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					     Scheduled Time/Venue       Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                    備考        キーワード
                                            Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                            The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                            sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                            urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local         6/20
                               ICLEI-       governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The         TMG will
                               Internationa Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and        host
                9am-7pm        l Council    ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and            "Emerging
     6/13(Wed)                              new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local                         都市、自治
1               Athlete's      for Local                                                                               Local Cap-
     ~6/22(Fri)                                                                                                                   体
                Park           Environme government associations and major city networks will coordinate               and-
                               ntal         policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.                       trades"
                               Initiatives                                                                             11:30-

                                            Megacities 2012
                                            The event, already taken place in various Latin-American countries,
                                            will be about diverse topics, national and international innovative
                                            projects, including the revitalization of degraded areas, integrated
                               Rio city,    transport systems, energy and mobility as well as innovative solutions
6                              Rio State,   for the Future Cities and the sustainable use of transport
     6/15(Fri)    11am-8pm
                               AHK          technologies. The forum will present leaders and specialists of
                                            diverse areas,

                                            ICLEI World Congress
                                            The ICLEI World Congress is the main event its association of Local
                                            Governments for Sustainability, and will deal with the pressing issues
                                            facing local governments and urban areas in this unpredictable era of      6/15
                                            change. The Congress will bring ICLEI's members, partners, global          TMG will
                                            strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn          contribute
     6/14(Thu)-   Belo                                                                                                            都市、自治
2                              ICLEI        from inspirational speakers and real-life city cases about cutting-edge    a
     6/17(Sun)    Horizonte,                                                                                                      体
                                            integrated solutions to the challenges we face.                            session“Lo

                                           Sustainable Development Dialogues
                                           Top representatives from civil society, including private sector, NGOs,
                                           scientific community, among other major groups, will convene to
                                           engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
                                           They are expected to engage in an open and action-oriented debate
                                           on key topics related to sustainable development. There will be no
     6/16(Sat)~                            participation of Governments or UN agencies. The recommendations
3                              Governmen                                                                                            市民対話
     6/19(Tue) Riocentro                   emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed directly to the Heads
                               t of Brazil
                                           of State and Government present at the Summit.


                                            Climate Group
                                            -Clean revolution-
                                            At the Clean Revolution Leadership Summit in Rio, it will be giving
                                            the world dicision makers a platform to highlight the role of innovation
                                            to address climate change and resource scarcity, and showcase how
4 6/17-6/19       不明                        leadership towards a low carbon future can unlock real benefits                         気候変動


                                            Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                            The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                            sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                            urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
                               ICLEI-                                                                                  TMG will
                                            governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
                               Internationa                                                                            host
                                            Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and
                9am-7pm        l Council                                                                               "Emerging
     6/18(Mon)                              ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
21              Athlete's      for Local                                                                               Local Cap-
     ~6/22(Fri)                             new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                Park           Environme                                                                               and-
                                            government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                               ntal                                                                                    trades"
                                            policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.
                               Initiatives                                                                             11:30-
    Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                              the            World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities
                              Research       (WSSD-U-2012)
                              and            It is against this background that the “World Symposium on
                              Transfer       Sustainable Development at Universities” (WSSD-U-2012) will be
                              Centre         organised by the Research and Transfer Centre “Applications of Life
                              “Application   Sciences” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, under the
    6月5日(火)                                                                                                                科学技術、
1           不明                s of Life      auspices of the RCE Hamburg and Region. The RCE Hamburg and
    、6日(水)                                                                                                                 大学
                              Sciences”      Region is part of a global network of Regional Centres of Expertise on
                              of the         Education for Sustainable Development (RCEs) coordinated by the
                              Hamburg        United Nations University.
                              of Applied
                                           Making climate finance an effective driver of sustainable
                                           Climate finance could become a powerful driver of sustainable
                                           development. By supporting mitigation, adaptation and capacity
                                           building, it can help build the governmental, social, economic and
                                           physical infrastructures needed to achieve poverty reduction and
                                           green economy growth. However, without concerted efforts to
                                           strengthen the governance of climate financing, these goals will
                                           remain elusive.
    6月13日(水 9:30am-11am       cy
2                                                                                                                          気候
    )       T6,Riocentro      Internationa
                                           Presently climate money is channelled through a complex network of
                                           public and private institutions, where decision-making can be opaque
                                           and unaccountable, and independent oversight absent or under-
                                           funded. This heightens the risk of policy capture, mismanagement or
                                           corruption; all serious impediments to the Rio+20 agenda.

                                     Fiduciary standards such as those espoused by the GEF represent
                                     an important attempt to safeguard climate financing against abuse.
                                     Transparency, accountability and ethics are fundamental. But what
                                     Climate Policy under a New World Order
                                     Beginning with the negotiations in Durban, a new world order began
          09:30am -      Climate
  6月13日(水                            to take shape in which emerging economies like Brazil, China, and                     環境政策、
3         11am           Policy
  )                                  India will take the lead to ensure sustainable development at both the                新興国
          T6,Riocentro   Initiative
                                     domestic and international levels. In these countries, where a rapidly
                                     growing middle class will require increased economic productivity
                                     over the next twenty years, a 21st century policy framework that
                                     Sustainable solutions for the new domestic
                                     This event will focus on concrete actions which have a clear impact in
                                     the field of sustainability. A particular attention will be given to:
                                     - the cultural and linguistic aspects of sustainable development;
                                     - the relations among sustainability and food production
                                     - the relations among the loss of biodiversity and the loss of cultural
          09:30am -                  diversity
  6月13日(                  (UEA) and                                                                                        具体的活動
4         11am                       - the benefits for the environment in using a common neutral
  水)                     The World                                                                                         案
          P3-E,Riocentro             language
                                     The search for a sustainable development will require new behaviours
                                     and new practices in order to tackle many social and environmental
                         n (TEJO)
                                     problems. We will present how a change to a vegetarian diet can be
                                     important for the protection of biodiversity and to guarantee nutrition
                                     for a planet with 7 billion people. We will also show how the use of an
          11:30am -      Third       WHAT RIO+20 MUST DO TO ACHIEVE THE FUTURE WE WANT
  6月13日(                             The side event will address key issues in the outcome document for
5         1:00pm         World                                                                                             成果文書案
  水)                                 Rio + 20 and provide perspectives from developing countries and civil
          T9,Riocentro   Network
                                     society on what needs to happen to ensure the future we want
                                     Child Consumerism, Advertising and Sustainability
                                     We are living a completely new moment in history, a global
                                     environmental crisis, due to consecutive decades of abusive
                                     extraction of natural resources all around the planet.
                                     The great engine of this process is consumerism, an outcome of
                                     current market policies. If before this issue was an adult population’s
          11:30am -
                                     problem, nowadays it’s the child public that has grown a strong target
  6月13日( 01:00pm         Alana
6                                    for abusive advertising.                                                              子供、広告
  水)      T3,Riocentro   Institute
                                     According to a study made by Ibope (2010), the Brazilian kids spend
                                     an average of five hours watching television every day, being a
                                     constant target of commercials, as elucidated by Interscience (2003),
                                     children are active participants of the home consumption decision,
                                     accounting for 80% of all choices, from which car to buy to which
                                     As we want a true Sustainable Development, we must contest our
                                     consume habits propagated from childhood. It is crucial that this
     Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                              A long-term strategy for sustainable development based on the
                                              The international team of scientists on the basis of the Global
                                              Forecast "The Future of Civilizations” for 2050 made in 2007-2009
                                              with recommendations to the strategy for partnership among
                                 Pitirim      civilizations, which was reported at the roundtable meeting of the 64th
                 11:30am -       Sorokin      session of UN General Assembly on 27/10/2009 and the 4th
     6月13日(      01:00pm         and Nikolai Civilization Forum "Prospects for Development and Partnership                      科学技術、
     水)          T8,Riocentro    Kondratieff Strategy of Civilizations" within EXPO-2010 in Shanghai on 12-                     大学
                                 Internationa 14.11.2010, prepared a draft report "Foundations of a Long-term
                                 l Institute  Strategy for Global Sustainable Development Based on Partnership
                                              of Civilizations."
                                              The draft Report was discussed at the roundtable meeting at the UN
                                              Information Centre in Moscow on 15.03.2011, at a number of regional
                                              conferences, at the roundtable meeting within the 65th session of UN
                                              General Assembly on 28/6/2011, at the 4th Forum of the Alliance of
                                              Awakening in Qatar, 11/12/2011, at the Dream: Living Beyond
                                              Civilizations the Dreamer: Changingthe 5th Civilization Forum in
                                              The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is a dynamic multimedia
                                              experience that calls participants to explore the most urgent
                 11:30am -                    challenges and possibilities for our time in the context of addressing
  6月13日(         01:00pm         Beyond       the questions: Where are we? How did we get here? and, What are
8                                                                                                                               戦争
  水)             T6,Riocentro    War          the possibilities for the future? The beautiful videos clearly illuminate
                                              the root causes of the environmental, social and spiritual crises facing
                                              humanity and the extraordinary possibilities emerging at this time in
                                              history. Through discussion and exercises, participants are inspired to
                                              fulfill their unique role in creating our shared future. The main purpose
                                              of the Symposium is to create a cadre of people around the world
                                              Next Steps: Moving actively engaged in the process of
                                              who are “awake” and Forward to Achieve Water for Allbringing
                                              In 2010, the UN formally recognized the human right to water and
                                              sanitation at the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.
                                              Around the world, civil society organizations have lauded this
                                              important step toward achieving clean water and sanitation for all and
                                              are now focusing their efforts on implementation at the national and
                 11:30am -
                                 Food &       grassroots levels. Full access will not be achieved without strong
     6月13日(      01:00pm
9                                Water        leadership from states and collaboration with stakeholders including              水
     水)          T10,Riocentro
                                 Watch        civil society, labor, indigenous groups, and women’s groups. To this
                                              end, a series of government-civil society consultations are being held
                                              to formulate joint strategies and share good practices that grassroots
                                              groups bring from their extensive experience. The first consultation
                                              was held in March 2012 concurrent with the World Water Forum and
                                              the second will be held in April 2012 during the second round of CSD
                                              informal negotiations. This third consultation in Rio will establish clear
                                              commitments towardTowards Sustainable Agricultural Economies
                                              Green Agriculture: common goals.
                                              Farming provides multiple services to society from production of food,
                                              non-food products, delivery of ecosystem services and land
                                              stewardship to enhance and protect biodiversity. It plays a key role for
                                              rural development and employment contributing to its economic
                                              growth, thereby reducing poverty and hunger.

                 1:30pm - 3pm                 Biodiversity and climate change has become the center of
10               P3-E,Riocentro Searice       negotiations in various environmental negotiating bodies. Different               農業
                                              sectors face distinct challenges but farmers and farming communities
                                              in the developing countries are among the most vulnerable groups.
                                              SEARICE together with its partners believe that community-based
                                              farming conservation practices is an adaptive mechanism in reducing
                                              the vulnerability of farmers to the adverse impacts of climate change
                                              while conserving and enhancing in- situ agro-biodiversity. To them,
                                              green economy pertains to these practices that are participatory,
                                              What will be the Rio legacy? An intergenerational debate
                                              Beyond 2015 and GCCA are looking at hosting a dialogue together
                                              with the Major Group of Children and Youth bring together women
                                              and men from different generations, regions, social backgrounds and
                 1:30pm - 3pm                 walks of life to share and compare ‘what gets you out of bed… to
     6月13日(                                   change the world?’. The dialogue aims to explore what motivates
11               P3-E,Riocentro CBM                                                                                             ポスト2015
     水)                                       people at different stages of their lives and with different experiences,
                                              to take action on sustainable development through advocacy,
                                              campaigning or programming. What are the tried and tested
                                              strategies? What are the most effective techniques for getting peers
                                              involved, no matter what age? Where do we turn to when we need to
                                              find inspiration? What are the biggest challenges encountered? What
     Scheduled    Time/Venue       Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                               Certification as a tool for greening economies
                                               The sustainable use of natural resources is a fundamental
                                               precondition for a green economy. FSC was set up by environmental
                                               and social organisations together with forest owners (private and
                                               community) and companies to develop a transparent and credible
                                               scheme for sustainable forest management. FSC has triggered
                                               substantial demand for sustainably harvested wood products: already
                                               5% of the world’s total forests are managed according to FSC
                 1:30pm - 3pm     Forest       standards.
12               T3,Riocentro     Stewardshi                                                                                   グリーン経済
                                  p Council  Forest products play a key role in a green economy. For instance
                                             they provide construction material for zero-energy buildings and
                                             replace other resources for products and energy for environmental
                                             and scarcity reasons. It is essential to mobilise these products in
                                             complete harmony with globally agreed objectives to halt the
                                             deterioration of biodiversity, as well improving social justice and
                                             respect for people directly dependant on forests.

                                               Come and discuss the promotion of forest certification, in particular in
                                               Transition Territories, the lessons learned after the crisis
                                               We will look at these experiences:
                                               The territory of Nord-Pas de Calais, localized in the North of France
                                 Centre        BRUSSELS-CAPITAL REGION (BELGIUM)
                                 Ressource     WALLONIA REGION (BELGIUM)
                 1:30pm - 3pm du               NRG4SD
13               T6,Riocentro    Développe                                                                                     グリーン経済
                                 ment        From the experiences of differents continents, our goal is to reveal :
                                 Durable     • Identify sources of change for a new development pathway that best
                                 (CERDD)     suits the needs of human and natural well-being.
                                             • The specific and universal solutions from the three resilient areas
                                             • Advice from people of different countries and cultures.
                                             • new recommendations and methods to build a mode of
                                             development which reduces inequality and restores natural capital.
                                             • Finding new economics models towards a green economy
                                             THE PILLARS OF A NEW KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM FOR
                                 World       AGRICULTURE
                 1:30pm - 3pm                Clause 66 of the zero draft focused on the importance of agricultural
     6月13日(                      Farmers
14               T10,Riocentro                                                                                                 農業
     水)                          Organisatio knowledge. Revitalizing this system demands new pluralistic
                                 n           approaches that truly reflect a respect for knowledge sharing. Experts
                                             from the farming, extension and research communities will unveil the
                                             pillars of new knowledge system for agriculture.
                                             Mountains under review – communicating the state and trends
                                             To date, there is no appropriate mechanism for exchanging up-to-
                                             date environmental information between different mountain regions,
                                             and providing accurate briefings to decision-makers covering the
                                             global mountain environment. A comprehensive knowledge base,
                                             also about spatial and socioeconomic interrelationships between
                                 Interim     mountain and non – mountain areas is also important in order to
                 1:30pm - 3pm Secretariat recognize, assess and collect the positive and unaccounted
15               P3-6 ,Riocentro of the      economic benefits derived from mountains not only to highland                     山岳環境
                                 Carpathian communities, but also to a large portion of the world’s population
                                 Convention living in lowland areas.

                                               The proposed side event aims at raising awareness for the state of
                                               mountain environments and the need for sustainable mountain
                                               development by presenting the state of mountains 2012 in
                                               comparison to 1992 and discussing challenges and opportunities for
                                               an enhanced environmental information on mountain regions. The
                                               People and the planet: population, consumption and the
                                               The event will focus on the linkages between population, consumption
                                               and the environment. It will demonstrate the importance of
                                               considering both demographic variables and consumption patterns if
                                               sustainable development goals are to be achieved. Rapid and
                                               widespread changes in the world’s population, coupled with
                 1:30pm - 3pm
     6月13日(                       The Royal    unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to              人口、消費、
16               T-4 ,Riocentro
     水)                           Society      human health and wellbeing, and to the natural environment. The                 環境
                                               combination of these factors is likely to have long-lasting
                                               consequences for our finite planet. Presentations will focus on global
                                               and regional population dynamics, global and regional trends in the
                                               consumption of natural resources and how the combination of these
                                               two factors is bringing us closer to environmental limits. Ways forward
                                               for sustainable development will then be offered. Speakers will
                                               include Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston FRS, Dr Eliya Zulu, African
                                               Institute for Development Policy, a representative from UNFPA and
     Scheduled    Time/Venue       Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                               High Seas Alliance: Towards an Agreement for Protecting the
                                               High Seas
                                               The sustainable management and development of the high seas, is
                                               imperative in achieving the environmental, economic and social
                                               benefit of a resource that belongs to us all. The High Seas Alliance
                                               launched in 2011 as a united voice for the protection of the high seas.
                 1:30pm - 3pm                  Despite the existence of a suite of sectoral management
17               T-8 ,Riocentro   OceanCare arrangements (such as the IMO, RFMOs and the ISA) set up to                        海
                                               control maritime activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction, the
                                               high seas remains largely unprotected from the direct and indirect
                                               impacts of human activity. To address governance gaps and to
                                               ensure that the high seas become an example of leading edge
                                               conservation measures, including effective and enforceable fisheries
                                               management, establishment of high seas marine protected areas and
                                               the development of an effective environmental impact assessment
                                               process, the HSA is calling for an Implementing Agreement to
                                               Exploring synergies between faith values and education for
                                               Recognizing the important role of faith communities in promoting
                                               sustainability, UNESCO Paris, through the Education for Sustainable
                                               Development (ESD) section, commissioned a publication to highlight
                                               the contributions of diverse religions and faith traditions to education
                                  Earth        for sustainable development. UNESCO Paris joined forces with the
                 1:30pm - 3pm
     6月13日(                       Charter      Earth Charter International Secretariat and Earth Charter Center for
18               T-2 ,Riocentro                                                                                                教育、
     水)                           Internationa Education for Sustainable Development, along with the UNESCO San
                                  l            Jose Office, and the University for Peace.

                                               This side event will present this publication, and will offer the
                                               opportunity to open a dialogue between several contributors of this
                                               book with participants interested in the role of faith groups and major
                                               religions in the transition to a more sustainable, just, and peaceful
                                               world. The focus will be on finding synergies and points of
                 1:30pm - 3pm                  convergence so that alliances can help move the objectives of
19               T-2 ,Riocentro                                                                                                水
                                               High Level Meeting on National Drought Policy (HMNDP)
                                               Despite the repeated occurrences of droughts throughout human
                                 World         history and the large impacts on diffrerent socio-economic sectors, no
                 3:30pm - 5pm Meteorologi      concerted efforts have ever been made to initiate a dialogue on the             持続可能な
     6月13日(                                    formulation and adoption of national drought policies. WMO, and the             世界を
20               T-11 ,Riocentro cal
     水)                                        Secretariat of UNCCD, in collaboration with a large number of UN                つくる人間協
                                 Organizatio                                                                                   定
                                 n (WMO)       Agencies, International and Regional Organizations and key national
                                               agencies, plan to organize the High Level Meeting on National
                                               Drought Policy (HMNDP) in March 2013 in Geneva. This side event
                                               presents the rationale and the programme for HMNDP.
                                               Peoples' Sustainability Treaties
                                               Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties are proposed as a series of
                                               independent collective agreements produced by representatives of
                                 Centre for    major groups and stakeholders of civil society , with the intention of
                 3:30pm - 5pm Environmen       being drafted and published prior to the official UNCSD2012. They
     6月13日(                                    are planned as the alternative content outcome by civil society to
21               T-11 ,Riocentro t and                                                                                         若者、
     水)                                        reflect the public interest and aspirations of a sustainable world, and
                                 nt            will serve as collection of proposals for governments negotiating for
                                               official outcomes at the Summit. CSOs will engage in a
                                               complimentary process to UNCSD2012 with the rationale of
                                               producing ‘Treaties’ a ‘Declaration’ and an ‘Action Plan,’ which are to
                                               Youth ledand demonstrate the collective visions of the global people
                                               represent solutions to sustainable development
                                The World
                                Association  The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS),
                 3:30pm - 5pm                along with partners from the Major Group of Children, seek to run a
   6月13日(                        of Girl
22               T-10,Riocentro              side event exploring the contribution of youth to reaching global                 環境正義
   水)                           Guides and
                                Girl Scouts  agreement on an approach to sustainable development as well as the
                                (WAGGGS)     role of youth in delivering community and national solutions to the
                                             challenges of poverty, environmental sustainability and social justice.
                                             Environmental Justice Organizations for Sustainable
                                             Environmental Justice is a crucial condition for achieving fair and
                                             green economies. Phasing out unsustainable practices is necessary.
                                             Partly this will be done by behavior change, partly by market based
                                  Centro di
                                             incentives, but also partly has to be done by legal regulation. The fact
                 3:30pm - 5pm     Documenta
     6月13日(                                  is that the number of resource extraction and waste disposal conflicts            ベストプラク
23               T-9,Riocentro    zione sui
     水)                                      is increasing in the world. For stopping those conflict and find                  ティス
                                             solutions legal frameworks are therefore necessary at all levels. This
                                             side event wants to present some successful cases where social
                                             actions and legal instruments were used to stop or avoid
                                             environmental damage. To exchange this kind of information is one of
                                             the goals of a worldwide program called “EJOLT” (Environmental
                                             Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade). Another goal is to map
                                             environmental conflicts in the world and develop tools for experience
     Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                                Best Practices, the Commons and Sustainable Economies:
                 3:30pm - 5pm    Institute of   Connecting the Dots
     6月13日(                                     UN NGO Representatives and Governments will discuss best                         貧困、グリー
24               T-4,Riocentro   Planetary
     水)                                         practices for developing a participatory approach to decision making             ン経済
                                                and instituting a sustainable economy which protects and ensures the
                                                health and well-being of people and the natural environment.
                                                Elimination of Extremes of Wealth & Poverty in a Green
                                                Economy Context
                                                The Bahá'í International Community is organizing a series of three
                                                discussions to explore perspectives on the elimination of the
                                                extremes of wealth and poverty in the context of the green economy
                                 Baha'I         and sustainable development. A panel of representatives of UN
                 3:30pm - 5pm
   6月13日(                        Internationa   Member States, UN agencies, the private sector and civil society will
25               T-6,Riocentro                                                                                                   女性
   水)                            l              give brief presentations on the above theme and will reflect on the
                                 Community      patterns of thought and systems that give rise to extremes of wealth
                                                and poverty. Participants will divide into small groups to reflect on the
                                                presentations and to formulate questions for the speakers. The first
                                                discussion will take place during the Informal Informals, the second at
                                                Rio+20, and the third post-Rio+20. The discussions will contribute to
                                                the discourse on inequalities within and between countries and will
                                                explore pathways towards greater sustainability and equity.
                                                Women's Leadership and the Green Economy
                                                The event aims to bring together women's rights actors from across
                                                the world to address the gendered nature of emerging environmental
                 5:30pm - 7pm    Centre for                                                                                      グリーンイノ
   6月13日(                                       markets. The session will focus on women's participation and                     ベーション
26               T-5,Riocentro   Social         leadership opportunities in the green economy, women’s Energy
   水)                                                                                                                            グリーンテク
                                 Research       needs and governance, women and food production, provision and                   ノロジー
                                                distribution and women’s security and water under climate change. It
                                                will provide a unique insight into the relationship between gender
                                                politics, environmental management, climate change and emerging
                                                Green Innovation and Technologies: Practical Solutions
                                                Innovation and technology are recognized as fundamental to
                                                sustainable development. This priority has been recognized from the
                                                very outset of the international community’s efforts to address the
                                                challenges of sustainable development and is reflected in the
                                                preparations for Rio+20. Despite recognition of the importance of the
                 5:30pm - 7pm    Intellectual
   6月13日(                                       development and dissemination of new and more environmentally
27               T-6,Riocentro   Property                                                                                        電気自動車
   水)                                           sound technologies, difficulties remain in understanding how to make
                                                it happen. This side event will provide an opportunity for participants
                                 n (WIPO)
                                                to explore what is required to make innovation work and what is
                                                necessary to achieve long term and successful technology
                                                partnerships. Speakers will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of
                                                efforts to date, as well as examples of where it has worked and where
                                                it has not. The event will contribute to the outcome of Rio+20 by
                                United          developing practical ideas on how best to make innovation and
                                                Expanding the Use of Electric Mobility: Options for Sustainable
                                Nations         Urban Transport
                 5:30pm - 7pm Department        The proposed event is suggested to include a formal "hand-over of
28               T-10,Riocentro of              keys" to a small fleet of electric vehicles to be used by UN and                 中央アジア
     水)                         Economic        delegations during the period of the Conference.
                                and Social
                                                International and Interstate Institutions Capacity as Guarantee SD
                                                Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development for Central Asia
                                                (ISDC) under International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) was
                                                established based on Agreement, which was signed by the Heads of
                                                the Central Asia States in 1993. ISDC is comprised of 15 Members,
                                                including 3 members from each country (Ministry on Environment,
                                                Deputy Minister of Economy, representatives from science and other
                 7:30pm - 9pm Developme
     6月13日(                                     sectors), appointed by the Governments of the countries.
29               P3-B,Riocentro nt                                                                                               アフリカ
     水)                                         The main objective of ISDC is coordination and management of
                                                regional cooperation on environment and sustainable development in
                                n of
                                                Central Asia. Current regional and global environmental issues are
                                                discussed during ISDC meetings, including GE and IFSD. Based on
                                Asia (ISDC)
                                                the outcomes of CA sub-regional workshop:
                                                “Environment–Strengthening the Institutional Framework for
                                                Sustainable Development”, which was successfully organized during
                                                the last ISDC meeting in November 2011 in Astana, Kazakhstan,
                                                ISDC developed and approved common position on IFSD and one of
     Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                    Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                                Dialogue on the ‘Africa Consensus Statement’
                                                The African Ministers while adopting the Africa Consensus Statement
                                                called on Rio+20 to reinvigorate political will and international
                                                commitment to the goals and ideals of sustainable development, to
                                                move the sustainable development agenda forward, and raise the
                 7:30pm - 9pm                   level of commitment by countries, regions and the international
     6月13日(                     Africa
30               P3-3,Riocentro                 community to a common cause for sustainable development,                           森林
     水)                         Union
                                                including the need to achieve the internationally agreed development
                                                goals, such as the MDGs. They also called for Rio+20 to adopt
                                                concrete measures, supported by adequate means of implementation
                                                that would ensure accelerated implementation of sustainable
                                                development commitments, including those to be adopted at Rio+20.
                                                They further called on the developed countries to fulfil previous
                                                Forests in a and pledges to help Africa’s efforts in achieving
                                                commitmentsglobal bioeconomy requires wise governance and
                                                Forests provide services for society and forests are fundamental life-
                                                support systems in the biosphere. Forests are pivotal in facing the
                                                challenge of climate change. Renewable energy and products from
                 7:30pm - 9pm                   forests can substitute for currently used fossil alternatives in order to
31               P3-A,Riocentro Sweden          mitigate climate change. Simultaneously the delivery of other forest               ポスト2015
                                                ecosystem services needs to be sustained. The Swedish model for
                                                sustainable forestry acknowledges the importance of private and
                                                public ownership, policy, and democracy for achieving sound forest
                                                governance. Sweden is a leading forestry country: with less than 1%
                                                of the forested area in the world, Sweden accounts for 5% of the
                                                harvest globally, and 10% of the global trade in forest products.
                                                Role of Sustainable Development Goals in the post-2015
                                                The full title of the side event is "Developing a post-2015
                                                development framework which puts poverty eradication and
                                                sustainability at its core – what role for Sustainable Development
                                                Goals?" It will address: How the environmental, economic and social
                 7:30pm - 9pm                   dimensions can be integrated into a holistic sustainable development
     6月13日(                      Movement
32               P3-6],Riocentro                framework to meet global challenge; How the process of developing                  農業、貧困
     水)                          ATD
                                                SDGs can reinforce and complement MDG acceleration efforts and
                                                the development of a post-MDG framework beyond 2015; How a
                                                human rights-based approach can be integral to the new
                                                development framework; Mechanisms for a UN-led inclusive,
                                                transparent and participatory process to create SDGs involving civil
                                                society, including those most vulnerable to global development
                                                challenges, to ensure their voices are incorporated into outcomes of
                                                intergovernmental processes; The role of stakeholders, national
                                                Alleviate Agricultural Poverty
                                                Alleviating agricultural poverty is a principal key in environmental
                                                Without financial stability families will continue to focus their time and
                                                attention on surviving while the environment will continue to
                                                deteriorate. The key to financial stability in the agriculture sector is to
                                                adhere to the principles and programs that are an integral part of
                                 Reach the      GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), which addresses environmental
     6月14日(木 9:30am-11am                                                                                                           持続可能な
33                               Children,      and economic sustainability. This includes such agricultural practices
     )       T6,Riocentro                                                                                                          消費
                                 Inc.           as: crop rotations, Integrated Pest Management, Integrated Soil
                                                Fertility Management, water management systems, tillage systems
                                                and crop-residue management systems.
                                                From the standpoint of environmental sustainability, these practices
                                                can also (1) improve long-term soil productivity, (2) increase crop
                                                production (reducing the impact on desertification and deforestation,
                                                (3) preserve bio-diversity, (4) increase the sequestration of CO2 in
                                                the farm soils, (5) improve efficient use of water and (6) improve the
                                                “Consumption vs. Sustainability” The Destructive Wasteful
                                                Our event main topic will discuss “The Wasteful System” a
                                                consumption dilemma....Civil Society role in making cultural shift in
                                                consumption habits towards Sustainability”, We will discuss firstly the
                                                trigger behind the transformation of wants to become needs, then our
                                                daily decision making dilemma; a paradox between our values and
     6月14日(木 9:30am-11am         Association
34                                              actions, then we will talk about the misconception of possessiveness               資金動員
     )       T5,Riocentro         for Human
                                                of the natural resources for the so-called human growth and the
                                                enormity of the current situation and finally we will focus on the
                                                importance role of Civil society when moving to action through
                                                leading the Wasteful System AWARENESS MOVEMENT aiming to
                                                correct misconceptions for the nature resources, the daily destructive
                                                consumption patterns, etc. Walking along the line with stakeholders
                                                and decision making bodies for collective decisions, commitments,
                                                plans and solutions, hoping to empower this movement on regional
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             Rio+20 15/15/15 Formula - Heartpower and Action for The Future
                                             We Want
                              Internationa   15/15/15 UN Civil Society Resource Mobilization Partnership
                              l              Formula’ states that Global civil society on the one hand commits at
                              Association    Rio+20 to mobilize 15 billion Euros and 15 million volunteers by the
                                for the      year 2015 for UN led sustainable development efforts and on the
                              Advanceme      other hand requests new forms of participation in global SD                     人権と環境
     6月14日(木 9:30am-11am
35                            nt of          governance.                                                                     制約を尊重
     )       T4,Riocentro                                                                                                    した経済
                              Innovative     Find more details see the Rio+20 Informal Issues Brief "Innovation for
                              Approaches     Sustainable Development"
                                to Global
                              Challenges     =230&menu=38 developed by Rio+20 Issues Cluster on Innovation

                                             Developing an economic framework which respects human
                                             rights and planet boundaries
                                             In the proposed transition towards a green economy, many civil
                                             society organizations and social movements are worried about how to
                                             guarantee the protection of human rights and the promotion of social
                                             justice. Based on a series of debates that occurred on the road to
                                             Rio+20, the objective of this event is to present the proposal of a
     6月14日(木 9:30am-11am      Civilis                                                                                        アマゾン
36                                           framework to protect human rights in the transition to green and
     )       T6,Riocentro     (Vitae
                                             inclusive economies, aiming at strengthening the debate and
                                             providing concrete and efficient tools for policymakers.

                                             The Future of the Amazon: a low carbon production model
                                             The Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) is a Brazilian
                                             NGO which work concept is based on participatory research by
                                             measuring and assessing from the point of view of scientific research,
                                             environment conservation and community.
                                             In order to promote Amazon conservation and development, IPAM
     6月14日(木 11:30am-1pm      tal
                                             currently works on three programs: (1) Community Management of                  人間の安全
     )       T8,Riocentro     Research                                                                                       保障
                                             Varzeas (Floodplains) and Forests, (2) Amazon Scenarios and (3)
                                             Climate Change. These programs have generated a considerable
                                             amount of information and encouraged initiatives to support public
                                             policies, local action and international agreements by working
                                             together with family farmers, farm producers, indigenous people,
                                             traditional communities and the government as a whole.

                                           Land and IPAM , partners and invited guests (academia,
                                           At Rio+20,Life: Human Security through Sustainable Development
                                           The workshop will be organised by practitioners of sustainable
                                           development on the part of IofC, on the one hand, and CEFO as an
                                           academic group whose members do research in sustainable
                                           development, on the other. Most, if not all, topics of the current CEFO
                                           members fall under the fields of sustainable development and human
                                           security (food security, land security and rights, energy security, just
     6月14日(木 11:30am-1pm      of Change
38                                         governance, inclusive economics, etc.). This collaboration is an                  人権
     )       T10,Riocentro    Internationa
                                           important step to bringing researchers of various disciplines and
                                           practitioners together and exploring mechanisms of creating such

                                             The workshop will allow bringing out the questions of methodologies
                                             and interdisciplinary nature of participants' research. The session will
                                             be facilitated with the aim of creating synergies in research and
                                             communication among representatives of various disciplines (natural
                                             The need for a rights-based approach to sustainable development
                                             The side event will focus on the normative reference base for a
                                             human rights-based approach to sustainable development
                                             governance and make suggestions for required institutional settings
                              Centre for     and legislation. Normative considerations will be enriched with critical
                              Ethics and     policy analysis and intelligence drawn from the practices the
   6月14日(木 11:30am-1pm                       contributing organisations are undertaking in their various action              グリーン経済
39                            Value
   )       T9,Riocentro                                                                                                      、若者
                              Inquiry        fields. These practices reach from grass-root level work with
                              (CEVI)         indigenous communities over policy and law related research and
                                             outreach to critical philosophy on global ethics (and back). The event
                                             will stage six contributions and organise interactive discussion with
                                             participants on issues related to human equality and sustainable
                                             development. Based on the contributions and the discussion, a joint
                                             reflection document will be prepared as information for civil society
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                              Comite         GREEN ECONOMY, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FROM A
                              Impulso -      PERSPECTIVE OF YOUTH
                              N RED          DEVELOPMENT, IMPLIES A CHALLENGE THAT MUST
                              NA PARA        THE YOUTH, REASON FOR WHICH, TO EXAMINE HIS SCOPE,
                              LA             MANNERS OF TRANSITION, IT IS MECHANISMS OF FINANCING
     6月14日(木 11:30am-1pm
40                            DE LOS         EXECUTION, IS FOR YOUNG WOMEN A MATTER OF THE FIRST                              エネルギー
     )       T4,Riocentro
                              DERECHO        ORDER, IN THE SENSE THAT THE DEVELOPMENT AS IT IS
                              S              CONCEIVED, INFLUENCES THEM IN A ROYAL WAY, REASON
                              HUMANOS,       FOR WHICH, A TRAFFIC TOWARDS THE GREEN ECONOMY IS A
                               EL MEDIO      MATTER THAT FOR THE YOUNG PERSONS IS
                              AMBIENTE       TRANSCENDENTAL.
                              Y LA PAZ,
                                             Energy for all; Equity as fundamental goal
                                             The political economy of energy aided by international finance, trade
                              Beyond         and aid has been the principal reasons for unsustainable
     6月14日(木 11:30am-1pm                     development. The panel will discuss how equity in energy is of
41                            Copenhage                                                                                       農業
     )       T6,Riocentro                    paramount importance for the cherished goal of energy for all and for
                              n Collective
                                             sustainable development. The panel will argue that equity in access
                                             to energy at international and sub national levels through fundamental
                                             changes in the patterns of production and consumption should be the
                                             Innovation and update of best practices for sustainable
                                             Best practices and technology can help sustainably increase
                                             productivity and leverage agriculture’s poverty reduction potential. But
                                             they need to be shared, deployed and adapted because every
                              Internationa   country, every farmer and every field are different. Knowledge sharing
           1:30pm - 3pm       l Fertilizer   mechanisms, such as extension services, are essential for
42         T-9 ,Riocentro     Industry       addressing existing implementation gaps, deploying new technologies              ジェンダー
                              Association    and to ensure farmers around the world can use the tools most
                               (IFA)         adapted to them.

                                             However, knowledge sharing mechanisms such as extension services
                                             have often been neglected and suffered from budget cuts and a lack
                                             of attention to the sector. In the meantime, public support for
                                             agricultural support also declined, raising questions about how
                                             research can address the need of farmers in different geographies.
                                             4th HELENA Z. BENITEZ GLOBAL FORUM ON GENDER JUSTICE
                                             AND THE GREEN ECONOMY FOCUSING ON WATER, ENERGY,
                                             AND FOOD: PROMISES AND PARADIGMS

                                       The '4th HELENA Z. BENITEZ GLOBAL FORUM ON GENDER
           1:30pm - 3pm                JUSTICE AND THE GREEN ECONOMY FOCUSING ON WATER,
   6月14日(木                 Women
                                       ENERGY, AND FOOD : PROMISES AND PARADIGMS.' aims to                                    女性、アフリ
43         T-10 ,Riocentro
   )                       University                                                                                         カ
                                       present fully gender and development issues which are vigorously
                                       embedded within the framework of fundamental human rights and
                                       gender justice in the Asia-Pacific region and in many parts of the
                                       world. It hopes to elevate further the discussions on the theme of
                                       green economy and gender equality, justice and human rights with
                                       special focus on water, energy, and food nexus , to a broader and
                                       IMPACTS OF PLASTICS , during ENVIRONMENT AND THE
                                       more significant audience ON THEthe United Nations Conference on
                                             HEALTH OF WOMEN AND CHI
                                             THE VOICES OF AFRICAN MOTHERS:

                                             The Voices of African Mothers works to establish a peaceful African
                                             Continent through conflict resolution and to identifying the causes of
                                             ethnic, religious and inter-communal conflict.

                                             VAM envision women and future generations to possess a full range
           1:30pm - 3pm       Voices of      of educational opportunities to attain empowerment to become
44         T-2 ,Riocentro     African        decision-making leaders of Africa..                                              海洋保全
                                             VAM believes access to education is key to equality. Equality is the
                                             application of the principle of natural justice and fairness. This refers
                                             to the legal and social capacity of men, women, boys and girls to
                                             mobilize and manage domestic, community, national and international
                                             resources and share the benefits arising there on an equal basis.

                                             VAM promotes economic empowerment and equality through
                                             resource production that are appropriate for needs through vocational
                                             training and development of business skills. Health education is
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                        Greenpeace: An Oceans Rescue Plan for Rio
                                        The future of high seas life is at stake at Rio+20 UNCSD. Despite
                                        WSSD commitment to protected area networks by 2012, legal gaps in
                                        oceans governance allow for plunder and destruction. Our side event
                                        exposes these gaps through real world examples and presents
                                        Greenpeace’s Oceans Rescue Plan.
             1:30pm - 3pm               99% of ocean is currently unprotected, so the future of millions that
     6月14日(木                  Greenpeac                                                                                      自然資本、
45           T3 ,Riocentro              depend on it for their livelihoods is at risk. Pacific small island nations
     )                        e                                                                                              生物多様性
                                        struggle to secure sustainability of their fisheries and long-term future
                                        of coastal communities, while large-scale fishing fleets from around
                                        the globe race to catch the last tuna. In the Indian Ocean, a
                                        fragmented, inadequate governance regime leaves it open to
                                        wholesale plunder. Even Arctic waters are facing increasing
                                        industrialization as ice melts.
                                        In Rio, Governments must agree to an implementing agreement
                                        Nature and natural capital as foundations of seas biodiversity and
                                        under UNCLOS to enable the protection of high the green
                                        economySecuring the future we want: nature and natural capital as
                                        foundations of the green economy

                                            Biodiversity, natural capital and natural services play a crucial role in
                                            underpinning economic activity. As the ‘green economy’ advances, it
                                            will be vital to recognise the fundamental role of nature and to
                                            mainstream and reflect this in indicators of socio-economic
             1:30pm - 3pm     BirdLife      development and growth.
46           T8,Riocentro     Internationa                                                                                   交通
                              l            This side event will profile the foundational importance of nature and
                                           natural capital in achieving sustainable development, drawing on
                                           experiences from the BirdLife Partnership around the world,
                                           Governments, the private sector and other organisations. It will focus
                                           on the role and value of nature and its services, and the benefits of
                                           investing in ecological infrastructure.

