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                                        Elegant   Beaut y and
                                              rugged   good looks too.
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

Experience Craters of the Moon online
       at visitidaho.org/360tours

                                        I nspire your “inner adventurer” with
                                        a trip into the very heart of Idaho. The
                                        awe-inspiring peaks of the Boulder, White
                                        Cloud, Lost River, Lemhi, and Sawtooth
                                        ranges make this region Idaho’s most
                                        mountainous. Mount Borah, Idaho’s
                                        highest peak at 12,662 feet, looms above
                                        the sweeping plains near Mackay. From a
                                        sophisticated ski resort to guest ranches,
                                        bed and breakfast inns, and campgrounds,
                                        this area of Idaho will please anyone’s
                                        taste. Sun Valley—America’s first ski
                                        resort—attracts visitors from all over the
                                        world in winter and summer. The magnifi-
                                        cent Sawtooth Mountains tower over the
                                        town of Stanley, with thousands of alpine
                                        lakes nestled between the peaks. It’s here
                                        that the mighty Salmon River, the “River of
                                        No Return,” is born of creeks flowing from
                                        high mountain summits. Elk, deer, and
                                        moose graze in the meadows while ante-
                                        lope sprint across the open plains. Lewis
                                        and Clark entered this part of Idaho cross-
                                        ing over Lemhi Pass near Salmon during
                                        their journey to find a northwest passage
                                        to the Pacific. The expedition’s interpreter,
                                        Sacajawea, was a Lemhi-Shoshone woman
                                        born near present-day Salmon. You can
                                        explore this mountainous area of Idaho on
                                        your own or hire a local guide for specific
                                        adventures. The region is perfect for out-
                                        door activities such as rafting, horseback
                                        riding, climbing, hiking, and canoeing.

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                                                              One of the sUN’s

                                                     fAV an o ts
                                                                                                                               n Valley »
                                                                                              « Bald Mountain in Su

                                                                                                                                  Sawtooth Mountains

                                        Stanley Basin                              and welcoming western town, Stan-
                                                                                   ley serves as a gateway to the lakes,
                                        The heart and soul of central Idaho lies   peaks, and trails of the Sawtooths. With
                                        in the stunning Stanley Basin. With        plenty of motels, cabins, and guest
                                        dramatic views of the Sawtooth Moun-       ranches, it’s a great launching point for
                                        tains before you and the White Cloud       float trips and other ventures into the
                                        Mountains behind, quiet reflection is      mountains.
                                        inevitable. This is the high mountain
                                        valley in which the Salmon River begins    The premier central Idaho adventure
                                        as a small stream. From here, you can      is a guided trip down the Middle Fork
                                        venture into the Sawtooth National         of the Salmon River. The 96-mile river
                                        Recreation Area or even higher into        flows freely through the Frank Church
                                        the Sawtooth Wilderness to hike and        River of No Return Wilderness, the larg-
                                        view wildlife. Trails lead to meadows,     est federally protected wilderness area
                                        across streams, through forests, and up    in the lower 48 states. It offers a non-
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                        to high alpine lakes. The visitor center   motorized river floating experience with
                                        north of Ketchum can provide you with      crystal-clear water, several natural hot
                                        maps and information for an enjoyable      springs, and catch-and-release fishing.
                                        and safe trip.                             Idaho’s most famous “Wild and Scenic”
                                                                                   river is ranked as one of the top ten
                                        The town of Stanley is situated at the     whitewater rivers in the world. Known
                                        junction of three of Idaho’s best scenic   for its challenging Class III and IV
                                        byways: Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway        rapids, the Middle Fork is pristine and
                                        on Hwy 21, Salmon River Scenic Byway       unspoiled—a rare treat for any adven-              Stanley Lake
                                        on Hwy 93 and 75, and the Sawtooth         turer. Outfitters are available to guide,
                                        Scenic Byway on Hwy 75. A rustic           but book your spot well in advance, as
                                                                                   launches are limited.
« visitidaho.org »                         Sun Valley                                       Fairfield
                                           No trip to Idaho would be complete               Solider Mountain Ski Area—a small,
                                           without a visit to Idaho’s renowned Sun          relaxed ski-property with 36 runs and
                                           Valley. On the edge of the untamed wil-          a vertical drop of 1,400 feet—sits just
                                           derness, the resort area of Sun Valley-          outside of this small farming commu-
                                           Ketchum glistens with cosmopolitan               nity. Within a few minutes of Fairfield
                                           sophistication. Founded in 1936 near             are the Mormon and Magic Reservoirs,
                                           the mining town of Ketchum by railroad           where huge rainbow and brown trout
                                           tycoon Averell Harriman, Sun Valley              are caught regularly. Other prime trout
                                           was America’s first destination ski              fishing spots in this area include Silver
                                           resort. It has the old-world charm and           Creek (Ernest Hemingway’s favorite)
                                           ambiance of a cozy European alpine               near Bellevue and the Little Wood
                                           village, with lodging and shopping,              River, a unique desert stream north-
                                           an award-winning golf course, cham-              east of Richfield.
                                           pionship tennis club, and an outdoor
                                           ice skating rink. During summer and              Craters of the Moon
                                           fall, don’t miss the world-class skat-
                                                                                            In the high desert near Arco is one of
                                           ers perform in “Stars on Ice.” Enjoy
                                                                                            the most unusual landscapes on earth:
                                           quality entertainment outdoors at the
                                                                                            Craters of the Moon National Monu-
                                           Sun Valley Pavilion. The new Sun Valley
                                                                                            ment. This exceptional site is the larg-
                                           Clubhouse hosts golfers in summer and
                                                                                            est basaltic, dominantly Holocene (last
                                           Nordic skiers in the winter.
                                                                                            10,000 years) lava field in the mainland
                                           Nearby, casual Ketchum enriches a Sun            of the United States. The 750,000-acre
                                           Valley vacation with many fine restau-           monument encompasses a stunning ar-
                                           rants, galleries, shops, and entertain-          ray of volcanic features: a’a, pahoehoe
                                           ment. Combine the historic charm of              and blocky lava; cinder cones, spatter
                                           Ketchum with activities in the nearby            cones, and lava tubes (caves). It’s an
                                           countryside—mountain biking, fishing,            excellent place for bird watching, pho-
                     Bald Mountain
                                           hiking, or horseback riding—and you’ll           tography, backpacking, and caving. An
                                           have an unforgettable vacation.                  RV park is conveniently located on the
                                                                                            property with motels in nearby Arco.
                                                                                            Early pioneers avoided this eerie
                                                                                            domain, yet decades later, nearly
                                                                                            225,000 visitors explore this fascinat-
                                                              Sun Valley                    ing landscape annually. A seven-mile
                                                                                            loop road leads you through the lava
                                                                                            field, and there are short trails to caves
                                                                                            and craters.

                            Silver Creek

                                                          Middle Fork Salmon River

                                                                                                        « Largest City
                                                                                     ReGionAl inFo

                                                                                                          Population – 7,960

                                                                                                        « Regional Climate
                                                                                                          Summer Average High – 85°
                                                                                                          Winter Average High – 30°
                                                                                                          Annual Precipitation – 10”

                                                                                                        « Elevation
                                                                                                          Highest – 12,662’
                                                                                                                  {Mt. Borah}
                                                                                                          Lowest – 2,875’
                                                                                                                  {Main Salmon River}

                                                                                                                                                        n vc

                                                                                                                                             A       « Salmon River Scenic Byway
                                                                                                                                                       Follow the Salmon River between Lost Trail Pass and
                                                                                                                                                       Stanley where three scenic byways meet. En route are
                                                                                                                                                       the magnificent Sawtooth Mountains, Land of the Yankee
                                                                                                                                                       Fork State Park, and the towns of Salmon and Challis.
                                                                                                                                             B       « Lewis & Clark Backcountry Byway
                                                                                                                                                       See where Lewis and Clark unfurled the U.S. flag for
                                                                                                                                                       the first time in the West as you travel this 39-mile gravel
                                                                                                                                                       road from Tendoy, a 3-hour round-trip. No services,
                                                                                                                                                       closed in winter. High clearance vehicle recommended.

