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									    Global Accreditation
      Center for Project
     Management (GAC)

                  Advancing Project
                in Higher Education
                      John Cable, PMP, RA
                    Chair of the GAC Board

                           September 2007
               Bournemouth Conference on
August 2007
              Teaching Project Management    1
 PMI Global Accreditation Center (GAC)

         A semi-autonomous governing body, created
          by the PMI BOD in 2001
         Mission: To advance excellence in project
          management education worldwide, through
          collaboration with and support of academic
          institutions, and accreditation of academic
         Maintains policies, procedures and
          standards for accrediting project
          management degree programs at the
          bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree

August 2007                                             2
 GAC Alignment
 PMI Vision/Strategic Goals
          PMI Vision: Worldwide, organizations will
           embrace, value and utilize project
           management and attribute their success to it
          Superior practice of project management
               Thought Leadership
               Professional and Organizational Development
          Global acceptance of project management
               Partnering
               Advocacy

August 2007                                                   3
 PM Degree Programs - History

         Primarily construction management degrees
         2 Bachelor and 9 Master level PM degrees
              (PM Net® survey July 1995)

        300+ PM focused programs at 250+ institutions
        China Ministry of Education has authorized 102
         universities to offer master level PM degrees

August 2007                                           4
 Distribution of Degree Programs


                                      45% Asia Pacific
        EMEA           Asia Pacific
                                      35% US/Canada
   US/Canada                          18% EMEA
                                      2% Latin America

August 2007                                              5
 GAC History

         First PMI Accreditation Program
          implemented in mid 1980’s failed
               Small number of degree programs available
               Limited resources to support program

         Number of PM degree programs increased
          throughout 1990’s and 2000

         1997: PMI Board assigned Accreditation
          Action Team to study feasibility of reviving
          an accreditation program

August 2007                                                 6
 GAC History

         PMI Board chartered GAC November 2001
         First two schools accredited December 2003
         Steady increase in accredited schools seen
          from 2004 through 2006:
               1 in 2004
               3 in 2005
               4 in 2006
               Estimate 5 in 2007
         Membership in the Association of Specialized
          and Professional Accreditors - 2005

August 2007                                            7
 Accreditation Concept

         Two types of accreditation – Institutional and
               Institutional accreditation focuses on the entire
                university or specific departments
               Programmatic accreditation focuses on programs
                preparing students for a profession or occupation

         GAC conducts programmatic or specialized

August 2007                                                         8
 GAC Accreditation Overview

         Rigorous accreditation process shows a
          commitment to excellence in project
          management education on the part of the
          applicant school
         Four steps
               Time line: Can take 12 months to complete:
                 Letter of Intent
                 Prepare Self-study Report
                 On-site Visit Evaluation
                 GAC Decision

         Initial GAC accreditation is conferred for a
          maximum of seven years

August 2007                                                  9
 Letter of Intent Criteria

         Schools begin the process by submitting a
          letter of intent to the GAC Area of PMI. The
          letter includes:
               Title and short description of program
               Degree(s) conferred
               Statement that program has existed for 2 years
                minimum and has graduated at least one class
               Statement verifying the institution’s accreditation by a
                recognized agency
               Reason for seeking GAC accreditation
               Submission of $1500.00 Application Fee

August 2007                                                                10
 Self-study Report

         Requires the applicant to reflect and report on the
          purpose and effectiveness of its programs
         Presents evidence demonstrating that it is meeting the
          GAC Standards of Accreditation. Includes:
                 Mission and Objectives
                 Assessment of anticipated outcomes
                 Academic Community/Faculty and Staff
                 Student support services
                 Student selection
                 Curriculum and Learning and Performance Objectives
                 Student performance criteria
                 Library/Learning Resources
                 Financial Resources, Facilities and Equipment
                 Submission of $2000.00 Accreditation Fee

August 2007                                                            11
 On-Site Visit Evaluation

