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									Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , 9:30 am-10:45 am

Recertification: Highlights and Issues                                        Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
Representatives from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) present information and guidance on
Recertification. Highlights of this presentation include an overview of the recertification process, 1-17 updates, tips
and processing times. SEVP representatives also offer updated information on SEVIS II other SEVP initiatives.
Facilitator: Brian Groves, University of California San Francisco
Presenters: Josh Schrier, Management and Program Analyst, Student and Exchange Visitor Program, USICS,
DHS; Fayrid Ladha, Management and Program Analyst, Student and Exchange Visitor Program, USICS, DHS

Relaxation and Breath Techniques for Stress Reduction                         Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
This session introduces a variety of different relaxation techniques, all related to breath control, and which have
their foundations in ancient Asian and indigenous cultural, spiritual, and medical practices. Participants learn
effective, practical and simple exercises that can be done in an office or nearly any setting to help de-stress, lower
the blood pressure, focus and calm the mind.
Chair/Presenter: Martha Staff, University of Hawaii at Manoa/International Student Services

Increasing Study Abroad's Impact on Student Success:                                     Room: Market
Data and Strategies for Staff and Faculty                                                EA, TLS, IEL
Study abroad has been recognized as a high impact activity supporting international learning, engagement,
retention and success. This session provides some of the data supporting this impact as well as strategies that
staff and faculty can use to increase the impact of study abroad on retention and success in college.
Chair: Gary Rhodes, Center for Global Education, UCLA
Presenters: Rosalind Raby, California Colleges for International Education, Jessica Luchesi, University of San
Diego, Katie Roller, Marymount College of Palos Verdes, Katie Calvert, Center for Global Education, UCLA

J-1 Scholar Overview for F-1 Student Advisors               ISSS                           Room: Winchester
This session focuses on giving a practical overview for advisors who work with F-1 students and want a better
understanding of the J-1 scholars status. The session covers regulations for J-1 scholars and their families who
also want to study, including when it may be best to change to F-1 status. In addition, presenters offer tips on
advising F-1 students who may be interested in changing to a J-1 scholar status, including the advantages and
disadvantages of using a J-1.
Chair: Margaret Hellwarth, University of California, Davis
Presenter: Simone Kueltz, SISS, University of California, Davis

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? How Not to be Overwhelmed by Credentials from Germany and Austria
                                                           RAP, EA, ISSS                 Room: San Carlos
The educational systems of Germany and Austria are rich and yet bewildering, in large part due to the complex
vocational and technical offerings which they also have. This session demystifies those areas of confusion, by
breaking down the educational pathways and terminology. Recent reforms and sample credentials are also
Chair: Emily Tse, International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
Presenter: Andrej Molchan, International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

India Beyond Recruitment Fairs: Market Trends, Best Practices, and Opportunities                   Room: Plaza
In developing a recruitment strategy for competitive markets such as India, institutions increasingly need to go
beyond traditional efforts in order to differentiate themselves. This session explores how broader, strategic
institutional engagement can drive and support student recruitment initiatives in India. Research findings
regarding current institutional engagement with India and future opportunities are also discussed.
Chair: Jennifer Brook, Hawai'i Pacific University
Presenters: Jon Weller/Charlie Schwartz, University of Cincinnati, Swaraj Nandan, KIC University

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , 11:00 am-12:15 pm
USCIS Hot Topics             Regulatory                        Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
This panel discussion addresses current USCIS developments, including ELIS implementation and Deferred
Action with the USCIS.
Chair: Brian Groves, University of California San Francisco
Presenters: Kathy Grzegorek, Stone & Grzegorek LLP, USCIS Representative TBD, United States Citizenship
and Immigration Service, DHS

U.S. Government Initiatives to Promote U.S. Higher Education Overseas
                                                      RAP, ISSS             Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
The U.S. Commercial Service’s worldwide network of education experts will help you recruit international
students; connect with high school counselors and potential partner universities. Come learn about the initiative with the broad purpose to connect international students and professionals with
quality education and training options in California.
Chair: Gabriela Zelaya, U.S. Commercial Service
Presenters: Douglas Wallace, U.S. Commercial Service - San Francisco, Cindy Ma, U.S. Commercial Service -
Oakland, Chris Damm, U.S. Commercial Service - Monterey, Maura Kawai, U.S. Commercial Service - West Los

