unattended for just a few moments.

                                           Bogus Callers
                                  Remember it's your home.
             Don't be afraid to say ‘No’ and report anything suspicious to police.

Most callers to your home are genuine, but there are those who are not and precautions need to be taken
to prevent these bogus callers getting into your home. Criminals using false identities to try and get into
your home to steal are known as ‗distraction burglars‘ or ‗bogus callers‘ Just because a caller says
they‘re from your water or gas company, the council, or even the police, doesn‘t necessarily mean they

We have received examples of bogus callers in the County Durham area:
      People pretending to be from well known organizations like Age Concern, British Gas and Electricity
      Board to gain access to a home and steal possessions.
      People saying they are from the Direct Payment Unit with the council and asking to see
bank statements etc..
      Three incidents of people wanting to check water supplies and taps because of problems in the
      Someone requesting an elderly person swap a £40 note for two £20 notes for his grandmother.
Elderly person, who is short sighted, swapped the money and the man made off. It was later found the
£40 note to be a discount store money off voucher.


                                  Phone scam warning
People claiming to be refunding council tax payments are targeting householders in County Dur-
ham. Durham County Council has received two reports in the past week of someone claiming to
work for the authority contacting members of the public by telephone.

The bogus caller told the householder that they were due to receive a substantial refund on their
council tax payments. They then asked the person to provide their bank details so that the pay-
ment could be made. When challenged, the caller hung up.

Jeff Garfoot, Durham County Council‘s head of finance, said: ―These are obviously scam calls.
Council officers would not ring a member of the public and ask for their personal details in order
to arrange a refund of money.

―I would, therefore, urge people to be extremely cautious if they receive a call from someone ask-
ing for personal information such as bank details.‖

 Anyone who believes they may have been contacted by a bogus caller should report the
                               incident to the police.

                 Do not give your Bank Details to any cold callers!!!

          Daleside Motors
         Vehicle Testing Station                                        PED
              Brookside Works
                                                               Decorative Gardening
               Craghead Ind Est
                                                             And Groundwork Services
        Tel:- Harry on 01207-283237
             Mobile 07944 585548.

     Toyota Specialist
     Repairs                                                   Most work undertaken
     Clutches                                                     No Job too small
     Airbags                                             For a friendly service and quote
     MOT                                                         Please Ring Paul

                                                                        DRIVING ACADEMY
                                   health & well being’
Reiki and other Workshops                                        Member of Motor School Association
Available throughout the North East                                 Approved Driving Standards
Learn Reiki 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree                                     Agency Instructor

Introductory Workshops include …
  - Angel Oracle Cards         - Aromatherapy                           Friendly, patient and
  - Life Coaching              - Chakras Made Simple                     professional service
  - Crystals                   - Dowsing for Health
  - Indian Head Massage        - Meditation
                                                                        In car theory training
  - Positive Thinking                                                   Beginners, part-trained,
  - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)                                   refresher courses
Treatments include:-                                                    Motorway training, Pass Plus
Reiki, Reiki + chakra balance, Indian Head Massage,
EFT and Angel card readings also available.
                                                                        Intensive courses available
New and exciting range of crystals and jewellery for sale.              Discount for Block Bookings
Meditation CDs.          Gift vouchers available now.
                                                                               For Prices:
For further information please contact
Julie Rennie, Reiki Master Teacher
tel:     07990 753300                                                  Call Dave: 07910 772 193
email:                                                We are here to help!!!
Visit our website:
Member and Co Durham Area Representative of
The UK Reiki Federation                                        Email:

             Craghead Spiritualist Church
           Sunday      Divine service    6pm.
         Wednesday     (1st and 3rd) Ladies Guild
     Last Wednesday    of Month—Open Circle 7.15pm
             Special   serves as announced.

