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Last Man in Tower (Aravind Adiga)
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   The Puris’ 834 sq ft of living space was a maelstrom of newsprint. The
sofas had been lost to India Today and Femina magazines, while the dining
table was submerged under office papers, loan applications, electricity
bills, savings bank statements, and Ramu’s cartoon drawing books.
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   while searching for a bank cheque or letter and shout: ‘Why don’t we
clean this house up!’ But the mess grew. The enveloping junk only
enhanced the domestic glow from the neat beds and the well-stocked
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   Done with the laces, Mrs Puri spat on the shoes and gave them a final
polish with a thick index finger, before she took Ramu to the toilet, so
he could admire his good looks. The moment the boy stood before the
mirror, the toilet filled with gurgling noise, as if a jealous devil were
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   She looked at her boy. Eighteen years old. Never growing, yet somehow
picking up new things all the time – just like the city he lived in.
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   ‘Mr Ibrahim Kudwa,’ the guard said, without looking up. ‘He asked me
what I thought of the joke and I said, I can’t read English, sir. Is it a
good joke?’
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   ‘We are impotent people in an impotent city, Ram Khare, as Ibby often
says. Jokes are the only weapon we have.’
20120811:    593L   9%   38p Highlight|
   Any good Society survives on a circulation of favours; it is like the
children’s game where each passes the ‘touch’ on to his neighbour. If Mrs
Puri needed a man’s helping hand when her husband was at work, the
Secretary, who was good with a hammer and nail, helped out; just last
week he had struck a nail into the wall for a new rope-line for her wet
clothes. In return, she knew she had to take responsibility for
Masterji’s needs.
20120811:    596L   9%   38p Highlight|
   When her boy was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, Sangeeta Puri, before
telling her mother or sister, had told her immediate neighbours.
Masterji, listening to the news with a hand on his wife’s shoulder, had
begun to cry.
20120811:    601L   9%   38p Highlight|
   Masterji, despite his well-known atheism, had even approved of her
trips to holy shrines to seek divine favour on Ramu’s slow brain.
20120811:    616L   9%   39p Highlight|
   small Tamil temple. This was the landmark she had been trying to
remember: this temple. Somewhere here she had seen that plumber.
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   ‘Mummy,’ one of the cricketers shouted. ‘Mummy, it’s Mrs Puri Aunty.’
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   ‘Nice-looking boy. Growing tall and strong.’ Mrs Puri smiled. ‘Mary,
that plumber who lives here, I need to find him for some work in
Masterji’s flat.’ ‘Madam—’ ‘There are problems with his pipe. Also his
ceiling needs to be scrubbed. I’ll go from flat to flat and make a
collection for the plumber’s fee.’
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   They’ve all gone to see the Muslim man’s hut.’ ‘What big news is this,
Mary?’ ‘Haven’t you heard, madam?’ She smiled. ‘God has visited the slums
20120811:    633L 10%    40p Highlight|
   Their higher average income, lower average age, and a sense of being
‘somehow more modern’ meant that Tower B residents kept to themselves,
used their own gate, and celebrated their religious festivals separately.
20120811:    639L 10%    41p Highlight|
   offer of 81 lakh rupees (81,00,000) to that Muslim man for his one-
room hut.
20120811:    643L 10%    41p Highlight|
   Amiable and dark, Ramesh Ajwani was known within Vishram to be a
typical member of his tribe of real-estate brokers. Ethics not to be
trusted, information not to be doubted. He was a small man in a blue
safari suit. He punched at his mobile phone; they waited; after a minute,
it beeped.
20120811:    646L 10%    41p Highlight|
   Ajwani looked at the text message and said: ‘True.’
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   ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave us 81 lakh rupees?’ Mrs Puri
said, after Ritika was out of earshot.
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   ‘Careful,’ Mr Pinto whispered. ‘Battleship is here. Careful.’ Mrs Rego
– the ‘Battleship’ for her wide grey skirts, formidable girth, and
stentorian voice – was returning home with her children.
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   ‘Have you heard, Mrs Rego, about the 81 lakh offer? For a one-room in
the slums?’
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   ‘What is the definition of a dying city, Mrs Puri? I will tell you, as
you do not know: a city that ceases to surprise you.
20120811:    671L 10%    43p Highlight|
   And that is what this Bombay has become. Show people a little cash,
and they’ll jump, dance, run naked in the streets.
20120811:    672L 10%    43p Highlight|
   That Muslim man is never going to see his money. These developers and
builders are mafia. The other day they shot a member of the city
corporation dead. It was in the papers.’
20120811:    676L 10%    43p Highlight|
   ‘Too many people come into the city, it’s a fact,’ Mrs Puri said.
‘Everyone wants to suck on our…’ She touched her breasts. The Battleship
turned to her. ‘And did you drop to Bombay from heaven, Mrs Puri? Isn’t
your family from Delhi?’
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   ‘Without migrants, this city would be dust. We are ruled by fascists,
20120811:    682L 10%    43p Highlight|
   ‘I don’t know what a fascist does, but I know what a Communist does.
You don’t like developers who make people rich, but you like the beggars
who get off at Victoria Terminus every day.’
20120811:    684L 10%    44p Highlight|
   ‘I am a Christian, Mrs Puri. We are meant to care for the poor.’
20120811:    690L 10%    44p Highlight|
   Mrs Kothari, the Secretary’s wife, put her head out of the window and
shouted: ‘Water!’
20120811:    694L 10%    44p Highlight|
   now. After giving Ramu his evening bath, she made sure to collect an
extra bucket of water for the old man, in case the Municipality, for
giving them water they were not meant to have, punished them by annulling
their morning water supply.
20120811:    700L 11%    45p Highlight|
   Masterji puzzled over his dream, until he realized that some of its
images had been borrowed from the book he had been reading late into the
night; he picked it up and continued reading: The Soul’s Passageway after
Death (Vikas Publications, Benaras)
20120811:    707L 11%    45p Highlight|
   With eyes closed, imagine a human soul with your wife’s face – and
with wings like an eagle… yes, eyes, nose, cheeks like your wife’s, wing-
span like an eagle’s, suspended in mid-flight over the ocean…
20120811:    720L 11%    46p Highlight|
   A noise from the kitchen. The very noise Purnima used to make when
chopping onions. He tiptoed into the kitchen to catch a ghost, if one was
there. An old calendar was tapping on the wall. It was Purnima’s private
calendar, illustrated with an image of the goddess Lakshmi tipping over a
pot full of gold coins, and with key dates circled and marked in her
private shorthand; she had consulted it to the day she had been admitted
to the hospital (12 October; circled),
20120811:    726L 11%    46p Highlight|
   The bell rang: bushy-haired and bearded, Ibrahim Kudwa, the cyber-café
owner from 4C, with dandruff sprinkled like spots of wisdom on the
shoulders of his green kurta. ‘Did you see the sign, Masterji?’ Kudwa
pointed to the window.
20120811:    729L 11%    46p Highlight|
   Kudwa slapped his forehead. ‘Sorry, I changed it from “work is in
progress, inconvenience is regretted”, to the other way round. I thought
you would like to know.’ ‘Very impressive,’ Masterji said,
20120811:    734L 11%    47p Highlight|
   The boy had questions: what is the name of that in the water? – who is
the tiger yawning at? – why are the birds yellow? Masterji enjoyed giving
names to the animals, and added a humorous story to explain why each one
left his native land and came to Mumbai. ‘Do you think of your
grandmother?’ he asked from time to time.
20120811:    738L 11%    47p Highlight|
   A green tarpaulin on the roofing made a phosphorescent glow through
which the dark animal came,
20120811:    742L 11%    47p Highlight|
   ‘What is its name?’ Masterji could not say. The syllables were there,
on the tip of his tongue. But when he tried to speak they moved the other
way, as if magnetically repulsed. He shrugged.
20120811:    744L 11%    47p Highlight|
   At once the boy seemed frightened, as if his grandfather’s power,
which lay in naming these animals, had ended.
20120811:    746L 11%    48p Highlight|
   ate on the grass; Masterji thought he was in a happy time of his life.
The battles were over, the heat and light were dimmed.
20120811:    748L 11%    48p Highlight|
   His grandmother and I. Life in Bombay in the old days. War in 1965
with Pakistan. War in 1971. The day they killed Indira Gandhi. So much
more. ‘More peanuts?’ he asked. The boy shook his head, and looked at his
grandfather hopefully.
20120811:    752L 11%    48p Highlight|
   Gaurav, his son, had just sent her a text message. He would not be
coming home until midnight. Busy day at the office. ‘Why don’t you wait?’
she suggested. ‘You can stay overnight. It’s your home, after all…’ ‘I’ll
wait,’ he said. He tapped his fingers on the arms of his chair. ‘I’ll
20120811:    758L 11%    48p Highlight|
   When she came back to Mumbai, she said nothing for days. Then she
confessed. “They locked me up in a room and made me sign a paper.” Her
own brothers! They threatened her until she signed over her father’s
property and gold to them.’
20120811:    764L 12%    49p Highlight|
   Her favourite saying. “Man is like a goat tied to a pole.” Meaning,
all of us have some free will but not too much. One shouldn’t judge
oneself harshly.’
20120811:    774L 12%    49p Highlight|
   He got up from his chair with the book. ‘I’ll go back now.’ ‘At this
hour?’ Sonal frowned. ‘The train will be packed. Wait an hour here. It’s
your home, after all.’
20120811:    785L 12%    50p Highlight|
   ‘Hyena,’ he said suddenly, and closed the book. That was the word he
had not been able to find for Ronak; the striped animal in the cage.
‘Hyena. My own daughter-in-law is a hyena to me.’
20120811:    794L 12%    51p Highlight|
   He did not want to go home. He did not want to lie down on that bed
20120811:    795L 12%    51p Highlight|
   After his wife’s death, Mr Pinto came to him and said: ‘You will eat
with us from now on.’ Three times a day he went down the stairs to sit at
the Pintos’ dining table, covered with a red-and-white checkerboard
oilcloth they had brought back from Chicago.
20120811:    801L 12%    51p Highlight|
   The Pintos asked for nothing in return, but he came back every evening
from the market with a fistful of coriander or ginger to deposit on their
20120811:    808L 12%    52p Highlight|Oval Maidan. The
20120811:    821L 12%    52p Highlight|
   Now for the worst. The lights turned on in the train as it came to a
halt. Dadar station. Footfalls and pushing: in the dim first-class
compartment men multiplied like isotopes. A
20120811:    823L 12%    52p Highlight|
   He remembered a line from his college Hamlet. The thousand natural
shocks that flesh is heir to? Shakespeare underestimated the trauma of
life in Mumbai by a big margin.
20120811:    828L 13%    53p Highlight|
   At Bandra, he realized he had only one stop left, and began pushing
his way to the door – I’m getting out too, old man. You should be
patient. When the train stopped he was three feet away from the door; he
was pushed from behind and pushed those ahead of him. But now a reverse
tide hit them all: men barged in from the platform. Those who wanted to
get out at Santa Cruz wriggled, pressed, cursed, refused to give up, but
the superior desperation of those wanting to get in won the day. The
train moved; Masterji had missed his stop.
20120811:    844L 13%    54p Highlight|
   ‘Masterji. Someone was asking about Vishram Society in the market.’
‘Asking what?’ ‘What kind of people lived in it, what their reputation
was, did they fight with each other and with others, lots and lots of
questions. He was a tall fellow, Masterji.’
20120811:    847L 13%    54p Highlight|
   ‘Did he wear a white shirt and black trousers?’ ‘Yes, I think so. I
told him that any Society with a man like Masterji in it is a good
Society.’ ‘Thank you, my friend,’ Masterji said, having forgotten the
pest control man’s name.
20120811:    874L 13%    56p Highlight|
   Consoling his belly with a massage, Shah moved to the next window. He
ate the view from here: the football field that occupied most of the
Cooperage, the green Oval Maidan beside it, the gable and deep-arched
entranceway of the University, the Rajabai Tower, and the High Court of
Bombay. Amidst the coconut palms and mango trees, the red blossoms of a
gulmohar burned like love bites on the summer’s day.
20120811:    890L 14%    57p Highlight|
   ‘It is a bit worse each time I see you, Dharmen. That thing that is
growing in your chest and head. Chronic bronchitis. Worse and worse each
time. You have infected mucus in your lungs and in your sinuses. The next
stage is that you have trouble breathing. We may have to put you in a
hospital bed. Do you want things to come to that?’
20120811:    896L 14%    57p Highlight|
   I’ve been warning you for months. It’s the construction business that
is doing this to you. All the dust you inhale. The stress and strain.’
‘I’ve been at construction sites for twenty-five years, Nayak. The
problem began only a year or two ago.’
20120811:    899L 14%    57p Highlight|
   Materials were used then that are banned now. Asbestos, cheap paint.
They get into your lungs. Then these places you like going to, these
slums.’ ‘The place is called Vakola.’
20120811:    904L 14%    58p Highlight|
   ‘Listen to me. I gave up three paying appointments for this. You’re
picking up fevers, coughs, stomach illnesses. Your immune system is
weakening. Leave Bombay,’ said the doctor. ‘At least for a part of each
year. Go to the Himalayas. Simla. Abroad. The one thing money can’t buy
here is clean air.’
20120811:    920L 14%    59p Highlight|
   He’s coming over to my side now. Know what he did the other day? Paid
eighty-one lakhs for a one-room in a slum. Just so everyone would talk
about him. In my own territory. Even sends me this brochure in the mail.’
20120811:    928L 14%    59p Highlight|
   ‘You have Santa Cruz airport there, you have the Bandra-Kurla Complex
there and you have the Dharavi slums there. Why is this line golden? Air
travel is booming. More planes, more visitors. Then’ – he moved his
finger – ‘the financial centre at Bandra-Kurla is expanding by the hour.
20120811:    931L 14%    59p Highlight|
   Asia’s biggest slum will become Asia’s richest slum. This area is
boiling with money. People arrive daily and have nowhere to live. Except’
– he dotted his golden line in the centre – ‘here. Vakola.
20120811:    940L 14%    60p Highlight|
   Shah turned to look at him. ‘How else will we improve? Look at the
trains in this city. Look at the roads. The law courts. Nothing works,
nothing moves; it takes ten years to build a bridge.’
20120811:    967L 15%    62p Highlight|
   ‘Only once.’ ‘Solid people. Tower B is modern. Finance, high-tech,
computers. Tower A is old. Teachers, accountants, brokers. Both are
solid.’ ‘Teachers?’ The fat man winced. ‘What else about this Society?
Has anything bad happened there?’ ‘One suicide, sir. Many years ago. A
boy jumped from the roof. They didn’t tell me, but I found out from the
neighbours.’ ‘Just one suicide?’ ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘I’ll manage.’
20120811:    988L 15%    63p Highlight|
   ‘The contractor told me this morning that everything was all right and
there was no need for me to be there. You know what that means.’
20120811:    998L 15%    64p Highlight|
   ‘First, we saw him doing this…’ The policeman made a circular motion
to indicate the action of spraying. Shah listened. The fingers of his
left hand rubbed the thick gold ring on the fingers of his right. ‘Then
he did this. Then this. They finished painting the first car, and then
they went to the next. It’s a gang, and each one of them has a gang-name.
Your son’s name is Soda Pop.’ ‘Soda Pop,’ Shah said. The policeman who
had been sipping water nodded. ‘… Pop.’ Plump, fair-skinned Satish exuded
nonchalance, as if the matter concerned someone else.
20120811:   1010L 15%    64p Highlight|
   Shah put his hand on his heart. ‘So grateful.’ Giri went at once into
his master’s study. A wooden drawer opened, then closed. Giri had done
this before, and knew exactly how much to put in the envelope.
20120811:   1049L 16%    67p Highlight|
   Hitching up his trousers, Shah walked up to the cow; he touched its
forehead three times for good luck and touched his own.
20120811:   1051L 16%    67p Highlight|
   ‘How is the cement pouring today?’ he asked. ‘Very well, sir.’
20120811:   1052L 16%    67p Highlight|
   ‘Then why are you people standing here, wasting time?’
20120811:   1056L 16%    67p Highlight|
   One of the group of mutineers, a small man with neatly parted hair,
explained. ‘We can’t work in these conditions, sahib, please forgive us.
We will finish the day’s work honestly, and leave in the evening. Ask the
contractor. We have been your best workers until now.’
20120811:   1063L 16%    68p Highlight|
   He spat something thick, pink, and gutka-stained. He stroked the cow
again, and spoke.
20120611:   1072L 16%    68p Highlight|
   You say you want to go home. Don’t I know what you’ll do? Work your
farms? No. You’ll lie on a charpoy in the shade, smoke, play with a
child. When the sun sets, you’ll drink. You’ll run out of money, come
back on 15 June, when it’s raining, and beg me for work.
20120811:   1077L 16%    69p Highlight|
   The workers looked at one another: indecision rippled over them, and
then the one with the neatly parted hair said: ‘Sahib, do you mean what
you said, 300 a day? Even the women?’ ‘Even the women. Even the
children.’ Shah spat again and licked his lips. ‘Even your dogs and cats
if they put bricks on their heads and carry them for me.’
20120811:    1086L 16%    69p Highlight|
   ‘And you—’ he jabbed a gold-ringed finger at the contractor’s chest.
‘Next time something is wrong at the site, don’t tell me: “All is well,
sir.” Does it hurt your mouth if the truth comes out of it once a year?’
‘Forgive me, sir,’ the contractor said. ‘They’re social animals, you
understand. If one complains, all
20120811:    1094L 17%    70p Highlight|gulmohar tree
20120811:    1121L 17%    72p Highlight|
   Taking out his blue-checked handkerchief, which his wife laid folded
for him every morning on the breakfast table, he wiped his face: temples,
20120811:    1138L 17%    73p Highlight|
   The foundation of the 32-year-old friendship between Masterji and Mr
Pinto was the ‘No-Argument book’ – a notebook in which every financial
transaction between them had been faithfully recorded.
20120817:    1144L 17%    73p Highlight|
   ‘Okay,’ Mr Pinto said. ‘But you owe me two and a half rupees.’ ‘Two
and a half?’ ‘For the newspaper.’ ‘Which one?’ ‘Hindustan Times. You made
me buy it last Saturday because you wanted to read a column by some
former student of yours.’
20120817:    1147L 17%    73p Highlight|
   ‘Nonsense,’ Masterji said. ‘I have no students writing for that
20120817:    1172L 18%    75p Highlight|
   ‘I have a rule. I can’t eat this.’ It was true: he had a ‘one-rat
rule’ – never revisit a place where a single rat has been observed. ‘You
and your rule.’ Mr Pinto helped himself to some of his friend’s biryani.
‘I don’t like competing for my food with animals. Look at him up there:
like a Caesar.’ ‘A man has to bend his rules a little to enjoy life in
Mumbai,’ Mr Pinto said, chewing. ‘Just a little. Now and then.’
20120817:    1179L 18%    75p Highlight|
   Having paid for food and the broken glass, the two were walking back
to Vishram Society. ‘Rats have always fought humans in this city, Mr
Pinto. In the nineteenth century there were plagues here. Even today they
outnumber us: six rats for every human in Bombay. They have so many
species and we have just one. Rattus norvegicus. Rattus rattus. Bandicota
20120817:    1188L 18%    76p Highlight|
   A fifteen-minute walk later, the two old men reached their local
market, a row of blue wooden stalls, lit by white tube-lights or naked
yellow bulbs, in which the most disparate trades were conducted side by
side: a chicken shop smelling of poultry shit and raw meat, a sugar cane-
vendor’s stall haloed in raw sucrose, a Xerox machine in a stationery
shop yawning flashes of blinding light, and a barber’s salon, busy even
at this hour, stinking of shaving cream and gossip.
20120817:    1199L 18%    77p Highlight|
   ‘How dare you, Mr Pinto. Spying on me. I’ll go to the bathroom when I
want to. It is a free country.’
20120817:    1204L 18%    77p Highlight|
   The old accountant said: ‘Come to our room and have a small peg,
Masterji.’ ‘Not tonight, Mr Pinto.’ ‘We have the Amaretto. Tony’s gift.
Let’s have a peg. A peg each.’
20120817:   1222L 19%    78p Highlight|
   ‘You seem to think I am a broker, miss?’ Ajwani’s dark, pockmarked
face was so unusual for his community that clients routinely mistook him
for a South Indian – a good thing, he felt, because South Indians, unlike
Sindhis, are known as an honest people. He was stocky, thick-necked, wore
blue or cream safari suits, and smelled of Johnson’s Baby Powder. The
woman in the sky-blue sari recovered. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Aren’t you?’ ‘I
am not.’
20120817:   1227L 19%    78p Highlight|
   ‘I will not do what every other broker in this city does. I will not
lie to you. Will not say a building is “virtually new” if it is forty
years old; will not gloss over peculiarities in the neighbours, seepages
and leakages in roof or walls. I believe in accurate information – for
myself and for my clients. Please look at the wall. My three gods are up
20120817:   1233L 19%    79p Highlight|
   The woman in the blue sari did as she was told; in between the deities
she saw a small printed list. KNOW YOUR FACTS
20120817:   1244L 19%    79p Highlight|
   ‘Do you know the name of this god, miss? He is called “Information”.
Make him your master too. Now, please sit down.’
20120817:   1247L 19%    80p Highlight|Fitness is my fourth god.’
20120817:   1250L 19%    80p Highlight|
   The girl tried hard to suppress the urge, then put her hand on her
mouth, and succumbed. She shook with laughter; the broker beamed. ‘I also
enjoy making people laugh. Especially young women. Their laughter is the
20120817:   1298L 20%    83p Highlight|
   Tonight Mr Pinto was enjoying a bout of insomnia. He stared at his
ceiling. For thirty years that ceiling – with the chandelier hanging from
the centre like a glowing fountain of intelligence – had been an image of
his neighbour and friend’s mind.
20120817:   1327L 20%    85p Highlight|
   A key had been left in the lock of the almirah; he turned it to find
the shelves empty, except for one that was paved with newspaper and
defended by camphor mothballs, with just an old silk sari lying in it.
20120817:   1343L 20%    86p Highlight|
   Instead of the image of his wife’s soul, Masterji saw himself, with
the body of an eagle, flying over an ocean: as if his own death, and
subsequent trial, had already begun. When he heard a loud, steady
knocking on the door, his first thought was that it must be a summoner
come to take him to his trial.
20120817:   1353L 20%    86p Highlight|
   General Offer of Redevelopment: To Vishram Societies, A and B.
Proposal Made by Confidence Group (Headquarters Navnirman Building,
Parel, Mumbai). Attention: Secretaries, Society A and B, and all
residents In consideration of the proposed development of a new super-
luxury residential project on the current site of the Vishram Societies A
and B, the Confidence Group makes an offer to the Vishram Societies (A
and B Tower) for the outright purchase of all flats in the said Societies
on the following basis:
20120817:   1360L 21%    87p Highlight|
   a generous offer is made to all owners at the uniform rate of Rs
19,000 a square foot.
20120817:   1364L 21%    87p Highlight|
   If the residents accept this generous offer, the said sum is payable
in three instalments. One instalment upon your signing the agreement, one
upon the vacating of the building, and one payable within three months
into the nominated bank account. In addition, eight weeks’ rent,
calculated on the basis of average rental rates in the
20120817:   1370L 21%    87p Highlight|
   About the Confidence Group: Our motto is: ‘From my family to yours.’
Founded in 1978, we are one of Mumbai’s leading developers, with new
projects also
20120817:   1432L 22%    91p Highlight|
   ‘They pulled my mother out of a well one day. That is the very first
memory I have.’ She came out of the kitchen and wiped her hands. ‘I was
four years old. She jumped into the well in our house in Krishnapur.’
‘Why did she do it?’ He shrugged. ‘A year later I had a stepmother. She
had four sons. They got all my father’s love. He would not even look at
me with kindness. The worst part was this: he made me feel ashamed,
Rosie. It was as if my mother’s suicide were my fault. He would glare at
me if anyone ever mentioned it.’
20120817:   1442L 22%    92p Highlight|
   ‘Why go back? In the village, a man lives as a social animal, Rosie:
pleasing his father, grandfather, brothers, cousins. His caste. His
community. A man is free here. In the city.’
20120817:   1469L 22%    94p Highlight|
   Smuggling was for small men, he found out; the real money in this
world lies on the legitimate side of things. Starting out as a contractor
for another builder on Mira Road, he soon realized that much as he loved
cement and steel, he loved people more. The human being was his clay to
20120817:   1487L 23%    95p Highlight|
   ‘How is your spit today, Uncle?’ – Rosie shouted at the bathroom. It
was a role every mistress sooner or later took to playing, that of
surrogate mother. ‘Clear, Rosie.’ He coughed and spat, then dipped his
finger in the spit and inspected it. Last December it had been much
darker, and sometimes flecked with red. ‘Don’t lie to me, Uncle. I can
hear the cough. Like the thunder they use in films.’
20120817:   1507L 23%    96p Highlight|
   for ‘help’ in setting up a hair-dressing studio of her own, which Shah
promised she would receive. At the end of their relationship. But until
then, if she made eyes at anyone else, she would fly head-first into the
Indian Ocean.
20120817:   1515L 23%    97p Highlight|
   ‘Why don’t you introduce me to Satish, Uncle? I’m in his age group, I
can talk to him if he’s in trouble,’ she asked, when he emerged, still
rubbing his hair. ‘I’ll bring you a model of the Shanghai, Rosie. It’s so
beautiful, you should see it. Gothic, Italian, Indian, Art Deco styles,
all in one. My whole life story is in it.’
20120817:   1530L 23%    98p Highlight|
   He knocked on her door: ‘I’ll count to five, Rosie.’ ‘No. I’ll never
come out. You never take me to your home. Never—’ ‘One,’ he counted.
‘Two. Three. Four.’ A woman’s face peeped from behind the opened door.
20120817:   1558L 24%    99p Highlight|
   ‘Explain.’ Shah slurped tea from the saucer. ‘The ten-by-two room is
thirty-three per cent more expensive, sir. Four plus five is nine, nine
nine is eighteen feet of wall to build. Ten plus two twelve, twelve
twelve is twenty-four feet of walls to build. You don’t build floors, you
build walls.’ ‘You’re the first man today who has got the answer right.
I’ve fired my labour contractor. Do you know how to get me workers for a
20120817:   1565L 24% 100p Highlight|
   this is construction. We have to speak the truth in this business, or
nothing will ever get built. Do you know what a left-hand man is?’
Shanmugham had not known at the time.
20120817:   1572L 24% 100p Highlight|
   When it comes to work – hurry, hurry, hurry. When it comes to payment
– delay, delay, delay. Caste, religion, family background nothing. Talent
everything. Be 10 per cent more generous to people than you feel like
20120817:   1576L 24% 101p Highlight|Do not trust connections made with
20120817:   1582L 24% 101p Highlight|
   When her eyesight had begun to dim, over a decade ago, Mrs Pinto had
kept a strict count of the steps (even retracing her path when she lost
the count), but that was no longer necessary.
20120817:   1590L 24% 101p Highlight|
   ‘… if one person says no, you can’t tear down the Society. That’s the
whole idea of a Co-operative Housing Society. One for all, all for one.’
20120817:   1602L 24% 102p Highlight|
   The powerful voice of Mrs Rego revived her. ‘It’s an illusion, Mr
Pinto. I know about these builders. They won’t ever pay up.’ We have the
Battleship on our side, Mrs Pinto thought. How can we lose?
20120817:   1618L 24% 103p Highlight|
   Society. They’ve filled up the hole now, but there was a sign there.
It said: “Work in progress, inconvenience regretted”, but I changed it to
“Inconvenience in progress, work regretted”.’
20120817:   1644L 25% 105p Highlight|
   Everyone in Vishram knew of Mrs Puri’s closeness to the boy; it was
one of the triumphs of their communal life – one of the cross-beams of
affection that are meant to grow in any co-operative society.
20120907:   2838L 43% 181p Highlight|
   ‘Do you want to fight over small things, Mrs Puri? I know I am the
black sheep of this Society. I do things you good people will not do. But
now you must listen to the black sheep, or all of us will lose the
money.’ He whispered, ‘Mrs Rego was offered a small sweetener. By Mr
Shah. That is my guess.’ ‘A small sweetener?’ Mrs Puri turned the words
20120907:   2846L 43% 182p Highlight|
   Ajwani winced. ‘A man can’t put pressure on a woman beyond a certain
point. A man can’t.’ ‘So that’s why you came here,’ Mrs Puri said. ‘I am
not going to speak to that Communist woman.’
20120907:   2898L 44% 185p Highlight|
   ‘The Confidence builder gave me a bribe, Mrs Puri. To accept the
offer.’ Mrs Puri nodded. ‘I know. Ajwani told me.’ ‘How does Ajwani
20120907:   2904L 44% 185p Highlight|
   ‘Money is nothing to me,’ Mrs Puri said. ‘When I’m hungry I butter a
loaf of bread and eat. But Ramu I have to think of. And Sunil and Sarah
you have to think of. Even the poor live
20120908:   2916L 44% 186p Highlight|
   ‘So what if Mrs Rego has changed her mind? There are three of us, and
that is enough. In Rome they had this triumvirate. Caesar, Crassus,
Pompey. We’ll be like that. The Vakola Triumvirate.’ ‘Do you want the
money, Masterji?’ Mr Pinto asked. ‘If you want it, Shelley and I will
agree. We don’t want to hold you back.’
20120908:   2921L 44% 187p Highlight|
   ‘Yesterday Mrs Saldanha smiled at me when I walked out of the gate.
But she didn’t smile when I came back. In those five minutes she must
have heard the ticking of the deadline clock.’ ‘I haven’t noticed
anything changing,’ Masterji said. ‘Our neighbours are solid people.’
‘We’ll give in to Mr Shah for your sake, Masterji. Won’t we,
20120908:   2928L 44% 187p Highlight|
   ‘I do not want to take Mr Shah’s offer,’ he said. ‘I have lived in
Vishram Society with my friends and I wish to die here with them. As
there is nothing more to say, I will see you at dinner.’
20120908:   2943L 45% 188p Highlight|
   ‘Masterji, I am not a brilliant human being as you are. I just have
one question for you. Why do you want to stay in a building that is about
to fall down?’ He knew, from the absolute nature of the silence, the
ceasing of all ambient noise, that the Pintos were listening in. ‘I have
memories here, Mrs Puri. My late daughter, my late wife. Shall I show you
Sandhya’s sketchbook? It is full of drawings of the garden. Every tree
and plant and spider’s web and stone and…’
20120908:   2948L 45% 188p Highlight|
   I have them, too. I have one of this very spot. Do you remember,
Masterji, that day eighteen years ago, when I came here and told you what
the doctors had told me about Ramu? Purnima was at the door and you put
your book down on your teakwood table. And you remember what you did,
what your eyes did, when you heard the news about Ramu?’
20120908:   2955L 45% 189p Highlight|
   ‘Thirty years,’ Mrs Puri said, ‘I’ve come to you for advice. Now I ask
you to listen to a foolish, fat woman just this once.
20120908:   2958L 45% 189p Highlight|
   ‘Masterji, my two sons are your biggest fans. R and R. I am your
third-biggest fan in the world.’ When the rain had ended, Masterji walked
down the stairs to the compound. Mrs Saldanha’s door opened. ‘Masterji, I
have avoided meetings all my life, as you may have noticed. But I have
something to tell you.’ ‘Yes, Mrs Saldanha.’
20120908:   2967L 45% 190p Highlight|
   Mrs Kudwa, bringing along little Mohammad, in his white tae kwon-do
outfit, came to see him next. The boy hid his face behind his mother; he
had skipped Friday’s science tutorial. When she was gone, others
followed: Mrs Ganguly from the fifth floor, Mrs Vij from the second
floor. In addition, Masterji received petitions from an invisible party.
He was sure he heard his wife whispering to him as he crunched the gravel
of the compound. These people were her neighbours too. She urged the
cause of the living.
20120908:   2988L 45% 191p Highlight|wicket.
20120908:   3044L 46% 194p Highlight|
   ‘Father-in-law, there are questions of… income tax, estate tax. Life
insurance. We have to plan. Sooner you say “yes”, the better for all of
us.’ Masterji glared at the chikki as he spoke.
20120908:    3047L 46% 195p Highlight|
   Physically it has fallen behind but the memories of my late wife…’
‘You mean my mother.’ ‘Yes, your mother, and your sister. It is not such
an easy thing, to pack up and leave.’
20120908:    3050L 46% 195p Highlight|
   ‘Have you seen the new buildings in Parel, Father-in-law?’ Leaning
back, so that he could see her with her feeding spoon, dripping with
yoghurt, Sonal smiled. ‘They’re duplexes. Not yet built and each is sold
already. NRIs from England. You know how much they cost?’ She fed her
father yogurt. ‘Twenty-seven crores each. All sold.’
20120908:    3060L 46% 195p Highlight|
   Gaurav picked up the Radium packet and sniffed. ‘Father, this is a
cheap thing, not good for the boy.’ He let it fall. Masterji got up and
went to the balcony. Spotting Ronak playing down in the compound, he
clapped. Without turning to his son, he said: ‘Not one of my gifts for
Ronak is liked in this household. I give him a book, a wonderful blue
book. The Illustrated History of Science. It was returned to me by his
20120908:    3078L 47% 197p Highlight|
   In the kitchen Sonal did mathematics. ‘It’s 810 square feet, you say,
Father-in-law? That would be… 1.62 crores. Let me double-check. 810 times
20,000. Yes, I think that’s right… 1,62,00,000.’
20120908:    3083L 47% 197p Highlight|
   ‘It might be a good idea,’ Masterji said. ‘To be close to Ronak.’ His
son reached for the bar of chikki, broke off a chunk, and began chewing
again. Sonal smiled at her husband. ‘Of course, if Father-in-law doesn’t
want to stay with us, he can always buy a one-bedroom flat in Vakola.’
20120908:    3092L 47% 197p Highlight|
   Purnima, he prayed, Purnima. His blood sugar was sputtering like the
engine of an old autorickshaw. O, Purnima. Explosions of glucose – comets
and supernovae – lit up his private darkness; a bacchanalia had begun in
his hyper-metabolizing cells.
20120908:    3096L 47% 198p Highlight|
   Is it possible, he wondered, that Sonal gave me that pineapple juice
precisely to make this happen? She kept insisting.
20120908:    3101L 47% 198p Highlight|
   ‘Why is it taking him so long to come back?’ Mrs Puri asked. Half a
dozen residents had gathered in the Secretary’s room to celebrate
Masterji’s return. The moment he would walk in with a smile and say,
‘Yes.’ A microphone had been placed near the black Cross; the plan was to
hold an impromptu general meeting and have the whole thing done with in
ten minutes.
20120908:    3106L 47% 198p Highlight|
   ‘I’m getting worried. Look here…’ He smiled at the Secretary. ‘… why
don’t you type out our Acceptance form now? Just type a form saying, All
Members of Tower A have agreed and signed. As soon as he comes, get him
to sign it.
20120908:    3121L 47% 199p Highlight|
   If asked to decide who made the most incompatible couple in their
building, the residents of Vishram would have had a hard time choosing
between the Puris and the Kudwas. Before
20120908:    3126L 48% 200p Highlight|
   It had been an arranged marriage; even in the earliest, happiest days,
Mumtaz had noticed odd things about her husband. If Ibrahim was treated
like an adult, he acted like a child. Grateful to be included in a group,
he would do anything others wanted of him, even if it demeaned or
endangered him.
20120908:    3131L 48% 200p Highlight|
   potassium nitrate toothpaste for Ramu’s sensitive teeth, for instance
– and Ibrahim, incapable of saying no, had forced her to smuggle six
tubes out of the dentist’s clinic (‘it’s not stealing, it’s for a
20120908:    3135L 48% 200p Highlight|
   Feeling too weak for the evening train, Masterji had hailed a taxi
outside Gaurav’s building. Why not? A rich man could travel like a rich
20120708:    3144L 48% 201p Highlight|
   NOTICE Vishram Co-operative Hsg Society Ltd, Vakola, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai – 400055 Minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of ‘A’
Building, held on 6 July Theme: dissolution of Society All members were
present by the time, 5.30 P.M.
20120908:    3148L 48% 201p Highlight|
   ITEM NO. 1 OF THE AGENDA: All members have agreed, unanimously, to
accept the offer made by the Confidence Group. The residents of the
Society have agreed unanimously to the dissolution of the Society, and to
the demolition of its physical structure. No other items were discussed
in the meeting. For the Vishram ‘A’ Tower Executive Committee, Signed,
Ashvin Kothari, Secretary, Vishram Tower (A)
20120908:    3155L 48% 202p Highlight|
   The Secretary emerged from his office with a smile. ‘What is this?’
Masterji asked, his index finger on the noticeboard. ‘I just got back to
Vishram. I haven’t signed anything yet.’
20120908:    3159L 48% 202p Highlight|
   Masterji’s index finger had not moved. ‘Did I agree? When did I agree?
I said I was going to speak to my son. That was all.’ The Secretary
stopped smiling. ‘It was not my idea, actually. Ajwani’s idea. He forced
me to put it up before you came back… he…’
20120908:    3162L 48% 202p Highlight|
   Dislodging Masterji’s hand from the glass, the Secretary lifted it
open. He tore off the notice, one half of which fell to the floor.
‘There, Masterji, are you happy?’ He was not. ‘Who gave you the right to
say I have agreed? Why do you say I’ve signed something?’ ‘Thank you,
Masterji.’ Mrs Puri was coming down the stairs. ‘Thank you for thinking
of all of us.’ Masterji’s index finger was again on the empty
noticeboard. ‘Sangeeta, did you know the Secretary thinks he can forge my
20120908:    3169L 48% 202p Highlight|
   Masterji took the crumpled form from the floor and straightened it
out. He read it again. ‘It is a signature,’ he whispered. ‘My signature.’
‘Mrs Puri…’ The Secretary looked up. ‘You are his champion in the
building. Talk to him, won’t you?’
20120908:    3173L 48% 203p Highlight|
   A voice boomed: ‘Don’t blame us, Masterji. We just put that notice up
half an hour ago. Why did you take so long to come back?’
20120908:   3175L 48% 203p Highlight|
   ‘It’s true, Masterji,’ the Secretary said. ‘If you had come back just
half an hour ago…’ ‘I couldn’t come sooner, because… I wasn’t feeling
well…’ People looked down from various places along the stairwell: Mr
Ganguly, Ajwani, Mr Puri, Ibrahim Kudwa, Mr Vij.
20120908:   3181L 48% 203p Highlight|
   He spoke so all would hear: ‘… have not said yes, have not said no.’
20120908:   3190L 48% 204p Highlight|
   ‘I don’t care about that old teacher and his mood swings. Now you tell
that Secretary, he won’t see one rupee of his sweetener – what did we
promise him, an extra one lakh? – unless he earns it. Didn’t I tell you
from the start, that teacher was going to make trouble? And you,
Shanmugham, don’t ever again tell me something is done, until it is done,
until the signature is there, until—’
20120908:   3193L 48% 204p Highlight|
   Mr Shah threw the mobile phone into a corner of the car.
20120908:   3194L 48% 204p Highlight|
   He had hoped there would be no fighting this time. With an offer this
generous. But there would always be a fight.
20120908:   3195L 48% 204p Highlight|
   What he wouldn’t have built by now if he were in Shanghai – hospitals,
airports, thirteen-storey shopping malls! And here, all this trouble,
just to get started on a simple luxury housing…
20120908:   3197L 48% 204p Highlight|
   The mucus in his chest thickened; his breathing sounded like a feral
dog’s growling.
20120908:   3197L 48% 204p Highlight|
   mucus in his chest thickened; his breathing sounded
20120908:   3217L 49% 205p Highlight|
   Footsteps came towards Vishram Society. He turned to the gate and
said: ‘One minute, Masterji. One minute.’ Opening the tin door of the
watchman’s booth, Khare stepped to one side, inviting Masterji to enter.
The old teacher, who was returning with a bundle of fresh coriander for
the Pintos, held it up: a gesture of protest.
20120908:   3238L 49% 207p Highlight|
   Masterji closed his eyes for a beat. ‘Are you threatening me, Ram
Khare?’ ‘No, sir. I am informing you that there is a snake in my mind. It
is long and black.’ The guard spread his arms wide.
20120908:   3240L 49% 207p Highlight|
   ‘And I wanted you to see this black snake too. Every day Mrs Puri or
Mrs Saldanha or someone else comes to your door and knocks, and asks:
“Have you made up your mind? Will you sign?” And everyday you say: “I’m
thinking about it.” How long can this go on, Masterji? Now it makes no
difference to me whether you say yes or no. If this building stands, I
have this job. If it falls, I have a job somewhere else. But…’
20120908:   3253L 49% 208p Highlight|
   Retreating to the mirror in her bedroom, Mrs Puri brushed her long
black hair to soothe herself. Her husband had yelled at her in the
morning as he left. The first time he had yelled at her in Ramu’s
presence. He had never trusted that old man. She was the one who
described Masterji as ‘an English gentleman’. She was the one who had
called him a ‘big jackfruit’.
20120908:    3258L 49% 208p Highlight|
   Wiping her mobile phone clean on her forearm, she re-dialled a number.
‘Gaurav, it’s me again,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you come here, Gaurav.
Speak to him. Bring Ronak. He will change his mind: he is your father.
Don’t be obstinate like him, Gaurav. You must come to see him. Do it for
your Sangeeta Aunty, won’t you?’
20120908:    3264L 49% 208p Highlight|
   ‘What a selfish, greedy old man he has become, Ramu. He wants to take
our wooden cupboards away from us. The Evil Eye must have found out about
my good luck. This time too.’
20120908:    3268L 50% 209p Highlight|
   The door opened at last, but Ramu wouldn’t get up from the toilet
bowl. Breathing as normally as she could, to show that she was not angry
with him, that he had not made a stinky mess in the toilet, Mummy washed
his behind clean with a mug of water, changed his trousers, and put him
into bed with Spiderman and the Friendly Duck.
20120908:    3275L 50% 209p Highlight|
   ‘He plays with his Rubik’s Cube all day long. But does he have a
solution?’ Mrs Kothari, the Secretary’s wife, asked. ‘He’s just a block
of darkness.’ ‘Won’t even do it for his son. Or his grandson,’ Mrs
Ganguly said. ‘It’s that girl next door. She made him crazy,’ Mrs Nagpal,
of the first floor, said.
20120908:    3279L 50% 209p Highlight|
   They went silent as Mrs Puri passed. She knew they suspected her of
sympathy with Masterji. She took a left at the gate and walked past the
slums. Soon she was at the site of the two new Confidence buildings.
20120908:    3283L 50% 210p Highlight|
   ‘Mrs Puri,’ Shanmugham smiled. ‘You are a person of initiative. Just
last year, in a redevelopment project in Sion, we encountered a problem
like this Masterji of yours. There are many things we can do, and we will
try them one by one. But you must trust me and Mr Shah.’
20120908:    3290L 50% 210p Highlight|
   Masterji saw the lift pass him before slamming its dark mass into the
fourth floor. A latch clicked and the door opened, but he heard no one
come out. It was one of those phantom trips that the Otis sometimes took
on its own – compensating for weeks of inertia with these spectral bursts
of activity.
20120908:    3292L 50% 210p Highlight|
   No children yet. He went back to his room, leaving the front door
open. It was seven o’clock on a Monday. Time for the first science top-up
of the week. The ceiling lights were turned off in anticipation, and the
lamp light projected on to the far wall.
20120908:    3295L 50% 210p Highlight|
   Ten minutes later, Masterji ran down the stairs and found the boys
playing cricket in the compound. Mohammad Kudwa was bowling; Anand
Ganguly held a bat high. Sunil Rego was fielding at cover point.
‘Masterji, don’t stand there,’ Mohammad called out, ‘the ball might hit
you.’ ‘It’s time for class, Mohammad.’ The boy turned and grinned.
‘Boycott, Masterji.’
20120908:    3300L 50% 211p Highlight|
   ‘Boycott?’ Masterji asked, stepping back to avoid the bouncing ball.
‘Is this a new excuse not to come to the top-up?’
20120908:    3313L 50% 212p Highlight|
   ‘And refusing an offer of 250 per cent the market value of his flat is
not madness, Ramu? Some people should not speak of madness, Ramu.’ ‘I
haven’t said no. I’m still thinking about Mr Shah’s proposal.’
20120908:   3316L 50% 212p Highlight|
   ‘Still thinking? You’ve always been happy to share your deep thoughts
with us, haven’t you, Masterji? Have we ever asked you to be Secretary of
this Society? What does that tell you about how we felt about your deep
thinking?’ ‘I haven’t said no. But I won’t be forced into—’
20120908:   3333L 51% 213p Highlight|
   ‘This is the early-morning cat, Ms Meenakshi,’ Masterji said,
massaging his knee-cap. ‘Mrs Puri has not done this.’
20120908:   3336L 51% 213p Highlight|
   Perhaps because Kudwa, the only Muslim in the building, was considered
a fair-minded man by the others – or perhaps because, being the owner of
a not-so-busy internet café, he could leave his business in the afternoon
– he had been designated a ‘neutral’ in the dispute, and sent, in this
capacity, by the rest of the Society. Halfway through lunch, when Nina,
the maid-servant, was serving steaming appams, he said: ‘Masterji, I
don’t approve of this thing. This boycott.’ ‘Thank you, Ibrahim.’
20120908:   3341L 51% 213p Highlight|
   You say you’ll sign, then you go to see your son, and say you won’t
sign.’ ‘I never said yes, Ibrahim.’ Masterji wagged his finger. ‘I said
20120908:   3346L 51% 214p Highlight|
   ‘Masterji, when the builder’s offer was made, I suffered, because I
did not know what to do with the money – I took an Antacid to sleep. Now
that there is the possibility of the money I never had being taken away
from me – I need two Antacids to sleep.’
20120914:   3286L 50% 210p Highlight|
   The lift at Vishram Society moved like a coffin on wheels. When a
button was pressed, a loud click followed: ropes, levers, and chains went
into action. Through the lattice of the metal shutter guarding the open
elevator shaft, you could see a dark wooden rectangle – a counterweight –
sliding down the wall, and a circular light on the top of the lift
rising, as the large dark box scraped past to the floor above, carrying
with it a sign: ‘ITS YOUR SOCIETY. KEEP IT CLEAN’.
20120914:   3321L 50% 212p Highlight|
   Masterji opened the door. His rubbish bin had been overturned. Pieces
of rubbish – the banana peel, for example – had been flung far from his
doorstep, as if someone had kicked them there. He got down on one knee
and began gathering in the errant garbage. A young woman’s foot scraped
the banana peel towards him. ‘Leave it alone, Ms Meenakshi, I’ll clean
it.’ ‘I’m only trying to help.’
20120914:   3357L 51% 214p Highlight|
   He was looking so intently at the dog that he almost missed the
handwritten sign that had been stuck with Scotch tape to the wall above
it. Some facts about ‘a certain person’ who has received respect from us
for thirty years. But why? Now we find out the truth. 1. Because he was a
retired teacher, he got respect from all of us. He offered to help
children with exams, true. But what kind of help? He would talk about the
parts of the sun, like the corona, and the dense core of hydrogen and
helium, and so on, far beyond the strict requirements of the syllabus,
which meant that when the exam papers appeared, the children found
nothing of use in his tutorials. So to go to him for tuition, or private
lessons, was the ‘kiss of death’. 2. For DEEPAVALI, CHRISTMAS, OR EID, he
has never given one rupee in baksheesh to Ram Khare. He is always saying,
I have no money, I am retired, but is this true? Do we not know
otherwise? 3. Even though he liked to boast loudly ‘he had no TV’, every
evening he would sit in front of Mrs Saldanha’s kitchen in the exact
position where he would block everyone else’s view and then he would
watch TV. 4. NEVER GIVES TIPS, for large waste material left outside the
door, to the Khachada-wali. SO WHY HAVE WE RESPECTED HIM BLINDLY?
20120914:    3369L 51% 215p Highlight|
   When he bent to his sink a few minutes later to wash his face, the
water burned his eyes and nose. But a man is what his neighbours say he
20120914:    3378L 51% 216p Highlight|
   But that evening another appeared glued to the lift door, different in
handwriting, similar in its complaints (‘never taught English to students
even though he knew Shakespeare and other big writers who were part of
the examinations’) – and then there was one on Ram Khare’s guard-booth
(‘Put your own poster up,’ he said, when Masterji protested). Though he
tore each one down, he knew another would go up: the black handprints
were multiplying.
20120914:    3391L 52% 217p Highlight|
   If, in the early days of the ‘boycott’, there was an apologetic smile
on the Secretary’s lips when he evaded Masterji’s attempts to make small
talk, now there were neither smiles nor apologies. They treat me like
they would treat an untouchable in the old days, he thought: even at the
thought of his shadow falling on them, his neighbours cringed and
20120914:    3397L 52% 217p Highlight|
   ‘… if only Purnima were alive, wouldn’t she be ashamed of him?’ ‘… his
own son. A man who does not care for his own son, what do you…’ So this
is what they mean by the word: boycott. Even in his bed he felt it, their
contempt, like the heat radiating from a brick wall on a summer night.
20120914:    3421L 52% 219p Highlight|
   Tinku ran in and shouted: ‘Uncle! He’s here!’ Arjun, the Christianized
assistant, had climbed up to the glass lunette above the doorway of the
café to fix a loose rivet with a screwdriver. From up there he looked
down, monkey-like, on the fat boy who had run into the café. How all
creatures, Masterji thought, watching Arjun, have their niche in this
world. Just two weeks ago I was like him. I had somewhere to perch among
the windows and grilles of Vishram.
20120914:    3429L 52% 219p Highlight|
   ‘Mr Shah has sent his car for you; he is waiting in his Malabar Hill
home. You have nothing to fear. He admires teachers.’ Masterji could
barely ask: ‘What is all this about?’ ‘I’ve been asked to bring you to Mr
Shah’s house. We will drop you back to Vishram, Masterji. The driver is
right here.’
20120914:    3464L 52% 221p Highlight|
   significant smile, ‘you can use Mr Shah’s. That’s his bedroom there.’
Entering a dark room with a double-bed, Masterji located the toilet and
closed the door behind him. Here, at last, he could urinate.
20120914:    3466L 52% 221p Highlight|
   If someone could see me now, he thought, wouldn’t they say, this is
exactly what Masterji had planned from the start. To carry on a show so
convincing even his son, his neighbours, would be taken in by it: and
then allow himself to be driven here, in a chauffeured car, to the
builder’s home, drink his water, piss in his piss-pot, and be “persuaded”
by him, for a few extra lakhs?
20120514:   3481L 53% 222p Highlight|
   ‘May I recommend the view from the terrace, Masterji? It is the best
view of the city you have ever seen, I guarantee it.’ ‘Of course Masterji
will appreciate the view,’ Ajwani giggled. ‘Such a sweetened view it is
of Bombay.’ Masterji followed the men through glass doors on to a
rectangular balustraded terrace, where the sea breeze blew into his hair.
An agglomeration of skyscrapers, billboards, and glowing blocks spread
before the old teacher’s wondering eyes. He had never seen Bombay like
20120914:   3492L 53% 223p Highlight|
   His hands on the balustrade of the terrace, Masterji looked at the
towers under construction in the dark. He thought of the shining knife on
the desk. Each building seemed to be illuminated by its price in rupees
per square foot, glowing like a halo around it. By its brightness he
located the richest building in the vista.
20120914:   3499L 53% 224p Highlight|
   ‘Construction,’ Shanmugham said, coming close to Masterji. ‘Do you
know how many cranes there are below us right now? The work continues all
night. Dozens of buildings are coming up around us. And when all the work
is finished… my God. This part of the city is going to be like New York.
You must have been there, sir, to New York?’ He shook his head.
20120514:   3504L 53% 224p Highlight|
   ‘Masterji…’ the builder’s assistant came close. ‘Masterji. May I talk
to you, man to man?’ Masterji smelled something bad from the man’s mouth,
and thought of the green-covered cage at the zoo.
20120914:   3506L 53% 224p Highlight|
   ‘There’s a term we use in the business. A sweetener. Another thousand
rupees per square foot? We don’t reward teachers enough in this country.’
He understood now. It was the smell of his own cowardice, blown back at
him from this creature’s mouth.
20120914:   3509L 53% 224p Highlight|
   ‘And what was that redevelopment project you were telling me about,
Ajwani… where the old couple refused to take the offer, and then one day…
did they fall down the stairs? Or were they pushed, or… old people should
take care. It’s a dangerous world. Terrorism. Mafia. Criminals in
charge.’ ‘Oh, yes. That old couple in Sion you were talking about, they
were pushed. For sure.’
20120914:   3512L 53% 224p Highlight|
   In the light of the towers Shanmugham’s thoughts seemed to crystallize
into giant letters in front of Masterji: ‘This is how I will flatter the
old man, and very subtly, bully him. I will show him the kingdoms of the
earth and give him a hint of the instruments of torture.’ So they had
shown him all the kingdoms of Bombay and told him: ‘Take your pick.’ And
he knew now what he wanted. Nothing.
20120914:   3521L 53% 225p Highlight|
   a bottle of whisky. Why? Because he loves money more than he loves his
wife’s blindness.’ So he is examining our rubbish, Masterji thought. But
a man’s rubbish is not the truth about him, is it? ‘You don’t know a
thing about Mr Pin… Mr Pint… Mr Pint…’ Masterji felt the floor slipping
beneath his feet: ‘It’s starting again.’ He heard his blood sugar
chuckling. His left knee swelled up in pain; his eyes dimmed. ‘Masterji,’
Ajwani reached for him. ‘Masterji, what’s the matter?’
20120914:   3534L 54% 226p Highlight|
   and glared at him: ‘Did you bring me here to coerce me?’
20120914:   3534L 54% 226p Highlight|
   and glared at him: ‘Did you bring me here to coerce me?’ Said in
English, the force of that word, coerce, weakened both Ajwani and
20120914:   3540L 54% 226p Highlight|
   The old man’s left hand slapped at the tray; it slipped in and out of
Giri’s hands, then crashed to the floor. Shanmugham and Ajwani moved
their feet to dodge the rolling pakoras. Giri stared with an open mouth.
When the three of them looked up, they realized they were alone on the
20120914:   3544L 54% 226p Highlight|
   ‘So you just left?’ ‘They were threatening me,’ Masterji said. ‘Of
course I left.’ ‘Ten thousand appointments are missed in this city
because of too much traffic, and you missed Mr Shah because of too little
traffic. Fate, Masterji,’ Mr Pinto said, as the maid tipped three idlis
on to his plate. ‘The very definition.’ ‘You sound bitter, Mr Pinto.’
Masterji leaned back and waited for his idlis. Three for him too.
20120914:   3560L 54% 227p Highlight|
   There is a radius of freedom, but the circumference of our actions is
set. People should be judged lightly.’
20120914:   3578L 54% 229p Highlight|
   ‘I still don’t understand. You and that broker – all you had to do was
keep that teacher there till I got back.’ ‘He became violent, sir. Ask
Giri. He hit the tray and then he ran out.’
20120914:   3603L 55% 230p Highlight|
   ‘The Sahib meant to give you a ten-rupee note. He gives money and then
he changes his mind; he’ll send someone down to take you to the police.’
The boy considered this, found it believable, and surrendered the gift.
Shanmugham exchanged it for a ten-rupee note; then he leapt up the rocks
with the spring of a man who has just become ninety rupees richer.
20120914:   3626L 55% 232p Highlight|
   ‘I wonder why God made old age at all,’ Mrs Pinto said. ‘Your eyes are
cloudy, your body is weak. The world becomes a ball of fear.’
20120914:   3637L 55% 232p Highlight|
   ‘Are you the one making the phone calls, Kothari?’ Masterji asked.
‘Are you the one threatening us?’
20120914:   3639L 55% 232p Highlight|
   then he hears phone calls. And soon he’ll see men with knives and
hockey sticks coming after him.’
20120914:   3648L 55% 233p Highlight|
   ‘Don’t touch it,’ Mr Pinto warned. ‘They are speaking to us now.’
Masterji picked up the receiver. ‘Old man, is that you?’ It was a high-
pitched, taunting voice. ‘Who is this calling?’ ‘I have a lesson for you,
old man: if you don’t leave the flat, there will be trouble for you.’
‘Who is this? Who told you to call? Are you Mr Shah’s man?’ ‘There will
be trouble for you and for your friends. So leave. Take the money and
sign the paper.’
20120914:   3659L 56% 234p Highlight|
   He picked it up. ‘Old man: old man.’ This time it was another voice:
lower, gruffer. Masterji was sure he had heard this voice somewhere. ‘Act
your age, old man. Grow up. Take the money and leave before something bad
happens.’ ‘Who
20120914:   3668L 56% 234p Highlight|
   ‘Either someone in the building is calling, or someone in here is
giving a signal to the callers. Their timing is too good. I’m sure I
recognized one of the voices.’ She laughed.
20120914:   3711L 56% 237p Highlight|
   ‘No, things have become worse. Tinku Kothari, the Secretary’s son –
hungry eyes – saw them at the school today. He spoke to the old librarian
and got the facts. They were looking up the numbers of Masterji’s old
students and calling them from the library phone.’
20120914:   3717L 56% 237p Highlight|
   ‘That I don’t know. They may bring something back with them. Business
card, brochure. It will end up in their rubbish.’ ‘Let’s call them right
now. You call them. You’re so good at it.’
20120914:   3732L 57% 238p Highlight|
   Three years ago. A tough redevelopment project in Chembur. One old man
had refused to sell his flat. Mr Shah said: ‘Get him out of there,
Shanmugham.’ He had hired two boys to smash chairs to pieces outside his
window. No implements. The old man stared out of his window and watched
them break wood with their bare hands and feet all day long. When he
looked out, they grinned and showed him their teeth. He sold out after a
couple of days.
20120914:   3744L 57% 239p Highlight|
   ‘Tell me. Please. What have you done? Broken a leg?’ He dropped his
voice. ‘Killed a man?’ Shanmugham looked at the black knife. ‘Just a year
ago. A project in Sion. One old man kept saying no, no. We kept offering
money, and it was always no, no. Boss was getting angry.’ ‘So?’ Ajwani
came as close as he could.
20120914:   3750L 57% 240p Highlight|
   ‘The old man signed on the spot. I was scared, I tell you that. I
thought I might go to jail. But… the truth is, even if they say no, deep
down’ – he pointed the knife at Ajwani – ‘they want money. Once you make
them sign, they’re grateful to you. Never go to the police. So all I’m
doing is making them aware of their own inner intentions.’
20120914:   3762L 57% 240p Highlight|
   ‘But tell me.’ He tapped the Tamilian’s forearm. ‘There must be girls
in your business. Pretty girls. Dance bar girls?’
20120914:   3764L 57% 240p Highlight|
   The broker got up from the cot. ‘Let’s finish this phone call business
now.’ ‘Not from your phone—’ Shanmugham produced a small red mobile
phone. ‘This one has a SIM card that they can’t trace.’ He threw it to
the broker. ‘Old man,’ Ajwani said into the phone. ‘Old man, are you
there? Pick up the phone, old man…’ He shook his head and gave the mobile
20120922:   3886L 59% 248p Highlight|
   For maximum chance of winning favour from the red elephant-god, the
temple of SiddhiVinayak must be visited, the devout believe, on foot: the
farther from the temple you live, the longer your journey, the greater
the accumulation of virtue.
20120922:   3891L 59% 249p Highlight|
   If things became really bad they would have to make him pee or shit on
the road, like some street urchin. But he had to come along: that was the
sacrifice she was going to make to Lord Ganesha.
20120922:    3904L 59% 249p Highlight|
   ‘Ramu, Ramu,’ she said, shaking her son awake. ‘It’s only an other
hour from here. Get up.’
20120922:    3918L 59% 250p Highlight|
   When they had gone to America in 1989, Mr Pinto had acquired, on the
black market, a small stash of US dollars from a man in Nariman Point.
The government in those days did not allow Indians to convert rupees into
dollars without its permission, so Mr Pinto had made her swear not to
tell anyone.
20120922:    3926L 60% 251p Highlight|
   ‘If it is a gift, we can only send out 10,000 dollars per annum. But
if it is investment, we can send 100,000 dollars.
20120922:    3933L 60% 251p Highlight|
   ‘Just tell me how many square feet this place is, woman. Let me worry
about things.’ ‘812 square feet,’ she said. ‘We had it measured once.’
20120922:    3939L 60% 252p Highlight|
   ‘How can you talk like this, Mr Pinto?’ she said. ‘If Masterji says
no, we must say no.’ ‘I’m just cal-cu-la-ting, Shelley. He is my friend.
Of thirty-two years. I will never betray him for US dollars.’
20120922:    3941L 60% 252p Highlight|
   Mr Pinto walked around the living room, and said: ‘Let us go for our
evening walk, Shelley. Exercise is good for the lower organs.’ ‘Masterji
warned us not to leave the building while he was gone.’
20120922:    3946L 60% 252p Highlight|
   ‘Don’t fight with anyone today, Mr Pinto,’ she said. ‘Let’s be quiet
and stay out of trouble.’
20120922:    3966L 60% 253p Highlight|
   ‘But Masterji said not to leave the building till he came back with a
lawyer.’ ‘I’m going right outside, Shelley. We have to save that little
20120922:    3994L 61% 255p Highlight|
   they were probably paying the same rent they were in 1950, and he was
retaliating by refusing to provide even the basics – light, safety,
hygiene. You could almost hear him praying every night to God: make my
tenants fall down the stairs, break their bones, burn in fire.
20120922:    4009L 61% 256p Highlight|
   ‘You are here to see…’ he asked, taking out the pencil. ‘I am a man in
need of legal help. A connection of mine told me about Mr Parekh.’
20120922:    4025L 61% 257p Highlight|
   Putting down his mobile phone, he sipped the last of his tea, turned
to one side to spit, and said: ‘State the problem in your own words.’
20120922:    4036L 61% 258p Highlight|
   ‘A slum rat.’ He smiled at Masterji. ‘You’ve come to the right place,
sir. You’re looking at a man who deals with a baker’s dozen of slum rats
every single day. But first, we must know, what is your position in the
eyes of the law. And the law has very specific eyes: Are you the
sovereign of the place, or a representative of the said sovereign?’
20120922:    4040L 61% 258p Highlight|
   ‘A teacher?’ Mr Parekh’s jaw dropped. He blew into his hand-kerchief.
‘It is against Hindu Dharma to threaten a teacher. I have studied Western
law and Indian Dharma alike,
20120922:    4043L 61% 258p Highlight|
   had brought the document in a manila folder, and produced it now. ‘It
is in your wife’s name.’ ‘In her will I am named as the inheritor.’ ‘It
should have been transferred to your name. We can manage. As long as you
have her will in your secure possession.’
20120922:   4049L 62% 259p Highlight|
   His certificate – his claim to a piece of Vishram Society – was being
multiplied. His case felt strengthened already. The thumps and footfalls
repeated in reverse – the young man re-entered the office with the
original certificate and three photocopies. He pulled his chair up next
to Parekh’s; almost cheek to cheek, the two men looked over the
certificate together. Father and son, Masterji decided.
20120922:   4052L 62% 259p Highlight|
   ‘There is also another petitioner in the matter,’ he said. ‘Mr Pinto.
My neighbour.’ The senior Parekh spoke first. ‘Excellent. That doubles
the sovereignty in the matter. Now, as per Mofa Act—’
20120922:   4057L 62% 259p Highlight|
   ‘As per Mofa Act, 1963…’ The old lawyer paused; breathed. ‘… and also
the MCSA Act 1960, which is to say, Maharashtra Co-operative Societies
Act 1960, you are the sole sovereign authority of said flat. Now the
Society cannot force you to sell said flat, even by majority vote. This
is confirmed by Bombay High Court decision 1988, in Bombay Cases Reporter
1988, Volume 1, page 443.’
20120922:   4067L 62% 260p Highlight|
   Masterji nodded. ‘I cannot pay you. It is a case you must take in the
public interest. The security of senior citizens in this city is at
stake.’ ‘I understand, I understand,’ Parekh said. He swiped his hand
through the air, like an experienced slayer of slum rats. ‘You can settle
your bill when there is a settlement,’ his younger partner explained with
a smile.
20120922:   4072L 62% 260p Highlight|
   ‘Eventually there will be a settlement,’ Parekh corrected him. ‘How
long do you and your Mr Pinto plan on resisting this slum rat?’ ‘For
20120922:   4077L 62% 260p Highlight|
   With a papaya wrapped in newspaper under his arm, Masterji returned to
Vishram Society. Waiting for him at the gate were Ajwani, the Secretary,
Mr Ganguly from the fifth floor, Ibrahim Kudwa, and the guard.
20120922:   4082L 62% 261p Highlight|
   Ajwani removed his hand from the latch. As Masterji walked in, the
guard said: ‘I told you, Masterji, that this would happen. God has seen
that I have done my duty.’
20120922:   4086L 62% 261p Highlight|
   When she saw Masterji, she let out a sharp cry: ‘Here comes the
20120922:   4090L 62% 261p Highlight|
   to hurt… my wife – at her age – old enough to be his grandmother. He…
said he was going to come with a knife next time… he… and then I got
frightened and fell into the gutter.’ ‘Who told you this?’ Masterji knelt
to be at eye level with his oldest friend. ‘When did this happen?’
20120922:   4093L 62% 261p Highlight|
   whimpering, and I went outside, and got down into the gutter to save
the puppy. Then this boy, he had a gold chain on his neck, eighteen-
nineteen years old, and a hockey stick with him, he stood over me and
said, are you the man from Vishram who wants nothing? And I said, who are
you? And then… he put the stick on top of my head and he said, next time,
it will be a knife…’ Mr Pinto swallowed. ‘… And then he
20120922:   4100L 62% 262p Highlight|
   Masterji stood up. ‘Don’t worry, Mr Pinto. I’ll go to the police at
once. I’ll tell them to arrest Mr Shah. I taught the sons of some of the
constables. You don’t worry.’
20120922:   4107L 62% 262p Highlight|
   didn’t want to go. Now I tell you, it’s over. Let’s go. You come and
have dinner with us this evening. We’ll eat together.’ ‘I won’t eat with
20120922:   4110L 62% 263p Highlight|
   ‘I’m going to the police station, with or without you,’ he said. ‘This
builder thinks he can frighten me? In my own home?’ Mrs Puri got up.
20120922:   4112L 62% 263p Highlight|
   ‘The police? You want to make things even worse?’ She put a finger on
Masterji’s chest and pressed. ‘Why don’t we take you to the police?’
20120922:   4112L 62% 263p Highlight|
   ‘The police? You want to make things even worse?’ She put a finger on
Masterji’s chest and pressed. ‘Why don’t we take you to the police?’ From
another side, another finger poked him: Ajwani.
20120922:   4115L 62% 263p Highlight|
   Mrs Puri said: ‘A man who fights with his own son – and such a lovely
son at that – what kind of a man is he?’
20120922:   4116L 62% 263p Highlight|
   Ibrahim Kudwa stood behind her: ‘Sign Mr Shah’s agreement now,
Masterji. Sign it now.’ ‘I will not be made to change my mind like this,’
Masterji said. ‘So shut up, Ibrahim.’ Kudwa tried to respond, then
sagged, and stepped back.
20120922:   4125L 63% 264p Highlight|
   He barricaded the door with the teakwood table. When he went to the
window, he saw them all gathered below, looking up at him. He stepped
back at once.
20120922:   4126L 63% 264p Highlight|
   So I’m the last man in the building now, he thought.
20120922:   4133L 63% 264p Highlight|
   ‘How can they threaten good people in daylight? When did things change
so much in this city, Mr Parekh?’ ‘They have not changed, Masterji. It is
still a good city. Say to yourself, Mofa, Mofa, and close your eyes. You
sleep with the law by your side.’
20120922:   4138L 63% 264p Highlight|
   He had been too scared to protect Purnima from her brothers: he would
not be scared this time. ‘Go away,’ he said. Slithering down his legs,
the black snake left.
20120922:   4147L 63% 265p Highlight|
   tolerated. I have been to the police station and received every
assurance from the Senior Inspector that this is not a neighbourhood
where a teacher can be threatened. I am not alone. The famous legal team
of Bandra, Parekh and Sons, with whom I am in constant touch, will
initiate action against any person or persons threatening me via phone or
20120922:   4150L 63% 265p Highlight|
   Vishram Society Tower A is my home, and it Will not be sold Will not
be leased or rented Will not be redeveloped Signed (And this is the real
signature of the man) Yogesh Murthy.
20120922:   4190L 64% 268p Highlight|
   ‘Did Masterji have breakfast, Mr Pinto? He must be hungry.’ ‘A man
won’t die if he eats less for a few days, Shelley. When he gets hungry
he’ll come back.’ ‘I don’t think so. He is such a proud man.’
20120922:   4194L 64% 268p Highlight|
   He’ll have to apologize, and pay my hundred rupees back, before he can
eat at my dinner table again.’ ‘Oh, Mr Pinto, really… not you, too. They
abuse him so much in parliament these days.’
20120922:   4202L 64% 268p Highlight|
   stood by the window, and sent down aerial roots to suck up slander and
abuse. That must be his new diet, Mr Pinto thought. He is chewing their
thorns for lunch and nails for supper. From mockery he is making his
20120922:   4212L 64% 269p Highlight|
   ‘My wife says I have a high ratio of nerves to flesh,’ Kudwa said, as
he handed Mariam over to Mrs Puri. ‘I should never be asked to make
20120922:   4214L 64% 269p Highlight|
   ‘A simple thing, this is,’ Ajwani said. ‘In extreme cases, a Housing
Society may expel a member and purchase his share certificate in the
Society. It’s perfectly legal.’ Ibrahim Kudwa’s arms were free: yet he
would not touch the piece of paper lying before him. ‘How do you know?
Are you a lawyer?’ Ajwani moved his neck from side to side and then he
said: ‘Shanmugham told me.’
20120922:   4227L 64% 270p Highlight|
   download. And if the police come here, who will they arrest for
pornography? Not him.’
20120922:   4233L 64% 270p Highlight|
   ‘You have seen how a cow turns its eyes to the side when it shits, and
pretends not to know what it’s doing? Masterji knows exactly what he’s
doing to us, and he’s enjoying it. Repressed, depressed, and dangerous:
that’s your beloved Masterji in a nutshell.’
20120922:   4240L 64% 271p Highlight|
   1. Has persistently failed in payment of his dues to the Society 2.
Has wilfully deceived his Society by giving false information 3. Has used
his flat for immoral purposes or misused it for illegal purposes
habitually 4. Has been in habit of committing breaches of any of the
provisions of the bye-laws of his Society, which in the opinion of the
fellow members of his Society are serious breaches Kudwa removed his
glasses. ‘He hasn’t done any of these things.’
20120922:   4259L 65% 272p Highlight|
   upbringing had done to him. Instead of a man’s soul, he had developed
a cockroach’s antennae inside him. What did this man think of the way he
dressed? What did that man think of his politics? The way he pronounced
English? Wherever he went, the opinions of the five or six people living
near him
20120922:   4262L 65% 272p Highlight|
   Black, fibrous, stinking, that swampy gutter was the worst thing he
had ever seen in his life. But he knew his neighbours wanted him to get
that ball; pressed down by their expectations, he had dipped his hands
into the muck, up to the elbow, to find the ball. When it came out, his
arm was green and black and smelled like rotten eggs. Ibrahim showed the
dirty ball to the other boys, then turned around and tossed it back into
the gutter; he never played cricket with them again.
20120922:   4316L 66% 276p Highlight|
   NOTICE Vishram Co-operative Hsg Society Ltd, ‘A’ Building Minutes of
the general body meeting of ‘a’ building held on 16 august Theme:
Expulsion of a member from Society As the quorum was sufficient, the
meeting commenced as per schedule at approximately 7.30 p.m.
20120922:   4338L 66% 277p Highlight|
   The lawyer cleared his throat. ‘Point two. Under Essential Commodities
Act 1955, cutting off water or electricity without court order is a
criminal offence.
20120922:   4342L 66% 277p Highlight|
   At the start of summer, there had been talk of power cuts in Mumbai,
and in anticipation, he had bought candles. One of them sat burning on
the teakwood table. The wax dripped; the blackened wick was exposed. He
thought of Purnima’s body blackening on her funeral pyre. He thought of
Galileo’s framed picture over his mirror.
ajk,Adiga,Last man in tower,2,6589,421,nfi,eng,# (66L=%, 16L=p, 421

