Math by adi.rinto07


									Math, Math and More Math
I am finding that one of the real challenges my special education colleagues have are with
finding the resources to teach math. A lot of focus has been put on reading and literacy, yet
there are some children who really struggle with math. Understanding math is important for
the future jobs that will require them to measure, to use sophisticated computer run
manufacturing equipment or to write code for computers that will execute some of the boring,
repetitive jobs the low skilled people used to do.

I have found some young children with developmental disabilities have real trouble learning
how to count. They sometimes substitute a number for another: I had a student who would
confuse four and six. They sometimes don't understand one to one relationships, or they have
difficulty comparing numbers by size. I created a walk on number line to help my students
understand the comparison of numbers, and to cement the relationships of numbers.

Another challenge, not only for students with disabilities, is solving word problems. I have
created some Halloween Word Problem resources, but also an article that will help you
understand the challenges of word problems, and how to overcome them.

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