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					Keeping up with the

           Rady Dental Residency Grads
Where Have All the Residents Gone?

                              Hospital were graduated           Clayton Cheung—
        ll the way from       in 2010.                          Bethesda, MD              Rady Children's
        Northern Califor-     (For the earlier grads who        Rita Daghlian—            Hospital-San Diego
        nia to Florida,       might not have heard:             Newport Beach, CA         Pediatric Dental
from the look of things!      RCH/Anderson Center no            Pete Jimenez—             Residency Program
    Before we list who is     longer runs either the            Yucaipa, CA (Inland
where, a few other stats:     residency program or the          Empire                    Volume 1, Issue 1
there were 10 Rady grads      clinic—UCLA runs the res-         Lorraine Lin—
                                                                                          February 2011
before the program was        idency program and San            Los Angeles
turned over to UCLA           Ysidro Health Center very         Darcy Owen—
School of Dentistry; the      ably manages the business         Citrus Heights, CA
                                                                                             100% of the Rady
1st UCLA residents study-     of the clinic.) (Oh, and in       Karan (Nett) Rai—
ing at Rady Children’s        case you’re wondering who         Phoenix                         PDRP grads who
                              I am...Lisa Haney moved           Anjali Rajani—                 responded to the
                                                                Tampa, FL                    survey are practicing
     Everyone is so           on a couple of years ago,
                                                                Jeffrey Sue—                 as pediatric dentists
     busy with life,          and I, Susan Lovelace, was
    but hopefully we          hired as Program Manager          Folsom, CA
    can reconnect at          for Anderson Center for           Angelo Vasquez—           Inside this issue:
     AAPD in NYC in           Dental Care in March              ”elsewhere in CA”
          May!                2008.)                            Evelyne Vu-Tien—          I Miss You!!         2
                                 Back to you:                   San Diego County
    Lorraine & Karan
                                                                                          Message from Dr.     2

                                                                                          Usual Age of 1st     3
3rd Annual Anderson Memorial Conference                                                   Visit

                                                                                          Most Interesting     3
    isit us in San Diego      Rothman, DDS, present-         monitoring; pharmacology;
    March 18, 2011            ing, the course will discuss   routes of administration;
for :Pediatric Sedation &     the unique challenges of in    balancing safety and effi-   % Special Needs      3
Emergency Management,”        -office sedation and           cacy; airway management;
a full-day course that sat-   emergency management of        and emergency protocols.     Family Time          3
isfies the requirements to    the pediatric dental pa-           For more information,
                                                                                          Type of Practice     3
renew oral conscious seda-    tient, including patient       or to register, contact
tion for minor patients       selection and treatment            Advice for Future    4
permit. With David L.         planning; monitors and                                      Residents
I Miss You!!!                                                                        I miss the exposure to all the
                                                                                     unique special needs cases. In
                                                                                     private practice, I do not have as

                                                                                     many interesting and challenging
          hen asked what you missed                                                  cases.
          most about Rady Children’s                                                 Hanging out with my co-
Hospital and your residency, no one                                                  residents, eating delicious San
answered “nothing!” All of you men-                                                  Diego cuisine and Yogurt World!
                                             Evelyne Vu-Tien with a patient and
tioned the people, and some the                                                      I miss the camaraderie amongst
                                             family in her San Diego office
food!                                                                                the residents. It was great to
    Friendships—often forged in                                                      talk about pediatric dentistry
challenging times—and food—always             Norma and Shirley, what a              and learn from other people’s
at the center in times of fellow-             team! Last, the dental residency       experiences.
ship.                                         team. It was great to have as-         I currently am not seeing pa-
    Here are your answers:                    sistants who cared about the           tients under general anesthesia.
    Interacting with everyone, and            children.                              I miss the comfort of Rady’s OR.
    the special needs patients                Rita—my partner in crime, aka          The anesthesiologists and the
    The people! The faculty and co-           co-resident, and Dr. P.                whole dental team at Rady’s is
    residents. All are good people. I         Dr. Pokala taught me how to            amazing.
    miss spending lunch with them             handle and defuse upset par-
    all. Also I miss all the OR staff.        ents and staff. Obviously, her
    The anesthesiologists and Judy,           and Dr. Lichty taught me many
                                              if not all the dental skills I use
                                              every day, but the interpersonal
                                              communication skills I learned
                                              from her are priceless.
                                              Lunch dates and all the fun
                                              times with everyone.
                                              I miss interacting with my fel-
                                              low residents and attendings,
                                                                                        Animals run wild in Pete
         The Cheung Family                    and the camaraderie.
                                                                                        Jimenez’ L.A. area office!
                                             toward achieving this goal.
Dear Rady Graduates,
                                                  In 2007 Rady Children’s Hospital        As we do not have a large alum-