The Ultimate Anthology of Philosophy (75+ Works with an active table of
contents) (Greatest Hits Series)
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ajk,Balashov,Practical philosophy,2,10703,498,phi,rus,3#
Practical philosophy or sophology (Lev Balashov and Asko Korpela)
ajk,Balashov,Practical philosophy,2,10703,498,phi,rus,3# (107L=%, 21L=p,
498 pages)

Prakt-2-rus (askokorpela@gmail.com)
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ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-1,2,3622,235,phi,esp,3#
Filosofía Fundamental, Tomo I (Spanish Edition) (Jaime Luciano Balmes)
20120327:     58L   2%    4p Highlight|
20120327:      2L   0%    0p Highlight|PRÓLOGO.
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20120327:     511L 14%   33p Highlight|
20120327:     714L 20%   46p Highlight|CAPÍTULO VIII. LA IDENTIDAD
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20120327:     850L 23%   55p Highlight|
20120327:     905L 25%   59p Highlight|
20120327:     963L 26%   62p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XII. INTELIGIBILIDAD
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20120327:    2008L 55% 130p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXIV. CRITERIO DE LA
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20120327:   2255L 62% 146p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXVII. CONTINUACION.
20120327:   2341L 65% 152p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXVIII. CONTINUACION.
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20120327:   2556L 71% 166p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXX. CRITERIO DE VICO.
20120327:   2718L 75% 176p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXXI. CONTINUACION.
20120327:   2811L 77% 182p Highlight|
20120327:   2949L 81% 191p Highlight|
20120327:   3021L 83% 196p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXXIV. RESÚMEN Y
20120327:   3162L 87% 205p Highlight|NOTAS (SOBRE EL CAPÍTULO I.)
20120327:   3515L 97% 228p Highlight|ÍNDICE DE LAS MATERIAS DEL TOMO
20120403:   1198L 33%    78p Highlight|talegas
20120403:   1374L 38%    89p Highlight|entimema
20120405:   2364L 65% 153p Highlight|entimema
20120406:   3074L 85% 199p Highlight|
   Cuando Dios ha unido nuestra alma con un cuerpo, ha sido para que
sirviese el uno al otro; por lo cual ha establecido esa admirable
correspondencia entre las impresiones del cuerpo, y las afecciones del
20120406:   3078L 85% 200p Highlight|
   Si admitimos las sensaciones y prescindimos de la razon, el hombre se
nos convierte en un bruto. Siente, mas no piensa;
20120406:   3086L 85% 200p Highlight|
   Cuando despertamos de un sueño muy vivo, estamos á veces por algunos
momentos dudando de si hay sueño ó realidad; esta sola duda ya supone la
reflexion comparativa de los dos estados. ¿Y qué hacemos para resolver la
duda? Atendemos al lugar donde nos hallamos; y el hecho de estar en la
cama, en la oscuridad y silencio de la noche, nos indica que la vision
anterior no tiene ningun enlace con nuestra situacion, y que por tanto es
un sueño.
20120406:   3090L 85% 200p Highlight|
   El instinto concedido á los brutos y negado al hombre, es un indicio
de que para apreciar las sensaciones se nos ha dado la razon.
20120406:   3091L 86% 201p Highlight|
   No hay pues en el hombre criterios de verdad enteramente aislados.
Todos están en relacion; se afirman y completan recíprocamente; siendo de
notar que las verdades de que están ciertos todos los hombres, están
apoyadas de algun modo por todos los criterios.
20120406:   3093L 86% 201p Highlight|
   Las sensaciones nos llevan instintivamente á creer en la existencia de
un mundo exterior; y si dicha creencia se sujeta al exámen de la razon,
esta confirma la misma verdad, fundándose en las ideas generales de
causas y de efectos.
20120406:   3096L 86% 201p Highlight|
   «En un círculo todos los radios son iguales.» Esta es una verdad
necesaria; los sentidos no ven ningun círculo perfecto;
20120406:   3098L 86% 201p Highlight|
   «No hay mudanza, sin causa que la produzca.»
20120406:    3101L 86% 201p Highlight|
   oir el ruido del viento; pero nuestro oido nos ha engañado otras
veces; para asegurarnos de la verdad miramos si hay movimiento en los
árboles ó en otros objetos. La vista nos muestra un bulto; no hay
bastante luz para discernirle de una sombra: nos acercamos y tocamos.
20120406:    3111L 86% 202p Highlight|
   La verdad completa, como el bien perfecto, no existen sin la armonía:
esta es una ley necesaria, y á ella está sujeto el hombre.
20120406:    3115L 86% 202p Highlight|
   [339.] Con estas doctrinas, creo posible la filosofía sin
escepticismo: el exámen no desaparece, por el contrario se extiende y se
20120406:    3117L 86% 202p Highlight|
   La filosofía no puede generalizarse hasta el punto de ser una cosa
popular; á este se opone la humana naturaleza; pero tampoco tiene
necesidad de condenarse á un aislamiento misantrópico, á fuerza de
pretensiones extravagantes. En tal caso la filosofía degenera en
ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-1,2,3622,235,phi,esp,3# (36L=%, 15L=p,
235 pages)

ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-2,2,3470,220,phi,esp,3#
Filosofía Fundamental, Tomo II (Spanish Edition) (Jaime Luciano Balmes)
20120408:     78L   2%    5p Highlight|CAPÍTULO II. LA MATERIA NO PUEDE
20120408:    179L   5%   11p Highlight|CAPÍTULO III. El Sueño y la
20120408:    228L   6%   14p Highlight|
20120408:    313L   9%   20p Highlight|CAPÍTULO V. UNA HIPÓTESIS
20120408:    350L 10%    22p Highlight|
20120408:    386L 11%    24p Highlight|
20120408:    437L 13%    28p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO VIII. Sensacion de la Extension.
20120408:    489L 14%    31p Highlight|
20120408:    576L 16%    36p Highlight|
20120408:    618L 18%    39p Highlight|
20120408:     99L   3%    6p Highlight|
   [13.] Tomemos un compuesto de dos partes,
20120408:    112L   3%    7p Highlight|[14.] Estas partes A y B,
20120408:    120L   3%    7p Highlight|
   [15.] Surge aquí una dificultad gravísima.
20120408:    136L   4%    9p Highlight|
   [17.] ¿Cuál será entonces el destino de esas almas ó de esas fuerzas
vitales, en destruyéndose la organizacion que ellas vivifican?
20120408:    148L   4%    9p Highlight|
   [18.] Suele decirse que nada se aniquila;
20120408:    161L   5%   10p Highlight|
   [19.] Pero supongamos que no se quiera acudir al aniquilamiento;
20120408:    180L   5%   11p Highlight|
   [20.] El hecho de la sensacion está enlazado con otros,
20120409:    689L 20%    44p Highlight|
20120409:    789L 23%    50p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XIII. EL CIEGO DE
20120410:    855L 25%    54p Highlight|
20120412:   1470L 42%    93p Highlight|
   En el instante A, la extension de la pluma se encuentra ocupando la
parte A' del espacio; en el momento B, la misma extension de la pluma se
halla ocupando la parte B' del espacio distinta de la parte A'; luego ni
la parte A' del espacio, ni la parte B', se identifican con la extension
del cuerpo.
20120412:   1476L 43%    94p Highlight|
   ¿La extension de un cuerpo es el mismo cuerpo? Yo no concibo cuerpo
sin extension: pero esto no prueba que la extension sea el mismo cuerpo.
20120412:   1529L 44%    97p Highlight|
   ¿Qué es pues el espacio? ¿Es algo en la realidad? ¿Es solo una idea?
Si es una idea, ¿le corresponde un objeto en el mundo externo? ¿Es una
pura ilusion? La palabra espacio, ¿está vacía de sentido?
20120412:   1540L 45%    98p Highlight|
   Luego el espacio se nos presenta como indefinido.
20120412:   1547L 45%    98p Highlight|
   Decir que la nada puede tener propiedades, es destruir todas las
ideas, es afirmar la posibilidad del ser y no ser á un mismo tiempo, y
subvertir por consiguiente el fundamentos de los conocimientos humanos.
20120412:   1595L 46% 101p Highlight|
   Segun Descartes la esencia del cuerpo consiste en la extension; y como
en el espacio concebimos por necesidad extension, se sigue que cuerpo,
extension y espacio, son tres cosas esencialmente idénticas.
20120412:   1607L 46% 102p Highlight|
   La distancia es una propiedad de la extension que no puede existir sin
la extension» (Princ. de la Filos. p. 2. § 18).
20120412:   1628L 47% 103p Highlight|
   Leibnitz opina que el espacio es «una relacion, un órden, no solo
entre las cosas existentes, sino tambien entre las posibles, como si
ellas existiesen» (Nuevos Ensayos sobre el entendimiento humano, Lib. 2,
cap. 13, § 17).
20120412:   1642L 47% 104p Highlight|
   Como quiera, es bien notable que tres filósofos tan insignes como
Aristóteles, Descartes y Leibnitz, hayan estado de acuerdo en negar la
existencia de esa capacidad que se llama espacio, considerada como un ser
distinto de los cuerpos, y con posibilidad de existir sin ellos. La
diversidad de sus opiniones solo prueba que en el fondo de la cuestion
hay una dificultad algo mas grave de lo que parecen creer algunos
ideólogos, que con tanta facilidad explican la idea del espacio y su
generacion, como si se tratase de cosas muy
20120412:   1650L 48% 105p Highlight|
   ¿El espacio será algo distinto de la extension misma de los cuerpos? A
la opinion que esto sostiene suele objetársele que el espacio ha de ser ó
cuerpo ó espíritu; que si no es cuerpo será espíritu,
20120412:   1657L 48% 105p Highlight|
   Convengo en que no hay medio entre lo simple y lo compuesto;
20120412:   1658L 48% 105p Highlight|
   «Todo cuerpo es compuesto» no es idéntica á esta otra: «Todo compuesto
es cuerpo.» Luego puede haber compuestos que no sean cuerpos. La
composicion, el tener partes, es una propiedad del cuerpo; mas esto no
constituye su esencia, ó al menos nosotros lo ignoramos.
20120412:   1666L 48% 106p Highlight|
   «Todo espíritu es simple» no es lo mismo que «todo simple es
espíritu.» La simplicidad es necesaria al espíritu, mas no constituye su
20120412:   1677L 48% 106p Highlight|
   han dicho que el espacio era la misma inmensidad de Dios.
20120412:   1680L 48% 106p Highlight|
   El espacio es algo. Antes que Dios criase el mundo, el espacio
existia. No es posible concebir que los cuerpos existan, sin espacio en
que se extiendan. Antes de que existan, concebimos esa capacidad en que
pueden colocarse: luego el espacio es eterno.
20120412:   1682L 49% 107p Highlight|
   No hay movimiento sin espacio; y en el primer instante de ser criados
los cuerpos, se pudieron mover y se movieron. Aunque no supongamos mas
que un solo cuerpo en el mundo, podria moverse, y este movimiento podria
prolongarse hasta lo infinito.
20120412:   1684L 49% 107p Highlight|Luego el espacio es infinito.
20120412:   1686L 49% 107p Highlight|
   Luego el espacio es indestructible. Un ser eterno, infinito,
indestructible, no puede ser criado; luego el espacio es increado. Luego
es Dios mismo. Luego ha de ser Dios en cuanto nosotros lo concebimos con
relacion á la extension: luego el espacio es la inmensidad de Dios.
20120412:   1689L 49% 107p Highlight|
   Adoptada esta teoría no hay inconveniente en hacer el espacio
infinito, eterno, indestructible.
20120412:   1769L 51% 112p Highlight|
   en alas de su religion y de su genio, y continúa: «Dios no está en
ningun lugar, ni en ningun tiempo; porque su ser absoluto é infinito no
tiene ninguna relacion á los lugares y á los tiempos, que no son mas que
límites y restricciones del ser.
20120412:   1773L 51% 112p Highlight|
   la inmensidad excluye toda medida de extension; no ha sido, no será,
es; no está aquí, no está allá, no está mas allá de ningun límite: es
absolutamente, todas las expresiones que le refieren á algun término, que
le fijan en algun lugar, son impropias é indecentes. ¿Dónde está pues?
20120412:   1776L 51% 113p Highlight|
   Dios no es precisamente una cosa singular y restringida, es todo, es
el ser, ó para decirlo mejor, diciéndolo mas sencillamente: él es;
cuantas menos palabras se dicen de él, mas cosas se expresan: es;
guardaos de añadir nada.»
20120413:   2325L 67% 147p Highlight|
   pues que viendo él todo lo que hay, si no la ve, no la hay. Estamos
pues en el idealismo de Berkeley: un mundo externo sin extension, no es
el mundo tal como lo reputa el sentido comun: es el mundo de los
20120413:   2624L 75% 166p Highlight|
   Busca Santo Tomás (1. P. cuest. 8. art. 1.) si Dios está en todas las
cosas, y responde que sí: mas para probar su aserto, no echa mano de la
necesidad de que todo esté situado, antes por el contrario, se olvida de
la idea de espacio, y apela á la de causalidad.
20120413:   2635L 76% 167p Highlight|
   «Las cosas incorpóreas no están en el lugar por el contacto de
cantidad dimensiva, sino por el contacto de la actividad, virtutis.»
20120414:   2708L 78% 172p Highlight|
   Así todas las ciencias naturales, que como hemos visto ya, se reducen
á cálculo de extension y movimiento, no penetran en la esencia de las
cosas, y se limitan á un aspecto, cual es el presentado á nuestra
experiencia. Por manera que, en dichas ciencias no hay nada absoluto en
todo el rigor de la palabra; y en esta parte se hallan á mucha distancia
de la metafísica, la cual, ó no conoce nada, ó conoce cosas absolutamente
20120414:   2714L 78% 172p Highlight|
   Las ciencias naturales tienen dos partes: una física y otra
geométrica: la primera, supone los datos suministrados por la
experiencia; la segunda forma sus cálculos con arreglo á los mismos
20120414:   2716L 78% 172p Highlight|
   una experiencia nueva de la que resultará una ciencia física nueva: el
cálculo será el mismo, solo que á nuevos datos corresponderán nuevos
resultados. Hé aquí desvanecida la dificultad.
20120414:   2717L 78% 172p Highlight|
   Todas las ciencias físicas estriban en la observacion; todas sus
combinaciones se ejecutan sobre los datos suministrados por la
observacion; luego todas las ciencias físicas envuelven una parte
condicional, no son enteramente absolutas.
20120414:   2723L 79% 173p Highlight|
   Surge aquí otra dificultad, que en apariencia es mas grave que la
anterior: si las relaciones de los cuerpos no son esenciales y están
sujetas á variacion; si lo que sobre ellos calculamos, no está fundado en
datos de necesidad intrínseca;
20120414:   2745L 79% 174p Highlight|
   La geometría en sí misma, ó sea en el órden puramente ideal, se funda
en el principio de contradiccion: siendo este verdadero por absoluta
necesidad, lo es tambien aquella.
20120414:   2759L 80% 175p Highlight|
   Producir la impresion, es simplemente causar; y la causalidad no
repugna á los seres simples. De aquí es que no hay ningun inconveniente
en que un espíritu nos produzca de esta manera una de las impresiones
sensibles: de lo contrario seria menester decir que Dios no puede ejercer
su accion sobre nuestra alma, causando en ella la sensacion sin el
intermedio de los cuerpos. Esta causalidad, no podria llamarse
sensibilidad pasiva: el ser que la tuviese, no seria propiamente sentido.
La relacion de la sensacion, al ser que la produjese, seria únicamente la
del efecto á su causa.
20120414:   2767L 80% 175p Highlight|
   Nuestra intuicion sensible, á la cual, por instinto y por razon, le
damos un objeto real, se refiere á este objeto, como esencialmente
compuesto, y en este órden que llamamos continuidad: si pues convertimos
á este objeto en simple, destruimos el objeto como sensible:
20120414:   2776L 80% 176p Highlight|
   Esto en cuanto á lo subjetivo; por lo que toca á lo objetivo, conviene
notar, que las representaciones sensibles no las tenemos siempre de
objetos reales, pero se refieren siempre á objetos cuando menos posibles,
es decir que la intuicion, no está enteramente vacía, sino que á falta
del órden de la realidad, necesita el de la posibilidad.
20120414:   2784L 80% 176p Highlight|
   tenemos algunos indicios en la experiencia misma, la cual á cada paso
nos enseña que los cuerpos sensibles dejan de serlo, y los insensibles se
nos hacen sensibles, con solo mediar una pequeña alteracion.
20120414:   2792L 80% 177p Highlight|
   A medida que se va dilatando el campo de la experiencia, se descubren
nuevos fenómenos: ahí están los de la atraccion magnética, de la
electricidad, y del galvanismo. En estos fenómenos, obran agentes que en
sí mismos son imperceptibles al sentido: ¿por qué no habrian podido estar
dispuestos de manera que los sintiéramos como á los demás cuerpos?
20120414:   2798L 80% 177p Highlight|
   Es probable pues, que en el universo hay muchos seres imperceptibles á
nuestros sentidos, y para cuya percepcion seria bastante una modificacion
de los órganos, ó un cambio en algunas leyes de la naturaleza. ¡Ancho
campo de atrevidas conjeturas, y meditaciones sublimes!
20120414:   2803L 81% 178p Highlight|
   Hablo únicamente de la posibilidad, porque estando limitados á lo que
nos enseña la experiencia, ignoramos lo que hay en la esfera de los seres
con quienes no estamos en comunicacion: si algo sabemos de ellos, es lo
que Dios nos ha revelado: y la revelacion es para enseñarnos, nó la
filosofía, sino la virtud.
20120414:   2809L 81% 178p Highlight|
   envuelve nuestro espíritu inmortal, se disolverá, deshaciéndose en
polvo; entonces, el ser que dentro de nosotros siente, piensa y quiere,
se hallará en un estado nuevo, separado de la organizacion corpórea.
¿Cuáles serán entonces sus facultades?
20120414:   2829L 81% 179p Highlight|
   por el cuerpo, como el que ejerce una accion por medio de un
instrumento: quien siente es el alma misma; y la accion instrumental del
cuerpo se reduce á poner ciertas condiciones, de las cuales resulta la
sensacion, por influjo físico ú ocasional.
20120414:   2832L 82% 180p Highlight|
   no hay ninguna repugnancia intrínseca en que Dios comunique á un
espíritu puro facultades sensitivas; ya sean de representacion, como esas
en que se nos ofrece el mundo corpóreo; ya sean puramente subjetivas,
como las de placer ó de dolor.
20120414:   2843L 82% 180p Highlight|
   Quizás se pudiera creer que no queda ya ninguna duda con respecto á la
posibilidad de la sensacion, independientemente de los órganos corpóreos:
y que para decir lo contrario, seria preciso sostener que Dios no puede
producir por sí mismo, lo que produce por medio de las causas segundas.
20120414:   2850L 82% 181p Highlight|
   en vez de decir: «Las facultades sensitivas no repugnan á un espíritu
puro,» dijésemos: «las facultades sensitivas no repugnan á la simplicidad
de un espíritu puro.»
20120414:   2869L 83% 182p Highlight|
   representacion nos ocurre: ora será la misma palabra causalidad,
escrita ó hablada; ora la imágen de un hombre que ejecute alguna cosa;
ora la de otro agente cualquiera; pero nunca podremos deshacernos de toda
representacion sensible.
20120414:   2891L 83% 183p Highlight|
   con las propiedades pasivas, se combinan las activas: tales concebimos
los agentes corpóreos, que si bien no llegan aun á la categoría de
vivientes, toman ya una parte activa en la produccion de los fenómenos
que salen del laboratorio de la naturaleza.
20120414:   2894L 83% 183p Highlight|
   Al entrar en el órden de los seres orgánicos, ya nos hallamos con una
naturaleza mas expansiva: la vida es una continua expansion. El ser
viviente, se extiende en algun modo al tiempo en que habrá cesado de
existir, encerrando en sí mismo los gérmenes reproductivos;
20120414:   2915L 84% 185p Highlight|
   aspecto de la simplicidad; y que las consideraciones sobre el carácter
de la inteligencia deben hacernos cautos para no afirmar como posible, lo
que quizá veríamos imposible, si conociésemos mejor la naturaleza de las
20120414:   2922L 84% 185p Highlight|
   Para ejercer sus funciones de la manera conveniente, es necesario que
esté en incesante comunicacion con su propio cuerpo y con los que le
rodean, teniendo la intuicion sensible de las relaciones corpóreas,
siendo avisada por el dolor de cualquier desórden que en su cuerpo
ocurra, y guiándose por el sentimiento del placer, como por un instinto
que dirigido y templado por la razon, puede indicarle lo provechoso ó lo
20120414:   2949L 85% 187p Highlight|
   Guardémonos de aventurar proposiciones sobre arcanos que nos son
desconocidos: pero guardémonos tambien de señalar lindes á la
Omnipotencia, llamando imposible lo que á los ojos de una sana filosofía,
está en el órden de la posibilidad.
20120414:   2957L 85% 187p Highlight|
   hablar de un lugar mismo, con abstraccion de los cuerpos, es hablar de
nada. Luego, la impenetrabilidad no puede ser otra cosa que cierta
relacion, ó de los cuerpos ó de las ideas.
20120414:   2962L 85% 188p Highlight|
   Cuando imaginamos que los dos globos coinciden perfectamente, ya no
hay dos, sino uno solo; cuando imaginamos que un globo ocupa una parte
del otro, resulta una figura nueva, ó bien el uno es considerado como una
porcion del otro, y por consiguiente está contenido en su idea; así se ve
en el caso en que el menor se mete dentro del mayor.
20120414:   2982L 86% 189p Highlight|
   El universo no se ha calcado sobre nuestra experiencia, sino que
nuestra experiencia ha dimanado de él: decir que no hay ni puede haber
nada sino lo que la misma nos atestigua, es hacer á nuestro yo el tipo
del universo, es afirmar que sus leyes están radicadas en nosotros y son
emanaciones de nuestro ser: orgullo necio para ese átomo imperceptible
que se presenta por algunos instantes en el inmenso teatro de la
naturaleza y luego desaparece; orgullo necio, para ese espíritu que á
pesar del grandor de su capacidad, siente su impotencia para sustraerse á
esas leyes, á esos fenómenos, que segun la monstruosa suposicion,
debieran ser obra de él mismo.
20120414:   2988L 86% 189p Highlight|
   los objetos extensos hay dos cosas: multiplicidad y continuidad: la
primera es absolutamente necesaria,
20120414:   3005L 87% 191p Highlight|
   El misterio de la Eucaristía es un hecho sobrenatural, incomprensible
al débil hombre, inexplicable con palabras humanas; esto lo confiesan los
católicos; esto lo reconoce la Iglesia.
20120414:   3039L 88% 193p Highlight|
   ¿Qué es la extension? en la realidad es un conjunto de relaciones de
los seres que entran en la composicion de lo extenso.
20120414:   3046L 88% 193p Highlight|
   Si se supone un cuerpo con la extension sometida á otras condiciones,
sin la relacion ordinaria á la extension de los demás; falta el supuesto
en que hacemos estribar la imposibilidad de estar un cuerpo á un mismo
tiempo en muchos lugares; luego habiendo probado que la omnipotencia
divina puede alterar y hasta quitar estas relaciones, no hay ninguna
contradiccion en que falte lo que de ellas debia resultar.
20120414:   3057L 88% 194p Highlight|
   para que se examinase mas profundamente la distancia del fenómeno á la
realidad; la diferencia entre lo contingente y lo necesario: el augusto
misterio pesaba sobre la filosofía suscitando cuestiones que
probablemente no se hubieran ofrecido jamás al entendimiento del hombre.
20120414:   3063L 88% 194p Highlight|
   El pecado original es un misterio, pero este misterio explica el mundo
entero; la Encarnacion es un misterio, pero este misterio explica las
tradiciones del humano linaje;
20120414:   3079L 89% 195p Highlight|
   por tanto, si no existia antes en el espíritu, tampoco ha podido nacer
de la sensacion, como un efecto de su causa.
20120414:   3088L 89% 196p Highlight|
   La vista, ó la representacion imaginaria de un triángulo, es un
fenómeno contingente, que nada nos dice sobre las relaciones necesarias
de los lados y de los ángulos entre sí. Para llegar á percibir estas
relaciones, esta necesidad, se requiere algo mas; ese algo mas, llamadle
ideas innatas, fuerza, fecundidad, actividad del espíritu, ó como
querais: lo cierto es que existe, que no ha podido nacer de la sensacion,
y que pertenece á un órden totalmente distinto de los fenómenos
sensibles, inmensamente superior.
20120414:   3105L 90% 197p Highlight|
   y ejerza su accion generalizadora. ¿Este triángulo es ese
cuadrilátero? nó ¿Son ambos extensos? sí. ¿Esta superficie es ese
volúmen? nó. ¿Son ambos extensos? sí. ¿Todos los triángulos son
diferentes de los cuadriláteros? sí. ¿Todas las superficies, todos los
volúmenes tienen extension? sí. ¿Cómo habeis pasado de un hecho á todos?
¿de lo contingente á lo necesario? ¿Habeis explicado lo que es la
extension? nó. ¿Habeis explicado en qué convienen esas cosas diferentes
entre sí? nó.
20120414:   3114L 90% 197p Highlight|
   1. Hay certeza inmediata de nuestras relaciones con seres distintos de
nosotros. 2. Hay certeza de la existencia de un mundo externo. 3. El
mundo externo no es mas para nosotros que un ser extenso que nos afecta,
y que está sometido á leyes constantes que podemos determinar. 4. Tenemos
idea de la extension. 5. La idea de la extension es excitada por las
sensaciones, pero no se confunde con ellas. 6. La idea de la extension,
es la idea matriz, fundamental, en todo lo relativo al conocimiento de
los cuerpos. 7. La idea de la extension no debe confundirse con la
representacion imaginaria de la extension. 8. Un espacio extenso, y que
sin embargo no sea nada real, es un absurdo. 9. El espacio no es nada
real distinto de la extension misma de los cuerpos. 10. Donde no hay
cuerpos, no hay distancias. 11. El movimiento es la mudanza de las
situaciones de los cuerpos entre sí. 12. No hay vacío, ni puede haberlo
de ninguna clase. 13. La idea del espacio es la idea de la extension en
abstracto. 14. La imaginacion de un espacio sin límites no es mas que un
esfuerzo de la imaginacion, para seguir al entendimiento en la
abstraccion de la extension. Nace tambien de la costumbre de ver por
medios transparentes y de movernos por flúidos sin resistencia. 15. Como
nosotros no sabemos de los cuerpos sino que son extensos y nos afectan;
lo que reune estas dos condiciones es para nosotros cuerpo. 16. Pero como
no conocemos la esencia del cuerpo, no sabemos si puede existir un cuerpo
sin extension. 17. Tampoco sabemos á qué modificaciones puede estar
sujeta la extension de un cuerpo con respecto á otros. 18. Los elementos
de que se componen los cuerpos nos son desconocidos. 19. La aproximacion
de unos cuerpos á otros, y por consiguiente la gravitacion universal,
parece ser un efecto necesario de sus relaciones actuales. 20. La
necesidad de la aproximacion no basta para explicar ni las leyes del
movimiento, ni su principio, ni su continuacion. 21. La idea del espacio
no es una condicion absolutamente necesaria para sentir. 22. La idea de
la extension tiene una objetividad real. 23. El tránsito de la
subjetividad á la objetividad es en lo tocante á la extension, un hecho
primitivo de nuestra naturaleza. 24. Luego los fenómenos corpóreos tienen
una existencia real fuera de nosotros. 25. Luego del testimonio de los
sentidos nace una verdadera certeza, no solo fenomenal, sino tambien
científica. 26. La razon al examinar la relacion de la subjetividad con
la objetividad en las sensaciones, justifica con su exámen el instinto de
la naturaleza. 27. La geometría considera la extension en abstracto; pero
con certeza de que cuando en la realidad se dé el postulado, resultarán
las consecuencias; y que la aproximacion del postulado dará consecuencias
aproximadas. 28. A pesar de la certeza sobre la realidad de un mundo
externo, no conocemos su esencia. 29. Ignoramos lo que es este mundo,
visto por un espíritu puro. 30. La intuicion sensible á que se refiere
nuestra geometría, no constituye la esencia del conocimiento científico;
y puede estar separada de él. 31. No es intrínsecamente imposible un
cambio en las relaciones de los seres corpóreos entre sí, y con nuestras
facultades sensitivas. FIN DEL TOMO SEGUNDO.
ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-2,2,3470,220,phi,esp,3# (35L=%, 16L=p,
220 pages)

ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-3,2,3650,217,phi,esp,3#
Filosofía Fundamental, Tomo III (Spanish Edition) (Jaime Luciano Balmes)
20120420:   1519L 41%    90p Highlight|
   Pregunta el ateo qué medio tenemos para cerciorarnos de la existencia
de Dios; y como que exige una aparicion de la divinidad para creer en
ella; pues bien, esa aparicion existe, y nó fuera de nosotros, sino
dentro de nosotros:
20120420:   1525L 42%    91p Highlight|
   Dios mismo, ser por esencia, no es un ser en abstracto, es una
realidad infinita. En él está particularizada, por decirlo así, la idea
general de la plenitud del ser, de toda perfeccion, de la infinidad.
20120420:   1558L 43%    93p Highlight|
   Nuestro individuo no existia hace poco, y la verdad existia; cuando
nosotros hayamos desaparecido, la verdad continuará la misma, sin haber
perdido nada.
20120420:   1559L 43%    93p Highlight|
   Hay ciertas verdades necesarias que todos los hombres perciben sin
haberse convenido, ni podido convenir; luego todas las inteligencias
individuales beben en algun manantial comun, luego existe la razon
20120420:   1567L 43%    93p Highlight|
   Un hecho real ha de tener un principio real; un fenómeno universal ha
de tener una causa universal; un fenómeno independiente de todo
entendimiento finito, ha de nacer de alguna causa independiente de todo
entendimiento finito.
20120420:   1569L 43%    93p Highlight|
   Luego existe una razon universal, orígen de todas las razones finitas,
fuente de toda verdad, luz de todas las inteligencias, lazo de todos los
20120420:   1571L 43%    93p Highlight|
   Luego la unidad de la razon humana da una cumplida demostracion de la
existencia de Dios. La razon universal existe; y la razon universal es
una palabra sin sentido, si no significa un ser por esencia, inteligente,
activo, productor de todos los seres, de todas las inteligencias, causa
de todo, luz de todo.
20120420:   1574L 43%    94p Highlight|
   La razon impersonal de que hablan algunos filósofos es una palabra sin
sentido. O existe una razon distinta de las nuestras, ó nó: si existe no
es impersonal: si no existe, no se puede explicar la comunidad de las
razones humanas;
20120420:   1588L 43%    94p Highlight|
   Las verdades necesarias preexisten pues á la razon humana: y esta
preexistencia es una palabra sin sentido, cuando no se la refiere á un
ser, orígen de toda realidad, y fundamento de toda posibilidad. No hay
pues razon impersonal propiamente dicha:
20120420:   1590L 43%    94p Highlight|
   en cuanto á todos los entendimientos finitos los ilumina una misma
luz: Dios que los ha criado.
20120421:   1602L 44%    95p Highlight|
   Si se nos pregunta qué seria de esta verdad en caso de que nosotros no
existiéramos, responderemos sin vacilar que la verdad seria la misma, que
no adquiere nada con nuestra existencia, ni perderia nada con nuestra
20120422:   1739L 47% 103p Highlight|
   Los filósofos no han llegado á ponerse de acuerdo sobre las ideas de
espacio y tiempo; y sin embargo el hombre mas ignorante se sirve de estas
palabras, y las aplica con exactitud, en todos los casos que se le
ofrecen. Esto parece probar que la dificultad no está en la idea, sino en
la explicacion de la misma.
20120422:   1760L 48% 105p Highlight|
   nuestra percepcion no es capaz de abarcar muchos á un tiempo; resulta
que el ejercicio de nuestras facultades, es por necesidad sucesivo,
sirviendo de lazo á las percepciones, la unidad de la conciencia.
20120423:   1874L 51% 111p Highlight|Sea cual fuere
20120423:   1887L 52% 112p Highlight|sea lo que fuere:
20120423:   1891L 52% 112p Highlight|
   El principio de Descartes «yo pienso luego soy»
20120423:    1902L 52% 113p Highlight|
   Desde el momento que se hace entrar en ella una determinacion
cualquiera, se la destruye en cierto modo; ya no hay la idea de ser, sino
de tal ser; una idea aplicada, mas nó la del ser mismo, en toda su
20120423:    1908L 52% 113p Highlight|
   [9.] Luego la idea del ente es una idea simplicísima, que es
irresoluble en otros elementos, y que por tanto no puede nacer de la
palabra, sino como de una causa excitante.
20120423:    1911L 53% 114p Highlight|
   el ser, nos es imposible explicarlo de otra manera que por sí mismo.
20120423:    1917L 53% 114p Highlight|
   [10.] De esto se infiere que la idea de ente no es para nosotros
intuitiva; pues que con su indeterminacion misma, excluye el que pueda
ofrecer á nuestra percepcion un objeto determinado.
20120423:    1919L 53% 114p Highlight|
   distinguir entre la idea absoluta del ser y la relativa;
20120423:    1922L 53% 114p Highlight|
   Pedro es; Pedro es bueno. En la primera, el verbo es significa la
realidad de Pedro, ó su existencia; en la segunda, expresa la union del
predicado, bueno, con el sujeto, Pedro. En el primer caso, el verbo ser
es substantivo, en el segundo es copulativo. El substantivo expresa
simplemente la existencia; el copulativo una determinacion, un modo de
20120423:    1934L 53% 115p Highlight|
   La mesa es, equivale á, la mesa es existente.
20120423:    1946L 53% 116p Highlight|
   el verbo ser, cuando es copulativo, expresa la relacion de dos ideas.
20120423:    1986L 54% 118p Highlight|
   el orígen de todas nuestras ideas, está en la de ser, mas nó real,
sino posible. «La simple idea del ser, dice, no es percepcion de alguna
cosa existente, sino intuicion de alguna cosa posible: no es mas que la
idea de la posibilidad de la cosa»
20120423:    1990L 54% 118p Highlight|
   [24.] ¿Qué es la posibilidad? La idea de posibilidad, prescindiendo de
sus clasificaciones, nos ofrece una idea general de la no repugnancia ó
la no exclusion de dos cosas entre sí; como la idea de imposibilidad nos
presenta esa repugnancia, esa exclusion.
20120423:    2014L 55% 120p Highlight|
   Cuando concebimos el ser en toda su abstraccion, no concebimos otra
cosa que el existir; estas dos palabras significan una misma idea.
20120423:    2029L 56% 121p Highlight|
   Luego la idea del ser es independiente de la idea de posibilidad; y
esta no es aplicable sino con relacion á aquella.
20120423:    2033L 56% 121p Highlight|
   [34.] Cuando aplicamos á las cosas la idea de ser, no entendemos
aplicarles la de posibilidad; sino la de realidad.
20120426:    2423L 66% 144p Highlight|
   ejemplos: «el sol es;» «el sol es luminoso:» en la primera
proposicion, el ser es substantivo, ó expresa la existencia; en la
segunda, es copulativo, ó significa la relacion del predicado con el
20120427:    3136L 86% 186p Highlight|
   2.º ¿Era posible que al comenzar la existencia de este mundo, hubiese
existido otro? Sin duda: para esto bastaba que Dios le hubiese criado,
sin criar el actual; bastaba el ser del uno; con el no ser del otro.
ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-3,2,3650,217,phi,esp,3# (36L=%, 17L=p,
217 pages)

ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-4,2,3997,235,phi,esp,3#
Filosofía Fundamental, Tomo IV (Spanish Edition) (Jaime Luciano Balmes)
20120429:     20L   0%    1p Highlight|
   No se os negaba que vuestra figura fuese mas noble y galana que la del
mono; no se os disputaba la superioridad de la inteligencia; pero debiais
guardaros de pretender ni á orígen ni á destino mas elevados. El curso de
los siglos podia desarrollar y perfeccionar las formas del mono, é
igualarlas con las vuestras; podia desarrollar y perfeccionar su masa
cerebral de tal suerte que de los descendientes de ese mono que os
divierte con sus movimientos extravagantes y sus actitudes ridículas,
nacieran hombres como Platon, san Agustin, Leibnitz ó Bossuet.
20120429:     75L   2%    4p Highlight|eslabonan
20120502:    571L 14%    33p Highlight|
   En cada pié hay doce pulgadas; luego el número de pulgadas contenidas
en la línea será doce veces mayor que el número de piés; luego este no es
20120502:    625L 16%    37p Highlight|
   Todo ser finito es mudable, y sus mudanzas se pueden contar. Las
modificaciones traidas por las mudanzas no pueden existir juntas, porque
algunas de ellas se excluyen recíprocamente; luego no es posible jamás el
número actual infinito.
20120502:    630L 16%    37p Highlight|gira al rededor de un punto,
20120502:    727L 18%    43p Highlight|
   Cuando se dice pues que Dios es simple, se viene á significar que Dios
no es un conjunto de seres sino un ser; lo que no envuelve ninguna
negacion, antes por el contrario encierra la afirmacion de una existencia
no dividida en varios seres.
20120502:    753L 19%    44p Highlight|
   La inercia, ó sea la indiferencia para el movimiento ó la quietud,
significa una propiedad puramente negativa.
20120502:    832L 21%    49p Highlight|
   [149.] El exámen de la idea de lo infinito es de la mayor importancia;
puesto que va inseparablemente unida con la idea de Dios.
20120502:    834L 21%    49p Highlight|[151.] Finito es lo que tiene
20120502:    834L 21%    49p Highlight|
   [152.] Infinito no es lo mismo que indefinido: lo infinito es lo que
carece de límites: in-finito; lo indefinido es aquello cuyos límites no
están señalados: in-definido.
20120502:    839L 21%    49p Highlight|
   [155.] La idea de lo infinito, negando el límite, niega una negacion,
luego es una idea afirmativa; así como la idea de lo finito es negativa,
porque afirma una negacion.
20120502:    843L 21%    49p Highlight|
   [157.] La idea de lo infinito no es intuitiva. No tenemos intuicion de
ningun objeto infinito con infinidad absoluta ni aun relativa.
20120502:    846L 21%    50p Highlight|
   [159.] El concepto indeterminado de lo infinito no nos hace conocer
ninguna cosa infinita.
20120502:    856L 21%    50p Highlight|
   [164.] Aunque tenemos concepto de la extension infinita, nos es
imposible imaginárnosla.
20120502:    865L 22%    51p Highlight|
   [172.] El ser absolutamente infinito debe ser inteligente.
20120502:    867L 22%    51p Highlight|
   [175.] La idea indeterminada de lo infinito, se forma de la
combinacion de las de ser y no ser.
20120502:   3701L 93% 218p Highlight|
   En todos tiempos, han ocupado un lugar preferente entre las cuestiones
filosóficas, las que versan sobre la idea de lo infinito; y en nuestra
época, apenas hay ninguna que deba merecer mas atencion, si se quieren
atajar los progresos del panteismo. No me cansaré de repetir que muchos
errores gravísimos dimanan de confusion en las ideas fundamentales;
20120505:   1340L 34%    79p Highlight|
20120505:   1339L 34%    79p Highlight|
20120505:   1486L 37%    87p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XI. SIMPLICIDAD DEL ALMA.
20120505:   1549L 39%    91p Highlight|
20120505:   1710L 43% 100p Highlight|
20120505:   1747L 44% 103p Highlight|
20120505:   1771L 44% 104p Highlight|
20120505:   1825L 46% 107p Highlight|
20120505:   1867L 47% 110p Highlight|
20120505:   1902L 48% 112p Highlight|
20120505:   2091L 52% 123p Highlight|
20120505:   2155L 54% 127p Highlight|
20120505:   2223L 56% 131p Highlight|
20120505:   2257L 57% 133p Highlight|
20120505:   2303L 57% 135p Highlight|CAPÍTULO II. LO INCONDICIONAL.
20120505:   2333L 58% 137p Highlight|
20120505:   2382L 60% 140p Highlight|CAPÍTULO IV. IDEAS DE CAUSA Y
20120505:   2412L 60% 142p Highlight|
20120505:   2453L 61% 144p Highlight|
20120505:   2486L 62% 146p Highlight|
20120505:   2621L 66% 154p Highlight|
20120505:   2718L 68% 160p Highlight|
20120505:   2751L 69% 162p Highlight|CAPÍTULO X. CAUSALIDAD SECUNDARIA.
20120505:   2792L 70% 164p Highlight|
20120505:   2835L 71% 167p Highlight|
20120505:   2874L 72% 169p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XIII. LA ACTIVIDAD.
20120505:   2975L 74% 175p Highlight|
20120505:   3020L 76% 178p Highlight|
20120505:   3074L 77% 181p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XVI. CAUSALIDAD INTERNA.
20120505:   3185L 80% 187p Highlight|
20120505:   3256L 81% 191p Highlight|
20120505:   3346L 84% 197p Highlight|
20120505:   3447L 86% 203p Highlight|
20120505:   3676L 92% 216p Highlight|CAPÍTULO XXI. OJEADA SOBRE LA
20120505:   3697L 92% 217p Highlight|FIN. NOTAS. (SOBRE EL LIBRO VIII).
20120505:   3706L 93% 218p Highlight|(SOBRE EL LIBRO IX).
20120505:   3716L 93% 218p Highlight|
20120505:   3716L 93% 218p Highlight|FIN DE LAS NOTAS.
20120505:   3725L 93% 219p Highlight|
   Importancia y anomalía de las cuestiones sobre la idea de lo infinito.
20120505:   3726L 93% 219p Highlight|
   Importancia del exámen de esta idea. Anomalía. Disputas sobre su
naturaleza y existencia. Hecho que ellas indican. 12 CAPÍTULO III. Sí
tenemos idea de lo infinito. Tenemos esta idea. Prueba. Lo infinito y lo
indefinido. La idea de lo infinito es fija. Ejemplo. La distincion entre
lo infinito y lo finito se funda en el principio de contradiccion. 14
CAPÍTULO IV. El límite. Negaciones que afirman. El límite filosófico y el
matemático. Lo finito envuelve negacion. Lo infinito afirmacion. 18
20120505:   3734L 94% 220p Highlight|
   Consideraciones sobre la aplicacion de la idea de lo infinito á la
cantidad continua, y á la discreta en cuanto se expresa en series.
Posibilidad de aplicar dicha idea á muchos órdenes. Razones en pro y en
contra de la infinidad lineal, de la numérica expresada en series, de la
de las superficies y sólidos. 21 CAPÍTULO VI. Orígen de la vaguedad y
aparentes contradicciones en la aplicacion de la idea de lo infinito. Las
dificultades en la aplicacion de la idea prueban su existencia. Vaguedad
de la misma. No es intuitiva. Qué seria si fuese intuitiva. Efecto de su
naturaleza actual. Carácter de las ideas indeterminadas. 25 CAPÍTULO VII.
Explicacion fundamental de la idea abstracta de lo infinito.
20120505:   3734L 94% 220p Highlight|
   Consideraciones sobre la aplicacion de la idea de lo infinito á la
cantidad continua, y á la discreta en cuanto se expresa en series.
Posibilidad de aplicar dicha idea á muchos órdenes. Razones en pro y en
contra de la infinidad lineal, de la numérica expresada en series, de la
de las superficies y sólidos. 21 CAPÍTULO VI. Orígen de la vaguedad y
aparentes contradicciones en la aplicacion de la idea de lo infinito. Las
dificultades en la aplicacion de la idea prueban su existencia. Vaguedad
de la misma. No es intuitiva. Qué seria si fuese intuitiva. Efecto de su
naturaleza actual. Carácter de las ideas indeterminadas. 25 CAPÍTULO VII.
Explicacion fundamental de la idea abstracta de lo infinito. El límite y
varias negaciones del mismo. Como generalizamos estas ideas. Ser y
negacion de límite, constituyen la idea abstracta de lo infinito. No nos
hace conocer una cosa infinita. Ejemplos de otras ideas semejantes. 30
CAPÍTULO VIII. Se comprueba con aplicaciones á la extension, la
definicion de la infinidad. De qué provienen las anomalías de la
aplicacion. Infinidad de una recta. De un valor lineal. Se explican las
contradicciones aparentes. Si se concibe un valor lineal absolutamente
infinito. Diferencia entre su concepto y su intuicion sensible. 33
CAPÍTULO IX. Concepto de un número infinito. Como se forma esta idea. No
representa nada determinado. Aplicaciones. 40 CAPÍTULO X. Concepto de la
extension infinita. En qué consiste. Su imaginacion es imposible.
Observaciones sobre una dificultad del párrafo 40. 45 CAPÍTULO XI. Sobre
la posibilidad de la extension infinita. Dificultad sobre la posibilidad
intrínseca y extrínseca. Omnipotencia. Solucion. 48 CAPÍTULO XII.
Solucion de varias dificultades contra la posibilidad de una extension
20120505:   3760L 94% 221p Highlight|
   Lo que se funda en la relacion de las propiedades con la substancia.
Lo que estriba en la diferencia entre lo finito y lo infinito. Varias
consideraciones sobre estas diferencias. Nueva dificultad fundada en la
aparicion y desaparicion de extensiones infinitas. 50 CAPÍTULO XIII. Si
existe la extension infinita. Opinion de Descartes y de Leibnitz.
Observaciones del autor. 58 CAPÍTULO XIV. Sobre la posibilidad de un
número infinito actual.
20120505:   3766L 94% 221p Highlight|
   Si existiese no se podria multiplicar. No se puede expresar ni
algebráica ni geométricamente. Infinidad de especies y de individuos.
Posibilidad de especies infinitas. Si hay un limite en la perfectibilidad
de las especies. Imposibilidad de la existencia simultánea pag. de todas
las modificaciones. Con esto se demuestra la imposibilidad de un número
infinito actual. 61 CAPÍTULO XV. Idea del ser absolutamente infinito.
Dificultades de esta idea. Si se explica bastante con la idea de un ser
sin negacion de ser. Qué es la perfeccion. Se ha de hallar con
propiedades formales en el ser infinito. Qué se entiende por toda
perfeccion. Dos negaciones. Se debe afirmar del ser infinito todo lo que
no implica contradiccion. 71 CAPÍTULO XVI.
20120505:    3774L 94% 222p Highlight|
   Se afirma de Dios toda la realidad contenida en los conceptos
indeterminados. Reseña. Ser. Substancia. Simplicidad. Causalidad.
Necesidad. 77 CAPÍTULO XVII. Como se afirma de Dios todo lo no
contradictorio, contenido en las ideas intuitivas. Sensibilidad pasiva.
Materia. Sensibilidad activa. Inteligencia. Voluntad. Libertad. 80
CAPÍTULO XVIII. La inteligencia y el ser absolutamente infinito. Como
concibe á Dios la humanidad. Caractéres de la inteligencia: es activa,
inofensiva, pura. Engendra la libertad y la moral. Idea del ser
absolutamente infinito. 83 CAPÍTULO XIX. Resúmen
20120505:    3785L 95% 223p Highlight|
   LIBRO NOVENO. LA SUBSTANCIA. CAPÍTULO I. Nombre é idea general de la
substancia. Existencia de la idea, su falta de claridad. Su importancia.
No se debe comenzar por una definicion. Método. Nombre. Expresa algo
constante entre las mudanzas. 95 CAPÍTULO II. Aplicacion de la idea de
substancia á los objetos corpóreos. Explicaciones analíticas. Cómo se
aplica á los cuerpos. Cómo y por qué no se aplica á las sensaciones.
Particularidad de la extension. Lazo de las sensaciones. 99 CAPÍTULO III.
20120505:    3795L 95% 223p Highlight|
   Definicion de la substancia corpórea. Dificultad. Aplicacion. Análisis
de las ideas que componen la de substancia corpórea. Resultado. Con los
accidentes la substancia se nos manifiesta. 105 CAPÍTULO IV. Relaciones
de la substancia corpórea con sus accidentes. Incluye multiplicidad.
Disposicion de partes. El accidente depende de la substancia, nó esta de
aquel. Aplicacion á las figuras. Cambios de figuras. Como entre estas hay
semejanza y nó identidad. Se explica el sentido de la comunicacion del
movimiento. 108 CAPÍTULO V. Consideraciones sobre la substancia corpórea
en sí misma.
20120505:    3809L 95% 224p Highlight|
   Los fenómenos internos se distinguen individualmente. Tambien los
semejantes. Observaciones sobre el recuerdo. Todos los fenómenos pasan en
nuestro interior para no volver. Sin sujeto, formarian una serie, sin ley
ni lazo. Sin la substancialidad del alma, no se podria decir: yo pensaba,
yo pienso; sino: habia pensamiento, hay pensamiento. 121 CAPÍTULO VIII.
Consideraciones sobre la intuicion que el alma tiene ó puede tener en sí
misma. Existencia de cierta intuicion. Cómo se implica en todas las
afecciones internas. Su unidad probada por la misma variedad. Si esto se
negase, se negaria el testimonio de la conciencia. Conocemos el alma como
objeto. Conjeturas sobre la posibilidad de otras intuiciones. El alma
sola separada.
20120505:    3817L 95% 224p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO IX. Exámen de la opinion de Kant sobre los argumentos con que
se prueba la substancialidad del alma. Motivo personal de su opinion.
Mala exposicion del argumento. Cómo debe presentarte. Cómo aplica aquí su
errada teoría, sobre las categorías puras. Dos sentidos de la palabra
sujeto. Ninguno es exclusivo al tratar del alma. No se necesita la
intuicion sensible. Su falso supuesto sobre el argumento psicológico. No
se prescinde de la experiencia. Contradiccion de Kant, cuando confiesa la
presencia del yo en todo pensamiento. La interrupcion del pensamiento
confirma la permanencia del alma. Demostracion. 128 CAPÍTULO X. Exámen de
la opinion de Kant sobre el argumento que el llama el paralogismo de la
20120505:    3825L 96% 225p Highlight|
   Inexactitud en el uso de la palabra persona. Equivocada expresion de
la identidad de conciencia. Identidad del yo con respecto á un observador
extraño. Singular explicacion de la transmision de la conciencia.
Metáfora del lazo. Para la transmision no basta la sucesion. Se estrecha
á Kant, fijando mas el estado de la cuestion. Confesion de Kant sobre la
necesidad de la conciencia de la identidad. Consecuencias de no admitir
esta necesidad por criterio legítimo. 153 CAPÍTULO XI. Simplicidad del
20120505:   3830L 96% 225p Highlight|
   Qué se entiende por simple. Prueba del sentido íntimo en pro de la
simplicidad del alma. Otra fundada en la misma naturaleza del
pensamiento. Otra fundada en el acto de voluntad. Que el pensamiento no
puede ser un producto de distintas substancias. Dilema fundado en la
divisibilidad. 157 CAPÍTULO XII. Exámen de la opinion de Kant sobre el
argumento con que se prueba la simplicidad del alma.
20120505:   3835L 96% 225p Highlight|
   Sofisma de Kant. No es verdad que todo pensamiento resulte de muchas
representaciones. Como en la diversidad de las representaciones hay la
unidad. Semejanza del movimiento. Grosería de esta idea. Un ejemplo de la
mecánica. Disparidad. Resultado en contra de los adversarios. Como
podemos sacar de la experiencia la unidad del sujeto pensante. Valor de
la experiencia. Su enlace con las verdades necesarias. Como la
demostracion se extiende á todos los sujetos pensantes. Indeterminacion
del conocimiento que tenemos del alma. Doctrina de Santo Tomás. 161
CAPÍTULO XIII. Como la idea de substancia es aplicable á Dios.
20120505:   3841L 96% 226p Highlight|
   No es esencial á toda substancia el ser mudable. Cotejo de dos
definiciones de las escuelas. Que puede existir una substancia inmutable.
Como conviene á Dios toda la perfeccion encerrada en la idea de
substancia. 180 CAPÍTULO XIV. Una aclaracion importante y un resúmen.
Como se entiende que la substancia es subsistente por sí misma. Dos
relaciones: negacion de inherencia, y negacion de dependencia. Se fijan
las ideas sobre este punto. Resúmen. 181 CAPÍTULO XV. El panteismo
examinado en el órden de las ideas.
20120505:   3856L 97% 227p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO XVII. El panteismo examinado en el órden de los hechos
internos. El panteísmo está en contradiccion con la distincion entre el
yo y el no yo. Es contrario á la experiencia de la comunicacion de los
espíritus. Absurdo de una conciencia única. Sentido comun. Sentido
íntimo. Individualidad de la conciencia. 196 CAPÍTULO XVIII. Sistema
panteista de Fichte. Legítimo sentido de la proposicion: yo soy. Extrañas
deducciones de Fichte. Se tantea una explicacion racional. No la
consienten las palabras de Fichte. Las proposiciones; yo soy yo; A = A.
El panteismo idealista expresamente consignado. El yo sin conciencia.
Fichte elude la dificultad. Dilema contra su doctrina. Nuevas pruebas del
panteismo de Fichte. Como diviniza al yo. Aclaracion fundamental. Como
Fichte saca del yo el mundo externo. Absurdidad de esta doctrina. 200
CAPÍTULO XIX. Relaciones del sistema de Fichte con las doctrinas de Kant.
20120505:   3856L 97% 227p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO XVII. El panteismo examinado en el órden de los hechos
internos. El panteísmo está en contradiccion con la distincion entre el
yo y el no yo. Es contrario á la experiencia de la comunicacion de los
espíritus. Absurdo de una conciencia única. Sentido comun. Sentido
íntimo. Individualidad de la conciencia. 196 CAPÍTULO XVIII. Sistema
panteista de Fichte. Legítimo sentido de la proposicion: yo soy. Extrañas
deducciones de Fichte. Se tantea una explicacion racional. No la
consienten las palabras de Fichte. Las proposiciones; yo soy yo; A = A.
El panteismo idealista expresamente consignado. El yo sin conciencia.
Fichte elude la dificultad. Dilema contra su doctrina. Nuevas pruebas del
panteismo de Fichte. Como diviniza al yo. Aclaracion fundamental. Como
Fichte saca del yo el mundo externo. Absurdidad de esta doctrina. 200
CAPÍTULO XIX. Relaciones del sistema de Fichte con las doctrinas de Kant.
Las doctrina de Kant sobre el espacio y el tiempo conducen al idealismo.
Pasajes de Kant, donde hace salir del yo el no yo. Opinion de Rosenkranz
sobre la trascendencia de las doctrinas de Kant. Como se equivocan muchos
considerando á Kant como el restaurador del espiritualismo. Cuán dañosos
son sus escritos. 219 CAPÍTULO XX. Contradiccion del panteismo con los
hechos primordiales del espíritu humano. Contradiccion del panteismo con
la idea del número. Con la de distincion. Con los juicios negativos. Con
la idea de relacion. Con el sentido usual del principio de contradiccion.
Con la idea de contingencia. Con la de finito é infinito. Con la de
órden. Con la de libertad de albedrío. Con los sentimientos del corazon.
20120505:   3874L 97% 228p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO XXI. Rápida ojeada sobre los principales argumentos de los
panteistas. Ciencia. Ente. Substancia. Infinito. Confusion de los
panteistas en estas ideas. Orígen del mal y su remedio. 232
20120505:   3878L 97% 228p Highlight|
20120505:   3881L 97% 228p Highlight|
   Nocion fundamental. Diversas aplicaciones. Necesidad é imposibilidad
son ideas correlativas. Dos órdenes de necesidad. Como la existencia debe
contenerse en la idea del ser necesario. Defecto del raciocinio de
Descartes. Demostracion de la existencia de un ser necesario. Resúmen.
237 CAPÍTULO II. Lo incondicional. Definiciones. Se prueba la existencia
de lo incondicional. Imposibilidad de una serie infinita de términos
condicionales. 242 CAPÍTULO III. Inmutabilidad del ser necesario é
20120505:   3888L 97% 229p Highlight|
   A su estado le repugna el no estado. Aclaracion. Dificultad. Solucion.
Ficcion de varios seres incondicionales, y de su accion reciproca. Que
dicho ser no es perfectible. Como contiene todas las perfecciones reales
y posibles. 245 CAPÍTULO IV. Ideas de causa y efecto. Nocion y existencia
de la noticia de la causalidad. Tenemos idea de causa. Qué se contiene en
ella. Axiomas. 250 CAPÍTULO V. Origen de la nocion de causalidad. Que
existen causas y efectos. Testimonio de nuestra conciencia. La idea de
causa no es simple. Actividad. De dónde nace su idea. Idea de la creacion
es la de causalidad perfectísima.
20120505:   3897L 97% 229p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO VI. Se formula y demuestra el principio de causalidad.
Sentido del principio. Pequeña serie: no A, A. Órden de los conceptos.
Aclaracion. Parangon de las dos doctrinas opuestas. Los sensualistas. 257
CAPÍTULO VII. El principio de la precedencia. Análisis de este principio.
Como conduce á una cosa preexistente. Opinion de Galluppi. Observaciones.
Dudas sobre el valor de esta demostracion. Parece no demostrar el
principio de causalidad, sino el de sucesion. Como se auxilian estos dos
principios. Nuevas aclaraciones. Se manifiesta el valor de esta prueba.
Como viene á parar á las ideas de ser y no ser. 260 CAPÍTULO VIII.
20120505:   3906L 98% 230p Highlight|
   La causalidad en sí mísma. Insuficiencia y error de algunas
explicaciones. La causalidad implica relacion á otro. Actividad y
causalidad. Dios y las criaturas. Se plantea la cuestion. Explicaciones
insuficientes. Palabras metafóricas. Causalidad no es lo mismo que
sucesion. Ni el enlace de las ideas. Ni la prioridad de una de ellas. Ni
el enlace expresado en ciertas proposiciones condicionales. Ejemplo.
Sentido inverso de las proposiciones. 273 CAPÍTULO IX. Condiciones
necesarias y suficientes para la verdadera causalidad absoluta. Dos
condiciones. Fórmula que las expresa. Aplicaciones. Ocasion. Remocion de
obstáculos. Enlace de órden en el tiempo. Observacion sobre las causas
libres. Aplicacion á la primera.
20120505:   3914L 98% 230p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO X. Causalidad secundaria. Diferencia entre la causalidad
primaria y la secundaria. Condiciones para la causalidad secundaria.
Ejemplos aclaratorios. 286 CAPÍTULO XI. Explicacion fundamental del
origen de la oscuridad de las ideas en lo tocante á la causalidad. Se
recuerda una doctrina del Lib. IV. Aplicaciones. Disputa filosófica sobre
las causas segundas. Modo de terminarla. 290 CAPÍTULO XII. Causalidad de
puro imperio de la voluntad.
20120505:   3921L 98% 231p Highlight|
   Defensa de la doctrina de la creacion. Consideraciones sobre su
incomprensibilidad. Reflexiones sobre la causalidad intelectual. Relacion
de lo existente con lo no existente. Esta solo pueden tenerla los seres
inteligentes. Consecuencia en favor de la existencia de Dios. 293
CAPÍTULO XIII. La actividad. Inercia, inaccion. Tres condiciones.
Actividad. Accion. Tres clases. De cuál tenemos idea intuitiva. No toda
actividad es transitiva. Que no tenemos intuicion de la actividad
corpórea. Análisis. Orden subjetivo y objetivo. Ejemplos. Conocemos dos
modos de ser: Extension y Conciencia. Aquella es tipo de inercia; esta de
actividad. Varias consideraciones sobre la actividad. Voluntad. Libertad.
Parangon entre la extension y la conciencia. 299 CAPÍTULO XIV.
20120505:   3930L 98% 231p Highlight|
   Se examina si es posible la actividad corpórea. Imposibilidad de
probar que la materia es incapaz de actividad. Se examina la prueba. Se
refuta. 309 CAPÍTULO XV. Conjeturas sobre la existencia de la actividad
corpórea. Razon en pro, fundada en el órden de los fenómenos. Espectáculo
de actividad ofrecido por el universo corpóreo. Respuestas evasivas;
réplicas. 313 CAPÍTULO XVI. Causalidad interna. Recuerdos. Conceptos
hijos de reflexion. Libre albedrío. Carácter activo de todos los
fenómenos internos. Objecion. Sensaciones. Pensamientos y sentimientos
espontáneos. Relaciones de la espontaneidad con la organizacion. 319
20120505:   3939L 99% 232p Highlight|
   Aclaraciones sobre la espontaneidad. Se consignan varios hechos sobre
las condiciones del desarrollo de nuestro espíritu. Necesidad de una
enseñanza primitiva. Lenguaje. Imposibilidad de que sea invencion humana.
No hay ninguna civilizacion espontánea. Escaso número de ideas á que van
á parar las demás. Deduccion en favor de una inteligencia, causa y
maestra de las otras. 330 CAPÍTULO XVIII. Causalidad final. Moralidad.
Diferencia entre la causalidad eficente y la final. Necesidad y libertad.
Universalidad de las ideas morales. Las confiesan los mismos que las
niegan. No pueden ser hijas de una preocupacion. Fuerza de las ideas y
sentimientos morales. Su orígen divino. Las dificultades no pueden hacer
dudar de su existencia. Sus efectos.
20120505:   3948L 99% 232p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO XIX. Exámen de algunas explicaciones de la moralidad. La ley
eterna. La razon. La voluntad divina. La representacion en Dios.
Diferencia de forma entre las proposiciones morales y las metafísicas. Si
la moralidad consiste en conducir al fin último. Si se identifica con la
felicidad. Si es posible una explicacion. 346 CAPÍTULO XX. Explicacion
fundamental del órden moral. Hay algo moral, absoluto. Santidad de Dios.
Una criatura sola. Carácter inmanente de la moralidad. Resultado contra
erradas teorías. Sabiduría de la Religion cristiana. El amor de Dios,
fundamento de toda moralidad. Si en Dios hay deber. La moralidad se puede
expresar de un modo absoluto. El ser infinito se ama a sí mismo. Que todo
se ordena á Dios. Como se ordenan á Dios las criaturas libres. Por qué
Dios no es amado por la criatura
20120505:   3961L 99% 233p Highlight|
   CAPÍTULO XXI. Ojeada sobre la obra. 378 NOTAS. I 381 II Id. Esta obra
constará de 4 tomos, al precio cada uno de 16 rs. vn. en Barcelona, en la
librería de Bacsi, y de 20 en los siguientes puntos franco de porte.
Algeciras, Contilló. Alicante, Carratalá. Almería, Santamaría. Avila, R.
Martin Lázaro. Badajoz, Carrillo y sobrinos. Cadiz, Hortal y compañia.
Ciudad Real, Malaguilla.
20120505:   3969L 99% 233p Highlight|
   Figueras, Matas. Gerona, Figaró. Granada, Sanz. Lérida, Viuda
Carminas. Sol. Madrid, Rodriguez. Málaga, Martinez de Aguilar. Palma,
Trias, Garcia. Pamplona, Longus y Ripa. Pto. Sta. Maria, Valderrama.
Reus, Viuda Angelon. Salamanca, Moran. Santiago, Rey Romero é hijos.
Sevilla, Angulo y Comp. s Tarragona, Granell. Valencia, Navarro.
Valladolid, Roldan. Zaragoza, Yagüe.
20120505:   3974L 100% 234p Highlight|
Protestantismo comparado con el Catolicismo en sus relaciones con la
civilizacion europea. 5 tomos 61 rs. vn. El Criterio, 1 tomo 16 id. La
Religion demostrada al alcance de los niños 3 id. La Sociedad, revista
religiosa, filosófica, política y literaria, 2 tomos de 576 páginas cada
uno 72 id.
20120505:   3981L 100% 234p Highlight|
   La Civilizacion, revista religiosa, filosófica, política y literaria
de Barcelona, escrita por D. Jaime Balmes, D. Joaquin Roca y Cornet y D.
Jose Ferrer y Subirano: 3 tomos de 576 páginas los dos primeros y 480 el
último. El Sr. Balmes escribió en esta revista 500 páginas, equivalentes
á un tomo. Precios de la obra 100 id. Nota 1: Hablo de diferencia entre
cantidades positivas, porque en no suponiéndolas tales, se puede
representar algebráicamente una diferencia infinita. Sean estas dos
cantidades (x-a) y (-a). Buscando la diferencia tenemos: D = (x-a) - (-a)
= x-a+a = x.[1] Nota 2: Non ergo per essentiam suam, sed per actum suum
se cognoscit intellectus noster, et hoc dupliciter. Uno quidem modo
particulariter, secundum quod Sortes, vel Plato percipit se habere animam
intellectivam ex hoc, quod percipit se intelligere. Alio modo in
universali secundum quod naturam
20120511:   2959L 74% 174p Highlight|
   Los mismos fenómenos de la naturaleza se ofrecen á los ojos de los
brutos animales que á los de Kepler ó de Newton; sin embargo lo que para
aquellos no sale de la esfera de las impresiones sensibles, se convierte
para estos en un manantial de teorías admirables.
20120511:   3018L 75% 177p Highlight|
   Lo que podemos experimentar es la accion ó sea el ejercicio de la
actividad; pero la inaccion ó sea el estado de una cosa absolutamente
inactiva, no puede ser objeto de experiencia: esto es contradictorio.
20120512:   3237L 81% 190p Highlight|
   [189.] Yo quisiera que se me mostrara un pueblo que por sí solo haya
salido del estado salvaje, ni aun del bárbaro. Todas las civilizaciones
que se conocen están subordinadas unas á otras por una cadena no
ajk,Balmes,Filosofia fundamental-4,2,3997,235,phi,esp,3# (40L=%, 17L=p,
235 pages)

