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                                              South West Trainers Meeting
                                                   13th October 2009

                                           Horizon Centre Torbay Hospital

       Dave Newman                 Chris Johns    Rod Gegg                                Carol-Ann Regan
       Nicola Healey               Janice Parker Elliott                                  Helen Watts
       Lisa Riddington             Stephanie Bradley                                      Lindsay Snell
       Soo Swift

       Jo Laing                    Laura Coysh

       Part 1.        Actions from Previous Meeting ........................................................................ 1
       ACTION        ALL Appraise 2 papers each and submit to the site ( End of November )                                                  1
       ACTION        Chris Email to LIS SWRLIN –                                                                                            1
       ACTION        Chris Circulate training strategy when done(NSF)                                                                       1
       Part 2.        Agenda Items ..................................................................................................... 2
       ACTION        DN See Ginny about methods of representing trainers on manager’s meeting                                               2
       ACTION        Lindsay: Feedback to group on NHS Evidence training session                                                            3
       ACTION        Chris Johns Find out more about using webex more thoroughly across the region.                                         4
       ACTION        DN email skills wall to Soo Swift                                                                                      4
       Part 3.        AOB .................................................................................................................... 4
       Part 4.        Regional Roundup ............................................................................................. 5
       Part 5.        Next Meeting .................................................................................................... 10
       ACTION        Next meeting: Friday 14th May 2010 Truro 10:00                                                                         10

Part 1.      Actions from Previous Meeting
  1.1. Part 1. Critical appraisal             1

 ACTION      ALL Appraise 2 papers each and submit to the site ( End of November )

                  This is ongoing. Will everyone upload their results onto the Lis-Trainers site

 ACTION      Chris     Email to LIS SWRLIN –

  1.2. Carol-Ann Share experience of journal club approach 2
  1.3. ALL Investigate NHS evidence and feedback
  1.4. ALL       have a look at the NSF about compliance with the current NSF
                  Chris had been asked to develop a training strategy based on NSF. This is on-
                  going. Chris is willing to share this with anyone when it is done

 ACTION      Chris Circulate training strategy when done(NSF)

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Part 2.       Agenda Items
  2.1. Critical Appraisal ( Carol-Ann)
                Approached physios and a journal club.
       2.11      Physios session outline ( 1 hr)
                 Sent journal article to physios first. Ran PowerPoint show. Looked at Pedro and
                 Dare etc to see appraisal examples. It’s useful to use an example from these sites.
                 Ran the article on a Casp checklist
                 Produced a key points handout to avoid students taking notes
       2.12      Timetable
                 PowerPoint 20mins
                 Discussion 40 mins
  2.2. Attending Managers Meetings
               We should suggest that Dave attends the managers meeting to find out how often
               someone from the trainer’s group should go.

 ACTION       DN See Ginny about methods of representing trainers on manager’s meeting

                 NH suggests that the trainer’s meeting minutes are sent to the managers group
                 As LMG meetings are held all over the region then perhaps the nearest trainer
                 could attend the meeting before their meeting

  2.3. Information Literacy Competencies
       2.31      Overview
              i. The Framework.
                 This is a proposed set of skills relevant to nurses. It brings in the NSF, which may
                 be useful to us for mapping our training to serve nurses better.
                 Not clear now if we could end up delivering accredited training.
                 There is a list for this
                 Opinions were expressed that it perhaps seems initially a little complicated for
                 some users.
              ii. Examples
                 There are some good examples to use and it makes a bit more sense when you
                 look at it.
  2.4. Discussions
       2.41      Plymouth Courses
                 There was a discussion on the coverage of some of the University of Plymouth
                 research courses that nurses attend.
                 Many of us offer training to NHS staff on Plymouth courses.