Supporting Student Health and Safety for Study Abroad:                                  Room: Market
Alcohol and Sexual Harassment and Assault Awareness and Support Resources EA, IEL
Although study abroad can be one of the most positive experiences for a college or university students, health
and safety challenges can undermine the success of the study abroad experience. Presenters provide
background information, resources and strategies for pre-departure and on-site support for support students,
faculty, and staff.
Chair: Gary Rhodes, Center for Global Education at UCLA
Presenters: Ines DeRomana, University of California Education Abroad Program, Leo Van Cleve, California
State University, Office of International Programs

Survival on the Moon: Team Building as a Tool in Problem Solving and Planning
                                       ISSS, EA, RAP, IEL                                    Room: San Carlos
Participants face a simulated challenge of surviving on the moon. Individual and group performance are reviewed
in terms of increasing or decreasing the probability of survival. Application of results is made to working within an
international education office and in promoting international education for the institution as a whole.
Chair/Presenter: Ray Allen, University of Hawaii at Manoa

You're Hired!                        Pan-NAFSA, EA, ISSS, IEL                           Room: Winchester
Want to switch, broaden, advance your career path in international education? Bring your resume...Look through
the management lens! Do you make hiring decisions? Add to your interview toolkit
Chair: Diane E. Elton, Diversity Abroad Advisory Board
Presenters: Margaret E. Hellwarth, ISS, University of California, Davis,
NAFSA National Board and National Staff Representatives TBD

IELTS in the US and Beyond: A Truly Global Experience                 RAP, ISSS                      Room: Plaza
IELTS is a test of “international English” that is increasingly used as proof of English proficiency among US
universities, and this session highlights ways IELTS can benefit your recruitment efforts. Participants have the
opportunity to view test samples, identify fraudulent test results, download IELTS scores electronically, and review
new security enhancements.
Chair/Presenter: Amy Carter, IELTS USA

Diffusing Tension in the International Student Office               IEL, ISSS, RAP          Room: University
We are constantly evolving to better meet the needs of not only our students, but also our staff. This presentation
analyzes the communication issues that arise in a multi-cultural office setting and offers strategies to diffuse
tension among directors and staff in the workplace to better enjoy our jobs.
Chair: Jim Scofield, ELS/San Diego
Presenter: Ann Marie Groffner, ELS/San Diego
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , 1:45 pm-3:00 pm

Customs and Border Protection: Getting In, Getting Through and Moving On
                                      Regulatory, ISSS                     Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
This session is a panel discussion with Customs and Border Protection officers from the Port of San Francisco.
Presenters discuss the latest issues in student and scholar travel from a Customs and Border Protection
perspective. The session will feature a topical discussion of PoE issues led by the moderator and then a question
and answer session follows.
Chair: Brian Groves, University of California San Francisco
Presenters: Officer M. McGarrity, Customs and Border Protection, DHS, Officer Paul Chien, Customs and Border
Protection, DHS, Officer Tanai Saefong, Customs and Border Protection, DHS, Kathy Sheck, Stanford University

Working with Difficult Students       Pan-NAFSA, EA, ISSS, RAP            Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
Students are generally pleasant to work with, but sometimes we encounter that difficult personality. This session
provides a toolbox for working with students who may be aggressive, entitled, rude, or screaming. You don't have to
take that negativity home or become hardened, and you can create a positive working relationship with that student.
Chair: Ryan Larsen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Presenters: Denise Kinsella, Santa Monica College, Jack Hobson, Loyola Marymount University

Ethical Considerations for Health-Related International Opportunities Undergraduate and Pre-Clinical
Students                                     EA,TLS, IEL                                   Room: Market
Globalization is expanding into health sciences education. Students must navigate the obscure boundary between
‘service and learning’. Experts in educational ethics remind us that 'good intentions are not enough.' An increasing
body of knowledge regarding ethical standards exists for students and institutions providing international
placements. Case presentations highlight key challenges.
Chair/Presenter: Evaleen Jones, MD, Stanford University/Child Family Health International

From Creating to Establishing a Successful Peer Mentor Program            ISSS, EA        Room: San Carlos
An analytical look at the creation and implementation of a peer mentor program based on best practices; including
integrating international students with American students, and promoting intercultural communication. Learn what
elements comprise a successful program, steps for future growth, and ensuring the satisfaction of the students it
Chair/Presenter: Hannah Reese, University of California, San Diego

