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					                                                Larch Street Kids                           Fall 2012 Issue

                                 PARENT NEWSLETTER

                                      News and Current Site Updates
Main Site playground had a facelift this summer with a fresh coat of paint and renovated wooden structures.
Welcome back to our Educators from maternity and
personal leaves.                                                      WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE?
                                                            KNOWLEDGE IS KNOWING A TOMATO
Alexander Site is proud to announce that they will be
hosting an open house for ECE professionals this                                IS A FRUIT
November. The PQI Coordinator for the CGS has                             WHAT IS WISDOM?
chosen this site as one that has made significant
                                                              NOT PUTTING IT IN A FRUIT SALAD
changes in implementing Play Based Learning.
Beattie Site has had a very busy September. They have opened 4 new groups, making a total of 8 groups. We would
like to welcome all our new families to our program. Part of this expansion is due to the new ELK program that has
been implemented at R.L. Beattie for the 2012 school year.
Northeastern Site has also seen expansion due to the ELK program; they now have 5 SACC groups up from 4 last
year. Northeastern Elementary is a hub for special needs children in the Sudbury area, and this summer the daycare
partnered with CCR to create a summer program offering care to children with multi complex needs.

                                  A Word from the Executive Director
    After a busy summer of days at the beach and travelling with my children, I was defiantly looking forward to
    the start of school and back to a routine. With the anticipating of school starting brought on the whining “I
          don’t want to go to school”, “why do we have to go”, “Can’t you stay home and teach us Mom.”
                                          What to do when they don’t want to go…
     Often, life becomes busy and it seems easier for me to do everything simply because I can get it done faster
     and mothers know best! However I found making the transition back to school a lot easier if I included my
    children in the process. This meant giving them some control over their day and who they are as individuals.
    I started to ponder does it really matter if they take 3 apples in their lunch instead of 1? Does it matter if they
    wear a t-shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt because I think its cold outside? Natural and logical consequences
       teach a more valuable lesson than a nagging mother. By the end of the week they realized they can’t eat 3
                          apples and long sleeve shirts are warmer even if t-shirts are “cool.”
     Re-arranging my morning and evening routine made the difference in a successful day for them. For myself
      getting up a half hour earlier, allowed me to spend quality time in the morning with my children before we
        left for school and work. To be able to sit down in the morning and play a quick game of cards made a
     difference in how we felt when we left the house. Letting go of some control and making a small adjustment
    to my daily routine has turned “I don’t want to go to school” into “Mom guess what we did at school today?”
                            We wish all our children and families a wonderful school year.

    Cynthia (Cindy) Morrissey RECE
    Executive Director
                                         Larch Street Kids                           Fall 2012 Issue

                         PARENT NEWSLETTER
                                  News and Current Updates

  Child care worker and Early Childhood Educator appreciation day is fast approaching. October 24 marks the 12th
 annual appreciation day for child care staff.

 The cold and wet weather is on its way, please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather
 which includes; hat, mitts, boots, warm jacket, splash pants and snow pants for snowy days.

 Larch Street Kids is modifying our food policy and menu plan to better meet the Canadian Food Guides
 Practices and principles

 It is very important that our files are current and up to date. A friendly reminder to ensure that if your
 personal information changes such as phone numbers address and work information to please inform your
 site supervisor.

 Our parent survey will be available on-line in October. Your input is very important to us please watch for a
 memo with the link to the survey.

 With the move to play base curriculum we are looking for house hold items to enhance our programs and
 playrooms. If you have any items that you would like to give away please feel free to bring them in. Items we
 are looking for are: baskets, vases, dishes, furniture, fabric, throw pillows, pictures, picture frames, artificial
 plants etc.

 We are looking for any parents who are able to assist us with some wood working projects. If you are able to help
 please contact Cindy at 705-688-8600.

                          A Word from the Board of Directors
We would like to thank all of those who attended our Family Fun Day and AGM. A special thank-you to
the staff who pulled it together making it a success. We would like to introduce our newly elected board
                                      members: Jason Innis- Chair,
                                                   Jessica LaChance- Vice Chair,
                                                   Annie Barrette, Treasurer,
                                                   Melissa Gainer, Secretary,
                                                   Meredith Armstrong, Joe Bradbury, Ryan Humeniuk,
                                                   Jessica Limarrilli, Erin Olsen-Schinke

Staff Member List
                                        Alexander Site
                                        Janis Dixon: Program Supervisor
Larch Street Main Site
Cynthia Morrissey: Executive Director
                                        Lisa Sowers
Dorise Desrochers: Program Supervisor                                     Northeastern Kids
                                        Kylie Moffatt
Barb St. Jacques: Bookkeeper                                              Sherri Cole: Program Supervisor
                                        Kyrie Stevens
Kayla Pearson: Cook                                                       Jordan Keck: SACC Program Lead
                                        Jennifer Fraser
Becky Power: Educator assistant                                           Debbie Felber: Cook
                                        Amber Contin
Kerry Dougherty: Educator assistant                                       Nicole Grimard: Housekeeping
                                        Natalie Longarini
Educators                                                                  Educators
                                        Amanda Noyes
Jennifer Rhodes                                                           Stacey Ranger
                                        Amy Bezanson                      Stacy King
Carrie Eibl
                                                                          Tracy Malette-Larcher
Kim Carniello                                                             April Duhaime
                                        Beattie Kids
Anne Roach                                                                Tammy Obrien
                                        Susan Lee : Program Supervisor    Kimberly Ginter
Sasha Rivest
                                        Educators                         Angela Riley
Julie Hamilton
                                        Doreen Martin                     Martine Carriere
Tammy Grier
                                        Nataly Bazarenko                  Amanda Faggioni
Heather Reid                                                              Luba Bozhyk
                                        Michelle Mainville
Jennifer Reid
                                        Stephanie Rouse
                                        Arlene Sager
                                        Brenda Tobias
                                        Sandra Yacoub

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