Arthurs_Pet_Business by xiaopangnv


									                                   Arthur’s Pet Business
                                          Marc Brown

Book Description:

      Arthur decides to open his own pet business.

Academic Objective:

      ELA1W1a: The student begins to demonstrate competency in the writing process. The
       student will write texts of a length appropriate to address a topic and tell a story.

Brilliant Star Objective:

      Work/Career: Students will be able to express the importance of work ethics and using
       personal talents.

Readability Level: 2.4

Vocabulary: Words that may need to be addressed before teaching: ad, angry, right, unfriendly,
trouble, wreck, business, schedule, deal, parsley

Introduction: Questions to ask before reading:

      Do you have a pet? What is it? What is its name?
      What type of things might people do who own a pet business?
      How much do you think Arthur might charge?
      Do you think Arthur would be able to run a business?

Questions during reading:

      Why did Arthur want to start a pet business?
      Do you think Arthur will be able to handle all of the pets at one time?
      Did Arthur make any money?

Follow-up activities

      Imagine you are going on vacation, and Arthur is going to take care of your real or
       imaginary pet. Write a short paragraph explaining what he needs to do look after your
      Present math lesson on coins and money.
      Present science lesson.
      Present social studies lesson.
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