ajk,Balzac,Pere Goriot,2,4670,368,fic,fra,3#
Le père Goriot (French Edition) (Honoré de Balzac)
20120304:      5L   0%    0p Highlight|I. Une pension bourgeoise
20120304:   1434L 31% 113p Highlight|II. L'entrée dans le monde
20120304:   2590L 55% 204p Highlight|III. Trompe-la-mort
20120304:   3626L 78% 286p Highlight|IV. La mort du père
20120304:     79L   2%    6p Highlight|carafes échancrées, ternies,
20120309:   1057L 23%    83p Highlight|médisances.
20120320:   3251L 70% 256p Highlight|Diantre !
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Galatea (Italian Edition) (Anton Giulio Barrili)
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(Spanish Edition) (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and Jordal Medí)
20110705:    705L   3%   26p Highlight|armar
20110705:    706L   3%   26p Highlight|armas;
20110705:    706L   3%   26p Highlight|armas;
20110705:    705L   3%   26p Highlight|otorgado,
20110707:   1321L   6%   55p Highlight|desaforados
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20110709:   1876L    8%    82p   Highlight|zagal
20110709:   1876L    8%    82p   Highlight|denantes,
20110709:   1676L    7%    72p   Highlight|quicios.
20110709:   1694L    7%    73p   Highlight|tasajos
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20110715:   3863L   18%   178p   Highlight|mancebo
20110715:   3880L   18%   179p   Highlight|plañirla
20110715:   3964L   18%   183p   Highlight|sayo,
20110716:   4143L   19%   192p   Highlight|desalbardara,
20110716:   4177L   19%   193p   Highlight|pollinesca
20110716:   4186L   20%   194p   Highlight|pollinos.
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20110719:   5110L   24%   238p   Highlight|breñas
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20110725:   7694L   37%   363p   Highlight|oidor
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20110727:    8791L   42%   416p   Highlight|acémila.
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20110728:    9163L   44%   434p   Highlight|galas
20110728:    9177L   44%   434p   Highlight|rabel,
20110728:    9550L   46%   452p   Highlight|premática
20110728:    9674L   46%   458p   Highlight|amojamado,
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20110730:   10793L   52%   512p   Highlight|abarraganados,
20110730:   10953L   52%   520p   Highlight|concejil
20110730:   11023L   53%   524p   Highlight|lercha!
20110730:   11177L   54%   531p   Highlight|rucio,
20110730:   11442L   55%   544p   Highlight|tagarninas,
20110730:   11442L   55%   544p   Highlight|piruétanos,
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20110801:   12523L   60%   596p   Highlight|invidia
20110801:   12536L   60%   597p   Highlight|desposorios, por
20110801:   12537L   60%   597p   Highlight|por
20110801:   12536L   60%   597p   Highlight|desposorios,
20110801:   12537L   60%   597p   Highlight|por
20110801:   12540L   60%   597p   Highlight|cotufas
20110801:   12592L   60%   599p   Highlight|algazara
20110801:   12693L   61%   604p   Highlight|caletre
20110801:   12708L   61%   605p   Highlight|agüela
20110801:   12750L   61%   607p   Highlight|palaciega.
20110801:   12750L   61%   607p   Highlight|garrida
20110801:   12957L   62%   617p   Highlight|volteador
20110801:   13123L   63%   625p   Highlight|cejijunta
20110801:   13205L   63%   629p   Highlight|jara.
20110801:   13306L   64%   634p   Highlight|seguidillas,
20110802:   13554L   65%   646p   Highlight|titerero,
20110802:   13756L   66%   655p   Highlight|titerero;
20110802:   13832L   66%   659p   Highlight|tólogo;
20110802:   13832L   66%   659p   Highlight|güevo
20110802:   13934L   67%   664p   Highlight|mamonas
20110802:   13953L   67%   665p   Highlight|varapalo
20110803:   13980L   67%   666p   Highlight|sabogas
20110803:   14013L   67%   668p   Highlight|meón,
20110803:   14013L   67%   668p   Highlight|meo,
20110803:   14025L   67%   668p   Highlight|coluros,
20110803:   14044L   67%   669p   Highlight|aceñas
20110803:   14108L   68%   672p   Highlight|palafrén
20110803:   14108L   68%   672p   Highlight|hacanea
20110803:   14109L   68%   672p   Highlight|azor,
20110803:   14159L   68%   675p   Highlight|corma.
20110803:   14214L   68%   678p   Highlight|apearla;
20110803:   14244L   68%   679p   Highlight|higa.
20110805:   14844L   71%   708p   Highlight|holgándose!
20110805:   14851L   71%   708p   Highlight|gerifalte.
20110805:   14948L   72%   713p   Highlight|diciplinante
20110805:   15037L   72%   717p   Highlight|vapulamiento,
20110805:   15041L   72%   717p   Highlight|¡Abernuncio!
20110805:   15046L   72%   718p   Highlight|apedernaladas!
20110805:   15066L   72%   719p   Highlight|abernuncio.
20110805:   15067L   72%   719p   Highlight|-Abrenuncio
20110805:   15076L   72%   719p   Highlight|halagarme
20110805:   15081L   72%   719p   Highlight|cacique.
20110805:   15083L   72%   719p   Highlight|pedernalinas,
20110805:   15170L   73%   724p   Highlight|saya
20110805:   15255L   73%   728p   Highlight|lueñes
20110805:   15276L   73%   729p   Highlight|cabrahígo.
20110805:   15276L   73%   729p   Highlight|váguidos
20110805:   15349L   74%   732p   Highlight|caterva
20110805:   15374L   74%   734p   Highlight|cohecharme
20110805:   15416L   74%   736p   Highlight|seguidillas,
20110805:   15447L   74%   737p   Highlight|cormana,
20110805:   15448L   74%   737p   Highlight|jimia
20110806:   15696L   76%   749p   Highlight|saeta!
20110806:   15861L   76%   757p   Highlight|porro,
20110806:   15928L   77%   760p   Highlight|regoldar,
20110806:   15928L   77%   760p   Highlight|-Erutar,
20110806:   16055L   77%   766p   Highlight|pucheritos.
20110806:   16344L   79%   780p   Highlight|caletre
20110806:   16441L   79%   785p   Highlight|paje
20110806:   16445L   79%   785p   Highlight|vihuela
20110806:   16521L   80%   789p   Highlight|tálamo
20110806:   16558L   80%   791p   Highlight|hartazga
20110806:   16572L   80%   791p   Highlight|atildadura;
20110806:   16575L   80%   791p   Highlight|cañutillos
20110806:   16740L   81%   799p   Highlight|blandamente.
20110806:   16777L   81%   801p   Highlight|caterva
20110807:   17071L   82%   815p   Highlight|aljófar
20110807:   17127L   82%   818p   Highlight|vapularon
20110807:   17130L   82%   818p   Highlight|holgó
20110807:   17156L   83%   820p   Highlight|avellanada;
20110808:   17672L   85%   844p   Highlight|paveses,
20110808:   17695L   85%   846p   Highlight|trujéronle
20110808:   17704L   85%   846p   Highlight|desasosiegos.
20110808:   17723L   85%   847p   Highlight|piache!
20110808:   18129L   87%   866p   Highlight|malandrines
20110808:   18389L   89%   879p   Highlight|sayas
20110808:   18389L   89%   879p   Highlight|pellicos
20110808: 18400L 89% 880p Highlight|églogas,
20110809: 18570L 90% 888p Highlight|nísperos.
20110809: 18705L 90% 894p Highlight|vapularme
20110809: 18705L 90% 894p Highlight|mosquearme
20110809: 18901L 91% 904p Highlight|lladres
20110809: 18966L 91% 907p Highlight|algazara,
20110809: 18966L 91% 907p Highlight|lililíes
20110809: 19012L 92% 909p Highlight|vaquilla,
20110809: 19084L 92% 913p Highlight|sarao
20110809: 19165L 92% 916p Highlight|destemplanza.
20110809: 19335L 93% 925p Highlight|toraquís,
20110809: 19347L 93% 925p Highlight|arráez.
20110809: 19358L 93% 926p Highlight|entena.
20110809: 19724L 95% 943p Highlight|chuzo
20110809: 19724L 95% 943p Highlight|azcona
20110809: 19815L 96% 948p Highlight|albogues!
20110809: 19869L 96% 950p Highlight|sayo,
20110809: 19899L 96% 952p Highlight|hollen
20110809: 19899L 96% 952p Highlight|adivas,
20110809: 19899L 96% 952p Highlight|avispas
20110809: 19899L 96% 952p Highlight|avispas
20110809: 19988L 96% 956p Highlight|bocací
20110809: 19989L 96% 956p Highlight|coroza,
20110809: 20073L 97% 960p Highlight|argado
20110809: 20073L 97% 960p Highlight|mamonas
20110809: 20073L 97% 960p Highlight|alfilerazos
20110809: 20088L 97% 961p Highlight|caperuza,
20110809: 20323L 98% 972p Highlight|ferreruelo
20110809: 20329L 98% 973p Highlight|guadameciles
20110810: 20544L 99% 983p Highlight|mañeruelas,
20110810: 20545L 99% 983p Highlight|esquinen.
ajk,Cervantes,Don Quijote,174,20730,992,cla,esp,3# (206L=%, 21L=p, 992

Garibaldi (Francesco Crispi)
ajk,Crispi,Garibaldi,2,573,48,bio,ita,2# (6L=%, 12L=p, 48 pages)

ajk,Darwin,Origin of Species,2,6250,459,sci,eng,#
On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or, the
Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (Charles Darwin)
ajk,Darwin,Origin of Species,2,6250,459,sci,eng,# (62L=%, 14L=p, 459

ajk,Dickens,Christmas Carol,48650,50193,112,cla,eng,2#
The Complete Charles Dickens Collection (51 books) [Illustrated] (Charles
20110917: 193541L9390%10517p Highlight|tantalising
20110917: 193560L9391%10518p Highlight|Work'us,'
20110919: 195546L9521%10663p Highlight|fogels and tickers--'
20110920: 196108L9556%10703p Highlight|wentur.
20110921: 196647L9591%10742p Highlight|hoptalmy!'
20110923: 198908L9738%10907p Highlight|sitch
20111223: 48591L -4%     -4p Highlight|gait;
20111224: 49647L 64%     72p Highlight|sexton's
ajk,Dickens,Christmas Carol,48650,50193,112,cla,eng,2# (15L=%, 14L=p, 112

ajk,Dickens,Oliver Twist,192665,201605,520,cla,eng,3#
The Complete Charles Dickens Collection (51 books) [Illustrated] (Charles
20110917: 193541L 10%    51p Highlight|tantalising
20110917: 193560L 10%    52p Highlight|Work'us,'
20110919: 195546L 32% 168p Highlight|fogels and tickers--'
20110920: 196108L 38% 200p Highlight|wentur.
20110921: 196647L 45% 232p Highlight|hoptalmy!'
20110923: 198908L 70% 363p Highlight|sitch
20111223: 48591L-1612%-8380p Highlight|gait;
20111224: 49647L-1600%-8319p Highlight|sexton's
ajk,Dickens,Oliver Twist,192665,201605,520,cla,eng,3# (89L=%, 17L=p, 520

ajk,Draper,Religion and Science,1,4402,374,rel,eng,3#
History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (John William
20110818:    112L   2%    9p Highlight|Evolution, Creation, Development.
20110818:    116L   3%   10p Highlight|
   what Latin Christianity has done for modern civilization.
20110818:    117L   3%   10p Highlight|what Science has done.
20110819:    155L   3%   13p Highlight|
   they not only denied the unseen, the supernatural, they even affirmed
that the world is only a day-dream, a phantasm, and that nothing at all
20110819:    158L   3%   13p Highlight|
   They were ever ready to barter patriotic considerations for foreign
20110819:    177L   4%   15p Highlight|
   Persian coin, the Daric, which was stamped with the image of an
20110819:    185L   4%   16p Highlight|
   Alexander crossed the Hellespont into Asia. His army consisted of
thirty-four thousand foot and four thousand horse.
20110819:    191L   4%   16p Highlight|
   Persian loss was not less than ninety thousand foot and ten thousand
20110819:    249L   6%   21p Highlight|
   the military talent they fostered led to the establishment of the
mathematical and practical schools of Alexandria, the true origin of
20110819:    261L   6%   22p Highlight|
   his fleet should attempt the circumnavigation of Africa, and come into
the Mediterranean through the Pillars of Hercules--a feat which, it was
affirmed, had once been accomplished by the Pharaohs.
20110819:    267L   6%   23p Highlight|
   Babylonians had fixed the length of a tropical year within twenty-five
seconds of the truth; their estimate of the sidereal year was barely two
minutes in excess. They had detected the precession of the equinoxes.
20110819:    275L   6%   23p Highlight|
   Not without interest do we still look on specimens of their method of
printing. Upon a revolving roller they engraved, in cuneiform letters,
their records, and, running this over plastic clay formed into blocks,
produced ineffaceable proofs. From their tile-libraries we are still to
reap a literary and historical harvest.
20110819:    294L   7%   25p Highlight|
   It is the duty of a good man to cultivate truth, purity, and industry.
20110819:    301L   7%   25p Highlight|
   Alexander died at Babylon before he had completed his thirty-third
year (B.C. 323). There was a suspicion that he had been poisoned.
20110819:    331L   7%   28p Highlight|
   Philadelphian library, and were crowded with the choicest statues and
pictures. This library eventually comprised four hundred thousand
20110819:    338L   8%   29p Highlight|
   In the establishment of the Museum, Ptolemy Soter and his son
Philadelphus had three objects in view: 1. The perpetuation of such
knowledge as was then in the world; 2. Its increase; 3. Its diffusion.
20110819:    403L   9%   34p Highlight|
   though there is a Supreme Power, there is no Supreme Being. There is
an invisible principle, but not a personal God, to whom it would be not
so much blasphemy as absurdity to impute the form, the sentiments, the
passions of man.
20110819:    416L   9%   35p Highlight|
   unrepining submission to whatever befalls us, a life led in accordance
with reason?
20110819:    421L 10%    36p Highlight|
   Plato, therefore, trusted to the imagination, Aristotle to reason.
20110819:    424L 10%    36p Highlight|
   The philosophy of Plato is a gorgeous castle in the air; that of
Aristotle a solid structure, laboriously, and with many failures, founded
on the solid rock.
20110819:    432L 10%    37p Highlight|
   the only observation which the history of astronomy offers us, made by
the Greeks before the school of Alexandria, is that of the summer
solstice of the year B.C. 432. by Meton and Euctemon.
20110820:    467L 11%    40p Highlight|
   Ptolemy, the author of the great work, "Syntaxis," "a Treatise on the
Mathematical Construction of the Heavens." It maintained its ground for
nearly fifteen hundred years, and indeed was only displaced by the
immortal "Principia" of Newton.
20110820:    498L 11%    42p Highlight|
   The traditions of European mythology, the revelations of Asia, the
time-consecrated dogmas of Egypt, all had passed or were fast passing
away. And the Ptolemies recognized how ephemeral are forms of faith.
20110820:    501L 11%    42p Highlight|
   recognized that within this world of transient delusions and
unrealities there is a world of eternal truth.
20110820:    503L 11%    43p Highlight|
   It is to be discovered by the investigations of geometry, and by the
practical interrogation of Nature.
20110820:    505L 11%    43p Highlight|
   The day will never come when any one of the propositions of Euclid
will be denied;
20110820:    508L 11%    43p Highlight|
   The Museum of Alexandria was thus the birthplace of modern science.
20110820:    526L 12%    45p Highlight|
   Considering the connection which in all ages has existed between
political and religious ideas, it was then not at all strange that
polytheism should manifest a tendency to pass into monotheism.
20110820:    547L 12%    46p Highlight|
   The widows and orphans of the community were thus supported, the poor
and the sick sustained. From this germ was developed a new, and as the
events proved, all-powerful society--the Church;
20110820:    553L 13%    47p Highlight|
   Its propagation was hastened by missionaries who made it known in all
directions. None of the ancient classical philosophies had ever taken
advantage of such a means.
20110820:    559L 13%    47p Highlight|
   it began to exhibit political tendencies, a disposition to form a
government within the government, an empire within the empire.
20110820:    591L 13%    50p Highlight|
   "The books of Moses, in which God has inclosed, as in a treasure, all
the religion of the Jews, and consequently all the Christian religion,
reach far beyond the oldest you have, even beyond all your public
monuments, the establishment of your state, the foundation of many great
cities--all that is most advanced by you in all ages of history, and
memory of times; the invention of letters, which are the interpreters of
sciences and the guardians of all excellent things.
20110820:    599L 14%    51p Highlight|
   The divinity of these Scriptures is proved by this, that all that is
done in our days may be found predicted in them; they contain all that
has since passed in the view of men.
20110820:    603L 14%    51p Highlight|
   These Holy Scriptures teach us that there is one God, who made the
world out of nothing,
20110820:    608L 14%    52p Highlight|
   The prophets of those old times were Jews; they addressed their
oracles, for such they were, to the Jews, who have stored them up in the
20110820:    609L 14%    52p Highlight|
   On them, as has been said, Christianity is founded, though the
Christian differs in his ceremonies from the Jew.
20110820:    610L 14%    52p Highlight|
   The honor we bear to Christ does not derogate from the honor we bear
to God.
20110820:    646L 15%    55p Highlight|
   Tertullian renews an assertion which, carried into practice, as it
subsequently was, affected the intellectual development of all Europe. He
declares that the Holy Scriptures are a treasure from which all the true
wisdom in the world has been drawn;
20110820:    684L 16%    58p Highlight|
   Nothing distinguishes you from the pagans, except that you hold your
assemblies apart from them."
20110820:    696L 16%    59p Highlight|
   Two arguments were relied on for the authenticity of these objects--
the authority of the Church, and the working of miracles.
20110820:    702L 16%    60p Highlight|
   Though there were several abbeys that possessed this last peerless
relic, no one dared to say that it was impossible they could all be
20110820:    716L 16%    61p Highlight|
   Nay, the very same temples, the very same images, which were once
consecrated to Jupiter and the other demons, are now consecrated to the
Virgin Mary and the other saints.
20110820:    729L 17%    62p Highlight|sacred and profane knowledge;
20110820:    730L 17%    62p Highlight|
   Paganism leaned for support on the learning of its philosophers,
Christianity on the inspiration of its Fathers
20110820:    738L 17%    63p Highlight|
   Arius, a disappointed candidate for the office of bishop. He took the
ground that there was a time when, from the very nature of sonship, the
Son did not exist, and a time at which he commenced to be, asserting that
it is the necessary condition of the filial relation that a father must
be older than his son.
20110820:    748L 17%    63p Highlight|
   "The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church anathematizes those who say
that there was a time when the Son of God was not, and that, before he
was begotten, he was not, and that he was made out of nothing, or out of
another substance or essence, and is created, or changeable, or
20110820:    766L 17%    65p Highlight|
   "What am I? Where am I? What can I know?"
20110820:    802L 18%    68p Highlight|
   The face of creation testifies that there has been a Creator; but at
once arises the question, "How and when did he make heaven and earth?
They could not have been made IN heaven and earth, the world could not
have been made IN the world, nor could they have been made when there was
nothing to make them of." The solution of this fundamental inquiry St.
Augustine finds in saying, "Thou spakest, and they were made."
20110820:    816L 18%    69p Highlight|
   I say that, before God made heaven and earth, he did not make any
thing, for no creature could be made before any creature was made. Time
itself is a creature, and hence it could not possibly exist before
20110820:    909L 21%    77p Highlight|
   cultivation of science was restored, and Christendom lost many of her
most illustrious capitals, as Alexandria, Carthage, and, above all,
20110820:    938L 21%    80p Highlight|
   If, satisfied with this picture of happiness, illiterate persons never
inquired how the details of such a heaven were carried out, or how much
pleasure there could be in the ennui of such an eternally unchanging,
unmoving scene, it was not so with the intelligent.
20110820:    951L 22%    81p Highlight|
   Cyril was determined that the worship of the Virgin as the Mother of
God should be recognized, Nestor was determined that it should not.
20110820:    953L 22%    81p Highlight|
   the Virgin should be considered not as the Mother of God, but as the
mother of the human portion of Christ,
20110821:   1033L 24%    88p Highlight|
   Nestorians, as we have seen, denied that God had "a mother."
20110821:   1042L 24%    88p Highlight|
   never to speak of Jesus as the Son of God, but always as "Jesus, the
son of Mary."
20110821:   1069L 24%    91p Highlight|
   In a nocturnal dream he was carried by Gabriel from Mecca to
Jerusalem, and thence in succession through the six heavens. Into the
seventh the angel feared to intrude and Mohammed alone passed into the
dread cloud that forever enshrouds the Almighty. "A shiver thrilled his
heart as he felt upon his shoulder the touch of the cold hand of God."
20110821:   1076L 24%    91p Highlight|
   Afterward, with Oriental eloquence, he said, "Paradise will be found
in the shadow of the crossing of swords."
20110821:   1078L 25%    92p Highlight|
   the doctrine he proclaimed, that "there is but one God," was
universally adopted by his countrymen, and his own apostleship accepted
20110821:   1097L 25%    93p Highlight|
   He absolutely rejects the Trinity, of which he seems to have
entertained the idea that it could not be interpreted otherwise than as
presenting three distinct Gods.
20110821:   1101L 25%    93p Highlight|
   The God of the Koran is altogether human, both corporeally and
mentally, if such expressions may with propriety be used.
20110821:   1112L 25%    94p Highlight|
   Abubeker, the father of Ayesha, was selected. He was proclaimed the
first khalif, or successor of the Prophet.
20110821:   1121L 25%    95p Highlight|
   "History of the Intellectual Development of Europe."
20110821:   1135L 26%    96p Highlight|
   The Saracens nicknamed the Christians "Associators," because they
joined Mary and Jesus as partners with the Almighty and Most Holy God.
20110821:   1144L 26%    97p Highlight|
   And I deny him that was crucified, and whosoever worships him. And I
choose God for my Lord, Islam for my faith, Mecca for my temple, the
Moslems for my brethren, Mohammed for my prophet, who was sent to lead us
in the right way, and to exalt the true religion in spite of those who
join partners with God."
20110821:   1287L 29% 109p Highlight|
   A nation may recover the confiscation of its provinces, the
confiscation of its wealth; it may survive the imposition of enormous
war-fines; but it never can recover from that most frightful of all war-
acts, the confiscation of its women.
20110821:   1290L 29% 110p Highlight|
   "If they want to marry in Syria, let them; and let them have as many
female slaves as they have occasion for." It was the institution of
20110821:   1295L 29% 110p Highlight|
   anthropomorphic religion. Its God was only a gigantic man, its heaven
a mansion of carnal pleasures. From these imperfect ideas its more
intelligent classes very soon freed themselves, substituting for them
others more philosophical, more correct.
20110821:   1299L 29% 110p Highlight|
   The attributes of God cannot be determined from the attributes of man.
His sovereignty and government can neither be compared nor measured."
20110822:   1380L 31% 117p Highlight|
   According to the Koran, the earth is a square plane, edged with vast
mountains, which serve the double purpose of balancing it in its seat,
and of sustaining the dome of the sky.
20110822:    1387L 32% 118p Highlight|
   having become acquainted with the globular form of the earth, gave
orders to his mathematicians and astronomers to measure a degree of a
great circle upon it,
20110822:    1413L 32% 120p Highlight|
   division of the Saracen Empire by internal dissensions into three
parts. The Abasside dynasty in Asia, the Fatimite in Egypt, and the
Ommiade in Spain,
20110822:    1418L 32% 120p Highlight|
   The essential characteristics of their method are experiment and
20110822:    1420L 32% 121p Highlight|
   solution of a problem is always obtained by performing an experiment,
or by an instrumental observation.
20110822:    1464L 33% 124p Highlight|
   Ben Musa furnished the solution of quadratic equations, Omar Ben Ibra
him that of cubic equations.
20110822:    1465L 33% 124p Highlight|
   The Saracens also gave to trigonometry its modern form, substituting
sines for chords, which had been previously used;
20110822:    1474L 33% 125p Highlight|
   The Arabian astronomers also devoted themselves to the construction
and perfection of astronomical instruments, to the measurement of time by
clocks of various kinds, by clepsydras and sun-dials. They were the first
to introduce, for this purpose, the use of the pendulum.
20110822:    1480L 34% 126p Highlight|
   corrected the Greek misconception, that a ray proceeds from the eye,
and touches the object seen, introducing the hypothesis that the ray
passes from the object to the eye.
20110822:    1497L 34% 127p Highlight|
   when they speak of man, and attribute to him a completeness and
equilibrium in nature and constitution--not that man was once a bull, and
was changed into an ass, and afterward into a horse, and after that into
an ape, and finally became a man."
20110822:    1507L 34% 128p Highlight|
   THE pagan Greeks and Romans believed that the spirit of man resembles
his bodily form, varying its appearance with his variations, and growing
with his growth.
20110822:    1512L 34% 128p Highlight|
   In the uncertainty as to what becomes of the soul in the interval
between its separation from the body and the judgment-day, many different
opinions were held.
20110822:    1536L 35% 130p Highlight|
   Vedaism developed itself into Buddhism, which has become the faith of
a majority of the human race.
20110822:    1542L 35% 131p Highlight|
   Nirwana is reached, oblivion is attained, a state that has no relation
to matter, space, or time,
20110822:    1548L 35% 131p Highlight|
   from the Father the Son emanates, and thence the Holy Ghost.
20110822:   1565L 36% 133p Highlight|Averroism is philosophical
20110822:   1578L 36% 134p Highlight|
   Erigena thus conceives of the Deity as an unceasing participator in
Nature, being its preserver, maintainer, upholder, and in that respect
answering to the soul of the world of the Greeks.
20110822:   1584L 36% 135p Highlight|
   In that final absorption which, after a lapse of time, must
necessarily come, God will be all in all, and nothing exist but him
20110822:   1586L 36% 135p Highlight|
   There is a fourfold conception of universal Nature--two views of
divine Nature, as origin and end; two also of framed Nature, causes and
effects. There is nothing eternal but God."
20110822:   1604L 36% 136p Highlight|
   there is no necessity of your perishing, on account of the perishing
of your body.
20110822:   1607L 36% 136p Highlight|
   In a stone the material particles are in a state of stable
equilibrium; it may, therefore, endure forever. An animal is in reality
only a form through which a stream
20110822:   1607L 36% 136p Highlight|
   In a stone the material particles are in a state of stable
equilibrium; it may, therefore, endure forever. An animal is in reality
only a form through which a stream of matter is incessantly flowing.
20110822:   1615L 37% 137p Highlight|
   Where would human physiology be, if it were not illuminated by the
bright irradiations of comparative physiology?
20110822:   1616L 37% 137p Highlight|
   Brodie, after an exhaustive consideration of the facts, affirms that
the mind of animals is essentially the same as that of man.
20110822:   1616L 37% 137p Highlight|
   Every one familiar with the dog will admit that that creature knows
right from wrong, and is conscious when he has committed a fault.
20110822:   1617L 37% 137p Highlight|
   Many domestic animals have reasoning powers, and employ proper means
for the attainment of ends.
20110822:   1624L 37% 138p Highlight|
   "If you will watch a single ant at work, you can tell what he will
next do!" He is considering the matter, and reasoning as you are doing.
20110822:   1627L 37% 138p Highlight|
   these insects are not automata, they show intention. They recognize
their old companions, who have been shut up from them for many months,
and exhibit sentiments of joy at their return.
20110822:   1637L 37% 139p Highlight|
   "from bees, and wasps, and ants, and birds, from all that low animal
life on which he looks with supercilious contempt, man is destined one
day to learn what in truth he really is."
20110822:   1643L 37% 140p Highlight|
   There is no such thing as a spontaneous, or self- originated, thought.
Every intellectual act is the consequence of some preceding act. It comes
into existence in virtue of something that has gone before.
20110822:   1653L 37% 140p Highlight|
   Two fundamental ideas are essentially attached to all our perceptions
of external things: they are SPACE and TIME,
20110822:   1655L 38% 141p Highlight|
   The eye is the organ of space, the ear of time; the perceptions of
which by the elaborate
20110822:   1687L 38% 143p Highlight|
   During a third part of our life, in sleep, we are withdrawn from
external influences; hearing and sight and the other senses are
inactive,but the never-sleeping Mind, that pensive, that veiled
enchantress, in her mysterious retirement, looks over the ambrotypes she
has collected--ambrotypes, for they are truly unfading impressions--and,
combining them together, as they chance to occur, constructs from them
the panorama of a dream.
20110822:   1715L 39% 146p Highlight|
   the knowledge of one person could be transmitted to another by
conversation. The acts and thoughts of one generation could be imparted
to another, and influence its acts and thoughts.
20110822:   1718L 39% 146p Highlight|
   The invention of the art of writing gave extension and durability to
the registration or record of impressions.
20110822:   1739L 40% 148p Highlight|
   The universal, or active, or objective intellect, is uncreated,
impassible, incorruptible, has neither beginning nor end; nor does it
increase as the number of individual souls increases.
20110822:   1741L 40% 148p Highlight|
   This oneness of the active intellect, or reason, is the essential
principle of the Averroistic theory, and is in harmony with the cardinal
doctrine of Mohammedanism--the unity of God.
20110822:   1748L 40% 148p Highlight|
   Philosophy has never proposed but two hypotheses to explain the system
of the world: first, a personal God existing apart, and a human soul
called into existence or created, and thenceforth immortal; second, an
impersonal intelligence, or indeterminate God, and a soul emerging from
and returning to him.
20110822:   1767L 40% 150p Highlight|
   In the tenth century the Khalif Hakein II. had made beautiful
Andalusia the paradise of the world. Christians, Mussulmen, Jews, mixed
together without restraint.
20110822:   1786L 41% 152p Highlight|
   Averroes in this his blasphemous doctrine denies creation, providence,
revelation, the Trinity, the efficacy of prayers, of alms, and of
litanies; he disbelieves in the resurrection and immortality; he places
the summum bonum in mere pleasure.
20110822:   1796L 41% 153p Highlight|
   Until Innocent IV. (1243), there was no special tribunal against
heretics, distinct from those of the bishops.
20110322:   1829L 41% 155p Highlight|
   On March 30, 1492, the edict of expulsion was signed. All unbaptized
Jews, of whatever age, sex, or condition, were ordered to leave the realm
by the end of the following July.
20110822:   1858L 42% 158p Highlight|
   Averroes was not their inventor, be merely gave them clearness and
expression. Among the Jews of the thirteenth century, he had completely
supplanted his imputed master. Aristotle had passed away from their eyes;
his great commentator, Averroes, stood in his place.
20110822:   1868L 43% 159p Highlight|
   he was pointed out as the originator of the atrocious maxim that "all
religions are false, although all are probably useful."
20110822:   1869L 43% 159p Highlight|
   An attempt was made at the Council of Vienne to have his writings
absolutely suppressed, and to forbid all Christians reading them.
20110823:   1962L 45% 167p Highlight|
   So accurate were they in their observations, that the ablest modern
mathematicians have made use of their results. Thus Laplace, in his
"Systeme du Monde," adduces the observations of Al-Batagni as affording
incontestable proof of the diminution of the eccentricity of the earth's
20110823:   1970L 45% 167p Highlight|
   the question of the shape of the earth was finally settled by three
sailors, Columbus, De Gama, and, above all, by Ferdinand Magellan.
20110823:   1979L 45% 168p Highlight|
   The circular visible horizon and its dip at sea, the gradual
appearance and disappearance of ships in the offing, cannot fail to
incline intelligent sailors to a belief in the globular figure of the
20110823:   1984L 45% 169p Highlight|without breaking bulk.
20110823:   2020L 46% 172p Highlight|
   command of Magellan, an expedition of five ships, carrying two hundred
and thirty- seven men, was dispatched from Seville, August 10, 1519.
20110823:   2032L 46% 173p Highlight|
   September 7, 1522, after a voyage of more than three years, he brought
his ship, the San Vittoria, to anchor in the port of St. Lucar, near
Seville. She had accomplished the greatest achievement in the history of
the human race. She had circumnavigated the earth.
20110823:   2034L 46% 173p Highlight|
   Henceforth the theological doctrine of the flatness of the earth was
irretrievably overthrown.
20110823:   2051L 47% 174p Highlight|
   To settle this, the French Government, aided by the Academy, sent out
two expeditions to measure degrees of the meridian--one under the
equator, the other as far north as possible; the former went to Peru, the
latter to Swedish Lapland.
20110823:   2088L 47% 177p Highlight|
   he succeeded in making one that. could magnify thirty times.
20110123:   2091L 48% 178p Highlight|
   January 7, 1610, he perceived three small stars in a straight line,
adjacent to the planet Jupiter, and, a few evenings later, a fourth.
20110823:   2093L 48% 178p Highlight|
   presented a miniature representation of the Copernican system.
20110823:   2095L 48% 178p Highlight|
   must surely have been some other motive than that of illuminating the
nights for him.
20110823:   2107L 48% 179p Highlight|
   Galileo was accused of imposture, heresy, blasphemy, atheism. With a
view of defending himself, he addressed a letter to the Abbe Castelli,
suggesting that the Scriptures were never intended to be a scientific
authority, but only a moral guide.
20110823:   2112L 48% 179p Highlight|
   Knowing well that Truth has no need of martyrs, be assented to the
required recantation, and gave the promise demanded.
20110823:   2113L 48% 179p Highlight|
   But in 1632 Galileo ventured on the publication of his work entitled
"The System of the World,"
20110823:   2113L 48% 179p Highlight|
   But in 1632 Galileo ventured on the publication of his work entitled
"The System of the World,"
20110823:   2119L 48% 180p Highlight|
   The opinions thus defended by the Inquisition are now objects of
derision to the whole civilized world.
20110823:   2146L 49% 182p Highlight|
   therefore be admitted that the distance of the earth from the sun is
somewhat less than ninety-two million miles.
20110823:   2161L 49% 184p Highlight|
   The parallax of a star is the angle contained between two lines drawn
from it--one to the sun, the other to the earth.
20110823:   2180L 49% 185p Highlight|
   Worlds are scattered like dust in the abysses in space.
20110823:   2181L 49% 185p Highlight|
   Does not their enormous size demonstrate that, as they are centres of
force, so they must be centres of motion-- suns for other systems of
20110823:   2202L 50% 187p Highlight|
   His meditations on these subjects had brought him to the conclusion
that the views of Averroes are not far from the truth--that there is an
Intellect which animates the universe,
20110823:   2207L 50% 187p Highlight|
   Averroes and Spinoza. The latter held that God and the Universe are
the same,
20110823:   2210L 50% 188p Highlight|
   Inquisition, accused not only of being a heretic, but also a
heresiarch, who had written things unseemly concerning religion;
20110223:   2215L 50% 188p Highlight|
   "Perhaps it is with greater fear that you pass the sentence upon me
than I receive it." The sentence was carried into effect, and he was
burnt at Rome, February 16th, A.D. 1600.
20110823:   2225L 51% 189p Highlight|
   strong suspicions of heresy, since he has said that there are other
worlds than ours.
20110824:   2263L 51% 192p Highlight|
   there were not less than one hundred and thirty-two different opinions
as to the year in which the Messiah appeared,
20110825:   2603L 59% 221p Highlight|
   German Reformation assumed a political organization at Smalcalde.
20110825:   2639L 60% 224p Highlight|
   In 1559, Pope Paul IV. instituted the Congregation of the Index
Expurgatorius. "Its duty is to examine books and manuscripts intended for
publication, and to decide whether the people may be permitted to read
them; to correct those books of which the errors are not numerous, and
which contain certain useful and salutary truths, so as to bring them
into harmony with the doctrines of the Church; to condemn those of which
the principles are heretical and pernicious; and to grant the peculiar
privilege of perusing heretical books to certain persons.
20110825:   2652L 60% 225p Highlight|
   raising a theological odium against an offender, to put him under a
social ban--a course perhaps not less effectual than the other.
20110825:   2657L 60% 226p Highlight|
   In all countries the political power of the Church had greatly
declined; her leading men perceived that the cloudy foundation on which
she had stood was dissolving away. Repressive measures against her
antagonists, in old times resorted to with effect, could be no longer
advantageously employed. To her interests the burning of a philosopher
here and there did more harm than good.
20110825:   2661L 60% 226p Highlight|
   Leibnitz affirmed, in the face of Europe, that "Newton had robbed the
Deity of some of his most excellent attributes, and had sapped the
foundation of natural religion."
20110825:   2662L 60% 226p Highlight|
   From the time of Newton to our own time, the divergence of science
from the dogmas of the Church has continually increased.
20110825:   2668L 61% 227p Highlight|
   Many good and well-meaning men have attempted to reconcile the
statements of Genesis with the discoveries of science, but it is in vain.
The divergence has increased so much, that it has become an absolute
opposition. One of the antagonists must give way.
20110825:   2692L 61% 229p Highlight|
   the whole Pentateuch is unhistoric and non-Mosaic; it contains the
most extraordinary contradictions and impossibilities, sufficient to
involve the credibility of the whole--imperfections so many and so
conspicuous that they would destroy the authenticity of any modern
historical work.
20110825:   2724L 62% 231p Highlight|
   discovery that the Pentateuch is put together out of various sources,
or original documents, is beyond all doubt not only one of the most
important and most pregnant with consequences for the interpretation of
the historical books of the Old Testament, or rather for the whole of
theology and history, but it is also one of the most certain discoveries
which have been made in the domain of criticism and the history of
20110825:   2737L 62% 233p Highlight|
   It is to be regretted that the Christian Church has burdened itself
with the defense of these books, and voluntarily made itself answerable
for their manifest contradictions and errors.
20110825:   2739L 62% 233p Highlight|
   Still more, it is to be deeply regretted that the Pentateuch, a
production so imperfect as to be unable to stand the touch of modern
criticism, should be put forth as the arbiter of science.
20110825:   2742L 62% 233p Highlight|
   the Catholic has, in our own times, declared the infallibility of the
20110825:   2746L 62% 233p Highlight|
   no need to dwell on the unphilosophical nature of this conception; it
is destroyed by an examination of the political history of the papacy,
and the biography of the popes.
20110825:   2750L 63% 234p Highlight|
   There are many who affirm that, if infallibility exists anywhere, it
is in oecumenical councils, and yet such councils have not always agreed
with each other.
20110825:   2752L 63% 234p Highlight|
   What proof can be given that infallibility exists in the Church at
all? what proof is there that the Church has ever been fairly or justly
represented in any council?
20110825:   2761L 63% 235p Highlight|
   For her the volume of inspiration is the book of Nature, of which the
open scroll is ever spread forth before the eyes of every man.
20110825:   2797L 64% 238p Highlight|
   third law, defining the relation between the mean distances of the
planets from the sun and the times of their revolutions; "the squares of
the periodic times are proportional to the cubes of the distances."
20110825:   2803L 64% 238p Highlight|
   Index, therefore, when they denounced the Copernican system as utterly
contrary to the Holy Scriptures, prohibited Kepler's "Epitome" of that
20110825:   2811L 64% 239p Highlight|
   At first he inclined to believe that the orbit of Mars is oval, nor
was it until after a wearisome study that he detected the grand truth,
its elliptical form.
20110825:   2815L 64% 239p Highlight|
   In some most important particulars Kepler anticipated Newton. He was
the first to give clear ideas respecting gravity.
20110825:   2819L 64% 239p Highlight|
   The progress of astronomy is obviously divisible into three periods:
1. The period of observation of the apparent motions of the heavenly
bodies. 2. The period of discovery of their real motions, and
particularly of the laws of the planetary revolutions; this was signally
illustrated by Copernicus and Kepler. 3. The period of the ascertainment
of the causes of those laws. It was the epoch of Newton.
20110825:   2824L 64% 240p Highlight|
   Leonardo da Vinci, who was born A.D. 1452. To him, and not to Lord
Bacon, must be attributed the renaissance of science.
20110825:   2827L 64% 240p Highlight|
   To ascribe the inductive method to him is to ignore history. His
fanciful philosophical suggestions have never been of the slightest
practical use. No one has ever thought of employing them. Except among
English readers, his name is almost unknown.
20110825:   2844L 65% 242p Highlight|
   In the latter half of the seventeenth century, through the works of
Borelli, Hooke, and Huyghens, it had become plain that circular motions
could be accounted for by the laws of Galileo.
20110825:   2848L 65% 242p Highlight|
   On the principle that all bodies attract each other with forces
directly as their masses, and inversely as the squares of their
distances, Newton showed that all the movements of the celestial bodies
may be accounted for, and that Kepler's laws might all have been
predicted-- the elliptic motions--the described areas the relation of the
times and distances.
20110825:   2864L 65% 243p Highlight|
   It was proved that the moon is retained in her orbit and made to
revolve round the earth by the force of terrestrial gravity.
20110825:   2865L 65% 243p Highlight|
   The genii of Kepler had given place to the vortices of Descartes, and
these in their turn to the central force of Newton.
20110825:   2889L 66% 245p Highlight|
   double stars--double not merely because they are accidentally in the
same line of view, but because they are connected physically, revolving
round each other.
20110825:   2894L 66% 246p Highlight|
   the reign of law. D'Alembert, in the Introduction to the
Encyclopaedia, says: "The universe is but a single fact; it is only one
great truth."
20110825:   2985L 68% 254p Highlight|
   In this manner is presented to our contemplation the great theory of
Evolution. Every organic being has a place in a chain of events. It is
not an isolated, a capricious fact, but an unavoidable phenomenon.
20110825:   2998L 68% 255p Highlight|
   How could it be otherwise? The hot-blooded animals could not exist in
an atmosphere so laden with carbonic acid as was that of the primitive
times. But the removal of that noxious ingredient from the air by the
leaves of plants under the influence of sunlight, the enveloping of its
carbon in the earth under the form of coal, the disengagement of its
oxygen, permitted their life.
20110825:   3011L 68% 256p Highlight|
   Is there any evidence that the life of nations is under the control of
immutable law?
20110825:   3025L 69% 257p Highlight|
   Is there for each of us a providential intervention as we thus pass
from stage to stage of life?
20110827:   3294L 75% 280p Highlight|
   Up to the end of the twelfth century, the popes were the vicars of
Peter; after Innocent III. they were the vicars of Christ.
20110827:   3402L 77% 289p Highlight|
   chief object of ecclesiastical policy was the aggrandizement of the
Church, not the promotion of civilization.
20110827:   3552L 81% 302p Highlight|
   There were some preliminary skirmishes about indulgences and other
minor matters, but very soon the real cause of dispute came plainly into
view. Martin Luther refused to think as he was ordered to do by his
ecclesiastical superiors at Rome; he asserted that he had an inalienable
right to interpret the Bible for himself.
20110827:   3563L 81% 303p Highlight|
   vulgar saying among the Roman ecclesiastics that Erasmus laid the egg
of the Reformation, and Luther hatched it.
20110827:   3566L 81% 303p Highlight|
   taught them that there was a higher power than the popes. The long and
bloody wars that ensued were closed by the Peace of Westphalia; and then
it was found that Central and Northern Europe had cast off the
intellectual tyranny of Rome, that individualism had carried its point,
and had established the right of every man to think for
20110827:   3581L 81% 304p Highlight|
   History teaches us only too plainly that fanaticism is stimulated by
religion, and neutralized or eradicated by philosophy.
20110827:   3588L 82% 305p Highlight|
   The Aristotelian or Inductive philosophy, clad in the Saracenic
costume that Averroes had given it, made many secret and not a few open
20110827:   3590L 82% 305p Highlight|
   Leonardo da Vinci, who proclaimed the fundamental principle that
experiment and observation are the only reliable foundations of reasoning
in science, that experiment is the only trustworthy interpreter of
Nature, and is essential to the ascertainment of laws.
20110827:   3602L 82% 306p Highlight|
   number of her devotees is indicated by the rise and rapid
multiplication of learned societies. These were reproductions of the
Moorish ones that had formerly existed in Granada and Cordova.
20110827:   3614L 82% 307p Highlight|
   The influence of science on modern civilization has been twofold: 1.
Intellectual; 2. Economical.
20110827:   3617L 82% 307p Highlight|
   Royal Society of London, illustrate the position it took in this
respect. It rejected the supernatural and miraculous as evidence in
physical discussions. It abandoned sign-proof such as the Jews in old
days required, and denied that a demonstration can be given through an
illustration of something else, thus casting aside the logic that had
been in vogue for many centuries.
20110827:   3642L 83% 309p Highlight|
   Authority and tradition pass for nothing. Every thing is settled by an
appeal to Nature. It is assumed that the answers she gives to a practical
interrogation will ever be true.
20110827:   3662L 83% 311p Highlight|
   To the Arabians we owe our knowledge of the rudiments of algebra; we
owe to them the very name under which this branch of mathematics passes.
20110827:   3665L 83% 311p Highlight|
   In 1496 Paccioli published his book entitled "Arte Maggiore," or
"Alghebra." In 1501, Cardan, of Milan, gave a method for the solution of
cubic equations; other improvements were contributed by Scipio Ferreo,
1508, by Tartalea, by Vieta. The Germans now took up the subject. At this
time the notation was in an imperfect state.
20110827:   3682L 84% 313p Highlight|
   Napier died in 1617. It is no exaggeration to say that this invention,
by shortening the labors, doubled the life of the astronomer.
20110827:   3693L 84% 314p Highlight|
   When the Royal Society of London was founded, theological odium was
directed against it with so much rancor that, doubtless, it would have
been extinguished, had not King Charles II. given it his open and avowed
support. It was accused of an intention of "destroying the established
religion, of injuring the universities, and of upsetting ancient and
solid learning."
20110827:   3728L 85% 317p Highlight|
   application of a new principle, or the invention of a new machine, was
better than the acquisition of an additional slave,
20110827:   3741L 85% 318p Highlight|
   Chance had nothing to do with the invention of the modern steam-
engine. It was the product of meditation and experiment.
20110827:   3757L 85% 319p Highlight|
   St. Polycarp significantly remarked, "In all these monstrous demons is
seen an art hostile to God." Not until about 1680 did the chronometer
begin to approach accuracy.
20110827:    3760L 85% 319p Highlight|
   To the invention of the chronometer must be added that of the
reflecting sextant by Godfrey. This permitted astronomical observations
to be made, notwithstanding the motion of a ship.
20110827:    3810L 87% 324p Highlight|
   The different kinds of insurance were adopted, though strenuously
resisted by the clergy. They opposed fire and marine insurance, on the
ground that it is a tempting of Providence. Life insurance was regarded
as an act of interference with the consequences of God's will.
20110827:    3916L 89% 333p Highlight|
   The maxims that have been followed in the earlier and the later period
produced their inevitable result. In the former that maxim was,
"Ignorance is the mother of Devotion in the latter, "Knowledge is Power."
20110827:    3942L 90% 335p Highlight|
   principle is that all power is in the clergy, and that for laymen
there is only the privilege of obedience.
20110827:    3944L 90% 335p Highlight|
   Church asserts that the divine commission under which it acts
comprises civil government; that it has a right to use the state for its
own purposes, but that the state has no right to intermeddle with it;
20110827:    3952L 90% 336p Highlight|
   Unembarrassed by any hesitating sentiment, the papacy has contemplated
the coming intellectual crisis. It has pronounced its decision, and
occupied what seems to it to be the most advantageous ground.
20110827:    4067L 93% 346p Highlight|
   It is plainly impossible for men to live under two governments, one of
which declares to be wrong what the other commands.
20110827:    4078L 93% 346p Highlight|
   that the Church alone has a right to fix the limits between its domain
and that of the state--a dangerous and inadmissible
20110827:    4101L 93% 348p Highlight|
   wishes to be the leader of Europe, on the other she clings to a dead
past. For
20110827:    4107L 93% 349p Highlight|
   In America the temporal and the spiritual have been absolutely
20110827:    4141L 94% 352p Highlight|
   "OF GOD, THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS.--The Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman
Church believes that there is one true and living God, Creator and Lord
of Heaven and Earth, Almighty, Eternal, Immense, Incomprehensible,
Infinite in understanding and will, and in all perfection. He is distinct
from the world.
20110827:    4155L 94% 353p Highlight|
   God willed to join miracles and prophecies, which, showing forth his
omnipotence and knowledge, are proofs suited to the understanding of all.
20110827:    4166L 95% 354p Highlight|
   the one we know by natural reason, in the other by divine faith;
20110827:    4255L 97% 362p Highlight|
   Wiclif: "God forceth not a man to believe that which he cannot
20110827:    4258L 97% 362p Highlight|
   One of the most striking and vet contradictory features of the
Dogmatic Constitution is, the reluctant homage it pays to the
intelligence of man.
20110827:   4293L 98% 365p Highlight|
   doctrines of Evolution and Development, bluntly insisting that the
Church believes in distinct creative acts. The doctrine that every living
form is derived from some preceding form is scientifically in a much more
advanced position than that concerning Force, and probably may he
considered as established, whatever may become of the additions with
which it has recently been overlaid.
20110827:   4300L 98% 365p Highlight|
   Gregory XVI. denounced freedom of conscience as an insane folly, and
the freedom of the press a pestilent error, which cannot be sufficiently
20110827:   4348L 99% 369p Highlight|
   Then has it in truth come to this, that Roman Christianity and Science
are recognized by their respective adherents as being absolutely
incompatible; they cannot exist together; one must yield to the other;
mankind must make its choice--it cannot have both.
20110827:   4397L 100% 374p Highlight|
   Faith must render an account of herself to Reason. Mysteries must give
place to facts.
20110827:   4398L 100% 374p Highlight|
   There must be absolute freedom for thought.
20110827:   4398L 100% 374p Highlight|
   The ecclesiastic must learn to keep himself within the domain he has
chosen, and cease to tyrannize over the philosopher, who, conscious of
his own strength and the purity of his motives, will bear such
interference no longer.
20110827:   4401L 100% 374p Highlight|
   "As for Truth it endureth and is always strong; it liveth and
conquereth for evermore."
ajk,Draper,Religion and Science,1,4402,374,rel,eng,3# (44L=%, 12L=p, 374

