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									                         “It’s like no other cutlery in the world!”

About Arrowhead…
                                 Arrowhead cutlery was developed and manufactured by
                                 EKCO Home Products in the 1960’s, primarily for the
                                 direct sales market. With its unique features and
                                 extremely high quality, it soon became the most popular
                                 and widely sold collection of cutlery in the world.

                                 When EHP “Ekco Home Products” decided to get out of
                                 the direct sales business in the mid 70’s, Ron Franklin, its
                                 largest distributor assumed control of the product line and
                                 continued the business until 1997 when the company was
                                 sold to TV cooking show host and cookbook author
                                 Charles Knight of Tampa, Florida.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Franklin had other opportunities and much higher offers for the
exclusive Arrowhead cutlery line, but decided to sell to Knight for one reason and one
reason only, Knight’s enthusiasm and commitment to carry on the Arrowhead tradition.

As the story goes, Charles Knight began selling Arrowhead cutlery in 1970 while
attending Rutgers University… the very first sale he made was to his parents Ray and
Lucille Knight. “Arrowhead cutlery was part of my parent’s home, and was proudly
displayed on the kitchen wall until mom sold the home after dad passed away in 1998. It
was not only put to great use, but it marked the beginning of my sales career. When Ron
decided to sell the company in 1997, how could I not be interested in purchasing it?”
Today Knight’s very first sale, his parents 32 pc set of Arrowhead cutlery, is proudly
displayed in his office in Tampa.

From the 1960’s until this very day Arrowhead cutlery remains to be the premier line of
cutlery available on the market today, and it still carries an unconditional 50 year lifetime
guaranty. You will not find it in retail stores; it’s only available directly from the
manufacturer via the company’s website

How Arrowhead Cutlery is made…
Arrowhead Cutlery is designed by professional chefs and is manufactured to the highest
standards of quality and performance. Our exclusive 420j2 stainless steel blades with
Molybdenum and Vanadium are forged at extreme temperatures, and then tempered
cryogenically in liquid oxygen to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. This exclusive process
produces a blade that will stay razor sharp for a lifetime, and we guaranty it will not rust,
stain, pit, chip or corrode. Ergonomically designed handles are made of layered
Mahogany, impregnated with resins, and pressed together under extreme heat and
pressure to create what Mother Nature takes millions of years to do in petrified “rock
like” wood handles. Each knife is carefully weighted to ensure balanced perfection.
Arrowhead knives have been a favorite of enthusiastic home cooks and chefs for more
than 40 years, and we guaranty Arrowhead for a lifetime with our 50 year unconditional
lifetime guaranty.

Features & Benefits
50 year lifetime warranty

Blade Design
    Superior edge retention
    Stain resistant for beauty
    Resists rusting and corroding
    Knife points contoured for protection
    Polished mirror finish for beauty and easy care
    Superior edge design provides smooth, clean cuts
    High Carbon, Stain Resistant 420j2 Stainless Steel with Molybdenum and

Handle Design
   Fatigue resistant design
   Ergonomically designed handle
   Fits small or large hand, left or right
   Will not crack, chip, or absorb moisture
   Forefinger and thumb grip for safety and control
   Highly engineered layered Mahogany, hard and durable
   Tang extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance
   Triple rivets are ground flush with the handle for durability, strength and comfort
   Formed under tremendous heat and pressure to resemble “rock like” petrified
   Dishwasher safe, although many knives claim to have handles that are dishwasher
      safe, temperatures of new model dishwashers may tend to affect the temper of the
      blades. We recommend hand washing and drying.

