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Nonpartisan Guide to November 3 General Election For Franklin County Voters


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                                                        Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 1
   FRANKLIN COUNTY                                   Qualifications for Office:                   The Columbus Bar Association              GARY W. QUALMAN                        Qualifications for Office:               spending by almost $70 million.
   MUNICIPAL COURT JUDGE                             19 years as magistrate.                      and its membership also fill in           (write-in) Not surveyed.               Completing my 5th term (20               That’s an increase of almost 11%!
                                                     Endorsements: every indepen-                 gaps. As a court, the Municipal                                                  years) on Bexley City Council.
Question 1 for Municipal Court                                                                                                                   MEMBER OF COUNCIL
                                                     dent group through publication               Court has an ongoing volunteer                                                   Lifelong resident of Bexley and          ALICIA HEALY
Judge: What do you percieve as the                                                                                                            (vote for not more than three)                                                721 Bulen Avenue, Columbus 43205
                                                     deadline that screened candidates,           mediation program which                                                          very committed to continuing my
greatest obstacles to justice in our                                                                                                                                                                                        Email:
                                                     including safety forces, education,          creates access. The court also            ROBYN R. JONES                         service to my community.
judicial system? (100 word limit)                                                                                                                                                                                           Website:
                                                     labor. See www.hummerforjudge.               has an appointed counsel list that        825 Vernon Road, Bexley 43209
                                                     com for specifics. Preferred                 assures legal assistance to many.                                                   CITY OF COLUMBUS                      Education: Certified Literacy
Question 2 for Municipal Court                                                                                                              Email:                         CITY ATTORNEY
Judge: Do you believe that all citi-                 more than 4-to-1 by lawyers in               These programs help. They don’t           Website:                                                     Tutor; Legal Secretary Diploma;
                                                     Columbus Bar Association                     remedy a problem which can be                                                       (vote for not more than one)          High School Diploma
zens have adequate access to legal                                                                                                          Education: B.S. Ohio University,
help and the legal system?                           preference poll.                             identified readily but is                 M.S. OSU, J.D. Capital University      RICHARD C. PFEIFFER, JR.                 Occupation: Home Manager, Mary
If not, what can be done to                                                                       difficult to solve.                       Occupation: Attorney                   Uncontested race.                        Kay Consultant
                                                     Question 1: At the Municipal                                                                                                                                           Qualifications for Office: Maintain
provide wider and better access?                                                                  Commencing 1/4/10                         Qualifications for Office:
                                                     Court level, the only court many                                                                                                        CITY AUDITOR                   budget and financial reports,
(100 word limit)                                                                                  PAUL M. HERBERT                           Communication, leadership, and
                                                     citizens experience, the greatest                                                                                                (vote for not more than one)          coordinated and facilitated
                                                                                                  Uncontested race.                         strategic skills honed as public
Commincing 1/1/10                                    obstacles to justice are the size of                                                                                                                                   activities for walking club, liaison
                                                                                                                                            school teacher, administrator for      HUGH J. DORRIAN
H. WILLIAM POLLITT, JR.                              dockets and the crush of people                                                                                                                                        for media publication, policies
                                                                                                  Commencing 1/5/10                         the State of Ohio, attorney, and       Uncontested race.
Uncontested race.                                    accessing the system simultane-                                                                                                                                        and procedures trainer, assisted
                                                                                                  CARRIE E. GLAEDEN                         member of Bexley City Council
                                                     ously. From my experience as                                                                                                       MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   and solved employee and customer
Commencing 1/2/10                                                                                 Uncontested race.                         for four years. Ability to unite
                                                     magistrate and bailiff for 23 years,                                                                                            (vote for not more than three)         issues, completed employee
TED BARROWS                                                                                                                                 many community voices.
                                                     the only reasonable remedy is to             Commencing 1/6/10                                                                                                         schedules, conducted employees
Uncontested race.                                                                                 ANNE TAYLOR                               Technical knowledge of various         Questions 1 for Member of Council:
                                                     deal with each case efficiently.                                                                                                                                       reviews, develop moral strategies
                                                                                                  Uncontested race.                         tax incentive programs.                What will be your top one or two
Commencing 1/3/10                                    If that happens, dockets work out
(vote for not more than one)                         quickly enough so there is suf-                                                        MATT LAMPKE                            priority if elected to City Council?     Question 1: The two major issues
                                                                                                  Commencing 1/7/10                                                                Why? (100 word limit)                    facing the city of Columbus are
RICK BROWN                                           ficient time to devote attention to                                                    2447 Plymouth Avenue,
                                                                                                  JULIA L. DORRIAN
7090 Reiber St.,                                     serious or complex cases. If not,                                                      Bexley 43209                                                                    jobs for our citizens and responsi-
                                                                                                  Uncontested race.                                                                Question 2 for Member of Council:
Worthington 43085                                    the system bogs down. Efficiency                                                       Email:                                                  ble management of city resources.
                                                     must be balanced with the need                                                                                                Should more be done to improve           The best incentive to attract and
Survey not received.                                                                              Commencing 1/9/10                         Website:
                                                     to let people know their own issue           DAVID TYACK                                                                      the city’s financial stability given     maintain current businesses is
                                                                                                                                            Education: BA, University of
MARK A. HUMMER                                       is valued. Both can be accom-                Uncontested race.                                                                the recent passage of the income ta      to provide a business friendly
                                                                                                                                            Dayton ’94; JD/ MPA,
1795 W Edgemont Road,                                plished, with effort.                                                                                                         levy? If so, what? (100 word limit)      environment of low taxes and less
                                                                                                                                            University of Akron ‘97
Columbus 43212                                                                                    Environmental Div.                                                                                                        regulation. Columbus has not
                                                                                                                                            Occupation: Assistant Chief,
Email:                 Question 2: No. Tough economic               Commencing 1/8/10                                                                MATT FERRIS                              done well in attracting businesses
                                                                                                  HARLAND H. HALE                           Ohio Attorney General’s Office,
Website:                      times deplete resources. If the                                                                                               324 E. Sycamore Street, Columbus 43206   to locate here, and it has lost
                                                                                                  Uncontested race.                         12 years; Captain, USAR, Judge
Education: Watterson, 1976;                          economy brightens, so will the                                                                                                Email:           businesses even to surrounding
                                                                                                                                            Advocate, 9 years, Veteran OEF;
Ohio State, B.A. journalism, 1981;                   picture for legal access. If it                                                                                               Website:              suburbs, which give businesses a
                                                                                                        CITY OF BEXLEY                      Council Member, 8 years
Capital, J.D. 1986                                   darkens, access to some extent de-                                                                                            Education: Bachelor of Business          better incentive. City revenues
                                                                                                                AUDITOR                     Qualifications for Office:
Occupation: Magistrate,                              pends on the efforts of lawyers to                                                                                            Administration –Ohio University;         have increased due to population
                                                                                                      (vote for not more than one)          Responsive to residents concerns,
Municipal Court                                      offer voluntary or reduced –cost                                                                                              Master of Business Administration        growth, but city government over
                                                                                                                                            fiscal watchdog of the city’s budget
                                                     help, as many already do.                    WILLIAM G. HARVEY                                                                –Ohio University                         the past 8 years has not lived
                                                                                                                                            and present and encourage strate-
                                                                                                  (write-in) Not surveyed.                                                         Occupation: President /Financial         within its means. It has drained
                                                                                                                                            gic planning and development.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Adviser –Ferris Financial, LLC           the Rainy Day Fund to balance

                                                                            The League of Women Voters of                                                                          Qualifications for Office:
                                                                                                                                            RICHARD E. SHARP                                                                the (over word limit)
                                                                          Metropolitan Columbus Educational Fund                                                                   Only candidate, or elected official,
                                                                          prepared this material. Candidates were                           845 College Avenue, Bexley 43209
                                                                                                                                                                                   to propose a plan to balance the         Question 2: The city’s financial
                                                                          informed of the following:                                        Email:
                                                                                                                                                                                   city budget without a tax increase.      stability will not be achieved
 Franklin County Municipal Court Judge ..........2                                                                                          Website:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by the income tax increase.
                                                                          •	 Each	response	would	be	printed	exactly	as	received	and	        Education: Bowling Green State
                                                                             each	candidate	would	be	responsible	for	the	content	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                   Question 1: My top priority will         Projected 2010 budget is 11%
                                                                                                                                            University 1984, cum laude –B.S.       be to cut the wasteful spending at
                                                                             the	replies.                                                                                                                                   higher and future budgets will
 Columbus City Council.......................................2            •	 All	responses	were	given	a	word	limit,	and	once	the	           Business Administration,               City Hall that has lead Columbus         continue to outstretch revenues.
                                                                             response	exceeded	the	word	limit	then	the	remainder	of	        Accounting; Capital University         politicians to ask us for more of        Our current leadership has proven
                                                                             the	response	was	cut	off.	                                     1991 MBA.                              our hard earned money. Ad-               that they cannot live within a
 Area Local Cities................................................3       	 Information	and	answers	from	the	candidates	have	not	           Occupation: Owner Sharp                ditionally, I will focus on making       budget. Tough choices must be
                                                                          been	evaluated	in	any	way.	The	League	of	Women	Voters,	           Community Resources, dba The           Columbus a more attractive city          made regarding city employee
                                                                          in	presenting	this	material,	neither	endorses	nor	rejects	the	    Beat. Previously controller multi-     to conduct business. As much as
 Local Villages/Townships ................................5               views	of	any	candidate	quoted	and	does	not	and	cannot	                                                                                            union contracts, which threaten
                                                                                                                                            state wholesaler. CPA –inactive.       we need to cut wasteful spending,
                                                                          assume	responsibility	for	the	contents	of	any	candidate’s	                                                                                        to send our city into chapter 9
                                                                                                                                            Qualifications for Office:             we need to focus on job growth,
                                                                          reply	or	motive.                                                                                                                                  Bankruptcy. Also, the percentage
                                                                                                                                            Bexley Chamber Board; Lions            in order to remain economically
 Local School Boards of Education ....................8                   	 Considering	all	that	our	country	has	been	through	in	                                                                                           of the budget devoted to capital
                                                                          recent	times,	it	is	more	important	than	ever	that	our	citizens	
                                                                                                                                            International –Chapter Board;          viable. We need to keep our taxes        improvements must be reexam-
                                                                          be	informed	about	the	candidates	and	issues	before	               Past- President local investment       low, keep our citizens safe, and         ined. Current council members
                                                                          them.	The	mission	of	the	League	of	Women	Voters	is	to	            club; Bexley City Council /Bexley      strive for excellence in our schools.
 Local Ballot Issues.......................................... 12                                                                                                                                                           have a character issue with deficit
                                                                          encourage	the	informed	and	active	participation	of	citizens	      Southwest Plan observer; CESA
                                                                                                                                                                                   Question 2: Yes! As I have said in       spending and until the personnel
                                                                          in	government	and	to	influence	public	policy	through	             soccer coach; (over word limit)
                                                                                                                                                                                   the past, City Hall does not have a      is change nothing will improve for
                                                                          education	and	advocacy.
 State Ballot Issues ......................................... 13         	 The	publication	editor	is	Amy	Pulles	with	assistance	                                                  revenue problem, it has a spend-         the city. Many cuts can be made
                                                                                                                                            RICK WEBER
                                                                          from	Robert	Brown,	Lucy	Buzzee,	Barbi	Crabill,	Sheila	                                                   ing problem. City Hall needs to          to (over word limit)
                                                                                                                                            59 S. Stanwood Road, Bexley 43209
                                                                          Fuhs,	and	Janyce	Katz.	The	LWVMC	Educational	Fund	                Email:           prioritize spending, streamline
 Issues List ....................................................... 14   President	is	Janyce	Katz.
                                                                                                                                            Website: None given.                   government operations, and
                                                                             The Voter Information Bulletin can also be found on the                                               show fiscal restraint, during these
                                                                          League of Women Voters website,                  Education: Graduate Bexley High
                                                                                                                                            School; Graduate Muskingum College     difficult economic times. While
 Things to Remember on Election Day .......... 15                         Join the League or make a donation to help support our
                                                                          nonpartisan, good-government work.                                Occupation: Real Estate Sales –        we are tightening our belts, City
                                                                                                                                            ReImax Town Center Realtors            Hall has chosen to increase 2010

2 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
ROSEANN HICKS                            Question 1: My first priority will be   ship’s agenda. This contributes         Question 2: Our comprehensive            police, fire, and code enforcement   P’ELIZABETH R. KOELKER
920 Garden Road, Columbus 43224          to use my business education and        to a lack of independent thinking       plan to stabilize the city’s financial   are also part of this framework.     1298 Fairview Avenue,
Email:        experience to maintain the recent       and taking corrective measures          situation includes job creation          Responsible incentives and active    Columbus 43212
Website:            ranking of Columbus as one of the       on concerns that are voiced by          efforts and reforms to reduce            partnerships with the private        Email:
Education: Tree of Life Christian        best cities in the country for creat-   the general public. I will serve as a   costs and create efficiencies. This      sector will improve our long term    Website: None given.
High School, 1997                        ing jobs. Creating more jobs leads      voice for the people, will not be       plan has already helped us save          financial stability.                 Education: M.S. Architecture;
Occupation: General Manager              to revenue growth, which pays           controlled by others and vow to         our safety forces from layoffs and                                            M.A. Communication
Qualifications for Office:               for the high quality city services      work with members of City Council.      ultimately will allow us to save             CITY OF DUBLIN                   Occupation: Architect
Secretary, Northland Community           our residents deserve. Second is                                                $100-$150 million in expenditures        MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 1            Qualifications for Office: Current
Council: Trustee, Northland Area         to maintain the fiscal discipline for   Question 2: Additional cuts             over the next ten years. We also               (uncontested race)             Council Economic Development
Business Association:                    city expenditures that was promised     should be made administrative           have maintained our AAA bond                                                  Committee Chair and Planning
                                                                                                                                                                  CATHY A. BORING
Vice –President & Past President,        with our three–part plan. Our           positions and the unwarranted           rating, the highest stamp of ap-                                              Commission representative.
Maize –Mase Tri Area Civic               residents expect us to squeeze the      costs of departmental public            proval for municipalities through-                                            Substantial professional experi-
                                                                                                                                                                  MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 2
Association; Franklin County             highest value for every dollar of       information officers and elected        out the country. No other city as                                             ence with construction industry
                                                                                                                                                                        (uncontested race)
Republican Party Endorsement;            city revenue. Expanding our job         officials’ spokespersons. Increase      large as Columbus has achieved                                                government contracting, all levels
                                                                                 efficiency and management to                                                     AMY SALAY
NABA 2008 Trustee’s Award                base and maintaining quality city                                               this distinction. It is independent                                           of government. Eighteen year
Winner; Several commendations            services produce a higher quality       reduce millions of dollars in           verification that we manage public                                            resident of Grandview Heights.
                                                                                 overtime expenses. Yard –waste                                                   MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 3
from the Ohio house, Ohio senate         of life for everyone.                                                           funds responsibly, the way citizens            (uncontested race)             Community volunteer for city,
& Columbus City (over word limit)                                                pick up should be restored on a         and business owners hope to                                                   school and booster events.
                                         Question 2: Absolutely. Both City       bi-monthly basis. Reduce contri-                                                 JOHN G. REINER
                                                                                                                         manage their own finances.                                                    Nationally accredited and LEED
Question 1: My top two priorities        Council and the Mayor committed         butions to city employee’s health                                                                                     certified licensed Architect.
as a member of Columbus City             to a long-term financial plan that      and pension benefits while being        PRISCILLA TYSON                          MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 4
Council would be to restore              follows through on the recom-           fair to workers but yet responsible     268 S. Harding Road,                           (uncontested race)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ANTHONY PANZERA
accountability to the office by          mendations of the Economic              to taxpayers. Decrease the              Columbus 43209                           TIM LECKLIDER
                                                                                                                                                                                                       1067 Broadview Avenue,
engaging and restoring the               Advisory Committee to keep Co-          Division of Police Helicopter Unit      Email: priscillatyson@gmailcom
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Columbus 43212
neighborhood voice at city hall.         lumbus as one of the most fiscally      by 40% and purchase surveillance        Website:           CITY OF GAHANNA
                                                                                                                                                                                                       No survey received.
I feel that our neighborhood             responsible cities in the nation.       cameras for neighborhoods and           Education: B.A., Business Admin-         MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 1
leaders need to be more connected        First steps should include building     business districts with high crime      istration Franklin University                  (uncontested race)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       STEVE REYNOLDS
to the decisions that impact the         up our cash reserve, or “rainy day”     rates related to drugs, gangs, and      Occupation: Business Owner /             JOHN MCALISTER                       1070 Virginia Avenue,
priorities of this city. I would also    fund, in our operating budget and       robberies. Be more aggressive in        Human Resource Director
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Columbus 43212
like to work with the Columbus           maintain our coverage ratios in         encouraging economic development.       Qualifications for Office: I have        MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 2            Email: None given.
Police Department to bring back          the capital budget. City compen-                                                more than 30 years of community                (uncontested race)             Website: None given.
and expand proactive programs            sation levels must be reviewed for      EILEEN PALEY                            related leadership and professional      SHANE EWALD                          Education: Grandview Heights
that deal directly with the grow-        private market comparison and           668 Bellamy Place, Columbus 43213       work experience. I’ve been
                                                                                                                                                                                                       High School, 1983; B.S. Finance /
ing amount of drug trafficking           labor negotiations. The business        Email: None given.                      a member of Columbus City                MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 3            Real Estate, The Ohio State
through Columbus, truancy and            philosophy of constant improvement      Website: None given.                    Council for 2 years and 9 months.              (uncontested race)             University, 1987
community involvement.                   and efficiencies in city programs       Education: Walnut Ridge High            I founded Columbus City Year,
                                                                                                                                                                  TIM EVERS                            Occupation: Self-employed, Real
                                         and services must be ingrained at all   School; Bachelor Psychology             founded Star Arts Ltd, and art
Question 2: I believe any elected                                                                                                                                                                      Estate Valuation and Consulting.
                                         levels of municipal government.         Degree, Business minor –The             gallery (over word limit)                                                     Qualifications for Office:
offical should always make strides                                                                                                                                MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 4
                                                                                 Ohio State University; Juris                                                                                          Grandview Heights City Council
to continually improve the financial     JOSEPH A. MOTIL                                                                 Question 1: I will continue to                 (uncontested race)
                                                                                 Doctorate –Capital University                                                                                         Member, 2004-2006; City Council
accountability and stability of the      (write-in)                              Occupation: Licenses attorney in        work to build a city that values         BERYL D. ANDERSON
office they have been entrusted.         167 W. Cooke Road, Columbus 43214                                               neighborhoods, invest in it                                                   President 2006-2009; Charter
                                                                                 private practice                                                                                                      Review Commission 2008;
I believe that by engaging Columbus      Email:                                                       infrastructure, and works to                         CITY OF
                                                                                 Qualifications for Office: Two                                                                                        Appraisal Institute, National
residents and neighborhood               Website: none given.                                                            improve the quality of life for all       GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS
                                                                                 decades legal experience; Columbus                                                                                    Admissions Appeal Board,
leaders in the budgeting process         Education: Graduate of Bishop                                                   of it residents. I am also committed         MEMBER OF COUNCIL
                                                                                 Civil Service Commission;                                                                                             1999-2009.
of their own tax dollars, city hall      Watterson High School; Attended                                                 to economic development,                   (vote for not more than four)
                                                                                 Ongoing work on council to
will be more accountable to those        Youngstown State University             invest in neighborhoods, provide        increasing the efficiency of city                                              CITY OF GROVE CITY
                                                                                                                                                                  AARON C. BOWMAN
items deemed most important              Occupation: Construction –              quality affordable services, and        government, and keeping our city                                              MEMBER OF COUNCIL-AT-LARGE
                                                                                                                                                                  1436 Inglis Avenue,
by the citizens. As a member             Project Safety Specialist employed      ensure government efficiency            safe. As Chair of the Recreation and                                           (vote for not more than one)
                                                                                                                                                                  Columbus 43212
of Council, my decisions would           by Elford Inc.                                                                  Parks Committee for Columbus
                                                                                                                                                                  Survey not received.                 STEVEN M. BENNETT
always be transparent, my door           Qualifications for Office:              Question 1: As a member of Coun-        City Council I’m also committed
would always be open and my              Served as Vice-Chairman of              cil, I have found innovative ways       to building a strong Recreation          SUSAN M. JAGERS                      1806 Hawthorne Parkway,
responsibility will always be to the     Columbus Historic Resources             to improve city services while re-      and Parks System which values            1543 Wyandotte Road                  Grove City 43123
needs of this community.                 Commission and zoning chairman          ducing costs and hope to continue       the importance of children,              Columbus 43212                       Email:
                                         of University Area Commission.          these efforts to make govern-           seniors, and families.                   Email:       Website:
A. TROY MILLER                           President of Tuttle Park Community      ment smarter and less expensive.                                                 Website: None given.                 Education: Northland HS.,
                                         Recreation Council, former candi-       For example, I worked with the          Question 2: We must continue to          Education: University of Dayton,     Attended Ohio Institute of
3389 Stadler Drive, Pickerington 43147
                                         date for State Representative and       Municipal Court to create a new         find ways to provide incentives for      B.A.; CWRU School of Law, J.D.       Technology
                                         Columbus City Council.                  specialty docket that will save         economic development and reform          Occupation: Government Affairs       Occupation: President, Bennett-
                                                                                 taxpayer money and help save            city government by reducing              Consultant                           Edgar Insurance Agency.
Education: East High School;
                                         Question 1: Eliminate wasteful          lives. U.S. News & World Report         costs. This means strengthening          Qualifications for Office: I am      Qualifications for Office: 23 year
University of Cincinnati –B.S. in
                                         spending of our citizen’s tax dol-      recently named Columbus one of          our long term economic outlook           completing my first term on          resident- Served on City Council
Health Services Administration;
                                         lars and restore vital city services.   America’s ten best places to find a     so that our neighborhoods,               Council and have a critical          -1996 through 2001, Council
Ohio Dominican University -MBA
                                         One party control over City policy      job. While this is good news, we        communities, and infrastructure          understanding of the city’s budget   President 2000 through 2001.
Occupation: President, ATM
                                         lends to unjust representation          must keep working with private          remain strong. The City’s must be        and the agreement with the           A fiscal conservative, helped
Central Development, LLC
                                         of its people. Appointed City           enterprise and partners like Tech       proactive in building a framework        Grandview Yard developer.            reduce property taxes 6 times.
Qualifications for Office: Sound
                                         Council members are selected by         Columbus to create more jobs and        for private investment to thrive         I participate in many community      Added Buckeye Parkway and
knowledge of budgeting, strategic
                                         their ability to raise money, name      opportunities for our residents.        in all of our neighborhoods.             activities and have a strong com-    shopping Centers, YMCA,
planning, contracts and negotiation;
                                         recognition, popularity within                                                  Revitalizing residential and com-        mitment to Grandview.                Fryer Park, Grant Medical,
Committed community leader
                                         various circles and relied upon to                                              mercial districts by providing                                                Big Splash, Pinnacle.
                                         comply with their political leader-                                             capital improvements, excellent

