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December 2010 - Cedar Park - Leander Independent School District


   Volume 13, Issue 2
   December 16, 2010

Cross Country
                                                 The student newspaper of Cedar Park High School

                                                   Cedar Park starts clubs of hope Harry
wins State title
    After the success of last year and the
departure of so many seniors, the boys’
cross country team looked hard pressed to
improve from last season. However, with
a determined and realistic outlook, they
climbed back to win the district and region                                                                                                                                                                   PAIgE CLEvEN
races while the girls’ team continued to                                                                                                                                                                          Imagine the iconic theme music to
improve on past performances to do the                                                                                                                                                                        Harry Potter. Is your heart beating faster?
same.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Are you getting pumped? The first part
    The boys’ team started the season                                                                                                                                                                         of the seventh installment came out in
without knowing their true capabilities.                                                                                                                                                                      theaters November 19, and fans couldn’t
An almost entirely different team took                                                                                                                                                                        have been happier.
up the challenge of trying to qualify for                                                                                                                                                                         Theaters expected huge turnouts for
state. As the season progressed, it became                                                                                                                                                                    the movie this year, with most tickets for
evident that they were going to go far.                                                                                                                                                                       midnight showings sold out after just a
    “We knew what we had to do to [in                                                                                                                                                                         week. Fans didn’t disappoint when they
training] and we knew if we ran the way                                                                                                                                                                       turned out in droves to be the first to see the
we wanted to we’d win races in the end,”                                                                                                                                                                      first installment of Harry Potter and the
Miles Pierce, senior, said.                                                                                                                                                                                   Deathly Hallows. With such a big crowd,
    After winning all of their races they                                                                                                                                                                     mayhem ensued, namely in the form of
went into district with a confident air.                                                                                                                                                                      costume battles. The intricately woven
With a plan to go easy and let the other                                                                                                                                                                      world of Harry Potter has created for us
teams lead, they capitalized on a slow                                                                                                                                                                        a myriad of fantastical outfits to wear and
start to take first place led by Weston                                                                                                                                                                       show off HP fan pride. When asked about
O’Donnell, senior, who outran vista                                                                                                                                                                           costumes from midnight showings past,
Ridge’s Aurelio Silva to win. Following                                                                                                                                                                       Chelsea Hollenbeck, senior, had some
their dominant performance at district, the                                                                                                                                                                   great ideas.
T-Wolves faced a stiffer test in the region                                                                                                                                                                        “[People could be] golden Snitches,
meet where they faced off against vista                                                                                                                                                                       in golden leggings and wings. I’ve never
Ridge, Smithson valley and last year’s                                                                                                                                                                        seen Hedwig, but that would be cool, to
national champions, Boerne Champion.                                                                                                                                                                          dress in all white and maybe wear a scarf,”
Once again the team rose to the challenge.                                                                                                                                                                    Hollenbeck said.
Running the full squad for only the second                                                                                                                                                                        A major concern of audiences is
time this season, they won comfortably;                                                                                                                                                                       whether the movie stays true to the book.
finishing 54 points clear of second place                                                                                                                                                                     The reason behind cutting The Deathly
vista Ridge.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hallows into two parts was to make it
    “[It was] very exciting; a good                                                                                                                                                                           possible to include as many details from
confidence booster,” James McIlwain,                                                                                                                                                                          the book as possible.
sophomore, said, “We were in a tough                                                                                                                                photo by Hannah Jane DeCiutiis                “I know a lot of people who watch
region and it made a big statement. It was         Allie Rollins, Mallory Robertson and Brianna Goulet, seniors, discuss a No Place For Hate event during a scheduling meeting December 9. No Place
                                                                                                                                                                                                              the movies are fans of the books,” Justin
a reassurance that we could do well in             For Hate is planning events to have throughout the second semester at Cedar Park, including a themed week of dress up days, an after school book           Marcelo, sophomore, said. “It was a
state.”                                            reading and a hallway decorating event where students sign an anti-defamation petition.                                                                    good idea to split the movie in two parts.
    That race lead the team to a spot                                                                                                                                                                         It allows the filmmakers to tell the story
as favorites to win the 4A state meet              JARED MADDOX                                         “The goal,” Barrientes said, “is to          no matter what their ethnicity, religion,                more in depth. The length of the movie
November 13 after knocking out last                   The news is rampant with stories               really embrace, appreciate, and celebrate       or sexual orientation. Some events will                  will be pretty proportional to how the
year’s state and national winners, Boerne          of harassment and statistics on rising            diversity.”                                     occur during school in which everyone                    books are.”
Champion.                                          bullying in schools and online. No level             No matter who a person is surrounded         can participate and other will take place                    Attendance of the midnight premiere
    The girls’ team has also impressed             of education, elementary through college,         by, No Place for Hate wants to encourage        outside of school hours involving certain                was also a concern as it was scheduled
this year. After losing a promising group          is immune to the effects of intolerance,          a higher level of respect and a greater         students.                                                to premier on a school night, possibly
of freshmen to the new vandegrift High             prejudice and ignorance which are                 acceptance for those people.                          “The school is going to have a                     resulting in smaller turnouts than if it
School, the team got a shot in the arm last        the seeds of bullying. In response to                  Mallory Robertson, senior at Cedar         multicultural dress up week,” Barrientes                 had been on a Friday or Saturday night.
year with a large new group of freshmen.           this growing issue many schools have              Park, has taken initiative to help in this      said. “We will also have a multicultural                 However, avid HP fans weren’t deterred.
Now sophomores, this group has really              scrambled for ways to ensure their                effort by promoting No Place for Hate as        fair in which students will read a part of a                 “The fact that it is a school day will
improved.                                          students’ safety. Cedar Park has found            the group’s student leader.                     book in twenty-nine different languages.”                not keep anyone from going. Everyone
    “After district last year, Coach [Sheard]      its own answer to society’s mounting                 “I think No Place for Hate will have             A local group with a similar purpose                 will go—it is a culture phenomenon,”
showed us a virtual meet [with people’s            intolerance with the establishment of new         a good impact because people will better        has also been introduced to CPHS this                    Hollenbeck said.
personal bests] on the computer showing            student organizations. Clubs like Random          recognize cultural differences of other         school year. Random Acts of Kindness,                        The mood at the Lakeline Mall Cinema
how good we could be,” Brianna Menard,             Acts of Kindness and No Place For Hate            people,” Robertson said.                        also known as RAK club, has been created                 at midnight November 18 was very
sophomore, said, “That really motivated            are helping to make Cedar Park a more                Many schools throughout the United           in an attempt to transform the atmosphere                relaxed; organized lines and comfortably
us to train well and we focused on that.”          accepting place for all people.                   States support this organization and Cedar      of the high school and the community                     filled theaters prevailed over the chaotic
    At district, the team went hunting                Tracey Barrientes, Assistant Principal         Park High School is currently working on        around it.                                               and confused crowds of midnight
for gold and found it. Star freshman               and faculty leader of No Place for Hate           becoming NPH certified. To do this, the             “I am hoping to make Cedar Park a                    premieres past.
Brittney Innis led the way winning the             at Cedar Park High School, is among               students must sign a petition declaring         friendlier place,” Basim Shalab, senior                      Fans showed their HP pride mostly
race, while the rest of the team also ran          a select group determined to create an            themselves as people who will strive to be      and cofounder of RAK club, explained.                    through homemade t-shirts sporting
well to place first in the meet. After that        environment of appreciation and respect           hate-free and respectful to all people.         “Ultimately, I want to see a mass change                 sayings such as ‘The Chosen One’ and
impressive performance the team moved              at Cedar Park. By bringing No Place                  “We want to get as many students as          in the Austin area. Our main purpose is to               ‘The Weird Sisters,’ with a few diehards
on to the regional meet in San Antonio             for Hate to the school, Barrientes hopes          possible to sign the agreement to turn our      spread kindness and have it paid forward.”               in cloaks. Chapter two of The Deathly
with an eye on qualifying for state. Like          to bring an increased respect for the             school into a certified No Place for Hate           As kindness is shared, the club hopes                Hallows was reenacted with an abundance
the boys’ team, they won their region by           individuality of others to all of the school’s    Community,” Robertson said.                     it will spread throughout the community                  of Harrys walking around the theater, but
a respectable 14 points. This holds more           students. The initiative was started by the          Once certified, Cedar Park can begin         and even to other communities outside of                 most people were dressed in decidedly
significance for the girls’ team after not         Anti-Defamation League with the goal of           hosting No Place for Hate events that will      Cedar Park. In fact, it has already seen this            Muggle attire.
qualifying for state the past six years.           eliminating unfair biases individuals tend        help encourage the respect of all people,       begin to take place.
                                                   to hold against each other.
                       continued on page 12                                                                                                                                    continued on page 2                                     continued on page 4

Second period representatives Football makes phenomenal run in playoffs
PAIgE CLEvEN                                         Breaking up the council into committees           KRISTEN SMITH                                    a major road bump. Standout quarterback             for the duration of the season. With Hogan
    New faces have arrived in Student            is important to get Student Council                      The Cedar Park football team wrapped          Brian Hogan injured his knee in the second          injured, Smithson valley began to give
Council meetings: the second period              involved in as many projects as possible.             up an extremely successful season                quarter, and was to remain on the sidelines                                   continued on page 12
representatives, a fresh idea that Student       As the weeks go on, committee goals will              December 4 at Darrell K. Royal-Texas
Council devised to provide more voice            be reached and changes will gradually be              Memorial Stadium. Their stellar season
from the student body. The idea for the          made, but attaining these goals will take             culminated with an impressive 13-1
second period representatives was broached       time and every step is a challenge.                   record. The Cedar Park football team set a
by Jim Tarvin, the student council’s new             “We get more input from new people,               high bar for future teams to be measured
faculty advisor.                                 [so] we’re starting to get our big ideas              by; their run in the playoffs this year has
     “It was an idea that I brought to Student   going,” Allie Rollins, senior class president,        exceeded accomplishments made by their
Council to consider,” Jim Tarvin, advisor        said. “getting everyone involved is proving           predecessors.
to the CPHS Student Council, said “They          to be a challenge; people are afraid to speak            By the middle of the season, Cedar Park
could get more help and buy-in to activities,    up and have an opinion in things”.                    fans and players alike were well aware that
more people to work on projects and be in            Participation is not the only issue; it was       the Timberwolves could make a run in the
touch with more people on a regular basis.”      an undertaking to get 76 elections to take            playoffs. However, it became crystal clear
    It is too early to see the impact of the     place in such a short period of time. Though,         by the end of the season, after Cedar Park
second period representatives, but the           with 76 new members added to the Student              beat three time defending state champions
first meeting was very well attended.            Council, the group will have the bulk of the          Lake Travis in the District Championship
However, the next couple of meetings had         school standing behind them for support in            that they quite possibly could make it all
a dwindling amount of representatives.           facing big issues, namely aesthetic changes           the way to the state final.
With a new advisor, current council leaders      to the campus—STUCO would like to fill                   “Beating a team like Lake Travis really
have formulated ambitious new goals for          in the giant circle in the court yard with            gave the team the confidence that they
the student body and school as a whole.          a large oak tree and benches around it to             could beat a good quality team,” Coach
     “We are currently forming committees,”      create more or a ‘college campus’ feel.               Brittain said.
Tarvin said. “How well this works depends        Also, ideas for a ‘serenity walk’ to be put in           In the first round of playoffs, November
on how the meetings go and what kind             besides the cafeteria are up for discussion.          12, Cedar Park hosted the LBJ Jaguars
of products come out of the committees.          To create more option for seating, heavy-             at gupton Stadium. The Jaguars were
We have to pick out the priorities for the       duty picnic tables will be placed outdoors            no match for the Timberwolves and the
student body and go after these initiatives      to stay permanently. With a goal of ‘greater          Timberwolves won with ease 70-21.
one at a time. That is why the committees        representation’ not only will the ideas of            Not all games would be a day at the park
are so important, if we have four or five        students be heard in STUCO meetings, the              however. Smithson valley stood in Cedar                                                                                      photo by Samantha Coen
each tackling an issue, we can get four or       ideas of the council members themselves               Park’s way in the second round, and by the       Greg Sahebi, senior, runs the ball against Lake Travis at the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
five things done.”                                                         continued on page 2         end of the second half Cedar Park faced          December 4. The Timberwolves finished their playoff run at DKR Stadium after their best season yet.

                                                                             Class of ‘06 Graduate Bikes for
I           N              S           I          D              E
                                                                                                                                  Cross Country                                                       In the Ring
                                                                                                                                  This year’s Varsity Cross Country team finished out their           WikiLeaks is a public website that “leaks” secret
                                                                             CP alumnus Lauren Waldrop participated in a          season with a State Championship. Read about their                  government documents. Is it right? Is it dangerous?
                                                                             4,500 mile bike ride to spread cancer awareness.     victories and their road to glory.                                  Our reporters debate the issue... In the Ring!
                                                                             Read her inspiring story and how she helped find
                                                                             the cure for cancer one mile at a time.              story in sports                                                     story in voice
                                                                                                                                  page 11                                                             page 5
                                                                             story in news
                                           Austin Arthouse                   page 2
                                           Holly Chisholm, one of                                                                                                                                     NASA plans a trip to Mars
                                           The Wolfpack’s own staff         Jasmine’s Bears
                                           members, ventured to check                                                                                                                                 New discoveries in space travel have made the
                                           out the Austin Arthouse.         Students at CPHS are collecting teddy bears for                                                                           previously impossible passage to Mars viable. Learn
                                           Read her personal account        children at Dell Hospital. Find out what inspired                                                                         what these new discoveries are and how they are
                                           of the experience.               them and what you can do to help.                                                                                         planning this trip.

