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					                                                                                                 Michael Ryvin
                                                                                220 Sansome Street, 12th Floor
                                                                                      San Francisco, CA 94104
                                                                                    Telephone (415) 765-0679
                                                                                          Fax (415) 358-4928

TN Management Consultant Questionnaire Employer
Please complete all fields below and return this form to the attention of the attorney and
paralegal handling your case via e-mail or hard copy. Please send the required documents via
scan & e-mail, fax or hard copy. Thank you.

Employer Information

1.   Legal Name of employing Entity/Company (and dba, if any shorter name):

2.   Address (include County for OES wage data research):

3.   Year Established:

4.   Federal Taxpayer ID:

5.   Employee Count: US:          Worldwide # employees, and name of parent company:

6.   Briefly describe the Company’s business:

7.   Financial Information for latest fiscal year: Reporting Year

     Gross US                                    Gross Worldwide

     Net US                                      Net Worldwide

8.   Human Resources Contact Name and Title:
     Human Resources Contact Telephone, Fax, and Email:

9.   Name and Title of Person who will sign immigration forms:

10. Billing Address, if different from above:

Prospective Consulting Position

11. Prospective job title:

12. Prospective work site:

13. Prospective Manager’s Name and Email Address:

14. Please describe the business need for the Management Consultant, ie, what particular projects or
    initiatives require the Consultant’s expertise? What is overarching goal of bringing in the Management

15. Please confirm which members of the company’s Executive/Management Team will be responsible for
    working with the Management Consultant [names and titles please]:

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16. Has the company previously used a Management Consultant to assist with the business need described
    above? If so, please explain.

17.   Proposed remuneration:

18.   Anticipated start date:

19.   Anticipated end date:

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Please include all of the following supporting documents – hard copy mail or scan to our

   1. Please provide a copy of your most recent annual report, or one or more marketing
      materials/brochures which describe the company, its products and its services.

   2. Please provide an employee organizational chart, including the company’s Executive/Management
      Team and names and titles.