                                                                                                                                              Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 3
WARREN GARD                           5147 Vinington Pl, Dublin, 43016       Qualifications for Office: Current    DONNA SHIREY                            VERNON L. MORRISON                     MIKE DUFFEY
1658 Cayuga Court,                    Email:        President of Hilliard City Council    1023 Lancaster Ave,                     2333 McCoy Road,                       645 Farrington Drive,
Grove City 43123                      Website: None given.                   and Chairman of the Economic          Reynoldsburg, 43068                     Columbus 43220                         Worthington 43085
Email:       Education: B.S. University of          and Community Development             Survey not received.                    Email:              Email:
Website:       the State of New York; US Army         Committee. Endorsed by                                                        Website:              Website:
                                                                                                                               CITY OF
Education: business courses @         Command and General                    Fraternal Order of Police, Capital                                            Education: The Ohio State              Education: Bachelor of Arts,
                                                                                                                      UPPER ARLINGTON
Saginaw Valley University             Staff College                          City Lodge (over word limit)                                                  University, BS Finance & Economics     Political Science, University
                                                                                                                       MEMBER OF COUNCIL
Occupation: Business Owner            Occupation: Retired Colonel,                                                                                         Occupation: President, Lighthouse      of Michigan
                                      US Army; Member, Hilliard              CITY OF REYNOLDSBURG                    (vote for not more than four)
Qualifications for Office: past                                                                                                                            Mortgage Services Inc., President,     Occupation: Communications Executive
                                      City Council                                  CITY AUDITOR
president: Grove City Chamber                                                                                      FRANK CIOTOLA                           Lighthouse Commercial                  Qualifications for Office: Member
                                      Qualifications for Office: Extensive
                                                                                   Uncontested Race
of Commerce; past president:                                                                                       4225 Greensview Drive,                  Qualifications for Office: Financial   of Council since 2005,
Grove City Convention Bureau;         leadership and management              RICHARD E. HARRIS                     Columbus 43220                          professional with 25+ years            Worthington Community
two years on Grove City Planning      experience. A true fiscal conser-           MEMBER OF COUNCIL                Email:           experience, executive officer for 2    Improvement Corporation,
Commission. Current member            vative with a strong background          (vote for not more than three)      Website:               Central Ohio banks, UA Arlington       former Vice Chair, PCC, former
of Rotary, the Hilliard and Grove     in public safety issues. Endorsed                                            Education: Graduate of Upper            Schools Strategic Planning             Vice Chair, Community Relations
City Chambers of Commerce, and        by the Fraternal Order of Police       NATHAN BURD                           Arlington High school, 1981 and         Committee 2009, board member           Commission, Old Worthinton
the NFIB. Participate in many                                                1566 Burkey Ct,                       The Ohio State University, 1985         commercial real estate professional    Association, Leadership
                                      STEPHANIE KUNZE                        Reynoldsburg, 43068
community volunteer projects.                                                                                      Occupation: Financial Planner           organization, active school            Worthington, WOOF, Sustainable
                                      5994 Farm Creek Ct,                    Survey not received.                  and Member of Upper Arlington           volunteer.                             Worthington, Founding Member,
                                      Hilliard, 43026
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 1                                                                                          City Council.                                                                  Worthington Arts Center, lifelong
                                      Email:          BARTH R. COTNER                                                               MICHAEL A. SCHADEK
  (vote for not more than one)                                                                                     Qualifications for Office: Resident                                            city resident and graduate of
                                      Website: None given.                   1439 Jackson St,                                                              1537 Guilford Road,
       Uncontested race.                                                                                           of UA for 33 years, former UA                                                  Worthington schools
                                      Education: BA, English,                Reynoldsburg, 43068                                                           Columbus 43221
TED A. BERRY                                                                                                       small business owner and 10
                                      Indiana University                     Email:                                                       Email:            D.J. FALCOSKI
                                                                             Website:     year Board Member and State
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 3             Occupation: Title Processor,                                                                                         Website:           5971 Olentangy River Road,
                                                                             Education: BMS                        Chairman of National Federation
 (vote for not more than one)         Northwest Title Company                                                                                              Education: University of Notre         Worthington 43085
                                                                             Occupation: Funeral Director          of Independent Businesses, Ohio.
                                      Qualifications for Office:                                                                                           Dame, B.A. in Government;              No survey received.
                                      Republican Party Endorsed; FOP         Qualifications for Office: Lifelong   DAVID DECAPUA                           Cleveland- Marshall College
4888 Morning Light Ct.,                                                                                                                                                                           DAVID G. FOUST
                                      Endorsed, Capital City Lodge #9;       resident I know the traditions and    2101 Yorkshire Road,                    of Law, J.D.
Grove City 43123                                                                                                                                                                                  675 Oxford Street,
                                      Member: Hilliard Area Republican       values of Reynoldsburg. Owner         Columbus 43221                          Occupation: Attorney and Publisher
Email: None given.                                                                                                                                                                                Worthington 43085
                                      Club; Capital Area Republican          of our family business, Cotner        Email:           Qualifications for Office: As an
Website: None given.                                                                                                                                                                              Email:
                                      Women; Upper Arlington                 Funeral Home, I understand            Website:               attorney and small business
Education: BS Human Resource                                                                                                                                                                      Website: None given.
                                      Lutheran Church; Heritage              business needs that face our town.    Education: B.A. University              owner, I understand complex
Management, The Ohio State                                                                                                                                                                        Education: Worthington High
                                      Middle School and Hoffman              My current service on council has     of Kentucky                             legal issues and I also am able
University                                                                                                                                                                                        School, 1967; B.S. Aeronautical
                                      Trails Elementary PTO.                 provided me the knowledge to          Occupation: Small business owner        to balance a budget, manage
Occupation: President /Owner of                                                                                                                                                                   and Astronautical Engineering,
                                                                             make Reynoldsburg a community         –Dawson Resources. Dawson is a          employees and contribute to the
Flooring Foundations, LLC             KELLY MCGIVERN                                                                                                                                              OSU, 1972; MBA, OSU, 1974
                                                                             of which we can be proud.             search, recruiting and staffing firm.   local economy. Responsive city
Qualifications for Office: Prior      3257 Northampton Dr,                                                                                                                                        Occupation: President of Foust
board member of Grove City                                                                                         Qualifications for Office: Business     government, increased citizen
                                      Hilliard 43026                         CHRIS LONG                                                                                                           Engineering, Inc., an environmental
Rotary and YMCA. Named                                                                                             owner, third generation UA              (over word limit)
                                      Email:              1675 Haft Dr,                                                                                                        consulting Engineering firm
Rotarian of the Year. Strong                                                 Reynoldsburg, 43068                   resident, member of UA Rotary,
                                      Website: None given.                                                                                                 WADE STEEN                             located in Delaware, Ohio
community commitment and                                                     Email:       youth coach, common sense.
                                      Education: Bachelor of Science                                                                                       2500 Sherwin Road,                     Qualifications for Office: Elected to
involvement. Youthful, energetic      in Education                           Website: www.       DEBBIE JOHNSON                          Columbus 43221                         City Council in 2007; Worthing-
and service oriented with listening   Occupation: Small Business             Education: Reynoldsburg HS, Uni-      1903 Brandywine Drive,                  Email:              ton Architectural Review Board
and communication skills to hear      Executive                              versity of Chicago –General Studies   Columbus 43220                          Website:                 and/ or Planning Commission for
and speak for my constituents.        Qualifications for Office: Proven      Occupation: Asst VP Finance           Email:   Education: Ohio State University,      25 years, Chairperson 3 years
                                      leader as a current member of          Qualifications for Office: Results    Website:    BSBA, Honors Accounting
MICHAEL UHRIN                         Hilliard City Council; Chair of        Oriented, Proactive and will work                                             Occupation: President, Steen &
                                                                                                                                                                                                  LOU GOOREY
                                                                                                                   Education: B.A. Business Adminis-
5580 Meadow Grove Drive,              the Recreation and Community           for stable businesses and safe                                                Company; Certified Public              2201 Castle Crest Drive,
                                                                                                                   tration Otterbein College
Grove City 43123                      Involvement Committee; 20 years        neighborhoods. Focused on the                                                 Accountants                            Worthington 43085
                                                                                                                   Occupation: Leadership Development
Email:      experience with public policy          community. Believe very strongly                                                                                     Email:
                                                                                                                   Consultant with Franklin                Qualifications for Office:
Website: None given.                  development and implementation;        in being fiscally responsible.                                                                                       Website:
                                                                                                                   University Leadership Center,           My twenty-five years experience
Education: HS Grad, Penn-Ohio         Endorsed by the Fraternal Order        Very active in the community at                                                                                      Education: B.Sc., M.D.
                                                                                                                   implementing leadership training        in government finance, account-
JR College Grad, Attended             of Police, Capital City Lodge #9       a hands on level.                                                             ing and operations has benefited       The Ohio State University
                                                                                                                   programs for businesses, associations
Hiram College                                                                                                                                                                                     Occupation: Physician /Pediatrician
                                                                                                                   and organizations throughout            Council as we considered budget
Occupation: Consultant for K12        MEAGAN PANDEY                          CORNELIUS MCGRADY III                                                                                                Qualifications for Office: Member
                                                                                                                   central Ohio                            cuts, economic redevelopment
School Consultants, LLC;              4495 Avery Rd, Hilliard, 43026         8675 Kingsley Drive,                                                                                                 Worthington City Council 36
                                                                                                                   Qualifications for Office:              options, and the costs of infra-
President, Uhrin Enterprises, Inc     Survey not received.                   Reynoldsburg, 43068                                                                                                  years; President 14 years.
                                                                                                                   Held many volunteer leadership          structure needs. This insight will
Qualifications for Office:                                                   Email:                                                                                       Member: School Employees
                                      BRETT A. SCIOTTO                                                             positions in community. Superior        be even more valuable in uncer-
Current Council Member “At                                                   Website:                                                                                       Health Care Board; Peggy R.
                                      3701 Boathouse Dr,                                                           organizational and communication        tain economic (over word limit)
Large”; Endorsed by Grove City                                               Education: One year of college                                                                                       McConnell Arts Center of
                                      Hilliard, 43026                                                              skills. Encourages community
Republican Club; Current Council                                             Occupation: Retired Accountant                                                 CITY OF WESTERVILLE                   Worthington Board; Aladdin
                                      Email:                                                collaborations, public/ private
Member for Grove City Conven-                                                Examiner, State of Ohio                                                           MEMBER OF COUNCIL                  Shrine Hospital for Children
                                      Website:                                                partnerships, positive discussions
tion and Vistor Bureau; Current                                              Qualifications for Office: During                                                   Uncontested Race                 Board; Dublin Worthington
                                      Education: United States Military                                            and consensus building.
Finance Chairman for Grove                                                   my tenure of 30 years with the                                                                                       Rotary; Magnolia Lodge #20;
                                      Academy at West Point, B.S.                                                                                          KATHY COCUZZI
City Council                                                                 State of Ohio, I have chaired and     FRANK MILILLO                                                                  Scottish Rite; SAR.
                                      Political Science /Systems                                                                                           ANNE GONZALES
                                                                             co-chaired Mediations, Arbitra-       2056 Zollinger Road,                    MICHAEL HEYECK
     CITY OF HILLIARD                 Engineering.                           tions, Labor Relation Meetings        Columbus 43221                          LARRY C. JENKINS
     MEMBER OF COUNCIL                Occupation: Public Policy              and contract negotiations between     Survey not received.
   (vote for not more than one)       Consultant –President /CEO             OCSEA and the State of Ohio                                                   CITY OF WORTHINGTON
                                      Governing Dynamic, LLC &               Auditor’s Office and the Treasure’s                                               MEMBER OF COUNCIL
JIM ASHENHURST                        President of Hilliard City Council     Office in 2006.                                                                 (vote for not more than four)

