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									   5 Reasons Why Bar Coded Wrist Bands in Hospitals Just Make Sense
When it comes to patient safety, all hospitals should strongly consider using bar coded wrist bands. They are a simple
and cost-effective way to protect both patients and staff. Here are the top five benefits to using hospital bar coded wrist

Cost Effectiveness

Hospital wrist bands provide a huge benefit for very little cost. They typically cost as low as $0.30 per individual band,
and can be even lower than that when ordered in very large amounts. These simple wrist bands provide durability and
can easily be fitted to almost any patient. Once on, they are not easily removed and can be easily accessed at all times to
provide doctors, nurses, and other professionals all the information they need in one simple scan.


Many hospitals are trending toward automated systems to help avoid human errors. While human error can never be
completely removed from a hospital, bar coded wrist bands helps to reduce the number of problems that can occur by
making automation easier. A patient’s needs can easily be ascertained with a simple scan, and medications can be
assigned automatically based on individual need.

A Standardized System

Hospital wrist bands push organizations toward adopting a standardized system of patient data, which has proven time
and again to improve safety and overall efficiency. Because all patient data is placed in the same database, doctors and
nurses can get used to a standardized presentation of information instead of cryptic notes. This allows providers to
quickly access information because they know exactly where it can be found.

Reduced Medication Errors

Medication errors are one of the leading causes of patient fatalities in hospitals across the United States. Using a
standard bar code system can help reduce these errors by allowing staff to verify a patient’s required medications and
allergies prior to giving a dosage. The bar code system ensures that each patient is assigned the proper dosage and can
also be used as a safeguard, allowing staff to perform one extra scan to verify that the proper medication is given at the
proper time.

Improved Accuracy in Orders

Using hospital wrist bands helps to improve order accuracy. A flagging system can be utilized, allowing one scan to
trigger alerts if a patient has allergies that the staff needs to be aware of, serious conditions that may be contagious to
others in the area, or the need to be restrained to prevent self-injury. These flags can even be made time-sensitive so
they are only active at the time when the patient is at greatest risk. While providers in the past had to scan lengthy order
sheets to find these details, a bar code system allows it all to be easily accessed in less than a second.

There is very little excuse for a hospital not to consider bringing in a bar coded wrist band system. The cost is negligible,
the training for staff is easy, and the benefits are immense. Bar coded wrist bands just make sense.

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