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					                            ARTHUR D. AUSTIN
                        Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Jurisprudence
                           Case Western Reserve University
                         Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law
                                  11075 East Boulevard
                                 Cleveland, Ohio 44106
                                 Phone: (216) 368-3289

                          Educational Background
J.D. Tulane University (1963). Judge, Tulane Moot Court.

B.S. University of Virginia (1958).

       B.S. in Commerce "With Distinction;" Beta Gamma Sigma (honorary commerce
       society) for top 5% of the Class; Wickliffe Yulee Scholarship (awarded by the
       Department of English on a competitive basis for creative writing).

University of London, Summer School in Literature and Art in Georgian England 1740-1830,
Certificate of Completion (1957).

                              Career Information
MILITARY SERVICE: Army, 1952-54, service in Korea. 32nd Infantry Reg., 7th Infantry Div.
Sergeant, Combat Medic Badge, Purple Heart, Bronze Star with "V". Order of the Bayonet.
See News & Views, Veterans of the 32nd Infantry Regiment, p. 22-24 (12/06).

ADMITTED: Virginia (1964); U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio (1968);
District of Columbia (1971).

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Department of Justice (on temporary leave of absence with
the Policy Planning Section, Antitrust Division, Washington, D.C.), 1970-71.

TEACHING POSITIONS: School of Law, Case Western Reserve University, 1968-present.

School of Law, Cleveland State University, 1966-68.

Bowling Green State University, 1964-66 (Business Administration – Business Law).

College of William & Mary, 1963-64 (Business Administration – Marketing and

SUBJECTS: Antitrust, Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyright, Trademark), Contracts,
Antitrust and International Competition, Trends and Tensions in Legal Education, Unfair

CHAIR: Appointed first Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Jurisprudence by the Board of Trustees,

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Case Western Reserve University, July 1, 1978.

CANARY LECTURESHIP: With Mrs. Canary, originated and implemented the Sumner Canary
Lectureship. Speakers include Jeane Kirkpatrick (First American Woman U.N. Ambassador),
Justices O’Connor, Scalia, and Chief Justice Burger. Member, Advisory Committee, Sumner
Canary Lectureship Fund of The Cleveland Foundation.

CWRU LAW SCHOOL AWARDS: Elected member, CWRU Chapter of The Order of the Coif,
June 11, 1969; Alumni Distinguished Teacher, 1987; The Daniel Webster Award, presented
by the Class of 1991; First Year Professor of the Year, presented by the Class of 2002.

CONSULTING: Private consulting in Antitrust and Commercial Law (Contracts). Jury
research and surveys of hung juries in complex antitrust litigation, including City of
Cleveland v. Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. (two trials – hung jury, verdict for
defendant) (1981); MDL New Mexico Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation, 607 F.Supp. 1491
(D. Colo. 1984); Brooke Group Ltd. v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. 1990-2 Trade
Cas, 69, 182 (MD, N.C., 1990). For jury publications see p. 7, infra.

LEGISLATIVE TESTIMONY – Subcommittee on Monopolies and Commercial Law – House
Judiciary Committee, July 1, 1976; (Written Statement Submitted.) Fed. Communication
Com., Cross-Media Ownership, July 1974. (Written Statement Submitted.)

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Presentations to law firms and other professional venues, participation
in interdisciplinary programs, service on University committees, etc. Media consultant on
various legal issues. Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association. Commissioner, Phlegm
Snopes Basketball Tournament, 1984-93.


My publication trail recognizes the ongoing transformation of Legal writing through
successive paradigms – formalism, doctrinalism, postmodernism, to the recent experiments
with blogging and texting. Meanwhile the AALS endorses scholarship anarchy:

“The school should commit itself to avoiding prejudice against any particular methodology
or perspective used in teach or scholarship. When evaluating any work embodying innovative
or less widely pursued methodologies or perspectives, the standard should be neither higher
no lower than the standard used for evaluating more traditional work.” Report of the AALS
Special Committee on Tenure and the Tenuring Process, LEG. EDUC. 477, 505 (1992).

It is the Law Academy's commitment to the deconstructive fashions of indeterminacy that
accounts for the judiciary's failure to rely on law review articles for guidance and advice.
The traditional dedication to Linear problem solving and parsing complicated issues has been
ambushed by narratives, theoretical bombast, blogging, and most recently – the twitter
subversion. The net effect of a mushy evaluation process is the erosion of the Academy's
authority to influence the direction of Law.