                                                                                         93                                                  C       « Sacajawea Historic Byway
                                                                                                                                                       This 132-mile scenic drive across Hwy 28 from eastern
                                                                                                                                                       Idaho through the Lemhi Valley to Salmon offers a
                                                                         North Fork                                                                    glimpse into the historical legacy of Sacajawea and the
                                                                             Salmon River                                                              Lemhi-Shoshone tribe. At Tendoy, consider the Lewis
                                                                             Scenic Byway       A                                                      and Clark Byway if you have a high clearance vehicle.
                                                                                    Salmon                     Lemhi                         D       « Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway
                                                                                                               28                                      With the most diverse scenery of any of Idaho’s byways,
                                                                                                                                                       this 140-mile drive features Craters of the Moon, the
                                                                                                    Tendoy                                             Lost River Valley, and Mt. Borah, Idaho’s highest peak.
                                                                                                                       B    Lewis & Clark
                                                                                               93                              Byway                                          « Sawtooth Scenic Byway see page 72.

                                                                                                                                                                              « Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway see page 48.
                                        Middle Fork of
                                        Salmon River
                                                                                                                                                                                     « For suggested itineraries and a
                                                                                               Land of the Yankee                                C
                                            Ponderosa Pine                                       Fork State Park              Sacajawea                                                downloadable statewide byway
                                                                                                                            Historic Byway
                                             Scenic Byway
                                                                  Bonanza                                                                                                             guide, go to idahobyways.gov
                                        F       Custer                                                        Peaks to Craters
                                                                              75                               Scenic Byway    Little Lost
                                               21                                                                                                              28
                                                                                                         D                        River
                                                                                    Big Lost River
                                                                                                              Mackay            93
                                                                            Sawtooth                93
                                                                          Scenic Byway                                                                    33

                                                                                          Sun Valley                               Arco
                                                                   Ketchum                                                                                               20
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                                                                                                                          Craters of
                                                                                                                                          the Moon
                                                                           Bellevue                           Silver       93
                                                             Fairfield   Big Wood River
                                                         20                Magic Res.

                                                                                                                                                                                        « idahobyways.gov »
                                                    own rewards »
                         « Detours bring their

                                            new technology in the field of nuclear
                                            energy. On the eastern side of Arco is
                                            the Idaho National Laboratory, a vast
                                            complex of scientific experiment
                                            stations in the wind-swept, high plains                  Mount Borah
                                            desert. Arco is an excellent lunch stop
                                            before or after visiting Craters of the
« Lewis & Clark                             Moon National Monument, just 18
 The Lewis and Clark expedition             miles west.
 crossed the continental divide near
 Lemhi Pass on August 12, 1805,
                                            Salmon & the Lemhi Valley
 accompanied by its interpreter,            North of Challis, Hwy 93 enters the
 Sacajawea, a young Lemhi-Shoshone          serene and picturesque Lemhi Valley.
 woman who was born near present-           Nestled in the shadows between the Bit-
 day Salmon, Idaho. It was in central       terroot Mountains and the Lemhi Range,
 Idaho that the hopes of finding a river    this is the valley where mountain men
 passage to the Pacific were dashed.        of the 1800s, Jim Bridger and Kit Carson,
                                            would spend the winter. Today, the town
 Begin your own “Voyage of Discovery”       of Salmon is called the “Whitewater
 in this region by visiting the Sacajawea   Capital of the World.” From Salmon, pro-
 Interpretive, Cultural, and Educational    fessional outfitters are available to take
 Center; rafting the Salmon River; and      you on the river dubbed “The River of No
 driving to Lemhi Pass on the Lewis         Return” or the Main Salmon.
 and Clark Backcountry Byway.               The Salmon River remains one of the
                                            few free-flowing waterways in America.
 lewisandclarkidaho.org                     Wildlife thrives in the rugged mountains
                                            and grassy meadows. The best way to
                                            experience the Salmon is with one of          Middle Fork Salmon River
                                            Idaho’s many licensed outfitters, who
                                            offer float trips ranging from one to eight
Mackay and Arco                             days on calm or wild water. The town of
As you drive along Hwy 93 beside the        Salmon is the largest in the area and a
Lost River Range, you’ll see Idaho’s        great place to stop, refuel, and refresh.
highest peak to the east. Mt. Borah is      Don’t pass up a visit to the Sacajawea
the most noticeable mountaintop in          Interpretive, Cultural, and Educational
the range, surpassing the neighbor-         Center. The museum celebrates the
ing peaks at 12,662 feet. Nearby is the     contributions of this Lemhi-Shoshone
town of Mackay, nicknamed “Top of           woman who served as an interpreter for
Idaho” because of its proximity to the      the Lewis and Clark expedition. Enjoy
peak. The majestic mountains sur-           the visitor center, outdoor amphitheater,
rounding Mackay are ideal for hiking        Sacajawea monument, and a one-mile
and backcountry drives. Explore the         interpretive trail.                                 Sawtooth Mountains
area’s heritage on a self-guided tour of    Immerse yourself further in the explor-
mining locations on Mackay’s Mine Hill.     ers’ experiences by driving up to Lemhi
Located along the Big Lost River in         Pass on the Lewis and Clark Backcountry
eastern Idaho, Arco was the first city      Byway. Many historians consider Lemhi
in the world to be lit with electricity     Pass the most important site along the
generated by nuclear power. A national      Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
reactor testing station was established     It was here that the dream of an easy
nearby in 1949. Experimental Breeder        route to the Pacific died as the explor-
Reactor #1, a National Historic Land-       ers gazed upon mountains ahead. The                    Lost River Range
mark, is open to the public for free        byway is a 38-mile, single-lane gravel
self-guided tours. You’ll learn about       road with steep grades, but it’s certainly
this former nuclear reactor plant and       worth the journey.

                                  stractions »
« Enjoy our roadside di

                                            visitidaho.org |   115                                       Sun Valley

                                                                                                                                                   Sun Valley Resort Golf Course

                                                             Summer golf in Sun Valley is as great as the skiing in the winter. Three great
                                                             challenging courses await you in the Wood River Valley, including the classic
                                                             Sun Valley course, a 27-hole masterpiece and Idaho Golf Trail standout.

                                                                 Golf Trail Member

                                                                                                                              humble yourself »
                                                                                           « An awesome place to

                                        « Challis                                 « Mackay                                     « Sun Valley/Ketchum
                                         Challis Golf Course                         River Park Golf Course & RV Campground     Bigwood at Thunder Spring
                                         9 holes, driving range; 208 879-5440;       9 holes, driving range; 208 588-2296       9 holes, driving range;
                                         challisgolfcourse.com                                                                  208 726-4024; bigwoodts.com
                                                                                  « Salmon
                                        « Fairfield                                                                             Elkhorn Golf Club
                                                                                     Salmon River Golf Course                   18 holes, 2 driving ranges; 208 622-3309;
                                         Soldier Mountain Ranch & Resort             9 holes, driving range;                    elkhorngolfclub.com
                                         18 holes; 208 764-2506;                     208 756-4734; cityofsalmon.com
                                         soldiermountainranch.com                                                               Sun Valley Resort Golf Courses
                                                                                                                                27 holes, driving range; 208 622-2251;
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide


                                                                                                                                  Sun Valley Pavilion


                                                                                         Warm Spring Lodge

                                                 Sun Valley Ice Show

Sun Valley Harvest Festival

                              The recreational opportunities and majestic peaks of central Idaho are popular
                              year-round, but the many arts and cultural activities in the area are also mak-
                              ing quite a name for themselves. They add one more reason to make Idaho your
                              destination vacation or perhaps, your new home.