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                Carol-Ann reported that many Bristol students were asking for NHS Athens access.
                She has had a lot of problems using the joint network access on the local
      2.42      Departmental Visits and publicity
             i. Some of us offer brief training meetings within training departments.
                This can be at team meetings or direct invitations
             ii. It is important to have library champions
             iii. Some of us set up library stands at conferences with information about services
                  and offering a chance to join.
             iv. Publicising knowledge weeks among the relevant staff has been quite successful
             v. Contact clinical audit departments to see if we can assist.
 2.5. Regional Roundup
             This was circulated and discussions followed. See end of document
 2.6. NHS Evidence
      2.61      Promoting
                TOR is running sessions introducing it
                This has been reviewed positively by Nursing Times. E-health insider
      2.62      Issues
             i. There is a new version coming out this month.
             ii. Librarians seem to be left out a bit from it.
             iii. We don’t know what is going to happen with core content in the future. The
                  database contract ends in 2011
             iv. We don’t know for certain how it works or good it is. It complements rather than
                  substitutes database searching
             v. It uses Microsoft FAST searching , so you can find out how it searches.

ACTION       Lindsay: Feedback to group on NHS Evidence training session

 2.7. E-Learning Training Course
      2.71      Attendees
                Soo, Chris, Janice, Laura and Nickie attended in Plymouth
      2.72      Programme
             i. 1 hour Webex
             ii. 2 full days training.
             iii. 2 follow up days
                Very interesting mix of theory and practice. Produced a webex session at the end of
                it. Webex can be very interactive and at present is often underused and rather dull.
      2.74      Issues
             i. Webex access.
                This is paid for by the SHA. We can book it in like a training room for people in the
                We could explore this further

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              ii. Checklists
                 Some very good lists of things to do before and during sessions.
              iii. Hardware
                   No extra software required. You have to upload your materials first.

 ACTION       Chris Johns Find out more about using webex more thoroughly across the region.

              i. Recommendations
                 This was an excellent course and many people could benefit from it.
  2.8. Internet Searching Course
       2.81      How do you pitch it
              i. Most people are leaving it to the IT departments. You need to have some form of
                 pre-assessment to avoid great variations in skills levels
       2.82      ToR
              i. Basic Internet skills -90mins
              ii. Looking for good quality information -90mins run concurrently
       2.83      Resources
                 NHS Elite
                 NHS Health

 ACTION       DN email skills wall to Soo Swift

Part 3.       AOB
  3.1. EBSCO Trial promotion
           i. Do you promote something that might not be adopted? There is a danger that you
              might raise expectations
                 It might be more effective if there was a degree of coordination beforehand. Chris J
                 is working on a protocol for running trials like this.
              ii. With current EBSCO trial people need to feedback if they can.
  3.2. Revalidation
            i. Is anyone?
  3.3. NVQ training resources
               Helen thanked everyone for the resources they sent.
  3.4. Athens statistics
            i. Lindsay asked if anyone else wanted to be sent them
  3.5. Jute bags ideas
            i. Given away free at training sessions and when promoting SWICE.
            ii. ‘Sold’ a few for a Zambian Charity
            iii. Giving them away to new registrations in library awareness week.
                 ½ hour drop-in sessions, talks on historic books. )
              iv. Giving away to loyal users.
              v. Reward for doing survey
              vi. Given away with £1 Donation to diabetes charity

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  3.6. Funding
              Could the Southwest sponsor the FILE course?
  3.7. Gloucestershire Hospitals wins award
              The library staff at GRH and CGH won a Trust Excellence Award for their
              involvement in the 6 Book Challenge, this supported the Trust’s literacy agenda.
              The aim to was encourage staff to read 6 quick read books over 6 months, the
              participants had to complete a reading diary and incentives included prize draws.
              To promote the scheme library staff set up stalls in cafeterias. Although it was time
              consuming it was rewarding with many Trust staff thanking the library for getting
              them back into reading.