                                            Emphasis will be placed on issues of equity, the importance of
                                            empowerment at the local level, and participatory governance
                                            Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
                                            Transportation is a key building block of sustainable development.
                                            The majority of transport financing supports unsustainable
                                            transportation, increasing inequality of access, CO2 and air pollution,
                                            traffic fatalities, and sprawl development. A growing share of transport
                          Institute for     financing from climate funds and development aid programs supports
           1:30pm - 3pm Transportati        sustainable transport. Emerging best practices in national
47         P3-F,Riocentro on and            transportation policy also have potential to leverage changes in                 若者
                          Developme         transport sustainability by influencing larger public and private sector
                          nt Policy         transport investments.
                                            Sustainable transport seeks to avoid low value or unnecessary travel
                                            through smarter planning and communications, shift travel to lower
                                            impact passenger and freight modes, and improve the efficiency of
                                            vehicles, fuels, and network operations. This session discusses
                                            efforts to measure the contribution of transport investments to
                                            support sustainability goals, focusing on key metrics and indicators as
                                            Enabling Youth participation in bridging Rio+20 Outcome
                                            Beyond 2015 wi
                                            The Side Event in the Rio+20 will emphasize on Youth Engagement,
                                            mobilization and empowerment on UNCSD/Rio+20 and beyond
                                            process, as the Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) is the
                                            main entry-point for all children, youth and their organization into the
             1:30pm - 3pm                   process. The side event will do it’s best to provide a meaningful
48           P3-3,Riocentro Sri Lanka       session for youth participation. This will be a good an opportunity to           技術移転
                                            showcase the enthusiasm and courage of the Sri Lankan youth in this
                                            high-level UN event to bridge the gap between the Global North and
                                            the Global South youth. We would like to make this side event as a
                                            platform to network as much as youth leaders around the world who
                                            are participating in Rio in June and to carry out a mass youth
                                            campaign and mobilization for an ambitious deal in Rio+20. The side
                                            event will composed of a plenary session of experts, motivators and
                                            youth, they would Economy? Know-how, Know-what, Know-why
                                            The Technology speak on above themes and implementations of
                                            The year after the Earth Summit -- on the eve of the Knowledge
                              ETC Group     Economy -- the UN lost its only two global facilities for technology
                              (Action       assessment. Since then, billions of public dollars have been lost
                              Group on      subsidising nuclear fusion, biotech-fermentation, Terminator
             1:30pm - 3pm                   technologies, nanotechnology, second-generation biofuels, and
     6月14日(木                  Erosion,                                                                                       兵器による
49           T6,Riocentro
     )                        Technology    ocean fertilization, etc- largely because of the absence of adequate             環境汚染
                               and          technology assessment. At Rio+20, the UN must protect the
                              Concentrati   sovereignty and security of member states by ensuring that the know-
                              on)           how of technology transfer is supported by the know-what of
                                            technology assessment and the know-why of socioeconomic benefits.
                                            The side-event will hear experts discuss the problems, specific
                                            language and institutional modalities governments could adopt now
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                             Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                       Impact of Weapon Contamination (WEC) towards Sustainable
                          Internationa Development
                          l            Weapon Contamination (WEC) refers to landmines and explosive
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月14日(木                Committee remnants of war (ERW). The latest consists of both unexploded
50         T5,Riocentro                                                                                                  水
   )                      of the Red ordnance (UXO) that has been fired but has failed to explode, and
                          Cross        abandoned ordnance.
                                       First and foremost, WEC causes deaths and injuries, even after the
                                       end of armed conflict. However, the destructive impact goes much
                                       RUSSIA. Water: for health and against disability
                                       According to forecasts, not less than 40 % of residents of the Earth
                                       will live in conditions of deficiency of water in 15 years.
                                       Russia takes the second place in the world (after Brazil) on stocks of
                                       fresh water. But today each second resident of the country is
                          l Union of
                                       compelled to use the water mismatching sanitary-and-hygienic                      持続可能な
           3:30pm - 5pm Life Help
   6月14日(木                             requirements for drink. And 22 % of the population has no access to               開発に関す
51         T-10,Riocentro for
   )                                   the centralized sources of water supply! It inevitably leads to illness of        る制度的枠
                          Mentally                                                                                       組み
                                       the population.
                                       The prevalence of disability is about 15-18% of the population in the
                          d Persons
                                       world and it is strongly associated with poverty. Disability and poverty
                                       form a vicious cycle - disability leads to poverty, and poverty creates
                                       the conditions that generate more disability. Disability also impacts on
                                       entire families’ labor force, participation and schooling; therefore
                                       failing to address the barriers they face to & Compendium of living
                                       Multi-stakeholder Engagement in IFSD escape decrease of
                                       The Zero Draft underscored that a “fundamental prerequisite for the
                                       achievement of sustainable development is broad public participation
                                       in decision-making” at the international, national and local levels. This
                          CIVICUS - side event will be a third in a series that will examine the
                          World        representation, participation and accountability of civil society and
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月14日(木                Alliance for Major Groups in informing, monitoring and implementing
52         T-3,Riocentro                                                                                                 食糧、農業
   )                      Citizen      intergovernmental policy-making in a reformed IFSD that embraces
                          Participatio multi-level governance. Speakers will evaluate best practices of
                          n            public participation in other multilateral bodies as well as civil society
                                       proposals not yet implemented. Participants will consider the
                                       implementation and design of the Compendium of Commitments
                                       through such mechanisms as the Global Union for Sustainability that
                                       will provide an accountability framework for all stakeholders to pledge
                                       and monitor specific actions that are specific, time-bound,
                                       measurable, and verifiable to achieve sustainable development at the
                                       FOOD SECURITY, GREEN ECONOMY AND BIODIVERSITY
                                       CONSERVATION: OPPORTUNITIES AND LESSONS FROM THE
                                       BRAZILIAN AGRICULTURE SECTOR
                                       Brazil is an agricultural superpower, with the world’s largest
                                       commercial cattle herd, and is a major producer of crops including
                                       soy and sugar cane. In recent years, Brazil’s deforestation rate has
                                       declined to a quarter of its peak, without a reduction in agricultural
           3:30pm - 5pm National
   6月14日(木                             output, while there has been an increase in efforts towards
53         T4,Riocentro   Wildlife                                                                                       エネルギー
   )                                   sustainability throughout the supply chains of major products. Cattle
                                       ranching is the largest driver of deforestation but techniques
                                       developed by the Brazilian Government Agricultural Research
                                       Corporation, Embrapa, can double herd densities through the use of
                                       improved pasture mixtures and breeds and rotational grazing.
                                       Embrapa’s techniques can increase rural employment, reduce
                                       methane emissions and free up land which can be used for crop
                                       production, while eliminating the need for deforestation. This is a key
                                       exampleand Sustainable opportunity to integrate economic
                                       Energy of a win-win-win Development
           3:30pm - 5pm                Energy is one of the main issues to be considered at the United
54         T8,Riocentro   Brazil       Nations Conference for Sustainable development, and the                           環境会計
                                       contribution of energy sources, maily renewable ones, to sustainable
                                       development a key topic of discussion.
                                       Wasted opportunity? -Getting more out of waste in a green
           4:15pm - 6pm                In this session, public sector officials will outline their policy
55         Japan Pavilion UNEP-IETC approaches to achieve a win-win situation in which waste is minimized JP
           Athlete's Park              and soundly managed while at the same time the private sector is
                                       engaged and economic opportunities are generated for their
                                       communities. They will be joined by a panel of commentators from
                                       other public sector entities from around the world."
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                           Implementation of the SEEA: the international statistical
                                           standard for environmental-economic accounting
                                           Twenty years ago Agenda 21 sought a systems approach to
                                           monitoring the transition to sustainable development and noted the
                                           need for the development of integrated environmental-economic
                              Institute of
             5:30pm - 7pm                  accounts. Following two decades of development of methods and
     6月14日(木                  Geography
56           T9,Riocentro                  practical experience in countries, the Central Framework of the                 食糧
     )                        and
                                           System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) was recently
                                           adopted by the UN Statistical Commission as an international
                                           standard. The Statistical Commission further requested the
                                           Committee of Experts on Environmental Economic Accounting
                                           (UNCEEA) to develop an implementation programme. SEEA is a tool
                                           for statistical systems for integrating and organizing information on
                                           Indigenous and the Food Sovereignty + Sustainable
                                           the economyPeoples,environment to produce a wide range of
                                           The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) will host a panel
                                           presentation and roundtable discussion on Indigenous Peoples’
                                           Priorities for Ensuring Food Sovereignty in the Context of Local and
                                           Global Sustainable Development. Panel speakers: Andrea Carmen,
             5:30pm - 7pm                  Executive Director, IITC, Saul Vicente Vasquez, IITC Board Member
     6月14日(木                  l Indian
57           T4,Riocentro                  and Expert Member of the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous                       若者、環境
     )                        Treaty
                                           Issues (UNPFII), Mirna Cunningham, Chair of the UNPFII, Global
                                           Fund for Women Board Member, President of the Center for
                                           Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples (CADPI), Jorge
                                           Mani Stanley, Kuna Youth Movement, Indigenous Member of the UN
                                           Committee on Food Security, Marcos Terena, Coordinator of the
                                           Comité Intertribal Memoria e Ciencia (ITC), Phrang Roy, Assistant
                                           President on Special Assignment for Indigenous and Tribal Issues of
                                           the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD),
                                           Youth Perspective on Environmental Issues in Contemporary
                                           GIMUN is a United Nations-accredited NGO holding Special
                              Geneva       Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council
                              Internationa (ECOSOC). Our goal is to promote the ideals and principles of the
             5:30pm - 7pm                  United Nations among youth, particularly amongst students.                      気候変動、
     6月14日(木                  l Model
58           T5,Riocentro                                                                                                  グッドガバナ
     )                        United                                                                                       ンス、水
                              Nations      Youth Perspectives, our next event, is about giving the opportunity to
                              (GIMUN)      young people engaged in the topic that is discussed to give their
                                           opinion. We want to reach conclusions that reflect the position of
                                           youth on central topics of contemporary international relations. The
                                           aim is to bring young people to discuss their points of view, to precise
                                           their opinions and to develop, in a coherent and Good Governance to
                                           Transboundary Waters, Climate Change way, drafts of solutions
                                           All pillars of sustainable development require reliable access to
                                           adequate supplies of good-quality water. Population and economic
                                           growth are already straining water resources, and climate change will
                                           exacerbate this.

                                           In this context, international law has an integral role to play in
                                           ensuring that transboundary water resources are used in an equitable
             5:30pm - 7pm                  and sustainable manner. Proper management of these resources will
     6月14日(木                  WWF
59           T8,Riocentro                  contribute to economic growth that accounts for environmental and               MDGs
     )                        Indonesia
                                           social considerations.

                                           The 1997 UN Watercourses Convention (UNWC), as a global legal
                                           framework adopted under the auspices of the UN, is an important tool
                                           for strengthening the legal architecture governing shared waters.
                                           Once in force, the convention will better enable cooperation between
                                           states that is essential to protect vital freshwater ecosystems, their
                                           functions and services. Since 2006, WWF and its partners have been
                                           working to build awareness of the convention and its principles, in an
                                           Learning from the MDGs: SDGs within a transformative post-
                                           2015 development agenda
                                           With more than a hundred Heads of State indicating their intention to
                                           attend the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development,
                                           the outcomes of Rio+20 can be expected to greatly influence the
                                           global development agenda for the coming years. As the 2015 target
                                           completion date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
             5:30pm - 7pm     Ibon
     6月14日(木                               draws near, Member States, the UN system and civil society are
60           T10,Riocentro    Internationa                                                                                 若者
     )                                     beginning a global discussion on the possible contours of a post-2015
                                           development agenda. One of the proposals that have gained traction
                                           in the lead up to the Rio+20 Summit is the idea of launching a new
                                           set of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs), which some actors
                                           consider could become part of a possible post-2015 or post-MDG
                                           development agenda. This side event will gather experts from the UN
                                           System, Member States and civil society to draw lessons from the
                                           implementation of the MDGs, examine the proposals for SDGs in the
                                           outcome document of Rio+20 in light of these lessons, and outline
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                      Oxfam International Youth Partnerships: Youth fixing the broken
                                      Globally the world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet one in
                                      seven people on our planet go to bed hungry. Hunger, waste and
                                      environmental degradation are the result of a discriminatory global
                                      food system, which is broken. Nearly half of the world's population are
                                      aged 25 years and below, and it is these young people, and in
           7:30pm - 9pm Internationa
   6月14日(木                            particular young women, who are most impacted by the broken food
61         T3,Riocentro   l Youth                                                                                          森林
   )                                  system.
                          s (OIYP)
                                      Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) brings together 15
                                      young women and men from around the globe working to fix the
                                      broken food system. Using strategies based on the protection and
                                      realisation of all human rights these young people provide an insight
                                      into how we can address issues land and water access, support small
                                      scale producers (particularly women) and grow a global good food
                                      movement, to create a and and sustainable global food system where
                                      Corruption, Forestry, just Sustainable Development
                                      The Rio+20 Zero Draft calls for an urgent implementation of the “Non-
                                      Legally Binding Instrument on all Types of Forests (NLBI)”, which
                          United      aims at promoting sustainable use and management of forests.
                          Nations     However, no attention was made to the fight against corruption in the
           7:30pm - 9pm
   6月14日(木                Office on   environmental sector in general, and in the forestry sector in                       環境持続可
62         P3-3,Riocentro
   )                      Drugs and particular. Given that countering corruption and related offences is a                 能開発戦略
                          Crime       key element to be integrated in environmental policy and
                          (UNODC) programmes, this side event aims at raising awareness of all
                                      stakeholders of the forestry sector of corruption risks, as well as of
                                      the devastating impact of corruption in the sector. Experts will share
                                      experience and discuss on tools and Strategies–What’s Their
                                      National Sustainable Development ways to best address corruption
                                        Future Role?
                                        The side-event focuses on the multidimensional challenges of
                                        national sustainable development strategies (NSDS). The side
                                        event’s objective is to evaluate the relation between NSDS (based on
            7:30pm - 9pm
   6月14日(木                 Liechtenstei the examples and experiences of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and
63          P3-A,Riocentro              further members of the European Sustainable Development Network
   )                       n
                                        ESDN) and newly emerging strategic approaches like green growth or
                                        green economy. Furthermore will success factors, opportunities and
                                        challenges of NSDS strategies, indicators and monitoring systems be
                                        analysed and discussed. Experiences that have been made in
                                        implementing these strategies and systems should be used and
                                        integrated when drafting a new generation of targets, indicators and
                                        Megacities 2012
                                        The event, already taken place in various Latin-American countries,
            11am-6pm                    will be about diverse topics, national and international innovative
複           Athlete's Park              projects, including the revitalization of degraded areas, integrated
                           Rio city,
数 6/14(Thu)
                           Rio State, transport systems, energy and mobility as well as innovative solutions
日 6/15(Fri) 11am-8pm                    for the Future Cities and the sustainable use of transport
2                          AHK
            Athlete's Park              technologies. The forum will present leaders and specialists of
                                        diverse areas,

                                            ICLEI World Congress
                                            The ICLEI World Congress is the main event its association of Local
                                            Governments for Sustainability, and will deal with the pressing issues
複                                           facing local governments and urban areas in this unpredictable era of
                9am-7pm                     change. The Congress will bring ICLEI's members, partners, global
数 6/14(Thu)-                                                                                                               都市、自治
                Belo Horizonte, ICLEI       strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn
日 6/17(Sun)                                                                                                                体
3               Brazil                      from inspirational speakers and real-life city cases about cutting-edge
                                            integrated solutions to the challenges we face.

    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                          Green Economy and Trade – Assessing Risks and Opportunities
                                          Much of the dialogue on the green economy and trade in the context
                                          Rio+20 have focused on the risks associated with a transition to a
                                          green economy. However, the transition to a green economy also
                                          presents numerous trade opportunities for developing countries. It is
                             Internationa crucial to identify these trade opportunities, together with the policy
            09:30am -
    6月15日(金                  l Trade      reforms that can create and strengthen developing country capacity             グリーン経
1           11am
    )                        Centre       to benefit from the opportunities.                                             済と貿易
                                          In order to inform the Rio+20 dialogue on trade and green economy,
                                          this side event will focus on the trade opportunities associated with
                                          the transformation to a green economy. A recent study completed by
                                          UNEP, ITC and ICTSD will be presented, mapping and analysing
                                          existing trade related opportunities for developing countries in the
                                          Women’s Resistance and Resilience
                                          transition to a green economy.
                                          Social equity, gender equality and environmental justice must form
                                          the heart of sustainable development, and of the outcomes of the
                                          Rio+20 UN conference in 2012. Twenty years after the first Rio
                                          conference, great social and economic inequities still remain. These
                                          inequities especially affect women and children, who make up the
                             Women in
                                          majority of those living in poverty. Three testimonies from women
            09:30am -        Europe for
    6月15日(金                               suffering from the extraction industries, from unsustainable energy
2           11am             a Common
    )                                     and agrofuels and from landgrabbing will be presented. The women’s
            T9,Riocentro     Future
                                          major group supports the transformation from the current economic
                                          system to a sustainable and equitable economic system which
                                          ensures gender equality, human rights and environmental justice and
                                          supports sustainable livelihoods and poverty eradication. Examples of
                                          initiatives towards sustainable and equitable economies will be
                                          shown, from assuring women’s access and control to land and
                                          resources, developing local, fair and ecological production and
                                          Youth with Disabilities and sustainable Development.
                             African      The side event will focus on raising awareness on the importance of
            09:30am -        Youth with involving young people with disabilities and other marginalized and
    6月15日(金                               vulnerable young populations in the social,economic and political
3           11am             Disability
    )                                     development processes contributing to sustainable development of
            T5,Riocentro     Network
                             (AYWDN) our countries,Countries , Continents and the world.It will share best
                                          practices of involving the marginalised and vulnerable Youth
                                          populations in the programmes and activities contributing to
                                          Scenarios for Sustainable Development Governance: National
                                          Mechanisms that Work
                                          The current Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development
                                          (IFSD) suffers fromlack of coherence, coordination and integration.It
                                          isdefined by the inabilityof economic and social policy making to fully
                                          account for environmental integrity; and very weak connections and
                                          coordination amonggovernancelevels, i.e. global, regional, and
                                          national. These shortcomings result in the persistent gap between
            09:30am -                     sustainable development policy formulation and implementation.
    6月15日(金                  Earth
4           11am
    )                        Council
            T6,Riocentro                 There have been strong requestsfor institutional changes to alleviate
                                         these shortcomingsboth fromcivil society and from governments
                                         around the world. There is a need for a change of IFSD in a way that
                                         allows ensuring efficiency and accountability for sustainable
                                         development architecture. Three inter-related proposals have gained
                                         wide spread support: (1) introduction of sustainable development
                                         goals (SDGs), (2) creation of sustainable development council (SDC),
                                         and (3) strengthening and closely integrating andcoordinating
                                         mechanisms and processes at global, regional and national levels by
                                         9 Months to Save the World: Mother Key to Sustainable
                                         The twenty years following the 1992 Rio Earth Summit have clearly
                                         shown that the current global challenges will not be solved by the
                                         same way of thinking that caused them. If we are to create the
                                         necessary paradigm shift to ensure not only the survival but the
            09:30am -        n of
    6月15日(金                              thriving of humanity and the earth, we must turn towards the very
5           11am             Prenatal
    )                                    roots of our existence. Over four decades of prenatal science and the
            T10,Riocentro    Education
                                         discovery of "epi-genetics" confirm that during the primal period, from
                                         conception to early childhood, the foundation for every human being's
                             s (OMAEP)
                                         relationship with their environment is formed. Human behaviour is
                                         determined by this factor. Mothers are children's first environment
                                         where the seeds of peace, prosperity, intelligence and sustainability
                                         can be sown and nurtured. They must be empowered and supported
                                         in their major role in the sustainability and future of our planet.
    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                    Title/Theme                                     備考   キーワード
                                          Resource Environment and Sustainable Development
                                          This side event will focus on the topic of resource, environment and
                                          sustainable development, which has attracted attentions from China
                                          and all over the world. The speakers will talk about the resource,
                                          environment and sustainable development in China, with regard to
                             Society for
            11:30am -                     different areas and industries. It will include the status, achievements,
    6月15日(金                  Sustainable
6           1:00pm                        challenges, as well as technology innovations. The speaker from
            T9,Riocentro                  UFRJ, Brazil will talk about the overall situation in Brazil. The
                                          discussion will focus on how to maintain the achievement and solve
                                          the problems related to resource, environment and sustainable
                                          development, not only in China and Brazil, but also in other
                                          developing countries. This side event is expected to show to the
                                          world the progress and efforts as well as challenges of sustainable
                                          Best practices and technology which is the sound from the
                                          development in China and Brazil, opportunities for farmers in
                                          South Ameri
                                          Debates on agriculture often pit smallholder agriculture versus large-
                                          scale agriculture. However this vision fails to take into account the
            11:30am -        CropLife     variety of agriculture systems that co-exist around the world and the
7           1:00pm           Internationa technologies and best practices that can be shared by farmers at
            T5,Riocentro     l            different scale.
                                          The roundtable discussion will present a study on best practices in
                                          agriculture in Latin America as a basis for discussion regarding which
                                          practices can be shared and scaled up to improve sustainability and
                                          enable smallholder farmers to take advantage of market and regional
                                          Social justice for future generations
                                            People from around the world will be watching for their leaders to
                                            make the right decisions at Rio which bring dignity, wellbeing and
                                            prosperity to all, and in so doing sets a strong legacy for generations
                                            to come. This event brings together a broad perspective, to hear from
            11:30am -        World
    6月15日(金                                 high level speakers sharing their views on safeguarding a sustainable
8           1:00pm           Future
    )                                       future - an essential requirement to ensure a meaningful outcome at
            T8,Riocentro     Council
                                            Rio+20. We will discuss the possible Rio outcomes and what they
                                            mean for child and youth representatives (Rio+twenties, terre des
                                            hommes) , representatives of networks committed to social justice
                                            (Social Watch), the rights of nature (Earth Charter Initiative),
                                            practitioners in the field of future generations (Ombudspersons) and
                                            Minatreamingrecognized authorities as a Means of Implementation
                                            internationally Organic Agriculture on future justice governance
                                            Governments with established organic green economies and
                                            effective enabling policies that support sustainable agriculture and
                                            which address hunger and poverty will share their experiences. UN
                             Internationa   agencies and humanitarian organizations will outline how organic
                             l              practices can unlock the potential of smallholder farmers for rural
            11:30am -        Federation     development and food and nutrition security. International volunteer
9           1:00pm           of Organic     organizations will present the case for integrating skilled volunteers
            T6,Riocentro     Agriculture    into implementation strategies. IFOAM, the world’s organic farming
                             Movements      umbrella organization, with 870 member organizations in 120
                               (IFOAM)      countries will confirm its contribution to the outcome of Rio+20 by
                                            outlining how it will facilitate the transition by systematically making its
                                            global networks and policy and technical expertise readily available to
                                            stakeholders. The panel will explore how Rio+20 can accelerate the
                                            uptake of organic agriculture including through its mainstreaming into
                                            policiesEconomy and Equity CAADP, CSA, Zero Net Land
                                            Green and initiatives such as
                                            By many, the concept of Green Economy is seen as a major
                                            milestone towards a sustainable development. On the other hand, lot
                             Evangelisch    of NGOs have expressed deep concerns. In their view the
           11:30am -         er             discussions on Green Economy in the Rio+20 preparation process
10         1:00pm            Entwicklung    contribute to narrowing the idea of sustainable development to a one-
           T3,Riocentro      sdienst        sided concept that especially lacks equity, social justice and human
                             (EED)          rights.

                                            The Side Event will present the various views and discuss pathways
                                            to implement sustainable development in a way that integrates social
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                              Economic and policy drivers of deforestation of the Brazilian
                                              This side event aims at reviewing the recent economic and social
                              Institute for   drivers of the deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon region, as well as
                              Applied         analyzing to which extent environmental policies have been effective
                              Economic        in decreasing deforestation rates recently. New policy proposals that
                              Research        combine forest conservation and sustainable use with socioeconomic
             11:30am -
     6月15日(金                  (Instituto      development and a greener economy in the Amazon will be
11           1:00pm
     )                        de              discussed.
                              Pesquisa        The event starts with an introduction to policies that are in place to
                              Economica       combat illegal forest loss and follows with presentations of new
                              Aplicada) -     research results based on quantitative analyses of deforestation
                              IPEA            dynamics and their empirical linkages with economic variables and
                                              environmental regulations.
                                              Panelists will engage the audience in a debate focusing on potential
                                              ways to enhancing the effectiveness of forest conservation policies
                                              Green Jobs: a chance for Youth!
                                              Youth are faced with unprecedented levels of unemployment. But the
                                              prospects of greening economies now offer potential for a wide range
                              United          of new jobs to be created. The challenge is to seize the major
                              Nations         opportunities for decent work the emerging new green sectors and by
           11:30am -
   6月15日(金                    Environmen      making existing jobs both more decent and greener at the same time.
12         1:00pm
   )                          t               A sharper focus on youth may prove to be an important accelerator
                              Programme       for making progress on all three dimensions of sustainable
                                (UNEP)        development. Significant progress can be made in poverty
                                              eradication and social inclusion by making green jobs a reality
                                              The side event would pave the way for a global partnership for green
                                              jobs, scaling up existing efforts, identifying the policy levers and
           1:15pm -                           Financing Sustainable mechanism. a trade union agenda: new
                                              crafting a global funding Development,
           2:45pm                             global levies wealth redistribution, role of pension funds
   6月15日(金 , UN5 ,Barra       Sustain
   )       Arena(outside      Labour
           RioCentro in
           the Barra
                                            A common framework to attain the full potential of forests for SD
                                            Forests are a critical link in the transition to a green economy.
                                            Forests with their products and services have the potential to
                                            contribute to overcoming global challenges, such as poverty, water
                                            scarcity, need for employment, renewable energy, low-carbon
           1:15pm -                         economy, climate change and biodiversity loss.
                                for the
           , UN3 ,Barra                     Yet realizing this potential requires the mainstreaming of proven
   6月15日(金                    nt of Forest
14         Arena(outside                    mechanisms such as forest certification that promote and provide
   )                          Certification
           RioCentro in                     evidence of responsible forestry. Moreover, special attention must be
           the Barra                        paid to the some 25% of the world’s forests that are locally managed
           Arena)                           by families, communities and indigenous peoples. These groups face
                                            distinct challenges in accessing direct, tangible benefits from their
                                            forest resources and their ability to contribute to a green economy.

                                         This event presents framework conditions to guide forest certification
                                         and forest stakeholders, with a specific focus on the role of locally
                                         Protecting our first environment: protecting women’s
                                         reproductive health and future generations from harmful
                                         environmental impacts
                                         Since the Rio 1992 Earth Summit, we are confronted with an
           1:15pm -
                                         increasing amount of harmful chemicals and other hazardous
           2:45pm             Women in
                                         substances building up in our bodies, and those of our children, which
           , UN2,Barra        Europe for
   6月15日(金                               threaten the health and sustainability of the next generation and
15         Arena(outside      a Common
   )                                     beyond. These harmful substances lead to an increasing number of
           RioCentro in       Future
                                         cases of infertility, cancer, early puberty, low sperm-counts,
           the Barra          (WECF)
                                         transgenerational defects and other negative health impacts. Recent
                                         studies show that every 6th man in Denmark is sterile or faces
                                         serious problems of conceiving children. Conception rates in the US
                                         fell by 44 percent between 1960 and 2002. Breast cancer rates are
                                         greatly increasing in Africa. Women and men have the right to protect
                                         their reproductive health. They have the right to a healthy
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                      Contributing to the greening of economies and poverty
                                      Global efforts towards green economies and addressing poverty are
                                      sensitive to weather and climate variability and change. Development
                                      targets are at risk as food production, food security, disaster risk
                                      reduction, health epidemics, access to water, energy, tourism, etc., in
                                      many countries are dominated by weather and climate. Use of
           1:30pm - 3pm Meteorologi
   6月15日(金                            scientifically sound climate services can support better climate risk
16         P3-3,Riocentro cal
   )                                  management, and in taking advantage of climate opportunities to
                                      increase productivity and promote sustainable development.
                          n (WMO)
                                             There is a significant gap between needs for climate services and
                                             their current provision, particularly in least developed and developing
                                             countries. Present capabilities to provide climate services do not
                                             exploit all we know about climate, and are not delivering their full
                                             potential benefits. This event, organized by the World Meteorological
                                             New Global Governance Mechanisms for Boosting Green
                                             InnovationIt is expected that the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable
                                             Development will lead to stronger political commitment by countries,
                                             major groups and international organizations for forging a credible
                                United       institutional framework for a more sustainable development across
             1:30pm - 3pm
     6月15日(金                    Nations      the globe. Policies and action plans need to be formulated to steer
17           T6,Riocentro
     )                          University   the mainstream economy towards a greener path that can address
                                (UNU)        the twin challenges of climate change and eradication of poverty.
                                             However, we need more innovation capacity to generate tools and
                                             mechanisms to transform broad concepts into practical results for the
                                             implementation of such commitments. This side event will discuss
                                             how we can develop international mechanisms to boost the capacity
                                             Voices from Asia Pacific: Justto achieve the goals of sustainable
                                             of societies to innovate in order and Sustainable Development
                                       Goals for Women
                                       This event will explore what a feminist, rights-based approach to
                                       development might look like. It will consider possible rights-based,
                          Asia         sustainable and just development goals particularly relevant to Asia
                          Pacific      Pacific rural and indigenous women by assessing the progress and
                          Forum on gaps for the last 20 years. Despite rural and indigenous women of
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月15日(金                Women,       Asia Pacific being most affected by unsustainable growth models of
18         T3,Riocentro
   )                      Law and      development, they are rarely the architects of global development
                          Developme policies. Yet rural and indigenous women have significant knowledge
                          nt           around sustainable practices and their development needs. This
                          (APWLD)      panel draws from a series of consultations with rural and indigenous
                                       women of Asia Pacific to propose some development indicators that
                                       are focused on the sustainable enjoyment of human rights where
                                       human rights principles of equality, non-discrimination, participation
                                       and representation, transparency and accountability, international
                                       TEEB for Water and Wetlands
                                       The Millennium ecosystem assessment (MA, 2005) presented a solid
                                       evidence base on the loss of wetlands and associated loss of
                                       ecosystem services. This was a seminal piece of work, clarifying to
                                       the biodiversity community, and wider scientific establishment, the
           1:30pm - 3pm                need for action. There was, however, insufficient policy response.
   6月15日(金                Ramsar
19         P3-6,Riocentro              The TEEB initiative, which built on the MA, has demonstrated the
   )                      Convention
                                       policy usefulness of presenting economic arguments on the value of
                                       nature, and targeting the messages to different audiences –
                                       international and national policy makers, local and regional policy
                                       makers and administrators, business, the academic community and
                                       citizens (; TEEB 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011). The use
                                       of the tools and language of economics can help communicate to
                                       some audiences that might the Cities of the Future
                                       Sustainable Transport in otherwise overlook the importance of
                                       This Side Event will provide an expert view from leading practitioners
                                       from the field of sustainable mobility in developed countries and
                          Internationa emerging economies, and will conclude with proposals on including
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月15日(金                l Union of   this topic in the outcome document of Rio+20. The Side Event will
20         T5,Riocentro
   )                      Railways     focus on sustainable transport in citites, to correspond to the secttion
                          (UIC)        on citieis in the Zero Draft document. Partners are from the global
                                       public transport sector (metro, bus, railways), project specialists and
                                       research institutes. This Side Event would offer delegates the
                                       opportunity to cover all the key issues of sustainable mobility in cities
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                               Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                       Sustainable Development index methodology-possible options
                                       During the Rio Summit in 1992 it was decided to develop a
                                       Sustainable Development Index in the coming years. Countries and
                                       international organizations were invited to make their contribution.
                                       This target has not been fully achieved during the last 20 year.
                                       Several multi-stakeholders consultation processes conducted in
           1:30pm - 3pm                Armenia within the framework of Rio + 20 preparation, analysis of
21         P3-B,Riocentro Armenia      different thematic and assessment reports, including Human
                                       development report and others. Experts’ observations have revealed
                                       that those assessments and statement on the progress achieved
                                       doesn’t necessarily reflect the country’s reality.
                                       Taking into consideration that Armenia was one of the first countries
                                       piloting calculation of SD indexes, the Armenian Government decided
                                       to update the existing set of SD indicators and to present the
                                       country’s approaches to the issue at the side-event during the
                                       RIO+20 Conference, based on its own experience and recent
                                       Community Enabled Sustainable Development
                                       Building the case for an integrated and collaborative model of
                                       Community Development for Urban or Rural community upgrading.
                          Global       By making available: Capital through Micro-Financing, Highly Efficient
           1:30pm - 3pm 2000           Housing with very low power requirements, Safe Water, Improved
   6月15日(金                             Food Production, and Efficient Energy Systems communities can be
22         T9,Riocentro   (2012)
                          Internationa upgraded and set on the path to long term sustainability with income
                          l            generating opportunities, low power consumption and higher plant
                                       yields. Providing the tools for these mechanisms is the most effective
                                       way to reduce poverty and change the living condition of families for
                                       generations. In this model the community is provided the tools,
                                       technology, training, and skills needed to set a green economy
                                       How to create an equitable and sustainable new direction for their
                                            One of the main topics at the World Summit on Sustainable
                                            Development in Rio in June is green economy. But what should a
                                            green economy include? And how can a green economy lead to an
                                            equitable sustainable development? These two questions will be
             1:30pm - 3pm
     6月15日(金                Danish 92       discussed at a side event arranged by the Danish 92 Group, Oil
23           P3-E,Riocentro
     )                      Group           Change International and a group of other NGO representatives. The
                                            discussion will be lead by examining some of the key perspectives in
                                            the publication ‘Building an Equitable Green Economy’publiced by the
                                            Danish 92 Group as an input to Rio+20, which is identifying elements
                                            of the green economy as a tool for sustainable development and
                                            provides a framework that assess the outcomes of Rio+20. Further, it
                                            presents five working principles Développement the context of the
                                            Commerce Environnement & that will be put in
                                           Les problèmes environnementaux liés au commerce international
                                           posent une série de difficultés. L’un des principaux défis est le
                                           problème d’accès aux marchés internationaux aussi bien pour les
                                           produits agricoles que pour les produits industriels. Ces défis se
                                           manifestent concrètement à travers les subventions, les barrières
             1:30pm - 3pm      ENDA        techniques et les mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires, entre autres.
24           T10,Riocentro     Tiers       La situation du continent est d’autant plus difficile dans ce domaine,
                               Monde       que peu de pays, sinon aucun, participent aux enceintes
                                           internationales d’élaboration des normes et standards internationaux
                                           en matière environnementale.
                                           Les règles qui naissent de ces processus ne sont pas toujours
                                           favorables à l’accès des produits africains aux marchés des pays du
                                           Nord. Que ce soit pour les normes sanitaires ou phytosanitaires ou
                                           encore pour l’écoétiquetage, les pays africains ont besoin d’une
                                           The Future We Want: Biodiversity se garantir la mise
                                           assistance technique renforcée pour in the Sustainable en œuvre
                                           Development Goals
                                           Biological diversity underpins ecosystem functioning and provides for
                                           food security, human health, the provision of clean air and water; it
                                           contributes to local livelihoods, and economic development, and is
                                           essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals,
                               of the
                                           including poverty reduction.
             1:30pm - 3pm      Convention
     6月15日(金                               The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, adopted by the tenth
25           T2,Riocentro      on
     )                                     meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on
                                           Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2010, and later endorsed by the 66th
                                           session of the United Nations General Assembly, sets out a vision for
                                           a world of "Living in harmony with nature" where "By 2050,
                                           biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used,
                                           maintaining ecosystem services, sustaining a healthy planet and
                                           delivering benefits essential for all people."
                                           The strategic plan and its vision represent a long-term plan that
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                              Securing a sustainable and equitable future for all post-Rio+20
                                              This side event offers both inspiration and transferable learning from
                                              local, national and international initiatives that are demonstrating a
                                              green economy in practice using the One Planet Living sustainability
                                              approach, framework and 10 guiding principles.

                                          In particular, Sustainable Development Goals and National
                              BioRegional Implementation Plans are being considered as important outcomes of
           1:30pm - 3pm                   Rio+20. Therefore governments will explain how their thinking is
26         T4,Riocentro
   )                          Developme evolving with regard to developing and implementing SDGs and
                              nt Group    National Plans, and how they see the links to civil society and
                                          business, and the One Planet Living framework.

                                              There will be a number of commitments being made by civil society,
                                              business and governments for post- Rio+20 implementation:
                                              Presentations and commitments will be made by the governments of
                                              Belgium, Colombia and Kenya, multinational retailer Kingfisher plc,
                                              globally recognised planners and developers from Portugal and China-
                                               Pelicano and China Merchants Property Developer (CMPD), South
                                              Energy efficiency(Details TBA)
27           3pm - 4:45pm     USGBC

                                              Integrating the social dimensions of green economy into policy
                                              The preparatory process for Rio+20 has called for renewed attention
                                              to the social dimensions of development, however green economy
                                              and sustainable development debates have largely been dominated
                                              by economic and environmental concerns. This side event brings
                                              together policy-relevant lessons from recent research by UNRISD,
             3:30pm - 5pm                     UNESCO and ISSC, and focuses on the existing gaps and barriers
     6月15日(金                  Institute for
28           T5 ,Riocentro                    that need to be overcome in order for the social dimensions of green
     )                        Social
                                              economy to be better integrated into green economy decision-
                                              making. We outline what a ‘social lens’ on green economy might look
                                              like, pointing to the key role for social policy in addressing negative
                                              social impacts of transition, institutional change, and achieving policy
                                              coherence. These social dimensions are not add-ons to economic or
                                              environmental concerns, but underpin the process of structural
                                              transformation required to move towards development policies that
                                              Connecting equitable and sustainable. Finally, we highlight
                                              are inclusive,the dots: science, the IPCC and the policy picture
                                              Policy-makers need to base their decisions on firm foundations. This
                                              is particularly important when addressing complex environmental,
                                              economic and social issues such as climate change. The IPCC was
                                              founded in 1988 to prepare a comprehensive and unbiased
                                              assessment of the risks of anthropogenic climate change, which
           3:30pm - 5pm                       provided the basis for the United Nations Framework Convention on
   6月15日(金                    Panel on
29         T6 ,Riocentro                      Climate Change (UNFCCC) and it continues to provide scientific and
   )                          Climate
                                              technical information to support the Convention. The importance of
                                              IPCC assessments for the UNFCCC was highlighted in the Durban
                                              decisions and the IPCC’s rigorous assessment process has become
                                              a template for science-based assessments work. Besides
                                              comprehensive assessment reports, the IPCC produces special
                                              reports on emerging and other issues relevant for policy
                                              implementation and risk management at a country level. An
                                              On Right to Water, Green Economy and Right two of the key
                                              examination of two recent special reports will takebased approaches
                                              to Sustainable Development
                                              The planet is facing multiple environmental crises and many of them
                                              mediated through water. The escalating water challenges result in
                                              human communities without access to water for their basic livelihood
                              Institute for   needs and ecosystems and species that suffer destruction and
           3:30pm - 5pm       Agriculture     extinction. Globalized industrial agri-food systems are a big part of
30         T8 ,Riocentro      and Trade       the problem. An essential component of effective, sustainable water
                              Policy          governance is right to water – right to water to meet the basic needs
                              (IATP)          of people and to help ensure ecosystem sustenance locally. By
                                              contrast, our environmental laws permit a “race to the bottom” system
                                              that legalizes pollution and over-diversion. Legal recognition of rights
                                              of people, waterways, and species to water for life and well-being is
                                              necessary, to help guide new governance systems that encourage
                                              respectful use of water rather than a system that is based on
                                              commodification of nature, to ensure the security of current and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                            Engaging the private sector and catalysing change: a focus on
                                            Natural capital - our ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources -
                                            is fundamental to the wellbeing and sustainable development of our
                              Institute for
                                            societies. The annual value of services provided by nature is in the
                                            trillions of dollars. Too often, however, financial capital is deployed
                              n and
                                            against natural capital, destroying long-term sustainability of our
             3:30pm - 5pm     Sustainable
     6月15日(金                                environment, as well as the human economy.
31           T3,Riocentro
                                           The side event will discuss the impacts that the ‘business-as-usual’
                              nt of
                                           economic model is having on the planet’s ecosystems, people and
                                           biodiversity, as well as innovative ways for engaging private in forest
                              – IDESAM
                                           conservation and land based sustainable activities. The barriers to
                                           shifting from today’s model to one in which natural capital is more
                                           accurately valued will be examined, as will potential pathways towards
                                           positive transformation and examples of private sector leadership
                                           Using markets to supply ecosystem services: how to make it
                                           "Biodiversity markets are on [the] trajectory from futuristic to
                                           unremarkable." - State of Biodiversity Markets (2010)
                              Forum for
                              Reforms      The need to protect ecosystem services (ES) is well recognised, but
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月15日(金                  Entreprene existing approaches have failed to stem their decline. One option is
32           T10,Riocentro
     )                        urship and to rely on a market to 'price' these valuable services and provide a
                              Sustainabili more sustainable level. Which ecosystem services are best fitted for
                              ty (FORES) market based measures, and what principles should the measures
                                           rely on?

                                             FORES presents the results of their report “Using markets to supply
                                             ecosystem services: how to make it happen and invites a broader
                                             What Comes the opportunities and Dialogue of Youth
                                             discussion on Next? An Interactivechallenges on using
                                             Movements Beyond Rio
             3:30pm - 5pm                    How can youth capture international momentum toward Rio+20 and
     6月15日(金                                 cultivate innovative action that builds upon the achievements of
33           T9,Riocentro     SustainUS
     )                                       Rio+20, while working to address its potential shortcomings? To
                                             begin answering this question, this side event will engage young
                                             leaders from around the world to share their successes, as well as
                                             their concerns, ideas and visions for achieving The Future We Want.
                                             Framing SD Policy Dialogues: A Well-Prepared Society
                                             Twenty-first century challenges to global environmental security will
                                             require an unprecedented solidarity of purpose and concert of action
                                             from a well-prepared global society. Policy-makers are in a position to
                                             decide what to do and when to act based upon available evidence
                                             and their beliefs about the risks and benefits of a green economy
             3:30pm - 5pm     Worldview
     6月15日(金                                 strategy, including the development of institutional frameworks on
34           T4,Riocentro     Impact
     )                                       sustainable development. Currently, we are using 19th and 20th
                                             century approaches and models to address 21st century issues. In
                                             order to increase the responsive capacity of nation states based
                                             upon 21st century models, then governance structures for
                                             sustainable development must be created as "learning systems" to
                                             understand what is working, what is not, what are the potential
                                             options. A successful outcome from Rio+20 would be a systems-wide
                                             framework that engages the in International Courts and Tribunals
                                             Sustainable Development public where attempts to meliorate one
                                             Since the 1992 Earth Summit, international courts and tribunals have
                                             become an important part of the institutional framework for
                                             sustainable development. Institutions such as the International Court
                              Centre for
                                             of Justice, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the WTO
                                             Dispute Settlement Body, have resolved disputes using key principles
             5:30pm - 7pm                    of sustainable development law such as integration, equity,
     6月15日(金                  Sustainable
35           T3,Riocentro                    precaution and common but differentiated responsibility. This CISDL
                                             legal experts panel, drawing on a decade of legal research by the
                                             International Law for Sustainable Development Partnership (ILSD)
                              nt Law
                                             launched at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, will
                                             explain the implications of recent judgments for sustainable
                                             development. Legal experts from both developing and developed
                                             countries will also identify emerging trends in sustainable
                                             development law. The event launches an online resource, a new
             5:30pm - 7pm     Carbon
                                             Legal Working Paper Series on in the greenJustice, and the next
                                             Transparency and disclosure Sustainable economy
     6月15日(金                                 This event explores how cities and the private sector can work
36           T6,Riocentro     Disclosure
     )                                       together to create change on the ground, in the context of
                                             transparency and disclosure required for a green economy.
     Scheduled    Time/Venue       Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                                 Green Procurement: a cross cutting strategy for green growth
                                                 Why focus on Procurement? Because purchases by governments of
                                                 goods, services and works account for 15-19% of GDP in
                                                 industrialised countries and even more in emerging economies.
                                  Internationa   When such large scale demand begins to specify that goods and
                                  l Institute    services are produced in a sustainable manner, public procurement
             5:30pm - 7pm         for            becomes a strong market incentive for green investment, innovation,
37           T10,Riocentro        Sustainable    production and growth. Global markets are also placing increasing
                                                 expectations on private finance initiatives (PFIs) as a viable tool for
                                  Developme      green growth. PFIs are formal contractual agreements between the
                                  nt (IISD)      state and the private sector that crowd in private sector capital in
                                                 procurement or commissioning of public infrastructure and services.
                                                 While governments are looking to this model to crowd-in capital and
                                                 share risks of infrastructure expansion, they are overlooking fact that
                                                 PFIs will only deliver value for money, for both investor and public
                                                 purse, if Driver ofapproached and designed as a long-term
                                                 ESD as they are Change towards a Green Economy
                                                 Commenting on the role of Education for Sustainable Development
                                                 (ESD) Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General mentioned that “ESD
                                                 promotes the values and knowledge necessary to help women and
                                                 men to cope with change, complexity and uncertainty, to adopt new
                                                 consumption patterns, and to transform mindsets and behaviors” .
                                                 When it comes to promoting ideas of sustainable development and
             5:30pm - 7pm         Centre for     green economy, education remains one of the most important short
38           T5,Riocentro         Environmen     term, as well as long term tool we possess that can influence existing
                                  t Education    institutions or create new ones.

                                               The Government of India, recognizing the importance of
                                               environmental education as far back as in 1984, had facilitated the
                                               creation of the Centre of Environment Education (CEE) as a Centre
                                               for Excellence. Since then CEE has expanded and has initiated and
                                               implemented numerous innovative ESD programmes across India,
                                               partnering with various UN such as UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP, WHO
                                               Low Carbon Agriculture
                                               The Low Carbon Agriculture Program (LCAP) is an activity under the
                                               Brazilian National Policy on Climate Change, established in 2009.
             5:30pm - 7pm                      The LCAP is a relevant tool to boost the green economy in the
39           T9,Riocentro         Brazil       context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, creating
                                               projects for promoting integrated farming systems, rehabilitation of
                                               degraded pastures, organic agriculture, processing of animal waste,
                                               no-tillage planting, fixing biological nitrogen and other sustainable
                                               agricultural initiatives.
                                               Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                               The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                  ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                  Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                                 l Council    governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数           9am-7pm                            Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and              都市、自治
  6/18~6/22                       for Local
日           Athlete's Park                                                                                                      体
1                                 Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                                  tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                                  Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                               policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                                 Megacities 2012
                                                 The event, already taken place in various Latin-American countries,
                                                 will be about diverse topics, national and international innovative
                                                 projects, including the revitalization of degraded areas, integrated
複                Athlete's Park
                                  Rio city,      transport systems, energy and mobility as well as innovative solutions
数 6/14(Thu)
                                  Rio State,     for the Future Cities and the sustainable use of transport
日 6/15(Fri)      11am-8pm
2                                 AHK            technologies. The forum will present leaders and specialists of
                 Athlete's Park
                                                 diverse areas,

   Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                           ICLEI World Congress
                                           The ICLEI World Congress is the main event its association of Local
                                           Governments for Sustainability, and will deal with the pressing issues
複                                          facing local governments and urban areas in this unpredictable era of
               9am-7pm                     change. The Congress will bring ICLEI's members, partners, global
数 6/14(Thu)-                                                                                                              都市、自治
               Belo Horizonte, ICLEI
日 6/17(Sun)                                strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn              体
3              Brazil                      from inspirational speakers and real-life city cases about cutting-edge
                                           integrated solutions to the challenges we face.