Y   ou are part of an elite group of pedi-
    atric dentists! There are only 10
graduates from the Rady Children’s
                                             entered into a partnership with UCLA
                                             School of Dentistry and San Ysidro
                                                                                     ni it is difficult to coordinate an
                                                                                     event to keep in touch. I would like
                                             Health Center to create a unique        to hear your thoughts on the best
Hospital pediatric dental residency pro-     community oriented pediatric dental     time of year and possible locations
gram, which existed 2003 - 2009.             program.                                that would interest you so that we
     We now have Rady graduates as far            In 2009 the last Rady residents    can plan a reunion. One thought
away as Florida and Maryland and at          graduated and the RCHSD program         would be to meet in conjunction
least one who has stayed in San Diego.       was discontinued. UCLA has added        with the Anderson Memorial Con-
The rest of you are scattered through        the San Diego site to their pediatric   ference on March 18th this year. If
California, with one in Arizona.             dental programs and were awarded        any of you are interested please
     The folks at the Anderson Center        full accreditation in 2010. The San     contact Elisabeth Lohse at
for Dental Care at RCHSD began the           Diego site of the UCLA program con- for further in-
planning phase for the residency pro-        tinues to expose residents to an im-    formation.
gram back in the late 1990’s and early       mense variety of pediatric dental       I hope that this newsletter finds
2000’s to improve access to care to oral     cases, broad behavior management        you all well, best wishes to you and
health for the children in San Diego; we     techniques and a wealth of clinical     your families.
feel significant progress has been made      experience.

Page 2                                                                    Keeping up with the Rady Dental Residency Grads
 Most Interesting Cases

 D      entistry isn’t all drill and fill, as
        you all know! Especially in Pedi-
 atric Dentistry, there are lots of fun
                                                   ment side of
                                                   the case and
                                                   the dental
 and different kids, discoveries and               care.” Darcy
 other things to fill your working day.            Owen
 When asked to share your most in-                 “We saw a 10
 teresting case, here is what you an-              -year-old girl
 swered:                                           with Down
     “My most interesting cases so                 Syndrome
     far were those I did at Chil-                 who had nev-
     dren’s. (Sorry—I didn’t know it               er been able
     by Rady!) Pete Jimenez                        to tolerate having a dental pro-     eralized enamel hyperplasia.
     “Not sure—they are all interest-              cedure performed outpatient.         Referred patients for compo-
     ing in their own way.” Lorraine Lin           We used nitrous oxide, a lot of      site build-ups to the prostho-
     “13-year-old female with history              TLC and did it! She now loves        dontist.” Angelo Vasquez
     of cleft palate and severe decay.             coming to see us!” Anjali Rajani     “I have had several patients in
     Patient stopped going to cleft                “Ectodermal dysplasia and hy-        my practice with two mesiodens
     team and the dentist when she                 drocephalus” Jeffrey Sue             and one with a mixed deodon-
     was five. This case is interesting            “Had a family with daughters         tia.” Evelyne Vu-Tien
     in the patient/parent manage-                 that presented with pitted gen-

                                                   tive duty as a general dentist for
                                                   the Navy, and is stationed on the
                                                   USS Makin Island.” Evelyne Vu-
                                                   “Got married on 10/08. Hopefully
                                                   moving back to Southern Califor-
                                                   nia after Anna finishes her perio    of our economy.” Karan (Nett)
                                                   residency in 1.5 years.” Angelo      Rai
Note: Comments: “With established families,        Vasquez                              “I work part-time. Currently,
age 1; with referred patients, 4-8 years old”      “The kids are all getting big! My    this is a wonderful time for me.
“Although we would like for children to estab-     eldest (JJ) enters high school       I have an 18-month-old daugh-
lish a dental home by age 1, parents often don’t
                                                   next year! The family is doing       ter and a baby boy due in
                                                   well.” Jeffrey Sue                   March. Life is good!” Darcy Ow-

 Family Time!                                      “I recently got married and
                                                   moved to Tampa, Florida!” Anjali
                                                                                        “Got married in October 2009.”