Facebook, Facebook Plugins, Google Docs, Analytics & YOU - Nuts & Bolts                  Room: Winchester
                                                                                         Pan-NAFSA, EA
Do you have Facebook page but want to take it to the next level? Are you looking for ways to become more self-
sufficient and to streamline your internal & external processes with the imbedded use of Google Docs, Maps &
Plugins? Hear from the administrator of the following pages and build a new page together during the conference
session: & &
Chair: Marisa Thigpen, Sonoma State University
Presenters: Leslie Harlson, DAAD, Greg Spencer, Google

When the Application Includes an Audition or Portfolio:                                                 Room: Plaza
Advising International Arts Students on Admission                                               RAP, ISSS
International students make up an important part of the student body in arts programs across the country and
their numbers are growing. This session addresses specific issues involved with recruiting and admitting
international students including a timeline that differs from that of the traditional international student.
Chairs and presenters: Molly Ryan, CalArts, Kathleen Tesar, The Colburn School, P J Woolston, University of
Southern California, Thornton School of Music

Effective Strategies for Increasing Student Participation in Study Abroad                  Room: University
                                                                                           TLS, EA, TLS
This session discusses some surprising findings from a recent study that explored factors that lead to student
participation in study abroad. Presenters share strategies from these findings that increase the number of
students who study abroad, while restoring a sense of calm to your office.
Chair: Lisa Loberg, California Lutheran University
Presenters: Frank Serna, Point Loma Nazarene University, Maria D. Flores, Saint Mary's College of California,
Karen Eisenhut, CIS - Center for International Studies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , 3:30 pm-4:45 pm

Deferred Action - Almost a “DREAM” (Act) Come True                           Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
                                                                             ISSS; Regulatory
This session covers the recently enacted Presidential directive and addresses the USCIS process for individuals
wishing to apply for deferred action. Issues covered include: a summary of Deferred Action; the criteria and the
application process; current and future pitfalls for applicants; and the impact on financial aid/residency.
Chair: Bernard Wolfsdorf, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group
Presenters: Avi Friedman, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group, DHS Representatives TBD

Challenging the Myths of Diversity and Study Abroad                 EA, TLS       Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
The field of study abroad has long sought to define barriers to access for under-served students. Recent research
challenges this approach by proposing a dramatic rethinking of myths like the popular 5 Fs. Specifically, time/ space
stamps might reinforce, rather than eliminate stereotypes and shield effective means to address equity issues.
Chair: Rosalind Latiner Raby, California College for International Education (CCIE)
Presenters: David Wick, California State University, San Francisco, Tasha Willis, California State University,
Long Beach, Emily Le, UCLA

NAFSA Regulatory Resources: Role of Your Regbuds, KC ISSS Regional Liaisons, and
                                                     ISSS, Regulatory                      Room: Market
Dealing with a difficult case? Working in a one person office? New to the field? At this session, the Region XII KC
ISSS Rep and Regulatory Ombuds introduces all the resources available to help you with the decision making
process. The answers are at your fingertips!
Chair: Rebecca Sablo, KC ISSS Representative, UC Berkeley
Presenters: Kathy Shek, Student Regulatory Ombuds, Stanford University, Brian Groves, Scholar Regulatory
Ombuds, University of California San Francisco

Gilman Comes to Campus: Study Abroad and Financial Need Students                    EA      Room: San Carlos
This session highlights tactics for increasing participation in the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.
Using the example of UC Berkeley, where 37% of undergraduate students are Pell Grant-eligible, attendees
discover practical tools for Gilman recruitment while exploring how policy issues impact study abroad
participation by financial aid students.
Chair: Anthony Yuen, University of California, Berkeley
Presenters: Lauren Blum, University of California, Berkeley, Richard Hardenbrook, University of California,
Berkeley, Jane Elizabeth Thiele, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, Institute of International Education

Partnering with EducationUSA to Reach International Students               RAP            Room: Winchester
How are U.S. institutions working with EducationUSA to improve their international admissions & recruitment
efforts? This panel session looks at examples of cooperation and initiatives between colleges and the U.S.
Department of State's EducationUSA network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries.
Chair: Stephanie Niederhausen, U.S. Department of State
Presenter: Becky George, Leeward Community College