                                           story in features                story in news                                                                                                             story in technology
                                           page 8                           page 3                                                                                                                    page 10
02                                                                                                       Students Speak Out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “I have applied to two
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           schools and I am applying to
pagetwo                                                                                                                                                                                                                    six.”

school/news                                                                    How many schools have you applied to and how
                                                                                  many more do you plan on applying to?
Thursday, December 16, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                    Haley Bastien, senior

Making a                                 Dead Sea Scrolls open STUCO expands
                                          NATHAN SMITH                                           caves surrounding the salty body       allow linguists and translators to         continued from                           oriented, more widespread—
                                              The        Israel     Antiquities                  of water. These scrolls, some of       double check verses and passages           REPRESENTATIVES on cover                 involving the school more, getting
                                          Authority (IAA), in conjunction                        which date back more than two          of compilations like the Bible             will be brought into the classrooms      the school aware of all the projects
continued from CLUBS on cover             with google, announced October                         millennia, predate the time of         and give clearer, more accurate            when the representatives relay the       we are trying to do,” Rollins said.
                                          19 that they would be digitally                        Jesus Christ. They teach scholars      translations.                              important points of the meetings to         As long as projects are
   “Kindness is contagious,”              publishing their entire collection                     much about early Judaism in the           The Dead Sea Scrolls were first         their represented class.                 accomplished, second period
Shalab noted. “As soon as Cedar           of fragments of the Dead Sea                           Hellenistic period, show slight        imaged in the 1950s and ever since,           The committees have initiatives       representatives will stay in
Park picks it up, other places will       Scrolls online for public                              developments in the      written       only a handful of consortiums              that they will be working toward         Student Council for years to come.
pick it up and it will continue to        access.     This scholarly                                                                               and     scholars      have      accomplishing this year, such            Questions about the longevity of
spread. I think vandergrift has           endeavor, as stated by                                                                                   been allowed to access          as getting certain senior parking        second period reps only arise with
already started their own RAK             IAA general Director                                                                                     the fragile materials,          privileges such as a designated          a lack of attendance at meetings
club and Ingram Tom Moore High            Shuka Dorfman, will                                                                                      with very strict time           section for seniors to park, as          and committee meetings, and
School, 150 miles away, has heard         be a great step in                                                                                       limits on how long the          an incentive for seniors to get          not speaking up, but if these
about it and started one as well.         helping people better                                                                                    scrolls can be studied          parking permits. Committees will         committees do meet and produce
I really hope the student body in         understand the nature                                                                                    in person. But with             also look into making Timberwolf         results, than this change could be
LISD picks this up and will start         and traditions of ancient                                                                                the help of easy access         Drive—the       road     commonly        here to stay.
RAK at the other schools in the           Judaism and early                                                                                        Internet and google’s           associated as a ‘worker’s entrance’
district.”                                Christianity.                                                                                            innovative          quick-      or ‘secret entrance’—another
   Every other week, the club hosts           Because of the                                                                                       translation systems, the        viable entrance to the Cedar Park
an activity which involves some           fragility       of     the                                                                               scrolls will be easily          campus. Senior privileges like off-
sort of random act of kindness.           fragments in IAA’s                                                                                       accessible in many              campus lunches are also open to
For their first activity, they gave       possession, the most                                                                                     different      languages,       being discussed.
away Kool-Aid and complimented            delicate technological                                                                                   including English.                 “We are trying to be more school
people as they handed it out. On          methods will be utilized                                                                                     Although       it    is
the weeks they don’t do these             in imaging the writings                                                                                  not yet known what
activities, the leaders of the club       and displaying them for                                                                                   methods       will     be
host a meeting in which they              all to see on the Internet.                                                                               offered in accessing
bring awareness to the power that         Spectral and infrared                                                                                     these          fragments
random acts of kindness can have.         imaging will be used                                                                                      online,         google’s
   Aside from spreading kindness,         because conventional                                                                                      head of research and
the group also hopes it is casting        photographic methods                                                                                      development in Israel,
out negative attitudes people tend        would              damage                                                                                 Yossi Matias, assures
to have for one another.                  the images on the                                                                                         people that methods
   “I also want to eliminate              fragments. With the                                                                                       are in the works,
bullying, name-calling, and all           Dead       Sea      Scrolls                                                                              describing it as “an open
other forms of oppression,” Shalab        remotely        accessible,                                                                             platform and an open
said.                                     anyone can look up the                                                                               approach.”
   With such wonderful and                fragments and study                                                                                    Although the IAA and
powerful groups growing in our            them without risk of damaging                          Hebrew language and even give          Google have not given any definite
school, across the community, and         the weathered mediums that they                        a clearer image of the shift from      release date, the IAA predicts that
around the country, it appears hope       are written on, to avoid subjecting                    Judaism to early Christianity.         the fragments will be online within
is making more of a presence than         them to constant poking and                               But it is not just scholars that    months. For this project, the IAA
ever before.                              prodding from researchers.                             have found great value in the          has raised 3.5 million dollars.
                                              The Dead Sea Scrolls –                             Dead Sea Scrolls in the past;          With this sufficient funding and
                                          some 900 manuscripts written                           many Christians and Jews have          the assistance of some of the finest
                                          on papyrus, leather and copper                         benefited from the translations of     technological tools available, the
                                          and comprised of over 30,000                           these ancient manuscripts. The         images of the Dead Sea Scrolls
                                          fragments – were first discovered                      Dead Sea Scrolls have given            should be available to anyone
                                          by a nomadic shepherd in 1947                          us far more ancient accounts of        from grade-schoolers to top-notch                                                                     photo by Jim Tarvin
                                          southeast of Jerusalem in a cave                       biblical and apocryphal texts that     researchers.                               Student Council has their first meeting with the newly elected second period
                                          near the Dead Sea. In the decades                      translators were using before –                                                   representatives September 30 in the lecture hall. The second period reps were a
                                          following, many more fragments                         even some which are not in any                                                    new addition to the student council on campus this year and have become an easy
                                          and scrolls were discovered in                         Judeo-Christian canon – which                   photo courtesy of Wikipedia       way for students to get more involved in the changes they want to see on campus.

CP alumnus bikes across continent for cancer cure
LEAH MULALY                             rode in the hopes that we’d be able                     found that she had pseudomyxoma         cancer affects everyone in some
   Cedar Park High School’s alumni      to spread the news about cancer                         peritonei, a rare cancer associated     form or fashion.”
often go on to do great things after    awareness and cancer prevention                         with the appendix. She is now in her        The     T4K        raises   cancer
graduation, whether it’s starting       across the continent.”                                  sixth year of treatment, undergoing     awareness along two routes—the
a band and touring the country,            Waldrop joined the ride for                          chemotherapy after having three         Rockies Route and the Coastal
creating a business selling self-       her mother, Kristina Waldrop,                           surgeries.                              Route. Both routes began June 5 in
made items, or biking across North      who was diagnosed with cancer                              “When my mother was first            Cedar Park and concluded August
America for cancer awareness, like      during Waldrop’s freshman year                          diagnosed, I truly did not understand   13 in Anchorage. The riders are
Lauren Waldrop, class of 2006.          of high school at CPHS. Doctors                         the weight of such a disease and the    constantly pedaling for a total of
This summer, Waldrop participated       didn’t know what was causing her                        burden that it places upon family       70 days. Waldrop participated in
in the charity bike ride known as       pain until they operated on her                         and friends,” Waldrop said. “At that    the Rockies Route, which took her
the Sense Corp Texas 4000 (T4K).        excessively distended abdomen and                       point I hadn’t really recognized that   through several cities in Oklahoma,
   The T4K is the longest annual                                                                                                        Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and
charity ride in the world, beginning                                                                                                    Canada.
in Austin, Texas and going all the                                                                                                          The trip to raise cancer awareness
way to Anchorage, Alaska—over                                                                                                           begins not with the start of the bike
4,500 miles. Each rider has to raise                                                                                                    ride in 2010, but back in 2009. In
4,500 dollars before the ride, and a                                                                                                    fall of the year before the trip, the
majority of the money goes to MD                                                                                                        team fundraises, organizes the trip,
Anderson Cancer Research Center.                                                                                                        reaches out to the community and                                                       photos courtesy of Lauren Waldrop
The T4K has occurred for the                                                                                                            trains for the physical demands of       Lauren Waldrop visits with her mother for the first time in three months on the
past four summers, and the 2010                                                                                                         the bike ride. The T4K is annual,        morning before riding into Anchorage, the team’s final destination. Waldrop’s
team had 53 total team members,                                                                                                         but each rider may only ride once.       mother was her inspiration for participating in the 4500 mile charity ride.
all of which are students at the                                                                                                            “It’s quite a rigorous application
University of Texas at Austin. The                                                                                                      and interview process and once           as the Rockies travel and logistics       to accomplish her goals of making
riders’ mission is to fight cancer                                                                                                      you’ve made the team the hard            chair, making her responsible             people aware of rare types of
by sharing hope, knowledge and                                                                                                          work has only just begun,” Waldrop       for planning the exact route and          cancer that may go unnoticed and
charity across the United States and                                                                                                    said.                                    ensuring that the team had a place        educating them on the importance
Canada. Along the way, the riders                                                                                                           Waldrop and another team             to sleep and food to eat every night.     of prevention and early detection.
stop to visit hospitals, churches                                                                                                       member were Summer Tribute                   “My experience was a little           Waldrop rode for her mother and
and other organizations to discuss                                                                                                      coordinators, collecting Silent          different from everyone else’s            everyone she met along the way
their ride and their mission to fight                                                                                                   Auction donations over the summer        because of all the responsibility that    who had been affected by cancer, a
cancer.                                                                                                                                 with help from the rest of the 2010      I took on, but it was totally worth       truly rewarding experience.
   “All of us on the team were                                                                                                          team and coordinating volunteers         it and I don’t think I’d have it any
riding for different reasons and all                                                                                                    for the Tribute gala, a large event      other way,” Waldrop said.
of us for different types of cancer,”                                                                                                   that honors the previous year’s team         Waldrop’s experience with the
Waldrop said. “We all rode for          Triumphantly raising her bike, Lauren Waldrop takes a break from her 4500 mile                  and raises money for the upcoming        T4K team and her biking adventure
                                        bike ride in Oklahoma. Waldrop participated in the T4K for cancer awareness.                    team’s voyage. Waldrop also served       across the continent allowed her
the promise of a cure but we also

        World News Map
        UNITED STATES                                             UNITED KINGDOM
      Proposition 8, a statute
      proposing a ban on same                                    WikiLeaks founder Julian
      sex marriage, reached the                                  Assange was held in custody
      California federal appeals                                 without bail in London while
      court on the grounds that it                               his extradition to Sweden on
      violated Constitutional rights.                            charges of sexual assault is
                                                                 weighed in court.

     A massive landslide in Bello,
     Colombia buried over 100
     people underground, killing
     at least 23 and injuring many
     others, with many more still                    NIGERIA
     awaiting rescue.                        The worst outbreak of lead
                                             poisoning ever recorded                                 NORTH KOREA
                                             killed tens of thousands in                           North Korean artillery was
                                             northern Nigeria after citizens                       fired from Pyongyang towards
                                             unknowingly began mining                              the South Korean island of
                                             lead while searching for gold.                        Yeonpyeong in one of the
                                                                                                   worst clashes since the end of
                                                                                                   the Korean War.
                         “I haven’t applied to any
                                                                                                “I have applied to six
                                                                                            schools already and I plan on
                                                                                                                                                                “I have applied to three                                           pagethree
                     schools and I am applying to                                           applying to eleven.”
                                                                                                                                                            and I am applying to four.”

         Sam Pelle, senior                                                     Ariel San Miguel, senior                                        Hannah Dondlinger, senior                                               Thursday, December 16, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               graphic by Leah Mulaly

Un-“bear”-ably charitable
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   time here at school. Once we drag
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ourselves back here in January,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   we will face the ever-looming
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   responsibilities of homework, AP
AMANDA WESTON                                                                                                                                                                                                      tests and, for those lucky enough to
    Inspired by the heartwarming                                                                                                                                                                                   be seniors, graduation. In addition
experiences of a fellow student and                                                                                                                                          Letter from the                       to these momentous events, the
cancer survivor, the Peer Assistance
and Leadership students – or PALs                                                                                                                                                Editors                           Editors will also be prepping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   next year’s leadership team in the
– are conducting a teddy bear                                                                                                                                                  Beth Rozacky                        process of creating a newspaper.
drive to provide stuffed animals to                                                                                                                                                                                Slowly (and possibly painfully)
young patients in Dell Children’s                                                                                                                                             Mallory Robertson                    we will be passing down our years
Hospital.                                                                                                                                                                                                          of knowledge to our bright-eyed
    Jasmine’s Bears, named after                                                                                                                                                                                   up-and-comers. Soon, they too
Jasmine Subia, sophomore, began                                                                                                                                                                                    will become well versed in the
November 1 and ended December                                                                                                                                                                                      forgotten and ever-useful arts of
15. Subia’s idea for the charity                                                                                                                                                                                   story editing, picture cropping,
stemmed from her experiences                                                                                                            It’s that time of year again,       It feels like it took forever to get   appropriate gutter spacing and text-
of having a teddy bear with her                                                                                                     though it seems trite to say so.        to this point, with countless hours    wrapping. Just as this knowledge
while in the hospital. The PALs                                                                                                     The Wolfcast is playing holiday         of slogging through homework           was crammed into our noggins,
are working in association with                                                                                                     tunes during every passing              assignments and endless projects       we’ll put it into the minds of our
many other CPHS organizations                                                                                                       period, the weather is turning          and presentations separating us        replacements. Though we speak of
including National Honor Society                                                                                                    colder, decorations are going           from painfully short weekends.         it sardonically, we know we will
and Key Club to collect new,                                                                                                        up in hallways and on houses,           We passed through days in a fog of     miss some of the more particular
medium-sized teddy bears as well                                                                                                    finals are fast approaching and         rushed work, myopically focused        skills we’ve acquired in newspaper
as funds to purchase bears.                                                                      photo by Tiffani Randolph          students everywhere are counting        on here-and-now goals of getting       class. Where else could we have
      “[We want to help] some              Carolanne Camden and Holly Kosarek, seniors, put up flyers with PALS for Jasmine’s       down the meager days left in            through classes. In our drudgery,      learned to juggle seven story
children at Dell Children’s                Bears around the school. Jasmine’s Bears encourages all students to donate new           the first semester. Even the most       we tend to forget just how quickly     deadlines with five AP classes?
Hospital have a little joy during          teddy bears, with 100% of the donations going to Dell Children’s Hospital.               cynical person may be touched           this first semester blew past. It      From what other elective do we
a difficult time,” Suzanne Taylor,                                                                                                  by that thought, foregoing a ‘Bah       seems like only yesterday we were      gain so many leadership and team
PALs teacher, said. “Children need          about the project and believe that          people. I love getting together as a        Humbug’ in favor of more colorful       attending the first day of school      skills? When we graduate in June,
little moments of happiness when            their goal of 2,000 dollars worth           class and making posters and signs          exclamations of celebration, for        or cheering wildly in the stands       we will lose one of our outlets for
their days are filled with sadness.”        of bears is achievable. They have           and getting people to donate.”              revelers and disparagers alike          during the season-opening game.        these talents. More than that, we
    The drive is entirely student           set up a bear donation box outside              One hundred percent of the              can find joy in a fast-approaching          For those of us here at The        will be leaving a family we’ve
led, with the PALs conducting and           of Taylor’s classroom, AW109,               proceeds benefit Dell Children’s            break from school. We’re all            Wolfpack, the Winter Break means       bonded with over long work nights
organizing the drive. The PALs              and change collection bags in               Hospital. Bears can be placed in the        waiting for the calendar to say         something a little more than a         and crushing deadlines. We will
fifth period class is heading the           classrooms. When the students               donation box outside of AW109,              ‘Winter Break’ so we can put this       mercifully long two week vacation      miss them when the time comes,
charity.                                    are not visiting the elementary or          and funds can be given to any PAL           first semester far behind us and        from school (though that is a vERY     but let’s not get too far ahead
    “I wanted to be involved [in            middle schools or working on other          or club with collection boxes. After        dive head first into a holiday filled   important aspect). This blissful       of ourselves—we have a whole
Jasmine’s Bears] because it’s               class activities, they make posters         the bear donation period closes             with family, friends, traditions        recess from day to day schooling       semester to get through.
in my heart to do it,” Ashley               and campaign for bear donations             December 15, monetary donations             and, most importantly, no school.       is the halfway marker for our
Dittus, junior and secretary of the         from students.                              can still be made online. The PALs
organization, said. “[My favorite              “[Jasmine’s Bears] has potential         greatly appreciate any donations
part] is the PALs classes working           to be a great organization,” Kaytlin        to help reach their goal to “make a
together. I’m really excited and            Meyer, junior, said. “I love helping        life happier.”
glad to be doing this.”                     out [and] it gives me a chance
    Many of the PALs are passionate         to really fulfill my want to help