Part 4.       Regional Roundup
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  4.1. BBH and CLN
       4.11     Library Services: Introductory Search skills
                Workshops take place monthly at CLN and bi- monthly at BBH and are very well
                attended. We have recently added more dates and training locations for staff who
                are out in the community at Weston.
                From October 2009 I am commencing a series of visits and training sessions to the
                Community Learning Disability Teams in the old AVON area - 7 bases in total. To
                bring staff up to date with e -resources and to market library resources etc.
                We have been giving out SWICE bags with our training sessions and at local
                conferences. This has been going down very well.
                Lorna Burns (W18 and W13) and I are still working on our Advanced Search skills
                workshop which we hope to launch and offer to staff from January 2010. As we
                both work as solo librarians with all the usual library
       4.12     Stuff to do
                We are finding making time to write a new course quite a challenge and the launch
                date has been put back a few times. However, we are determined to be ready for
                January with this.
                Demand for 1 to 1 training remains constant.
                I still haven't got to grips with NHS Evidence and feel this is something I would like
                to do.
  4.2. CGH and GRH Update
             It has been a little quieter (as anticipated) over the summer, but in the last month
             we have seen an increase in training sessions.
                Most training is undertaken on a one to one basis, however several group sessions
                have also been conducted, which include
                -Biomedical students
                -4th year medical students
                -Palliative care team
                Some of the group sessions were booked as a result of promotional visits by library
                staff to departments.

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              We recently revised our Advanced Searching Skills session and handout and are
              promoting it to people who have undertaken the introductory course who we think
              would be benefit from more in depth training, several of these sessions have been
              run successfully. We have also revised our Evidence Based Healthcare Resources
              session and we are now in a position to promote this more extensively. An
              Introduction to Critical Appraisal session will also be available to staff in January
              We have planned some scheduled group training sessions for the New Year, these
              will include Introduction to Database Searching and Evidence Based Resources.
              These sessions will supplement the one to one sessions and will provide users with
              a choice of training style and format.

                                                                                  – Lisa Riddington
4.3. PLY Roundup
            We have been busy with training on all levels as usual including inductions,
            database and internet training, mediated searches, as well as working with our
            literacy and numeracy learners.
              We are also involved in the delivery of study skills for the HCA NVQ level 2 and for
              the Access to Higher Education course which has replaced HCA training at NVQ
              level 3.
              Tom's students have started their SSU this week looking in to the relevance of the
              Plymouth Medical Society Historical Collection to modern medicine and creating a
              resource for use with the collection.
4.4. RCH
     4.41     CASP
              A course by Alain Besson is to be held at Knowledge Spa on 12th November. The
              course is fully booked and more enquiries still coming in.
              I am hoping to use this as a springboard to launch local CASP sessions on a
              scheduled basis. I am also liaising with the R & D department at Truro.
     4.42     E-Learning Course - Certificate in e-Learning Facilitation
              I attended the Training Foundation’s e-learning Tutor course. This was a well paced
              and challenging course, focusing on theory and practical skills.
              By the end of the course I was able to develop an online course and had
              experience of delivery a Webex session on a topic of my choice – CASP. I have
              developed a PowerPoint slideshow for the Webex course on CASP which I may
              use during the rollout of our local CASP training.
              There was a discussion on Webex use by tutors in the region. More to follow on this
              in this.
              The sessions were very interactive and there was plenty of feedback from the tutor
              and peers. Well recommended.
     4.43     SLH – New staff member
              Emma Stone has started as a replacement for Suzanne Hindley. Part of Emma’s
              remit will be to delivery training and service promotion to the North and East of the
              county, particularly to community and mental health staff. Once up to speed I will
              invite Emma to come along to future trainer’s meetings.

