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									                            Mandela Coins – Rare Collectibles
Collecting Mandela Coins is a very prestigious hobby and investment. Especially when invested
to rare coins and banknotes, it can bring significant long-term profits. The value of a coin is
related to how difficult it is to get one and how much demand there is for that coin. Usually the
rarer the coin is, the higher the value it will be because the owner will be able to demand as
much as he wishes. The rarest coin in the world is the South African "Mandela Coins".

Uncirculated Mandela coins have been known to fetch hundreds of thousands and even millions
of rands when sold privately and through auction. These versions are of course incredibly hard to
source and their low mintage figures and the fact that they are struck using precious metal add to
their exceptional value. Undoubtedly, if are in a position to purchase one of these coins, it would
be a sound investment as their value is set to increase even more in time.

Circulated versions however are plentiful, as millions of them have been minted and for this
reason they are not considered to be rare. Their value lies in people's understandable appreciation
and respect for Nelson Mandela and in time his legacy will help these coins gain value. Currently
however, there is a high supply of circulated Mandela coins and a relatively low demand. Added
to this, with modern coins there is always the chance that the mint could manufacture more,
which lowers the value of the coin and further dilutes the market.

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