ajk,Eugenides,Marriage Plot,2,7807,416,fic,eng,#
The Marriage Plot: A Novel (Jeffrey Eugenides)
20120414:     56L   1%    3p Highlight|
   knew who was ringing the buzzer. It was her parents.
20120414:     58L   1%    3p Highlight|
   New Jersey to see her graduate, that what they were here to celebrate
today wasn’t only her achievement but their own as parents, had nothing
wrong or unexpected about it. The problem was that Madeleine, for the
first time in her life, wanted no part of it. She wasn’t proud of
herself. She was in no mood to celebrate.
20120414:    160L   2%    8p Highlight|
   the tennis court. Alton had been club champion in his age group for
twelve years running, one of those older guys with a sweatband ringing a
balding crown, a choppy forehand, and absolute murder in his eyes.
Madeleine had been trying to beat Alton her entire life without success.
20120414:    170L   2%    9p Highlight|
   Madeleine had thought her mother pretty, but that was a long time ago.
Phyllida’s face had gotten heavier over the years; her cheeks were
beginning to sag like those of a camel.
20120414:    181L    2%  10p Highlight|
   The café had just opened. The guy behind the counter, who was wearing
Elvis Costello glasses, was rinsing out the espresso machine.
20120414:    195L    2%  10p Highlight|
   “According to this article,” Alton said, reading the Voice,
“homosexuality didn’t exist until the nineteenth century. It was
invented. In Germany.”
20120414:    205L    3%  11p Highlight|
   weren’t planning on living together, because they’d broken up three
weeks ago;
20120414:    218L    3%  12p Highlight|
   “Of course we can, sweetheart. That’s the last I’ll say about it. If
your plans change, you can always come home. Your father and I would love
to have you.”
20120414:    277L    4%  15p Highlight|
   Mitchell was the kind of smart, sane, parent-pleasing boy she should
fall in love with and marry. That she would never fall in love with
Mitchell and marry him, precisely because of this eligibility,
20120414:    288L    4%  15p Highlight|
   going to backpack through Europe. After they’d seen everything in
Europe there was to see, they were going to fly to India and stay there
as long as their money held out.
20120414:    313L    4%  17p Highlight|
   finally got up to the Dalai Lama, I asked him, ‘Are you any relation
to Dolly Parton?’”
20120414:    324L    4%  17p Highlight|
   “Congratulations, Mitchell,” Phyllida said. “So nice to see you. And
remember, when you’re on your Grand Tour, be sure to send your mother
loads of letters. Otherwise, she’ll be frantic.”
20120414:    335L    4%  18p Highlight|
   pitiful voice, “I’m homeless. I’m graduating from college and I’m a
homeless person.” “Yeah, sure.”
20120414:    355L    5%  19p Highlight|
   we’re talking again. We’re friends when you want to be friends, and
we’re never more than friends because you don’t want to be. And I have to
go along with that.”
20120414:    367L    5%  19p Highlight|
   Madeleine’s love troubles had begun at a time when the French theory
she was reading deconstructed the very notion of love.
20120414:    371L    5%  20p Highlight|
   Zipperstein taught two courses in the newly created Program in
Semiotics Studies: Introduction to Semiotic Theory in the fall and, in
the spring, Semiotics
20120414:    378L    5%  20p Highlight|
   been spiritually vetted and were now—for two hours on Thursday
afternoons, at least—part of a campus lit-crit elite. Which was exactly
what Madeleine wanted. She’d become an English major for the purest and
dullest of reasons: because she loved to read.
20120414:    400L    5%  21p Highlight|
   people were pursuing university degrees doing something no different
from what they’d done in first grade: reading stories. English was what
people who didn’t know what to major in majored in.
20120414:    402L    5%  21p Highlight|
   Her junior year, Madeleine had taken an honors seminar called The
Marriage Plot: Selected Novels of Austen, Eliot, and James.
20120414:    403L   5%   21p Highlight|
   Saunders was a seventy-nine-year-old New Englander. He had a long,
horsey face and a moist laugh that exposed his gaudy dental work. His
pedagogical method consisted of his reading aloud lectures he’d written
twenty or thirty years earlier.
20120414:    405L   5%   21p Highlight|
   Madeleine stayed in the class because she felt sorry for Professor
Saunders and because the reading list was so good. In Saunders’s opinion,
the novel had reached its apogee with the marriage plot and had never
recovered from its disappearance.
20120414:    410L   5%   22p Highlight|
   As far as Saunders was concerned, marriage didn’t mean much anymore,
and neither did the novel. Where could you find the marriage plot
nowadays? You couldn’t. You
20120414:    415L   5%   22p Highlight|
   Professor Saunders specialized in the periods she was interested in,
the Regency leading into the Victorian era. He was sweet, and learned,
and it was clear from his unsubscribed office hours that no one else
wanted him as an advisor, and so Madeleine had said yes, she would love
to work with him on her senior thesis.
20120414:    430L   6%   23p Highlight|
   Professor Saunders suggested that Madeleine look at historical
sources. She’d obediently boned up on the rise of industrialism and the
nuclear family, the formation of the middle class, and the Matrimonial
Causes Act of 1857.
20120414:    440L   6%   23p Highlight|
   after this exchange with Whitney, Madeleine began hearing people
saying “Derrida.” She heard them saying “Lyotard” and “Foucault” and
“Deleuze” and “Baudrillard.” That most of these people were those she
instinctually disapproved of—upper-middle-class kids who
20120414:    465L   6%   25p Highlight|
   You could flee K. McCall Saunders and the old New Criticism. You could
defect to the new imperium of Derrida and Eco. You could sign up for
Semiotics 211 and find out what everyone else was talking about.
20120422:    470L   6%   25p Highlight|
   A few had razored off the necks or sleeves of their T-shirts. There
was something creepy about one guy’s face—it was like a baby’s face that
had grown whiskers—and it took Madeleine a full minute to realize that
he’d shaved off his eyebrows. Everyone in the room was so spectral-
looking that Madeleine’s natural healthiness seemed suspect, like a vote
for Reagan.
20120422:    483L   6%   26p Highlight|
   of chewing tobacco. With two stained fingers, he placed a wad of
tobacco in his cheek. For the next two hours, every minute or so, he
spat, discreetly but audibly, into the cup.
20120422:    529L   7%   28p Highlight|
   thought experiment here,” Leonard said. “Say my mother killed herself.
And say I wrote a book about it. Why would I want to do something like
that?” He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. “First, I’d do it to
cope with my grief. Second, maybe to paint a portrait of my mother. To
keep her alive in my memory.”
20120422:    538L   7%   29p Highlight|
   Books aren’t about ‘real life.’ Books are about other books.”
20120422:    564L   7%   30p Highlight|
   Tim seemed to be the only person at Brown more lost than Madeleine.
20120422:    572L   7%   30p Highlight|
   “Am I not getting asked out because I’m fat,” the chipmunk said, “or
am I fat because I’m not getting asked out?”
20120422:    575L   7%   31p Highlight|
   fifty-seven grapefruits she subsisted on until New Year’s. Dieting
20120422:    577L   7%   31p Highlight|
   bearded like therapists, warming brandy snifters over candles while
listening to Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.
20120422:    583L   7%   31p Highlight|
   Sex with Billy was cozy, it was snuggly, it was perfectly fine.
20120422:    585L   7%   31p Highlight|
   One thing he did talk about, however, with increasing intensity, was
20120422:    589L   7%   31p Highlight|
   Madeleine listened, trying to look sympathetic, and hoped Billy would
drop the subject. But as the weeks passed he kept returning to it. “The
doctors just do it automatically in this country,” he said.
20120422:    610L   8%   32p Highlight|
   Maddy’s next boyfriend wasn’t strictly her fault. She would never have
met Dabney Carlisle if she hadn’t taken an acting class, and she would
never have taken an acting class if it hadn’t been for her mother.
20120422:    618L   8%   33p Highlight|
   It was on the train back to New York, the next Christmas, that she’d
met the straight-backed lieutenant colonel, recently returned from
Berlin. Phyllida never went back to L.A. She got married instead. “And
had you two,” she told her daughters. Phyllida’s inability to realize her
dreams had given Madeleine her own.
20120422:    628L   8%   33p Highlight|
   What mattered was that this tennis match was on national television,
during prime time, billed for weeks as “The Battle of the Sexes,” and
that the woman was winning.
20120422:    643L   8%   34p Highlight|
   Dabney she wished it had been curling, she longed for it to be the
model UN, anything but male modeling. This, anyway, was the authentic
emotion she now identified herself as having felt.
20120422:    648L   8%   34p Highlight|
   She even went so far as to admire Dabney for his courage in allowing
himself to be photographed in snug little gray underpants.
20120422:    653L   8%   35p Highlight|
   The vestiges of the previous evening’s “Hawaiian Night” were still
there to see—the lei hanging from the antlers of the moose head on the
wall, the plastic “grass” skirt trampled on the beer-sodden floor,
20120422:    656L   8%   35p Highlight|
   Sigma Chi members were watching TV. At Madeleine’s appearance, they
stirred, rising out of the gloom like openmouthed carp.
20120422:    671L   9%   36p Highlight|
   Acting opposite Dabney made Madeleine more stiff and nervous than she
already was. She wanted to do scenes with the talented kids in the
workshop. She suggested interesting bits from The Vietnamization of New
Jersey and Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago, but got no takers.
20120422:    674L   9%   36p Highlight|
   Dabney didn’t let it bother him. “Bunch of little shits in that
class,” he said. “They’ll never get any print work, much less movies.”
20120422:    683L    9%   36p Highlight|
   she was in love with him. Madeleine required emotion, apparently. She
disapproved of the idea of meaningless, extremely satisfying sex.
20120422:    686L    9%   36p Highlight|
   Instead of thinking he was poorly read, she called him intuitive.
20120422:    690L    9%   37p Highlight|
   Dabney wasn’t so beautiful. Among the truly beautiful he was only so-
so. He couldn’t even smile right.
20120422:    695L    9%   37p Highlight|
   “You have a good feel for language, for Shakespeare especially. But
your voice is reedy and you look worried onstage. Your forehead has a
perpetual crease.
20120422:    698L    9%   37p Highlight|
   If you’re playing Eleanor Roosevelt. Or Golda Meir. But those parts
don’t come around very often.”
20120422:    703L    9%   37p Highlight|
   When Dabney returned from his review with Churchill, he looked even
more self-contented than usual. “So?” Madeleine asked. “How did it go?”
“He says I’m perfect for soaps.”
20120422:    721L    9%   38p Highlight|
   “I’m not tearing down your crit. I’m just not sure you got Churchill’s
meaning, exactly.” Dabney let out a bitter laugh. “I wouldn’t get it
right, would I? I’m too dumb. I’m just some dumb jock you have to write
English papers for.”
20120422:    728L    9%   39p Highlight|
   And now you have to come in here and run me down. You know what? This
is bullshit. This is total bullshit. I’m sick of your condescension and
your superiority complex. And Churchill’s right. You can’t act.” In the
end Madeleine had to admit that Dabney was far more fluent than she’d
ever expected.
20120422:    734L    9%   39p Highlight|
   For once she was glad to have such sociable parents. With all the
cocktail parties and convivial dinners on Wilson Lane there was little
time to dwell on herself.
20120422:    743L    9%   39p Highlight|
   She arrived back at college for her senior year, then, intent on being
studious, career-oriented, and aggressively celibate.
20120422:    762L 10%     41p Highlight|
   she plunged into a hair salon, where, on a whim, she allowed a butch
woman with a short, rat-tailed haircut to go to work on her. “Cut it
close on the sides, higher on top,” Madeleine said. “You sure?”
20120422:    771L 10%     41p Highlight|
   But then, during spring semester, she met Leonard Bankhead and her
resolve went out the window.
20120422:    790L 10%     42p Highlight|
   time you’re fifty, you’ve lived around twenty thousand days. So a day
when you’re five seems longer because it’s a greater percentage of the
whole.” “Yeah, sure,” the girl teased, “that follows.”
20120422:    820L 11%     44p Highlight|
   What Derrida’s saying is that you have to use reason because, you
know, reason is all there is. But at the same time you have to be aware
that language is by its very nature unreasonable. You have to reason
yourself out of reasonableness.”
20120422:     828L 11%    44p Highlight|
   Every genius needs an explainer. That’s what Culler is for Derrida.”
20120422:     841L 11%    45p Highlight|
   He used the word phallus three times today.” Leonard smiled. “Figures
if he says it it’ll be like having one.” “He drives me crazy.” “You want
to get some coffee?” “And fascist. That’s another of his favorites. You
know the dry cleaners on Thayer Street? He called them fascist.”
20120422:     873L 11%    46p Highlight|
   “So why are you taking Zipperstein’s class?” she asked. “Philosophical
interest,” Leonard said. “Literally. Philosophy’s all about theory of
language right now. It’s all linguistics. So I figured I’d check it out.”
20120422:     880L 11%    47p Highlight|blue bandanna,
20120422:     907L 12%    48p Highlight|
   The days dragged until the next meeting of Sem 211. Madeleine arrived
early, choosing a seat at the seminar table next to Leonard’s usual spot.
But when he showed up, ten minutes late, he took an available chair next
to the professor. He didn’t say anything in class or glance in
Madeleine’s direction even once.
20120422:     928L 12%    49p Highlight|
   For the second week in a row, Leonard didn’t show up. Madeleine
worried that he’d dropped the class, but it was too late in the semester
to do that. Zipperstein said, “Has anybody seen Mr. Bankhead? Is he
sick?” Nobody knew.
20120422:     937L 12%    50p Highlight|
   the thing about desire is that there is no there there.”
20120428:     961L 12%    51p Highlight|
   Madeleine was in a state of extreme solitude. It had to do with
Leonard. With how she felt about him and how she couldn’t tell anyone.
20120428:     965L 12%    51p Highlight|
   Abby knew Leonard from her freshman year. “What was he like?”
Madeleine asked. “Sort of intense. Really smart, but intense.
20120428:     972L 12%    52p Highlight|
   “Who was he going out with?” “Some girl named Mindy. But then they
broke up. That’s when he really started calling me. He’d call like six
times a day.
20120428:    1009L 13%    54p Highlight|
   “What does your father do?” Leonard asked. Caught off guard, Madeleine
hesitated. “He used to work at a college,” she said. “He’s retired.”
“What was he? Professor?”
20120428:    1021L 13%    54p Highlight|
   “I’ve never seen a Fellini film.” “You should see one,” Leonard said.
“I’ll call you.” “All right.”
20120428:    1087L 14%    58p Highlight|
   “If we’re going to stay the night,” Alton repeated, “I’d like to make
reservations soon.” “Call me later. Let me think about it. Call me
20120428:    1091L 14%    58p Highlight|
   “You don’t have to call me Daddy.” “Oh, God. Leonard? Sorry! I thought
you were my father. He’s freaking out about graduation plans already.”
20120428:    1100L 14%    59p Highlight|
   Leonard did sound a little nervous. That wasn’t good. Madeleine didn’t
like nervous guys. Nervous guys were nervous for a reason.
20120428:   1107L 14%    59p Highlight|
   “Listen, would you like to go to the movies with me?” She didn’t
answer right away. He deserved a little punishment. And so she put the
screws to him—for another three seconds.
20120428:   1116L 14%    59p Highlight|
   European moments: when the huge-titted woman stuffed her huge tit into
the young hero’s mouth; or when the old man up in the tree cried out, “I
want a woman!” Fellini’s theme
20120428:   1126L 14%    60p Highlight|
   “My goal in life is to become an adjective,” Leonard said. “People
would go around saying, ‘That was so Bankheadian.’ Or, ‘A little too
Bankheadian for my taste.’”
20120428:   1145L 15%    61p Highlight|
   “I’m taking you to my place,” he said. “What?” “All this time we’ve
been walking? I’ve been leading you back to my place. This is how I do
it, apparently. It’s shameful. Shameful. I don’t want it to be like that.
Not with you. So I’m telling you.”
20120428:   1157L 15%    62p Highlight|
   “Maybe I’ll come up just for a minute,” Madeleine said.
20120428:   1169L 15%    62p Highlight|
   Leonard’s place after watching Amarcord and started fooling around,
when Madeleine found that instead of being turned off by physical stuff,
the way she often was with boys, instead of putting up with that or
trying to overlook it, she’d spent the entire night worrying that she was
turning Leonard off, worrying that her body wasn’t good enough, or that
her breath was bad from the Caesar salad she’d unwisely ordered at
dinner; worrying, too, about having suggested they order martinis because
of the way Leonard had sarcastically said, “Sure. Martinis.
20120428:   1175L 15%    63p Highlight|
   had immediately fallen asleep, leaving her to lie awake stroking his
head and vaguely hoping she didn’t get a urinary tract infection,
Madeleine asked herself if the fact that she’d just spent the whole night
worrying wasn’t, in fact, a surefire sign that she was falling in love.
20120428:   1180L 15%    63p Highlight|
   hear him pee with taurine force into the toilet bowl, certainly, by
the end of those three days, Madeleine knew she was in love.
20120428:   1199L 15%    64p Highlight|
   didn’t do anything. She came to his apartment and they lay down on the
mattress and Leonard asked her how she was doing, really wanting to know.
What did they do? She talked; he listened; then he talked and she
listened. She’d never met anyone, and certainly not a guy, who was so
receptive, who took everything in.
20120428:   1205L 15%    64p Highlight|
   Going out with Leonard was like having a heavy all the time. Whenever
she was with him, Leonard gave her his full attention.
20120428:   1239L 16%    66p Highlight|
   “So what? It’s embarrassing!” Madeleine said. “O.K.? I find it
embarrassing.” Leonard stared at her without expression and said, “Do you
mind when I take a dump?” “Do we have to talk about this? It’s sort of
20120428:   1325L 17%    71p Highlight|
   was now steady. Roomy parental vehicles (Cadillacs and S-Class
Mercedeses, along with the occasional Chrysler New Yorker or Pontiac
Bonneville) were making their way from the downtown hotels up College
Hill for the ceremony. At the wheel of each car was a father, solid-
looking and determined
20120428:   1333L 17%    71p Highlight|
   as far as Mitchell was concerned, the gray skies and unseasonably cool
temperatures were fine with him. He was glad Campus Dance had gotten
rained out. He was glad the sun wasn’t shining. The sense of bad luck
that hung over everything accorded perfectly with his mood.
20120428:   1388L 18%    74p Highlight|
   Madeleine wasn’t startled. She was probably used to strange guys
trying to talk to her. “I’ll tell you, but you’ll think I’m weird.” “No,
I won’t,” Mitchell said.
20120428:   1398L 18%    74p Highlight|
   In the laundry room, Madeleine began pulling her damp underthings out
of a coin-operated washer. For Mitchell, this was titillating enough. But
in the next second, something unforgettable occurred. As Madeleine
reached into the washer, the knot at her shoulder loosened and the
bedsheet fell away.
20120428:   1405L 18%    75p Highlight|
   he’d been standing and how Madeleine had stooped forward, tucking a
strand of hair behind her ear, as the sheet slipped and, for a few
exhilarating moments, her pale, quiet, Episcopalian breast exposed itself
to his sight.
20120428:   1409L 18%    75p Highlight|
   worn a toga to the party and that even if she had—and she wasn’t
saying that she had—it had never slipped off. Neither on that night, nor
on any of the thousand nights since, had he ever seen her naked breast.
20120428:   1452L 19%    77p Highlight|
   The trip took five hours. Mitchell wouldn’t have minded if it had
taken five days.
20120428:   1474L 19%    78p Highlight|
   When Mitchell glanced at Madeleine, she was smiling at him. And that
was when it had happened. Madeleine was wearing a bathrobe. She had her
glasses on. She was looking both homey and sexy, completely out of his
league and, at the
20120428:   1477L 19%    79p Highlight|
   “I’m going to marry this girl!” The knowledge went through him like
electricity, a feeling of destiny.
20120428:   1525L 19%    81p Highlight|
   almost a year from the time he’d gone to Prettybrook, Mitchell saw
Madeleine crossing campus in the purple twilight. She was with a curly-
headed blond guy named Billy Bainbridge, whom Mitchell knew from his
freshman hall.
20120504:   1538L 20%    82p Highlight|
   She expected Leonard to call. She fantasized about him appearing at
her front door, asking her to come back.
20120504:   1544L 20%    82p Highlight|
   Love had made her intolerable. It had made her heavy. Sprawled on her
bed, keeping her shoes from touching the sheets
20120504:   1547L 20%    82p Highlight|
   Before storming out of Leonard’s apartment that day—and while he lay
in lordly nakedness on the bed, calmly repeating her name with the
suggestion that she was overreacting—Madeleine
20120504:   1554L 20%    83p Highlight|
   So, after gathering up her bag, Madeleine in one fluid motion had
snatched up the Barthes as well, not daring to check if Leonard had
noticed. Five seconds later she’d slammed the door behind her.
20120504:   1556L 20%    83p Highlight|
   She was glad she’d taken the book. Now, in her morose condition, the
elegant prose of Roland Barthes was her one consolation.
20120504:   1561L 20%    83p Highlight|
   Since breaking up with Leonard, Madeleine had been crying more or less
all the time. She cried herself to sleep at night. She cried in the
morning, brushing her teeth. She tried very hard not to cry in front of
her roommates and for the most part succeeded.
20120504:   1567L 20%    83p Highlight|
   The more of A Lover’s Discourse she read, the more in love she felt.
20120504:   1569L 20%    84p Highlight|
   a book about being in love that contained the word love in just about
every sentence.
20120504:   1577L 20%    84p Highlight|
   Finally, when she forced herself to go and empty her overstuffed
mailbox, there was still no letter from Yale.
20120504:   1579L 20%    84p Highlight|
   enrollment form and the name of the Chinese province, Shandong, where
she would be teaching. There was also an information packet containing
various bold-faced sentences that leapt out at her:
20120504:   1586L 20%    84p Highlight|
   Two days later, she received a rejection letter through campus mail
from the Melvin and Hetty Greenberg Foundation informing her that she
would not be receiving the Greenberg fellowship to study Hebrew in
20120504:   1592L 20%    85p Highlight|
   his invitation to live together made her blissful, and this, in turn,
had played a strong part in Madeleine’s avowal of love a few days later.
20120504:   1595L 20%    85p Highlight|
   Somehow, she turned in her honors thesis. She handed in her final
paper for Semiotics 211 but failed to pick it up after the exam period to
see Zipperstein’s comments and her grade.
20120504:   1607L 21%    86p Highlight|
   Abby came quickly forward and snatched the Roland Barthes away. “We’re
confiscating this,” she said.
20120504:   1618L 21%    86p Highlight|
   “We’re graduating tomorrow!” Olivia pleaded. “This is our last night
at college. You can’t stay in your room!”
20120504:   1624L 21%    86p Highlight|
   “Give me the book,” Madeleine said. “Only if you come.” “O.K.!”
Madeleine relented. “I’ll come.”
20120504:   1627L 21%    87p Highlight|
   “What if Leonard’s there?” she asked. “He won’t be,” Abby said.
20120504:   1636L 21%    87p Highlight|
   “You guys go first,” Madeleine said. “Tell me if you see Leonard.”
Abby looked annoyed. “I told you, he won’t be here.”
20120504:   1639L 21%    87p Highlight|
   Leonard’s not exactly normal. He’s weird.” “He is not,” Madeleine
20120504:   1659L 21%    88p Highlight|
   domestic beer. I brought imported.” Olivia rose to full Scandinavian
height to cast him a withering look. “As if we even wanted beer,” she
20120504:   1686L 22%    90p Highlight|
   The sucking hole at her center grew larger. Quickly, she climbed the
front stairs, finding the bathroom and locking the door behind her. For
the next five minutes, Madeleine cried over the sink
20120504:   1713L 22%    91p Highlight|
   was, and violently flung it off the balcony. It made a thud in the
damp grass. “I guess you don’t like Vanity Fair,” Madeleine said.
20120504:   1725L 22%    92p Highlight|
   “That’s what my paper’s on!” Madeleine cried. “I deconstructed
Barthes’ deconstruction of love.” Thurston kept nodding. “I’d like to
read it.”
20120504:   1733L 22%    92p Highlight|
   Madeleine found herself, unexpectedly, liking Thurston.
20120504:   1767L 23%    94p Highlight|
   Being with Thurston wasn’t at all like being with Leonard. Being with
Thurston was like being with her family. It was like being with Alton, so
punctilious about his snifters, superstitious about drinking grape after
20120504:   1775L 23%    94p Highlight|
   necessary to play “Mack the Knife” and “I Heard It Through the
Grapevine” and “Smoke on the Water” and to dance together among the
tables in the otherwise empty bar.
20120504:   1778L 23%    95p Highlight|
   pockets of his leather jacket, and they drank them as they walked back
up College Hill to Thurston’s place. Madeleine’s
20120504:   1781L 23%    95p Highlight|
   She entered his room without having registered the stairs that led to
it. Once there, however, Madeleine was clear about the protocol, and
began taking off her clothes. She lay on her back, laughingly trying to
grasp her shoes, and finally kicked them off. Thurston, by contrast, was
instantaneously naked except for his underwear. He lay completely still,
blending into his white sheets like a chameleon.
20120504:   1799L 23%    96p Highlight|
   Without finishing what she’d started, Madeleine lifted her head, sat
back on her heels, and began to softly weep.
20120504:   1806L 23%    96p Highlight|
   Madeleine’s only comfort came from knowing that she’d remained—
technically—inviolate. It would have been so much worse to have the
reminder of Thurston’s come inside her, trickling, leaking out.
20120504:   1829L 23%    97p Highlight|
   The more girls Bankhead slept with, the more girls wanted to sleep
with him. Which made Mitchell uncomfortably aware of how little he knew
about girls in the first place.
20120504:   1845L 24%    98p Highlight|
   With apparent honesty, these voices described in detail how they’d
lost the will to live, how they’d become ill, bedridden, abandoned by
friends and family until suddenly a “New Thought” had occurred to them,
the thought of their true place in the universe, at which point all their
suffering had ended.
20120504:   1865L 24%    99p Highlight|
   “This is a rigorous, comprehensive, analytical course in twentieth-
century religious thought. Any of you who think a little something in
alienation might do should think otherwise.”
20120504:   1877L 24% 100p Highlight|
   Twice a week they met with Richter and looked unflinchingly at the
reasons why the Christian faith had, around the year 1848, expired.
20120504:   1887L 24% 100p Highlight|
   What Richter believed was unclear. He wasn’t a Christian apologist.
20120504:   1891L 24% 101p Highlight|
   There was no way to cheat. The answers to such questions couldn’t be
found anywhere. No one had formulated them yet. Mitchell didn’t remember
any strain in completing the exam.
20120504:   1894L 24% 101p Highlight|
   While he wrote, he felt, for the first time, as though he weren’t in
school anymore.
20120504:   1897L 24% 101p Highlight|
   Everyone he knew was convinced that religion was a sham and God a
20120504:   1909L 25% 102p Highlight|
   All the other offices were empty. The Buddhists had left for summer
vacation. The Islamicists were down in D.C., giving the State Department
insight into the “frame of reference” of Abu Nidal, who had just remotely
detonated a car bomb inside the French embassy in West Beirut. Only the
door at the end of the hall was open, and inside it, wearing a necktie
despite the sultry weather, was Richter.
20120504:   1940L 25% 103p Highlight|
   he’d begun to realize how ignorant he was. The world had been formed
by beliefs he knew nothing about. “That was the beginning,” he said,
20120504:   1945L 25% 104p Highlight|
   “And Tolstoy. I realize Tolstoy got a little excessive, near the end.
Rejecting Anna Karenina. But how many writers turn against their own
genius? Maybe it was Tolstoy’s obsession with truth that made him so
great in the first place. The fact that he was willing to give up his art
was what made him a great artist.”
20120504:   1951L 25% 104p Highlight|
   Richter waited a moment before asking, “Your search has been purely
intellectual?” “Not only,” Mitchell said. He hesitated and then
confessed, “I’ve also been going to church.”
20120504:   1958L 25% 104p Highlight|
   “So you believe in God, Professor Richter?” In a firm tone, Richter
specified, “I am a Christian religious believer.”
20120504:   1962L 25% 104p Highlight|
   “In class I couldn’t tell if you believed anything or not.” “That’s
the way the game is played.” They sat there together, companionably
sipping their iced coffees. And Richter made his offer.
20120504:   1972L 25% 105p Highlight|
   Now, heading back to his apartment to dress for the commencement
procession, Mitchell told himself that it didn’t matter what Madeleine
thought of him. He would soon be gone.
20120504:   1983L 25% 106p Highlight|
   They’d bought a big yellow map of India and hung it on the kitchen
20120504:   1987L 25% 106p Highlight|
   For the first hour of the party, this resulted in everyone having a
bad time. Friends came up to tell you that they’d always distrusted you,
that you’d always had bad breath, et cetera. Around midnight, the
downstairs neighbors, a married couple named Ted and Susan (who, Mitchell
could see retrospectively, had been ridiculously costumed in terry-cloth
bathrobes and fluffy slippers, Susan with curlers in her hair), burst
angrily through the door, threatening to call the cops because of the
loud music. Mitchell tried to calm them down.
20120504:   2001L 26% 107p Highlight|
   Larry, who was getting sick over the balcony, “Go on! Puke your guts
out! You deserve it!”—that he would forgive Larry for turning their house
and party into bad performance art. Larry was his best friend, they were
going to India together, and Mitchell had no choice.
20120504:   2037L 26% 108p Highlight|
   He remembered a line from Meister Eckhart: “Only the hand that erases
can write the true thing.”
20120512:   2050L 26% 109p Highlight|
   running away, she should have pointed out that Leonard was perfectly
happy with her level of intelligence.
20120512:   2061L 26% 110p Highlight|
   She dried her eyes. From now on, she wouldn’t have to see Mitchell
ever again, if she didn’t want. Or Leonard, either.
20120512:   2065L 26% 110p Highlight|
   She left the park, climbing a small cobblestone lane back to Benefit
20120512:   2083L 27% 111p Highlight|“Leonard’s in the hospital.”
20120512:   2089L 27% 111p Highlight|
   “What’s the matter? Is he O.K.?” “He’s fine,”
20120512:   2095L 27% 112p Highlight|
   It had started with Leonard not being able to sleep.
20120512:   2104L 27% 112p Highlight|
   Leonard stopped taking his lithium. It wasn’t clear if Leonard had
done this on purpose or just forgot. But pretty soon he was calling
people on the telephone. He called everybody. He talked for fifteen
minutes, or a half hour, or an hour, or two hours.
20120512:   2106L 27% 112p Highlight|
   He called his friends two or three times a day. Then five or six. Then
ten. Then twelve. He called from his apartment.
20120512:   2123L 27% 113p Highlight|
   He called to ask people about their moles. Did they ever have a mole
that looked suspicious? That bled or changed shape?
20120512:   2129L 27% 113p Highlight|
   now, in his million phone calls, he began to draw on this reserve, one
call at a time, as people waited through his kvetching and tried to coax
him out of his depression, and it was a long time before he exhausted his
reserve of being liked and admired.
20120512:   2143L 27% 114p Highlight|
   “Where’s Leonard?” he kept asking, on the phone. Where was the guy who
could write a twenty-page paper on Spinoza with his left hand while
playing chess with his right?
20120512:   2150L 27% 114p Highlight|
   So gradually his friends began to make up excuses when Leonard called.
20120512:   2156L 28% 115p Highlight|
   Leonard said in a quavering tone. “They’re giving me an incomplete,
Ken. I’m not going to graduate.” “Who says?” “Prof. Nalbandian just
20120512:    2165L 28% 115p Highlight|
   Auerbach tried to reason with Leonard, to talk him down, but no matter
what arguments he offered, Leonard remained fixed on the direness of his
20120512:    2174L 28% 116p Highlight|
   After much coaxing, he finally persuaded Leonard to let him take him
to Health Services, and the doctor there admitted Leonard for the night.
The next day, they sent him to Providence Hospital, where he was now in
the psychiatric ward, receiving treatment.
20120512:    2179L 28% 116p Highlight|
   He’s always been fine. He just needs some support right now. That’s
basically why I called.” “Thanks,” Madeleine said. “I’m glad you did.”
20120512:    2182L 28% 116p Highlight|
   don’t know—I’m sure Leonard would like to see you.”
20120512:    2186L 28% 116p Highlight|
   Madeleine was now filled with purpose. Putting the receiver down
firmly, she strode out her bedroom door and back into the living room.
20120512:    2188L 28% 117p Highlight|
   “You traitors!” Madeleine shouted. “What?” Abby said, surprised. “You
knew!” Madeleine cried. “You knew Leonard was in the hospital the whole
time! That’s why you said he wouldn’t be at the party.”
20120512:    2202L 28% 117p Highlight|
   Leonard—is—crazy. He wouldn’t leave his apartment!
20120512:    2207L 28% 118p Highlight|
   “We were just worried about you, Mad,” she said. “We were worried you
might use this to get back with Leonard.”
20120512:    2217L 28% 118p Highlight|
   “Let’s go,” Abby said, turning away from Madeleine with an air of
finality. “We’ve got to get up to the march.” “My nails aren’t dry,”
Olivia said.
20120512:    2228L 29% 119p Highlight|
   She pictured Leonard barricaded in his apartment, with security
officers breaking down his door, and a fearful tenderness took hold of
20120512:    2231L 29% 119p Highlight|
   Reaching Congdon Street, she picked up speed. In a few blocks she saw
the crowds. Policemen had stopped traffic, and people in raincoats were
filling Prospect and College Streets,
20120512:    2237L 29% 119p Highlight|
   Madeleine’s mailbox was on the bottom row of the
20120512:    2240L 29% 119p Highlight|
   It was the letter from Yale, torn, and enclosed in a plastic USPS
envelope bearing a printed notice: “This article of mail was damaged en
route to the recipient.
20120512:    2272L 29% 121p Highlight|
   Wickle gates, where parents—including Alton and Phyllida—were
expectantly massed. Madeleine watched the march, waiting for a place to
jump in.
20120512:    2282L 29% 122p Highlight|
   A minute later, she flagged down a taxi and told the driver to take
her to Providence Hospital.
20120512:    2293L 29% 122p Highlight|
   Larry and defying the day’s solemnity in his own commonplace way.
“Gaudeamus igitur,” he said, and took a drag.
20120512:    2300L 29% 122p Highlight|A lot of people had brought
cameras with
20120512:    2326L 30% 124p Highlight|
   Mitchell took off his cap and wiped his forehead. He didn’t feel like
celebrating, particularly. College had been easy. The idea that
graduating was any kind of accomplishment seemed laughable to him.
20120512:    2333L 30% 124p Highlight|
   It surprised Mitchell that Professor Richter would take part in such
silly pageantry. He could have been at home reading Heidegger,
20120512:    2339L 30% 125p Highlight|
   “Congratulations!” the taxi driver said. Madeleine glanced up,
momentarily confused, before she remembered what she was wearing. “Thank
you,” she said.
20120512:    2345L 30% 125p Highlight|
   hospital, right? So I thought maybe you’re planning on being a
doctor.” “No, not me,” Madeleine answered nearly inaudibly, looking out
the window. The driver took the message and was silent the rest of the
20120512:    2359L 30% 126p Highlight|
   before finding the front desk. The receptionist took one look at her
before asking, “You here for Bankhead?”
20120512:    2380L 31% 127p Highlight|
   The few patients visible in their rooms—mental patients, Madeleine
couldn’t help thinking—were passing time as all convalescents would,
reading, dozing, staring out the window.
20120512:    2383L 31% 127p Highlight|
   As soon as Madeleine stepped in, the light made her wince. The
brightness of the dayroom seemed itself a therapy against depression.
20120512:    2388L 31% 127p Highlight|
   “So, Leonard,” the guy with the glasses was saying. “You manufactured
a little mental illness to get in here and get some help. And now you’re
in and you’ve got some help, and you realize maybe you’re not so bad off
as you thought.”
20120512:    2396L 31% 128p Highlight|
   Madeleine took this opportunity to come forward. Seeing her, Leonard
rose from his chair. “Madeleine. Hey,” he said softly. “Thanks for
20120512:    2424L 31% 129p Highlight|
   by self-doubt, Madeleine recognized that she and a mentally ill person
were not necessarily mutually exclusive categories.
20120512:    2427L 31% 129p Highlight|
   “Leonard’s concerned they’re going to keep him in here indefinitely,
which I don’t think is the case.” Henry was talking again.
20120512:    2430L 31% 129p Highlight|
   get some help,” Henry repeated once more. “And now you feel better and
you’re ready to go home.”
20120512:    2445L 31% 130p Highlight|
   “You’re not a doctor, though,” she said. “No,” Henry said. “But I am a
psych major. Which means I’ve read a lot of Freud.” He broke into a big,
awkward, flirtatious Cheshire cat grin.
20120512:    2454L 31% 131p Highlight|
   Henry stood up. With a slightly offended air but undiminished
confidence, he said, “People don’t save other people. People save
20120512:    2465L 31% 131p Highlight|
   How long have you been in here? Why didn’t you tell me? Is it true you
were diagnosed three years ago? Why didn’t you tell me you were on
medication? My roommates knew and I didn’t!
20120512:    2471L 32% 132p Highlight|
   is a state hospital.” “Meaning what?” “Meaning it’s mostly just
throwing medicine at people.” “Are you taking anything?”
20120512:    2483L 32% 132p Highlight|
   “Why didn’t you call me?” she asked. “We broke up.” “Leonard! If I
knew you were depressed, that wouldn’t have mattered.”
20120512:    2494L 32% 133p Highlight|
   Depression didn’t necessarily ruin a person’s looks. Only the way
Leonard was moving his lips, sucking them and biting them occasionally,
indicated that he was on any drugs.
20120512:    2498L 32% 133p Highlight|
   “After you left that day, I lay down on my bed and didn’t get up for a
week. I just lay there thinking how I’d sabotaged the best chance I ever
had to be happy in life.
20120512:    2519L 32% 134p Highlight|
   Had she known from the outset about his manic depression, his messed-
up family, his shrink habit, Madeleine would never have allowed herself
to get so passionately involved. But now that she was passionately
involved, she found little to regret. To feel so much was its own
20120512:    2532L 32% 135p Highlight|
   They were silent, looking at each other. Leonard leaned closer. “‘Once
the first avowal has been made,’” he said, quoting Barthes from memory,
“‘“I love you” has no meaning whatever.’”
20120518:    2558L 33% 136p Highlight|
   problem with Paris, in the present case, was that Larry’s girlfriend
was doing a year abroad there and they were going to stay in her
20120518:    2566L 33% 137p Highlight|drinking the muddy espresso
20120518:    2572L 33% 137p Highlight|
   Larry, only fifteen at the time, had ferried champagne splits and
graham crackers to the ballerina’s bedside, where Kolnoskova alternately
wept, watched game shows, or coaxed him to massage her young,
spectacularly deformed feet.
20120518:    2581L 33% 137p Highlight|
   Did the Pleshettes really eat fish for breakfast? Who was Diaghilev?
What was a gouache, a pentimento, a rugelach?
20120518:    2593L 33% 138p Highlight|
   Every four or five years, the Pleshettes went back to France to tour
the paternal war sites. In a sense, by coming to Paris now at the same
age, Larry was reenacting his father’s youth, back when the Americans had
marched into the city.
20120518:    2601L 33% 139p Highlight|
   Claire lived not far from the Eiffel Tower, however, and, later on,
Mitchell would calculate that her apartment had been in the fashionable
Seventh, and that it must have been expensive.
20120518:    2610L 33% 139p Highlight|
   door at one end opened and Claire Schwartz stepped into the frame of
20120518:   2630L 34% 140p Highlight|
   Claire wouldn’t be making coffee. If Larry and Claire were alone, they
would already be having reunion sex. Under other circumstances, Mitchell
would have made himself scarce. But he didn’t know anybody in Paris and
had nowhere to go.
20120518:   2640L 34% 141p Highlight|
   Mitchell would be forced to listen to his friend getting laid five
feet away.
20120518:   2654L 34% 141p Highlight|
   Claire’s parents were Orthodox Jews who lived by the letter of the
20120518:   2656L 34% 141p Highlight|
   to the hospital in an ambulance (Talmudic wisdom holding that a
medical emergency contravened the prohibition against riding in cars on
the Sabbath). Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz had refused to ride
along with their writhing son, setting off instead, nearly mad with
worry, for the hospital on foot.
20120518:   2663L 34% 142p Highlight|
   “If you read any of the mystics, or any decent theology—Catholic,
Protestant, kabbalistic—the one thing they all agree on is that God is
beyond any human concept or category.
20120518:   2665L 34% 142p Highlight|
   The human mind can’t conceive what God is. God doesn’t have a sex or
anything else.”
20120518:   2681L 34% 143p Highlight|
   if there was such a thing as God, he would even care what people are
doing—is totally anthropocentric and so totally, totally male! Before
20120518:   2686L 34% 143p Highlight|
   “If you dislike a conception of God as masculine,” Mitchell said to
Claire, “why replace it with one that’s feminine? Why not get rid of the
whole idea of a gendered divinity?”
20120518:   2695L 35% 144p Highlight|
   “You’re not having your period right now, are you?” Mitchell said.
Claire’s expressive face went blank. “I can’t believe you just said
that,” she said. “I was just kidding,” Mitchell said. His face was
suddenly hot.
20120518:   2702L 35% 144p Highlight|
   There was one bright side to the day: since it still felt like the
middle of the night for Larry and Mitchell, there was no reason not to
start drinking immediately. By
20120518:   2709L 35% 144p Highlight|
   Under the influence of the wine Mitchell began to feel happier, his
jet lag in temporary remission. They walked down to the Seine, across the
Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens.
20120518:   2713L 35% 144p Highlight|
   and put a hand to his chest. “Oh my God, poularde de Bresse! That’s
what I’m making!” Back
20120519:   2735L 35% 146p Highlight|
   He tried to imagine what it had been like to be Hemingway, in Paris,
in the 1920s. To write those clear, seemingly unadorned, yet complex
sentences that would change forever the way Americans wrote prose.
20120519:   2744L 35% 146p Highlight|
   If he was to argue this with Claire, however, he ran the risk of being
labeled a misogynist himself.
20120519:   2749L 35% 146p Highlight|
   Rereading Hemingway’s sentences, Mitchell recognized that they were,
indeed, implicitly addressed to the male reader.
20120519:   2755L 35% 147p Highlight|
   “Yum,” Claire said. The chicken was scrawny by American standards, and
cosmetically inferior. One leg seemed to have acne. Mitchell took a bite.
“Huh?” Larry prompted. “Did I tell you or did I tell you?” “You told us,”
Mitchell said.
20120519:   2766L 35% 147p Highlight|
   “Where’s the best place to find a hotel around here?” he asked. There
was a pause before Claire said, “You can stay here.” “That’s O.K. I’ll
find a hotel.”
20120519:   2778L 36% 148p Highlight|
   He’d foreseen a moment like this, where he would be exiled from the
warm, dry sublet so that Larry could peel off Claire’s clothes and press
his face between her coltish legs.
20120519:   2786L 36% 148p Highlight|
   He was happy to be out in the rain! It was worth it to pay for a hotel
if it meant not listening to Claire spout her platitudes for one more
second! How could Larry stand going out with her? How could Larry have a
girlfriend like that? What was the matter with him? It
20120519:   2786L 36% 148p Highlight|
   He was happy to be out in the rain! It was worth it to pay for a hotel
if it meant not listening to Claire spout her platitudes for one more
second! How could Larry stand going out with her? How could Larry have a
girlfriend like that? What was the matter with him? It was possible, of
course, that some of the anger Mitchell felt at Claire was misdirected.
It was possible that the female he was really mad at was Madeleine.
20120519:   2793L 36% 149p Highlight|
   Then, less than forty-eight hours ago, on the night before he left for
Paris, Mitchell had run into Madeleine on the Lower East Side.
20120519:   2796L 36% 149p Highlight|
   At first, Mitchell had been worried that Madeleine was still mad at
him, but even in the feeble lighting of the bombed-out bar, he could tell
that wasn’t the case. She seemed genuinely pleased to see him,
20120519:   2803L 36% 149p Highlight|
   Now, in his disappointment, Mitchell tried to forget about Madeleine
and to concentrate on the fact that the last three months had at least
put money in his pocket. He’d gone back to Detroit to live rent-free.
20120519:   2853L 37% 152p Highlight|
   “I’m sure you are aware,” Dean said, “that India is one of the so-
called ‘nonaligned’ nations. You know what that means? It means they
don’t want to choose between the U.S. of A. and Russia. They think Russia
and America are moral equivalents.”
20120519:   2861L 37% 152p Highlight|
   “What happens if you get sick?” Lillian said. “I won’t get sick.” “How
do you know you won’t get sick?” “Let me ask you this,” Dean said. “How
long do you expect the trip to be? Two, three months?”
20120519:   2876L 37% 153p Highlight|
   “That tenure’s a good deal. It’s un-American. But it’s nice work if
you can get it.”
20120519:   2882L 37% 154p Highlight|
   He told Father Marucci pretty much what he’d told Professor Richter.
But either because Father Marucci wasn’t terribly concerned about making
converts or because he’d seen Mitchell’s type before, he hadn’t pressed
hard. Giving Mitchell some materials to read, he’d sent him on his way,
telling him to come back and talk if he wanted.
20120519:   2894L 37% 154p Highlight|
   twenty-two. I don’t know when I’ll get married. It might be a while.
So the rule I’m worried about, mainly, is premarital sex.”
“Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick and choose.” “I know that.”
20120519:   2910L 37% 155p Highlight|
   She was a large, disordered woman, like a child’s drawing that didn’t
stay within the lines. The waiters supplied her with a steady stream of
scotch and sodas.
20120519:   2926L 38% 156p Highlight|
   Mitchell worked seven shifts a week until he’d earned enough money to
buy a plane ticket to Paris and $3,280 in American Express Travelers
Cheques. Within a week he was gone, first to New York and, three days
later, to Paris, where he now found himself with no place to stay,
walking in the rain along Avenue Rapp.
20120519:   2930L 38% 156p Highlight|
   found it already occupied by another luckless backpacker, a guy in a
rain poncho, water droplets falling from the tip of his long nose. “Every
hotel in Paris is booked up,” the guy said. “I’ve been to every one.”
“Did you ring the doorbell?” “Three times so far.”
20120519:   2953L 38% 157p Highlight|
   But now he had to find somewhere to keep it for the night, while
sharing the room with a stranger. In addition to traveler’s checks, the
pouch contained Mitchell’s passport, immunization records, five hundred
francs exchanged from seventy dollars the day before, and a recently
activated MasterCard. After
20120519:   2958L 38% 158p Highlight|
   MasterCard was like a tracking device. Only after resisting Dean’s
pressure for a solid month had Mitchell given in and accepted the card,
but his plan was never to use it.
20120519:   2979L 38% 159p Highlight|
   But then he looked behind the bed and saw the money pouch on the
20120519:   2996L 38% 160p Highlight|
   Along with his passport and other documentation, the checks packed the
fisherman’s wallet tightly, creating a noticeable bulge in his pants. If
Mitchell shifted the wallet to his hip, it looked less like a codpiece
but more like a colostomy bag.
20120525:   3117L 40% 166p Highlight|
   bridges—the Pont Neuf. The sun had set and the streetlamps
20120525:   3122L 40% 166p Highlight|
   It was probably true that he objectified women. He thought about them
all the time, didn’t he? He looked at them a lot.
20120525:   3123L 40% 166p Highlight|
   most intense interest and scrutiny on Mitchell’s part. And yet he
didn’t think that a word like objectification covered the way these
alluring—but intelligent!—creatures made him feel. What Mitchell felt
when he saw a beautiful girl was more like something from a Greek myth,
20120525:   3129L 40% 167p Highlight|
   She had such an incredible ass! It was so round and perfect and alive.
Every time Mitchell stole a glance at her ass he had the weird feeling
that it was staring back, that Claire’s ass
20120525:   3134L 40% 167p Highlight|
   that the mystics were all saying the same thing. Enlightenment came
from the extinction of desire.
20120525:   3149L 40% 168p Highlight|
   Returning to his hotel, Mitchell hung out in the lobby on the off
chance some friendly English-speaking travelers showed up.
20120525:   3168L 41% 169p Highlight|
   her knees in front of him said about him, so next he imagined himself
generously going down on her, making her come like she’d never come
before. At this point he came himself. He turned onto his side, dripping
onto the hotel carpet.
20120525:   3178L 41% 169p Highlight|“Claire and I broke up,” he said.
20120525:   3182L 41% 169p Highlight|
   “Figures,” he snorted. “You’re just a sacrificial victim.” “Of what?”
“Sexist male and all that shit.”
20120525:   3187L 41% 170p Highlight|Now their trip could finally
20120525:   3188L 41% 170p Highlight|
   On her fourteenth birthday, in November 1974, Madeleine had received a
present from her older sister, Alwyn, who was away
20120525:   3191L 41% 170p Highlight|
   its lid marked in black ink with the words “Bachelorette’s Survival
20120525:   3193L 41% 170p Highlight|
   Dear Little Sis, Now that you’re fourteen and have started HIGH
school, I thought I should let you know a few things about S-E-X so you
don’t get yourself, as the Father Figure would say, “in trouble.”
20120525:   3205L 41% 171p Highlight|
   Madeleine had never seen a condom package before, much less held one
in her hand. She ran the ball of her thumb over it.
20120525:   3207L 41% 171p Highlight|
   condom swam in was both repellent and fascinating. The circumference
of the ring frankly startled her. She hadn’t given much detailed thought
to the extent of the male erection.
20120525:   3211L 41% 171p Highlight|
   only erection Madeleine had seen with her own eyes belonged to her
grandmother’s Labrador, Wylie, which had rawly emerged from its fur sock
as the dog maniacally humped her leg.
20120525:   3218L 41% 171p Highlight|
   labeled “French tickler”; a gag made of blue plastic consisting of two
moving figures, a man with a hard-on and a woman on all fours, the lever
of which, when Maddy moved it back and forth, caused the half-inch stud
to prong the woman
20120525:   3234L 41% 172p Highlight|
   out her joint AmEx card and messengering bottles of mother’s milk to
the house in Beverly where she’d left her six-month-old, Richard, in the
care of his father. Having failed to persuade Alwyn to return home,
Phyllida had decided to bring her to Cape Cod in the hope that Madeleine
could talk some sense into her.
20120525:   3239L 42% 173p Highlight|
   “Why doesn’t Daddy talk to her?” “He has. It ended in a shouting
match. I’m at my wit’s end, Maddy. You don’t have to do anything. Just be
your sensible, reasonable self.”
20120525:   3260L 42% 174p Highlight|
   After stripping Leonard’s mattress, she balled up the sheets,
intending to drop them off at the corner laundry, but instead threw them
in a trash can behind the building, replacing them with her own. She hung
curtains in the windows and bought a paper shade for the bare bulb
hanging from the ceiling.
20120525:   3270L 42% 174p Highlight|
   Every afternoon, she went down to the hospital to see Leonard.
20120525:   3274L 42% 174p Highlight|
   By this time he was well versed in the clinical histories of most of
his fellow patients. They treated him like an intern, discussing their
cases with him, asking for information about the drugs they were taking.
Leonard operated in the hospital the same way he did at school.
20120525:   3279L 42% 175p Highlight|
   he was there for twenty-two days. On the day of his release, in late
June, Madeleine drove downtown to pick him up in her new car, a Saab
convertible with twelve thousand miles on it. The car was a graduation
present from her parents.
20120525:   3286L 42% 175p Highlight|
   hadn’t pressed her about it. Instead, Alton had called a few days
later to instruct Madeleine to go out and buy herself a car. “Used,” he
stipulated. “One or two years old. That way you escape a lot of the
depreciation.” Madeleine had done as instructed, finding the convertible
in the Pro-Jo classifieds.
20120525:   3292L 42% 175p Highlight|
   “Let’s get out of here. I’ve had enough of this place.” For the rest
of the summer Leonard was touchingly fragile. He spoke in the softest of
tones. He watched baseball on TV, holding Madeleine’s hand.
20120525:   3299L 42% 176p Highlight|
   The lithium made him thirsty all the time, and sporadically nauseated.
20120525:   3302L 42% 176p Highlight|
   Along with his thirst, Leonard had to pee constantly. He had
stomachaches and suffered bouts of diarrhea. Worst of all, the lithium
made his mind feel sluggish.
20120525:   3304L 42% 176p Highlight|
   started smoking cigarettes as well as smelly little cigars for which
he’d developed a fondness in the hospital.
20120525:   3312L 42% 176p Highlight|
   All of this might have bothered Madeleine more if Leonard’s neediness
hadn’t appealed to her so much.
20120525:   3316L 43% 177p Highlight|
   Neither of them had a job. The long summer days passed slowly.
20120525:   3320L 43% 177p Highlight|
   “You know how old Einstein was when he proposed the special theory of
relativity?” he asked Madeleine one day. “How old?” “Twenty-six.”
20120525:   3333L 43% 178p Highlight|
   Galileo? How old was he? What about Edison?” “Can we not talk about
this anymore?” Leonard said. “I’m getting depressed.”
20120525:   3351L 43% 178p Highlight|
   They started leaving the apartment. One day they drove to Federal Hill
to have pizza. Afterward, Leonard insisted that they go into a cheese
20120525:    3359L 43% 179p Highlight|
   “I was under the weather, Vittorio.” “Nothing serious, I hope. Don’t
tell me! I don’t want to know. I got problems of my own.” “What do you
recommend today?”
20120525:    3363L 43% 179p Highlight|
   “This is Madeleine.” “You like cheese, young lady? Here, taste. Take
some home with you. And get rid of this guy. He’s no good.”
20120525:    3404L 44% 181p Highlight|
   to Michael Zolodnek but to Diane MacGregor. The seats in the
amphitheater were already filled with press reporters and Pilgrim Lake
staff. Standing in the back of the room, Madeleine and Leonard watched
Dr. Malkiel escort MacGregor to a podium bedecked with a bouquet of
20120525:    3409L 44% 182p Highlight|
   The questions began: “Dr. MacGregor, where were you when you heard the
news?” “I was asleep. Just like I am right now.” “Could you tell us what
your scientific work is about?” “I could. But then you’d be asleep.”
“What do you plan to do with the money?” “Spend
20120525:    3418L 44% 182p Highlight|
   From talking to Leonard and other people, Madeleine understood the
basics of MacGregor’s work—it had to do with gene transmission, and the
way traits are copied, transposed, or deleted—but what she really admired
was the solitary and determined way MacGregor carried it out.
20120525:    3423L 44% 182p Highlight|
   purity of her renunciation and the simplicity of her scientific
20120525:    3427L 44% 183p Highlight|
   MacGregor. She’d been at Pilgrim Lake since 1947! For thirty-five
years she’d been inspecting her corn with Mendelian patience, receiving
no encouragement or feedback on her work, just
20120525:    3438L 44% 183p Highlight|
   Considering that Leonard’s fellowship covered their food and lodging,
there was no reason Madeleine couldn’t spend all her time reading,
sleeping, and eating. But she had no intention of doing that.
20120525:    3441L 44% 183p Highlight|
   Professor Saunders encouraging her to turn her thesis into a shorter
paper and to forward it to one M. Myerson at The Janeite Review. “It just
may be publishable!” Saunders had written.
20120525:    3454L 44% 184p Highlight|
   “Are you thinking of going into Austen studies?” Anne Wong asked
Madeleine. “I don’t know. I had a chapter on her in my thesis. But you
know who I’m also into? It’s a little embarrassing.” “Who?” “Mrs.
Gaskell.” “I love Mrs. Gaskell!” Anne Wong cried.
20120525:    3460L 44% 184p Highlight|
   “Women of Property in the Victorian Novel,” “Victorian Women Writers
and the Woman Question,” “Masturbation in Victorian Literature,” and “The
Prison of Womanhood.” Madeleine and Anne Wong heard Terry Castle give a
paper on “the invisible lesbian” in Victorian literature, and they
20120525:    3478L 44% 185p Highlight|
   Over two and a half days Madeleine and her new friends attended
sixteen seminars. They snuck into a cocktail party for an insurance
underwriters’ convention and ate free food.
20120525:   3480L 44% 185p Highlight|
   Anne laid her head on Madeleine’s shoulder and confessed that she was
still a virgin. “Not only Taiwanese!” she cried. “But a Taiwanese virgin!
20120525:   3482L 44% 185p Highlight|
   As little as she had in common with Meg and Anne, Madeleine couldn’t
remember having a better time.
20120525:   3487L 45% 186p Highlight|
   On the way back to Cape Cod, and for days afterward, Madeleine felt a
rush of happiness every time she remembered Meg Jones calling them all
20120602:   3506L 45% 187p Highlight|
   And so she took the typewriter back to the sink and got the rest of
the gunk out with an old toothbrush. In this manner, Madeleine tried to
become a Victorianist.
20120602:   3524L 45% 188p Highlight|
   Leonard kept his diagnosis a secret at Pilgrim Lake. He knew from
experience that when people found out he’d been hospitalized and,
especially, that he was taking a drug twice a day to stabilize his mood,
they treated him differently.
20120602:   3579L 46% 191p Highlight|
   She threw herself back into the task of loving and caring for Leonard,
and after a while the experience of kissing Mitchell that night began to
seem as though it had taken place in an alternate reality, dreamlike and
ephemeral. Now, over the bay from Boston, picking its way among
20120602:   3614L 46% 193p Highlight|
   They hugged, and Phyllida said, “We had dinner the other night with
the Snyders. Professor Snyder is retired from Baxter, in biology, and I
had him explain Dr. MacGregor’s work to me. So I’m fully up to date!
‘Jumping genes.’ I’m looking forward to talking to Leonard all about it.”
20120602:   3637L 47% 194p Highlight|
   When Alwyn had become pregnant, a little over a year ago, Phyllida had
been thrilled. She’d gone up to Beverly to help decorate the nursery. She
and Alwyn had gone shopping together for baby clothes, and Phyllida had
shipped Alwyn and Maddy’s old candlestick crib up from Prettybrook. Their
20120602:   3644L 47% 194p Highlight|
   Why did she need a breast-feeding “coach”? If breast-feeding was so
“natural,” as Alwyn was always claiming it was, why was a coach
necessary? Did Ally need a breathing coach, or a sleeping coach? “This
must be
20120602:   3655L 47% 195p Highlight|
   Alwyn unzipped one of her bags and took out the breast pump and an
empty bottle. She began unbuttoning her shirt. “How far is it to your
place?” she asked Madeleine.
20120602:   3669L 47% 195p Highlight|
   “All right. Let’s talk about something else. Madeleine, how are you
liking it up here?” “I love it. Except that I feel stupid sometimes.
Everybody here got an eight hundred on their math SAT. But it’s
beautiful, and the food’s amazing.” “And is Leonard enjoying it?” “He
likes it,” Madeleine lied. “And do you have enough to do?” “Me? Tons. I’m
rewriting my thesis to submit it to The Janeite Review.”
20120602:    3675L 47% 196p Highlight|
   “You’re going to be published? Marvelous! How can I subscribe?” “The
article’s not accepted yet,” Madeleine said, “but the editor wants to see
it, so I’m hoping.” “If you want to have a career,” Alwyn said, “my
advice is don’t get married.
20120602:    3678L 47% 196p Highlight|
   You think things have changed and there’s some kind of gender equality
now, that men are different, but I’ve got news for you. They’re not.
They’re just as shitty and selfish as Daddy was. Is.” “Ally, I don’t like
to hear you talk that way about your father.” “Jawohl,” Alwyn said, and
went quiet. The quaint village, with its weathered houses, small, sandy
yards, and feisty rosebushes, had been steadily emptying since Labor Day,
the vacationing crowds along Commercial Street thinning to a population
of townies and year-round transplants. As they passed the Pilgrim
Monument, Madeleine
20120602:    3687L 47% 196p Highlight|
   “Doesn’t Norman Mailer live here?” Phyllida inquired. “He has a house
on the water,” Madeleine said. “Your father and I met him once. He was
very drunk.”
20120602:    3691L 47% 197p Highlight|
   Alwyn remained seated with the pump. “Just let me finish this side,”
she said. “I’ll do the other side later.”
20120602:    3695L 47% 197p Highlight|
   Alwyn finished and began screwing the lid onto the baby bottle. Her
mother’s milk looked weirdly green. Unzipping the other bag, which turned
out to be insulated and to contain a freezer pack, she placed the bottle
inside and got out of the car.
20120602:    3697L 47% 197p Highlight|
   Madeleine gave her mother and sister a quick tour of the compound. She
showed them the Richard Serra, the beachfront, and the dining hall before
taking them along the boardwalk back toward her building.
20120602:    3809L 49% 203p Highlight|
   “Okay. God. I’ll use the bathroom. I’ve got to pee, anyway.” She got
up, holding the pump and the rapidly filling baby bottle, and went into
the bathroom. She closed the door.
20120602:    3815L 49% 203p Highlight|
   “He’s wonderful,” Phyllida agreed. “And Ally’s wonderful. And Richard
the Lionhearted is divine! But the situation at home is dreadful.” “Are
you talking about me?” Alwyn said from the bathroom. “Stop talking about
20120602:    3829L 49% 204p Highlight|
   Exasperated, Phyllida stood up again and went to the window.
“Madeleine,” she said, “talk to your sister.” As the younger sibling,
Madeleine hadn’t been in this position before. She didn’t want to
humiliate Alwyn. And yet there was something intoxicating about being
asked to sit in judgment of her.
20120602:    3834L 49% 204p Highlight|
   “Tell me what’s been going on with you guys,” Madeleine said softly.
20120602:    3836L 49% 204p Highlight|
   “I’m not me anymore!” she cried. “I’m Mommy. Blake calls me Mommy.
First it was just if I was holding Richard, but now we’re alone and he
says it.
20120602:    3837L 49% 204p Highlight|
   Like because I’m a mother he thinks I’m his mother. It’s so weird.
Before we got married we used to divide all the chores.
20120602:   3839L 49% 205p Highlight|
   He’s constantly worrying about money. He doesn’t do anything around
the house. I mean anything. Including have sex with me.”
20120602:   3842L 49% 205p Highlight|
   Madeleine listened to her sister sympathetically. She understood that
Alwyn’s complaints about her marriage were complaints about marriage and
men in general.
20120602:   3844L 49% 205p Highlight|
   For this reason, the chief effect of Alwyn’s words was to make
Madeleine secretly and intensely happy. “What
20120602:   3859L 50% 206p Highlight|
   “There’s nothing crazy about your life.” “If I ever have a baby and
take off, you have my permission to tell me I’m acting crazy.” Alwyn
said, “What about if you start dating somebody crazy?”
20120602:   3864L 50% 206p Highlight|
   “Ally,” Phyllida said, turning around, “I don’t appreciate the tone
you’re taking with your sister. She’s just trying to help.”
20120602:   3867L 50% 206p Highlight|
   “You know what I’m talking about.” “Did you snoop in my medicine
cabinet?” Madeleine said, her voice rising. “It was right out on the
counter!” “You snooped!”
20120602:   3873L 50% 206p Highlight|
   “It was wrong of you to read the prescription.” “You were the one who
sent me into the bathroom!” “Not to invade Maddy’s privacy. Now, both of
20120602:   3883L 50% 207p Highlight|
   Alwyn joined the waiting passengers without saying goodbye to
Madeleine, quickly striking up a conversation with a fellow passenger to
show how friendly and agreeable other people found her to be.
20120602:   3888L 50% 207p Highlight|
   “Please thank Leonard for us again. That was awfully nice of him to
take time out of his day.” “I will.”
20120602:   3894L 50% 207p Highlight|
   Back at her apartment, Madeleine lay on the bed for a while, staring
up at the ceiling. Going to the kitchen, she heated water for tea but
didn’t make it, and ate half a chocolate bar instead. Finally, she took a
long shower. She’d just gotten out when she heard Leonard come in.
20120602:   3896L 50% 208p Highlight|
   She wrapped a towel around herself and went out to him, putting her
arms around his neck. “Thank you,” she said. “For what?” “For putting up
with my family. For being so nice.”
20120602:   3901L 50% 208p Highlight|
   “Well, O.K. then,” Leonard said. “Is this my reward for being good?”
“This is your reward for being good,” Madeleine said. He walked her,
somewhat awkwardly, backwards into the bedroom, lowered her onto the bed,
and began taking off his clothes.
20120602:   3909L 50% 208p Highlight|
   Leonard pushed farther in, Madeleine thought better and said, “Hold
on.” She tried to be as quick as possible. Throwing her legs over the
side of the bed, she opened the bedside table drawer and took out her
diaphragm case. She removed the disk, with its rubbery smell.
20120602:   3915L 50% 209p Highlight|
   What mattered was that they complete the act. With this in mind, she
reached down to help things along, but Leonard was no longer hard. As if
she hadn’t noticed, Madeleine resumed kissing him. With desperation she
began to feed on Leonard’s sour mouth, trying to appear excited and to
excite him in turn. But after half a minute, Leonard pulled away. He
rolled heavily onto his side, facing away from her, and was silent.
20120602:   3919L 50% 209p Highlight|
   Madeleine regretted meeting Leonard. He was defective, and she wasn’t,
and there was nothing she could do about it. The cruelty of this thought
felt rich and sweet and Madeleine indulged in it for another minute.
20120602:   3931L 50% 209p Highlight|
   It was only a question of recalibrating the dosage. Many patients with
manic depression lived long and productive lives.
20120602:   3933L 50% 210p Highlight|
   Being with Leonard made Madeleine feel exceptional. It was as if,
before she’d met him, her blood had circulated grayly around her body,
and now it was all oxygenated and red.
20120602:   3945L 50% 210p Highlight|
   Finally Madeleine broke the silence. “When do you go to Sweden?”
“What? Oh, in December.” MacGregor seemed to be uninterested. “I don’t
understand why the Swedes would bring anyone to Sweden in December, do
you?” “Summer would be nicer.”
20120609:   3973L 51% 212p Highlight|
   they’d gone to Normandy to visit the restaurant Larry had worked at
during high school. After a huge lunch with the family owners, followed
by a night in their house, they proceeded to Le Havre for the crossing.
The seas were rough.
20120609:   3999L 51% 213p Highlight|
   But it rained all the time, fog covered the fields, and by then he was
reading Tolstoy. There were some books that reached through the noise of
life to grab you by the collar and speak only of the truest things. A
Confession was a book like that. In it, Tolstoy related a
20120609:   4008L 51% 214p Highlight|
   Most of what Mitchell read in college hadn’t conveyed Wisdom with a
capital W. But this Russian fable did. It was
20120609:   4022L 51% 214p Highlight|
   Despite her odd clothes, Moss Runk was still the same cheerful Idahoan
she’d always been. Other people thought she was weird, but not Mitchell
and Larry.
20120609:   4028L 52% 215p Highlight|
   Larry treated Mitchell’s interest in Christian mysticism the same way.
He noticed. He made it clear he noticed. But he made no comment, for the
time being.
20120609:   4032L 52% 215p Highlight|
   Gauloises Bleues. Strangers began bumming cigarettes off him, skinny,
Gypsy-looking dudes who put their arms around Larry’s shoulder, Euro-
style. Mitchell felt like Larry’s chaperone, waiting for these confabs to
20120609:   4036L 52% 215p Highlight|
   Paris, and took an overnight sleeper to Barcelona. The weather felt
almost balmy. Along the Ramblas, jungle wildlife was for sale, wise-
looking macaques, Technicolor parrots. Heading farther south, they stayed
a night each in Jerez and Ronda,
20120609:   4038L 52% 215p Highlight|
   three days in Sevilla. Then, realizing how close they were to North
Africa, they decided to continue south to Algeciras and ride the ferry
across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier. They spent their first days in
Morocco failing to buy hash. Their guidebook listed the location of a bar
in Tétouan
20120609:   4041L 52% 215p Highlight|
   Finally, in the small mountain village of Chaouen, they came into
their hotel to find two Danes sitting in the lobby, with a softball-size
chunk of hash on the table in front of them. Mitchell and Larry spent the
next days gloriously stoned.
20120609:   4045L 52% 215p Highlight|
   It was in Morocco that they realized their backpacks were a mistake.
The coolest guys they met weren’t the expeditionists with their camping
20120609:   4046L 52% 216p Highlight|
   The coolest guys were the travelers who’d just returned from Ladakh
carrying nothing more than a tote.
20120609:   4048L 52% 216p Highlight|
   Getting rid of their backpacks was impossible, however, because, as
they returned to Europe in October, the weather was already turning
20120609:   4051L 52% 216p Highlight|
   Over three weeks he made charges of: 65 Swiss francs ($29.57) for a
Tyrolean pipe and tobacco from Totentanz: Zigarren und Pfeifen; 72 Swiss
francs ($32.75) for a meal in a Zurich restaurant called Das Bordell; 234
Austrian schillings ($13) for an English edition of Charles Colson’s
memoir Born Again; and 62,500 lire ($43.54) for a subscription to a
Communist magazine, published in Bologna, to be shipped once a month to
the Grammaticus home address in Detroit.
20120609:   4055L 52% 216p Highlight|
   They reached Venice on a cloud-cushioned afternoon in late October.
Unable to afford a gondola, they spent their first hours in the city
traversing bridges and flights of stairs
20120609:   4057L 52% 216p Highlight|
   After finding a cheap pensione, they went out to visit the Piazza San
Marco. In the dimly lit museum in the Doge’s Palace,
20120609:   4059L 52% 216p Highlight|The label read: cintura di
20120609:   4060L 52% 216p Highlight|
   “That chastity belt was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my
life,” Mitchell said later, over dinner at a budget restaurant.
20120609:   4063L 52% 216p Highlight|
   “There were two openings. One in front for the vagina, and one in back
for the asshole. With serrated metal teeth. If you took a shit with one
of those things on, your shit would be extruded like cake frosting.”
20120609:   4071L 52% 217p Highlight|
   Mitchell remained heartbroken over Madeleine—even though he hadn’t
gone out with Madeleine—meant one of two things: either Mitchell’s love
for Madeleine was pure and true and earthshakingly significant; or he was
addicted to feeling forlorn, he liked being heartbroken, and the
20120609:   4077L 52% 217p Highlight|
   “What was she like in bed?” “Now, now, Mitchell,” Larry lightly
scolded. “Come on. What was she like?” “She was wild, Mitchell.
Unbelievably wild.” “Tell me.” Larry took a sip of wine, considering.
“She was dutiful. She was the kind of girl who says, ‘O.K. Lie on your
back.’” “And then she’d blow you?”
20120609:   4096L 52% 218p Highlight|
   By late November, they reached Greece. From Brindisi they had taken a
ferry smelling of diesel fuel to Piraeus, and found a room in a hotel not
far from Syntagma Square. Gazing from
20120609:   4109L 53% 219p Highlight|
   Larry began ordering grilled fish, but Mitchell, loyal to memory,
continued to eat the dishes his grandmother had made for him as a boy. He
kept expecting to get a nice hot plate of moussaka, but after his fourth
slice in three days he realized that Greeks liked their food lukewarm.
20120609:   4114L 53% 219p Highlight|
   The Greek alphabet was the final defeat to him. At twelve he used to
sit at his yia yia’s feet, her golden boy, learning the Greek alphabet.
20120609:   4140L 53% 221p Highlight|
   It’s going to feel strange not to have our “baby” with us at Christmas
this year. Your father and I are thrilled that you and Larry have this
chance to “see the world.”
20120609:   4141L 53% 221p Highlight|
   After all the hard work you did at college, you deserve it.
20120609:   4152L 53% 221p Highlight|
   Dean told me to tell you, when you get to Greece, to be sure to tell
“all those socialists over there, ‘Thank God for Ronald Reagan.’”
20120609:   4162L 53% 222p Highlight|
   But we are very concerned that there is no way to contact you, or for
you to contact us in case of an emergency.
20120609:   4176L 53% 222p Highlight|
   Not seeing him, he sat down in a lobby chair and pulled out
Madeleine’s letter again. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to read it.
20120609:   4180L 54% 223p Highlight|
   That Madeleine was in love with old-fashioned things like her
typewriter had given Mitchell hope that she might love him.
20120609:   4183L 54% 223p Highlight|
   Obviously, for all his scientific brilliance, Bankhead wasn’t up to
the job of replacing Madeleine’s typewriter ribbon. Obviously, Bankhead
was too self-involved, or lazy, or possibly even opposed to her using a
manual typewriter.
20120609:   4190L 54% 223p Highlight|
   Under a baggy T-shirt she wore a long skirt that came down to her
ankles. She was wearing running shoes. “First time in Greece?” she asked,
smiling excessively, like a salesperson. “Yes.” “How long have you been
here?” “Just three days.” “I’ve been here three months.
20120609:   4204L 54% 224p Highlight|
   “I came here to study,” the woman started up again. “At the New Bible
Institute. I’m learning Koine. You know what Koine is?” “That’s the
language the New Testament was written in. Ancient demotic form of
20120609:   4209L 54% 224p Highlight|
   “I’m Greek Orthodox,” he said finally. “Well, that’s Christian.” “The
Patriarch will be pleased to know that.”
20120609:   4214L 54% 224p Highlight|
   “The Orthodox Church is like the Catholic Church,” the woman said.
“They’re Christian but they’re not always Bible-believing. They’ve got so
much ritual going on, it sometimes distracts from the message.”
20120609:    4238L 54% 226p Highlight|
   Just then, near the elevators, Larry appeared. “There’s my friend,”
Mitchell said. “Nice talking with you.” “Nice talking to you. Have a nice
time in Greece and God Bless.”
20120609:    4242L 54% 226p Highlight|
   “I just wanted to give you this.” In her hand was a pocket-size New
Testament. Green, like a leaf.
20120609:    4246L 54% 226p Highlight|
   To get away from her, to shut her up, Mitchell took the book and
continued on out of the lobby. “Where were you?” he said to Larry when he
reached him. “I’ve been waiting for like an hour.”
20120609:    4260L 55% 227p Highlight|
   It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid
fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have
her own husband. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good
if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for
it is better to marry than to burn.
20120609:    4262L 55% 227p Highlight|
   The woman who’d given him the pocket New Testament had left her card
inside, along with an Athens phone number. Her name was Janice P.
20120609:    4268L 55% 227p Highlight|
   When he was sure Larry was asleep, he took out Madeleine’s letter and
began reading it by the faint red light on the bedside table. To his
surprise, the letter itself wasn’t typed but handwritten in Madeleine’s
tiny script.
20120609:    4275L 55% 228p Highlight|
   I’ve never told you this before, but the entire way down on the train
for Thanksgiving, I was thinking about sleeping with you. For one thing,
I could tell that you wanted to very badly. I knew it would make you
happy and I wanted to make you happy. Aside from that, I had the idea
that it would be good for me.
20120609:    4281L 55% 228p Highlight|
   So I went up to the attic one night and sat on your bed. And you did
exactly Nothing. After about a half hour, I went back downstairs. At
first I just felt insulted.
20120609:    4297L 55% 229p Highlight|
   It’s strange, though, because right now, part of me wants to get off
at the next station and go back to New York and find you. But it’s too
late for that. Your plane has probably taken off. You’re on your way to
20120609:    4301L 55% 229p Highlight|
   Dear Mitchell, I don’t want to see you anymore (even though we haven’t
been seeing each other). I want to start seeing other people (even though
I’m already seeing someone). I need some time for myself (even though you
haven’t been taking up my time).
20120509:    4310L 55% 230p Highlight|
   Maybe someday, at our 50th college reunion, you’ll see a wrinkled old
lady come up to you with a smile, and that will be me. Maybe then you can
tell me about all the things you saw in India. Take care, Maddy
20120609:    4322L 55% 230p Highlight|
   In the darkness, he lay awake, evaluating the situation. He understood
that Madeleine’s letter was a devastating document. And he was suitably
20120609:   4325L 55% 230p Highlight|
   There was the mood-elevating revelation that Madeleine had wanted to
sleep with him on that long-ago Thanksgiving break.
20120609:   4335L 56% 231p Highlight|
   she was “serious” about her “boyfriend” (though cheering that they
were having “problems”). Mostly, what Mitchell took from the letter was
the painful fact that he had missed his chance. His chance with Madeleine
had come early, sophomore year, and he’d failed to seize it.
20120609:   4344L 56% 231p Highlight|
   To encourage new construction, the Greek parliament had passed a law
that exempted people from paying taxes on unfinished homes. The Greeks
had responded, craftily, by leaving the top floors of their houses
perpetually uncompleted, while dwelling snugly beneath.
20120609:   4359L 56% 232p Highlight|
   Iannis took them to a seafood restaurant that evening, and to three
different bars, before dropping them back at the hotel. The next morning
Mitchell and Larry went to the Plaka and bought new, smaller bags.
20120609:   4362L 56% 232p Highlight|
   They got rid of their sweaters, their pairs of long pants, their
tennis shoes, their sleeping bags and pads, their books, even their
shampoo. Mitchell culled his Saint Teresa, his Saint Augustine, his
Thomas Merton, his Pynchon, relieving himself of everything but the thin
paperback of Something Beautiful for God. Whatever they didn’t need, they
put in their backpacks and carried to the post office, shipping it back
to the States by slow boat.
20120609:   4371L 56% 233p Highlight|
   “I don’t feel like it right now.” “You come all the way to Athens and
you’re not going to see the Acropolis?” “I’ll meet you,” Mitchell said.
20120609:   4376L 56% 233p Highlight|
   The letter felt like a verdict on his entire life so far, sentencing
him to end up here, lying on a bed, alone, in an Athenian hotel room, too
weighed down by self-pity to go out and climb the goddamn Acropolis.
20120609:   4383L 56% 234p Highlight|
   To his amazement, the woman from the AmEx line, Janice P., her voice
sounding very close, answered. “Hello?” “Hi. This is Mitchell. We met the
other day at American Express.” “Praise God!” Janice said. “I’ve been
praying for you. And here you are calling. Praise the Lord!” “I found
your card, so.” “Are you ready to accept the Lord into your heart?” This
20120609:   4400L 56% 234p Highlight|
   “Have you ever spoken in tongues?” Mitchell asked. “I was given the
gift of tongues once, yes.” “How does that happen?” “I asked for it.
Sometimes you have to ask. One day I was praying and I just started
praying to receive my tongues.
20120609:   4412L 56% 235p Highlight|
   “I’ll pray for you. Praise God!” After hanging up, Mitchell went out
to see the Acropolis. He wore both of his remaining shirts in order to
stay warm.
20120609:   4427L 57% 236p Highlight|
   perceived through an organ other than the brain, and wasn’t that what
faith was all about? Mitchell didn’t know the answers to these questions,
but as he stood gazing down from the ancient mountain, sacred to Athena,
he entertained a
20120609:   4435L 57% 236p Highlight|
   He descended the Acropolis quickly, as if fleeing a disaster. He felt
ridiculous for having tried to speak in tongues and, at the same time,
disappointed for not having been able to.
20120609:   4443L 57% 237p Highlight|
   “Surprise, surprise, Mitchell.” Iannis crouched down, disappearing
from sight. “Hi,” Mitchell said, and switched off the light. Stepping out
of the room, he shut the door behind him.
20120609:   4449L 57% 237p Highlight|
   Larry wouldn’t be flying to India with Mitchell tonight. Larry was
going to stay awhile longer in Athens with Iannis. After an hour,
Mitchell went back to the hotel, where all this was confirmed. Larry
promised to meet him in India, in time to work for Professor Hughes.
20120615:   4460L 57% 238p Highlight|
   Leonard found the courage to take his destiny, in the form of his
mental disorder, into his own hands.
20120615:   4461L 57% 238p Highlight|
   It was a brilliant move. The reason Leonard hadn’t thought of it
earlier was just another side effect of the drug.
20120615:   4471L 57% 238p Highlight|
   The diagnosis had seemed like one more thing—like lack of money, and
his messed-up family—that had threatened to keep Leonard from getting
ahead, just when he was beginning to feel that his luck had finally
20120615:   4482L 57% 239p Highlight|
   that no one wanted to buy: lithographs not of the city’s early days or
anything that might interest a local, but of places like Bath or Cornwall
or Glasgow.
20120615:   4494L 57% 239p Highlight|
   didn’t think she could bear the strain of moving, especially into a
haunted house. Rita spent most days in her bedroom, leafing through
magazines or watching The Mike Douglas Show, her “water” glass on the
bedside table. Every so often she became a whirlwind of domestic
activity, decorating every inch of the house at Christmastime or cooking
elaborate six-course dinners. For as long as Leonard could remember, his
mother was either in retreat from other people or forcefully trying to
impress them.
20120615:   4512L 58% 240p Highlight|
   “There aren’t any bloodstains, Mom,” Leonard said. “And?” Frank
coaxed. “The whole floor’s brand-new. In the front. It’s new tiles.”
20120615:   4516L 58% 241p Highlight|
   Finally, she took a long sip from her “water” glass—it went everywhere
with her, ice cubes jingling—and got out of the car.
20120615:   4536L 58% 242p Highlight|
   All of this, as Leonard later learned from his therapists, amounted to
emotional abuse. Not to be made to live in a house where a murder had
taken place but to be the go-between in his parents’ affairs, to be
constantly asked his opinion before he was mature enough to give one, to
be made to feel that he was somehow responsible for his parents’
happiness and, later, their unhappiness.
20120615:   4547L 58% 242p Highlight|
   By the time Leonard turned fifteen, his parents’ marriage was over.
Frank left Rita for a Belgian woman named Sara Coorevits, an antiquities
dealer from Brussels whom he’d met at a show in Manhattan and, it turned
out, had been having an affair with for five years.
20120615:   4549L 58% 242p Highlight|
   Rita retreated to her bedroom, leaving Janet and Leonard to get
themselves through high school.
20120615:   4544L 58% 242p Highlight|
   Middle-aged men wandered into Janet’s bedroom. Leonard and Janet had
to serve drinks or hors d’oeuvres at these parties.
20120615:   4544L 58% 242p Highlight|
   On many nights, after the guests had left and sometimes while they
were still there, arguments broke out, Frank and Rita shouting at each
other. In their bedrooms on separate floors, Leonard and Janet turned up
their stereos to drown out the noise. The fights were about money,
Frank’s failure in business, Rita’s spending. By the time Leonard turned
fifteen, his parents’ marriage was over. Frank left Rita for a Belgian
woman named Sara Coorevits, an antiquities dealer from Brussels whom he’d
met at a show in Manhattan and, it turned out, had been having an affair
with for five years.
20120615:   4550L 58% 242p Highlight|
   Rita rather heroically bestirred herself to get a job at the local
YMCA, becoming in time, somewhat miraculously, a director whom all the
kids loved and called “Mrs. Rita.” She often worked late. Janet and
Leonard made their own dinners and then went to their rooms. And it
seemed like the thing that had been murdered in the house was their
20120615:   4565L 58% 243p Highlight|
   It flattered Leonard that he felt more than most people; he was more
sensitive, deeper. Seeing an “intense” film like Mean Streets would leave
Leonard stricken, unable to speak, and it would take three girls putting
their arms around him for an hour to bring him back. Unconsciously, he
began to milk his sensitivity.
20120615:   4569L 58% 243p Highlight|
   Teachers labeled him “bright but unmotivated.” He blew off homework,
preferring to lie on the couch and watch television.
20120615:   4592L 59% 245p Highlight|
   A little before midnight, Godfrey dropped him at his house and Leonard
went inside and straight to bed. When he woke up the next morning,
something was the matter with him. His body ached. His limbs felt encased
in cement. He didn’t want to get up, but Rita came in, barking that he
was going to be late.
20120615:   4604L 59% 245p Highlight|
   In his bedroom, he got down his medical books, trying to figure out
what was wrong with him.
20120615:   4609L 59% 246p Highlight|
   He had the feeling that there was something physically behind his
eyes, blocking the light. In Atlas of Diseases of the Endocrine System he
came across something called a pituitary adenoma.
20120615:   4612L 59% 246p Highlight|
   led, in turn, to “low blood pressure, fatigue, and the inability to
handle difficult or stressful situations.” Too much pituitary function
and you became a giant, too little and you were a nervous wreck. As
impossible as it sounded, Leonard seemed to be suffering both states at
20120615:   4616L 59% 246p Highlight|
   his head like the chandelier in his grandparents’ house in Buffalo,
the one that was too high for them to reach and that every time he
visited had one fewer bulb alight. His head was an old chandelier, going
20120615:   4634L 59% 247p Highlight|
   In the corner of his room was his old table hockey set, the Bruins
against the Blackhawks. As a twelve-year-old Leonard had mastered the
skills required to beat his older sister and all his friends.
20120615:   4640L 59% 247p Highlight|
   He obsessed over the stats, eager to run up Lecour’s goal tally even
by playing Janet, who could barely operate the controls. How Janet hated
playing table hockey with Leonard! And how justified she had been, he saw
now. All
20120615:   4643L 59% 247p Highlight|
   The Disease, which otherwise distorted his perception, brought such
personality defects into painful clarity.
20120615:   4648L 60% 248p Highlight|
   He missed the next week of school. But by the end of the following
weekend he was up and around again.
20120615:   4654L 60% 248p Highlight|
   He forgot about everything in the world that he hated, and got up to
open the window. “You could use the front door,” Leonard said. “Not me,”
Godfrey said, climbing in the window. “I’m strictly a backdoor man.”
20120615:   4673L 60% 249p Highlight|
   And then an amazing thing happened. In his junior year, Leonard
started getting his act together. There were a couple of reasons for
this. The first was that Janet had left for Whitman College, in Walla
Walla, Washington, at
20120615:   4677L 60% 249p Highlight|
   It was a chicken-egg deal. Leonard could never tell which came first,
his desire to become a better student or the energy and focus that
allowed him to do so. From that September on, he threw himself into his
studies. He began to finish his reading assignments and to turn in essays
on time. He paid the bare minimum attention it took for him to get A’s on
math exams.
20120615:   4692L 60% 250p Highlight|
   Leonard had time to help his friends with their work, never making
them feel bad about their difficulties, explaining math patiently to kids
who had no clue about math. Leonard felt better than he’d ever felt in
his life. His grade point average went from 2.9 to 3.7 in a single
semester. Senior year, he took four A.P.s, getting 5s in biology,
English, and history, and a 4 in Spanish. Was it a bad thing that his
blood contained an antidote to the depression he’d suffered the previous
20120615:   4697L 60% 250p Highlight|
   Disease hadn’t yet grown fangs and was more of a blessing than a
curse, that had given Leonard the idea for his brilliant move.
20120615:   4700L 60% 250p Highlight|
   After a lot of long-distance wrangling on the phone with Frank, who
was now complaining about European tax rates and pleading poverty,
Leonard succeeded in getting his father to agree to pay for his room and
board. At that point he sent in his letter of acceptance to Brown.
20120615:   4707L 60% 251p Highlight|
   assumed Frank’s attitudes, belittling Rita in his private thoughts the
way Frank had done out loud. In short, Leonard understood that his entire
relationship with his mother had been determined by a person who was no
longer around.
20120615:   4711L 60% 251p Highlight|
   “That college you picked sure is a long way away,” she said. “Should I
take it personally?” “It’s a good school,” Leonard said. “It’s not
Harvard,” Rita said. “Nobody’s heard of it.” “It’s Ivy League!” Leonard
20120615:   4726L 61% 252p Highlight|
   His third week on campus, Leonard met Lola Lopez, a Bambi-faced girl
with a caramel complexion and a tidy afro, who was from Spanish Harlem.
She was sitting in the quad, reading Zora Neale Hurston, when Leonard
pretended to need directions to the Ratty. He asked her where she was
from and what her name was, and when she told him, he asked her what the
difference was between Spanish Harlem and regular Harlem. “I have to
finish this for class,” Lola said, and went back to her book. The only
West Coasters Leonard met were from California, which was another planet.
“Keep California Dis-Oregonized,” read many a bumper sticker on cars with
Golden State plates, to which their neighbors replied with a motto of
their own: “Welcome to Oregon. Enjoy Your Visit. Now Go Home.” But at
least the Californians Leonard met at school knew where he was from.
Everyone else, from the South, Northeast, or Midwest, just asked about
the rain. “Doesn’t it rain a lot there?” “I hear it rains all the time.”
“How do you like the rain out there?” “It’s not as bad as Seattle,”
Leonard told them. It didn’t bother him much. He’d turned eighteen in
August and the Disease, as though waiting for him to reach legal drinking
age, began to flood him with intoxicants. Two things mania did were to
keep you up all night and to enable nonstop sex: pretty much the
definition of college. Leonard studied at
20120615:   4746L 61% 253p Highlight|
   Everything went fine, Leonard’s grades were good, he was absorbed
intellectually and erotically—until he went without sleep for a week
during Reading Period. After his last exam, he threw a party in his room,
passed out in bed with a girl he couldn’t recognize the next morning, not
because he didn’t know her (the girl was, in fact, Lola Lopez)
20120615:   4750L 61% 253p Highlight|
   True mania, this time. So many magnitudes beyond the exhilarated
spirits of his high school days that it bore little resemblance. Mania
was a mental state every bit as dangerous as depression. At first,
however, it felt like a rush of euphoria. You were completely
captivating, completely charming; everybody loved you.
20120615:   4756L 61% 253p Highlight|
   You couldn’t stop talking. Everything you said was brilliant. You just
had the best idea. Let’s drive down to New York! Tonight! Let’s climb on
top of List and watch the sunrise! Leonard got people to do these things.
20120615:   4762L 61% 254p Highlight|
   He woke up next to Lola Lopez in a state of utter collapse. Lola
managed to get him up, however. She led him by the arm to Health
Services, telling him not to worry, to hold on to her and that he’d be
all right.
20120615:   4797L 62% 256p Highlight|
   As a consequence of his physical and mental malfunctioning, there was
another problem he was dealing with: the power had shifted in his
relationship with Madeleine. Early on, Madeleine had been the needy one.
She got jealous when Leonard talked to other girls at parties.
20120615:   4801L 62% 256p Highlight|
   But Madeleine surprised him. She broke up with him on the spot.
20120615:   4804L 62% 256p Highlight|
   Leonard missed her. He got depressed. Stupidly, he stopped taking his
lithium, hoping to feel better. But all he felt was anxious. Anxious and
depressed. He wore out the ear of every friend he had, talking
incessantly about how much he
20120615:   4809L 62% 256p Highlight|
   Around this time Ken Auerbach had shown up, with two guys from
security, and taken him to Health Services. And the really crazy thing
was that, when he was transferred to the hospital the next day, Leonard
was pissed.
20120615:   4824L 62% 257p Highlight|
   The first week after Leonard was back, Madeleine stayed with him every
day. But the week after that she began going out to the library or to see
her old thesis advisor. Leonard didn’t like Madeleine to leave the
apartment. He suspected the reason she went out wasn’t because she loved
Jane Austen or Professor Saunders, but to get away from him.
20120615:   4827L 62% 257p Highlight|
   One day, trying to convince her not to go, Leonard said that it was
too hot out to play tennis. He suggested she go to an air-conditioned
movie with him instead. “I need some exercise,” Madeleine said. “I’ll
give you some exercise,” he boasted emptily. “Not that kind.”
20120615:   4846L 62% 258p Highlight|
   That was where Madeleine belonged: at Wimbledon, on Centre Court,
curtseying for the queen. He watched her watching Wimbledon. It made him
happy to see her there.
20120615:   4852L 62% 259p Highlight|
   He awoke in a small room, a single, without a phone or a TV. At first,
it looked like a normal hospital room, but then he began to notice little
differences. The bed frame and the hinges of the bedside tray were welded
together, without screws or bolts that a patient might take apart and cut
himself with.
20120615:   4859L 62% 259p Highlight|
   Leonard was a “self-admit,” meaning that he could leave anytime he
20120615:   4863L 62% 259p Highlight|
   They kept him on a strict schedule, getting him up at six a.m. for
breakfast and ushering him through a series of daily activities, therapy,
group therapy, crafts class, more group therapy, gym, before visiting
hours in the afternoon. Lights were out at nine p.m.
20120615:   4866L 62% 259p Highlight|
   She seemed interested mainly in one thing: whether Leonard was
suicidal or not. “Good morning, Leonard, how are you feeling today?”
“Exhausted. Depressed.” “Are you feeling suicidal?”
20120615:   4876L 62% 260p Highlight|
   She automatically placed schizophrenic patients on Thorazine, a drug
people likened to a “chemical lobotomy.”
20120615:   4895L 63% 261p Highlight|
   wiring of his brain faulty. Listening to him was like listening to a
radio tuned between channels: every so often a non sequitur came barking
20120615:   4896L 63% 261p Highlight|
   people spoke about their lives. He tried to take comfort in what they
said. But his main thought was of how much worse off they were than he.
This belief made him feel better about himself, and so he clung to it.
20120615:   4909L 63% 262p Highlight|
   In order to be released from the hospital, Leonard had to make it
clear that he wasn’t suicidal. He knew, however, that Dr. Shieu was on
the lookout for any attempt to disguise suicidal ideation (suicidal
people being brilliant tacticians when it came to obtaining the
opportunity to kill themselves). Therefore, Leonard
20120615:   4912L 63% 262p Highlight|
   As he answered the doctor’s questions, Leonard felt as though he were
being interrogated for a
20120615:   4912L 63% 262p Highlight|
   He tried, when he could, to tell the truth, but when the truth didn’t
serve his cause he embellished it, or outright lied. He noted every
change in Dr. Shieu’s facial expression, interpreting it as either
favorable or unfavorable, and shifting his next response accordingly.
20120615:   4917L 63% 262p Highlight|
   Visiting hours provided no relief. The friends who showed up divided
into two groups. There were the emoters, mostly girls, who treated
Leonard gingerly, as if he might break, and there were the jokesters,
mostly guys, who thought the way to help him was to make fun of hospital
visits in general.
20120615:   4922L 63% 262p Highlight|
   They urged him to consider all the good things in his life.
20120615:   4924L 63% 262p Highlight|
   Frank told Leonard three separate times to “hang in there.” He invited
Leonard to come to Brussels when he was feeling better.
20120615:   4934L 63% 263p Highlight|
   First of all, my parents are alcoholics. One of them is probably
manic-depressive herself, only undiagnosed. I inherited my condition from
her. We both suffer from the
20120615:   4939L 63% 263p Highlight|
   “And you still act like a big baby whenever you get sick,” Rita said.
“I remember how you used to go on and on whenever you had a cold.”
20120615:   4948L 63% 264p Highlight|
   You’re not on my insurance anymore. Do you realize that? They took you
off my policy when you turned twenty-one. Don’t worry. I’m going to pay
for the hospital. I’ll do it, this time, even though I’m not swimming in
money. Do you think your father’s going to help? No. I’ll do it.
20120623:   4972L 64% 265p Highlight|
   And then Madeleine appeared in the dayroom, missing graduation, and
all Leonard had to do was look at her to know that he wanted to be alive
20120623:   4980L 64% 265p Highlight|
   Her family’s nickname for her was “Triple-lip.” Leonard spent a fair
amount of time in group waiting to see Darlene smile.
20120623:   4994L 64% 266p Highlight|
   Darlene had dropped out of high school after the tenth grade. She’d
been abused by her stepfather and had left home when she was seventeen.
She’d worked, briefly, as a prostitute in East Providence, a subject she
was surprisingly candid about at one meeting and then never mentioned
again. By the time she was twenty she was addicted to heroin and alcohol.
20120623:    4999L 64% 266p Highlight|
   Grover for a walk. Didn’t matter how late it was. When you walking a
pit bull don’t nobody bother you.
20120623:    5008L 64% 267p Highlight|
   One thing I learned, between addiction and depression? Depression a
lot worse. Depression ain’t something you just get off of. You can’t get
clean from depression.
20120623:    5011L 64% 267p Highlight|
   It didn’t surprise Leonard that Darlene was religious. People without
hope often were. But Darlene didn’t seem weak, credulous, or stupid.
Though she often referred to her “Higher Power,” and sometimes to “my
Higher Power that I choose to call God,” she seemed remarkably rational,
intelligent, and nonjudgmental.
20120623:    5020L 64% 267p Highlight|
   To believe in God wasn’t in Leonard’s power, however.
20120623:    5027L 64% 268p Highlight|
   The entire class was full of co-op types, vegetarians in overalls and
tie-dyed T-shirts. The bias of these kids was that Western religion was
responsible for everything bad in the world, the rape of the earth,
slaughterhouses, animal testing, whereas Eastern religion was ecological
and pacific.
20120623:    5032L 64% 268p Highlight|
   His point, again and again, was that truth wasn’t the property of any
one faith and that, if you looked closely, you found a ground where they
all converged.
20120623:    5034L 64% 268p Highlight|
   Somebody brought up Gandhi and how his belief in nonviolence had
inspired Martin Luther King, which had led to the Civil Rights Act. The
speaker’s point was that it had actually been a Hindu who had made
America, a so-called Christian nation, a more just and democratic place.
20120623:    5036L 64% 268p Highlight|
   At which point Young Waits spoke up. “Gandhi was influenced by
Tolstoy,” he said. “What?” “Gandhi got his philosophy of nonviolence from
Tolstoy. They
20120623:    5040L 65% 269p Highlight|
   “He died in 1912. Gandhi used to write him fan letters. He called
Tolstoy his ‘great teacher.’ So you’re right. Martin Luther King got
nonviolence from Gandhi. But Gandhi got it from Tolstoy, who got it from
Christianity. So Gandhian philosophy really isn’t any different from
Christian pacifism.” “Are you saying Gandhi was a Christian?”
“Essentially, yes.”
20120623:    5057L 65% 269p Highlight|
   Young Waits appeared. A disturbing number, in fact. “Who is this guy?”
Leonard asked. “That’s Mitchell,” she said. “Mitchell what?”
20120623:    5067L 65% 270p Highlight|
   Madeleine admitted that she and Grammaticus had always had a Platonic
friendship, at least Platonic on her end, but that more recently he’d
been “sort of in love” with her and that his feelings had been hurt
because she hadn’t returned them.
20120623:    5081L 65% 271p Highlight|
   a week after Leonard’s return, Madeleine mentioned that she’d run into
Grammaticus on the morning of graduation and that they’d made up.
20120623:   5087L 65% 271p Highlight|
   after returning, she mentioned offhandedly that she’d seen
Grammaticus, in New York, on his way to Paris. “You just ran into him?”
Leonard asked from the mattress. “Yeah, with Kelly. In some bar she took
me to.”
20120623:   5105L 65% 272p Highlight|
   Darlene had moved into a friend’s apartment in East Providence, and
Leonard had gone out to see her a couple of times. She seemed
hyperactive. She couldn’t sit still and talked nonstop without making
much sense.
20120623:   5107L 65% 272p Highlight|
   Darlene’s sister, Kimberly, called Leonard, saying that Darlene hadn’t
been answering her phone. They went out to Darlene’s apartment together,
where they found Darlene in the midst of a psychotic break.
20120623:   5108L 65% 272p Highlight|
   She was under the impression that her neighbors were conspiring to get
her kicked out of the building. They were spreading rumors about her to
the landlord.
20120623:   5111L 65% 272p Highlight|
   Somehow they coaxed Darlene, wide-eyed with panic, into the car, and
took her to the hospital, where Dr. Shieu was readying her readmission
papers. Every day for the next week Leonard went to visiting hours.
20120623:   5123L 66% 273p Highlight|
   Once they arrived at Pilgrim Lake the last weekend in August, the
signs proliferated. They were given a key to an ample-size apartment. The
kitchen cabinets were stocked with brand-new dishes and almost-new pots
and pans. The living room had a sofa, two chairs, a dining table, and a
desk. The bed was queen-size and all the lights and plumbing functioned.
20120623:   5127L 66% 273p Highlight|
   Leonard immediately stopped feeling like an invalid Madeleine was
taking care of and began feeling more like himself.
20120623:   5152L 66% 274p Highlight|
   the white-coated waiters, and the rows of tables set with bunches of
wildflowers. “Don’t get used to it. This isn’t what research is usually
like. Usually it’s take-out pizza and instant coffee.”
20120623:   5201L 67% 277p Highlight|
   Sometimes Madeleine read aloud from the novel she was reading. If she
had a skirt on he rested his cheek on her super-smooth thighs. Every
night, when it came time for dinner, Leonard said, “Let’s just stay
here.” But every night Madeleine made him get dressed, and they went to
the dining hall, where Leonard tried not to betray his nausea or to knock
over his water glass.
20120623:   5204L 67% 277p Highlight|
   In late September, when Madeleine went off to her Victorian conference
in Boston, Leonard nearly fell apart. For the entire three days she was
gone he missed her acutely. He kept calling her room at the Hyatt,
getting no answer.
20120623:   5206L 67% 277p Highlight|
   Leonard tried to keep Madeleine on the phone as long as he could, and
as soon as she hung up he counted the hours until it was allowable for
him to call her again.
20120623:   5226L 67% 278p Highlight|
   a week after MacGregor’s Nobel was announced, Madeleine told Leonard,
during their evening walk, that her sister, Alwyn, was having “a marriage
crisis” and that her mother was bringing her to the Cape to talk things
20120623:   5228L 67% 279p Highlight|
   Leonard always dreaded meeting the parents of a girl he was dating. If
there had been a blessing to Madeleine’s breaking up with him last spring
and his ensuing breakdown, it had been the removal of the obligation to
meet Mr. and Mrs. Hanna on graduation day.
20120623:   5235L 67% 279p Highlight|to take a piss.
20120624:   5255L 67% 280p Highlight|
   Madeleine brought her mom and sister by in the afternoon. Phyllida was
both more formal and less intimidating than he expected. Her Brahmin
accent, the likes of which Leonard hadn’t heard outside a 1930s newsreel,
was truly astonishing.
20120624:   5257L 67% 280p Highlight|
   The entire experience was like receiving a visit from Her Majesty.
20120624:   5259L 67% 280p Highlight|
   Leonard was pleased to discover that Phyllida was smart, and even had
a sense of humor. He went into geek mode, explaining the particularities
of yeast, and, for a moment, he felt like a real biologist.
20120624:   5261L 67% 280p Highlight|
   The difficult part of the meeting was with the sister. Despite
Madeleine’s insistence that her family was “normal” and “happy,” the vibe
Leonard got from Alwyn suggested otherwise. The hostility coming off her
was as easy to see as bromophenol blue dye.
20120624:   5265L 68% 281p Highlight|
   He hadn’t shaken too visibly; he’d managed to keep up his end of the
conversation and to look at Phyllida with polite interest. That evening,
when he came back to the apartment, Madeleine greeted him wearing only a
bath towel. Then that was gone, too. He took her over to the bed, trying
not to think too much. Taking off his pants, he was reassured to see that
he had a perfectly adequate erection.
20120624:   5275L 68% 281p Highlight|
   The following Friday, in Perlmann’s office at Mass Gen, Leonard stated
his case. “I’ve been taking eighteen hundred milligrams since June. Now
it’s October. That’s four months.”
20120624:   5288L 68% 282p Highlight|
   the fine focus and there they were: a herd of haploid yeast cells
undulating like children in the surf at Race Point Beach. Leonard could
see the cells so clearly he was surprised they didn’t react to his
presence; but they remained oblivious, as
20120624:   5297L 68% 282p Highlight|
   But Phyllida’s visit had changed that. Leonard now understood where
Madeleine’s peculiarities came from: why she said “rum” for “room”; why
she liked Worcestershire sauce;
20120624:   5299L 68% 282p Highlight|
   The Bankheads weren’t open-window types. They preferred the windows
closed and the shades drawn. Madeleine was pro-sunlight and anti-dust;
she was for spring cleaning, for beating rugs over porch railings, for
keeping your house or apartment as free of cobwebs and grime as you kept
your mind free of indecision or gloomy rumination.
20120624:   5315L 68% 283p Highlight|
   At two o’clock, Leonard had gone into the hospital to make his case to
Perlmann. “O.K., you stopped taking your lithium on purpose. But the
question is, why did you do that?” “Because I was sick of it. I was sick
of how it made me feel.”
20120624:    5336L 68% 284p Highlight|
   “How did it go?” Madeleine asked, leaning in for a kiss. Leonard
buckled his seat belt, pretending not to notice. “I was at therapy,
Madeleine,” he answered coldly. “Therapy doesn’t ‘go.’”
20120624:    5353L 69% 285p Highlight|
   Leonard lay his head back, sighing. “They don’t even understand the
mechanism of manic depression yet. Our knowledge about the brain is
vanishingly tiny.”
20120624:    5366L 69% 286p Highlight|
   “Scientific American! Are you kidding me?” “What’s wrong with that?”
“This isn’t science. It’s journalism. It’s not even peer-reviewed!” “I
don’t see how that matters.” “You wouldn’t. Because you don’t know
anything about science.” “I was just trying to help.”
20120624:    5371L 69% 286p Highlight|
   “You know how you can help? Drive,” Leonard said angrily. He opened
the window and tossed the magazine out. “Leonard!” “Drive!”
20120624:    5389L 69% 287p Highlight|
   “These are the same numbers as the series you gave me two days ago,”
Kilimnik said. “You mixed up the samples! What are you, brain-dead?” “I’m
sorry,” Leonard said. “I came over last night right after you called me.”
“And did a sloppy job,” Kilimnik shouted. “How am I supposed to run a
study if my lab techs can’t follow the simplest protocols?”
20120624:    5413L 69% 288p Highlight|
   “You were violent.” “Oh, come on.” “You were,” Madeleine insisted.
“You scared me. I thought you were going to hit me.” “All I did was throw
the magazine.” “You were in a rage.”
20120624:    5423L 69% 289p Highlight|
   “You discussed this with your mother?” Leonard said. He gestured
toward the phone. “Is that what you were just talking about?”
20120624:    5427L 69% 289p Highlight|
   “And what does your mother say?” Madeleine lowered her head. As if
giving herself no time for second thoughts, she said quickly, “My mother
doesn’t like you.”
20120624:    5438L 70% 290p Highlight|
   “Well, for one thing, you shook hands with her.” “So?” “So, my
mother’s old-fashioned. She doesn’t usually shake hands with men. If she
does, she’s the one to initiate it.”
20120624:    5443L 70% 290p Highlight|
   “I’m just explaining it. You didn’t make a good first impression.
That’s all.”
20120624:    5455L 70% 291p Highlight|
   “We’re great for each other!” he said, trying to smile, and looking
into her eyes for confirmation. But Madeleine didn’t give it. Instead,
she stared at their clasped hands, furrowing her brow. “I don’t know
anymore,” she said. She pulled her hands away, tucking them under her
20120624:    5499L 70% 293p Highlight|
   He jumped up from the sofa. As he made his way to the bathroom he
already felt five pounds lighter. It was late. It was time to take his
lithium. He opened the bottle and shook out four 300-milligram pills. He
was supposed to take three of them. But he took only two. He took 600
milligrams instead of his usual 900, and then he put the rest of the
pills back into the bottle and replaced the lid …
20120629:   5541L 71% 295p Highlight|
   Dec. 14: Morning: 300 mg. Evening: 600 mg. Back to earth, moodwise.
Also, no noticeable return of side effects. Stay on this dose a few days,
then lower again.
20120629:   5552L 71% 296p Highlight|
   The problem with being Superman was that everybody else was so slow.
Even at a place like Pilgrim Lake, where everyone had high IQs, the
pauses in people’s speech were long enough for Leonard to drop off his
laundry and return before they finished their sentences.
20120629:   5554L 71% 296p Highlight|
   So he finished their sentences for them. To save everyone time. If you
paid attention, it was amazingly easy to predict the predicate of a
sentence from its subject. Only a few conversational gambits seemed to
occur to most people.
20120629:   5555L 71% 296p Highlight|
   They didn’t like it when you finished their sentences, however. Or:
they liked it at first. At first, they thought it indicated a mutual
understanding between the two of you. But if you did it repeatedly, they
became annoyed. Which was fine, since it meant you didn’t have to waste
time talking to them anymore.
20120629:   5558L 71% 296p Highlight|
   This was harder on the person you lived with. Madeleine had been
complaining about how “impatient” Leonard was.
20120629:   5563L 71% 296p Highlight|
   “Give me my pen,” Madeleine said, snatching it back. “I’m just showing
you how to do it.” “Will you please get out of here?” Madeleine cried.
“You’re being so annoying!”
20120629:   5570L 71% 297p Highlight|
   Being alone increased the volume of information bombarding him. There
was no one around to distract him from it. As Leonard strode along,
thoughts stacked up in his head like air traffic over Logan Airport to
the northwest. There were one or two jumbo jets full of Big Ideas,
20120629:   5572L 71% 297p Highlight|
   a fleet of 707s laden with the cargo of sensual impressions (the color
of the sky, the smell of the sea), as well as Learjets carrying rich
solitary impulses that wished to travel incognito. All these planes
requested permission to land simultaneously.
20120629:   5573L 71% 297p Highlight|
   From the control tower in his head Leonard radioed the aircraft,
telling some to keep circling while ordering others to divert to another
location entirely.
20120629:   5578L 71% 297p Highlight|
   The colder you were, the more calories you burned. His ebullient mood,
the steady pumping of his heart, and the big soft fur hat were enough to
keep Leonard warm as he walked along,
20120629:   5588L 72% 298p Highlight|
   Of the four females in the bar, three were engaged in self-grooming,
running their hands through their hair to indicate their readiness for
copulation. The males responded by lowering their voices and sometimes
pawing the females.
20120629:   5599L 72% 298p Highlight|
   Rogue males stirred up all kinds of trouble. It might be fun to see
what he could get going. But he was getting a bad vibe from the
bartender, and he felt like walking some more, and so when he finished
his drink he pulled a ten-dollar bill out of his jeans and left it on the
bar. Without waiting for change he vaulted off the stool and plunged out
into the bone-chilling air.
20120629:    5631L 72% 300p Highlight|
   “You know what you should tell your dad? You should tell him it’s
December. Nobody wants saltwater taffy in December.” “That’s what I do
tell him. He says people still drive up for the weekend, so we should
stay open.”
20120629:    5635L 72% 300p Highlight|
   “Do you consider me a customer?” She shifted her weight to one hip,
growing skeptical. “Well, you’re in here.” “I am definitely in here,”
Leonard said. “What’s your name?” She hesitated. “Heidi.” “Hi, Heidi.”
20120629:    5655L 72% 301p Highlight|
   “Sixteen.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” She didn’t seem to want to say.
“Yes.” “He’s a lucky guy. He should be in here right now, keeping you
company.” “My dad’ll be here in a minute.” “I’m sorry I won’t be able to
meet him,” Leonard said, pressing against the counter.
20120629:    5693L 73% 303p Highlight|
   His cock felt wondrously hard. He was giving Madeleine what Phyllida
could never give her, and thereby exercising his advantage. He felt the
most exquisite sensations at the end of his dick. Nearly weeping with the
pleasure of it, he cried out, “I love you, I love you,” and he meant what
he said. Afterward, they lay curled up, catching their breath. Madeleine
said slyly, happily, “I guess you are better.”
20120629:    5713L 73% 304p Highlight|
   If Mitchell had been able to return Larry’s affection, his life might
have been a lot different right now. As it was, the whole thing was
beginning to look fairly comical and Shakespearean: Larry loved Mitchell,
who loved Madeleine, who loved Leonard Bankhead.
20120629:    5717L 73% 305p Highlight|
   The other reason Calcutta felt real was that he was here for a
purpose. Until now he’d been merely sightseeing. The best he could say
about his travels so far was that they described the route of a
pilgrimage that had led him to his present location.
20120629:    5720L 73% 305p Highlight|congregation of six octogenarians.
20120629:    5722L 73% 305p Highlight|a pair of prescription eyeglasses
20120629:    5723L 73% 305p Highlight|
   The uninstalled sewer pipe in the road was big enough for a family to
camp inside.
20120629:    5738L 74% 306p Highlight|
   “Anybody sitting here?” Mitchell asked, pointing to an empty chair.
The Californian, whose name was Herb, lifted his eyes to Mitchell’s. Herb
considered himself a spiritual person. The way he held your gaze let this
be known. “Our table is your table,” he said.
20120629:    5751L 74% 306p Highlight|
   For a lot of people, it’s best to keep things simple. Sex is bad. Sex
is a no-no. But for other people, who have, let’s say, attained a higher
level of enlightenment, the categories of good and evil pass away.” “So
are you saying you have orgies out there?” Mike persisted.
20120629:    5758L 74% 307p Highlight|
   “If I went to Poona would they let me in?” Mike asked. “No,” Herb
said. “If I wore all red would they?” “To stay at the ashram you’d have
to be a sincere devotee. The Bhagwan would see that you’re not sincere,
no matter what you’re wearing.”
20120629:    5769L 74% 307p Highlight|
   “Man,” Mike lamented, “I’m starting to feel sorry for myself. You’ve
got the Bhagwan, Herbie. Mitchell’s got Mother Teresa. Who do I have?
20120629:    5775L 74% 308p Highlight|
   “You know why I came here?” Mike was saying. “I came because I lost my
job. The economy’s in the toilet, so I thought, what the hell, I’ll go to
India. You can’t beat the exchange rate.”
20120629:    5781L 74% 308p Highlight|
   “Have you ever had opium?” “Once,” Mitchell said. At this Herb’s eyes
widened. “That surprises me,” he said. “That really does. I would have
thought Christianity would frown on that kind of thing.” “It depends on
the intention of the opium smoker,” Mitchell said.
20120629:    5801L 74% 309p Highlight|
   Mitchell had always thought he’d been born too late to be a hippie.
But he was wrong. Here it was 1983, and India was full of them. As far as
Mitchell was concerned, the sixties were an Anglo-American phenomenon.
20120629:    5817L 75% 310p Highlight|
   What if you had faith and performed good works, what if you died and
went to heaven, and what if all the people you met there were people you
didn’t like?
20120629:    5842L 75% 311p Highlight|
   “You’ll see there’s not much organization around here,” the beekeeper
said, leading Mitchell down the aisle between the tiers of beds. “People
come and go all the time, so you just have to jump in where you can.” The
enterprise was a lot smaller than Something Beautiful for God had led
Mitchell to imagine.
20120629:    5848L 75% 312p Highlight|
   “How long have you been here?” Mitchell asked the beekeeper. “Couple
of weeks. Brought the whole family. This is our Christmas vacation. And
New Year’s. My wife and kids are working in one of the orphanages.
20120629:    5852L 75% 312p Highlight|
   “Two things brought me here,” he said, before leaving Mitchell on his
own. “Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer.
20120629:    5857L 75% 312p Highlight|
   Mitchell took it easy that day, settling in. He helped serve lunch,
ladling daal into bowls. He brought the patients glasses of water. On the
whole, the men were cleaner and healthier than he’d anticipated.
20120629:    5873L 75% 313p Highlight|
   Eastern European voice that issued from the lipless mouth—whenever
Mother Teresa spoke, it was to quote Matthew 25:40: “Whatsoever you do
for the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me.” This was the
scripture she founded her work on, at once an expression of mystical
belief and a practical guide for performing charity work. The
20120629:    5876L 75% 313p Highlight|
   What you were supposed to do here was to take this scripture
20120629:    5885L 75% 314p Highlight|
   He was afraid to bathe the men. He was scared of what their naked
bodies might look like, of the diseases or wounds that might lie under
their robes, and he was afraid of their bodily effluvia, of his hands
touching their urine and excrement.
20120629:   5893L 75% 314p Highlight|
   aware that Mother Teresa had entered the chapel. She looked impossibly
tiny, no bigger than a twelve-year-old.
20120629:   5901L 75% 314p Highlight|
   As he passed the rickshaws outside the front gate, the drivers called
to him, but Mitchell waved them off, horrified at the thought of
employing a human being as a beast of burden.
20120629:   5924L 76% 316p Highlight|
   Mitchell maneuvered the cart out of the supply room and started down
the line of beds. Dispensing medications was one of the jobs he liked. It
was relatively easy work, intimate yet perfunctory.
20120629:   5944L 76% 317p Highlight|
   children and staying passionately in love with his wife (he often
spoke of this), producing honey in every direction you looked. And out of
this perfect life had come the need to break out of it, to bring it into
real difficulty, even hardship, in order to relieve the suffering of
20120629:   5964L 76% 318p Highlight|
   Today, as a result of the changes we made in those times, Mother India
is again feeding her children. In the last fifteen years agricultural
output per capita has risen five percent. We are no longer importing
grain. We are growing grain in sufficient quantities to feed a population
of seven hundred million souls.”
20120706:   5988L 77% 319p Highlight|
   American women are all looking after themselves now. They’re basically
all men. So, yeah, I thought about it. But then I’m taking a piss one day
and I get this burning in my johnson. I thought she’d given me something!
So I went to the bar and ragged her out. Turned out it was nothing. Just
some spermicide or whatever getting up my shaft. I went back to apologize
but Meha wouldn’t talk to me. Had some other guy sitting with her. Some
fat Dutch guy.”
20120706:   6002L 77% 320p Highlight|
   claim, every country in the world except North Korea and South Yemen.
He’d arrived in Calcutta by bicycle, riding the two thousand kilometers
from Bombay on an Italian ten-speed and sleeping out in the open beside
the road. As soon as he’d got to the city, he’d sold the bike, making
enough money to live for the next three months.
20120706:   6026L 77% 321p Highlight|
   Holloway and his wife, Kitty Holloway. Children: Buddy, Julie, Karen
Holloway. I have this idea to become a master printer. And Lloyd G.
Holloway, who was my master, always said ‘doozy.’”
20120706:   6034L 77% 322p Highlight|
   His meditation practice had deepened. He experienced plunging
sensations, as if moving at great speed. For whole minutes he forgot who
he was. Outside in the streets, he tried, and often succeeded, in
disappearing to himself in order to be, paradoxically, more present.
20120706:   6041L 77% 322p Highlight|
   Some cities have fallen into ruin and some are built upon ruins but
others contain their own ruins while still growing. Calcutta was a city
like that. Mitchell walked along Chowringhee Road, gazing up at the
buildings, repeating a
20120706:   6059L 78% 323p Highlight|
   took a fresh blue aerogram out of his backpack and began writing a
letter home. Partly because he used his aerograms as an extension of his
own journal, and was therefore writing more to himself than to his
family, and partly because of the influence of Merton’s Gethsemani
journals, Mitchell’s letters from India were documents of utter
strangeness. Mitchell wrote down all kinds of things to see if they might
be true.
20120706:   6066L 78% 323p Highlight|
   He took Madeleine’s letter out of his backpack, thought about what to
reply, and put it back again.
20120506:   6074L 78% 324p Highlight|
   Nietzsche thought Martin Luther was just making it easy on everybody.
Don’t worry if you can’t do good works, people. Just believe. Have faith.
Faith will justify you! Right? Maybe, maybe not. Nietzsche wasn’t against
Christianity, as everybody thinks.
20120706:   6082L 78% 324p Highlight|
   “You don’t have shoes,” Mitchell pointed out. “I used to have shoes.
But then I realize it is much better without them. I go all over without
shoes. Even in New York.”
20120706:   6084L 78% 324p Highlight|
   “You went barefoot in New York?” “It is wonderful barefoot in New
York. It is like walking on one big giant tomb!”
20120506:   6100L 78% 325p Highlight|
   On the roof, two female volunteers were hanging wet laundry on the
line. One of them, who sounded American, was saying, “I told Mother I was
thinking of taking a vacation. Maybe go to Thailand and lie on the beach
for a week or two. I’ve been here almost six months.” “What did she say?”
“She said the only thing important in life is charity.” “That’s why she’s
a saint,” the other woman said. “Can’t I become a saint and go to the
beach, too?” the
20120706:   6115L 78% 326p Highlight|
   “This gentleman needs a bath,” the beekeeper said in his deep voice.
“Somebody’s got the stretcher, so we’ll have to carry him.”
20120706:   6133L 79% 327p Highlight|
   A tumor the size of a grapefruit had invaded his scrotum. At first,
the sheer size of the growth made it difficult to identify as a tumor; it
looked more like a pink balloon. The tumor was so big that it had
stretched the normally wrinkled skin of the scrotum as taut as a drum. At
the top of the bulge, like the tied-off neck of the balloon, the man’s
shriveled penis hung to one side.
20120706:   6141L 79% 327p Highlight|
   “This is the body of Christ.” “This is the body of Christ.” Mitchell
filled a bucket himself and began pouring it over the old man. He
wondered if the falling water increased the old man’s pain. There was no
way to tell. They lathered the old man with antiseptic soap, using their
bare hands.
20120706:   6149L 79% 328p Highlight|
   Once they’d rinsed the man and dried him off, the beekeeper fashioned
a new bandage. They dressed him in clean bedclothes and carried him back
to the men’s ward.
20120706:   6203L 80% 331p Highlight|
   “Yes, you need a passport to prove to the world that you exist. The
people at passport control, they cannot look at you and see you are a
person. No! They have to look at a little photograph of you. Then they
believe you exist.”
20120706:   6219L 80% 331p Highlight|
   Mike said, “I used to give to beggars when I first came here. But then
I realized, it’s hopeless. It never stops.” “Jesus said you should give
to whoever asks you,” Mitchell said. “Yeah, well,” Mike said, “obviously
Jesus was never in Calcutta.”
20120706:   6231L 80% 332p Highlight|
   Mike grinned lecherously, fishing it out of his wallet. He handed it
to Mitchell. Without looking at it, Mitchell promptly tore it in half and
threw it on the ground. “Hey!” “All gone,” Mitchell said. “You ripped my
photo! Why did you do that?” “I’m helping you out. It’s pathetic.”
20120706:   6245L 80% 333p Highlight|
   began filling up a new aerogram. Dear Madeleine, In the words of
Dustin Hoffman, let me say it loud and clear: Don’t marry that guy!!!
He’s no good for you. Thank you for your nice long letter. I got it in
Athens about a month ago. I’m sorry I haven’t written back until now.
I’ve been doing my best to keep you out of my thoughts.
20120506:   6258L 80% 333p Highlight|
   The more I read it, the more aware I became of what you weren’t
saying. Underneath your tiny handwriting is a repressed wish. Maybe
that’s what your tiny handwriting has been doing all your life, trying to
keep your crazy wishes from exploding your life.
20120706:   6279L 81% 335p Highlight|
   It could have been a postcard. I just wanted to say one thing. Don’t
marry that guy. Don’t do it, Mad. Just don’t.
20120706:   6300L 81% 336p Highlight|
   strings. After fifteen minutes of zigzagging, they left the main
thoroughfare and picked up speed, passing through a neighborhood largely
without lights. The red vinyl seat squeaked like a diner booth.
20120706:   6304L 81% 336p Highlight|
   Down below was the Hooghly River, pitch black, reflecting the red neon
sign of the train station on the far bank. Mitchell leaned out of his
seat to look down at the water. If he fell out of the rickshaw now, he
would plunge straight down hundreds of feet. No one would ever know.
20120706:   6307L 81% 336p Highlight|
   He planned to give the rickshaw wallah an enormous tip when they
reached the station. A week’s salary at least. Meanwhile, he enjoyed the
ride. He felt ecstatic. He was being carried away, a vessel in a vessel.
He understood the Jesus Prayer now. Understood mercy. Understood sinner,
for sure.
20120706:   6314L 81% 336p Highlight|
   Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. Lord Jesus Christ, have
mercy on me, a sinner. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. Lord Jesus Christ, have
mercy on me, a sinner. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.
20120713:   6328L 81% 337p Highlight|
   But there had been little nice to hear in that turbulent decade. Alton
had come to Baxter at a time when the school’s endowment was shrinking
and its student body in florid revolt. His first year in the job, student
protesters had staged a sit-in of the administration building. Armed with
a comprehensive list of demands—for the elimination of academic
requirements, the establishment of a department of Afro-American Studies,
the banning of ROTC recruiters on campus, and the divestment of endowment
funds from
20120713:    6334L 81% 337p Highlight|
   Partly to send a signal that this kind of thing wouldn’t be tolerated
on his watch, and partly because he was a Republican who supported the
war in Vietnam, Alton finally had the borough police remove the students
forcibly from the building.
20120713:    6343L 81% 338p Highlight|
   surprise for her in her room. Madeleine ran up the stairs to find the
walls of her bedroom covered by reproductions from her favorite book in
the world at the time, Ludwig Bemelmans’s Madeline. While she’d been in
Manhattan, a wallpaper installer had steamed off the old design to
replace it with this new one, which Phyllida had had custom-printed at a
wallpaper manufacturer in Trenton. Stepping into her bedroom was like
entering the pages of Madeline itself.
20120713:    6351L 81% 338p Highlight|
   her premonition that “something is not right,” and, over by the light
socket, the one-legged soldier, on crutches, beneath the caption that
said, “And sometimes they were very sad”—the sense conveyed, by the
illustrations, of Paris, a city as orderly as the girls’ “two straight
lines,” as colorful as Bemelmans’s pastel palette, a world of civic
institutions and
20120713:    6358L 81% 339p Highlight|
   Nobody had wallpaper like hers. Which was why, as she grew up on
Wilson Lane, Madeleine had never torn it down.
20120713:    6359L 81% 339p Highlight|
   It was sun-faded now, and peeling along the seams. One panel, showing
a Bouvier in the Luxembourg Gardens, was stained yellow from a roof leak.
If moving back in with her parents didn’t feel regressive enough already,
waking up in her old bedroom, surrounded by the storybook wallpaper,
completed the process.
20120413:    6366L 81% 339p Highlight|
   Madeleine and Leonard were living with Madeleine’s parents because
they had nowhere else to go. Leonard’s fellowship at Pilgrim Lake had
ended in April, a week before the wedding. They’d lined up a sublet in
Provincetown for the summer, but after Leonard had been hospitalized, in
Monte Carlo, in early May, they’d had to give the place up. Returning to
the States, two weeks later, Madeleine and Leonard had moved down to
20120713:    6372L 82% 340p Highlight|
   Columbia and Yale sent letters of acceptance. Having been turned down
by Yale the year before, Madeleine took pleasure in returning the favor.
She didn’t want to live in New Haven; she wanted to live in New York. The
sooner she and Leonard found a place there, the sooner they could begin
putting their life—and their eight-week-old marriage—back together.
20120713:    6381L 82% 340p Highlight|
   She’d had a small part in an original one-act, staged over a single
weekend in a church basement in Hell’s Kitchen, and had also appeared in
an outdoor performance piece by a Norwegian artist that involved semi-
nudity and paid nothing.
20120713:    6388L 82% 340p Highlight|
   “Yeah, but today I’ve got the perfect place for you. Are you ready?
‘Riverside Drive. Prewar one-bedroom. Hudson River view. Office possible
second bedroom. Available August first.’ You have to come see it today or
it’ll be gone.”
20120713:   6392L 82% 341p Highlight|
   Madeleine wasn’t sure she could do it. She’d gone apartment-hunting in
the city three times in the past week already.
20120713:   6394L 82% 341p Highlight|
   On the other hand, the apartment sounded ideal. “What’s the cross
street?” she asked. “Seventy-seventh,” Kelly said. “You’re five blocks
from Central Park. Five stops to Columbia. Easy to get to Penn Station,
too, which you said you wanted.”
20120713:   6398L 82% 341p Highlight|
   “Plus, if you come up today, I’ll take you to a party.” “A party?”
Madeleine said. “I remember parties.” “It’s at Dan Schneider’s. Right by
my office. There’ll be a ton of Brown people, so you can reconnect.”
20120713:   6404L 82% 341p Highlight|
   the new specialist at Penn, Dr. Wilkins—Leonard didn’t have a
“pronounced risk of suicidality.” This didn’t mean that he wasn’t
suicidal, only that his risk was relatively low. Low enough, anyway, not
to warrant his being hospitalized (though this was subject to change).
The previous week, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Alton and Madeleine
had driven down to Philadelphia to meet with Wilkins alone, in his office
at the Penn Medical Center.
20120713:   6407L 82% 341p Highlight|
   Madeleine had come away from the experience feeling that Wilkins was
like any other knowledgeable, well-intentioned expert, an economist, for
example, who made predictions based on available data, but whose
conclusions were by no means definitive. She’d asked every question she
could think of about possible warning signs and preventative measures.
20120713:   6412L 82% 342p Highlight|
   “Leonard’s the same,” she said finally. “Well, you should come up and
see this apartment,” Kelly said. “Come at six and then we can go to this
party. Just come for an hour. It’ll cheer you up.”
20120713:   6426L 82% 342p Highlight|
   “Mummy, I have to go into the city tonight to see an apartment.”
20120713:   6428L 82% 343p Highlight|
   “Your father and I have a cocktail party tonight.” Phyllida meant that
they wouldn’t be able to stay with Leonard. The muffin popped up. “But
Mummy?” Madeleine persisted. “This apartment sounds perfect. It’s on
Riverside Drive. With a view.” “I’m sorry, dear, but I’ve had this party
in my book for three months.”
20120513:   6432L 82% 343p Highlight|
   “Kelly says it won’t last. I have to come today.” She felt bad for
pressing. Phyllida and Alton had been so good about everything, so
helpful to Leonard in his distress, that Madeleine didn’t want to burden
them further. On the other hand, if she didn’t find an apartment, she and
Leonard couldn’t move out. “Maybe Leonard will go with you,” Phyllida
20120713:   6458L 83% 344p Highlight|
   “You can leave me alone, Madeleine.” “I know.” “If I wanted to kill
myself, I could do it at night, when you’re sleeping. I could drown
myself in the swimming pool. I could have done that this morning.”
“You’re not making me feel better about going into the city,” Madeleine
20120713:   6462L 83% 344p Highlight|
   “Look. Mad. I’m not feeling too good. I’m exhausted and my nerves are
all jangled. I don’t think I can handle another trip into New York. But
I’m O.K. here on the porch. You can leave me.”
20120713:   6475L 83% 345p Highlight|
   “You want a place in New York too.” “Not anymore.” “You said you did.”
Leonard turned and looked at her for the first time. These moments, oddly
enough, were the ones she dreaded: when he looked at her. Leonard’s eyes
had an emptiness to them. It was like looking into a deep, dry well. “Why
don’t you just divorce me?” he said. “Stop.”
20120713:   6489L 83% 346p Highlight|
   “I changed my mind,” he said. “I’ll go.”
20120713:   6503L 83% 346p Highlight|
   Madeleine had a madwoman in the attic: it was her six-foot-three
20120713:   6546L 84% 349p Highlight|
   someone unstable like that. I read an article by a woman who was
married to a manic-depressive, and it literally curled my hair. I’m going
to send it to you.” “Don’t.” “I’m going to!” “I’ll throw it away!” “Which
amounts to sticking your head in the sand.” “Is this why you’re calling?”
Madeleine said. “To lecture me?” “No,” Phyllida said. “Actually, I was
calling about Thanksgiving. I was wondering what your plans were.” “I
don’t know,” Madeleine said, tight-lipped with anger.
20120713:   6553L 84% 349p Highlight|
   “Ally and Blake are coming here with Richard the Lionhearted. We’d
love to have you and Leonard too. It won’t be a big do this year. Alice
has the weekend off and I can’t seem to manage the oven the way she does.
20120713:   6572L 84% 350p Highlight|
   It hasn’t been easy for our boys, Terry and Mike, to grow up with a
dad who might be cheering them from the sidelines at their baseball games
one day, and the next, talking nonstop nonsense and acting
inappropriately to strangers, or shutting himself up in our bedroom and
refusing to come out for days.
20120713:   6578L 84% 350p Highlight|
   Bill didn’t tell me about his condition before we were married.
Previous relationships of his had broken up when his girlfriends (and in
one case, his fiancée) learned about his illness.
20120713:   6588L 84% 351p Highlight|
   Part of her anger had to do with Phyllida’s closed-mindedness. Another
part had to do with the fear that she might be right.
20120713:   6589L 84% 351p Highlight|
   A long, hot summer with Leonard in his un-air-conditioned apartment,
followed by two months in their unit at Pilgrim Lake, had given Madeleine
a good idea of what it would be like to be “married to manic depression.”
20120713:   6594L 84% 351p Highlight|
   It was as if, in order to love Leonard fully, Madeleine had to wander
into the same dark forest where he was lost.
20120713:   6597L 85% 352p Highlight|
   She stopped playing tennis with Greta Malkiel. She didn’t even make a
pretense of having drinks with the other bedfellows.
20120713:   6598L 85% 352p Highlight|
   In order to punish Phyllida, Madeleine turned down her invitation to
come home for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, she and Leonard celebrated at
Pilgrim Lake, eating in the dining hall with the skeleton crew of people
who stayed around. The rest of the holiday weekend, Leonard didn’t want
to leave the apartment. Madeleine suggested driving to Boston, but he
wouldn’t budge.
20120713:    6605L 85% 352p Highlight|
   Finally, when things got very grim, Madeleine broke down and told her
troubles to her mother.
20120713:    6609L 85% 352p Highlight|
   She just didn’t mention him. And Madeleine mentioned him less and
less, trying to see what it might feel like if he were no longer in her
life. Sometimes this seemed like a betrayal of him, but it was just
words, so far.
20120713:    6615L 85% 352p Highlight|
   riding a stationary bicycle. His disposition became more cheerful. He
started smiling and making jokes. He even moved more quickly, as if his
limbs no longer felt so heavy.
20120713:    6616L 85% 353p Highlight|
   The experience of watching Leonard get better was like reading certain
difficult books. It was like plowing through late James, or the pages
about agrarian reform in Anna Karenina, until you suddenly got to a good
part again, which kept on getting better and better until you were so
enthralled that you were almost grateful for the previous dull stretch
because it increased your eventual pleasure. All
20120713:    6626L 85% 353p Highlight|
   “Since when do you know about digging for oysters?” Madeleine asked.
“I used to do this in Oregon,” Leonard said. “Excellent oyster country
where I come from.” “I thought all you did growing up was smoke pot and
sit in your bedroom.”
20120713:    6635L 85% 354p Highlight|
   A group of people piled into Madeleine’s Saab, the girls sitting on
the guys’ laps. While Madeleine drove out Highway 6, Leonard rolled a
joint on the door of the glove box and explained the intricacies of
counting cards. “The dealers at a place like this’ll probably only use
one deck. It’s easy.”
20120713:    6642L 85% 354p Highlight|
   Leonard appeared sometime after that, looking equally glum, before
smiling and pulling fifteen hundred dollars out of his pocket. He claimed
he could have won more if the dealer hadn’t got suspicious. The dealer
called the pit boss over, who watched Leonard win a few more times before
suggesting that he might want to quit while he was ahead. Leonard took
the hint, but he wasn’t done for the night.
20120713:    6647L 85% 354p Highlight|
   Leonard bought each couple a double room with his winnings. The next
afternoon, they reconvened in the hotel bar, and the party continued.
They went to dinner in Back Bay and bar-hopping afterward. Leonard kept
peeling bills from his diminishing wad, giving tips, buying food and
drinks. When
20120713:    6647L 85% 354p Highlight|
   Leonard bought each couple a double room with his winnings. The next
afternoon, they reconvened in the hotel bar, and the party continued.
They went to dinner in Back Bay and bar-hopping afterward. Leonard kept
peeling bills from his diminishing wad, giving tips, buying food and
drinks. When Madeleine asked if he knew what he was doing, Leonard said,
“This is play money. How many times are we going to be able to do
something like this in our lives? I say, ‘Go for it.’”
20120713:   6655L 85% 355p Highlight|
   “Look at this thing,” he said, staring down at himself. “You could
hang a coat on it.” Indeed you could. If they needed a sure sign that
Leonard was feeling better, there was none more obvious.
20120713:   6657L 85% 355p Highlight|
   “I’m making up for lost time,” he said, after the third time they had
sex. As good as it felt, as wonderful as it was to be properly serviced
after months of going without,
20120713:   6699L 86% 357p Highlight|
   Her secret secret fantasy was something she’d never told anyone and
could barely admit to herself. It was this: whenever Madeleine
masturbated (this was hard in itself to confess to) she pictured herself
as a little girl, being spanked.
20120713:   6711L 86% 358p Highlight|
   She just started moaning, her face pressed into the pillow, and when
she finally came she came harder than she’d ever come before, and cried
out, spasms still running through her for minutes after. She wouldn’t let
him do it again. It didn’t become a habit.
20120713:   6716L 86% 358p Highlight|
   After that, they went back to regular sex, and it was even better for
their time away. They did it multiple times a day, in every room of the
apartment (the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen).
20120713:   6731L 86% 359p Highlight|
   wriggle free but he held her tight, saying how great she tasted, until
she finally believed him. She relaxed in a profound way that wasn’t
sexual so much as existential. So it was finally true: Leonard equaled
maximum relaxation. A few days later, Leonard proposed to her, and
Madeleine said yes. She kept waiting for it to seem like a bad idea. For
the next month they didn’t tell anybody. At Christmas, she took Leonard
home to Prettybrook,
20120713:   6740L 86% 359p Highlight|
   Whenever Phyllida took Leonard aside, Madeleine got nervous, but
nothing seemed to go amiss. That he was twenty pounds lighter than he’d
been in October, and unimpeachably handsome, couldn’t fail to register on
Phyllida. Madeleine kept the visit short, however, not wanting to push
her luck, and they left after three days, spending New Year’s in New York
before returning to Pilgrim Lake. Two weeks later, Madeleine called to
break the news of her engagement.
20120713:   6745L 86% 359p Highlight|
   A few days later, the letter campaign began. Separate handwritten
messages arrived from Alton and Phyllida, questioning the wisdom of
getting “tied down” so early.
20120713:   6751L 87% 360p Highlight|
   Their final move was to engage an intermediary. Alwyn called from
Beverly. “So I hear you’re engaged,” she said.
20120713:   6759L 87% 360p Highlight|
   “No,” Alwyn said. “I told her if you want to marry him, it’s your
business.” “Thanks.” “Are you still mad at me about the pills?” Alwyn
said. “Yes,” Madeleine said. “But I’ll get over it.”
20120213:   6765L 87% 360p Highlight|
   Her parents’ official surrender, in February, only brought further
conflict. Once Alton and Madeleine stopped arguing about the prenuptial
agreement, and whether such a document, by its very nature, invalidated
the trust any marriage needed to survive, once the document had been
drawn up by Roger Pyle, Alton’s lawyer in town, and signed by both
parties, Phyllida and Madeleine started arguing about the wedding itself.
20120713:   6771L 87% 361p Highlight|
   A week before the invitations were to go out, however, she and Leonard
chanced upon an old mariner’s church on the outskirts of Provincetown.
20120713:   6775L 87% 361p Highlight|
   The majority of the forty-six guests were Madeleine’s and Leonard’s
friends from college, who treated the ceremony less as a religious rite
than as an occasion to cheer and hoot.
20120713:   6777L 87% 361p Highlight|
   At the rehearsal dinner Leonard played a Latvian love song on the
kokle, while Kelly Traub, whose grandparents were from Riga, sang along.
20120713:   6778L 87% 361p Highlight|
   He made a simple toast at the wedding banquet, alluding to his
breakdown so tactfully that only those in the know got the reference, and
thanking Madeleine for being his “ministering Victorian angel.” At
midnight, after changing into their traveling clothes, they took a
limousine to the Four Seasons in Boston, where they immediately fell
asleep. The next afternoon, they left for Europe.
20120720:   7128L 91% 380p Highlight|
   She was the thing that stood between Leonard and death. That was how
it felt to her.
20120720:   7134L 91% 380p Highlight|
   When Leonard stayed up, watching late-night TV, Madeleine kept tabs on
him from her bed. She could never really fall asleep until he came
upstairs and climbed in beside her. She
20120720:   7135L 91% 380p Highlight|
   listened for the sounds he made downstairs. It was as if her own heart
had been surgically removed from her body and was being kept at a remote
location, still connected to her
20120720:   7129L 91% 380p Highlight|
   Worse, she was alert to any change in Leonard’s mood that might be a
precursor of one of the warning signs. She was
20120720:   7147L 92% 381p Highlight|
   looked just fine. “Hi, Leonard. How you doing?” As usual, Leonard
treated this like a real question. He sighed, and said, “I’m exhausted.”
“You’re exhausted?” Kelly said. “Think about me! I’ve shown Maddy like
fifteen apartments. This is it. If you guys don’t take this one, I’m
firing you.”
20120720:   7165L 92% 382p Highlight|
   She hid her relief by examining the bedroom closet. “This closet’s
mine,” she said. “I’ve got more clothes than you do. But you can have the
office.” Leonard said nothing. “Did you see the office?” “I saw it,” he
said. “And?” “It’s
20120720:   7180L 92% 383p Highlight|
   “I could never afford an apartment like this. I’m worried how it’s
going to make me feel.” This was a reasonable conversation to have once
or twice. But they’d had it about a hundred times. They’d had a version
of it that morning. The sad truth was that any place that Leonard could
afford would be a place that Madeleine would refuse to live in.
20120720:   7185L 92% 383p Highlight|
   “If I were the man, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. It would
be normal for the husband to pay more rent.” “The fact that I feel like
the wife here is sort of the problem.” “Why did you come to see it,
then?” Madeleine said, growing frustrated. “What did you expect we were
going to do? We can’t live with my parents forever. How does that make
you feel? Living with my parents?”
20120720:   7203L 92% 384p Highlight|
   “Two coffees, please,” Madeleine said, smiling. “And my husband would
like some apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top.” “You want it,
you got it,” the waiter said, moving off. Madeleine expected Leonard to
be amused. But to her surprise his eyes filled with tears.
20120720:   7211L 92% 384p Highlight|
   Right now, when they should have been excited about the new apartment,
or checking out their new neighborhood, they were sitting in a vinyl
booth, avoiding each other’s eyes and not saying anything.
20120720:   7218L 93% 385p Highlight|
   made two amendments to the standard lease, one stipulating approval of
subletters, the other prohibiting pets. At the top of the form she’d
typed Madeleine’s and Leonard’s full names, and had filled in the rent
and security deposit amounts. Sitting down in the booth, helping herself
to pie, she instructed Madeleine to write checks covering the security
deposit and the first month’s rent. Then she had Madeleine and Leonard
sign their names.
20120720:   7225L 93% 385p Highlight|
   Leonard was staring into his coffee cup. Madeleine couldn’t tell if he
was consulting his feelings (self-monitoring) or if his mind had stopped.
“I’m not really in a party mood,” he said. This wasn’t what Madeleine
wanted to hear. She felt like celebrating. She’d just signed the lease on
a Manhattan apartment and she didn’t feel like getting back on the train
to New Jersey. She checked her watch. “Come on. It’s only seven-fifteen.
Let’s just go for a little while.”
20120720:   7233L 93% 385p Highlight|
   into the apartment, Leonard suddenly balked, and grabbed Madeleine’s
arm. “What?” Madeleine said. He was looking down the hall toward the
living room, which was full of people talking loudly over the music. “I
can’t deal with this,” he said.
20120720:   7238L 93% 386p Highlight|
   “What do you mean you can’t deal with it?” “Too hot in here. Too many
people.” “Do you want to leave?” she said, unable to hide her
exasperation. “No,” Leonard said, “we’re here now.”
20120720:   7263L 93% 387p Highlight|
   there’s a rat in my sausage.’ And I look—and there’s a tail sticking
out the end. Like, the whole rat was cooked inside.” “Oh, no!” “And one
of the perks of the job is you get to eat there for free, so.” “That is
so gross!” “But wait. After that, I brought the rat sausage over to my
manager. Because I didn’t know what to do. And he goes, ‘Tell the
customer, no charge.’”
20120720:   7281L 93% 388p Highlight|
   window, talking to a guy who had his back turned. Madeleine was
already through the door before she realized it was Mitchell. There were
probably people it would have been more
20120720:   7283L 93% 388p Highlight|
   Madeleine couldn’t think of who they might be. Mitchell had cut off
his hair and gotten even skinnier. It was hard to decide what was more
shocking: his suddenly being there, the strange way he looked, or the
fact that he was talking to Leonard.
20120720:   7289L 93% 388p Highlight|
   But here Leonard interposed himself. “We’re sort of in the middle of a
conversation,” he said with annoyance. Madeleine shifted abruptly, as if
wrong-footed by a serve. “I just came to see if you were ready to leave,”
she said quietly. “I do want to leave. But first I want to finish this
20120720:   7294L 94% 389p Highlight|
   Returning to the party, she tried to resume enjoying herself. But she
was too preoccupied. She wondered what Leonard and Mitchell were talking
about. She worried that they were talking about her.
20120720:   7300L 94% 389p Highlight|
   didn’t want to explain her situation or face his recriminations or
feel whatever talking to him might make her feel. But as she was just
about to leave, she caught sight of him and paused, and he came up to
her. “I guess I should say congratulations,” he said. “Thank you.” “That
was kind of sudden. Your wedding.” “It was.” “I guess that makes you a
Stage One.” “I guess it does.”
20120720:   7309L 94% 389p Highlight|
   “No. What did it say?” He was looking at her as if he didn’t believe
her. It made her uncomfortable. “I’m not sure it matters now,” he said.
Madeleine glanced toward the front door. “I have to go,” she said. “Where
are you staying?”
20120520:   7316L 94% 390p Highlight|
   “Are you coming into the city again?” he asked. “I don’t know. I
might.” She glanced toward the door again. “If I do, I’ll call you. Maybe
we could have lunch or something.” There was nothing left to do but hug
him. As she did, Madeleine was startled by Mitchell’s pungent smell. It
felt almost too intimate to breathe it in.
20120720:   7326L 94% 390p Highlight|
   Leonard faced her. “What’s the matter with me? What do you think? I’m
depressed, Madeleine. I’m suffering from depression.” “I know that.” “Do
you? I’m not so sure you do. Otherwise you might not say stupid things
like that.” “All I did was ask you if you had a good time! God!”
20120720:   7331L 94% 391p Highlight|
   “What happens is that the brain sends out a signal that it’s dying.
The depressed brain sends out this signal, and the body receives it, and
after a while, the body thinks it’s dying too. And then it begins to shut
down. That’s why depression hurts, Madeleine. That’s why it’s physically
painful. The brain thinks it’s dying, and so the body thinks it’s dying,
and then
20120720:   7337L 94% 391p Highlight|
   were downstairs, back on Broadway, she was disappointed to be heading
home. For over a year she’d been taking care of Leonard, hoping for him
to get better, and now he was worse
20120720:   7340L 94% 391p Highlight|
   “Can’t you just go to a party for an hour without acting like you’re
being tortured?” “No, I can’t, Madeleine. That’s the problem.”
20120720:   7348L 94% 392p Highlight|
   Suddenly Leonard’s face took on a strange expression, as if he was
darkly amused. “If you and I were yeast cells, you know what we’d do?” “I
don’t want to hear about yeast!” Madeleine said. “I’m sick of yeast.”
20120720:   7350L 94% 392p Highlight|
   “Given the choice, a yeast cell’s ideal state is to be diploid. But if
it’s in an environment with a lack of nutrients, you know what happens?”
“I don’t care!” “The diploids break into haploids again. Solitary little
haploids. Because, in a crisis, it’s easier to survive as a single cell.”
20120720:   7355L 94% 392p Highlight|
   she cried. “Do you want to break us up? Is that what you want?” “I
don’t want to ruin your life,” Leonard said in a gentler tone. “You’re
not ruining it.”
20120720:   7359L 94% 392p Highlight|
   and I can’t turn it off. Madeleine, listen to me. Listen. I’m not
going to get better.” Oddly, saying this seemed to satisfy him, as though
he was pleased to make the situation clear.
20120720:   7374L 94% 393p Highlight|
   dress. The train’s lights appeared in the tunnel. Leonard had reached
the edge of the platform. The train was roaring into the station and
Madeleine, running, could see that she was too late. And then the train
slowed and stopped. Leonard was still there, waiting for it. Madeleine
reached him. She called his name.
20120720:   7378L 94% 393p Highlight|
   In a soft voice edged with pity, with sadness, Leonard said, “I
divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee.”
20120720:   7382L 94% 393p Highlight|
   arrest it or to lie to herself; and now all the litter on the platform
was swirling and the train wheels were screeching and the lights inside
the car were blinking on and off, like the lights on a broken chandelier,
or the cells in a dying brain, as the train disappeared into the
20120727:   7387L 95% 394p Highlight|
   a lot of things to admire about the Quakers. They had no clerical
hierarchy. They recited no creed, tolerated no sermons. They’d
established equality between the sexes in their Meetings as early as the
20120727:   7395L 95% 394p Highlight|
   beyond the Prettybrook Battlefield. A simple structure of hand-laid
stones, with a white wooden porch and a single chimney, the building
hadn’t changed from the date of its construction—1753, according to the
plaque—save for the
20120727:   7403L 95% 394p Highlight|
   An entire hour might pass without anyone saying a word. On other days,
responding to inner promptings, people spoke up.
20120727:   7413L 95% 395p Highlight|
   As for Mitchell, he didn’t say anything at the Meetings. The Spirit
didn’t move him to speak. He sat on the bench, enjoying the stillness of
the morning and the musty scent of the Meeting House. But he didn’t feel
entitled to illumination.
20120727:   7416L 95% 395p Highlight|
   After leaving Calcutta, Mitchell had traveled around the country with
no fixed plan, like a fugitive. In Benares, he’d stayed at the Yogi
Lodge, going down to the funeral ghats every morning to see bodies being
20120727:   7424L 95% 396p Highlight|
   Mitchell was so happy to see him that he couldn’t stop smiling and
patting Larry on the back. “My man!” he said. “You made it!” “What
happened, Mitchell?” Larry said. “Get your head caught in a lawn mower?”
20120727:   7433L 95% 396p Highlight|
   “I think it’s great you did it,” he said. “You worked for Mother
Teresa! Not that I would want to do something like that. But for you,
Mitchell, that’s right up your alley.”
20120727:   7441L 95% 396p Highlight|
   It was comforting to learn that homosexual relationships were just as
screwed up as straight ones, but Mitchell made no comment.
20120727:   7451L 95% 397p Highlight|
   so he was alone, in New York, when he learned that Madeleine had
married Leonard Bankhead.
20120727:   7464L 96% 398p Highlight|
   Over pints of Guinness, Schneider filled Mitchell in on all the Brown-
related gossip he’d missed while in India. Lollie Ames had moved to Rome
and was dating a forty-year-old.
20120727:   7466L 96% 398p Highlight|
   All this was fairly amusing until Schneider suddenly said, “Oh, shit!
I forgot. Your girl Madeleine got married! Sorry,
20120727:   7472L 96% 398p Highlight|
   This simulated numbness got him through the next few minutes. And
since it worked so well, Mitchell kept it going the next day, until the
wages of all this unprocessed emotion woke him up, the next night, at
four a.m. with the force of a stab wound.
20120727:   7475L 96% 398p Highlight|
   The following days were among the most painful in Mitchell’s life.
20120727:   7477L 96% 398p Highlight|
   “I’m just a piece of shit. I never had a chance. It’s laughable. Look
at me. Just look. Ugly baldheaded crazy religious stupid PIECE OF SHIT!”
20120727:   7484L 96% 399p Highlight|
   Two nights later, Schneider threw a party, and everything changed.
Mitchell, who hadn’t been feeling very festive, had gone out as the party
was getting under way. After walking around the block about five or six
times, he’d gone back to
20120727:   7489L 96% 399p Highlight|
   But then Madeleine had appeared on her own. At first, Mitchell
pretended not to notice, but finally he’d turned—and it was like it
always was. Madeleine’s sheer physical presence hit Mitchell with full
concussive force. He felt like the guy in the Maxell cassette commercial
with his hair blown straight back, even though he didn’t have any hair.
Things happened quickly after that.
20120727:   7492L 96% 399p Highlight|
   But twenty-five minutes later, she came back, clearly upset, looking
for Kelly. Seeing Mitchell instead, she’d come straight up to him,
pressed her face into his chest, and begun to shake.
20120727:   7494L 96% 399p Highlight|
   He and Kelly took Madeleine into the bedroom and closed the door.
While the party swirled outside, Madeleine told them what had happened.
Later on, after Madeleine had calmed down a little, she called her
parents. Together they decided that the best thing to do, for the moment,
was for Madeleine to take a car service back to Prettybrook. Since she
didn’t want to be alone, Mitchell had volunteered to ride with her.
20120727:   7519L 96% 401p Highlight|
   reason he hadn’t left Prettybrook yet was because Madeleine didn’t
want him to. She told him she felt better when he was around. She looked
up at him, furrowing her brow adorably, and said, “Don’t go. You have to
save me from my parents.”
20120727:   7524L 96% 401p Highlight|
   Every week, when the elders shook hands, signaling that Meeting was
over, Mitchell opened his eyes to realize that he hadn’t stilled his mind
or been moved to speak.
20120727:   7527L 96% 401p Highlight|
   For the first few days after Leonard had taken off, they’d
concentrated on trying to find him. Alton contacted the New York City
police and the New York State police, only to be told both times that a
husband’s abandoning his wife was considered a personal matter and didn’t
meet the requirements for a missing-person investigation.
20120727:   7529L 96% 401p Highlight|
   Next, Alton had called Dr. Wilkins, at Penn. When he asked the
psychiatrist if he’d seen Leonard, Wilkins had cited patient
confidentiality and declined to answer.
20120727:   7533L 96% 401p Highlight|
   Mitchell then began calling everyone he knew in New York to see if
anyone had seen or talked to Bankhead. Within two days, he reached three
different people—Jesse Kornblum, Mary Stiles, and Beth Tolliver—who
claimed they had. Mary Stiles said that Bankhead was staying in DUMBO, in
an unspecified person’s loft.
20120727:   7537L 97% 402p Highlight|
   until Phyllida thought to call Bankhead’s mother, in Portland, and
learned from Rita that Leonard had been in Oregon for the past two days.
Phyllida described the phone call as one of the strangest of her life.
20120727:   7544L 97% 402p Highlight|
   At that point Phyllida lost her composure. “Mrs. Bankhead,” she said,
“well, I’m I’m—I just don’t know what to say! Madeleine and Leonard are
still married. Leonard is my daughter’s husband, my son-in-law, and now
you tell me he’s going off to live in the woods!” “You asked where he
was. I told you.”
20120727:   7550L 97% 402p Highlight|
   “My tone is beside the point. The point is that Leonard has told
Madeleine that he wants a divorce, after two months of being married.
Now, what Madeleine’s father and I are trying to ascertain is whether
Leonard is serious about this, and in his right mind, or if this is
another aspect of his illness.” “What illness?” “His manic depression!”
Rita laughed slowly, with rich gurgling in the throat.
20120727:   7558L 97% 403p Highlight|
   “It’s hard to say with him. I didn’t hear much from him since the
wedding until all of a sudden he showed up at my front door.” “Well, if
you do, could you please ask him to call Madeleine, who is still his
legal wife? This situation has to be clarified one way or another.”
20120727:   7565L 97% 403p Highlight|
   Alton broached the subject that was on their minds. It was just after
nine, twilight turning into darkness. The pump of the swimming pool was
laboring behind its fencing, adding a whooshing sound to the
omnidirectional buzz of crickets. Alton had opened a bottle of Eiswein.
As soon as he’d filled everybody’s glass, he sat next to Phyllida on the
wicker love seat and said, “I’d like to call a family board meeting.”
20120727:   7572L 97% 403p Highlight|
   “The kook,” Phyllida said. “—I think it’s time to reassess where we go
from here.” “You mean where I go,” Madeleine said.
20120727:   7576L 97% 404p Highlight|
   “Your mother and I are wondering what you’re planning to do.”
Madeleine took a sip of wine. “I don’t know,” she said.
20120727:   7578L 97% 404p Highlight|
   “Fine. Good. That’s why I’ve called this meeting. Now, first, I
propose that we define the alternatives. Secondly, I propose that we try
to determine the possible outcomes of each alternative.
20120727:   7579L 97% 404p Highlight|
   After we’ve done that, we can compare these outcomes and make a
judgment as to the best course of action. Agreed?”
20120727:   7582L 97% 404p Highlight|
   “I don’t really feel like talking about this now,” Madeleine said.
“Just—Maddy—just bear with me. Let’s take reconciliation. Do you think
that’s a possibility?” “I guess so,” Madeleine said.
20120527:   7589L 97% 404p Highlight|
   Because, if you don’t know if Leonard’s coming back, and you’re not
willing to go look for him, I’d say the chances of a reconciliation are
pretty slim.” “Maybe
20120727:   7595L 97% 405p Highlight|
   “I don’t want to talk about this,” Madeleine repeated. “Sweetheart, we
have to,” Phyllida said. “No, we don’t.” “I’m sorry, but we do!” Phyllida
20120727:   7602L 97% 405p Highlight|
   Now, suppose you and Leonard don’t reconcile. Just suppose. I took the
liberty of talking to Roger Pyle—” “You told him?” Madeleine cried. “In
confidence,” Alton said. “And Roger’s professional opinion is that, in a
situation like this, where one party is refusing contact, the best course
of action is to get an annulment.”
20120727:   7607L 97% 405p Highlight|
   “An annulment is a lot simpler than a divorce,” Alton continued. “For
a lot of reasons. It represents a voiding of the marriage. It’s as though
the marriage never was.
20120727:   7609L 97% 405p Highlight|
   With an annulment, you’re not a divorcée. It’s as though you never
were married. And the best thing is, you don’t need both parties to get
an annulment. Roger also looked into the statutes in Massachusetts, and
it turns out that annulments are granted for the following reasons.” He
counted them off with his fingers. “One: bigamy. Two: impotence on the
part of the male. Three: mental illness.”
20120727:   7613L 98% 406p Highlight|
   The silence was broken by the sound of Madeleine’s wineglass smashing
against the deck. She jumped to her feet. “I’m going inside!” “Maddy, we
need to discuss this.”
20120727:   7618L 98% 406p Highlight|
   “Right!” Madeleine said. “Thank God I didn’t lose any money! My whole
life is ruined but at least I didn’t lose any of my capital! This isn’t a
board meeting, Daddy. This is my life!” And with that, she fled to her
20120727:   7620L 98% 406p Highlight|
   For the next three days, Madeleine refused to eat with her parents.
She seldom came downstairs. This put Mitchell in an awkward position. As
the only impartial person in the house,
20120727:   7627L 98% 406p Highlight|
   On his shuttle missions to Madeleine’s lair, Mitchell listened to her
complaints. She said that Alton and Phyllida had never liked Leonard.
They hadn’t wanted her to marry him.
20120727:   7635L 98% 407p Highlight|
   Following diplomatic example, Mitchell played out his string, letting
everyone vent until they finally asked for advice. “What do you think I
should do?” Madeleine asked him, three days after her blowup with Alton.
Before Schneider’s party, Mitchell’s answer would have been easy. He
would have said, “Divorce Bankhead and marry me.” Even now, given that
Bankhead showed no desire to remain married, and had disappeared into the
wilds of Oregon, there didn’t seem much hope for reconciliation. How
could you stay married to someone who didn’t want to stay married to you?
But Mitchell’s feeling about Bankhead had undergone a significant change
since talking to him and he was beset now, troublingly, with something
resembling empathy and even affection for his onetime rival.
20120727:   7648L 98% 408p Highlight|
   And here Bankhead surprised him yet again. He said, “Can you keep a
secret?” Though they didn’t know each other, though in some respects
Mitchell was the last person Bankhead should have wanted to confide in,
20120727:   7653L 98% 408p Highlight|
   “It wasn’t at all like a hallucination,” Bankhead said. “I need to
stress that. It felt like the most lucid moment of my life.” For a
minute, or ten minutes, or an hour—he didn’t
20120727:   7656L 98% 408p Highlight|
   Bankhead said that the vision, or whatever it was, was the most awe-
inspiring moment of his life. He said that it “felt religious.” He wanted
to know Mitchell’s opinion of what had happened. Was it O.K. to think of
the experience as religious,
20120727:   7662L 98% 408p Highlight|
   “I’m ready to make the Kierkegaardian leap. My heart’s ready. My
brain’s ready. But my legs won’t budge. I can say ‘Jump’ all day long.
Nothing happens.”
20120727:   7664L 98% 408p Highlight|
   The conversation changed Mitchell’s attitude toward Bankhead. He was
no longer able to hate him. The
20120727:   7669L 98% 409p Highlight|
   Beyond that, Mitchell couldn’t help respecting Bankhead for what he’d
done. It was possible that he might recover from his depression; in fact,
given time, that was more than likely.
20120727:   7676L 98% 409p Highlight|
   July turned into August and still Bankhead didn’t call. One weekend,
Kelly Traub came down to Prettybrook, bringing the keys to Madeleine’s
new apartment. Slowly, doing a little each day, Madeleine began to pack
the things she wanted to bring with her to Manhattan.
20120727:   7681L 98% 409p Highlight|
   The only times Madeleine brightened were when an old girlfriend of
hers came by the house. With her friends—and the earlier made and dippier
they were, the better: she was hugely fond of certain ex–Lawrenceville
girls with names like
20120727:   7685L 98% 409p Highlight|
   Sometimes Madeleine and her friends, growing bored, tried to coax
Mitchell to come for a swim, and he put down his Merton and stood
poolside, trying not to stare at Madeleine’s near-naked body gliding
through the water. “Come on in, Mitchell!” she pleaded with him. “I don’t
have a bathing suit.” “Just wear shorts.”
20120727:   7692L 99% 410p Highlight|
   Every so often, as the days passed, Alton or Phyllida would make an
attempt to get Madeleine to decide what she wanted to do. But she kept
putting them off.
20120727:   7697L 99% 410p Highlight|
   As much as Madeleine wanted Mitchell around, as close as they’d become
that summer, she gave no clear sign that her feelings about him had
altered in any significant way.
20120727:   7698L 99% 410p Highlight|
   She became freer in her actions, changing clothes in front of him,
only saying, “Don’t look.” And he didn’t. He averted his eyes, and
listened to her undressing.
20120727:   7705L 99% 411p Highlight|
   containing an essay by one Madeleine Hanna titled “I Thought You’d
Never Ask: Some Thoughts on the Marriage Plot.” It was a marvelous thing
to see, even though a printing error had transposed two pages of the
essay. Madeleine looked happier than she’d looked in
20120727:   7709L 99% 411p Highlight|
   On the lid, in black ink, were the words “Bachelorette’s Survival
Kit.” Madeleine explained how Alwyn had given it to her for her
fourteenth birthday.
20120727:   7711L 99% 411p Highlight|
   Mitchell got the courage to do what he’d been too scared to do at
nineteen years of age. He said, “You should take that to New York with
you. That’s just what you need.” And when Madeleine looked at him, he
reached up and pulled her down onto the bed.
20120727:   7719L 99% 411p Highlight|
   This didn’t disappoint Mitchell so much as bewilder him. At one point,
while Madeleine was nuzzling his own nipple, she groaned and said, “You
really need to start using deodorant, Mitchell.” Not long after, she fell
20120727:   7724L 99% 412p Highlight|
   The scenery rolled past Mitchell as though he were watching it on a
screen. He was too happy to be involved in it, and though he was walking,
he felt as if he were standing still. He kept bringing his hands to his
nose to inhale Madeleine’s smell.
20120727:   7726L 99% 412p Highlight|
   That, too, was fainter than desirable. Mitchell knew that their
lovemaking hadn’t been perfect the previous night, or really much good at
all, but they had all the time they needed now to get it right.
20120727:   7733L 99% 412p Highlight|
   He remembered what she’d felt like in his arms, and the noises she’d
made. He wondered if Madeleine would ask him to move in with her on
Riverside Drive.
20120727:   7734L 99% 412p Highlight|
   Or would it be better for him to get a place of his own, nearby, and
take it slowly? No matter what, he had to go back to Detroit to see his
parents. But he didn’t have to stay there long. He could come back to New
York, and find a job, and see what happened.
20120727:   7740L 99% 412p Highlight|
   Though the Quakers believed that Christ revealed himself to every
person, without intermediaries, and that each person was able to take
part in a continuing revelation, the things Mitchell saw weren’t
revelations of a universal significance.
20120727:   7744L 99% 413p Highlight|
   After opposing her parents all summer, Madeleine was giving in to the
necessity of an annulment. In order to make that clear to herself, she’d
come up to Mitchell’s bedroom in the attic. He was her survival kit.
20120727:   7774L 100% 414p Highlight|
   And Madeleine kept squinting, as though Mitchell was already far away,
until finally, smiling gratefully, she answered, “Yes.”
20120727:   7766L 100% 414p Highlight|
   And so finally the guy doesn’t propose at all, even though he still
loves her? Is there any book that ends like that?” “No,” Madeleine said.
“I don’t think there’s one like that.” “But do you think that would be
good? As an ending?”
ajk,Eugenides,Marriage Plot,2,7807,416,fic,eng,# (78L=%, 19L=p, 416