    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                     備考         キーワード
                                           Seminar on Sustainable Communities
                             World         -World Sustainable Communities Day-
                             Federation    WFEO and The World Bank offer this Seminar a discrete contribution
                             of            towards putting the strategy “words into action” as an important
            8:30am-5pm                     outcome of the United Nations Rio +20 Summit that will shortly follow
    6月16日(土 Auditorium,                    this event. The Seminar will use a combination of presentations,
    )       Bolsa de                       panel discussions and a facilitated plenary session to produce a
            Valores                        practical framework for the development of sustainable community
                             The World     action plans. From best practices utilized by world-leading cities to
                             Bank          practical and achievable methods from smaller communities,
                                           participants will have a chance to learn and apply learning that can be
                                           brought back Cities-Global Challenges,Local Solutions-
                                           Sustainable to their own communities that they serve or interact with
                                       This session will focus on the power of collaboration between local
                                       government, business and civil society as a fundamental platform for
                                       tackling complex urban issues and mobilizing solutions across all
                                       domains of sustainability. Innovative models will be explored from a
            9am-12:30pm      Global    range of cities, including Porto Alegre, Milwaukee, San Francisco,
    6月16日(土 Windsor Barra    Compact   Bogota and Rio de Janeiro, as well as a state-wide approach in
2                                                                                                                    CSF
    )       Hotel &          Cities    Brazilian Paranà. All will highlight solutions that can be applied to or
            Congresses.      Programme adapted for cities and regions facing similar issues.


                                           Seminar on Sustainable Communities
                                           -World Sustainable Communities Day-
                             World         WFEO and The World Bank offer this Seminar a discrete contribution
                             Federation    towards putting the strategy “words into action” as an important          TMG will
                             of            outcome of the United Nations Rio +20 Summit that will shortly follow     speak as a
          8:30am-5pm                       this event. The Seminar will use a combination of presentations,
                             Engineering                                                                             panelist at
  6月16日(土 Auditorium,                      panel discussions and a facilitated plenary session to produce a
3                                                                                                                    plenery
  )       Bolsa de                         practical framework for the development of sustainable community
                             Organizatio                                                                             panel
          Valores                          action plans. From best practices utilized by world-leading cities to
                             ns(WFEO)                                                                                session.
                             The World     practical and achievable methods from smaller communities,
                             Bank          participants will have a chance to learn and apply learning that can be
                                           brought back to their own communities that they serve or interact with
                                           or within.
                                         The UN system Perspectives on Green Economy
                         United          The Environment Management Group will present the findings of its
                         Nations         report “Working towards a balanced and inclusive green economy: A
          11:30am -      Environmen      UN system-wide perspective" which was prepared to contribute to the
4         1:00pm         t               Rio+20 Conference. The report prepared by 40 UN entities provides
          P3-F,Riocentro Manageme        a picture on the UN system wide perspectives on the green economy
                         nt Group        and how the UN system could coherently support countries in
                         (EMG)           transitioning to a green economy. The report is expected to facilitate
                                         a common understanding of the green economy approach and the
                                         Green economy as an inducer of conservation in Brazilian
                                         The green economy can be become real from local experiences,
                                         through projects that link production with less environmental impact
                             Fundo Vale
                                         and improving the quality of life of local populations. Whereas less
            11:30am -        para o
    6月16日(土                              than 1% of Amazon territory in Brazil is urbanized, it is essential to
5           1:00pm           Desenvolvi
    )                                    support initiatives in rural or forest ways. The Fundo Vale has
            T3,Riocentro     mento
                                         supported several projects in the Brazilian Amazon who flock to this
                                         effect, to value the forest as a great asset market of the future.
                                         Working in network with recognized organizations acting in the
                                         Amazon, and international projection, these projects are developed in
                                         coordination in areas suffering strong anthropogenic pressure,
                                         constantly threatened by illegal logging. The event aims to show
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                              Greening the Games:How Brazil’sWorld Cup is Driving
                                              Economic Changes
                                              The 2014 World Cup involves a combined investment of more than
                                              US$114 billion across 12 Brazilian cities for the construction or
                                              renovation of 12 football stadiums plus transportation, hotels, and
                                              waste and water infrastructure to support millions of fans.

          11:30am -
                               Green          As the largest infrastructure project in the country’s history,
  6月16日(土                      Building       preparations for the World Cup today will have long-lasting impacts
6         1:00pm
  )                            Council        on Brazil’s urban sectors. Planning for the Cup has provided Brazil
                               Brasil         with an opportunity to achieve sustainable, urban economic
                                              development that may not present itself again for decades or possibly

                                              This event will feature a discussion on how World Cup investments
                                              can be leveraged for positive, long-term social and environmental
                                              benefits in Brazil’s cities, and how urban planning for global sporting
                                              events such as the World Cup and the Olympics can be models for
                                              Launch: Reflection Group Report on Global Development
                                              As a response to the multiple global crises, the Reflection Group will
                                              launch a comprehensive report that highlights the need for
                                              fundamental changes, in particular:
             11:30am -                        • Changes in fiscal and regulatory policies (at national and
     6月16日(土                   Policy
7            1:00pm                           international levels) in order to overcome social inequalities and the
     )                         Forum
             T8,Riocentro                     degradation of nature and to strengthen sustainable economies.
                                              • Changes in institutions and governance mechanisms (at national
                                              and international levels).
                                              • Changes in the mindset, the guiding concepts, goals and indicators
                                              of development and societal progress.

                                              At the side event prominent members of the Reflection Group will
                               Internationa   present key findings and policy recommendations of Equity Issues
                                              Sustainable Development and Inter-generational this report.
                               l Youth and    Dialogue
             11:30am -         Student        The dialogue will be of Panel Discussion and Workshop nature on
     6月16日(土                   Movement       making a link between Climate Justice, Carbon Debt, Development,
8            1:00pm
     )                         for the        and
                               United         Reparations.
                                     The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020
                                     Protecting Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides is at
                                     the heart of sustainable development. The Strategic Plan for
                                     Biodiversity 2011-2020, adopted in 2010 at the tenth meeting of the
                         of the
                                     Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
          11:30am -      Convention
  6月16日(土                            (CBD), represents a coordinated and sustained response by
9         1:00pm         on
  )                                  governments and the United Nations system to the ongoing loss of
          P3-6,Riocentro Biological
                                     biodiversity. In this side event, the Secretariat of the Convention on
                                     Biological Diversity, along with its United Nations system partners will
                                     outline the mission and vision of the Strategy and show how
                                     biodiversity supports achievement of the three pillars of sustainable
                                     development. Representatives of the Interagency Task Force for the
                                     Strategic Planfor Resilient Landscapes will speak about the role of
                                     Re-greening for Biodiversity 2011-2020
                                            The drylands are the best chance we have to achieve multiple goals
                                            at a scale that has significant and durable impact. Globally, the
                               World        drylands support 2.1 billion people, with the majority still dependent
             11:30am -                      upon the success of extensive grazing systems and sustainable crop
     6月16日(土                   Vision
10           1:00pm
     )                         Internationa production intensification. Yet, drylands have been considered
                               l            marginal – subject to degradation, loss of biodiversity and ineffective
                                            water management – while the people they support have been
                                            marginalized. Targeting drylands is key in the march towards
                                            sustainable development because of the strong connection between
                                            land degradation and desertification and other global issues,
     Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                             From Rio to Cairo to Rio… and Beyond
                                             Population dynamics have significant influence on sustainable
                                             development. Chapter 5 of Agenda 21 affirms the synergistic
                                             relationship between demographic factors and sustainable
                                             development, as well as the key role of women’s empowerment and
                                             reproductive health, including family planning. The chapter also calls
                                Population for formulation of integrated national policies for environment and
     6月16日(土                    Action       development, taking into account demographic trends and factors.
11               T9,Riocentro
     )                          Internationa These linkages were emphasized in the International Conference on
                                l            Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action, adopted
                                             in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. Virtually all development policies in Sub-
                                             Saharan Africa cite population growth as an inhibitor to efforts to
                                             alleviate poverty, ensure food security, preserve the environment,
                                             and improve the quality of human resources. However, little
                                             integration of population dynamics and environmentally sustainable
                                             development plans and programs has been achieved. Climate
                                CEDHA        The Human right to water and sanitation: The challenge of
                 1:30pm-3pm     (Centro de implementation
12               T5,Riocentro   Derechos The aim of the Workshop is to check and to evaluate the evolution to
                                Humanos y local and international level of the Access to the Drinkable Water as
                                Ambiente) human right, from her Firstly Summit of the Earth up to the current
                                             China's Progress on Sustainable Development & Expectations of
                                             There will be a comprehensive introduction of China• efforts,
                 1:30pm-3pm                  progress and challenges in practicing sustainable development within
13               T2,Riocentro   China        the past decade. There will also be an introduction to the following
                                             strategies of China, a clarification of the expectations of the Chinese
                                             Government for this conference and its target and subject, and an
                                             introduction to the side conferences of Chinese government, and
                                             which will also present a video on Chinese national sustainable
                                             Forests, Livelihoods, and Green Economy
                                             Taiwan is vulnerable in term of climate change. Three years ago,
                                             Taiwan suffered from the havoc of the typhoon Morakot and
                                Environmen recovered with the joint efforts by the civil societies and the
     6月16日(土                    tal Quality government.
14               P3-E,Riocentro
     )                          Protection
                                Foundation With the successful experience, we aim to shed more light on forests
                                              and livelihoods in terms of sustainable development and green
                                              economy by holding this •Forests, Livelihoods, and Green Economy•     h
                                              side event to comply with the goal shown in Rio+20 Briefing#2 and
                                              Sustainable Development in the Face of Rapid Climate Change:
                                              High Alpi
                                              Climate change is occurring twice as fast in regions such as the
                                              Arctic, Himalayas, Andes, and other alpine areas than in the rest of
                                 Internationa the globe, placing enormous pressures on the peoples who live there.
                                 l            Many of the communities so impacted comprise indigenous and other
     6月16日(土                     Cryosphere communities already often marginalized economically and socially in
15           T6,Riocentro
     )                             Climate    their societies. How can these communities find a new path towards
                                 Initiative   development in the face of such rapid change, in ways that both
                                 (ICCI)       preserve traditional ways of live, lead to the meeting of Millennium
                                              Development Goals; yet do not contribute even more to the
                                              environmental changes already occurring with rapid “cryospheric”
                                              climate change? What are the “cryosphere-specific” sustainable
                                              development measures most helpful to these regions? A panel
                                              Pro-poor with representatives and experts from some of the most
                                              discussionPayment for Ecosystems Services: global knowledge
                                              Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) is increasingly recognized as
                                              a tool for sustainable management of natural resources. Although
                                              PES was initially intended to achieve conservation goals, the
                                 Regional     dependence of the majority of rural populations upon local
                                 Environmen ecosystems have brought about a consideration of PES being
     6月16日(土                     tal Centre designed to be both pro-poor and community-based.This can be
16           T3,Riocentro
     )                           for Central achieved by integrating pro-development objectives into thedesign of
                                 Asia         PES schemes .ICRAF and the consortium WWF/CARE International,
                                 (CAREC)      for example, proposed an approach of ‘pro-poor rewards for
                                              environmental services’ and ‘equitable payments for watershed
                                              services’ ,with the objective to deliver sustainable natural resource
                                              management and improve livelihoods for the rural poor.

                                              The use of PES to address both environmental improvement and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                     備考   キーワード
                                            Women’s Leadership in a Green Economy: Valuing Women’s
                                            Contributions t
                                            Evidence from Indonesia, Cameroon and India presented in the panel
                                            demonstrates that empowering women as resource managers and
                                            entrepreneurs presents a powerful strategy that can be used to
                              for Change
                                            address both local and global environment concerns. But institutional
                                            gender blindness renders women’s contributions to climate change
             1:30pm-3pm       Agriculture
     6月16日(土                                mitigation and adaptation invisible, and therefore not valued. National
17           T10,Riocentro    and
     )                                      climate change policies and organizations overlook women’s value, in
                                            part because of biases that exclude women as leaders. Combined
                                            with their lower levels of education, time availability, formal property
                                            rights, and technical skills, this has resulted in an exclusion of
                                            women’s interests when climate change, REDD+, or renewable
                                            energy finance decisions are made. Means of providing value for
                                            women’s contributions to sustainable development and the green
                                            economy, discussed in the event, can address the risks of further
                                            Sustainable Transport Contribution to Rio+20 and its
                                            Transport comprises a significant economic sector in most countries
                                            and is of particular relevance to the green economy theme of Rio+20
                                            because of its potential for wide-ranging environmental, economic
           1:30pm-3pm                       and social development benefits. There is a growing realization that
   6月16日(土                Sustainable
18         P3-A,Riocentro                   the current rapid unrestrained growth in private motorization while
   )                      Low
                                            improving access is not sustainable. This side event organized on
                                            behalf of the SLoCaT Partnership will present the contribution of the
                                            sustainable transport community to the Rio+20 Conference and its
                                            implementation. This includes: (a) a Roadmap for Sustainable
                                            Transport in the coming years including a set of targets and
                                            indicators, (b) voluntary commitments by a group of multilateral
                                            development banks as well other stakeholders on sustainable
                                            Assessing Sustainable Consumption and Production in Eastern
                                            Eastern Europe, which includes countries ranging from Baltic states
                                            to Caucasus, is an important region for the global progress towards
                                            sustainable development, yet the international community knows very
             3pm - 5pm
     6月16日(土                  UNENGO        little about the relevant policy change taking place there and, in
19           T10,Riocentro
     )                        MAMA-86       particular, about the state of development of sustainable consumption
                                            and production (SCP) policies and practices. The event would allow
                                            to present an overview of the current situation with SCP policies in
                                            the 9 countries of the region (3 Baltic states plus 6 Eastern
                                            Partnership countries), prepared by experts from all the countries
                                            assessed, and share recommendations for policy-makers and major
                                            Puttingon how to advance SCPSustainable Cities with agenda with
                                            groups People First-Building on the countries’ reform
                                          Communities -
                                          This course will focus on how to create a sense of community in
                                          overcrowded and poverty stricken urban areas, drawing on the
     6月16日(土 3pm-6pm                      expertise of three LEAD Fellows who have practical experience of
20                            LEAD International
                                          addressing peoples’ need for ‘quality of life’ in the favelas of Rio, the    SDL
                                          townships of Port Elizabeth and the inner city of Calgary through
                                          stakeholder engagement and community action.

                                         Promoting Responsible Corporate Conduct: The OECD
                                         Guidelines for MNEs
                                         Last year the international community has advanced in developing
                                         standards for responsible corporate conduct, mainly in the field of
                                         human rights respect. Examples of these are the OECD Guidelines
                                         for Multinational Enterprises who has reviewed and approved the new
                                         version of the Guide in May 2011; other is the UN Human Rights
             3:30pm - 5pm     (Centro de
     6月16日(土                             Council who approved the Policy Framework (2008) and its Guiding
21           T5,Riocentro     Derechos
     )                                   Principles (June 2011) for Human Rights and Transnational
                              Humanos y
                                         Corporations. These are standards approved at an intergovernmental
                                         level promoting concrete conduct standards linking the needed
                                         implementation of due diligence concept particularly in the field of
                                         human rights. The impact to sustainable development that MNEs
                                         have is of such important that in many developing countries are
                                         practically leading the investments agenda for the country as well.
                                         Responsible conduct is required for all 3 pillars of Sustainable
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード

                              Organisatio    Forêt, Économie Verte et Lutte contre la Pauvreté
                              n              La forêt est bien plus qu’un puits de carbone ou un stock de
             3:30pm - 5pm                    ressources ligneuses et d’énergie. Elle se situe au cœur de très
     6月16日(土                  internationa
22           T4,Riocentro                    nombreuses préoccupations environnementales et sociétales
     )                        le de la
                              Francophon     majeures. Elle est pourvoyeuse d’une multitude de ressources et de
                              ie (OIF)       services, dont certains cruciaux pour la survie de l’humanité, pouvant
                                             alimenter une économie verte soutenant l’éradication de la pauvreté.
                                             Central American community agro-forestry: climate and food
                                             Climate change, poverty, energy and water scarcity, natural disasters
                              Central        and food crisis, are issues affecting especially the most vulnerable in
                              American       the world. Central America is no exception, and a way to face these
                              Indeginous     matters has been through community agro-forestry. Using concrete
                              and            cases and experiences, we will show how an arrangement of different
             3:30pm - 5pm     Peasant        stakeholders and public-private alliances, government policies
23           T3,Riocentro     Coordinator    committed to sustainable development, south-south cooperation
                               of            experiences, transparency and accountability, along with community
                              Communal       and producers’ participation in productive schemes has been a
                              Agroforestr    successful combination in Central America.
                              y,             We will show how agro-forestry aides at reducing poverty, creating
                              ACICAFOC       jobs, guaranteeing food security, using water efficiently and adapting
                                             to climate change.
                                             Agro-forestry is a clear example that it is possible to produce
                                             harmonically with the environment, in a social equitable and
                                             Agro ecological farming can feed the world: in practice
                                             Franciscans International (FI), Dominicans for Justice and Peace
                                             (DfJP), Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), Edmund Rice
                              Faith          International (ERI), Good shepherd Sisters Association (GSSA) have
                              based          extensive networks at the grassroots level and with farmers’
                              organisatio    organizations throughout the world. Their activities include promoting
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月16日(土                  ns, by         people-centered development and human rights, and advocating for
24           T2,Riocentro
     )                        Franciscan     peace and justice, for just and sustainable production and
                              s              consumption of food, and for environmental protection.
                              Internationa   The proposed side event on “Agro ecological farming can feed the
                              l              world: Ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture in practice” will
                                             demonstrate how agro ecological farming respects the limits of the
                                             planet’s ecosystem, integrates traditional knowledge from local
                                             communities, reduces waste, and can serve as a means to advance
                                             rural communities towards food andwe achieve marine reserve
                                             Oceans for the future – How can technological sovereignty.
                                             With Rio +20 comes the opportunity to highlight and reinforce the
                                             commitments that nations across the globe have already made to our
                                             oceans. A healthy and resilient marine environment is crucial to
                                             achieving sustainable development and securing marine resources
             3:30pm - 5pm Zoological         for present and future generations. Why then has progress towards
25           P3-B,Riocentro Society of       marine protection been so slow, where are the major gaps and what
                            London           can realistically be done to fill those gaps and meet international
                                             targets? These are all questions the Marine Reserves Coalition
                                             (MRC) will be addressing at Rio +20, in light of the vital role healthy
                                             oceans play in sustainable development and in the social and
                                             economic well-being of human populations across the globe. Bringing
                                             together a mixture of scientists, policy experts and decision-makers,
                                             the MRC side event will reinforce international targets for marine
                                             protection the Chinese Economy:Best Practicestargets through the
                                             Greening and outline the road to achieving those in Business and
                                             The Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU) is a
                                             non-profit organization aiming at enhancing mutual understanding
                              Chinese        and cooperation between China and other countries. For our side
                              Association    event, we will invite roughly seven key speakers from different
             3:30pm - 5pm       for          sectors with presentations of carefully selected best business
26           T6,Riocentro     Internationa   practices and policies. These speakers will also lead parallel group
                              l              discussions with attendees at the event. By this we aim to promote
                              Understand     intellectual exchanges between China and the international
                              ing            community in terms of transiting to a green economy and alleviating
                                             poverty. Confirmed presenters include the representatives from
                                             Chinese business sector as well as local authorities, such as Wang
                                             Shi, CEO of Wanke Architecture Company and Li Jun, chief of
                                             Guiyang City. We have also invited Martin Lees, former Secretary-
                                             General of Club of Rome and Xu Kuangdi, vice chairman of 10th
    Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                               Title/Theme                              備考   キーワード
                                        National Learning and Skills Strategies to Advance a Green
                                        he transition to inclusive, green and climate resilient development
                                        creates unprecedented needs, challenges and opportunities for
                             United     strengthening human resources and skills development. This critical
                             Nations    human capacity development dimension of green development has
             3:30pm - 5pm Institute for received specific attention in several recent international flagship
27           P3-A,Riocentro Training    reports, including:
                             Research • the report of the Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Global
                             (UNITAR) Sustainability “Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth
                                        Choosing” (2012);
                                        • the 2012 UNEP foresight report “21 Issues for the 21st Century”
                                        • the ILO report “Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View (2011)”; and the
                                        • UN Environmental Management Group (EMG) report “Working
                                        Culture and cultural diversity as the 4th pillar of sustainability
                                        Culture and Cultural Diversity play an important role in sustainable
                                        development. Culture fosters economic growth, helps individuals and
                                        communities to expand their life choices, is important to adapt to
                                        change and raising the resilience of social-ecological systems. As the
                             Rio de     Preamble of UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion
             3:30pm - 5pm Janeiro       of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions states “cultural diversity
28           T11,Riocentro State        creates a rich and varied world, which increases the range of choices
                             University and nurtures human capacities and values, and therefore is a
                             (UERJ)     mainspring for sustainable development for communities, peoples
                                        and nations”. Article 13 of the above Convention establishes that
                                        “Parties shall endeavour to integrate culture in their development
                                        policies at all levels for the creation of conditions conducive to
                                        sustainable development (...)”
                                        Despite the importance of culture and cultural diversity and the
                                        conventional dispositions, the recognition of their role of UN World
                                        Democratization of International Relations – Role in sustainable
                                        This Side Event will look at how UN World Conferences have played
                                        a key role in
                                        shaping the policy and programme priorities of the United Nations, as
                                        well as
                                        enhancing UN interaction with world civil society and public opinion.
             3:30pm - 5pm
   6月16日(土                   Conference and sustainable development issues have been of major significance
29           T8,Riocentro
   )                          of NGOs   in the UN world
                                        conference processes, drawing in ever more stakeholders. The Side
                                        Event will
                                        examine their impact on all stakeholders. It will review the follow-up
                                        mechanisms - including relevant UN Conventions - created for
                                        implementation of
                                        World Conference agreements, notably if and how they have secured
                                        broad NGO and public involvement in implementation structures. The
                                        Side Event will explore lessons for enhanced NGO participation in the
                                        ICLEI World Congress
                                        The ICLEI World Congress is the main event its association of Local
                                        Governments for Sustainability, and will deal with the pressing issues
複                                       facing local governments and urban areas in this unpredictable era of
             9am-7pm                    change. The Congress will bring ICLEI's members, partners, global
数 6/14(Thu)-                                                                                                           都市、自治
             Belo Horizonte, ICLEI
日 6/17(Sun)                             strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn              体
2            Brazil                     from inspirational speakers and real-life city cases about cutting-edge
                                        integrated solutions to the challenges we face.

                                            Sustainable Development Dialogues
                                            Top representatives from civil society, including private sector,
                                            NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene
                                            to engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable
複                                           development. They are expected to engage in an open and action-
数 6/16(Sat)~                                oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
                                Governmen                                                                              市民対話
日 6/19(Tue) Riocentro                       There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. The
3                               t of Brazil
                                            recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed
                                            directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the

    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                          Local and Regional Authorities' Dayfor a Sustainable
                                          Development(Details TBA)
1           9am-6pm          UCLG

                                          Rio+20 -The Mayors Summit-Urban Sustainable development
  6月17日(日                                 workshop and technical meeting(Details TBA)
2         9am-7pm

                                          Community based climate resilient forests: Pathways to green
                                          Nepal is leading the community based forest management and
                                          witnessing substantial post-conflict political, institutional, economic
                                          and social transformations. The forestry sector is also facing a
                                          number of unfolding challenges and opportunities, resulting from
            09:30am -                                                                                                     ネパール、
    6月17日(日                               changes within and outside the sector. At this juncture of Rio+ 20, the
3           11am             Nepal                                                                                        森林、グリ
    )                                     forestry sector of Nepal will be organizing a side event as the UNCSD
                                          provides opportunity a forum for a debate on global opportunities and
                                          set priority action.

                                          The objectives:
                                          • Articulate the linkages among community based forests, climate
                                          change, livelihood and the multiple facets of the green economy
                                          • DiscussWater There Is andLife - Educational Component
                                          Without on how forests No green economy are mutually
                                          Education is key to stimulating an appreciation for and consideration
                                          of the earth and its invaluable resources, including water. For many
                             The          rural communities in developing countries, daily life and its challenges
                             Internationa force a more immediate response to those challenges without
            09:30am -
    6月17日(日                  l Health     concern for the environment. Our goal is to develop educational tools
4           11am                                                                                                          教育
    )                        Awareness that promote and encourage sustainability, yet also empower rural
                             Network      communities economically, socially, and politically. We want to
                             (IHAN)       facilitate the ability to see a better future, by a foundation through
                                          means of education in order to develop strategies for furthering this
                                          goal through this process. Panelists from the organizing partners will
                                          share their experiences by promoting ¡§hands-on¡¨ action in planting
                                          seeds for a sustainable future of love and peace.
                                          Ethical Implications of Sustainability: Educational and Religious
                                          Discussions on sustainability are shifting from political, economic,
                                          and scientific discourses to social, cultural, and spiritual
                                          considerations. This shift is due to fundamental ethical questions that
                                          emerged at the intersection between religion and education, but are
                                          often disregarded in global discussions. This event will address this
            09:30am -        Baptist      issue by exploring the following questions:
5           11am             World        • What are the ethical implications of sustainability?                          教育、宗教
            T5,Riocentro     Alliance     • How do religious and educational institutions address these
                                          • What is the impact of religious and educational institutions on the
                                          global agenda for sustainability?
                                          • How can religious and educational practices contribute to a “green
                                          By discussing how religion and educational groups promote ethical
                                          values and contribute to environmental action and sustainable
    Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                             Rights of Nature – the Foundation for Sustainability
                                             Rights of Nature – the Foundation for Sustainability

                                             An international panel of Rights of Nature experts will illustrate the
                                             vital role of a new legal framework recognizing rights of nature as the
                                             foundation for sustainable development.

                                             The panel will examine why a new framework for governance is
                                             necessary and is part of a bigger shift required in society today ─ a
            09:30am -                        shift that will require that modern laws and policies comply with the
    6月17日(日                     Global       laws of the Earth, and a way of living which maintains the health and
6           11am                                                                                                            自然の権利
    )                           Exchange     integrity of the whole Earth Community.

                                             • Nnimmo Bassey – Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the
                                             Earth, Nigeria
                                             • Cormac Cullinan – EnAct International, South Africa
                                             • Tom Goldtooth – Indigenous Environmental Network, USA
                                             • Natalia Greene – Fundación Pachamama, Ecuador
                                             • Linda Sheehan – Earth Law Center, USA
                                             • Pablo Solon – Former Ambassador to the UN, Bolivia

                                             Sustainability Standards: Catalysing the Green Economy
                                             Standards, Certification and Labelling Schemes: Catalysing the
                                             Green Economy

                                             Evidence from the forestry and agricultural sectors

                                             The objective of the event convened by ISEAL and SECO is to
                                             present and discuss how the use of sustainability standards in the
                                             forestry and agricultural sectors has demonstrated that standards and
                                             certification are effective drivers of green growth and sustainable
            09:30am -                        development and their further uptake should be encouraged and
    6月17日(日                     ISEAL                                                                                       基準、グリ
7           11am                             supported. The event will advocate for:
    )                           Alliance                                                                                    ーン経済
                                             • The inclusion of credible standards, certification and labels in the
                                             tool- box of good practices capable of supporting the green economy
                                             and sustainable development;

                                             • Government support for the scaling-up of credible sustainability
                                             The event will be concluded with a short press conference in which a
                                             number of key government, business and civil society leaders will
                                             announce new and important commitments with respect to the
                                             scaling up of sustainability standards - these are specific
                                             Scaling-Up Agro-Ecological Food Production
                                             The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) is the most inclusive
                                             international advocacy network of churches and Christian
                                             organizations with members and constituents in the tens of millions.

                                           Under EAA’s Food for Life Campaign, and in collaboration with UN
          11am -
                                           and civil society partners, we promote just and sustainable production
                                Ecumenical and consumption of food, and the right to food for all people. We
          , UN2 ,Barra
  6月17日(日                        Advocacy advocate for food production, trade and distribution systems that are             持続可能な
8         Arena(outside
  )                             Alliance   just, participatory and democratic while at the same time                        農業
          RioCentro in
                                (EAA)      environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
          the Barra
                                      “Scaling-Up Agro-Ecological Food Production” will profile sustainable,
                                      smallholder-based, agro-ecological methods of food production. EAA
                                      will showcase research and case studies demonstrating the positive
                                      impacts of such methods in terms of both yield and environmental
                                      sustainability. Our aim is to stimulate discussion on the economic and
                                      environmental practicality of feeding the world through scaled-up
                                      Challenges for the Roma women in Europe
                         Romani       Women belonging to the Roma minority face multiple discrimination,
                         CRISS –      particularly in the field of education, health, employment or
                         Roma         participation in public and political life. There is a strong concern
          11:30am -
  6月17日(日                Centre for regarding the lack of efficient solutions addressing the situation of                   女性、ロー
9         1:00pm
  )                      Social       Roma women and children, especially in order to reduce the poverty                    マ
                         Intervention level. Roma women are characterised by very early marriages, birth
                          and         of the first child in juvenile age and following births with short intervals
                         Studies      in-between. Premature births are risk factors for severe congenital
                                      disorders, high child mortality in the first year of life and high mother
     Scheduled   Time/Venue      Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             TOWARDS GREEN ECONOMY: PERSPECTIVES, BENEFITS,
                                             CONCERNS - RUSSIAN P
                                             Russia plays an important role in maintaining stability of the planet. It
                                             is the largest country (12% of the total land area) and the world's
                                             largest undisturbed by economic activity area (60-65% of the

             11:30am -                     Russia holds the largest share of the world forests (22%), 13% of oil,
     6月17日(日                                                                                                                  グリーン経
10           1:00pm             Eco-Accord 34% of gas, 12% of coal, 27% of iron ore. These resources are a
     )                                     storehouse for the development of the global economy. However,                     済、ロシア
                                           large-scale of its extraction would inevitably have a negative impact
                                           on the planet ecological balance.

                                             In Russia there are unique ecosystems that preserve rare species of
                                             flora and fauna, which are the planetary domain. The Russian
                                             economy is the fourth largest in the world in terms of greenhouse gas

                                           WWF: Sustainable And Affordable Access To Energy-From Field
                                           To Policy
                                           Access to economically viable and sustainable energy is fundamental
                                           for the economic, social and political development of a country. It
                                           brings improvements in healthcare, education, communication and
                                           several other areas of basic needs. Today it is estimated that 1.4
                                World      billion people live without access to reliable electricity and 2.7 billion
             11:30am -          Wide Fund without access to clean cooking facilities. This has several
11           1:00pm             for Nature environmental and human health consequences.                                       エネルギー
             T10,Riocentro      European The WWF ¡¥Clean, Reliable and Affordable Energy Access¡¦ side
                                Office     event will address these problems showing success stories from the
                                           field, and demonstration projects that depict energy access models
                                           complemented by presentations from governments thus creating a
                                           link between field work and national policy. In showing the way from
                                           pilots to policy, stakeholders in different countries will come on as
                                           partners and add their perspectives of policy, governance, technology
                                           and entrepreneurship in the given context of energy access in the
                                           Sustainability, Value Based Leadership and African Youths
                                           Leadership in Africa have globally been identified as one of the major
                                           crisis in Africa starting from selection, election processes And
                                           sustainability of the elected position And responsibilities. This derails
             11:30am -          World      major national, regional AND GLOBALL DEVELOPMENTS IN Africa.
     6月17日(日                               African Children Talent Discovery Foundation and World Mission                     アフリカ、若
12           1:00pm             Mission
     )                                                                                                                        者
             T8,Riocentro       Foundation Foundation an NGO in Special Consultative Status wit ECOSOC at
                                           the United Nations in taking steps to further their collaborative
                                           mission considers its significant need to bring the issues to Rio+20.
                                           The underlying purpose is to seek for diverse value based leadership
                                           skills that could be provided to youths of Africa in understanding the
                                           import of sustainable leadership for global, regional and national
                                           Banking as if the future matters – Making the change from short
                                       term profit to long term prosperity
                                       The Global Alliance for Banking on Values, the Green Economy
                                       Coalition and The Norwegian Forum for Environment and
                                       Development will launch the ‘touching a billion lives initiative’ by co-
                          Norwegian hosting the debate to determine the top five policy changes that
                          Forum for governments can make to help shift finance from its short term focus
           11:30am -
   6月17日(日                Developme to long term sustainable value creation.                                                  銀行、政府
13         1:00pm
   )                      nt and       Over the months up to Rio+20 we run an online consultation on top                      、市民社会
                          Environmen five enabling policies to promote long term financing.
                                       The event will show how banking and finance in cooperation with
                                       governments and civil society can create a shift towards a greener,
                                       inclusive and more just economy. Every development includes
                                       finance. If we want to move towards a greener society with less
                                       poverty we need to change finance practices from focusing on short
                                       Sustainable development of indigenous people of the North and
                          Pitirim      the Arct
                          Sorokin      The Program of the roundtable meeting “A Long-term Sustainable
           11:30am -
   6月17日(日                and Nikolai Development for Global Sustainable Development Based on
14         1:00pm                                                                                                             先住民
   )                      Kondratieff Partnership of Civilizations and Prospects of Indigenous People of
                          Internationa the North” within the UN Conference on Sustainable Development
                          l            RIO+20
                                       Prospects of sustainable development of indigenous people of the
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                         Towards Universal Access to Sustainable Energy Service in
                                         West Africa
                                         To accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
                                         (MDGs) the Economic Community for West African States
                              ECOWAS (ECOWAS) adopted the ECOWAS/UEMOA Regional White Paper on
                              Regional   Access to Energy Services for Populations in Rural and Peri-urban
                              Centre for Areas in 2006. The white paper aims at providing access to improved
             11:30am -
     6月17日(日                  Renewable domestic cooking fuels and sustainable electricity services for the               エネルギー
15           1:00pm
     )                        Energy and majority of the population by 2015. After five years of implementation,          、西アフリカ
                              Energy     the ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy
                              Efficiency Efficiency (ECREEE) in cooperation with its partners are organizing a
                              (ECREEE) side event at the Rio+20. At the background of the newly adopted UN
                                         Goals on Universal Access to Energy Services by 2030 the workshop
                                         will take stock of the achievements and will highlight success stories
                                         in some of the countries. Moreover, the side event will discuss the
                                         possible contribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency
                                         Interfaith response to Sustainable Development:Ecological
                                         What does religion have to do with Rio+20? The Interfaith
                                         Consortium for Ecological Civilization works towards the
                                         transformation of consciousness needed to enable changes towards
                                         sustainability. Religions help people shape their worldviews and act
                                         on their values. Governments need the guidance of an awakened
             11:30am -        Temple of
     6月17日(日                             civil society to make necessary radical changes. Corporations need
16           1:00pm           Understand                                                                                  環境文明
     )                                   an awakened civil society to insist on internalizing costs and serving
             T2,Riocentro     ing
                                         society. Inspired by the work of Thomas Berry and by resources from
                                         the world's religions, this session will explore the spiritual resources
                                         for transformation and current manifestations of such
                                         transformations. We will then consider what is needed to ramp up
                                         this change in service to the Earth. Areas of application include
                                         communities, corporate engagement, the Convention on Corporate
                                         Social Responsibility, and support of youth leadership. The change in
                                         The Other Half of Development: Patterns of Sustainable
                                         In discussing sustainable development, many focus on the production
                                         aspect of development. Much of the dialogue centers on improving
                                         the efficiency of current production methods, i.e. providing more food
                                         for more people given a limited amount of resources. While
             11:30am -        Buddhist   sustainable and efficient production is important, it is only half of the
     6月17日(日                                                                                                              持続可能な
17           1:00pm           Tzu Chi    equation.
     )                                                                                                                    消費
             T4,Riocentro     Foundation
                                         The workshop will instead focus on patterns of sustainable
                                         consumption. The major stakeholders must be invested in inspiring
                                         the world’s population to reduce their desire for consumption as a
                                         crucial part of sustainable development. The thematic focus of this
                                         workshop is on in-depth discussion of sustainable individual
                                         consumption, including reduction of consumption habits, promotion of
                                         vegetarianism,Cooperation - of recycling. The workshop will also
                                         Constructive and the benefits
                                         Global issues like sustainable development are a down-top process
                                         that involves grassroots and how civil society will mobilize populations
                                         to support the work of the United Nations. By supporting this process,
                                         the Legion of Good Will (LGW), the only Brazilian NGO in general
                                         consultative status with ECOSOC, has substantially contributed
             11:30am -                   towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals,
     6月17日(日                  Legion of                                                                                   中南米、市
18           1:00pm                      especially in Latin America. The proposed side event intends to be a
     )                        Good Will                                                                                   民対話
             T9,Riocentro                showcase of success stories gathered during the 9th Solidary Society
                                         Network Multi-stakeholder Forum, held last March by the LGW in
                                         partnership with the NGO Branch of the United Nations Department
                                         of Economic and Social Affairs and other UN agencies in Argentina,
                                         Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The mechanisms to
                                         strengthen constructive cooperation among international organisms,
                                         NGOs, local authorities and academia are the focus of this dialogue
                                         towards concrete proposals to eradicate poverty in the context of a
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            An ethical framework for global governance
                                            For more than 30 years, the international community, through
                                            different international declarations (e.g the Rio Declaration, the
                                            Johannesburg Declaration, the Earth Charter), have been trying to
                                            find shared ethical principles that can help humanity to make
             11:30am -                      decisions in our current situation. These principles will be
     6月17日(日                   Charter
19           1:00pm                         foundational for the governance system for sustainability that will be           倫理
     )                         Internationa
             T6,Riocentro                   discussed during the Rio+20 Summit.
                                      This side event will offer the opportunity for an open discussion about
                                      the importance of agreeing on common ethical principles for a global
                                      governance system for sustainability. A panel involved in
                                      conversations about an ethical framework for global governance will
                                      share a wide range of opinions on this topic. Participants in this side
                                      Sustaining the Gains of Philippine Agenda 21
                                      The Philippines is one of the forerunners of sustainable development
                                      in Asia. Several months after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the
                                      Philippine Government initiated the formulation of the “Philippine
                                      Agenda 21” (PA 21), which served as the country’s blueprint towards
                                      sustainable development. As the PA 21 marks its 15th year this 2012,
           1:30pm - 3pm               the side-event aims to showcase the gains achieved and lessons
20         P3-F,Riocentro Philippines learned by the Philippines on sustainable development thus far.                        フィリピン
                                            Looking towards the future, the Philippines consider green economy
                                            as the new rallying point for the better integration of the three pillars
                                            of sustainable development. Likewise, it recognizes the need to
                                            encourage sustainable consumption and production patterns as a tool
                                            and mechanism to achieve sustainable development. The side-event
                                            shall also serve as a venue to share results of the partnership of
                                            UNEP and the Philippine GovernmentOrganisations au DD
                                            Partenariat sur la Contribution des on SCP and GE.
                                            L’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), a contribué
                                            de façon substantielle aux négociations et à l’adoption de la Norme
                          Institut de       ISO 26000 portant Lignes directrices du Développement durable
                          l'Énergie et      publiée en novembre 2010. Pour le déploiement de cette norme, l’OIF
           1:30pm - 3pm de                  a élaboré et adopté une stratégie propre en vue du développement                 持続可能な
   6月17日(日                                  d’un partenariat du type de 2 des Nations Unies. C’est ainsi que lors            開発に関す
21         P3-B,Riocentro l'Environne
   )                                                                                                                         る制度的枠
                          ment de la        du Forum francophone préparatoire à Rio+20, un atelier s’est tenu le             組み
                          Francophon        7 février 2012 à Lyon, en France, qui a permis de faire un état des
                          ie                lieux détaillé des initiatives et des développements en cours au plan
                                            international en matière de responsabilité sociétale comme
                                            contribution des organisations au développement durable, illustrés
                                            par des exemples de déploiement dans des pays francophones. Ceci
                                            China Going Green? A Civil de Partenariat objet de l’évènement
                                            a abouti à l’adoption du Projet Society Review of 20 years of
                                            Sustainable Development
                                            The worsening pollution and intensifying ecological degradation in
                                            recent years has made it clear that China cannot continue to go
                                            about business as usual. Traditional development models are now
                                            under scrutiny. Chinese NGOs have joined together in critically
                                            reviewing the practices and challenges of sustainable development
             1:30pm - 3pm
     6月17日(日                   SEE          over the past two decades (1992-2011). Their collective effort has
22           T9,Riocentro                                                                                                    中国
     )                         Foundation   cumulated in a joint report, China Going Green? A Civil Society
                                            Review of 20 years of Sustainable Development. Covering a wide
                                            range of issues, from water pollution to climate change to green
                                            finance, the report will be launched at this side event. Lead authors
                                            from different NGOs will share their unique writing processes, which
                                            involved a multiplicity of stakeholders and their diverse views. This
                                            side event, as part of the “China Going Green” Dialogues, is a rare
                                            opportunity to learn from seldom-heard independent voices within
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                           Agricultural transition - into a viable food future
                                           There is an urgent need to transform unsustainable agriculture and
                                           food systems. Industrial agriculture and other forms of unsustainable
                                           practices have caused dramatic problems. But resilient and
                                           sustainable modes of food production exist, and small scale food
                                           producers nourish more than 70% of the global population.
                                           How can we make the transition into agricultural production and food
             1:30pm - 3pm     More and
     6月17日(日                               systems which can
23           T4,Riocentro     Better                                                                                        農業、食糧
     )                                     - drastically reduce poverty,
                                           - reduce climate change and cool the planet,
                                           - restore biodiversity, soil fertility and water resources,
                                           - improve livelihoods and provide employment for billions of people,
                                           - produce enough, good and nutritious food for 9 billion people or
                                           Examples of sustainable food systems and lessons learned from
                                           transition into such systems will be presented. Leader of farmers’
                                           African Young Scientist Initiative on Climate Change and IKS
                                           The African Young Scientists Initiative on Climate Change and
                                           Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AYSICCIKS) seeks to participate in
                                           Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, in
                                           Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2012. The Initiative will organize a round
             1:30pm - 3pm                  table discussion and mini-exhibition to promote and showcase
     6月17日(日                South
                                           examples of African best practices on: the Role of African Young                 気候変動、
24           P3-E,Riocentro
     )                      Africa                                                                                          アフリカ
                                           Scientists in Promoting Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) for
                                           Sustainable Livelihoods within the context of climate change. The
                                           focus will be on the role of IKS in food security, natural resource
                                           management and health. The objectives are to share experiences
                                           with the international community on the outcome of AYSICCIKS’s
                                           participation and deliberations at COP 17 in Durban (2011); and to
                                           enable African young scientistsDisplacement in Socio-economic
                                           The Role of Climate Induced to build international networks on IKS,
                                           Middle East is one of the most climate sensitive regions. According to
                                           latest IPCC assessment, the climate is predicted to become even
                                           hotter and drier in most of the MENA region. It is further estimated
                                           that an additional 80–100 million people will be exposed by 2025 to
             1:30pm - 3pm     for
     6月17日(日                               water stress that is likely to result in an even stronger pressure on
25           T8,Riocentro     Environmen                                                                                    気候変動
     )                                     groundwater resources. In addition,they are expected to fluctuate
                              t and
                                           more widely, ultimately falling to a significantly lower long-term
                                           average. Global models predict sea levels rising from about 0.1 to 0.3
                              nt (RAED)
                                           meters by the year 2050, and from about 0.1 to 0.9 meters by 2100.
                                           In the case of extreme scenarios (0.5), 12 millions are expected to be
                                           displaced in Egypt alone. It will be critical for the governments plan to
                                           answer and prioritize these new threats from more multi dimensional
                              Environmen   Climate Change to keep social and : Role stability
                                           scenarios in orderand SD in Ethiopiapolitical of Civil Society
                              tal          Ethiopia is one of the countries which are severely affected by the
                              Governanc    impacts of climate change which is hindering the country’s efforts to
                              e and        eradicate poverty and develop sustainably. The country is currently
                              Education,   undertaking several efforts to wade of the problems including the
             1:30pm - 3pm     Horn of      initiation of the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy.               エチオピア、
26           T10,Riocentro    Africa -     Civil society in Ethiopia in recent past have been addressing the                気候変動、
     )                                                                                                                      市民社会
                              Regional     issue of climate change to a greater extent, thereby also supporting
                              Environmen   the initiatives of the government. Apart from individual organizations,
                              t            civil society coalitions have been formed (eg ECSNCC, HoA-REN,
                              Centre/Net   PHE Consortia etc.) to address the issues pertaining to climate
                              work,        change. The side event will address the role and contribution of civil
                              Addis        society in addressing climate change impacts. The panel will also
                              Ababa        bring out specific caseConsumption – Towards A Sustainable in
                                           From Production To studies and future opportunities for CSOs
                                           Food System
                                           Enormous inefficiencies in food use as post-harvest food losses and
                                           waste along the entire food chain account for at least one-third of all
                                           the food produced in the world. “We also need to stop wasting food
                                           along the value chain, and start reflecting the benefits of natural
                                           resources — and the costs of depleting them — when we calculate
             1:30pm - 3pm
     6月17日(日                  Millennium   the value of food”, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his
27           T2,Riocentro                                                                                                   食糧
     )                        Institute    statement to the High-Level Roundtable on Food and Nutrition
                                           Security and Sustainable Agriculture. There are various ideas on
                                           specific elements of policy measures to transform the food value
                                           chains to ensure food and nutrition security for all, strengthen
                                           sustainable agriculture, whilst protecting natural resources. This side-
                                           event will allow ministers from all continents, and high-level
                                           representatives from the private sector and civil society, to discuss
                                           such ideas and steps Rio+20 can initiate to make the entire food
     Scheduled   Time/Venue      Organizer                                Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                             Innovative Collaborations Driving Inclusive Sustainable Growth
                                             Full Title: Innovative collaborations enabling women to develop
                                             scalable green economy businesses to accelerate sustainable
                                             development (Learnings from Brazil, Guatemala, India, Kenya, New
           1:30pm - 3pm BPW                  Zealand and Turkey)                                                              持続可能な
28         P3-A,Riocentro Internationa                                                                                        成長、パー
   )                                                                                                                          トナーシップ
                          l            The purpose of this side event is to share learnings from creative
                                       collaborations among businesses, NGOs and governments that help
                                       women access clean water and renewable energy sources to improve
                                       their family’s health and livelihoods and empower them to be part of
                                       green supply chain.
                                       Get mad and do something about it! Youth as initiators for
                          Peace        change
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月17日(日                Child        The title of this panel “Get mad and do something about it” is not
29         T6,Riocentro                                                                                                       若者
   )                      Internationa meant to inspire militant direct action. Instead, this panel is meant to
                          l            recognize the anger many young people feel when we look to our
                                       future but it will also show that youth are determined to create a
                                       Indigenous and Local Communities and the Private Sector
                                       The Rio +20 summit focuses on two topics: on the one hand a green
                                       economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty
                                       eradication and on the other hand the institutional framework for
                                       sustainable development. The side event aims to illustrate how
                                       biodiversity use can serve these two strategic objectives.