4 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
SCOTT MYERS                                   MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   Education: BS –Ohio State, 1986;       Paramedic and Firefighter.              LINSEY GRIFFITH(write-in)                         VILLAGE OF
272 Colonial Avenue,                                                              MBA –Xavier University, 1989;          Municipal League of Cities              11 Plumb Street, Lockbourne, 43137              NEW ALBANY
                                         LEWIS E. COMPTON                                                                                                                                                     MEMBER OF COUNCIL
Worthington 43085                                                                 Distinguished Alumni Award,            courses and seminars.                   Email:
                                         DAWN PELLMAN
Email:                                                OSU, 1998                              Occupation: Madison Township            Website: None given.                       (vote for not more than four)
                                         W. DAVID PYLES
Website:                                                    Occupation: Healthcare Marketer        Firefighter /Pramedic.                  Education: BA Communication             SHIRLI BILLINGS
                                         Uncontested race.
Education: 1979 DePauw                                                            Qualifications for Office: Worked      Qualifications for Office: Current      MS Studies Community                    34 Keswick Drive, New Albany 43054
University B.A. Economics; 1989                   VILLAGE OF                      with Canal Winchester senior           President-Pro-Tem of Groveport          Development                             No survey received.
Capital University Law School              CANAL WINCHESTER                       citizens on local issues, involved     Village council, 4 years service on     Occupation: Branch Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                         COLLEEN H. BRISCOE
J.D., with honors                            MEMBER OF COUNCIL                    extensively with local recreation      council, Groveport parks and rec        Staffing Agency
                                                                                                                                                                                                         7582 S Goodrich Square
Occupation: Assistant Attorney General     (vote for not more than four)          programs, resident of CW 16            advisory board member,                  Qualifications for Office: Ronald
                                                                                                                                                                                                         New Albany 43054
Qualifications for Office: 27 year                                                years, member of Pope John XXIII       Groveport CIC board member.             Reagan Leadership Fellowship,
                                         JOHN E. BENDER                                                                                                                                                  Email:
resident of Worthington; 8 year                                                   Church. Honest, hard-working                                                   experience in Economic
                                         7270 Snowberry Lane,                                                            DONNA STRUCKMAN DRURY                                                           Website: None given.
member Worthington Archi-                                                         father of two, married 16 years.                                               Development, experienced Public
                                         Canal Winchester 43110                                                          282 Fayer Ct., Groveport 43125                                                  Education: BA Miami University
tectural Review Board; 2 year                                                                                                                                    Speaker, grassroots Organizer
                                         Email:             ROBERTA MERSHON                        Survey not received.                                                            1974 –JD /Capital University Law
member Worthington Municipal                                                                                                                                     and Fundraiser, and Community
                                         Website: None given.                     257 Washington Street,                                                                                                 School 1977
Planning Commission; Attorney                                                                                            DAN KNODE                               Involvement.
                                         Education: Ph.D.                         Canal Winchester 43110                                                                                                 Occupation: attorney
in public practice representing the                                                                                      261 Harbinger Drive,
                                         Occupation: School Court Liaison         Email:                                                   GEORGE E. HAMMOND                       Qualifications for Office: 1996-
interests of Ohio citizens; Member                                                                                       Groveport 43125
                                         and Coach                                Website:                                                         99 Williams Street, Lockbourne 43137    2004 Mayor of the Village of New
Lady Cards Boosters                                                                                                      Email:
                                         Qualifications for Office: Served        Education: Attended Marian                                                     Survey not received.                    Albany; 2004- present Member of
                                                                                                                         Website: None given.                                                            Village Council
  CITY OF WHITEHALL                      on Council since May, 1995; two          College; Graduate St. Vincent’s
                                                                                                                         Education: Ohio State Univ              CHRISTINE M. VAUGHN
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 1                terms as President. I want to con-       School Of Nursing
                                                                                                                         Occupation: Director of Facilities;     109 Commerce Street, Lockbourne 43137   EDWARD FELLOWS
  (vote for not more than one)           tinue improvement of infrastruc-         Occupation: Officer in USANC
                                                                                                                         Ohio Dominican University               Survey not received.                    7015 Harlen Sq., New Albany 43054
                                         ture of roads, utilities, fire and po-   with Vietnam service; RN –retired
BOB BAILEY                                                                                                               Qualifications for Office: I am a                                               No survey received.
                                         lice protection. We need to focus        from Grant Hospital                                                            THEODORE L. WALKER
567 W Virginia Circle                                                             Qualifications for Office: Elected
                                                                                                                         past council member of 8 years.
                                         on more quality life issues such as                                                                                     17 Williams St, PO Box 203,             RICHARD JUSTMAN
Columbus, 43213                                                                   to Council 1990; Re-elected four       Decided to get back on. I am
                                         increased and improved recreation                                                                                       Lockbourne 43137                        7891 Peter Hoover Road,
No survey received.                                                               times; served as president and         currently the Director of facilities
                                         opportunities for all ages.                                                                                             Survey not received.                    New Albany 43054
                                                                                  vice-president; Have chaired all       at Ohio Dominican University for
KAREN LIEPACK-CONISON                                                                                                                                                                                    Email:
                                         WILLIAM BENNETT                          committees; Recipient CW Youth         the past 7 years. I am a life long
958 Karl Ct, Columbus, 43227                                                                                                                                     VILLAGE OF MARBLE CLIFF                 Website: None given.
                                         36 E. Waterloo Street,                   Service Award; Desire to continue      resident of groveport and there
Email: None given.                                                                                                                                                   MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   Education: Graduated Miami
                                         Canal Winchester 43110                   to give back to my community           are (over word limit)
Website: None given.                                                                                                                                               (vote for not more than four)         Military Aviation Academy in
                                         Email: None given.
Education: BA in Public Relations                                                                                        ED RAREY                                                                        1971; Attended Youngstown State
                                         Website: www.                VILLAGE OF                                                                MATTHEW P. CINCIONE
from the Ohio State University.                                                                                          424 Cherry Street, Groveport 43125                                              University, Kent State University,
                                         Education: I obtained my BFA               CANAL WINCHESTER                                                             1228 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus 43212
Currently working on MBA from                                                        MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   Email: None given.                                                              Ohio University, Columbus State
                                         with honors from the Columbus                                                                                           No survey received.
Capital University.                                                                                                      Website: None given.                                                            University, & Hondros Real Estate
                                         College of Art and Design
Occupation: Administrator in                                                      LEAH TURNER                            Education: Groveport Madison;           JOHN F. KUKURA, III                     Academy. Graduated honors, 3.74
                                         Occupation: I have been a graphic
the Finance Department at                                                         225 Highland Avenue,                   Otterbein College BSc. B.A.;            1453 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus 43212    GPA in Construction Management
                                         designer with the Columbus Blue
Capital University.                                                               Canal Winchester 43110                 Ohio State University M.A.              No survey received.                     with a secondary in Real Estate
                                         Jacket for 8 years, and Sr. graphic
Qualifications for Office: I have                                                 Survey not received.                   Occupation: Administration /                                                    Management /Investment.
                                         designer for the last 4 years.                                                                                          DAVID ROARK
lived in Whitehall all my life. My                                                                                       Teacher/ Coach; Gahanna –                                                       Occupation: Retired Union
                                         Qualifications for Office: I am a re-    JAMES H. WYNKOOP                                                               1970 Cardigan Avenue, Columbus 43212
background in Finance will help                                                                                          Jefferson Schools (Ret.)                                                        Carpenter /Millwright /Cabinet
                                         sponsible, passionate and concern        129 Washington Street,                                                         No survey received.
with Whitehall’s budget and my                                                                                           Qualifications for Office: As a                                                 Maker, 30 years.
                                         citizen. To learn more please visit      Canal Winchester 43110
background in PR will help with                                                                                          lifetime resident of Groveport          LINDA SIEFKAS                           Qualifications for Office: Honesty,
                                         (over word limit)                        Email:
community (over word limit)                                                                                              with twelve years of service as a       1560 Roxbury Rd., Columbus 43212        Transparency, Integrity.
                                                                                  Website: None given.
                                         STEVE DONAHUE                                                                   member of the Village Council           Email:
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 2                                                         Education: Associates Degree /                                                                                         GLYDE A. MARSH
                                         257 Old Coach Pl.                                                               and a number of years (11)              Website: None given.
WES KANTOR                                                                        Business: Columbus Technical                                                                                           3449 Reyns New Albany Road,
                                         Canal Winchester 43110                                                          serving on the Cemetery and the         Education: B.A.
4082 Elbern Avenue,                                                               Institute (Columbus State); Bach-                                                                                      New Albany 43054
                                         Email:                                                       Zoning /Building Appeals (over          Occupation: Public Relations
Columbus, 43213                                                                   elors Degree in Business Adminis-                                                                                      Email: None given.
                                         Website: None given.                                                            word limit)                             Qualifications for Office: I bring
Uncontested race.                                                                 tration: Ohio Dominican College                                                                                        Website: None given.
                                         Education: Bachelor of Education                                                                                        perspective as a business owner to
                                                                                  Occupation: Foodservice Industry-      JIM STAEBLER,                                                                   Education: BS/ BA; MS
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 3                from the University of Toledo.                                                                                          solving the challenge of attracting
                                                                                  25 years. Chef, Buyer, and Sales.      160 Harbinger Drive, Groveport 43125                                            Microbiology; DVM, OSU
LEO KNOBLAUCH                            Masters of Science from St. Francis                                                                                     appropriate businesses to Marble
                                                                                  Corporate marketing and sales;         Survey not received.                                                            Occupation: Veterinarian
1026 Westphal Ave,                       University. Post masters work at                                                                                        Cliff. I’ve lived in the area for
                                                                                  Chef for institutional and retail                                                                                      Qualifications for Office: Eight
Columbus, 43227                          Bowling Green State University,                                                 JAN STOOTS                              nearly 25 years and will strive to
                                                                                  food. Territory Sales Manager:                                                                                         years service local school board,
Uncontested race.                        Ashland University, and the                                                     456 Benson Drive, Groveport 43125       maintain the unique character
                                                                                  Phillips Foods, Inc.                                                                                                   Sixteen years as a councilman,
                                         Ohio State University.                                                          Survey not received.                    that makes Marble Cliff a great
MEMBER OF COUNCIL –WARD 4                                                         Qualifications for Office: Life long                                                                                   62 years local residency provides
                                         Occupation: High School                                                                                                 place to live.
  (vote for not more than one)                                                    resident of Canal Winchester.          VILLAGE OF HARRISBURG                                                           unique historical perspective and
                                         Principal at Watkins Memorial
                                                                                  Member of Canal Winchester                 MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   KENDY TROIANO                           demonstrates competence.
VAN GREGG                                High School.
                                                                                  (over word limit)                                                              1969 Cardigan Avenue, Columbus 43221    In addition have served as
5182 Doral Ave, Columbus, 43213          Qualifications for Office:                                                      JOHN EDWIN ERVIN
                                         Previous member of council 2004-                                                                                        No survey received.                     Chairman of Finance and Safety
No survey received.                                                               VILLAGE OF GROVEPORT                   JESSICA MORROW
                                         2007. Current president of Canal                                                                                                                                committees during periods of
                                                                                      MEMBER OF COUNCIL                  JANET RAY                                      VILLAGE OF
LESLIE LACORTE                           Winchester Industry and (over                                                                                                                                   rapid village growth.
                                                                                    (vote for not more than four)        Uncontested Race.                            MINERVA PARK
5066 Etna Rd, Columbus, 43213            word limit)                                                                                                                  MEMBER OF COUNCIL
No survey received.                                                               EDWARD G. DILDINE                      VILLAGE OF LOCKBOURNE
                                         ROBERT C. HAWK                           182 Green Avenue, Groveport 43125          MEMBER OF COUNCIL                   SHARON BIERMAN
   VILLAGE OF BRICE                      7239 Old Creek Ln.,                      Email:          (vote for not more than four)         PAM PARK-CURRY
            MAYOR                        Canal Winchester 43110                   Website: None given.                                                           JEFF RIGG
                                                                                                                         ERIC FEEN
BENJAMIN RUNYON                          Email:              Education: Groveport Madison                                                   ROBERTO SEGOVIA
                                                                                                                         131 Commerce Street, Lockbourne 43137
Uncontested race.                        Website: None given.                     High School 1989, State certified      No survey received.

                                                                                                                                             Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 5
SLOAN T. SPALDING                       VILLAGE OF RIVERLEA                  and expertise to help analyze            University –Oxford, Ohio                CAROLYN L. WILLIS                     GARY L. DEVER
7567 King George Drive,                    MEMBER OF COUNCIL                 and determine financial and              Occupation: Graphic Designer /          3491 First Street, Grove City 43123   3989 Walker Road, Hilliard 43026
New Albany 43054                         (vote for not more than four)       operational decisions. Also, as          Business Owner                          Survey not received.                  Email:
Email:                                                 a partner in a start-up company,         Qualifications for Office: I was the                                          Website: None given.
                                       JON ANKROM
Website: None given.                                                         I’ve had the opportunity to hone         President of the Homeowners              BLENDON TOWNSHIP                     Education: Hilliard High School;
                                       114 W Riverglen Drive,
Education: B.S., Political Science,                                          my group communication and               Association in my previous neigh-            TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                 The Ohio State University
                                       Worthington 43085
Univ. of Utah; J.D., Capital Univ.                                           consensus -building                      borhood, which consisted of 152           (vote for not more than two)        Occupation: Farmer
                                       Email: None given.
Occupation: Chief Legal                                                      (over word limit)                        single –family homes, community         STEWART FLAHERTY                      Qualifications for Office:
                                       Website: None given.
Council, Ohio Department of                                                                                           swimming pool and tennis court.         4433 Smothers Rd.,                    32 year Brown Township Trustee:
                                       Education: Bachelor of Arts –         ERIC MACGILVRAY
Mental Health                                                                                                         I have been a business owner for        Westerville 43081                     Township Comprehensive Plan;
                                       Business Administration –             5840 Falmouth Ct.,
Qualifications for Office: I’ve                                                                                       10 years.                               Email:              Fire House; Big Darby preservation
                                       Otterbein College                     Worthington 43085
prepared for the opportunity           Occupation: Account Director                                                                                           Website: None given.                  efforts; Darby Accord; Maintained
                                                                             Email:         VILLAGE OF URBANCREST
to represent our community on          –The Shamrock Companies                                                                                                Education: BA with high honors,       roads without raising taxes; 15
                                                                             Website: None given.                         MEMBER OF COUNCIL
Council by serving on the              Inc. –Westlake Ohio- Marketing                                                                                         Denison University, Granville, OH     years on Franklin County Zoning
                                                                             Education: Ph.D., University of            (vote for not more than four)
Village’s Personnel Appeals Board,     Services Firm                                                                                                          Occupation: Financial Consultant      Appeals Board –current
                                                                             Chicago; A.B. Princeton University
Strategic Planning Commission,         Qualifications for Office: 13 year                                                                                     Qualifications for Office: 13 years   Chairperson; Chairman –Franklin
                                                                             Occupation: Professor of Political       CHRISTINE BAILEY
and Chairperson of the Charter         resident of Riverlea with an                                                                                           Westerville City Council; 4 years     County Board of Health Advisory
                                                                             Science, Ohio State University           3582 Second Avenue,
Review Commission.                     interest in preserving and                                                                                             Mayor of Westerville; 2.5 years as    Board; Lifelong township resident
                                                                             Qualifications for Office: I study       Grove City 43123
   VILLAGE OF OBETZ                    improving our community               politics professionally and have         Email:          Blendon Township Trustee              RONALD A. WILLIAMS
    MEMBER OF COUNCIL                  for future residents                  served on faculty committees             Website: None given.                                                          3520 Walker Road, Hilliard 43026
                                                                                                                                                              JAN HEICHEL
  (vote for not more than four)                                              dealing with a wide range of             Education: Attended Central State                                             Email:
                                       DEBORAH A. BARMAN                                                                                                      5576 Santiago Drive,
                                                                             personnel, budgetary, and strategic      University; 1966-1986 Franklin                                                Website: None given.
PATRICIA ALTEVOGT                      5872 Olentangy Blvd,                                                                                                   Westerville 43081
                                                                             planning issues. I will bring an         University; CPA Classes -present                                              Education: Graduate of the Ohio
2388 Lindsey Road,                     Worthington 43085                                                                                                      Email:
                                                                             analytical and common-sense              Occupation: Retired from ODOT,                                                State University
Columbus 43207                         Survey not received.                                                                                                   Website: None given.
                                                                             perspective to the challenges            State of Ohio 2000; Crest Tax                                                 Occupation: Project Manager for
Survey not received.                                                                                                                                          Education: Graduated from Career
                                       MICHAEL BLANCHARD                     facing Riverlea.                         Service, Owner                                                                the Shelly Company
                                                                                                                                                              Academy College 1974, Columbus,
LOUISE CRABTREE                        5803 Dover Ct., Worthington 43085                                              Qualifications for Office: Clerk                                              Qualifications for Office: Brown
                                                                             DANIEL W. NOONAN                                                                 OH Associate of Applied Science
1914 Poplar St., Columbus 43207        Survey not received.                                                           Treasurer Sept, 1999-2005;                                                    Township for 32 years, voting
                                                                             306 Frontenac Pl,                                                                Degree Medical Technology
Survey not received.                                                                                                  Council Member 2006- present                                                  member of the Public Works
                                       LARRY CASTERLINE                      Worthington 43085                                                                Occupation: Employed with JP
                                                                                                                                                              Morgan Chase since Nov. 1999;         Integrating Committee
JAMES TILLER                           5775 Dover Ct., Worthington 43085     Email:        ABDI O. ISSA
                                                                                                                                                              Financial Service Advisor             representing townships,
4354 Charlotte Road                    Email: None given.                    Website:        2874 Olive St., Grove City 43123
                                                                                                                                                              Qualifications for Office:            Vice President of The Franklin
Obetz 43207                            Website: None given.                  site/noonanriverlea09                    Survey not received.
                                                                                                                                                              Committee member of the               County Township Association.
Email:       Education: Ph.D. from the Ohio        Education: MLS: Rutgers, 2001; BS
                                                                                                                      ROBERT A. KEMPER                        Township Community Plan,              I have worked diligently to
Website:       State University                      –Construction Administration:
                                                                                                                      Sr., 2615 Augustus Ct.,                 with Franklin County Economic         preserve Brown Township’s
Education: High School graduate.       Occupation: Retired professional      Wisconsin, 1985
                                                                                                                      Grove City 43123                        Development & Planning; 35 year       rural character and way of life.
Currenty attending the University      educator                              Occupation: Electronic Records
                                                                                                                      Survey not received.                    Blendon Township resident &
of Phoenix as a full time student.     Qualifications for Office: I have     Archivist, OSU, 2006 -current                                                                                            CLINTON TOWNSHIP
Occupation: President of Tiller        the necessary time, education,        Qualifications for Office: Riverlea      SHAWN R. MOORE                          various community involvements
                                                                                                                                                                                                         TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
Roofing, Inc.                          and experience to be an active        Public Records Commission;               3409 First Avenue,                      ALEX STALLINGS                          (vote for not more than two)
Qualifications for Office: Current     Council. Member to integrate          Cub Scout Pack 333, Cubmaster;           Grove City 43123                        4051 Beauty Rose Avenue,
Council member in Village of           community views into the              Ohio Historical Records Advisory         Survey not received.                                                          JOHN CONEGLIO
                                                                                                                                                              Westerville 43081
Obetz seeking re-election.             decision making process               Board; Ohio Electronic Records                                                                                         1824 Hess Blvd., Columbus 43212
                                                                                                                      VERONICA SHEPHERD                       Email:
Obetz planning and zoning              of the Council                        Committee, Chair; Glen Afton                                                                                           Survey not received.
                                                                                                                      2876 Vine Street W.,                    Website:
commissioner since 2003.                                                     Civic Association, Past- President;                                              Education: Microsoft Certified
                                       SCOTT K. GORDON                                                                Grove City 43123                                                              CARL REARDON
                                                                             Leadership Trenton Fellow;                                                       Professional; Currently taking
JAMES TRIPLETT                         5804 Pioneers Ct.,                                                             Email:                                              1869 Elmore Avenue,
                                                                             National Eagle Scout Association                                                 classes towards Bachelor’s degree
5072 Dexter Ct., Columbus 43207        Worthington 43085                                                              Website: None given.                                                          Columbus 43224
Survey not received.                   Survey not received.                  JEFF PISCHING                            Education: Grove City High              Occupation: Assistant Manager at      Survey not received.
                                                                             5877 Olentangy Blvd.,                    School. The Ohio State University;      Capital Lighting; Township trustee
BONNIE HOLBROOK WILEY                  DON GRIFFITH                                                                                                           Qualifications for Office:            LARRY L. WILKES
                                                                             Worthington 43085                        Columbus State Community
4277 Orchard Lane,                     268 Beverly Place,                                                                                                     Appointed to open trustee posi-       2100 Sale Road, Columbus 43224
                                                                             Email:         College; The Ohio State University,
Columbus 43207                         Worthington 43085                                                                                                      tion by probate court; 4 years as     Email:
                                                                             Website: None given.                     Associate Degree
Email:             Survey not received.                                                                                                   Vice President of the Sunbury         Website: None given.
                                                                             Education: Master of Business            Occupation: Retired Administra-
Website:                                                                                                                                Woods Civic Association; 5 years      Education: Linden McKinley High
                                                                             Administration, 1987; Xavier             tion /Social Services
Education: Hamilton HS, Capital        MARK T. HAIMERL                                                                                                                                              School; Marketing Certificate
                                                                             University, Cincinnati, Ohio;            Qualifications for Office: Life long    in management position at work
University (Political Science,         5805 Crescent Ct.,                                                                                                                                           Ohio Hardware Association;
                                                                             Bachelor of Business Adminis-            resident, leadership position in the
Secondary Education),                  Worthington 43085                                                                                                      JAMES WELCH                           Indiana University Department
                                                                             tration, 1976; Ohio University,          community, proven leadership ability.
Paralegal Degree                       Survey not received.                                                                                                   5460 Acapulco Pl.,                    of Marketing; Numerous Trade,
                                                                             Athens, Ohio                             Thirtyone years of skilled govern-
Occupation: Teacher, (Hamilton,                                                                                                                               Westerville 43081                     Marketing, Public Relations
                                       BRIGGS HAMOR                          Occupation: Business Owner,              ment programs, administering
Groveport Madison), Spiegal/                                                                                          public and private sector. Human        Survey not received.                  Schools and Seminars
                                       162 W Riverglen Drive,                Accountant
Eddie Bauer Distribution Services,                                                                                    services related,, throughout                                                 Occupation: Ohio Licensed
                                       Worthington, 43085                    Qualifications for Office: Resident
Nature’s Sunshine Products                                                                                                                                       BROWN TOWNSHIP                     Auctioneer; Semi Retired
                                       Email:         of Village of Riverlea for 24 years      Franklin County.(over word limit)
Qualifications for Office: Life long                                                                                                                                TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                Qualifications for Office: 19 years
Obetz involvement: member:             Website: None given.
                                                                             KELSEY UNRUE                             KENNETH M. SKEATON                         (vote for not more than two)       as a Government Contract
Charter Commission, Council,           Education: Rush University
                                                                             141 W Southington Avenue,                3493 Second Avenue,                     JOY CHAPIN                            Supervisor; 24 years as Clinton
Zoning Board, Block Watch founder      MHSM; DePauw University
                                                                             Worthington 43085                        Grove City 43123                        8558 Morris Road, Hilliard 43026      Township Trustee; 64 years as
(current President), Obetz             BS Biology; Six Sigma
                                                                             Email:         Survey not received.                    Survey not received.                  Clinton Township resident
Historical Society (President),        Executive Training
                                       Occupation: Business owner, CFO       Website:   MARLIN R. WEST
reserve MP lieutenant (intelligence                                          Education: Bachelors of Fine
officer), CAP Professional             for The Rubicon Group                                                          3588 Lincoln St., Grove City 43123
                                       Qualifications for Office: Training   Arts –Graphic Design, Miami              Survey not received.
Development Officer