                                                                                                  photo by Mallory Robertson
Suzanne Taylor’s fifth period PALs class shows off the accumulation of teddy bears that they started collecting for the Jasmine’s
Bears drive in mid November. Inspired by a CPHS student, they have collected over 200 bears and hope to collect their goal of
500 by the end of the drive December 15.
                                                                                                                                    Happy Holidays from The Wolfpack staff!
04                                                                                      Students Speak Out
                                                                                                                                                                               “The moon landing is
                                                                                                                                                                            a conspiracy; next to Neil
pagefour                                                                                                                                                                    Armstrong’s foot there is a
                                                                                                                                                                            skull, so, either that is an

news/voice                                                                    What government secrets are going to
                                                                                  be exposed by WikiLeaks?
                                                                                                                                                                            alien or a robot. I think more
                                                                                                                                                                            information about that will be
Thursday, December 16, 2010                                                                                                                                         Morgan Sullivan, sophomore

                                            Blogging: a
                                                                               idea of what they mean.
                                                                                   On the opposite end of the
                                                                               spectrum, blogging is intimate. It
                                                                               can become a journal to express
                                                                                                                          Harry Potter premiere
                                                                               one’s thoughts, struggles or               continued from HARRY POTTER
                                            public diary                       insecurities. A faceless audience,         on cover
                                                                               one that cannot accuse or
                                                                                      Holly highly therapeutic.
                                                                               embarrass, is Chisholm                         The movie stayed very true
                                            Holly Chisholm                     Sometimes, a particularly intimate         to the first half of the book, with
                                                                               piece of information will leave me         dialogue matching verbatim in
                                                                               feeling differently about a person,        some parts.
                                                                               and I often question the concept of            “The books are more detailed
                                                                               privacy on the internet. However,          and insightful because you can see
    Ah, that famous paradox: “If       handful of people. If television        I admire that people are willing to        into the characters’ heads,” Kirstie
a tree falls in a forest and no one    and radio are the McDonalds of          own up to their own imperfections.         Lee, senior, said. “The movie did
is around to hear it, does it make     social media, blogging is the hole-     Confessing disappointments in a            a fairly decent job of capturing all
a sound?” As I sign in to my blog,     in-the-wall locally-owned, ultra-       blog is the equivalent of writing          the actions of the book.”
I wonder the same thing: “Does         vegan café down the street. Mass        an angry letter; one can get out all           Harry Potter and the Deathly
anyone care about what I have          media appeals to its audience by        their nasty feelings and throw them        Hallows: Part One has proven
to say?” My almost immediate           offering a few things that almost       away-no harm done. My general              itself to be fantastical; will part two
answer is, “No, not really.” But       everyone likes; blogging appeals to     rule for posting personal stories          provide the wicked ending that the
consistently, I and millions of        the masses by offering an endless       is to imagine the press finding            fans are seeking?
others continue to blog. Why?          menu of things that only a few          my blog 30 years later when I
    The whole concept of blogging
resembles a bizarre form of
                                       people might like.                      am running for president. If the
                                                                               content could be used to smear my
                                                                                                                          Color Harry Potter!
pageantry. Showy displays of
obscure tastes in music, fashion,
                                       “ If television and radio               campaign, I figure it’s not worth
literature or comedy are the norm:     are the McDonald’s of                       Perhaps the most confusing part
from half-focused black and white      social media, blogging                  about blogging is that it’s taboo in
photos to videos of dancing cats                                               the real world. When I reference
to weighty political commentary.       is the hole-in-the-wall,                something I read on a blog, or
Celebrity status is available           locally-owned, ultra-                  (heaven forbid) mention that I have
virtually on-demand. For example,                                              one, I instantly feel as if I have
on the blogging site Tumblr, one        vegan café down the                    given away the key to my private
may “like,” follow or “reblog”                 street.”                        life. Sure, if some kid in Ohio
people and posts that they find                                                knows of my secret love of 80’s
interesting. The internet provides        I often wonder after scrolling       glam rock, who cares? But that
a virtually endless audience for       though literally dozens of pages        kid in my physics class? Knowing
aspiring artists, musicians or mini-   and thousands of images, “What          that someone could research me
celebrities.                           am I getting out of reading other’s     as easily as they could Abraham
    As I browse through my             people’s blogs?” Sure, cat pictures     Lincoln is slightly terrifying.
subscribed blogs, I consume image      are funny, but blogging is virtually    The line between obscurity and
after image, videos and indirect       useless if all I do is passively        identity becomes blurred in the
rants peppered throughout a mire       consume. Thankfully, creativity         realms of the internet and reality.
of media. I am like a frenzied         is what keeps the “blogosphere”         For example, the “magazine”
shopper, picking out the things I      alive.                                  effect becomes highly apparent in
want and ignoring everything else.        A blank page can be daunting,        real life, saying volumes about a
    Organization is the double-        especially if you are catering          person’s true character as opposed
edged sword of blogging. My            your emotions and thoughts to           to who they visualize themselves
preferences are easily categorized:    an audience. Unlike speaking out        to be. At the same time, blogging
I am only allowed to “like” things;    loud, words on a blog can be edited     can help you realize you may in
everything else is discarded           and planned much more efficiently       fact have more in common with a
as unimportant. It is easy to          and precisely. There is a sort of       person then you originally thought:
get overwhelmed by the sheer           escape in being able to create a        “You share a fear of hairless
amount information available.          persona or image for oneself. This      animals too? How cool!”
However, blogging helps ease this      “magazine” effect of censoring              So, I am a single tree in a forest
bombardment, fine-tuning what I        and changing one’s image is             of millions. I realize that no one
consume based on what I already        incredibly appealing to generations     really cares much about what I
enjoy. The downside to removing        who have been subjected to the          have to say, but maybe that’s not
all this excess is that it limits my   idea of perfectionism and well-         the point. Perhaps it is not how
perspective to a narrow channel        rounded social lives. I am able to      many people hear a tree fall, but
of information and leaves gaps         make people think I use words like      the act of falling that is significant.
in what I experience. Effectively,     “quintessential” or “effervescing”      Fear of not being heard should not
blogs form highly specific             in normal conversation, when            keep anyone from speaking their
subcultures that only appeal to a      actually I don’t have the foggiest      mind.
                                                                                                                                                                                    graphic by Holly Chisholm

Staying healthy this holiday season
MOLLY MCILLECE                                                                                              over-the-counter medications don’t seem to
   Around this time of year it becomes                                                                      get the job done.”
difficult to appreciate the holidays because                                                                   As holiday decorations are pulled out and
of our annoyances called allergens. Most                                                                    family photo ops are taken, students hope to
students surprisingly don’t know how                                                                        be relieved of their allergies. For those who
to subdue allergies, thus students end up                                                                   would like to stay allergy-free or be freed
suffering around the holidays. The first                                                                    from the allergy, there is hope.
step is to be educated about allergies in                                                                      “The best advice I can give a student is
order to insure an enjoyable holiday season.                                                                to wash their hands in order to stay allergy
“An allergy is something that triggers a                                                                    free. To insure your best health, drink lots of
histamine response in your body,” Nancy                                                                     clear fluids and get a lot of sleep,” Shields
Shields, Cedar Park High School nurse, said.                                                                said. “Home remedies such as eating honey
“This year alone we had ten inches of rainfall                                                              with the particular pollen you are allergic
and when you have that much moisture, there                                                                 to is said to be an alternative. The Neti Pot,
is going to be a much higher level of pollen                                                                nasal irrigation, and humidifiers are said to be
in the air.”                                                                                                effective too.”
   Allergies are a problem to many students.                                                                   Allergies often lead students into a sticky
They interrupt a good night’s rest and disturb                                                              situation, forcing some to go to extreme
many who try to work diligently during                                                                      lengths.
school. Students learn that ignoring an allergy                                                                “Allergies are sometimes too much to
doesn’t make it go away.                                                                                    handle,” Shields, said. “In that circumstance
   “They interrupt me while I’m working,”                                                                   seeing your doctor or getting an allergy shot
Connor Bruns, senior, said. “I try so hard to                                                               would be the best option.”
get my work done during school, but I end                                    photo by Tiffani Randolph         The holidays are a time of relaxation and
up having an allergy attack. I then have to get      Sarah Worth, senior, washes her hands at work to       surrounding oneself with loved ones, so being
up and blow my nose; it’s not fun. I usually         prevent spreading germs. As the holiday season stirs   relieved of allergies during this time of year is
have a runny nose, congestion and nasal              up allergies, washing one’s hands can help boost the   a gift in itself.
inflammation during this time of year. And           immune system and help people stay healthy.

                                             The answers can all be found
                                             in this issue of The Wolfpack!
                         “Probably the inflation
                    rate, it’s 4 percent or 5 percent,
                                                                                        “Global warming could be
                                                                                   a conspiracy because they want
                                                                                                                                                           “Skewed information
                                                                                                                                                      that they have been giving
                    and it should be in the double                                 to scare you into thinking you                                     us. Maybe they changed
                    digits. ”                                                      must rely on the government.                                       information to make it sound
                                                                                   They are just finding ways to
                                                                                   get money out of you.”
       Matthew Masters, senior                                         Becca Sims, junior                                              Devon Sattler, sophomore                                                    Thursday, December 16, 2010

                                                                                 austerity measures. In the UK,
                                                                                 the newly elected Conservative
                            Politics across the pond                             - Liberal Democrat coalition, an                                                                                                      Wolfpack Staff
                                                                                 alliance between the Conservative                                         Anti-Muslim America                                          2010-2011
                                                                                 Party (no prizes for guessing their
                                                                                 views) and the Liberal-Democrats
                                        Richard Weeks                            (the centrist party) to gain the                                                      Jared Maddox
                                                                                 majority in Parliament, has                                                                                                                     Editors
                                                                                 announced sweeping budget cuts                                                                                                           Mallory Robertson
                                                                                 and new ways of meeting costs.                                                                                                           Elizabeth Rozacky
                                                                                 The spending on the military has
                                                                                 been cut; resulting in Britain’s
    If we are to believe the recent     as a rallying point for the general      flagship carrier being scrapped two           The freedom of speech and of           enemy of peace?
furor, the people of the United         frustration towards government.          years ahead of schedule. Britain          the press has always been highly              Sure, people claiming to be                      Story Managers
States of America are frustrated        In this respect, both sides of the       also struck a deal with France to         valued by the American people.             Muslim have killed innocent                      Hannah Jane DeCiutiis
with their government. Specifically,    Atlantic are frustrated, though for      share military resources so that          The first amendment to the U.S.            people. 9/11 was one of the                        Amanda Weston
they want less of it. However, this     opposite reasons. While America is       both nations can cut back on their        Constitution was made to protect           greatest tragedies America has
is not the same throughout the          all for slashing budgets and getting     military budgets. It’s not all doom       them. There have, however, always          ever seen. I will not for a second          Design and Proof Manager
world. In fact, there have been         rid of perceived waste, Europe           and gloom in Europe; germany’s            been some basic limitations on             attempt to justify terrorism, but let                   Leah Mulaly
riots over austerity measures in        is less happy with cutting back.         strong private sector has helped          this freedom. Despite every man’s          me make myself very clear: Islam        Photography and Web Manager
greece. Meanwhile in France             Healthcare and social welfare            drag it back to its feet, but only        guaranteed freedom of speech, one          is not terrorism. If anything, the                   Tiffani Randolph
there have been crippling strikes       are sacrosanct but hard times are        with the aid of other measures to         cannot legally falsely shout “fire”        Islam religion is the antithesis of
due to the rising retirement age.       taking their toll on the system          reform banking.                           in a crowded theater. Because the          terrorism. Just like Christianity
London has seen similar riots from      and government is threatening to             While all of this is going on         goal of protection of speech is            or Judaism, the religion ought not                Business Manager
disenfranchised students protesting     cut down on them. If cuts were           abroad, little is happening in the        ultimately the protection of the           to be measured by a fraction of                      Evan Tormollen
tuition increases. These issues do      to be made to Social Security or         US. Obama stormed into office             people, there are naturally some           people, but rather by the book on
not seem horrific to people here,       Medicare in the US, large portions       with a message of change in               limitations. The press has recently        which it was founded. The Qur’an
but in Europe, a different way of       of the country would also be up in       Washington, but so far he has not         caused a disruption of peace in            does not advocate for the use of                Advertising Manager
thinking and the current economic       arms; if not younger voters like in      been able to follow through with          America far greater in magnitude           needless violence and destruction,                   Ryan Whittington
climate have combined to change         France, then certainly the majority      all of his promises. The status quo       than any one man in a theater              but rather for peace and hope.
the way in which their government       of middle-aged to retired people.        has not changed in this country,          could ever cause. Oppression of               Just as Hitler used the belief
works.                                  It isn’t just France straining either:   whereas the rest of the world             the Islam culture and religion             in the Christian god to justify                      Staff Reporters
    While many people here believe      greece had a massive debt of €262        has moved on to deal with their           is alienating a large fraction of          genocide, modern terrorists use the      Holly Chisholm Kristen Smith
that socialism is not the way to        billion ($344 billion) in 2009. This     problems rather than fighting off         America’s population and putting           belief in the Islam Allah to justify                    Nathan Smith
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Paige Cleven
go, people in Europe entertain the      amount was too much for their            crises.                                   the American people in danger.             mass destruction. Does this mean
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jacob Correll Jared Maddox
idea that people should have the        government to handle, and had                This cannot continue. While it             Anti-Muslim propaganda and            Christians are all racists and white
chance to be economically equal.                                                                                                                                                                               Alex Mendoza Emily Jochimsen
                                        to be bailed out by the rest of the      has been pointed out that Europe’s        news is causing a return to the            supremacists? On the contrary, just
They put up with high taxes in          European Union. However, this                                                      prejudice America saw during               as Hitler was not representative         Molly McIllece Richard Weeks
                                                                                 recovery is lagging behind the
the belief that society, through the    bail out came with strings: greece       United States’, they are dealing          the 1800s against other minority           of the Christian faith, foreign
government, will look after them.       had to reign in their budget quickly                                                                                                                                               Photographers
                                                                                 with the longer term problems.            groups. Citizens of our country            terrorists are not representative of
So when the French see that they        and implement measures to get                                                      are hearing that we ought to fear          the Islam faith.                                      Samantha Coen
                                                                                 Balancing budgets and forcing
can no longer retire at 60, they        their economy and debt back on                                                     Muslims, as if a man must carry a             If an entire region and culture                    Jasmine Subia
                                                                                 changes are not going to kick-start
react badly. They see it as their       track. This meant cut backs on           the economy, but it will help to          bomb with him in order to be a part        can be judged based on such a                         Laurel Wieland
right that after decades of working     welfare and increased taxes, which       prevent future disasters. In the US,      of the Islam faith. I would argue          small, distantfraction of its people,
hard for society. This view is not      went against the ideas of the newly      the focus on the short term and lack      that it is, in fact, quite the opposite.   any group of people could be                        Faculty Advisor
uncommon; bear in mind that this        elected prime minister from the          of reform in expensive areas of the       The Qur’an, the sacred text of the         considered terrorists. No religion,                      Jim Tarvin
is the place where the so-called        Panhellenic Socialist Movement           budget will only create problems          Islam faith, considers peace to be of      ethnicity, or country is free from
nanny state developed. People           (PASOK). This, coupled with              for the future.                           high importance, only advocating           terrorism; whether we look at the
across Europe trust that their          a high unemployment rate, led                                                      any kind of violence as a form of          people of Islam, the Anglo race,
government will protect their well-     initially to protests and then riots.                                              self-defense. It emphasizes the            or the American population, a                       Editorial Policy
being and the people feel that their        While these are strong reactions,                                              importance of limiting violence,           terrorist group can be found. There
government’s ability to protect         greece and France are not the only                                                 when it is necessary. Why then             is no sense in associating Muslims           The Wolfpack is a student
them is being threatened.               countries tackling budget issues.                                                  does much of American media                with terrorism unless we are to          newspaper published by the
    The French for example, are         Most of Europe is in some way                                                                                                                                          Newspaper class at Cedar Park
                                                                                                                           (and even many American citizens)          associate ourselves with terrorism       High School. It is established as
using the rising retirement age         slashing budgets and implementing                                                  consider the Muslim religion an            as well.                                 an open forum intended for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                               free and uninhibited exchange of

