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									English Education 1- Readers’ Theatre


Narrators- Elise and Amanda



Miss MacDonald (Teacher)-

Sound effects/extra parts/celestine’s brother= Roneel+ anyone not acting at that point in the

        Props=
         - Miss MacDonald – school book/excersise book to hold script in
         -Mother- cookbook to hold script in
         -Narrators + Celestine+ Roneel= decorated folder to hold script in
         -Tap shoes (to create tappity tap effect at beginning of script)
         -Tiara for Celestine to wear.

        Remember to include offstage focus- where each character speaks to audience not to
         other characters (in Drama textbook , reader’s theatre section)


Whole cast is seated on the floor whilst characters are not active, standing up when it is time for
their part.

Narrator 1 and 2 stand up and walk to their positions in the opposite front corners of the
stage.(possibly standing up on chairs?)

Narrator 1: Celestine

Narrator 2: Drama Queen

Narrator 2: By Penny Ives

Narrator 1: Even before Celestine had hatched from her egg, the Duck family knew there was
someone very special inside.

Roneel gets tap shoe or other object ready to make tapping sound on cupboard or chair.

Everyone: Tappity Tap, Tappity Tap (Roneel providing extra sound effect)

Narrator 2: Went the egg each day until…….out danced CELESTINE
Celestine twirls up into standing position

Everyone: Ready to be a STAR

Celestine strikes star pose

Narrator 2: Right from the start , Celestine was very hard to ignore.

Narrator 1: As soon as she was old enough, Celestine would dress herself with great care, just as a
real star should.Sometimes, it took a rather long time to create JUST the right look.

Celestine faces audience as though a mirror is located in the centre of the audience, and fiddles with
hair, shoes etc.

Mother stands up into position of holding cookbook in one hand and placing other hand on hip

Narrator 2: One morning, Celestine swept into breakfast wearing her latest creation

Celestine “sweeps “ across stage to imaginary dining table

Celestine: “Oh Mummy! You know stars only eat PINK food!

Celestine looks disappointedly down at imaginary dining table

Mother: Do you think you should be wearing a tiara to school Celestine?

Celestine: Of course! A star must set an example

Celestine skips for a bit and sits down on floor


Miss MacDonald stands up and positions herself so that she is at the back of the stage ,facing

Rest of cast, including narrators form celestine’s class and remained seated, turning to face Miss
MacDonald with backs to audience

Miss MacDonald: Archie?

Audience member: Yes Miss MacDonald

Miss MacDonald: Beattie?

Other Audience Member : Yes, Miss MacDonald

Miss MacDonald: Celestine?

Celestine stands up and faces audience

Celestine: Celestine’s not here.Today, you may call me PRINCESS DRUSCILLA DRAKE- it’s a much
better name for a star , don’t you think?
Miss MacDonald: Well Princess Druscilla Drake, this morning we all have the chance to be
someone else- we are going to begin rehearsals for our should play.

Celestine( facing audience): I would be DELIGHTED to accept the lead role

Celestine twirls around the rest of the class members and sits down

Miss MacDonald: Thankyou Celestine , there’s an important part for EVERYONE


Narrators, Celestine, and Celestine’s brother stand up and begin walking side by side,Miss
MacDonald sits down and holds tap shoe/other tapping object

Narrator 1: On the way home that afternoon, Celestine sighed

Celestine: Star’s don’t walk, they should ride. Especially when they’ve got the best part in a new

Celestine’s brother: And what IS your part?

Celestine: That’s a SECRET

Celestine smiles and starts mimicking tap dancing, miss macdonald using tap shoe or other object to
create sound against cupboard/wooden surface.


Mother, Celestine and narrators stand up

Narrator 2: After tea, Celestine rushed straight up to her room

Celestine walks quickly to other side of stage

Celestine (shouting): I have to rehearse for a play now Mummy

Miss MacDonald imitates door slamming in background using heavy book etc.

Mother: Shall I hear your lines, Celestine?

Celestine: No thankyou, they’re very nearly perfect

Celestine’s brother stands up

Celestine’s brother: Shall I help you practice?

Celestine: No thankyou, I know EVERY word!


Narrator 1: The day of the play came at last

Celestine blows kisses to audience
Narrator 2: How kind, Celestine thought noticing some flowers nearby, someone has sent me a

Celestine beams

Narrator 1: But where is my red carpet ?

Celestine walks towards audience

Narrator 2: And the rest of the orchestra’s LATE!

Celestine frowns at audience

Narrator 1: The moment had arrived. All the little chicks and ducks huddled backstage

All characters apart from Miss MacDonald and Celestine huddle behind celestine facing audience

Narrator 2: The lights dimmed, the audience grew quiet and the show began!

Narrator 1: Celestine watched , trembling ,behind the side curtains ,whispering along with every

Celestine whispers something to audience

Miss MacDonald stands up, puts hand on Celestine’s shoulder

Miss MacDonald (smiling): Time for you to go now dear

Narrator 2: But Suddenly, Celestine’s feet wouldn’t work.She was terrified!

Celestine: I feel SICK (COUGHS WEAKLY), I’m going to faint (gasping)…..I WON’T, I SHAN’T , I…can’t

Miss MacDonald pushes Celestine towards audience

Celestine inchess closer to audience with a scared look on her face

Roneel in background imitates noise of heart beating madly- pitter pat, pitter pat

Narrator 1: She blinked at the bright lights , she opened her beak….but nothing came out!
Celestine stood quite still- she couldn’t move a feather

Celestine stands with arms pinned to body, mouth open

Miss MacDonald (still standing, peering from side stage, WHISPERING): THE END!, Celstine sya
your line! SAY ,THE END!

Narrator 2: Then Mrs Gobble flew to the rescue, striking up one last, fast jazzy tune on the paino

Mother stands up and acts out playing piano

Whole cast hums tune
Narrator 1: Quite of her own accord, Celestine’s feet began to tap, her knees bent and soon she
was whirling and turning, skipping and spinning until with one final leap…she fell to the floor, a
dizzy yellow triumph.

Roneel makes tap dancing noises in background

Celestine dances and falls right in front of audience

Cast member one: Fantastic!

Cast Member two: Encore

Cast member three: Superb

Cast member four: Hurrah

Narrator 2: The audience LOVED it

Everyone (except Celestine): clapping Well done!

Narrator 1: They all agreed it was a splendid end to a wonderful show.

Everyone (except Celestine): Brilliant!


Celestine standing up

Narrator 2: But walking home,Celestine was unusually quiet and thoughtful. Flip flop, flip-flip
flapped her little feet.

Background noise of celestine’s feet


Celestine lying down on floor facing audience, mother kneeling next to her

Celestine: I’m still a star ,aren’t I mummy? Even though I forgot my line?

Mother: Of COURSE you are my darling! Buttons up celestine’s pyjamas Just think of that
marvelous dance you did! And besides….you’ll ALWAYS be a star to me pretends to kiss Celestine

Everyone stands behind lying down Celestine , backs to audience

Everyone( excluding Celestine) : turns around to face audience, Good night ,little star,good night

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