friendship by xiaopangnv


                                               3rd-5th grade
                             CO: SWBAT discuss the meaning of friendship.
       LO: SWBAT share and answer questions in a group about friendship in a group and for the class.

                                  ASCA National Standard: Personal/Social
 Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand
                                         and respect self and others.
                                      PS-A1 Acquire Interpersonal Skills
                            PS-A1.9 Demonstrate cooperative behavior in groups
                   PS-A2.4 Recognize, accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural diversity

Small Group Work:
Provide each table with one question below.
Need all members of the group to discuss/share
Need 1 recorder/writer
Need 1 reporter/share

Write on board:
   1. One person read the discussion question to the group.
   2. Writer, write down things for the reporter to read/share to the class.

Discussion Questions:
    1. Have you ever felt left out? Share with the peers in your group how that felt like.
    2. Do friends always have to do everything together? Explain why it is a good thing for friends to not do
       everything together. For example: eat together and play together?
    3. Can your friend play with other friends? Discuss why it is a good thing for your friends to play with
       other friends.
    4. If your friend is rude/mean towards you, what should you do or say to your friend? For example:
       He/she pushes you around, says bad words to you, and yells at you?
    5. What have others done to you to show you they are friendly or want to be your friend?
    6. What have others done to show you they do not want to be your friend? How did you react?

Restate CO and LO.
Show with thumbs up or down if objective was met.

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