                                                   at                  out-perform the rest
                              « Performing arts th

                                        » For those who love classical music, the       cooking perfectly aged beef, fresh seafood,
                                        Sun Valley Summer Symphony offers free          and local game. And if Stanley is your des-
                                        outdoor concerts at the Sun Valley              tination, stop in at the Smiley Creek Lodge
                                        Pavilion in July and August. Each Octo-         for a great milkshake—a local tradition
                                        ber, music fills the autumn air as the Sun      after a hike in the Sawtooth Valley. Ketchum
                                        Valley Jazz Jamboree kicks into high gear,      is filled with unique and interesting art
                                        drawing jazz lovers from around the world       galleries including the Art Spirit Gallery,
                                        to hear more than 200 talented musicians        Gallery DeNovo, Anne Reed Gallery, and
                                        perform in the Sun Valley area.                 the Kneeland Gallery, all showcasing
                                                                                        nationally recognized artists. The Sun Valley
                                        » During the spring, Sun Valley promotes
                                                                                        Center for the Arts offers interesting cultural
                                        healthy lifestyles and wellbeing during
                                                                                        exhibits, performing arts, and classes.
                                        its Sun Valley Wellness Festival. The
                                        annual Ketchum Arts Festival in July fea-       » Finally, top your visit to central Idaho with
                                        tures a variety of arts and crafts from well-   a world-famous Sun Valley Ice Show—Stars
                                        known local artists, continuous live music,     on Ice. Professional ice skaters take to the
                                        and activities for children. The Black Daisy    ice each Saturday night during the summer
                                        Arts and Crafts Fair in Mackay is a unique      with truly amazing performances.
                                        and entertaining craft show, which runs
                                                                                        » For complete event listings go to:
                                        in conjunction with the White Knob Bike
                                        Challenge and the Custer County Fair.
                                        » Camp under the stars for a weekend of         If you yearn to live and work where others
                                        live music plus arts and crafts at the Saw-     can only vacation, visit IdahoWorks.com
                                        tooth Music Festival each July.                 to find out how to make this recreational
                                                                                        haven your new home.
                                        » Dining options are especially abundant
                                        in the Sun Valley-Ketchum area. The
                                        Pioneer Saloon is a local institution,

                                                                           LtfE & e YNtS
                                        Regional Information                          34 RV Hookup Sites, $21-$27; Open Spr-          1 Lodge/House, $95; Open All Year; A/C,
                                                                                      Fall; Dump Station-RV, Pull-thru Sites-RV,      Breakfast Free, Cable/Satellite TV

                                        Sun Valley-Ketchum Chamber &                  Showers
                                        Visitors Center; 208 726-3423,                                                                Creekside Inn Bed & Breakfast; 630 North
                                                                                                                                      Ave, Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-5608,
                                        www.visitsunvalley.com                        Bellevue                                        www.creeksideinnbandb.com; 5 Rooms,
                                        Lemhi-Shoshone Tribe;                                                                         $65-$120; Open All Year; Breakfast Free,
                                        208 791-7490,
                                                                                                                                      Cable/Satellite TV
                                        www.lemhi-shoshone.com                        Bellevue City Office; 208 788-2128,
                                                                                      www.bellevueidaho.us                            Darling Creek Bed & Breakfast; 1001
                                                                                                                                      Darling Creek Rd, Challis, 83226; P: 208
                                        Statewide Central                             Lodging                                         879-5222; 4 Rooms, $40-$65; Open All
                                                                                                                                      Year; Breakfast Free, Kitchens, Laundry
                                        Reservation Services                          Riverside RV Park & Campground; P: 208
                                                                                      788-2020; 38 RV Hookup Sites, $26; 10           Guest Ranches
                                        Idaho Excursions;                             Tent/Campsites, $22; Open All Year; Dump
                                        208 908-9389,                                 Station-RV, Laundry, Showers                    Wilderness Outfitters; Simplot Ranch,
                                        www.idexcursions.com                                                                          Frank Church Wilderness, Challis; P: 307
                                                                                      Challis                                         262-7406, www.idahowilderness.com;
                                        InIdaho.com;                                                                                  Open Sum
                                        800 84-IDAHO (800 844-3246),
                                        www.inidaho.com                               Information                                     Hotels & Motels
                                                                                      Challis Area Chamber of Commerce;               Challis Motor Lodge & Lounge; Hwy 93 &
                                                                                      P: 208 879-2771, F: 208 879-5836,               Main St; P: 208 879-2251; 18 Rooms, $44-
                                                                                      www.challischamber.com                          $63; Open All Year
                                                                                      Attractions                                     Holiday Lodge Motel; Hwy 93 N, Challis,
                                        Information                                   Bayhorse Ghost Town and Trails System;          83226; P: 866 879-2259 or 208 879-2259;
                                                                                      Miles of ATV trails link picturesque historic   11 Rooms, $50-$78; Open All Year; Cable/
                                        Butte County Chamber of Commerce;
                                                                                      sites in the Bayhorse mining area. 24424        Satellite TV, High-speed Internet, Pets OK
                                        P: 208 527-8977, F: 208 527-8977,
                                        www.cityarco.com                              Hwy 75, Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-5244,        Northgate Inn Motel; Hwy 93, .5 mi. N.
                                                                                      F: 208 879-5243, parksandrecreation.            of Challis; P: 208 879-2490, F: 208 879-
                                        Lost Rivers Tourism Council Visitor Center;   idaho.gov/parks/yankeefork.aspx                 2490, www.challismotel.com; 55 Rooms,
                                        P: 208 527-8977
                                                                                      Challis Hot Springs; Historic springs open      $39-$79; Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV,
                                        Attractions                                   year-round on the banks of the Salmon           Kitchens, Pets OK
                                        Craters of the Moon National Monument         River with 90-127 degree water tempera-         Pioneer Motel & RV Park; 220 Hwy 93 S,
                                        and Preserve; View a diverse array of vol-    tures. 5025 Hot Springs Rd, Challis, 83226;     Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-6791, F: 208
                                        canic features and a rich variety of animal   P: 208 879-4442                                 879-6760, www.challismotelrvpark.com;
                                        and plant life while touring on a 7-mile      Custer Historic Mining Town; Ghost town         27 RV Hookup Sites, $22-$31; 7 Rooms,
                                        loop road. 18 miles SW of Arco. P: 208 527-   with mining era buildings, interpretive pro-    $54-$69; 1 Cabin, $85; Open All Year;
                                        1335, F: 208 527-3073, www.nps.gov/crmo       grams and a gift shop at Land of the Yan-       Cable TV Hookups, Kitchens, WiFi
                                        Natural Bridge; Huge limestone arch ex-       kee Fork State Park. 24424 Hwy 75, Challis,     The Village Inn Motel & Restaurant; Hwy
                                        tending 80-feet high from the shoulder of     83226; P: 208 879-5244, F: 208 879-5243,        93, Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-2239, F: 208
                                        King Mountain near Arco. P: 208 527-8977,     www.parksandrecreation.idaho.gov                879-2813, challisvillageinn.com; 54 Rooms,
                                        F: 208 527-8977                               Custer Motorway Adventure Road; Follow          $48-$149; Open All Year; A/C, Pets OK, WiFi
                                                                                      an historic wagon road 46 miles from            RV Parks & Campgrounds
                                        Lodging                                       Challis over a mountain pass and along the
                                        Arco Inn Motel; 540 W Grand Ave, Arco,        Yankee Fork River to Sunbeam. P: 208 756-       Challis Golf Course RV Park; Challis Golf
                                        83213; P: 208 527-3100, F: 208 527-3132,      5100, www.fs.fed.us/r4/sc/yankeefork/           Course Rd, Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-
                                        www.arcomotel.com; 12 Rooms, $39-$69;         custermotorway.shtml                            5300, F: 208 879-5301, www.golfcourserv.
                                        Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Pets OK,                                                   com; 30 RV Hookup Sites, $11-$30; 10
                                                                                      Land of the Yankee Fork State Park &            Tent/Campsites, $15-$18; Open Spr-Fall;
                                        WiFi                                          Yankee Fork Gold Dredge; This park and          RV Hookups, Showers, WiFi
                                        Craters of the Moon/Arco KOA; 2424 N          the surrounding National Forest Historic
                                        3000 W, Arco, 83213; P: 800 562-3408 or       Area bring to life Idaho’s frontier mining      Challis Hot Springs; 5025 Hot Springs Rd,
                                        208 527-8513, koa.com/where/id/12141;         history amid numerous recreational oppor-       Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-4442, www.
                                                                                                                                      challishotsprings.com; 30 RV Hookup
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                        60 RV Hookup Sites, $25-$32; 3 Cabins,        tunities. 24424 Hwy 75, Challis, 83226. P:
                                        $38-$56; 3 Camping Cabins, $32-$50; 5         208 879-5244, F: 208 879-5243, parksand         Sites, $28; 7 Rooms, $95; 10 Tent/Camp-
                                        Tent/Campsites, $17-$22; Open Spr-Fall;       recreation.idaho.gov/parks/yankeefork.          sites, $20; Open All Year; Breakfast Free,
                                        Dump Station-RV, RV Hookups, WiFi             aspx                                            Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool

                                        D-K Motel; 316 S Front St, Arco, 83213;       Lodging                                         Challis Valley RV Park; Hwy 93 at Ram’s
                                        P: 800 231-0134 or 208 527-8282, F: 208                                                       Horn, Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-2393, F:
                                        527-8282, www.dkmotel.com; 25 Rooms,          Bed & Breakfast Inns                            208 879-2973; 65 RV Hookup Sites, $24-
                                        $35-$80; Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV,                                                   $28; 5 Tent/Campsites, $16; Open All Year;
                                                                                      Bonanza House Bed & Breakfast; 10th &           Cable/Satellite TV, Laundry, WiFi
                                        Laundry, WiFi                                 Butte St; P: 208 833-5050, gonorthwest.
                                        Lost River Motel; 405 Hwy Dr, Arco, 83213;    com/Idaho/central/Challis/bonanza               Pioneer Motel & RV Park;
                                        P: 208 527-3600; 14 Rooms, $30-$65;           -house.htm; 2 Rooms, $65-$120; Open All         See Hotels & Motels
                                        Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens   Year; Breakfast Free, Cable/Satellite TV,
                                                                                      Non-smoking                                     Vacation Rentals
      118                               Mountain View RV Park; 705 W Grand                                                            Benjamin Inn; 842 North Ave, Challis,
                                        Ave, Arco, 83213; P: 208 527-3707, F: 208     Corner Cottage Inn; 1221 Pleasant, Challis,
                                                                                      83226; P: 208 879-2788, M: 208 721-1214;        83226; P: 208 879-5084, www.benjamin
                                        527-3709, www.mountainviewrvarco.com;                                                         inn.com; 4 Rooms, $85-$125; 2 Cabins,
$85-$100; Open All Year; High-speed Inter-
net, Kitchens, Non-smoking
Cabin at the Riverranch; Hot Springs Rd,
Challis, 83226; P: 208 879-2788, M: 208
721-1214; 1 Cabin, $75; Open All Year;
Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens, Non-smoking

                                                          Passenger appreciation
May Family Ranch; 500 Squaw Creek Rd,
Clayton, 83227; P: 208 838-2407, F: 208
                                                                                                   is an everyday event.
838-2202, www.mayfamilyranch.com; 6 RV
Hookup Sites, $28; 14 Rooms, $45-$80; 3
Cabins, $65-$70; 4 Tent/Campsites, $18;
Open All Year; Breakfast Free, Non-smok-
ing, Pets OK
Old Sawmill Station; Clayton area; P: 208
838-2421, www.oldsawmillstation.com; 40
RV Hookup Sites, $20-$25; Open All Year;
RV Hookups, Pets OK, Pull-thru Sites-RV
White Cloud Mountain Inn; Hwy 75,
between MP 213 and 214, turn onto Slate
Creek, go 5.5 mi. P: 208 879-4677, home.
custertel.net/~muzzie; 5 Rooms, $89-$99;
Open Spr-Sum, Winter; Breakfast Free

Elk Ridge Mountain Inn; P: 208 764-2247;
Open All Year; Breakfast Free
Iron Mountain RV Park; 325 W Hwy 20,
                                                                HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE WAYS
Fairfield, 83327; P: 208 764-2577; 15 RV                                  WE SHOW IT.
Hookup Sites, $19-$21; Open All Year;
Dump Station-RV, RV Hookups, Pets OK
Prairie Inn; 113 E Hwy 20, Fairfield, 83327;
P: 208 764-2247, F: 208 764-2244, www.                                                    CONVENIENT ROUTES
theprairieinn.com; 18 Rooms, $69-$150;                                                    Serving Idaho with up to daily flights
Open All Year; A/C, Cable/Satellite TV,                                                   from convenient gateway cities,
Handicap Access                                                                           including Spokane, Boise, Lewiston,
                                                                                          Moscow and seasonally to Sun Valley
Gibbonsville (See North Fork)                                                             during summer and winter.

Hailey                                                                                    THE GREENEST FLEET IN THE SKY
Information                                                                               Fuel-e cient aircraft and inflight recycling.
Hailey Chamber of Commerce;
P: 208 788-3484, www.haileyidaho.com                                                      A TRULY GLOBAL MILEAGE PLAN™
                                                                                            airline partners to over     destinations
Attractions                                                                               worldwide. Earn a minimum of         miles.
Blaine County Historical Museum; Learn                                                    And award travel starts at just ,    miles.
about the mining history of the Wood River
Valley - see a mine tunnel replica, historical
dioramas, Chinese artifacts, and more. 218                                                NORTHWEST WINE AND MICROBREWS
N Main St, Hailey, 83333; P: 208 788-1801,                                                Complimentary on all Horizon-operated flights.
M: 208 729-0560, www.bchistorical
Company of Fools; Award-winning theatri-
cal productions July through March at the
beautifully renovated Liberty Theatre.110 N
Main St, Hailey, 83333; P: 208 788-6520, F:
208 788-1053, www.companyoffools.org                 alaskaair.com                                      Proudly Operated by Horizon Air
Hailey Skateboard Park; 12, 500 sq. ft.
skateboarding facility in Hailey provides
fun for the young and young-at-heart alike.
P: 208 720-1791, www.haileyidaho.com/              11.ALA.623_4.75x9.5_HorizonGenericAd_ISTG_e4.indd 1                                   11/28/11 3:24 PM
                                                 www.visitidaho.org |      119
                                                       JOB: 11.ALA.623   DESCRIPTION: Horizon Generic — Idaho State Travel Guide   MODIFIED:11-28-2011 3:23 PM   LEAD EPRO
                                        Wood River Trail System; Constructed            Moose Center Learning Lab; North Ameri-         Ram’s Head Lodge; 33 mi.W. of North Fork;
                                        over an old railroad route, the 20-mile trail   can moose heads, photos, original art,          P: 877 659-4899 or 208 394-2122, F: 208