             1:30pm - 3pm                   In 2009, the Natural Resources Stewardship Circle of the aromatic,
     6月17日(日                    Tribal Link                                                                                   先住民、企
30           T5,Riocentro                   perfume and cosmetics industry (NRSC) committed to developing
     )                          Foundation                                                                                    業
                                            collective guidelines for ethical and sustainable sourcing of natural
                                            extracts from the lands of indigenous and local community (ILCs)
                                            producers around the world. Currently, NRSC membership is made
                                            up of 20+ major international companies.

                                            In this event, the NRSC, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the UN
                                            Convention on Biological Diversity (to be confirmed) and Tribal Link
                                            Foundation will share experiences from the field and engage the
                                            Sustainable Development: Do we need a green industrial policy?
                                            Industrial policy has made a forceful comeback. The global economic
                                            and financial crisis demanded swift action by governments to support
                                            and restructure productive activities, and industry in particular, in
                                United      order to protect employment. At the same time global challenges
                                Nations     such as climate change cannot be addressed without decisive policy
             1:30pm - 3pm       Industrial  changes in industry-related incentives and regulations.
     6月17日(日                                                                                                                  グリーン産
31           T3,Riocentro       Developme The conditions are ripe for placing industrial policy at the core of the
     )                                                                                                                        業化
                                nt          policy agenda for green growth and sustainable development.
                                Organizatio Industry produces large amounts of emissions and pollution while
                                n (UNIDO) being a major source of employment and wages. Rio + 20 thus
                                            become a unique forum for suggesting global and national industrial
                                            policies that are green, inclusive and economically dynamic. The side-
                                            event will bring together the business sector, governments, academia
                                            and representatives of civil society. It will aim at discussing the
                                            The Path to sustainability choices and proposing guiding principles
                                            fundamental Resource Efficient Cities: Innovation in Action
                                            The session will address the critical importance of cities in building a
                                            sustainable future, looking particularly at the building, transport, waste
                                            and water sectors. Discussion will focus on the market potential and
                                            constraints of current building and city designs; policy trends and
                                            financing opportunities for innovative city and building design; and
             2pm-3:30pm                     use of common tools (sharing, benchmarking, and aggregating) to
     6月17日(日 Windsor Barra                  better measure city impact on environmental sustainability.
32                              UNEP                                                                                   CSF
     )       Hotel &
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                             Launch of report “Sustainable development for the 21st Century”
                                             The side event will present the SD21 project’s synthesis report for
                                             policy makers. The report draws upon a series of studies carried out
                              Division for   under the project, in addition to recent major assessments. The SD21
                              Sustainable    studies approach sustainable development from various
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月17日(日                                 perspectives: (a) expert assessment of the progress made since
33           P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                政策全般
     )                      Developme        1992, including a review of Agenda 21 and the Rio principles; (b)
                            nt               critical analysis of global scenario exercises since 1992; (c) future
                            (UNDESA)         vision of sustainable development, as suggested by ecological
                                             economics, compared to the “green economy” and “business-as-
                                             usual” views; (d) sectoral perspectives on challenges and potential
                                             ways forward. The project also includes a scenario component which
                                             analyzes sustainable development options based on the most recent
                                             China Going Green? Youth Environmental Actions Rising to the
                                          China’s spectacular economic growth in the last two decades has led
                                          to unprecedented environmental problems. Against this background,
             3:30pm - 5pm     Shanshui    many youth environmental groups have sprung up across China,
     6月17日(日                                                                                                               若者、中国
34           T8,Riocentro     Conservatio reflecting the aspirations of a green future by the next generation. In
     )                                                                                                                     、環境問題
                              n Center    recent years, passionate Chinese youth are rising to the challenge
                                          and flocking to join the battle of creating a sustainable future. This
                                          side event, as part of the “China Going Green” Dialogues, will review
                                          the history, successes and challenges of Chinese youth
                                          Achievementsactivism. Speakers for the implementation of
                                          environmental of Central Africa will articulate a youth perspective
                                         Agenda 21
                                         In order to contribute to the implementation of Agenda 21, Central
                                         African countries had taken relevant measures and institutional
           3:30pm - 5pm
                              Central    frameworks to promote sustainable development in Central Africa.
           , Auditorium
                              African    The Summit of Rio+20 is an excellent opportunity for these countries
           2,Barra                                                                                                         中央アフリ
   6月17日(日                    Forests    to share their achievements and lessons learnt with the rest of the
35         Arena(outside                                                                                                   カ、アジェン
   )                          Commissio world. It is in this framework that, the Central African Forests                   ダ21
           RioCentro in
                              n          Commission (COMIFAC) which is an Intergovernmental Organization
           the Barra
                              (COMIFAC) established in 2000 by the Heads of State of Central African
                                         Countries (ten countries members: Burundi, Cameroon, Central
                                         Africa Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo,
                                         Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Sao Tome & Principes) and the
                                         Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) want to
                                         organizein Google Earth” an meeting will contribute to theTool:DR
                                         “Ocean this side-event. This Environmental Education
                                         Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) actively
                                         collaborates with Ocean in Google Earth as the institution’s local
                                         partner in the Dominican Republic to provide and create content for
                                         “Explore the Ocean”, a GFDD educational initiative, and one that will
                              Global     be highlighted at a special side panel to be held at the Rio + 20
                              Foundation Conference.
             3:30pm - 5pm     for
     6月17日(日                                                                                                               グーグルア
36           T9,Riocentro     Democracy Ocean in Google Earth collects local stories and locally-based
     )                                                                                                                     ース
                              and        knowledge from people who care about the ocean environment
                              Developme worldwide. These stories are related to six key areas: ecosystems,
                              nt         marine life, ocean and atmosphere, science and exploration, marine
                                         protected areas and human connections.

                                             GFDD and Ocean in Google Earth have teamed up to create a geo-
                                             referenced layer on Google Earth named Mission Blue. Mission Blue
                                             is built using a multimedia format including video footage, pictures,
                                             local music and the presentation of short stories in Spanish
             3:30pm - 5pm                    Séminaire d’échange et d'information sur le Lac Tchad
37           P3-6,Riocentro Chad             c'est un séminaire d’échange et d'information sur le Lac Tchad                アフリカ
                                             Tax justice: key to sustainable development?
                                             A lack of resources hampers poor countries’ ability to develop
                                             sustainably. Indeed insufficient financial resources are a major
                                             reason for the gaps in implementing the agreed sustainable
             3:30pm - 5pm                    development commitments and action programmes since the 1992
     6月17日(日                  Christian      Rio Summit on Environment and Development. Tax revenues can
38           T6,Riocentro                                                                                                  税
     )                        Aid            provide governments with the sustainable and predictable resources
                                             they need. However the ability of governments to collect tax revenues
                                             is systematically undermined by a lack of capacity in tax authorities,
                                             poor tax systems and financial secrecy. This side event will explore
                                             how the obstacles to mobilising tax revenues could be overcome in
                                             the interests of sustainable development globally, particularly in
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                      Dialogue of Chinese, European and South American Civil
                                      Society Rio+20
                                      There are many converging processes contributing to the preparation
                                      of the conference, the commitment of civil society is one of those. For
                                      over a year, civil society organizations in China, Europe and South
                                      America have been preparing for this world event and are expected
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月17日(日                Collectif   to make contributions to Rio+20 from their perspectives. We are well
39         T11,Riocentro                                                                                                  市民社会
   )                      RIO+20      aware, perhaps more than ever, that the interdependencies at a
                                      global level are irreversible, and world governance and the
                                      institutional framework for sustainable development cannot work
                                      without regional and global consensus and joint actions.
                                      In this sense, Association 4D and CEF are willing to organize during
                                      Rio+20 Conference a side event “Jointly Heading for the Future We
                                      Want, calling on a Tripartite Dialogue of Chinese, European and
                                      South American Civil Societies in Rio+20”.
                                      Population, Rights and Sustainability: Voices from the Global
                                      This workshop will focus on the perspectives of Voices from the
                                      South on how addressing population dynamics at national and
                          Population community levels in ways that respect and protect human rights can
                          and         make a significant contribution to sustainable development. Focused
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月17日(日                Climate     on the intersection between the “social” and “environmental”
40         P3-F,Riocentro                                                                                                 途上国
   )                      Change      dimensions of sustainable development, this workshop will bring
                          Alliance    together global and local perspectives on how population dynamics,
                          (PCCA)      including growth, urbanization, migration etc affect sustainable
                                      development priorities, including the green economy, climate change,
                                      environmental degradation, poverty alleviation and gender equality.
                                      Presentations will focus on how the provision of voluntary family
                                      planning services that respect and protect rights can be combined
                                      with environmental approaches to meet a range of sustainable
                                      Women Empowering Women: From Stockholm to Rio, following
                                      footprints & continuing the legacy of women’s leadership in
                                      advancing sustainable development, gender equality, and
                          Philippines human rights from local, national, to global
           3:30pm - 5pm               The side event aims to trace, compile and highlight the role and
   6月17日(日                Women
41         T5,Riocentro                                                                                                   女性
   )                      University contribution of exceptional women leaders , in the local, national and
                          (PWU)       global scene to empower women to gain equality with men, enjoy
                                      human rights, and move towards a sustainable present and future for
                                      all, within the timeframe of the first United Nations Conference on the
                                      Human Environment(UNCHE) in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 to the
                                      coming United Nations Conference on the Environment , Rio+20 in
                                      We Canada: A Journey for Canadian Leadership at Rio+20
                                      The Canadian Earth Summit Coalition has been the focal point for
                                      Canadian civil society in the lead-up to Rio+20. The side event is an
                                      opportunity for the Coalition to present highlights of its We Canada
                                      initiative – an ambitious public engagement and policy development
           3:30pm - 5pm
           , UN2,Barra                      During the event, we will: release a comprehensive report detailing
                               We           priorities of over 7,000 Canadians from public dialogues; detail the
   6月17日(日 Arena(outside
42                             Canada       successes and lessons learned from an extensive cross-Canada tour;            Canada
   )       RioCentro in
           the Barra
                               Initiative   preview a short “Rio+20 cut” of a documentary of the We Canada
           Arena)                           journey, including interviews with young Canadians; and, discuss the
                                            process of developing and proposing policy initiatives. We Canada
                                            Champion and sustainability advocate Severn Cullis-Suzuki will
                                            provide a keynote address, and Coalition partners will weigh in on the
                                            importance of civil society leadership.

                                           In addition to highlighting policy possibilities, the event will be an
                                           opportunity to share best practices for cross-country public
                               Global      CREATING A MORE EFFECTIVE SYSTEM OF ENVIRONMENTAL
                               Ecovillage AND SUSTAINABLE DEVE
                               Network     This session will focus on the need to strengthen and democratize
                               (GEN); US the institutional framework for an emerging global system of
             3:30pm - 5pm      Citizens    sustainable development governance and an international rule of law.           持続可能な
     6月17日(日                   Network     We will address the need to uplevel UNEP into an implementing and              開発に関す
43           T10,Riocentro
     )                                                                                                                    る制度的枠
                               for         regulating agency and to transform the UN Commission on
                               Sustainable Sustainable Development (CSD) into a Council with binding and
                                           enforceable coordinating powers.
                               nt; and the
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                           Zero Waste is Happening! Successes & struggles for real
                                           In cities around the world, grassroots recycling workers, visionary
                                           local leaders, and innovative practitioners are showing that zero
                                           waste is an achievable goal whose day has come. In contrast with the
                                           primitive idea of burning our garbage, recycling and composting
                                           create livelihoods, save money, and protect the environment and
             3:30pm - 5pm     Alliance for public health. These efforts go hand-in-hand with clean production,
44           T3,Riocentro     Incinerator producer responsibility, and waste minimization programs for
                              Alternatives dangerous and hard-to-recycle materials. Together, these practical,
                               (GAIA)      bottom-up strategies also provide some of the best decentralized
                                           urban solutions for reducing climate pollution and conserving energy
                                           and natural resources.

                                           This event will feature leading-edge practitioners from Brazil, India,
                                           the United States, and several other countries where workers and
                                           environmentalists have come together to support truly sustainable
                                           approaches to waste and development. They will present their
                                           Valuing Ecosystem Services
             3:30pm - 5pm     The Nature   In January 2011, The Nature Conservancy and The Dow Chemical
45           T4,Riocentro     Conservanc   Company announced a breakthrough collaboration—one that will help
                              y            Dow and the business community recognize, value and incorporate
                                           nature into global business goals, decisions and strategies.
             3:30pm - 5pm                  Sustainable Construction
46           P3-A,Riocentro Brazil         The event will be about the contribution of the construction industry to          建設
                                           sustainable development
                                           Institutional and Strategic Frameworks for Sustainable
                                           Development in Africa: Integrating the three Pillars of
                                           Sustainable Development
                                           Effective and well-coordinated institutions and strategies are
                                           essential in achieving a balanced integration of economic, social and
                                           environmental interests, central to accelerating progress towards
                            Economic       sustainable development. As such, it is pertinent that Africa is
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月17日(日                Commissio      adequately prepared to articulate its vision for a reformed global                アフリカ、若
47           P3-B,Riocentro
     )                      n for Africa   institutional framework that could ensure effective linkages and                  者
                            (ECA)          synergies, while at the same time supporting institutions at the
                                           regional, sub-regional, national and local levels to effectively
                                           implement sustainable development commitments. This side event
                                           will provide Africa and its partners a platform to deliberate on
                                           institutional frameworks at the regional, sub-regional, national and
                                           local levels that are responsive to the requirements of sustainable
                                           development, as well as on the model of global level institutional
                                           Bringing Climate Finance to such institutions and their strategies.
                                           architecture that could support Grassroots Women – What does it It
                                           Women in many countries are disproportionally affected by climate
                                           change impacts with many women in developing countries hit the
           5:30pm - 7pm                    worst. They have different experiences, knowledge and capabilities
           ,UN2,Barra                      from men which are instrumental for effective action on improving
           Arena(outside      Heinrich     climate resilience, safeguarding forest stocks and reducing
48         RioCentro in       Boell        mitigation. In many cases, grassroots women in developing countries
           the Barra          Foundation   have taken action with community-based action, providing leadership,
           Arena)                          initiative and innovation. However, existing public financing
                                           instruments for climate change action very insufficiently are taking
                                           gender-differentiated impacts and contributions into account in
                                           allocating funding for projects and programs in developing countries
                                           to deal with climate change. Even where dedicated climate financing
                                           and climate-related development financing instrument display some
                                           FINANCING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA
                                           Over recent decades, debate has been raging on the effectiveness of
                                           aid to achieve economic or development targets, with increasing
                                           focus on improving effectiveness of use, in particular in view of the
                                           current multiple crises. The potential result is a vicious cycle, i.e. the
                                           apparent lack of legitimacy that results from ineffective use of
             5:30pm - 7pm     African      available resources may serve to reinforce the existing tendencies
49           T4,Riocentro     Developme    towards shrinking financing. This side event will serve as a platform
                              nt Bank      for dialogue between African member States and their partners on:
                                           how resources can be mobilized for sustainable development – both
                                           domestically and internationally – with a particular emphasis on
                                           innovative sources of finance and leveraging resources from the
                                           private sector; and how national institutions can be assisted to
                                           effectively utilize these resources. The expectation is that active
                                           debate will lead to increased understanding of the options available
                                           for African countries, with regards to fostering the implementation of
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                               Internationa   Another work is possible: a trade union contribution to
                               l Trade        Sustainable Development
                               Union          A sustainable future requires major transformation in our current
                               Confederati    economic model. In a context of rising inequalities, unemployment,
             5:30pm - 7pm      on (ITUC)      precarious work and irreversible environmental degradation, the
50           T2,Riocentro      on behalf      labour movement is mobilised to promote an alternative model, where
                               of the         people and the planet are at the centre, and where a Just Transition
                               Workers        is designed to accompany us all in the process of achieving it. Hear
                               and Trade      inspiring examples and share ideas about what trade unions and
                               Union          workers are doing to create more sustainable communities and how
                               Major          workers contribute to sustainable development.
                                              ICTs, the foundation of our sustainable future
                                              Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a critical
                                              role to promote the integration of the three pillars of sustainable
                                              development. ICTs are the most inclusive infrastructure on the planet,
                                              with 90% of the world population connected to mobile services and
                          Internationa        over one third connected to the Internet. ICTs are a truly unique
           5:30pm - 7pm l                     platform for progress that creates wealth, optimize the use of natural
51         P3-6,Riocentro Telecommu           resources, enables a low carbon economy and give equitable access                ICT
                          nication            to basic public services, such as health care and education. ICTs play
                          Union (ITU)         a pivotal role in monitoring, predicting and detecting natural disasters.
                                              Using these technologies to mitigate disasters contributes to saving
                                              human life, protecting infrastructure, and supporting economic activity
                                              leading to sustainable development.
                                              The side event “ICTs, the foundation of our sustainable future” will
                                              look at specific ICT applications and services that have the capacity
                                              Harnessing to the transition towards a green economy and to
                                              to contribute globalization for the green economy
                                              Efforts to advance the green economy face tremendous challenges.
                                              They have to receive the sustained support from citizen and hence
                          Institut du
                                              work within national economic systems to meet specific constraints
                                              and needs. They also have to be coordinated at global level to make
           5:30pm - 7pm                       the whole greater than the sum of its parts and increase the net
   6月17日(日                Durable et
52         P3-E,Riocentro                     benefits to “turn green” for any country. Budding initiatives for
   )                      des
                                              greening the economy demonstrate that every green economy will be
                                              unique. They also suggest that their public policy content and the
                                              specific policy and measures used can turn conflicting in the current
                          les (IDDRI)
                                              context of lingering crisis in some OECD countries and exacerbated
                                              power relations induced by fast convergence across developing and
                                              developed economies. How best harness globalization for the green
                                              South-South Cooperation and Lessons address from side-event.
                                              economy is the issue at stake we intend toLearned in thisPayment
                                      for Environme
                                      Since 2008, FAS is responsible for implementing the largest Payment
                                      for Environmental Services (PES) program in the world, the Bolsa
                                      Floresta Program, in the State of Amazonas, Brazil. Within this
                                      context, FAS organized several initiatives on South-South
                                      cooperation with Mozambique (2009-2011), Panamá (2010),
           5:30pm - 7pm Fundação
   6月17日(日                            Indonesia (2010) and Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Democratic
53         P3-B,Riocentro Amazonas
   )                                  Republic of Congo, Gabon, Madagascar and Republic of Congo
                                      (2010-2011), with support from different institutions such as Idesam,
                                      World Bank, CIFOR, IIED, and many others.

                                              This event thus will present and discuss different initiatives on PES,
                                              Reducing GHG Emissions from Deforestation and Forest
                                              Degradation (REDD) and innovative institutional frameworks in Brazil
                                              and other forested countries, aiming at extracting lessons learned
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                     備考   キーワード
                                            Green Economy: an outlook from Central America and the
                                            The event aims to explore the concept of Green Economy from a
                                            Central American perspective and contribute to the debate on what
                                            the implications of Green Economy could be for the Central American
                                            and Caribbean region, given its extreme environmental, social,
                              World         political and economic vulnerability.
                              Council of
             5:30pm - 7pm     Churches      This will be done through three short presentations and a short film                グリーン経
54           T10,Riocentro    and the       giving concrete examples from Central America.                                      済、中米、カ
     )                                                                                                                          リブ
                              World         Topics to be explored include:
                              Federation    • Green Economy: is it based on assumptions or can such transition
                                            really be effective to produce the profound changes required to save
                                            life on the planet?
                                            • If not, is Green Economy just a cosmetic change to maintain status
                                            • What type of governance would be necessary to avoid the latter?
                                            • How could the democratic ownership of the Green Economy be
                                            Partenariat contribution des organisations au DD: Apport d'ISO
                                            L’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), a contribué
                                            de façon substantielle aux négociations et à l’adoption de la Norme
                          Organisatio       ISO 26000 portant Lignes directrices du Développement durable
                          n                 publiée en novembre 2010. Pour le déploiement de cette norme, l’OIF
           5:30pm - 7pm
   6月17日(日                internationa      a élaboré et adopté une stratégie propre en vue du développement
55         P3-A,Riocentro
   )                      le de la          d’un partenariat du type de 2 des Nations Unies. C’est ainsi que lors
                          Francophon        du Forum francophone préparatoire à Rio+20, un atelier s’est tenu le
                          ie (OIF)          7 février 2012 à Lyon, en France, qui a permis de faire un état des
                                            lieux détaillé des initiatives et des développements en cours au plan
                                            international en matière de responsabilité sociétale comme
                                            contribution des organisations au développement durable, illustrés
                                            par des exemples de déploiement dans des pays francophones. Ceci
                                            a abouti àof Essential Services Charter: review, case studies,
                                            10 years l’adoption du Projet de Partenariat objet de l’évènement
                                            Johannesburg, 2002, IGD, with the support of UNITAR, has
                                            presented the Charter of essential services, which is the first step of
                                            a worldwide movement for the recognition of a right of access for all
                                            to basic services.
                                            The matter of access to basic services (water, sanitation, waste
             5:30pm - 7pm     Institut de
     6月17日(日                                management, energy, transport, telecommunications, education,
56           T3,Riocentro     la Gestion
     )                                      health, safety) is closely related to issues of sustainable development
                                            and poverty reduction. Indeed, these services are a prerequisite for a
                                            decent life and a healthy habitat, they condition the urban and
                                            economic development and they must be organized by preserving
                                            natural resources.
                                            If water and sanitation had been highlighted into the Millennium
                                            Development Goals and through the recognition of a right to water,
                                            strong efforts must be done for other services in a perspective of
                                            Imagine All The People: Advancing a Planetary Movement
                                            The planetary challenge is urgent and systemic. The world confronts
                                            twenty-first century perils hobbled by twentieth century mindsets and
                                            institutions, a dangerous gap that bodes ill. A just and sustainable
                              Centre for    civilization is still possible. We can forge a path to a different future: a
           5:30pm - 7pm       Environmen    world of lives enriched and nature resilient. A fragmented movement
   6月17日(日                                  is incapable of systemic transformation. Civil society efforts are vital,
57         T9,Riocentro       t and
                              Developme     but lack an overarching vision and strategy matched to the
                              nt            complexity of the historic task. A critical social actor is missing from
                                            the global stage. The transition awaits the awakening of a vast
                                            cultural and political movement engaged on all fronts in a
                                            supranational project of global citizenship. The global citizens
                                            movement will be adaptive and polycentric. The living movement will
                                            evolve as a dispersed ecology of associations, spawning centers of
     Scheduled   Time/Venue      Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             World Youth in Action
                                             ‘World Youth in Action’ is an opportunity to gather the efforts currently
                                             being done by and for the youth that will impact the future of young
                                             people around the world and its relationships with other segments of

             5:30pm - 7pm                    The event will be facilitated by a group of international youth (ages 18
     6月17日(日                    Up with
58           T8,Riocentro                    – 29) currently traveling on the Up with People program. These young             若者
     )                          People
                                             people are advocating for the betterment of the world, not by just
                                             talking, but by doing. They travel, they perform, and they impact.

                                      The event will work as a forum for sharing ideas and experiences
                                      about best sustainable practices around the world that will contribute
                                      to the future we want. There will also be selected musical
                                      performances as a way to encourage the audience to engage in the
                                      topics being presented, while also providing a more enjoyable
                                      Demonstration of Save One Megawatt Power a Day
                                      Shweta Marandi (
           7:30pm - 9pm               board&bd=hero_profile&hr=shweta) started a campaign for the frugal
59         T9,Riocentro   Tarumitra use of electricity.Today she has the support of over 10,000 students
                                      to save 100 Watt/hour of electricity a day. And the campaign is
                                      UNEP made Shweta Hero of the month for her successful campaign.
                                      She or her companions would present a demonstration of the
                                      Certified Green - The Role and Impacts of Certification in the
                                      Green Economy
           7:30pm - 9pm               Rationale: The Rio +20 conference offers a unique opportunity to
60         T8,Riocentro   Equiterre   bring key stakeholders together to assess the successes and
                                      challenges and set the stage for a concerted and dedicated approach
                                      to the use and development of private voluntary standards in the
                                      implementation of sustainable development.
                          World       Empowering Rural Women
           7:30pm - 9pm               Why do rural women lag behind on the Millennium Development
   6月17日(日                Farmers                                                                                             MDGs、女
61         P3-A,Riocentro
   )                      Organisatio Goals? How can these challenges be addressed? Discuss the                               性
                          n           concrete actions that are working in the field and help identify the
                                      gaps that are needed to secure a better future for rural women
                                      Quebec's Plan Nord: Towards a New Global Model for
                                      Sustainable Develop
                                      Plan Nord is a sustainable development initiative covering the 1.2
                                      million square kilometer northern boreal region of Quebec – a nearly
                                      pristine area twice the size of France.

                                             The area is home to a significant portion of the Canadian Boreal, the
                                             largest intact forest ecosystem on Earth, and the world’s largest
             7:30pm - 9pm       Pew          storehouse of carbon.
62           T10,Riocentro      Environmen
     )                                     Through the Plan Nord, Quebec has brought together businesses,
                                t Group
                                           scientists, conservationists, aboriginal leaders and local communities
                                           to find the best ways to balance economic development with
                                           conservation, including protecting 50% of the north from all industrial
                                           activity, through an innovative ecological planning process.

                                      The commitments of the Plan Nord to integrate economic
                                      development with conservation biology and sustainable development
                                      on a landscape scale, in a manner that respects the culture and rights
                                      of aboriginal people, have the potential to form the basis for a new
                                      GREEN ECONOMY
                          Centro de The debate on the Green Economy leads to an objective discussion
                          Gestão e    of relevant aspects of present development pathways. The thinking
           7:30pm - 9pm               on this concept aims to look at its relevance as an instrument to the
   6月17日(日                Estudos                                                                                             グリーン経
63         P3-F,Riocentro
   )                      Estratégico transition of socio-technical systems and the transformation of                         済
                          s – Brazil  consumption and production patterns. This should provide, at the
                          (CGEE)      same time, environment protection and ecosystem services
                                      valuation, inequalities reduction and social inclusion, together with the
                                      redesign and stimulation of the international economy in a context of
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                              Achieving a sustainable future in Rio: what can do a ‘’Blue
                                              The event is an open discussion on the role the Commonwealth
                                              Environment Task Force Meeting plays in the UNEP’s Governing
                                              Council and to push for a ‘’Blue Economy and Ocean Governance’’
                                              as possible outcome for Rio+20. Speakers and participants will
                                Actions for
             7:30pm - 9pm                     explore together the role young people from the intergovernmental
     6月17日(日                    Sustainable
64           T3,Riocentro                     organization plays to ensure the survival of their nations and                 ブルー経済
                                              especially the small islands states which face sea-level raise in case
                                              of melting glaciers and ice caps. The discussion will also showcase
                                nt [AVD]
                                              best practices from youth of these nations working together to make
                                              the Green Economy a reality in order to support the idea of a possible
                                              ‘’Blue Economy’’ for the Commonwealth nations. The event will then
                                              serve as an avenue for the official launching of a practical toolkit
                                              developed by the Commonwealth Youth Climate and Sustainable
                                Global        Rio+20: Building “Green Bridge” through the Commonwealth
                                              Development Network which was created by Generations
                                Classroom     New initiative in the field of education on sustainable development.
                                on            This would be achieved by mobilizing innovative ideas and
             7:30pm - 9pm       Sustainable   suggestions from students from different parts of the world using an
     6月17日(日                                  ICT platform (global web platform to register new students’ ideas.
65           T5,Riocentro                                                                                                    教育、ITC
     )                          Developme     Novelty: use an internet platform for collecting innovative ideas on
                                nt/Al         sustainable development from students from around the world on the
                                Farabi        global portal and share (for free) with all interested parties.
                                National     Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                             The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                               l Council
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                          governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The              都市、自治
                                for Local    Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                                  体
1                               Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                                tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                                Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                             policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                              ICLEI World Congress
                                              The ICLEI World Congress is the main event its association of Local
                                              Governments for Sustainability, and will deal with the pressing issues
複                                             facing local governments and urban areas in this unpredictable era of
                 9am-7pm                      change. The Congress will bring ICLEI's members, partners, global
数 6/14(Thu)-                                                                                                                 都市、自治
                 Belo Horizonte, ICLEI
日 6/17(Sun)                                   strategists, academics and NGOs together. Participants will learn              体
2                Brazil                       from inspirational speakers and real-life city cases about cutting-edge
                                              integrated solutions to the challenges we face.

                                            Sustainable Development Dialogues
                                            Top representatives from civil society, including private sector,
                                            NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene
                                            to engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable
複                               The         development. They are expected to engage in an open and action-
数 6/16(Sat)~
                                Governmen oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.                  市民対話
日 6/19(Tue) Riocentro
                                t of Brazil There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. The
                                            recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed
                                            directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the

                                              Climate Group
                                              -Clean revolution-
                                              At the Clean Revolution Leadership Summit in Rio, it will be giving
                                              the world dicision makers a platform to highlight the role of
数                               Climate
  6/17-6/19      不明                           innovation to address climate change and resource scarcity, and                気候変動
日                               Group
4                                             showcase how leadership towards a low carbon future can unlock real
                                              benefits today.

    Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                    Title/Theme                                      備考   キーワード
                              UCLG        The Urban Summit
    6月18日(月                   METROPO
1           9am-5pm
    )                         LIS
                              City of Rio
                              de Janeiro
                                          Heading to a Low carbon Future
                              Rio de
2           9am-4pm           World bank
                              City of Rio
                              de Janeiro
                                             Cities at the Heart of the Future We Want
                                             This panel will highlight cities growing interest to initiate dialogue with
                                             business sectors in view of elaborating frameworks that would
            9am-10:30am                      provide enabling environments conducive to sustainability and social
    6月18日(月 Windsor Barra                    responsibility. This session will present contributions from the City of
3                             UNITAR         Antwerp, host of the world 2nd largest petrochemical port and the             CSF
    )       Hotel &
            Congresses.                      world diamond centre; the City of Atlanta, host of the world largest
                                             airport; the City of Guayaqil and Veolia Environment.

                                             forum/agenda-251b87a2deaa4e56a3e00ca1d66e5bfd.aspx from
                                             Governance for Sustainable Development: Key Messages
                                     the AmericasThe OAS through its Department of Sustainable
                                     Development (DSD) supports member states in designing and
                                     implementing policies, strategies, programs, and projects to integrate
                                     environmental sustainability with poverty alleviation and economic
                                     development, as well as translating sustainable development goals
                                     into concrete actions. The Department also supports countries in
          09:30am -                  making fundamental decisions which engage all stakeholders, and
  6月18日(月                n of                                                                                                     アメリカ、ガ
4         11am                       encourage accountability for sustainable development principles and
  )                      American                                                                                                 バナンス
          P3-E,Riocentro             institutions.
                                             Consistent with the roles that it played in previous global conferences
                                             on environment and development, the Department has been
                                             engaging and collaborating with stakeholders from throughout the
                                             Americas to play a pivotal role in the preparations and outcomes of
                                             Rio+20. At the side event, the OAS-DSD will present the results of
                                             this collaborative process, which has included the organization of a
                                             Innovative field actions as leverage for change
                                             Field practitioners involved in local initiatives play an important role in
                                             the transition towards sustainable and inclusive development.
                                             Technical, social, managerial, and financial innovations are designed
                                             and implemented all around the world by local actors. Due to the lack
                                             of a means of systematically documenting these initiatives,                          Technical,
                         Institut                                                                                                 social,
          09:30am -                          comparable to peer-reviewed publications in the scientific community,
  6月18日(月                Veolia                                                                                                   managerial,
5         11am                               these innovative field actions are not sufficiently reported and shared
  )                      Environnem                                                                                               and
          P3-F,Riocentro                     and, very often, get lost.                                                           financial
                                             FACTS Initiative and its partners propose a method and tools for                     innovations
                                             documenting innovative initiatives undertaken by field practitioners
                                             (NGOs, governmental organizations, etc.). Together, they propose to
                                             promote it at Rio+20. This will also be an opportunity to launch
                                             collaborations with partners from all the countries involved in what
                                             could be a great project, whose aim is to establish an available
                                             “Global Database of practices for sustainable and inclusive
                                             ISO International Standards and Green Economy
                                             Objective of the side event : to promote wide dialogue about the
                                             importance of the ISO international standards as a contribution to the
                                             green economy in the sustainable development context. This side
                                             event will provide the attendance with examples on how an
                              Internationa   international, consensus-based, multi-stakeholder standards-setting
                              l              system can achieve global agreement on the pragmatic
          09:30am -
  6月18日(月                     Organizatio    implementation of green economy issues at the organizational level.                  グリーン経
6         11am
  )                           n for          As a concrete example, ISO has developed an international standard                   済、ISO
                              Standardiza    that provides guidance on Social Responsibility – ISO 26000 in 2010.
                              tion (ISO)     It involved more than 450 participating experts, from 99 countries,
                                             and 42 organizations in liaison. These experts came from six
                                             specifically identified stakeholder categories of: government, industry,
                                             labour, consumers, NGO`s and academia. Its main topics are
                                             organizational governance, human rights, labour practices, the
                                             environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             Message from Asian NGO Network on ESD (ANNE): Role of
                                             NGOs in Empowering the Local Community for Sustainable
                              Japan          Development
                              Council on     Asia will be the key global driving force economically in the 21st
                              the UN         Century and its way of development will give significant impacts
                              Decade of      globally. The solution against unsustainable patterns at the grass root
             09:30am -
     6月18日(月                  Education      level is essential and should be an integral part of sustainable                 NGO、地域
7            11am
     )                        for            development both in Asia and the world. This side event aims to                  コミュニティ
                              Sustainable    highlight Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), particularly,
                                             (i) the significance of achieving sustainable development in the local
                              Developme      communities, (ii) importance of local community empowerment in
                              nt (ESD-J)     achieving local sustainability, and (iii) key role of NGO)s in local
                                             community empowerment and the new knowledge creation for local
                                             sustainability. We will present Asia¡¦s ESD good practices and
                                             experiences by NGOs, leading to an Asia assure Sustainable to
                                             Communitarian forest management to NGO Network on ESD
                                             Communitarian forest management (CFM) is a common practice in
                                             several countries of Latin America. Sustainable communitarian forest
                                             management helps to mitigate the effects of environmental
                                             degradation and climate change and promotes rural development by
                                             the creation of more employment opportunities in the forest sector,
             09:30am -        Mexicano
     6月18日(月                                 which strengthens the local economies and eradicates rural poverty.
8            11am             para la                                                                                         森林
     )                                       Thus, the communitarian forest management provides multiple
             T10,Riocentro    Silvicultura
                                             ecologic, economic and social benefits, and can inspire other nations
                                             to learn from the experiences in Mexico and Central America to adopt
                                             similar strategies to promote sustainable development.
                                             Our side event will show what is crucial for successful and
                                             sustainable communitarian forest management, how it fosters local
                                             governance and how it improves local development. At the same
                                             time, challenges and needs will be presented to foster communitarian
                                             forest management that benefits nature and society in the local and
                                             Aligned Awareness and Action for the Future We Want
                                             Rio+20 is an opportunity to redress the breakdown of virtually every
                                             system in our interconnected world. There is a collective
                                             understanding among major groups and governments, that the need
                                             for action is critical. Yet, creating systems and frameworks that
                                             enable long-term sustainable living, directly addressing poverty and
          09:30am -           Kumaris
  6月18日(月                                    wellbeing, do not happen only through policies. There are many                   普及啓発、
9         11am                World
  )                                          avenues through which change occurs, yet the foundation of all of                行動変革
          T4,Riocentro        Spiritual
                                             them is our awareness; our awareness directly determines our
                                             actions and behaviors. In the past, our limited awareness has created
                                             actions of exploitation leading to over-consumption, widespread
                                             famine and ecological demise. Creating a new awareness that
                                             assigns deep value to the self, our global family, and the natural world
                                             can facilitate true change. Our panel of experts will speak on different
                                             topics considering awareness, so we sustainable planet to
                                             Fair Ideas: Sharing solutions for a may understand how
                                             The world has changed dramatically since 1992. Economic power has
                                             shifted, corporate influence has grown and political will has faded.
                              Internationa   There is a real need to take stock of what we have learnt and to
                              l Institute    examine how this can be most usefully applied to new contexts.
             09:30am -        for
     6月18日(月                                 IIED and PUC-Rio will bring the results from a 2-day conference just             SDGsmグリ
10           11am             Environmen
     )                                                                                                                        ーン経済
             T9,Riocentro     t and          before the Summit, and the diverse set of partners involved in
                              Developme      organising this event (see for more information).
                              nt (IIED)      We will highlight major opportunities to learn from existing practice
                                             and to shift to new patterns of behaviour. These will focus on two
                                             main UNCSD issues: ways to ensure SD Goals are grounded in
                                             specific experience and work at national and local levels; and ways in
                                             which a 'green economy' approach makes sense for low income
                                             Food, sustainability and global democracy: challenges and
                                             According to the last report by FAO, more than 900 million people in
                              World          the world suffer from chronicle hunger. As a result of the rise in prices
                              Forum of       of basic commodities, these numbers are expected to dramatically
           09:30am -                         increase. Furthermore, even if the first MDG would be achieved, 600
   6月18日(月                    Civil
11         11am                              million people would still suffer from hunger. Linked to the financial,          食糧
   )                          Society
           T8,Riocentro                      economical, energy and environmental crisis, speculation in the
                              Forum -
                              UBUNTU         commodity markets –particularly in the food one- is becoming a
                                             common trend; something that needs to be solved urgently. This
                                             situation of world structural hunger underlines the urgent need to
                                             rethink the policies, values and governance about food related issues.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             Mountain knowledge solutions for sustainable green economy
                                             and improve
                                             Sustainability at every level, from an individual household to the
                                             global community, depends on secure supplies of, and equitable
                                             access to, water, food, energy and biodiversity. Mountains play a vital
                                             role in this nexus, particularly in the provision of water and
                          l Centre for
                                             biodiversity services. Mountain ecosystems are much more
           09:30am -      Integrated
   6月18日(月                                   significant today than they were in 1992 due to the emerging climate             グリーン経
12         11am           Mountain
   )                                         and global changes and challenges. The Rio+20 outcome document                   済、地域
           P3-A,Riocentro Developme
                                             needs to recognize this new reality and take concrete actions since
                                             Mountains offer solutions both to kick-start a sustainable and
                                             equitable Green Economy and demonstrate inclusive development
                                             models that have reduced poverty and promoted social and gender
                                             equity in both upstream and downstream contexts. This side event
                                             will highlight and share local, national and regional knowledge-based
                                             solutions that are integrative, inclusive and supportive to the water,
                                             Building a Global Registry: Global GHG reporting and standards
                                             The Global Registry Alliance (GRA) is a consortium of programs
                                             worldwide actively supporting efforts to measure and manage
                                             greenhouse gas emissions. GRA’s mission is to improve human and
                                             institutional capacity to address climate change through the use of
                                             credible, transparent standards for carbon measurement and
                                             management. Three GHG Programs – TCR, ECR and GVces – are
                                             working with over 500 organizations to measure, report, verify and
           09:30am -          Center for
   6月18日(月                                   reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reporting organizations include                 温室効果ガ
13         11am               Energy and
   )                                         corporations, government agencies, universities and more,                        ス
           T3,Riocentro       Transportati
                                             representing more than 30 sectors worldwide.
                              on (iCET)
                                           Each program builds on the framework of the GHG Protocol, and
                                           uses similar tools such as online reporting software, a detailed
                                           reporting protocol, verification protocols, and trainings to collect data
                                           from companies, local governments, universities and more. Using
                                           these tools, reporters measure their carbon footprint in a transparent,
                                           accurate and standardized way, and then track their emissions over
                                           Achieving Sustainable Development through Solidarity Economy
                                           Caritas Internationalis - a worldwide confederation of 164 supportive
                                           Catholic organizations - promotes human integral development,
                                           taking into account the various aspects of human well-being:
                                           economic, social, political, cultural, ecological and spiritual, with a
                                           view to achieving a fair and caring society. This approach is
                                           supported through the promotion and fulfilment of human rights,
             09:30am -        Caritas
     6月18日(月                               including the right to development, with a preferential option for the             太陽光エネ
14           11am             Internationa
     )                                     poor and the excluded.                                                             ルギー
             T2,Riocentro     lis
                                             Following the call of Pope Benedict for “an inner attitude of
                                             responsibility, able to inspire a different lifestyle, with the necessary
                                             modest behavior and consumption, in order: to promote the good of
                                             future generations in sustainable terms; the safeguard of the goods
                                             of creation; the distribution of resources and…the concrete
                                             commitment to the development of entire peoples and nations"
                                             The Spirituality and Ethics of Water
                                             The key principle underlying the Golden Rule is the unity and
                                             interconnectedness of all things. It is one of the cornerstones for
                                             dialogue and co operation in promoting more peaceful, just and
                            United           sustainable global community.
             09:30am -
     6月18日(月                Religions        The growing interfaith and ecumenical movement, especially on the
15           11am                                                                                                             水
     )                      Iniative         grass root is hope giving when responding today´s ethical crisis. URI
                            (URI)            is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and
                                             justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences
                                             and work together for the good of their communities. Faiths Without
                                             Borders has the project Holy Drop! that speaks for the need for
                                             spiritual literacy and ethics of water. The EWN is a network of
                                             Open Dialogue on Theorganizations promoting people's access to
                                             churches and Christian Future We Choose
                                             Based on key messages developed at the previous Nobel Laureates
                                             Symposia and the GSP report, the organising partners take the
           09:30am -                         opportunity to present a declaration consisting of a science-based
16         11am           Brazil             message on global sustainability to decision-makers, civil society and           科学技術
           P3-3,Riocentro                    the media. This declaration highlights the importance of a science-
                                             based approach to sustainable development and the need for policy
                                             and decision-makers to acknowledge science if the world chooses a
                                             more sustainable path.
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
           09:30am -      Global      Global Bioenergy Partnership Seminar
   6月18日(月                                                                                                                   バイオエネ
17         11am           Bioenergy
   )                                                                                                                         ルギー
           P3-4,Riocentro Partnership
                                      Forum Empresarial RIO+20 ( Brazilian Business Forum RIO+20)
                                      THE FORUM EMPRESARIAL RIO+20

                                              Aims to discuss the idea of ​Green Economy and Social Governance
                                              at the companies, local governments and civil society. The event
                                              brings together companies from the sectors of Trade, Industry,
                                              Services and related areas in order to discuss the actions that are
                                              aimed at the sustainability of their business, with extensive emphasis
                                              on modern concepts of Green Economy, Governance, Education and
                                              Social Transition .
           11am -              Fórum
           0:30pm              Empresarial MAIN GOALS
           , UN4,Barra          RIO+20                                                                                       グリーン経
18         Arena(outside       (Brazilian  Contributing to the Creation of New Governance Indicators for Social              済、教育、
   )                                                                                                                         ガバナンス
            RioCentro in       Forum
           the Barra           Empresarial Debating the Green Economy in its different pillars.
           Arena)              )
                                           Listen to the society and its industries.