Comprehensive International Education - Are You Up to Date? Pan-NAFSA, IEL Room: Plaza
NAFSA's International Education Leadership Knowledge Community has launched a national effort to help deans,
directors, senior advisors and YOU understand and utilize CI. This session covers the definition of CI, reviews the
rationales you can use in your discussions about it, and looks at ways to participate in and/or lead cross-campus
collaboration and action to encourage CI. A short presentation is followed by guided dialog to create a working
knowledge of this important topic.
Chair: Diane E. Elton, Diversity Abroad Advisory Committee
Presenters: Wesley R. Young, SISSS, University of California, Davis,
NAFSA National Board and Staff Representatives TBD
From Online Diary to Popular Platform - Why Blogs Aren't Dead             TLS, IEL       Room: University
As the number of platforms and users increase, the blogosphere continues to become a major player in the online
world of international education. This session discusses how to set up and operate an efficient blog, how to
effectively manage and monitor content, and how to sustain a successful blog.
Chair: Tiffany Harrison,
Presenters: Julie Van Vechten-Smith, Academic Programs International (API)
Alisyn Henneck, Monterey Institute of International Studies,

Thursday, October 25, 2012 , 8:00 am-9:15 am
What Do the Leading Presidential Candidates Say About Immigration and International Education?
                                                       Pan-NAFSA                      Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
Representatives of the two leading parties for President discuss what their candidate says about immigration and
the role of international education. What is their position on legalization of the undocumented and students who
were brought here years ago and attended college? How can we keep the best and brightest" with STEM
degrees? What can we do to have more U.S. students study abroad? Does the candidate value an international
perspective? "
Chair: Adam Green, Immigration Attorney
Presenter: Marjory Gooding, CalTech

F-1 Student Advising Issues Roundtable                ISSS, RAP            Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
The round table session is designed so that participants can discuss a variety of student immigration advising
issues with colleagues. Each group focuses on a different issue (CPT, OPT, change of status, reinstatement,
transfer) and is led by an experienced/expert advisor. Participants move from group to group. This session works
well for all size schools and advisors of varying levels of experience.
Chair: Louis Gecenok, San Jose State University
Presenters: Arthur Levine, Foothill College
Brenda Austrie-Cannaday, San Jose State University
Alejandra Lizardo, San Jose State University
James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr. California State University, Chico
Theresa Estrada, University of California, Berkeley

What’s Your Story? Making the Argument for International Education                         Room: Market
Region XII Advocacy Day attendees learned the power of stories to influence federal policy. Join this session to
identify and practice stories that you can use to influence policy and practice. Attendees walk away with strategies
for turning stories from their office in to powerful advocacy tools.
Chair: David Wick, San Francisco State University
Presenters: Laura Flower Kim, CalTech, Edwin Cahill, Pepperdine University, Roger Fong, ELS Language

Education Abroad Hot Topic: Visa Updates for France, Italy, Spain and UK                  Room: San Carlos
                                                                                          EA, Regulatory
Do you advise students needing a visa for their study abroad program? This session focuses on up to the minute
information for France, Italy, Spain and the UK as well as explores best practices for education abroad offices.
Chair: Telisa Gunter, University of California, Merced
Presenters: Bridget Donoghue-Vornholt, Arcadia University
Noah Kuchins, San Francisco State University

Why Your Students Need to Go to China: An Analysis and Discussion of the Key Issues
                                                            Pan-NAFSA                       Room: Winchester
This session examines the common issues facing institutions considering implementing or working with a China
Internship Program. From reconciling political viewpoints to practical and logistical, concerns, we expect a lively
discussion from participants, whether they are currently operating a China program or are considering developing
Chair: Edward Holroyd Pearce, CRCC Asia
Presenter: Jill Richardson, CRCC Asia
Help International Students Fund Their Education           ISSS, TLS                      Room: Plaza
Financing an international education can be expensive and resources limited. Explore budgeting and financial aid
including: *what funds are considered during the visa process *scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans * how
to help students support themselves by understanding the true cost of their education, budgeting, and CPT/OPT *
ways your institution can help bridge the gap.
Chair: Jennifer D. Frankel,
Presenter: Nassef Girgis, Long Beach City College

Holistic Community College International Education Programs                                Room: University
                                                                     Pan-NAFSA, EA, ISSS, RAP, TLS, IEL
Several California community colleges are no longer supporting offices and programs that have a singular focus.
Instead, a multi-purpose office is being created that views international education as a holistic entity which unites
multiple international education programs. Not only does the holistic connection serve the students, but results in
an increased presence that translates to advocacy.
Chair: Rosalind Latiner Raby, California Colleges for International Education (CCIE)
Presenters: Barbara St. Urbain, Yosemite Community College District, Claudia Acosta, College of the Canyons,
Anna Zagorska, Cabrillo College, Darren Grosch, Los Angeles Southwest College