ajk,Fullerton,Introduction to Philosophy,3,4270,288,phi,eng,3#
An Introduction to Philosophy (George Stuart Fullerton)
20110820:     32L   1%    2p Highlight|
   The same thoughts can be set forth in plain language, and their
significance illustrated by a constant reference to experiences which we
all have--experiences which must serve as the foundation to every theory
of the mind and the world worthy of serious consideration.
20110830:    354L   8%   24p Highlight|speck
20110907:   2646L 62% 178p Highlight|
   Spinoza modified Descartes' doctrine in that he refused to regard mind
and matter as substances at all. He made them unequivocally attributes of
the one and only substance, which he called God.
20110907:   2686L 63% 181p Highlight|
   with Spinoza, call the one Substance God; that is, he may be a
Pantheist. On the other hand, he may, with Spencer, call it the
Unknowable, and be an Agnostic. Other shades of opinion are open to him,
if he cares to choose them.
20110907:   2693L 63% 182p Highlight|
   58. DUALISM.--The plain man finds himself in a world of physical
things and of minds, and it seems to him that his experience directly
testifies to the existence of both.
20110907:   2697L 63% 182p Highlight|
   stands out one broad distinction, that of the physical and the mental.
20110907:   2698L 63% 182p Highlight|
   man who has done no reading in the philosophers is scarcely tempted to
obliterate; to him the world consists of two kinds of things widely
different from each other; minds are not material things and material
things are not minds.
20110907:   2725L 64% 184p Highlight|
   Pluralism, a word which is meant to cover the various doctrines which
maintain that there is more than one ultimate principle or being in the
20110907:   2727L 64% 184p Highlight|
   Empedocles (born about 490 B.C.). This thinker made earth, water,
fire, and air the four material principles or "roots" of things. He was
not a monist, and we can certainly not call him a dualist.
20110907:   2728L 64% 184p Highlight|
   Again. The term pluralism has been used to indicate the doctrine that
individual finite minds are not parts or manifestations of one all-
embracing Mind,--of God or the Absolute,--but are relatively independent
beings. This doctrine has been urged in our own time, with eloquence and
feeling, by Professor Howison.[2] Here we have a pluralism which is
idealistic, for it admits in the universe but one kind of thing, minds;
and yet refuses to call itself monistic. It will readily be seen that in
this paragraph and in the one preceding the word is used in different
senses. I have added the above sentences to this chapter that the reader
may have an explanation of the meaning of a word sometimes met with. But
the title of the chapter is "Monism and Dualism," and it is of this
contrast that it is especially important to grasp the significance. [1]
"Outlines of Psychology," pp. 64-65, English translation, 1891. [2] "The
Limits of Evolution, and Other Essays," revised edition. New York, 1905.
20110907:    2760L 65% 186p Highlight|
   Thus, he proves the existence of God by the following argument:-- I
exist, and I find in me the idea of God; of this idea I cannot be the
author, for it represents something much greater than I, and its cause
must be as great as the reality it represents. In other words, nothing
less than God can be the cause of the idea of God which I find in me,
and, hence, I may infer that God exists.
20110907:    2777L 65% 187p Highlight|
   Locke, in his "Essay concerning Human Understanding," undertakes "to
inquire into the original, certainty, and extent of human knowledge,
together with the grounds and degrees of belief, opinion, and assent."
20110907:    2782L 65% 188p Highlight|
   The first book of the "Essay" is devoted to the proof that there are
in the mind of man no "innate ideas" and no "innate principles." That is
to say, Locke tries to show that one must not seek, in the "natural
light" to which Descartes turned, a distinct and independent source of
20110507:    2813L 66% 190p Highlight|
   Hume seemed to have shown, empiricism must run out into skepticism. If
all our knowledge has its foundations in experience, how can we expect to
find in our possession any universal or necessary truths? May not a later
experience contradict an earlier? How can we be sure that what has been
will be? Can we know that there is anything fixed and certain in our
20110908:    3210L 75% 216p Highlight|
   How, then, does metaphysics differ from philosophy? The difference
becomes clear to us when we realize that the word philosophy has a
broader and looser signification, and that metaphysics is, so to speak,
the core, the citadel, of philosophy.
20110909:    3625L 85% 244p Highlight|
   That the prevailing architecture of a town is ugly can scarcely
impress one who is acquainted with no other town.
20110909:    3675L 86% 248p Highlight|
   Truth is truth, whether it be scientific truth or philosophical truth.
20110909:    3682L 86% 248p Highlight|
   we may say that every philosophy worthy of the name is, at least, an
attempt at scientific knowledge.
ajk,Fullerton,Introduction to Philosophy,3,4270,288,phi,eng,3# (43L=%,
15L=p, 288 pages)
ajk,Gubernatis,Alessandro Manzoni,2,3563,0,bio,ita,2#
Alessandro Manzoni / Studio Biografico (comte Angelo de Gubernatis)
20120129:    600L 17%    33p Highlight|nodrito
20120129:    618L 17%    34p Highlight|prischi sommi,
20120131:    678L 19%    38p Highlight|giova
20120203:    766L 21%    42p Highlight|stragi
20120205:   1157L 32%    64p Highlight|cavata
20120205:   1323L 37%    73p Highlight|Uggiero il Danese,
20120207:   1415L 40%    79p Highlight|tosto la sposa,
20120208:   1484L 41%    82p Highlight|ciarle,
20120208:   1722L 48%    96p Highlight|
   pag. 249 l'Autore scrive: "Comme l'on ne peut consommer habituellement
les produits de l'étranger, qu'autant qu'on peut en payer la valeur en
produits indigènes, il s'ensuit évidement que la consommation des
produits indigènes est de la même valeur; et ce qu'il ne faut pas perdre
de vue, c'est que, sans la consommation des produits exotiques,
l'équivalent en produits indigènes n'aurait pas existé.
20120208:   1728L 48%    96p Highlight|
   "Comme l'on ne peut consommer, habituellement ou non, les produits de
l'étranger (qu'ils soient ou non d'une nature differente de celle des
produits nationaux)
20120216:   2741L 77% 152p Highlight|pigliano
ajk,Gubernatis,Alessandro Manzoni,2,3563,0,bio,ita,2# (36L=%, 18L=p =>
198 pages)