6 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP                      as a risk manager, serving clients     Occupation: 19 years as                 resident; Endorsed by Jackson             Education: BSC at Ohio University,      NORWICH TOWNSHIP
     TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                   throughout Ohio helping them to        Educational Aide /E.S.C.C.O.            Township Firefighters Local 2672          Business Minor                              TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
  (vote for not more than two)          manage their property, casualty        Qualifications for Office: I’ve been                                              Occupation: Vice President at            (vote for not more than two)
                                        and health perils. Excellent nego-     actively involved in improving          BILL LOTZ                                 JPMorgan Chase
MATTHEW BERKEMER                                                                                                       Sr., 3800 Zuber Rd., Orient 43146                                                FRED BERKEMER
1766 N Hague Avenue,                    tiation and public relations skills.   my community & township for                                                       Qualifications for Office: Currently
                                        A commitment to community              30+ years. A Hamilton Township          Survey not received.                      Vice President of Canal Win-           1806 Hickory Hill Drive,
Columbus 43204                                                                                                                                                                                          Columbus 43228
Email:               service in Central Ohio.               Commissioner for Far South Area          JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP                       chester Village Council, Board
                                                                               Commission. Served in Township                                                    Member of the American Red             Email:
Website: None given.                                                                                                        TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
                                                 FISCAL OFFICER                Fire Auxiliary 30+ years.                                                         Cross, the Central Ohio Lions          Website:
Education: Wittenberg University,                                                                                        (vote for not more than two)
                                           (vote for not more than one)        Trustee of Scioto Southland                                                       Eye Bank Executive Operating           Education: Capital University
B.A. Business Management 1997                                                                                          DONNA FINN                                                                       Law School J.D. 1977; Ohio State
Occupation: Service Advisor –           LISA A. MORRIS                         Civic Association.                                                                Board and Development Advisory
                                                                                                                       5909 Headley Rd., Gahanna 43230                                                  University B.A. 1970; Columbus
Bobby Layman Chevrolet                  1076 N Hague Avenue,                                                                                                     Board. Board Member, Miracles
                                                                               HOWARD R. HAHN                          Survey not received.                                                             West High School 1966
Qualifications for Office:              Columbus 43204                                                                                                           and Magic. Corporate Sponsor-
                                        Survey not received.                   1279 Rohr Road, Lockbourne 43137                                                  ship Chair, Miracles and Magic.        Occupation: Attorney –self-
Homeowner, husband and father                                                                                          MAT FLANAGAN
                                                                               Email:                                                                                          employed since 1979
raising a family in Franklin                                                                                           7019 Clark State Road,
                                        BONNIE J. WATKINSON                    Website:                                             BILL STOOTS                            Qualifications for Office: Thirty
Township. Born and raised on the                                                                                       Blacklick 43004
                                        1408 N Hague Avenue,                   Education: Hamilton Township                                                      456 Benson Drive,                      years experience –government
West Side of Columbus. Familiar                                                                                        Survey not received.
                                        Columbus 43204                         High School ’98; B.S. Ohio State                                                  Groveport 43125                        boards, business associations,
with the area and its problems.         Email: bwatkinson@franklin-town-       University ‘02                          DAVE KESEG                                Survey not received.                   neighborhood associations
I can provide a fresh approach to                               Occupation: Firefighter /Paramedic      8330 Kesegs Way, Blacklick 43004                                                 –Columbus City Prosecutor,
issues facing Franklin Township.                                                                                                                                    MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP
                                        Website:     with Hamilton and Madison               Survey not received.                                                             Ohio Board of Building Appeals,
                                                                                                                                                                       TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
DONALD COOK                             Education: Graduate of West High       Township’s. Former owner of                                                                                              Franklin County Rural Zoning,
                                                                                                                       MADISON TOWNSHIP                             (vote for not more than two)
3209 Clime Road, Columbus 43223         School, Columbus, OH                   Hahn’s Greenhouses.                                                                                                      ADAMH Board, Hilliard
                                        Occupation: Current Appointed          Qualifications for Office:              Township Trustee                                                                 Chamber of Commerce,
Email:                                                                                                                                    JAMES GOULD
                                        Fiscal Officer of Franklin Township    Strong business and leadership          (vote for not more than two)                                                     Hellbranch Advisory Council
Website: None given.                                                                                                                                             309 Farm Creek Drive,
                                        Qualifications for Office:             background. Ability to bring            Edward Dildine, 4495 Katherine,
Education: West High School                                                                                                                                      Gahanna 43230
                                        Currently hold Fiscal Officer          opposing sides to common                Columbus 43232                                                                   CHARLES W. BUCK
Class of ’55; Peace Officer                                                                                                                                      Survey not received.
                                        position for Franklin Township         ground. Lifetime township               Email:                                                   4814 Canterwood Ct.,
Training CTI, 1972; Received                                                                                           Website:    JOSEPH F. SPANOVICH                    Hilliard 43026
Distinguished Service Award from        (6 mos.); 40 years of business and     resident. Numerous charitable
                                        office management experience;          work. Family involved in town-          Education: Groveport Madison              760 Taylor Road, Gahanna 43230         Email:
Prairie Lincoln Jaycees in 1968                                                                                        graduate; U.S. Army; Department           Email:                Website:
Occupation: Franklin Township           Resident of Franklin Township for      ship government for 30+ years
                                        35 years and lifelong resident of                                              of Public Safety /EMT; Ohio State         Website: None given.                   Education: BSBA
Trustee; Cabinet Shop Owner                                                    CHARLES C. HANN                         Fire Academy; President Interna-          Education: MA and BSA Ohio             Occupation: Owner, and CEO
Qualifications for Office: four years   west side of Columbus; Interested
                                        in local (over word limit)             4600 Lockbourne Road,                   tional Association of Firefighters        State University; Robert Stratton      Buck & Sons Landscape Service, Inc.
experience as Trustee; Member of                                               Columbus 43207                          Local 2507 8 years; Participant in        Award, Leadership in Township          Qualifications for Office:
Franklin Township Volunteer Fire                                               Survey not received.                    Madison Township 2007 election            Government; OEA Distinguished          Completing my third term as
                                         HAMILTON TOWNSHIP
dept. for almost 20 years when                                                                                         Occupation: Firefighters /EMT             Service Award                          Norwich Township Trustee. John
                                             TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                    JACKSON TOWNSHIP
first organized. 15 years with Boy                                                                                     Qualifications for Office: Public and     Occupation: Mifflin Township           W. Galbreath Award and Sam
                                          (vote for not more than two)                TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
(over word limit)                                                                                                      Community service for 35 years            Trustee, Chairman -20 years;           Walton Business Leader Award
                                                                                  (vote for not more than two)
RALPH HORN                              WILLIE BLAIR                                                                                                             Retired School Educator /              Recipient. Served eight years on
                                                                               DAVID E. BURRIS                         JIM HUMMEL
1610 Eastfield Drive N.,                4949 Parson Avenue,                                                                                                      Administrator -26 years                Hilliard City School Board.
                                                                               4375 Shirlene Ct.,                      5501 Bachman Road,
Columbus 43223                          Lockbourne 43137                                                                                                         Qualifications for Office: Former      Lifelong Hilliard area resident.
                                                                               Grove City 43123                        Canal Winchester 43110
Email:              Survey not received.                                                                                                     Mayor, Gahanna; Councilman,
                                                                               Email:         Survey not received.                                                             LARRY EARMAN
Website: None given.                                                                                                                                             Gahanna -17 years; Co-Chairman
                                        SHANNON BUSH                           Website: None given.                                                                                                     4369 Shire Creek Court,
Education: High School; Logistics;                                                                                     JOHN A. KERSHNER                          of Mifflin Township Fire
                                        500 Rathmell Road,                     Education: West High School,                                                                                             Hilliard 43026
Government Affairs                                                                                                     4887 Winchester Pike,                     Department; Partnered with
                                        Lockbourne 43137                       State Fire Academy, OSU /Columbus                                                                                        Email:
Occupation: District Manager                                                                                           Columbus 43232                            Gahanna on mutual projects
                                        Email:      Fire Dept Paramedic Degree                                                                                               Website: None given.
Trucking Company                                                               Occupation: Jackson Twp. Trustee        Survey not received.                      LYNN STEWART                           Education: B.S. Ohio State
                                        Website: None given.
Qualifications for Office: Many                                                12 yrs. –Executive Support Parago                                                 561 Laurel Ridge Drive,                Occupation: Certified Public
                                        Education: 1968 Graduate –                                                     BRAD LEWIS
years community affairs, member                                                Tech. Services                                                                    Gahanna 43230                          Accountant 40 years
                                        Hamilton Local Schools                                                         6773 Lithopolis Road,
Ohio Trucking Association, Past                                                Qualifications for Office: Currently                                              Email:           Qualifications for Office: Which
                                        Occupation: Service Manager –                                                  Groveport 43125
President Columbus Transportation                                              Jackson Twp Trustee 12 yrs. Board                                                 Website: None given.                   provides me the skills to monitor
                                        The Mclean Company. 38 years                                                   Email:
and Motor Freight Clubs. Six                                                   Chairman 10 years. 27 years                                                       Education: OSU, numerous IBM           the finances of the Township.
                                        in the construction industry, 25                                               Website: None given.
year Commissioner Southwest                                                    experience as firefighter /                                                       and DEC training, achieved IBM         Over the last four years, working
                                        as manager. Hamilton Township                                                  Education: B.A., Ohio State University;
Area Commissioner, serving three                                               paramedic (Retired)                                                               I series certification                 with the fiscal officer, significant
                                        Trustee 16 years.                                                              M.D., Ohio State University
years as Chair. 2009 winner of                                                                                                                                   Occupation: Mifflin Township           improvements have been made in
                                        Qualifications for Office: Hamilton    DAPHNE HAWK                             Occupation: self-employed
Juanita Kauffman Award as out-                                                                                                                                   Trustee; Retired IBM Value             financial reporting. This enables
                                        Township Trustee 16 yrs.               2374 White Road, Grove City 43123       family doctor
standing citizen of Franklin Twp                                                                                                                                 Added Remarketer                       Norwich Township to provide the
                                        Hamilton Meadows Civic Asso-           Email:        Qualifications for Office: As a
for community (over word limit)                                                                                                                                  Qualifications for Office: Current     best Fire, EMS and Roads
                                        ciation member 20 yrs. President       Website:             business owner, former Groveport
PAUL L. JOHNSON                         5. Fernwood Cemetery Board                                                     Village Councilman and former             Mifflin Trustee Vice Chairman;
                                                                               Education: Grove City High School
677 N Hague Avenue,                     member 4 yrs. Lifetime commu-                                                  county office holder (Coroner),           Chairman of Mifflin IT                     PERRY TOWNSHIP
                                                                               Alum; Graduate of Westland High                                                                                                TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
Columbus 43204                          nity resident –servant.                                                        I have the knowledge and                  Committee; Co-Chairman Mifflin
                                                                               School and Hondros College                                                                                                  (vote for not more than two)
Email: None given.                                                                                                     experience to run our townshop’s          Township Fire Department;
                                        JUDY CAMPBELL                          Occupation: Self-employed
Website: None given.                                                                                                   government efficiently and to             Former member of Gahanna
                                        853 E London Groveport Road,           Realtor, Real Estate Instructor,                                                                                         ANDREW J. ENGLISH
Education: South-Western City                                                                                          keep taxes low.                           Charter Review Committee; For-
                                        Lockbourne 43137                       Sales Coach                                                                                                              1589 Newcomer Road,
Schools; Ohio University; Army                                                                                                                                   mer Member of Gahanna
                                        Email:          Qualifications for Office: 15 years     VICTOR W. PAINI, JR.                                                             Columbus 43235
Occupation: Township Trustee;                                                                                                                                    Civil Service Comission
                                        Website: None given.                   public service experience; 13 years     7421 Burgstresser Ct., Canal                                                     Survey not received.
Risk Manager                                                                   experience as a business owner;
                                        Education: Bliss Business College                                              Winchester 43110
Qualifications for Office: Current                                             5 years leadership/ management
                                        1959 & Completed 5 Area                                                        Email:
Township Trustee, also 37 years                                                experience; Life-long area
                                        Commission                                                                     Website:

                                                                                                                                            Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 7
ROBERT E. MYERS                      Schools, Part-time GED Instructor.    Website: None given.                      PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP                  EDWARD L. JOHNSTON                     BARB STRUSSION
2450 Merbrook Road,                  Qualifications for Office: 12 year    Education: South-Western                     TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE               430 Crandall Drive,                    1730 Graham Road,
Columbus 43235                       resident of Plain Township,           City Schools and Tolles                   (vote for not more than two)      Worthington 43085                      Reynoldburg 43068
Email: None given.                   lifelong resident of Central Ohio.    Technical Center                                                            Email:      Email:
Website: None given.                 Trustee on Board of Director’s for    Occupation: Current Pleasant           RONALD BALL (write-in)               Website:                 Website: None given.
Education: BS Finance and            COVA, a mental health nonprofit.      Township Trustee and 22 years as       6750 Alkire Rd, Galloway, 43119      Education: Master in Education         Education: Graduate: Bellaire
Accounting                           Licensed Realtor with great com-      911 Communications Supervisor          Email:       from AIU; Bachelor in T&I from         High School; Ohio University
Occupation: Vice President           munication and negotiation skills.    Qualifications for Office: Hands on    Website: None given.                 The Ohio State University; Associ-     Teacher Program
Finance; National Guardian                                                 experience from current position       Education: Graduate of Southwest-    ate Law Enforcement from CTI           Occupation: Township Trustee
                                     DAVID C. OLMSTEAD                     as Pleasant Township Trustee,          ern City Schools; Grant Hospital     Occupation: President /Operations
Security Services                                                                                                                                                                             Qualifications for Office: Twelve
                                     6248 Kitzmiller Road,                                                        Paramedic Program graduate;          Manager; API Security Services
Qualifications for Office: Served                                          and a keen insight of day to day                                                                                   years as Trustee; instrumental in
                                     New Albany 43054                                                             North Central Fire Training          Investigations, Inc
as Perry Township Trustee for the                                          operations of township govern-                                                                                     building second fire station, 2007,
                                     Email: None given.                                                           Graduate; Continuing Education       Qualifications for Office: Active
past 8 years. Member of Perry                                              ment thanks to 22 years employ-                                                                                    that increased man power for
                                     Website: None given.                                                         and leadership classes               in leadership roles for the past 25
Township Zoning Commission                                                 ment with Prairie Township Fire                                                                                    additional protection of residents;
                                     Education: B.S. Business                                                     Occupation: Retired Lieutenant       years within the community.
for 7 years. Past President of                                             Department.                                                                                                        pushed for grants that resulted in
                                     Administration, OSU                                                          from Prairie Township Fire
Brookside Civic Association.         Occupation: Financial                                                                                             JOHN H. OBERLE                         repaving township roads; voted to
                                                                           RICHARD MCKEEVER                       Department; Part-time bus driver
Vast business experience as          Accounting Manager                                                                                                60 W. Southington Avenue,              restore Silent Home Mausoleum;
                                                                           5554 Cardinal Drive,                   for Upper Arlington Schools
Corporate Controller, Division       Qualifications for Office: 15                                                                                     Worthington 43085                      watchful of township resources.
                                                                           Orient 43146                           Qualifications for Office: 30+
Treasurer, VP Administration in      year resident of Plain Township.                                                                                  Email:
                                                                           Email:      resident of Prairie Township;
the security industry.               Professional Experience includes:                                                                                 Website:          WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP
                                                                           Website: None given.                   Maintained mandated budgets,
                                     strategic planning; budgeting;                                                                                    Education: Ohio Wesleyan                   TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE
JAMES M. ROPER                                                             Education: Grandview Heights           department supply /equipment
                                     financial planning; and account-                                                                                  University, B.A.; Capital               (vote for not more than two)
1183 Circle on the Green,                                                  High School; Courses American          ordering, public service, staffing
Columbus 43235                       ing for Fortune 500 and mid-sized     Institute of Banking                                                        University Law School, J.D.            DENISE FRANZ KING
                                     companies. Past member: New           Occupation: Sales Manager                                                   Occupation: Attorney & Economic        CHARLES W. KRANSTUBER
Email:                                                                                         STEVE KENNEDY
                                     Albany Village Council, Franklin      Qualifications for Office: Former                                           Development Consultant; Sharon         Uncontested race.
Website: None given.                                                                                              6621 W. Broad St,
                                     County Tax Incentive Review           civilian technician for Ohio Army                                           Township Trustee, 2009 Chairman
Education: Mount Union College,                                                                                   Galloway, 43119
                                     Commission; Member: New               National Guard; Past President                                              Qualifications for Office:                     BEXLEY CITY
BS (1981); Capital University Law                                                                                 Survey not received.
                                     Albany Planning Commission            Westland Youth Association; Past                                            Current Sharon Township Trustee            SCHOOL DISTRICT
School, JD (1987)
                                                                                                                  CHRIS RYMER (write-in)               & Chairman; 17 years experience             MEMBER OF BOARD
Occupation: Attorney (Partner)                                             President Westland Bank Boost-
                                     DONALD R. SHOEMAKER                                                          460 N Grener Ave,                    in Government                                   OF EDUCATION
with Isaac, Brant, Ledman &                                                ers; Past President Timberlake
                                     7860 Peter Hoover Rd.,                                                       Columbus, 43228                                                               (vote for no more than three)
Teetor since 1987                                                          Home Owners Association; Thirty                                                 TRURO TOWNSHIP
                                     New Albany 43054                                                             Email: crymer.prairietownship@
Qualifications for Office: Saved                                           Five Year Member Community                                                        TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                 CAROL A. FEY
                                     Email: None given.                                                 
Perry Township over $100,000                                               Lodge #684 Free & Accepted                                                     (vote for not more than two)        DIANE T. PETERSON (write-in)
                                     Website: None given.                                                         Website: None given.
annually by partnering with                                                Masons of Ohio                                                                                                     MARLEE SNOWDON
                                     Education: BS education –                                                    Education: High School Graduate      DENNIS L. NICODEMUS
Worthington for services; Perry                                                                                                                        1146 Carrousel Drive E.,
                                     Comprehensive Major;                  KATHY MYERS                            Occupation: Costruction and                                                   CANAL WINCHESTER
Township Trustee since 2002;         Industrial Arts                                                                                                   Reynoldsburg 43068                           LOCAL SCHOOL
                                                                           5306 London-Groveport Rd.,             Clean Green Energy Consultant
Past President, WHCA; Highest        Occupation: self employed –                                                                                       Email:                     DISTRICT
                                                                           Orient 43146                           Qualifications for Office: Prairie
national attorney rating in legal    electrical contractor                                                                                             Website: None given.                        MEMBER OF BOARD
                                                                           Email:      Township Zoning Board
ability and ethnics                  Qualifications for Office:                                                                                        Education: Reynoldsburg High                    OF EDUCATION
                                                                           Website: None given.
     PLAIN TOWNSHIP                  15 ½ yr trustee                       Education: B.S. Economics; M.S.        JOSEPH WHARTON (write-in)            School & Eastland Career CTR.            (vote for no more than three)
      TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                                                     Agricultural Economics                 4755 Annhurt Ave,                    1976; U.S. Army Veteran                JAMES M. BARNETT
                                      PLEASANT TOWNSHIP                                                           Columbus, 43228
   (vote for not more than two)                                            Occupation: Web Administrator                                               Occupation: President, Interna-        122 Kramer Street,
                                          TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                                                        Survey not received.
                                                                           for Myers Machinery Movers, Inc.                                            tional Brotherhood of Electrical       Canal Winchester 43110
SHARON CASON-ADAMS                     (vote for not more than two)
                                                                           Qualifications for Office: My edu-       SHARON TOWNSHIP                    Workers Local 683                      Survey not received.
6098 Alice Drive,                    RONALD L. CHESSHIR                    cation and background involved              TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE                Qualifications for Office: 7 yrs. as
Westerville 43081                    6021 Grove City Road,                                                                                                                                    WILLIAM S. GRIFFITH
                                                                           helping communities retain and           (vote for not more than two)       a Truro Trustee. Responsible and
Survey not received.                 Grove City 43123                                                                                                                                         1800 Washington Street,
                                                                           expand the business base. This                                              proven leader. I am endorsed by
DAVID W. FERGUSON                    Survey not received.                  township has a limited tax base.       JOHN HAUEISEN                        the Truro Township Firefighters.       Canal Winchester 43110
7318 Berkley Sq S,                                                         Given the current economic             587 Fox Lane, Worthington 43085      I am a lifetime resident of Truro      Survey not received.
                                     GENE DAWSON
New Albany 43054                                                           climate, maintaining our current       Survey not received.                 Twp. and Reynoldsburg.
                                     1011 High Street,                                                                                                                                        CHAD HOCKMAN
Survey not received.                 Harrisburg 43126                      businesses and fiscal responsibility                                                                               166 E Waterloo Street,
                                                                                                                  LINDA L. JARRETT                     BILL SMITH
                                     Email: None given.                    are top priorities.                                                         8123 Rodebaugh Road,                   Canal Winchester 43110
EUGENE R. ZAPPITELLI                                                                                              55 Dunhill Street, Columbus 43235
III, 7558 Schleppi Rd,               Website: None given.                  DALE R. WORTHINGTON                    Email:              Reynoldburg 43068                      Email:
New Albany 43054                     Education: Attended MATA and          5840 Beatty Rd., Grove City 43123      Website: None given.                 Email: funeraldirector2006@            Website: None given.
Survey not received.                 Bliss College –No Degree              Email: None given.                     Education: Graduated from Ohio                              Education: BA Political science –
                                     Occupation: Owner /Manager –                                                 State University –BS Degree in       Website: None given.                   The Ohio State University
                                                                           Website: None given.
      TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE               Lee’s Carpet, Grove City                                                     Social Services                      Education: Hamilton Local 1989;        Occupation: Regional Vice
                                                                           Education: Grove City High
   Unexp term ending 12/31/11        Qualifications for Office: Former                                                                                 Fairfield Career Center -1989;         President –MV Transportation
                                                                           School Graduate; Penn State with       Occupation: Spent 27 years in
   (vote for not more than one)      –Councilman -7 years, Mayor -                                                                                     C.S.CC –Attended Cincinnati            Qualifications for Office: I have
                                                                           a Fire Protection Degree               Business Barter Organization
                                                                                                                                                       College of Mortuary Science
                                     4 Years, Village of Harrisburg.       Occupation: Retired from               “Columbus Trade Exchange”;                                                  8 years executive management
VALERIE GRIFFITH                                                                                                                                       2006 –Bachelors
                                     50 Years in Business World.           Capital Fire Protection with 33        Present Employed as Site Director    Occupation: Funeral Director /         experience for a large transporta-
7505 Alpath Rd.,
                                                                           years of service                       for YMCA Child Care Program at       Embalmer                               tion company. I provide direction
New Albany 43054                     SHANE GIBSON
                                                                           Qualifications for Office: Pleasant    Alum Creek School                    Qualifications for Office: Effective   to 600 employees’ daily which
Email:   5654 Linn Drive, Grove City 43123
                                                                           Township Trustee 8 years;              Qualifications for Office: Resided   + Accountable Leadership,              requires attention to detail and
Website: None given.                 Survey not received.
                                                                           Franklin County Fair Board             in Unincorporated Sharon             Community Oriented, Decisive,          the ability to multi-task. I work
Education: Ohio University –
                                                                           Director 12 years; Deacon St.          Township for 43 Years Raised Five    Dedicated, Fiscally Responsible        negotiating union agreements to
BA, Real Estate License and          NANCY HUNTER
                                                                           Johns Lutheran Church; 4-H             Children in Worthington Schools      leader! Strong Communication,          provide contracted services.
Education Professional               8780 Alkire Road,
                                                                           Advisor 12 years; Hilltop YMCA         American Visionary                   A Desire to be a pro-active
Development courses.                 Grove City 43123
                                                                           Board of Directors 4 years                                                  Community.
Occupation: Columbus City            Email:

8 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
  CANAL WINCHESTER                         TRACY BROADDUS (write-in)              League’s magic wand to make the         MUST include representation                the levy promises made to the           ents and community. Merit Based
LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT                      4276 Maize Road,                       school system more user-friendly.       from our parents, teachers, indus-         community. Before I approve             Pay System; A good educator is
   MEMBER OF BOARD                         Columbus 43224                         First, I would change the format        try, administrators, and clergy.           capital expenditures, I evaluate        worth their weight in gold.
     OF EDUCATION                          Email:           of School Board meetings by: (a)        I want to create a performance–            the benefits to the development
                                           Website: Broaddus4Us -Facebook         placing public comments near the        based model that promotes                  of our students and the potential            MEMBER OF BOARD
CHUCK MILLER                                                                                                                                                                                                          OF EDUCATION
                                           Education: Bachelor of Science         beginning of meetings, and (b)          effective communication and                to produce future revenue for the
1297 Pleasant Run Drive NW,                                                                                                                                                                                   Unexpired Term Ending 12/31/11
                                           in Social Work                         carrying on thoughtful dialogue         cooperation, which guarantees              schools. In addition, I partner
Canal Winchester 43110                                                                                                                                                                                         (vote for not more than one)
                                           Occupation: Social Worker at the       with the speakers during public         trust, respect, and confidence             with CEA and OAPSE to provide
Survey not received.
                                           Franklin County Public Defender’s      participation. Second. I would          in our district.                           a 21st century learning environ-
                                                                                                                                                                                                             PAUL CARRINGER (write-in)
BRIAN NICESWANGER                          Qualifications for Office: Volunteer   adopt a policy that invites parents                                                ment for our students with highly
                                                                                                                          Question 2: Thanks to the unwavering                                               454 Woodglen Court
250 Pfeifer Drive,                         work in Columbus Schools for 10        to improve their own school                                                        qualified teachers and staff in the
                                                                                                                          support of the Columbus Commu-                                                     Columbus 43214
Canal Winchester 43110                     years, founder /chairman, Never        before transferring to another                                                     most fiscally conservative fashion.
                                                                                                                          nity, the financial base of the district                                           Email:
Email:                  Quit Foundation                        school. This would be done by
                                                                                                                          is strong at this time! However, I         THOMAS RUFF (write-in)                  Website: www.writeincarringer.
Website: None given.                                                              encouraging all Columbus schools
                                           Question1: I would like for our                                                believe, it is critical that we analyze    2243 Wellesley Road,          
Education: BA Political Science,                                                  to set up an Academic Quality
                                           children to achieve higher scores                                              our current resources, and carefully       Columbus 43209                          Education: ASBM Columbus State,
Ohio University                                                                   Assurance Council with elected
                                           on the Ohio Graduation Test as a                                               critique mandates from the state and       Survey not received.                    BSBA Franklin University,
Occupation: Regional Director’s                                                   members. As each school com-
Office, Ohio Department of                 whole. I believe the OGT, at this                                              federal government. We must pay                                                    MBA Ohio University, Doctoral
                                                                                  munity improves its school, the                                                    MIKE WILES                              Candidate Colorado State
Correction                                 time, gives a negative perception                                              close attention to those mandates
                                                                                  whole system will get better.                                                      203 E Welch Avenue,                     University in Education
Qualifications for Office:                 of the district, the schools, and                                              which may cause financial instability,
                                                                                                                          if not ad equately funded. I will also     Columbus 43207                          Occupation: Assistant Professor
Eighteen years with Federal and            most importantly to the students.      Question 2: I would try to maintain
                                                                                                                          work to encourage the district’s           Email:                Columbus State
State governments have afforded            There are many factors that may        a rainy-day fund of about half the
                                                                                                                          Treasurer to continue to provide           Website:                  Qualifications for Office:
me significant experience                  contribute to low performance          annual budget. However, school
                                                                                                                          timely reports and mid-year recom-         Education: Columbus Public Schools      Columbus City Schools Graduate;
identifying and implementing               on this test that I believe need       boards have only limited control
                                                                                                                          mendations to maintain our stability.      Occupation: Truck Driver                Teacher; Parent with children
budget priorities; experience I will       to considered. Lacks of paren-         over the financial stability of their                                              Qualifications for Office: Held         in the system; Small Business
bring to the School Board. I will          tal involvement, overcrowded           districts because: *Operating costs     RAMONA REYES                               office in the PTA, Boosters’,           Owner; Nine year member of the
improve quality in our classrooms          classrooms, or test anxiety are also   are influenced by varying rates of
by increasing accountability for                                                                                          1628 Francisco Road,                       Alumni association, served on           Clintonville Area Commission
                                           factors to be considered. I believe    inflation. *Income from “outside        Columbus 43220                             SCIP and SCIT Teams. Worked
disruptive behavior.                                                                                                                                                                                         (CAC); CAC Chair and Vice
                                           the negative perception may also       –millage” property taxes does not       Email:              on the staff selection committee,       Chair leadership
STAN SMITH                                 contribute to us losing children       increase with inflation. *Energy        Website:          Community Rep to the 1997 and
10685 Busey Road,                          to charter schools and families        costs are unpredictable. *About         Education: Ohio State University,          2001 CPS District Wide Steering         Question 1: I would change the
Canal Winchester 43110                     relocating to suburban schools.        half of a district’s general revenue    B.S. Marketing and Transportation          Committees for Facilities Use,          perception of the school system.
Survey not received.                                                              comes from unpredictable Ohio           and Logistics                              served on three Building Design         As a parent with children in the
                                           Question 2: I would like to work       and federal sources. *Grant money       Occupation: HR Specialist                  Teams, and Superintendent’s             system, I have seen firsthand the
DEBRA M. WAITES                            with the City of Columbus to           for special –projects provides only                                                                                        many outstanding students, teach-
                                                                                                                          Qualifications for Office: I have          Sounding Board.
3585 Cedar Hill Road NW,                   rehabilitate houses in Columbus        short-term income. *Student                                                                                                ers and programs our system has.
                                                                                                                          over 18 years of private sector
Canal Winchester 43110                     and provide low interest loans to      enrollment fluctuates by the thou-                                                 Question 1: Discipline Issues: We       There are challenges as there are
                                                                                                                          experience. I have over 25 years
Survey not received.                       our teachers. The property taxes       sands each year. *School districts’                                                currently suspend and expel our         with every large school system.
                                                                                                                          of volunteer experience with
                                           produced from this will mean           overloaded curriculum is dictated       organization such as: Big Brothers         students that get into trouble; so      The reality is that our system is
6000 Waterloo Road,                        income for Columbus Schools            by the Ohio Board of education.         Big Sisters, soccer coach, Hispanic        now a child is out of school, often     healthy, provides outstanding
Canal Winchester 43110                     and will also provide positive role                                            Chamber, United Way, and other             mad and upset, unsupervised,            value and offers significant teach-
Email:            models for our children in the         HANIFAH KAMBON                                                                     with little if any enforceable rules.   ing /learning opportunities every
                                                                                                                          community groups.
Website: None given.                       community and the community            63 N. Ohio Avenue, Columbus 43203                                                  They miss out the vary thing that       day. Board members have the op-
Education: B.S. Education OSU;             overall will be strengthened. This     Email:          Question 1: Increasing parental            will help them the most in life;        portunity to tell these great stories
M.A. Education –Administration OSU         is a great tool to attract newly       Website:          involvement and improving                  an “Education”. They are free to        and defend vigorously the honor
Occupation: District Administra-           graduated teachers to teach in the     Education: B.A. English Education;      communication is essential.                roam the streets meet up with           of the system. And, the future of
tor, Hamilton Local Schools                Columbus City School district          M.S. High School Counseling;            Schools that use the insights of           their buddies and older children        the system depends on the value
Qualifications for Office: Life-           and draw families back to the City     School Administrator’s License          parents more effectively deliver           (or young adults that often times       tax payers see in it. Sharing the
long Educator 32 Years; Teacher            of Columbus. We could also use         Occupation: Educational                 the kind of education we all want          results in even worse criminal          good news is critical.
–Coach –Principal –District                this tool to reward our accom-         Consultant with Visionary               our children to have. We must              behavior later). If they have issues
Administrator; Franklin County                                                    Leaders Institute                       work with teachers get our                 they go unaddressed, needs go           Question 2: The key to financial
                                           plished teachers.
ESC Leadership Academy;                                                           Qualifications for Office: Retired      students fully engaged in school,          unmet, safety (on all fronts) is in     stability for the system is making
Pepanaus Award –Most Inspi-                WILLIAM L. BUCKEL (write-in)           school teacher (31 years); Master       and work with our parents to find          doubt and so on. My P.R.I.D.E.          certain a cautious and conser-
rational Teacher 1985 and1999;             1641 Hess Blvd., Columbus 43212        Teacher (TAP) South High                the time to sit down and talk with         School Concept.                         vative approach to the use of
George Murphy Award –Mid                   Email:            School; Instructional Coach;            their children about their educa-                                                  available dollars is at the center of
State League Football 1992 and             Website:                                                    tion. Students arrive at Columbus          Question 2: I personally feel that      decision- making. Board mem-
                                                                                  Awards: Who’s Who Among                                                            CCS relies too heavily on outside
1995; 21 Years Teaching                    Education: B.S. Mechanical             American Teachers (4 years);            Schools speaking 91 different                                                      bers should be very concerned
Experience –Canal Winchester                                                                                              native languages, and we need to           revenue streams with way too            about the implications of their
                                           Engineering, University of             Teacher of the Year –Marion –
                                                                                                                          communicate in more than one               many political strings attached         financial decisions both today and
                                           Colorado; M.L.S. Library Science,      Franklin High School.
COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOLS                                                                                                     language if we want to help our            to them and quite frankly don’t         in the years to come. This means
     MEMBER OF BOARD                       Kent State University
                                                                                  Question 1: I believe the Columbus      parents be informed and under-             believe they will last! I would stop    that crafting sustainable financial
        OF EDUCATION                       Occupation: Retired librarian from
                                                                                  School District is good! But, for       stand how to help their children           paying both the consult and the         agreements, understanding how
 (vote for not more than three)            Battelle Memorial Institute
                                                                                  me, good is only acceptable, if         at home.                                   administrator that hires them,          the agreements impact the system
                                           Qualifications for Office: When
Question 1 for Columbus City Schools:                                             you believe that you can not do                                                    one or the other. Stop paying for       and developing a financial plan
                                           my daughter was in Columbus                                                    Question 2: I recently chaired the         lobbyist, dues, retreats, conven-
If you had the power to change one         Schools, I learned firsthand the       better. I believe we can do better,                                                                                        that shows value to the taxpay-
thing about the Columbus Public                                                   and will! I would like to propose       district’s internal auditor search so      tions, anything that isn’t directly     ing investors in the system drives
                                           need for better informed parents.                                              we can hire a highly qualified             contributing to classroom instruc-
Schools, what would that be and why?       Having elected Academic Quality        changes in two significant areas:                                                                                          board decision –making and
(100 word limit)                                                                  Better Collaboration and Coop-          professional to provide oversight          tion! Audit everything no amount        policy -setting. From cautious
                                           Assurance Councils at each school                                              of our expenses. The board                 is too little; pennies make dollars!
                                                                                  eration; Our vision as a Board,                                                                                            financial management comes a
Question 2 for Columbus City               building would help reduce                                                     continuously monitors our                  Strict oversight of tax dollars,
                                                                                  must be to create a long term                                                                                              healthy system that shows value
Schools: What would you do to              parental ignorance.                                                            expenditures with a goal of                strong community relations, open
                                                                                  collaborative relationship with                                                                                            to investor taxpayers.
improve the schools financial stability?   Question 1: I would use the            key stakeholders. This relationship     using our resources to implement           avenues of empowerment for par-
(100 word limit)