WikiLeaks reveals classified information
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ideas between the students and staff
                                                                                                                                                                                                               of Cedar Park High School. Its
                                                                                                                                                                                                               purpose is to inform, educate and
                                                                                                                                                                                                               incite thought and debate regarding
                                                                                                                                                                                                               school, local, national and world
RICHARD WEEKS                           the thousands of notes and letters       while Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi            international     relations.   They         needs to be transparent and if the       issues. All articles and editorials
   International relations can be       marked “secret,” new information         is said to go around with a                                                          world’s governments can’t do that        will be written in an entertaining
                                                                                                                          contend, along with Secretary of                                                     yet informative way that maintains
tense at the best of times, but they    has been revealed on the nature of       “voluptuous blonde” Ukrainian            State Hillary Clinton, that foreign         on their own, proponents argue           journalistic integrity. The views
have potentially been made more so      US relations and views of foreign        nurse. They have also revealed           policy is best created when in              that someone should create that          printed in The Wolfpack do not
by the release of more than 250,000     countries.                               other nations’ views of each other;      possession of all of the facts. For         transparency. There has also been        necessarily reflect the views of
messages from US embassies                 These diplomatic cables have          the most informative was that            this to happen, the government says         the argument that news channels          Leander      Independent       School
around the globe. The whistle-          caused some embarrassment for the        China is becoming frustrated with        that their diplomats must trust that        are no longer delivering important       District.
blower site WikiLeaks, the group        United States. Several heads of state    their ally North Korea.                  they can say whatever is necessary.         news, just providing punditry.               Letters to the Editors are
responsible for releasing these         have been depicted in a negative            governments around the world          They argue that if their messages           Supporters claim that WikiLeaks          encouraged and welcome. Any
messages, gave these cables to          light: Italian Prime Minister Silvio     have joined the US in criticizing        cannot be guaranteed as safe, they          provides such news when others are       letter submitted is subject to editing
                                                                                                                                                                                                               for length, content and grammar
newspapers around the world: The        Berlusconi was called feckless, vain     the WikiLeaks release, exclaiming        will hold back critical information.        not supplying it.                        although the intended meaning
guardian, The New York Times,           and ineffective, French President        about the need for privacy. They            Meanwhile,       supporters    of            Is Wikileaks a public servant or     of the letter will not be changed.
Der Spiegel, Le Monde and El Pais.      Nicolas Sarkozy was described            claim that certain information,          WikiLeaks argue that it is supposed         a traitor? Our reporters debate these    Letters may be brought to Room
As their journalists trawl through      as thin-skinned and authoritarian,       if released, would damage                to be damaging. government                  issues … In the Ring!                    A229, e-mailed to thewolfpack@

In The Ring: Should government documents be made public?
                                                                                                                                                                                                      or mailed to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                               journalism department at Cedar
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Park High School.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Some material is courtesy of
                                                                                                                                                                                                               American Society of Newspaper
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Editors/MCT Campus High
    John Locke, one of the greatest     World Wide Web so that every             compromising their intelligence          has no higher moral standard and                                                     School Newspaper Service.
influences on the Constitution          John Doe can make informed               information and diplomatic status.       is equally if not more at fault for                                                     Production costs are covered
during the birth of the United States   decisions for the whole country.         These informed public servants are       disrupting global serenity than                                                      through the sale of advertising,
and proponent for “life, liberty,       Despite      WikiLeaks’s      slogans    simply trying to do their jobs to keep   any private indiscretion of a US                                                     subscriptions,   and    donations.
and pursuit of happiness,” once         proclaiming that it is “synonymous       the American people physically           embassy official.                                                                    Advertising information can be
advocated that the point of the         with free speech,” leakage of            and legally safe from both foreign          The mission of WikiLeaks                                                          obtained by writing or calling the
                                                                                                                                                                                                               number below.
government is to protect the rights     classified information is not speech.    and domestic threats and shouldn’t       is to “keep governments open.”
of the people, so long as the people    According to Merriam-Webster,            have to sacrifice their own rights to    However, in the process they have
comply with the statutes laid down      speech refers to “the power of           confidentiality in order to do so.       spilled information that opens
by their ruling body. This ruling       expressing or communicating                 Aside from being generally            the government in a harmful way,
body would be under the control of      thoughts by speaking.” Therefore,        insulting, this document dump            exposing national secrets that
the people and only supply power        expressing one’s thoughts, opinions      is a breach of federal security.         the people do not need to know
through the consent of the governed.    or criticisms of the government          The documents published on               and dually handing over free
With these ideals the United States     would be an excellent way to take        WikiLeaks were made classified by        information to enemies of the
Constitution was written and            advantage of one’s rights. Though        government officials for a reason;       United States. WikiLeaks founder
applied to a bourgeoning nation of      the Constitution permits radical         sharing them with the world              Julian Assange is not out to bring
free men. Our government was set        ideas to be expressed verbally, in       could be considered espionage            justice to the people; his moral
up with a separation of powers so       writing and even symbolically, the       and serves no other purpose to           track record will indicate the fact
that American citizens could rest       government maintains its own right       the people than to allow them to         that he is currently imprisoned                  In the Corner on the Right...
easy knowing that, while corrupt        to protect itself and its staff from     further make needless complaints         in the United Kingdom awaiting
individuals may exist within our        misinformed malcontents. The             about the government and military.       extradition to Sweden to face                      Hannah Jane
government, the government as a         leaking of government documents          Among the documents are war              criminal charges that have nothing                  DeCiutiis                                 Cedar Park High School
whole will still be held accountable    thus breeches the limits of speech       diaries, a crude video of innocents      to do with WikiLeaks. Rather than                                                         2150 Cypress Creek Road, Room A229
in its ability to protect our natural   rights and hinders the government’s      being killed in a Baghdad suburb         playing the responsible role of a           people and their government which                    Cedar Park, TX 78613
and Constitutional rights. Of these     ability to protect its citizens. The     and over 250,000 embassy cables          nobly-intentioned journalist, he has        could mean disaster in the future.
unalienable rights, none has been       safety of the American people as a       ranging from “unclassified” to           placed himself in the role of the                                                                 512-570-1233 (phone)
more bastardized by the WikiLeaks       whole shouldn’t be compromised           “confidential”. Now that these files     renegade bent on exposing the evils                                                                512-570-1205 (fax)
debate than the right of free speech.   for the sake of “opening                 have been released to the public, the    of American government. While the                                                    
    Supporters of WikiLeaks argue       governments” (another one of             only things an everyday civilian can     public may wish to entertain these
that this freedom of speech allows      WikiLeaks’s slogans).         Nothing    do with them is fume and complain        ideas for a period of time in the heat
them to legally splatter classified     is more insulting to government          about a corrupt government. This         of the moment, it will inevitably
government documents across the         and     military    officials    than    dump serves no higher purpose,           create a gap in the trust between the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Wolfpack
   When President Obama began           have not seen much improvement           and politicians forget the very          but the claim that the WikiLeaks            The lack of truly incriminating                       2010-2011
this term he called for transparency    in this transparency and again we        principles of free speech this nation    dumps have been “A diplomatic               documents that absolutely need to
in his administration: something        are relying on others to gather our      was built on.                            9-11” is completely bogus. I would          be hidden, and the abundance of               Leader of the Pack
both parties and a majority of          information, the website Wikileaks             WikiLeaks can hardly be            barely call this a diplomatic bowel         unaware American’s accompanied             Sponsors who have donated $100 or more
the public wanted. With news            took the task in their own hands.        considered a threat to the nation.       movement; it’s more like the burn           by our governments terrible track
becoming cable punditry, with           In the past few months Wikileaks         If it weren’t WikiLeaks then it          book from mean girls, a teenager’s          record with keeping the public                      Jim & Nancy Tarvin
less focus on just reporting the        has brought to light thousands of        would be some other journalist           diary mocking her peers. As of yet          informed, gives us only one answer
issues, America could no longer         classified, declassified, and secret     out to show the truth to America’s       the only information leaked onto the        to the question, WikiLeaks is just a
rely on the news to search for          government/military documents,           blind eye. Julian Assange, the           website has been of past operations         public service keeping government
the facts that matter, and so the       mainly pertaining to the conflict in     creator of Wikileaks, is doing the       and their effects, additionally leaks       and military accountable.
government had to step up. In the       the Middle East.                         world a service by being one of          of thousands of international cables                                                             Wild Thing
last two years however Americans             When military leaders and           the few people in the public sector      involving the playground humor                                                           Sponsors who have donated $50 to $99

                                        right wing pundits cry out against       truly holding the government             of U.S. senator’s jabs at world
                                        WikiLeaks as a treasonous                accountable. Calling for this man’s      figures have also come to light;
                                        organization, they forget the fact       head on a stake is no different than     calling president Nicolas Sarkozy
                                        that the newest dump from the            calling for glen Beck’s, or Rupert       of France an “emperor with no
                                        WikiLeaks website was made               Murdoch’s for that matter.               clothes on” and comparing Iranian
                                        possible by an army private,                The latest call of WikiLeaks          president Mahmud ach Majinidad                                                                     Lone Wolf
                                        Bradley Manning. They forget             haters , ‘Treason’, is not at all a      to Hitler. What’s more, the sheer                                                        Sponsors who have donated $25 to $49
                                        that without liberal, “nothings-off-     valid term when talking about            amount of files to browse (the
                                        limits” journalism, the government       the website. It was founded by an        number is in the tens of thousands)                                                                 Jim & Liz Tarvin
                                        and any corporation or organization      Australian and based in Sweden.          leads me to believe that no one on
                                        for that would lose accountability       The only thing near treasonous in        either side of the aisle has taken the
                                        to the interest of the public. In        the mix is WikiLeaks contributors        time to fully examine the site for
                                        today’s world of internet and social     who are allegedly people with            any truly incriminating documents
                                        media anyone can post information        some rank in the military, such          that would justify the shutting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Wolf Pup
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sponsors who have donated $10 to $24
                                        to a number of sources and news          as the current private previously        down of WikiLeaks. When taken
                                        feeds. The old definitions of “the       stated. It is understandable why         to a court of law the case against
                                        press” simply don’t fit the mold of      people would want the website shut       WikiLeaks would be made without
                                        these freelance news hounds, but         down, it does infuriate some people      tangible evidence and be chalk full
     In the Corner on the Left...       who’s to say they are unqualified        with thin skin, for instance the new     of conflicts of interest. However the
                                        based solely on that distinction.        push from president Sarkozy to           WikiLeaks defense would be the
       James Kracht                     More importantly, these naysayers        ban the site from French servers,        clear absence of opposing evidence.                                                  We would like to thank these generous sponsors
                                                                                                                                                                                                              who have contributed to our program allowing us to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     continue to produce The Wolfpack.
06                                                                                                                                                                             “All of my family lives in
                                                                                                                                                                          Ohio, so I will be going there
pagesix                                               Students Speak Out                                                                                                  during Winter Break. It is cold-
                                                                                                                                                                          it snows there. I’m staying for

holiday                           With the absence of the ‘Trail of Lights’, what are
                                  you going to do to celebrate the holiday season?
                                                                                                                                                                          a week. ”

Thursday, December 16, 2010                                                                                                                                 Lauren Hart, sophomore

                              Bass Concert Hall Welcomes Rockettes
                              AMANDA WESTON
                                 Bringing their eye-high kicks, precise tap numbers and classic routines, the world famous
                              Radio City Rockettes will perform their Christmas Spectacular at Bass Concert Hall December
                              17 through 31.
                                 The Christmas Spectacular was first performed in 1933 at the Radio City Music Hall in New
                              York City. Since 1994, the show has been touring the United States and Canada in addition to
                              the annual performances in Manhattan. The stars of the show, the Radio City Rockettes, are a
                              women’s precision dance team that performs kick, jazz and tap routines throughout the two hour
                              show. The show features 150 singers, dancers and musicians total. Since the tour was redesigned
                              in 2007, the show also features a 3D film introduction and all-new routines.
                                 The Christmas Spectacular is one of the most-watched shows of the year, with approximately
                              two million audience members annually. This year’s national tour will be performed by two
                              traveling companies in 25 cities from November 10 to January 2. The Christmas Spectacular
                              includes classic numbers performed since the first show, such as the famous “Parade of the
                              Wooden Soldiers” and “The Living Nativity” along with newer routines featuring additional
                              dancers, animals and modern music.
                                 The spectacular has remained a family tradition for the past 77 years, bringing holiday cheer
                              to many and inspiring millions of girls to dream of joining that famous kick line someday. Tickets
                              for this memorable show can be purchased from any major ticket outlet or the show’s official