ajk,Henschke,Deutsche Literaturgeschichte,1,1254,111,his,ger,2#
Deutsche Literaturgeschichte in einer Stunde Von den ältesten Zeiten bis
zur Gegenwart (German Edition) (Alfred Henschke)
ajk,Henschke,Deutsche Literaturgeschichte,1,1254,111,his,ger,2# (13L=%,
11L=p, 111 pages)

ajk,Hugo,Han d'Islande,25,9800,364,fic,fra,3#
Classic French Literature: 14 books by Victor Hugo in the original
French, in a single file, improved 12/31/2010 (French Edition) (Victor
20110928:    348L   3%   12p Highlight|civière
20110928:    378L   4%   13p Highlight|bisaiguë
20110929:    476L   5%   17p Highlight|herse,
20110929:    477L   5%   17p Highlight|donjon
20110929:    480L   5%   17p Highlight|arquebusier
20110929:    651L   6%   23p Highlight|simarre
20110929:    705L   7%   25p Highlight|l'implacable
20110929:    970L 10%    35p Highlight|hyménée,
20110930:   1202L 12%    44p Highlight|placets
20111003:   2291L 23%    84p Highlight|besace
20111003:   2615L 26%    96p Highlight|ascalins
20111005:   3777L 38% 140p Highlight|ambubaiarum
20111005:   3777L 38% 140p Highlight|ambubaiarum collegia,
20111005:   3801L 39% 141p Highlight|syndics des villes,
20111005:   4083L 41% 151p Highlight|Biord le Juste
20111005:   4103L 42% 152p Highlight|rocher courbé d'Oëlmoe.
20111005:   4104L 42% 152p Highlight|Cou-de-Vautour,
20111005:   4111L 42% 152p Highlight|Ordener,
20111005:   4111L 42% 152p Highlight|Spiagudry,
20111005:   4130L 42% 153p Highlight|halliers.
20111005:   4164L 42% 154p Highlight|poterne de Malaër,
20111005:   4165L 42% 154p Highlight|Schoenning
20111005:   4171L 42% 154p Highlight|poterne,
20111005:   4171L 42% 154p Highlight|fort de Vermund.
20111005:   4177L 43% 155p Highlight|Munckholm,
20111005:   4183L 43% 155p Highlight|professeur Schoenning
20111005:   4195L 43% 155p Highlight|
   sur la face où Schoenning avait découvert les caractères runiques
20111005:   4208L 43% 156p Highlight|
   --Écoutez, vieillard, vous pourrez vous fixer au bord de ce lac, et
vous livrer à votre aise à vos importantes études, quand vous aurez reçu
les mille écus royaux que vous rapportera la tête de Han.
20111005:   4217L 43% 156p Highlight|
   le brigand porte à sa ceinture un crâne dans lequel il a coutume de
20111005:   4217L 43% 156p Highlight|crâne de son fils,
20111005:   4217L 43% 156p Highlight|
   crâne de son fils, dont le cadavre est celui pour la profanation
duquel je suis poursuivi.
20111005:   4221L 43% 156p Highlight|
   --C'est de ce crâne, dit Spiagudry en se penchant à l'oreille du jeune
homme, qu'il faut tâcher de vous emparer.
20111005:   4248L 43% 157p Highlight|
   lumière que Baldan, sire de Merneugh, prit le rideau blanc de son lit
pour l'ombre de sa mère;
20111005:   4256L 43% 158p Highlight|faîte des ruines,
20111005:   4264L 43% 158p Highlight|
   forteresse à créneaux d'un sire chrétien;
20111005:   4280L 43% 158p Highlight|
   chiens de mer, [Footnote: Les chiens de mer sont redoutés des
pêcheurs, parce qu'ils effraient les poissons.]
20111005:   4318L 44% 160p Highlight|
   Norvège qu'un seul homme dont les yeux rayonnent ainsi dans les
20111005:   4373L 45% 162p Highlight|
   --Qu'est-ce donc qui résonne ainsi dans ce havre-sac?
20111005:   4385L 45% 162p Highlight|
   Vous verrez le fanal de Munckholm entre les deux Escabelles de Frigge,
au midi.
20111005:   4420L 45% 164p Highlight|
   --Cette cassette t'aura sauvé, ajouta-t-il avec un affreux sourire
ironique. Spiagudry! est-ce ici le chemin de Thoctree?
20111005:   4441L 45% 164p Highlight|toit du Spladgest
20111005:   4443L 45% 165p Highlight|tour de Vygla;
20111006:   4597L 47% 170p Highlight|jarl
20111006:   4597L 47% 170p Highlight|
   jarl ou d'un hersa? [Footnote: Les anciens seigneurs en Norvège, avant
que Griffenfeld fondât une noblesse régulière, portaient les titres de
hersa (baron), ou jarl (comte). C'est de ce dernier mot qu'est formé le
mot anglais earl (comte).]
20111006:   4820L 49% 179p Highlight|d'âcreté
20111007:   5099L 52% 189p Highlight|l'insurrection.
20111009:   5592L 57% 207p Highlight|farfadet
20111009:   5605L 57% 208p Highlight|nasse.
20111009:   5799L 59% 215p Highlight|de lierre et de lichen;
20111011:   6598L 67% 245p Highlight|sanhédrin.
20111012:   6750L 69% 250p Highlight|poterne
20111012:   6968L 71% 259p Highlight|gerfauts!
20111012:   7271L 74% 270p Highlight|d'osier
20111012:   7271L 74% 270p Highlight|chapeau d'osier
20111013:   7843L 80% 291p Highlight|simarre de satin
20111203: 18675L 191% 694p Highlight|badigeonné
20111203: 18699L 191% 695p Highlight|phtisique?
20111205: 19447L 199% 723p Highlight|basoche
20111205: 19679L 201% 732p Highlight|chaussetier,
20111205: 19681L 201% 732p Highlight|hobereaux de Paris,
20111206: 19952L 204% 742p Highlight|bicoquet.
20111206: 20011L 204% 744p Highlight|l'ogive,
20111206: 20210L 207% 752p Highlight|basoche,
20111206: 20213L 207% 752p Highlight|Quasimodo le Bossu.
20111206: 20216L 207% 752p Highlight|argotiers,
20111206: 20217L 207% 752p Highlight|rebec
20111207: 20316L 208% 756p Highlight|oblat
20111207: 20358L 208% 757p Highlight|ribaude!»
20111207: 20361L 208% 757p Highlight|l'espadon
20111208: 21297L 218% 792p Highlight|
   puînée des grandes maçonneries de l'Orient,
20111211: 22342L 228% 831p Highlight|grand Esculape,
20111212: 22813L 233% 849p Highlight|fieffés,
20111212: 22877L 234% 851p Highlight|
   dommages et intérêts, gehenne, prison et geôle et ceps avec dépens,
20111212: 22896L 234% 852p Highlight|sinuosités de l'interrogatoire,
20111213: 23211L 237% 863p Highlight|ménétrier.
20111213: 23211L 237% 863p Highlight|doreloterie
20111213: 23213L 237% 863p Highlight|bûches ni fagots,
20111214: 23885L 244% 888p Highlight|fadaise,
20111215: 24468L 250% 910p Highlight|bedeau,
20111215: 24472L 250% 910p Highlight|logette aux sorcelleries!»
20111215: 24495L 250% 911p Highlight|soleil cabalistique
20111215: 24513L 251% 912p Highlight|matras de charbon.
20111215: 24554L 251% 913p Highlight|
   ce qu'en dit Manou: «Où les femmes sont honorées, les divinités sont
réjouies; où elles sont méprisées, il est inutile de prier Dieu.--La
bouche d'une femme est constamment pure; c'est une eau courante, c'est un
rayon de soleil.--Le nom d'une femme doit être agréable, doux,
imaginaire; finir par des voyelles longues, et ressembler à des mots de
bénédiction.»--... Oui, le sage a raison; en effet, la Maria, la Sophia,
la Esmeral...--Damnation! toujours cette pensée!»
20111215: 24694L 252% 919p Highlight|veuves haudriettes
20111215: 24708L 252% 919p Highlight|décrétales de Gratien?
20111215: 24722L 253% 920p Highlight|
   retourna vers Claude avec la vive prestesse d'un hoche-queue.
20111215: 24725L 253% 920p Highlight|--_Qui non laborat non manducet._
20111215: 24732L 253% 920p Highlight|
   anapeste d'Eschyles qui exprime parfaitement la douleur.»
20111216: 24932L 255% 927p Highlight|manches-mahoîtres
20111217: 25615L 262% 953p Highlight|cotrets
20111217: 25641L 262% 954p Highlight|stryge.
20111218: 26835L 274% 998p Highlight|l'auvent
20111219: 27652L 283% 1029p Highlight|padelt_,
20111219: 27652L 283% 1029p Highlight|
   padelt_, ce qui veut dire en turc: _Dieu est notre espérance_.
20111219: 28124L 287% 1046p Highlight|hutins!»
20111219: 28279L 289% 1052p Highlight|guivres
20111219: 28703L 293% 1068p Highlight|muid de plâtre
20111219: 28753L 294% 1070p Highlight|ménétrier,
20111220: 29285L 299% 1090p Highlight|
   Châteaupers à la rescousse! Prévôté! prévôté!
20111220: 29433L 301% 1095p Highlight|épithalame,
20111220: 29459L 301% 1096p Highlight|connétable de France
20111220: 30587L 313% 1138p Highlight|stryge avérée,
ajk,Hugo,Han d'Islande,25,9800,364,fic,fra,3# (98L=%, 27L=p, 364 pages)

Classic French Literature: 14 books by Victor Hugo in the original
French, in a single file, improved 12/31/2010 (French Edition) (Victor
20110928:    348L-172%-2435p Highlight|civière
20110928:    378L-172%-2434p Highlight|bisaiguë
20110929:    476L-171%-2430p Highlight|herse,
20110929:    477L-171%-2430p Highlight|donjon
20110929:    480L-171%-2430p Highlight|arquebusier
20110929:    651L-171%-2423p Highlight|simarre
20110929:    705L-171%-2421p Highlight|l'implacable
20110929:    970L-170%-2412p Highlight|hyménée,
20110930:   1202L-169%-2403p Highlight|placets
20111003:   2291L-167%-2362p Highlight|besace
20111003:   2615L-166%-2350p Highlight|ascalins
20111005:   3777L-163%-2307p Highlight|ambubaiarum
20111005:   3777L-163%-2307p Highlight|ambubaiarum collegia,
20111005:   3801L-163%-2306p Highlight|syndics des villes,
20111005:   4083L-162%-2296p Highlight|Biord le Juste
20111005:   4103L-162%-2295p Highlight|rocher courbé d'Oëlmoe.
20111005:   4104L-162%-2295p Highlight|Cou-de-Vautour,
20111005:   4111L-162%-2295p Highlight|Ordener,
20111005:   4111L-162%-2295p Highlight|Spiagudry,
20111005:   4130L-162%-2294p Highlight|halliers.
20111005:   4164L-162%-2293p Highlight|poterne de Malaër,
20111005:   4165L-162%-2293p Highlight|Schoenning
20111005:   4171L-162%-2292p Highlight|poterne,
20111005:   4171L-162%-2292p Highlight|fort de Vermund.
20111005:   4177L-162%-2292p Highlight|Munckholm,
20111005:   4183L-162%-2292p Highlight|professeur Schoenning
20111005:   4195L-162%-2291p Highlight|
   sur la face où Schoenning avait découvert les caractères runiques
20111005:   4208L-162%-2291p Highlight|
   --Écoutez, vieillard, vous pourrez vous fixer au bord de ce lac, et
vous livrer à votre aise à vos importantes études, quand vous aurez reçu
les mille écus royaux que vous rapportera la tête de Han.
20111005:   4217L-162%-2291p Highlight|
   le brigand porte à sa ceinture un crâne dans lequel il a coutume de
20111005:   4217L-162%-2291p Highlight|crâne de son fils,
20111005:   4217L-162%-2291p Highlight|
   crâne de son fils, dont le cadavre est celui pour la profanation
duquel je suis poursuivi.
20111005:   4221L-161%-2290p Highlight|
   --C'est de ce crâne, dit Spiagudry en se penchant à l'oreille du jeune
homme, qu'il faut tâcher de vous emparer.
20111005:   4248L-161%-2289p Highlight|
   lumière que Baldan, sire de Merneugh, prit le rideau blanc de son lit
pour l'ombre de sa mère;
20111005:   4256L-161%-2289p Highlight|faîte des ruines,
20111005:   4264L-161%-2289p Highlight|
   forteresse à créneaux d'un sire chrétien;
20111005:   4280L-161%-2288p Highlight|
   chiens de mer, [Footnote: Les chiens de mer sont redoutés des
pêcheurs, parce qu'ils effraient les poissons.]
20111005:   4318L-161%-2287p Highlight|
   Norvège qu'un seul homme dont les yeux rayonnent ainsi dans les
20111005:   4373L-161%-2285p Highlight|
   --Qu'est-ce donc qui résonne ainsi dans ce havre-sac?
20111005:   4385L-161%-2284p Highlight|
   Vous verrez le fanal de Munckholm entre les deux Escabelles de Frigge,
au midi.
20111005:   4420L-161%-2283p Highlight|
   --Cette cassette t'aura sauvé, ajouta-t-il avec un affreux sourire
ironique. Spiagudry! est-ce ici le chemin de Thoctree?
20111005:   4441L-161%-2282p Highlight|toit du Spladgest
20111005:   4443L-161%-2282p Highlight|tour de Vygla;
20111006:   4597L-161%-2276p Highlight|jarl
20111006:   4597L-161%-2276p Highlight|
   jarl ou d'un hersa? [Footnote: Les anciens seigneurs en Norvège, avant
que Griffenfeld fondât une noblesse régulière, portaient les titres de
hersa (baron), ou jarl (comte). C'est de ce dernier mot qu'est formé le
mot anglais earl (comte).]
20111006:   4820L-160%-2268p Highlight|d'âcreté
20111007:   5099L-159%-2258p Highlight|l'insurrection.
20111009:   5592L-158%-2239p Highlight|farfadet
20111009:   5605L-158%-2239p Highlight|nasse.
20111009:   5799L-157%-2232p Highlight|de lierre et de lichen;
20111011:   6598L-155%-2202p Highlight|sanhédrin.
20111012:   6750L-155%-2196p Highlight|poterne
20111012:   6968L-154%-2188p Highlight|gerfauts!
20111012:   7271L-154%-2177p Highlight|d'osier
20111012:   7271L-154%-2177p Highlight|chapeau d'osier
20111013:   7843L-152%-2156p Highlight|simarre de satin
20111203: 18675L-124%-1752p Highlight|badigeonné
20111203: 18699L-124%-1752p Highlight|phtisique?
20111205: 19447L-122%-1724p Highlight|basoche
20111205: 19679L-121%-1715p Highlight|chaussetier,
20111205: 19681L-121%-1715p Highlight|hobereaux de Paris,
20111206: 19952L-120%-1705p Highlight|bicoquet.
20111206: 20011L-120%-1703p Highlight|l'ogive,
20111206: 20210L-120%-1695p Highlight|basoche,
20111206: 20213L-120%-1695p Highlight|Quasimodo le Bossu.
20111206: 20216L-120%-1695p Highlight|argotiers,
20111206: 20217L-120%-1695p Highlight|rebec
20111207: 20316L-119%-1691p Highlight|oblat
20111207: 20358L-119%-1690p Highlight|ribaude!»
20111207: 20361L-119%-1690p Highlight|l'espadon
20111208: 21297L-117%-1655p Highlight|
   puînée des grandes maçonneries de l'Orient,
20111211: 22342L-114%-1616p Highlight|grand Esculape,
20111212: 22813L-113%-1598p Highlight|fieffés,
20111212: 22877L-113%-1596p Highlight|
   dommages et intérêts, gehenne, prison et geôle et ceps avec dépens,
20111212: 22896L-112%-1595p Highlight|sinuosités de l'interrogatoire,
20111213: 23211L-112%-1584p Highlight|ménétrier.
20111213: 23211L-112%-1584p Highlight|doreloterie
20111213: 23213L-112%-1583p Highlight|bûches ni fagots,
20111214: 23885L-110%-1558p Highlight|fadaise,
20111215: 24468L-108%-1537p Highlight|bedeau,
20111215: 24472L-108%-1537p Highlight|logette aux sorcelleries!»
20111215: 24495L-108%-1536p Highlight|soleil cabalistique
20111215: 24513L-108%-1535p Highlight|matras de charbon.
20111215: 24554L-108%-1534p Highlight|
   ce qu'en dit Manou: «Où les femmes sont honorées, les divinités sont
réjouies; où elles sont méprisées, il est inutile de prier Dieu.--La
bouche d'une femme est constamment pure; c'est une eau courante, c'est un
rayon de soleil.--Le nom d'une femme doit être agréable, doux,
imaginaire; finir par des voyelles longues, et ressembler à des mots de
bénédiction.»--... Oui, le sage a raison; en effet, la Maria, la Sophia,
la Esmeral...--Damnation! toujours cette pensée!»
20111215: 24694L-108%-1528p Highlight|veuves haudriettes
20111215: 24708L-108%-1528p Highlight|décrétales de Gratien?
20111215: 24722L-108%-1527p Highlight|
   retourna vers Claude avec la vive prestesse d'un hoche-queue.
20111215: 24725L-108%-1527p Highlight|--_Qui non laborat non manducet._
20111215: 24732L-108%-1527p Highlight|
   anapeste d'Eschyles qui exprime parfaitement la douleur.»
20111216: 24932L-107%-1519p Highlight|manches-mahoîtres
20111217: 25615L-105%-1494p Highlight|cotrets
20111217: 25641L-105%-1493p Highlight|stryge.
20111218: 26835L-102%-1449p Highlight|l'auvent
20111219: 27652L-100%-1418p Highlight|padelt_,
20111219: 27652L-100%-1418p Highlight|
   padelt_, ce qui veut dire en turc: _Dieu est notre espérance_.
20111219: 28124L -99%-1401p Highlight|hutins!»
20111219: 28279L -98%-1395p Highlight|guivres
20111219: 28703L -97%-1379p Highlight|muid de plâtre
20111219: 28753L -97%-1377p Highlight|ménétrier,
20111220: 29285L -96%-1357p Highlight|
   Châteaupers à la rescousse! Prévôté! prévôté!
20111220: 29433L -95%-1352p Highlight|épithalame,
20111220: 29459L -95%-1351p Highlight|connétable de France
20111220: 30587L -92%-1309p Highlight|stryge avérée,
ajk,Hugo,Miserables,65749,103840,1418,cla,fra,# (381L=%, 27L=p, 1418

ajk,Hugo,Notre dame de Paris,18659,30627,592,cla,fra,3#
Classic French Literature: 14 books by Victor Hugo in the original
French, in a single file, improved 12/31/2010 (French Edition) (Victor
20110928:    348L-153% -906p Highlight|civière
20110928:    378L-153% -904p Highlight|bisaiguë
20110929:    476L-152% -899p Highlight|herse,
20110929:    477L-152% -899p Highlight|donjon
20110929:    480L-152% -899p Highlight|arquebusier
20110929:    651L-151% -891p Highlight|simarre
20110929:    705L-150% -888p Highlight|l'implacable
20110929:    970L-148% -875p Highlight|hyménée,
20110930:   1202L-146% -864p Highlight|placets
20111003:   2291L-137% -810p Highlight|besace
20111003:   2615L-134% -794p Highlight|ascalins
20111005:   3777L-124% -736p Highlight|ambubaiarum
20111005:   3777L-124% -736p Highlight|ambubaiarum collegia,
20111005:   3801L-124% -735p Highlight|syndics des villes,
20111005:   4083L-122% -721p Highlight|Biord le Juste
20111005:   4103L-122% -720p Highlight|rocher courbé d'Oëlmoe.
20111005:   4104L-122% -720p Highlight|Cou-de-Vautour,
20111005:   4111L-122% -720p Highlight|Ordener,
20111005:   4111L-122% -720p Highlight|Spiagudry,
20111005:   4130L-121% -719p Highlight|halliers.
20111005:   4164L-121% -717p Highlight|poterne de Malaër,
20111005:   4165L-121% -717p Highlight|Schoenning
20111005:   4171L-121% -717p Highlight|poterne,
20111005:   4171L-121% -717p Highlight|fort de Vermund.
20111005:   4177L-121% -716p Highlight|Munckholm,
20111005:   4183L-121% -716p Highlight|professeur Schoenning
20111005:   4195L-121% -715p Highlight|
   sur la face où Schoenning avait découvert les caractères runiques
20111005:   4208L-121% -715p Highlight|
   --Écoutez, vieillard, vous pourrez vous fixer au bord de ce lac, et
vous livrer à votre aise à vos importantes études, quand vous aurez reçu
les mille écus royaux que vous rapportera la tête de Han.
20111005:   4217L-121% -714p Highlight|
   le brigand porte à sa ceinture un crâne dans lequel il a coutume de
20111005:   4217L-121% -714p Highlight|crâne de son fils,
20111005:   4217L-121% -714p Highlight|
   crâne de son fils, dont le cadavre est celui pour la profanation
duquel je suis poursuivi.
20111005:   4221L-121% -714p Highlight|
   --C'est de ce crâne, dit Spiagudry en se penchant à l'oreille du jeune
homme, qu'il faut tâcher de vous emparer.
20111005:   4248L-120% -713p Highlight|
   lumière que Baldan, sire de Merneugh, prit le rideau blanc de son lit
pour l'ombre de sa mère;
20111005:   4256L-120% -712p Highlight|faîte des ruines,
20111005:   4264L-120% -712p Highlight|
   forteresse à créneaux d'un sire chrétien;
20111005:   4280L-120% -711p Highlight|
   chiens de mer, [Footnote: Les chiens de mer sont redoutés des
pêcheurs, parce qu'ils effraient les poissons.]
20111005:   4318L-120% -709p Highlight|
   Norvège qu'un seul homme dont les yeux rayonnent ainsi dans les
20111005:   4373L-119% -707p Highlight|
   --Qu'est-ce donc qui résonne ainsi dans ce havre-sac?
20111005:   4385L-119% -706p Highlight|
   Vous verrez le fanal de Munckholm entre les deux Escabelles de Frigge,
au midi.
20111005:   4420L-119% -704p Highlight|
   --Cette cassette t'aura sauvé, ajouta-t-il avec un affreux sourire
ironique. Spiagudry! est-ce ici le chemin de Thoctree?
20111005:   4441L-119% -703p Highlight|toit du Spladgest
20111005:   4443L-119% -703p Highlight|tour de Vygla;
20111006:   4597L-118% -696p Highlight|jarl
20111006:   4597L-118% -696p Highlight|
   jarl ou d'un hersa? [Footnote: Les anciens seigneurs en Norvège, avant
que Griffenfeld fondât une noblesse régulière, portaient les titres de
hersa (baron), ou jarl (comte). C'est de ce dernier mot qu'est formé le
mot anglais earl (comte).]
20111006:   4820L-116% -685p Highlight|d'âcreté
20111007:   5099L-113% -671p Highlight|l'insurrection.
20111009:   5592L-109% -646p Highlight|farfadet
20111009:   5605L-109% -646p Highlight|nasse.
20111009:   5799L-107% -636p Highlight|de lierre et de lichen;
20111011:   6598L-101% -597p Highlight|sanhédrin.
20111012:   6750L -99% -589p Highlight|poterne
20111012:   6968L -98% -578p Highlight|gerfauts!
20111012:   7271L -95% -563p Highlight|d'osier
20111012:   7271L -95% -563p Highlight|chapeau d'osier
20111013:   7843L -90% -535p Highlight|simarre de satin
20111203: 18675L    0%    1p Highlight|badigeonné
20111203: 18699L    0%    2p Highlight|phtisique?
20111205: 19447L    7%   39p Highlight|basoche
20111205: 19679L    8%   50p Highlight|chaussetier,
20111205: 19681L    9%   51p Highlight|hobereaux de Paris,
20111206: 19952L 11%     64p Highlight|bicoquet.
20111206: 20011L 11%     67p Highlight|l'ogive,
20111206: 20210L 13%     77p Highlight|basoche,
20111206: 20213L 13%     77p Highlight|Quasimodo le Bossu.
20111206: 20216L 13%     77p Highlight|argotiers,
20111206: 20217L 13%     77p Highlight|rebec
20111207: 20316L 14%     82p Highlight|oblat
20111207: 20358L 14%     84p Highlight|ribaude!»
20111207: 20361L 14%     84p Highlight|l'espadon
20111208: 21297L 22% 130p Highlight|
   puînée des grandes maçonneries de l'Orient,
20111211: 22342L 31% 182p Highlight|grand Esculape,
20111212: 22813L 35% 205p Highlight|fieffés,
20111212: 22877L 35% 209p Highlight|
   dommages et intérêts, gehenne, prison et geôle et ceps avec dépens,
20111212: 22896L 35% 210p Highlight|sinuosités de l'interrogatoire,
20111213: 23211L 38% 225p Highlight|ménétrier.
20111213: 23211L 38% 225p Highlight|doreloterie
20111213: 23213L 38% 225p Highlight|bûches ni fagots,
20111214: 23885L 44% 259p Highlight|fadaise,
20111215: 24468L 48% 287p Highlight|bedeau,
20111215: 24472L 49% 288p Highlight|logette aux sorcelleries!»
20111215: 24495L 49% 289p Highlight|soleil cabalistique
20111215: 24513L 49% 290p Highlight|matras de charbon.
20111215: 24554L 49% 292p Highlight|
   ce qu'en dit Manou: «Où les femmes sont honorées, les divinités sont
réjouies; où elles sont méprisées, il est inutile de prier Dieu.--La
bouche d'une femme est constamment pure; c'est une eau courante, c'est un
rayon de soleil.--Le nom d'une femme doit être agréable, doux,
imaginaire; finir par des voyelles longues, et ressembler à des mots de
bénédiction.»--... Oui, le sage a raison; en effet, la Maria, la Sophia,
la Esmeral...--Damnation! toujours cette pensée!»
20111215: 24694L 51% 299p Highlight|veuves haudriettes
20111215: 24708L 51% 299p Highlight|décrétales de Gratien?
20111215: 24722L 51% 300p Highlight|
   retourna vers Claude avec la vive prestesse d'un hoche-queue.
20111215: 24725L 51% 300p Highlight|--_Qui non laborat non manducet._
20111215: 24732L 51% 300p Highlight|
   anapeste d'Eschyles qui exprime parfaitement la douleur.»
20111216: 24932L 52% 310p Highlight|manches-mahoîtres
20111217: 25615L 58% 344p Highlight|cotrets
20111217: 25641L 58% 345p Highlight|stryge.
20111218: 26835L 68% 404p Highlight|l'auvent
20111219: 27652L 75% 445p Highlight|padelt_,
20111219: 27652L 75% 445p Highlight|
   padelt_, ce qui veut dire en turc: _Dieu est notre espérance_.
20111219: 28124L 79% 468p Highlight|hutins!»
20111219: 28279L 80% 476p Highlight|guivres
20111219: 28703L 84% 497p Highlight|muid de plâtre
20111219: 28753L 84% 499p Highlight|ménétrier,
20111220: 29285L 89% 526p Highlight|
   Châteaupers à la rescousse! Prévôté! prévôté!
20111220: 29433L 90% 533p Highlight|épithalame,
20111220: 29459L 90% 534p Highlight|connétable de France
20111220: 30587L 100% 590p Highlight|stryge avérée,
ajk,Hugo,Notre dame de Paris,18659,30627,592,cla,fra,3# (120L=%, 20L=p,
592 pages)

ajk,Jehova,Mita Raamattu opettaa,2,225,225,rel,fin,2#
ajk,Jehova,Mita Raamattu opettaa,2,225,225,rel,fin,2# (2L=%, 1L=p, 225

ajk,Kant,Kritik der praktischen Vernunft,2,2854,248,phi,ger,#
Kritik der praktischen Vernunft (German Edition) (Immanuel Kant)
20120715:   2017L 71% 175p Highlight|
   als Noumenon betrachtet (als reine Intelligenz, in seinem nicht der
Zeit nach bestimmbaren Dasein), einen Bestimmungsgrund jener Kausalität
nach Naturgesetzen, der selbst von allem Naturgesetze frei ist, enthalten
20120715:   2145L 75% 186p Highlight|
   Der spekulativen Vernunft aber untergeordnet zu sein, und also die
Ordnung umzukehren, kann man der reinen praktischen gar nicht zumuten,
weil alles Interesse zuletzt praktisch ist, und selbst das der
spekulativen Vernunft nur bedingt und im praktischen Gebrauche allein
vollständig ist.
20120717:   2848L 100% 247p Highlight|
   Adepten des Steins der Weisen zu geschehen pflegt, ohne alle
methodische Nachforschung und Kenntnis der Natur, geträumte Schätze
versprochen und wahre verschleudert werden. Mit einem Worte: Wissenschaft
(kritisch gesucht und methodisch eingeleitet) ist die enge Pforte, die
zur Weisheitslehre führt, wenn unter dieser nicht bloß verstanden wird,
was man tun, sondern was Lehrern zur Richtschnur dienen soll, um den Weg
zur Weisheit, den jedermann gehen soll, gut und kenntlich zu bahnen, und
andere vor Irrwegen zu sicheren; eine Wissenschaft, deren Aufbewahrerin
jederzeit die Philosophie bleiben muß, an deren subtiler Untersuchung das
Publikum keinen Anteil, wohl aber an den Lehren zu nehmen hat, die ihm,
nach einer solchen Bearbeitung, allererst recht hell einleuchten können.
ajk,Kant,Kritik der praktischen Vernunft,2,2854,248,phi,ger,# (29L=%,
12L=p, 248 pages)

ajk,Knowlton,Fruits of Philosophy,2,1034,0,phi,eng,1#
Fruits of Philosophy / A Treatise on the Population Question (Charles
ajk,Knowlton,Fruits of Philosophy,2,1034,0,phi,eng,1# (10L=%, 18L=p => 57

ajk,London,Call of the Wild,15043,16690,94,fic,eng,3#
Classic American Literature: Works of Jack London, 43 books in a single
file with active table of contents, improved 2/4/2011 (Jack London and
Richard Seltzer)
20120324: 15401L 21%     20p Highlight|fang.
ajk,London,Call of the Wild,15043,16690,94,fic,eng,3# (16L=%, 18L=p, 94

ajk,Marx and Engels,Communist Manifesto,2,485,96,phi,eng,2#
The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels)
ajk,Marx and Engels,Communist Manifesto,2,485,96,phi,eng,2# (5L=%, 5L=p,
96 pages)

