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					C2KBL 2011
Colorado to Kenya BoldLeaders

BoldLeaders Overview
Who are BoldLeaders?
What do we do?
Where do we do it?
What is the American Youth Leadership
Program C2KBL?
Who we are:
A group of people who...
o Have an average of 25+ years or more working with young
  people and those who coach, mentor, and teach them
o Are recognized professionals and experts in the field of youth
  and leadership development
o Hold advanced degrees
o Are diverse, dedicated, passionate, compassionate leaders
  and are parents as well
o   Co-Founder, Facilitator
o   20+ years of transformational program design and
o   Background in classical and applied psychology
o   25+ years in program development, leadership education,
    and conflict resolution
o   Extensive international travel and teaching experience
o   Program Director, Facilitator
o   Master’s Degree in Experiential Education
o   20+ years as a teacher, facilitator, curriculum/program
o   20+ years of experience in international education,
    wilderness travel, urban immersion, conflict management,
    classroom teaching, mentoring, and coaching.
o   Extensive international travel and teaching experience
o   Program Manager, facilitator
o   Background education in Human Development, Cultural
    Anthropology and Human Nutrition
o   ICF certified coach specializing in leadership
o   10+ years in international, community-based
    development; project and program facilitation
o   Extensive international travel and teaching experience
o   Teacher at Manual High School for the past three years
o   Debate Coach of the Manual Urban Debate Team
o   Has completed 2 years of AmeriCorps, most recently with
    Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver
o   Mentor with CYAR (Colorado Youth at Risk) and training
    to be a facilitator
o   Loves travel, fishing, photography, playing music, and
    experiencing many different perspectives
Teacher/Adult Participants
o   Allison Lucero
o   Lee Culbertson
o   Lynda Sailor
o   Role of the Adult Participants
What we do:
A group of people committed to...
o   Cause Bold Leaders
o   Life-long learning – both transformational and
o   Building relationships between people and communities
    (“Mind the Gap!”)
o   Listening, participating, inserting, appreciating, taking
    ownership, stretching limits, challenging long-held
    beliefs and myths
Our Programs are...
o   Experiential: participants learn by doing
o   Transformational: participants move through and within a series of
    platforms designed to deeply impact beliefs about self and others
o   Interactive: participants discuss, share and collaborate
o   Immersive: participants learn through deep engagement with a topic
    and our trademarked Continuous Exploratory Dialogue model
o   Collaborative: we work with a commitment to partnership with
    multiple organizations, institutes, government agencies and people
o   Long-lasting: participants practice what they learn for a lifetime and
    stay in contact with each other
      BoldLeaders has worked with thousands of
      young people and adults from:
      o   The United States
      o   Sub-Saharan Africa
      o   The Middle East
      o   Central Europe
      o   Cambodia
      o   Northern Ireland

Programs are in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Civic Engagement, Civic Education,
Organizational Inclusion Training and more
o   Safely conducted 13 international, multi-week programs with more than 500
    students and adults, and hundreds of smaller one- and two-day programs.
    Results available at
o   Supported more than 300 different Host Family experiences with trusted
    families – many who stay in contact with their guest today!
o   Endorsed by the US State Department and the US Embassies in Cyprus and
    Kenya, Slovakia, South Africa
o   Hundreds of alumni have re-applied to participate in our programs a
    second or third time
o has hundreds of members and thousands of posts,
    conversations, events and projects
American Youth Leadership Program
o   Funded by the US Department of State Bureau of
    Education and Cultural Affairs
o   Fulbright-Hays Act
o   GLACIER VIEW RANCH March 4, 5 and 6th
o   VACCINATION DAYS April 23rd and May 3rd
o   WORK DAY June 5th location TBA participants only
o   PRE-TRIP PLANNING MEETING June 23rd participants
    and parents
o   KENYA July 7th- Aug 1st
o   POST TRIP POL August 7th participants and parents
o   Kick Off Weekend!
o   Bus Departs Cherry Creek Bed Bath and Beyond
    Parking Lot at 1pm on Friday, March 4th. Bus will
    return to the same place at 4pm on Sunday,
    March 6th.
o   Program Overview
o   Packing List
o   Our Global Travel Health Group visit for immunizations will be on either April 23rd
    11am-3pm or May 3rd 4-7pm. The address of Global Travel Health is 4545 E. 9th
    Ave., Suite 120, Denver, Colorado, 80220. 303-468-6986.
o   Please review the Center for Disease Control travel recommendations for
    immunizations for Kenya
o   Payment of your vaccinations is your responsibility. The cost will vary depending on
    what vaccines you have already had and what others you want and or need to
    have. If you need financial assistance for these costs please let me know.
o   Global Travel Health has a form that must be filled out and submitted to them
    before your appointment along with your up to date shot records that can be
    obtained from your family doctor.
o   Work day for participants only
o   Relationship building
o   Pre-Kenya information
o   Swahili training
o   Project ideas
o   Homework sharing
o   Student presentations on Kisumu, Mombassa, Mt
o   Packing List Review
o   Insurance
o   Host Family Information
o   Q and A
KENYA July 7th-Aug 1st
o   Trip Overview
o   Introduction of Regional
    Locations and Partners
o   Regional Activities
o   Outcomes
Trip Overview
o Three week exchange program to Kenya
o 37 students, 3 teachers/community leaders, 4
  BoldLeader staff members
o Exploring the principles of leadership, civic
  education, and community activism by exploring the
  social, political and economic issues of food security
  in Kenya
o The program will be intensive, academic, and highly
Regional Locations and Partners
o   Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Mt. Kenya
o   Hosted by Furukombe Initiatives in Nairobi
o   Archdioceses of Kisumu
o   Tropical Heights Institute (Batian View) in Mt.
    Kenya area
o   Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance in Mombasa
Regional Activities
o   Civic Engagement
o   Cultural Immersion
o   Service Learning
o   Students and teachers will be assigned to their
    Regional area by mid March based on interest,
    best fit, and observation by BoldLeader staff.
o   Knowledge
o   Skills
o   New Ideas
o   Enthusiasm to create positive change in their schools
    and communities through small achievable action
o   Teacher participants will work with students to support
    their follow on projects in tandem with BoldLeaders
o   Health Form
o   Liability Waiver
o   Participant Questionnaire
o   Passports

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