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					Intelligence Quotient
Intelligence quotient is the measure that is used to determine an individual's intellectual capabilities.
To determine it the person has to go through a test of intelligence. It is then made into a ratio, which
is reached after comparing a person's mental age to his or her chronological age. The average
human iq score is rated at 100 and those who have an IQ that is above this figure are considered to
be intellectually gifted and highly intelligent. The IQ test is applied when a person's academic skills
need to be determined in situations like university admission and some job application processes.

While most people have the notion that if one is labeled dumb that is their final condition, no one can
accurately estimate the mental capabilities of an individual and you can do some things that will
improve your IQ score. First, you must continuously learn to solve aptitude problems. Mathematical
problems like those involving probability heighten your IQ by ensuring that you are able to accurately
solve logic and get the right results. Data interpretation also plays great in enhancing your reason and
thereby improving your intellectual capabilities.

Readingis another thing that will enable you to attain comprehension ability and knowledge. The
verbal passages heighten your vocabulary and work skill, which can be the leading factor to good
scores in an IQ test. If you are looking for ways in which you can improve your intellectual capability,
reading good materials like classic novels is essential and you can just pick your favorite subjects.

Games are another great way to have your brain working smoothly and accurately. Games like table
tennis, basket ball and soccer will make your coordination and response time quick, which then
stimulates the sharpness and acute response in your mind. Chess is one of the games that have a
high reputation in developing logic thinking and intellect at the same time. It improves your capability
to solve problems and think right by drawing your concentration.

The crosswords and Rubik's puzzle are some of the problems that can surely leave your IQ level high
to do well on an IQ test if you tried to solve them out. They make your memory level superb and at
the same time improve your concentration power, which has times been seen as the greatest tools
the intellectuals use to attain high IQ levels. Some scientific research has proven that stimulating
exercises generate new cells and increase the life span of neurons in our brains.

It is a proven fact that continuous consumption of junk causes lack of adequate nutrition in the brain
cells, which in turn reduces thinking capability. Increase your intake of vitamins from sources such as
citrus fruits and green vegetables. Inositol also improves concentrating capability and physical power.
You can take it in your consumables as an intellect booster.

There are some techniques that have been useful to some people who wished to score high in their
iq scoret. Image streaming is one of them and it helps in the restoration of the subconscious mind. It
is a combination of both visual and verbal thinking, which increases the intellect level. Although some
people hold the belief that intellect is from the genes, it is not completely true since factors like effort
and environment also count.
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