ajk,Meinander,Finlands historia,2,3357,261,his,swe,3#
20120311:     93L   3%    7p Highlight|Nevaflo-den
20120311:    108L   3%    8p Highlight|bysmederoch
20120311:    130L   4%   10p Highlight|kring T155, 12.39 respektive 1293.
20120311:    200L   6%   15p Highlight|francis-kanermunkarna
20120311:    203L   6%   16p Highlight|Olavkul-ten
20120311:    204L   6%   16p Highlight|22-1
20120311:    207L   6%   16p Highlight|Briigge
20120311:    210L   6%   16p Highlight|F.uropa
20120311:    232L   7%   18p Highlight|
   svenska riket inte hade något regelrätt förläningssystem. Man
förlänade inte bönder som 24 I tidernas begynnelse objekt, utan rätten
att beskatta dem.
20120311:    242L   7%   19p Highlight|(zo-30 x sådden)
20120311:    256L   8%   20p Highlight|
   Uppkomsten av enhetliga stater med en odelad centralmakt var överallt
i Europa en långsam process, som skulle fortgå i olika takt fram till
1600-talet. Det svenska rikets politiska konsolidering till en furstestat
och slutligen till ett arvkungadöme skedde i växelverkan och konkurrens
med de danska, ryska och polska rikena.
20120311:    259L   8%   20p Highlight|L53o-talen
20120311:    265L   8%   20p Highlight|tron-följdsstridcr
20120311:    275L   8%   21p Highlight|
   Kalmarunionen var omfångsmässigt ett av Europas största kungariken,
men befolkningstätheten var gles och den ekonomiska bärkraften svag.
20120311:    283L   8%   22p Highlight|
   Norge omvandlades till en dansk provins. För Finlands vidkommande var
unionstiden mer gynnsam.
20120311:    307L   9%   24p Highlight|
   Hösten 1520 tågade den danske unionskungen Kristian II in i Stockholm
och lät avrätta 82 svenska adelsmän som hade vågat trotsa hans
20120311:    311L   9%   24p Highlight|
   När Kristian hade återvänt till Danmark lyckades den 24-årige
adelsmannen Gustav Eriksson Vasa sätta igång ett bondeuppror i Dalarna,
som snabbt spred sig till andra delar av riket. I augusti 1521 utsågs
Gustav Vasa till Sveriges riksföreståndare.
20120311:    312L   9%   24p Highlight|
   Vasa hade tre trumfkort på hand. För det första var det lätt att
uppvigla Dalarnas storbönder mot danskarna, som hade höjt skatterna och
satt käppar i hjulen för järnexporten med Hansan. För det andra lierade
han sig med Hansans ledning i Lybeck, som just då stod på krigsfot med
Danmark. Lybecks militära och ekonomiska flankstöd var av avgörande
betydelse, men bidrog förstås samtidigt till att öka dess inflytande på
den svenska politiken. För det tredje hade Kristian II genom Stockholms
blodbad röjt undan en stor del av Gustav Vasas inhemska konkurrenter inom
20120311:    329L 10%    25p Highlight|
   suveränt furstevälde tog Gustav Vasa vid riksdagen i Västerås 1527, då
han drev igenom en total konfiskering av den katolska kyrkans omfattande
egendomar, inklusive en stor del av prästerskapets privatförmögenheten
20120311:    334L 10%    26p Highlight|1 början
20120311:    341L 10%    26p Highlight|
   Vid freden i Hamburg 1536 måste Lybeck avstå från resten av sina
skuldfordringar. Därmed var hansestädernas makt över Östersjöhandeln över
för gott.
20120311:    351L 10%    27p Highlight|
   Ytterst drevs denna väldiga strukturomvandling av några få och till
synes enkla tekniska innovationer, nämligen krutet, kompassen och
20120311:    356L 11%    28p Highlight|
   Den tyske munken Martin Luther började kritisera påvemakten 1517.
Redan sju år senare började Sveriges kung Gustav Vasa lösa banden till
Rom genom skickliga hänvisningar till Luthers teser om att kyrkan var de
troendes samfund och att dess egendom därför tillhörde folket.
20120311:    362L 11%     28p Highlight|
   En av de första lutheranerna i Finland var Petrus Särkilahti, som hade
studerat för Luther 34 Furstestatens födelse i Wittenberg och åren 1524-
1529 var rektor för Åbo katedralskola. Särkilahti dog dock ung och det
blev istället landsmannen Mikael Agricola (ca 1510-1557) som skulle gå
till historien som Finlands reformator.
20120311:    365L 11%     28p Highlight|
   höll Agricola fast vid latinet som kulturbärande språk och vid många
katolska sedvänjor såsom läran om skärselden, fastan och bikten. Sådant
var normal försiktighet i
20120311:    374L 11%     29p Highlight|
   översättning av Nya Testamentet (1548) är en guldgruva också för
20120311:    380L 11%     29p Highlight|
   finskspråkig ABC-bok, och strax därpå en 900 sidor lång mäss- och
handbok för finskspråkiga gudstjänster (Rucouskiria, 1544).
20120311:    389L 11%     30p Highlight|
   den latinska liturgin stegvis slopades, samtidigt som prästens
predikan direkt till församlingen upphöjdes till det centrala elementet i
20120311:    392L 11%     30p Highlight|
   De mest handgripliga följderna av reformationen blev att
klosterväsendet slopades, prästerskapet blev kungens tjänare på lokal
nivå och kronan konfiskerade det mesta av kyrksilvret. I
20120311:    394L 11%     30p Highlight|Först T593
20120311:    397L 12%     31p Highlight|Administration och ekonomi
20120311:    402L 12%     31p Highlight|
   1 västra rikshalvan togs i huvudsak ofrälse till lokala fogdar. 1
20120311:    405L 12%     31p Highlight|
   Vid riksdagen 1544 infördes ärftligt kungadöme enligt tysk modell.
20120311:    411L 12%     32p Highlight|
   Kriget medförde att kungen efter en längre vistelse vid östgränsen
(1555-1556) skärpte kronans grepp om Finlands adel och befrämjade det
finländska stadsväsendet, samtidigt som han omvandlade rikshalvan till
ett hertigdöme och utsåg sin näst äldsta son Johan till hertig av
20120311:    428L 13%     33p Highlight|
   I detta syfte lät Gustav Vasa 1550 grunda en ny hamnstad vid Finska
vikens nordkust, närmare bestämt vid Vanda fors i Helsinge socken. Staden
fick följaktligen heta Helsingfors.
20120311:    444L 13%     34p Highlight|(noo-talet).
20120311:    448L 13%     35p Highlight|Sata-kunda
20120311:    451L 13%     35p Highlight|natur-i ti
20120311:    454L 13%     35p Highlight|kam-bygder
20120311:    459L 14%     36p Highlight|Krig och släktfejder
20120311:    476L 14%     37p Highlight|Johan II1 :s
20120311:    480L 14%     37p Highlight|T576
20120311:    484L 14%     37p Highlight|T595,
20120311:    491L 15%     38p Highlight|
   beslöt Johan 1581 att till sin kungliga titulatur lägga epitetet
"storfurste av Finland" och han lät även tillverka en vapensköld för
storfurstendömet, som än idag är Finlands officiella vapen.
20120311:    507L 15%    39p Highlight|T598
20120311:    508L 15%    39p Highlight|1 samband
20120311:    509L 15%    39p Highlight|hösten T599
20120311:    509L 15%    39p Highlight|Stål-arm,
20120311:    520L 15%    40p Highlight|Ar 172.1
20120311:    533L 16%    41p Highlight|
   Och i segeryran fanns det till och med planer på att göra kronprinsen,
sedermera Gustav II Adolf, till tsar av Ryssland.
20120311:    543L 16%    42p Highlight|1 slutet
20120311:    556L 16%    43p Highlight|(1700-T7Z1).
20120311:    560L 16%    43p Highlight|i6t8
20120311:    573L 17%    44p Highlight|
   westfaliska freden 1648. Den var resultatet av den första
allmäneuropeiska fredskongressen och lade därmed grunden för en central
diplomatisk princip i internationell politik, nämligen betydelsen av en
maktbalans mellan kontinentens stormakter. Samtidigt blev fredsslutet den
20120311:    581L 17%    45p Highlight|1632-T644
20120311:    582L 17%    45p Highlight|Ii ull.i< mad
20120311:    584L 17%    45p Highlight|1 de stora
20120311:    585L 17%    45p Highlight|1 det
20120312:    596L 18%    46p Highlight|förlä-ningar.
20120312:    599L 18%    46p Highlight|förmyndarre-gim
20120312:    662L 20%    51p Highlight|tjärtillverk-ningen
20120312:    693L 21%    54p Highlight|iéoo-talet
20120312:    702L 21%    54p Highlight|
   Samtidigt skärpte kyrkan den så kallade kyrkotukten.
20120312:    702L 21%    54p Highlight|
   Ett konkret ingrepp var införandet av kyrkbänkar, som underlättade
både en hierarkisk placering av församlingen enligt stånd och
20120312:    710L 21%    55p Highlight|
   Prästen var självskriven ordförande vid sockenstämmorna, där man bland
annat beslöt om församlingens byggen och fattigvård.
20120312:    717L 21%    56p Highlight|1548.1
20120312:    722L 21%    56p Highlight|1 ill
20120312:    733L 22%    57p Highlight|1300-talct,
20120312:    741L 22%    57p Highlight|universitet fessorer
20120312:    749L 22%    58p Highlight|F'n
20120312:    750L 22%    58p Highlight|sta-peltvånget
20120312:    756L 23%    59p Highlight|marginalise-rade
20120312:    758L 23%    59p Highlight|
   frigjorde odlingsjord för det så kallade indelningsverket.
20120312:    770L 23%    60p Highlight|
   Karl XII utmärkte sig från början som en innovativ och orädd
fältherre. I längden var det ändå omöjligt att vinna ett trefrontskrig -
det svenska rikets mänskliga resurser var helt enkelt för små och de
geografiska avstånden alldeles för stora. Det var inget fel på det
svenska självförtroendet i slutet av stormaktstiden.
20120312:    776L 23%    60p Highlight|
   Åbo-akademikern Daniel Juslenius, som i sin avhandling Aboa vetus et
nova (Gamla och nya Åbo, 1700) återgav en redan på 1500-talet fabricerad
berättelse om att hans stad hade grundats strax efter syndafloden av
Noaks sonson Magog.
20120312:    820L 25%    64p Highlight|
   Petersburg europeiska stormaktspolitiken. Vill man peka på ett enskilt
årtal som avgjort Finlands öde är det därför utan tvekan 1703 då Peter
den store lät grunda sin nya huvudstad.
20120312:    866L 26%    67p Highlight|
   ett 75 hektar stort område på fem öar strax söder om staden. Det blev
ändå svenska kronans klart största byggnadsverk på 1700-talet och skulle
i detta avseende överträffas först på 1800-talet av Göta kanal.
20120312:    875L 26%    68p Highlight|
   Skärgårdsflottan hade inspirerats av Peter den store,
20120312:    893L 26%    69p Highlight|
   talesman framstod den österbottniske kaplanen Anders Chydenius, vars
skarpa inlägg och pamfletter stack hål på den merkantilistiska
argumentationen. Mest känd blev
20120312:    895L 26%    69p Highlight|Chydenius
20120312:    903L 27%    70p Highlight|
   markant förskjutning från tjärbränning till sågverksindustri. En
anledning var att man tog i bruk en ny typ av finbladig såg, som kunde
drivas effektivt Stockholm - Sankt Petersburg av de många vattenfallen i
sydöstra Finland. Innovationen kom
20120313:    915L 27%    71p Highlight|1714-17x1,
20120313:    920L 27%    71p Highlight|
   Viktigast av alla jordbruksreformer var dock storskiftet, som gick
igenom vid 1757 års riksdag och som under följande halvsekel förbättrade
lant- och skogsbrukets verksamhetsvillkor i Finland och Sverige på ett
genomgripande sätt.
20120313:    922L 28%    72p Highlight|1 det
20120313:    929L 28%    72p Highlight|utdik-ningen
20120313:    970L 29%    75p Highlight|
   Per Kalm, professor i ekonomi och elev till Carl von Linné, gjorde
åren 1747-1751 en internationellt uppmärksammad naturvetenskaplig
expedition till Nordamerika och grundade efter sin återkomst till Åbo en
botanisk trädgård som blev ett viktigt laboratorium för nya nyttoväxter i
20120313:    982L 29%    76p Highlight|
   Edward Daniel Clarke, som i januari 1800 träffade Porthan i Åbo och
imponerades av hans flytande kunskaper i latin och djupa sakkännedom om
sitt fosterland.
20120313:    987L 30%    77p Highlight|folkloretra-dition
20120313:    994L 30%    77p Highlight|
   Frågan om Finlands framtid inom ramen för den svensk-ryska rivaliteten
kunde därför dryftas endast bakom lyckta dörrar och i hemliga ordnar
såsom det av Porthan 1771 grundade Aurorasällskapet.
20120313:   1010L 30%    78p Highlight|koin
20120313:   1015L 30%    79p Highlight|
   I mitten av 1800-talet fanns det redan åtta olika väckelserörelser i
20120313:   1028L 31%    80p Highlight|t771.
20120313:   1033L 31%    80p Highlight|(iustav
20120313:   1040L 31%    81p Highlight|t779,
20120313:   1041L 31%    81p Highlight|t776
20120313:   1046L 31%    81p Highlight|lörstärka
20120313:   1067L 32%    83p Highlight|
   Samtidigt blottade kriget allvarliga brister i officerskårens
offervilja och det skördade över 20000 soldaters liv, av vilka 90 procent
visserligen strök med på grund av sjukdomar och farsoter.
20120313:   1076L 32%    84p Highlight|
   Gustav IV Adolf hann ingå ett nytt förbund med den allt mäktigare
Napoleon Bonaparte innan fronten mot Frankrike enades och Sverige 1805
istället anslöt sig till en allians bestående av Napoleons fiender
Ryssland, Storbritannien och Österrike.
20120313:   1108L 33%    86p Highlight|Över 10000 svenska och finska
20120313:   1111L 33%    86p Highlight|t8o8
20120313:   1113L 33%    86p Highlight|t808
20120313:   1136L 34%    88p Highlight|
   Kejsarens hänvisning till den rådande konstitutionen skulle sedermera
tolkas av finska rättslärda som ett statsfördrag och ett officiellt
erkännande av Finland som stat, inte minst eftersom kejsarens tal vid
lantdagens avslutning innehöll en välvillig formulering om att landets
befolkning nu var "upphöjt bland nationernas antal".
20120313:   1140L 34%    89p Highlight|
   I verkligheten var det fråga om några korta artighetsfraser, som inte
kan uppfattas som ett statsfördrag i modern mening.
20120313:   1167L 35%    91p Highlight|
   Speranski hade redan 1808 fått uppdraget att föredra de finska
ärendena för kejsaren förbi Finlands generalguvernör och såg till att
denna ordning också stadfästes i reglementet. När Speranskis arbetsbörda
blev för stor inrättades 1811 ett särskilt finskt statssekreterarämbete,
20120313:   1170L 35%    91p Highlight|
   Alexander I:s finske rådgivare Gustav Mauritz Armfelt, tidigare Gustav
III:s gunstling, och när Speranski strax därefter hamnade i kejsarens
onåd blev Armfelt 1812 ämbetets första innehavare och kunde driva igenom
många fördelaktiga särlösningar för Finland.
20120313:   1178L 35%    91p Highlight|
   Målsättningen var att skola upp en ny ryskspråkig elit i Finland, men
försöken i denna riktning var alldeles för valhänta för att lyckas.
20120313:   1186L 35%    92p Highlight|
   Den första finskspråkiga kartan över Europa från 1821 framhävde att
Finland hade förenats politiskt med Ryssland. det Viborgska guvernementet
med storfurstendömet Finland.
20120313:   1203L 36%    93p Highlight|
   Den mest synliga och bestående manifestationen över kejsarens
charmoffensiv blev ändå Helsingfors nya stadskärna, som på två decennier
och med ryskt stöd omvandlades till något av en miniatyr av det
arkitektoniskt lysande S:t Petersburg.
20120313:   1218L 36%    95p Highlight|1 ill
20120313:   1235L 37%    96p Highlight|sam-hällseliten
20120313:   1244L 37%    97p Highlight|i I lelsingfors,
20120313:   1244L 37%    97p Highlight|F.ngel
20120313:   1244L 37%    97p Highlight|Ciardeskasernen
20120313:   1248L 37%    97p Highlight|.iven
20120313:   1255L 37%    97p Highlight|Ka-dettkåren
20120313:   1256L 38%    98p Highlight|
   Inalles gjorde över 4000 finnar rysk officerskarriär och av dem steg
uppemot 300 till generals- eller amiralsrang för att sedan i många fall
återvända till höga civila befattningar i Finland.
20120313:   1259L 38%    98p Highlight|
   skapades här en ytterst viktig professionell länk mellan Finland och
20120313:    1262L 38%   98p Highlight|
   Finland gestaltades således som en rysk provins med nationella
särdrag, men landets separata egna centralförvaltning gav på lång sikt
autonomin en konkret innebörd.
20120313:    1267L 38%   98p Highlight|storfurs-tendömet
20120313:    1277L 38%   99p Highlight|i8iz
20120313:    1293L 38% 100p Highlight|inalles rz kanaler,
20120313:    1297L 39% 101p Highlight|i8zo-talet
20120313:    1312L 39% 102p Highlight|r86o
20120313:    1322L 39% 103p Highlight|sig 1
20120313:    1325L 39% 103p Highlight|,iv
20120313:    1327L 39% 103p Highlight|Ar-widsson,
20120313:    1343L 40% 104p Highlight|i8oo-talet
20120313:    1365L 41% 106p Highlight|(L804-1877)
20120313:    1364L 41% 106p Highlight|hösten 182.2,
20120313:    1367L 41% 106p Highlight|ärkebiskop Tengströms dotter
20120313:    1379L 41% 107p Highlight|visione-rande
20120313:    1381L 41% 107p Highlight|Suotni.
20120313:    1383L 41% 107p Highlight|(1806-t88i)
20120313:    1388L 41% 108p Highlight|ma tungomål.
20120313:    1417L 42% 110p Highlight|d.kten
20120313:    1417L 42% 110p Highlight|vår( |and med et(
20120313:    1422L 42% 110p Highlight|
   Syftet var att förhindra studenterna att sjunga Marseljäsen och andra
öppet politiskt omstörtande sånger. Den samhälleliga
20120313:    1437L 43% 112p Highlight|185Z
20120313:    1442L 43% 112p Highlight|Krimkriget 1853-1856. Kriget
20120313:    1462L 44% 114p Highlight|Fästningens nu 11 m .11
20120313:    1468L 44% 114p Highlight|Nikolaj 1
20120314:    1472L 44% 114p Highlight|rörlig- heten.
20120314:    1474L 44% 115p Highlight|
   Åren 1899-1917 pågick en utdragen statsrättslig kamp mellan
centralmakten och Finland om landets rättigheter och skyldigheter inom
20120314:    1479L 44% 115p Highlight|Zemstvo-institu-tionen,
20120314:    1487L 44% 116p Highlight|bevillning-ar,
20120314:    1489L 44% 116p Highlight|t863,
20120314:    1501L 45% 117p Highlight|I ilrv <|runden
20120314:    1504L 45% 117p Highlight|
   Fram till början av 1900-talet hade endast den mest förmögna delen av
den finländska landsbygdsbefolkningen (4,5 %) rösträtt i lantdagsvalen.
20120314:    1519L 45% 118p Highlight|separa-tismen
20120314:    1521L 45% 118p Highlight|Arm-felt.
20120314:    1523L 45% 118p Highlight|
   sedan marken 1877 hade bundits till guldmyntfoten och den franska
20120314:    1524L 45% 118p Highlight|
   Nationell och global politik Inalles stiftade den finska
ståndslantdagen åren 1863-1906 uppåt 400 lagar. De flesta beredde jordmån
för medborgarsamhället och den expanderande kapitalismen.
20120314:   1526L 46% 119p Highlight|fennomaner-na
20120314:   1528L 46% 119p Highlight|tvä
20120314:   1533L 46% 119p Highlight|finsk-hetsrörelsen
20120314:   1545L 46% 120p Highlight|förryskningsåt-gärder.
20120314:   1549L 46% 120p Highlight|1
20120314:   1553L 46% 121p Highlight|Schau-man
20120314:   1554L 46% 121p Highlight|Hitf-vudstadsbladet
20120314:   1562L 46% 121p Highlight|fenno-manerna
20120314:   1567L 47% 122p Highlight|i88t
20120314:   1593L 48% 124p Highlight|T867)
20120314:   1597L 48% 124p Highlight|ät
20120314:   1602L 48% 124p Highlight|
   Åkrarna utnyttjades i allt högre grad för foderväxter och kring
sekelskiftet 1900 hade det etablerats ett tätt nätverk av mekaniserade
mejerier, som till större del ägdes av böndernas egna andelslag.
Skogsbrukets betydelse ökade också radikalt under åren 1870-1914.
20120314:   1606L 48% 125p Highlight|ångdrivna sågar.
20120314:   1607L 48% 125p Highlight|Ängmaskinen
20120314:   1610L 48% 125p Highlight|i860
20120314:   1616L 48% 126p Highlight|i860-
20120314:   1632L 49% 127p Highlight||rm,Ilning
20120314:   1633L 49% 127p Highlight|1 allt
20120314:   1635L 49% 127p Highlight|mcn
20120314:   1635L 49% 127p Highlight|iill.irsmän
20120314:   1635L 49% 127p Highlight|om ilc
20120314:   1640L 49% 127p Highlight|Dä
20120314:   1647L 49% 128p Highlight|
   Konsumtionen av kaffe tredubblades och sockerkonsumtionen niodubblades
mellan i860 och 1913,
20120314:   1648L 49% 128p Highlight|pitllakahvi
20120314:   1649L 49% 128p Highlight|
   Den sammanlagda effekten av den gryende industrialiseringen åren 1860-
1913 var ett nästan tredubblande av landets BNP.
20120314:   1674L 50% 130p Highlight|Ängel
20120314:   1676L 50% 130p Highlight|mi/
20120314:   1676L 50% 130p Highlight|
   ii'n.ire ungfinsk politiker och ' 'i ilnlonsbildare. tcrst
20120314:   1685L 50% 131p Highlight|in-s.ig
20120314:   1693L 51% 132p Highlight|
   första kvinnliga student blev Marie Tchetschulin, dotter till en
framgångsrik rysk affärsman i Helsingfors, som efter särskild anhållan
fick avlägga studentexamen 1870.
20120314:   1702L 51% 132p Highlight|Kansan-valistusseura,
20120314:   1709L 51% 133p Highlight|ändå .Ut
20120314:   1711L 51% 133p Highlight|.ut
20120314:   1711L 51% 133p Highlight|.ut
20120314:   1712L 51% 133p Highlight|Irammana
20120314:   1713L 51% 133p Highlight|I )ärigenom
20120314:   1713L 51% 133p Highlight|verk-vimhct
20120314:   1721L 51% 134p Highlight|0111
20120314:   1725L 51% 134p Highlight|
   Aleksis Kivi den finskspråkiga skönlitteraturens pionjär med romanen
Sju bröder (1871).
20120314:   1731L 52% 135p Highlight|eman-ciperade
20120314:   1737L 52% 135p Highlight|iSyo-talets
20120314:   1739L 52% 135p Highlight|\ .ir i
20120314:   1745L 52% 136p Highlight|naturdyr-kare,
20120314:   1749L 52% 136p Highlight|i9d'
20120314:   1756L 52% 136p Highlight|E11
20120314:   1765L 52% 137p Highlight|F.ino
20120314:   1769L 52% 137p Highlight|modernis-ten
20120314:   1772L 53% 138p Highlight|si.ulsdclar
20120314:   1783L 53% 139p Highlight|Växande autononni
20120315:   1825L 54% 142p Highlight|
   socialdemokraterna (SDP) med 80 ledamöter.
20120315:   1822L 54% 142p Highlight|Sommaren T906
20120315:   1823L 54% 142p Highlight|
   Över en natt hade antalet röstberättigade tiodubblats (126000 -> 1,3
miljoner) - som de första i Europa fick också kvinnorna i Finland
20120315:   1873L 56% 146p Highlight|7. Kämpande självständighet
20120316:   1882L 56% 146p Highlight|iq
20120316:   1885L 56% 146p Highlight|mänga
20120316:   1890L 56% 147p Highlight|.ill
20120316:   1894L 56% 147p Highlight|\.igs
20120316:   1895L 56% 147p Highlight|reformis-ter,
20120316:   1905L 57% 148p Highlight|19)8
20120316:   1909L 57% 148p Highlight|office-1 are.
20120316:   1911L 57% 149p Highlight|Hrest-Litovsk
20120316:   1937L 58% 151p Highlight|
   Närmare 11000 soldater stupade i kriget (5300 röda, 3400 vita, 600
ryssar, 300 tyskar). Räknar man in alla avrättade och terror- samt
sjukdomsoffer steg den totala dödssiffran till omkring 38 500 personer.
20120316:   1941L 58% 151p Highlight|lick
20120316:   1946L 58% 151p Highlight|tys-I 11 nas
20120316:   1955L 58% 152p Highlight|
   antogs en republikansk regeringsform, som stadfästes av Mannerheim den
17 juli 1919.
20120316:   1964L 59% 153p Highlight|bolsje-vikernas
20120316:   1971L 59% 153p Highlight|
   skämtteckning från 1919. tre*» »v t Mi'isi 1 IP.'..ni yuirtdc ai: ikt
«r Un.:» mJxii an Ha££a vafada vij ilandika ham. man nu go-t» t ■ "Julnät
I»! Jan tillbal* dtaan. (Datitpiaaaan
20120316:   1973L 59% 153p Highlight|19Z0
20120316:   1982L 59% 154p Highlight|F.stland.
20120316:   1988L 59% 154p Highlight|mandatpe riod.
20120316:   2000L 59% 155p Highlight|fenno-manska
20120316:   2004L 60% 156p Highlight|I antdagsreformen
20120316:   2006L 60% 156p Highlight|KE SÄJUHLA
20120316:   2014L 60% 157p Highlight|t937 god-k.int
20120316:   2016L 60% 157p Highlight|regering-( ii aktivt
20120316:   2017L 60% 157p Highlight|'.0111
20120316:   2023L 60% 157p Highlight|antikommu-nister.
20120316:   2046L 61% 159p Highlight|kurs-. 1 miring
20120316:   2047L 61% 159p Highlight|\ ul
20120316:   2048L 61% 159p Highlight|I kl.1111
20120316:   2049L 61% 159p Highlight|ni ra I i tetspolitik
20120316:   2049L 61% 159p Highlight|S.11111
20120316:   2051L 61% 159p Highlight|be- II 1.1 mle rann
20120316:   2052L 61% 159p Highlight|I Inli 1 oeh
20120316:   2066L 62% 161p Highlight|ill
20120316:   2069L 62% 161p Highlight|bolsjeviksty-ret,
20120316:   2069L 62% 161p Highlight|Cen-11
20120316:   2074L 62% 161p Highlight|un-tlei
20120316:   2080L 62% 162p Highlight|zo
20120316:   2083L 62% 162p Highlight|r939
20120316:   2098L 62% 163p Highlight|vil-ket
20120316:   2100L 62% 163p Highlight|ute 1 bygderna.
20120316:   2101L 62% 163p Highlight|utlandstrafi-I
20120316:   2101L 62% 163p Highlight|frän
20120316:   2125L 63% 165p Highlight|11a-1
20120316:   2127L 63% 165p Highlight|C,.irantera
20120316:   2128L 63% 165p Highlight|avse-1 iidcn
20120316:   2141L 64% 166p Highlight|Bildhug-garkonstens
20120316:   2148L 64% 167p Highlight|Tu-lenkantajat,
20120316:   2153L 64% 167p Highlight|.1 andra
20120316:   2155L 64% 167p Highlight|na-turnära
20120316:   2162L 64% 168p Highlight|sammanslut ningar
20120316:   2162L 64% 168p Highlight|1800-talct
20120316:   2163L 64% 168p Highlight|finlända re,
20120316:   2164L 64% 168p Highlight|suverä niteten
20120316:   2185L 65% 170p Highlight|Hl Alamein
20120316:   2191L 65% 170p Highlight|rå-varuområde.
20120316:   2193L 65% 170p Highlight|nonaggres-sionspakt
20120316:   2202L 66% 171p Highlight|kommunistagita-tion
20120316:   2204L 66% 171p Highlight|s.ikerhet.
20120316:   2205L 66% 171p Highlight|Erk-I o
20120316:   2206L 66% 171p Highlight|om .111
20120316:   2209L 66% 172p Highlight|
   Önsketänkandet var djupt rotat och fick ytterligare näring av den
ryssfientliga folkopinionen, för vilken även smärre landavträdelser
skulle ha framstått som landsförräderi.
20120316:   2238L 67% 174p Highlight|1 denna
20120316:   2255L 67% 175p Highlight|snabbkolonisa-tionslag,
20120316:   2263L 67% 176p Highlight|T940
20120316:   2264L 67% 176p Highlight|T940
20120317:   2285L 68% 178p Highlight|sä
20120317:   2311L 69% 180p Highlight|zo
20120317:   2311L 69% 180p Highlight|194z
20120317:   2312L 69% 180p Highlight|Murmanskba-nan,
20120317:   2332L 69% 181p Highlight|t940
20120317:   2333L 69% 181p Highlight|t944
20120317:   2335L 69% 181p Highlight|1 mars
20120317:   2351L 70% 183p Highlight|.irs
20120317:   2373L 70% 184p Highlight|massar-kebuseringar
20120317:   2378L 71% 185p Highlight|fascistoida.
20120317:   2383L 71% 185p Highlight|kontrollkommissio nen.
20120317:   2385L 71% 185p Highlight|Dt t
20120317:   2387L 71% 186p Highlight|Niirnberg
20120317:   2404L 72% 187p Highlight|väst-lägret
20120317:   2430L 72% 189p Highlight|femärigt
20120317:   2449L 73% 190p Highlight|Hon-kaförbundet
20120317:   2454L 73% 191p Highlight|pä
20120317:   2475L 74% 192p Highlight|Där-1
20120317:   2475L 74% 192p Highlight|bok-lordes
20120317:   2477L 74% 193p Highlight|uirllanrum
20120317:   2515L 75% 195p Highlight|1944-T980
20120317:   2529L 75% 197p Highlight|60-talcn.
20120317:   2539L 75% 197p Highlight|
   arbetat i Sverige sedan 1945 beräknas uppgå till över 700000 personer.
20120317:   2558L 76% 199p Highlight|dä
20120317:   2567L 77% 200p Highlight|
   Vändpunkten blev därför 1930-talets ekonomiska kris, som fick
beslutsfattarna att inse att ett permanent socialskydd i praktiken kunde
ge stadga och stimulans åt kapitalismen, eftersom den dämpade
konjunkturväxlingarna och ökade den mindre bemedlade folkmajoritetens
köpkraft. Ledande ideolog för tankeströmningen blev i Norden den svenske
nationalekonomen Gunnar Myrdal. I samma riktning argumenterade den finske
samhällsvetaren Pekka Kuusi, som i sitt tongivande verk 60-luvun
sosiaalipolitiikka (1961) framhöll att stora inkomstöverföringar i
realiteten påskyndade tillväxten.
20120317:   2578L 77% 200p Highlight|
   Under de två decennierna närmast efter 1957 skapades ett heltäckande
system för inkomstrelaterade tjänstepensioner, som inkluderade även
jordbrukare och privatföretagare.
20120317:   2584L 77% 201p Highlight|
   1964 infördes en obligatorisk sjukförsäkring för samtliga löntagare.
Systemet garanterade värd åt alla och kompletterades 1972 med en
folkhälsolag som gjorde kommunerna skyldiga att inrätta egna
hälsovårdsstationer, vilket märkbart förbättrade den förebyggande
20120317:   2591L 77% 201p Highlight|grundskolans införande 1968.
20120317:   2598L 77% 202p Highlight|i960-
20120317:   2602L 77% 202p Highlight|Uleå-borgs
20120318:   2642L 79% 205p Highlight|samhällsat-mosfären.
20120318:   2683L 80% 209p Highlight|i960-
20120318:   2685L 80% 209p Highlight|zo
20120318:   2693L 80% 209p Highlight|ani-mationer
20120318:   2726L 81% 212p Highlight|irri-tera
20120318:   2726L 81% 212p Highlight|.111
20120318:   2728L 81% 212p Highlight|lon-slog
20120318:   2746L 82% 213p Highlight|F.uropas
20120318:   2768L 82% 215p Highlight|oc'1
20120318:   2781L 83% 216p Highlight|trovärdighet som neutral stat.
20120318:   2785L 83% 217p Highlight|1 partipolitiken.
20120318:   2839L 85% 221p Highlight|re-former
20120318:   2848L 85% 221p Highlight|F.FTA-länder.
20120318:   2891L 86% 225p Highlight|T992 slöt F.G-länderna
20120318:   2892L 86% 225p Highlight|F.G
20120318:   2895L 86% 225p Highlight|F.G-medlemskap
20120318:   2912L 87% 226p Highlight|I.äget
20120318:   2914L 87% 227p Highlight|F.G/EU-kommis-sionen;
20120318:   2915L 87% 227p Highlight|0111
20120318:   2918L 87% 227p Highlight|t99t-1995
20120318:   2933L 87% 228p Highlight|1996-zooo
20120318:   2946L 88% 229p Highlight|t995
20120318:   2947L 88% 229p Highlight|I.andets
20120318:   2952L 88% 229p Highlight|t98o-talet
20120318:   2958L 88% 230p Highlight|clea-ringhandeln
20120318:   3021L 90% 235p Highlight|t991
20120318:   3061L 91% 238p Highlight|lejonerv,vann VM^MBTiihockey vé
20120318:   3093L 92% 240p Highlight|1 sak
20120318:   3095L 92% 241p Highlight|F.U-länderna
20120318:   3142L 93% 244p Highlight|/red-program,
ajk,Meinander,Finlands historia,2,3357,261,his,swe,3# (34L=%, 13L=p, 261

ajk,Paine,Common Sense,2,833,72,pol,eng,2#
Common Sense ($.99 Patriot Classics - Complete Original Text) (Thomas
20110911:    561L 67%    48p Highlight|
   Commerce diminishes the spirit, both of patriotism and military
ajk,Paine,Common Sense,2,833,72,pol,eng,2# (8L=%, 12L=p, 72 pages)

ajk,Pamuk,Museum of Innocence,2,10293,728,fic,eng,2#
The Museum of Innocence (Vintage International) (Orhan Pamuk)
20110819:   3235L 31% 229p Highlight|quandary,
20110828:   4981L 48% 352p Highlight|
   simple, ineluctable formula: Happiness means being close to the one
you love, that’s all.
20110828:   5111L 50% 361p Highlight|gracefully accepting defeat.
20110829:   6507L 63% 460p Highlight|gallivanting
20110829:   6515L 63% 461p Highlight|crooners
ajk,Pamuk,Museum of Innocence,2,10293,728,fic,eng,2# (103L=%, 14L=p, 728

Pompeev (askokorpela@gmail.com)
ajk,Pompeev,Predprinimatelstvo,2,7488,272,his,rus,3# (75L=%, 28L=p, 272

ajk,Pompeev,Zolotoe koltso,2,441,0,tra,rus,3#
Zolotoe_koltso-Pompeev-20110903 (askokorpela@gmail.com)
ajk,Pompeev,Zolotoe koltso,2,441,0,tra,rus,3# (4L=%, 18L=p => 24 pages)

ajk,Saramago,Viagem do elefante,2,2403,258,fic,por,2#
20111009:     15L   0%    1p Highlight|nefanda ideia
20111009:     18L   1%    2p Highlight|bisbilhava
20111009:     26L   1%    3p Highlight|
   estaleiros do tejo a transportar tábuas, mas o coitado iria padecer,
porque a sua especialidade profissional são os troncos,
20111009:     29L   1%    3p Highlight|estirão,
20111009:     32L   1%    3p Highlight|digladiam as contradições
20111009:     37L   2%    4p Highlight|
   carta ficou perfeita tanto de letra como de razões, não omitindo
sequer a possibilidade teórica, diplomaticamente expressa, de que o
presente pudesse não ser do agrado do arquiduque, o qual teria, porém,
20111009:     42L   2%    4p Highlight|
   para que se apresentasse o estribeiro-mor, fidalgo da sua maior
confiança, a quem resumiu a missiva, depois do que lhe ordenou que
escolhesse uma escolta digna da sua qualidade,
20111009:     44L   2%     5p Highlight|sibilinas palavras,
20111009:     47L   2%     5p Highlight|
   para ganhar tempo, opino que deveríeis dormir em cima do vosso cavalo
enquanto ele for galopando pelos caminhos de castela.
20111009:     48L   2%     5p Highlight|
   As ordens de vossa alteza serão cumpridas ponto por ponto, empenho
nisso a minha palavra e a
20111009:     49L   2%     5p Highlight|
   17 José Saramago minha vida, e foi-se retirando às arrecuas, repetindo
as vénias de três em três passos. É o melhor dos estribeiros-mores, disse
o rei. O secretário resolveu calar a adulação que consistiria em dizer
que o estri-beiro-mor não poderia ser e portar-se doutra maneira, uma vez
que havia sido escolhido pessoalmente por sua alteza. Tinha a impressão
de ter dito algo semelhante não há muitos dias. Já nessa altura lhe viera
20111009:     55L   2%     6p Highlight|pajens são mais do que
20111009:     57L   2%     6p Highlight|merecimentos,
20111009:     74L   3%     8p Highlight|
   a rainha, ao saber da excursão que se estava preparando, declarou que
também queria ir. Foi difícil convencê-la de que não tinha qualquer
sentido fazer sair um coche só para ir a
20111009:     82L   3%     9p Highlight|estribeiro-mor,
20111009:     84L   3%     9p Highlight|
   Salomão não tem nenhuma ideia do que o espera.
20111009:     90L   3%     9p Highlight|
   Aproximava-se um homem de rasgos indianos, coberto por roupas que
quase se haviam convertido em andrajos,
20111009:     98L   4%    10p Highlight|proboscídeo
20111009:     98L   4%    10p Highlight|côvados
20111009:    107L   4%    11p Highlight|esfregação da escova
20111009:    112L   5%    12p Highlight|salpicada de pintas
20111009:    114L   5%    12p Highlight|graças a vixnu.
20111009:    122L   5%    13p Highlight|corujinhos
20111009:    129L   5%    14p Highlight|
   Respirou fundo quando sentiu terra firme debaixo dos pés
20111009:    142L   6%    15p Highlight|
   por decisão do rei seu 27 José Saramago marido, ela participa
regularmente nas reuniões de estado, onde nunca se comportou como passiva
20111009:    153L   6%    16p Highlight|
   O secretário passeou os olhos pelas extensas e redundantes fórmulas de
cortesia que o estilo epistolar do tempo fazia proliferar como cogumelos
depois da chuva, procurou mais abaixo e encontrou.
20111009:    155L   6%    16p Highlight|
   Não traduziu, anunciou apenas, O arquiduque maximiliano de áustria
aceita e agradece a oferta do rei de portugal.
20111009:    156L   7%    17p Highlight|
   massa pilosa formada pela barba e pelo bigode, espreitou um sorriso de
20111009:    160L   7%    17p Highlight|
   I >iz que não tem claro em que altura partirá para viena, talvez aí
por meados de outubro, mas não é certo, I i nós estamos nos princípios de
agosto, anunciou desnecessariamente a rainha, Também diz o arquiduque,
meu senhor, que vossa alteza, querendo, não necessita licar à espera de
que se aproxime a data da partida para enviar o solimão a valladolid,
20111009:    175L    7%  19p Highlight|
   Depois de um minuto de reflexão acrescentou, O senhor estribeiro-mor
tomará a responsabilidade de organizar a expedição, dois homens para
ajudarem o cornaca no seu trabalho, uns quantos mais para se encarregarem
do abastecimento de água e de forragens, um carro de bois para o que for
necessário, transportar a dorna, por exemplo, ainda que seja certo que no
nosso portugal não vão faltar rios nem ribeiras onde o salomão possa
beber e chafurdar, o pior é essa maldita castela, seca e
20111009:    183L    7%  19p Highlight|
   Bastaria que tivesse percebido que a água e a forragem não lhe caíam
do céu,
20111009:    187L    8%  20p Highlight|saias varrendo o chão,
20111010:    116L    5%  12p Highlight|incisivos do paquiderme,
20111015:    236L 10%    25p Highlight|bois,
20111015:    249L 10%    27p Highlight|chafurdices
20111015:    300L 12%    32p Highlight|fardos de forragens
20111015:    301L 12%    32p Highlight|despicienda
20111015:    301L 12%    32p Highlight|
   excessiva pormenorização a que deliberadamente recorremos, tem um fim
20111015:    303L 12%    32p Highlight|
   salomão terá de comer pelo menos três ou quatro fardos por dia,
20111015:    309L 13%    33p Highlight|
   arrastar os fardos de forragens seriam mais que suficientes os
auxiliares directos,
20111015:    311L 13%    33p Highlight|cornaca.
20111015:    316L 13%    34p Highlight|
   manter a disciplina e desenvolver o espírito de coesão sempre
necessários a qualquer tarefa colectiva.
20111015:    318L 13%    34p Highlight|
   satisfeito com a: ordens que acabo de dar, dirija-se ao comandante ele
é a suprema autoridade aqui, como representant* do rei.
20111015:    319L 13%    34p Highlight|arrastar contrafeito d< pés.
20111015:    323L 13%    34p Highlight|fard< de forragem,
20111015:    324L 14%    35p Highlight|a água d; dorna,
20111015:    325L 14%    35p Highlight|
   Ele não beberia, a água, a esta altura d< rio, ainda é salgada, Como
sabe, perguntou o auxi liar,
20111015:    327L 14%    35p Highlight|iss<
20111015:    328L 14%    35p Highlight|est<
20111015:    328L 14%    35p Highlight|atrás est<
20111015:    331L 14%    35p Highlight|bocejar,
20111015:    348L 14%    37p Highlight|
   Assim poderemos fazer uma galopada de vez em quando e esperar lá à
frente que vocês cheguem, Sim, meu senhor, é a solução perfei-ta,
permitis que me retire, perguntou
20111015:    351L 15%    38p Highlight|
   viagem que ainda mal começou, se nesse bestunto ainda tens uns restos
de ideias aproveitáveis, apreciaria saber se é de tua vontade que
fiquemos aqui eternamente,
20111015:    355L 15%    38p Highlight|
   para que possamos entregá-lo com boa saúde ao arquiduque de áustria,
terá de descansar nas horas de calor,
20111015:    361L 15%    39p Highlight|
   Em todo o caminho não nos cruzámos com ninguém, em minha modesta
opinião não é normal, Estás enganado, cru-zámo-nos com bastantes pessoas,
tanto de uma direcção como da outra,
20111015:    364L 15%    39p Highlight|
   Estranha coincidência, até parece que salomão não quer que o vejam,
20111015:    372L 16%    40p Highlight|terem ilado,
20111015:    375L 16%    40p Highlight|
   a corrida durou, e apesar de alguns heves descansos, andaram mais de
dezassete quilómetros. Este foi o número finalmente apontado pelo i
omandante do pelotão depois de uma viva troca de 51 José Saramago
palavras com o cornaca subhro,
20111015:    381L 16%    41p Highlight|
   suspeitosamente alvoroçado, uns borborigmos surdos nos intestinos, e,
de repente, a dor regressou como uma punhalada.
20111015:    390L 16%    42p Highlight|
   que pôde com as ervas que cresciam ao redor, muita sorte teve de não
haver por ali sempre-noivas, também chamadas sanguinárias, que essas o
fariam saltar como se sofresse da dança de são vito, tais seriam os
ardores e os picores que lhe atacariam a delicada mucosa inferior.
20111015:    396L 16%    42p Highlight|
   faltava passar da noite outros homens podiam ter necessidade de dar de
corpo e o único sítio 53 José Saramago onde o poderiam fazer com
discrição era no meio daquelas árvores,
20111015:    399L 17%    43p Highlight|
   às vezes têm insónias, despertam angustiadas porque no seu sonho
acreditavam que estavam mortas, ou então é um percevejo, dos tantos que
se escondem nas bainhas das mantas, que veio sugar o sangue do
20111015:    402L 17%    43p Highlight|
   Uma sentinela veio perguntar ao cornaca o que é que queria dali e
subhro respondeu que tinha um recado para dar ao
20111015:    411L 17%    44p Highlight|es-Iratégia
20111015:    415L 17%    44p Highlight|
   quando se ouviu o fatal grito, Há aqui uma aldeia. Absortos nas nossas
lucubrações, não tínhamos dado por que um homem se havia levantado e
subido a pendente, mas agora, sim, víamo-lo aparecer entre as árvores,
ouvíamo-lo repetir o triunfal anúncio, embora sem pedir alvíssaras, como
havíamos imaginado, Há aqui uma aldeia. Era o 55 José Saramago
20111015:    435L 18%    47p Highlight|t|iiando,
20111015:    436L 18%    47p Highlight|aque-• rr demasiado,
20111015:    437L 18%    47p Highlight|
   <) comandante chamou o boieiro, explicou-lhe ao <|iu- iam e
recomendou-lhe que observasse bem os animais,
20111015:    438L 18%    47p Highlight|upidcz
20111015:    438L 18%    47p Highlight|< i boieiro
20111015:    438L 18%    47p Highlight|a - l' pouco
20111015:    440L 18%     47p Highlight|
   consequências negativas de uma excessiva especialização profissional,
20111015:    446L 19%     48p Highlight|
   chamava e onde morava o principal lavrador do lugar.
20111015:    450L 19%     48p Highlight|escorbutos
20111015:    463L 19%     50p Highlight|
   Vossa senhoria fará o favor de me explicar o que deseja, em tudo que
não vá contra a salvação da minha alma e contra os interesses do meu amo
que me comprometi a defender, sou o seu homem,
20111015:    466L 19%     50p Highlight|
   que me confiou o encargo de levar a valladolid, espanha, um elefante
para ser entregue ao arquiduque maximiliano de áustria que ali está
aposentado, no palácio do imperador carlos quinto, seu sogro. Ao feitor
20111015:    473L 20%     51p Highlight|1'arece
20111015:    479L 20%     51p Highlight|() leitor
20111015:    480L 20%     51p Highlight|ga-i antia,
20111015:    488L 20%     52p Highlight|pronta promoção a coronel, para
20111015:    491L 21%     53p Highlight|
   O que não esperávamos, francamente, era vir um dia a registar um
pensamento tão generoso, tão excelso, tão sublime, como aquele que passou
pela mente do comandante com o fulgor de um relâmpago, isto é, que ao
escudo de armas
20111015:    494L 21%     53p Highlight|lambém
20111015:    494L 21%     53p Highlight|()s
20111015:    495L 21%     53p Highlight|li o elefante.
20111015:    497L 21%     53p Highlight|ele-lante
20111015:    499L 21%     53p Highlight|Já lemos bois,
20111015:    507L 21%     54p Highlight|
   impaciência crescia a cada minuto. Tinha sido um erro crasso mandar o
sargento à frente.
20111015:    511L 21%     55p Highlight|
   entusiasmo, dando vozes de alegria, se isto aqui fosse um barco de
piratas seria a altura 64 A Viagem do Elefante de dizer, Um rum duplo
para todos.
20111015:    516L 21%     55p Highlight|
   tal elefante, murmurava, não tem menos de quatro côvados de altura, c
a tromba, e os dentes, e as patas, que grossas são as patas.
20111015:    518L 21%     55p Highlight|
   Fazia grandes gestos de adeus. Não é todos os dias que aparece nas
nossas vidas um elefante.
20111016:    204L   9%    22p Highlight|alcáçova carneiro,
20111016:    206L   9%    22p Highlight|
   Branco, meu senhor, subhro significa branco, ainda que não o pareça.
20111016:    219L   9%    23p Highlight|lacraus ou escolopendras,
20111016:    237L 10%     25p Highlight|fardos de forragens.
20111016:    349L 14%     37p Highlight|tenho duas questões a tratar
20111017:    218L   9%    23p Highlight|pedregal
20111017:    350L 14%     37p Highlight|chicote no lombo,
20111022:    520L 22%     56p Highlight|
   lado e <lo outro, isto é, a dele e a nossa, já demonstrou que ii.io
vale a pena esforçar a memória, que todos a temos mais ou menos fraca.
Sinais e avisos são fáceis di interpretar se estivermos de olho atento,
como foi " i aso do comandante quando sobre a caravana, em ' n ta altura
do caminho, caiu um rápido mas abun- • Imite aguaceiro. Para os homens da
força, empenhados no penoso trabalho de empurrar o carro de bois, nqucla
chuva foi uma bênção, um acto de caridade I" lo sofrimento em que têm
vivido sujeitas as clas-«rs baixas. O elefante salomão e o seu cornaca
subhro • I' .1 nitaram do súbito refresco, o que não impediu o 1'UÍn de
pensar no arranjo
20111022:    528L 22%    57p Highlight|
   agilidade de espírito, havia compreendido imediatamente que tinha ali
um problema muito sério.
20111022:    530L 22%    57p Highlight|
   A não ser que o aguaceiro tivesse sido uma coisa de ocasião e que o
bom tempo voltasse para ficar, tinham-se acabado as noites dormidas ao ar
livre sob a lua ou o arco estrelado do caminho de Santiago.
20111022:    532L 22%    57p Highlight|
   espaço coberto para abrigar os cavalos e o elefante, os quatro bois, e
umas boas dezenas de homens,
20111022:    538L 22%    58p Highlight|casebres afastados
20111022:    538L 22%    58p Highlight|
   igreja descabeçada, isto é, só com meia torre, sem nave industrial à
vista, ainda lhes caíram em cima duas bátegas,
20111022:    541L 22%    58p Highlight|
   constipações, defluxos e mais do que prováveis pneumonias.
20111022:    550L 23%    59p Highlight|
   Proeza, essa sim, foi o episódio da multiplicação dos pães e dos
peixes, que se aqui chamamos à colação
20111022:    560L 23%    60p Highlight|
   E tu, ó cornaca, que raios vais tu fazer com o elefante a viena,
Provavelmente o mesmo que em lisboa, nada de importante, respondeu
subhro, irão dar-lhe muitas palmas, irá sair muita gente à rua, e depois
esquecem-se dele, assim é a lei da vida, triunfo e olvido, Nem
20111022:    564L 23%    60p Highlight|deus que se chama C.ineixa
20111022:    567L 24%    61p Highlight|n.i real idade, és ou não és
20111022:    568L 24%    61p Highlight|
   Não perdeste nada com isso, disse a voz desconhecida
20111022:    570L 24%    61p Highlight|
   Segundo a tua religião, quem foi que criou o universo, perguntou o
20111022:    572L 24%    61p Highlight|
   é a tarefa de outro deus, um que se chama vixnu,
20111022:    575L 24%    62p Highlight|
   Quatro, exclamou o comandante, estupefacto, quem é esse quarto, A
virgem, meu senhor, A virgem está fora disto, o que temos é o pai, o
filho e o espírito santo, E a virgem, Se não te explicas, corto-te a
cabeça, como fizeram ao elefante, Nunca ouvi pedir nada a deus, nem a
jesus, nem ao espírito santo, mas a virgem não tem mãos a medir com
tantos rogos, preces e solicitações que lhe chegam a casa a todas 72 A
Viagem do Elefante as horas do dia e da noite, Cuidado, que está aí a
20111022:    583L 24%    62p Highlight|
   Ganeixa é filho de siva e de parvati, também chamada durga ou kali,
20111022:    587L 24%    63p Highlight|
   sucedeu que não havia guardas por ali a fim de a protegerem de alguém
que quisesse entrar na sala. Então ela 73 José Saramago criou um ídolo
com a forma de um rapazinho, feito com a pasta que havia preparado para
lavar-se, e que não devia ser outra coisa que sabão.
20111022:    590L 24%    63p Highlight|ganeixa
20111022:    592L 24%    63p Highlight|
   seguinte diálogo, Sou o esposo de parvati, portanto a casa dela é a
minha casa, Aqui só entra quem minha mãe quiser, e ela não me disse que
tu podias entrar.
20111022:    594L 25%    64p Highlight|
   Quando parvati saiu e viu o corpo sem vida do filho, os seus gritos de
dor depressa se transformaram em uivos de fúria.
20111022:    596L 25%    64p Highlight|
   Então, como último recurso, siva foi pedir auxílio a brama, que lhe
sugeriu que substituísse a cabeça de ganeixa pela do primeiro ser vivo
que encontrasse no caminho,
20111022:    598L 25%    64p Highlight|
   Encontraram um elefante moribundo que dormia desta maneira e, após a
sua 74 A Viagem do Elefante morte, cortaram-lhe a cabeça.
20111022:    602L 25%    64p Highlight|
   Eu também não acredito no conto do menino de sabão que veio a tornar-
se deus com um corpo de homem barrigudo e cabeça de elefante,
20111022:    607L 25%    65p Highlight|
   Fosse como fosse, eram horas de ir para a cama, os lençóis e as mantas
dela as roupas que tinham vestidas, o importante era que não lhes
chovesse em cima, e isso tinha-o conseguido o comandante indo de casa em
casa a pedir que dessem abrigo, por esta noite, a dois ou três dos seus
20111022:    624L 26%    67p Highlight|
   estava tratando, não entendiam os nomes, tinham acentuações estranhas,
até que tudo se lhes tornou claro quando chegaram à conclusão de que se
estava a falar do elefante e que o elefante era deus.
20111022:    626L 26%    67p Highlight|
   Agora caminhavam para as suas casas, para o conforto dos lares,
levando cada um consigo dois ou três hóspedes entre militares e homens de
forças. Com o elefante ficaram de sentinela dois soldados de cavalaria, o
que mais reforçou neles a ideia de que era urgente ir falar ao cura.
20111022:    638L 26%    68p Highlight|
   transformando assim uma gravíssima questão teológica na fábula da
20111022:    643L 27%    69p Highlight|
   muito sério, é um assunto de igreja, De igreja, repetiu o cura,
subitamente inquieto, pensando que o apodrecido travejamento do tecto
tinha vindo abaixo, Sim senhor, de igreja, Então entrem, entrem.
20111022:    647L 27%    69p Highlight|
   Senhor padre, deus é um elefante. O padre suspirou de alívio, era
preferível isto a ter caído o telhado, além do mais,
20111022:    653L 27%    70p Highlight|
   comandante da cavalaria e o homem que viaja em cima, Em cima de quê,
De deus, do animal.
20111022:    670L 28%    72p Highlight|
   A minha filha mais velha, é verdade que ainda não consegue ler de
corrido, mas, graças às vezes que já leu o mesmo, vamos percebendo-a cada
vez melhor, Em compensação, o pior é que, com tais pensamentos e
opiniões, se a inquisição aqui chega serás o primeiro a ir para a
20111022:    675L 28%    72p Highlight|
   O cura fez uma pausa dramática, e depois perguntou em voz cavernosa,
20111022:    678L 28%    73p Highlight|
   O dia amanheceu nevoento, mas ninguém se havia perdido, toda a gente
encontrou, no meio de uma neblina quase tão espessa como uma sopa feita
só de batatas cozidas,
20111022:    680L 28%    73p Highlight|
   Estavam ali todos, desde a mais tenra criancinha ao colo de sua mãe
até ao ancião mais velho da aldeia ainda capaz de andar, graças ao
auxílio do pau que funcionava como sua terceira perna.
20111022:    682L 28%    73p Highlight|
   espécie humana, que só precisa de três, salvo casos mais graves, 82 A
Viagem do Elefante em que os ditos bastões mudam de nome e passam a
chamar-se muletas.
20111022:    684L 28%    73p Highlight|
   A coluna caminhava em passo bastante firme, fazendo das fraquezas
forças, pronta para escrever uma nova página de abnegado heroísmo nos
anais da aldeia, as
20111022:    688L 29%    74p Highlight|
   Quando os vizinhos começaram a sair da sopa de batata, o pessoal
responsável pelo elefante moveu-se instintivamente
20111022:    698L 29%    75p Highlight|
   eu, também o queria benzer para a viagem, trago aqui o aspersório e a
caldeirinha de água benta, É uma bonita ideia, disse o comandante, até
agora nenhum sacerdote dos que viemos encontrando pelo caminho se tinha
oferecido para abençoar o salomão,
20111022:    702L 29%    75p Highlight|
   cornaca, que começava a embirrar com a parlenga, É a diferença entre
quem fez estudos e quem não os tem, rematou, com censurável sobranceria,
o cura.
20111022:    712L 29%    76p Highlight|
   mergulhou o asper-sório na água, deu três passos em frente e salpicou
com ele a cabeça do elefante, ao mesmo tempo que murmurava umas palavras
que tinham todo o ar de ser latinas,
20111022:    716L 30%    77p Highlight|
   gestos que o padre vinha fazendo pertenciam ao manual do exorcismo,
como se o pobre do elefante pudesse estar possesso de algum demónio.
20111022:    724L 30%    78p Highlight|
   intenção de matar. Fal-tando-lhe, como a nós, esta importante
informação, 86 A Viagem do Elefante o cura limitava-se a dizer,
azamboado, Foi castigo do céu, foi castigo do céu.
20111022:    726L 30%    78p Highlight|
   que aconteceu aqui, em manhã brumosa, perante tantas testemunhas
presenciais, sempre dirá que esses animais, aparentemente brutos, são tão
inteligentes que, além de terem umas luzes de latim, até são capazes de
distinguir a água benta daquela que o não é.
20111022:    735L 31%    79p Highlight|
   Tinha razão a bruxa. 87 José Saramago A caravana de homens, cavalos,
bois e elefante foi engolida definitivamente pela bruma, nem sequer se
distingue a mancha do extenso vulto do ajuntamento que formam.
20111022:    740L 31%    79p Highlight|
   como os bois e os cavalos, e em particular o paquiderme conhecido na
corte portuguesa como salomão, cujos pés, só por si, teriam deixado no
solo a marca de umas pegadas enormes, quase circulares, como as dos
dinossauros de pés redondos, se alguma vez existiram.
20111022:    743L 31%     80p Highlight|
   Um cão é um seguro de vida, um rastreador de rumos, uma bússola com
quatro patas.
20111022:    748L 31%     80p Highlight|
   voluntários para voltar atrás e salvar o desditoso náufrago, e isso
seria muito de agradecer se não fosse a fama de poltrão que o iria
acompanhar para o resto da vida, Imaginem, diria a voz pública, o tipo
ali sentado, à espera de que aparecesse alguém a salvá-lo, há gente que
não tem vergonha nenhuma.
20111022:    751L 31%     80p Highlight|
   malefícios do destino e dos seus poderosos aliados, a sorte e o acaso,
20111022:    757L 31%     81p Highlight|
   sorte mofina, sem um cão para lhe enxugar as lágrimas quando o grande
momento chegasse. Ainda pensou em voltar para trás, pedir abrigo na
aldeia até que o banco de nevoeiro se desfizesse por si mesmo, mas,
perdido o sentido de orientação, confundidos os pontos cardeais como se
estivesse num qualquer espaço exterior
20111022:    760L 31%     81p Highlight|
   abnegados voluntários ao minúsculo palmo de terra em que se
encontrava, como uma ilha no mar oceano,
20111022:    761L 32%     82p Highlight|
   Com mais propriedade, uma agulha em palheiro. Ao cabo de três minutos,
20111022:    762L 32%     82p Highlight|
   Ferrou no sono, e é de crer que ainda hoje estaria a dormir se salomão
não tivesse soltado, de repente, em qualquer parte do nevoeiro,
20111022:    773L 32%     83p Highlight|
   nevoeiros não são todos iguais, um dia se gritará gás, e ai de quem
não levar na cabeça uma celada bem ajustada.
20111022:    777L 32%     83p Highlight|>i mesmo
20111022:    783L 33%     84p Highlight|
   em princípio, escassíssima imaginação. Em princípio, diga-se, porque
ao homem perdido no nevoeiro imaginação foi o que pareceu não lhe ter
faltado, haja vista a ligeireza com que tirou do nada, do não acontecido,
os voluntários que deveriam ter ido salvá-lo. Felizmente para a sua
credibilidade pública, o elefante é outra coisa.
20111022:    793L 33%     85p Highlight|
   Que foi que o elefante lhe fez para que você lhe esteja tão
agradecido, Se não fosse ele, eu teria morrido de frio ou teria sido
comido pelos lobos,
20111022:    797L 33%     85p Highlight|
   O cornaca pensou, Este fulano está doido varrido, variou-se-lhe a
cabeça com a febre do nevoeiro, loi o mais certo, tem-se ouvido falar de
casos assim. Depois, em voz alta, Para não estarmos aqui a discutir,
barrito sim, barrito não, barrito talvez, pergunte
20111022:    803L 33%     86p Highlight|
   O cornaca abre a boca para falar, mas torna a fechá-la. O maníaco dos
barritos começou a perder consistência e volume, a encolher-se, tornou-se
meio redondo, transparente como uma bola de sabão, se é que os péssimos
sabões que se fabricam neste tempo são capazes de formar aquelas
maravilhas cristalinas
20111022:    807L 34%    87p Highlight|"X^ dez páginas. Plof. 94
20111022:    807L 34%    87p Highlight|
   Casualmente, talvez por efeito de qualquer alteração atmosférica, o
comandante achou-se a pensar na mulher e
20111024:    527L 22%    56p Highlight|manchadas
20111024:    527L 22%    56p Highlight|manchadas e pingonas,
20111024:    527L 22%    56p Highlight|fardas coloridas,
20111024:    580L 24%    62p Highlight|Ganeixa é uma palavra,
20111024:    601L 25%    64p Highlight|Histórias da carochinha,
20111024:    634L 26%    68p Highlight|aldraba.
20111028:    828L 34%    89p Highlight|i|ue
20111028:    830L 34%    89p Highlight|
   tinha razão quando escreveu que não havia nada de novo debaixo da roda
do sol.
20111028:    831L 34%    89p Highlight|
   imaginá-las líricas, bucólicas e pastoris,
20111028:    837L 35%    90p Highlight|enjeitá-lo,
20111028:    842L 35%    90p Highlight|
   fidelidade absoluta era um dom do espírito tão natural como o comer e
o beber o era do corpo.
20111028:    848L 35%    91p Highlight|serranias
20111028:    851L 35%    91p Highlight|escudeiro gandalim
20111028:    856L 36%    92p Highlight|lascas de xisto.
20111028:    865L 36%    93p Highlight|
   trinta soldados portugueses tivessem estado nas termópilas de um lado
ou do outro, por exemplo, o resultado da luta teria sido diferente,
20111028:    879L 36%    94p Highlight|alcáçova carneiro
20111028:    885L 37%    95p Highlight|espingardas.
20111028:    887L 37%    95p Highlight|
   homem abriu a 102 A Viagem do Elefante mochila, retirou de lá um papel
dobrado em quatro, selado com o timbre oficial da secretaria do reino, e
entregou-o ao comandante, que se afastou umas dezenas de passos para o
20111028:    890L 37%    95p Highlight|farnel para o caminho,
20111028:    893L 37%    96p Highlight|
   chegar primeiro, espera, para isso não era preciso que o secretário
pêro de alcáçova carneiro livesse escrito a carta. Algo mais haverá.
20111028:    894L 37%    96p Highlight|Os lobos apareceram no dia
20111028:    898L 37%    96p Highlight|
   não tenham bandeira nem charanga para le-vá-los à glória,
20111028:    899L 37%    96p Highlight|
   Estes lobos nunca tinham visto um elefante. Não é de esti. mhar que
algum deles, mais imaginativo, tivesse 105 José Saramago pensado, se os
lobos têm um pensamento paralelo aos processos mentais humanos, na sorte
grande que seria para a alcateia dispor daquelas toneladas de carne logo
à saída da toca, a mesa sempre posta, almoço, jantar e ceia.
20111028:    905L 38%    97p Highlight|
   E bem possível que a pele de salomão não pudesse resistir por muito
tempo à acção concertada de três dentaduras treinadas no duro ofício de
comer o que aparece para sobreviver.
20111028:    909L 38%    97p Highlight|
   Diabo de animal, Há que dizer que os lobos não são, por natureza,
inimigos do homem,
20111028:    912L 38%    98p Highlight|petisco de primeira classe,
20111028:    917L 38%    98p Highlight|
   fadiga era geral. Entretanto, o cornaca já tinha dito ao comandante
que o salomão vinha cansado, e não seria tanto por obra da distância
percorrida desde lisboa como pelo péssimo estado dos caminhos,
20111028:    919L 38%    99p Highlight|
   um dia mais, no máximo dois, avistariam castelo rodrigo,
20111028:    928L 39% 100p Highlight|
   Acamparam já com o sol-posto e as primeiras avançadas da noite, mais
mortos do que vivos, famintos mas sem vontade de comer, tal era a fadiga.
20111028:    929L 39% 100p Highlight|Felizmente, os lobos não voltaram.
20111028:    933L 39% 100p Highlight|
   Dêmos graças ao céu por termos escapado a essa prova. Dêmos também
graças ao céu porque já se avistam as imponentes torres do castelo,
20111028:    934L 39% 100p Highlight|
   dá vontade de dizer como o outro, Hoje estarás comigo no paraíso, ou,
repetindo as palavras mais terrenais do comandante, Hoje dormiremos
debaixo de telha, é bem certo que os paraísos não são todos iguais, há-os
com huris e sem huris, porém, para sabermos em que paraíso estamos basta
que nos deixem espreitar à porta.
20111028:    938L 39% 101p Highlight|
   estranhado que depois do divertido episódio da patada que salomão
aplicou ao padre da aldeia não tenha havido referência a outros encontros
com os habitantes destas terras, como se viéssemos atravessando um
deserto e não um país europeu civilizado que, ainda por cima, como nem a
mocidade das escolas ignora, deu novos mundos ao mundo.
20111028:    941L 39% 101p Highlight|
   pessoas saíam das suas casas para ver quem vinha e davam com o
elefante que a uns os fazia benzerem-se de pasmo e apreensão e a outros,
ainda que apreensão também,
20111028:    945L 39% 101p Highlight|
   O rapaz devia ser galego porque respondeu à pergunta com outra
pergunta, Que vêm eles cá fazer, vai haver guerra, Responde, chegaram, ou
não chegaram os espanhóis, Não senhor, não chegaram.
20111028:    947L 40% 102p Highlight|
   Não havia dúvida, a sorte parecia decidida a favorecer as armas de
portugal. Ainda demoraram quase uma hora a entrar na vila, uma caravana
de homens e animais perdidos de cansaço,
20111028:    948L 40% 102p Highlight|
   tinham forças para levantar o braço ou acenar com as orelhas em
agradecimento aos aplausos com que os vizinhos de castelo rodrigo a
20111028:    953L 40% 102p Highlight|
   O mais provável é que instalem o acampamento fora das muralhas do
castelo, o que, além do resto, teria a grande vantagem de reduzir a
possibilidade de confrontações, Por que pensa vossa senhoria que poderá
haver confrontações, perguntou o comandante,
20111028:    962L 40% 103p Highlight|
   obrigado pela atenção com que me recebeu, Foi serviço do rei,
comandante, só seria serviço meu se aceitasse ser hóspede desta casa 111
José Saramago enquanto permanecesse em castelo rodrigo,
20111028:    966L 40% 104p Highlight|
   Pombos-correios, estranhou, tenho ouvido falar deles, mas,
francamente, não acredito que um pombo seja capaz de voar durante tantas
horas como dizem, em distâncias enormes, para ir dar,
20111028:    971L 40% 104p Highlight|
   grande satisfação conversar com vossa mercê, Para mim, senhor alcaide,
depois desta viagem, foi como um copo de água fresca, Um copo de água
fresca que não lhe ofereci, Fica para a próxima vez, Não 112 A Viagem do
Elefante se esqueça do meu convite,
20111028:    975L 41% 105p Highlight|
   ainda a descansar amanhã, mas regressariam no dia seguinte, Avise o
pessoal da intendência para que prepare uma razoável quantidade de
alimentos, trinta homens são trinta bocas, trinta línguas e uma
quantidade enorme de
20111028:    994L 41% 107p Highlight|
   Ensarilhadas, as espingardas alinhavam-se ao longo de uma parede.
Provera a deus que não venha a ser necessário dar-lhes uso, pensou o
oficial, preocupado com a possibilidade de que a entrega de salomão
viesse a descambar, por falta de tacto de um lado ou do outro, em casus
20111028:   1002L 41% 107p Highlight|
   algumas paveias de feno lhe haviam sido reservadas por diligência do
sargento. Ao vê-lo, o comandante sentiu um desconforto que só poderia ser
atribuído à incómoda consciência de que não se havia interessado pelo
estado de saúde de salomão, não o tinha ido ver, como se, com a chegada a
castelo 115 José Saramago rodrigo, a sua missão tivesse terminado.
20111028:   1007L 42% 108p Highlight|
   Que história é essa, perguntou o comandante, A história de uma vaca,
As vacas têm história, tornou o comandante a perguntar, sorrindo, Esta,
sim, foram doze dias e doze noites nuns montes da galiza, com frio, e
chuva, e gelo, e lama, e pedras como navalhas, e mato como unhas, e
breves intervalos de descanso, e mais combates e investidas, e uivos, e
mugidos, a história de uma vaca que se perdeu nos campos
20111028:   1018L 42% 109p Highlight|
   Os soldados presentes, embora não muito experimentados em guerras,
baste dizer que os mais novos nunca haviam
20111028:   1019L 42% 109p Highlight|
   cheirado a pólvora nos campos de batalha, assombravam--se
20111028:   1026L 43% 110p Highlight|
   se dar a entender, ou melhor, é claramente afirmado que a luta entre a
vaca e os lobos durou doze dias e doze noites,
20111028:   1029L 43% 110p Highlight|
   Quero chegar a que a vaca não poderia resistir a um ataque concertado
de três ou quatro lobos, já não digo doze dias, mas uma única hora,
Então, na história da vaca lutadora é tudo mentira,
20111028:   1031L 43% 111p Highlight|
   Creio que a vaca realmente se perdeu, que foi atacada por um lobo, que
lutou com ele e o obrigou a fugir talvez mal ferido,
20111028:   1042L 43% 112p Highlight|
   Uma pessoa pode ser abraçada por um elefante, mas não há maneira
nenhuma de imaginar o gesto contrário correspondente.
20111028:   1043L 43% 112p Highlight|
   jamais poderão abarcar uma patorra grossa como um tronco de árvore.
20111028:   1055L 44% 113p Highlight|
   Estava-se nisto, cada qual com os seus pensamentos, quando salomão
apareceu, movendo pesadamente as suas quatro toneladas de carne e ossos e
os seus três metros de altura.
20111028:    1057L 44% 113p Highlight|
   Alguns homens menos afoitos sentiram um aperto na boca do estômago só
de imaginarem que alguma coisa poderia correr mal nesta
20111028:    1058L 44% 113p Highlight|
   Acolitado pelos seus auxiliares, a quem não falta muito para que se
lhes acabe o dolce far niente em que têm vivido desde que saíram de
20111028:    1066L 44% 114p Highlight|
   Com o homem ao lado repetiu-se mais ou menos a mímica, mas houve
também um caso de rejeição mútua, nem o homem quis estender o braço nem o
elefante avançou a tromba, uma espécie de antipatia fulminante,
instintiva, que ninguém saberia explicar, uma vez que durante a viagem
nada se passara entre os dois que pudesse anunciar semelhante
hostilidade. Em compensação, houve momentos de vivíssima emoção, como foi
o caso
20111028:    1076L 45% 115p Highlight|
   No fundo, talvez os homens e os elefantes não cheguem a entender-se
20111028:    1080L 45% 116p Highlight|
   Não obstante as incertezas, sempre presentes quando se falam idiomas
diferentes, parece justificado admitir que o elefante salomão tenha
gostado da cerimónia do adeus.
20111028:    1087L 45% 117p Highlight|
   Ora, dois homens que tenham de caminhar juntos durante duas ou três
horas seguidas, mesmo imaginando que seja grande o desejo de comunicação,
acabarão fatalmente, mais cedo ou mais tarde, por cair em contrafeitos
silêncios, quem sabe mesmo se odiar-se. Algum desses homens poderia não
ser capaz de resistir à tentação de atirar o outro por uma ribanceira
20111028:    1093L 45% 117p Highlight|
   Ouviu-se o trote esfogueado de um cavalo. Era o comandante que vinha
para despedir os carregadores e desejar-lhes boa viagem, atenção que não
se esperaria de um oficial do exército por reconhecidamente bom que seja
o seu fundo moral, mas que não seria vista com bons olhos pelos
superiores, acérrimos defensores de um preceito velho como a sé de braga,
aquele que determina que terá de haver um lugar para cada coisa a fim de
que cada coisa tenha o seu lugar e dele não saia.
20111028:    1097L 46% 118p Highlight|cacifos
20111028:    1100L 46% 118p Highlight|
   O senhor alcaide manda avisar vossa senhoria de que o pombo já chegou.
Afinal, sempre era verdade, os pombos-correios voltam a casa. A morada do
alcaide não
20111028:    1103L 46% 118p Highlight|
   ao primeiro criado que encontrou pediu 125 José Saramago que o
conduzisse ao alcaide.
20111028:    1105L 46% 119p Highlight|
   Saíram para uma ampla varanda coberta onde uma enorme gaiola de cana
ocupava boa parte da parede a que estava fixada. Ali está o herói, disse
o alcaide. O pombo ainda tinha a mensagem atada à pata, situação que o
20111028:    1107L 46% 119p Highlight|
   mensagem logo que o pombo pousa e faço-o porque não quero que comece a
dar o trabalho por mal empregado, mas neste caso preferi esperar a sua
chegada para lhe dar a si uma satisfação completa,
20111028:   1112L 46% 119p Highlight|
   Em frases breves, o escul-ca informava que os soldados eram
couraceiros, uns quarenta, todos austríacos, como austríaco era também o
capitão que os comandava, e não os acompanhava nenhum pessoal civil ou
não se dava por ele.
20111028:   1118L 47% 120p Highlight|
   já começamos a estar curtos de víveres, o meu parecer, senhor alcaide,
é que cada um trate de si, enquanto deus trata de todos, Seja como for,
não o dispenso da ceia de amanhã, Comigo pode contar, mas ou me engano
muito ou está a pensar em convidar também o capitão dos austríacos,
Louvo-lhe a perspicácia, E porquê esse convite, se não abuso demasiado da
sua confiança ao perguntar, Será um gesto de apaziguamento político,
20111028:   1129L 47% 121p Highlight|
   Em primeiro lugar, fosse qual fosse o pretexto, não seria permitida a
entrada dos austríacos no castelo, mesmo que houvesse que recorrer às
armas. Isto seria a guerra,
20111028:   1133L 47% 122p Highlight|
   cada rosto seja como um livro aberto numa página onde se encontrem
escritas estas palavras,
20111028:   1134L 47% 122p Highlight|
   austríacos serão obrigados a bivacar fora dos muros, o que irá colocá-
los, logo de princípio, 128 A Viagem do Elefante numa posição de
20111028:   1140L 47% 122p Highlight|
   Amanhã, antes das dez, quero duas atalaias na torre mais alta do
castelo, não seja o caso de que eles tenham feito correr que chegarão ao
meio-dia e venham apanhar-nos a dar água aos cavalos. Com austríacos
nunca se sabe, rematou o comandante, sem se deter a pensar que, em
matéria de austríacos, estes iriam ser os primeiros e provavelmente os
únicos na sua vida.
20111030:    927L 38%    99p Highlight|esticão brusco
20111030:    928L 39% 100p Highlight|esmorecer a chama.
20111030:    935L 39% 100p Highlight|com huris e sem huris,
20111030:    994L 41% 107p Highlight|lajes.
20111030:   1092L 45% 117p Highlight|repre-ensiva
20100801:   1166L 48% 125p Highlight|
   Com toda esta gente a assistir, as hostilidades são pouco prováveis,
20100801:   1168L 48% 125p Highlight|
   tomar austríaco como sinónimo de adversário, de inimigo.
20100801:   1171L 49% 126p Highlight|
   Os soldados portugueses acatam disciplinadamente as ordens do seu rei
e das suas autoridades militares e civis.
20100801:   1184L 49% 127p Highlight|figueira de castelo rodrigo,
20100801:   1186L 49% 127p Highlight|
   Sejam pois bem-vindos a figueira de castelo rodrigo.
20100801:   1189L 50% 128p Highlight|
   comecemos já com os preparativos da transferência,
20100801:   1192L 50% 128p Highlight|
   As minhas instruções são diferentes, as que recebi, também de quem mas
podia dar, são simples, levar o elefante a valladolid e entregá-lo ao
arquiduque de áustria pessoalmente, sem intermediários.
20100801:   1199L 50% 129p Highlight|
   arquiduque maximiliano, ao declarar aceitar o presente, se tornou ipso
facto proprietário do elefante, o que significa que as ideias de sua
alteza o arquiduque sobre o assunto terão de prevalecer sobre quaisquer
outras, por muito merecedoras de respeito que presumam ser, portanto,
insisto, o elefante deve ser-me entregue agora mesmo,
20100801:   1207L 50% 129p Highlight|varrer do campo,
20100801:   1218L 51% 131p Highlight|
   deixá-los entrar, pelo menos antes que me seja reconhecido o direito a
ir a valladolid fazer, pessoalmente, entrega do elefante a sua alteza o
arquiduque de áustria.
20100801:   1235L 51% 132p Highlight|
   não possa confundir churras com merinas, provérbio castelhano que
utilizamos precisamente por em castela estarmos e não desconhecermos a
capacidade sugestiva de um leve toque de cor local, sendo que as churras,
para quem não saiba,
20100801:   1245L 52% 134p Highlight|
   qualquer guerra entre portugal e áustria seria, não só absurda, como
20100801:   1256L 52% 135p Highlight|
   chegar a valladolid e encontrar outro cor-naca à espera do testemunho
para prosseguir a jornada e, chegado a viena, viver à tripa-forra na
corte do arquiduque maximiliano.
20100801:   1273L 53% 137p Highlight|
   pedir ajuda a salomão, fazendo-lhe umas certas sugestões práticas de
comportamento, como, por exemplo, manifestar, pelos processos mais
expressivos ao alcance de qualquer elefante, incluindo os radicais, o seu
descontentamento pela separação forçada do cornaca, se esse viesse a ser
o caso.
20100801:   1276L 53% 137p Highlight|
   os elefantes. Se lhes falam ao ouvido em hindi ou em bengali,
sobretudo quando estão a dormir, são tal qual o génio da lâmpada, que,
mal saído da garrafa, pergunta, Que manda o meu senhor.
20100801:   1295L 54% 139p Highlight|
   na guelra, defendem que o seu comandante deveria, custasse o que
custasse, ter-se mantido até ao último reduto
20100801:   1328L 55% 142p Highlight|
   informado oficialmente pelo intendente do arquiduque de que salomão,
daqui em diante, passará a chamar-se solimão. Desgostou-o profundamente a
mudança do nome, mas, como sói dizer-se, vão-se os anéis e fiquem os
dedos. A aparência de solimão, resignemo-nos, não temos outro remédio
20100801:   1337L 55% 143p Highlight|
   arquiduque queria falar com o cornaca. Acompanhado por um dignitário
menor da corte, a subhro pareceu--Ihe que estava sonhando um sonho já
sonhado, quando, no imundo cercado de belém, foi conduzido a um homem de
barbas compridas que era o rei de portugal, joão terceiro.
20100801:   1345L 56% 144p Highlight|
   Que dirias tu se eu te fizesse mudar de nome, Vossa alteza haveria de
ter uma razão, Tenho-a. Subhro não respondeu, demasiado sabia que não é
permitido dirigir perguntas aos reis, esse será o motivo por que sempre
foi difícil, e às vezes mesmo impossível, arrancar-lhes uma resposta às
dúvidas e às ralações dos seus súbditos.
20100801:   1351L 56% 145p Highlight|
   Se vossa alteza mo permite, eu preferiria continuar com o meu nome de
sempre, Já decidi, e liças avisado de que me enfadarei contigo se
voltares a pedir-mo, mete na tua cabeça que o teu nome é fritz e nenhum
outro, Sim, meu senhor.
20100801:   1356L 56% 145p Highlight|ironia
20100801:   1356L 56% 145p Highlight|
   ironia benevolente, irritação ofendida, imagine-se, ler de guardar
respeito a um cornaca, a um domador, a um homem que fede a animais
selvagens, como se fosse uma primeira figura no reino,
20100801:   1360L 57% 146p Highlight|
   Então o cornaca disse, Éramos subhro e salomão, agora seremos fritz e
20100801:   1369L 57% 147p Highlight|
   O comandante foi ao encontro de subhro e, achando-o com cara de caso,
perguntou, Aconteceu alguma coisa, Muda-ram-nos os nomes, agora sou
fritz, e salomão passou a ser solimão,
20100801:   1388L 58% 149p Highlight|
   quanto julgo saber, aquelas terras são de frio, neve e gelo, moléstias
que nunca tiveste de sofrer em lisboa. Frio, algum, há que reconhecer,
senhor, Lisboa é a cidade mais fria do mundo, disse o comandante
sorrindo, o que lhe vale é estar onde está.
20100801:   1394L 58% 150p Highlight|
   conhecê--lo bem, mas tenho-a, sim, de que ele e eu poderíamos ser,
mais do que simples amigos, irmãos. Viena está longe, lisboa mais longe
ainda, é provável que não nos vejamos nunca mais, e talvez seja melhor
assim, que guardemos a recordação destes dias de tal maneira que se possa
dizer que também nós, estes modestos soldados portugueses, temos memória
de elefante. O capitão
20100801:   1401L 58% 150p Highlight|
   tocou com o extremo da tromba, essa espécie de lábio palpitante, o
ombro do militar.
20100801:   1413L 59% 152p Highlight|
   facto conhecido de que os elefantes, tal 158 A Viagem do Elefante
como, por exemplo, os cavalos, defecam e urinam em movimento, O
espectáculo iria ofender inevitavelmente a sensibilidade de suas altezas,
20100801:   1416L 59% 152p Highlight|
   sempre haveria gente na caravana para limpar o caminho de cada vez que
se produzissem tais deposições naturais. O
20100801:   1444L 60% 155p Highlight|
   Não passaram mais de dois dias e o cortejo já perdeu uma boa parte do
seu esplendor. A persistente chuva que caiu na manhã da partida teve uma
acção 161
20100801:   1464L 61% 157p Highlight|
   Que se passa com solimão, que é isso de que tem de descansar durante a
primeira parte da tarde, São costumes da índia, meu senhor, Estamos em
espanha, não na índia, Se vossa alteza conhecesse os elefantes como eu
tenho a pretensão de conhecer, saberia que para um elefante indiano,
20100801:   1468L 61% 158p Highlight|
   eu tenho uma longa viagem por diante e esse elefante faz-me perder
três ou quatro horas por dia, a partir de hoje solimão descansará uma
hora, e basta,
20100801:   1469L 61% 158p Highlight|
   Sinto-me um miserável por não poder estar de acordo com vossa alteza,
mas, creia em mim e na minha experiência, não bastará, Veremos.
20100801:   1473L 61% 158p Highlight|
   é certo que um elefante na selva indiana anda muitos quilómetros desde
a manhã até ao anoitecer, mas está na terra que é sua, não num descampado
como este, sem uma sombra a que possa acolher-se um gato.
20100801:   1478L 62% 159p Highlight|
   nunca ninguém havia tratado a solimão como este arquiduque de aústria
de repente tão mal estimado.
20100801:   1489L 62% 160p Highlight|
   Fritz suspeita que está a ser castigado, mas não pode pedir justiça,
porque a mesma justiça, ao determinar a mudança de sítio do elefante na
caravana, não fazia mais que impedir as moléstias sensoriais por ele
causadas ao arquiduque maximiliano e a sua esposa
20100801:   1492L 62% 160p Highlight|
   Animada pela relegação do elefante à qualidade de mero seguidor, maria
pediu ao marido que se livrassem daquela gualdrapa,
20100801:   1496L 62% 161p Highlight|
   bispo de valladolid, ele lhe encontrará destino, provavelmente,
20100802:   1154L 48% 124p Highlight|zainos e alazões
20111112:   1557L 65% 167p Highlight|
   Sabemos que o arquiduque se interessou pela saúde e pelo bem-estar do
seu elefante solimão e que fritz lhe deu as respostas apropriadas,
20111112:   1585L 66% 170p Highlight|i|iie
20111112:   1613L 67% 173p Highlight|
   Agora irá desembarcar o elefante solimão.
20111112:   1616L 67% 173p Highlight|
   pequena multidão desafo-gou-se num grito, o elefante tinha acabado de
fazer subir com a ajuda da tromba, para cima de si, um homem levando o
seu saco de pertences. Era subhro ou fritz, consoante se preferir, o
cuidador, o tratador, o cornaca, aquele que tão humilhado havia sido pelo
arquiduque e que agora, à vista do povo de génova reunido no cais, irá
desfrutar de um triunfo quase perfeito.
20111112:   1621L 67% 174p Highlight|
   Quando montava o salomão, a subhro sempre lhe havia parecido que o
mundo era pequeno, mas hoje, no cais do porto de génova, alvo dos olhares
de centenas de pessoas literalmente embevecidas pelo espectáculo que lhes
estava sendo oferecido,
20111112:   1634L 68% 175p Highlight|espa-nha
20111112:   1636L 68% 176p Highlight|
   prole dos arquiduques, dezasseis filhos, recordamos, que precisamente
a pequena ana inaugurou. Ora, como íamos dizendo, foi aparecer o
arquiduque e rebentarem os aplausos e os vivas, que ele agradeceu com um
gesto condescendente da mão direita enluvada.
20111112:   1643L 68% 176p Highlight|balda-quino
20111112:   1645L 69% 177p Highlight|
   só há que esperar que a caravana se organize, vinte couraceiros à
frente, a abrir a marcha, trinta atrás, a fechá-la, como força de
intervenção rápida,
20111112:   1653L 69% 177p Highlight|
   fossem carochas de novo tipo, de um frio e desconfortável aço,
empoleirado este no cachaço do elefante,
20111112:   1655L 69% 178p Highlight|
   No percurso até à saída de génova, mandou deter a caravana por duas
vezes a fim de serem 183 José Saramago adquiridos nos comércios de roupa
feita abrigos para os couraceiros e para o cornaca,
20111112:   1659L 69% 178p Highlight|arções os capotes
20111112:   1662L 69% 178p Highlight|
   solimão que a chuva impiedosamente, lá nas alturas, maltratava. O
resultado do temporal desfeito que com tanta rapidez tinha sucedido às
primeiras e espaçadas bátegas, foi ter saído pouquíssima gente aos
caminhos a festejar o solimão e a saudar sua alteza.
20111112:   1668L 69% 179p Highlight|
   capotes e aparecer com todo o seu conhecido esplendor, em lugar da
ridícula figura que tinham vindo a fazer desde a saída de génova, de
casco de guerra na cabeça e um capote de surrobeco às costas.
20111112:   1673L 70% 180p Highlight|
   refrão clássico que diz que para viver em roma haverá que tornar-se
romano, mas, embora não se sentisse nada inclinado a ser austríaco em
20111112:   1676L 70% 180p Highlight|
   embrulhado no seu capote, aspirando com delícia o leve cheiro a bedum
exalado pelos panos húmidos.
20111112:   1679L 70% 180p Highlight|
   Era um cornaca feliz, bem longe das estreitezas da vida em portugal,
onde, praticamente, o tinham deixado a vegetar durante dois anos no
cercado de belém, vendo partir as naus da índia e ouvindo as cantorias
dos frades jerónimos.
20111112:   1686L 70% 181p Highlight|
   pessoas que, pelas circunstâncias da vida, pobreza, desemprego, foram
forçadas a emigrar. Frequentemente apáticas e indiferentes na terra onde
nasceram, tornam-se, quase de uma hora para a outra, activas e diligentes
20111112:   1691L 70% 181p Highlight|
   Tinha chovido durante a noite, mas o céu apresentava-se limpo. Oxalá
não venha a cobrir-se de nuvens cinzentas,
20111112:   1696L 71% 182p Highlight|shakes-peare
20111112:   1700L 71% 182p Highlight|
   Um elefante não é bicho para acomodar--se numa gôndola,
20111112:   1706L 71% 183p Highlight|
   Embora não tivesse usado exactamente estes termos, disse vir a mandado
de um superior da equipa eclesiástica do templo para falar com o tratador
do elefante. Três metros de altura vêem-se de longe, e o vulto de solimão
quase enchia o espaço celeste,
20111112:   1712L 71% 184p Highlight|
   Assim é, meu filho, respondeu o visitante pondo nestas quatro palavras
todas as reservas de unção de que podia dispor, Queira então dizer,
padre, Es cristão, foi a pergunta, Fui baptizado, mas pela minha cor e
pelas minhas feições, vossa
20111112:   1714L 71% 184p Highlight|
   que serás indiano, mas isso não é impedimento de que sejas um bom
20111112:   1724L 72% 185p Highlight|
   Não sei nada de milagres, na minha terra, lá onde eu nasci, não os há
desde que o mundo ficou criado, imagino que toda a criação terá sido um
milagre pegado, mas depois acabaram-se, Agora estou a ver que afinal não
és cristão,
20111112:   1728L 72% 185p Highlight|
   perguntar-me como sei eu que o elefante solimão é um deus, e eu
responderei que se há, como há, um deus elefante,
20111112:   1737L 72% 186p Highlight|tau-matúrgicos,
20111119:   1769L 74% 190p Highlight|pombos-correios,
20111119:   1790L 74% 192p Highlight|patranhas do vendedor.
20111119:   1809L 75% 194p Highlight|
   ideia parrana de andar a fazer milagres ajoelhando--se à porta das
igrejas, de um milagre deveria esperar--se muito mais, por exemplo, que
crescesse uma perna onde outra tivesse sido cortada,
20111119:   1815L 76% 195p Highlight|
   arquiduque disse a si mesmo que já levava idade suficiente para não
chorar o leite derramado, que os úberes pletóricos da igreja católica ali
estavam, como de costume, à espera de mãos habilidosas que os
ordenhassem, e os factos, até agora, haviam mostrado que as arquiducais
199 José Saramago mãos não eram de todo desprovidas desse mungidor
talento diplomático, sob
20111119:   1819L 76% 195p Highlight|
   história do falso milagre do elefante passava as marcas do tolerável,
Os da basílica, pensou, perderam a cabeça, tendo um santo como aquele,
homem para fazer dos cacos de um cântaro
20111119:   1824L 76% 196p Highlight|
   a experiência havia mostrado que não se podia contar com solimão para
provas de velocidade, É mais um corredor de fundo, rematou, para logo
prosseguir, Abusando da
20111119:   1825L 76% 196p Highlight|
   vender pêlos do elefante para mezinhas curativas que não vão curar
20111119:   1827L 76% 196p Highlight|
   As ordens de vossa alteza serão imediatamente cumpridas,
20111119:   1829L 76% 196p Highlight|
   fama do milagre de solimão nos persiga durante toda a viagem,
20111119:   1835L 76% 197p Highlight|
   nunca teria passado pela cabeça de fritz a ideia de explorar o sistema
piloso do causante do aparente prodígio para enriquecer-se.
20111119:   1836L 76% 197p Highlight|
   obrigação de lem-brar-se, para reconhecimento dos seus pecados maiores
e menores,
20111119:   1838L 76% 197p Highlight|
   é mais fácil ver a trave no olho do vizinho que o pêlo
20111119:   1842L 77% 198p Highlight|
   chuva, quem sabe se em violento granizo, seguramente em neve, e os
caminhos se cobrirem de resvaladiço gelo.
20111119:   1851L 77% 199p Highlight|
   meteorologistas da caravana, que, por vocação, eram quase todos os que
nela iam, foram unânimes, Isto é neve, diziam,
20111119:   1857L 77% 199p Highlight|
   Estavam confirmados os seus piores temores, a notícia do milagre havia
chegado até aqui e as autoridades religiosas do burgo, que já bastante se
aproveitavam, material e
20111119:   1868L 78% 201p Highlight|
   Respirou aliviado o arquiduque, afinal o feito do elefante não
merecera em trento qualquer especial consideração, salvo talvez a de vir
a acabar reduzido a cinzas,
20111119:   1869L 78% 201p Highlight|cinzas,
20111119:   1879L 78% 202p Highlight|
   esta espécie de inverno nem sequer por imaginação se concebe. Claro
que na velha índia, lá para o norte, não hão-de faltar montanhas e neve
em cima delas, mas subhro, agora fritz, nunca gozou de meios para viajar
por seu próprio prazer e ver mundo.
20111119:   1883L 78% 202p Highlight|
   Em pouco tempo, os farrapos de algodão tinham-se convertido em grandes
e pesados flocos que, empurrados pelo vento, vinham fustigar como
bofetadas a cara do cornaca.
20111119:   1884L 78% 202p Highlight|
   Escarranchado na nuca de solimão, embrulhado no capote, fritz não
sentia demasiado o frio, mas aqueles golpes contínuos, incessantes,
inquietavam-no como uma ameaça perigosa.
20111119:   1889L 79% 203p Highlight|
   Não sabemos o que pensa, mas, pelo menos, de uma coisa podemos ter a
certeza nestes alpes, não é um elefante feliz.
20111119:   1902L 79% 204p Highlight|
   O problema que fritz tem agora para resolver é a falta de um
instrumento capaz de soltar o maldito gelo da pele do elefante, uma
espátula de lâmina fina e ponta redonda, por exemplo, seria o ideal, mas
espátulas dessas não se encontram
20111119:   1904L 79% 204p Highlight|
   única solução, portanto, será trabalhar à unha, e não o dizemos em
sentido figurado. O cornaca já tinha os dedos engadanhados quando
percebeu onde estava o nó górdio da questão, nada mais, nada menos que
terem feito os grossos e duros pêlos do elefante causa comum com o gelo,
custando portanto cada pequeno avanço uma dura batalha, pois se não havia
espátula para ajudar a despegar o gelo da pele,
20111119:   1908L 79% 205p Highlight|
   obrigado por fim a desistir da operação antes que se tornasse ele
próprio numa lamentável estátua de neve a que só faltariam um cachimbo na
boca e uma cenoura no lugar do nariz.
20111119:   1912L 79% 205p Highlight|
   Desconcertado pela deslocação do peso familiar do cornaca da nuca para
os quartos traseiros, o elefante dava claros sinais de desorientação,
como se tivesse perdido a noção do caminho e não soubesse por onde ir.
20111119:   1915L 80% 206p Highlight|
   Se houvesse por aqui uma árvore com um ramo assaz forte a três metros
de altura e razoavelmente paralelo ao solo, o próprio solimão se
encarregaria de libertar-se da incómoda e acaso perigosa manta de gelo,
20111119:   1925L 80% 207p Highlight|
   A neve devorou os vales, fez desaparecer a vegetação, se há por aqui
casas habitadas mal se vêem, um pouco de fumo saindo pela chaminé
20111119:   1950L 81% 209p Highlight|
   Era noite fechada quando a caravana entrou em bolzano.
20111119:   1953L 81% 210p Highlight|
   restassem forças à companhia para levar o resto da noite a varrer a
neve. O que mais trabalho deu foi encontrar abrigo para solimão.
20111119:   1966L 82% 211p Highlight|
   lendas, tinham também andado, depois de haverem atravessado os
pirenéus, o famoso general cartaginês aníbal e o seu exército de homens e
elefantes africanos que tantos desgostos viriam
20111119:   1968L 82% 211p Highlight|
   se tratasse dos elefantes africanos propriamente ditos, de grandes
orelhas e assustadora corpulência, mas sim dos chamados elefantes das
florestas, não muito maiores que cavalos.
20111119:   1977L 82% 212p Highlight|
   bibliografia conhecida sobre a matéria, se exceptuarmos a dos
desastres da guerra de aníbal nos alpes, 217 José Saramago se haja
limitado, nos últimos tempos, a registar, com aborrecida monotonia, as
pernas e os braços partidos dos amantes do esqui.
20111119:   1979L 82% 212p Highlight|
   uma pessoa caía do alto de uma montanha para ir esborrachar-se, mil
metros abaixo, no fundo de um vale já coalhado de costelas, tíbias e
crânios de outros aventureiros igualmente
20111119:   1985L 83% 213p Highlight|
   Por mim falo, solimão mal pode pôr uma pata adiante da outra, isto não
é clima para ele, ainda me apanha por aí uma pneumonia,
20111119:   2019L 84% 217p Highlight|
   nos lombos com a mesma porção dele. A diferença está entre viajar num
coche 221 José Saramago forrado de peliças e mantas com termostato
20111119:   2023L 84% 217p Highlight|
   Tivesse aníbal ousado avançar por eles e provavelmente não teríamos
tido que esperar pela batalha de zama para assistir, no cinema do bairro,
à última e definitiva derrota do exército cartaginês por cipião, o
africano, longa metragem de romanos produzida pelo filho mais velho de
benito, vittorio mussolini. Desta vez, ao grande aníbal, não lhe valeram
os elefantes.
20111119:   2032L 84% 218p Highlight|
   quase fraternal estima que, por um mágico instante, tinha aproximado o
futuro imperador da áustria do humilde condutor de elefantes. Têm razão
os cépticos quando afirmam que a história da humanidade é uma
interminável sucessão de ocasiões perdidas.
20111119:   2043L 85% 219p Highlight|
   Com um toque enérgico do bastão que lhe faz as vezes de volante,
encaminhou solimão para a borda do barranco e fê-lo descer com firmeza e
segurança até onde estava, ainda meio
20111119:   2045L 85% 220p Highlight|
   içada pela tromba do elefante, se encontrava sentada entre as pernas
escarranchadas de fritz, numa proximidade corporal que, noutras
circunstâncias, seria motivo de gravíssimo escândalo.
20111119:   2048L 85% 220p Highlight|
   Chegados ao caminho, o arquiduque recebeu nos braços a mulher e,
levantando a cabeça para olhar o cornaca de frente, disse em castelhano,
Muy bien, fritz, gracias.
20111119:   2086L 87% 224p Highlight|
   A vereda estreita que temos na nossa frente é o famoso passo de
isarco. De um lado e do outro, praticamente a pino, as paredes do
desfiladeiro parecem a ponto de desabar sobre o caminho. O coração de
fritz encolheu-se de medo, um frio diferente de tudo o que tinha
conhecido até aqui traspassou-lhe os ossos.
20111119:   2130L 89% 229p Highlight|
   solimão devorava fardo após fardo com enter-necedor entusiasmo. Só
faltava que brotassem flores da neve e que
20111119:   2138L 89% 230p Highlight|
   a bressanone. Se tal caso se der, estamos autorizados a revelar que
solimão gozará de um merecido descanso de duas semanas nesta conhecida
20111119:   2141L 89% 230p Highlight|
   explica-se se nos lembrarmos de que a maior parte dos hóspedes que
aqui vêm são precisamente austríacos e alemães que gostam de sentir-se
como em sua casa.
20111119:   2143L 89% 230p Highlight|
   não é praia mas é beach, qualquer pescador fisherman,
20111120:   1787L 74% 192p Highlight|habs-burgos.
20111120:   1791L 74% 192p Highlight|cedo
20111126:   2302L 96% 247p Highlight|miildhorf
20111126:   2380L 99% 256p Highlight|
   E correu a encerrar-se 1 na sua câmara, onde chorou todo o resto do
20111127:   2150L 90% 231p Highlight|tols-toi,
20111127:   2202L 91% 236p Highlight|bressa-none,
20111127:   2223L 93% 239p Highlight|frasquinho
20111128:   2266L 94% 243p Highlight|miildhorf,
20111128:   2288L 95% 246p Highlight|muldhorf
ajk,Saramago,Viagem do elefante,2,2403,258,fic,por,2# (24L=%, 9L=p, 258

