Foreshadowing are hints of things to come

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					Foreshadowing are hints of things to come.             The author wants to keep
you curious and questioning.

You use the clues given by the author to guess what might happen next.
As an alert, careful reader you can come up with informed predictions
about how the plot will unfold or how relationships will develop
based on this author’s subtle foreshadowing technique.

Instructions: Read the following examples of foreshadowing from chapters 1-6
and then write predictions based on each clue. Make sure you write using
complete sentences. Write two or more sentences per example. The first two
have been done for you. Submit to remise de travail, Patti McCurdy, Anglais
Enrichi, The Giver, Foreshadowing and your English group number.

Examples of foreshadowing :
   1. Lowry writes that Jonas is looking forward to receiving his Assignment.
      However, neither Jonas nor the reader knows what that Assignment will
      be. He has volunteered in many different places instead of just one.

      Prediction: You can make inferences as to the nature of his Assignment
      by looking for clues in his volunteer work and his intense curiosity. We
      can assume he will be given an interesting Assignment matching his level
      of intelligence and his versatility. He seems to be someone who wants to
      know everything and therefore his potential as the future Giver seems

   2. Jonas asks Larissa what happens when the Old are released; Larissa
      replies that no one knows except the committee.

      Prediction: The committee is hiding some unpleasant information about
      what release really is.

   3. Jonas’ father says that all of his friends were happy with their

      Prediction: -

   4. Jonas, Gabriel, and a female Five each have different, lighter eyes.

      Prediction: -

   5. Asher has no serious interests. But Jonas’ father says that the Elders will
      find exactly the right Assignment for the fun-loving Asher.
   Prediction: -

6. Jonas alone notices that an apple “changed” in mid-air.

   Prediction: -

7. Jonas, his family, and even Lily joke about sending requests for rule
   changes to the committee for study.

   Prediction: -

8. Jonas has a vivid dream about Fiona.

   Prediction: -

9. Each family member, including Lily, is required to sign a pledge not to
   become attached to Gabriel.

   Prediction: -

10. Jonas and his groupmates exchange frightening tales about those who
   join other communities or are released. These people are never heard
   from again.

   Prediction: -

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