                                              Create a database with the Information Obtained.

                                              Mapping the Positive and Negative Results
                                              Performing Other Regional Meetings to RIO +20

                                              Gather a Bank Experiences About Green Economy with CASES OF

                                              RIO 2012: Sustainable Development Out of the Age of Innocence
                                              This event will examine why transforming the various declarations,
                                              conventions and Protocols into practical policies remains unfinished
                               Centre         business, and on how to move forward in an adverse context marked
                               Internationa   by the financial crisis and concerns about the consequences of
           11am -
                               l de           economic globalization. The underlying premise is that neither
                               Recherche      scientific alerts nor ethical claims alone are convincing enough to
           , UN5,Barra
   6月18日(月                     sur            induce collective action. We must outgrow the “age of innocence”
19         Arena(outside                                                                                                     若者
   )                           l'Environne    and recognize that the financial crisis and its trail of unemployment,
            RioCentro in
                               ment et le     worsening poverty and international tensions put decision-makers
           the Barra
                               Développe      under harsh pressures when real choices must be made.
                               ment           The first roundtable will derive lessons from past experience on how
                               (CIRED)        scientific knowledge is received and incorporated in societies
                                              responses, and on how solidarity with future generations can be
                                              operationalized. The second roundtable will be devoted to the
                                              articulation of top-down search for reforms and bottom-up initiatives
                         Instituto            Boosting renewable energy in Brazil
                         IDEAL-               The Green Economy (EV) is a key focus of the Rio +20, a term
           11am -        Instituto            originally understood by the UNEP as "that which results in
           0:30pm        para o               improvement of human welfare and social equality while reducing
           , UN2,Barra   Desenvolvi           significant environmental risks and ecological scarcity. "As the energy
   6月18日(月                                    security is one of the themes established by the Brazilian government          再生可能エ
20         Arena(outside mento de
   )                                                                                                                         ネルギー
            RioCentro in Energias             to be discussed at Rio +20, it raise the question of how to ensure
           the Barra     Alternativas         energy for all, consistently while ensuring compliance with the
           Arena)         na                  principles of a green economy? Exploring all potential to use
                         América              renewable energy is one path to be followed. This side event intends
                         Latina               to contribute on this debate showing what have being done in Brazil
                                              to promote China’s Sustainable Development 1992 – 2011: A in
                                              Review of distributed generation from renewable energy sources
                                      perspective from Chinese civil society
                                      Twenty years ago, not a single NGO representative from China
                                      participated in the 1992 Rio Summit. In fact, there were no
                                      environmental NGO in China at that time. However, in recent years,
                          China       the environmental NGO community has developed rapidly in China to
           11:30am -      Association become one of the most vibrant and vocal civil society sectors in
   6月18日(月                                                                                                                   中国、市民
21         1:00pm          for NGO    promoting sustainable development. It has also played important
   )                                                                                                                         社会
           P3-A,Riocentro Cooperatio roles in enabling and facilitating public participation in sustainability
                          n           issues, as well as catalyzing cross-sector cooperation among youth,
                                      corporations, foundations, research institutes and media. This side
                                      event, as part of the “China Going Green” Dialogues and based on
                                      the findings of the collaborative report by Chinese NGOs reviewing
                                      sustainable development over the past 20 years, will address the
                                      current state of public participation in sustainable development, the
                                      roles and challenges of NGOs, and the future of green citizenship in
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                             The Impact of New Technologies and ICTs on Sustainable
                                             The Panel will look at the potential of Information and Communication
                                             Technologies vis-a-vis the current challenges of environmental
                                             sustainability and the development of global economies and
                              Alliance for   The will assess progress made in using ICTs to achieve the
             11:30am -
     6月18日(月                  ICT and        Internationally agreed Goals, including the Millennium Development
22           1:00pm                                                                                                           ICT
     )                        Developme      Goals, and chart a path to strengthen their contribution to global
                              nt             development efforts.
                                             Technologies have great potential for advancing development; yet
                                             not adequate progress has been achieved so far, and participants at
                                             the Panel will address challenges and propose innovative solutions.

                                             In that regard, thematic sessions will focus on the use of ICTs for
                                             addressing specific challenges such as economic, social and
                              Global         RIO Panel on Humanity & Environment = Our World’s Resources
             11:30am -        Campaign       This will be a panel discussion on the framework and foundation for a
23           1:00pm           for Climate    World Constitution for our environment, so humanity can live in better           環境、資源
             T3,Riocentro     Action         balance with our world’s resources.
                                     Entrepreneurship Forum on Green Business Opportunities
                                     The forum aims to introduce the practice of Chinese enterprises’
                                     adoption of energy-saving and environmental-friendly technologies in
                                     the process of sustainable development so that the world may know
                                     better the unremitting efforts Chinese enterprises are making in
           11:30am -                 environmental protection, ecological building and resources recycling,
   6月18日(月               Nations
24         1:00pm                    etc. to explore an appropriate economic development path suited to                       中国
   )                     Association
           T10,Riocentro             Chinese national conditions
                         of China
                                     The Chinese entrepreneurs wish to build a bridge with entrepreneurs
                                     of other countries and a platform for more communication through the
                                     forum. Entrepreneurs of other countries are welcome to the forum
                                     and participate in the discussion, which we hope will enhance
                                     understanding, offer new ways for mutual-beneficial cooperation and
                                     make contributions to the sustainable development of the world.
                                     The Sustainable and Just City
                                     This side event will offer a vision for sustainable and just cities and
                                     showcase what leaders and practitioners have learned in the
                                     implementation of promising initiatives. Speakers will discuss the
                                     crucial leadership of mayors and who are scaling up successful
                                     strategies in partnership with the world’s heads of state,
   6月18日(月 11:30am-13:00 Ford        environmental ministers, civil society organizations, and business
25                                                                                                           OSE
   )       T-2           Foundation leaders. The Ford Foundation will discuss the role of philanthropic
                                     institutions in generating greater resources and attention to the
                                     challenges of accommodating the 2 billion additional residents that
                                     are expected to reside in the world's cities by 2050.

                                            Implications of the triple disaster in Japan in a post-Rio+20 world
                                            Addressing one of the seven critical issues identified by UNDESA for
                                            Rio+20, the purpose of this side event is to reflect on the triple
                              Institute for disasters in Japan in 2011 and draw lessons for governance and
             11:30am -        Global        policy from the international to the local level for developing resilience
26           1:00pm           Environmen to hazards in the context of sustainable development in a post-                      日本、災害
             T6,Riocentro     tal           Rio+20 world. Considering that the discussion will focus on
                              Strategies contemporary and forward-looking issues, the outcomes should
                                            directly inform the ongoing process for developing Sustainable
                                            Development Goals, as disaster risk reduction and resilience has
                                            been proposed as one potential goal.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                      Advancing Sustainability through Communication and
                                      This session will provide training in communication and strategic
                                      collaboration for policy makers, practitioners, and scientists working
                                      to advance sustainability. Leaders who know how to locate, talk to,
                                      and build relationships with experts can obtain current information on
           11:30am -                  science and technology and feedback on policy alternatives to help
   6月18日(月                University                                                                                      コミュニケー
27         1:00pm                     design and implement effective policies. Scientists who talk with
   )                      of Colorado                                                                                     ション、協力
           T9,Riocentro               leaders and practitioners can design research relevant to societal
                                      problems and provide better links between science and policy.
                                      Communications training will help scientists to present research in a
                                      concise and accessible manner. Practitioners who know how to use
                                      both policy and science can shape more effective programs.
                                      Encouraging policy makers, practitioners, and scientists to
                                      communicate with each other and to build strategic collaborative
                                      relationships will create powerful networks working toward sustainable
                                      Securing Food, Water and Energy in the World’s Most Valued
                                      This event will profile some of the world’s most innovative ‘natural
                                      capital partnerships’ implementing integrated approaches toward the
                                      transition to green growth and green economies. It will promote a
                                      south-south knowledge exchange and commitments from the Coastal
                                      Eastern Africa region, Asia’s Greater Mekong Subregion and Heart of
                                      Borneo, and Mexico.
           11:30am -      Worldwide
   6月18日(月                                                                                                                食糧、エネ
28         1:00pm         Fund for    Natural ecosystems provide economically valuable services vital to
   )                                                                                                                      ルギー、水
           P3-E,Riocentro Nature      human welfare, such as food, water, energy, and carbon
                                      sequestration. In many of the world’s ecoregions, declines in natural
                                      capital continue, causing negative impacts that are contributing to
                                      increasing poverty levels. Solutions are emerging, however. Across
                                      Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, models for inclusive green
                                      growth are evolving through a range of integrated strategies and
                                      regional cooperation initiatives.

                                       This event will provide a forum for governments to profile initiatives
                                       Promote Adaptation by Reducing Vulnerability and Increasing
                                       The main purpose of this workshop is to present the need to invest in
                                       public policies and in practices from smallholder farmers on
           11:30am -      ActionAid    adaptation in order to build resilience to face climate changes. The
29         1:00pm         Internationa workshop will launch an international database of experiences and                  社会政策、
           P3-F,Riocentro l            practices on adaptation from different smallholder farmers around the
                                       world, which aims to share experiences so that others can replicate
                                       or adapt these practices into their contexts. There will be also a
                                       community leader to explain how the practice empowered the
                                       communityStudents' Forum (AEGEE)maintaining or improving their
                                       European to face the climate change
                                            We are at a turning point in which it is not only necessary to tackle
                                            global challenges, but also to address the disconnect between
                                            generations in order to produce new and greener ideas, attitudes,
                                            habits and a sense of responsibility and accountability linked to our
                               European     daily actions. Today’s youth can and shall lead this shift by
             11:30am -
     6月18日(月                   Students'    collaborating with previous generations.                                      学生、ヨーロ
30           1:00pm
     )                         Forum                                                                                      ッパ
                               (AEGEE)      Current leaders and youth representatives have come together to
                                            make young people’s voice, interests, needs, actions, and visions a
                                            key part of Rio+20. Such cooperation efforts must continue after the
                                            UN summit. The event will therefore discuss future scenarios both in
                                            terms of priorities for the movement (SDGs, education?) and form
                                            (through the Major Groups or an independent alliance?). Feedback
                                            will be sought from other stakeholders, whose partnership will be the
                                            Sustainability Revisited: Population, Reproductive Health &
                                            Mary Robinson and the Aspen Institute’s Global Leaders Council for
             11:30am -                      Reproductive Health (GLC) will convene an official side event to raise
     6月18日(月                Aspen
31           1:00pm                         the profile of human development, gender and reproductive health              健康
     )                      Institute
             P3-B,Riocentro                 within the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.
                                            Members of the GLC and other high-level leaders will speak to the
                                            role of human development and reproductive health in the new and
                                            emerging global discussion of sustainable development.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                       Dublin Rio Principles, where do we stand, what lessons learned
                                       In line with Dublin/Rio conferences (1992) mandates, AMCOW has
                                       provided leadership and commitment in gender mainstreaming by
                                       elaborating the AMCOW Gender Policy and Strategy in the water
                                       sector. Many governments, civil society and development agencies
                                       have also adopted gender sensitive policies and programmes
                          Global       suggesting that there exists considerable knowledge and lessons                       Dublin/Rio
           11:30am -
   6月18日(月                Water        learnt. GWP is currently elaborating a GWP gender Strategy for the                    conferences
32         1:00pm
   )                      Partnership GWP Network.                                                                            (1992)
           P3-6,Riocentro                                                                                                    mandate
                            (GWP)      AMCOW, GWP; UNDP; Cap-Net; SaciWATERs, the Center for
                                       Public Health and Climate Change at the Public Health Institute and
                                       GWA plan to convene a gender implementation event at the Rio+20
                                       conference. The event will review progress made and facilitate
                                       information exchange on strategies, actions, approaches,
                                       partnerships/networks lessons learnt and gender mainstreaming
                                       needs. This event seeks to share knowledge so as to support Africa’s
                                       Healthy Women, Healthy Planet: Women’s Empowerment,
                                       Reproductive Healt
           1:15pm -                    Women are instrumental in determining a family’s ability to survive
           2:45pm                      and effectively cope with the impacts of climate change. Access to
                          Population reproductive health and family planning is an important part of
           , UN2,Barra
   6月18日(月                Action       strengthening women’s capacity as leaders in sustainable
33         Arena(outside                                                                                                     女性
   )                      Internationa development, yet in too many places around the world women’s
           RioCentro in
                          l            access to these services is limited. Reducing unintended pregnancies
           the Barra
           Arena)                      and giving families the tools to determine family size can improve
                                       socio-economic status of women, reduce strain on the environment,
                                       and improve conservation of resources – all of which make significant
                                       contributions to sustainable into Business - resilience in the
                                       Incorporating Biodiversitydevelopment and cases in Brazil face of
                                            Funbio works with companies in Brazil that are implementing projects
                                            that go beyond philanthropy or social environmental corporate
           1:15pm -
                                            responsibility. These companies are considering biodiversity
           2:45pm              Brazilian
                                            conservation and climate change impacts as key elements of their
           , UN5,Barra         Biodiversity                                                                                  生物多様性
   6月18日(月                                  strategies, designing long term plans for the development of the
34         Arena(outside        Fund                                                                                         、ビジネス、
   )                                        territories where they are located or influential. These projects include
           RioCentro in        (institution
                                            the design of sustainable development plans for the territories, but
           the Barra           Funbio)
                                            also the creation and implementation of financial mechanisms to
                                            support these plans, as well as participative governance models to
                                            get local communities, government authorities and other partners
                                            involved. Three companies will present their experiences in a
                                            Promoting a way, allowing the audience to evaluate the
                                            systematized Green Economy in Africa, LDCs, SIDS and
                                            Promotion of the green economy is one major means by which the
                                            current economy in Africa can make the transition to sustainable
                                            economic development. As has been widely acknowledged, although
                                            Africa has contributed least to global climate change, it has suffered
                               Office of
                                            disproportionately from its adverse effects. The challenges of
             1:30pm - 3pm      the Special
     6月18日(月                                adaptation and mitigation are therefore particularly urgent for Africa.          グリーン経
35           T3,Riocentro      Adviser on
     )                                      The continent has 60 percent of the world’s arable land; 20 percent of           済、アフリカ
                                            its forest reserves; 20 percent of the global land mass; 40 percent of
                                            the world’s biodiversity and more than half of the world’s clean energy
                                            potential. A new paradigm is needed to ensure that countries
                                            maximize the potential benefits that the green economy could
                                            provide. A green economy with the vast untapped natural resources
                                            represent a paradigm shift in promoting clean and renewable energy,
                                            creation of employment and conservation of the continent’s natural
                                            Disarmament for Development
                                            As the economic crisis continues to give rise to government spending
                                            cuts in many countries, increased attention is being paid to military
             1:30pm - 3pm      Internationa budgets.
     6月18日(月                                The global military expenditure in 2010 has reached a historic high of
36           T6,Riocentro      l Peace                                                                                       武装解除
     )                                      $1630 billion. This is 5 times more than what we would need to
                                            achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
                                            This side event will show the effects of armed conflicts and weapons
                                            on development and explain an innovative way to finance
                                            programmes for sustainable development: by reducing military
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             LP Gas: An exceptional energy for improving health and
                                             This side event will highlight an independent study regarding the
                                             impact of energy-related pollution on human health. It will
                                             demonstrate that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas or LPG) can help
                                             to reduce negative health impacts particularly those stemming from
                          World LP           cooking with traditional fuels and biomass while providing access to
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月18日(月                Gas                clean, modern energy that is necessary for sustainable development.              LPガス、エ
37         P3-F,Riocentro
   )                      Association                                                                                         ネルギー
                          (WLPGA) LP Gas is a clean-burning, low carbon and efficient fuel and a vital
                                      source of energy for hundreds of millions of people throughout the
                                      world. It is modern and safe and can be used anywhere. It is also
                                      available immediately, without large investments in R&D, technology,
                                      time or infrastructure. It is portable and can be transported, stored
                                      and used virtually anywhere without large investments in
                                      infrastructure making it ideal for solving development issues and
                                      The Economics of Low Carbon Cities
                                      This panel discuss about the most effective and efficient way to
                                      decarbonise a city.This city-scale study considers how a typical city
                                      could exploit the wide range of technological and behavioural options
                                      that are readily available to reduce its energy bill and carbon footprint
                          Centre for most effectively. It considers the cost of reaching different levels of
   6月18日(月 1:30pm-15pm Low            decarbonisation.
38                                                                                                              OSE
   )       T-10           Carbon

                                             Renewable Energy Use in Rural Isolated Communities
                                             The side event will provide an important opportunity to show-case
             1:30pm - 3pm Bolivia            and discuss projects and programmes being implemented to promote
     6月18日(月                                                                                                                  再生可能エ
39           P3-6,Riocentro (Plurination     the use of renewable energy in rural isolated communities in Bolivia
     )                                                                                                                        ネルギー
                            al State of)     and in other developing countries of the world. The Minister of
                                             Hydrocarbons and Energy and the Vice Ministry of Electricity and
                                             Alternative Energies are tentatively expected to participate.
                                             Fertile Soil for our Future: nourish our people - nurture our
                                             Soils are the basis for life on earth. They ensure food, water, fibre,
                               Biovision –   bioenergy production for present and future generations and play a
                               Foundation    crucial role in adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change.
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月18日(月                     for           However, soils have been taken for granted for too long. Over the last
40         T2,Riocentro                                                                                                       土地
   )                           ecological    decades they have been degraded by mismanagement, jeopardizing
                               Developme     this essential finite natural resource and its ecosystem services.
                               nt            Nowadays, land degradation directly affects 1.5 billion people. They
                                             include 74% of the poor in the world, therefore soil conservation has
                                             a very direct link to poverty eradication. At this event the relevance of
                                             soils will be presented in a vivid and intuitive way. First-hand insights
                               Public        Sustainable will be provided Food; First for Sustainable
                                             from EthiopiaAgriculture and that show to delegates and the media
                               Advocacy     Development
             1:30pm - 3pm      Initiatives  Last decades have seen agriculture being transformed into an
41           T8,Riocentro      for Rights   industrial activity, which has created hegemony of corporate interests            食糧、農業
                               and Values   and benefitted big business, starving countries and communities and
                               in India     creating unrest. The panel discussion will talk sustainable agriculture
                               (PAIRVI)     and right to food should be the first charge on sustainable
                                            Ending Militarism, Promoting Good Governance:
                                            Ending Militarism, Promoting Good Governance:
                               Women's      Indicators of Sustainable Environment is a round table discussion to
                               Internationa include end to militarism as an indicator of sustainable environment
             1:30pm - 3pm
     6月18日(月                   l League     as well as good governance. It aims to show how militarism, arms                  グッドガバ
42           T5,Riocentro
     )                         for Peace production and industrial complex, armed conflicts are contributing to               ナンス
                               and          the deterioration of our environment as national budgets are
                               Freedom      siphoned to destructive armaments military modernization rather than
                                            channeled to protect and preserve our natural resource and
                                            environment. It will also show the link between good governance and
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                              Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                      Space Observations in support to the Rio Conventions
                                      Implementing the MAEs Conventions requires the collection, analysis
                                      and understanding of a huge amount of environmental information.
                                      This information is essential for a better understanding of the
                                      scientific background around the environmental issues, but also to
                                      serve decision-making and to enable sustainable development plans
                                      to be put in place. Earth Observation satellites provide ways to
           1:30pm - 3pm European
   6月18日(月                            improve the implementation of the MEAs, such as continuous
43         P3-E,Riocentro Space                                                                                        宇宙
   )                                  observations of essential environmental variables, the building of long-
                                      term archives of historical satellite data, and the provision of synoptic
                                      and comparable environmental information without infringing on
                                      national sovereignties.
                                      The Side Event will be organised along some keynote speeches and
                                      round table discussions on how Space Observations improve the
                                      assessment and the monitoring of essential “climate change”,
                                      “biodiversity” and “ land degradation” variables. Such an event would
                          Ambedkar Energy for all; Equity as fundamental goal
                          Education The political economy of energy aided by international finance, trade
                          Society-All and aid has been the principal reasons for unsustainable
           1:30pm - 3pm India         development. The panel will discuss how equity in energy is of
44         T4,Riocentro   Foundation paramount importance for the cherished goal of energy for all and for             エネルギー
                          of Human sustainable development. The panel will argue that equity in access
                          Rights and to energy at international and sub national levels through fundamental
                          Social      changes in the patterns of production and consumption should be the
                          Justice     first goal for sustainable development.
                                      Panel sobre la Experiencia de Recuperación y Conservación de
                                      la Cobertura Boscosa en Centro América y República
                                      Dominicana: Caso de la República Dominicana
                                      El Panel sobre la Experiencia de Recuperación y Conservación de la
                          Ministerio Cobertura Boscosa en Centro América y Republica Dominicana:
                          de Medio    Caso de la Republica Dominicana.
                          Ambiente y
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月18日(月                Recursos    Será un espacio para presentar los resultados y lecciones aprendidas             中南米、森
45         P3-A,Riocentro
   )                      Naturales - de la ejecución de las políticas de los países participantes, con                林
                          National    atención en la experiencia de la Republica Dominicana, orientada a
                          Environmen la recuperación y conservación de la cobertura forestal utilizando
                          tal Office  varios instrumentos incluyendo el Pago por Servicios Ambientales.
                                      Consiste en un panel de expertos de alto nivel y de tomadores de
                                      decisiones de las instancias institucionales nacionales y regionales
                                      vinculadas o responsable de la gestión ambiental, tomando como
                                      base la presentación de un estudio de cobertura forestal de la
                                      Republica Dominicana y las políticas asociadas. Future
                                      Mainstreaming BioDiversity for a Sustainable
                                      Short Introduction - Max 150 words
                                      The purpose of this side event is to explore the importance of
                                      mainstreaming BioDiversity to raise public understanding of
                                      BioDiversity. This session will highlight and introduce 1000 Days for
                                      the Planet, a global educational and awareness raising project
           1:30pm - 3pm Canadian launched in the context of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.
46         T9,Riocentro   Environmen At its heart is a three-year worldwide sailing expedition on the                  生物多様性
                          tal Network oceanographic vessel Sedna IV and a programme that combines
                                      science, education and public entertainment/documentary. The
                                      project will reach out to the general public through a multidimensional
                                      platform of exhibitions, educational activities, film and television
                                      productions, and online videoconferencing with the ship’s scientists.
                                      Examples of mainstreaming BioDiversity at the local level will also be
                                      presented through the Ontario Project “The Halton Peel BioDiversity
                                      Network”, and Canadian Youth efforts to mainstream BioDiversity.
                                      THE RAINFOREST STANDARD: Integrating Social,
                                      Environmental, and Econom
                          Red de      THE RAINFOREST STANDARD (RFS) Founding Members will host
                          Fondos      a side event in Rio + 20 meeting to present the RFS. The RFS
                          Ambientale integrates protocols for carbon accounting, socio-cultural-economic
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月18日(月                s de        impact, and biodiversity outcomes in the belief that reducing carbon             基準、森林
47         T3,Riocentro
   )                      Latinoaméri emissions from removals of biomass in forestland will not be effective           認証、REDD
                          ca y el     or permanent without benefits flowing to all local stakeholders, and
                          Caribe      should produce an economic benefit that results in the protection of
                          (Redlac)    biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. In this way, the RFS is the first
                                      fully integrated forest carbon emissions reduction standard that was
                                      built specifically for REDD and built by institutions in the countries in
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                       Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development: Chinese
                                       NGOs in Action
                                       This side event aims to show the efforts and achievements Chinese
                                       NGOs have made in the past 10 years, as well as challenges ahead
                                       in eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development.
                                       participants will discuss how local NGOs can do better to help
                                       developing countries reach the UN Millennium Development Goals on
           3:30pm - 5pm                time
   6月18日(月                for
48         P3-E,Riocentro              In accordance with the theme of the conference: A Green Economy                          貧困、中国
   )                      Internationa
                                       in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication,
                                       our side event will focus on China’s path on poverty alleviation and
                                       sustainable development in recent 10 years. By assessing the
                                       progress to date, the remaining gaps in the implementation of the
                                       outcomes of former conferences, and discussing new and emerging
                                       challenges, this side event can make great contributions to the
                                       outcome of UNCSD/Rio+20.
                                       The side event has three thematic focuses:Chinese NGOs’ efforts in
                                       Analysing REDD+: challenges and choices
                                       Climate change is a key global challenge and national, sub-national,
                                       and local actors are responding in the political, social, and economic
                                       spheres. Forests are a key part of the international mitigation
                                       agenda. Transformational change is required to realize the forest
                          Center for
                                       sector's mitigation potential through avoided deforestation and forest
           3:30pm - 5pm Internationa
   6月18日(月                             degradation (REDD+). Dense webs of economic interests, political
49         T9,Riocentro   l Forestry                                                                                            REDD+
   )                                   realities, and local needs come to the forefront as countries become
                                       "ready for REDD+" and start to develop national REDD+ strategies
                                       and policies.

                                              For the past four years, CIFOR and partners have been conducting a
                                              Global Comparative Study on REDD+ on policy development and the
                                              early stages of implementation. In this side event we will present the
                                              Empowering Youth Leadership for a the objectives of the
                                              results of this work that are pertinent to Sustainable Future CSD and
                                              A critical factor in the future of sustainability lies in the hands of the
                                              next generation of environmental stewards. The combination of the
                                              wisdom of the elders with the limitless creativity, enthusiasm and
                                              compassion of our youth will help us create solutions to the
             3:30pm - 5pm      Academy
     6月18日(月                                  challenges facing our planet. It is our responsibility to educate and
50           T8,Riocentro      for Future                                                                                       若者
     )                                        empower our young people to be leaders of sustainability. It is also
                                              our role to encourage their infinite resources of imagination and
                                              innovation. Social media and cultural arts are effective platforms that
                                              both give youth a voice on such global issues, and interconnect them.
                                              At this event, we will present several Rio+20 youth projects that are
                                              effectively mobilizing youth via music, spoken word and social media,
                                              as well as provide information on how our lifestyles can be improved
                                              Gender, Water and Preparing for Climate Change: Implications
           3:30pm - 5pm        Internationa   for Food, Health and Human Rights
           , UN3,Barra         l Women's      This panel aims to bring together information stemming from                       ジェンダー、
   6月18日(月 Arena(outside       Anthropolog    analyses of grass roots field experience and global processes in                  水、気候変
51                                            order to better understand the effects of climate change on women’s
   )       RioCentro in        y                                                                                                動、食糧、
           the Barra           Conference     livelihoods, and the potential policy and programmatic approaches                 保健、人権
           Arena)               (IWAC)        that may be taken to deal with them. Framed in a human rights
                                              perspective, major issues will include the impact of recent changes
                                              on the right to food, water, seeds and land.
                                              Legal Preparedness for the Green Economy
                                              This IDLO Legal Roundtable Dialogue on Legal Preparedness for the
                                              Green Economy, organized in partnership with other inter-
                                              governmental organizations and leading developing countries, will
                               Internationa   highlight the importance of an enabling legal environment , tailored
                               l Law on       legal instruments and rights-based approaches to access the benefits
                               Sustainable    of the global green economy. With distinguished legal experts, a
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月18日(月                                  dynamic discussion will examine how regulatory reforms are assisting
52           P3-B,Riocentro                                                                                                     法
     )                      Developme         countries to overcome barriers and establish new incentives for
                            nt                sustainable development and poverty eradication. Developing country
                            Partnership       jurists will share experiences with tailored legal reforms, institutions
                             (IDLO)           and compliance. Cutting-edge legal knowledge will be disseminated
                                              through the global launch of a new Compendium of Legal Best
                                              Practices on the Green Economy and an E-learning Course on Legal
                                              Preparedness for the Green Economy in several languages. This
                                              Legal Roundtable showcases the latest innovations in green
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                       Role of EESD in Transition to a Green Economy – from Tbilisi to
                                       To address the challenges to sustainability and development the
                                       global community has undertaken a number of very important steps
                                       towards engaging education in its efforts for a healthier ecological,
                                       economic and social environment, the time span emerging from
                                       Tbilisi Declaration of 1977 and covering Decade for Education for
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月18日(月                             Sustainable Development 2005-2014. Rio + 20 and its outcomes
53         P3-F,Riocentro Georgia                                                                                           REDD
   )                                   should further enhance and refine global efforts in this regards.
                                       Education should continue to be employed to provide common
                                       awareness towards current and emerging challenges to sustainable
                                       development and ways for their mitigation and solution as well as
                                       knowledge, values and skills for green economies and societies.
                                       The side event will be a multi-stakeholder forum involving
                                       international organizations, government and major group
                                       representatives as well as NGOs and private sector that will be held
                          LA VIA       Peasants Reclaiming our Future with Food Sovereignty and
                          CAMPESIN Agroecology
           3:30pm - 5pm                In the discussions leading up to Rio+20, there has been little debate
   6月18日(月                A-                                                                                                持続可能な
54         T2,Riocentro
   )                      Internationa on what is a sustainable development path which can address our                      農業
                          l Peasant    contemporary issues as defined under Agenda 21.
                                          The DESERTEC Concept - Energy Security, Sustainability and
                                          Mankind is facing enormous challenges: as the planet’s population
                                          rises and the industrialization of developing countries accelerates,
                                          global energy demand continues to climb. At the same time, an
                                          increase in carbon emissions brings the threat of runaway climate
                                          change and a drastic reduction in the earth’s capacity to support
             3:30pm - 5pm      DESERTE human life even closer. The DESERTEC Concept offers a solution to
55           T5,Riocentro      C          these challenges by integrating all renewable energies, generating                エネルギー
                               Foundation sustainable power from those sites where at their most abundant.
                                          Realized sustainably it may provide climate protection, global energy
                                          security and further options for human development.

                                             To reach a broader audience the DESERTEC concept should be
                                             offered, presented and discussed with the global community of
                                             stakeholders of each part of society. The dialogue about which
                                             contribution the concept may provide to the aforementioned
                                             Inadequate Planning: Challenges on the Andean Amazon
                                             SPDA and ICAA in their efforts to contribute to the discussion on the
                               Peruvian      future of the Andean Amazon, have produced three reports on the
                               Society for Ecuadorian, Peru and Colombia Amazon, which provide information
                               Environmen never before collected on investments of productive sectors (mining,
                               tal Law -     energy, infrastructure, etc.) and their cumulative impacts on natural
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月18日(月                   (Sociedad resources, conservation and development of the Amazonian
56           T11,Riocentro                                                                                                  アマゾン
     )                         Peruana       populations.
                               de            This information is useful for civil society and states and contributes
                               Derecho       on the decision making process. It also generate “political capital”
                               Ambiental - based on quality information, synergies with the media, politicians
                               SPDA)         and civil society organizations. Therefore, we propose a dialogue
                                             event as part of Rio +20, to generate this global political capital,
                                             which should not only occur in areas of the Amazon, but also in areas
                                             Food and the City
                               World         Shortly after the world urban population surpassed the world rural
                               Society for population and the food price crisis of 2007-8, the UN Commission on
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月18日(月                   the           Sustainable Development (CSD17) called for “strong rural-urban
57           T4,Riocentro                                                                                                   食糧
     )                         Protection linkages and partnerships between countryside and communities, to
                               of Animals enhance livelihoods and food security”. Food Security and Cities are
                               (WSPA         both priority theme areas of the green economy in the context of
                                             sustainable development and poverty eradication.
                                             Consumer Voices at Rio+20
                                             The purpose of this event is to present the Consumers’ Platform for
                               Idec -        Rio+20 created and signed by a number of consumer organizations
             3:30pm - 5pm      Brazilian     around the world. The goal is to use the platform as a reference to
58           T10,Riocentro     Institute for share perspectives on a new model of consumption based on                      消費
                               Consumer sustainability as well as proposing new forms to orient and educate
                               Defense       consumers on sustainable development. We will also be presenting a
                                             case study of a campaign for mandatory green labeling for cars,
                                             debating the most effective ways to implement that enforce
                                             consumer’s right to know where their products are “green” or not.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                   Spurring Private Sector Investment in Energy Efficient Buildings
                                   A green economy is one that will boost private sector markets and
                                   drive economic activity while minimizing impacts on natural resources
                                   and scarce energy supplies. Improving the efficiency of the building
                                   sector offers a least-cost greenhouse gas abatement opportunity with
                                   high returns on investment; powerful socioeconomic co-benefits; and
                                   potential for urban renewal and sustainability. Yet, developing policy
           3:30pm - 5pm U.S. Green
   6月18日(月                         pathways that will unlock the benefits of efficient buildings at scale
59         P3-A,Riocentro Building                                                                                       エネルギー
   )                               remains a challenge for governments all over the world.
                                        This event will mark the release of a new study by the Johnson
                                        Controls Institute for Building Efficiency that will assist decision-
                                        makers and development institutions prioritize policy instruments.
                                        Based on polling a wide sample of the building industry, the results
                                        indicate that some policies are more effective than others in
                                        attracting private sector investment and contributing to a long-term
                                        Phasing-out fossil fuel subsides: what is at stake and why now?
                                        More than $500 billion is provided per year in fossil fuel subsidies.
                                        Fossil fuel subsidies drain public resources, drive global warming,
                              Natural   and make it harder for clean energy to compete. In fact, fossil fuel
             3:30pm - 5pm     Resources subsidies are 500% larger than the subsidies provided for clean
60           T6,Riocentro     Defense   energy. While a total of 53 countries have made specific                         化石燃料
                              Council   commitments to phase-out their fossil fuel subsidies, little progress
                              (NRDC)    has been made in following through by enacting changes to the laws
                                        and policies in the key countries. A panel of experts on fossil fuel
                                        subsidies will outline how much money is provided for these
                                        Indigenous peoples:countries stand in terms of phasing-out their
                                        subsidies, where key food security, climate changes and
           3:30pm - 5pm
           , UN2,Barra        State  sustainability
   6月18日(月 Arena(outside             Climate changes affecting our planet require an insight into the
61                                   development and sustainability. The proposal has the support of                     先住民
   )       RioCentro in       of
           the Barra                 researchers at the University, and also with the indigenous leaders of
           Arena)                    the Intertribal Committee, through a round table debate issues related
                                     to Climate Change, Food Security and Insecurity and the Carbon
                                     Expanding Energy Access to Achieve Sustainable Energy For All
                                     Access to sustainable energy is a necessary precondition to
                                     achieving many social goals: eradicating poverty, increasing food
                          United     production, providing clean water, improving public health, enhancing
           3:30pm - 5pm              education, creating economic opportunity, empowering women, and
   6月18日(月                Nations
62         P3-6,Riocentro                                                                                                エネルギー
   )                      Foundation combating climate change. In short, development is not possible
                          (UNF)      without energy, and sustainable development is not possible without
                                     sustainable energy.

                                           This panel will showcase how a collaborative worldwide effort, under
                                           the auspices of Sustainable Energy for All, can accelerate progress in
                                           World Agricultural Heritage Systems: towards a sustainable
                                           Ten years after its initiation by FAO in 2002, during the World
                                           Summit on Sustainable Development, the GIAHS Partnership
                                           Initiative represents a sophisticated framework for the recognition,
                                           dynamic conservation and adaptive management of remarkable
                                           systems of agriculture with their associated livelihoods, ecosystems
             5:30pm - 7pm     n on
     6月18日(月                               and landscapes. Defined as “unique, remarkable traditional
63           T2,Riocentro     Environmen                                                                                 農業
     )                                     agricultural practices and evolving systems that demonstrate multiple
                              t and
                                           goods and services to humanity and the environment”. GIAHS
                                           Initiative seek to support the present-day resilience of these
                              nt (PCEDI)
                                           traditional systems and thus provide a sustainable legacy for the
                                           benefit of future generations. The initiative has assembled an
                                           impressive list of pilot site/system designations and is actively
                                           pursuing their sustainable development. It has an innovative and
                                           integrated approach looking on the well being of small farmers.
                                           RECOGNIZING AFRICA¡¦S ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT AND
                                           HARNESSING NATURAL CAPIT
                                           Fundamentally we all depend on nature, the ecological infrastructure
                                           of the planet that provides the flow of goods and services upon which
                                           our livelihoods and economies are built. Yet Africa¡¦s ecosystems are
             5:30pm - 7pm                  declining faster than ever before through the combined impact of
64           P3-B,Riocentro Senegal        global and local pressures. Loss of ecosystem services is                     アフリカ
                                           compromising future food security, health and well-being and the
                                           effects are being borne disproportionately by the poor. The Ecological
                                           Footprint of all African countries increased by 240 per cent between
                                           1961 and 2008 as a result of growing populations as well as
                                           increased per capita consumption in a minority of countries.
                                           Transitioning to a green economy would ensure that our natural
     Scheduled   Time/Venue      Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                       The Business of Innovating: Bringing Low-Carbon Solutions to
                                       This 90-minute panel discussion would highlight the actions taken by
                          Center for
           5:30pm - 7pm                the business community to promote a sustainable, low-carbon energy
   6月18日(月                Climate                                                                                          低炭素エネ
65         T11,Riocentro               future through development of new low-carbon technologies, at the
   )                      and Energy                                                                                       ルギー
                                       same time as they promote economic growth and development
                                       opportunities. The discussion would profile the effective methods
                                       used by leading companies to capture low-carbon innovation
                                       opportunities, and how those strategies take into account differences
                                       in regional markets. Food, Water & Oceans
                                       Sustainable Energy,
                                       This side event will focus on four of Rio+20’s seven critical issues —
                                       energy, food, water and oceans. It will review applications of nuclear
                                       technology to all four issues and present initial progress on integrated
                                       modelling to help devise mutually supportive policies for energy, food,
                                       water and oceans and avoid conflicting policies.
           5:30pm - 7pm l Atomic
   6月18日(月                             Nuclear technology is used to generate low-carbon electricity; to                   エネルギー
66         P3-E,Riocentro Energy
   )                                   breed improved crops and reduce post-harvest losses; to map and                     、水、食糧
                                       manage ground water; as well as to assess and monitor climate
                                       change and pollution impact on oceans. Rio+20 will consider setting
                                       goals in these and other areas that integrate the economic, social
                                       and environmental dimension of sustainable development. The
                                       interrelated nature of multiple issues suggests that an integrated
                                       approach to policymaking is needed. This side event intends to lead
                                       The Green use of integrated modelling and mutually Sustainable
                                       to a broaderPower Fund: Carbon Negative Tech for supportive
                                       Hosted by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, this event
                                       examines the proposal for a “Green Power Fund” to leverage the
                                       existing $200 billion/year traded on the carbon markets to fund
                                       “carbon negative” power plants in developing nations. The Green
                                       Power Fund was proposed by Graciela Chichilnisky, noted
           5:30pm - 7pm Columbia       economist, author of the carbon market mechanism under the Kyoto
   6月18日(月                                                                                                                 エネルギー
67         T5,Riocentro   Earth        Protocol, and co-founder of Global Thermostat, which has developed
   )                                                                                                                       、気候変動
                          Institute    a technology that uses waste heat from power plants to capture more
                                       carbon than they emit.

                                             By using existing global carbon markets to finance a Green Power
                                             Fund, the international community can leverage massive amounts of
                                             private and public capital to fund carbon negative solutions in
                                             developing nations, particularly in least developed nations and small
                                             island states. This would also engage the global power sector in the
                                             Launching the Building Block on Climate Change Financing
                                             This event launches “International Partnership for Climate Finance
             5:30pm - 7pm                    Effectiveness (tbc)”. This partnership is composed of 25 countries
68           P3-A,Riocentro Honduras         and institutions to promote knowledge and experience sharing on               気候変動
                                             effective management of climate finance at the country level, drawing
                                             on lessons learnt from the management of development aid.
                                             Tools for Data Collection and Mapping: the Ground to the Cloud
                                             As the public demands economic accountability and sustainability,
                                             organizations need tools that help scale their work, make their data
                                             more accessible, and increase transparency around their work. The
           5:30pm - 7pm
                                             Rio+20 agenda recognizes that it is ‘essential to work towards
                                Google       universal access to information and communications technologies.’             データ、情
   6月18日(月 Arena(outside
69                              Earth        This side event features key organizations at the forefront of the            報、科学技
   )       RioCentro in                                                                                                    術
                                Outreach     application of these technologies, working on the ground to develop
           the Barra
                                             means to enable citizens, businesses and governments to harness
                                             the power of the cloud.

