DAB Postgraduate Course Guide - Faculty of Design_ Architecture by zhouwenjuan


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                                                                                                                                        Ag          b.
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                                              the DAB Dynamic           3
    FACulty snAPsHot                          Cutting-edge Facilities   4
       3164 students                          Design                    6
        850 postgraduate coursework           Animation                 10
            students                          Architecture              14
        178 higher degree research students
                                              Advanced Architecture     18
        118 staff
                                              Planning                  26
                                              Property Development      30
    uts At A glAnCe                           Project Management        34
     30,500 students
                                              Research Degrees          38
     26,166 students at the City campus
                                              Academic Profiles         40
      3601  students at Kuring-gai campus
      7088  international students            How to Apply              44
     20,135 undergraduate students
      9360  postgraduate coursework
       1026 higher degree research students
       2750 staff

Photo by Andrew Worssam
JoIn tHe Best In youR
PRoFessIon, exPAnD
youR KnoWleDge oR

through our research, education and       We value:                                   We are at the forefront of progressive
engagement with the professions, the      > Quality outcomes and an excellent         design, animation, architecture, project
uts Faculty of Design, Architecture         reputation in research that is socially   management, property development and
and Building aims to sustainably            significant while being intellectually    planning education. We attract people
transform urban environments and            focused on the nexus of creativity and    with experience from many different
creative cultures. We enable new social     technology                                fields and disciplines. our courses
values and processes for the design and   > Academic excellence and accountability    are renowned for their innovative and
management of, and engagement across:       in the delivery of the uts model of       practical application.
urban developments, architecture,           global practice-oriented learning for
products, garments, spaces and              the 21st century
visual media.                             > A university experience that is vibrant
                                            and socially engaging
                                          > International leadership in our

                                                                                                    'Anonymia' by David Vu and Carlos Camacho

                                                               tHe DAB DynAMIC
Join the best in your                      ConneCted to                                 ConneCted
profession                                 industry                                     internationally
uts: Design, Architecture and Building     the key to a postgraduate course which       through adjunct professors, global
postgraduate degrees enable you            meets your career aspirations is its         field trips and collaborative research,
to succeed to the highest levels in        connection to industry. At uts, our close    the faculty is connected to design,
your chosen profession. through a          industry connections ensure that our         architecture and building institutions
combination of teaching methods            courses and subjects are contemporary        around the world. our courses and
that replicate the workplace, industry     and relevant to today's professional         subjects have a global perspective, and
input into course content, and a broad     workforce.                                   our teaching staff are at the forefront of
worldview and context embedded in          our courses are regularly reviewed           international trends. After graduating,
the subjects, you will improve your        for relevance by industry advisory           your knowledge will be global in
professional standing through practical    committees to make sure they keep            perspective and your professional
and theoretical knowledge.                 pace with change, and develop students’      network will be international.
Professionals graduating from our          professional and practical skills to match
courses include:                           employers’ needs. In some cases, we          aCCreditations: the
> Designers with practice management       develop aspects of the curriculum in         pathWay to a global
  and leadership expertise                 joint partnership with industry to meet      Career
> Property developers with detailed        company-specific needs.                      graduating from our postgraduate
  planning knowledge                       employers tell us that our graduates         degrees gives you the capacity to work
> Planners with an understanding of        have the skills to see and move beyond       internationally through professional
  urban design                             traditional professional boundaries,         recognition of our courses. our courses
> Animators able to create, collaborate    within Australia and around the globe,       have accreditation with a wide range of
  and innovate                             taking their place as leading creative       professional associations and governing
> Business-savvy architects with a flair   practitioners in their chosen professions.   bodies, including:
  for design                                                                            > Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
> Project managers who can lead cross-                                                  > Architect's Accreditation Council of
  disciplinary teams to success                                                            Australia (AACA)
                                                                                        > Project Management Institute (PMI)
                                                                                        > Royal Institution of Chartered
                                                                                           surveyors (RICs)
                                                                                        > Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)

                                                                                        balanCing Work
                                                                                        and study
                                                                                        the balance between work, study and
                                                                                        personal life are the drivers in how
                                                                                        we deliver our courses. We cater for
                                                                                        busy lifestyles by offering after-hours
                                                                                        classes, part-time study or intensive
                                                                                        mode to enable you to have an enriching
                                                                                        experience with us.
                                                                                        We also provide high level after-hours
                                                                                        and off-campus library and It support
                                                                                        to make your balancing act that
                                                                                        much easier.
                                                                                        our central location means we’re easy
                                                                                        to get to, particularly by public transport.
                                                                                        the city campus has the added benefit
                                                                                        of being close to Chinatown, Darling
                                                                                        Harbour and Central station’s transport
                                                                                        hub. there are also a number of parking
 Photo by Jim griffiths                                                                 stations close to campus which offer
                                                                                        discounted student rates.
CuttIng-eDge FACIlItIes
digital                                      fabriCation                                   companies worldwide. the MoCap lab
                                                                                           uses a Vicon optical system which allows
arChiteCture lab                             Workshop                                      human movement to be captured by a
the Digital Architecture lab is available    the Fabrication Workshop provides             series of cameras and then encoded as
exclusively to Master of Advanced            access to the latest technological            digital data. this data allows animators
Architecture students. this studio and       advances, including rapid prototypers.        to produce characters with life-like
lab houses dedicated computers with          students can use the Fabrication              movement. the MoCap lab is enhanced
high end animation, modelling, CAD,          Workshop for metalworking,                    with Motion Builder software to allow the
graphic and web publishing software;         woodworking, plastics, welding, spray         captured movement to be applied to the
and access to two ABs 3D printers, a         painting, materials storage, tool storage     movement of characters which do not
universal x2/660 large format laser cutter   and general use. equipment in the             conform to human body dimensions.
and Fastscan Cobra 3D portable digitizer,    workshop includes wood and metal
located in the Digital Workshop.             lathes, vacuum table, pedestal drills, disc   digital Workshop
                                             sanders, welders, bench saws, routers,        the state-of-the-art digital workshop
                                             milling machines, steel benders and           holds two 3D printers, a laser cutter
                                             guillotines, and a collection of hand and     and a 3D scanner. this workshop allows
                                             portable power tools.                         students and staff to quickly create
                                                                                           three-dimensional prototypes directly
                                             Motion Capture                                from a computer generated design.
                                             laboratory                                    the 3D scanner provides the ability to
                                             the faculty’s industry standard Motion        digitally record the physical properties of
                                             Capture lab is allows students and            objects as a digital file for further design
                                             staff to use the same world-class             manipulation, while the laser cutter can
                                             system as leading animation production        cut a range of materials from cardboard
                                                                                           and plastics to metal.

dab lab                                       sense-aWare                                     photoMedia studio
DAB lab is a unique facility dedicated        researCh lab                                    the Photomedia studio includes
to supporting faculty design research.        the sense-Aware lab enables                     studios with electronic and tungsten
It provides managerial assistance to          information interaction design using            lighting, product table, backdrops and a
develop exhibitions for academic staff        contextual, user-centred responsiveness         cyclorama; a film processing area; and
and postgraduate student designs,             and intuitive physical interfaces. It is used   black and white darkrooms. Its digital
case studies and research projects.           to make accessible and meaningful the           image lab contains high-end Apple
Importantly, it also provides a public        data concealed in ubiquitous information        computers and a large variety of film
showcase for the leading research that        networks using natural experiences, such        scanners with variable formats.
the faculty produces.                         as physical motion, gesture, tangible
                                              device manipulation, e-fashion wear and
interaCtivation                               smart products.
the Interactivation studio is used to         the teChnotextiles
research the interaction between people       library
and technology. It develops Human-            the technotextiles library is an advanced
Computer interfaces for expression            textile resource library that includes
and performance, instruments, and             fabrics such as three dimensional woven
interactive environments. It has a flexible   and knitted textiles; aramid, carbon and
layout: all furniture and equipment           glass fibre fabrics; as well as health-
can be relocated, with reconfigurable         giving, shock-absorbing and acoustic
wiring schemes through cable ducts in         insulation materials. the samples are
the floor and ceiling. this encourages        supported by a database detailing further
rapid changes into a research lab,            technical information on each sample,
design office, lecture room, workshop,        related books and product literature.
performance space, video installations
etc, suiting the needs of the processes.

                                                                                                                                             Photo by Andrew Worssam

the uts Master of
Design is a studio-based
program centred on
emerging practices,
experimentation and

                           Photo by lawrence Wallen

Master of design                            speCialised                                  Collaboration
the shifting context of design practice     knoWledge, eMerging                          With industry and
demands that designers are skilled
practitioners, researchers and
                                            praCtiCes                                    CoMMunity
                                            through a studio major, and                  Collaboration is another key driver
entrepreneurs. the uts Master of Design
                                            accompanied by subjects in technology        of the Master of Design, fostered by
enables designers to develop the agility
                                            and theory, you will engage in rigorous,     participatory design methods and
they need to create innovative objects,
                                            reflective design practice. this course      teamwork. through a strong culture of
products, services and environments for
                                            provides a space for speculation,            practice-led teaching and research, you
an increasingly complex world.
                                            provocation and risk-taking that is          will engage in industry and community
Central to this course are the specialist   unavailable in the workplace. you will       projects, such as teDx sydney or the
studios, which encourage critical design    graduate with specialist knowledge and       Vivid Festival. Intensive study in small
practice. supported by technology and       an understanding of cross-disciplinary       groups under the guidance of leading
theory seminars and workshops, the          practice.                                    practitioners will enhance your ability to
studio majors include Interactivation,                                                   manage and work in a team. the course
lighting Design, technotexiles,             experiMentation                              offers a meaningful and high-quality
sustainability Design and Creative
Business enterprise, Information
                                            through Methods,                             partnership with industry, and generates
                                                                                         a design community around uts by
Visualisation, objects and Accessories,     Materials and                                offering exciting, relevant and innovative
Perception-space-Materials, and safe        teChnologies                                 explorations only available within an
and sustainable Retail environments.        In the uts Master of Design,                 educational institution.
                                            experimental practice is valued at all
                                            stages of the design process from
                                            research and ideation through to
                                            representation and production. these
                                            experimental approaches are informed
                                            by critical histories and theories. you
                                            will have the opportunity to challenge
                                            disciplinary boundaries through a range
                                            of shared workshops including rapid
                                            prototyping, laser cutting, programming,
                                            3D printing, drawing, and screen-printing.