Arrowhead – It’s like no other Cutlery in the World!
   Arrowhead blades are tempered (heated to extreme
    temperatures and then cryogenically frozen in liquid oxygen)
    after being formed. The Rockwell hardness is a perfect 50.
   The blades are polished in 6 separate procedures and go
    through 2 separate and distinct grinding procedures. Each
    blade is inspected twice during each procedure.
   Arrowhead cutlery is different from any other cutlery blades
    in the world. Because of its unique combination of metals
    and tempering, the blades are hard enough to be considered
    the sharpest blades on the market, yet (soft enough) so they will not chip and easily
    dull like forged blades which have a Rockwell hardness of 52-54. Arrowhead can be
    easily and continuously re-sharpened using a professional sharpening steel or ceramic
   Designed for EKCO Home Products by professional chefs and introduced in 1966,
    Arrowhead has always paid the highest attention to detail in the manufacturing each
    handle and blade, and warranties their durability and performance for a lifetime. No
    other cutlery in the world can compare to Arrowhead’s blade construction.
   Arrowhead Cutlery blades are manufactured using a unique and exclusive
    combination of metals known as 420J2 Steel containing the following materials:
       o   Carbon: A nonmetallic element that occurs in inorganic compounds, graphite and
           diamond for hardness.
       o   Silicon: A nonmetallic element occurring extensively in silicates, used in
           combination with other materials to increase malleability and luster.
       o   Phosphorus: A nonmetallic element used to protect metal surfaces from
       o   Sulfur: A nonmetallic element used in the preparation of compounds.
       o   Titanium: A strong, highly corrosion-resistant, lustrous white metallic element
           used for strength, and high-temperature stability in tempering.
       o   Vanadium: A metallic element having good structural strength and used in rust-
           resistant, and as a carbon stabilizer in steels.
       o   Chromium: A lustrous, hard, steel-gray metallic element, resistant to tarnish and
           corrosion. It is used in the hardening of steel alloys and the production of stainless
       o   Manganese: A silvery metallic element. It is alloyed with steel to increase
           strength, hardness, wear resistance.
       o   Nickel: A silvery, hard, ductile, metallic element used in alloys for corrosion-
           resistant surfaces.
       o   Molybdenum: A hard, silvery-white metallic element used to toughen alloy steels.


   Hand Made Sablewood Handles... crafted of beautiful Mahogany wood veneers
    impregnated with resins under tremendous heat and pressure... duplicating what
    Mother Nature takes millions of years to accomplish in petrified wood. Hard and
    durable enough to resist burning, stains and chips
   Perma-Keen Cutting Edges... our serrated knives provide 30% more cutting surface
    than traditional serrated knives. Tips take abuse and crescents do the cutting for
    lasting sharpness. The only serrated knife that can be re-sharpened by the customer.
   Sculptured Handles... have fine grips carved for safer handling, firmer knife control,
    an extra safety factor for wet or slippery hands.
   Full Tang Construction... an extra quality safety feature that assures extra strength,
    perfect balance and longer life. The tang extends the full length and width of the
   Stainless Vanadium Steel Blades... blends of the finest Hi-Carbon Steel, Chromium,
    Titanium, Nickel, Molybdenum and Vanadium create blades that resist rusting,
    tarnishing and staining.
   Hollow Ground Blades... for keen precision cutting, both sides of the cutting blade
    are sharpened toward the edge... then the blade is beveled sharply to the cutting area.
   Elegant Storage Holsters & Blocks... keep your knives in place on the wall, drawer,
    countertop or tabletop, or in handcrafted leather storage holsters. Attractive,
    contemporary blocks and holsters compliment the finest cutlery manufactured.
   New Heavier Gauge 420j2 Blades... the kind used by professional chefs who
    demand the finest cutting blades.
   Saber Ground Blades... the entire grind is beveled sharply to the cutting edge for
    heavy-duty cutting tasks.
   High Compression Rivets... of nickel/chrome join the blade firmly to the
    SABLEWOOD Mahogany layered handles and are guaranteed never to pull apart.

                                   The Sablewood Fan shown here demonstrates how
                                   the finest Mahogany veneers are fused under pressure
                                   approaching 250 tons per square inch, resulting in
                                   handles of synthetic petrified wood. The beauty of
                                   wood with the durability of a “rock like” material
provides Handles that will last more than a lifetime

Arrowhead Cutlery is the world’s finest, sculptured, contemporary styling cutlery,
American-made perfection for you to treasure for a lifetime. Cut, slice, chop and carve
your foods to perfection with this new exciting ensemble. Famous Arrowhead Cutlery is
the standard that all others try to duplicate…the finest precision cutting and serving
instruments are available only through your authorized Health Craft/Arrowhead Cutlery