                                                                                                                                                Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 9
LEMUEL E. HARRISON, JR                  Occupation: Director of Mobility         Website: None given.                    mitment to working with other           University College of Law 1999           JOHN W. KESSLER
(write-in)                              Services for the Central Ohio            Education: Miami (Ohio) B.A.,           Board of Education members,             Occupation: Attorney, Schuster           1763 W First Avenue,
1004 Conestoga Drive,                   Transit Authority (COTA)                 The John Marshall Law School            school administrators, educa-           & Clifford                               Columbus 43212
Columbus 43213                          Qualifications for Office: I was         J.D. (Law Review Editor)                tors and staff to promote a sound       Qualifications for Office: Ohio          Email:
Email:             appointed to the Columbus Board          Occupation: Nationwide                  learning environment.                   Attorney General, Education              Website: None given.
Website: None given.                    of Education in Feb. 2007. I ran         Insurance (In-House Counsel)                                                    Section 2003-2006 Chief of               Education: B.S. and M.S. in
                                        in 2007 and won the election. I          Qualifications for Office: Dublin
                                                                                                                         SCOTT MOUNTS                            the Education Section; Means,
Education: Sc.B., JD, Studied at                                                                                                                                                                          engineering from Ohio
                                        served as V. Pres and now (over          School Board Member, Tolles             195 Greenbank Road, Gahanna 43230       Bichimer, Burkholder & Baker
OSU Graduate School of Public                                                                                                                                                                             State University
                                        word limit)                                                                      Email: Mounts4boardofed@                2001-2003 Legal Counsel, School
Policy and Management                                                            School Board President. Dublin                                                                                           Occupation: Deputy Chief
                                                                                 Schools rated Excellent with Dis-                                  Districts; Ohio Auditor of State
Occupation: State Administrator                                                                                                                                                                           Division of Soil and Water
                                        Question 1: I would change the                                                   Website: None given.                    1999-2001 Legal Counsel,
with Office of Families and Chil-                                                tinction (6 years in a row), Ohio                                                                                        Resources, Ohio Department of
                                        negative perception of urban                                                     Education: B.S. Civil Engineering,      School Finance
dren. Former Assistant Prosecu-                                                  Auditor of State “Making Your                                                                                            Natural Resources; registered
                                        public education. There are those        Tax Dollars Count” Award.               The Ohio State University, 1990
tor (Juvenile Division).                                                                                                                                                                                  professional engineer
                                        who believe children cannot                                                      Occupation: Environmental               GRANT DOUGLASS
Qualifications for Office: Former                                                                                                                                                                         Qualifications for Office: appointed
                                        receive a quality education in an        LYNN B. MAY                             Consultant, August Mack                 1115 Urlin Avenue, Columbus 43212
board member at private, public,                                                                                                                                                                          board member January 2009, 9
                                        urban setting. Much to the               5247 Reddington Drive,                  Environmental, Inc.; Manager            Email:
and church schools, CPS tutor and                                                                                                                                                                         months experience; 17 years in
                                        contrary, I have witnessed the           Dublin 43017                            of Ohio Operations                      Website: None given.
State Licensing Chief over regulat-                                                                                                                                                                       public service to State of Ohio,
                                        success of our students. Our             Email:                 Qualifications for Office: 15 –year     Education: B.A. The Ohio State
ed child care. Current Columbus                                                                                                                                                                           experience in public policy and
                                        students have the opportunity for        Website: None given.                    resident of the City of Gahanna;        University, 1984
School PTA vice president.                                                                                                                                                                                managing public funds
                                        a 21st century education in new          Education: BBA Finance; Marshall        Father of 2 children in the GJ          Occupation: Chairman, President
Question 1: If given the power          schools, with innovative technol-        University 1979                         School District; Ohio Professional      Hanlin Rainaldi Construction Corp.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          GROVEPORT MADISON
to change one thing about the           ogy, and qualified educators. We         Occupation: Accountant; Designer        Engineer; Ohio EPA Certified            Qualifications for Office:
                                                                                                                                                                                                               LOCAL SCHOOL
Columbus Public Schools, I would        provide all of the resources neces-      Qualifications for Office: School       Professional                            Grandview Heights /Marble Cliff
tweak (in light of positive trends)     sary to ensure that each student         District Resident & Taxpayer;                                                   Education Foundation President                MEMBER OF BOARD
                                                                                 Registered Voter; Mother of 3: 2        JILL SCHULER                            1995-1997 Trustee 1993-1997;
the culture and stray beyond            is highly educated, prepared for                                                                                                                                          OF EDUCATION
                                                                                 Dublin Schools Graduates; 1 in          88 Highmeadow Drive,                    Grandview Heights Stadium
the undoubtedly sound material          leadership and service, and                                                                                                                                        (vote for not more than three)
                                                                                 High School; School & Communi-          Gahanna 43230                           Improvements 2003-2006; The
currently sitting atop of the desks     empowered for success as a
                                                                                                                         Email: None given.                      Ohio Historical Society President        CHARLOTTE P. BARKER
at the district offices and in the      citizen in a global community.           ty Volunteer for 16 years; Current
                                                                                                                         Website: None given.                    2001-2003 Trustee 2000-2009;             552 Harbinger Court,
classrooms. There are greater                                                    Board of Education Member
                                        Question 2: In November 2008,                                                    Education: PhD, MA, BA Ohio             Grandview Heights School                 Groveport 43125
heights to be reached, i.e.,
                                        our community rallied around the         AARON T. MOORE                          State University                        District Business Advisory               Email:
Excellent with Distinction status,
                                        Columbus City Schools due to our         8127 Aston Way, Dublin 43016            Occupation: Currently Mother of 4       Council 2002- Present                    Website: None given.
as we continue moving forward.
                                        ability to be fiscally accountable       Email:        Qualifications for Office: I’m a well                                            Education: Columbus
I would scrutinize the practices of                                                                                                                              THOMAS F. HAYES
                                        and progressive in our academic          Website:          –educated mother of four who                                                     Paraprofessional Institute –
other successful districts around                                                                                                                                1472 Mulford Road
                                        performance. This support led            Education: Graduate of DJHS.            brings fresh perspective to the                                                  Secretarial Science
the country because the pedagogic                                                                                                                                Columbus 43212
                                        to a historic first: the passage of      Wittenberg University: Psychology,      board and ongoing commitment                                                     Occupation: Retired –Previous
literature informs as that engaging                                                                                                                              Email:
                                        Issue 75 operations and bond             Spanish, Music                          to the community. I’ve been an                                                   Employed: Borden, Inc. Law
stakeholders, enforcing account-                                                                                                                                 Website:
                                        levy, by the largest margin in the       Occupation: Student /Candidate          educator and a state government                                                  Department; Springfield City
ability, hiring of master staff, and                                                                                                                             Education: Hartwick College,
                                        history of CCS. This was possible        Qualifications for Office: I attended   administrator. I will use all my                                                 Schools; City of Urbana; self-
allowing data to drive decisions                                                                                                                                 B.A., 1990; Capital University Law
                                        because CCS kept its promise to          Dublin Schools starting in              experience to prioritize the                                                     employed real estate investor
doesn’t always turn school                                                                                                                                       School, J.D, 1993
                                        live within our means. As a result       elementary. I am able to connect        success of (over word limit)                                                     Qualifications for Office: Resident
districts around.                                                                                                                                                Occupation: Attorney, Law Office
                                        of our fiscal stability, we received a   with current students, while                                                                                             of district over 36 years; active in
                                                                                 understanding parents, staff, and       CLARICE J. YODER                        of Thomas F. Hayes, LLC.
QUESTION 2: To improve the              favorable bond rating, and intend                                                                                                                                 many school organizations; work
                                                                                 teachers. Member of Wittenberg’s        3200 Mann Road, Blacklick 43004         Qualifications for Office: As a parent
school’s financial stability, I would   to continue our philosophy of                                                                                                                                     experience that compliments the
                                                                                                                         Email:         of three children, dedicated to
focus on low budget- to- budget         transparency and accountability          Senate Hearing Board. I am com-                                                                                          responsibilities of the BOE
                                                                                                                         Website: None given.                    continue the academic excellence
increases. I would advance              in this area.                            mitted to an open dialogue and
                                                                                                                         Education: Kent State University,       achieved within the Grandview            DUANE O. DAILEY
proven strategies such as analyzing                                              representing all Dublin School
                                                DUBLIN CITY                      constituents.                           BS in Education; University of          Schools. In handling complex             5000 Hayes Road,
procurement practices and
                                            SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                              Dayton, MA in Theological Studies;      cases as an attorney ability to plan,    Groveport 43125
reviewing audits of processes that            MEMBER OF BOARD                     GAHANNA JEFFERSON                      Trinity Lutheran Seminary,              and execute policy effectively.          Email: None given
would identify problem areas.                    OF EDUCATION                     CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT                   Masters of Divinity                                                              Website: None given.
I would adhere to careful resource        (Vote for not more than three)               MEMBER OF BOARD                                                           DAN C. HEADAPOHL
                                                                                                                         Occupation: Hospital Chaplain                                                    Education: High School Graduate,
planning, advocate for budgetary                                                          OF EDUCATION                                                           1252 Hope Avenue,
                                                                                                                         Qualifications for Office: 8 years                                               Gahanna Lincoln; Attended OSU.
controls and disciplined decision       GWEN CALLENDER                             (vote for not more than three)                                                Columbus 43212
                                                                                                                         experience on the Board of                                                       Twenty Years Service, U.S. Navy,
making. I would continually             8772 Crampton Drive, Powell 43065                                                                                        Email: headapohlheadapohl@
                                                                                                                         Education, Gahanna Jefferson                                                     Attending Leadership Schools,
re-evaluate and gauge the district’s    Email:            JEFFREY L. CARSON
                                                                                                                         City Schools; Board of Education                                Organizational Classes, and
current situation. At the same          Website: None given.                     7481 Morse Road,
                                                                                                                         representative to city and township     Website: none given.                     Completed 114 Correspondence
time, I would seek to balance           Education: B.A. University of            New Albany 43054
                                                                                                                         entities; 25 years as a Professional    Education: No response.                  Courses Attaining Rank of
financial stability with the larger     Wisconsin –Madison; J.D. The Ohio        Survey not received.
                                                                                                                         Educator; 13 years (over word limit)    Occupation: No response.                 Senior Chief. (E-8)
goal of advocating for the secur-       State University College of Law                                                                                          Qualifications for Office:
                                                                                 MILES F. HEBERT                                                                                                          Occupation: Transportation
ing greater achievement in all of       Occupation: Attorney for the                                                      GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS
                                                                                 51 Walcreek Drive W,                                                            I would work with educators and          Operator for USPS. (20 Years)
our schools and at all grade levels.    Fraternal Order of Police                                                         CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT                   community to stay in budget and
                                                                                 Gahanna 43230                                 MEMBER OF BOARD                                                            Qualifications for Office: Several
Each school, rather than a few,         Qualifications for Office: Current
                                                                                 Email:                                                         ensure students are taught what          Years Experience on the Board.
should be (over word limit)             School Board Member with four                                                             OF EDUCATION
                                                                                 Website: None given.                                                            they need in order to be                 Active Resident (36 Years)
                                        years of leadership experience on                                                  (vote for not more than three)
CAROL PERKINS (write-in)                                                         Education: B.S., Civil Engineering                                              productive members of society.           Involved in School Activities.
                                        the Board. Eighteen years as a                                                   KATIE CLIFFORD                          Qualifications: BS, Secondary
1580 Melrose Avenue,                                                             Occupation: Director, Water                                                                                              Management and Supervisory
                                        practicing attorney. My children                                                 1163 Parkway Drive,                     Education, Miami University;
Columbus 43224                                                                   Resources Engineering                                                                                                    Experience.
                                        are attending Dublin City Schools.                                               Columbus 43212                          Grandview Parks & Rec Adviser
Email:                                                   Qualifications for Office: An active
Website:          STU HARRIS                               volunteer within the community          Email:          and former Council Member;
Education: I have a B.S. degree in      4634 Bridle Path Lane,                   who has three children within the       Website: None given.                    current Real Estate Asset
Human Resource Management               Dublin 43017                             school district, I have a passion       Education: B.A. Miami University        Manager, City of Columbus
from Franklin University.               Email:                for quality education and a com-        of Ohio 1995; J.D. Ohio State

10 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
NANCY S. GILLESPIE                      DEANA RIFFLE                           School PTO Officer (2 years).           Website: None given.                     OSU Medical Center                    CHERYL MAX
3970 Eastrise Drive,                    Wilcox, 397 Oak Village Drive,         Assisted the school levy commit-        Education: B.S., Economics,              Qualifications for Office: I have     1405 Haft Road, Apt A6
Groveport 43125                         Obetz 43207                            tees. Extensive contract negotia-       Ohio State University                    experience as a community leader,     Reynoldsburg 43068
Email:        Email:    tion experience. I have 2 children      Occupation: Manager, Ohio                school volunteer and as a parent.     Email: None given
Website: http://nancy4gmschools.        Website: None given.                   in the school district.                 Department of Transportation             Chairperson, New Albany –Plain        Website: None given.                            Education: Graduated Gahanna                                                   Qualifications for Office: Andy          Local School’s successful 2008        Education: Political Science Degree
Education: B.S. Hospitality             Lincoln 1986                           CHRIS COURTNEY, JR.                     Teater is currently vice-president       levy campaign. Member, NAPL           Occupation: AGM, and Aquatics
Management, Ohio State University       Occupation: Avon Independent           5263 Bonner Drive,                      of the Hilliard City School Board.       finance and facilities committee;     Director of Fort Rapids
Occupation: Youth Services              Sales Representative; Lead /QA         Hilliard 43026                          Teater will continue to work to          Past President, New Albany for        Waterpark Resort.
Library Assistant, Columbus             Cheryl and Co. 1800FLOWERS             Email:         deliver a high quality education         Kids; Chairperson, Responsible        Qualifications for Office: I have
Metropolitan Library                    Qualifications for Office: Wife and    Website: None given.                    to all of our students utilizing ef-     Retail Committee                      served on the Reynoldsburg
Qualifications for Office: Nine         mother of 3. I run a successful        Education: Graduated Columbus           ficient and cost effective practices.                                          Board for over 10 years and the
years Youth/ Teen information                                                  South High School; Attended                                                      NATALIE MATT
                                        Avon business. Manage our                                                                                                                                     Eastland /Fairfield Career Tech
and programming service,                                                       Ohio Dominican College for 3 years      LISA A. WHITING                          7503 Ogden Woods Blvd.,
                                        household, making financial and                                                                                                                               Schools Board during the same
including Ohio Ready to Read;                                                  Occupation: Firefighter for             801 Thorncrest Ct.,                      New Albany 43054
                                        other major decisions. I want the                                                                                                                             period. I continue to be
passionate about lifelong learning,                                            City of Worthington                     Galloway 43119                           Email:
                                        best education for our children                                                                                                                               dedicated to all Reynoldsburg
not politics; dedicated personally                                             Qualifications for Office: Former       Email:        Website: None given.
                                        and yours. Want to represent                                                                                                                                  students and accountable to the
and professionally to meeting the                                              Vice President of Worthington           Website: None given.                     Education: B.A. in English,
                                        my community.                                                                                                                                                 district’s taxpayers.
educational needs of students, re-                                             Firefighters Union, Current             Education: B.S. Nursing, Ohio            Williams College, 1982; M.Ed.
gardless of socio-economic status.      DAVID L. SCHUTTE                       Chairman of Trustee Committee           State University, 1984                   in Secondary Education, George        JAMES A. SLONAKER, JR.
                                        1556 Chillocothe Avenue,               of Hilliard United Methodist Church,    Occupation: Performance                  Washington University, 1990           565 Bellow Park Ct.,
JASON HOVANCE                           Obetz 43207                            Member of last Redistricting            Improvement Coordinator, RN –            Occupation: Teacher, Homemaker        Reynoldsburg 43068
5401 Sims Road,                         Survey not received.                   Committee for Hilliard Schools          Nationwide Children’s Hospital           Qualifications for Office: 5          Survey not received.
Groveport 43125                                                                                                        Qualifications for Office:               Children currently enrolled in
Survey not received.                    ED TUCKER                              JUSTIN GARDNER                          Appointed to Hilliard City School        NAPL school district; 7+ years as     ANDREW SWOPE
                                        1757 Chillicothe Street,               5572 Weston Trail Drive,                Board of Education, September            a teacher; volunteer in classrooms,   1966 Sherring Court,
DIANA ORUM                              Obetz 43207                            Hilliard 43026                                                                                                         Reynoldsburg 43068
4775 Briargrove Drive,                                                                                                 2007. Dedicated and willing              sports events, extracurricular
                                        Email: DoughBoyBingo@                  Survey not received.                     to put time and talent into             activities; Programming Committee     Email:
Groveport 43125                         Website: None given.                                                                                                                                          Website: None given.
Email:                                                    PAUL LAMBERT                            continuing the excellence of the         Member, McCoy Center for the
                                        Education: 15 years                                                            schools. Have crucial experience         Arts; Board member, Broad Street      Education: B.A. in Accounting
Website: None given.                                                           7275 Roberts Road,
                                        Occupation: Retired                                                            advancing quality initiatives while      Infant Toddler (over word limit)      From Otterbein College; Graduate
Education: Groveport Madison                                                   Hilliard 43026
                                        Qualifications for Office:                                                     improving organizations’                                                       of Reynoldsburg High School
High School; Franklin                                                          Email:                                                          REYNOLDSBURG CITY
                                        12 years experience (1996-2008).                                               financial positions.                                                           Occupation: Owner, Salisbury &
University -Accounting                                                         Website:                                                    SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                        Served as Member, Vice-                                                                                                                                       Swope, Inc. –Certified
Occupation: Family business –                                                  Education: BA, Management,               NEW ALBANY PLAIN                             MEMBER OF BOARD
                                        President & President                                                                                                                                         Public Accountants
Fortner Upholstering Inc                                                       Capital University                                                                       OF EDUCATION
                                                                                                                       LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD                                                             Qualifications for Office: 10 year
Qualifications for Office: I have       MARK WILSON                            Occupation: Investor and Chief               MEMBER OF BOARD                      (vote for not more than three)
eight years of previous board                                                                                                                                                                         experience on Reynoldsburg
                                        5118 Edgeview Road,                    Technology Officer, Rivet Digital.              OF EDUCATION                                                           Board of ED; Good financial
experience. I will do what best         Obetz 43207                            Director, Leadership Development,                                                G. DARYL ALBRECHT
                                                                                                                        (vote for not more than three)                                                background and a decision maker
for the students using fiscally         Email:         Mountview Baptist Church; Vice                                                   8095 Reynoldwood Drive,
sound principles.                       Website: None given.                                                           LAURA E. KOHLER                          Reynoldburg 43068                     ELAINE M. TORNERO
                                                                               President, Network Technology
                                        Education: Graduate of Hamilton                                                4 Pickett Pl, New Albany 43054           Survey not received.                  7716 Critwell Ct.,
BRYAN SHOEMAKER                                                                and Chief Technology Office, Com-
                                        Township High School, Attended                                                 Email:                                                        Reynoldsburg 43068
5522 Shagbark Pl,                                                              puServe Network Services (retired)                                               KRISTIN J. BRYANT
                                        Columbus State Community College                                               Website:                                          Email:
Groveport 43125                                                                Qualifications for Office: Executive                                             1900 Baldwin Road,
                                        for 2 years in Fire Science Program.                                           Education: A.B. Duke University,                                               Website:
Survey not received.                                                           management experience leading a                                                  Reynoldburg 43068
                                        Occupation: Firefighter /Paramedic                                             MBA University of Dayton                                                       Education: B.S. Nutrition and
                                                                               large division of a global organiza-                                             Survey not received.
    HAMILTON LOCAL                      with Hamilton Township since                                                   Occupation: Realtor, New Albany Realty                                         Dietetics –Kent State University
                                                                               tion. For-profit and non-profit
    SCHOOL DISTRICT                     1984, Paramedic with Nationwide                                                Qualifications for Office: Former        RYAN BRZEZINSKI                       Occupation: Homemaker /
                                                                               Board experience.
      MEMBER OF BOARD                   Childrens Hospital for 2 years.                                                management specialist Ohio               8451 Priestly Drive,                  Mother of six
         OF EDUCATION                   Qualifications for Office: 4 years     DON ROBERTS                             School Boards Association –              Reynoldburg 43068                     Qualifications for Office:
  (vote for not more than three)        on School Board Community, and         2027 Tuckaway Ct., Hilliard 43026       Trained school board members             Email:           I am a taxpaying resident of
                                        School Involvement with PTO,           Email:                   on policy, strategic planning,           Website:               Reynoldsburg who can thought-
WALTER A. OBERT                                                                Website:        leadership; Former member
                                        Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts.                                                                                             Education: 1987 Graduate of           fully represent those in our city
5172 Parsons Avenue,                                                           Education: AAB, BS and JD               Worthington Board of Education           Reynoldsburg High School              who care about quality educa-
Lockbourne 43137                               HILLIARD CITY                   Occupation: Attorney                    –President, finance committee            Occupation: 18 Year Veteran           tion, our school system and its
Email:                 SCHOOL DISTRICT                    Qualifications for Office: An           chair; Co-chair NAPLSD com-
Website: None given.
                                                                                                                                                                for CFD, Promoted to                  students, but insist that their
                                              MEMBER OF BOARD                  experienced negotiator, Don             munication committee; Member             Lieutenant in 2002. Flight
Education: St. John’s Parochial                                                                                                                                                                       taxes are spent wisely.
                                                 OF EDUCATION                  Roberts will be effective in            finance committee; Marketing             Paramedic for Medflight
School, Graduate South HS,                (vote for not more than three)       contract negotiations, avoiding         co-chair levy committee
Electrical Apprenticeship, Ohio                                                                                                                                 Qualifications for Office:
                                        TERRI T. BOTSKO                        wasteful spending and ensuring                                                   I served as PTO President at
Electrical Contractors License.                                                                                        THOMAS LAMMERS
                                        2823 Honeysuckle Lane,                 transparency with the community                                                  TRE, on two bond, and two levy
Numerous Business, Public                                                                                              5214 Hanover Close,
                                        Hilliard 43026                         in the Board’s fiscal responsibili-                                              campaigns, currently serving on
Relations and Skill seminars.                                                                                          New Albany 43054
                                                                               ties. Parent of a child with Down                                                the Superintendants Advisory
Occupation: Journeyman                                                                                                 Survey not received.
                                        Website: None given.
                                                                               Syndrome, Roberts will demand                                                    Committee, brought watch dogs
Wireman, Retired.
                                        Education: B.A., Indiana University
                                                                               improved programming for all            CHERI LEHMANN                            (Dad of great students) to R.S.D.
Qualifications for Office: Electrical
                                        1987; J.D., Capital University Law     special needs children. Endorsed        6380 Rose Garden Drive,
Instructor, Liaison between                                                                                                                                     DAVID W. HEDRICK
                                        School 1991                            by                 New Albany 43054
organized Electrical Industry and                                                                                                                               514 Hawthorne Pl.,
Trade Schools, Budget Manage-           Occupation: Law Firm Challenge                                                 Email:
                                                                               ANDY TEATER                                                                      Reynoldsburg 43068
ment, Applicants Evaluations,           Coordinator, Capital Law School                                                Website:
                                                                               3837 Dayspring Drive,                                                            Survey not received.
negotiated wage and benefits.           Qualifications for Office: Scioto                                              Education: A.A.S., University
                                                                               Hilliard 43026
Parent of six HTHS graduates            Darby Elementary PTO Officer                                                   of Akron
with six grandchildren attending.       (8 years) and Heritage Middle                                                  Occupation: Respiratory Therapist,