Photo by Mike Day                                                                                Photo by Jim griffiths

    SemeSter One                                       SemeSter twO                                       SemeSter three

    Specialist Studio (12cp)
    Choose two electives (2 x 6cp)
                                          >            Specialist Studio (12cp)
                                                       Choose two electives (2 x 6cp)
                                                                                           >              Specialist Studio (12cp)
                                                                                                          Studio Project Documentation (6cp)
                                                                                                          Choose one elective (6cp)

    sPeCIAlIst stuDIo stReAMs                                                 eleCtIVes
    3 x 12cp studios each:                                                    6cp subjects are offered in the following areas:
    > Information Visualisation, led by Kate sweetapple and Zoë               > Design entrepreneurship
       sadokierski                                                            > Design History and theory
    > Interactivation, led by Bert Bongers                                    > Reflective Practice
    > lighting Design, led by Mike Day and emrah Baki ulas                    > Practice-based Research Methods
    > objects and Accessories, led by Berto Pandolfo                          > technology Workshops
    > Perception-space-Materials, led by Benedict Anderson
    > safe and sustainable Retail environments, led by Douglas
    > sustainability, Design and Creative Business enterprise, led by
       tom Barker
    > technotextiles, led by Marie o’Mahony

    Winter and summer school electives may be available depending on student interest and project partnerships.

    For full course and subject details, visit www.handbook.uts.edu.au

Key infOrmatiOn
Course Code
C04243 Master of Design

                                                                                                                                         Student profile
CriCos Code
Course length
18 months (three semesters) full-time or
3 years part-time.
                                                                                            eduardo de Macedo
fees                                                                                        Job title: production designer
For 2012, local fees are $8,820 for 24 credit points. The Master of Design is a 72 credit   (set design and Costume design for
point course, and the current total course cost is $26,460. Fees are subject to change      theatre, film, tv)
annually.                                                                                   Course: Master of design
City campus                                                                                 “I chose uts because of its credibility
                                                                                            in the design industry and the great
hoW                                                                                         facilities that support the courses. My
Master classes, workshops and public lectures on campus during semester, and                course is very exciting, challenging and
during winter and summer schools, with the possibility of field trips. Seminars will be     best of all it is helping me to create a
delivered in intensive block mode.                                                          fantastic prospect towards an innovative
entry requireMents                                                                          future. It is directly related to current
An undergraduate degree with a credit average which relates to your chosen major.           (real) issues that are happening now
You must also submit a resumé, personal statement and a digital portfolio of 10 pieces      and in the future. through the course, I
of work that demonstrates design ability.                                                   have been exposed to a great variety of
                                                                                            projects (industries) where innovative
                                                                                            design thinking can be applied.
                                                                                            “I have had access to many real projects
                                                                                            and have real opportunities to be involved
                                                                                            with them. At the moment I'm involved
                                                                                            with the "Poly Media Pixel project" and
                                                                                            "Digital Media Pavilion". Both projects
                                                                                            are being developed under the umbrella
                                                                                            of uts – urbanAid. these project are
                                                                                            very interesting in so many ways as
                                                                                            they are exploring innovative approaches
                                                                                            to interactive technologies and the
                                                                                            project could be extended into a
                                                                                            commercial area.
                                                                                            “I’m a production designer and I have
                                                                                            been working in theatre, tv and film
                                                                                            in various roles and capacities for the
                                                                                            last 10 years. through the Master of
                                                                                            Design at uts, I have been exposed to
                                                                                            interesting areas of design and I have
                                                                                            opened a new path in my design career
                                                                                            with fascinating possibilities, specially
                                                                                            looking at interactive technologies.
                                                                                            “the projects being developed through
                                                                                            urbanAid are all connected to the
                                                                                            commercial world, giving us – students –
Photo by Andrew Worssam
                                                                                            great professional exposure.”

Australia’s first
Master of Animation
is based on creativity,
collaboration and
innovation backed
by the study of
animation theory
and history.

                          “Pink lemonade” by tess Boughton


Master of aniMation                       global industry                               aniMation in all
our graduates work in a range of fields   ConneCtions and                               its forMs
within animation, including film and
television graphics, film production,
                                          standards                                     the program combines coursework,
                                          Developed in close consultation with          research and project work, and includes
special effects, storyboard design,                                                     traditional film animation, 2D and 3D
                                          the animation industry, this course
computer game and simulator software                                                    digital animation, graphic visualisation,
                                          will challenge you to exceed your own
design, animation for the Internet,                                                     object-oriented programming and
                                          expectations. the social and cultural
architecture, character design and                                                      animation studies, culminating in the
                                          diversity of our students, staff and
experimental animation.                                                                 production of a short animated work. you
                                          partners in the professions, along with
                                          the full mix of disciplines, has created      can undertake your animation production
                                          a vibrant and rich learning environment       as project work in the final semester,
                                          that prepares you for a borderless            which allows you to explore an area of
                                          workplace.                                    particular interest or professional benefit.
                                                                                        you may complete this either as individual
                                          Mastery through                               work or as part of a collaborative team.
                                          Collaboration                                 Creativity CoMbined
                                          the very essence of this course is
                                          collaboration. It is offered across three     With Craft
                                          faculties: Design, Architecture and           the Master of Animation has been
                                          Building; engineering and Information         designed and developed for film and
                                          technology; and Arts and social sciences,     television graphic artists, special
                                          and is informed by their strengths in         effects engineers, computer simulator
                                          design, animation, programming and            and game designers, traditional and
                                          production. As a student of the course,       experimental animators, and storytellers
                                          you will work with other students across      with a difference. Beyond the technical
                                          the full range of roles required to produce   skills, you will become a leader in the
                                          excellent animation. this exposure            field, an innovator and a true creative.
                                          increases your employability through a        our students have the use of industry-
                                          full understanding of the entire process,     standard facilities, including a Vicon
                                          as well as animation’s context in a           MoCap studio, an Apple-powered render
                                          variety of fields. you can also specialise    farm, spherion HDRI camera and state-
                                          in a particular area, with the complete       of-the-art video equipment.
                                          knowledge of the role you can play in
                                          the industry.

                                                                                                                            “Collision” by sarah eddowes

 seMester one                                       seMester tWo                                       seMester three

 Animation Concepts Seminar (6cp)
 3D Computer Animation (6cp)
 Film Animation (6cp)
                                       >            Animation Project A (12cp)
                                                                                           >           Animation Project B (12cp)
                                                                                                       Animation Genres (6cp)

 Graphic Visualisation (6cp)                        Plus two electives                                 Plus one elective

                                                    Digital Media technologies (6cp)
                                                    Digital Information and Interaction Design (6cp)
                                                    Digital sound and the Moving Image (6cp)
                                                    Writing for the screen (6cp)
                                                    Developing Creative Media (6cp)
                                                    Computer game Design (6cp)
                                                    Moving Image (6cp)
                                                    sound and Interaction (6cp)
                                                    2D Digital Animation (6cp)*
                                                    3D Digital Animation 1 (6cp)*
                                                    3D Digital Animation 2 (6cp)*
                                                    * only available in semester two

 For full course and subject details, visit www.handbook.uts.edu.au

Key infOrmatiOn
Course Code

                                                                                                                                                  Graduate profile
CriCos Code
Course length
1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time
fees                                                                                               sarah eddowes
For 2012, local course fees are $9740 for 24 credit points. The Master of Animation is a
72 credit point course, and the current total course cost is $29,220. Fees are subject to          Job title: freelancer/painter
change annually.                                                                                   Course: Master of animation

Where                                                                                              sarah’s capstone project, an animated
City campus                                                                                        film called Collision, was selected for
hoW                                                                                                competition at the Annecy International
Classes on campus during semester                                                                  Animation Film Festival 2011. she also
                                                                                                   received a $5000 travel grant from screen
entry requireMents                                                                                 Australia to attend the festival.
A recognised bachelor's degree in a relevant field or significant professional industry
                                                                                                   “I chose uts because it offers the only
experience. You must also submit a show reel (max 10 mins), a portfolio of up to 10
                                                                                                   university course of pure animation in
printed images, CV and personal statement. Please see the website for full details.
                                                                                                   sydney. the first half of the program is
                                                                                                   very broad, getting a taste for different
                                                                                                   styles and techniques of animation. In
                                                                                                   the second half, you get the opportunity
                                                                                                   to make a film about anything, by any
                                                                                                   method you choose, which is very freeing
                                                                                                   and daunting both at once.
                                                                                                   “I most enjoyed the final project and the
                                                                                                   support I received from my supervisors.
                                                                                                   they were very flexible in offering advice
                                                                                                   and criticism, no matter what genre of
                                                                                                   animation we were doing. this really
                                                                                                   helped me to explore exactly what I was
                                                                                                   interested in.
                                                                                                   “My current role is as a director and artist
                                                                                                   of my own style. uts helped me develop
                                                                                                   this means of working by offering a broad
                                                                                                   range of expressive outlets so that I could
                                                                                                   really find my own voice as an animator.”