         After the Self-study Report is reviewed and approved
          by the GAC Board, arrangements for an On-Site Visit
          of the applicant by an evaluation team are scheduled.
         The visit is two to three days - expenses borne by
         The On-Site team consists of two to three members,
          mutually agreed upon by the GAC and the applicant
         During the visit, the team:
                 Verifies the findings of the Self-study Report
                 Interviews key program representatives
                 Follows up on GAC questions from Self-study Report
                 Presents the team findings (not recommendations) during the
                  exit interview
         Team submits report with recommendations to GAC
August 2007                                                                12
 GAC Decision

         The GAC Board evaluates the On-Site Report
          and recommendations at its next scheduled

         The GAC decision regarding accreditation is
          based on the collective evidence provided by
          the Letter of Intent, the Self-study Report and
          the On-Site Visit Report and

         The decision can be to confer, defer or deny

August 2007                                              13
 Continuing Accreditation Requirements

         Submission of an annual continuous
          improvement report at the time of annual
          maintenance fee submission. Includes:
               Highlight of changes to the program since the prior
               Assessment of Anticipated Outcomes for the previous
               Detailed additions/deletions of faculty/staff

         Submission of yearly $1000.00 Accreditation
          Maintenance Fee

August 2007                                                           14
 Global Accreditation Center (GAC)

         Primary objective is to collaborate with
          colleges and universities to:
               Ensure that high-quality academic programs in project
                management are available for members and non-

               Confirm and acknowledge the quality of PM program

               To help improve an institution or program’s project
                management programming

               To encourage appropriate education and career
                development in the profession

August 2007                                                           15
 Value of Accreditation

         Defines higher education

         Encourages self-study, planning, and
          continuous improvement

         Promotes and facilitates communications
          across institutions

         Assists users to make better decisions

August 2007                                         16
 Value of GAC Accreditation

         Promotes the PM profession
         Promotes excellence in PM curricula
         Provides external quality standards for
          planning and improvement efforts
         Provides recognition by PMI and GAC
         Facilitates communications among schools
          and faculty
         Graduates of accredited programs receive
          1500 hours experience credit toward PMP

August 2007                                          17
 GAC Current Status

         Currently, GAC Board is comprised of 8
          volunteer members
         13 academic institutions with GAC accredited
          degree programs
         15 candidate institutions
         15 schools have expressed interest in the
          accreditation process
         20 volunteer “On-Site” Team Members

August 2007                                           18
 GAC Board

              John Cable, R.A., PMP, chairperson
                  Program Director - University of Maryland, USA
              Lynn Crawford, PhD, vice chairperson
                  Professor – The Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, Bond
                    University, Australia
              James Joiner, PMP
                  Program Director at University of Texas at Dallas, USA
              Ron Kempf, PMP
                  Director of Project Management Competency - Hewlett Packard, USA
              Christine Watson, PMP
                  Consultant – Atlanta, Georgia, USA
              Thomas Stauffert, PhD,
                  Professor - University of Applied Science, Landshut, Germany
              Wang ShouQing, PhD
                  Professor - Tsinghua University, P.R. China
              Robert Hulsey (public member)
                  President – American National Banks of Texas, USA

August 2007                                                                        19
   PMI – GAC Organizational Structure

      Volunteers elected        PMI                       Global
      by PMI members            Board of                  Accreditation
                                Directors                 Center


• Chapters          • Conferences          • Standards        • Accreditation
• Specific          • Seminars             • Research         • Certification
  Interest          • Publications         • Knowledge        • Career Path
  Groups            • Journals               and Wisdom         Development

  August 2007                                                             20
 GAC Accredited Programs

              University of Texas – Dallas – USA
                  Master of Science in Management and Administrative Science (Project
                   Management emphasis)
                  Master of Business Administration (Project Management emphasis)

              Groupe ESC Lille ISGI – France
                  Master of Science in Project & Programme Management
                  Specialized Master in Project & Programme Management
                  Executive EM.B.A. in Strategy, Programme & Project Management

              University of Maryland – USA
                  Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Project Management Major)
                  Master of Engineering in Project Management
                  Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Project Management Major)

August 2007                                                                      21
 GAC Accredited Programs

               Boston University – Metropolitan College – USA
                  Master of Science in Project Management
                  Master of Science in Administrative Studies and Master of Science in
                   Computer Information Systems.
               University of Management and Technology – USA
                    Doctor of Philosophy in Management
                    Master of Business Administration
                    Master of Science in Computer Science
                    Master of Science in Information Technology
                    Master of Science in Management
               Eastern Michigan University – USA
                  Master of Science in Construction Management
               University of Technology – Sydney – Australia
                  Master of Project Management and the Master of Business
                   Administration with a Concentration in Project Management

