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									Arizona Commercial General
     Liability Insurance

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No matter what type of business you have, it is imperative that you acquire
General Liability Insurance for your particular business. By acquiring this
insurance, it will be your first line of defense in protecting your business. We, at
PJO Insurance Brokerage, have access to an array of markets and the
expertise to find the right coverage and limits for you whether you are a
contractor, small business owner, or a home-based business. In addition, we
offer you other policies to protect other aspects of your business that general
liability insurance may not cover.
Arizona commercial general liability insurance is required for all providers. It
protects against several different risks that corporations are subjected to, like
lawsuits for things covering anything from slander to health insurance to
covering the cost of settlement bonds, that may be needed in the case of a
summary judgment against your company. Also, in the event that an
incident/injury were to happen due to an irresponsible act, this insurance
coverage would most likely protect your company.
Commercial general liability insurance plans are broadly varied in price,
depending upon the risk classification assigned from the underwriter. In most
cases, the premium for that insurance will likely be a percentage of profits,
because the level of your operations determines the level of risk one should be
covered against.
Liability comes in many forms. We have employment insurance to cover
owners from lawsuits for discriminatory or unfair hiring practices, an all too
    PJO Insurance Brokerage | 4103 E. Prickly Pear Trail Phoenix. Arizona 85050 | 480-248-7495 |
common source of lawsuits in the business world. Arizona liability insurance is
a good starting point when it comes to protecting any entity.
All companies should look into getting a Phoenix liability insurance that suits
their type of business. Different types of businesses face different types and
levels of risk. The cost of the insurance package may depend on the level of
risk that a business is assessed with and therefore low risk type of businesses
need not worry about carrying a high cost. This type of insurance can take care
of personal injuries, property damages and all other types of claims.
If you would like to us to put a detailed insurance plan in place for your
business, please feel to contact us by email or by giving us a call at 480-248-

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