Tests Sites Outside of North Carolina by alicejenny


									National Environmental Update
        John Hayden, NSSGA

         September 12, 2006
          Denver, Colorado
            Issues Update
 Proposed PM2.5 and PMCoarse NAAQS
 Ambient Crystalline Silica
 Wetlands
        Proposed PM Standards
   CURRENT PM 2.5         CURRENT PMCoarse
    Annual: 15 ug/m3        No PMc standard
    24-hour: 65 ug/m3

   PROPOSED               PROPOSED
    Annual: 15 ug/m3        Annual: None
    24-hour: 35 ug/m3       24-hour: 70 ug/m3
    PMc Options (70ug/m3 v 150 ug/m3)

   150 PMc with a viable exclusion. A crustal exclusion is
    more likely to pass judicial muster than a source-specific
    exclusion as proposed.

   150 PMc without an exclusion, especially if EPA commits
    to continue exploring an exclusion.

   150 PM10, with exclusion or commitment to continue
    exploring it.

   If EPA were to revert to the proposal, we would support
    the exclusion but not the standard.
      Ambient Crystalline Silica
   NSSGA emission factor development
    – Proactive in anticipation of EPA action on
    – MSHA/OSHA/NIOSH changing standards
   California’s new ambient silica standard
    – Directed at aggregate mining
NSSGA EF Test Sites in North Carolina

     Plant Processes
     Haul Roads
   Tests Sites Outside of North Carolina

Plant Processes
Haul Roads
     Ambient Silica Test Results
 NSSGA upwind/downwind results: 3-5
  ug/m3 silica as PM10
 California ambient REL silica standard: 3
  ug/m3 as PM4
    – Initial test results: compliance with REL
    – Silica running about 7% (1.5 ug/m3) of total
      PM 4
    – Additional tests in 2006: Sacramento/San
            Wetlands Issues
 Rapanos and Healdsburg Court decisions
 How far is the jurisdictional reach of the
  Corps of Engineers now?

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