                                             Discover free, open source or software grants for tools that allow for
                                             managing, analyzing, cartographically styling, sharing and hosting the
                                             data in the cloud infrastructure. Learn about the latest technologies
                                             that enable better governance through transparency, accessibility of
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                             Buen Vivir and Human Rights in the Face of REDD+
                                             Climate change is a critical issue for indigenous peoples. While
                                             effective solutions to the climate crisis are desperately needed, many
                                             popular strategies, like REDD+, actually threaten indigenous peoples’
                                             rights and livelihoods. This event will explore two frameworks for
                                             ensuring that climate policies protect the rights of indigenous
             5:30pm - 7pm Indian Law         peoples. CAOI will present on Buen Vivir, the millenarian practice of
70           P3-F,Riocentro Resource         indigenous peoples of living in harmony with nature, and how it can            REDD+
                            Center           re-shape climate policies to support both sustainability and the rights
                                             and livelihoods of indigenous peoples. The Indian Law Resource
                                             Center will present on the human rights obligations of states and
                                             institutions, such as the World Bank and the UN-REDD Programme,
                                             engaged in REDD+ initiatives, and identify the minimum standards
                                             necessary for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples
                                             impacted by REDD+ projects. The discussion will highlight
                                             Indigenous peoples and local solutions and a force against
                                             shortcomings of existing climate communities:propose distinct
                                             destructive development and for the "buen vivir”?
                                             This side event, organized by the ICCA Consortium, IUCN CEESP,
                                             GEF-SGP and the Equator Initiative, will provide space to discuss
                                             Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Areas and
                                             Territories (ICCAs)— those “natural and modified ecosystems that
                                             contain significant biodiversity values, ecological values and cultural
             5:30pm - 7pm
     6月18日(月                  ICCA           values and are voluntarily conserved by indigenous peoples and local
71           T4,Riocentro                                                                                                   先住民
     )                        Consortium     communities through customary laws or other effective means”
                                             (IUCN, 2004). This conservation practice, intertwined with local
                                             livelihoods and the spiritual and material values of local cultures, is
                                             the oldest on earth. Today, it remains one of the staunchest to hold
                                             the fort of bio-cultural diversity against the destructive powers of
                                             “development” – extractive industries, land grabbing, large
                                             infrastructures, loss of culture and values. The incorporation of ICCAs
                                             in the Programme of Work on Protected Areas of the CBD is
                                             The Global Energy Assessment –the science to transform
                                             energy systems
                                             A revolutionary new approach to the development and delivery of
                                             energy services is essential if economic prosperity, human and social
                                             development, and environmental protection goals are to be achieved.
                              Internationa   Reducing energy deprivation, Increasng access to clean energy,
                              l Institute    decarbonising energy systems through increasing use of renewables
           5:30pm - 7pm
   6月18日(月                    for Applied    are key goals of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All
72         T6,Riocentro                                                                                                     エネルギー
   )                          Systems        initiative. Additionally, achievement of the many of the UN Millennium
                              Analysis       Development Goals will only be possible when global energy
                              (IIASA)        challenges are confronted. Following introductions and overviews by
                                             UNIDO and the UN Foundation IIASA scientists will outline their
                                             contributions to the Global Energy Assessment (GEA), the first ever
                                             fully integrated study of the global energy system. Presenters will
                                             describe a range of energy futures that offer viable, cost-effective,
                                             sustainable pathways for resolving some of the abovementioned
                                             Green Accounting & Development: Pragmatic Steps towards
                                             Our use and transformation of marine, freshwater and terrestrial
                                             ecosystems has led to gains in manufactured, financial and human
                                             capital, while simultaneously depleting natural capital -- the stock of
                                             ecosystems and biodiversity that yields the flow of ecosystem goods
                              Conservatio    and services upon which humans depends. Despite increasing
           5:30pm - 7pm
   6月18日(月                    n              understanding and demonstration of the value of ecosystem services,
73         T8,Riocentro                                                                                                     環境会計
   )                          Internationa   an estimated 60% of these services have been degraded or are used
                              l              unsustainably, affecting climate regulation, freshwater, food security,
                                             human health and biodiversity. Further, many critical ecosystem
                                             services, such as natural hazard protection, water filtration and
                                             climate regulation are not always obvious to the public but their loss
                                             has a significant negative impact on human well-being. Sustainable
                                             development relies on an economic paradigm that adequately values
                                             natural capital in national economies, and promotes policy and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                          Complex Institutional Frameworks for Sustainability
                                          Leading scholars and practitioners from Yale, CISDL, IUFRO,
                                          RECOFTC, and WRI discuss the role of complex institutional
                                          frameworks in the global pursuit of sustainability. Complex
                                          institutional frameworks bring together multiple institutions, actors,
                                          and processes in a manner that cuts across public and private
             5:30pm - 7pm                 authority, national borders, and policy sectors. Speakers will discuss             持続可能な
     6月18日(月                                                                                                                 開発に関す
74           T3,Riocentro     Yale School innovations for managing conflicts and promoting coherence within
     )                                                                                                                       る制度的枠
                                          such frameworks, drawing on case studies focusing on non-state
                                          market-driven systems, public/private regimes, and legality
                                          verification schemes. Due to its economic, environmental, and social
                                          dimensions, processes, and stakeholders, the transnational
                                          governance of forestry will serve as a cross-cutting illustration of the
                                          challenges and opportunities of complex governance, emphasizing its
                                          role in sustainability, development, and human rights. This side-event
                                          will not only aim toclimate change and international negotiations
                                          The economy of identify best practices for managing governance
                                     The Planetworkshops wish to organize a side event dedicated to the
                                     question of climate change. As a matter of fact, the fight against
           5:30pm - 7pm The          global warming is an essential stake to preserve our environment and
75         P3-6,Riocentro Planetwork our ways of life. This question is part of the main sustainable                         気候変動
   )                                 developments stakes.
                                     In this prospect, we want to organize two debates, based on the
                                     works of the “climate negotiations” Planetworkshops’ Working
                                     Commission, which gathers a large spectrum of actors involved in
                                     sustainable development: government officials, leaders of NGOs and
                                     Towards and beyond Rio+20: Delivering Sustainable
                                     Development at the Regional Level
                                     Visualising commitments and identifying opportunities at regional

                              Regional       The goal of this side event is to create connections among high-level
                              Environmen     political representatives and managers of regional organisations,
                              tal Center     agencies and other regional mechanisms working in the field of
             5:30pm - 7pm
     6月18日(月                  for Central    sustainable development. The complex and ambitious roadmap
76           T9,Riocentro                                                                                                    地域
     )                        and            towards Rio+20 requires not only strong political will but also an
                              Eastern        inclusive process in which all stakeholders are offered the possibility
                              Europe         to interact and make commitments according to their respective
                              (REC)          mandate, field of expertise, interests and capacities.

                                             The Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development (IFSD)
                                             requires commitments and action at all levels, and in this respect it is
                                             essential to analyse the contribution of regional organisations,
                                             mechanisms and IGOs operating at regional level outside the UN
                                             Sustainable Development: Juggling Gender Justice in the Three
                              Developme      Pillars
                              nt             This side event is aimed at addressing developing country challenges
             5:30pm - 7pm     Alternatives   in balancing the three dimensions of sustainable from a gender
77           T10,Riocentro     with          perspective. Panelists from G77 governments and international                   ジェンダー
                              Women for      institutions will speak to a range of experiences in integrating these
                              a New Era      three dimensions into policies and programs. Discussions will also
                              (DAWN)         address contentious issues in the Rio+20 negotiations and provide
                                             concrete inputs toward shaping the post-MDG sustainable
                                             Sustainable Development Dialogues(Sustainable cities and
                                             Top representatives from civil society, including private sector,
                                             NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene
                                             to engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable
             6/18 6:30pm-     The            development. They are expected to engage in an open and action-
     6月18日(月                                 oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
78           9pm              Governmen
             Riocentro        t of Brazil    There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. The
                                             recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed
                                             directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the

     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                          Subnational Governments. Building a Sustainable Development
                              Subnational The aim of the side event proposed is to contribute to the
                                          strengthening of a national strategy on sustainable development from
     6月18日(月 7:30pm-9pm       Governmen the perspective of a local (subnational) government.
     )       P3-A             t           In addition, to increase the social awareness, showing the potentiality OSE
                              of Buenos of the coordinated actions from local and regional governments
                              Aires       through the exchange of experiences and capabilities between
                                          institutions and decision makers.

                                             Mediterranean Forests for Development: a key for adapting
                                             policies, territories and societies to climate change in the Middle
                                             East North African region
                                             The side event will highlight the contribution of MENA forest
                                             ecosystems to societies in the MENA region, especially in regard to
                                             climate change. The initiatives of the forest administrations involved
                              Deutsche       in the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF)
                              Gesellschaf    which promote the sustainable management of forests with a view to
             7:30pm - 9pm     t für          improving the resilience of MENA territories and societies to Climate
     6月18日(月                                 Change will be presented and discussed with participants.                        森林、、気
80           T9,Riocentro     Internationa
     )                                       The side-event will comprise three parts:                                        候変動
                              Zusammen       • Short presentations on:
                              arbeit (GIZ)   o the regional cooperation between forest administrations of the
                                             MENA region promoting the sustainable management of forests ;
                                             o the role of forest ecosystems’ goods and services in climate change
                                             adaptation and innovative initiatives from the forest administrations in
                                             the MENA region ;
                                             o the contribution of the MENA forest sector to the Rio+20 outcomes
                                             and recommendations.
                                             • Round-table with representatives of the forest administrations
                                             Aiming higher, unlocking tertiary education's potential for SD (...)
                                             Aiming higher, unlocking tertiary education's potential to accelerate
                                             sustainable development and the transition to a fair and green

                                             Tertiary education plays a critical role in shaping the future, as
                          Australasia        political, business and civil society leaders are likely to be university
                          n                  graduates and will prepare the skilled workforce needed for a green
           7:30pm - 9pm                      economy. This event will emphasise the important role tertiary
   6月18日(月                Campuses
81         P3-B,Riocentro                    education plays in realising sustainable development and the                     教育
   )                      Towards
                          Sustainabili       transition to a green economy. Hosted by a collaborative of tertiary
                          ty (ACTS)          education sustainability organisations, in collaboration with numerous
                                             governments, we will answer:
                                             • How can governments, NGOs, businesses and tertiary education
                                             instigate the necessary shift towards sustainable development and
                                             the transition to a Green Economy?
                                             • How do we unlock the potential of tertiary education sector to
                                             transform society?
                                             • What role should tertiary education the Rio+20 committee of
                              Korean         Presentation or Booth running by play in creating and participating
                              Federation     Korean Civil
           7:30pm - 9pm       for            We would like to make a presentation or run a booth in the Rio
   6月18日(月                                   convention center. The Rio+20 committee of Korean civil society is a             韓国、市民
82         T10,Riocentro      Environmen
   )                                         platform which can represent Korean NGOs. We would like to have a                社会
                              Movement       chance to deliver how Korean civil society thinks about green
                              (KFEM)         economy and how to make it happen.

                                            IFSD put into Practice: Setting up a Sustainable Development
                              Global        At the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
                              Issues        (UNCSD), the UN institutions that deal with sustainable development
                              Division of are to be restructured. This offers a unique opportunity to implement
                              the           long overdue reforms. The proposed reforms should follow the
             7:30pm - 9pm     German        objective to improve the visibility and key priority of sustainable               持続可能な
     6月18日(月                                                                                                                  開発に関す
83           T10,Riocentro    Institute for development in the UN system. An important building block towards
     )                                                                                                                        る制度的枠
                              Internationa these reforms might be the establishment of a Sustainable                          組み
                              l and         Development Council (SDC), replacing the politically weak UN
                              Security      Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). The UNCSD
                              Affairs       outcome document should recommend that the UN General
                              (SWP)         Assembly decides to adopt a resolution establishing such a council as
                                            its subsidiary organ. Moreover, the new council's mandate,
                                            membership, and institutional design need to be negotiated. The
                                            proposed side event will tackle these questions, including ideas for
     Scheduled   Time/Venue      Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                              IFSD put into Practice: Setting up a Sustainable Development
                                Global        At the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
                                Issues        (UNCSD), the UN institutions that deal with sustainable development
                                Division of are to be restructured. This offers a unique opportunity to implement
                                the           long overdue reforms. The proposed reforms should follow the
             7:30pm - 9pm       German        objective to improve the visibility and key priority of sustainable
84           T5,Riocentro       Institute for development in the UN system. An important building block towards             国連機関
                                Internationa these reforms might be the establishment of a Sustainable
                                l and         Development Council (SDC), replacing the politically weak UN
                                Security      Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). The UNCSD
                                Affairs       outcome document should recommend that the UN General
                                (SWP)         Assembly decides to adopt a resolution establishing such a council as
                                              its subsidiary organ. Moreover, the new council's mandate,
                                              membership, and institutional design need to be negotiated. The
                                              Students Speak Up for the Polar Regions
                                              Students Speak Up for the Polar Regions would draw much needed
                                              attention to the emerging challenge of sustainable development in the
                                              Polar Regions. The Polar Regions are crucial to global sustainable
                                              development, but have received very little attention in the lead-up to

                                Students     This event would feature speakers from the Students on Alumni
           7:30pm - 9pm                      Delegation to Rio ( This delegation is
   6月18日(月                      on Ice
85         T4,Riocentro                      comprised of youth under 24 who have visited the Polar Regions and             南北極
   )                            Alumni
                                Delegation   are committed to their protection.

                                             During this event, delegates will speak about the importance of the
                                             Polar Regions in the context of sustainable development, threats
                                             facing these regions, and opportunities to promote sustainable
                                             development of the poles.

                                           This event aims to raise awareness about the unique sustainable
                                           development challenges facing the Polar Regions and to inspire
                                           Voices from Fukushima: Sharing Lessons for Global
                                           The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and the accident at
                                           the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that occurred on March
                                           11, 2011 have had dramatic impact around the world. More than a
             7:30pm - 9pm                  year has passed since this massive disaster, but the nuclear power               福島、原子
86           T2,Riocentro       Peace Boat plant remains unstable. Workers continue to work in life-threatening             力発電、津
     )                                     conditions, while many people including children are forced to suffer            波
                                           from prolonged radiation exposure, unable to evacuate due to lack of
                                           support from the government. Despite such severe situations, the
                                           government of Japan has been eagerly trying to restart other nuclear
                                           plants within the country that have been stopped for regular checks.
                                           This event aims to deliver the direct voices of the people of
                                           Fukushima, providing the participants with opportunities to not only
                                           Low Carbon Strategies;Challenge or Opportunity for Developing
                                      "Brot für die Welt" ("Bread for the World") is part of the Social Service
                          Social      Agency of the Protestant Church in Germany and active on their
                          Service     behalf in the field of development cooperation. “Brot für die Welt”
           7:30pm - 9pm
   6月18日(月                Agency of supports the poor in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe
87         P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                   低炭素
   )                      the         in their attempts to lead a dignified life. We work jointly with local
                          Protestant churches and partner organisations on over 1,000 projects in the
                          Church      main areas of food security, education and health, the struggle
                                      against HIV/Aids and the promotion of a culture of peace. “Brot für
                                      die Welt” regards itself as the advocate of disadvantaged people in
                                      the countries of the Southern hemisphere and as such promotes
                                      Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples Rights
                                      The Society for Threatened Peoples International is active in the field
                                      of indigenous peoples' rights. Together with 3 major actors in this
                          Society for field in Latin America, we want shed a light on the interrelationship
           7:30pm - 9pm
   6月18日(月                Threatened between sustainable development and indigenous peoples.
88         T6,Riocentro                                                                                                     先住民
   )                       Peoples - Indigenous peoples are considered most vulnerable to any changes
                          Switzerland in their physical environment due to their close linkage with nature.
                                      As a consequence, they have to be heard, their experience has to be
                                      shared, and their interests and needs duely considered in any global
                                      debate on sustainable development. The side-event will allow for
                                      exchanges between indigenous representatives, state
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                            Scalable Solutions - Managing water for economies,
                                            communities and nature
                                            This session will highlight solutions to water, food, and energy
                                            challenges through six important elements of WWF’s Freshwater
                                            outreach with partners. All these sessions are designed to show how
                                            collaborative approaches are bringing new thinking, partnerships and
             7:30pm - 9pm      WWF
     6月18日(月                                action to help solve our shared water challenges. These integrated
89           T3,Riocentro      Internationa                                                                                  水
     )                                      initiatives encompass a broad range of stakeholder engagement,
                                            including governments, at both local and national level, corporations,
                                            investors, development banks and local communities. This work
                                            touches on the central challenges of water security and the trade-offs
                                            with energy and food.

                                              The six initiatives demonstrate positive and proactive contributions to
                                              Reframing environmental negotiations to create opportunities
                                              From Burden Bearing to Opportunity Sharing: How reframing
                                              environmental negotiations can create opportunities for sustainable

                                              In order for the "Green Economy" strategy to achieve sustainable
                          Tufts               social and environmental pillar goals, some new approaches will be
           7:30pm - 9pm Institute of          required. Three examples are provided.
   6月18日(月                                                                                                                   グリーン経
90         P3-F,Riocentro the                 1. Reframe the climate treaty as a sustainable development treaty
   )                                                                                                                         済
                          Environmen          that supplies low-carbon energy services for all rather than continuing
                          t                   to focus on pollution control.
                                              2. Utilize adaptation for climate and other global change as a means
                                              towards resilient sustainable development instead of considering it as
                                              a reactive response.
                                              3. Health is an essential input into the social pillar of sustainable
                                              development. Utilizing the health and environmental indicators from
                                              WHO can ensure that meaningful social goals are achieved in the
                                              Wind Power and Climate Change: Sustainable Development in
                                              The aim of this project is to inform about the benefits Wind Energy
                                              can bring to the humanity within the next years and about its positive
                                              influence on the planet’s climate change.

                               Junior         The power sector is far from being the only culprit when it comes to
             7:30pm - 9pm
     6月18日(月                   Chamber        climate change, it is the largest single source of emissions,                  風力発電、
91           T11,Riocentro
     )                         Internationa   accounting for about 40% of CO2 emissions, and about 25% of                    気候変動
                               l (JCI)        overall emissions. The options for making major emissions
                                              reductions in the power sector between now and 2020 are basically
                                              three: energy efficiency and conservation; fuel switching from coal to
                                              gas; and renewable energy, primarily Wind Power.

                                      JCI and Farias Brito College decided to study the Wind Power
                                      benefits and its direct influence on Earth’s climate change due to the
                                      Subnational Governments. Building a Sustainable Development
                                      The Buenos Aires province is developing public policies on
                                      sustainable development based on the subnational level as a
                                      member of the Network of Regional Governements for Sustainable
                                      The social, economic and environmental dimensions sublie the
                          Subnational design of any measure applied, allowing the synergy between
           7:30pm - 9pm               programs.
92         P3-A,Riocentro Governmen The aim of the side event proposed is to contribute to the                               地方政府
                          t of Buenos strengthening of a national strategy on sustainable development from
                          Aires       the perspective of a local (subnational) government.
                                      In addition, to increase the social awareness, showing the potentiality
                                      of the coordinated actions from local and regional governments
                                      through the exchange of experiences and capabilities between
                                      institutions and decision makers.
                                      The outcomes and inputs relative to the Rio+20 goals are:
                                      To strength the mechanisms of cooperation between local and
                                      regional governments.
   Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                               Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード

                              ICLEI-       Cities Day
                              Internationa Details TBA
                              l Council
93 6/18(Mon)   不明             for Local                                                                                 自治体
                                           Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                           The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                              ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                              Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                             l Council    governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                        Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and          都市、自治
                              for Local
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                             体
1                             Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                              tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                              Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                           policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                          Sustainable Development Dialogues
                                          Top representatives from civil society, including private sector,
                                          NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene
                                          to engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable
複                                         development. They are expected to engage in an open and action-
数 6/16(Sat)~                              oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
                              Governmen                                                                                 市民対話
日 6/19(Tue) Riocentro                     There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. The
2                             t of Brazil
                                          recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed
                                          directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the

                                           Climate Group
                                           -Clean revolution-
                                           At the Clean Revolution Leadership Summit in Rio, it will be giving
複                                          the world dicision makers a platform to highlight the role of
数                             Climate
  6/17-6/19    不明                          innovation to address climate change and resource scarcity, and              気候変動
日                             Group
3                                          showcase how leadership towards a low carbon future can unlock real
                                           benefits today.

    Scheduled     Time/Venue      Organizer                               Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード

              9:30-21:30     C40, City    C40-City of Rio event
                                          C40 Mayors will participate in a series of conversation-based                   都市、自治
1   6/19(Tue) Fort of        of Rio de
                                          roundtable discussions to highlight the actions local governments are           体
              Copacabana     Janeiro
                                          taking to promote sustainable development in the urban environment.
                                          WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTITUTION: TOWARD A
                                          SUSTAINABLE FUTURE
                                          To break through to a sustainable future, scientists from post-
                                          Chernobyl Ukraine, supported by their American, British and Belgian
                                          colleagues, urge development of the World Environmental
                             Internationa Constitution (WEC). The WEC should be comprised of two
                             l Institute- indissoluble parts:
              09:30am -      Association a) definitive – a global legal act prescribing basic norms for                   持続可能な
    6月19日(火                                                                                                               開発に関す
2             11am            of          environmental safety and stimulation of a green economy for
    )                                                                                                                     る制度的枠
              T-10,Riocentro Regional     sustainability;                                                                 組み
                             Ecological b) institutional – to fulfill the WEC mandate, a global system of
                             Problems     environmental governance under the umbrella of the World
                                          Environmental Organization (WEO).
                                          The idea of a WEC is as old as Rio-92. First declared by scientists in
                                          April 1992, it has been repeatedly emphasized by Ukraine at UNGA
                                          sessions since 1997. Simultaneously, WEO establishment has been
                                          promoted by Brazil, France, Germany and other states.
    6月19日(火 09:30am - 9pm                 Energy Day
3                            UN Energy                                                                                    エネルギー
    )         P3-3,Riocentro
                                          Leaders’ Forum on the Future Women Want: Gender Equality
                                          and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development
                                          UN Women, in collaboration with the Government of Brazil, is
                                          organizing the Leaders’ Forum on the Future Women Want on 19
                             United       and 21 June 2012. On 19 June 2012, the multi-stakeholder Leaders’
                             Nations      Forum on the Future Women Forum: Gender Equality and Women’s
                             Entity for   Empowerment for Sustainable Development will bring together
                             Gender       leaders and experts from governments, the UN System, civil society
                             Equality     organizations, academia and the private sector to discuss and
    6月19日(火 09:30am - 9pm
4                            and the      reaffirm the centrality and the inter-linkages of gender equality and           女性
    )         T2,Riocentro
                             Empowerm women’s empowerment with the three dimensions of sustainable
                             ent of       development—social, economic and environmental. This event will be
                             Women        followed by the Women Leaders’ Summit on the Future Women Want
                             (UN          on 21 June 2012.
                                          The event on is envisioned as an all-day event with Ms. Michelle
                                          Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women as the convener. Eminent
                                          leaders representing their governments, the United Nations, civil
                                          society organizations, including grassroots groups, the private sector
                                          Energy for All and Global Sustainability: new scenarios and
                                          Presentation and panel discussion of the very latest new scenario
                                          work relating to energy for all in the context of global sustainability.
                                          The side event is centered around three just published global studies
                                          and will be followed by a panel discussion with a number of leading
                                          development thinkers globally who will reflect on implications in terms
              09:30am -      Stockholm
    6月19日(火                               of sustainable development goals, including social, environmental
5             11am           Environmen                                                                                   エネルギー
    )                                     and economic aspects, as well as the governance frameworks
              T6,Riocentro   t Institute
                                          required from local to subnational levels to shape the future.
                                          The work will feed directly into the discussions about how sustainable
                                          energy can be represented in the follow up of the Rio outcomes,
                                          including the work on formulating sustainable development goals. In
                                          particular, it will discuss how international goals of environmental and
                                          resource sustainability, efficiency and energy access can be
                                          reconciled and made coherent over the long term, and what types of
    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                           Low Carbon High Resilience Infrastructure for Sustainable
                                           Sustainable development integrates social, economic and
                                           environmental dimensions of development. Physical infrastructure
                                           serves all three dimensions. Solid and properly maintained
                                           infrastructure helps communities and nations ensure human well-
                         United            being while preserving their environment. Climate change is the 21st
                         Nations           century’s preeminent threat to sustainable development. Rural and
          09:30am -                        urban communities lose livelihoods and homes, suffer physical
  6月19日(火                Office for                                                                                      低炭素、イ
6         11am                             damages and health problems and may need to relocate.
  )                      Project                                                                                         ンフラ
          P3-B,Riocentro                   Governments and communities are often forced to repeatedly commit
                         (UNOPS)           limited resources to rebuilding vital infrastructure for transport,
                                           energy, education, and sanitation and health services.

                                           Based on its mandate (GA resolution A/RES/65/176) in procurement,
                                           civil works and physical infrastructure development, UNOPS primary
                                           contribution to sustainable development is made by supporting
                                           countries and their communities in their efforts to design and build
                                           high quality, low carbon emission infrastructure and protect these
                                           Innovation in Green Growth Technology for Developing
                                           The challenges of the 21st century require that developed and
                                           developing countries transform our approach to economic
                                           development. Central to this transformation is technological
                                           innovation, from basic research to commercialization, for
                                           environmental sustainability.
            09:30am -        The
    6月19日(火                                                                                                              グリーン成
7           11am             Brookings     The vast majority of this innovation has occurred in less than a dozen
    )                                                                                                                    長
            T3,Riocentro     Institution   developed countries – leaving a real risk that Least Developed
                                           Countries could miss the opportunity to ‘leap frog’ their current
                                           developing pathways onto more environmentally sustainable
                                           How can international cooperation best support strengthening of
                                           research and development institutions in the developing world? Can
                                           innovative strategies bolster access to Intellectual Property? How can
                                           other models, like joint innovation centers, support Base of the
                                           Sustainable Energy for All - implications and opportunities for
                                           The Sustainable Energy for All (SEfA) goals will have particular
                                           implications for sub-Saharan African countries, where 70% of people
                                           do not have access to electricity and 80% cook on wood or charcoal
                                           stoves. When many Africa countries aspire to become middle income
            09:30am -                      or developed economies in the next two decades and many have
    6月19日(火                  Practical                                                                                   エネルギー
8           11am                           large fossil fuel reserves, how can low-carbon sustainable goals be
    )                        Action                                                                                      、アフリカ
            T4,Riocentro                   met without hindering economic objectives? How can peoples’ total
                                           energy needs best be met and how can the wealth of renewable
                                           energy resources across Africa be better exploited to deliver access
                                           for all? Can Africa countries become leaders in sustainable energy?

                                           This event brings together civil society, private sector and
                                           government to explore implications of SEFA for African nations and
                                           UN-Water Day (part1)
                                           PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FULL DAY EVENT
                                           The objectives of the Water Day are:
                                           1. To demonstrate to the broad range of stakeholders, particularly
                                           decision makers, that some of the major challenges facing humanity
    6月19日(火 09:30am - 1pm                  today relate to water management; this will be based on findings of
9                          UN-Water                                                                                      水
    )       P3-6,Riocentro                 the major UN•  ]Water reports.
                                           2. To identify major water issues that connect with the themes of the
                                           Rio+20 Conference, particularly its link with the notion of green
                                           3. To focus on the means of implementation, particularly focusing on
                                           the action areas where UN organizations and agencies can act
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                     Title/Theme                                     備考   キーワード
                                              Tackling displacement by natural disasters in the sustainable
                                              Each year, millions of people are forced from their homes and places
                                              of livelihood by the impact of disasters associated with “natural”
                                              hazards. Development gains may be wiped out in a moment or
                                              eroded if communities are not prepared or resilient. Disaster-induced
                                              displacement undermines sustainable development and inhibits a
             09:30am -      Norwegian         community’s ability to recover by depriving it of its most important
     6月19日(火                                  resource: its people. Rio+20 provides an opportunity to address the
10           11am           Refugee                                                                                               自然災
     )                                        challenge of disaster-related displacement as part of renewed political
             P3-A,Riocentro Council
                                              and operational commitments to sustainable development.

                                          With climate change, the frequency and intensity of weather and
                                          climate-related disasters is expected to increase. The governments
                                          of affected countries, together with civil society and international
                                          actors, are challenged to respond and adapt. The achievement of
                                          sustainable development goals requires strengthened policy and
                                          operational responses to address the displacement risks and related
                                          The Power of One Child: youth and children leading the way
                                          Educational approaches that child participation and empowerment
                                          are key components of the must be recognized to achieve the ‘Future
                                          We Want.’ Acknowledging the importance of environmental
                                          restoration and preservation to green development; necessitates the
                                          inclusion of children in a debate in which they are main stakeholders.
             09:30am -                    With this in mind, the side-event, “2.2 Billion, The Power of One
     6月19日(火                  Earth Child
11           11am                         Child: youth and children leading the way to the ‘Future We Want’ at                    若者
     )                        Institute
             T5,Riocentro                 Rio+20”, will consist of a panel of youth representatives from each
                                          partner organization, discussing recent progress in sustainable
                                          development, their own stories and perspectives on youth
                                          empowerment and environmental activism, underscoring action as
                                          we move forward from Rio+20. The roundtable will demonstrate true
                                          empowerment of children and young people that take action
                                          themselves and highlight the importance of policy-makers ensuring
                                          that children and youth activity- and action-based education is the
                                          Sustainable Intensification,Agroecology - Right to Food and
                                          “Sustainable Intensification” and Agroecology: Which approaches
                                          work for the right to food, climate, and sustainable development?

                                              A key issue under discussion at UNCSD is the confluence between
                                              agriculture and climate change. The Rio+20 zero-draft outcome
                              Internationa    document calls for “prioritizing sustainable intensification of food
           09:30am -          l Alliance of   production” as well as “increasing the use of appropriate technologies
   6月19日(火                                                                                                                        食糧、気候
12         11am               Catholic        for sustainable agriculture”. In light of the right to food, this side event        変動
           T8,Riocentro       Developme       will review what kind of climate-friendly intensification is needed, and
                              nt Agencies     what technologies and practices should be considered as

                                              Based on investigations and evidence, the panel will examine
                                              whether approaches promoted by stakeholders in the context of the
                                              green economy, such as no-tillage farming, low external input
                                              agriculture, and their inclusion in carbon markets, represent real
                                              solutions in view of human rights and climate criteria. The results of
                                              RSA Renewables Initiative - Unlocking RSA’s Green Growth
                                              The South African Renewables Initiative (SARi) was launched on the
                                              7 December 2011 in Durban, during UNFCCC COP17, in a bid to
                                              scale-up and secure long-term funding to enable the growth of the
                                              renewable energy industry in South Africa. The project was launched
             09:30am -                                                                                                            グリーン成
     6月19日(火                South             by the South African Ministers of Energy and Trade and Industry. The
13           11am                                                                                                                 長、南アフリ
     )                      Africa            initiative is an International Partnership by the Government of the
                                              Republic of South Africa together with the Governments of Denmark,
                                              Germany, Norway and the UK, and the European Investment Bank.

                                              The Declaration of Intent was signed at Durban in December
                                              2011.The (SARi) aims to mobilize domestic and international funding,
                                              and sector expertise, to support South Africa in implementing its
                                              ambitious plans for the scale-up of renewable energy.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                         Institutional arrangements for projects of PES in Lat. America &
                                         The purpose of this roundtable is to present an overview of the
                                         projects on Payment for Environmental Services (PES) in both Latin
             09:30am -        Boticário  America and Brazil until the present day. An overview will be                       PES、中南
14           11am             Group      presented of this tool by representatives from the World Bank and the               米、生態系
     )                                                                                                                       サービス
             T9,Riocentro     Foundation initiatives by the Boticário Group Foundation (Oasis Project) in
                                         partnership with government agencies (Minas Gerais State Attorney’s
                                         Office) and private social investment (Mitsubishi Corporation
                                         Foundation) will be highlighted as a model of PES involving several
                                         stakeholders which has succeeded since 2006.
                                         “You have never seen….so much green
                                             Suriname will be presenting a Side Event in Rio on the above
                                             mentioned UN Conference, not only to impress the guests
                                             but make sure that Suriname “brand” will be heard and seen all over
                                             with the aim of Funding for the Suriname Greening Process.
             09:30am -
     6月19日(火                                 Aspect of the Side Event:                                                       スリナム、
15           11am           Suriname
     )                                                                                                                       緑化過程
                                             • Presentation of the “Brand”
                                             • Presentation of the Greening Policy of Surinam
                                             • Presentation of the different cultures
                                             • Presentation of the Indigenous people
                                             • The effects of the “branding” to ensure poverty alleviation in the
                                             areas at the end.
                                             C40-City of Rio event
                                             C40 Mayors will participate in a series of conversation-based
             9:30-21:30       C40, City
     6月19日(火                                 roundtable discussions to highlight the actions local governments are
22           Fort of          of Rio de
     )                                       taking to promote sustainable development in the urban environment.
             Copacabana       Janeiro

           11am -                            Motorcycle Safety al Rio + 20
           12:30pm            Ecuadorian     The Motorcycle Road Safety Plan was born inspired on the United
   6月19日(火 , UN5,Barra        Motorcyclist   Nations and World Health Organization, Decade of Action for Global              二輪車の安
   )       Arena(outside      s              Road Safety. It is indispensable to reduce the incredibly high rate of          全
            RioCentro in      Association    accidents, mortality and permanent injuries, that motorcycle
           the Barra                         transportation generates every year in Latin America.
                              Office of      Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed
                              the High       Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island
                              Representa     Developing States (OHRLLS)
                              tive for the   The side-event will focus on LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS. The proposed
                              Least          theme will provide a platform to highlight and reaffirm the
                              Developed      vulnerabilities faced by all three groups in the area of desertification        持続可能な
             11:30am -
     6月19日(火                  Countries,     and land degradation. The theme lends itself to discussions that                開発に関す
17           1:00pm
     )                        Landlocked     involves the environment, economic and social aspects of the topic              る制度的枠
             T10,Riocentro                                                                                                   組み
                              Developing     under consideration that will include, agriculture, water and food
                              Countries      security issues and related issues that are vital to all three groups of
                              and Small      countries. The side-event will also highlight the need for capacity-
                              Island         building and transfer of technologies to enable these three groups of
                              Developing     countries combat desertification, land degradation, food insecurity
                              States         and water related issues.
                              (OHRLLS)       Building Resilience for Sustainable Development in the OIC
                                             Member Coun
                                             This side event will focus on one of the seven critical topics on the
                                             agenda of the Rio Conference- Disasters- with the aim of generating
                                             higher level of awareness among policy makers and experts in the
                              Organizatio    OIC member countries with regard to the need for a comprehensive
             11:30am -
     6月19日(火                  n of Islamic   disaster risk management strategy as an integral part of their overall
18           1:00pm                                                                                                          自然災害
     )                        Cooperatio     national development strategy. The majority of the population in the
                              n              57 member countries is extensively prone to natural disasters due to
                                             extensive exposure to natural hazards and other vulnerabilities. This
                                             session will bring together the representatives of governments,
                                             international organizations, and civil societies with the aim of
                                             mobilizing actions on the part of OIC member countries, and initiating
                                             the necessary exchange of knowledge and best practices to improve
                                             upon existing national capacities for building resilience to natural
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                          Glaciers and Sustainability in the Anthropocen
                                          Climate change as recognized widely is the acceleration of glacier
                                          melt around the world, particularly in the Himalayas and the Andes
                                          regions. Anthropogenic activity, tied to global trends to increase
                                          productive output is further impacting our glacier resources, critical
                               CEDHA      both as regulators of water basins as well as for long term water
             11:30am -         (Centro de storage, particularly during especially hot and dry years. This
     6月19日(火                                                                                                              氷河、気候
19           1:00pm            Derechos workshop will look specifically at work underway in the Latin America
     )                                                                                                                    変動
             T5,Riocentro      Humanos y region to protect environmentally vulnerable glacier resources,
                               Ambiente) seeking a balanced approach to economic activities such as mining
                                          and other large infrastructure occurring in high mountain areas.
                                          Some areas to be covered include legislation development to protect
                                          glaciers, public policy needs and opportunities relevant to glacier
                                          protection and existing industrial activity (including mining), an
                                          international protocol under development for Mining in Glacier
                                          Territory, the need to educate communities about glaciers and the
                                          The Palestinian Environment Sector Strategy
                                          The Palestinian Environment Sector Strategy is one out of 18 sector
                                          strategies and 5 cross sectoral strategies which were prepared and
                               Permanent approved by the Palestinian Cabinet in 2010. The Environment
             11:30am -                    Sector Strategy was prepared by the Environment Quality Authority
     6月19日(火                   Observer
20           1:00pm                                                                                                       パレスチナ
     )                         Mission of (EQA) in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders: governmental
             T6,Riocentro                 ministries and agencies, civil society, the private sector, and donors.
                                          The three year strategy highlights main issues and gaps, and
                                          identifies interventions needed in order to achieve the defined
                                          objectives. A detailed action plan was prepared for the strategy listing
                                          The Forest Green Economyaims, South-South Cooperation
                                          interventions in term of cost, and targets, indicators, and
                                            Green Economy principles of valuing and investing in natural capital
                                            and people, reforming high impact sectors to address sustainability,
                                            driving investment and financial flows towards pro-environment and
                                            pro-people growth and improving governance and forging partnership
                                            are key to ensure the transition to a successful equitable and balance
           11:30am -      WWF                                                                                             グリーン経
21         1:00pm         Internationa                                                                                    済、森林、
   )                                   States of Acre in Brazil and Sabah in Malaysia are examples of                     南南協力
           P3-F,Riocentro l
                                       important growth area in Latin America and Asia that are transitioning
                                       towards a green economic development pathways. The vision that
                                       guides this growth and the challenges in transforming its high impact
                                       sector, opportunities through adopting a credible and sustainable
                                       growth in the forest sector and partnership with NGO and private
                                       sector are some means by which changes are taking place. Heads of
                                       state will share their experiences and other partners will be
                                       CLIMATE CHANGE DISASTERS-THE ROLE OF THE GLOBAL
                                       FIRST RESPONDERS in RR
                                       Nurses across the Borders (NAB), SeaTrust Institute and Africa
                                       Environmental Network proposed to highlight partnership with the
                                       UNISDR and other DRR specialists to demonstrate the symbiotic
                                       qualities of directly incorporating human health and first responder’s
                          Across the
                                       capacity building into DRR in a new way that delivers outcomes that
           11:30am -                   help countries achieve their MDGs and deliverables for the Hyogo
   6月19日(火                Nigeria
22         1:00pm                      Framework for Action.                                                              気候変動
   )                      and
                                       At the heart of the collaborative strategy being showcased in this side
                                       event is multi-criteria vulnerability identification and intersectoral
                                       integration of knowledge, programs, finance and other resources to
                                       build resilience to climate related disasters. Responding to the COP
                                       17 Durban by actively engaging health care professionals as FIRST
                                       RESPONDERS in disaster risk planning and action addresses many
                                       of the MDGs that developing countries are struggling to achieve.
                                       Zero Waste Strategies and Actions towards Sustainable Cities
                                       The rapid increase in volume and diversification of solid waste
                                       generated mainly as a result of economic growth, urbanization,
                                       industrialization, and unsustainable production and consumption
                          Internationa patterns has had a severe impact on the global and local
           11:30am -
   6月19日(火                l Solid      environment, natural resources, public health, local economy, and
23         1:00pm                                                                                                         廃棄物
   )                      Waste        living conditions, and threatens the attainment of the Millennium
                          Association Development Goals (MDGs). Sustainable cities attach significant
                                       importance to the need for moving towards resource efficient and
                                       zero waste society. Zero waste shifts the focus from end-of-pipe
                                       solutions and disposal practices, to promote waste minimization and
                                       cyclical use of materials in the economy. Zero waste is a long-term
                                       vision that ultimately envisages a thriving society that exists within
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            Crossborder Projects of Maiombe and Kaza: The actual status of
                                            The Mayombe Project aims at enhancing the implementation of the
                                            plan of action of the Convention on Biodiversity at regional level.
                                            Along this line, Angola and countries involved in the Mayombe area
             11:30am -
     6月19日(火                                of conservation (RDC e Congo), signed a Memorandum of
24           1:00pm         Angola                                                                                           平和
     )                                      Understanding (MoU) in order to implement joint projects for the
                                            forest protection and conservation.

                                            The Kaza Project. It is a cooperation project between some countries
                                            in the region of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) -
                                            Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Kaza, focuses in
                         United             implementing joint Empowerment for Sustainable Development
                                            Caribbean Youth actions to preserve wetlands, conservation of
                         Nations      We plan to host a panel highlighting current initiatives being
           11:30am -     Association organized in the Dominican Republic for environmental care and
25         1:00pm          of the     sustainable development.                                                               若者、カリブ
           T9,Riocentro  Dominican
                                      Taking the Pulse of the Planet: Observing networks to support
                                      We all live on planet Earth. Our environment matters. How is it
                                      changing? Why is it changing? How can we precisely know, on local
           1:15pm -                   scales, the cause of extreme weather, floods, coastal erosion, and
           2:45pm                     oceanic acidification? What does it mean for us and what can we do
           , UN3,Barra                about it?
   6月19日(火               Revelle
26         Arena(outside              We believe that answering these questions begins with establishing                     気候変動
   )                     Program
            RioCentro in              scientifically reliable, robust and continuous measurements of
                         on Climate
           the Barra                  environmental attributes. While climate change is well understood at
           Arena)                     global scales, additional observations and science are needed on
                         and Policy
                                      finer temporal and spatial scales to develop the level of
                                      understanding required to solve the challenges that society will face
                                      in the decades ahead. How do we take continuous observations and
                                      how we convert those observations into environmental intelligence, in
                                      real-time? This talk will explore how this very task is being
                                      Youth SRHR in the Context of Sustainable Development
                                      Today, nearly half the world’s population –more than 3 billion
           1:15pm -                   people—are under the age of 25. Globally, 215 million women around
           2:45pm                     the world want to limit or delay births, but don’t have access to the
                         Population family planning resources they need. When women have power over
           , UN2,Barra
   6月19日(火               Action       if, when and how many children to have, communities are better
27         Arena(outside                                                                                                     若者、女性
   )                     Internationa equipped to adapt sustainably, access education and health, and
            RioCentro in
                         l            manage community resources. Yet, in some regions young women
           the Barra
           Arena)                     ages 15-19 are twice as likely to lack access to the contraception they
                                      want and need as women over twenty. Collectively, we as young
                                      people have a critical role to play in the shaping policies and
                                      Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012 sexual
                                      programs surrounding young people’sLaunchand reproductive health
                                            DARA, in collaboration with the Climate Vulnerable Forum, will launch
                                            the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012, a global report aimed at
                                            ensuring a positive evolution of international policy on climate
                                            change. The Monitor seeks to provide a global cost-benefit analysis
                                            for tackling climate change through robust estimates of current and
                                            projected negative socio-economic effects linked to the climate
             1:30pm - 3pm      DARA
     6月19日(火                                problem. It also aims to provide policy-makers with useful information
28           T9,Riocentro      Internationa                                                                                  気候変動
     )                                      for formulating more effective responses to climate change in
                                            particular to limit the effects of the problem on vulnerable populations.