                                                                      “underdog” by yaron sartov
the uts Master of Architecture
engages with the complexity
of the contemporary built
environment, and contributes
to the profession through
vibrant international
discourse and innovative
research-informed design.

                           “extreme Density: Paris” by David Janson, shane Marshall, Cameron Burbidge

Master of                                      beCoMe a leading                              inforMed design
arChiteCture                                   arChiteCtural                                 deCision Making
this degree is the second of a two-tier        designer                                      Design within our course is a dynamic
degree structure, undertaken after the         the uts Master of Architecture teaches        process informed by and, in turn,
successful completion of the Bachelor          you how to lead the discipline through        informing research. Research-driven
of Design in Architecture or equivalent,       a deep understanding of design and            project outcomes are fully integrated
and is required to become a practicing         professional practice, with the aid of the    into all architectural design subjects. you
architect. It is a qualification that allows   latest digital technology. you will be able   will directly apply research to realising
you, after a period of industry experience,    to invent new outcomes and become             architectural design challenges. At
to take the professional examination of        a designer of urban environments, a           graduation, your portfolio will be fully
the nsW Architects Registration Board.         professional who can work across a            informed, have a strong design focus and
you can also join the Australian Institute     breadth of design challenges and lead         be engaged with contemporary social and
of Architects (AIA).                           teams of allied professionals.                urban contexts.
After graduating, you can embark
on a local or international career in
                                               After completing this degree, you will
                                               only need to complete a further 36 credit
                                                                                             engaged With
architecture, urban design or other            points of Master of Advanced Architecture     industry
design fields, as the course allows you        subjects to qualify for a Master of           our course is intrinsically linked
to study subjects from the Master of           Advanced Architecture, providing you          with leading architectural innovators
Advanced Architecture or the Master            have completed the necessary subjects         nationally and internationally, such as
of Planning.                                   during your studies.                          gehry Partners. Along with frequent
                                                                                             guest lectures and master classes, we
                                               realise                                       also offer subjects in which you work in
                                                                                             a team environment with outstanding
                                               arChiteCtural                                 architectural practitioners and have
                                               innovations                                   the opportunity to be involved with
                                               through the architectural practice            contemporary competition projects.
                                               subjects in our master’s course, you will     through these aspects of the course, you
                                               be able to take a project beyond concept      will learn the skills of teamwork, which
                                               to realisation. these subjects have a         will strengthen your ability to lead in
                                               business orientation, which gives you an      architectural practice.
                                               understanding of what it takes to become
                                               a leading practitioner, advocate and
                                               design manager, able to work globally.

                                                                                                                                'transformative Fabrics'
                                                                                                                  by Regan Ching, Ben McFadden, Farnaz
                                                                                                                         Abedinnezhad, samaneh Moafi.
                                                                                                                                   Photo by nora Hyasat

 Architectural Design Electives – 48cp       Architectural Practice Core – 24cp     Electives – 24cp from:

 Material technologies (12cp)                Media and Marketing (6cp)              sustainable urban Development (6cp)
 Fabrication technologies (12cp)             Finance and Project Management (6cp)   Introduction to Property and Planning (6cp)
 social transformations (12cp)               the Profession (6cp)                   Planning and environmental law (6cp)
 Disciplinary transformations (12cp)         the City (6cp)                         Design Differences: Community Identities (6cp)
 environmental sustainability (12cp)                                                * Digital theory (6cp)
 environmental Performance (12cp)                                                   * Advanced Modelling software (6cp)
 urban Interventions (12cp)                                                         Design Communication and Criticism (6cp)
 urban Projections (12cp)                                                           graphic Visualisation (6cp)
 Computational Media (12cp)                                                         Practice Management and leadership (6cp)
                                                                                    Reading and Writing Architectural Criticism (6cp)
 * Computational environments (12cp)
                                                                                    Modern Western Aesthetics (6cp)
 * global Field studio (12cp)
                                                                                    Drawing to Diagrams: topics in Architectural theory (6cp)
 * Competition studio (12cp)
                                                                                    urban Renewal (6cp)
 * Activism studio (12cp)
                                                                                    greenfields Development (6cp)
                                                                                    Development negotiation (6cp)
                                                                                    > special project 6cp electives addressing current issues
                                                                                      in design, technology and theory will be programmed
                                                                                      each semester.
 * these subject choices are shared with the Master of Advanced Architecture        > you may also choose a 6cp subject from across uts’s
 For full course and subject details, go to www.handbook.uts.edu.au                   postgraduate offerings.

Key infOrmatiOn
Course Code

                                                                                                                                           Graduate profile
CriCos Code
Course length
2 years full-time
fees                                                                                         regan Ching
The Master of Architecture is available to local students as a Commonwealth                  Job title: architectural assistant at
Supported Place degree, meaning the Australian government pays part of your tuition          gehry partners, llp, los angeles
fees and you pay a contribution, as for an undergraduate degree. If eligible, you can        Course: Master of architecture
elect to pay your student contribution up front and receive a 10 per cent discount.
Alternatively you can defer payment of your student contribution using HECS-HELP.
                                                                                             “the graduate degree offered an
It is also available to full-fee paying students, and, in 2012, local fees are $10,550 for   opportunity to hone the skills and
24 credit points. The Master of Architecture is a 96 credit point course, and the current    learnings gained from my undergraduate
total course cost is $42,200. Fees are subject to change annually.                           degree in areas of architecture that I was
                                                                                             interested in, namely urban design and
                                                                                             advanced computational techniques.
City campus
                                                                                             “the travelling studio was invaluable
hoW                                                                                          for an urban design-oriented course
Classes on campus during semester                                                            as it allowed a greater opportunity to
entry requireMents                                                                           understand, and more importantly
Bachelor of Design in Architecture or equivalent. You must also submit a portfolio of        experience, what you are researching
design work.                                                                                 first hand. It was a nice balance, as other
                                                                                             studios that teach advance computational
                                                                                             techniques such as programming require
                                                                                             a more scientific approach.
                                                                                             “My studies at uts prepared me with a
                                                                                             broad range of skills that allow me to be
                                                                                             flexible and able to work in many roles
                                                                                             in an office, so a major advantage is that
                                                                                             I am not confined to only one position.
                                                                                             As well, uts exposed me to an ever-
                                                                                             growing network of professionals and
                                                                                             educators that play a major influence in
                                                                                             the industry. In my case, the university
                                                                                             facilitated a rare internship opportunity
                                                                                             with the architect commissioned to
                                                                                             design one of the buildings in the highly
                                                                                             anticipated Campus Master Plan.
                                                                                             Attaining this internship has allowed me
                                                                                             to display my value and convince them of
                                                                                             my contribution to the office, resulting in
                                                                                             a permanent position.”

 “extreme Density: Paris” by tom Chan, thomas Keeley-Reid, Christiane Whiteley


        the Master of Advanced Architecture in
        Design technologies connects design,
        research and emerging technology, and
        is at the forefront of global architectural
        design practice.
        the Master of Advanced Architecture
        in urban Design focuses on the spatial
        transformation of urban environments
        through research, technology and

‘Project for the Mediterranean' by Adrian lahoud and samuel szwarcbord
     'Capsule Reloaded' by David Vu and Carlos Camacho

                                                                     Advanced Architecture

Master of advanCed                                           foCused design
arChiteCture in                                              researCh in
design teChnologies                                          dediCated studios

                                                                                                                                                      Graduate profile
this post-professional degree explores                       With full access to a dedicated
the implications of technological                            studio space, the course encourages
developments on the conceptualisation                        experimentation in a range of areas,
of architectural form and organisation,                      such as computationally-driven design
developing innovative and research-                          processes, building information
informed design awareness in its                             modelling, advanced visualisation
graduates. this degree is an evolution                       techniques, building performance            sam kashuk
of uts’s well recognised Master of                           simulation and CnC fabrication. your        Job title: architect and parametric
Digital Architecture.                                        experimental approach is informed           design specialist, lab architecture studio
graduates of this course will be                             by theory with a focus on thinking          Course: Master of digital architecture
recognised for their advanced design                         through the debates, ideas and history
abilities, their understanding of the                        of contemporary architecture, and the       sam works for lAB architecture studio
implications and applications of                             challenges and potential brought to it by   in Melbourne, the practice responsible
architectural technology, and their                          technological change.                       for Federation square. sam is currently
connection to international architectural                                                                working on large-scale residential,
theory and contemporary practices.                           learn froM leading                          commercial, mixed use and urban
                                                             praCtitioners                               projects in China and Dubai, using cutting
advanCed design                                              Integral to your success is the exposure    edge technology in the design approach.
innovation                                                   to leading architectural innovators. you    originally from Iran, sam chose to study
the basis of this course lies in                             will take part in master classes and        the Master of Digital Architecture at uts
experimentation and research, allowing                       seminars led by international innovators    as he found it one of the most cutting
you to explore the potentials of the latest                  in architectural design. Contributors to    edge courses in the world.
digital technologies for architecture and                    the Master of Advanced Architecture         “In terms of technique, the course
urbanism. the design focus of the course                     in Design technologies include Peter        helped me to be very up-to-date with
is underpinned by a strong theoretical                       Davidson (lAB), sulan Kolotan (Kolmac,      world architecture. I became familiar
foundation which investigates the history                    ny), Chris Bosse (lAVA), Alisa Andrasek     with very rich theories and philosophies
and implications of new technologies for                     (biothing, uK) Michael Hensel (ocean        in design which not only helped me in the
design practice. this will enable you to                     north), and tom Wiscombe (emergent,         workplace but also affected my
develop an experienced understanding of                      lA). our associations with international    PhD proposal.”
the possibilities of emerging technology                     schools such as the AA school in london
and design.                                                  and the university of Michigan provide
                                                             further global perspectives.