Thursday, October 25, 2012 , 12:00 pm-1:15 pm
Non-Immigrant Visa Processing: A Consular Update                          Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
An update on non-immigrant visa applications at U.S. Consular Posts for students & faculty including practical
tips, advice, and travel strategies. Presenters also cover TCN border processing at posts in Mexico and Canada,
an overview of security checks, administrative processing, and how to prepare to avoid delays.
Chair: Avi Friedman, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group
Presenters: Marjory Gooding, California Institute of Technology, David Ware, David Ware & Associates, Virginia
Ramadan, Consul/Visa Chief, U.S. Embassy in Mexico City

Study Abroad Course Design 101             EA, IEL                        Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
This workshop will focus on developing course content, structure, and flow for faculty seeking to design their own
domestic or abroad global education course. Discussion during this workshop will be centered on Program
Components, Logistics, and Curriculum.
Chair/Presenter: Darren Grosch, Otis College of Art & Design

Programming to Meet the Needs of International Students & Scholars                         Room: San Carlos
                                                                                           ISSS, RAP
Programming at international student and scholar offices is housed within a variety of job descriptions depending
on staff levels and institutional demands. This session looks at how programming responsibilities are managed
and programming needs identified at various sized offices. Participants will leave with a toolkit of programming
ideas and strategies for working with key campus collaborators and student leaders.
Chair: Amy Griggs, University of California, Berkeley
Presenters: Holly Nigorizawa, UC Santa Cruz

In An Age of Budget Cuts, Using Your Alumni to Fill In the Gaps                       Room: Winchester
                                                                                      EA, RAP, Pan-NAFSA
They're full of energy. They're fresh off the return flight. And they're cheap! As the economy causes slashes in
university budgets, study abroad offices must get creative when filling in the holes left by The Great Recession.
Leaning on your wonderful alumni is a great way to supplement your office workforce and train the next wave of
international educators.
Chair: Andrew Bennett, International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Presenters: Frank Serna, Point Loma Nazarene University, LaSharon McLean Perez, UC Riverside,
Lisa Loberg, California Lutheran University

How to Find and Keep Quality Host Families on a Shoestring Budget                  RAP, ISSS      Room: Plaza
This session gives tried and true techniques on how to find quality host families with an extremely limited budget
(including using social media methods). Also included is how to maintain quality host families once they have
joined your institution or organization and how to maintain a rewarding and enriching experience for all involved.
Chair: Roger Fong, ELS Language Centers Honolulu
Presenters: Ashlee Milby, ELS Language Centers Thousand Oaks, Denica Maravilla, ELS Language Centers
Thousand Oaks

Paperless Application Process: Best Practice                 RAP, ISSS, IEL               Room: University
Come learn how Santa Monica College and UC San Diego developed paperless application and I-20 / DS-2019
request processes, including an on-line application that feeds student-entered information directly to the campus
database, FSA Atlas and ultimately to SEVIS. This process is saving trees and making very efficient use of limited
resources, while also providing an application platform that our technologically minded students are comfortable
using. The programmer co-presents.
Chair: Denise Kinsella, Santa Monica College
Presenters: Fai Fong, Santa Monica College, Tricia Chan Schueler, UCSD

Thursday, October 25, 2012 , 1:30 pm-2:45 pm

The Immigration Consequences of Criminal                                    Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
Activity Committed by F-1 Students and J-1 Scholars                         ISSS
An overview of the immigration consequences of criminal activity including the issues of inadmissibility and
removability, criminal procedures after an arrest, consequences of failure to maintain status/overstays, and DSO
reporting requirements for criminal conduct. Presenters also discuss strategies for remedies and the non-
immigrant waiver process.
Chair: Bernard Wolfsdorf, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group
Presenters: Siamak (Sam) Nahidi, UCLA, Avi Friedman, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group, DOS
U.S. Consular Officer and Department of State Representative TBD

Victims on Campus: What Advisors Need to Know about Domestic Violence, VAWA, U and T Visas Room:
                                              ISSS, RAP, Regulatory                          Almaden Ballroom 2
General overview of benefits available to nonimmigrant victims of domestic violence, and consequences of DV-
related convictions is presented in this session. It also covers current status of Violence Against Women Act for
non citizens, and describes benefits available for victims of serious crimes and human trafficking. How to deal
with best practices in advising victims and the accused? This session intends to equip the student/scholar/faculty
advisor to deal with these increasingly common scenarios.
Chair: David Ware, Ware|Gasparian, LLC, attorneys at law
Presenters: Martha Staff, University of Hawai'i, Manoa

