be Frugal by abaselgesit


									Many people says that when we're married we will be more efficient because of the development of an
increasingly mature thinking and a partner who can keep to choose everything, but many people believe
otherwise. With more nayak needs of the couple husband and wife, especially when the presence of a
child multiple folding requirements that must be met.

So do not rush to get married just to believe we will be more efficient as a husband / wife.
better consider the following before saving tips:

1. Before you are going to buy an item / something, try to think again and again. Is this really usefull for

2. If you include people who are very happy with the roads or just hanging out, cut roads especially
shopping at the Mall. Because at the Mall so many "temptations" that you remain consistent with the
waste is wide open.

3. Reduce unnecessary spending. How to: You can create a list of what will be purchased on a monthly
basis. Remember, at the time of purchase list, you also have to think carefully, whether good or
whatever it is useful for you or not. Do not buy something just because "spending appetite" only. Be

4. Try it once in a while you evaluate your own lifestyle. If you seem too extravagant or turns
pengeuaran greater than income, slowly but surely you try to change your lifestyle a bit. For example,
you were happy to hang out with your friend on the Mall, you try to hang-out therapy at one house
friend. Cheaper and excitement remains right? : D

5. (If you have a couple) make your partner as a supervisor pengeluaranmu. Sometimes (especially for
you, the young people, couples talk very in tuned, right?). But for those of you who do not have a
spouse, parent or friend can you make as a supervisor pengeluaranmu. People nearby usually know
what you need you know :)

6. Make your hobby as a source of money. Interesting yes, doing things that you like and can make
money. Who would not? Besides, you will more enjoy, you can also earn money from something you
like. For example, you like cooking cakes, well try some cake recipes that is a trend, then you can sell.

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