ajk,Smith,Moral Philosophy,2,6457,407,phi,eng,#
The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Kindle Active TOC) (Adam Smith and
Uplifting Publications)
20120514:    302L   5%   19p Highlight|
   Every faculty in one man is the measure by which he judges of the like
faculty in another. I judge of your sight by my sight, of your ear by my
ear, of your reason by my reason, of your resentment by my resentment, of
your love by my love. I neither have, nor can have, any other way of
judging about them.
20120514:    416L   6%   26p Highlight|
   And hence it is, that to feel much for others and little for
ourselves, that to restrain our selfish, and to indulge our benevolent
affections, constitutes the perfection of human nature; and can alone
produce among mankind that harmony of sentiments and passions in which
consists their whole grace and propriety. As to love our neighbour as we
love ourselves is the great law of Christianity, so it is the great
precept of nature to love ourselves only as we love our neighbour, or
what comes to the same thing, as our neighbour is capable of loving us.
20120515:    542L   8%   34p Highlight|
   Approbation, mixed and animated by wonder and surprise, constitutes
the sentiment which is properly called admiration, of which, applause is
the natural expression, as has already been observed.
20120515:    669L 10%    42p Highlight|
   When music imitates the modulations of grief or joy, it either
actually inspires us with those passions, or at least puts us in the mood
which disposes us to conceive them. But when it imitates the notes of
anger, it inspires us with fear.
20120518:    923L 14%    58p Highlight|
   It is because mankind are disposed to sympathize more entirely with
our joy than with our sorrow, that we make parade of our riches, and
conceal our poverty.
20120520:   1534L 24%    97p Highlight|
   We may often fulfil all the rules of justice by sitting still and
doing nothing.
20120520:   1535L 24%    97p Highlight|
   As every man doth, so shall it be done to him, and retaliation seems
to be the great law which is dictated to us by Nature.
20120520:   1539L 24%    97p Highlight|
   The violator of the laws of justice ought to be made to feel himself
that evil which he has done to another; and since no regard to the
sufferings of his brethren is capable of restraining him, he ought to be
over-awed by the fear of his own.
20120521:   1985L 31% 125p Highlight|
   Bad wishes, bad views, bad designs, might still be suspected; and
while these excited the same indignation with bad conduct, while bad
intentions were as much resented as bad actions, they would equally
expose the person to punishment and resentment. Actions, therefore, which
either produce actual evil, or attempt to produce it, and thereby put us
in the immediate fear of it, are by the Author of nature rendered the
only proper and approved objects of human punishment and resentment.
20120521:   1989L 31% 125p Highlight|
   Sentiments, designs, affections, though it is from these that
according to cool reason human actions derive their whole merit or
demerit, are placed by the great Judge of hearts beyond the limits of
every human jurisdiction, and are reserved for the cognizance of his own
unerring tribunal.
20120521:   1997L 31% 126p Highlight|
   He must not be satisfied with indolent benevolence, nor fancy himself
the friend of mankind, because in his heart he wishes well to the
prosperity of the world.
20120521:   2005L 31% 126p Highlight|
   We esteem you, and love you; but we owe you nothing.
20120521:   2008L 31% 126p Highlight|
   To punish, on the contrary, for the affections of the heart only,
where no crime has been committed, is the most insolent and barbarous
20120522:   2079L 32% 131p Highlight|
   A man who is tolerably handsome, will allow you to laugh at any little
irregularity in his person; but all such jokes are commonly unsupportable
to one who is really deformed.
20120529:   3403L 53% 214p Highlight|
   The homely and vulgar proverb, that the eye is larger than the belly,
never was more fully verified than with regard to him.
20120605:   4381L 68% 276p Highlight|
   We cannot form the idea of any innocent and sensible being, whose
happiness we should not desire, or to whose misery, when distinctly
brought home to the imagination, we should not have some degree of
20120605:   4385L 68% 276p Highlight|
   This universal benevolence, how noble and generous soever, can be the
source of no solid happiness to any man who is not thoroughly convinced
that all the inhabitants of the universe, the meanest as well as the
greatest, are under the immediate care and protection of that great,
benevolent, and all-wise Being, who directs all the movements of nature;
and who is determined, by his own unalterable perfections, to maintain in
it, at all times, the greatest possible quantity of happiness.
20120605:   4389L 68% 277p Highlight|
   To this universal benevolence, on the contrary, the very suspicion of
a fatherless world, must be the most melancholy of all reflections; from
the thought that all the unknown regions of infinite and incomprehensible
space may be filled with nothing but endless misery and wretchedness.
20120605:   4394L 68% 277p Highlight|
   The wise and virtuous man is at all times willing that his own private
interest should be sacrificed to the public interest of his own
particular order or society.
20120606:   4748L 73% 299p Highlight|
   He may say with Parmenides, who, upon reading a philosophical
discourse before a public assembly at Athens, and observing, that, except
Plato, the whole company had left him, continued, notwithstanding, to
read on, and said that Plato alone was audience sufficient for him.
20120606:   5106L 79% 322p Highlight|
   Virtue, according to Plato, might be considered as a species of
science, and no man, he thought, could see clearly and demonstratively
what was right and what was wrong, and not act accordingly. Passion might
make us act contrary to doubtful and uncertain opinions, not to plain and
evident judgments.
20120606:   5108L 79% 322p Highlight|
   Aristotle, on the contrary, was of opinion, that no conviction of the
understanding was capable of getting the better of inveterate habits, and
that good morals arose not from knowledge but from action.
20120606:   5110L 79% 322p Highlight|
   III. According to Zeno, the founder of the Stoical doctrine, every
animal was by nature recommended to its own care, and was endowed with
the principle of self-love, that it might endeavour to preserve, not only
its existence, but all the different parts of its nature, in the best and
most perfect state of which they were capable.
20120611:   5792L 90% 365p Highlight|
   The first is the love of virtue, the noblest and the best passion in
human nature. The second is the love of true glory, a passion inferior no
doubt to the former, but which in dignity appears to come immediately
after it.
ajk,Smith,Moral Philosophy,2,6457,407,phi,eng,# (65L=%, 16L=p, 407 pages)

ajk,Smith,Wealth of Nations,2,16850,590,eco,eng,3#
Wealth of Nations (Optimized for Kindle) (Adam Smith)
20120117:   1121L   7%   39p Highlight|
   The monopolists, by keeping the market constantly understocked by
never fully supplying the effectual demand, sell their commodities much
above the natural price, and raise their emoluments, whether they consist
in wages or profit, greatly above their natural rate.
20120117:   1148L   7%   40p Highlight|
   The natural price itself varies with the natural rate of each of its
component parts, of wages, profit, and rent; and in every society this
rate varies according to their circumstances, according to their riches
or poverty, their advancing, stationary, or declining condition.
20120118:   1516L   9%   53p Highlight|
   Messance, receiver of the taillies in the election of St Etienne,
endeavours to shew that the poor do more work in cheap than in dear
years, by comparing the quantity and value of the goods made upon those
different occasions in three different manufactures;
20120118:   1535L   9%   54p Highlight|
   The produce of their labour, therefore, frequently makes no figure in
those public registers, of which the records are sometimes published with
so much parade, and from which our merchants and manufacturers would
often vainly pretend to announce the prosperity or declension of the
greatest empires.
20120118:    1558L  9%    54p Highlight|
   The increase in the wages of labour necessarily increases the price of
many commodities, by increasing that part of it which resolves itself
into wages, and so far tends to diminish their consumption,
20120118:    1560L  9%    55p Highlight|
   The same cause, however, which raises the wages of labour, the
increase of stock, tends to increase its productive powers, and to make a
smaller quantity of labour produce a greater quantity of work.
20120120:    2106L 13%    74p Highlight|
   landlord acting the part of a monopolist,
20120121:    2253L 13%    79p Highlight|
   Half-a-dozen wool-combers, perhaps, are necessary to keep a thousand
spinners and weavers at work.
20120121:    2374L 14%    83p Highlight|
   Before the invention of the art of printing, a scholar and a beggar
seem to have been terms very nearly synonymous. The different governors
of the universities, before that time, appear to have often granted
licences to their scholars to beg.
20120121:    2504L 15%    88p Highlight|
   The very unequal price of labour which we frequently find in England,
in places at no great distance from one another, is probably owing to the
obstruction which the law of settlements gives to a poor man who would
carry his industry from one parish to another without a certificate.
20120121:    2514L 15%    88p Highlight|
   To remove a man who has committed no misdemeanour, from the parish
where he chooses to reside, is an evident violation of natural liberty
and justice.
20120121:    2519L 15%    88p Highlight|
   There is scarce a poor man in England, of forty years of age, I will
venture to say, who has not, in some part of his life, felt himself most
cruelly oppressed by this ill-contrived law of settlements.
20120121:    2525L 15%    88p Highlight|
   if all persons in the same kind of work were to receive equal wages,
there would be no emulation, and no room left for industry or ingenuity."
20120124:    2971L 18% 104p Highlight|
   if coals can conveniently be had for fuel, it may sometimes be cheaper
to bring barren timber for building from less cultivated foreign
countries than to raise it at home. In the new town of Edinburgh, built
within these few years, there is not, perhaps, a single stick of Scotch
20120124:    3001L 18% 105p Highlight|
   The price, therefore, of the coarse, and still more that of the
precious metals, at the most fertile mines in the world, must necessarily
more or less affect their price at every other in it.
20120124:    3061L 18% 107p Highlight|
   The demand for those metals arises partly from their utility, and
partly from their beauty.
20120124:    3068L 18% 107p Highlight|
   the merit of an object, which is in any degree either useful or
beautiful, is greatly enhanced by its scarcity,
20120124:    3070L 18% 107p Highlight|
   These qualities of utility, beauty, and scarcity, are the original
foundation of the high price of those metals,
20120124:   3091L 18% 108p Highlight|
   A service of plate, and the other frivolous ornaments of dress and
furniture, could be purchased for a smaller quantity of commodities; and
in this would consist the sole advantage which the world could derive
from that abundance.
20120124:   3107L 18% 109p Highlight|
   They gave them to their new guests at the first request, without
seeming to think that they had made them any very valuable present. They
were astonished to observe the rage of the Spaniards to obtain
20120126:   3244L 19% 114p Highlight|fiars
20120130:   3937L 23% 138p Highlight|
   Though all the cattle of the European colonies in America were
originally carried from Europe, they soon multiplied so much there, and
became of so little value, that even horses were allowed to run wild in
the woods, without any owner thinking it worth while to claim them.
20120130:   3942L 23% 138p Highlight|
   Mr Kalm, the Swedish traveller, when he gives an account of the
husbandry of some of the English colonies in North America, as he found
it in 1749, observes, accordingly, that he can with difficulty discover
there the character of the English nation, so well skilled in all the
different branches of agriculture.
20120130:   3948L 23% 138p Highlight|{Kalm's Travels, vol 1, pp. 343,
20120130:   4036L 24% 141p Highlight|
   Gain is the end of all improvement; and nothing could deserve that
name, of which loss was to be the necessary consequence.
20120130:   4069L 24% 142p Highlight|
   it happens almost constantly in Chili, at Buenos Ayres, and in many
other parts of Spanish America, where the horned cattle are almost
constantly killed merely for the sake of the hide and the tallow.
20120130:   4154L 25% 145p Highlight|
   The wool of Scotland fell very considerably in its price in
consequence of the union with England, by which it was excluded from the
great market of Europe, and confined to the narrow one of Great Britain.
20120131:   4272L 25% 150p Highlight|
   As to the high price of corn during these last ten or twelve years, it
can be sufficiently accounted for from the badness of the seasons,
without supposing any degradation in the value of silver.
20120131:   4331L 26% 152p Highlight|
   It has, however, been sufficient to astonish the workmen of every
other part of Europe, who in many cases acknowledge that they can produce
no work of equal goodness for double or even for triple the price.
20120131:   4342L 26% 152p Highlight|
   present times with what it was in a much remoter period, towards the
end of the fifteenth century, when the labour was probably much less
subdivided, and the machinery employed much more imperfect, than it is at
20120131:   4371L 26% 153p Highlight|
   In the time of Edward IV. the art of knitting stockings was probably
not known in any part of Europe. Their hose were made of common cloth,
which may have been one of the causes of their dearness.
20120131:   4372L 26% 153p Highlight|
   The first person that wore stockings in England is said to have been
Queen Elizabeth. She received them as a present from the Spanish
20120131:   4394L 26% 154p Highlight|
   This duty, indeed, would not probably be very great. It was not then
the policy of Europe to restrain, by high duties, the importation of
foreign manufactures, but rather to encourage it,
20120201:   4938L 29% 173p Highlight|
   But when the division of labour has once been thoroughly introduced,
the produce of a man's own labour can supply but a very small part of his
occasional wants. The far greater part of them are supplied by the
produce of other men's labour, which he purchases with the produce, or,
what is the same thing, with the price of the produce, of his own.
20120201:   4941L 29% 173p Highlight|
   But this purchase cannot be made till such time as the produce of his
own labour has not only been completed, but sold.
20120201:   5729L 34% 201p Highlight|
   The Bank of England is the greatest bank of circulation in Europe. It
was incorporated, in pursuance of an act of parliament, by a charter
under the great seal, dated the 27th of July 1694.
20120201:   5779L 34% 202p Highlight|
   The gold and silver money which circulates in any country may very
properly be compared to a highway, which, while it circulates and carries
to market all the grass and corn of the country, produces itself not a
single pile of either.
20120202:   6069L 36% 212p Highlight|
   Whatever a person saves from his revenue he adds to his capital, and
either employs it himself in maintaining an additional number of
productive hands, or enables some other person to do so, by lending it to
him for an interest, that is, for a share of the profits.
20120204:   6297L 37% 220p Highlight|
   Even among borrowers, therefore, not the people in the world most
famous for frugality, the number of the frugal and industrious surpasses
considerably that of the prodigal and idle.
20120207:   7532L 45% 264p Highlight|
   a country that has wherewithal to buy gold and silver, will never be
in want of those metals. They are to be bought for a certain price, like
all other commodities; and as they are the price of all other
commodities, so all other commodities are the price of those metals.
20120207:   7603L 45% 266p Highlight|
   The one may frequently have done the whole, but the other can never
have done more than the one half of his business. It is not for its own
sake that men desire money, but for the sake of what they can purchase
with it.
20120207:   7616L 45% 267p Highlight|
   the quantity of coin in every country is regulated by the value of the
commodities which are to be circulated by it;
20120207:   7620L 45% 267p Highlight|
   that to attempt to increase the wealth of any country, either by
introducing or by detaining in it an unnecessary quantity of gold and
silver, is as absurd as it would be to attempt to increase the good cheer
of private families, by obliging them to keep an unnecessary number of
kitchen utensils.
20120207:   7624L 45% 267p Highlight|
   Gold and silver, whether in the shape of coin or of plate, are
utensils, it must be remembered, as much as the furniture of the kitchen.
20120207:   7631L 45% 267p Highlight|
   Fleets and armies are maintained, not with gold and silver, but with
consumable goods.
20120207:   7681L 46% 269p Highlight|
   This bullion, as it circulates among different commercial countries,
in the same manner as the national coin circulates in every country, may
be considered as the money of the great mercantile republic.
20120207:   7726L 46% 270p Highlight|
   Every Tartar chief, accordingly, has a treasure. The treasures of
Mazepa, chief of the Cossacks in the Ukraine, the famous ally of Charles
XII., are said to have been very great.
20120207:   7754L 46% 271p Highlight|
   So that there may be in Europe at present, not only more than three
times, but more than twenty or thirty times the quantity of plate which
would have been in it, even in its present state of improvement, had the
discovery of the American mines never been made. So far Europe has, no
doubt, gained a real conveniency, though surely a very trifling one.
20120207:   7768L 46% 272p Highlight|
   There were but two nations in America, in any respect, superior to the
savages, and these were destroyed almost as soon as discovered. The rest
were mere savages. But the empires of China, Indostan, Japan, as well as
several others in the East Indies, without having richer mines of gold or
silver, were, in every other respect, much richer, better cultivated, and
more advanced in all arts and manufactures, than either Mexico or Peru,
20120207:   7801L 46% 273p Highlight|
   it necessarily became the great object of political economy to
diminish as much as possible the importation of foreign goods for home
consumption, and to increase as much as possible the exportation of the
produce of domestic industry. Its two great engines for enriching the
country, therefore, were restraints upon importation, and encouragement
to exportation.
20120207:   7803L 46% 273p Highlight|
   The restraints upon importation were of two kinds. First, restraints
upon the importation of such foreign goods for home consumption as could
be produced at home, from whatever country they were imported. Secondly,
restraints upon the importation of goods of almost all kinds, from those
particular countries with which the balance of trade was supposed to be
20120209:   7958L 47% 279p Highlight|
   Fat cattle could not be drove so far. Lean cattle, therefore, could
only be imported; and such importation could interfere not with the
interest of the feeding or fattening countries, to which, by reducing the
price of lean cattle it would rather be advantageous, but with that of
the breeding countries only.
20120209:   7969L 47% 279p Highlight|
   The freest importation of foreign cattle could have no other effect
than to hinder those breeding countries from taking advantage of the
increasing population and improvement of the rest of the kingdom, from
raising their price to an exorbitant height, and from laying a real tax
upon all the more improved and cultivated parts of the country. The
20120209:   8120L 48% 284p Highlight|
   Were those high duties and prohibitions taken away all at once,
cheaper foreign goods of the same kind might be poured so fast into the
home market, as to deprive all at once many thousands of our people of
their ordinary employment and means of subsistence.
20120209:   8137L 48% 285p Highlight|
   Not only no great convulsion, but no sensible disorder, arose from so
great a change in the situation of more than 100,000 men, all accustomed
to the use of arms, and many of them to rapine and plunder.
20120211:   8323L 49% 291p Highlight|
   Bank money, over and above both its intrinsic superiority to currency,
and the additional value which this demand necessarily gives it, has
likewise some other advantages, It is secure from fire, robbery, and
other accidents; the city of Amsterdam is bound for it; it can be paid
away by a simple transfer, without the trouble of counting,
20120217: 10702L 64% 375p Highlight|
   All the original sources of revenue, the wages of labour, the rent of
land, and the profits of stock, the monopoly renders much less abundant
than they otherwise would be. To promote the little interest of one
little order of men in one country, it hurts the interest of all other
orders of men in that country, and of all the men in all other countries.
20120217: 10714L 64% 375p Highlight|
   Accumulation is thus prevented in the hands of all those who are
naturally the most disposed to accumulate; and the funds destined for the
maintenance of productive labour, receive no augmentation from the
revenue of those who ought naturally to augment them the most.
20120217: 10717L 64% 375p Highlight|
   Have the exorbitant profits of the merchants of Cadiz and Lisbon
augmented the capital of Spain and Portugal? Have they alleviated the
poverty, have they promoted the industry, of those two beggarly
20120217: 10771L 64% 377p Highlight|
   Under the present system of management, therefore, Great Britain
derives nothing but loss from the dominion which she assumes over her
20120217: 10772L 64% 377p Highlight|
   To propose that Great Britain should voluntarily give up all authority
over her colonies, and leave them to elect their own magistrates, to
enact their own laws, and to make peace and war, as they might think
proper, would be to propose such a measure as never was, and never will
be, adopted by any nation in the world. No nation ever voluntarily gave
up the dominion of any province, how troublesome soever it might be to
govern it,
20120217: 10797L 64% 378p Highlight|
   But this monopoly, I have endeavoured to show, though a very grievous
tax upon the colonies, and though it may increase the revenue of a
particular order of men in Great Britain, diminishes, instead of
increasing, that of the great body of the people, and consequently
diminishes, instead of increasing, the ability of the great body of the
people to pay taxes.
20120218: 10933L 65% 383p Highlight|
   The discovery of America, and that of a passage to the East Indies by
the Cape of Good Hope, are the two greatest and most important events
recorded in the history of mankind.
20120218: 11049L 66% 387p Highlight|
   Such poor countries as Sweden and Denmark, for example, would probably
have never sent a single ship to the East Indies, had not the trade been
subjected to an exclusive company.
20120218: 11055L 66% 387p Highlight|
   Such a rich country as Holland, on the contrary, would probably, in
the case of a free trade, send many more ships to the East Indies than it
actually does.
20120218: 11226L 67% 393p Highlight|
20120218:    162L   1%    6p Highlight|
20120218:    167L   1%    6p Highlight|CHAPTER I OF THE DIVISION OF
20120218:    311L   2%   11p Highlight|
20120218:    378L   2%   13p Highlight|
20120218:    456L   3%   16p Highlight|
20120218:    571L   3%   20p Highlight|
20120218:    870L   5%   30p Highlight|
20120218:   1000L   6%   35p Highlight|
20120218:   1167L   7%   41p Highlight|
   CHAPTER VIII OF THE WAGES OF LABOUR. The produce of labour constitutes
the natural recompence or wages of labour.
20120218:   1570L   9%   55p Highlight|
   CHAPTER IX OF THE PROFITS OF STOCK The rise and fall in the profits of
stock depend upon the same causes with the rise and fall in the wages of
labour, the increasing or declining state of the wealth of the society;
but those causes affect the one and the other very differently.
20120218:   1758L 10%    61p Highlight|
20120218:   1774L 11%    62p Highlight|
   PART I Inequalities arising from the nature of the employments
20120218:   2116L 13%    74p Highlight|
   PART II Inequalities occasioned by the Policy of Europe.
20120218:   2553L 15%    89p Highlight|CHAPTER XI OF THE RENT OF LAND.
20120218:   2600L 15%    91p Highlight|
   PART I Of the Produce of Land which always affords Rent.
20120218:   2875L 17% 101p Highlight|
   PART II Of the Produce of Land, which sometimes does, and sometimes
does not, afford Rent Human food seems to be the only produce of land,
which always and necessarily affords some rent to the landlord. Other
sorts of produce sometimes may, and sometimes may not, according to
different circumstances.
20120218:    3114L 18% 109p Highlight|
   PART III Of the variations in the Proportion between the respective
Values of that sort of Produce which always affords Rent, and of that
which sometimes does, and sometimes does not, afford Rent.
20120218:    4218L 25% 148p Highlight|
   Conclusion of the Digression concerning the Variations in the Value of
20120218:    4401L 26% 154p Highlight|Conclusion of the Chapter.
20120218:    4469L 26% 156p Highlight|
20120218:    4693L 28% 164p Highlight|
20120218:    4928L 29% 173p Highlight|
20120218:    4932L 29% 173p Highlight|INTRODUCTION
20120218:    4972L 29% 174p Highlight|CHAPTER I OF THE DIVISION OF
20120218:    5113L 30% 179p Highlight|
20120218:    5939L 35% 208p Highlight|
20120218:    6282L 37% 220p Highlight|CHAPTER IV OF STOCK LENT AT
20120218:    6430L 38% 225p Highlight|
20120219:    6714L 40% 235p Highlight|
20120219:    6719L 40% 235p Highlight|
20120219:    6805L 40% 238p Highlight|
20120219:    7005L 42% 245p Highlight|
20120219:    7196L 43% 252p Highlight|
20120219:    7198L 43% 252p Highlight|
   The increase and riches of commercial and manufacturing towns
contributed to the improvement and cultivation of the countries to which
they belonged, in three different ways:
20120219:    7420L 44% 260p Highlight|BOOK IV OF SYSTEMS OF POLITICAL
20120219:    7431L 44% 260p Highlight|
20120219:    7828L 46% 274p Highlight|
20120219:   8183L 48% 286p Highlight|
20120219:   8187L 49% 287p Highlight|
   Part I Of the Unreasonableness of those Restraints, even upon the
Principles of the Commercial System.
20120219:   8483L 50% 297p Highlight|
   PART II Of the Unreasonableness of those extraordinary Restraints,
upon other Principles.
20120219:   8666L 51% 303p Highlight|CHAPTER IV OF DRAWBACKS.
20120219:   8763L 52% 307p Highlight|CHAPTER V OF BOUNTIES.
20120219:   9459L 56% 331p Highlight|CHAPTER VI OF TREATIES OF
20120219:   9670L 57% 339p Highlight|CHAPTER VII OF COLONIES
20120219:   9672L 57% 339p Highlight|
   PART I Of the Motives for Establishing New Colonies.
20120219:   9674L 57% 339p Highlight|
   The interest which occasioned the first settlement of the different
European colonies in America and the West Indies, was not altogether so
plain and distinct as that which directed the establishment of those of
ancient Greece and Rome.
20120219:   9834L 58% 344p Highlight|
   PART II Causes of the Prosperity of New Colonies. The colony of a
civilized nation which takes possession either of a waste country, or of
one so thinly inhabited that the natives easily give place to the new
settlers, advances more rapidly to wealth and greatness than any other
human society.
20120219: 10297L 61% 361p Highlight|
   PART III Of the Advantages which Europe has derived From the Discovery
of America, and from that of a Passage to the East Indies by the Cape of
Good Hope.
20120219: 10299L 61% 361p Highlight|
   Such are the advantages which the colonies of America have derived
from the policy of Europe.
20120219: 11585L 69% 406p Highlight|
20120219: 11588L 69% 406p Highlight|
   The agricultural systems of political economy will not require so long
an explanation as that which I have thought it necessary to bestow upon
the mercantile or commercial system.
20120219: 12050L 72% 422p Highlight|APPENDIX TO BOOK IV
20120219: 12177L 72% 426p Highlight|
20120219: 12181L 72% 426p Highlight|
20120219: 12184L 72% 427p Highlight|PART I Of the Expense of Defence.
20120219: 12495L 74% 437p Highlight|PART II Of the Expense of Justice
20120219: 12723L 75% 445p Highlight|
   PART III Of the Expense of public Works and public Institutions.
20120219: 14307L 85% 501p Highlight|
   PART IV Of the Expense of supporting the Dignity of the Sovereign.
20120219: 14320L 85% 501p Highlight|CONCLUSION
20120219: 14351L 85% 502p Highlight|
20120219: 14359L 85% 503p Highlight|
   PART I Of the Funds, or Sources, of Revenue, which may peculiarly
belong to the Sovereign or Commonwealth.
20120219: 14361L 85% 503p Highlight|
   The funds, or sources, of revenue, which may peculiarly belong to the
sovereign or commonwealth, must consist, either in stock, or in land.
20120219: 14508L 86% 508p Highlight|PART II Of Taxes.
20120219: 15134L 90% 530p Highlight|
   APPENDIX TO ARTICLES I. AND II. Taxes upon the Capital Value of Lands,
Houses, and Stock.
20120219: 16075L 95% 563p Highlight|CHAPTER III OF PUBLIC DEBTS.
20120219:    162L   1%     6p Highlight|
20120219:    167L   1%     6p Highlight|CHAPTER I OF THE DIVISION OF
20120219:    311L   2%    11p Highlight|
20120220: 11257L 67% 394p Highlight|
   industry of the flax-growers and flaxdressers, three or four spinners
at least are necessary in order to keep one weaver in constant
20120220: 11292L 67% 395p Highlight|united kingdom.
20120220: 11310L 67% 396p Highlight|
   When this last bounty was granted, the British and Irish legislatures
were not in much better humour with one another, than the British and
American had been before.
20120220: 11329L 67% 397p Highlight|
   By the 8th of Elizabeth, chap. 3, the exporter of sheep, lambs, or
rams, was for the first offence, to forfeit all his goods for ever, to
suffer a year's imprisonment, and then to have his left hand cut off in a
market town, upon a market day, to be there nailed up; and for the second
offence, to be adjudged a felon, and to suffer death accordingly.
20120221: 11390L 68% 399p Highlight|
   Fine cloth is made altogether of Spanish wool. English wool, cannot be
even so mixed with Spanish wool, as to enter into the composition without
spoiling and degrading, in some degree, the fabric of the cloth.
20120221: 11403L 68% 399p Highlight|
   He expects his profit, not so much from the price of the fleece, as
from that of the carcase; and the average or ordinary price of the latter
must even, in many cases, make up to him whatever deficiency there may be
in the average or ordinary price of the former.
20120221: 11553L 69% 405p Highlight|
   Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the
interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may
be necessary for promoting that of the consumer.
20120221: 11555L 69% 405p Highlight|
   The maxim is so perfectly self-evident, that it would be absurd to
attempt to prove it. But in the mercantile system, the interest of the
consumer is almost constantly sacrificed to that of the producer; and it
seems to consider production, and not consumption, as the ultimate end
and object of all industry and commerce.
20120221: 11579L 69% 405p Highlight|
   It cannot be very difficult to determine who have been the contrivers
of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe, whose
interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest
has been so carefully attended to; and among this latter class, our
merchants and manufacturers have been by far the principal architects.
20120223: 11811L 70% 414p Highlight|consmnption,
20120227: 13026L 77% 456p Highlight|cursitor
20120227: 13432L 80% 470p Highlight|
   The discipline of the college, at the same time, may enable him to
force all his pupils to the most regular attendance upon his sham
lecture, and to maintain the most decent and respectful behaviour during
the whole time of the performance.
20120227: 13471L 80% 472p Highlight|
   Two different languages were thus established in Europe, in the same
manner as in ancient Egypt: a language of the priests, and a language of
the people; a sacred and a profane, a learned and an unlearned language.
20120227: 13476L 80% 472p Highlight|
   Latin translation of the Bible, commonly called the Latin Vulgate, to
have been equally dictated by divine inspiration, and therefore of equal
authority with the Greek and Hebrew originals.
20120229: 13821L 82% 484p Highlight|tythe
20120229: 14067L 84% 493p Highlight|
   and gentlemen had frequently no other means of subsistence than by
travelling about from monastery to monastery, under pretence of devotion,
but in reality to enjoy the hospitality of the clergy.
20120229: 14069L 84% 493p Highlight|
   There was always much more union among the clergy than among the lay-
lords. The former were under a regular discipline and subordination to
the papal authority.
20120229: 14089L 84% 493p Highlight|
   the constitution of the church of Rome may be considered as the most
formidable combination that ever was formed against the authority and
security of civil government,
20120229: 14110L 84% 494p Highlight|
   and even that spiritual authority was much weakened, when it ceased to
be supported by the charity and hospitality of the clergy. The inferior
ranks of people no longer looked upon that order as they had done before;
as the comforters of their distress,
20120229: 14148L 84% 495p Highlight|
   The success of the new doctrines was almost everywhere so great, that
the princes, who at that time happened to be on bad terms with the court
of Rome, were, by means of them, easily enabled, in their own dominions,
to overturn the church, which having lost the respect and veneration of
the inferior ranks of people,
20120229: 14152L 84% 496p Highlight|
   The tyranny of Christiern II., and of Troll archbishop of Upsal,
enabled Gustavus Vasa to expel them both from Sweden. The pope favoured
the tyrant and the archbishop, and Gustavus Vasa found no difficulty in
establishing the reformation in Sweden.
20120229: 14197L 84% 497p Highlight|
   As long as the people of each parish preserved the right of electing
their own pastors, they acted almost always under the influence of the
clergy, and generally of the most factious and fanatical of the order.
20120229: 14247L 85% 499p Highlight|
   father Porée, a jesuit of no great eminence in the republic of
letters, was the only professor they had ever had in France, whose works
were worth the reading.
20120229: 14281L 85% 500p Highlight|
   The magistrates of the powerful canton of Berne, in particular, have
accumulated, out of the savings from this fund, a very large sum,
supposed to amount to several millions; part or which is deposited in a
public treasure, and part is placed at interest in what are called the
public funds of the different indebted nations of Europe;
20120229: 14301L 85% 501p Highlight|
   A man of a large revenue, whatever may be his profession, thinks he
ought to live like other men of large revenues; and to spend a great part
of his time in festivity, in vanity, and in dissipation.
20120302: 14726L 87% 516p Highlight|tythe,
20120302: 14727L 87% 516p Highlight|
   The tythe, and every other land tax of this kind,
20120302: 14788L 88% 518p Highlight|Taxes upon the Rent of Houses.
20120302: 14925L 89% 523p Highlight|
   ARTICLE II.—Taxes upon Profit, or upon the Revenue arising from Stock.
20120302: 14954L 89% 524p Highlight|
   First, the quantity and value of the land which any man possesses, can
never be a secret, and can always be ascertained with great exactness.
20120302: 14960L 89% 524p Highlight|
   Secondly, land is a subject which cannot be removed;
20120302: 15021L 89% 526p Highlight|
   Taxes upon the Profit of particular Employments.
20120303: 15202L 90% 532p Highlight|
   There is no art which one government sooner learns of another, than
that of draining money from the pockets of the people.
20120303: 15246L 91% 534p Highlight|
   ARTICLE III.—Taxes upon the Wages of Labour.
20120303: 15304L 91% 536p Highlight|
   ARTICLE IV.—Taxes which it is intended should fall indifferently upon
every different Species of Revenue.
20120303: 15308L 91% 536p Highlight|Capitation Taxes.
20120303: 15350L 91% 537p Highlight|Taxes upon Consumable Commodities.
ajk,Smith,Wealth of Nations,2,16850,590,eco,eng,3# (168L=%, 29L=p, 590

ajk,Twain,Gilded Age,25,10295,512,fic,eng,3#
Classic American Literature: The Works of Mark Twain, 24 books in a
single file, improved 6/1/2011 (Mark Twain)
20111116:   6535L 63% 325p Highlight|she world take it away.
20111117:   7906L 77% 393p Highlight|digging a bole
20111118:   8041L 78% 400p Highlight|demands fox money.
20111120:   9239L 90% 459p Highlight|supersedeas
ajk,Twain,Gilded Age,25,10295,512,fic,eng,3# (103L=%, 20L=p, 512 pages)

ajk,Twain,Prince and Pauper,15628,20289,288,fic,eng,2#
Classic American Literature: The Works of Mark Twain, 24 books in a
single file, improved 6/1/2011 (Mark Twain)
20111116:   6535L-195% -562p Highlight|she world take it away.
20111117:   7906L-166% -477p Highlight|digging a bole
20111118:   8041L-163% -469p Highlight|demands fox money.
20111120:   9239L-137% -395p Highlight|supersedeas
ajk,Twain,Prince and Pauper,15628,20289,288,fic,eng,2# (47L=%, 16L=p, 288

ajk,Verne,Archipel en feu,10545,14700,208,cla,fra,3#
Classic French Literature in French: 30 books by Jules Verne (French
Edition) (Jules Verne)
20111111:    363L-245% -510p Highlight|narwal.
20111111:    517L-241% -502p Highlight|bielles de l'arbre.
20111113:    541L-241% -501p Highlight|question du cétacé,
20111115:   1287L-223% -463p Highlight|organeau
20111116:   2030L-205% -426p Highlight|conchyliologue
20111116:   2080L-204% -424p Highlight|cénobitique.
20111116:   2536L-193% -401p Highlight|conchyliologue,
20111117:   2732L-188% -391p Highlight|vêtements de byssus.
20111117:   3001L-182% -378p Highlight|d'obturateurs,
20111117:   3046L-180% -375p Highlight|échinodermes
20111117:   3123L-179% -372p Highlight|zoophytes,
20111117:   3288L-175% -363p Highlight|animalcules.
20111118:   4586L-143% -298p Highlight|pholadesdattes,
20111121:   5065L-132% -274p Highlight|ostracions
20111124:   6916L -88% -182p Highlight|cénobitique.
20111124:   7014L -85% -177p Highlight|d'épaves
20111125:   7158L -82% -170p Highlight|darté,
20111125:   7174L -81% -169p Highlight|réverbérante
20111125:   7271L -79% -164p Highlight|ignivomes
20111127:   8655L -46% -95p Highlight|
   « Adieu, soleil ! s'écria-t-il. Disparais, astre radieux ! Couche-toi
sous cette mer libre. et laisse une nuit de six mois étendre ses ombres
sur mon nouveau domaine ! »
20111201: 10167L -9% -19p Highlight|narwal
20111201: 10531L    0%   -1p Highlight|hécatombe
20120106: 10601L    1%    3p Highlight|caloyers
20120106: 10602L    1%    3p Highlight|quémandeurs
20120106: 10660L    3%    6p Highlight|caboteurs
20120106: 10662L    3%    6p Highlight|caloyers
20120106: 10669L    3%    6p Highlight|simandre,
20120106: 10679L    3%    7p Highlight|chébec!
20120106: 10681L    3%    7p Highlight|pinque!
20120106: 10682L    3%    7p Highlight|étrave!
20120106: 10685L    3%    7p Highlight|polacre
20120106: 10695L    4%    8p Highlight|felouque...
20120106: 10696L    4%    8p Highlight|speronare!»
20120106: 10708L    4%    8p Highlight|sacolève!
20120106: 10715L    4%    9p Highlight|
   On appelle ainsi un bâtiment levantin de médiocre tonnage, dont la
tonture, c'est-à-dire la courbe du pont, s'accentue légèrement en se
relevant vers l'arrière.
20120106: 10716L    4%    9p Highlight|trois mâts à pibles des voiles
20120106: 10751L    5%   10p Highlight|hunier
20120106: 10765L    5%   11p Highlight|l'écueil
20120106: 10819L    7%   14p Highlight|drisses
20120106: 10983L 11%     22p Highlight|hulotte
20120107: 11278L 18%     37p Highlight|d'orge
20120107: 11562L 25%     51p Highlight|sacolève,
20120111: 12935L 58% 120p Highlight|marins dans l'âme,
20120111: 13123L 62% 129p Highlight|drôme
20120112: 13700L 76% 158p Highlight|cadi
20120112: 13709L 76% 158p Highlight|encablure du môle,
20120112: 13773L 78% 162p Highlight|batistan.
20120112: 13795L 78% 163p Highlight|marabouts!
20120112: 14147L 87% 180p Highlight|guipures
20120112: 14401L 93% 193p Highlight|hunes,
20120112: 14674L 100% 207p Highlight|l'artimon,
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Classic French Literature in French: 30 books by Jules Verne (French
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20111111:    363L   3%   25p Highlight|narwal.
20111111:    517L   5%   36p Highlight|bielles de l'arbre.
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20111117:   3123L 30% 216p Highlight|zoophytes,
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20111124:   6916L 66% 478p Highlight|cénobitique.
20111124:   7014L 67% 485p Highlight|d'épaves
20111125:   7158L 68% 495p Highlight|darté,
20111125:   7174L 68% 496p Highlight|réverbérante
20111125:   7271L 69% 503p Highlight|ignivomes
20111127:   8655L 82% 599p Highlight|
   « Adieu, soleil ! s'écria-t-il. Disparais, astre radieux ! Couche-toi
sous cette mer libre. et laisse une nuit de six mois étendre ses ombres
sur mon nouveau domaine ! »
20111201: 10167L 96% 703p Highlight|narwal
20111201: 10531L 100% 729p Highlight|hécatombe
20120106: 10601L 101% 733p Highlight|caloyers
20120106: 10602L 101% 734p Highlight|quémandeurs
20120106: 10660L 101% 738p Highlight|caboteurs
20120106: 10662L 101% 738p Highlight|caloyers
20120106: 10669L 101% 738p Highlight|simandre,
20120106: 10679L 101% 739p Highlight|chébec!
20120106: 10681L 101% 739p Highlight|pinque!
20120106: 10682L 101% 739p Highlight|étrave!
20120106: 10685L 101% 739p Highlight|polacre
20120106: 10695L 102% 740p Highlight|felouque...
20120106: 10696L 102% 740p Highlight|speronare!»
20120106: 10708L 102% 741p Highlight|sacolève!
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   On appelle ainsi un bâtiment levantin de médiocre tonnage, dont la
tonture, c'est-à-dire la courbe du pont, s'accentue légèrement en se
relevant vers l'arrière.
20120106: 10716L 102% 741p Highlight|trois mâts à pibles des voiles
20120106: 10751L 102% 744p Highlight|hunier
20120106: 10765L 102% 745p Highlight|l'écueil
20120106: 10819L 103% 749p Highlight|drisses
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20120107: 11278L 107% 780p Highlight|d'orge
20120107: 11562L 110% 800p Highlight|sacolève,
20120111: 12935L 123% 895p Highlight|marins dans l'âme,
20120111: 13123L 125% 908p Highlight|drôme
20120112: 13700L 130% 948p Highlight|cadi
20120112: 13709L 130% 949p Highlight|encablure du môle,
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20120112: 14147L 134% 979p Highlight|guipures
20120112: 14401L 137% 996p Highlight|hunes,
20120112: 14674L 139% 1015p Highlight|l'artimon,
ajk,Verne,Vingt mille lieues,2,10536,729,cla,fra,3# (105L=%, 14L=p, 729

ajk,Zweig,Drei Meister,2,2811,216,bio,ger,3#
Drei Meister / Balzac. Dickens. Dostojewski (Stefan Zweig)
20120218:   1008L 36%    77p Highlight|DAS ANTLITZ
20120218:   1029L 37%    79p Highlight|DIE TRAGÖDIE SEINES LEBENS
ajk,Zweig,Drei Meister,2,2811,216,bio,ger,3# (28L=%, 13L=p, 216 pages)

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