Scholar to Scholar Roundtable                                                              Room: Market
This session is an opportunity for scholar advisers to discuss scholar issues an informal roundtable format. A
presenter leads mini-group discussions on relevant scholar issues such as J-1 visas, employment visas and
permanent residence in short, timed sessions. Participants can then move from subject to subject to suit their
interest. This format is a great way to learn about issues that most affect your advising.
Chair: Brian Groves, University of California San Francisco
Presenters: Sook Hollingshead, University of California, Berkeley

It's a Big World, Where Do I Start?                                                        Room: San Carlos
Learn how to ensure that your trip will truly benefit your students. From conception to destinations that
complement the curriculum, to logistics that support the trip. This session reviews each step that needs to be
addressed by the organizer to emerge from a vision to a reality.
Chair: Pamela Harding, Go-today
Presenter: Jack Hobson, Loyola Marymount University

Making the Transition from Student to Employee in Silicon Valley                   Room: Winchester
                                                                                   ISSS, TLS, IEL
What makes international students marketable and attractive to businesses in the tech sector? How can students
best prepare for the interview and for their first year of employment? What cultural adaptations do
students/managers need to make during that important first year? How do tech companies attract top candidates?
This session addresses these questions.
Chair: Lisa Harris, Palo Alto University
Presenters: Marjory Gooding, California Institute of Technology, Kathleen Grzegorek, Stone & Grzegorek LLP
Rachel Haas, HR Business Partner, Alcatel-Lucent, IP Division

Partnerships in Sponsored Student Programming: Focus on the Fulbright Program RAP Room: Plaza
This session provides university staff and advisors who work with Fulbright Foreign grantees an opportunity to
meet with regional Fulbright members and learn more about the complexities of the Fulbright program—the
administration and partnerships—and recent changes to the program in an effort to increase diversity.
Chair: Tom Koerber, Institute of International Education
Presenter: Laurie Stevens, Institute of International Education

Key Components of Internship Abroad Programs: What You Should Look for in an Internship Provider
                                                                                     EA      Room: University
The number of students seeking internships abroad is growing every year, along with the number of providers.
This session explores what students and study abroad offices should look for in an organization that provides
internships abroad. The session reflects on quality indicators that are essential for an effective internship
Chair: Elena Villaescusa, Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE)
Presenter: LaSharon McLean Perez, University of California, Riverside

Thursday, October 25, 2012, 2:45 pm
Poster Sessions                                                                               Room: Santa Clara

Using Technology to Increase Participation in Student Activities                               ISSS, RAP
Extra-curricular activities enrich student life and help students build friendships and memories that will last a
lifetime. It can also be challenging to increase student participation when there is little to no interest. This poster
session recommends ways to increase student participation in activities programs using social networking,
blogging, video, and other various technology resources.
Chair/Presenter: Denica Maravilla, ELS Language Centers, Thousand Oaks

Career Workshop: Capitalizing on Study Abroad                                               EA
The Career Workshop: Capitalizing on Study Abroad" poster illustrates a model for a 90 minute re-entry workshop
that helps study abroad alumni identify and articulate job skills from studying overseas in a cover letter
Chair/Presenter: Janelle Waldrep

Student Activities: The Spirit of an IEP                                               RAP, ISSS, RAP
Various student activities and programming help IEP student interact and learn more about American culture. This
poster shows one IEP's approach to student activities.
Chair/Presenter: Jade Law, International Gateways at San Jose State University

Building Meaningful Cross-Cultural Connections Using                Pan-NAFSA
To educate the NAFSA community about the numerous advantages of being involved with
as an avenue for cultural understanding, post-arrival accommodation and community outreach.
Chair: Katherine Murrin, Language Systems International
Presenter: Kelley Cobb, UCLA

Practicing Global Citizenry                                                                      Pan-NAFSA
Our global classrooms provide the opportunity for students to grow into the language as well as to mature and
participate in global citizenry. The session illustrates an integrated skills unit on conflict resolution and student
responses. Access to the bibliography and resources are made available online post-conference
Chair/Presenter: Sharyn Moore, ELS Language Center

Adapting to National Curriculum When Recruiting in India & Sri Lanka                     RAP, EA
Discover how Hawai’i Pacific University has adapted to India and Sri Lanka’s national curricula in recruitment and
admission decisions. Focusing on English waivers, participants discuss the use of alternative evidence of English
proficiency in relation to students’ outcomes in university-level courses. Future initiatives in these markets will also
be discussed.
Chair: Jennifer Brook, Hawai'i Pacific University
Presenters: Lindsey Garbenis, Hawai'i Pacific University

