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					         Barastoc Horse Of The Year Results – 2008
                                           Judge: Anne Cole
                                    Jenny Draper - Tallarook         Champion Newcomer
Led Yearling over 10.2hh                                             Dunleigh Centre Stage
1st. The Illusionist                Led Stallion 10.2hh & under      Michelle Duggan - Wallan
                                    1st. Jildon Little Jig           Res. Ch. Newcomer
Led Colt 2 & 3yrs                   2nd. Rawhiti Park Seaspray       MP Ataya Secret
1st. Windsong Joseph                                                 Rebecca Lund - Whittlesea
2nd. Del Haven Lodge Mirror Image   Led Mare 10.2hh & under
                                    1st. Rawhiti Park Bluestone      Ridden Pinto 10.2hh & under
Led Filly 2 & 3yrs                  2nd. Colvadale Gracious          1st. Colvadale Gracious
1st. Somerfield Anyanka             3rd. Pilinta Park Katrina
2nd. Shantahn Chikala               eq. Rawhiti Park Minnesota       Ridden Female Pinto under 14hh
                                                                     1st. Sherwood Quest By Design
Led Gelding 2 & 3yrs
1st. Karedon Cavalier               Led Gelding 10.2hh & under       Ridden Male Pinto under 14hh
                                    1st. Avonleigh Kye               1st. Barjack Mr Daffyd
Champion Junior Pinto
Somerfield Anyanka                  Champion Pinto 10.2hh & under    Champion Ridden under 14hh
H & E. Hartelt - Warragul           Rawhiti Park Bluestone           Sherwood Quest By Design
Res. Ch. Junior Pinto               Tee Harris - Emerald             Monica Tanian – Hazelwood Nth
Windsong Joseph                     Res. Ch. Pinto 10.2hh & under    Res. Ch. Ridden under 14hh
Kay Lewis - Tyabb                   Jildon Little Jig                Colvadale Gracious
                                    Kirsty Beattie - Teesdale        Hayley Norman - Nullawarre
Led Stallion under 14hh
No entries                          Led Colt 10.2hh & under          Ridden Female Pinto 14hh & over
                                    1st. Timarron Cottage Teddy      1st. Dunleigh Centre Stage
Led Stallion 14hh & over            2nd. Toy Image Gold Mine         2nd. Cirenta Star Painter
Both entries scratched              3rd. Calais Choc Royale          3rd. Vancouver Park Dollar Girl
Champion Stallion – n/a             Led Filly 10.2hh & under         Ridden Male Pinto 14hh & over
Res. Ch. Stallion – n/a             1st. Pentland Nardi              2nd. Tintagel Maestro

                                    Led Jnr Gelding 10.2hh & under   Champion Ridden 14hh & over
Led Mare under 14hh                                                  Dunleigh Centre Stage
1st. Sherwood Quest By Design       1st. Pentland Telstar
                                                                     Michelle Duggan - Wallan
Led Mare 14hh & over                Led Yearling 10.2hh & under
                                    1st. Pilinta Park Oliver         Res. Ch. Ridden 14hh & over
1st. Dunleigh Centre Stage                                           Cirenta Star Painter
2nd. Vancouver Park Dollar Girl     2nd. Winfield Papertole
                                                                     Grace Imrie – Belgrave Sth
3rd. MP Ataya Secret
                                    Champion Jnr 10.2hh & under      Supreme Champion Ridden Pinto
Champion Mare                       Timmaron Cottage Teddy           Sherwood Quest By Design
Sherwood Quest By Design            Helen Atherton - Langwarrin      Monica Tanian – Hazelwood Nth
Monica Tanian – Hazelwood Nth       Res. Ch. Jnr 10.2hh & under
Res. Ch. Mare                       Toy Town Gold Mine
Dunleigh Centre Stage               Kirsty Beattie - Teesdale
Michelle Duggan - Wallan
                                    Supreme Champion Led Pinto
Led Gelding under 14hh              Somerfield Anyanka
1st. Cambooya The Toff              H & E. Hartelt - Warragul
2nd. Barjack Mr Daffyd

Led Gelding 14hh & over             Ridden Newcomer 10.2hh & under
1st. Somerfield Sidewinder          No entries
2nd. Tintagel Maestro
3rd. Williams Apache                Ridden Newcomer under 14hh
                                    No entries
Champion Gelding
Cambooya The Toff                   Ridden Newcomer 14hh & over
Monica Tanian – Hazelwood Nth       1st. Dunleigh Centre Stage
                                    2nd. MP Ataya Secret
Res. Ch. Gelding                    3rd. Tintagel Maestro
Somerfield Sidewinder

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