Dec    5th    Miss W. Wardle

Dec    12th   To be announced

Dec    19th   Mr. B. Cockburn
                                                             Just to let the kind but unknown donor know that
Dec    26th   Closed                                         the above picture is now hanging in the refurbished
Jan    2nd    Closed
                                                             tea rooms at the Spiritualist Church. Once again,
                                                             thank you for your generosity!
Jan    9th    President‘s Night

Jan    16th   Development Class                                     A. SCURR            CRAGHEAD MOTORS
Jan    23rd   Mr. G. Hunter                                     ROAD HAULAGE               BODY REPAIR
                                                                      Unit 2,               SPECIALIST
Jan    30th   Mrs M Wightman and Mrs T. Elliot
                                                                Colliery Industrial
Feb    6th    Mrs A. Walker                                           Estate.,
                                                                                           Free Insurance
Feb. 13th     Mrs D. Dent                                            Craghead
                                                                  01207 238918
Feb. 20th     To be announced
Feb. 27th     To be announced                                                              Pick Up Service
Mar    6th    Minister Nora Shaw                                                           Contact Alan on
Mar    13th    Mr and Mrs W. Hunter                                                        01207 236363

Mar    20th   Mrs O. Johnson

             Craghead Pigeon Club Prize Presentation Night

     Thank you to Mr Gibson for sending us these photographs of Prize Presen-
     tation Night. We‘re guessing from the clothes and hairstyles, they might
     have been taken in the early 1960s. We‘d love to hear from you!!!!!

County Durham
 Handy Person                                                        MASTER DRILLERS LTD
                                                                     DIAMOND DRILLING &
   Service                                                           SAWING OF CONCRETE
                                                                       CRAGHEAD Ind Est.

0191 375 3705                                                            Contact Katie on
                                                                         01207 234732

                                                                     Chocolate Fudge
                  Coconut ice
                                                        Preparation Time: about 1 hour
                                                        Ingredients: (For 1.5lbs)
 170g(6oz) desiccated coconut
                                                        1lb of caster sugar, half pint water, 1 large
 120ml(4 fl.oz) sweetened condensed milk
                                                        condensed milk, 4.5ozs chocolate dots or
 375g (13oz) icing sugar                                plain cooking chocolate (grated) 2ox seedless
 Pink food colouring                                    raisins (optional)

 Combine the icing sugar and condensed milk             Put the sugar and water in a heavy-based p 6
 in a large bowl. Stir in the coconut and mix to        pint pan and dissolve the sugar over low heat.
 a very stiff paste. Divide the mixture in half.        Bring to the boil, add the condensed milk and
                                                        boil gently until the thermometer registers 240
 Dust an ice cube tray about 23x10cm(9x4                deg.F. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
 ins) with icing sugar. Spread one half of the          Remove the pan from the heat add the choco-
 mixture evenly in the tray.                            late, and raisins (if used.)

                                                        Beat the mixture until thick and creamy, using
 Add a few drops of pink natural food colour-           a wooden spoon; pour it into a buttered tin,
 ing to the other half of the mixture. Mix              about 5.5 inches X 8ins X1 inch.
 through well—using your hands is the easi-
 est.                                                   Leave to cool for several hours, then cut the
                                                        fudge into 1 inch squares with a sharp knife.
 Spread evenly on top for the white layer               Wrap in waxed paper.

                                                          AGLOW INTERNATIONAL
        NHS                                                  Aglow is a worldwide movement .
HEALTH TRAINER SERVICE                                   In Aglow we care about helping today‘s
                                                        women draw close to God, to find life and
                                                                     hope in Him.

                                                         Aglow is a safe place for you to seek an-
            Helping you to help yourself                swers, to discover who God is and who you
Do you want to become healthier but don‘t know
where to start?                                          We invite women of all ages to join us at
Take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle by
                                                          The Lamplight Arts Centre, Stanley,
contacting your local NHS Health Trainer Service for
FREE confidential support around:
     Healthy eating                                        in The Derwent Suite at 7.30pm on:
     Becoming more active
     Stopping smoking                                         Monday, 17th January 2011
                                                              Monday, 7th February 2011
Begin your journey to better health.                           Monday, 7th March 2011
                                                                Monday, 4th April 2011
You can refer yourself by ringing 01207 523666 or                           .
contact Kathy King on 01207 523663                           For more information, contact
for more information.                                          Patricia on 01207 232006

     May we wish you all a
     Merry Christmas and a
       Happy New Year !