'Beirut Frame' by Regan Ching, laura guepin, Albert Quizon

                                                                                                                  'Beirut Frame' by Regan Ching, laura guepin, Albert Quizon

                                                                   'Pyrmont Bay Redevelopment: Assemblage against totalities' by Ben McFadden, lapze leung and Regan Ching

 MASTEr oF ADVAnCED                           DESIGn TECHnoLoGIES STrEAM                                 UrBAn DESIGn STrEAM

 Autumn session 14 weeks                      Advanced Architecture studio (Dt)                          Advanced Architecture studio (uD)

                                              Dt Master Class 1                                          one elective from:
                                                                                                         > City governance: Public Policy and law
                                              spatial Research                                           > urban economics and Finance
                                                                                                         > City Infrastructure
                                                                                                         > Planning Rationality and Power

 Winter session 4 weeks                       global Field studio oR Competition studio oR Activism studio

 Spring session 14 weeks                      Design studio (Dt)                                         Design studio (uD)

                                              Dt Master Class 2                                          uD Master Class 1

                                              Digital theory                                             one elective from above

 Summer session 8 weeks                       Demonstration Project

 For full course and subject details, visit www.handbook.uts.edu.au

                                                    Advanced Architecture

Master of advanCed                          international                                Key infOrmatiOn fOr
arChiteCture in                             perspeCtive                                  maSter Of advanced
urban design                                this course encourages you to take           architecture
the Master of Advanced Architecture in      an international perspective on
                                                                                         Course Code
urban Design provides an opportunity for    contemporary urbanism by giving you
practicing professionals to enter global    the opportunity to travel to conduct
networks, gain international perspectives   research, develop international networks     CriCos Code
and accelerate design innovation in         and gain skills that are relevant and        065866A
their practice. graduates will shape the    mobile in global growth markets. As part
                                                                                         Course length
city through ideas, plans and policies.     of the course, you will investigate the
                                                                                         1 year full-time or 2 years part-time
graduates are recognised for their          spatial impact of economic and social
                                                                                         (local students only)
innovative approaches to strategic design   transformation across a variety of local
thinking at an urban scale.                 and international metropolitan contexts.     fees
                                                                                         For 2012, local fees are $10,550 for 24
the course will encourage you to re-
frame current challenges to the urban
                                            inforMed by a                                credit points. The Master of Advanced

environment, to become a central            researCh Culture                             Architecture is a 72 credit point course,
                                                                                         and the current total course cost is
participant in larger political contexts,   the Master of Advanced Architecture
                                                                                         $31,650. Fees are subject to change
and to implement advanced architectural     in urban Design focuses on an
design in cities.                           understanding of the city as an emergent
                                            phenomena that is shaped and regulated       Where
Collaborative and                           by a mixture of forces. your learning will   City campus
                                            be formed through a continuous series
design-foCused                              of research design studios and seminars
this course addresses the challenges                                                     Classes on campus during semester,
                                            that draw on the disciplinary knowledge
of social and political change,                                                          and during winter and summer schools,
                                            of a wide range of invited guests across a
environmental degradation and                                                            with the possibility of international
                                            broad range of professions. you will also
globalisation through the design of the                                                  field trips.
                                            be actively involved in researching the
urban fabric, including infrastructure,     dynamic relationships between different      entry requireMents
buildings and open spaces. Collaborating    aspects of urban systems including           A professional degree in architecture
with leading edge contemporary              infrastructure, information, politics        or a design-related field within the built
practices and situated within a critical    and branding.                                environment. You must also submit a
and experimental research environment,                                                   portfolio of design work. UTS Master
this post-professional degree will                                                       of Architecture graduates may receive
enable you to provide innovative spatial                                                 credit for subjects completed in their
responses to complex urban conditions.                                                   previous studies, subject to the course
using new methods for mapping and                                                        director’s approval.
experiencing cities, you will become a
leading professional in the development
of urban design responses for the 21st
century metropolis.

Photo by Carlos Camacho

                                                    Advanced Architecture

Master of advanCed                           the courses are also rich in opportunities
                                             for practice-oriented learning,              Key infOrmatiOn
arChiteCture -                               professional learning and cultural           CriCos Codes
pathWay Courses                              diversity. With close collaboration with     Master of Advanced Architecture
the graduate Certificate in Architecture     architectural practice, they feature an      065866A
and the graduate Diploma in Architecture     expanded program that equips you with
are tailored bridging courses that provide   the skills of entrepreneurship, marketing,   Graduate Certificate in Architecture
pathways into the Master of Advanced         business and management necessary for        065843G
Architecture. If you studied in a pre-       leadership in the profession.                Graduate Diploma in Architecture
digital context (prior to 2000) or have      the graduate Certificate in Architecture     065844G
studied overseas, then these courses         is comprised of 24 credit points of
allow you to upgrade your qualifications     Master of Architecture subjects: one 12
and skills.                                  cp subject in the Architectural Design
these courses prepare you to specialise      stream, one 6cp Architectural Practice
in either urban design or design             subject and one 6cp elective.
technologies. you will study a tailored      the graduate Diploma in Architecture
program of Architectural Design and          comprises 48 credit points of Master of
Architectural Practice subjects, based on    Architecture subjects: two 12cp subjects
your needs as evidenced in your previous     in the Architectural Design stream, two
studies and experience.                      6cp Architectural Practice subjects and
you will gain strategic thinking, spatial    two 6cp electives.
organisation and visual design skills, and
further develop your verbal and written
communication abilities. Project-based
studio subjects explore research, design
concepts, implementation strategies and
presentation techniques.

pathWays into the Master of advanCed arChiteCture


MASTEr oF ArCHITECTUrE*                       or GrADUATE CErTIFICATE In                  or GrADUATE DIPLoMA In
                                                 ArCHITECTUrE                                ArCHITECTUrE

Master of Advanced Architecture
> urban Design specialisation
> Design technologies specialisation

                                                                                                                  *or equivalent

the postgraduate Planning
program enhances knowledge
and skills in urban analysis,
policy and the use of emerging

                                  group project by:
                                       laura Cook
                                     Man Kin lam
                                 Benjamin sawers
                                 Christopher Kelly
                                      Akwasi Agyei
                                     Adam lidbury
26                               sarah stephinson

graduate CertifiCate                       engaged With the                               integrated urban
in property and                            broader issues                                 developMent
planning                                   In addition to traditional physical planning   knoWledge
                                           skills, you will develop economic and          With a first year of study shared with
graduate diploMa                           spatial analysis skills, and experience        the Master of Property Development
and Master of                              with collaborative planning and
                                           community involvement. Beyond a firm
                                                                                          program, you will develop a close working
planning                                   understanding of how to make excellent
                                                                                          relationship with other built environment
                                                                                          professionals in class projects. this will
the Master of Planning has a strong        urban plans, you will also graduate with       be the basis for a sound intellectual
emphasis on master planning,               an understanding of how to engage              and practical understanding of the
sustainability and urban design,           with broader social issues and how to          broader issues facing urban planners
equipping its graduates to respond to      incorporate that reflection into better        and administrators, and a grasp of
changing natural, economic and social      plans. our graduates have an industry          the decision-making priorities and
environments.                              reputation for being proactive, practical      constraints of stakeholders in the public
the engaged, practical nature of the       and creative in the way they address           and private sectors.
course prepares graduates for leadership   urban and environmental problems.
                                                                                          After completing the Master of Planning,
roles in government departments and
agencies, major development companies      praCtiCal and                                  you will only need to complete a further
                                                                                          24 credit points of planning subjects
and private consulting firms.              analytiCal foCus                               to qualify for a Master of Property
                                           the coursework emphasises real                 Development as well.
                                           world problem solving to respond to
                                           the sustainability challenges we face          industry ConneCtion
                                           over the coming decades. subjects
                                           are taught using a mentored group
                                                                                          and reCognition
                                           workshop approach, with guest lecturers        our course structure has been developed
                                           drawn from a pool of industry leaders          with full support and participation from
                                           who present critical examinations of           leaders in the planning profession. our
                                           contemporary case studies. you will            subjects are based on an understanding
                                           learn how to produce high quality              of the skills, knowledge and judgement
                                           plans for urban renewal and greenfield         that planners will need in order to lead
                                           developments, and to work collaboratively      and coordinate urban development and
                                           with other built environment professions       regeneration efforts in the next decade.
                                           to solve problems creatively.                  After completing the Master of Planning
                                                                                          and required professional experience, you
                                                                                          are eligible for corporate membership of
                                                                                          the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

                                                            group project by: nicholas Frankel, James Bouteris, Ronny Darmadi, Qingxin Zhang, simon McKendry and gillian Davis

 ProPErTY AnD PLAnnInG                >           GrADUATE DIPLoMA In PLAnnInG (48CP)
                                                  MASTEr oF PLAnnInG (72CP)