                                                                                                                                         Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 11
     SOUTH-WESTERN                      Business College                        Ohio University and Ohio State          Education: B.B.A in Information          Qualifications for Office: High       two property tax levies, a 3.15 mill
     SCHOOL DISTRICT                    Occupation: Regional Customer           University. Approximately 175           .Systems –U of Cincinnati; MBA           school track coach for 15 years,      levy and a 1.90 mill levy. The 3.15
      MEMBER OF BOARD                   Service Specialist –Giant Eagle         credit hours.                           –Otterbein College                       substitute teacher for 2 years, a     mill levy expires at the end of this
        OF EDUCATION                    Supermarkets                            Occupation: Retired Private             Occupation: IT Director –Nation-         youth pastor for 14 years,            year, while the other levy expires
                                        Qualifications for Office:              Business Owner                          wide Insurance, Columbus Ohio            Whitehall High School Hall            in 2014. A replacement levy of
SANDRA E. DAVIS (write-in)
                                        Experience, Dedication, Commit-         Qualifications for Office:              Qualifications for Office: Current       of Fame Inductee.                     3.10 mills will appear on the
2694 Hanarry Ct.,
                                        ment, and focused on Academic           Successful Business Owner,              member of Board of Education,                                                  November 3 ballot. FCCS intends
Grove City 43123                                                                                                                                                 CAROLYN MCINTOSH
                                        Achievement. I bring critical           18 years Management experience          Past Chair /Member –WCS Fi-                                                    to propose an increase in its other
Email: None given                                                                                                                                                140 Rita Ct., Columbus 43213
                                        stability, a parents concern, and a     for large corporations, Resident        nancial Accountability Commu-                                                  levy in 2014, from 1.90 to 2.50. If
Website: None given.                                                                                                                                             Email:
                                        westside perspective to the board.      of Southwestern City School             nity Taskforce, 26 years business                                              successful, the two levies together
Education: Franklin Heights                                                                                                                                      Website: None given.
                                                                                District for 32 years.                  experience with proven leadership                                              will account for roughly 72 per-
High School graduate. Certified         JO ELLEN MYERS                                                                  skills in public /private sector.        Education: BA Economics, MA
Employee Benefits Specialist                                                    Operated all business operations                                                                                       cent of total projected revenue for
                                        4554 Teabury Sq N,                      within budget.                          Strong Planning, Budgeting,              Workforce Development                 FCCS over the next decade.
(CEBS) designation from the             Grove City 43123                                                                Problem solving, and Policy experience   Education; Member of: OEA,
Wharton School of Business,             Email:      UPPER ARLINGTON                                                               NEA, OSBA                             The levy being replaced this year
Pennsylvania University.                Website:           CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT                   KRISTINE E. ROBBINS                      Occupation: Teacher; 10th             currently collects $69 million in
Occupation: Sr. Benefits Analyst        Education: Associates degree in              MEMBER OF BOARD                    106 Bellefield Avenue,                   Grade Information Technology          annual revenue for the agency.
Qualifications for Office: integrity,   optometric technology, raising                   OF EDUCATION                   Westerville 43081                        Fundamentals                          If passed, the 3.10 mill replace-
vision, passion, perseverance,          children, and maintaining a home          (vote for not more than two)          Email: krobbins@leadership-              Qualifications for Office: I have     ment-with-reduction levy will
collective bargaining experience,       Occupation: homemaker                                                                           been in the education field for 15    collect $93.5 million in annual
                                                                                ROBERT M. ARKIN
expertise in contract and benefits      Qualifications for Office: listening                                            Website:           years. I have experienced many        revenue. Currently, the owner of
                                                                                MARJORY PIZZUTI
analysis and oversight, problem         to the people in the community                                                  Education: B.A., International           changes in standards and legal is-    a $100,000 market value home in
                                                                                Uncontested race.
–solving skills, budget projection      outside the closed circle of the                                                Studies, The Ohio State University;      sues. Experience and willingness      Franklin County pays $116.99 a
and management, proficiency in          education system, common sense,             WESTERVILLE CITY                    Accredited Senior Professional in        to work as a team to find solutions   year in property taxes to support
long-term and strategic planning.                                                   SCHOOL DISTRICT                     Human Resources                                                                FCCS. Passage of a 3.10 mill
                                        volunteering for several teachers                                                                                        are my (over word limit)
                                                                                      MEMBER OF BOARD                   Occupation: Executive Director,                                                replacement-with-reduction levy
KAREN DOVER                             in 2 schools in the district
                                                                                         OF EDUCATION                   Leadership Westerville                   BLYTHE WOOD                           will increase this tax by $28.48 a
5354 Thornhill Ct,                      EDWARD H. PALMER                          (vote for not more than three)        Qualifications for Office: Over          385 Cumberland Drive,                 year to $145.47 beginning in 2010.
Grove City 43123                        6382 Wahl Ct., Grove City 43123                                                 twenty years experience in               Whitehall 43213                       The increase results from the fact
Email:                                                   AL HAMMOND                              executive level human resource
                                        Email:                                                                                          Survey not received.                  that, by state law, the current levy
Website:                                                   549 Illinois Ct.                        management positions in public /
                                        Website: None given.                                                                                                                                           is being collected at a rate lower
Education: B.S. Finance                                                         Westerville 43081                       private sectors focusing on policy,        WORTHINGTON CITY
                                        Education: B.S. in Biological                                                                                                                                  than 3.15 mills – 2.17 mills, called
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer                                             Email:                 budgeting, and strategic planning;           SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                        Sciences; M.A. in Educational                                                                                                  MEMBER OF BOARD                 the effective rate – so that total
Qualifications for Office: Lifelong                                             Website:              Current Vice President Westerville
                                        Administration                                                                                                                    OF EDUCATION                 revenue does not exceed that
resident SWCS; Community                                                        Education: Youngstown State             Board of Education; NSBA
                                        Occupation: Retired                                                                                                        (vote for not more than three)      collected when the levy was first
volunteer and advocate; 17 years                                                University ’84 (BS in BA –Accounting)   Federal Relations Network
                                        Qualifications for Office: Spent 37                                                                                                                            passed 10 years ago.
large corporate financial manage-                                               Occupation: Ohio Department of          (over word limit)                        JENNIFER BESET
                                        years in education with 21 ½ years
ment experience; small business                                                 Job and Family Services –Chief                                                   DAVID A. BRESSMAN                     The agency’s expenditures in 2008
                                        as a building principal. Named                                                       WHITEHALL CITY
owner. Many years of Leadership                                                 Audit Resolution Section                                                         MARC SCHARE                           totaled $167 million. The biggest
                                        Ohio Principal of the Year in                                                       SCHOOL DISTRICT
experience; strong financial                                                    Qualifications for Office: 20+ Years                                             Uncontested race.                     single category of expenditures,
                                        1994-95 by the Ohio Association                                                       MEMBER OF BOARD
educational foundation; experience                                              in financial auditing and budget-                                                                                      amounting to almost 70 percent
                                        of Secondary School Administra-                                                          OF EDUCATION
making tough decisions where many                                               ing for governmental agencies.                                                      LOCAL BALLOT ISSUES                of the budget, is payments to
                                        tors and Administrator of the                                                     (vote for not more than three)
different and valid viewpoints exist;                                           10 of which were in higher                                                                                             contracted service providers with
                                        Year by the Ohio Music Education
a mom who has raised four kids.                                                 education. Father of three              WALTER S. ARMES                             FRANKLIN COUNTY                    which the agency partners to
                                        Association in 2007.
                                                                                children in the district. Husband       4010 Etna St., Whitehall 43213                BALLOT ISSUES                    provide foster, residential, and
CATHY JOHNSON                           ADAM C. SLANE                           to PE Teacher in the district.          Email:                                                          managed care services to families
                                                                                                                                                                 ISSUE 4: FRANKLIN COUNTY
7475 Opossum Run Road,                  5330 Sawatch Drive,                                                             Website: None given.                                                           and children. Personnel costs for
                                                                                KEVIN W. HOFFMAN                                                                 CHILDREN SERVICES LEVY
London 43140                            Columbus 43228                                                                  Education: BS in Education,                                                    the agency’s 740 staff members
Email:                                                   1147 Tidewater Ct.,                                                                                                    account for just under 30 percent
                                        Email: adam.slane                                                               Ohio Northern; MS, Indiana               Franklin County Children
Website:                                                 Westerville 43082                                                                                                      of the budget.
                                        Website:                                            State University; Post Graduate          Services – Proposed Tax Levy –
Education: BS and MA Education, OSU                                             Email:
                                        Education: Graduate, SWCS;                                                      work OSU                                 Replacement and Decrease                   ARGUMENTS MADE IN
Occupation: Retired                                                             Website: www.Hoffman-
                                        Education Major, Ohio State                                                     Occupation: Retired educator,            Supplementing General Fund                 SUPPORT OF ISSUE 4
classroom teacher                                                     
                                        Occupation: Page, Ohio House of                                                 student teacher supervisor               for support of Franklin County
                                                                                Education: BS, Aerospace                                                                                               • Franklin County Children
Qualifications for Office:              Representatives                                                                 Ashland University Columbus              Children Services, and protecting
                                                                                Engineering, University of                                                                                             Services depends heavily on this
Experienced teacher–leader.             Qualifications for Office: Eagle                                                Qualifications for Office: 17 years      abused and neglected children
                                                                                Notre Dave; MBA, University                                                                                            levy. If it is not replaced, the
Acquainted with educational             Scout, Former Congressional                                                     on Whitehall Board, over 40 years        and providing services to abused
                                                                                of Cincinnati                                                                                                          agency will lose $69 million in
issues. Advocates sound,                Page. As a former SWCS student                                                  experience as a teacher, admin-          and neglected children and their
                                                                                Occupation: General Manager,                                                                                           revenue – almost half its budget.
responsible fiscal policies.            and future teacher, I understand                                                istrator. Member OSBA Bd. of             families Replacement of 3.15
                                                                                Technology Architecture, BMW
Improved student achievement            education and the current edu-                                                  Trustees. OSBA Master Board              mills with a decrease of 0.05 mill    • Given recent state funding cuts
                                                                                Financial Services
is top priority. Activity in PTA.       cational climate in our district.If                                             Member award. Strong believer            to constitute a tax of 3.1 mills,     to social service organizations
                                                                                Qualifications for Office:
School volunteer. Wants improve-        elected I will focus on reforming                                               in public education.                     $0.31 per $100 valuation, for 10      caused by the economic downturn
                                                                                Two-term incumbent who has
ment in attracting and retaining        spending, increasing community          helped lead the school district to                                               years, commencing in 2009             – more than $1 million – Children
quality staff. Works hard at state                                                                                      DARRYL HAMMOCK
                                        involvement, and bettering              an excellent rating in three of the                                                                                    Services relies even more on local
level to change school funding.                                                                                         4720 Harbinger Circle E.,                LEAGUE EXPLANATION
                                        education quality.                      last four years, while keeping costs                                                                                   property taxes to fulfill its mission
                                                                                                                        Whitehall 43213                          Franklin County Children
WILLIAM G. MCCARTY                                                              well below both the state a                                                                                            to protect children.
                                        ROB STARRETT                                                                    Email:                Services (FCCS) is the agency
224 Darbyhurst Road,                                                            nd county average                                                                mandated by law to protect and
                                        4335 Waterside Pl,                                                              Website: None given.
Columbus 43228                          Grove City 43123                        DENISE M. POPE                          Education: Whitehall –Yearling           care for the county’s abused, ne-
Email:          Email:          446 Six Pence Circle,                   High School 1990; BA –Cedarville         glected, and dependent children;
Website: None given.                    Website: None given.                    Westerville 43081                       University; M-Div –The Southern          the agency also serves troubled
Education: Westland High School,        Education: Ohio Valley University,      Email: None given.                      Baptist Theological Seminary             youth. About two-thirds of the
Franklin University, Hondros            David Lipscomb University,              Website:         Occupation: Pastor                       agency’s operations are funded by

12 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
• The agency is accredited by            A majority YES vote is required        bonding authority because the            • Two members representing             A NO vote means disapproval of        gaming devices permitted by
the Council on Accreditation             for the amendment to be adopted.       Ohio constitution does not permit        statewide organizations that           the amendment.                        states adjacent to Ohio, except
of Services for Families and             If approved, this proposed amend-      an appropriation being made for a        represent farmers                                                            bingo, and horse racing where
Children, one of only a few              ment shall take effect immediately.    period longer than two years.                                                   A majority YES vote is required       the pari-mutuel system of
                                                                                                                         • One member who is a veterinarian     for the amendment to be adopted.
county children services boards                                                                                                                                                                       wagering is conducted.
in Ohio and the nation to meet           LEAGUE EXPLANATION OF ISSUE 1:         PROPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED               • The State Veterinarian in the
                                                                                AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:                                                           If approved, the proposed
the rigorous national standards          This ballot issue proposes a con-                                               state department that regulates        amendment will take effect 30         PROPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED
regarding quality of services and        stitutional amendment that would       1. Passing the amendment by vote         agriculture                                                                  AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:
                                                                                                                                                                days after the election.
sound management practice and            provide compensation to veterans       of the people shows that Ohioans                                                                                      1. Thirty-eight states—including
                                                                                                                         • The dean of the agriculture
to be so accredited.                     serving during the Persian Gulf,       appreciate Ohio veterans.                                                       LEAGUE EXPLANATION OF ISSUE 3:        Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan,
                                                                                                                         department of a college or
                                         Afghanistan, and Iraq conflicts.                                                                                       This amendment would autho-           and Pennsylvania—have casino
(See proponent organization:                                                    2. The payments will ease veterans’      university in Ohio
                                         The amendment is similar to the                                                                                        rize four casinos, one each in        gambling.
Committee4Children                                                              transition back into civilian life.      • Two members of the public            Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus,
http://www.committee4children.           bond issues passed by the voters
                                                                                                                         representing Ohio consumers            and Toledo, located on particular     2. By authorizing casinos in Ohio,
com/index.html                           to compensate veterans of World        OPPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED
                                                                                                                                                                parcels of land owned by private      the profits could benefit our state
See also 44-page levy book               War I, World War II, the Korean        AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:                    • One member representing a
                                                                                                                                                                individuals.                          rather than other states.
prepared by Franklin County              War, and the Vietnam conflict.         1. Tax monies will be diverted to        county humane society
Children Services:                       It will provide the state with the     paying principle and interest, and        o One member appointed by the         1.The operator would be required      3. Counties, public school            authority to issue up to $200 mil-     this may limit the availability of       Speaker of the House who shall be      to pay a tax of 33% annually on       districts, and many cities will
Children_Services/assets/pdf/            lion of bonds. The Ohio treasurer      state revenue for other state programs   a family farmer                        gross casino receipts. “Gross casi-   receive tax revenue generated by
Levy%20Book.pdf)                         has estimated that only $106 mil-      during a period of financial crisis.      o One member appointed by the         no receipts” excludes payments to     the casinos, and each can decide
                                         lion of the bond proceeds might                                                 President of the Senate who shall      winners. The tax revenue would        how to best spend its money.
     ARGUMENTS MADE IN                                                          2. Future taxpayers will be re-
                                         actually be needed. All bonds                                                   be a family farmer                     be allocated in the following ways:
    OPPOSITION TO ISSUE 4                                                       sponsible for the debt incurred for                                                                                   4. The casinos will create 34,000
                                         must be issued by December 31,
                                                                                                                         • The Board would have authority       • 51% to the 88 counties on a         new jobs in Cincinnati, Cleveland,
• Revenue from this levy will            2013. Repayment of these bonds         these payments. The payments
                                                                                                                         to establish standards governing       pro rata basis, with 50% of the       Columbus, and Toledo.
jump significantly, from just            would be a general obligation of       should be paid for by revenues
                                                                                                                         the care and well-being of livestock   county’s distribution going to
under $70 million annually to            the state backed by the taxing         available in the current biennium.                                                                                    5. The casinos will stimulate the
                                                                                                                         and poultry in Ohio, subject only      the county’s most populated city
more than $93 million, even              power of the state. Revenue from                                                                                                                             economy by adding restaurants,
                                                                                Websites: Websites not available for     to the authority of the General        if it had a population of greater
though the agency anticipates a          these bonds would be used to                                                                                                                                 hotels and ancillary businesses.
                                                                                proponents and opponents.                Assembly.                              than 80,000 as of the 2000 United
decline in service demand over           provide additional compensation
the next decade.                         as follows:                            ISSUE 2: PROPOSED                        PROPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED             States census.                        OPPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED
                                                                                CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT                 AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:                  • 34% to public school districts in   AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:
• The agency took 10 years –             • Payment may be made to Ohio          TO CREATE THE OHIO                       1. The board represents a balance                                            1. The Ohio general revenue fund,
                                                                                                                                                                proportion to their public school
from 1999 to 2008 – to respond           residents who have served on           LIVESTOCK CARE                           of interests.                                                                which supports basic services
                                                                                                                                                                district populations.
to a recommendation to hold              active duty in the United States       STANDARDS BOARD                                                                                                       for Ohioans, will get $0 from the
contract service providers more          armed forces between August 2,         (Proposed by Joint Resolution of         2. The board would establish           • 5% to the host city where the       gross casino receipts tax.
accountable for their work and           1990 and March 3, 1991, which          the General Assembly of Ohio)            standards governing the care and       casino that generated the revenue
the funds they expend.                   was the duration of the Persian                                                 well being of livestock and poultry    is located.                           2. Ohio lottery profits, currently
                                         Gulf conflict; between October 7,      To enact Section 1 of Article XIV        in Ohio.                                                                     dedicated to education, may
• While the “replacement levy                                                                                                                                   • 3% to fund the Ohio Casino
                                         2001 and the end of the United         of the Ohio Constitution                                                                                              decrease because people will
with reduction” appears to lower                                                                                         3. Ohioans can have greater            Control Commission.
                                         States’ involvement in Afghani-                                                                                                                              gamble at the casinos instead of
the millage rate, the decrease is                                               A YES vote means approval of the         confidence in the safety of locally    • 3% to a fund supporting purses,     playing the lottery.
                                         stan; and between March 19, 2003       amendment.
only from 3.15 to 3.10, and in                                                                                           produced food.                         breeding programs and operations
                                         and the end of the United States’                                                                                                                            3. Ohioans may spend money at
fact, homeowners will actually           involvement in Iraq.                   A NO vote means disapproval of                                                  at existing horse racetracks.
pay more because the current levy                                                                                        OPPONENTS OF THE PROPOSED                                                    the casinos they would have spent
                                                                                the amendment.                                                                  • 2% to fund a state law enforce-     at other existing Ohio businesses
is being collected at the effective      • Veterans who served domesti-                                                  AMENDMENT ARGUE THAT:
                                                                                                                         1. The board should be created by      ment training program.                such as restaurants, movies, or
rate of only 2.17 mills; moreover,       cally or in foreign service in loca-   A majority YES vote is required
the agency intends to propose an         tions other than the Persian Gulf,     for the amendment to be adopted.         statute rather than by amendment       • 2% to fund treatment of problem     sports events, adversely impacting
increase in its other levy in 2014,      Afghanistan, or Iraq may receive                                                to the Ohio Constitution.              gambling and substance abuse.         those businesses.
                                                                                If approved, this proposed amend-
from 1.90 to 2.50.                       $50 for each month served up to a                                                                                      2. The Ohio Casino Control            4. The number of gambling
                                                                                ment will be effective immediately.      2. Creating another regulatory
                                         maximum of $500.                                                                                                       Commission would license              addicts in Ohio would increase,
(No opposition campaign.)                                                                                                board utilizes revenues best spent
                                         • Veterans who served in the           LEAGUE EXPLANATION OF ISSUE 2:           on basic services to Ohioans.          and regulate casino operators,        and the tax receipts dedicated to
                                         Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, or          • This proposed constitutional                                                  management companies, key             providing treatment for addicts
   STATE BALLOT ISSUES                                                                                                   3. The amendment could prevent
                                         Iraq may receive $100 for each         amendment would create the                                                      employees and all gaming.             could be insufficient.
                                                                                                                         certain animal care reform pro-        The commission would have 7
                                         month served up to a maximum           Ohio Livestock Care Standards
ISSUE 1: PROPOSED                                                                                                        posed by national animal rights        members appointed by the              5. The proposed amendment
CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT                 of $1000, or may receive $1000         Board for the purpose of estab-
                                                                                                                         organizations.                         Governor with the advice and          could be construed to mean that
TO AUTHORIZE THE STATE TO                if medically discharged due to         lishing standards governing the
                                                                                                                                                                consent of the Senate.                all games allowed at the casinos
ISSUE BONDS TO PROVIDE                   combat-related disabilities.           care and well-being of livestock         Websites: Websites are not avail-                                            can be played only at the casinos,
COMPENSATION TO VETERANS                                                        and poultry in Ohio.                     able for both the proponents and       3. Each casino operator must
                                         • If a person died as a result of                                                                                                                            eliminating church-festival
OF THE PERSIAN GULF,                                                            • The bipartisan board would             opponents.                             make a minimum initial                poker games and casino nights
AFGHANISTAN, AND                         injuries sustained in Persian Gulf,
                                                                                consist of thirteen members:             ISSUE 3: PROPOSED                      investment of $250 million.           sponsored by charitable groups.
IRAQ CONFLICTS                           Afghanistan, or Iraq service, that
                                         person’s family may receive $5000.      o The director of the state depart-     CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT               4. The initial license fee of $50
(Proposed by Joint Resolution of                                                ment that regulates agriculture                                                                                       Websites In support of the
                                                                                                                         TO AUTHORIZE A CASINO                  million for each casino will fund
the General Assembly of Ohio)            • If a person is missing in action                                                                                                                           proposed amendment:
                                                                                 o Ten members appointed by the          IN CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS,                state economic development
                                         or held in enemy captivity, that                                                                                                                             Cops for Casinos
To adopt Section 2r of Article VIII of                                          Governor with the advice and             CINCINNATI, AND TOLEDO, OHIO           programs.                   
the Constitution of the State of Ohio    person’s family may receive $5000.     consent of the Senate, including:        (Proposed by Initiative Petition)
                                         The Legislative Services Com-                                                                                          5. Each casino could operate 24       In opposition to the proposed
                                                                                • One member representing                To add a new Section 6a to Article     hours a day. Each casino may
A YES vote means approval of the         mission estimates that issuing                                                                                                                               amendment:
                                                                                family farms                             XV of the Ohio Constitution            have a maximum of 5000 slot
amendment.                               $200 million of obligations could                                                                                                                            Vote NO Casinos Committee,
                                         increase the state’s annual debt       • One member knowledgeable                                                      machines. Each casino may             TruthPAC
A NO vote means disapproval of                                                                                           A YES vote means approval of the
                                         service expense by up to $18 mil-      about food safety                                                               conduct any type of card or table
the amendment.                                                                                                           amendment.
                                         lion. The voters must approve this                                                                                     games, slot machines or electronic