                                               Austin pulls the plug on Trail of Lights
                                                  BETH ROzACKY
                                                      In an attempt to tame the capitol’s growing deficit, Austin budgetary officials have made tough cuts in the city budget that
                                                  took effect October 1. As a result, a favorite Austin tradition will be notably absent this holiday season; zilker Park’s Trail of
                                                  Lights won’t be lit up this December. The Austin City Council has opted to cut the Trail of Lights due to budgetary constraints.
                                                      “The Trail is an important Christmas tradition for Austin,” Kasey Landoll, senior, said. “It’s been here for such a long time
                                                  that it’s just sad to see such a memorable event go.”
                                                      What most Austinites know as the Trail of Lights today started out as the local and relatively small Yule Fest back in 1965.
                                                  The Fest featured many of today’s standard displays, such as the Twelve Days of Christmas display, holiday music and a
                                                  large bonfire in the middle of the trail. The crown jewel of Yule Fest, the iconic Zilker Tree (a 155 foot tall tree made of 3,309
                                                  multicolored lights) didn’t make its first appearance until 1967.
                                                      “My favorite memory of the Trail of Lights was spinning underneath the zilker tree because it was fun to see all the colors,”
                                                  Suzy Dailey, junior, said. “I remember going when I was really little and sitting on Santa’s lap.”
                                                      Fans of the tree can rest easy knowing the much-loved behemoth is present in zilker Park this holiday season. A tree lighting
                                                  ceremony took place December 5 allowing Austinites a sense of normalcy in the absence of their favorite holiday tradition.
                                                      The Trail in its entirety typically requires upwards of $800,000 dollars to host, with most of that budget going towards the
                                                  huge electricity bill generated by the displays, diverted park workers and materials. Last year, the Trail was scaled down to
                                                  about half of the usual displays and modestly named Festival of Lights to save funds. While the event itself remained free
                                                  to the public the timeframe was shortened to just ten days instead of a full two weeks. It also featured a shortened walking
                                                  path, half of the annual displays, an increase in parking costs and a $400,000 price tag (half of the usual budget). Attendance
                                                  to the Trail also dropped considerably, aiding the City’s decision to cut it completely this year. The funds usually allocated to
                                                  the festival will instead go towards funding year-round park maintenance for the rest of Austin’s public greenery. The need
                                                  to maintain every one of Austin’s parks all year long, instead of one park for two weeks, is the rationale behind this decision.
                                                  The city of Austin will seek to fill vacant maintenance positions and increase spending on needed park amenities like extra
                                                  benches and water fountains. Austin’s Department of Parks Maintenance has been woefully understaffed in the past few years.
                                                  As more people move into Austin’s downtown area, the city’s parks and recreation services receive a lot more use. With so few
                                                  workers to keep up with the increase in traffic, park workers have only been able to keep up with minimal maintenance tasks
                                                  like mowing, trash removal and path clearing. Adding more staff to the payroll could help keep Austin’s parks in tip top shape.
                                                      “The city has made the Trail of Lights happen for so long; even when the money was tight and they had to cut it back it
                                                  still made an appearance,” said Dailey. “But, if it helps people get new jobs or feed their families, I think using the money for
                                                  Austin’s park maintenance programs is ok. It’s still in the parks just not for the one major holiday event of the year.”
                                                      All hope is not lost for the Trail and its eventual reemergence may soon be in the works. With the resounding public outcry
                                                  following the announcement of the Trail’s cancelation the city is willing to reinstate the Trail when proper funds are available,
                                                  though city officials would prefer the event to be taken over by private funding. However, the only reason admission and
                                                  parking for the event is free is because the city operates it. Pushing the Trail into private hands could put a price tag on this
                                                  Austin tradition.
                                                      “I feel like it’s worth it to go [to the Trail] even if you have to pay for it. It’s such a part of our culture in Austin that it doesn’t
                                                  really matter who it’s funded by as long as it’s here,” said Landoll. “I’d rather pay for tickets and parking than not go at all.”
                                                      Though deprived of a dependable stand-by, the holiday season in Austin is not to be ruined forever. There are plenty of
                                                  other ways to enjoy the cooling weather and warming hearts of the season. Trips to downtown Austin can provide a multitude
                                                  of enjoyable Yule tide events. Light displays and creative decorations can be found up and down Austin’s streets, which are
                                                  typically decked out in holiday finery. Those who enjoy a healthy dose of political satire with their yearly Christmas cheer
                                                  can venture to 38th Street to see the best decorated neighborhood in the Austin area, a title often contested by Cedar Parks own
                                                  suburbs. Beautiful light effects and yard displays can be found in all the neighborhoods surrounding Cedar Park.
                                                      Seasonal productions of the Nutcracker, performed by Ballet Austin, are also a perennial favorite as are
                                                  shopping trips to the well-decorated Domain and Arboretum. Light displays on grand and modest scales
                                                  shine all over town, providing an easy way to make new and memorable traditions.
              “For this holiday, my
         family and I are planning on
                                                                                          “I’m going to watch
                                                                                     Christmas movies with my
                                                                                                                                                                                  “My neighbors and I are
                                                                                                                                                                              having synchronized light
         going to South Carolina to go                                               friends and bake ‘Chewy                                                                  dancing to Christmas music.”
         skiing. It’s a family reunion.”                                             Noels’, which are brownies
                                                                                     with powdered sugar on top.”
Reese Mayer, senior                                                 Kat Pardo, junior                                                                        Robert Townsend, sophomore                        Thursday, December 16, 2010

                             How to not upset your sales associate
                                    HANNAH JANE DECIUTIIS
                                         As the last of the Halloween candy is eaten and summer clothes disperse to the sales racks, the holiday season approaches us in a brilliant flurry of crisp weather
                                    and calorie-ridden foods. The holiday season is that blissful time of warmth, happiness and cheer towards our fellow man, but this last standard is often forgotten
                                    in the maddening commotion that is holiday shopping. Warm weather clothing, gifts for loved ones and endless recipe ingredients are the usual suspects in this
                                    fluster of consumerism, and common sense as well as manners can often go out the window on the mission for the perfect gift, the coziest sweater or exactly the
                                    right spice for the Thanksgiving turkey. I (as well as other unfortunate employees of establishments selling these items) generally receive the brunt of these poor
                                    attitudes, and while this can not only make holiday shopping less enjoyable, but it can also slow it down. Here are a few tips on how to conduct yourself towards
                                    sales associates and other employees to ensure a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.
                                         Clean up after yourself.
                                         If you drop something, spill something, knock something over or otherwise displace any products, pick it up yourself as best you can. If it’s something difficult
                                    to clean up on your own, like a spilled bottle of nail polish, quickly alert an employee so that they can take care of it without further mess. However, dropping a
                                    trinket on the floor without picking it up or leaving clothing draped over the rack is not only lazy and tacky, but also disrespectful to employees already irritated at
                                    having to work over the holidays as well as your fellow shoppers. We are not slaves or house elves, and it is degrading to have to clean up after someone who is
                                    perfectly capable of picking an item back up and placing it on a shelf. We are not blind either; just because you pretend you didn’t drop something doesn’t mean
                                    we didn’t see it, and if we have to follow you around the store to straighten up your trail of messes, we will be less inclined to help you should you inevitably
                                    require assistance.
                                         Be apologetic.
                                         If you ask us to go out of our way to fetch something, or make a mistake when deciding which purchase to ring up, or anything else that requires us to go above
                                    and beyond to assist you, a simple but sincere apology and a little bit of gratitude can go a long way. The words “please,” “thank you,” and “I’m sorry” are simple
                                    and easy to use; if you really need to, start practicing them in front of a mirror. Not only will basic manners show respect for us as people, but it can also make us
                                    want to help you more, which can actually benefit you when all is said and done.
                                         Realize where we are coming from.
                                         We are employees hired to do manual labor at low rates. We are not managers, owners or anyone else in a position of power. We have no authority or say in
                                    the rules or regulations of the store, but we are paid to enforce them. getting angry and becoming belligerent when we cannot bend the rules for you is not the way
                                    to go and will only end up making you look like a fool; no matter how hard you stomp your foot, the store policy will not magically re-write itself. If you have a
                                    legitimate special case or complaint, politely ask to speak with a manager to voice your issue.
                                         Have an idea of what you want.
                                         Even though we will gladly express our opinion about something you’ve chosen or help you find something you’re looking for, dealing with a customer who
                                    doesn’t know what they want is exasperating to say the least. Though we are eager to help a customer with a specific need, we are often busy with other assignments
                                    such as keeping the store clean or putting back items. Asking us to find you a whole outfit for the dinner party you’re going to that same night or select a holiday
                                    gift for your eleven year old niece will not only irritate us because it becomes an extended distraction from our assigned task, but it will also potentially leave you
                                    dissatisfied with your purchases. An anonymous employee will only be able to play an endless guessing game to find out your personal preferences because we
                                    do not know you personally; only you can know what you want, and expecting someone else to know and choose for you is what a personal shopper is for- not a
                                    store employee.
                                                  We all understand that holiday shopping can be a stressful and disorganized ordeal, but with the right attitude and a clear mind of what you want, it
                                    can be an enjoyable time full of cheer and happiness. With these tips in mind, you will hopefully be able to get all the way through your shopping list satisfied and
                                    without raising a fuss.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 graphic by Holly Chisholm
08                                                                                        Students Speak Out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “My favorite moment was
                                                                                                                                                                                                                probably when we scored at
pageeight                                                                                                                                                                                                       the last second in the Vista
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ridge football game.”

voice                                                                 What was your favorite sports moment this year?
Tuseday, December 14, 2010                                                                                                                                                                         Bill Estevanot, freshman

                                                           CPHS Featured Artist    i love mixing media like paper,                                                              I guess I find inspiration      Whose work has inspired you?
                                                                                   watercolors, sharpie and acrylic.                                                            by walking around or            i really love Basquait’s collages
                                                                                                                                                                                hiking, just looking            and drawings. i love Arturo
                                            Name: Kailey gursoy                    What subjects do you try to                                                                  around and thinking             Hererra and Chris Trueman and i
                                                                                   focus on with your art?                                                                      about things- how they          really like Cheryl Molar.
                                                     Class: Senior                 i love drawing people and faces. i
                                                                                   like using random or unexpected
                                                                                                                                                                                work, where they came
                                                                                                                                                                                from, what they’ve seen,        How has making art changed the
                                                                                   objects in my work when i can.                                                               etc.                            way you view the world?
                                                 Artistic Mediums:                                                                                                                                              You definitely have to be able to
                                                 Pencil or charcoal,  What do you want to convey to                                                                              What is the most               ‘see’ everything around you as
                                                 paper, watercolors,  others through your art?                                                                                   difficult part about           opposed to just looking at it to be
                                                   sharpie, acrylic   i usually try to convey either                                                                             creating art for you?          able to make art.
                                                                      absurd or unusual concepts in my                                                                           The most difficult part
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Can you offer any advice to your
                                                                            try               the
                                             Artistic Influences: art. i the to juxtapose waynormal                                                                              about creating art is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                fellow artists?
                                                                      with      unusual in a
                                            Other artists, nature and hopefully is interesting to that
                                                                                                                                                                                 finding the time. It’s
                                                                                                                                                                                 really difficult trying to     Stick with it. The more you create,
                                                      cities          viewer and unique. Nothing i do                                                                            fit it in with AP classes      the more fluent your ideas become
                                                                      is ever entirely realistic because                     realistic, and leave the rest stylized   and college applications and senior       and the better your work will be.
                                                                      that can tend to be boring. i tend                     , abstracted, or imaginative for         thesis all going on at once.
                                                                      to make sections of a piece hyper-                     variety. i suppose my art comments
                                                                                                                             on the absurdity, mystery and life       What is the
                                                                                                                             of everything around us. i like          easiest part of
HOLLY CHiSHOLM                          What style would                                                                     to give each object a story and
How long have you been involved         you consider your                                                                                                             making art for
                                                                                                                             each person a life, i like making        you?
in art?                                 work?                                                                                art that’s somewhat ambiguous
i’ve been making art since i could      i think my style is                                                                                                           Ha, there is
                                                                                                                             in meaning, so that it can be            no easy part. i
pick up a crayon, but i’ve only         pretty broad. i like                                                                 interpreted in infinite ways by
been making somewhat decent art         to combine realistic                                                                                                          guess it’s really
                                                                                                                             others, so that each person is able      easy for me
since freshman year.                    objects in surreal                                                                   to project a little bit of themselves
                                        ways to make the                                                                                                              to get sucked
                                                                                                                             into what they see and each              into a drawing
Why do you make art?                    overall composition                                                                  experience is individualized.
i make art because i enjoy it and       entirely unrealistic,                                                                                                         once i start and
it’s calming. it’s a way to get         if that makes                                                                                                                 lose all track of
                                                                                                                             Do you have any rituals or               time.
all the ideas out of my head and        sense. Drawing is                                                                    specific places that make you feel
translate them into something           what comes most                                                                      more inspired?
productive and tangible.                naturally to me, but