 Core subjects Level 1 – 24cp                     Core subjects Level 2 – 24cp                                    options Level 3 – 24cp

 Introduction to Property and Planning (6cp)      urban Design (6cp)                                              Major Project stream:
 sustainable urban Development (6cp)              group Project B: greenfields Development (6cp)                  > Planning theory and Decision Making (6cp)
 group Project A: urban Renewal (6cp)             Development negotiation (6cp)                                   > Major Project: Methods (6cp)
 Planning and Property law (6cp)                  urban economics and Finance (6cp)                               > Major Project: Analysis (6cp)
                                                                                                                  > Major Project: outcomes (6cp)
                                                                                                                  Minor Project and Elective Stream:
                                                                                                                  > Planning theory and Decision Making (6cp)
                                                                                                                  > Minor Project (6cp)
                                                                                                                  Two electives from:
                                                                                                                  > Conservation and Heritage (6cp)
                                                                                                                   > Property Market Analysis (6cp)
                                                                                                                  > Property Development Finance (6cp)
                                                                                                                  > spatial Analysis in Planning and Property (6cp)

 For full course and subject details, visit www.handbook.uts.edu.au

Key infOrmatiOn
Course Codes

                                                                                                                                        Graduate profile
C11001 Graduate Certificate in Property and Planning^
C07002 Graduate Diploma in Planning^
C04007 Master of Planning
CriCos Code
Master of Planning 064794J
Course length
1 semester full-time or 1 year part-time (Grad Cert Property and Planning)                  scott Christie
1 year full-time or 2 years part-time (Grad Dip Planning)                                   Job title: architectural graduate, suters
1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time (M Planning)                                       architects
                                                                                            Course: Master of planning
For 2012, local fees are $9,150 for 24 credit points. The Master of Planning is a 72
                                                                                            scott chose to do his master’s at uts
credit point course, and the current total local course cost is $27,450. Fees are subject
                                                                                            because the study program allowed him
to change annually.
                                                                                            to work while he studied.
Where                                                                                       “At uts I had the freedom to adjust my
City campus                                                                                 timetable so I could complete my degree
hoW                                                                                         while taking minimal time off work.
Up to three intensive teaching blocks during semester, with up to 46 contact hours.         “I learnt a lot from the program and it
Web and email access is critical for all course communication.                              opened up a lot of avenues as far as
                                                                                            careers go. I was introduced to lots of
entry requireMents
                                                                                            people through the degree and made so
An Advanced TAFE Diploma in a property-related discipline, a bachelor’s degree or
                                                                                            many good contacts.
relevant industry experience.
                                                                                            “I’m currently working with an
artiCulation                                                                                architectural firm in planning and
The Graduate Certificate in Property and Planning articulates into the Graduate             development. My degree has allowed
Diploma in Planning, which is an exit degree for students enrolled in the master’s          me to work across a diverse range
course. The Graduate Diploma in Planning articulates into the Master of Planning            of projects, including residential and
^this course is not available to international students.                                    industrial plans, aged care independent
                                                                                            living and heritage sites.”

     the only
     property course
     dedicated to
     development and
     delivered with a built
     environment focus.

                    Photo by Chris Bennett
                                      PRoPeRty DeVeloPMent

graduate CertifiCate                         praCtiCal foCus                            enhanCed planning
in property and                              our courses integrate theory with a        knoWledge
planning                                     strong practical focus, meaning your
                                             learning is readily applicable in the
                                                                                        With a first stage of study shared with
                                                                                        the Master of Planning program, you will
graduate diploMa                             workplace. subjects are taught by both
                                             academics and practicing industry
                                                                                        gain a sound intellectual understanding
and Master                                   professionals, exposing you to a broad
                                                                                        of the broader issues facing property
                                                                                        developers and managers. this close
of property                                  range of skills and experiences.           working relationship will give you a better
developMent                                                                             approach to the planning challenges
the Master of Property Development           industry ConneCtion                        facing property developers, which will
provides a thorough and advanced             and reCognition                            dramatically improve your employability.
grounding in all aspects of the property     our course structure has been developed    Depending on the electives you choose,
development process, markets and             with the full support of the property      you could be eligible for substantial block
institutions, including the political,       industry. our subjects have been           credit in the Master of Planning or the
managerial, legal and physical systems       developed with an understanding of the     Master of Project Management.
which contribute to the effective            issues facing developers, managers
management and development of                and planners, especially how they must     dediCated learning
property assets, property investment         work together to realise a property
portfolios and development proposals.        development.
                                                                                        Delivered by the school of the Built
graduating with a Master of Property         our course is one of a handful with RICs   environment, this course is focused on
Development will show your commitment        and API accreditation.                     property development, planning and
to professionalism in the property sector,                                              property management. It is a tailor-made
and is ideal for property professionals                                                 course for the 21st century property
who need to upgrade their qualifications                                                professional, rather than a general
or expertise, or for those who wish to                                                  business course with property add-ons.
enter and excel in the property industry.
                                                                                        the program is delivered in a block
                                                                                        pattern, with up to 38 hours of contact
                                                                                        per semester delivered face-to-face in
                                                                                        two intensive blocks of typically 2.5 days
                                                                                        length each per subject.

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Clem girault

 Graduate Certificate in Property               Introduction to Property and Planning (6cp)   Property Development electives:

 and Planning (24cp)                            sustainable urban Development (6cp)           strategic Asset Management (6cp)
                                                group Project A: urban Renewal (6cp)          Property Market Analysis (6cp)
                                                Planning and environmental law (6cp)          green Building evaluation (6cp)
                                                                                              Property taxation (6cp)
 Graduate Diploma in Property                   Property transactions (6cp)
                                                                                              Commercial Retail Property Management (6cp)
 Development (48cp)*                            Valuation Application (6cp)
                                                                                              Construction Cost Planning (6cp)
                                                + 2 electives                                 Construction Contracts and Finance (6cp)
 Master of Property Development (72cp)          Advanced Property Development (6cp)           Planning electives:
                                                Property Development Finance (6cp)            urban economics and Finance (6cp)
                                                + 2 electives                                 urban Design (6cp)
                                                                                              spatial Analysis for Property and Planning (6cp)
                                                                                              group Project B: greenfields Development (6cp)
                                                                                              Development negotiation (6cp)
                                                                                              Planning theory and Decision Making (6cp)
                                                                                              Project Management electives:
                                                                                              Project Management Principles# (6cp)
                                                                                              Project Procurement and Risk Management (6cp)
                                                                                              Project time, Cost and Quality (6cp)
                                                                                              team leadership Principles and
                                                                                              Communications (Autumn, 6cp)
 * Required for API CPV accreditation                                                         Critical thinking and Communication (spring, 6cp)
 # Project Management Principles is a prerequisite for other project management subjects      you may also choose a 6cp subject from across uts’s
 For full course and subject details, go to www.handbook.uts.edu.au                           postgraduate offerings.

                                                           Property Development
Key infOrmatiOn
Course Codes

                                                                                                                                    Graduate profile
C11001 Graduate Certificate in Property and Planning^
C06006 Graduate Diploma in Property Development
C04008 Master of Property Development
CriCos Codes
Graduate Diploma in Property Development 066575D
Master of Property Development 019745C
Course length                                                                          Mark tait
1 semester full-time or 1 year part-time (Grad Cert Property and Planning)             Job title: senior development Manager,
1 year full-time or 2 years part-time (Grad Dip Property Development)                  investa property group
1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time (M Property Development)                      Course: Master of property development
For 2012, local fees are $9,150 for 24 credit points. The Master of Property           Mark decided to complete his master’s
Development is a 72 credit point course, and the current total local course cost is    to further his knowledge of the property
$27,450. Fees are subject to change annually.                                          finance sector and broaden his skill base
                                                                                       as he focused more on management.
                                                                                       “I chose to do my master’s at uts
City campus
                                                                                       because it was the only university which
hoW                                                                                    allowed me to attend my classes in block
Two intensive 2.5 day teaching blocks per subject during semester. Web and email       format which was really beneficial for
access is critical for all course communication.                                       my family life and allowed me to keep
                                                                                       working full time.
entry requireMents
An Advanced TAFE Diploma in a property-related discipline, a bachelor’s degree         “the course has definitely sharpened
or relevant industry experience. You may receive recognition for prior learning for    my core property skills and given me
recognised tertiary qualifications.                                                    additional skills in areas outside my
                                                                                       traditional knowledge base, such
artiCulation                                                                           as property taxation, planning and
The Graduate Certificate in Property and Planning articulates into the Graduate        valuation.”
Diploma in Property Development.
The Graduate Diploma in Property Development articulates into the Master of Property
^this course is not available to international students.

                         Photo by Jim griffiths

leading Project
education in Australia
through a globally
recognised focus on
quality and rigour.

