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                                     Summary of Qualifications

 4 years IT Project Manager position in Canada.
 Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada.
 Over 13 years of experience in Windows Server, Active directory, MS Exchange Server,
     VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server Database, Java, C language, Web site designing and
     programming and AJAX.
 CISCO CCNA certified in computer networking.
 Certified in GSM (2G), CDMA (3G) mobile networks.

                                     Education and Certification

   BSc .Eng- Computer Systems Engineering----------------------------------------------------2007
    University of Ottawa – Canada (
   GSM Mobile Telecommunication Networks----------------------------------------------------2006
    Lane Community College, Oregon, USA(Herzog, Ottawa, Canada)
   CISCO CCNA(Intro) Certificate-------------------------------------------------------------------2005
   BSc/BA .Eng- Civil Engineering-------------------------------------------------------------------1995
    Damascus University – Syria.

                                           Management Skills

 Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools.
 Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
 Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and
 Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and influence them to take
   positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
 Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the project.
 Reduce project costs.
 Solving problems and complaints with customers by listening carefully and offering a group of
  available good solutions.
 Establish and implement project methodologies and appropriate tracking and monitoring.
 Keep our credibility with the client for the benefits of our company.
 Flexibility with the clients while keeping budget control in mind.
 Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to listen effectively, respond
   appropriately, and maintain mutual comfort level while relating to a diverse group of
 Develop guidelines and instructions for the development/design/production teams.
 Plan the execution, establish milestones, assign and document tasks to individuals and ensure
   adherence to the guidelines.
 Making sure that the design/development/production/management of the project is in line with
   the clients requirements.
                                    Technical Background

   Networking: Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, DNS Server, Group Policy, DHCP, Multi
    Server Environment, Server Virtualization (VMWare Servers), MS Exchange Server, CISCO
    certificate CCNA Intro (2006).
   Programming: VB.NET, SQL, Java, COM+, ActiveX, XML, VBA, Java Socket Programming,
    Client Server Architecture, C, Crystal reports, IIS “Internet Information Services”, MS Excel.
   Website design: ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Dreamweaver.
   Database: MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access Database.

                                       Work Experience

IT Projects Manager, (Leading Company - Canada)                     10/2008 – 4/2012
   IT Project Management Responsibilities: Managing a group of Network Administrators,
    Software Developers and Web site and graphics designers. Critical problem solving, receiving
    progress reports and assigning and reviewing weekly task sheets, preparing and updating
    projects reports to ensure that information is aligned between all departments.

   Technical Management:
         o ERP Application: Managing and supervising the lifecycle of building ERP
             (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications for managing (HR, accounting, sales,
             stocks and production lines), using the following technologies (n-Tire technology,
             ASP.NET, VB.NET, MS SQL Server and COM+ components).
         o Website Design: Managing and supervising the lifecycle of website designing,
             programming, graphic design and SQL Server Database.
         o Windows Networks: Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, DNS Server, Group
             Policy, DHCP, Multi Server Environment, Server Virtualization (VMWare Servers),
             MS Exchange Server, CISCO certificate CCNA Intro (2006).

Network Admin and Project Planner asst (Canadian Government)                    5/2007 – 10/2008
   Since I have two diplomas of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, I was the best
   candidate for a position in the Planning Department in the City of Ottawa (Government
   Municipality). I participated in:
   Using the MS Office project to schedule civil construction projects.
 Network Management: I was a member of the (Administrators Group) for Managing Windows
   Server networks.
 Managing software development: Building software to communicate with AutoCAD (OLE
   Automation) to do the civil project estimations using the buildings drawings (VB.NET + MS

Software Development & Network Admin (Dot Comm, Ottawa, Canada)                8/2001 – 11/2003
       Network administration (For clients): Managing Windows Networks, performing backups,
        security management, internet access, application installation and update and staff training.
       Supervising a group of software developers (ERP system): The ERP system was
        based on (n-tier distributed application, COM+ components, Oracle SQL, ASP.NET, XML,
        HTML, and JavaScript. I was leading a group of 7 people.
       Developed a web application as a Demo for automating the real estate purchasing
        processes online.
Computer Engineering University Program (University of Ottawa, Canada) 1/2004–4/2007
   Networking: Windows 2000/2003 Server, configuring CISCO routers and computers for
    networks. Many networking courses. In addition to many Java programming activities.
   Team Leader of the graduation project: Arranging tasks and schedules as a part of my
    leadership, Java application to communicate with Robot Bluetooth, Image processing for Robot
    Camera. C and Java.

Website Master (Cyphertech – Canada, USA)                                     3/2001 – 8/2001
 Programmed websites using ASP, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL.
 Built, from scratch, an Arabic keyboard to type Arabic letters on computers that don’t have
  Arabic enabled operating systems, using UNICODE.
 Designed the database tables, user navigation algorithms and the website work flow.
 All the web pages of the websites dealt with a MS Access database, so it used SQL statements

Head of Software Department (Beneen Publishing House –Ottawa)                    7/1996 – 2/2001
   Software Development:
    As the manager of the IT department, I supervised the process of moving the encyclopaedia
     books of the publishing house into CDs, using VB applications with multimedia and MS
   Building programs to help the editing functions of the publishing house:
    (Building books indexes, Adding specific scripts from the Quran, Managing the articles of an
   Helped in building web sites managed by the publishing house.

Website Designer (Cyberweb – Ottawa – Canada, Part time)                         5/2001 – 9/2001
   Web site designing. HTML authoring of 16 websites, for customers in Canada.

Computer software and hardware instructor                                   5/1998 - 2/2001
 Teaching experience of almost 3000 hours in subjects related to:
     Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Operating systems Win/DOS, HTML/ Web design,
     Computer Hardware.

Software Developer (Laika – Ottawa – Canada, Part time)                           5/2001 – 9/2001
   Using ActiveX technology, an application was built to control (AutoCAD) Application. The
    application was built using VB 5.0. It reads coordination from text files, and draws them
    automatically on the interface of AutoCAD to reach at the end to draw the contour lines.

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