August 2007                                                                       22
 GAC Accredited Programs

              Western Carolina University – USA
                  Master of Project Management (Online)

              University of Quebec – Canada
                  Masters in Project Management (general and directed studies options)
                  Masters in Science in Project Management;
                  Masters Level Short Program in Project Management
                  Specialized Graduate Diploma in Project Management

              Stevens Institute of Technology– USA
                  Master of Business Administration (PM Concentration)
                  Master of Science in Management (PM Concentration)
                  Master of Science in Technology Management (PM Concentration)
                  Master of Science in Information Systems (PM Concentration)

August 2007                                                                      23
 GAC Accredited Programs

              Fachhochschule Landshut University of Applied Sciences
                – Germany
                  Master of Business Administration in Project Management
              Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota - USA
                  Masters in Science in Project Management;
              University of Alaska – Anchorage, USA
                  Master of Science in Project management

August 2007                                                              24
 GAC Candidate Schools

        Jiao Tong University – Shanghai PRC
        George Mason University – USA
        University of Pretoria – South Africa
        La Salle – International Graduate School, Ramon
         Llull University – Spain
        Colorado Technical University – USA
        New England College – USA

August 2007                                            25
 GAC Candidate Schools (cont’d)

         The University of New South Wales at the
          Australian Defence Force Academy – Australia

         Keller Graduate School of Management of
          DeVry University – USA

         Athabasca University – Canada

         UCD Quinn School of Business
          University College Dublin – Ireland

         University of Limerick, Kemmy Business School,
          Centre for Project Management – Ireland

August 2007                                              26
 GAC Candidate Schools (cont’d)

         Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
          University (RMIT) – Australia
         University of Houston, College of Technology,
          Department of Information and Logistics
          Technology – USA
         University of Sydney, Department of Civil

         Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon
          University – Scotland

August 2007                                               27
 PMI GAC Advocacy Activities

         Campaign to increase visibility of project management
          and GAC Accreditation Program in college curricula
               Series of advertisements in BizEd Magazine
                  Circulation: 15,000 business school deans)
               PMI/GAC showcases at Academic Conferences
                  ASPA Conference in Chicago March 2006
                  PMI/GAC at AACSB-EFMD Conference in Paris April 2006
                  PMI/GAC at ACBSP Conference
                     in Chicago June 2006
                     in Orlando June 2007
                  PMI/GAC at AACSB Conference in Tampa, FL April 2007
               Memberships in related quality assurance organizations
                  Association for the Accreditation of Colleges and Schools of
                  European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

August 2007                                                                       28
 PMI GAC Advocacy Activities

         Developing Database of Degree Programs
         New GAC Academic Network
               A networking and mentoring program
               For faculty and schools interested in project management
               Over 60 participants as of June 2007
         Monthly GAC Update Newsletter sent to all GAC program
          contacts and Academic Network Participants
         GAC Community Site:
               Developed specifically to encourage mentoring and best practices in
                project management education in the academic community.
         Face-to-Face GAC Academic Forums
                 Beijing – November 2005
                 Montreal – July 2006
                 Sydney – September 2006
                 Budapest – May 2007
                 Atlanta – October 2007

August 2007                                                                       29

         PM Degree programs expanding globally

         GAC accreditation is supporting quality
          assurance and growth of degree programs

         PMI and GAC advocacy efforts are helping to
          increase awareness of project management
          in higher education

August 2007                                         30

              John H. Cable, RA, PMP, GAC Chairperson
              Phone +1 301 405-8935
              Email: jcable@eng.umd.edu

              Michael Price, PMI Manager Accreditation Programs
              Phone +1 610 356-4600 Ext. 5004
              Email: mike.price@pmi.org

              Leslie Higham, Accreditation Programs Administrator
              Phone +1 610 356-4600 Ext. 5003
              Email: leslie.higham@pmi.org

August 2007                                                       31
              Thank You

August 2007               32

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