                                        from north of Ketchum through Hailey to         hides, antlers and scientific journals. 610 W   894-2429; 8 RV Hookup Sites, $50-$250;
                                        Bellevue is perfect for walking & biking in     Custer, Mackay, 83251; P: 208 588-2939, F:      4 Rooms, $50-$250; Open Sum-Fall; A/C,
                                        summer and Nordic skiing/snowshoeing in         208 588-2980, www.moosefoundation.org           Food Service, RV Hookups
                                        winter. P: 208 578-2273, F: 208 788-2168,
                                        www.bcrd.org                                    Lodging                                         REMLC’s Sportsman’s Roost Lodge; 1935
                                                                                                                                        Salmon River Rd, Shoup, 83469; P: 208
                                                                                        Bear Bottom Inn; 412 W Spruce St, Mackay,       394-2150, F: 406 363-1024, remlcsports
                                        Lodging                                         83251; P: 208 588-2483; 5 Rooms, $50-           mansLodging.com; 8 Rooms, $58-$200;
                                        AmericInn Lodge & Suites of Hailey; 51          $70; Open All Year; A/C, Food Service, WiFi     Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens
                                        Cobblestone Ln, Hailey, 83333; P: 800 634-
                                                                                        Mackay Homestay Bed & Breakfast; 4512           Shoup Store, Cafe & Cabins; 1829 Salmon
                                        3444 or 208 788-7950, www.americinn.
                                                                                        Hwy 93, Mackay, 83251; P: 208 589-4114,         River Rd, Shoup, 83469; P: 208 394-2125;
                                        com; 64 Rooms, $99-$299; Open All Year;
                                                                                        www.mackayhomestay.com; 2 Rooms,                2 Cabins, $20-$80; Open All Year; Food
                                        Breakfast Free, High-speed Internet, Indoor
                                                                                        $90-$140; Open All Year; Breakfast Free,        Service, Pets OK, Showers
                                                                                        Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens
                                        Hitchrack Motel-Gas-Grocery; 293 Indian                                                         The Village at North Fork; 2046 Hwy 93
                                                                                        Moose Crossing RV Park; 3798 N Hwy 93,          N, North Fork, 83466; P: 855 865-7001
                                        Creek Rd, Hailey, 83333; P: 888 431-7225
                                                                                        Mackay, 83255; P: 208 221-2994, F: 208          or 208 865-7001, F: 855 865-7003, www.
                                        or 208 788-1696, F: 208 788-1696; 8
                                                                                        588-2994, www.moosecrossingrv.com; 27           thevillageatnorthfork.com; 21 RV Hookup
                                        Rooms, $55-$75; Open All Year; Cable/Sat-
                                                                                        RV Hookup Sites, $16-$18; 2 Cabins, $35;        Sites, $17-$22; 7 Rooms, $60-$80; 10 Tent/
                                        ellite TV, Kitchens, Pets OK
                                                                                        2 Camping Cabins, $35; 3 Tent/Campsites,        Campsites, $5-$12; Open All Year; Cable TV
                                        Spruce Inn; 416 1st Ave N, Hailey, 83333;       $10; 1 Yurt/Teepee, $35; Open Spr-Fall;         Hookups, Food Service, WiFi
                                        P: 208 720-8755, www.spruceinn.com;             Laundry, Pull-thru Sites-RV
                                        6 Rooms, $110; Open All Year; Breakfast
                                                                                        River Park Golf Course & Campground;            Salmon
                                        Free, Pets OK, WiFi
                                                                                        717 Capitol Ave, Mackay, 83251; P: 208
                                        The Inn at Ellsworth Estate; 702 3rd Ave        588-2296; 26 RV Hookup Sites, $15; Open         Information
                                        S, Hailey, 83333; P: 866 788-6354 or 208        Spr-Fall; Cable TV Hookups, Pets OK, Pull-      Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce;
                                        788-6354, F: 208 788-6317, ellsworth            thru Sites-RV                                   P: 800 727-2540, F: 208 756-4935,
                                        estate.com; 9 Rooms, $85-$160; Open                                                             www.salmonchamber.com
                                                                                        Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park; 809 W
                                        All Year; Breakfast Free, Cable/Satellite
                                                                                        Custer, Mackay, 83251; P: 208 588-3331, F:      Attractions
                                        TV, High-speed Internet
                                                                                        208 588-3334, www.wagonwheelmackay.
                                                                                        com; 17 RV Hookup Sites, $20; 16 Rooms,         Lemhi County Historical Museum; Lemhi
                                        Leadore                                         $41-$81; 1 Cabin, $81; Open All Year;           Shoshone and Asian artifacts plus photos
                                                                                        Cable/Satellite TV, Laundry, WiFi               and exhibits on mining, ranching, timber,
                                        Lodging                                                                                         and life in the Old West. 210 Main St,
                                        Homestead Motel; 187 Railroad St,               White Knob Motel & RV Park; 4243 Hwy            Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-3342, www.
                                        Leadore, 83464; P: 208 768-2742, F: 208         93, Mackay, 83251; P: 208 588-2622, F:          lemhicountymuseum.org
                                        768-2650; 8 Rooms, $59-$68; Open All            208 588-2622; 27 RV Hookup Sites, $20; 6
                                                                                        Rooms, $55; 30 Tent/Campsites, $10; Open        Lewis & Clark Backcountry Byway; Coun-
                                        Year; High-speed Internet, Non-smoking,
                                                                                        Sum-Fall; RV Hookups, Laundry, Showers          try drive through pristine high mountain
                                        Handicap Access
                                                                                                                                        meadows and rolling hills to where Lewis &
                                        Leadore Inn; 401 S Railroad St, Leadore,        Wild Horse Creek Ranch; 4387 Wild               Clark crossed Lemhi Pass in 1805. Off Hwy
                                        83464; P: 888 951-6334 or 208 768-2237,         Horse Creek Rd, Mackay, 83251; P: 208           28 near Tendoy; P: 800 727-2540, F: 208
                                        F: 208 768-2238; 4 Rooms, $37-$50; Open         588-2575, F: 208 588-2575, www.wild             756-4935, www.idahobyways.gov
                                        Spr-Fall; Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens, Pets    horsecreekranch.net; 10 Cabins, $100-
                                                                                        $125; Open All Year; Breakfast Free,            Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural &
                                                                                        Handicap Access                                 Educational Center; 71-acre park dedicat-
                                        Lema’s RV Park; 304 Railroad St, Leadore,                                                       ed to Sacajawea, her people the Agaidika,
                                        83464; P: 208 768-2030; 10 RV Hookup            North Fork                                      and the Lewis and Clark expedition. 60
                                        Sites, $14; Open Sum-Fall; Dump Station-                                                        Hwy 28, Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-1188,
                                        RV, RV Hookups, Pets OK                         Attractions                                     www.sacajaweacenter.org
                                                                                        Salmon River; Dubbed the River of No Re-        Lodging
                                        Mackay                                          turn by early explorers, this remains one of
                                        Information                                     the few remaining free-flowing waterways        Bed & Breakfast Inns
                                                                                        in America. Outfitters offer float trips from   Greyhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast; 1115 Hwy
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                        Lost Rivers Economic Development; 301 E         1 to 8 days. Hwy 93, N. of Salmon at North      93 S, Salmon, 83467; P: 800 348-8097 or
                                        Custer, Mackay, 83251; P: 208 588-2693,         Fork. P: 208 865-2700, F: 208 865-2738,         208 756-3968, www.greyhouseinn.com;
                                        F: 208 588-2928, www.mackayidaho.com            www.fs.fed.us/r4/sc                             3 Rooms, $65-$89; 5 Cabins, $65-$124;
                                        Attractions                                     Lodging                                         Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Non-
                                                                                                                                        smoking, WiFi
                                        Lost River Museum; a collection of              Broken Arrow; 3148 Hwy 93 N, Gibbons-
                                        artifacts from Mackay’s history including       ville, 83463; P: 208 865-2241, F: 208           Solaas Bed & Breakfast; 3 S Baker Rd,
                                        mining implements, railroad memorabilia         865-2241, www.thebrokenarrow.com; 12            Salmon, 83467; P: 888 425-5474 or 208
                                        and early printing equipment. 312 Capitol       RV Hookup Sites, $15; 9 Cabins, $45-$100;       756-3903, www.salmonidaho.com/solaas;
                                        St. next door to library, Mackay, 83251;        Tent/Campsites, $15; Open Spr-Fall              7 Rooms, $55-$65; Open All Year; Break-
                                        P: 208 588-3133                                                                                 fast Free, Cable/Satellite TV, Pets OK
                                                                                        Josephine’s Pizza & RV Park; 2570 Hwy
                                        Mackay Mine Hill Tour Historic Drive;           93 N, North Fork, 83466; P: 208 865-2476,       Syringa Lodge; 13 Gott Lane, Salmon,
                                        self-guided tour of mining locations on         M: 208 514-6984, www.josephinesidahor-          83467; P: 877 580-6482 or 208 756-4424,
      120                               Mackay’s Mine Hill. 3821 N Hwy 93, Moore,       vpark.com; 9 RV Hookup Sites, $20; 10           www.syringalodge.com; 6 Rooms, $65-
                                        83255; P: 208 588-3148, www.mackay              Tent/Campsites, $12; Open Spr-Fall; RV          $95; Open All Year; Breakfast Free, High-
                                        idaho.com                                       Hookups, Showers, WiFi                          speed Internet, Handicap Access
Guest Ranches
Flying Resort Ranches; 9 Hamner Dr,
Salmon, 83467; P: 877 562-1129 or 208
756-6295, F: 208 756-6378, www.flyin-
gresortranches.com; 2 Lodges/Houses;
                                                              Salmon, Idaho
13 Camping Cabins; Open Sum
Storm Creek Outfitters; P: 406 821-3115,
                                                                           ...where Idaho
F: 406 821-0265, www.glamourcamping.
net; 3 Tent/Campsites, $125-$250; Open
                                                                                goes to vacation
Sum & Win
Hotels & Motels                                                                    • Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
Arctic Creek Lodge & Tours; Accessible by                                          • Sacajawea Center
jet boat only. P: 208 756-1657, www.arctic
creeklodge.com; 1 Lodge/House, $150;
Open All Year; Breakfast Free, Food Service                                        • Salmon Select Horse Sale ...........................April 13-14
Motel Deluxe; 65 Sagebrush Ave, Salmon,                                            • Salmon Riverfest ........................................May 18-20
83467; P: 208 756-2231, F: 208 756-8055;                                           • Farmer’s Market ........................................Saturdays June-Oct.
24 Rooms, $46-$75; Open All Year; A/C,                                             • Agaidika Lemhi Shoshone Gathering ..........June 8-10
Cable/Satellite TV, High-speed Internet                                            • Spokes and Chrome Antique Car Show........June 15-17
                                                                                   • Salmon River Days .....................................July 4-8
River’s Fork Lodge & RV Park; 2036 Hwy                                             • 8th Annual Blues, Brews and BBQS............August 4
93 N, North Fork, 83466; P: 208 865-2301,                                          • Sacajawea Heritage Days ...........................August 17-19
www.riversfork.com; 8 RV Hookup Sites,                                             • Lemhi County Fair......................................August 18-25
$30; 7 Rooms, $74-$79; Open Spr-Fall;
                                                                                   • Salmon Marathon ......................................September 8
Cable/Satellite TV, RV Hookups, Handicap
Sacajawea Inn; 705 S Challis St, Salmon,
83467; P: 208 756-2294, F: 208 756-2395,
www.hotelsalmon.com; 8 RV Hookup                                                            200 Main Street Salmon, Idaho 83467
Sites, $15-$25; 21 Rooms, $35-$85; 6                                                               svcc1@centurytel.net
Tent/Campsites, $5-$15; Open All Year; RV
Hookups, Non-smoking, WiFi                                   salmonchamber.com                 1.800.727.2540 • 208.756.2100