                                              PRoJeCt MAnAgeMent

graduate CertifiCate                          rigorous With a                              global reCognition
and Master of                                 tradition of                                 and engageMent
proJeCt ManageMent                            exCellenCe                                   With international
this program provides practice-based          We have been delivering postgraduate         experts
knowledge, skills and the tools necessary     Project Management education for over        the first Australian program to be
for the delivery of different types and       22 years. the course is highly regarded      accredited by the Project Management
sizes of projects and programs across         by industry as providing in-demand           Institute’s (PMI) global Accreditation
all industry sectors, underpinned by          ‘professionally excellent’ graduates.        Centre, it is also accredited by the Royal
theory and research. At the forefront         our focus on leadership, program             Institution of Chartered surveyors (RICs)
of industry trends, the uts program           management and governance has                and endorsed by the Australian Institute
incorporates project complexity,              further increased the employability of our   of Project Management (AIPM), which is
program management, governance,               graduates at senior levels.                  a member of the International Project
reflective practice and leadership into its   During your studies, you will map your       Management Association (IPMA). our
subject offerings.                            professional and academic development        foundation subjects are compatible with
Drawing on areas of excellence from           against international standards. this        the structures used by the PMI and AIPM
across uts, students may choose a sub-        provides you with a benchmark for            to certify practitioners, preparing you for
major in Business, It or engineering, or      your professional development, and an        industry certification.
undertake a pure Project Management           understanding of project management          our subjects are delivered by
postgraduate degree.                          performance requirements to global           international industry leaders, and
                                              best practice.                               high-profile international visiting
                                                                                           academics, while the core team of uts
                                              industry foCus and                           academics has industry expertise and
                                              praCtiCal orientation                        an internationally recognised research
                                              With close industry contact, our program     reputation. such input exposes you to
                                              is delivered through block workshops         global developments in the fields of
                                              designed to provide realistic preparation    project and program management,
                                              for project management in the workplace.     engaging you in a global network of
                                              Most subjects offered in the course          project management professionals.
                                              emulate project environments, giving you     you also have the choice of completing
                                              the opportunity to directly develop your     some subjects at sKeMA, a management
                                              ability to manage real projects.             school offering classes in Paris and lille.
                                              Along with international case studies as     We also offer a Doctor of Project
                                              the basis for learning and assignments,      Management for experienced project
                                              you will also study the experiences of       managers. our research students are
                                              major organisations, such as optus, the      supervised by leading academics and
                                              Ato and HsBC. your learning will be          practicing professionals.
                                              practice-oriented, covering multifaceted
                                              subjects involving workshop components,
                                              online components, and individual and
                                              group work.

                                       >            CHoICE BLoCk 2
                                                                                        >            CHoICE BLoCk 3

Graduate Certificate in Project Management          Graduate Diploma in Project Management           Master of Project Management
Four core subjects:                                 Chose four subjects:                             Choose four subjects from Choice Block 2
Project Management Principles (6cp)                 Managing Project Complexity (6cp)                oR
Project Procurement and Risk Management (6cp)       negotiation and Conflict Management (6cp)        Choose a sub-major below
Project time, Cost and Quality (6cp)                Realising Project Benefits (6cp)                 Business sub-major
team leadership Principles and                      Project Management Practicum (6cp)               Choose four MBA subjects from:
Communications (Autumn, 6cp)                        Reflective Project Practice (6cp)                Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Critical thinking and Communication (spring, 6cp)   Program Management (6cp)                         Financial Management
                                                    systems thinking for Managers (6cp)
                                                                                                     Change Management
                                                    Delivering strategy through Projects (6cp)       strategic supply Chain Management
                                                    Project governance and leadership (6cp)          strategic Procurement
                                                    Project Management Professional Practice (6cp)
                                                                                                     Engineering sub-major:
                                                    Introduction to Research (6cp)                   Choose four MeM subjects from:
                                                    the Research Process (6cp)                       engineering and Financial Control
                                                    specialist Project study (6cp)                   Quality and operations Management systems
                                                                                                     Quality Planning and Analysis
                                                                                                     Value Chain engineering systems
                                                                                                     technology and Innovation Management
                                                                                                     Risk Management and engineering
                                                                                                     IT sub-major:
                                                                                                     Choose four subjects from:
                                                                                                     Information systems Architecture
                                                                                                     enterprise Business Requirements
                                                                                                     enabling enterprise Information systems
                                                                                                     Business Process Design
graduate Certificate in Project Management = 24cp from choice block 1                                Business Application Development
graduate Diploma in Project Management = 24cp from choice block 1 and 24cp from choice block 2       enterprise Computing

Master of Project Management = 72cp, with 24cp from choice blocks 1, 2 and 3.
For full course and subject details, go to http://www.handbook.uts.edu.au

                                                           Project Management
Key infOrmatiOn
Course Codes

                                                                                                                                         Graduate profile
C11005 Graduate Certificate in Project Management^
C07004 Graduate Diploma in Project Management^
C04006 Master of Project Management
CriCos Code
Master of Project Management 001099J
Course length
1 semester full-time or 1 year part-time (Grad Cert Project Management)                  david Connolly
1 year full-time or 2 years part-time (Grad Dip Project Management)                      Job title: director, program Management
1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time (M Project Management)                          office, defence Materiel organisation (dMo)
                                                                                         Course: Master of project Management
For 2012, local fees are $10,340 for 24 credit points. The Master of Project
Management is a 72 credit point course, and the current total local course cost is       David Connolly is a senior executive in
$31,020. Fees are subject to change annually.                                            the DMo, Australia’s largest project
                                                                                         management organisation which acquires
Where                                                                                    and sustains equipment for the Australian
City campus. You may also undertake some study in France.                                Defence Force. DMo is involved in many of
hoW                                                                                      the largest and most demanding projects
Intensive four-day workshops during semester. Web and email access is critical for all   nationally.
course communication.                                                                    “the course has removed the inward
                                                                                         thinking that you often get when just
entry requireMents
                                                                                         dealing within your own business. I now
A recognised undergraduate degree plus six month’s experience (Master of Project
                                                                                         belong to a broad network of like-minded
Management), or five year’s industry experience (Graduate Certificate in Project
                                                                                         professionals from other organisations.
Management). You may also receive recognition of prior learning for recognised
tertiary qualifications.                                                                 “Along with working with a variety of
                                                                                         experienced and inexperienced fellow
artiCulation                                                                             students, and the teachers and guest
The Graduate Certificate in Project Management articulates into the Graduate Diploma     speakers, the course gets you to think
in Project Management, which is an exit degree for students enrolled in the Master of    differently about how you work.
Project Management.
                                                                                         “I’ve been given the models, tools and
The Graduate Diploma in Project Management articulates into the Master of Project        techniques to do this, and it’s taken me
Management.                                                                              outside my project management
^this course is not available to international students.                                 comfort zone.”


C03012 Master of design (research)
2 years full-time or 3 years part-time
CriCos Code: 030867M

C03001 Master of architecture (research)
2 years full-time or 3 years part-time
CriCos Code: 008672f

C03002 Master of built environment
2 years full-time or 3 years part-time
CriCos Code: 008674d

C02001 doctor of philosophy
4 years full-time or 6 years part-time
CriCos Code: 032316d

C02005 doctor of project Management
3 years full-time or 4.5 years part-time
CriCos Code: 045835g

38                                         Photo by Joanne Jakovich
                                                           ReseARCH DegRees

researCh degrees                                design researCh                              built environMent
If you are suitably qualified and wish          our design research responds to the          researCh
to extend and deepen your knowledge             challenges posed by new technologies         through research, we educate
of an appropriate area within design,           and changing social priorities. It is        professionals who construct, manage
architecture or the built environment,          focused on leading the design profession     and value the places and spaces of
a master’s or doctoral degree by                and engaging with industry, government       sustainable cities. Research in the built
research might be for you. your research        and the community, including:                environment focuses on:
investigation will take place under             > emerging critical fields such as           > managing economically and
the supervision of members of the                 interactivity with all things designed       environmentally sustainable urban
faculty’s academic staff, which includes          and made                                     developments and communities
academics and practitioners from around         > practice-based, practice-led and           > complex real property rights
the world.                                        practice-integrated research               > urban sustainability, including: water
Research at uts: Faculty of Design,               methodologies for designers                  and energy use, healthy environments
Architecture and Building leads the way         > creative use of digital technologies in      and spaces, public transport, and
in developing the design, architecture            the design and production of products        housing affordability and accessibility
and built environment professions, with           and spaces                                 > the history, philosophy and culture of
a particular focus on the integration of        > the historical, cultural and                 the built environment
digital technologies and research into            philosophical impact of design on
                                                  society and culture                        A Doctor of Project Management degree
professional practice. our research spans                                                    for experienced project managers is
a spectrum from applied, practice-based
methods, through to traditional academic        arChiteCtural                                also available. through coursework,
                                                                                             workplace learning and research,
research methods drawn from the                 researCh                                     students conduct research into specific
humanities and sciences, and speculative        our research educates architects who         project types and industries. (Fees apply
research-and-design explorations of             are transforming the profession through      for this degree).
possible futures.                               innovations in design, technology and
the faculty is home to the Centre for           urbanism. Research in architecture is
Contemporary Design Practices, a uts            strongly focused on:
Research strength, the Designing out            > the impact of new media, technologies
Crime Research Centre, the Asia-Pacific            and networked organisational
Centre for Complex Real Property Rights            structures on urban space
and the Built environment Design and            > innovation in managing design practice
Management group.                               > the exploration of digital tools and
                                                   technologies in the architectural
these centres support the dynamic                  design process
research culture of the faculty, and are at     > the historical, cultural and
the forefront of its linkage to industry, the      philosophical impact of architecture on
professions, and the broader community.            society and culture
A unique facility within the faculty is
DAB lab, a curated gallery that provides a
public showcase for our leading research.
state-of-the-art labs and workshops help
support a growing and vibrant research

