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					Director of Institutional Advancement Services

This job is a full time, benefited position in the Institutional Advancement Division that reports to the Executive Director of
Institutional Advancement.

Salary – Commensurate with education and experience.

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing or related field *AND* four years experience in resource development or
related field.

Preferred Qualifications:
Seven years of professional development and three years managerial experience in resource development with a non-profit
organization or college/university. Proven track record in developing and implementing a private fundraising campaign and
conducting/evaluating prospect research. Thorough knowledge and understanding of prospect management, Blackbaud’s
Raisers Edge software, major gifts raising, annual fund operations, and best practices in resource development. Extensive
experience with Microsoft Office- word processing, project management, and spreadsheets. Availability to work flexible

Job Description Summary:
Under minimal supervision, coordinates project planning, development goals, and strategies that result in a successful
fundraising operation. Serves as principal focal point for project implementation by coordinating and managing fundraising
activities. Assesses training/development needs. Facilitates and leads teams and task forces in the completion of projects.
May facilitate collaborative efforts in the community with local agencies. May oversee a development team. Maintains
constituent database, generates regular and ad hoc reports using database. May supervise subordinate employees.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

1.   Coordinates project planning, development, monitoring and completion initiatives. (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.  Demonstrates understanding of the concepts of coordinating project planning, development, monitoring and
     2. Coordinating the identification, cultivation, solicitation, stewardship, and prospect assignment of existing and
         prospective donors.
     3. Conducting regular prospect activity review meetings and research.
     4. Studies and evaluates pertinent factors in coordinating projects. Identifies and carefully analyzes problems,
         questions and issues.
     5. Properly prepares for and participates in meetings with entity management and/or other appropriate staff to discuss
         process, scope of work, purpose of assignment, time frames, and to identify potential problems.
     6. Develops plans that include information about the assignment, issues to be addressed, project boundaries, time
         frames, methodology to be used, and suggested deliverables.
     7. Effectively gathers, develops, analyzes, and interprets development data and statistics to ensure reliable, valid
     8. Follows established project criteria and procedures for project activities, ensuring that priorities, objectives, and
         activities are consistent with agency and/or technical college goals.
     9. Monitors progress toward established development goals, keeping management and volunteers informed as
     10. Continually monitors project procedures, work assignments and schedules; makes revisions as appropriate to ensure
         successful completion of assigned projects.
2.   Serves as principal focal point for project implementation by coordinating and managing project activities following
     widely-recognized industry standards for the formulation and completion of work in the area of project management.
     (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.   Plans and defines scope and expected outcomes of projects and revises as necessary.
     2.   Composes or participates in the composition of clear and concise descriptions of procedures, properly identifying
          development goals, outcomes/deliverables, required tasks, procedures, resources, schedules and costs.
     3.   Identifies, reports and communicates periodically with customers and volunteers on status of potential problems,
          barriers, and issues which may require action. Follows-up to ensure that assistance was provided properly and in a
          timely manner.
     4.   Effectively manages scheduling and cost control challenges.
     5.   Monitors development projects in regard to performance, milestones, and deadlines, recognizing and solving
          problems as needed.
     6.   Produces or coordinates production of project documentation. Makes certain that recommendations are
          appropriate and consistent with planned goals and budget.
     7.   May coordinate the implementation of project recommendations and ensures donors and volunteers’ satisfaction.
          Properly implements change management process.
     8.   Informs management of and participates in resolving significant progress delays and project implementation

3.        Assesses training/development needs. (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.   Develops appropriate survey mechanisms and conducts periodic surveys/studies to assess training needs.
     2.   Accurately summarizes results of surveys/studies and effectively communicates findings to management.
     3.   Makes sound recommendations for addressing staff competency deficiencies based on results of surveys/studies
          and availability of resources.
     4.   Provides appropriate input/consultation to assist management in developing short- and long-term training plans for
          the technical college, division or department.

4.   Facilitates and leads teams and task forces in the completion of projects. (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.   Effectively organizes and leads project teams by determining priorities for assignments, setting goals and time
          tables, reviewing progress, and providing feedback.
     2.   Appropriately communicates team goals and objectives to participants, volunteers, and customers.
     3.   Conducts and chairs meetings as required.
     4.   Manages team dynamics, facilitating optimum participation.
     5.   Provides input regarding individual and collective performances as required, relaying input through appropriate
     6.   Provides project team status updates to management and recommends solutions or changes in activity steps.

5.   Oversees the operation and maintenance of the constituent management system. Generates regular and ad hoc
     reports using database. (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.   Enters data with minimal errors according to prescribed format.
     2.   Handles confidential and sensitive information with no breaches in security. Demonstrates good judgment in
          evaluating information or entry of highly sensitive information.
     3.   Generates reports according to established guidelines and in a timely manner.
     4.   Provides data to internal and external customers in a timely manner and according to established guidelines.

6.        Facilitates collaborative efforts in the community with local agencies. (Performed by some incumbents)

     1.   Maintains ongoing contact with local organizations and agencies.
     2.   Plans and coordinates with all collaborative partners in the community to effectively and efficiently provide services.
     3.   Provides outreach and education to the community and local organizations about programs and services available,
          and agency efforts.
     4.   Provides oral and written information to community organizations which include leading discussions and/or making
          presentations to community groups, local and state industry personnel, clients, staff, etc.
     5.   Represents the community at state and regional meetings.

7.   Creates and maintains a high performance environment characterized by positive leadership and a strong team
     orientation. (Performed by some incumbents)

     1.   Defines goals and/or required results at beginning of performance period.
     2.   Communicates regularly with staff on progress toward defined goals and/or required results, providing specific
          feedback and initiating corrective action when defined goals and/or required results are not met.
     3.   Evaluates employees at scheduled intervals, obtains and considers all relevant information in evaluations.
     4.   Motivates staff to improve quantity and quality of work performed and provides training and development
          opportunities as appropriate.

8.   Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field by attending professional development training,
     workshops, seminars and conferences and by reading professional literature in the related technical field. (Performed
     by all incumbents.)

     1.   Attends internal and external educational programs and professional meetings as requested.
     2.   Participates in regular meetings of available and applicable professional organizations.
     3.   Reads professional literature and translates complex or technical information into a meaningful format that may be
          understood by others.
     4.   Coordinates meetings, establishes agendas and records accurate minutes of meetings.

9.   Displays a high level of effort and commitment to performing work; operates effectively within the organizational
     structure; demonstrates trustworthiness and responsible behavior. (Performed by all incumbents)

     1.   Demonstrates eagerness to learn and assume responsibility; seeks out and accepts increased responsibility; displays
          a "can do" approach to work.
     2.   Shows persistence and seeks alternatives when obstacles arise; seeks alternative solutions; does things before being
          asked or forced to by events.
     3.   Works within the system in a resourceful manner to accomplish reasonable work goals; shows flexibility in response
          to process change and adapts to and accommodates new methods and procedures.
     4.   Accepts direction and feedback from supervisor and follows through appropriately.
     5.   Works when scheduled; begins and ends work as expected; calls in according to policy when arriving late for work or
          when absent; observes provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act; observes policies on break and lunch periods; uses
          work time appropriately.

To Apply

Please complete your job application through the Gwinnett Technical College Online Job Center at located under the Career Services tab/Jobs at GTC.

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