Salmon River Lodge, Inc; 39 mi. W. of
                                               Fort Lemhi Trading Post & RV; 39 Hwy 28,         ground.com; 53 RV Hookup Sites, $28-$31;
North Fork, Main Salmon River; P: 800 635-
                                               Salmon, 83467; P: 208 303-7486; 12 RV            20 Tent/Campsites, $15; 2 Yurts/Teepees,
4717 or 800 635-4717, F: 208 227-9010,
www.salmonriverlodge.com; Open Spr-Fall;      1/3 page ad Dump Station-RV, High-
                                               Hookup Sites, $25; 12 Tent/Campsites,
                                               $10; Open All Year;
                                                                                                $15; Open Spr-Fall; High-speed Internet,
                                                                                                Laundry, Pull-thru Sites-RV
Non-smoking, Pets OK, Handicap Access
                                              4.75 x 4.75 Pets OK
                                               speed Internet,
Salmon River Motel; 104 Courthouse Dr,                                                          Vacation Rentals
                                              Heald’s Haven RV & Campground; 22
Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-8880, F: 208                                                          Greyhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast;
                                              Heald Haven Dr, Salmon, 83467; P: 208
756-8898, www.salmonmotel.com; 30                                                               See Bed & Breakfast Inns
                                              756-3929; 20 RV Hookup Sites, $18-$22;
Rooms, $67-$121; Open All Year; Breakfast
                                              Open Spr-Fall; RV Hookups, Showers, WiFi
Free, Cable/Satellite TV, WiFi                                                                  Shoup (See North Fork)
                                              River’s Fork Lodge & RV Park;
Stagecoach Inn Motel; 201 Riverfront Dr,
Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-2919, F: 208
                                              See Hotels & Motels                               Stanley
756-3456, stagecoachinnmotel.com; 100         Royal Gorge Resort; 3689 Hwy 93,
Rooms, $74-$108; Open All Year; A/C,          Salmon, 83467; P: 208 876-4130, www.              Information
Breakfast Free, Outdoor Pool                  royalgorgeresort.com; 10 RV Hookup Sites,         Stanley-Sawtooth Chamber of
                                              $26; 6 Rooms, $50-$90; 1 Lodge/House,             Commerce; P: 800 878-7950,
Trails End; 1015 Main St, Salmon, 83467;
                                              $500; 10 Tent/Campsites, $26; Open Spr-           www.stanleycc.org
P: 208 756-1499, F: 208 756-1484, www.
                                              Fall; RV Hookups, Pets OK, WiFi
salmonidaho.com; 42 Rooms, $40-$50;                                                             Attractions
Open All Year; Non-smoking, Pets OK, WiFi     Salmon Meadows Campground & RV
                                              Park; 400 N St. Charles, Salmon, 83467-           Sawtooth Mountains Area; The crown
Wagons West Motel; 503 Riverfront Dr,                                                           jewels of Idaho’s mountain ranges, with
                                              5284; P: 208 756-2640, F: 208 756-2640,
Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-4281, F: 208                                                          over 300 alpine lakes nestled between
                                              www.ida.net/biz/smeadows; 70 RV
756-8194, www.wagonswestmotel.com;                                                              the jagged peaks. Recreation opportuni-
                                              Hookup Sites, $13-$27; Tent/Campsites;
54 Rooms, $45-$150; Open All Year; Cable/                                                       ties abound with rafting, boating, hiking,
                                              Open All Year; Dump Station-RV, RV Hook-
Satellite TV, Laundry, Non-smoking                                                              horseback riding and more. P: 800 260-
                                              ups, Pull-thru Sites-RV
Reunion & Retreat Centers                                                                       5970, F: 208 774-3003, www.fs.fed.us/
                                              Salmon River RV Park, Country Store               r4/sawtooth
Storm Creek Outfitters;                       & Cafe; 111 Whitetail Dr, Salmon, 83467;
See Guest Ranches                             P: 208 894-4549, F: 208 894-2367, www.            Stanley Museum; Located in the former
                                              salmonriverrvp.com; 20 RV Hookup Sites,           Valley Creek Ranger Station, this museum
RV Parks & Campgrounds                        $25-$30; 8 Tent/Campsites, $30; Open All          interprets the local history of Stanley and
Century 2 Campground; 603 Hwy 93 N,           Year; Laundry, Pull-thru Sites-RV, WiFi           the Sawtooth and Salmon River country.
Salmon, 83467; P: 208 756-2063, www.                                                            Hwy 75 between Stanley and Lower Stan-
                                              Wagonhammer Campground; 1826 Hwy                  ley, Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-3517, F:
century2campground.com; Open Spr-Fall;        93 N, North Fork, 83466; P: 208 865-2477,
Laundry, Pull-thru Sites-RV, WiFi                                                               208 774-3517, www.discoversawtooth.org
                                              F: 208 865-2050, wagonhammercamp

                                              www.visitidaho.org |   121
                                        Lodging                                       or 208 774-3409, F: 208 774-3490, www.       3411; 4 RV Hookup Sites; 7 Cabins, $55-
                                                                                      riversidemotel.biz; 14 Rooms, $75-$145;      $75; Open Sum; RV Hookups, Kitchens,