Arrowhead 5-pc “Basic” Kitchen Set
The perfect gift… The 5 most basic knives, displayed in attractive
Mahogany case for hanging on your wall or storing safely in your
drawer. 5-pc Set includes:
     7 ½” Paring Knife w/ 2 ¾” blade
     10 ½”Sandwich/Utility Knife w/ 5 ¾” blade
     15 ¼” Ham & Bread Slicer w/ 10” blade
     13 ½” French Chef Knife w/ 8” blade
     13 ¼” Carving/Butcher Knife w/ 7 ¾” blade
     FREE “Slotted” Maple Cutting Board
             o Pictured with the 16-pc set

        MSRP $549.00      Preferred Customer Price $379.00

                                   Arrowhead 16-pc Kitchen Cutlery Set
                                   From gourmet meals to after hour delights, behind every great chef or
                                   aspiring home cook is a GREAT set of kitchen tools! Our 16-Piece
                                   Arrowhead Cutlery Set includes:
                                         7 ½” Paring Knife w/ 2 ¾” blade
                                         10 ½”Sandwich/Utility Knife w/ 5 ¾” blade
                                         15 ¼” Ham & Bread Slicer w/ 10” blade
                                         13 ½” French Chef Knife w/ 8” blade
                                         13 ¼” Carving/Butcher Knife w/ 7 ¾” blade
                                         15 ¼” Professional Sharpening Steel
                                         Professional Kitchen/Poultry Shears
                                         Eight 8 ½” Table “Steak” Knives w/ 4 ½” blade
                                         FREE “Slotted” Maple Cutting Board

                           MSRP $1149.00     Preferred Customer Price $799.00
                       8-pc Kitchen Set: 16-pc Set minus 8 Table “Steak” Knives
                                FREE “Slotted” Maple Cutting Board
                                    Preferred Customer Price $549.00

                                                   Arrowhead “serrated” Slicer - Proper carving begins
                                                   with knives that are finely honed and razor sharp. Artful
                                                   carving is the result of experience, knowledge, and having
                                                   a great knife to do the job! Slices of well-carved meat are
                                                   tenderer than pieces that have been hacked with a dull
                                                   knife. Carve a roast, steak, chicken, turkey, ham, duck or
                                                   game; slice pineapple, halve grapefruit, melons, squash or
                                                   eggplant. The Arrowhead “serrated” Slicer is the perfect
                                                   gift, this classic knife will be eternally appreciated.
                                                   Complete with handcrafted leather “belt loop” storage

                             MSRP $107.00       Preferred Customer Price $75.00

Arrowhead Cleaver – Not having an Arrowhead Cleaver
is like a missing tool in your toolbox. You just can’t be
without… and it can be used like a chef's knife. The long,
slightly curved blade is razor sharp, ideal for slicing
through large vegetables, disjointing chicken, turkey,
duck and game. Cracking spareribs and crushing garlic
like a pro. Turned on its side, the wide blade can be used
to tenderize meat or poultry cutlets. 12” total length, 6” X
3.25” blade, complete with handcrafted leather storage

                            MSRP $158.00       Preferred Customer Price $110.00

                                                    Arrowhead Boning/Filet Knife
                                                    Designed for exceptional performance… The Arrowhead
                                                    Boning/Filet Knife is designed for trimming poultry and
                                                    meat from the bone. Used to prep or filet seafood for
                                                    grilling, bone chicken breasts, butterfly pork or in
                                                    prepping lamb chops for the grill. The blade is 5 ½
                                                    inches, and is narrow and flexible enough to allow you to
trim off every last morsel and leave precious cuts intact. Exclusive Taper Grind edge ensures maximum
precision and extra sharp cutting. The perfect gift for the avid sportsman, aspiring home chef, or
professional, comes complete with handcrafted leather “belt loop” storage holster.

                            MSRP $105.00       Preferred Customer Price $73.00

Arrowhead Sportsman’s Knife
The Arrowhead Sportsman's Knife has many quality
features and its exclusive construction with its Perma-Fit
handle and Perma-Keen edge make it the ideal gift for
your favorite outdoorsman. Complete with a handcraft
leather “belt loop” storage holster to keep this knife safely
and securely in place and ready to use.