 RSPCA Micro - chipping Service
                                                                  Rum Truffles
The recent visit to Craghead Village Hall
by the RSPCA to provide a free micro             Preparation Time: 35 minutes
chipping service was extremely well at-          Chilling Time : 1 hour
tended, so much so, that they ran out of
microchips and had to send for more.             Ingredients (for 12)
                                                      3oz plain chocolate
It‘s so nice to know that there are so many           1 egg yolk,
people who care about their pets!                     0.5 oz of butter
                                                      1 teaspoon of rum,
As yet, we don‘t have a date for any future           1 teaspoon of single cream
visits, but will put up posters in the Village         2oz of chocolate vermicelli or drinking
Hall, if we are notified of a date after the          chocolate.
Cannie Crack has gone to press.
                                                 Melt the chocolate in a small bowl over a pan of
                                                 hot water. Add the egg yolk, butter, rum and
                                                 cream. Beat the mixture until thick, then chill in
                                                 the refrigerator until firm enough to handle.

                                                 Shape the mixture into 12 balls and toss at once
                                                 in vermicelli or drinking chocolate!!
  Remember, a pet is for LIFE
  and not just Christmas!!!

      Thank you for keeping the
     Millennium Green Clean !!!!!                         CRAGHEAD VICTORY CLUB

                                                         A warm welcome is given to all.

                                                          Function Room available for parties
                                                          and weddings of any other functions

                                                          Thursday is Quiz Night. We invite you
                                                          to come and have a good laugh. Jack-
                                                          pot Question with money adding up!!
                                                          There is also Stand Up Bingo
Thank you to all considerate dog walkers for
keeping the Millennium Green Clean. Unfortu-              Sunday Night is Entertainment Night!
nately not everyone is doing this and we are
aware that several people have been fined for             Every week in the interval we have
allowing their dog to foul on the green.                  Bingo and the Club Key Draw.

‗Poo‘ bags are available FREE from the recep-       Everyone is welcome. Please come and sup-
tion desk at the Village Hall and bins are pro-     port your local club. We look forward to
vided on the Green.                                 seeing you.
Very many thanks for your cooperation—it‘s
much appreciated!!                                                      „The Vic‟ Committee.

                                                                Rose Stewart
     Cannie Crack Christmas Greetings!!!!!            It is with great sadness that we have
                                                      to report that Mrs Rose Stewart, one
 Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011 to all    of the founders of the Cannie Crack
                                                      has died.
 our distant readers and subscribers!
                                                      We would like to acknowledge all the
 Mr. Pounder                                          hard work undertaken by Mrs Stew-
 Special Christmas Greetings from all at the Cannie   art in setting up the Cannie Crack
 Crack!!!                                             and would like to extend our sympa-
                                                      thy to her family and friends.
 Auntie Janice (nee Davinson) now in Cumbria
                                                      From all at the Cannie Crack.
 with love from Jessica and Jacob (and Margaret)

                                                      Dear Father Christmas
 Bill and Sue Ayton now in Yorkshire and Brian        We‘d like you to know
 Punton, formerly of Wylam Street and now living in   We want to build a snow-
 Worcs. Merry Christmas, love Margaret, Jean and      man
                                                      But there isn‘t any snow.
                                                      We just want a little
 Kathleen Donkin (nee Storey)                         Enough for one day
 Merry Christmas, love from Margaret                  And when we‘ve made our snowman
                                                      You can take the rest away!!

                              Dates to remember!!!
                        CRAGHEAD AREA PARTNERSHIP
                      Monday 24th January 2011 at 6.30pm
                            Craghead Village Hall.
                      Monday, 21st February 2011 at 6.30pm

            We are aware of there being lots of safety advice in this issue
                          but ‗forewarned is forearmed!‘
                              Wishing all our readers:
     Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!!

                                                                  County Councillors
                   “Cannie Crack”
                                                                    Janice Docherty
would like to thank its sponsors for their contin-                   01207 282233
ued support, Any other businesses wishing to
contribute please contact the ―Cannie Crack‖                         David Marshall
                                                                     01207 232308
team at Craghead Village Hall.
If you would like to advertise your goods or ser-
vices in the Cannie Crack the charges are:
                                                       The next issue of Cannie Crack will be out
Size of Advert                      Price                                 in

Full page                           £40 per issue or
                                    £150 per year
                                                                     Spring 2011
                                                               Please send in any articles
Half page                           £20 per issue or          by Mon. February 7th 2011
                                    £75 per year                          to:
Quarter page                        £10 per issue or                 Cannie Crack
                                    £40 per year                 Craghead Village Hall
Eighth of a page                    £5 per issue or               Standerton Terrace
                                    £20 per year                       Craghead
                    RENEWALS                                          Co. Durham
                                                                       DH9 6AN
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