Adventures at
                                                                                                                                                                       mandate for them to carry out            will not compromise on big issues,
                                                                                                                                                                       their “Pledge to America,” which         no legislation will be enacted. On
                                                                                                                                                                       amounts to a party platform for          the other hand, the Democrats are

the Arthouse
                                                                                                                                                                       the next two years or more. The          equally responsible for any results
                                                                                                                        Midterm elections                              document effectively states that         of this nature. They must be aware
                                                                                                                         speak volumes                                 the Republicans, once in power,
                                                                                                                                                                       will cut taxes and spending, repeal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                that they cannot pass much of their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                legislation without Republican
                                                                                                                                Richard Weeks                          the latest healthcare reform, stop       support and that voting down their
HOLLY CHiSHOLM                          brick of the building contrasts with                                                                                           forcing bills through in must-pass       bills may lead to the government
    A white, minimal building           the white walls and concrete of the                                                                                            packages and provide more funds          all but stopping.
stands starkly against the small        large staircase, which is suspended                                                                                            for national security.                       Alternatively, this could be the
shops and dank street corner of         by a giant wooden “ribcage” from                                                                                                   The swing to the Republican          remedy for the current problems in
700 Congress Avenue. The words          the window covered ceiling.                                                                                                    Party also raises questions.             government. The entirely divided
“art house”, thoughtfully placed so         The Sue graze gallery                        A frustrated public had its          confidence in the current crop of        Obviously, Americans are not             nature of the new Congress could
they are only visible when viewed       resembles a dining room for                  chance to be heard in the mid-term       politicians.                             happy with President Obama’s             force compromise on various
directly from the glass walls of        giants, with the work of Jason               elections in November. People               This lack of confidence has           change, but only time will tell          issues. Stopping anything from
the entrance, are the only form         Middlebrook on display until                 went to the polls November 2 to          manifested itself in two major
of advertising on the building.         January 16. His work features                                                                                                  if the Republicans can carry out         happening in Congress would be
                                                                                     select their new representatives         ways. One of these is the meteoric       their new measures. With the             highly unpopular among voters.
indeed, Art House is aptly named;       a tasteful form of recycling and             for the House. in a bad night for        rise of the Tea Party. This is a
the building itself a work of art.      family comfort. Bowls, plates and                                                                                              Democrats maintaining a majority         The anti-incumbent stirrings of
                                                                                     Democrats, the voice of the people       grassroots movement advocating           in the Senate and Barack Obama in        this election were largely against
    The building was constructed        light fixtures made from melted              was heard. After polling closed, the     conservative    policies.   Those
by the brilliantly modern LTL           bottles lay on gargantuan dining                                                                                               the White House, the Republicans         Washington       politicians    who
                                                                                     Republicans had gained the House         ideas change from place to place,        will have as tough a time as the         were not listening to the people.
Architect Company for $4.3              tables fashioned from salvaged               of Representatives for the first time    resulting in more of a movement
million, reopening only months          wood. On the far wall, scores of                                                                                               Democrats in passing legislation.        People want things to change and
                                                                                     since 2006, while the Democrats          than a party; which stems from           They declared that they will repeal      new people in office obstructing
ago. The new renovations do not         home recipes are written in the
completely eclipse the original         varied yet familiar handwriting of           barely held on to the majority in        the lack of central organization.        the healthcare bill among other          change would not bode well for the
structure, the century-old Queen’s      loved ones, each recipe outlined in          the Senate.                              This was a large force in the            divisive issues which will be hard       country, or their re-election.
Theater. indeed, the brick and          a box of pencil and watercolor.                  Many people across the country       mid-terms with half of the seats         to do without a majority in both
stucco paintings of the walls peek          Perhaps one of the most                  are unhappy with the government.         wrested from the Democrats in            Houses of Congress - any partisan
through on much of the newer,           stimulating parts of Art House is            They see rampant waste in the            the House claimed by Tea Party           legislation could stall in the Senate.
upstairs floor.                         the amount of interaction it has with        system and an administration that        backed candidates. More evidence         However, if the Democrats were to
    Walking in through two heavy        Austin’s art community. A private            spends more and more money.              of the displeasure of the voters         block legislation, they would risk
glass doors, the entrance room is       screening room in the back of Art            There is also little sign that the       was the general anti-incumbent           shutting down the government.
quite impressive and open to the        House can seat up to 90 people,              recession has ended, with houses         feel before the election. The                This is a real concern with the
street, glass windows allowing the      and the roof-top event space can             still boarded up and businesses          phrase “Washington insider” often        new Congress because candidates
inside and outside of Art House         be seen brightly lit from the street.        still closed nationwide. Despite the     cropped up in many candidates ads        backed by the Tea Party were
to remain slightly ambiguous.           Teen artist workshops are held               economy coming out of recession,         with negative connotations.
Hundreds of small circular                                                                                                                                             largely voted into office, with
                                        in the two studios, and anyone               large portions of the country have          The tension created by the
LED lights glitter the ceiling,         can sign up for art programs,                                                                                                  tough rhetoric about hacking away
                                                                                     seen little change. Combined with        frustration with government was          at big government. However, this
the receptionist’s desk is full of      educational tours or workshops.              the Obama’s divided healthcare           released on Election Day. The
information about the artists on        CPHS graduate, Clay Beverly, was                                                                                               uncompromising attitude may not
                                                                                     legislation and the continued high       60 seat swing to the Republican          work so well in practice. if they
display as well as the building         even featured at Art House last              spending, Americans have lost            Party in the House is seen as a
itself.                                 year in the “Ahead of Their Time”
    Admission to Art House is free,     gallery, featuring works from
and new artists are featured quite      students in advanced art classes
frequently. The spacious Mary           from local high schools. Art House
Yancy Gallery on the first floor        is not only for the viewing of art, it
currently features the works of         is for the sharing and making of it.
Mequitta Ahuja. Her display called            Walking down the massive
“Automythography ii” features           stairs and back out onto the street,
large, chaotic self-portraits of oil    Art House strikes one as a double-
on canvas and will be there until       headed sort of creature. it seems a
January 2. The works are intricate      roiling combination of the organic
in their layering paint, many colors    and urban, of consuming and
visible only when viewed up close.      giving, of old and new. The glass
These contemporary portraits care       front makes it open and obvious,
placed in stark contrast to the         yet it manages to hide amongst the
white gallery walls, lit both from      squat shop fronts surrounding it,
overhead lights and by the small,       seeming to fit right in with the rest
coke-bottle green windows that          of its traditional urban landscape.
litter the outside of the building.     The neatly embossed “free” on the
    in another dimly lit room,          door seems to be enticing as well
Art House boasts a simple film          as a challenge, as if to say, “What
and video gallery. The videos           will you get from coming in? You
are shown on a loop, leaving the        can be sure we don’t know.”
passer-by in media res, inviting              Art House is as ambiguous as
the viewer to come in and stay a        it is straight-forward. it is a place
while, in order to figure out where     to see art, it is a place to create art,
the film starts and ends.Even the       and perhaps most profound, it is a
elevator acts as a gallery; videos,     place that is art.
called LiFT projects, are shown
on a small screen in the wall, right
above the buttons.
    The upper level of Art House
encompasses a cavernous room full
of light and a blend of organic and
industrial architecture. The original

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         comic by Emily Jochimsen
                          “I would have to say
                      leading the [cross country]
                                                                                               “Every football game
                                                                                           we played this year has been
                                                                                                                                                                   “My favorite sports
                                                                                                                                                               moment so far was winning
                      team to our first State title and                                    beyond amazing.”                                                    my first tennis match against
                      knowing I did the best I could                                                                                                           Westwood.”
                      possibly do.”
        Weston O’ Donnell, senior                                             Kayla Brewer, sophomore                                            Caleb Price, freshman                                                          Thursday, December 16, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              photo by Hannah Jane DeCiutiis
                                                photo by Samantha Coen                                                                        photo by Tiffani Randolph       Alex Jenkins, Matt Wofford, Spencer Drango and Greg Sahebi, seniors, hold their
At a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) club meeting, members welcome in             Spencer Drango, senior, sinks a shot during the Lake Travis Tournament game against
                                                                                                                                                                              Wolves up high during the school song after winning another game. Cedar Park
new inductees that strive to eliminate hatred and inspire kindness at CPHS.     Clemens High School. The Timberwolves won this game but fell short on the next two and did
                                                                                                                                                                              ended their season with an outstanding record of 13-1.
The RAK club is one of many new clubs on campus this year.                      not continue in the tournament.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          photo by David Looney
                                                                                                                                                              Allie Rollins, senior, stands with Barbara Spelman, principal, Cliff Kinder, lead assistant principal,
                                                                                                                                                              and Paul Rabago, regional sales manager for K12 as she recieves her free iPad. Rollins won the iPad
                                                                                                                                                              through an online contest with Cedar Park High School.
                                                      photo by Mallory Robertson
After running out of the bust out, the Cedar Park football team gathers in front of
the student section on the visitor side at the DKR Texas Memorial stadium. Students
provided spirit for the football team and encouraged them to play their hardest.

                                                                                                                          photo by Mallory Robertson
                                                                                          Alex Damron, senior, knocks down a Rouse football player,
                                                                                          keeping him from scoring a touchdown. Cedar Park beat Rouse
                                                                                          61-7 at Gupton stadium.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 photo by Mallory Robertson
                                                                                                                                                               Andrew Fisher and Andy Shriver, seniors, hold their trumpets up high as they play the fight song
                                                                                                                                                               during the Lake Travis playoff game December 4. The band gives students the spirit they need to
                                                                                                                                                               really get into the game.

                                                  photo by Hannah Jane DeCiutiis                                             photo by Tiffani Randolph
The Timberwolves bust through the sign that the cheerleaders made for them during         Danielle Moore, senior, donates blood during her lunch period
the Lake Travis football game November 4. “Believe” was the theme of the night as         December 3. Students donated blood for many different reasons
people were inspired to believe in our team as they took on the Lake Travis Cavaliers.    including a desire to save lives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      photo by David Looney
                                                                                                                                                              PNG cast does a skit as part of a show December 9 in the black box. Penguin National Guard has
                                                                                                                                                              become a fun Thursday night tradition for many Cedar Park students to attend.

                                                                                                                             photo by Mallory Robertson
                                                     photo by Mallory Robertson           Katie Paschall, senior, holds up her “repeat the defeat” sign at
Jon Ballard, senior, leads the student body in a chant at the Smithson Valley game        the second game against Lake Travis December 4 at the DKR
where the Timberwolves played at Texas State. Cedar Park won this playoff game            Texas Memorial stadium. Cedar Park lost this game by merely
28-23, leading them to their third playoff game.                                          one point, bringing their playoff run to a sudden end.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Mallory Robertson
                                                                                                                                                              Brian Hogan, junior, runs in for a touchdown against Lake Travis November 4 at their home stadium.
                                                                                                                                                              Cedar Park played well at this game, winning 35-21 and earning them a District Champion title.

                                                  photo by David Looney                                             photo by Mallory Robertson                                                                                         photo by Laurel Wieland
The Cedar Park boys’ Cross Country team poses for a picture with their           Football players huddle up around head coach Chris Ross after        James Sullivan, Kelli Taylor, Thomas Kahlich, Mitzi Powell, and Linda Weaver, Cedar Park administration
state championship trophy after the meet November 13. The boys completed         winning the Lake Travis game November 4. The Timberwolves            and counseling staff, hand out Thanksgiving lunch to students November 18. The Thanksgiving lunch is a
a very successful season at a Nike Cross National qualifying meet.               racked up 35 points to prevail over the Cavaliers.                   tradition at Cedar Park and many students look forward to it every year around the holidays.
10                                                                                     Students Speak Out
                                                                                                                                                                                                           “I would want to go to
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Pluto because it’s the farthest
pageten                                                                                                                                                                                                  away and I am a coldhearted

ent/tech                                                                         If you could travel into space,
                                                                                 where would you go and why?                                                                              Devin Chandler, junior
Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music becomes science
HOLLY CHISHOLM                          songs that just seem to be “better”   classical music, stood the test of
   As many musicians                    than others? Take for example, pop    time?
will attest, music is an art            music.                                   Some pieces of music constitute
form, a way to express                      Most pop songs are written and    a “’fine meal”, such as Für Elise
emotions and a medium                    produced by professional             by Beethoven, and deals with
for self discovery. Music                singer     songwriters                  different dimensions of music
defines culture, from                      who have music cut                      such as complex harmonies
pop to rock, folk and rap;                 down to a generic                        and patterns that pop songs
everyone has a preference as to             “formula.”                               don’t focus on. Whereas the
what they listen to. But what makes          generally, pop                                           purpose        of
music “good” music? Is it the beat,             songs                                                   most       pop
the tempo or something else? Is                                                                         songs is to
there some magical combination                                                                          encourage
of notes and melodies that people                                                                     listeners      to
inherently like? Science will tell us                                                             dance, classical
that to a point, there actually is.                                                            music can actually
   When one listens to music, the       feature a simple                                     improve a person’s
sounds cause vibration in the inner     but catchy melody                                   focus and have a
ear, which then converts these          that can be easily                                    calming           effect.
vibrations into information that        remembered, an upbeat                                 Dynamic           music
the brain can process. Different        tempo and lyrics that tell                                 requires         the
parts of the brain are activated by     a story. The point                                          listener         to
these signals. The left side of the     of pop music is                                             process      what
brain processes the complexities        to appeal to                                                they            are
of the music, such as pattern and       the masses as                                                  hearing,
rhythm; the right side of the brain     a       product,                                                 resulting in
is activated by the music itself, by    rather than to                                                   complex
the emotion in the music. Music         necessarily                                                     emotions.
can even change a person’s heart        be a personal                                                     W i t h
rate. Calm music can lower blood        expression of                                                 literally
pressure, and more upbeat music         art. Just like                                              i n f i n i t e
can cause a person’s heart rate to      fast food, pop                                            combinations
rise. In music major chords, often      music is cheap, efficient,                                of notes, beats,
appearing in upbeat pop songs,          easy to make and easy                                     tempos           and
elicit positive emotions whereas        to sell. Not to say such                       lyrics, music is an ever-
minor chords in rap or metal evoke      a process necessarily                          changing field of science.
darker emotions.                        produces       substandard                     Whether one is writing a
   Sometimes it is a person’s pre-      of less artful music, but                      symphony or listening to
conceived ideas about music that        this set formula at least                      the radio, music invites
cue certain emotional responses.        accounts for pop music’s                        opinion, questions life
One might associate a memory,           exponential       popularity                    and is an effective tool
place or person with a song. It         and overall accessibility.                      for shaping a person’s
could be the lyrics, the melody or      As tastes change however,                        emotions.
the beat that triggers a chemical       pop music becomes dated,
connection in the brain, creating a     preferring to evolve with the
range of emotions from happiness        public’s tastes and ever hone
to nostalgia or even depression.        the music formula. Why
But why is it that there are certain    then have such genres, like                      graphic by Holly Chisholm           graphic by Emily Jochimsen

Wolfpack sudoku NASA’s newest rocket holds promise                            NATHAN SMITH                                services. Chang-Diaz’s Texas-          capable of accelerating to a speed      controlled vacuums on Earth.
                                                                                 Sending astronauts to Mars has           based Ad Astra Rocket Company          of 123,000 miles per hour, which        However, NASA is expected to
                                                                              been the tantalization of scientists        has been attracting much attention     easily outdoes any other spacecraft     test a 200 kilowatt prototype of the
                                                                              and the fodder of writers for decades,      from NASA for roughly 30 years         currently in NASA’s possession.         engine – dubbed the vX-200 – in
                                                                              but the dream has been rather               because of their great technological      The vASIMR engine utilizes           Earth’s orbit by 2013. This orbital
                                                                              unrealistic, until now. Currently,          success.                               electricity to change Helium,           test will be aided by other private
                                                                              a round trip to Mars would take                 Chang-Diaz’s marvel of a           Hydrogen or Deuterium into a            space firms, such as SpaceX and
                                                                              astronauts approximately three              design, a plasma rocket motor with     clean burning plasma gas. The           Orbital Science Corp.
                                                                              years, not including the year and           a nuclear reactor for fueling, has     exhaust from the non-chemical               In the near future, the vASIMR
                                                                              a half that would have to be spent          attracted NASA’s attention since       fuel, then burning at roughly 11        could bridge the gap between Earth
                                                                              waiting for Mars’ orbit to realign          1980 and may finally get its chance    million degrees Celsius, would          and Mars for exploratory missions
                                                                              with Earth’s. But thanks to former          to shine. The fully-functioning        be pushed through the tailpipes         and possibly eventual commercial
                                                                              astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz               prototype’s revolutionary variable     of the engine by magnetic fields,       flights, but the nuclear-powered
                                                                              – who is currently a physicist              Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma         propelling whatever spacecraft          rocket motor could also be used
                                                                              employed by the Massachusetts               Rocket, or vASIMR engine, has          may be equipped with the vASIMR         in missions far closer to home.
                                                                              Institute of Technology, and has            been tested and retested for years     engine to a velocity of 35 miles per    With this innovative and ambitious
                                                                              served on seven missions to space           now and this innovative design may     second.                                 propulsion device, surface-to-orbit
                                                                              – NASA may finally have a method            finally be ready to launch.               NASA’s headlining ambition is        flights would be far easier than they
                                                                              of sending a human crew to Mars in              An important aspect of Chang-      to use this rocket motor to transport   are today, opening up the possibility
                                                                              a far shorter time period: 39 days.         Diaz’s vASIMR is that it is far        a human crew from Earth to Mars.        for a greater presence outside of our
                                                                                 Since the cancellation of the            lighter than today’s conventional      Once this crew has landed on            planet’s atmosphere.
                                                                              Constellation project (a project            propulsion systems, which all rely     the Red Planet, it is likely that a         With Franklin Chang-Diaz’s
                                                                              aimed at installing a spacecraft that       on heavyweight rocket fuel which       small and potentially permanent         Variable       Specific      Impulse
                                                                              was to replace the space shuttle            is inefficient. The VASIMR utilizes    settlement would be established for     Magnetoplasma Rocket, the future
                                                                              after its retirement) NASA has been         a nuclear reactor, which has a power   observation and laboratory work.        of space flight may not be so far
                                                                              searching for new ways to send              source far lighter and far more           The Ad Astra Rocket Company,         away.
                                                                              their astronauts into space. This           potent than rocket fuel, allowing a    in conjunction with NASA, has
                                                                              has created the need for privately          spacecraft to carry more mass for      so far only tested scaled down
                                                                              owned space agencies and their              less fuel. The vASIMR will be          versions of the vASIMR in