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                                    Subject Index
                                 (L): Denotes Lead Article

Antitrust                               3      Deconstruction                         14
Jury Research                           7      Etcetera I                             15
Contracts                               9      Etcetera II                            17
The Law Academy                         9      Etcetera III                           17
Law Narratives: Storytelling            13     Dos Passos & Faulkner Visit U.Va.       18



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                                     Page 6 of 18
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                                      Page 7 of 18
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                                 The Law Academy

(New York University Press 1998). For an account of the prepublication process of the
book's evolution see p. 15, infra. For critical commentary see:

        “The Empire” is the legal-education establishment, the old-line doctrinalists and
        vocationalists, who are trying to protect academic turf against the encroachments
        of “the Outsiders.” The Outsiders are the critics of tradition --- the
        deconstructionists, postmodernists, critical legal scholars, critical race theorists,
        radical feminists, oppression theorists, etc. --- who by questioning the role of
        reason in the law, call into question the idea of law itself.” Erik M. Jensen, Book
        Review 52 Okal. L. Rev. 515 (1999).

                                        Page 9 of 18

       According to NYU Press publisher Niko Pfund, “The idea was to get over all the
       shouting and to create a book that strengthens the criticism and makes more
       understandable the impulses behind these movements….On one page he may
       accuse the storytellers of fabrication, but on the next, he decries the Socratic
       method as an excuse to be lazy and mean. In the end, he argues that objective
       analysis is the only criterion for judging legal scholarship and that by rejecting it,
       the storytellers risk both their own credibility and the future of their enterprise.”
       Cynthia Cotts, Work of Critical Race Theorists, Feminists Rapped in New Book,
       Nat’l Rev., Oct. 26, 1998, at B-4.

       “A form of power engineering is being engaged in by each group. The Empire
       seeks to protect and expand its sphere of influence. The Outsiders are intent on
       seeking the lacunae in the system that the disenfranchised can slip into and on
       establishing a new paradigm that acknowledges their legitimacy. For Austin,
       there seems to be no middle ground or room between the two groups for
       compromise. He sees the ultimate result as “a fractious, distracted, and
       demoralized environment, with the students, and eventually the profession, paying
       the price.” (p.200).” Karen J. van Ingen, The Empire Strikes Back: Outsiders and
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“occasionally to stroke” other professors.” Id.
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Footnote Strategy:
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the page. Judge Woodard's three identical opinions supported the option using my article
in support of "an uncluttered, flowing, working style. . . ."

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- -- -- --

                                    The above illustration accompanies Margolick’s review

                                           Law Narratives: "Storytelling"

             Narrative Writing as Legal Scholarship: An Interview with Derrick Bell, In Brief, Sept.
             1992, at 3. The Bell interview serves as an introduction to the storytelling genre by a
             major practitioner. My responses:
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                                                               Page 13 of 18
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                                      Etcetera II

PRINT MEDIA QUOTES/REFERENCES: N.Y. Times – 9/24/82; 6/8/90, Wall St. J, 5/10/88;
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                                      Etcetera III

         “Virginians Are All Snobs, And I Like Snobs” Faulkner at U.Va. (1957).
account of the prepublication contacts, tensions, and commentary originating from an
invitation to me from Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic, editors of N.Y.U.'s Critical
America series to submit a book manuscript. The narratives open with dialogue over the
proposals' theme and bite. The "process" – editorial judgments, exchanging perspectives,
the role of critical review by N.Y.U. staff – commingled to the satisfaction of everyone.
(Revised Edition 2008). PHLEGM SNOPES ON CONTRACTS (2005). Through “eyes the
color of stagnant water” Phlegm lives a life of dodging, subverting, co-opting, but mostly
succumbing to, the subtle shifting concrete of Contract.         Like Dilsey, he survives.
Encounters include commentary from the author, copy of the ultimate U.C.C. 2-302 K,
juror interviews, a classic example of the dreaded Conclusion Of Law exam answer,
capped with exams dating back to 1978 in which Fragile Snopes, Phlegm’s mother, said:
“The abominations of civilized society are television, MacDonald's, Shopping Centers,
and Coke Cola.” She subsequently added e mail, Dean Smith, and juicyfaced law
professors. Free to students, all others $100.00.

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Dos Passos & Faulkner Visit U.Va.

John Dos Passos               William Faulkner
      Circa 1935, Charlottesville, VA.

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