                             MSRP $142.00       Preferred Customer Price $99.00

4-pc Table Knife “Steak & Salad” Set
An elegant dining necessity...Arrowhead Table “Steak & Salad” Knives are
designed with beauty to fit in with the most elegant dining occasions and yet
have the durability to be used every day from breakfast to dinner. Fine knives,
complete with holster, are the best friends a hostess can have. In addition to
steaks, these knives will be used at your table for cutting ham, roast pork, roast
beef, fish, fowl, and you'll find them a pleasure to use in cutting your salads!
Complete with an attractive Mahogany case for hanging on your wall or storing
safely in your drawer.

               MSRP $279.00      Preferred Customer Price $189.00

 4-Table Knife Set without Mahogany Case       $129.00

Gift Items & Corporate Promotions

When you need a special gift, let Arrowhead help with the details. We can gift wrap your
selection in elegant Gold Classic foil and add a personalized Gift Card! To add a special
touch, have the gift personalized with an engraved plaque.

Please allow additional 7 – 10 business days for delivery of personalized orders, even if
next day or 2-day delivery is requested.

Due to the personalization, engraved and monogrammed products cannot be returned
under the Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. All other aspects of the 50 Year
Lifetime Warranty apply.

                            “It’s like no other cutlery in the world!”
                               50 Year Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the performance of our products with a 50 year customer satisfaction
guarantee. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your
Arrowhead product, we will correct the problem or replace it. Simply send the product
with an explanatory note to the address below.

Should your Arrowhead knives be damaged through misuse or abuse, we will replace the
item for one half of the current retail price plus shipping/handling and tax. Simply send
the product with an explanatory note to the address below.

If at any time within thirty (30) days after receipt of your Arrowhead product you are not
satisfied with your purchase for any reason you may receive a full refund of the purchase
price by contacting Arrowhead Customer Service at the address below.

Engraved or monogrammed products cannot be returned under the Unconditional Money
Back Guarantee. All other aspects of the Guaranty apply.

                             Arrowhead Customer Service
                                    Box 262502
                                 Tampa, Florida 33615

Reconditioning & Replacement

Ship to address:
        Health Craft/Arrowhead
        Customer Service
        Box 262502
        Tampa, Florida 33615

Lifetime Recondition Guaranty
All Arrowhead knives are covered by a 50-Year Lifetime Warranty, and will remain
sharp and beautiful for many years, but after extended use they may need to be factory
reconditioned. In addition to sharpening the edges, our craftsmen will clean and polish
the handles of each piece. Our reconditioning service is available at a reasonable fee.
See Cost below.
     Perma-Keen Cutting Edges... our serrated knives provide 30% more cutting
       surface than traditional serrated knives. Tips take abuse and crescents do the
       cutting for lasting sharpness. The only serrated knife that can be re-sharpened by
       the customer. When they do need sharpening, use the Arrowhead Professional
       Sharpening Steel or Ceramic knife sharpener. It will NOT ruin the special edge.
       For total reconditioning, send them back to Arrowhead and we’ll put a factory-
       fresh edge on each knife, and polish the blades, handles and rivets.

      Saber-Ground Straight-Edged Knives… Arrowhead knives with straight edges
       require periodic sharpening to maintain optimum performance. We recommend
       using our Professional Sharpening Steel or Ceramic knife sharpener to touch up
       the edges as soon as you notice the knife beginning to dull. You may also send
       these knives back to Arrowhead for complete reconditioning, as described in the
       prior paragraph.

Turn Around Time
    After your Arrowhead is received in Tampa, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for
      complete reconditioning and return of your products. You may call Customer
      Service at 1-800-443-8079 for a time estimate.

      Include $15 for the first knife and $10 for each additional knife… Price includes
       complete reconditioning; sharpening the blades, polishing of handles, as well as
       the return shipping and handling.

    To ensure the safety of everyone who handles your shipment, it is important the
      blades are well protected. Cover the entire blade and tip of the knife with
    Place them in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure
    Enclose a return card and remember to include your name, address, phone number
      and e-mail address so we may contact you if necessary and promptly return your

    Insure your package for its current retail value and save your receipt. Arrowhead
      is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

      Protect your knife edges by cutting only on a polypropylene (plastic) or wood
       cutting surface.
      Never cut on china or glass. These materials will dull straight edged knives.
      Use the Arrowhead Professional Sharpening Steel or Ceramic Sharpener to touch
       up straight edged and serrated edged knives.

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