Wolfpack Mad Libs: “Twas the night before Christmas”
   Grab a friend and read them the parts of speech printed under the blanks, then fill in the in blanks with whatever word they say!

 graphic by Holly Chisholm
                       “I would want to go to the
                   moon because it’s our moon
                                                                                           “I would go out of the                                         “I would go into a black
                                                                                     galaxy to see if there is other                                  hole because no one has ever
                   and it orbits around the earth.”                                  intelligent life and if there was,                               done that.”
                                                                                     I’d try to learn their ways.”
       Sean Kearney, senior                                                 Arta Rahmani, junior                                        Alex Corbin, senior                                                        Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boys basketball aims to set the bar higher this year
KRISTEN SMITH                                Last year, Cedar Park became           in winning that title and are long      how to approach them. Have the
    With the heat starting to fade        an unstoppable force with a group         gone. The new batch of players          correct mentality is only part of the
and football season coming to an          of players who matured quickly            is working hard to fill in the holes    challenge. In order to prevail over
end, everyone is beginning to clear       and soon became the team to beat          left by the 2009 class and, even        new teams, the players know they
their Tuesday nights and gearing          in district 16-5A. The 2009 team          though they are tough shoes to fill,    have to be physically ready to take
up for Cedar Park basketball. With        worked well together all year and         they are doing their best to move       on their opponents.
nine 2009 starters absent from the        had clear goals in mind: winning          forward and make progress for the          “This year we have a new
roster and starting the next chapter      district. Because of this tight bond      approaching season.                     assistant coach, Coach Weston
of their lives in college, Timberwolf     the team members shared, it helped            “Most senior starters are           Lacroix. He came in and put us on
basketball fans will see some fresh       them earn the title of 2009 district      adjusting pretty well,” Barrett         a great weight program, which we
starters on the hardwoods this            champions. Unfortunately, last            Segesta, senior, said. “It was          do three times a week to help us
season.                                   year’s seniors were major factors         difficult at the beginning of the       condition. Along with that, Coach
                                                                                    season playing with different           Brown has a great defensive drill,
                                                                                    people, but we’ve come together         which help us tremendously,”
                                                                                    well and we play well together.”        Segesta said.
                                                                                        While trying to adjust to their        While studying those new
                                                                                    family of players, the team cannot      district teams, people have began
                                                                                    afford to stray away from the           to realize who the new district rival    Dylan Cox, senior, looks to pass the ball to one of his teammates during a
                                                                                    goals they have set. During the off     will probably be:Lake Travis. Aside      tournament game against Clemens High School. The boys went on to win the game
                                                                                                                                                                     and proceeded into the next bracket of the tournament.
                                                                                    season, players have been preparing     from football, the Cavaliers are also
                                                                                    themselves to play in a whole new       dominant in countless other sports,
                                                                                    district, which means facing new        one of them being basketball. Lake       ones,” Senior Dylan Cox said.             it. We know what it takes; we have
                                                                                    opponents and practicing harder in      Travis has beaten Cedar Park the            Along with both mental and             great team practice habits. All the
                                                                                    order to repeat as district champs.     last two years, and has made it          physical strength, a team has to have     seniors have grown up together,
                                                                                        “This year, the team’s main goals   deep into playoffs. However, Cedar       a tight bond amongst themselves           we’ve gotten really tight as a team
                                                                                    are to make a far run in playoffs and   Park believes this year may have a       in order to beat top caliber teams        and that’ll help us in the end. We’ve
                                                                                    repeat what the team did last year,     different outcome.                       like Lake Travis. Chemistry has           worked very hard on building
                                                                                    which was win district,” Jordan            “This year, in sports as a whole,     the tendency to be a major factor         chemistry,” Cox said.
                                                                                    Lachowsky, junior, said.                our new district rival has become        in determining if a team wins or              It seems Cedar Park basketball
                                                                                        The players and coaching staff      Lake Travis. In basketball, they’ve      not. This year, team members have         has all the right elements to repeat
                                                                                    are well aware of the fact that it      had us the last two years because        been working extremely hard on            as district champions. Now, it’s
                                                                                    is never an easy task to win back-      they’ve always had a great team and      becoming a family and making sure         just a matter of how the 2010-2011
                                                                                    to-back championships. The team         coach, and overall a great program.      they know how one another plays           season plays out, and if the team
                                                    photos by Tiffani Randolph
                                                                                    is now in district 25-4A, so they       This year, our team knows the            in order to keep mistakes minimal         can use all those factors to their
Travis Guebert, junior, shoots a lay-up in the game against Clemens High School.    are studying new opponent teams’        outcome of our game against them         throughout the season.                    advantage.
The Timberwolves are prepared with new strategies to employ against the different
teams they will be facing in the 4A district.                                       ways of playing while learning          could be different than previous            “This year we know we can do

                                                                                    national title. If they ever receive                                                                                       and let them get away. The natural
                                                                                    that chance the sporting world may                                                                                         aggressiveness of the game can
                                                                                    finally see if Boise can truly play                                                                                        lead to injuries, but no NFL player
                                         My BCS rant                                with the big boys.                                                              NFL football hits                          hits to crack bones on purpose
                                                                                        TCU faces the same roadblock                                                                                           when they themselves wouldn’t
                                                                                    to the national title game that the                                                                                        want to get hurt. It’s a normal
                                                                                    Broncos do, which is the conference                                                                                        mode of the sport and sometimes
                                          Kristen Smith                             they belong to. TCU plays in the                                                   Alex Mendoza                            a player’s eagerness and adrenalin
                                                                                    Mountain West conference, which                                                                                            can get the best of them. This over
                                                                                    is also a non-automatic qualifying                                                                                         exuberance is usually followed by
                                                                                    conference, meaning that teams in                                                                                          hurt players simply wrapping up
                                                                                    it do not get automatic bids to BCS                                                                                        their wounds and heading back
                                                                                    games like teams out of the Big                                                                                            into the fray. Whether or not this is
    In a college football year           Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas                 12, SEC and other conferences.               Football is and always has been      with                            the correct mode of operation is the
in which staying undefeated is           State, Oklahoma State and most             Due to this factor, TCU faithful         a violent contact sport. Bones can           The NFL’s commissioner,              question NFL commissioners are
tougher than getting a passing           recently (and heartbreakingly)             question if they will ever see their     crack, helmets collide and injuries      Roger       goodell,      nevertheless   now facing. Will football remain a
grade in AP Chemistry, and               in-state rival Texas A&M. Five             team play for all the marbles.           are normal in the heat of the game.      ordered every team in the league         high impact, often violent sports?
being ranked number one in the           out of those seven losses have             They think they deserve it, and          However, in recent months three          to examine a video on how to             Will rule makers and officials rule
polls is more of a curse than a          been on Austin soil. They are              rightfully so. Despite last year’s       NFL defensive players, Brandon           make clean hits during the game          out any and every hit with the
privilege, Bowl Championship             joined in their disappointment by          Fiesta Bowl loss, TCU hasn’t lost        Meriweather of the New England           in addition to the fines given to        slightest edge of danger? Only time
Series (BCS) experts, participants,      perennial winners Florida,georgia,         a game in 22 match ups, and this         Patriots, James Harrison from            the players in question. Members         will tell. Regardless of players’ or
commentators and fans alike have         Michigan, and probation-laden              year they have impressive wins           the Pittsburgh Steelers and the          of the NFL Players Association           fans’ opinions on the matter, the
received gift-wrapped arguments          USC.                                       over Oregon State, Air Force and,        Dunta Robinson of the Atlanta            (NFLPA) asserted that despite the        rules of professional football are
in the BCS vs. Playoffs debate.              With all these powerhouses             perhaps most impressively, their         Falcons made excessive hits on           players’ attitudes on the hits, they     under examination and the fate of
    It’s been a crazy year so far,       losing, previously disenfranchised         47-7 stomping of the previously          players this year, one Sunday            will still enforce full safety conduct   the game is under review.
with everything from first ranked        teams are beginning to state their         undefeated Utah Utes…in Utah!            in late October. The league was          in their operations.
teams losing three weeks in a row,       cases as to why they deserve a             I don’t know about you, but that’s       alarmed and charged the players              “Our mission is to remain
to Texas having its first ever losing    shot at the national championship.         what it took for me to believe in        fines of up to $75,000 for injuring      aggressive on player safety both
season since Mack Brown arrived.         And, for the first time in a long          TCU. The Horned Frogs also have          players in a flagrant manner and         on and off the field,” DeMaurice
And who can leave the Baylor             time, more and more people are             an indomitable defense that ranks        tackling improperly. The League’s        Smith, the NFLPA’s Executive
story out, yes BAYLOR is bowl            starting to believe in these BCS           first in total defense statistics,       Commissioner asserted that this          Director, said in a statement
eligible for the first time in nearly    newcomers, as these teams are              according to USA Today, rounds           was purely a safety issue and            released on
10 years after its shocking 30-22        consistently getting the job done.         out their imposing advantages.           would be addressed to all 32 teams           Fans have responded to the
win over Texas on October 30th.          Boise State makes a strong case            As the saying goes, defenses win         in the NFL. Meanwhile, the players       enforcement crackdown with
    This year, it all started with       in this category. Over the years           championships.                           themselves say otherwise.                mixed emotions. Some claim that
Alabama. They were first in the          they’ve been a BCS party crasher               So what more can these teams             NFL players on the defensive         the sport is a pure contact sport
rankings, and experts talked them        and have continued to add fuel to          do to earn a place in the BCS            side of the ball complain that           and has to allow extremes every
up to have a shot at a second straight   the BCS fire. This year, the blue-         National Championship? Sadly,            the league is softening up the           now and then. Others agree that
national title, which they’ve done       turfed Broncos have convincing             nothing. They’ve scheduled tough         intentions of the sport and making       neglecting to enforce player safety
twice before. As luck would have         wins over tough opponents,                 non-conference opponents and             it “less fun.” They urge that the        can lead to life-changing injuries
it, this goal wasn’t as easy as          including virginia Tech and                beaten them, and in doing so             sport has always been this way and       such as concussions and paralysis.
some thought. The Crimson Tide           Oregon State. Despite these                they’ve tried to settle the “they        that they’ve been taught to hit hard         Since the incidents, nothing
lost to South Carolina October 9.        impressive wins, it always comes           can’t play with top caliber teams”       in the game their whole life. At         major concerning player safety
The following week, the next first       down to the annoying and tiring            argument. Both teams have made           the same time, players hurt by the       and critical injuries has plagued
ranked team, Ohio State, was also        strength of schedule argument.             it pretty obvious that they don’t        infamous hits show no bitterness.        the NFL season thus far. The issue,
upset by a lower ranked conference       The Broncos play in the WAC                plan on losing any time soon.            Joshua Cribbs, the Cleveland             perhaps, reflects the changing
foe, the Wisconsin Badgers. These        conference, which is known for             But, until the BCS is replaced by        Browns receiver struck hard by           times of the sport of football and
highly ranked teams wouldn’t be          having weaker teams than say the           a fairer playoff system, TCU and         James Harrison, holds nothing            American public view of the sport.
the last to see unexpected upsets.       SEC, Big 12 or Big 10. Because of          Boise State may never see the            against him.                             Safety regulations in the 1950s
The week after the Ohio State loss,      this, many experts doubt them. I           famous football-shaped Waterford             “He’s been hitting people like       are obviously far different than
Oklahoma stood atop the polls            have to admit, when this argument          crystal trophy awarded to them in a      that as my teammate at Kent State,       modern safety regulations. Players
but lost to the Missouri Tigers          first rose to the surface I tended         national championship game. That,        and now as my rival he still hits        Pop Warner leagues to the NFL
the Saturday after the rankings          to agree. Today, it baffles me that        sports fans, is unsportsmanlike          people like that… he is still my         are taught to hit hard and wrap
came out. Along with number              Boise State still doesn’t receive the      conduct and deserves a penalty           boy,” Cribbs said in an interview        up, not just nudge their opponent
one ranked teams losing week             respect they deserve. Boise State          flag.
after week, other “top dog” teams        has not lost a conference game
are having troubles of their own.        in FIvE YEARS. Regardless of
The Texas Longhorns have more            what conference a team plays in,
losses than they have wins for the       that’s phenomenal. They’ve proven
first time in the Mack Brown era.        their point year after year, and it’s
They’ve lost to UCLA, Oklahoma,          about time they get their shot at a