michael day                              Berto Pandolfo                         Prof tom Barker                        dr Kate Sweetapple
studio leader: lighting Design           studio leader:                         studio leader: sustainability,         studio leader: Information
                                         objects and Accessories                Design and Creative Business           Visualisation
Mike Day has designed over 150                                                  enterprise
projects in 11 countries, including      Berto Pandolfo’s teaching covers                                              Dr Kate sweetapple is Associate
major institutional and diplomatic       the history of industrial design       tom Barker has worked                  Head of Design and a senior
buildings, mass housing, luxury          from the industrial revolution         for more than 20 years as a            lecturer in Visual Communication
residences, exhibitions, stage and       to the present day, technical          designer, technologist, innovator      Design. one of her key research
film design. He was a partner in         and visual communication for           and entrepreneur in the built          interests is Information Design
a large international architectural      industrial designers and industry      environment, architecture and          – specifically the visualisation
practice until 1999 and has              linked studio projects.                industrial design. He has extensive    of quantitative and qualitative
previously taught at the university      His research focuses on: how           experience of business and             data through exploratory visual
of sydney and university of nsW.         new and emerging technologies          intellectual property creation, fund   communication practices,
His areas of interest include            can benefit industrial design and      raising, innovation development        including print, object and
lighting, interiors, architecture        the end user in a non-exclusive        and commercialisation. tom’s           installation design. In 2004, Kate
and design.                              manner; the articulation and           expertise includes industrial and      completed her doctorate, the
                                         validation of practice-led design      architectural design, materials        Rhetoric of Distance: a model
assoc Prof Benedict anderson                                                    and technology, sustainability,        of the visual narrator in design,
                                         research; and what industrial
                                         design can learn from the              small business enterprise,             which uses a literary framework
studio leader: Perception-space-
                                         successes and failures of the          startups and funding, intellectual     to explore contemporary visual
                                         Australian manufacturing industry      property, and creative industry        communication artefacts. Kate
Benedict Anderson is an                  during the period 1940-1990. He        policy.                                explores the intersection of words
Australian born practitioner             led the Digifacture industry-linked    He has worked extensively with         and images through exhibitions,
working in scenography, dance            project in 2010, which explored        corporations around the world,         installations and printed matter.
dramaturgy, architecture and             the technology of selective laser      including: sony Playstation, Bank
film. He has designed for ballet,        sintering [sls] as a possible new      of America, Proctor & gamble,          Prof marie O'mahony
opera and contemporary dance.            method of product manufacture.         unilever, 3 Mobile, o2 Mobile,         studio leader: technotextiles
Projects and exhibitions include:                                               B&Q, BenQ, targetti lighting,
en Residencia, laboral gijon             assoc Prof douglas tomkin              Dyson, Mclaren Formula 1,              Marie o’Mahony is a member
and ARCo 05 Art Fair Madrid                                                     and sharp solar. tom has also          of the Australian government’s
spain,Millennium Centre Cardiff,         studio leader:
                                                                                collaborated on many creative          textile, Clothing and Footwear
Fondation Cartier Paris and              safe and sustainable Retail
                                                                                projects, for example with Zaha        (tCF) Industries Innovation
Festival of Arts Amman, Jordan.          environments
                                                                                Hadid, Richard Rogers, Wilkinson       Council. since joining the uts
He co-convened Mobility Visions          Douglas tomkin has many years          eyre, VMA; artists langlands &         school of Design in 2008 she
symposium for theater der                as a professional designer and         Bell; Hussein Chalayan; Buro           has been actively engaged with
Welt Halle germany exploring             academic living and working            Happold, Arup and Atelier1.            industry, successfully developing
the relational themes in                 in Asia, united Kingdom and                                                   Fashion technology: the Rip Curl
architecture, public space and                                                  dr Zoë Sadokierski                     Project with the iconic sportswear
                                         Australia. since the early '90s
surveillance and co-convened             Douglas has specialized in                                                    brand. she has worked worldwide
                                                                                studio leader: Information
seAM2009/2011 symposiums                 sustainable design issues,                                                    as a textile and technology
sydney; exploring inter-                 consulting with manufacturers and                                             consultant for fifteen years.
relationships with architecture,                                                                                       Clients include Zaha Hadid, the
                                         running workshops on eco-design        Zoë sadokierski is a lecturer in
film and choreography, design,                                                                                         netherlands Design Institute,
                                         here and abroad. In addition to        design and an award-winning
site specificity, city as event, pulse                                                                                 seymour Powell, MoMA, ove Arup
                                         designing and teaching he has          book designer and illustrator. Her
and activation.                                                                                                        and Partners, nIKe and Hussein
                                         provided design advice for legal       doctoral thesis examined hybrid
He has taught in architecture,           cases concerning product copying       novels – novels in which graphic       Chalayan. she is the author of
design and scenography at                and where products have been           devices such as photographs,           numerous books, with the most
Bauhaus Dessau, Institut für             associated with accidents in the       drawings, and experimental             recent Advanced textiles for
Raumgestaltung (spatial Design)          home, restaurants, gyms, at work       typography are integrated into         Health and Wellbeing (oct 2011,
university of Innsbruck, tu/Berlin,      and in prisons. A firm believer in     the written text. she runs a print     thames and Hudson) and has
RMIt and swinburne universities          the role of interdisciplinary design   design and illustration practice,      curated exhibitions, including
and university of Hertfordshire uK.      teams tackling large commercial        focusing on publications in which      Cyborg for the stedelijk Museum
He led a design team for an urban        and socially-oriented projects, he     word and image combine in              in Amsterdam, the Fabric of
redevelopment design strategy for        is now the Business Manager for        innovative ways.                       Fashion, an international touring
the uK national Highways Agency          the Designing out Crime Research                                              exhibition for the British Council,
and is an associate partner in                                                                                         and technothreads for science
                                         Centre at uts.
the Berlin based firm thinkbuild                                                                                       gallery, trinity College, Dublin.
Architecture (www.thinkbuild.com).

                                    AnIMATIon                             ArCHITECTUrE
assoc Prof Bert Bongers             christopher Bowman                    dr Kirsten Orr                         Gerard reinmuth
studio leader: Interactivation      Course Director                       Course Director,                       Professor of Practice
                                                                          Master of Architecture
Bert Bongers established            Chris Bowman is an                                                           gerard is one of the founding
the Interactivation studio as       internationally-recognised            Kirsten orr is a registered            directors of renowned Australian
a laboratory with a flexible        production designer, artist,          architect and an academic. Her         architectural firm, teRRoIR.
infrastructure to support design    writer, director and teacher who      research covers four principal         gerard’s key area of experience
and research in interactivating     works with animation, film, and       areas: the architectural and urban     is in design excellence and the
objects and spaces within the       convergent media display systems.     consequences of the nineteenth-        management of commercial
Faculty of Design, Architecture     He has directed and produced          century Australian international       projects, having had senior
and Building at uts.                award-winning animated and            exhibitions; the school buildings      level experience on large-scale
He has a mixed background in        experimental art films and has        of William edmund Kemp,                commercial work across Australia.
technology (Bsc ee), human          more than 30 film and television      new south Wales Architect for          since forming the practice,
sciences (Msc erg. uCl london),     productions to his credit.            Public schools (1880-1896);            gerard has been design director
and the arts, developed through     His multi-disciplinary, cross-        innovation and new technology          of key projects including 86-88
education as well as practice. In   institutional and industry-based      in architectural design and            george street, leichhardt House,
his PhD thesis (Vu Amsterdam)       research projects explore             construction; and the application      AnZAC Parade Amenities and
he combined insights and            animation, data visualisation and     of inquiry-based learning theory to    Maitland Bowls.
experiences gained from musical     interaction in mixed reality and      architectural education.
                                                                                                                 gerard has established a
instrument design, interactive      locative media environments           Kirsten’s research has contributed     reputation for his insightful design
architecture, video performances,   for museum and public spaces.         particularly to understanding the      commentary through regular
and interface development for       Chris is particularly interested      development of Australian cultural     contributions to Australian
multimedia systems to establish     in understanding how drawing,         institutions, urban innovation         periodicals (Architecture Review
frameworks and an ecological        spatio-temporal schematics,           and architectural style. It fills      Australia, Architecture Australia,
approach to the design for the      3D rapid prototyping, animation       crucial gaps in the history of         Monument), newspapers and
interaction between people          and film can craft an immersive       late nineteenth century sydney         public forums.
and technology.                     interactive experience for the        when the Australian colonies
Bert’s research and design          audience that is both intimate and    were on the cusp of nationhood
focuses on this interaction,        engaging. He regularly exhibits his   by revealing the role of the built
developing new interface            screen media work in Australia.       environment in the evolution of city
prototypes and demonstrating new                                          functions that led to Federation.
ways of interacting with computer