                                            The first Monitor was published in December 2010 in conjunction with
                                            the UN climate summit at Cancun, Mexico (COP16). That report
                                            generated significant interest and has been employed by a variety of
                                            government, non-governmental and private actors in national and
                                            international functions. The 2012 Monitor will attempt to do the same,
    Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                              Title/Theme                               備考   キーワード
                                      Developing Green Economy Approaches: The Role of Heart of
                                      Heart of Borneo (HoB) is an initiative of Brunei Darussalam,
                                      Indonesia and Malaysia based on the principles of conservation and
                                      sustainable development for the tropical highland forests in Borneo.
                                      The HoB initiative’s goal is to preserve and maintain the sustainability
                                      of one of Borneo’s best remaining rain forests, for the welfare of
           1:30pm - 3pm WWF                                                                                            グリーン経
   6月19日(火                            present and future generations. In November 2011, the State
29         T10,Riocentro Internationa                                                                                  済、生物多
   )                                  Government of Sabah (Malaysia) and WWF co-hosted an                              様性
                                      international symposium entitled, “Heart of Borneo - Green Economic
                                      Development for Business and Environment”. Delegates from the
                                      three countries presented updates on the current national processes
                                      to develop green economy approaches. The side event aims to
                                      profile the efforts in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia under the
                                      trilateral Heart of Borneo Initiative to develop green economy
                                      approaches. The side event will showcase adoption of measurable
                                      Green Growth Approach in the River Basin Management
                                      Basin Protection Action Plans which have been prepared by General
                                      Directorate of Water Management have the same vision with River
                                      Basin Management Plans. Basin Protection Action Plans for 25
                                      basins in Turkey aims; protection of the water resources potential in
           1:30pm - 3pm                                                                                                グリーン経
   6月19日(火                            every condition, best use of water resources, prevention of pollution,
30         P3-F,Riocentro Turkey                                                                                       済、河川管
   )                                  improving the quality of polluted water resources.                               理

                                      Water scarcity is an important subject for Turkey. To resolve the
                                      water scarcity problem and reduce the taxes, agricultural and water
                                      sectors make a great effort. Untreated waste water is an important
                                      point of interest. There is a project started between Netherlands and
                                      Turkey called “Reuse of Treated Waste Water in Irrigation: Afyon
                          United      MunicipalityaPilot Project” and Afyon was selected as pilot for Rio+20
                                      Launch of Higher Education Sustainability Initiative city. The
           1:30pm - 3pm Nations       During this side event, leaders of the international academic
31         P3-6,Riocentro Department community will come together to announce a new Higher Education                   高等教育
   )                       of Public  Sustainability Initiative for Rio+20, to be facilitated by an umbrella of
                          Information United Nations partner organizations.
                                      AGRICULTURE & SUSTAINABLE SOCIEITIES: Food Security,
           1:30pm - 3pm Holy See      Land & Solidarity
32         T8,Riocentro   (Observer The event will foster a dialogue on promoting human-centered                       食糧、農業
   )                                  sustainability strategies for the promotion of food security,
                                      stewardship of natural resources, land and the need for global
                                      solidarity to address these concerns.
                                      Climate Change and Sustainable Development
                                      This side event is being organized by Grenada in cooperation with
                                      Guatemala and Bolivia. It will show-case environmental projects and
                                      programmes being developed in these three countries that tackle
                                      impacts from climate change especially in relation to water supply,
                                      food security and energy preparedness. It also includes a micro-pilot
                                      project that demonstrates the policies, strategies and actions that can
           1:30pm - 3pm
   6月19日(火                            be taken to green the economy of small island communities to induce
33         P3-A,Riocentro Grenada                                                                                      気候変動
   )                                  poverty eradication and sustainable development. It also reflects the
                                      importance these countries give to the potential use of renewable
                                      energy resources and technologies. The event represents an
                                      opportunity for seeking potential financial support, and for promoting
                                      South-South and North-South cooperation and will highlight
                                      commitments being made for implementing sustainable development
                                      The Minister of Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                           Green development– perspective from Vietnam and Bangladesh
                                           The Ministry of Planning and Investment - Vietnam
                                           a. Is a Government Agency, implementing state management in
                                           planning and investment field, including: synthesizing advice on socio-
                                           economic development strategies, programs and plans for the whole
                                           country; on economic management mechanisms and policies in
                                           general and in some concrete sectors: domestic and foreign
                                           investment, industrial and processing zones, official development
                                           assistance (ODA), procurement, enterprises, business registration
             1:30pm - 3pm                  nation-wide; state management on public services under the
     6月19日(火                               Ministry’s functions and responsibilities according to Laws.                    グリーン開
34           P3-B,Riocentro Viet Nam
     )                                                                                                                     発
                                           b. Is assigned by the Government to be:

                                           - Planning Agency for the whole country Socio-economic
                                           Development Strategies
                                           (SEDSs) and Socio-economic Development Plans (SEDPs)
                                           - Leading Agency for formulating and implementing Vietnam Green
                                           Growth Strategy.
                                           - Standing agency for National Sustainable Development Council
                                           Health within the Green Economy: Multisectoral Frameworks for
                                           NCD Control and Sustainable Development
                                           Health within the Green Economy: Sustainable Development Policies
                                           and Institutional Frameworks for Human Health

                                           Health and development are intimately interconnected, and
                                           environmentally problematic forms of economic development can
                            American       have important health and nutritional implications, while the failure to
             1:30pm - 3pm                  adequately address pressing health issues undermines sustainable
     6月19日(火                Cancer
35           P3-E,Riocentro                development efforts. These important links between health, the                  健康
     )                      Society
                            (ACS)          environment, and poverty are acknowledged in global sustainable
                                           development resolutions (e.g., Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg
                                           Declaration). This proposed side event of the Rio+20 meeting brings
                                           together international experts and representatives from governments,
                                           intergovernmental organizations, the private sector, and civil society
                                           organizations for a panel discussion that addresses:
                                           1)the central importance of health and nutritional concerns in global
                                           sustainable development policies, strategies, and action;
                                           2)the institutional and policy challenges and opportunities of
                                           Sustainable Development Goals: From 'silo thinking' towards an
                                           integrated approach. Insights from the European Report on
                                           The Rio+20 Conference is leading a new agenda around Sustainable
                                           Development Goals (SDGs), combining economic, social and
                                           environmental targets. Poor countries and the poorest people within
                                           them need growth and access to natural resources for human
                                           development – which will require socioeconomic targets. Increased
                                           pressures on the planet’s natural resources will require environmental
             1:30pm - 3pm     European     targets.                                                                        持続可能な
36           T6,Riocentro     Commissio                                                                                    開発目標(S
     )                                                                                                                     DGs)
                              n         The discussion on the SDGs should provide the opportunity to not
                                        only look at each resource individually, but also take account of the
                                        extensive linkages among resources such as water, energy and land
                                        (the “WEL nexus”).

                                           The new European Report on Development (ERD) "Confronting
                                           Scarcity: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and
                                           sustainable growth" suggests an ambitious integrated approach,
                                           which would embrace this nexus, avoiding perverse solutions and
                                           stimulating innovation.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            The Landscape: Transformative Action thru Cross-Sectoral
                                            Around the world there are extraordinary examples of integrated
                                            sustainable land management approaches that have improved the
                                            livelihoods of millions of people; from the transformation of the Loess
                                            Plateau in China to the hillside restoration across Rwanda. These are
                                            called a landscape approach, which incorporates economic, social
                                            and environmental actions required to achieve sustainability.
             1:30pm - 3pm     UN Forum
     6月19日(火                                                                                                                 持続可能な
37           T3,Riocentro     on Forests    Global leaders have not emphasized and operationalized enough the
     )                                                                                                                       土地管理
                              (UNFF)        value of local wisdom, global expertise and the transformative power
                                            that emerges when sustainable economic growth and food systems
                                            are combined.

                                            Food security is one illustration of the critical need for cross-sectoral
                                            approaches to economic development. We cannot feed people
                                            without protecting forests or protect forests without feeding people.
                                            We cannot sustainably grow our economies without valuing our
                                            environment. We must bridge the gaps between agriculture, forests,
                                            SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES IN THE COMMONWEALTH
                                            This Side Event will build on the experience in the Commonwealth
                                            Fisheries Programme and of the last two Commonwealth Heads of
                                            Government Meetings, working to identify transferable best practice
                                            in Commonwealth countries; build new partnerships to strengthen the
                                            role of universities in policy communities through South-South-North
                                            cooperation; thereby also enhancing the production and accessibility
           1:30pm - 3pm       alth Human
   6月19日(火                                  of relevant data on fisheries and their supporting ecosystems to
38         T5,Riocentro       Ecology                                                                                        漁業
   )                                        improve the evidence base for policy; the relationship between
                                            fisheries decline, piracy and national security; the role of the Blue
                                            Economy in the Green Economy; how to strengthen regional fisheries
                                            governance mechanisms, including non-Commonwealth countries
                                            sharing common ecosystems; the role of inshore fisheries in
                                            providing protein for coastal communities, with particular attention
                                            paid to the role of women and child nutrition; the contribution of
                                            integrating aquaculture development as a supplement to capture
                                            Africa Day: Accelerating Progress towards Sustainable
                                            Development in Africa
                                            Significant challenges remain in implementing sustainable
                                            development commitments in Africa. Accelerating progress calls for,
                                            inter alia, an in-depth reflection on Africa’s sustainable development
                                            priorities, and strengthening strategic alliances and partnerships.
                                            Towards this end, the Africa Day will be held under the theme
             1:30pm - 5pm
     6月19日(火                  Republic of   Accelerating Progress towards Sustainable Development in Africa. It
39           T4,Riocentro                                                                                                    アフリカ
     )                        Congo         will consist of a four-hour, moderated High Level Roundtable,
                                            focusing on strengthening and speeding up implementation and
                                            mobilising political leadership. Panellists will include African Heads of
                                            State and Government, Heads of African regional institutions and UN
                                            Agencies, and representatives of major groups. The roundtable will
                                            be followed by a press conference with the objective to disseminate
                                            to a wide audience the outcomes of the Roundtable, focusing on key
                                            policy messages that could inform the discussions at the Rio+20
                                            Pacific islands: Applying the green economy in a blue world
                                            This side event discusses the Pacific Regional Oceans Policy and the
                                            Pacific Oceanscape Framework for implementing the ocean policy. It
                              Secretariat   highlights the challenges for small islands in managing the Planet’s
                              of the        biggest resource – the Pacific Ocean - not only for themselves but for
                              Pacific       the whole global community; and, in particular, raises the special
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月19日(火                  Regional      case of small islands in terms of their vulnerabilities, location, size,
40           T10,Riocentro                                                                                                   太平洋諸国
     )                        Environmen    remoteness and capacities.
                              t             The special case for SIDS is well established since the initial UNCED.
                              Programme     However, despite significant progress, the factors that make SIDS a
                                (SPREP)     special case in achieving sustainable development remain. We need
                                            to examine how we can retain and manage this special case through
                                            the evolving institutional framework for sustainable development to
                                            ensure that SIDS needs are accommodated and the modalities for
                                            implementation appropriate to their special context.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                           Defying Disasters: A Tri-Continental South-South Dialogue
                                           Philippines, Kenya and Colombia have joined forces through their
                                           public and civil society sectors, to address the pressing issues of
                                           disaster mitigation, adaptation and risk management as a novel
                                           example of South-South Cooperation. The ultimate goal is to replicate
                                           solutions to problems to other countries in three continents of
                                           developing world. The process known as “Cartagena Dialogues”
             3:30pm - 5pm
     6月19日(火                               hopes to assist response to disasters so that resources can be                   自然災害、
41           T6,Riocentro      Philippines
     )                                     utilized for sustainable development purposes instead of diverting               防災
                                           them to respond and recover from disasters.

                                             This Cartagena dialogue addresses the key issues on the UNCSD
                                             agenda of making some of the poorest communities, including
                                             countries with largest number of displaced people and of refugees,
                                             more resilient to disasters. Special emphasis is paid on the role of
                                             local authorities, use of indigenous techniques, creative cultural
                                             Challenges and Opportunities for a Mediterranean Green Growth
                                             The collective efforts towards achieving sustainable development in
                                             the Mediterranean eco-region were presented twenty years ago at
                                             the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in
                                             1992 (UNCED), ten years ago at the 2002 World Summit on
                               Office for
                                             Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg (“The
             3:30pm - 5pm                    Mediterranean Eco-Region: the first firm steps towards
     6月19日(火                   t, Culture                                                                                   地中海、グ
42           T3,Riocentro                    Sustainability”) and hopefully once again at Rio+20. This side event
     )                         and                                                                                          リーン経済
                                             will bring together the major institutions and stakeholders from
                                             European, Western Asian and North African countries to provide an
                                             overview of the joint efforts of strengthened cooperation, common
                                             vision and shared strategies towards achieving sustainable
                               nt (MIO-
                                             development. Under the light of a growing financial volatility, the new
                                             realities following the Arab Spring, and taking into consideration the
                                             emerging challenges (Integration, Implementation, Coherence) the
                                             SPACE FOR to renew the political commitment
                                             event aspires SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT on a realistic basis in
                          United             Under the title “SPACE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” this
                          Nations            side-event will focus on the Contribution of Space-based Information
           3:30pm - 5pm Office for           and Technologies to Support the Implementation of Rio+20
   6月19日(火                                   Outcomes and Actions.
43         P3-E,Riocentro Outer                                                                                             宇宙
                          Affairs     The proposed side event will focus on space and its contributions that
                          (UNOOSA) would lead to a convergence on the use of space-based technologies
                                      for sustainable development and assist in identifying the next actions
                                      that would embrace Rio+20 outcomes.
                                      Food Security and Safety for Development in a Changing Arab
                                      Ensuring food security and safety has a strong role to play in
                                      supporting development in the Arab region, given its huge reliance on
                                      food export. The changes that the region is currently undergoing
                                      increase the need for carefully designed policies and programmes
                                      that contribute to food security and safety and ultimately ensure
           3:30pm - 5pm               social security.
   6月19日(火                League of                                                                                         食糧、中近
44         P3-F,Riocentro             Within this context, the proposed Arab side event is expected to
   )                      Arab States                                                                                       東
                                      contribute to:
                                      a) The creation of a forum/network of civil society and international
                                      and regional partners for ensuring awareness and ongoing
                                      information on food safety and food security;
                                      b) The elaboration of a regional development project targeting public
                                      institutions and civil society with the overall objective of promoting
                                      safe and secure food habits and dynamics.
                                      The side event will feature a short video expressing the views of the
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                         “Human Rights at the heart of Sustainable Development - recall
                                         In the pursuit for sustainable development, human rights and the
                                         environment are intricately linked. To encourage and promote
                                         sustainable development, integrated strategies and policies regarding
                                         human rights and the environment need to be developed to create an
                                         effective strategy. A human rights-based approach to sustainable
                               Office of development is central to efforts to move towards a green economy
                               the High  that will deliver benefits to the international community in addressing
             3:30pm - 5pm      Commissio food, energy and water security and the MDGS.
     6月19日(火                                                                                                               人間の安全
45           T5,Riocentro      ner for
     )                                                                                                                     保障
                               Human     This panel will address how human rights and the environment play
                               Rights    an integral, indivisible role in achieving sustainable development and
                               (OHCHR) demonstrates how environmental and human rights policies affect
                                         each other and can be mutually beneficial.

                                             Four Heads of UN agencies (OHCHR, UNEP, UNDP and UNHCR)
                                             and representatives from civil society, will explain from their unique
                                             perspective why there is an urgent need to strengthen international
                                             commitment and joint action in favour of sustainable development
                                             Sustainable city, a concrete utopia
                                             Sub headlines: How to govern and administrate the cities of

                                      This conference focuses on the challenges that urbanisation pose to
                                      environment and the way our cities will be adapting to climate
                                      change. Urban organisation will have to be re thought totally. In this
           3:30pm - 5pm               respect, the role of different stakeholders is likely to be changing.
   6月19日(火                Developme
46         P3-6,Riocentro             The conference will feature elected people, technical experts,                       都市
   )                      nt French
                                      enterprises and other organisations. The debate will be followed by
                                      the signature of a cooperation agreement between the City of
                          (Comité 21)
                                      Montpellier and Rio City Council.

                                           The Club France Rio+20 proposes to examine how city stakeholders
                                           (local authorities, enterprises, associations) are tackling these new
                                           challenges. How to plan a sustainable city, while its concept itself is
                                           still to be defined? What are the priorities? How to design projects
                                           Bio-economy and development. Beyond the crisis, another world
                                           The bio-economy is an environmental and economic theory and
                                           practice in which you can proceed to an ecologically and socially
                                           sustainable development.
                               COBASE –
                                           With the bio-economy you can define new areas of research and
             3:30pm - 5pm      Cooperativ
     6月19日(火                               develop a new strategy to address environmental and economic
47           T11,Riocentro     a Tecnico                                                                                   バイオ経済
     )                                     programs towards a sustainable and appropriate use of natural,
                                           biological and renewable resources that are needed to produce safe
                               di Base
                                           and wholesome food, but also materials, energy and other product
                                           and to overcome poverty. It is necessary to develop bio-economic
                                           projects in view of the world's population increase (up to 9 billion
                                           inhabitants in 2050) and the scarcity of natural resources. In this
                                           regard, weTaking the launchMeeting bio-economy strategy.
                                           Business propose to Lead: the new the Challenge of Sustainable
                                             How do we achieve universal access to modern energy services,
                                             double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency and double the
                                             share of renewable energy in the global energy mix? Companies in
                                             the renewable energy, energy efficiency and natural gas sectors can
                                             deliver the technology solutions that will help countries achieve the
                                             vision of the UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All.
           3:30pm - 5pm        Council for
48         T8,Riocentro        Sustainable                                                                                 エネルギー
   )                                       This panel of private sector executives will discuss:
                                           • What policy incentives will ensure a greater access to clean energy?
                                           • Where does public sector finance best leverage and unlock private
                                           sector investments?
                                           • What partnership opportunities can the clean energy business
                                           community offer at Rio – to improve the energy efficiency of our
                                           building stock? To expand energy access through renewable and
                                           distributed forms of energy? To deploy smarter technologies to better
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                      Putting Green Economy into practice
                                      Switzerland has proposed an international Green Economy Roadmap
                                      as an outcome of the Rio+20 Conference. The side event will
                                      illustrate how Green Economy can benefit both developed and devel-
                                      oping countries and share some practical experiences of policies and
                                      instruments for assisting the transformation towards a green
           3:30pm - 5pm               economy. The first example shares some success stories in
   6月19日(火                                                                                                                  グリーン経
49         P3-B,Riocentro Switzerland promoting the development and implementation of Sustainable Public
   )                                                                                                                        済
                                      Procurement (SPP) through the Marrakech Task Force on SPP and
                                      gives an outlook on how the work will be continued under the lead of
                                      UNEP. The second example provides lessons from the longstanding
                                      collaboration of Switzerland with UNIDO and UNEP in establishing a
                                      network of Cleaner Production Centers in developing countries which
                                      has facilitated the transfer of know-how and technology for improving
                                      production processes and resource efficiency. The last example will
                                      address the issue of sustainable agriculture and the necessity of land
                                      Mexico´s contribution to sustainable development
                                      Environment is a priority in the national agenda. We are investing
                                      human and economic resources to make the difference in different
                          National    issues.
           3:30pm - 5pm
   6月19日(火                Water       It is our interest to share with the international community some
50         T9,Riocentro                                                                                                     メキシコ
   )                      Commissio progresses to reach by this Ministry and other involved actors in
                          n           specific issues such as:
                                      • Climate change
                                      • Water
                                      • Food security
                                      • Short- lived climate forcersMobilizing for an Equitable, Resilient
                                      Women Leading the Way:
                                      and Thriving Future
           4pm - 5pm                  This side event will address leveraging women’s leadership for
           ,UN2,Barra                 sustainability solutions. Women are at the nexus of a thriving and just
                          Women’s     global future: they are disproportionately impacted by
   6月19日(火                Earth and environmental and economic problems and yet demonstratively
51          RioCentro in                                                                                                    女性
   )                      Climate     central to the most important solutions. We will be highlighting women
           the Barra
                          Caucus      worldwide as innovators and agents of change in
                                      mitigating and adapting to climate change and environmental
                                      degradation, while also demonstrating a way forward with cross-
                                      sector and cross-cultural solutions. Given the urgency of global
                                      warming, we are addressing how to accelerate a whole-systems,
                                      Sustainable aviation for generations to come
                                            This side event, held by ICAO in conjunction with aviation
                                            stakeholders, will highlight aviation’s role across the sustainable
                               Internationa development agenda, will focus on the sector’s sustainability benefits
             5:30pm - 7pm      l Civil      including economic and social, and will outline how it is meeting its
     6月19日(火                                various environmental commitments. A specially commissioned ICAO
52           T4,Riocentro      Aviation                                                                                     航空
                               Organizatio film focused on air transport and sustainability will be screened and a
                               n (ICAO)     high-level ICAO representative will give a short presentation, to follow
                                            up on the key messages in the film. Thereafter, the side event will run
                                            a roundtable discussion where various stakeholders will be asked to
                                            outline the main challenges for the sector and potential solutions
                                            Let’s Go Land Degradation Neutralgreen economySLM incontext of
                                            ahead, with a particular focus on the - The Role of in the a Green
                                            The reason why DLDD and deforestation are considered as the major
                                            global environmental issues is their direct link with poverty and food
                                            security. Growing food demand for the future is of great challenge if
                                            these problems are not stopped and reversed. Thus, in order to
             5:30pm - 7pm      Korea        eradicate poverty and protect the environment at the same time, it is           グリーン経
53           T3,Riocentro      Forest       crucial to conceptualize activities and strategies that would safeguard         済、土地劣
     )                                                                                                                      化
                               Service      the land from deforestation and degradation. Such undertakings will
                                            only be possible through the concerted effort of various stakeholders
                                            at all levels. Hence, this side event dealing with the role of
                                            sustainable land and forest management is proposed with the aim of
                                            fulfilling ‘zero-net land degradation’ in the context of a green
                                            economy. Setting of measurable sustainable development targets
                                            and actions toward the achievement of a land-degradation neutral
                                            world will be the major contribution of this side event in the UNCSD
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                          Five projects and 20 proposals from the Social Economy leaders
                                          to chan
                                          The MBM want the Social Economy to be taken into account as an
                                          essential element to be integrated in the outcome of UNCSD/Rio +20.
                                          The MBM side-event in Rio de Janeiro will consist in presenting a
             5:30pm - 7pm     Mont-Blanc
     6月19日(火                              document containing 20 proposals gathered into 5 projects. This
54           T8,Riocentro     Meeting                                                                                    政策全般
     )                                    document was elaborated and adopted by nearly two hundred and
                                          forty managers of social economy coming from more than forty
                                          countries. It aims at promoting social economy in the world and their
                                          implementation can be immediate. Leaders of associations,
                                          foundations and cooperatives of the whole world will show, by their
                                          presence, their willingness to carry and defend the values of the SE
                                          in which they believe, as one of the elements needed to solve the
                                          Using Green Agriculture to Stimulate Economic Growth, Attain
                                            Food Secu
                                            TITLE - Using Green Agriculture to Stimulate Economic Growth,
                                            Attain Food Security and Eradicate Poverty

                                            In October 2011 an Expert Group Meeting on Using Green
                                            Agriculture to Stimulate Economic Growth, Attain Food Security and
                                            Eradicate Poverty, was held in Israel as a contribution to the
             5:30pm - 7pm                   preparation for Rio+20
     6月19日(火                                .                                                                            農業、食糧
55           P3-B,Riocentro Israel
     )                                      The meeting took place in co-operation with UN-DESA and was                  安全
                                            attended by representatives from 28 countries, three UN
                                            organisations and representatives of civil society and major groups;
                                            thus the full geographical spectrum was represented.

                                            The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness of the central
                                            role that green and sustainable agriculture can play in stimulating
                                            economic growth and combating poverty, and ultimately attaining
                                            food security, through the sharing of approaches, best practices and
                                            lessons learned.
                                            Access to sustainable electrification: bridging the financial and
                                            Access to electrification based on renewable energy sources is at the
                                            crossroads of two major objectives, which have mobilized the United
                                            Nations for two decades – the Millennium Development Goals
                                            (extreme poverty eradication); climate change mitigation
                                            (development of new renewable energies).
                              Fonds pour
                              le            The Copenhagen Conference and the proposed Green Climate Fund
           5:30pm - 7pm
   6月19日(火                    développe     did open the path, that Cancun and Durban followed. Today,                   電化、エネ
56         T11,Riocentro
   )                          ment          universal access to modern and sustainable energy is fully identified        ルギー
                              énergétique   as the major condition for human, social and economic development
                               durable      of the poorest regions of vulnerable countries.

                                            However, investment is lagging behind the level needed to ensure
                                            fulfilment of universal access. Bridging the financial and
                                            entrepreneurial gaps needs additional and innovative resources and
                                            the mobilization of national and international investors.

                                         The side event will feature exchanges on existing experiences, best
                                         Green economy and inclusive growth for a sustainable future
                                         The event “Green economy and inclusive growth for a sustainable
                                         future” is focused at discussing the key elements of green growth
                                         from various perspectives and contributing further to the existing
                                         knowledge on the concept of green growth, since the concept is still
                                         evolving and there is no clearly agreed upon definition of a green
                                         economy. The event would, through a framing presentation on
                              Energy and
             5:30pm - 7pm                “Roadmap for transitioning India towards a green economy”, focus on
     6月19日(火                  Resources                                                                                  グリーン経
57           T10,Riocentro               issues relevant for India for transitioning towards a green economy.
     )                        Institute                                                                                  済
                                         The challenges confronting the Indian economy in ensuring rapid and
                                         inclusive growth are several – be they in terms of constraints related
                                         to land, water or energy availability, access to appropriate
                                         technologies, adequate finance, requisite capacities and skill sets.
                                         The presentation would be followed by a discussion on both
                                         developed and developing country perspectives around key issues,
                                         enabling frameworks and mechanisms necessary to accelerate green
                                         growth globally.
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                       NATURE BASED SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE
                                       Since the Rio 1992 Earth Summit, there has been much progress in
                                       the field of socio-economic development. However, the world has
                                       also witnessed a drastic rise in social inequalities and environmental
                                       degradation as well as biodiversity loss resulting from continuous
                                       unsustainable economic models. In addition, inadequate governance
                                       systems as well as lack of implementation of international obligations
           5:30pm - 7pm l Union for
   6月19日(火                             related to sustainable development and of various environmental                     生物多様性
58         P3-E,Riocentro Conservatio
   )                                   agreements jeopardize the achievement of sustainable development.                   、自然
                          n of Nature
                                       The UNCSD will address economic, social and environmental
                                       dimensions of implementation of the sustainable development
                                       framework. To tackle this challenge, two overarching themes have
                                       been defined, namely, Green Economy in the context of Sustainable
                                       Development and Poverty Eradication; and Institutional Framework
                                       for Sustainable Development. IUCN works with many partners in
                                       projects that put nature at the centre of strategies and action plans to
                                       Vers une solution durable contre l'insécurité alimentaire au Sahel
                                       The objetcives of the side event are:
                                       To present the report on the implementation of Agenda 21 by Niger:
                                       progresses made and challenges
                                       -To present a comprehensive approach to achieve sustainable
                                       development, especially with regards to food security : the 3N
           5:30pm - 7pm                Initiative
59         T9,Riocentro   Niger                                                                                            アフリカ
                                             Contribution to the Conference
                                             - Presentation of an example of implementation of Agenda 21 in one
                                             of the most vulnerable countries
                                             - Presentation of a comprehensive approach taken by a developing
                                             country to achieve sustainable development, in particular through
                                             tackling the issue of food insecurity. This approach is a response to
                                             High Level Policy Forum on Development of Framework for
                                             Green Economy
                                             The side event titled “High Level Policy Forum on Development of
                                             Framework for Green Economy” aims to identify key challenges
                                             toward green economy and explore possible policy frameworks to
                                             promote green economy with the high-level policy makers.
             5:30pm - 7pm
     6月19日(火                Republic of The side event will provide a good chance to policy makers and key                 グリーン経
60           P3-A,Riocentro
     )                      Korea       stakeholders to enhance awareness of challenges and opportunities                  済、韓国
                                        in green economy, possible policy options to shift conventional
                                        resource-intensive economic structure towards green economy,
                                        specifically in the key sectors of sustainable consumption and
                                        production (SCP) patterns, resource efficiency and green

                                             Through this event, participants will share policy experiences of
                                             Green energy for a green economy
                                             It is well known that developing sustainable energy resources are
                                             important for social and economic development as well as to promote
                                             low-carbon and resilient societies. In order to implement sustainable
                                             energy policies it is essential to monitor the effectiveness of these
             5:30pm - 7pm       HELIO        national policies and identify areas for improvement, taking into
     6月19日(火                                                                                                               グリーンエ
61           T5,Riocentro       Internationa consideration social, economic, environmental, technology and
     )                                       governance issues. It is also essential to base large-scale                   ネルギー
                                             implementation with good plans and practices.

                                             This side event will present a toolbox of methodologies and indicators
                                             that can be used to monitor progress and highlight both development
                                             and investment opportunities in the energy sector to support the
                                             growth of a green economy. It will also show good practices in
     Scheduled    Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                     備考   キーワード
                                    Civil Society and Knowledge Community: Dialogues around IFSD
                                    The event has the objective to stimulate discussion on the role of civil
                                    society organizations (CSOs) and knowledge community in the
                                    context of the second theme of UNCSD-institutional framework for
                                    sustainable development (IFSD). It will try to harness in best possible
                                    manner the diverse knowledge and experience of the participants,                           持続可能な
           5:30pm - 7pm Asian
   6月19日(火                          accommodating different opinions and interests and providing the                           開発に関す
62         P3-F,Riocentro Energy
   )                                tools and the space for productive brainstorming of future role and                        る制度的枠
                          Institute                                                                                            組み
                                    direction of CSOs. The role of CSOs exists at all levels –
                                    international, regional, national, sub-national and local – and may be
                                    increasingly mobilized and organized through innovative methods. So
                                    far, partnerships registered with the Commission on Sustainable
                                    Development have been limited in terms of geographical scope
                                    showing a lack of visibility of local initiatives. Yet, undeniably, many
                                    New Generation Leaders Unite and there is renewed attention to
                                    innovations start at the local level HIV and Environment for
                                    This highly interactive event will be developed by and for young
                                    people (YP). It will feature YP’s growing exposure to and interest in
                          Joint     world affairs due to ICT, and their ability to connect and collaborate to
                          United    shape their futures, unencumbered by sectoral identities and
           5:30pm - 7pm Nations     interests. It will advance the SG’s agenda on youth, and complement
63         T6,Riocentro   Programme the Youth Blast by its focus on innovative ICT approaches such as                          HIV
                           on       crowdsourcing, mutual accountability, and its grounding in lessons
                          HIV/AIDS  learned from the AIDS movement. This session will catalyse new
                          (UNAIDS) partnerships to join the passion and knowledge of the HIV, global
                                    health and environment movements, with practical ways to work
                                    together at country level. These partnerships will intensify progress
                                    toward the MDGs, and build political support and capacity for
                                    delivering the UN Post-2015 development agenda. It will strengthen
           5:30pm - 9pm             YP’s engagement and add zest to the Institutional Framework for
                                    UN-Water Day (part 2)
64         P3-6,Riocentro UN-Water                                                                                             水
                                         Urban and subnational territories:key elements of a sustainable
                               United    sustainable and innovative Cities is a key theme of the Rio+20
                               Cities    process: this side-event will gather experts of divers background,
26 6/19(Tue)                   and Local from academic, UN, private sector and local/regional government to             OSE
                               Governmen share their views and experiences of cities as pioneer of sustainable
                               ts        development policies.

                                           Water Security and Water Diplomacy -Prospectives for SDGs
                                           The Panel discusses the various aspects of the concepts of "water
                                           security" and “water diplomacy”, introduced in the Development
                                           Cooperation Policy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 2012. What
                               United      do these mean in practice and what do they have to offer for the
             7:30pm - 9pm
     6月19日(火                   Nations     discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals? How do these
66           ,T8,Riocentro                                                                                                     水
     )                         Association concepts link to the other crisis, such as climate crisis and food crisis,
                               Finland     and what role gender issues play in the equation? The side event
                                           builds on the insights and expertise deriving from the fruitful
                                           multistakeholder cooperation, which started already in 2003 during
                                           the Helsinki Process on Globalization and Democratization, jointly led
                                           by the Governments of Finland and Tanzania.mapping a green and
                                           The Global Transition to a New Economy-
                                     fair world
           7:30pm - 9pm The New      The presentation will provide a vision of what a green and fair
   6月19日(火                                                                                                                     グリーン経
67         ,P3-F,Riocentro Economics economy may look like, in different contexts, around the world. In
   )                                 particular, the presentation will include the launch of the Global                        済
                                     Transition to a New Economy map (please see Gus
                                     Speth will provide a keynote speech on what an economy that
                                     delivers on social justice and operates within environmental limits
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                             Building Ecocities — Geodesign and Citizen Participation
                                             Urbanization has been identified by the United Nations Environment
                                             Programme (UNEP) as one of the top environmental issues of the
                                             21st Century. Given the environmental changes associated with
                                             Climate Change and the vulnerability of urban areas, urban resilience
                                             is a key component of overall sustainability.
             7:30pm - 9pm
     6月19日(火                 Ecocity         Ecocity principles, tied to citizen participation and multidisciplinary        エコシティ、
68           ,P3-B,Riocentro
     )                       Builders        sustainable development frameworks and networks, can produce                   都市
                                             quantifiable benefits to cities and citizens, often reducing or
                                             eliminating the need for more expensive urban infrastructure
                                             interventions while simultaneously boosting community health and
                                             economic resilience. We will demonstrate how the use of next
                                             generation web technologies, cloud computing, global information
                                             systems and large scale knowledge-bases can increase and amplify
                                             efficiency and resilience, as well as boost citizen participation, to
                                             Occupy nature more public infrastructure —a robust network of
                                             conceive a new,
             7:30pm - 9pm ENDA               Justice first!
69           ,T11,Riocentro Tiers            All environmental interventions must promote justice!                          自然
                            Monde            Rights, Recourse, Representation!
                                             Nature belongs to everyone.
                                             Oceans at Rio+20: Toward Implementation of the Rio Ocean
                                             Oceans, coasts, and small island developing States (SIDS) have
                                             taken a prominent role in the Rio+20 discussions and will likely factor
                                             centrally into the Rio+20 outcome. States, intergovernmental
                           l Coastal
                                             organizations, and civil society have voiced strong support for
                           and Ocean
                                             addressing ocean issues and supporting the role of oceans and
           7:30pm - 9pm                      coasts in achieving sustainable development goals. Many in the
   6月19日(火                 n,
70         ,P3-A,Riocentro                   global community have also stressed the need to continue to work               海洋
   )                       Secretariat
                                             towards previously unfulfilled global commitments on oceans, coasts,
                           of the
                                             and SIDS.
                                        This event will address perspectives of States, UN-agencies and civil
                                        society on the Rio+20 outcome, host discussions on how to reach a
                                        strong oceans outcome (including a viable implementation framework
                                        for Rio+20 commitments), and will also serve as a follow-up to the
                                        high-level oceans event, "Advancing Oceans and Coasts at Rio+20
                                        The Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Ener
                                        What share or one’s country energy mix can be supplied by
                                        renewable energy? Where are the resources located? What is the
                                        most cost-effective combination of technologies? What volume of
                                        investments does it represent, and is there a market large enough for
                                        creating a supply chain?
           7:30pm - 9pm                 Assessing renewable energy resources is a first step for answering
   6月19日(火                 Renewable
                                        those questions, and eventually creating a market environment for                   太陽光発電
71         ,T10,Riocentro
   )                       Energy                                                                                           、風力発電
                                        deploying renewable energy investments.
                                        This first step requires large upfront investments in measurement
                                        campaigns, and a high level of technical knowledge. For countries
                                        willing to exploit their national resources, the IRENA Global Atlas
                                        programme provides the initial elements to investigate renewable
                                        energy potentials, before initiating detailed national investigations and
                                        building human capacities. gy
                                        The human being: the core of a sustainable city
                                        Education, employment and social inclusion of new generations are
                                        recognized as essential components for sustainable cities. The focus
                                        on the development of each single person, his/her family and
                                        community is key to foster the active protagonism of city dwellers,
                                        their associations and institutions, which, along with the private
                                        sector, are essential for city planning and development.
           7:30pm - 9pm
   6月19日(火                 AVSi
72         ,P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                  都市
   )                       Foundation These are the main lessons we propose to share at the side-event,
                                        derived from the innovative multi-year and multi-stakeholder
                                        partnership in an integrated urban development intervention in Brazil
                                        involving local and national Governments ( Bahia State , Ministry of
                                        Cities), international donors ( Government of Italy, World Bank) , local
                                        CSOs and Institutions, international NGOs (AVSI Foundation) and
                                        Cities Alliance. The quality of the results and of the partnership has
                                        now spurred Brazil, Italy, and Cities Alliance to associate with
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                          Speak Truth to Power: Listening to the demands of future
                                          Throughout history, young people have been the drivers of change,
                                          often standing up for what’s right in direct opposition to the
                                          established norm. From organised struggles for democracy and civil
             7:30pm - 9pm     Campaign
     6月19日(火                              liberties, to peaceful protests calling for new economic ideals, youth         将来世代、
73           ,T4,Riocentro    for Climate
     )                                    voices have transformed the socio-political landscape of the 21st              若者
                                          century. Now, with the future of life on Earth at stake, the Rio+20
                                          United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development calls out for
                                          young people across the world to lead the charge and we have
                                          brought some of the most prominent voices together to speak truth to
                                          power and make their voice heard to those that can influence the
                                          outcome of Rio+20 and ensure that young people have the future
                                          Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
                                         The world is facing very daunting challenges. Over 1 billion people
                                         are malnourished, often resultingin chronic diseases and premature
                                         deaths. Agriculture burdens the environment through
                              Public     pesticides,fertilizers, irrigation, ploughing and conversion of natural
                              Research habitats. This situation will be compoundedby the further growth of
             7:30pm - 9pm                                                                                                バイオテクノ
     6月19日(火                  and        the world population. By 2050 the world will have to produce 60-70%
74           ,T9,Riocentro                                                                                               ロジー、農
     )                        Regulation morefood, feed, fibre and biomass on a smaller agricultural area and            業、食糧
                              Initiative under the stress of climate change.
                              (PRRI)     Farmers will have to produce more with less impact on the
                                         environment. In other words, to increase yieldper hectare, to make
                                         better use of water, to be less dependent on pesticides and fertilisers,
                                         to enhance nutritional value, etc. As was already recognised in the
                                         Earth Summit in 1992, this immense challenge cannot be solved by
                                         conventional approaches alone, but requires the involvement of new
                                         Voices from Europe: Build a Living Economy
                                         This event explores the road towards sustainable prosperity by
             7:30pm - 9pm                various means. Voices from Europe will debate and present research
     6月19日(火                  Worldwatch results on green economy and policy advices for Rio+20. These
75           ,T6,Riocentro                                                                                               欧州
     )                         Institute voices represent businesses, NGOs and intellectuals from Europe.
                                         To reach a broad audience, the advices from Europe will be
                                         communicated using different media, including scientific
                                         presentations, video, art and music that will be integral to the event
                                         Trends and Conflicts in the Extractives Sector: Designing Public
                                         Policy for a More Sustainable Future
                                         The real and perceived social and environmental impacts of
                                         extractive industries are today presenting a monumental global
                                         challenge, to balance sustainable growth, with the inevitable depletion
                              CEDHA      and massive use of natural resources, all of this while attempting to
             7:30pm - 9pm     (Centro de guarantee a safe and healthy environment for affected communities               公共政策、
76           ,T5,Riocentro    Derechos and other stakeholders. Governments receiving much of the global                  企業の社会
     )                                                                                                                   的責任
                              Humanos y investment occurring today for mining prospecting and extraction,
                              Ambiente) have in many cases shown that they are unprepared from a policy
                                         and management perspective to tackle the challenges of providing
                                         socially and environmentally effective investment frameworks, proper
                                         policy guidance, monitoring systems, or reporting mechanisms to
                                         ensure a more sustainable approach to mining. Mining companies
                                         meanwhile, have made a strong push to offer Corporate Social
                                         World Summit of responses Regions
                                         Responsibility-typeStates and to concerned stakeholders in local
                                         Subnational governments committed to sustainable development will
                                         demonstrate how they are making sustainable development.
     6月19日(火                             The summit will adopt a declaration of commitments for the green
77           Athlete's Park   Nrg4sd     economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty                   自治体

                                           Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                           The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                              ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                              Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                             l Council    governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                                                                                                      都市、自治
                              for Local    Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                              体
1                             Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                              tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                              Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                           policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.
   Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                              Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                        Sustainable Development Dialogues
                                        Top representatives from civil society, including private sector,
                                        NGOs, scientific community, among other major groups, will convene
                                        to engage in a debate on key topics related to sustainable
複                                       development. They are expected to engage in an open and action-
数 6/16(Sat)~                            oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.
                            Governmen                                                                               市民対話
日 6/19(Tue) Riocentro                   There will be no participation of Governments or UN agencies. The
2                           t of Brazil
                                        recommendations emanating from the Dialogues will be conveyed
                                        directly to the Heads of State and Government present at the

                                         Climate Group
                                         -Clean revolution-
                                         At the Clean Revolution Leadership Summit in Rio, it will be giving
数                           Climate      the world dicision makers a platform to highlight the role of
  6/17-6/19    不明                        innovation to address climate change and resource scarcity, and            気候変動
日                           Group
3                                        showcase how leadership towards a low carbon future can unlock real
                                         benefits today.

    Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                   Title/Theme                               備考   キーワード
                                              ScenaRio 2012: 30,000 young voices for a sustainable future
                                              A unique initiative, ScenaRio 2012 will enable 30,000 young people
                                              and 100 personalities to share perspectives on the multiple issues
                                              linking the environment, development and governance.

                                              The ScenaRio 2012 team is currently consulting the world youth
                              United          through a quantitative study covering 30 countries (including
                              Nations         developing and least developed countries). In each country, 1,000
            09am -            Institute for   young citizens aged 16-29 will be consulted, representing the main
1           10:30am           Training        socioeconomic characteristics of the national youth.                        若者
            T8,Riocentro      and
                              Research        In parallel, the ScenaRio 2012 team is also interviewing a panel of
                              (UNITAR)        100 personalities with a strong personal commitment towards
                                              sustainability issues. Specially created for the project, this panel
                                              includes opinion-makers from ten complementary spheres of
                                              influence (academia, business, culture, media, nonprofit, politics,
                                              spirituality, sports, UN and youth) and respects gender parity and
                                              geographic balance.

                              Inter-     UNCSD follow up: the role of parliaments
            09am -
    6月20日(水                   ParliamentaA look at the legisaltive, oversight and representational role of
2           10:30am                                                                                                       議会
    )                         ry Union   parliaments as key actors to be engaged in the global re-think and
                              (IPU)      accelerated action that are required to achieve sustainable
                                         The trade dimension in the follow-up to the Rio plus 20 Summit
                                         The emergence of greener economies has been the consequence of
                                         several drivers including, increasing regulatory and policy changes
                                         put in place to deal with negative externalities, difficulties faced in
                                         responding to ever increasing demands over natural and energy
                              United     inputs, changes in consumption patterns, corporate responses to
                              Nations    environmental and social considerations, as well as competitiveness,
                              Conference efficiency and image variables.
            09am -
    6月20日(水                    on Trade                                                                                   グリーン経
3           10:30am                      In discussions leading the Rio+20 Conference, considerable political
    )                         and                                                                                         済、貿易
                              Developme and negotiating efforts focused on the concerns that the green
                              nt         economy raises in trade contexts, for example: the emergence of
                              (UNCTAD) green protectionist temptations and recent trade-related conflicts.