                                                                                                                                          Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 13
                                              ISSUES LIST                                                                                                                ISSUES LIST
                                   GENERAL ELECTION – NOVEMBER 3, 2009                                                                                        GENERAL ELECTION – NOVEMBER 3, 2009
                                                  Revised 9/15/09 – 3:30 p.m.                                                                                              Revised 9/15/09 – 3:30 p.m.
    #                  Subdivision                              Purpose                                  Rate                  #               Subdivision                               Purpose                                 Rate
        #1 State Issue – Proposed                To Authorize the State to issue bonds to provide compensation to veterans    #21A Columbus 81 – D                        Particular Location – Weekday Sales –
           Constitutional Amendment              of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts                              Local Option                           TAJS Inc., dba 3C Food Mart
        #2 State Issue – Proposed                To create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to establish and                                                       4436 Westerville Rd, Cols, OH 43231
           Constitutional Amendment              implement standards of care for livestock and poultry                         #21b Columbus 81 – D                       Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
        #3 State Issue – Proposed                To amend the Constitution to allow for one casino each in Cincinnati,              Local Option                          TAJS Inc., dba 3C Food Mart
           Constitutional Amendment              Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo and distribute to all Ohio Counties a tax                                                4436 Westerville Rd, Cols, OH 43231
                                                 on the casinos                                                                #22b Columbus 83 – G                       Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)
        #4 Franklin County Children Services –   Supplementing General Fund for          Replacement of 3.15 mills with a           Local Option                          Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC dba Speedway 3323
           Proposed Tax Levy – Replacement       support of Franklin County Children decrease of 0.05 mill to constitute a                                                1442 N. Cassady Ave., Cols, OH 43219
           and Decrease                          Services, and protecting abused and tax of 3.1 mills, $0.31 per $100           #23 City of Gahanna – Proposed Charter    To amend Section 13.03 (Classified and Unclassified Service, pertaining to
                                                 neglected children and providing        valuation, for 10 years,                   Amendments                            the Civil Service Commission)
                                                 services to abused and neglected        commencing in 2009
                                                 children and their families                                                   #24b Grandview – C                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
    #7A Columbus 3 – C                           Particular Location – Weekly Sales –                                               Local Option                          Casa Grandview, L.L.C. dba Rancho Alegre
        Local Option                             Jaafar, Inc. dba Stewart Ave. Market                                                                                     1075 Dublin Rd., Grandview Hts, OH 43215
                                                 691 E. Stewart Ave., Cols, OH 43206                                           #25b Grove City 2 – A                      Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
     #7b Columbus 3 – C                          Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)                             Local Option                          Parkers Tavern, LLC dba Parkers Tavern & Patio
         Local Option                            Jaafar, Inc. dba Stewart Ave. Market                                                                                     3998 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123
                                                 691 E. Stewart Ave., Cols, OH 43206                                           #26b Grove City 4 – C                      Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
     #8b Columbus 24 – D                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)                             Local Option                          Wal Mart Stores East LP dba Wal Mart Supercenter 5466
         Local Option                            Khuram, Inc., dba Smoke & Cellular Express                                                                               1693 Stringtown Rd., Grove City, OH 43123
                                                 910 E. Hudson Street, Columbus, OH 43211                                       #27 City of Hilliard – Proposed Charter   To amend several sections of the Charter of the City of Hilliard as
     #9b Columbus 30 – E                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                            Amendments                            proposed by the Charter Review Commission
         Local Option                            ABC Liquor Corporation dba ABC Liquor                                         #28b Upper Arlington 3 – E                 Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
                                                 1571 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Cols, OH 43229                                       Local Option                          The Tamarkin Company dba Kingsdale Market District 6515
    #10b Columbus 36 – C                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington, OH 43221
         Local Option                            Wal Mart Stores East LP dba Wal Mart Supercenter #5185                       #29A Westerville 5 – B                      Particular Location – Weekday Sales –
                                                 1221 Georgesville Rd., Cols, OH 43228                                             Local Option                           City Barbeque, Inc. doing business as City Barbeque
   #11A Columbus 45 – H                          Particular Location – Weekly Sales –                                                                                     600 S. State Street, Westerville, OH 43081
        Local Option                             Abomalik, Inc., also known as De Store                                        #29b Westerville 5 – B                     Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
                                                 5593 Chatterton Rd., Cols, OH 43232                                                Local Option                          City Barbeque, Inc. doing business as City Barbeque
    #11b Columbus 45 – H                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)                                                                   600 S. State Street, Westerville, OH 43081
         Local Option                            Abomalik, Inc., also known as De Store                                       #30A Westerville 5 – B                      Particular Location – Weekday Sales –
                                                 5593 Chatterton Rd., Cols, OH 43232                                               Local Option                           Lucky House Inc. DBA Lucky House Chinese Restaurant
    #12b Columbus 49 – G                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  56 E. Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
         Local Option                            Wal Mart Stores East LP dba Store 2666                                        #30b Westerville 5 – B                     Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
                                                 3579 S. High St., Cols, OH 43207                                                   Local Option                          Lucky House Inc. DBA Lucky House Chinese Restaurant
    #14b Columbus 60 – G                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  56 E. Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
         Local Option                            Sams East Inc. dba Sams Club #6242                                           #31A Westerville 5 – C                      Particular Location – Weekday Sales –
                                                 5870 Sawmill Rd & Mezzanine, Cols, OH 43235                                       Local Option                           SuperAmerica Beverage, LLC dba Speedway #1028
    #15b Columbus 62 – B                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  360 S. State St., Westerville, OH 43081
         Local Option                            Wal Mart Stores East LP dba Wal Mart Supercenter #2098                        #31b Westerville 5 – C                     Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
                                                 3900 Morse Rd., Cols, OH 43219                                                     Local Option                          SuperAmerica Beverage, LLC dba Speedway #1028
    #16b Columbus 62 – B                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  360 S. State St., Westerville, OH 43081
         Local Option                            Sams East Inc. dba Sams Club 6307                                             #33b Whitehall 1 – B                       Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)
                                                 3950 Morse Rd., Cols, OH 43219                                                     Local Option                          Wal Mart Stores East LP dba WalMart
    #17b Columbus 63 – G                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  3657 E. Main St., Whitehall, OH 43213
         Local Option                            Wal Mart Stores East LP dba WalMart Supercenter 3812                          #34b Whitehall 1 – C                       Particular Location – Sunday Sales (1 p.m. – midnight)
                                                 2700 Bethel Rd., Cols, OH 43220                                                    Local Option                          Kroger Co 897 dba Kroger
    #18b Columbus 69 – I                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  3675 E. Broad St., Whitehall, OH 43213
         Local Option                            Tamarkin Company dba Hayden & Cosgray GetGo 3529                              #35b Canal Winchester – B                  Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
                                                 6780 Hayden Run Road, Columbus, OH 43016                                           Local Option                          Wal Mart Stores East LP dba WalMart Supercenter #5184
    #19b Columbus 73 – H                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)                                                                  6647 Winchester Blvd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
         Local Option                            GMRI, Inc., doing business as the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant              #36 Village of New Albany – Proposed      To amend the Preamble and several sections of the Charter of the Village
                                                 4848 Morse Rd., Columbus, OH 43230                                                 Charter Amendments                    of New Albany as proposed by the Charter Review Commission
    #20b Columbus 75 – H                         Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
         Local Option                            Sams East Inc. dba Sams Club #6308                                             #37 Village of Obetz – Proposed Charter   To adopt the Charter for the Village of Obetz as proposed by the Charter
                                                 1755 Hilliard Rome Rd. E, Cols, OH 43228                                                                                 Commission

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                        LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS                                                                               Page 2

                                                  of Metropolitan Columbus
                     The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus encourages informed and active participation in government, works
                         to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

                                    To learn more and to join the League, visit
14 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009
                                            ISSUES LIST
                                 GENERAL ELECTION – NOVEMBER 3, 2009
                                                                                                                              THINGS TO REMEMBER ON ELECTION DAY
                                                 Revised 9/15/09 – 3:30 p.m.
  #                Subdivision                                 Purpose                                 Rate                   VOTER IDENTIFICATION
   #39 Blendon Township Police District         Police protection                      2.5 mills, $0.25 per $100 valuation,      All voters must have identification with them when they vote. Acceptable forms of ID
       (Unincorporated Area) – Proposed                                                for 5 years, commencing in 2009
                                                                                                                              include one of the following:
       Tax Levy – Renewal
   #40 Perry Township – Proposed Tax            Streets, Roads and Bridges            1.5 mills, $0.15 per $100 valuation,       • Current and valid photo identification (Ohio driver’s license, state ID card, government
       Levy - Replacement                                                             for 5 years, commencing in 2009               ID) showing your name and address (current address not required for driver’s license
   #41 Pleasant Township – Proposed Tax        Fire Protection                        1 mill, $0.10 per $100 valuation, for
       Levy – Replacement                                                             a continuing period of time,                  or state ID card);
                                                                                      commencing in 2009                         • Military identification showing your name (address not required); or
   #42   Pleasant Township – Proposed Tax Fire Protection                             1.57 mills, $0.157 per $100
         Levy – Replacement                                                           valuation, for a continuing period of      • A copy of a current utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement, paycheck, government
                                                                                      time, commencing in 2009                      check, or other government document showing your name and current address.
  #43b   Prairie – K                           Particular Location – Sunday Sales (10 a.m. – midnight)
         Local Option                          Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, LLC dba Darby House                                 If you do not provide one of these documents at the polling place, you will still be able to
                                               925 Darby Creek RR1, Galloway, OH 43119                                        vote a provisional ballot (see below). You will then be expected to provide identification to
   #45   Bexley Public Library – Proposed      Current operating expenses             1.5 mills, $0.15 per $100 valuation,
         Tax Levy – Additional                                                        for 5 years, commencing in 2009         the Board of Elections within the 10 days following Election Day. If you do not have any of
         Career and Technology Education       Current operating expenses             1 mill, $0.10 per $100 valuation, for   the above forms of identification, including a Social Security number, you will still be able to
         Centers of Licking County (C-TEC) –                                          a continuing period of time,            vote a provisional ballot by signing an affirmation statement swearing to your identity under
         Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                               commencing in 2009
         FROM LICKING COUNTY                                                                                                  penalty of election falsification and by casting a provisional ballot.
         Licking Heights Local School District General permanent improvements         1.99 mills, $0.199 per $100
         – Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                             valuation, for a continuing period of   VOTING MACHINES
         FROM LICKING COUNTY                                                          time, commencing in 2009                   If you are not familiar with the type of voting machine used where you vote, the League
         Madison-Plains Local School District Paying the local share of school        $24,950,154, 7.17 mills, $0.717 per
         – Proposed Bond Issue                 construction under the State of Ohio $100 valuation, for 28 years,             of Women Voters recommends that you review the process of using the machine before
         FROM MADISON COUNTY                   Classroom Facilities Assistance        commencing in 2009                      Election Day. Learn more about voting machines used in your county, or check out the
                                                                                                                              League’s Ultimate Interactive Ohio Civics Lesson for instructional videos at
         Pickerington Public Library –         Current expenses                       0.75 mill, $0.075 per $100
         Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                               valuation, for 10 years,
         FROM FAIRFIELD COUNTY                                                        commencing in 2009                      PROVISIONAL BALLOTS
   #46   Reynoldsburg City School District – Current operating expenses               9.9 mills, $0.99 per $100 valuation,       If your eligibility to vote is in question on Election Day, you can use a provisional ballot to
         Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                               for a continuing period of time,        cast your vote. No one should be turned away from a polling place without being given the
                                                                                      commencing in 2009
   #47   South-Western City School District – Current operating expenses              7.4 mills, $0.74 per $100 valuation,    opportunity to vote by provisional ballot. Once election officials can verify your eligibility,
         Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                               for a continuing period of time,        the provisional ballot is counted just like any other ballot.
                                                                                      commencing in 2009
                                                                                                                                 A provisional ballot may be issued if:
   #48   Westerville City School District –    Current operating expenses             11.4 mills, $1.14 per $100
         Proposed Tax Levy – Replacement                                              valuation, for a continuing period of      • You recently changed your address or your name and did not update your voter registration.
                                                                                      time, commencing in 2009                   • Your name does not appear on the official poll list.
   #49   Worthington City School District –    Current expenses                       3.9 mills, $0.39 per $100 valuation,
                                                                                                                                 • You cannot or do not provide proof of identity (a current, valid photo identification
         Proposed Tax Levy – Additional                                               for a continuing period of time,
         (Incremental)                                                                commencing in 2009; plus 1.5                   card; military identification; or copy of a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck,
                                                                                      mills, $0.15 per $100 valuation, for           government check, or government document showing your name and current address).
                                                                                      a continuing period of time,
                                                                                      commencing in 2010; plus 1.5               • The poll list or signature book indicates that you requested an absentee ballot.
                                                                                      mills, $0.15 per $100 valuation, for       • The poll list or signature book indicates that mailings have been returned undeliverable.
                                                                                      a continuing period of time,               • Your signature does not match the signature on your registration form.
                                                                                      commencing in 2011
                                                                                                                                 • Your eligibility to cast a ballot has been challenged by the precinct officers.

                                                                                                                                 If your eligibility is questioned, the League of Women Voters recommends that you cast
                                                                                                                              a provisional ballot rather than leaving the polling place without casting a regular ballot.
                                                                                                                              However, be sure that you are in the correct precinct polling place; if you vote in the wrong
                                                                                                                              one, your vote will not be counted.

                                                                                                                              HOW CAN I CHECK MY VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS?
                                                                                                                                 Ohio voters can verify current voter registration status by going to the Ohio Secretary of
                                                                                                                              State’s website and supplying four items of information: Last Name, Street Name, Zip Code,
                                                                                                                              County. After clicking on the Search button, you should see a list of all registered voters
Page 3
                                                                                                                              with the specified last name on the specified street. Click on the + sign to the left of a name
                                                                                                                              to expand the listing to show Voter Address, Voter History, Precinct Name, and Polling
                                                                                                                              Location Name and Address. The Secretary of State’s website is

                                                                                                                              HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHERE TO GO VOTE?
                                                                                                                                 After you register to vote, you should receive a card in the mail from the Board of
                                                                                                                              Elections telling you where your polling location is. You can also call the Board of Elections
                                                                                                                              office in your county or visit the board’s website.
                                                                                                                                 If you live in Franklin County, you can also call the League of Women Voters office at
                                                                                                                              (614) 837-1089.
                                                                                                                                 On the day of each general election, the League of Women Voters staffs a Phone Bank at

                                                                                                                              WBNS-10TV to answer voters’ questions, including questions about where to vote.

                                                                                                                              Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009 | 15
                                                                                           Vote early
                                                                                           Every registered Franklin County voter can enjoy the convenience of
                                                                                           voting early this fall - either by mail or in person at the office of the
                                                                                           Franklin County Board of Elections located at 280 East Broad Street
                                                                                           in downtown Columbus. Beginning Sept. 29 through Nov. 2, hours for
                                                                                           in person absentee voting are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5
                                                                                           p.m. and Saturday, October 31 from 8 a.m. until noon.
                                                                                           Applications to vote using a mail-in absentee ballot can be picked up
                                                                                           at your local library, downloaded from
                                                                                  or requested through the Board’s
                                                                                           automated phone system by calling 462-3100.
                                                                                           Bring identification with you when you vote on
                                                                                           Nov. 3
                                                                                           Voters must bring identification to the polls in order to vote a regular
                                                                                           ballot on Election Day. Acceptable forms of identification are:
                                                                                           • A current and valid photo identification (such as an Ohio driver
                                                                                               license card, state ID card, government ID). Photo identification
                                                                                               must show the voter’s name and current address (except that an
                                                                                               Ohio driver license or State ID card does not need to show
                                                                                               current address if the address in the voting location poll book is
                                                                                               current; OR
                                                                                           • A military identification that shows the voter’s name (does not
                                                                                               need to show address); OR
                                                                                           • A copy of a current (within the last 12 months) utility bill (including
                                                                                               cell phone bill), bank statement, paycheck, government check, or
                                                                                               other government document (including from a public college or
                                                                                               university) that shows the voter’s name and current address.
                                                                                           Voters who do not provide one of these forms of identification will still
                                                                                           be able to vote on Election Day using a provisional ballot.
                                                                                           Find your voting location and review your
                                                                                           sample ballot before Election Day
                                                                                           Franklin County Voters can find their correct location using our
                                                                                           automated phone system by calling 462-3100 or by logging on to our
                                                                                           website at and clicking on “Where
                                                                                           Do I Vote?” While on the Board’s website, review your sample ballot
                                                                                           before going to vote on Nov. 3.

                                                                                           Douglas J. Preisse, Chairman          Michael F. Colley
                                                                                           Kimberly E. Marinello                 Joseph L. Mas
                                                                                           Michael Stinziano, Director           Matt Damschroder, Deputy Director

             For more information call 462-3100 or go online at

16 | Voter Information Bulletin | Special Advertising Section | SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2009

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