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									Artificial Intelligence
          CIS 55
       Section 005
      By Marcos Rios
      Definition and Objective
 AI: Artificial Intelligence.
 A division of computer science which explores intelligent
  behavior, learning and adaptation in machines
 A.K.A. Computer Intelligence.
 The ability of computers to perform functions that normally
  require human intelligence (MSN Encarta).
 Artificial Intelligence has been a part of human culture as far
  back as the ancient Greco-Roman times. Many uses for
  Artificial Intelligence are in use today, while other uses will
  surely pop up in the future.
                A Little History Behind
                        The Robot

 Greek Mythology
 Aristotle’s syllogistic logic in 5th century
 The Invention of printing using movable
  type in 1456.
 First AI running program, the Logic
  Theorist (LT) demonstrated in 1956.
 Major advances in all areas of AI
  research during the 1990’s such as
  machine learning, natural language
  understanding and translation, etc.
 In 1997 Deep Blue beat!
                     Uses of AI
 Major Idea is to automate tasks that require intelligent
  behavior providing solutions to real life problems.
 Used in Business
 Software Applications
 Strategy games
 Range from small little vacuums that do the vacuuming for you
  to complex robots being built that detect human patterns and
  emotions through installed learning programs.
 Link to American Association to Artificial Intelligence:
                      Military AI
 Remote controlled unmanned combat vehicles and weapons.
 $127 billion project called Future Combat Systems is under
  construction to create the first ever robot soldier.
 “Military planners say robot soldiers will think, see and react
  increasingly like humans. In the beginning, they will be
  remote-controlled, looking and acting like lethal toy trucks. As
  the technology develops, they may take many shapes. And as
  their intelligence grows, so will their autonomy.” (
             What is the Matrix?

   Will Artificial Intelligent humanoids become a reality?
   Highly unlikely, well, for now anyway.
   Robotic etiquette on display.
   ITRC and robotic Boom Boom for future?
   Big Brother is watching… oh yeah it is studying you too!
   “Most of the cameras widely used today are used as forensic
    tools to identify crooks after-the-fact. (Think grainy video on
    local TV news of convenience store robberies gone wrong.)
    But the latest breed, known as "intelligent video," could
    transform cameras from passive observers to eyes with brains,
    able to detect suspicious behavior and potentially prevent
    crime before it occurs,” (

 Artificial Intelligence is a booming and thriving sector with new
  ideas and theories tested on a daily routine.
 Experiments ranging from the crazy to the most useful are
  being conducted and implemented.
 Whether you are setting up a formula for Excel or programming
  a computer to obey command AI is right in front of you.
 Until then Keep an eye out for those machines.
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