                                        Guest Ranches                                 Open All Year; High-speed Internet, Kitch-   Non-smoking
                                        Arrow A Ranch; P: 800 878-7950 or             ens, Non-smoking
                                                                                                                                   Beckwith’s Lodge; Hwy 75, Stanley, 83278;
                                        208 774-3411, www.arrowaranch.com;            Salmon River Lodge; 125 Hwy 75, Stanley,     P: 208 939-8936, www.idcabin.com; 1
                                        2 Cabins, $125-$165; Open Sum-Fall;           83278; P: 208 774-3422, F: 208 774-3442,     Lodge/House; Open All Year; Kitchens,
                                        Kitchens, Non-smoking                         www.mywildidaho.com; 4 Cabins, $85-          Laundry, Pets OK
                                        Diamond D Ranch; 38 mi. N. of Stanley, in     $95; 1 Lodge/House, $800; Open All Year
                                                                                                                                   Danner’s Log Cabin Motel;
                                        the Frank Church River of No Return Wilder-   Sawtooth Hotel; 755 Ace of Diamonds St,      See Hotels & Motels
                                        ness; P: 800 222-1269 or 208 336-9772,        Stanley, 83278; P: 208 721-2459, www.
                                        www.diamonddranch-idaho.com; 4 Cabins,                                                     Jerry’s Country Store, Motel/Salmon
                                                                                      sawtoothhotel.com; 9 Rooms, $65-$95;
                                        $125-$240; 2 Condos, $240; 5 Lodges/                                                       River Cabins; See Hotels & Motels
                                                                                      Open All Year; WiFi
                                        Houses, $125-$240; Open Spr-Fall; Laun-                                                    Sawtooth Vista Rentals; P: 253 229-3857,
                                        dry, Outdoor Pool                             Stanley High Country Inn; 21 Ace of
                                                                                                                                   www.sawtoothvistarentals.com; 4 Lodges/
                                                                                      Diamonds St, Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-
                                        Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch; MP 180,                                                        Houses, $250-$350; Open All Year; Kitch-
                                                                                      7000, F: 208 774-7005, www.highcountry
                                        Hwy 75, 9 mi. S of Stanley; P: 208 774-                                                    ens, Laundry, WiFi
                                                                                      inn.biz; 12 Rooms, $90-$150; 3 Cabins,
                                        3544, F: 208 774-3477, www.idahorocky.        $140-$200; Open All Year; Breakfast Free,    Stanley Basin Rentals; Hwy 75, MP 169,
                                        com; 4 Rooms, $304-$364; 17 Cabins,           Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens                 Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-3461, M: 208
                                        $376-$504; Open Sum-Fall; Breakfast Free,                                                  788-1184, www.stanleybasinrentals.com;
                                        Outdoor Pool, WiFi                            Torrey’s Resort & RV Park; Hwy 75, 21 mi.
                                                                                                                                   3 Lodges/Houses, $150-$350; Open Sum;
                                                                                      E. of Stanley; P: 888 838-2313 or 208 838-
                                        Middle Fork Lodge; Nearest to Challis,                                                     Kitchens, Laundry, Non-smoking
                                                                                      2313, www.torreysburntcreekinn.com; 20
                                        accessible by backcountry flights or via      RV Hookup Sites, $25; 8 Cabins, $78-$130;    Stanley High Country Inn;
                                        river; P: 877 468-6635 or 212 972-1095, F:    Open All Year; RV Hookups, Pets OK, Pull-    See Hotels & Motels
                                        212 953-0890, www.middleforklodge.com;        thru Sites-RV
                                        $500; Open All Year; High-speed Internet,
                                                                                      Triangle C Ranch; #1 Benner St & Hwy 21,     Sun Valley/Ketchum
                                        Outdoor Pool
                                                                                      Stanley, 83278; P: 800 303-6258 or 208       Information
                                        Sulphur Creek Ranch; Middle Fork of the       774-2266, F: 208 774-2266; 10 Cabins,
                                        Salmon River; P: 877 895-8630 or 254 378-     $65-$125; Open All Year; Kitchens, Non-      Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber &
                                        7473, www.sulphurcreekranch.com; 10           smoking                                      Visitors Bureau; 491 Sun Valley Rd,
                                        Cabins, $125; Open Spr-Fall; Food Service                                                  Ketchum, 83340; P: 866 634-3347 or 208
                                                                                      Valley Creek Motel & RV Park; 1120 Eva       726-3423, F: 208 726-2521, www.visitsun
                                        Hotels & Motels                               Falls, Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-3606,      valley.com
                                        Danner’s Log Cabin Motel; 31 Eva Falls,       www.stanleyidaho.com; 4 RV Hookup
                                        Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-3539, www.         Sites, $28-$30; 7 Rooms, $80-$150; Open      Attractions
                                        dannerslogcabins.com; 9 Cabins, $80-          All Year; Kitchens, Non-smoking, WiFi
                                                                                                                                   Ernest Hemingway Memorial; Northeast
                                        $140; Open Spr-Fall                           Reunion & Retreat Centers                    of Sun Valley on Trail Creek Road a bust of
                                        Jerry’s Country Store–Motel/Salmon River                                                   Ernest Hemingway commemorates the life
                                                                                      Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch;
                                        Cabins; Hwy 75, 1 mi. N. of Stanley; P: 800                                                of the famous writer. P: 866 634-3347, F:
                                                                                      See Guest Ranches
                                        972-4627 or 208 774-3566, F: 208 774-                                                      208 726-2521, www.visitsunvalley.com
                                        3518, www.lowerstanley.com; 9 Rooms,          RV Parks & Campgrounds                       Frenchman’s Gulch Winery; small winery
                                        $65-$90; 15 Cabins, $70-$115; Open All        Beaver Creek Store and Cabins; 21 miles      producing award-winning wines in small
                                        Year; Non-smoking, Handicap Access            S. of Stanley; P: 800 878-7950 or 208 774-   quantities using old-style, hand-crafted
                                        Meadow Creek Inn & Spa; Hwy 21, 3             3411; 4 RV Hookup Sites; 7 Cabins, $55-      techniques. 360 9th St E, Suite 9, Ketchum,
                                        blks.W. of Hwy 75 junction; P: 800 811-       $75; Open Sum; RV Hookups, Kitchens,         83340; P: 208 726-0118, www.frenchmans
                                        5745 or 208 774-3611, F: 208 774-3612,        Non-smoking                                  gulch.com
                                        www.meadowcreekinn.com; 6 Rooms,              Elk Mountain RV Resort; Hwy 21, Stanley,     Galena Lodge Trails; A historic lodge north
                                        $99-$155; Open Spr-Fall; Food Service,        83278; P: 208 774-2202, F: 208 774-3756,     of Ketchum offers trails for Nordic skiing
                                        Non-smoking, WiFi                             www.elkmtnrv.com; 27 RV Hookup Sites,        and snowshoeing in the winter and moun-
                                        Mountain Village Resort; Hwy 21/75            $27; Open Spr-Fall; Food Service, RV         tain biking and hiking in the summer. 15187
                                        junction, Stanley, 83278; P: 800 843-5475     Hookups, WiFi                                Hwy 75, Ketchum, 83340; P: 208 726-4010,
                                        or 208 774-3661, F: 208 774-3761, www.                                                     F: 208 726-4093, www.galenalodge.com
                                                                                      Smiley Creek Lodge; RV Park, and Camp-
                                        mountainvillage.com; 61 Rooms, $75-$136;
  | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                                                                      grounds; 16546 Hwy 75, Sawtooth City,        Galena Summit Overlook; once a toll road
                                        Open All Year; Laundry, Pets OK, Handicap     83278; P: 208 774-3547, www.smiley           serving mines in the Sawtooth valley, this
                                        Access                                        creeklodge.com; 15 RV Hookup Sites,          spot along Hwy 75 offers a spectacular
                                        Redfish Lake Lodge; 7 mi. S. of Stanley       $24-$32; 3 Lodges/Houses, $80-$100; 2        view of the Sawtooth and Smoky mountain
                                        off Hwy 75; P: 208 774-3536, F: 208 774-      Camping Cabins, $60; 7 Tent/Campsites,       ranges. P: 800 260-5970, F: 208 774-3003,
                                        3546, www.redfishlake.com; 41 Rooms,          $15; 3 Yurts/Teepees, $45; Open Sum;         www.fs.fed.us/r4/sawtooth
                                        $62-$475; Open Spr-Fall; Food Service,        Food Service, Pets OK, WiFi                  Ketchum/Sun Valley Heritage & Ski
                                        Showers, WiFi                                 Torrey’s Resort & RV Park;                   Museum; preserving the rich history of
                                        Redwood Cabins; 83 Hwy 75, Lower              See Hotels & Motels                          the area with a variety of exhibits and
                                        Stanley, 83278; P: 208 774-3531, www.                                                      programs on the ski industry and writer
                                                                                      Valley Creek Motel & RV Park;                Ernest Hemingway. 180 1st Ave E, Ketchum,
                                        redwood-stanley.com; 13 Cabins, $75-          See Hotels & Motels
                                        $100; Open Spr-Fall; Kitchens, Non-smok-                                                   83340; P: 208 726-8118, F: 208 726-8118,
                                        ing, Handicap Access                          Vacation Rentals                             www.ksvhistoricalsociety.org
      122                               Riverside Motel & Sawtooth Rentals;           Beaver Creek Store and Cabins; 21 miles      Sawtooth National Recreation Area
                                        Hwy 75, Stanley, 83278; P: 877 774-3404       S. of Stanley; P: 800 878-7950 or 208 774-   Visitor Center; the magnificent Sawtooth
                                                                                                                                   Mountains are an Idaho gem, with over 300
alpine lakes nestled between the jagged        ResortQuest Sun Valley; 200 W River St,
peaks. The visitor center is 8 miles north     Ste 101, Ketchum, 83340; P: 888 799-7294
of Ketchum. P: 800 260-5970, F: 208 774-       or 208 726-5601, F: 208 726-5617, www.
3003, www.fs.fed.us/r4/sawtooth                resortquestsunvalley.com; 20 Rooms, $70-
                                               $200; 100 Condos, $110-$600; 25 Lodges/
Sun Valley Center For the Arts Gallery;
                                               Houses, $300-$2000; Open All Year;
exhibitions include work by nationally
                                               Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens, Laundry
and internationally recognized artists and
historical works from museums and private      Sun Valley Central Reservations; 491 Sun
collections. 191 5th St E, Ketchum, 83340;     Valley Rd, Ketchum, 83340; P: 866 634-           Sun Valley’s Premier Lodge
P: 208 726-9491, F: 208 726-2344, www.         3347 or 208 726-3423, F: 208 726-2521,
sunvalleycenter.org/gallery.html               www.visitsunvalley.com/centralres; Con-
                                               dos; Lodges/Houses; Open All Year
Sun Valley Resort; America’s first destina-
tion ski resort, established in the 1930s      Sun Valley Resort; 1 Sun Valley Rd, Sun              All Rooms Have Microwaves/Fridges
                                                                                                 Indoor Pool/Spa • Conference Room • WIFI
near the mining era town of Ketchum,           Valley, 83353; P: 800 786-8259 or 208
continues to be Idaho’s premier resort with    622-4111, F: 208 622-2100, www.sunvalley.
outdoor activities for all seasons. 1 Sun      com; 510 Rooms, $199-$1000; Open All
Valley Rd, Sun Valley, 83353; P: 800 786-      Year; Food Service, High-speed Internet,
8259, F: 208 622-2100, www.sunvalley.com       Outdoor Pool
Lodging                                        RV Parks & Campgrounds
Bed & Breakfast Inns                           The Meadows RV Park; 113 Broadway Run,
                                               Ketchum, 83343; P: 208 726-5445, F: 208
Knob Hill Inn; 960 N Main St, Ketchum,         726-5445; 45 RV Hookup Sites, $27; 10
83340; P: 800 526-8010 or 208 726-8010,        Tent/Campsites, $15; Open All Year; A/C,         Lodging • Dinner • Recreation • Events
F: 208 726-2712, www.knobhillinn.com;          Pull-thru Sites-RV, Showers                                ...without the crowds
26 Rooms, $195-$375; Open Sum & Win;
Breakfast Free, Indoor Pool, Non-smoking       Vacation Rentals
Hotels & Motels                                Aston Hotels and Resorts; 333 S Main St,
                                               Ketchum, 83340; P: 800 635-4444 or 208
Bald Mountain Lodge; 100 Picabo St,            622-6400, F: 208 726-3999, www.aston
Ketchum, 83340; P: 866 389-0662 or 208         hotels.com; 100 Rooms; Open All Year;
726-4776, F: 208 726-4424; 14 Rooms,           Cable/Satellite TV, Non-smoking, Outdoor
$90-$270; Open All Year; Cable/Satellite       Pool
TV, Kitchens, Non-smoking, WiFi
                                               Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties;
Best Western Kentwood Lodge; 180 S             191 Main St, Ketchum, 83340; P: 877 978-
Main St, Ketchum, 83340; P: 800 805-1001       2978 or 208 622-3400, F: 208 622-3800,
or 208 726-4114, F: 208 726-2417, www.         www.cbsunvalleyrentals.com; 35 Condos,
bestwestern.com/kentwoodlodge; 57              $250-$3000; 55 Lodges/Houses, $2000-
Rooms, $99-$229; Open All Year; A/C,           $10000; Open All Year; Kitchens, Laundry
Indoor Pool, Non-smoking
                                               Cottonwood Condominiums;
Best Western Tyrolean Lodge; 260 Cot-                                                                Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
                                               See Hotels & Motels
tonwood, Sun Valley, 83353; P: 800 333-                                                              Stanley, Idaho | 208. 774-3544
7912 or 208 726-5336, F: 208 726-2081,         Habitat 2000; 601 Leadville, Ketchum,           www.idahorocky.com | info@idahorocky.com
www.bestwestern.com/tyroleanlodge; 56          83340; P: 208 726-8584; 12 Condos, $150-
Rooms, $85-$134; Open All Year; Cable/         $280; Open All Year; High-speed Internet,
                                               Kitchens, Laundry                              ResortQuest Sun Valley;
Satellite TV, Outdoor Pool, Pets OK
                                                                                              See Hotels & Motels
Christophe Condominium Hotel; 200 W            High Country Resort Properties; 141
                                               Northwood Way, Ketchum, 83340; P: 800          Sun Valley Properties; 291 3rd Ave S, Ket-
River St, Ste 101, Ketchum, 83340; P: 888
                                               726-7076 or 208 726-1256, www.highcoun-        chum, 83340; P: 800 622-7721 or 208 727-
799-7294 or 208 726-5601, F: 208 726-
                                               try-rentals.com; 120 Condos, $150-$3500;       7777; 7 Condos, $95-$750; Open All Year;
5617, www.resortquestsunvalley.com; 18
                                               60 Lodges/Houses, $400-$5000; Open All         Cable/Satellite TV, Indoor Pool, Non-smoking
Rooms, $70-$330; Open All Year; Laundry,
Non-smoking, Outdoor Pool                      Year; High-speed Internet, Kitchens, Laundry   Sun Valley Property Management Services;
                                               Lodges at Trail Creek; 191 Main St, Ket-       P: 888 729-9183 or 208 622-3510, F: 208
Clarion Inn of Sun Valley; 600 N Main St,
                                               chum, 83340; P: 877 978-2978 or 208 622-       622-3510, www.blackdiamondsv.com; 20
Sun Valley, 83353; P: 800 262-4833 or 208
                                               3400, F: 208 622-3800, www.cbsunvalley         Condos, $175-$500; Open All Year; Cable/
726-5900, F: 208 726-3761, www.resorts
                                               rentals.com; 1 Lodge/House, $1000-$2500;       Satellite TV, Kitchens, Handicap Access
west.net; 58 Rooms, $79-$225; Open All
Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Non-smoking, WiFi    Open All Year                                  Thunder Spring Rentals; 124 Saddle Rd,
                                               Monarch Property Management; P: 877            Ketchum, 83340; P: 208 727-9089, F: 208
Cottonwood Condominiums; Dollar Rd,
                                               211-9713 or 208 726-9519, F: 208 726-          727-9091, www.thunderspringrentals.com;
across from indoor skating rink & Pavilion.
                                               4408; Condos; Open All Year                    63 Condos, $600-$2200; Open All Year;
P: 208 727-7595; 2 Condos, $93-$195; Open
                                                                                              Indoor Pool, Kitchens, Outdoor Pool
All Year; Cable/Satellite TV, Kitchens, WiFi   Pennay’s at River Run; 300 Wood River
                                               Dr, Sun Valley, 83353; P: 800 736-7503         Vacation Internationale; Elkhorn Rd, Sun
Knob Hill Inn; See Bed & Breakfast Inns
                                               or 208 726-9086, F: 208 726-4541, www.         Valley, 83354; P: 800 444-6633, www.
Lift Tower Lodge; 703 S Main St, Ketchum,      pennays-sunvalley.com; 17 Condos, $153-        viresorts.com/resorts/eh.html; Condos,
83340; P: 800 462-8646 or 208 726-5163,        $466; Open All Year; Cable/Satellite TV,       $128-$270; Open All Year; Cable/Satellite
F: 208 726-0945, www.visitsunvalley.com;       High-speed Internet, Non-smoking               TV, Kitchens
14 Rooms, $85-$105; Open All Year; Cable/
Satellite TV, Non-smoking, WiFi