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    4.44   Training Strategy
           Still developing a training strategy for Cornwall Health Library Service. After
           canvassing the region I have found that no-one currently has a full training strategy
           separate from the main library strategy. I will share this if anyone else is interested.
           I am hoping to have this agreed by trainers and the Knowledge Services Manager
           in Cornwall by January 2010.
           The strategy will incorporate what the service delivers currently and how. It will also
           describe developments and resources necessary for the training programme
           It will list new courses to be delivered e.g. CASP, current awareness. It will also
           describe the training feedback process that will need t be reviewed.
    4.45   Recent training
           There has been an increase in one-to one training of Since April:
           42 trainees and 54 hours training
           93 in groups for total of 159.5 hours
           The usual group sessions have been delivered as is normal for the time of year e.g.
           MIU course, OPD diploma, Physiotherapy Department session.
           Not to mention the numerous inductions for the University of Plymouth student
           nurses diploma and PMS students since September:
           Literature searching for all 3rd year PMS students (50)
           Uni of Plymouth student nurses - 100 1st yr and 50 3rd yr

                                                                                         Chris Johns
4.5. TAU
           Training on a one to one basis is still the main method. A number of F1s / F2s are
           coming forward which is a noticeable change this year. They are being encouraged
           to take part in more audits.
           All the courses are listed on our website and if asked I will do group sessions.
           I have a couple of group sessions with midwifery staff on NVQ courses in October.
           These are short sessions just to highlight the electronic resources but I will
           encourage them to book further sessions once they know their assignment topics.
           I have done 2 sessions on critical appraisal. I billed these as an introduction aimed
           at those new to the topic.
           One session was delivered to community physios at Bridgwater Hospital and one
           was to the journal club in the new cancer centre. Both went well. I included a
           practical session by sending out an article beforehand to read. All reported that they
           had found this very useful. Using articles that had already been evaluated on DARE
           or Pedro gave me more confidence in the practical session.
           The University of Bristol students are asking for an Athens password more than in
           previous years. There is a training need here especially with 3rd years but their
           timetable is so tight it is difficult to see how best to target them. I’d be interested to
           know if others are training this group.
           University of Plymouth students on placement are more proactive and make full use
           of one to one sessions.

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                                                                                  Carol-Ann Regan
4.6. TOR
              Mainly, we run bookable courses – take-up has been improving in recent months so
              more are attending each course. I continue to use specialist libraries (now specialist
              collections) as a way in to specific departments, and am focusing on mental health
              teams at the moment. With the recent reorganisation of our office space, I have
              been doing a few more one-to-ones.
              I have been implementing what I learned from FILE, including sending out follow-up
              evaluation questionnaires (on Survey Monkey). The response rate has been low as
              expected, but over time I hope to get useful results. I am also finding out more
              about users before training, through getting access to our Trust course booking
              system and pre-course surveys. This term I am doing some informal half-hour
              sessions in the Library, including one on NHS Evidence on 14th October, but take-
              up so far has been minimal.

                                                                                      Lindsay Snell
4.7. W20
              I have been holding Drop-in ‘Access the Evidence’ sessions in three locations
              across the PCT area, with a varying degree of success re attendance. After
              consultation with Workforce Development, all future bookings and venues will be
              handled by their team.
               I am developing a session, ‘Accessing the evidence for best practice’, which
              includes a bit of critical appraisal (after I’ve done the Alain Besson day...).
              The PCT has 11 multidisciplinary Neighbourhood Teams and I am working towards
              a Team Knowledge Officer within each, to act as a ‘conduit’ for evidence-based
              information. There is initial support for the proposal, which would mean training up
              TKOs to access the best online resources, backed up by librarian input on a regular
              basis. Watch this space...

4.8. W14 Update - Steph Bradley
           Relatively little training has been going on at W14, partly owing to the Summer lull
           and partly because we’re short-staffed, especially as no replacement is yet being
           sought for Beryl’s trainer post.
              Training has been conducted on a one-to-one basis, with all members of the library
              team getting involved. Library assistants will be having a database refresher
              session so that our users get the best help possible; any hints and tips greatly
              We are currently looking into ways of developing the training we offer, although until
              we have more bodies they’re unlikely to be realised:
              Pre-arranged visits to wards and departments with info on how library services can
              help them specifically, and catering to any particular demands they have. This
              could include training at the time, or lead to training sessions another time.
              Implementing a constant training programme, where library users can book
              themselves onto a session which could be specific to e.g. database searching,
              critical appraisal or just Google.