NBA trio takes Miami by storm
ALEX MENDOzA                             expects. One of the sharpest barbs            Nevertheless, this NBA season
    The summertime whirlwind of          in the argument against James is           is bound to be a memorable one,
controversy and debate surrounding       his decision to leave his franchise        with many player trades during the
LeBron James’ free agency                rather than wait out the storm, and        summer wrinkling the fabric of the
ultimately led to his departure          in due time capture a ring for his         teams and creating advantages for
from the Cleveland Cavaliers, a          city. Former NBA all-star Charles          some and devastation for others.
franchise that he helped revive and      Barkley has been an active critic of       The hot-shot Lakers are rolling in
push into elite NBA status. When         James since he left the Cavaliers,         fresh off of their second straight
he announced he was “taking              claiming that “he’ll never be a            NBA Finals victory and surely
his talents to South Beach,” and         Michael Jordan; he’ll never be a           have no intention of allowing any
joining the Miami Heat, the city         Kobe Bryant.”                              team to get in their way. James’
of Cleveland erupted. Sickened               Dwyane Wade had a taste of             alignment with key players Wade
Cavalier fans immediately roasted        championship victory when his              and Bosh is proving to be very
him, calling him disloyal and a          team, the Miami Heat defeated              potent in the Heat’s elevated status.
traitor for turning his back on          the Dallas Mavericks in the 2006           With these superstars, the Heat is
the town that raised him. Staying        NBA Finals, and Wade was named             bound to make a run in the NBA
deaf to the controversy as much          the Finals MvP as well. Chris              finals.
as possible, James focused on            Bosh garnered five NBA All-
preparing himself for a new season       Star appearances and took over
with the Heat who is reinvigorated       the place of former Raptor vince
by veteran Dwyane Wade and               Carter in his tenure with Toronto.
the arrival of Chris Bosh who            Chris Bosh was involved in the
came from the Toronto Raptors.           summer’s free-agency madness
However, in the preseason, Wade          when it was rumored that wherever
and James both suffered leg              James went, he would soon follow.
injuries, a possible sign of things to       The Miami Heat drew large
come. Expectations are colossal for      crowds even to mere practice
the new-look Heat, as the reigning       games this past fall. The opening
champs, the Los Angeles Lakers           preseason game looked more like
appear to be on the eve of a three-      game one of a Finals matchup than
peat championship run.                   their earliest appearances together
    The positive vibe of Miami           on court. However, Dwyane Wade
was re-energized with the                left a game three minutes in from
announcement of a super-team             a hamstring injury and James
coming to the city. Parties and          limped off the court not much
festivals ensued and a huge              later in the preseason from leg
welcome party was held at the            cramps. This ominous occurrence
Heat’s American Airlines Arena.          coupled with Miami’s towering
    As the Heat’s 2010 season tips       expectations opens up a gap for
off, many question James’ ability        disgusted Cleveland fans to pour
to perform as well as everyone           their grievances into.
Thursday, December 16, 2010
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                                                                                                         THE WOLFPACK

                                            The Wolfpack Scoreboard
                                                 Football                                                    Girls Basketball                                                   Boys Basketball
                                                Westwood        W         31-7               November
                                     28                                                                          Leander         W       43-42
                                                                                                    9                                                          November
                              September                                                                           Joshua         W       67-17                                     Leander           L
                                                  Ellison       W         41-9                     12                                                                16                                         45-33
                                      3                                                                           Joshua         W       67-21                                     Midway            L
                                                 Leander        W         42-6                     13                                                                19                                         58-44
                                     10                                                                          Conally         W       57-48                                      McNeil           L
                                                  Austin        W         56-0                     16                                                                22                                         71-50
                                     16                                                                         Robinson         W       57-49                                  Stony Point          L
                                               Vandegrift       W         59-3                     18                                                                27                                         49-45
                                     24                                                                        Champion          W       54-36                                     Bastrop           L
                                                                                                   18                                                                30                                         64-48
                                October                                                                         Del Valle        W       59-34
                                              Vista Ridge       W        36-35                     19                                                          December
                                      1                                                                      Vista Ridge         W       43-31                                       Heath          W
                                                    Rouse       W         61-7                     19                                                                 2                                        57-48
                                      8                                                                        Plainview         W       57-45                                      Reagan          W
                                             Marble Falls       W         42-7                     20                                                                 2                                        34-31
                                     15                                                                      Georgetown          L       46-34                                      Holmes          L
                                               D. Springs       W         38-3                     22                                                                 2                                        52-40
                                     29                                                                       Shoemaker          W       67-60                                       Bowie          L
                                                                                                   23                                                                 3                                        64-35
                              November                                                                       Pflugerville        L       63-47                                  Stony Point         L
                                              Lake Travis       W        35-21                     30                                                                 4                                        41-33
                                      5                                                                                                                                             Reagan          W
                                                     LBJ        W        70-20               December                                                                 4                                        29-16
                                     11                                                                           Lopez          W       73-27                                       Austin         L
                                                 S. Valley      W        28-23                      3                                                                 7                                        54-37
                                     19                                                                         Bastrop          W       57-25                                         Ball         H
                                             Weslaco East       W         48-7                      3                                                                21                                      3:30PM
                                     26                                                                     Weslaco East         W       55-32
                               December                                                                       Coronado           W       42-22
                                              Lake Travis        L       21-20                      3
                                      4                                                                           Donna          W       70-37
                                                                                                    4            Del Rio         W       59-37
                                                                                                    7           Westake          W       63-50
                                                                                                   10             Hutto          W       78-63

State dreams realized
continued from CROSS COUNTRY               won a state championship.
                                                                                    Cedar Park football playoff run
                                                                                    continued from FOOTBALL on cover             the game, but also
on cover                                      “It’s a great achievement for                                                      earning a spot in
     “It’s been a long wait [to get us,” O’Donnell, senior, said. “This                 Cedar Park a run for their the Quarterfinals.
back to state],” Allison Boykin, has been the goal [of the team]                    money, and held the Timberwolf                  “Playoffs are all
senior, said. “I’ve been waiting for for years but we’re the first to do            offense to seven lowly points about advancing
four years after Coach [Sheard] it. The team last year was really                   in the third quarter. However, to the next round.
promised he’d take me there [by] good and for them not to win was                   the Timberwolves refused to let We feel pretty
my senior year, and now we’re disheartening, but this year we won                   this injury end their season and good so far, and
there. It’s great.”                        and that reflects their work in the      worked as a team to finish the the team is having
     With both teams in state, this program.”                                       game strong. By the end of the fun at practice.
has been the best season in years             The only other team to bring          game the Rangers racked up 20 December football
for the program: not since 2000 back a state gold medal was the                     total points in the second half, but is what Texas High
have both teams made it to the Cedar Park girls’ cross country                      due to a lousy first half Cedar Park School             football
competition. There was also the team in 2003. This year the girls                   smuggled this one out 28-23. In is all about, and
greatest potential in years. Both fought to win the meet for the                    the next round of playoffs Cedar our next goal is
teams had a reasonable chance of second time. However, the girls                    Park met with the Weslaco East to be playing at
winning the state championship fell short of first, finishing seventh.              Wildcats at the Alamodome in San Christmas time.”
and were ranked high by the Cross While it was disappointing for the                Antonio, to battle for a spot in the Joe Willis, Cedar
Country Coaches’ Association of team, it was still an impressive                    Quarterfinals. From kickoff, even Park                  football
Texas all season.                          performance for a team composed          a fan with no prior knowledge of coach, said.
     On the day, it was the boy’s of mostly sophomores. The team                    either team’s playoff wins, could               When       Cedar
team that seized on the opportunity. is aiming to improve on this year’s            see which way this game was Park                          earned
Led by O’Donnell, who finished performance.                                         going to go. The only time the the spot in the
in eighth place, they stormed to              “We’ve been to state once,            Weslaco East faithful would see Quarterfinals, they
an impressive 23 point win over we can do it again,” Jena Lach,                     one of their players cross the goal also acquired the
nearest competitors Smithson sophomore, said.                                       line was in first quarter, when hope they would Brandon Allen and Ryan Roberts, seniors, watch the coin toss at the start of the Lake Travis game
valley. After sitting in packs for            After their impressive result in      the Wildcats were able to cut the be playing further November 4. The team went on to win the game, becoming district champions and beating Lake Travis
two miles, the team surged past the state meet, the boys attempted                  Cedar Park lead to seven points. on in December. for the first time in school history.
competitors in the final mile to to qualify for the national meet at                However, for the duration of the Exactly                      one
secure the win. This is the first time the Nike Cross Nationals South               game they were held scoreless and month after the                                     faced them again this time on a in the 2010 state playoffs and
that any boys’ team in Leander Region race in Houston, while the                    the Timberwolves ran away with Timberwolves beat Lake Travis much bigger stage, with a trip to have created an enduring legacy,
Independent School District has girls’ team looked to gain more                     from Weslaco, not only winning in the regular season; Cedar Park the semi finals on the line. The they, and all of Cedar Park, can be
                                              experience in big competitions                                                                                                                Ti m b e r w o l v e s proud of. They gave their all day
                                              ahead of next season. The                                                                                                                     came out roaring, in and day out, and represented
                                              boy’s went in as the underdogs                                                                                                                with an early 10-0 not only the school but the Cedar
                                              chasing the top three schools                                                                                                                 lead. That lead Park community extremely well.
                                              in the state: The Woodlands,                                                                                                                  would quickly be Though this season is over, the
                                              Marcus and Southlake Carroll.                                                                                                                 cut, when Lake Timberwolves will be back next
                                              Unfortunately, the team was                                                                                                                   Travis scored two fall: powerful, talented and hungry
                                              only able to qualify as an                                                                                                                    touchdowns both for a state title unrealized.
                                              alternate finishing in fourth;                                                                                                                within a minute
                                              effectively ruling them out of                                                                                                                of each other. And
                                              the trip to Portland and the                                                                                                                  added touchdown
                                              national meet. While not their                                                                                                                resulting      from
                                              goal, the fourth place was still                                                                                                              a      punt-return
                                              an exceptional result in which                                                                                                                created a further
                                              they beat several top 5A teams                                                                                                                gap. The game
                                              and capped off a successful                                                                                                                   continued to be
                                              season.                                                                                                                                       a nail biter with
                                                  “We were disappointed not                                                                                                                 numerous         lead
                                              making it to nationals but coach                                                                                                              changes. But as
                                              [Sheard] helped us put it in                                                                                                                  the clock wound
                                              perspective. We’ve had a great                                                                                                                down,          Lake
                                              season and won state, even if we                                                                                                              Travis ended up
                                              didn’t finish on a high,” James                                                                                                               having the final
                                              McIlwain, sophomore, said.                                                                                                                    lead        change,
                                                  Congratulations are in order                                                                                                              beating       Cedar
              photo courtesy of Jill Klement for the cross country team and                                                                                photos by Mallory Robertson Park 21-20.
 Jordan McWilliams, junior, runs at the their coach, Timo Sheard, for                                                                                                                          T       h         e
                                                                                     Ethan Fry, sophomore, runs in for the first touchdown of the game Saturday, December 4 at DKR Texas
 Texas UIL 4A State meet. The boys placed a successful season that all of
                                                                                     Memorial stadium in the second run-in with the Lake Travis Cavaliers. This was the fourth round in the
                                                                                                                                                                                            Ti m b e r w o l v e s
 first in state, making them the first Cedar Cedar Park can be proud of.                                                                                                                    made                 a
Park boys team to ever win State.                                                    class 25-4A playoffs; the Wolves played their hearts out coming up short by only one point.
                                                                                                                                                                                            phenomenal run

Lady Timberwolves train hard for the winter season
ALEX MENDOzA                              laundry list of impressive feats such   achieve their goals and make their        drama is never brought
   The shadows cast by the NBA            The Connecticut Huskies women’s         school proud. This year the girls         on court. Personal issues
and men’s college basketball often        basketball team completing two          have been doing just that, with           and problems during the
put talented female ballers out of        straight      undefeated     seasons.   the varsity team heavy with senior        game never leave the
the spotlight. Even on renowned           Female domination of the court is       players. The experience and talent        court, either.”
sports networks such as ESPN,             becoming a noticeable trend, one        of the upperclassmen has been                The                 Lady
the WNBA Finals came and went             that is alive and well at Cedar Park.   fundamental to the team’s success.        Timberwolves           have
with little recognition from sports          The Lady T-Wolves basketball            “Our seniors have played               remained          virtually
fans. However, women’s teams              team moves as a unit and a tightly      together since the fourth grade,          injury-free            over
across the nation have racked up a        knit family, constantly striving to     competing in tournaments around           the     summer        while
                                                                                  the country and even against              participating             in
                                                                                  international teams,” Mark Myers,         tournaments outside of
                                                                                  coach, said.                              school to expand their
                                                                                     In addition to utilizing the           reputation and overcome
                                                                                  talent heavy seniors, Myers is also       weaknesses and improve
                                                                                  readying the younger players to           upon strengths. During
                                                                                  take over next year, encouraging          the majority of the
                                                                                  the team to work closely together         season, nearly all of the
                                                                                  and form strong team chemistry. A         players compete against
                                                                                  closely-bonded team is essential,         other girls in regional
                                                                                  especially this year. The Cedar Park      and far-off tournaments
                                                                                  girls will face a rough schedule          to hone their skills. With
                                                                                  heading into the 2010 season,             strength in so many                                                                              photos by Samantha Coen
                                                                                  facing four division rivals in a row      areas it’s difficult to find The Lady Timberwolves make the shot, contributing to their overall winning score. They have had
                                                                                  midway through.                           room for improvement. a very successful season so far, going 18-2; the Lady Timberwolves hope to finish victoriously.
                                                                                     “Our rival has always been             However,        a     major
                                                                                  georgetown, but since we’ve               concern for the team                    to advance through the district level           “The girls have a chant that they
                                                                                  changed to a 4A school, this year         this year has been improving their and make it to the state tournament, say before games, saying ‘100’ over
                                                                                  we’ll also be facing vista Ridge,”        defensive side of the ball.             a goal shared by all of Cedar Park’s and over, which means giving 100
                                                                                  said Myers.                                  “We’ve really made it a point athletic divisions.                                percent every time,” Myers said.
                                                                                     vista Ridge is quickly becoming        this year to improve our defense,”         “We lost two key players last                With the chilly winter weather
                                                                                  a chief rival of Cedar Park teams,        Myers said. “The team works year because they graduated, but comes a new season of great
                                                                                  but the pressure these emotionally-       extremely hard, not always focused, we have almost all seniors now,” basketball at the professional,
                                                                                  charged games can bring is barely         but they definitely put in the time Myers said. “This year, we’re collegiate and high school level.
                                                                                  significant. When it comes to high-       and effort.”                            aiming to make it past district and With the basketball buzz building
                                                                                  intensity situations, the demanding          At the games themselves, having move on to the state tournament.”                don’t be surprised if the biggest
                                                                                  pace of the game is nothing new to        a home crowd cheering them on              As the girls head into the 2010- noise this season comes from the
                                                                                  these players.                            gives the players a mental edge 2011 season, team spirit is riding courts dominated by the Lady
                                                                                     “We really know how to handle          over their opponents.                   high and hard work has motivated Timberwolves.
                                                                                  pressure well,” Lorenzia ‘zia’               “We definitely love the crowd them to play well. A leading core of
                                                                                  Carter, junior point guard, said.         because it gets us hyped,” Carter seniors is ready to push the team to
Emma Leal, senior, shoots a free throw during a game against Hutto High School.   “The overall morale of the team           said.                                   new levels and improve their own
The Lady Timberwolves went on to win the game 78 to 63.                           has been very good and off-court              Another key goal for the team is skills as basketball players.

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