                                               www.visitidaho.org |   123
Adventure – Water

                                                             in its                   natural,
                                                                                L ta i.
                                                          W     ith more than 3,000 miles of whitewater rivers in Idaho, you can choose
                                                          from roller-coaster rides to dreamy drifts through cottonwood trees. You can
                                                          raft through wilderness, jet boat through America’s deepest river gorge, sea
                                                          kayak on a stunning lake or even try your hand at bungee surfing on the
                                                          Payette River. Add it all up and Idaho truly is the whitewater state.

                                            Guided Adventures                          Rafting
                                            Lewis & Clark had a guide when they        Outfitters offer half-day, full-day, or multi-
                                                                                       ple-day trips. Take in the scenery, splash
                                            journeyed through Idaho and you’ll
                                                                                       over rapids, and view wildlife in a natural
                                            have a more rewarding experience           setting. Most trips are taken on inflatable
                                            if you use a guide as well. Over 400       rafts that can easily navigate even the
                                            licensed outfitters in the state offer     toughest rapids, but river guides also use
                                            excursions from rafting to jet boating,    dory and drift boats or canoes when trips
                                            and llama trekking to hunting expedi-      or river conditions warrant.
                                            tions. Each guide must be licensed by      Jet Boating
                                            the Idaho Outfitters & Guides Licens-
                                            ing Board and meet rigid performance       An exciting yet easy way to experience
                                                                                       a river is on a jet boat trip. Boats depart
                                                                                       from Lewiston, White Bird, Riggins, Hells
      | Official Idaho State Travel Guide

                                                                                       Canyon Dam, and Salmon for one-to
                                            « Idaho Outfitters and                     three-day excursions. Jet boats are built
                                             Guides Association:                       to ascend forbidding rapids and maneu-
                                                                                       ver with amazing agility – the best way
                                             1-800-49-IDAHO | ioga.org                 to get to prime campsites, beaches, and
                                            « Idaho Outfitters and                     fishing holes.
                                             Guides Licensing Board:
                                            « Middle Fork Outfitters Association:


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