                                                                                      Steph Bradley

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4.9. YDH
             We are currently offering training both within the hospital and at various community
             hospitals in Somerset. Surprisingly there has been a number of training sessions
             given over the summer period, to a number of Clinical trail staff. This has been due
             to the fact that they will be undertaking master’s courses in the autumn, so they
             have wanted to brush up on their skills early on. I think it does help that they are
             personally in charge of their diaries, so they can schedule courses around their
             other commitments, whereas other members of staff may be unable to have this
             much control over their diaries. As is to be expected at this time of year the number
             of appointments and drop in sessions for one to one training is slowly increasing.
             Nicola has also begun the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector, this
             requires her to attend a three hour course during the week and do over 30 hours of
             teaching throughout the year as well as coursework. Although 30 hours seems a
             lot, you can take hours spent on a one to one basis and include them in your total
             hours. She has been lucky in the fact that she has been in contact with the clinical
             educator in the hospital and he has been willing to give her a couple of group
             training sessions as well as having a number of groups book training sessions.
             Nicola has also continued to attend Somerset Primary Care Trusts mandatory
             training days, which has allow her to inform staff about the library service which is
             available in Somerset, for them to use. It has been agreed that on one of these
             mandatory training days, there will be an option, that over the lunchtime, Nicola will
             do a 20 minute session about the library service and show staff how to access the
             resources which they have available to them via an NHS Athens username and
             password. These sessions will be run along a similar line as Jenny Laing course in
             Salisbury which has proved very popular. She will also be offering them in the
             Hospital, during the days, so that staff members can drop in.
             Nicola has also been offering a full days training course at various community
             hospitals in the locality. These sessions offer training sessions on database
             training, electronic books, library catalogue and online journals. The take up has
             been very poor and this does need to be investigated.

4.10. EXE
     4.101   Training
             I have trained 130+ people. A third wanted database training. I have been giving
             extended library induction sessions which teach how to get to online library
             resources and also give a taster for more of my training
     4.102   Course organisers
             I have been liaising more with the coordinators of internal courses and offering to
             run training sessions targeted at their immediate needs
             -Advanced searching
             -Database searching
             -Formatting revision with word.
             (This proved very popular as many people lack the skills to type essays efficiently)
     4.103   Small Groups
             I have continued to offer small group training on specific information processing or
             interpretation and display problems, with Word PowerPoint and Excel

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                 Again assisted searches have been very popular
       4.104     Plymouth university students –
                 Students still seem to be expected yet unable to do literature searching.
                 We are recording the reasons for Plymouth students needing help with these. We
                 are negotiating with some of the organisers to try to establish a better state of
  4.11. Other activities.
       4.111     Searches
                 We have been doing some literature searches for users. It has been very satisfying
                 when you can do something that is immediately being used to influence patient
       4.112     Quality improvement and patient safety
                 I produced a word document with annotated web links to relevant sites for this
                 people taking part in this initiative.
       4.113     Admin and publicity
                 I'm continuing to assist with some aspects of library administration and publicity and
                 E.g. sending out the NLH internal mail envelopes with library stickers on them.
                 Designing posters and notices. Administrating the access card system
       4.114     Clinical Audit (CA)
                 I attended a conference on CA in the trust and subsequently met with the CA
                 manager to discuss how the library could help with the CA process
       4.115     Security
                 I'm still assisting with the monitoring the security system. This has become a
                 regular occurrence as the self issue machine is not always desensitising books.

                                                                                       David Newman
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Part 5.        Next Meeting

 ACTION        Next meeting: Friday 14th May 2010 Truro 10:00

Part 6.        Summary:


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