  Y  ou worked so closely together as
     residents that you became fami-
 ly, knew each others’ families, etc.
                                                   “My family is doing great! My son
                                                   Jackson is in kindergarten and
                                                                                        Lorraine Lin
                                                                                        “My monkies are growing up.
                                                                                        Petey was 1 and Cecelia was 3
 But it’s easy to lose touch once you              loving school. My 2-year-old         when I started the program;
 graduate. Here are a few updates                  daughter Emerson will start pre-     now they are 8 and 10, soon to
 you might not have heard:                         school soon, and loves to bother     be 9 and 11. CRAZY!” Pete
      “I have one daughter, Reagan                 her big brother! My husband and      Jimenez
      Mai, born Jan. 15, 2010. My                  I are enjoying having our own        “Jaden and I are both taking
      husband, Hien Trinh, is still ac-            practices despite the hardships      martial arts.” Clayton Cheung

 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                Page 3
Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego
Pediatric Dental Residency Program

Anderson Center for Dental Care
3020 Children’s Way, MC 5073
San Diego, CA 92123
                                          “T    hank you for my incredible training! I was prepared to prac-
                                          tice as a pediatric dentist in the realms of in-office anesthesia
                                          and sedation, and with special needs patients. The didactic portion
Phone: 858-576-1700, ext. 3745            of my program provided me with a solid scientific foundation, ena-
Fax: 858-966-7563                         bling me to pass my written and oral Board exams. I opened my
E-mail:               pediatric dental practice in Jan. 2008. My website is
                                 for photos of the office.”
                                          Evelyne Vu-Tien

                                          “I   f you have any questions or would like to observe for a day or
                                          two or three...I am here. Please feel free to phone any time, 909-
                                          794-4909. I know it is far to travel, but I am always here. E-mail:
                                 Web page: Also, I
                                          was just selected as one of the top Pediatric Dentists in the L.A.
                                          Metro area, which can be seen on Top Doc under Pediatric
                                          Pete Jimenez

Advice for Current and Future Residents

                                                                                     Get as much experience as pos-
                                            You're gonna miss this
          ike the sands through the                                                  sible working at Rady Children’s
                                         You're gonna want this back
          hourglass, …” Nope, you’re                                                 Hospital and also in different
                                         You're gonna wish these days
all too young for that quote!                                                        practices after graduation. Al-
                                            hadn't gone by so fast
“Time flies like an arrow; fruit          These are some good times
                                                                                     so give back to your community
flies like a banana.” Not neces-          So take a good look around                 and volunteer when you can.
sarily relevant, but Groucho is            You may not know it now                   There is a huge need in commu-
always fun!                               But you're gonna miss this                 nity clinics and free clinics.
     The bottom line and recurrent                                                   Always focus on the patient
theme of all of your advice for                 From the song                        first and treat each child as if
future pediatric dental residents              By Trace Atkins                       he or she were your own.
(which will be shared with them,                                                     Take every situation as an op-
by the way!) seems to be based                                                       portunity to learn. 
upon the idea that time flies by         of first-hand experience with               I would advise future residents
quickly, so hang on, learn as much       patients with special needs at              to experiment with different
as you can while you can and have        Rady’s.                                     techniques (under supervision
fun while you’re at it! Specific         Gain as much experience as possi-           of course!) and to try to learn
comments:                                ble during your residency, and              from every faculty member.
     Make the most of your time.         listen to your attendings: they             Take advantage of the hospital
     Immerse yourself in the hospi-      are your attendings for a reason!           setting as much as possible. If
     tal and all the wonderful people.   Take it one day at a time.                  there is someone willing to
     Relax and enjoy the learning        Ask lots of questions! Try to get           share information and time—
     experience. You will gain a lot     as much exposure as you can to              soak it up!

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