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					         Aquarelle TG-AM01-01                                                                         Acousto-magnetic EAS systems

      Aquarelle is an essential tool for hypermarkets, food and modern retailers, who actively strive to minimize loss and
maximize store performance. Besides an advanced article surveillance system offering the best possible detection
performance, Aquarelle also featuring advertising functionality. The system is designed for economy, ease of installation, and
design flexibility.

  • AM EAS detection system with external electronics
  • Available in single, dual and multiple post configurations
  • Easy to install
  • Anodized aluminum frame with nontransparent acrylic
  • Premium detection in different environments                                        1.10 / 0.80*     1.10 / 0.80*

  • Acousto-magnetic technology delivers highest level of
EAS protection
  • Integrated dry contact visual and audible alarms ensure
anti-shoplifting effectiveness
  • Optional alarm counter

Manufacturer: Tagart-Ukraine, LLC
Characteristics of detection: moving fields
Synchronization: twisted pair cable                                         Maximum spacing between the antennas, m
The method of signal processing: Digital Signal Processor                             * At mentioned distances a confident detection of hard tags / labels
(DSP)                                                                       such as DR3 Sensormatic is ensured in conditions without hindrance.
Primary input: 180-240 Vac @ 50 Hz
Input power: up to 40 W
Operating frequency: 58 kHz
                                                                                  Antenna Product Code                         Controller Product Code
Alarm: light (tri-color) and sound signal, relay output
                                                                            TG-AM01-01 ............ Aquarelle-Mono TG-CB 01-01 ............... AM Controller
Net weight: 15 kg (each pedestal)
Material: anodized aluminum, acrylic, PVC.

Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: 0° to 50° C
Relative humidity: 0 to 90% (non-condensing)

Software                                                                    Antenna Option Product Codes
Built-in oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, graphical                              AQ1001 Bi-directional visitor counter
                                                                                 AQ1002 Integrated Wi-Fi adapter
synchronization mode, USB-interface.                                             AQ1003 Backlight illumination for advertising panels
External electronics unit.

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