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					               BIOLOGY - SMP
              Grade 7 Semester 1
            Lesson Year 2012/2013


7/29/2012    1
Branch of Biology:
1. Botany : To learn plants

2. Zoology: To learn animals

3. Microbiology: to learn microorganism

4. Anatomy: to learn body organ

5. Physiology: to learn process and function body
6. Ecology: to learn environment

7. Biochemistry: to learn chemis process that occur in
8. Morphology: to learn part of out body

9. Genetic: to learn genealogy of organism

 7/29/2012                 2
     There are two knowledge, they are
      1.  Knowledge of non scientific : knowledge that
          be got by try and error
      2.  Knowledge of scientific: knowledge that be got
          by observation through scientific method
     Scientific method is systematic step that be used
      solving problem
     Steps of scientific methods:
      1.  Formulate problem
      2.  Collect data
      3.  Hypothesis
      4.  Experiment
      5.  Analysis data
      6.  Conclusion
7/29/2012                          3
     Problem is some thing which will be observated
      and be answered.
     There are two formulation problem. They are :
      1. Associative problem: to connect two variable.

         Example: Is there the connecting between
         obesity and heart disease?
      2. Comparative problem: to compare difference of
         Example: Is there affect fertilizer to the corn
         growth ?

7/29/2012                          4
     A variable is a quantity that can vary or change
      in circumstances or factors that affect trial
     There three variable. They are
      1. Independent variable: variables which can
         be changed in accordance with the wishes
      2. Dependent variable: variables that changes
         as response from the independent variable
      3. Control variables: variables that maintained
         or not getting treatment

7/29/2012                        5
     Data can be searched through books, the internet,
      experience, research, journal
     There are two kinds of data, namely:
      1. Qualitative data: data that can be obtained by using
         the senses, without using a measuring instrument
         and can not be expressed in numbers.
         Example: color of red flower , sweet
      2. Quantitative data: data that can be obtained by
         observation with a gauge and can be expressed
         with numbers
         Example: weight 32 kg, length 16 cm

7/29/2012                               6
     Hypothesis: temporary assumption
     Hypothesis statements expressed with
      Example: fertilizer can increase the
      growth of rice plants

7/29/2012            7
  Experiments    be done to test
      the hypothesis

7/29/2012      8
     Data of experiments results are analyzed to
      determine      whether      the    experimental
      hypotheses have been put forward appropriate
      (acceptable) or not match (against / rejected)

7/29/2012                       9
  The conclusion is the answer of
  The     conclusion       of     the
   observation is a statement that
   summarizes what has been done
   during the activity of research

7/29/2012       10
     A research report consists of:
 1.   The title page of research
 2.   Preliminary
 3.   The purpose of research
 4.   Tools and materials
 5.   Step work
 6.   The results and discussion
 7.   Conclusion
 8.   Bibliography
7/29/2012        11
7/29/2012   12

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