How to Make Social Media Work for You                                                              EA
Abstract: Social media tips and benefits from the perspective of a study abroad office, a provider, and an online
marketing firm that will assist international educators in developing a successful social media presence.
Objectives Learned: International educators are able to identify fundamental aspects of each of the most widely
used social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. They see examples of how
social media campaigns can drive traffic and generate leads. Additional take-aways include getting an inside look
at how to use social media from varying perspectives.
Chair: Kayla Patterson,
Presenters: Amber Kettmann, CISabroad, Jonathan Miers,

Thursday, October 25, 2012, 4:15 pm-5:30 pm

English as a Second Language for Graduate Students and Professional Researchers
                                                     TLS, Pan-NAFSA                Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
Participants will gain knowledge of two successful English language programs designed specifically for UC
Berkeley international graduate students, postdocs, visiting scholars and their spouses/partners. “Speak Up!” is a
program that offers conversation and pronunciation opportunities in more informal English while “English Works
for You” is another program that provides instruction on giving professional presentations geared toward scientists
and academics. Come learn how your school can start up this valuable programming with minimal cost.
Chair: Sam Castaneda, Director, Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program, University of Callifornia, Berkeley
Presenters: Brenda Robati, President, The Language Company, Emma Batten-Bowman, Academic Coordinator,
The Language Company-Berkeley

Your Worst Nightmare: Steps to Take After an Arrest                          Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
Finding and Communicating with the Detainee                                  ISSS
Presenters outline best practices in the event of an arrest of student or scholar, including determining whether
arrest criminal or immigration, ICE "holds", finding and communicating with the detainee, bond procedures,
communicating with relatives and public information office, possible effects of criminal conviction, overview of
removal (deportation) proceedings, effect of arrest on enrollment/employment, collaborating with criminal or
immigration counsel.
Chair: David Ware, Ware|Gasparian, LLC
Presenters: Jan Keiser, University of Nevada Las Vegas, DHS Representative(s) TBD

Intercultural Communication Basics                   TLS, ISSS                     Room: Market
The facilitator engages participants in the basic concepts of intercultural communication, including interactive
exercises and discussion. This is based on a workshop targeting international students as well as students going
or returning from abroad.
Chair/Presenter: Moira Delgado, University of California Davis

International Students at Community Colleges: How Are Their Needs Being Met?
                                                             ISSS, IEL                     Room: San Carlos
International students look to community colleges as a stepping stone to an education that might otherwise be
beyond their reach. They are attracted by the lower tuition costs, guaranteed transfer to a four-year university,
and the variety of locations. This study examines the experience of international students at community colleges
and explores how their needs are being met.
Chair/Presenter: Bernadette Anayah, Folsom Lake College

Starting a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program                       ISSS, EA, RAP, IEL             Room: Winchester

Is your institution interested in hosting J-1 Exchange Visitors (students/researchers/professors)? This session
provides an overview of the benefits of becoming a J-1 host institution, the U.S. Department of State’s application
process, program parameters, reporting mechanisms and day to day best practices. Attending this session gives
you a good foundation to begin a conversation with your institution.
Chair: Lisa Harris, Palo Alto University
Presenter: Gloria Law, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

What it Takes to Connect with Chinese Students Online                    RAP             Room: Plaza
Google and Facebook are irrelevant in China. Learn best practices and methods to connect with Chinese
students online through search engines, social media and your website in an effort to boost your recruiting efforts.
What steps do you need to take to reach out to them on the web?
Chair: Don Sears, Envisage International
Presenter: Bryanna Lindblom, International Student Insurance

Administrators' responses to Satisfying and Dissatisfying Events in Work
                                                     IEL, ISSS, TLS                      Room: University
How do Administrators in the International Office stay motivated? This presentation reveals the emotional
responses to satisfying and dissatisfying events work over the course of two months. Results from the survey
reveal the complex reactions we face and identify areas to maintain a healthy perspective.
Chair: Mackenzie Bristow, ELS La Verne
Presenter: Julie Corson, ELS Santa Monica

Friday, October 26, 2012 , 8:30 am-9:45 am

Beyond the F-1: How Can Students Remain in the U.S. After They Graduate?
                                                                   ISSS         Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
International Student Advisors are often bombarded with questions from students who wish to remain in the U.S.
beyond the end of their OPT. This presentation provides a broad, general understanding of the issues affecting
these students, including: *What are the basic requirements for an H-1B visa? *How far in advance of the
expiration of OPT should students seek out H-1B sponsorship? *What is the current situation with H-1B numbers"
for undergraduate and graduate students? *What are some alternatives to the H-1B visa? *On what basis can a
student obtain a green card? *What are the basic requirements for employment-based green cards?"
Chair: Charina P. Garcia, CPG Immigration Law Group
Presenter: Melissa Harms, Law Offices of Melissa Harms

