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									Getting Great Pictures during Your Wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate and enjoy life. They represent two people coming together in love to
start a new life together.

                                    If you are getting married, you want the day to be as special as
                                    possible. Not only is it important to ensure that everything goes well,
                                    but it is also critical to get great pictures of the event to build
                                    memories with.

                                    When it comes to scenic wedding photography, Las Vegas and other
                                    locales like it offer an exciting venue to get great shots. Many people
                                    like the glitz and glamour of the city when they are having their
                                    wedding pictures taken.

                                    Cityscapes are beautiful because they show an exciting and vibrant
                                    side to the couple who are being photographed. Therefore, these are
                                    great options for those that prefer an urbanized look with their

Other people prefer more pastoral settings, enjoying landscapes and natures in their photos. These are
great because they show the beauty and wonder of nature while also acting as a nice backdrop for the
couple in question.

No matter what the couple prefers, there are some things that they can do in order to get better
pictures out of the experience. First of all, natural looks are better than posed whenever possible.

As a general rule of thumb, photographs are going to be better if the people in them are not looking
overly posed. Instead, candid shots will better reveal the couple and the feelings that they have for each

As such, it is best to have people taking pictures of the event as it happens, rather
than trying for something artificial in nature. This in general will make for more
natural and easy looking shots.

Next of all, it is important to allow the people being photographed to be able to
adjust to whatever light conditions are present before taking pictures of them. For
example, people who get married on a sunny day are going to need to adjust to the
sunlight for 15 minutes or more in order to allow them to see effectively.

This is not just a courtesy that is taken for their immediate comfort- those who are
not used to lighting conditions are going to squint throughout a shoot. When
people squint in their photos, it causes facial contortion and does not show eyes
very effectively.
Therefore, it is best to allow for an adjustment period of the part of the couple in question. This will
make for much more pronounced results.

Another great thing to do in order to build up good memories about the event is to documents all of it-
including elements that might seem mundane at the time. Such effort will be very much appreciated
later when the couple has the ability to go over the images.

Every part of a wedding needs to be treasured, including the bloopers and mistakes made along the
way. It is all about building great memories for a new life begun by a happy couple who are in love.

Photo Credit: Carlos Mendoza, William Marlow

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