ADVAnCED                                                                                                              ProPErTY
ArCHITECTUrE                                                                PLAnnInG                                  DEVELoPMEnT
david Pigram                          adrian Lahoud                         dr heather macdonald                      Gerard de valence
Course Director,                      Course Director,                      Course Director                           Course Director
Master of Advanced Architecture       Master of Advanced Architecture
in Design technologies                in urban Design                       Heather MacDonald received                gerard De Valence has worked
                                                                            her PhD in Planning and Public            in industry as an analyst and
Dave Pigram is an architect,          Adrian lahoud is an architect,        Policy from Rutgers university            economist, and as a task leader
educator, researcher and founding     urban designer and researcher.        in new Jersey (usA). she was              in the Policy and Research
partner of supermanoeuvre,            through private practice, teaching    an Associate Professor at the             Division of the Royal Commission
an internationally-recognised         and doctoral research, he explores    university of Iowa where she              into Productivity in the Building
collaborative architecture and        the disputed, conflicting and often   served as Chair of Department.            Industry in nsW. His principal
design practice operating out of      paradoxical transformations           Her research has focused on               areas of research activity and
sydney and london. Dave’s work        of cities.                            affordable housing policy and             interest include the measurement
has been exhibited at the un          In 2010 he edited a special issue     finance, and the role of spatial          of project performance, the study
Habitat World urban Forum, the        of Architectural Design titled        analysis in urban policy.                 of economic factors relevant to
national Museum of Australia,         "Post-traumatic urbanism".            she is the author of unlocking            the construction industry, the
the gallery of Australian Design,     Forthcoming in 2011 is "Project       the Census with gIs (2004), and           analysis of the construction
RAIA national Headquarters as         for a Mediterranean union" on         urban Policy and the Census               industry’s role in the national and
well as in lisbon, Paris, Florence,   speculative transport, energy and     (2011). she is currently engaged          international economy, the study
new york, los Angeles, Beijing,       media infrastructure in north         in two research projects, one             of interrelationships between
lexington, Melbourne and              Africa and the Middle east. His       investigating whether there is            construction project participants,
Auckland.                             architectural work has been           ethnic discrimination in private          and the impact of emerging
Dave has worked for studio            featured in the Wall street Journal   rental housing in sydney, the             technologies. He has published
Daniel libeskind, taught at           and USA Today.                        other investigating the impact of         and presented internationally on
the Architecture Association                                                planning regulations on housing           these topics.
                                      In 2011, his work was exhibited at
(AA) in london, Columbia’s            the Prague Quadrennial, gwangju       affordability in six Australian cities.
                                                                                                                      assoc Prof angelo Karantonis
graduate school of Architecture,      Design Biennale seoul curated by
Preservation and Planning                                                   dr Sumita Ghosh                           Associate Professor in
                                      Ai Weiwei. His theoretical research
(gsAPP), Princeton university,        work, The Life of Forms in the City                                             Property Development
                                                                            senior lecturer in Planning
the Pratt Institute and the           explores the problem of scale and
university of Michigan.               complexity in architecture and the    sumita ghosh was awarded a PhD            Angelo Karantonis has over
Dave continues to co-direct           city. He has been a guest critic at   from the school of Architecture           30 years of property industry
research into algorithmic and         the Royal College of Art london,      and Planning, university of               experience in agency, valuation
robotic fabrication as a co-founder   Architectural Association and         Auckland, new Zealand in 2004.            and property development. He is a
of the International Fabrication      tu Berlin.                                                                      Fellow of the Australian Property
                                                                            sumita has teaching, research
Robotics network.                                                                                                     Institute and a Fellow of the Royal
                                                                            and professional experience
                                                                                                                      Institution of Chartered surveyors
                                                                            in Australia, new Zealand and
                                                                                                                      (RICs). His research interests are
                                                                            India. she has participated in
                                                                                                                      in property markets, international
                                                                            the preparation of sustainability
                                                                                                                      property investment, property
                                                                            frameworks, water management
                                                                                                                      development, and property
                                                                            plan, urban growth policy and
                                                                                                                      taxation. He teaches in property
                                                                            urban design guidelines reviews
                                                                                                                      valuation, property development
                                                                            and sustainability communication
                                                                                                                      and international property
                                                                            for local and regional councils
                                                                            and government and private
                                                                            Her research interests focus
                                                                            on: sustainable settlement
                                                                            planning and morphologies;
                                                                            urban performance indicators;
                                                                            sustainability assessments and
                                                                            tools; alternative energy and water
                                                                            infrastructure and innovative
                                                                            geographic Information systems
                                                                            (gIs) applications.

dr Julien Pollock                     chivonne algeo                         assoc Prof Shankar Sankaran
Course Director                       lecturer in Project Management         Associate Professor in
                                                                             Project Management
Julien Pollack is a project           Chivonne Algeo is a specialist
manager whose focus is on             in project management,                 shankar sankaran is an
people and systems. He aims to        project governance, knowledge          Associate Professor of Project
achieve integrated people-oriented    management and reflective              Management at the school of
solutions that really work.           practice and has more than 20          the Built environment and a
the author of many papers and         years’ experience in delivering        core member of the Centre for
articles, Julien’s special area of    a variety of projects for major        Management and organisation
interest is complexity and systems    financial, insurance and health        studies (CMos) research strength
thinking. He has won national         organisations. she also assists        at uts. shankar has worked in the
and international awards for his      government institutions develop        oil, gas, petroleum, petrochemical
work linking project management,      their project management               and energy industries in Asia,
systems thinking and multi-           capability.                            the Middle east, south east Asia
methodology in practice. Julien’s     Chivonne’s teaching covers a           and oceania, and has managed
career has included work with         range of project management            major projects and engineering
both government and commercial        subjects at postgraduate level and     operations in industry before
sectors. He has facilitated complex   her research interests are focused     joining academia.
strategy projects and programs        on the alignment of project            shankar has co-edited two books
within the challenging, multiple      management to organisational           – effective Change Management
stakeholder environments,             strategy and the attainment of         using Action Research and
commonly associated with the          project management knowledge.          Action learning and Action
public sector.                        she is a Fellow and past Board         Research: Concepts Frameworks
                                      Director of the Australian Institute   Processes and Applications and
                                      of Project Management (AIPM)           Creating Value from Knowledge
                                      and is currently a member of the       Management – Myth or Reality?:
                                      AIPM Council of Fellows and the        Current Research and Practice
                                      Knowledge and Research Council.        in Knowledge Management –
                                      Chivonne established the AIPM          An Asia-Pacific Context. He is
                                      review into the Australian             on the Advisory Board of the
                                      national Competency standards          journal Action Research and is
                                      and has also been involved with        a Distinguished Fellow of the
                                      the Iso 21500 guide to Project         Action Research Centre at the
                                      Management standards Australia         university of Cincinnati, is a
                                      Committee.                             founding editor of the Journal of
                                                                             Project Program and Portfolio
                                                                             Management, is a member of
                                                                             the International editorial Board
                                                                             of the International Journal of
                                                                             Project Management, and is Chair
                                                                             of the Human systems Inquiry
                                                                             special Integration group at the
                                                                             International society for systems

HoW to APPly

What to subMit                                      advanCed standing
you must provide a curriculum vitae                 or exeMptions
and a personal statement directly to the            exemptions are granted on the basis of
university, which can be submitted online.          the successful completion of equivalent
Documentation in a language other                   subjects at an equivalent level at a tertiary
than english must be submitted with an              institution.
official translation, and copies of originals
must be certified.                                  Please contact us for more information,
                                                    or if you think you may be eligible for
For Design, Animation and all                       recognition of prior learning.
Architecture applications, you must also
submit a portfolio that presents your
design ability, (preferably on CD or DVD)
directly to the university.
For more information, go to:

loCal appliCants                                    fee-help                                        international
Applications for postgraduate coursework            Fee-HelP is a government loan scheme            appliCants
can be submitted in-person at one of                that assists eligible local students to pay     Applicants who are not citizens or
our Postgraduate Info sessions or online            their tuition fees. Visit                       permanent residents of Australia or
through the universities Admissions                 www.goingtouni.gov.au for details.              citizens of new Zealand must apply as
Centre (uAC). to apply through uAC                                                                  International students directly through
                                                    using Fee-HelP means you do not have
please contact:                                                                                     uts International.
                                                    to pay for your tuition fees up front. you
tel: (02) 9752 0200
                                                    can inform your employer that you have          application closing dates:
                                                    a Fee-HelP loan and they will withhold          First semester 2012 - 15 December 2011
Applications open 8 september 2011.                 your payments through the PAyg                  For details on international student fees,
Application closing dates:                          tax system.                                     visit: www.uts.edu.au/international/
First round – 18 october 2011                                                                       prospective/studying/fees
                                                    If your postgraduate degree is related to
second round* – 30 november 2011
                                                    your employment, your tuition fees may          tel: outside Australia (+61 3) 9627 4816
third round* – 31 January 2012
                                                    be tax deductable. For more information,        Freecall within Australia: 1800 774 816
*second and third round applications will only be   contact your financial adviser or the
accepted if places are still available.                                                             email: international@uts.edu.au
                                                    Australian tax office (Ato) ato.gov.au          Web: www.uts.edu.au/international
Applications for research degrees should
                                                    For information about Fee-HelP
be made through uts graduate school.
                                                    please contact:                                 Disclaimer: Courses and electives are offered subject
For more information visit:                         tel: 1800 020 108                               to numbers. Information is correct at time of printing
                                                                                                    (August 2011) and is subject to change without
www.dab.uts.edu.au/research                         www.goingtouni.gov.au                           notice. Changes in circumstances after this date may
                                                                                                    alter the accuracy or currency of the information.
fees                                                For further information, please contact         uts reserves the right to alter any matter described
For further information on fees for                 the uts student Centre:                         in this brochure without notice. Readers are
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postgraduate students visit                         tel: 1800 AsK uts                               them by contacting the university.
www.sau.uts.edu.au/fees                             Web enquiries: www.ask.uts.edu.au
                                                    english language proficiency
                                                    If your previous studies were undertaken
                                                    in an overseas country you may need to
                                                    provide evidence of english proficiency.
                                                    For details please visit:
                                                                                                    uts:MCu / 16505 / August 2011 /
                                                    www.uts.edu.au/study/english.html               uts CRICos PRoVIDeR CoDe: 00099F


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