Establishing Group Culture                                   IEL, EA               Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
This workshop looks at establishing and maintaining a productive group culture to get the must from students
while they are abroad. The session starts by looking at the instructor as the center point for establishing the group
culture, and finally the student group. The session also touches on Bruce Tuckman's four linear stages (forming,
storming, norming, and performing) that a group goes through in its unitary sequence of decision making.
Chair: Darren Grosch, Otis College of Art & Design
Presenter: Lindsey Ludwig

Getting Involved in NAFSA                              Pan-NAFSA                            Room: San Carlos
This session examines the benefits of volunteering in NAFSA, the areas where newcomers, mid-level managers
and seasoned professionals can share their talents within the organization, the expectations of the leadership
positions, and the use of Profile of Interest, Experience, and Expertise (PIEE). There is time for questions at the
end of the session.
Chair: Junko Pierry, Stanford University
Presenter: Ryan Larsen, Region XII Chair, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Facing the Education Abroad Challenges of Community Colleges            EA             Room: Winchester
Education Abroad at the community college level poses unique challenges and opportunities, not the least among
them being academic, economic, and programmatic issues. Overcoming these challenges requires collaboration
among many stakeholders. Join this panel of CC EA representatives and study abroad providers for an interactive
discussion on addressing these challenges.
Chair: Susan Atkins, Institutional Relations Manager, West Coast for CAPA International Education
Presenters: Steve Jacques, Leeward Community College - University of Hawaii
Jane Elizabeth Thiele, Institute of International Education
Silicon Valley: A valley of Brilliance & Dreams            All                              Room: University
What makes Silicon Valley’s successful? Come hear how Silicon Valley operates, it history and achievements all
the way from when it was a valley of orchards, to the defense era, to Silicon (Intel) to Systems (Apple) to Software
(Oracle/Adobe) and now to the Internet (Google) and Social Media (Facebook) era.
Chair/Presenter: Shanker Munshani, ACREVS (Academic & Credential Records, Evaluation & Verification

Friday, October 26, 2012 , 10:15 am-11:30 am

Family Based Immigration and Adjustment of Status ISSS                     Room: Almaden Ballroom 1
This session focuses on family based immigration and provides a basic understanding of immigrant visas and
non-immigrant visas available to immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. The session
provides an overview of immigrant visa preference categories, the visa bulletin, adjustment of status, consular
processing and citizenship. The session also highlights issues related to F-1/J-1 visa holders during the
permanent residency process.
Chair: Charina P. Garcia, CPG Immigration Law
Presenter: Melissa Harms, Law Offices of Melissa Harms

Life Skills Through Yoga                            ISSS, TLS               Room: Almaden Ballroom 2
Yoga is a way to help students and scholars learn to more effectively navigate situations in their academic,
professional and personal lives. This session includes the various themes Moira incorporates into yoga, focusing
on the needs of international students. Optional: sample all-level yoga class with detailed instructions for
beginners. If possible, please bring yoga mat or towel and wear exercise clothing, preferably no shorts.
Chair/Presenter: Moira Delgado, UC Davis, Services for International Students & Scholars

To Orient Is To Retain / How Retention Starts with Orientation            ISSS           Room: San Carlos
International students often find themselves in predicaments due to idiosyncratic, non-academic factors interfering
with their academic performance. This session discusses strategies to help students orientate and integrate
themselves on campus to aid in their overall retention on campus. Presenter discusses key points to deliver
during orientation and programming geared to develop an on-campus community that will enhance their social
and academic networks.
Chair: Catherine Berberich, University of California Davis
Presenter: Christine Daniels, Musicians Institute

Academics and Education Abroad: Advising, Approvals and Articulations EA                 Room: Winchester
Finding a study abroad program with a good academic fit and approved courses can be difficult process and
deciding factor for many students when determining if and where they will study abroad. This session discusses
academic advising and course approval in EA, and explores different perspectives on these processes.
Chair: Travis Pentz, San Diego State University
Presenters: Lisa Loberg, California Lutheran University, Kati Anderson Bell, Dominican University of California,
Skylar Lowe, Loyola Marymount University, Rod Harris, Study Abroad Italy

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