                                     Opportunities are seen in the trade of environmental goods and
                                     services, higher investment levels and in the emergence of greener
                                     sectors in both developed and developing countries, such as organic
                                     agriculture, biodiversity based production, ecotourism and clean
                                     energy generation.
                                     Know our Ocean, Protect our Marine Treasures, Empower Ocean
                                     The ocean, our common heritage, covers over 70% of the globe’s
                                     surface. The ocean shapes Earth’s climate and influences the
                                     distribution of ecosystems, biodiversity, and thus food availability
                         Intergovern across the globe. This single, contiguous body of water is an
                         mental      absolutely essential component of human lives. Yet, despite the
          09am -
  6月20日(水                Oceanogra scientific research promoted via international cooperation over the
4         10:30am                                                                                                         海
  )                      phic        past 50 years, the ocean remains relatively unexplored. Moving
                         Commissio towards sustainable development of the ocean requires strengthening
                         n (IOC)     global scientific efforts to fully comprehend and protect coastal and
                                     marine environmental health, as well as to conserve biological
                                     diversity, and mitigate the impact of ocean threats. Sound ocean
                                     management requires developing the appropriate tools and
                                     mechanism to protect ocean resources, biodiversity and to sustain
                                     livelihoods that are compatible with healthy ecosystems. Finally, the
                                     L’Economie Verte en Afrique : Expériences et Initiatives des
                                     Ces dernières années, le Maroc ainsi que d’autres pays africains
          09am -                     sont rentré dans le verdissement de leur économie. Plusieurs
  6月20日(水                            chantiers ont été d’ores et déjà lancés et visant à instaurer un                     アフリカ、グ
5         10:30am        Morocco
  )                                                                                                                       リーン経済
          P3-E,Riocentro             développement durable.
                                     Le Side Event sera une occasion pour partager l’expérience de
                                     certains pays africains y compris le Maroc avec les délégations des
                                     autres pays et les organismes internationaux.
                                     A cet égard, le Side Event connaîtra la présentation des initiatives du
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                            Social science support to policies promoting the social
                                            dimension of sustainable development in a changing climate
                                            The world is facing severe economic, social and environmental
                                            problems that are posing serious threats to sustainable development.
                                            Climate change alone can lead to a surge in social challenges such
                                            as reduced food production, reduced livelihoods and mass migration.
          09am -         National
  6月20日(水                             While there has been increased recognition of the need for natural                   社会科学、
6         10:30am        Commissio
  )                                   sciences to contribute to a knowledge base for informed policy                       気候変動
          P3-B,Riocentro n for
                                      decisions regarding prevention and mitigation of environmental and
                                      climate change, the role the social sciences can and should play in
                                      providing knowledge to society on the consequences of these
                                      inevitable changes have largely been down-played or even ignored.
                                      At the same time, the need for social science to contribute to
                                      sustainable development is recognized in chapter 35 of Agenda 21
                                      and in the negotiations for the outcome document for “Rio + 20”.
                                      Resilient Cities - Fostering Local Action for Sustainable
                                      Cities are home to half of the world’s population and in the coming
                                      years, this number is expected to grow by 70%. As engines of
                         United       economic growth, innovation and job creation, cities play a pivotal
                         Nations      role for sustainable development to be realized. Cities have also
                         Internationa become one of the main contributors to many environmental
          09am -
  6月20日(水                l Strategy   problems. Emerging sustainable development challenges such as
7         10:30am                                                                                                          都市
  )                      for          disaster risks are brought by rapid urbanization, unsustainable
                         Disaster     development practices and climate change. More than half of the
                         Reduction world’s largest cities, with populations ranging from 2 to 15 million,
                         (UNISDR) are currently located in areas of high risk of seismic activity.
                                      Furthermore, almost a billion people live in slums or marginal and
                                      informal settlements without access to basic services and they are
                                      often in high-risk areas. If not addressed properly and in time,
                                      disasters will continue to pose significant threats to people’s lives and
                                      Accelerating clean and sustainable energy access for all in Africa
                                      Energy is essential for socio-economic, human and technological
                                      development. Access to energy remains a fundamental and key
                                      ingredient to achieve sustainable development. Access to clean
          09am -                      modern energy services is equally an enormous challenge facing the                   クリーンエネ
  6月20日(水                South        African continent. Africa accounts for about 3% of world energy
8         10:30am                                                                                                          ルギー、ア
  )                      Africa       consumption, the lowest per capita modern energy consumption in                      フリカ
                                      the world. However, solving the challenges facing the provision of
                                      universal energy access in Africa will require improve energy
                                      efficiency practices, harness untapped renewable energy potential
                                      and accelerate the introduction of Independent Power Producers. The
                                      Strengthening Students of committed to reducing carbon
                                      South African Government isSustainability: Interdisciplinary
                                            This side event will introduce two approaches that universities in both
                                            developed and emerging economies are using to promote the
                                            interdisciplinary training of their students on critical environmental
                                            issues. Speakers will represent the Princeton Energy and Climate
                                            Scholars (PECS), and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) do
                                            Rio de Janeiro’s Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA).
            09am -
    6月20日(水                    Princeton
9           10:30am                                                                                                        学生、大学
    )                          University   PECS is a group of Princeton University graduate students from a
                                            variety of disciplinary backgrounds focusing on energy and/or climate
                                            related research who meet frequently to discuss their research and
                                            important environmental issues.
                                            PUC NIMA’s Sustainable University project takes a holistic approach
                                            to transforming the university into a model for sustainable
                                            development, from the classroom to the entire campus.
                                            Representatives from both groups will introduce the concept behind
                                            their organization, how they differ from traditional student
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                             Measure What Matters
                                             If we are to create a resilient economy that provides a better life for
                                             all within the ecological limits of the planet, a new frame of reference
                                             for decision-making is required, involving new ways to measure

                                             The zero draft of the outcome document provides an important
                              Prince         starting point for building the measurement and reporting framework
             09am -           Accounting     required for a sustainable economy, through the proposals for:
10           10:30am          for                                                                                            SDGs、GDP
     )                                       – agreement on a set of Sustainable Development Goals
             T4,Riocentro     Sustainabili
                              ty Project     – indicators that complement GDP and integrate economic, social
                                             and environmental dimensions in a balanced manner
                                             – a framework that will integrate sustainability information into the
                                             corporate reporting cycle

                                             This session will bring together key contributors from these three
                                             agendas. The session outcomes will help to strengthen and support
                                             actions resulting from Rio including a roadmap towards a
                                             measurement framework that helps to align the information needed
                                             Public Investment: chalanges and opportunities of sustainable
                                             In recent years, Brazil has "relearned to think the future", but our
                                             pattern of development is still in development itself. In comparison to
                                             the 1980s, there have certainly been important changes. The first
                                             one is the role of income distribution as an essential element –
                                             "distribute to grow". Social inclusion is a core issue for our
             09am -                          development. The second point is environmental sustainability and
11           10:30am        Brazil           the struggle to overcome the false antagonism between                           公共投資
             P3-6,Riocentro                  “development” and “environment”. These changes place Brazil as an
                                             internationally recognized reference for sustainable development
                                             strategy. However, some challenges still remain:
                                             - Reduced interested of entrepreneurs on investment and technical
                                             - Structural, economic and social disparities, which lead to
                                             maldistribution of income and to poverty;
                                             - A pattern of international insertion with excessive specialization in
                                             Eusuring Effective Sustainable Development in the South: Rio
             11am -                          The idea for this side event is to be able to highlight developing
     6月20日(水                  South
12           0:30pm                          country perspectives on sustainable development and, in this context,           途上国
     )                        Centre
             T6,Riocentro                    various issues that are being tackled in the Rio20 conference such as
                                             the institutional framework for sustainable development, sustainable
                                             development goals and green economy.
                                             GreenEvo-best practices in endogenous development and
                                             transfer of gree
                                             "GreenEvo – best practices in endogenous development and transfer
                                             of green technologies"
                                             Sustainable development should include the endogenous
                                             development of environmentally sound technologies. Poland will
             11am -                                                                                                          グリーン革
     6月20日(水                                 share its experiences in its transformation towards knowledge-based
13           0:30pm         Poland                                                                                           命、グリーン
     )                                       and green economy and reveal how its GreenEvo - Green
                                             Technology Accelerator project helped build local industry, reduce the
                                             need for foreign imports and abolish barriers to environmental
                                             technology development and transfer. The presentation will cover
                                             practical aspects of GreenEvo technology verification framework and
                                             present success stories, which could inspire other governments and
                                             prove that by co-operation with the business and science, every
                                             country cansustainability through economy’s contribution to – The
                                             Achieving benefit from the green low carbon development
             11am -                          Guyana story
     6月20日(水                                 Guyana proposes to convene a Side Event to showcase its initiatives             ガイアナ、
14           0:30pm         Guyana
     )                                       towards sustainable development with focus on Guyana’s Low                      低炭素
                                             Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and the execution of its
                                             Interim REDD+ Partnership with Norway.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                           Tourism for a Sustainable Future
                                           In the face of global challenges, tourism has become a key
                                           instrument for eradicating poverty, responding to climate change,
                                           environmental sustainability and contributing to the Millennium
                               World       Development Goals (MDGs). Furthermore, the tourism sector has
             11am -
     6月20日(水                   Tourism     been identified within the Green Economy Initiative of the United
15           0:30pm                                                                                                        ツーリズム
     )                         Organizatio Nations (UN) as one of the ten sectors which can lead in the
                               n (UNWTO) transformation to the new social, economic and environmental model,
                                           while still addressing development challenges in all economies and
                                           nations toward a more sustainable path, with improved benefits and
                                           opportunities for humanity’s future while preserving its natural
                                           environment. Tourism for sustainable development can be the future,
                                           but clearly requires effective, coherent and coordinated government
                                           Building Marine Ecosystem Resilience to Ocean Acidification
                                      The Pacific Small Island Developing States in partnership with
                                      Earthjustice will host a side event on “Building Marine Ecosystem
                                      Resilience to Ocean Acidification” during the Rio+20 final
                                      PrepComm. A significant body of science and experience shows that
           11am -         Micronesia,
   6月20日(水                            reducing pollution, overfishing, and other stressors builds resilience
16         0:30pm         Federated                                                                                        海
   )                                  to ocean acidification in sensitive species and ecosystems, including
           P3-B,Riocentro States of
                                      coral reefs, critical for marine biodiversity, global food security and
                                      sustainable livelihoods and development in the Pacific and around
                                      the world. Building resilience is fundamental to the three pillars of
                                      sustainable development on which the Pacific depends. Legal, policy,
                                      and financial solutions will be examined with special attention given to
                                      successful Games: A Competition to Promote Green the Small
                                      The Urbanefforts to build marine ecosystem resilience inCities
                                         This side event will feature a interactive competition on urban
                                         environmental issues. The host of these “The Urban Games” will
                                         provide a series of challenging questions to the 6-8 participating
                               Asian     mayors and governors. Throughout the “contest,” the competitors will
             11am -
     6月20日(水                   Developme share their experience and in-depth knowledge on how they are
17           0:30pm                                                                                                        都市
     )                         nt Bank   promoting environmentally-sustainable urban development in their
                               (ADB)     cities. The discussion will showcase how local decision makers in the
                                         developing world can harness existing knowledge, financial resources
                                         and technologies to develop “green cities.” The main target audience
                                         is various stakeholders (e.g. policymakers at the national and local
                                         levels, staff of donor agencies, NGOs) that support the formulation
                                         and implementation of sustainable urban policies, programs and
                                         Partnerships for Education in the Green Economy
                                            Partnerships for Education: Building the foundations of a green,
                                            prosperous and equitable global economy

                                            Education has a central role to play in realising the vision of a
                                            sustainable future that will be shared at the Rio+20 Summit.
             11am -                         With support from UNESCO, the World Bank and other international
     6月20日(水                   l Business
18           0:30pm                         and national agencies, the International Business Leaders Forum                教育
     )                         Leaders
             T5,Riocentro                   would like to run a side-event to present new research on
                                            Partnerships for Education and facilitate a focused discussion
                                            amongst government, NGO and private sector stakeholders. We
                                            expect to have a high-profile keynote speaker as well as a cross-
                                            sectoral panel of experts.

                                            The objectives of the event will be to raise awareness of the
                                            opportunities and key success factors for effective education
                                            Water and Sanitation: Rights for Sustainable Development
                                            Adequate water supply is essential to reduce the risk of disease and
                                            to ensure the right to food, health and housing. Water is a key factor
                                            in many activities, and access to water and sanitation improves
                                            school attendance, productivity and reduces health risks for women.
                                            Sustainable management of water resources is an essential
             11am -                         component of the fight against poverty, and the right to safe and
19           0:30pm            Spain        clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right is essential for          水
             T9,Riocentro                   the full enjoyment of all human rights.

                                            Spain has played a leading role in the international recognition of the
                                            human right to water and sanitation. The objective of the side event
                                            is to contribute to the Río+20 process by promoting debate and
                                            exchange of ideas among different stakeholders, and partners on the
                                            challenge of implementing the human right to water and sanitation
                                            and including it in post 2015 development agenda.
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                              Internationa   Renewing Africa´s Energy Future
             11am -           l              His Excellency Namburete, Minister of Energy of Mozambique, in his
     6月20日(水                  Renewable      capacity as President of the IRENA Assembly, will host a side event              アフリカ、エ
20           0:30pm
     )                        Energy         on Africa's Energy Future, with the participation of energy ministers            ネルギー
                              Agency         and environment ministers. African heads of state will also be invited
                              (IRENA)        depending on availability.
                                             New ways to build a more sustainable production and
                                             consumption model
                                             Considering that one of the key topics of Rio+20 is the transition to
                                             Green Economy, a model that provides for human wellbeing and
           11am -
                                             social equality while at the same time significantly reduces the
                                             environmental risks and ecological scarcity, this is an opportune
           Auditorium 1
                                             moment to reflect on the necessary changes in the consumption and
   6月20日(水 ,Barra        Akatu
21                                           production methods.                                                              消費
   )       Arena(outside Institute
                                             In this context, Akatu Institute, in partnership with Pão de Açúcar
            RioCentro in
                                             Group, proposes a workshop that will bring together private
           the Barra
                                             enterprise, civil society and governments to help publicly launch 10
                                             ways to build more sustainable consumption and production
                                             methods. Based on this benchmark, the participants will work to
                                             jointly create more sustainable business models, and also identify the
                                             necessary conditions for their implementation, considering the
                                             Achieving consumer Rio: Research, Practice & civil society
                                             changes in SCP After behavior, public policies and Capacity-building
                                             Given that sustainable consumption and production is, as the World
                                             Summit on Sustainable Development highlighted, one of the
           11am -             Citizens       "overarching objectives of sustainable development", what progress
           0:30pm             Network        can we expect towards this objective in the next decade following the
           UN2 ,Barra         for            Rio+20 conference? What plans are in place or proposed for                       持続可能な
22         Arena(outside      Sustainable    research, knowledge-exchange, practice, capacity-building and                    生産と消費
   )                                                                                                                          (SCP)
            RioCentro in                     collaboration among educators, policymakers, journalists, business
           the Barra          Developme      and public interest organizations? This event will include
           Arena)             nt - CitNet    presentations and interactive discussions on plans for the 10YFP,
                                             SCP as a Sustainable Development Goal, ideas for a Global SCP
                                             Pact, and other steps forward. Members of the Global Research
                                             Forum on Sustainable Production & Consumption, policy makers and
                                             practitioners will consider practical strategies for future collaboration
                                             Beyond GDP: Measuring the Future We Want
                                             This event will contribute to the outcomes of the UNCSD by making
                                             the case for measuring progress through a people-centered approach
                          United             based on protecting and promoting human capabilities, choices, and
                          Nations            freedoms. Based on the human development paradigm, with a global
           11am -
   6月20日(水                Developme          vision of equitable growth with social and environmental
23         0:30pm                                                                                                             GDP
   )                      nt                 sustainability, the Rio panel will examine how the Human
                          Programme          Development Index (HDI) can be adapted to incorporate
                           (UNDP)            environmental sustainability dimensions, and serve as a measure of
                                             the future we want
                                             - High level round table with participation of the UNDP Administrator
                                             Helen Clark, and Heads of State/Government of Indonesia (tbc) and
                                             Denmark (tbc). of micro and small business for sustainable
                                             The importance
             11am -
     6月20日(水                             development
24           0:30pm         SEBRAE                                                                                            ビジネス
     )                                   SEBRAE proposes to demonstrate that micro and small business are
                                         a particular actor in the context of sustainable development.
                                         From Rio to Rio: A 20-year Journey to Green the World’s
                                         An historic outcome of the 1992 Earth Summit, the Global
                                         Environment Facility (GEF) was established to assist developing
                                         nations incorporate global environmental benefits into their traditional
                                         development efforts. To reflect on the 20 years of GEF, a book that
                              Global     tells the story of a remarkable portfolio amounting to over $50 billion
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm     Environmen will be launched and discussed in this high-level event. The book
25                                                                                                                            GEF
     )       T6,Riocentro     t Facility features 20 initiatives that illustrate the strength and breadth of the
                              (GEF)      GEF implemented by MDBs, UN agencies, country governments and
                                         NGOs. The event will celebrate the launch of this remarkable account
                                         and showcase environmental successes that trace their roots to the
                                         1992 Earth Summit. The event will feature addresses from high-level
                                         representatives of initiatives highlighted in the publication and offer
                                         practical solutions to sustainable development, inspire attendees
                                         negotiating current conference outcomes, and offer new
                                         commitments by GEF and its partners for the next round of funding in
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                           The Yasuní-ITT Initiative: shifting paradigms for a sustainable
                                           The Yasuní-ITT Initiative is a pioneering and holistic climate change
                                           mitigation and social development proposal. Yasuní National Park,
                                           located in Ecuador´s Amazon rainforest, is among the top 5                       ヤスニITT、
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm
26                          Ecuador        biodiversity hotspots of the planet, as well as home to indigenous               生物多様性
     )       P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                 、エクアドル
                                           cultures living in voluntary isolation. The Yasuní-ITT Initiative intends
                                           to indefinitely abstain from extracting 846 million barrels of oil from
                                           the ITT fields hereby avoiding the emission of 406 million tons of CO2
                                           into the atmosphere and significantly contributing to global climate
                                           change mitigation efforts while conserving both the incredible
                                           Sustainable Maritime Development - The Contribution of
                                           Maritime Transp
                                           The strategic importance of shipping and maritime activities in a
                                           sustainable future:

                                           Sustainable Maritime Development - The Contribution of Maritime
                                           Transport to Green Growth and Inclusive Development

                                           The IMO side event will explain how international shipping contributes
                                           significantly to the three pillars of sustainable development, the
                              Internationa eradication of poverty and the widespread development of green
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm     l Maritime growth. It will also present IMO’s vision of a framework for
27                                                                                                                          海
     )       T5,Riocentro     Organizatio Sustainable Maritime Development.
                              n (IMO)
                                           Shipping is an essential component of any programme for future
                                           sustainable economic growth. A job in shipping is a green job.

                                           Trade can facilitate the structural transformation of developing
                                           economies toward higher value-added products, leading to
                                           eradication of poverty, greener economies and a positive, beneficial
                                           impact on incomes and people.

                                          The regulatory regime developed by IMO, supported by a
                                          comprehensive body of guidelines and recommended practices,
                                          Multilateral Co-operation Towards Sustainable Development
                                          The high-level side event "Multilateral Co-operation Towards
                                          Sustainable Development: A Rio+20 Dialogue with the Heads of
                                          WTO, UNEP and ILO" wil explore the contribution that Rio+20 can
                                          make to enhance coherence among systems of governance in the
                                          transition to a green economy. It will highlight the importance of
                                          international dialogue both to promote a better understanding of the
                                          links between trade, environment and social policies and to assist
                              World       countries in designing and implementing sound sustainable
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm     Trade       development policy frameworks tailored to their unique goals and
28                                                                                                                          多国間協力
     )       T2,Riocentro     Organizatio priorities. The side event will offer an opportunity to explore possible
                              n (WTO)     avenues for strengthening cooperation among WTO, UNEP, and ILO
                                          in support of the expected outcomes from Rio+20.

                                           The side event will include interventions by:

                                           • Mr. Pascal LAMY, Director-General of the World Trade
                                           Organization (WTO);

                                           • Mr. Juan SOMAVIA, Director-General of the International Labour
                                           Organization (ILO); and
                                           Resilience for Communities – what do we really need by 2015?
                                           Resilience for Communities – what do we really need by 2015?
                                           Inputs for a new post Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) Regime –
                                           How can communities be better tackled in the post HFA process?
                                           Format: High level Panel discussion moderated by Manuel Bessler,
                          Group on
                                           Head of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Domain:
   6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm Environmen
29                                         “Give Communities a Voice”                                                       コミュニティ
   )       P3-A,Riocentro tal
                                           Key note speakers: Representatives from major ISDR stakeholders
                          s (AGEE)
                                           present their views on how to embed disaster resilience for
                                           communities in the post HFA process and resilience architecture

                                           Introduction key note by Andreas Götz, Vice Director of the Federal
                                           Office of Environment: ‘Resilience against shocks and stresses – an
                                           overview of recent achievements in DRR relevant processes’
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                           Northern Lights on Sustainable Development
                                           Growing prosperity has made it possible for countries in the Baltic
                                           Sea Region to invest in solutions to many environmental problems. In
                                           fact, no other region in the world has such a strong track-record when
                                           it comes to green economy and sustainable development, in both
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm Council of       principle and practice.
30                                                                                                                         地域協力
     )       P3-B,Riocentro Baltic
                                           The side event will focus on how regional cooperation can deliver
                                           sustainable development and act as bridge between national actions
                                           and global commitments. The side event will also highlight some
                                           successful projects for cross-sectoral and integrated approaches to
                                           sustainable development as well as launch a publication on key
                                           messages on green economy.
                                           U.S. Priorities for Rio+20
                                           “U.S. Priorities for Rio+20” will feature high-level United States
                                           Government officials and leaders from the private sector and civil
                                           society. This exciting and compelling event will focus on U.S.                  済、グッドガ
                          United           priorities for advancing sustainable development. We will feature
   6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm                                                                                                    バナンス、
31                        States of
   )       P3-6,Riocentro                  speakers and presentations that demonstrate the commitment of the               テクノロジー
                          America          United States to integrate the three pillars of sustainable                     、女性と若
                                           development: economic, environmental, and social. The side event                者
                                           will also address themes of promoting a green economy, good
                                           governance, the importance of data collection and sharing, the
                                           impact of connection technologies in furthering sustainable
                                           Local Action and Partnerships for more resilient people and
                                           Sustainable development defined by Bruntland¡¦s 1987 report ¡§Our
                                           Common Future¡¨ remains valid today: ¡§Development meets the
                                           needs of the present without compromising the ability of future
                                           generations to meet their own needs¡¨. Local action, which
                                           strengthens resilience, is key to its achievement. It is also clear that
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm     of Red                                                                                       local
32                                         no actor alone can achieve sustainable development; meaningful
     )       T8,Riocentro     Cross and                                                                                    actions
                                           partenrships are required.
                                           Objective of the side event is to highlight the importance of the
                                           „Ï local actions in strengthening resilience of vulnerable communities
                                           as a key contribution for the fulfilment of the internationally agreed
                                           sustainable development agenda,
                                           „Ï inclusive partnerships at all levels, across humanitarian and
                                           International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
                                           Today’s collective sustainability challenge requires all actors, whether
                                           business, government or civil society, to accept shared responsibility
                                           and shift mind-sets towards more collaborative and solutions-oriented
                                           thinking. The move towards a ‘Green Economy’ necessitates a global
                              Internationa discourse that addresses the current fragmentation in the world’s
                              l Chamber economic systems, which should result in new and innovative
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm                                                                                                  グリーン経
33                            of           collaborations across the chain of business and with government to
     )       T10,Riocentro                                                                                                 済
                              Commerce bring solutions to these challenges.
                              (ICC)        This side event will discuss the global efforts by business,
                                           government and civil society at all levels, aiming at strategies to
                                           better integrate the economic, environmental and social dimensions
                                           of sustainable development. During this event, the International
                                           Chamber of Commerce (ICC) will present its “Green Economy
                                           Roadmap”, a framework that sets timetables for specific goals,
                                           objectives and actions at local, national, and global levels.
                                           THE MALDIVES STORY
                                           THE MALDIVES STORY: Achievements, opportunities and
                                           challenges towards sustainable development.

                                           Since the United Nations Conference on Environment and
                                           Development in 1992, the Maldives has faced unique challenges as a
                                           Small Island Developing State in fulfilling its commitments under
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm
34                          Maldives       Agenda 21 and subsequent agreements pertaining to sustainable                   モルディブ
     )       P3-F,Riocentro
                                           development. The biggest challenge Facing the country is climate
                                           change and its impacts, which threatens its sustainable
                                           developmental aspirations, its fragile ecosystems and the very
                                           existence of the country itself.

                                           As a small island state, Maldives would like to share its experiences
                                           of the past twenty years with the international community in the hope
                                           that a better understanding of the circumstances of small islands
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            Natural Capital Summit
                                            Countries, governments or businesses cannot deliver sustainability
                                            alone. Managing our transition to a green economy requires all
                                            parties to act together, internationally, across the public and private
                                            sectors and civil society.

                                            Focusing on the role of natural capital, and building on the shared
                                            recognition that we use nature because it is valuable, but lose nature
   6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm       United        because it is free, this event will bring together a range of initiatives
35                                                                                                                           自然資本
   )       T4,Riocentro       Kingdom       at different levels to demonstrate specific approaches to meeting
                                            their common goal of improving how we account for the value of
                                            nature in decisions.

                                            Governments, financiers and businesses will show why we need to
                                            go “beyond GDP” and mainstream financial accounting to understand
                                            the real progress of our countries and companies. They will highlight
                                            the role of natural capital in delivering economic prosperity and
                                            human well-being and commit to working together to create the
                                            VISION20/30-Vision for Independence of Small Islands frm Fossil
                                            Leaders from island nations, UN agencies, several major
                                            international/regional organizations, private sector and financial
                                            institutions have formed a coalition to support the Small Island
                                            Developing States (SIDS) and participating Island Economies to
                                            achieve their goals of becoming energy independent. This process is
                                            being launched during the historic Rio+20 Conference at the platform
                                            provided by the UN Secretary General’s initiative of Sustainable
     6月20日(水 1pm - 2:30pm     Climate                                                                                        化石燃料、
36                                          Energy for All.
     )       T9,Riocentro     Institute                                                                                      島嶼国

                                            Successful implementation of these plans would not only bring
                                            prosperity and economic development to Island Economies but it will
                                            also showcase examples of “smart” economic growth and
                                            development. This, we hope, would accelerate the goal of universal
                                            energy access for all through renewable energy while also stabilizing
                                            greenhouse gas emissions.

                                            This event will feature announcements by Island leaders and
                                            living heritage for sustainable development
           1:15pm -           Islamic       The Islamic Countries through the Islamic Educational, Scientific and
           2:45pm             Educational   Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has joined the FAO’s Globally
           UN2 ,Barra          Scientific   Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Partnership                      農業、エコ
   6月20日(水                                  Initiative. The GIAHS Initiative represents a sophisticated framework
37         Arena(outside      and                                                                                            システム、イ
   )                                        for the recognition, dynamic conservation and adaptive management                スラム
           RioCentro in       Cultural
           the Barra          Organizatio   of remarkable systems of agriculture with their associated livelihoods,
           Arena)             n - ISESCO    culture diversity, ecosystems and landscapes. The Director Generals
                                            of ISESCO and FAO and some member states and some member
                                            states will come to explain their programmes and progress made.
                                            Organizing for Change: Women’s Tribunals as Civil Society
                                            Whether it be unsustainable urbanization, contamination and
                              The           pollution, deforestation, lack of water and sanitation, poverty and
                              Feminist      climate change, women bear the brunt of ecological and
           3:30pm - 5pm       Task          environmental degradation. As the majority of the world’s farmers,
           UN2 ,Barra         Force         caretakers and impoverished, women will be impacted at a
   6月20日(水 Arena(outside      (FTF) from    disproportionate rate by global environmental threats. Despite these             女性、市民
   )       RioCentro in       the Global    alarming realities, women voices, and in particular rural and                    社会
           the Barra          Action        indigenous women, grassroots and impoverished urban women, are
           Arena)             Against       not being heard in the corridors of decision-making venues.
                              Poverty(GC    Furthermore, women’s needs are not being fully addressed in the
                              AP)           climate change and sustainability debates at all levels. The proposed
                                            session will show how women have elevated their voices in the
                                            climate justice debate, featuring the methodology of the women's
                                            tribunal on gender and climate justice. Panelists will compare and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                          Sustainable Development in an Unequal World
                                          Inequality presents an unprecedented challenge to our present model
                                          of development. This reality is insightfully summarized in the vision
                                          statement of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global
                                          Sustainability: “Today our planet and our world are experiencing the
                                          best of times and the worst of times… Inequality between the world’s
             5pm - 6:30pm     Friedrich   rich and poor is growing, and more than a billion people still live in
39           T-4,Riocentro    Ebert       poverty. In many countries, there are rising waves of protest                     政策全般
                              Foundation reflecting universal aspirations for a more prosperous, just and
                                          sustainable world.” In this event, world leaders past and present will
                                          speak to the urgent need of millions of people worldwide for equitable
                                          and sustainable development to get out of poverty and to ensure their
                                          security and stability. They will also address the challenge for every
                                          country to transition to sustainable consumption and production
                                          patterns that can ensure socially equitable and economically and
                                          Denmark and South human development, Corporate Social
                                          environmentally viableAfrica show the way: objectives which should
                                          The event will focus on the topic of sustainability reporting as a tool to
                                          advance a Green and Responsible Economy. The Danish Prime
                                          Minister and the South African Minister of Environment will testify that
                                          this is common and successful practice in their countries. Achim
                              Stakeholder Steiner will picture the broader context.
             5pm - 6:30pm      Forum for                                                                                    グリーン経
     6月20日(水                              The objective of the event will be to profile i) the role of business and         済、Denmar
40           T-2,Riocentro    a
     )                                                                                                                      k、南アフリ
                              Sustainable ensure accountability of the corporate sector, ii) the importance of              カ
                                          corporate sustainability reporting in sustainable development policies,
                                          iii) the role of governments as regulators with special emphasis on
                                          Denmark presenting the results of its sustainability reporting policy
                                          and the South African approach and iv) the strong multi-stakeholder
                                          collaboration among the different Rio+20 actors (Governments,
                                          CSOs and Private Sector).

                                            The targeted audience includes Heads of State; the UN SG; Heads of
                                            Sharing and Partnering in Urban Water Solutions
                                            The side event is based on Israel's long experience in the water
                                            arena and especially in the field of Urban Water Solutions.
                                            Urban water will be critical for global development in the 21st century.
             5pm - 6:30pm                   Half of the world's population already lives in cities. Urban water
     6月20日(水                                infrastructure is decaying and will need to be replaced. Existing
41           P3-B,Riocentro Israel                                                                                          水
     )                                      systems lack the sophistication and integration with data that the
                                            latest technology can offer.
                                            Israel has long played a major role in creating smart urban water
                                            systems for both developed and developing countries. Israel is
                                            actively cooperating with developing countries to ensure safe and
                                            MONITORING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - WHY agreement
                                            accessible urban water. For example, we have a bilateral LOCATION
                                            This side event, organized by the UN Global Geospatial Information
                                            Management (UNGGIM) secretariat and supported by United
                              United        Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil, will demonstrate the vital role
                              Nations       accurate, maintained and reliable geospatial information can, and
                              Global        indeed is, playing in helping to deliver sustainable development                モニタリング
             5pm - 6:30pm
     6月20日(水                  Geospatial    across the globe and in providing financial benefits to users. It will          、地理空間
42           T10,Riocentro
     )                        Information   illustrate why Member States should develop and leverage accurate               情報、科学
                              Manageme      and maintained geospatial information in order to deliver successfully          技術
                              nt            on the outcomes of Rio+20 and to monitor the implementation of
                              Secretariat   such outcomes effectively.

                                            We expect a senior politician from the government of the United
                                            Kingdom to give the opening speech. The presentations will be based
                                            on real-country experiences and illustrative and non-technical. The
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                            Socio-Environmental Protection Floor
                                            Translating Principle 1 of the Rio Declaration into practice requires
                                            specific policies which together create a “Socio-environmental
                                            Protection Floor” for the population. The creation of such a “Floor”
                                            has had profoundly positive effects in several countries. This session
                                            will explore those experiences, assess their potential for wider
                                            adoption, and discuss their viability as an outcome of the Rio+20
             5pm - 6:30pm
43           P3-6,Riocentro Brazil                                                                                         発言権
     )                                      A “Socio-environmental Protection Floor” ensures basic income and
                                            services that are essential for health, food security, water and
                                            sanitation, while linking protection of the people to protection of the
                                            environment. The combination of methods and components of the
                                            “Floor” promotes conservation of environmental assets and resources
                                            in poor communities, benefiting not only the community but also
                                            improving the quality of the global environment.

                                            The session’s debate starts with the analysis of international
                                            Advancing Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict Countries
                                            The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
                                            (UNDESA) is in the final stages of implementing the Project ROA-105
                                            “Strengthening National Capacity for the Integration of Sustainable
                                            Development Principles into Development Strategies in Countries
                                            Emerging from Conflict”.

                                            The main objectives of the project are to:

             5pm - 6:30pm                   1) Produce methodologies that explain and illustrate ways to integrate
     6月20日(水                                sustainable development principles into national development
44           P3-F,Riocentro Lebanon                                                                                        紛争国
     )                                      strategies as part of peacebuilding processes; and

                                            2) Increase the capacity of governments to utilize sustainable
                                            development principles in policy-making in countries emerging from
                                            conflict through an inclusive approach that includes creating
                                            guidelines for conflict-sensitive National Sustainable Development
                                            Strategies (NSDS), performing in depth country analysis and needs
                                            assessments, and organizing stakeholder consultations with both
                                            government and civil society.

                                      The 3-year project, involved 2 main pilot countries-Lebanon and
                                      Sustainable Development in the context of Regional Integration
                                      in EAC
                                      The overall objective of the side event is to showcase EAC’s efforts,
                                      achievements and challenges in the implementation of sustainable
                                      development goals in the region within the context of EAC’s
                          East        integration process. More specifically, the event shall review the
           5pm - 6:30pm
   6月20日(水                African     progress in the implementation of the EAC Treaty and its related
45         P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                  地域統合
   )                      Community Protocols relevant to sustainable development namely; the
                          (EAC)       Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin (2003), Protocol on
                                      Environment and Natural Resources Management (2006); and
                                      Environment and Natural Resources provisions of the EAC Common
                                      Market Protocol (2009). The event is expected to mobilize political will
                                      and support to EAC on the Implementation of Regional Policy
                                      Instruments aimed at contributing to the three pillars of sustainable
                                      development in the region and identify the role of EAC’s in monitoring
                                      VISION 2050 TURKEY
                                      In 2011, TUSIAD prepared the “Vision 2050 TURKEY” Report, which
                                      was inspired by WBCSD’s “Vision 2050” Report. “Vision 2050
                                      TURKEY” aims to answer the question of how a sustainable Turkey
                          Turkish     looks like and draws a roadmap as to how to achieve this objective.
                          Business    The Report contains “Human Development”, “Urbanisation”, “Urban
           5pm - 6:30pm
   6月20日(水                and         Transportation”, “Energy” and “Consumption Patterns and Energy
46         T5,Riocentro                                                                                                    トルコ
   )                      Industry    and Resource Efficiency in Production” chapters. It was introduced by
                          Association a large scale conference held in Istanbul on September 27, 2011 with
                           (TUSIAD) the participation of WBCSD Turkey. In RIO+20, we would like to
                                      organize a side event similar to this conference. The event will begin
                                      with a short film and opening remarks, which will be followed by the
                                      presentation of “Vision 2050 Turkey” Report. There will also be a
                                      panel on “Sustainable Development and the Business World”. The
                                      organizing partners are planned to be UNDP, WBCSD, GFN and the
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                          Across the Regions: SIDS Solutions for Sustainable
                              Commonwe The Commonwealth Secretariat, the Indian Ocean Commission, the
             5pm - 6:30pm     alth        South Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the Caribbean                      気候変動、
47           T8,Riocentro     Secretariat Community Climate Change Centre propose a side event to explore                     グリーン経
     )                                    the value of cross-regional learning to foster climate resilience and               済
                              - United
                              Kingdom     the Green Economy in SIDS. The side event will look at the value that
                                          communities of practice and partnerships across SIDS regions can
                                          deliver in terms of mutual learning and appropriate SIDS-tailored
                                          The way forward to climate resilience and
                                          responses to buildinga sustainable future a Green Economy. The
                                             The event will look at the conditions for a green economy under an
           5pm - 6:30pm                      inclusive perspective, with particular reference to the effects of
   6月20日(水                                   sustainable energy supply and resource efficiency on economic                    グリーン経
48         T9,Riocentro       Germany
   )                                         growth and poverty eradication. The worldwide transformation to an               済、
                                             inclusive green economy is a common task of governments, business
                                             and civil society. We have to ensure that future generations are able
                                             to enjoy the same level of comfort and social welfare that we enjoy
                                             Vulnerability of urban migrants: Challenges and responses
                                             Increasing numbers of migrants, including refugees and internally
                                             displaced persons, move into cities in search of the opportunities
                                             cities provide. Cities offer more livelihood options and security for
                                             those fleeing crises areas. Recent research has described how
                                             intense weather events, sea level rise and accelerated environmental
           5pm - 6:30pm                      degradation exacerbated by climate change act as a major driver of
   6月20日(水                    Organizatio
49         T6,Riocentro                      migration, including displacement. Populations under environmental               都市移住者
   )                          n for
                                             or climate-induced stress, or affected by natural disasters or conflicts,
                                             are prone to gravitate to urban areas, where they often face multi-
                                             dimensional vulnerabilities which too frequently are chronic and
                                             recurrent. Additionally, this increase in urban population risks putting
                                             further strains on limited resources, weak infrastructure and fragile
                                             ecosystems, particularly for many of the world’s largest cities located
                                             in low lying coastal regions.
                                             The side event, in the form of aby Prime Minister Julia Gillard
                                             Australian side event hosted panel-led discussion, will elaborate
                                             Australia considers that the UN Conference on Sustainable
                                             Development (Rio+20) presents a historic opportunity to renew and
                                             reinforce our shared political commitment to achieving a sustainable
                                             future for all. Sustainable development is an important policy priority
                                             for the Australian Government, and we are committed to securing
             5pm - 6:30pm
     6月20日(水                                 prosperous, strong and fair societies within the bounds of our natural           オーストラリ
50           P3-A,Riocentro Australia
     )                                       system. In this context, Australia wishes to register strongly its               ア、
                                             interest in holding a side event at Rio+20 that would be hosted by the
                                             Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Julia Gillard MP. The event will
                                             highlight key sustainable development themes related to oceans, food
                                             security, indigenous engagement and women. We are currently
                                             working with key partners on the format and scope of the event. We
                                             will submit the full details of the event shortly. Please contact the
                                             Delivering green economy: some UN (Katy Lin,
                                             Australian Permanent Mission to theFrench views on public-private
           5:30pm - 7pm                      France has been characterised as a country with a specific culture,
           ,UN2,Barra                        relying on strong central authorities, rules and regulation rather than
                              Entreprises    soft law, and a specific public-private relationnship.
   6月20日(水                    pour           The EpE association gathers some 40 international groups that share              フランス、グ
51         RioCentro in
   )                          l’Environne                                                                                     リーン経済
           the Barra                         the view of environment as a source of progress and opportunities,
                              ment           and work together to better take it into account in their strategies and
                                             management practices. Their common 20-years history allow to draw
                                             some lessons as to some efficient ways to deliver green economy.
                                             It shows the importance of a healthy public-private dialogue in many
                                             possible forms.
                                             Transition Territories, the lessons learned after the crisis
           5:30pm - 7pm                      Being in this fragile state has led them to have a better way to identify
           ,Auditorium                       and consider their indispensable resources (natural, human...) and to
           2,Barra                           propose innovative solutions to go towards viable development.
   6月20日(水 Arena(outside
52                            Développe                                                                                       災害
   )       RioCentro in
           the Barra                         We will look at these experiences:
           Arena)                            The territory of Nord-Pas de Calais, localized in the North of France
                                             BRUSSELS-CAPITAL REGION (BELGIUM)
                                             WALLONIA REGION (BELGIUM)
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                            Going Carbon Negative: Why Carbo
                                            This side event will address the core Rio+20 theme of how to
                                            accelerate the green economy globally.
           5:30pm - 7pm
                               Green        Hosted by The Green Economics Institute, the event will examine the
   6月20日(水                     Economics    critical importance of developing and deploying “carbon negative              グリーン経
53         RioCentro in
   )                           Institute    technologies,” reducing the net amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. R            済
           the Barra
                               (GEI)        Green Economics as a pathway for green jobs and survivability
                                            underlies the ideas of this presentation and discussion session.

                                            This event will examine the importance and potential of green
                                            economics and carbon negative technologies and other approaches
                                            to runnaway climate change.of a major book series on Green
                                            Green Economics:Launch
           5:30pm - 7pm              Economics
           ,UN4,Barra                This event will present some of the best and most creative writing
           Arena(outside             and innovation in the green economy and green economics field.                       グリーン経
   6月20日(水                     Economics
54         RioCentro in              It will present 7 new books including the Handbook of Green                          済、アフリカ
   )                           Institute                                                                                  女性、貧困
           the Barra                 Economics,The Green Economics Reader, Green Economics Voices
           Arena)                    of Africa,
                                     Green Economics and womens unequal pay and poverty.The Green
                                     Built Environment.
                                     Goals for Healthy Soils and the Role of the Global Soil
                                     Land and soils deliver key ecosystem services and are pillars of the
                                     green economy. They support human well-being and provide
                                     sustenance for all including the poor, and are a source of decent new
                                     jobs and economic progress. Their degradation is a serious global
           7pm - 8:30pm European issue because of its adverse impact on food security, climate change,
55         P3-B,Riocentro Commissio and ecosystem resilience.                                                             土地
                                     Current land and soil degradation rates are unsustainable, thus
                                     business-as-usual is not an option. The side event will discuss what
                                     kind of goals and targets on land and soil should be decided upon in
                                     Rio+20 and what role FAO's Global Soil Partnership and other
                                     relevant initiatives could play in supporting their implementation.
                                     Senior speakers from diverse regions of the world will indicate which
                          Organizaçã ACTO Member Countries vision of Amazon forests. Monitoring
                          o do       deforestati
                          Tratado de ACTO member countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador,
           7pm - 8:30pm Cooperaçã Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela) will present their vision
56         P3-F,Riocentro o          concerning sustainable development, in particular in sustainable                     アマゾン
   )                      Amazônica forest management (SFM). Progress on project implementation:
                          SP/OTCA - Monitoring Deforestation in the Panamazonian Forests will be
                          Amazon     presented.
                          n Treaty   Towards a Green Economy Transition in Indonesia
                                          Indonesia is at the forefront of nations that are catalyzing alternative
                                          development pathways that can bring benefits for conservation and
                                          equity. It has signed a Letter of Intent with Norway on the realization
                               REDD+      of REDD+ and subsequent regulatory actions. While the Cancun
             7pm - 8:30pm                                                                                                 グリーン経
     6月20日(水                   Task Force Agreement of the UNFCCC 17th CoP took the discussions on
57           T6,Riocentro                                                                                                 済、インドネ
     )                         of         REDD+ further and the Aichi Nagoya protocol of the 10th CoP of
                               Indonesia CBD has laid out clear targets, there still remains a large gap with
                                          regards the financing required to achieve REDD+ and shift current
                                          patterns of forest use and the economies of forested landscapes
                                          towards a more sustainable Green Economy pathway, as envisioned
                                          by H.E. the President of Indonesia. Indonesia would like to share its
                                          experiences and consult with key stakeholders at Rio+20 on a
                                          Green Growth for All: Converting the Global Green Growth
                                      Institute int
                                      One of the core themes of Rio+20 is pursuing green economy in the
                                      context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. The
                                      need to strengthen international cooperation to facilitate this pursuit
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月20日(水                Republic of cannot be overemphasized. The Korean government established the                     グリーン経
58         P3-6,Riocentro
   )                      Korea       Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) with a mission to spread and                   済、
                                      provide on-demand, tailor made green growth strategies for
                                      developing countries. To further expand the reach of GGGI as a
                                      global asset, Korea, Denmark, Australia and the United Kingdom with
                                      other countries to be confirmed, have agreed to transform it into an
                                      international organization on the occasion of the Rio+20 Summit and
                                      present the objectives and benefits of the GGGI to the international
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                       The Future We Create: An interdisciplinary roundtable
                                       discussion on th
                                       Article 36 of Agenda 21 reads: “Education is critical for promoting
                                       sustainable development and improving the capacity of the people to
                                       address environment and development issues.” Therefore,
                                       education, both formal and non-formal, must play a vital role in
                          Soka         achieving the objective and the themes set forth for the forthcoming
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月20日(水                Gakkai       UNCSD. However, education has not been fully tapped in our efforts
59         T10,Riocentro                                                                                                  教育
   )                      Internationa for sustainable development.
                          l            Education plays an important role in virtually all thematic areas. For
                                       instance, the General Assembly adopted the UN Declaration on
                                       Human Rights Education and Training (A/RES/66/137) in 2011. This
                                       year marks the tenth anniversary of the UN Study on Disarmament
                                       and Non-proliferation Education.
                                       The roundtable will bring together participants from various areas of
                                       work and examine best practices and lessons learned and generate
                                       Black gold and the green economy: hydrocarbon exporters’
                                       The ten years post-Johannesburg have witnessed a tectonic shift in
                                       the development strategies of major hydrocarbon exporters.
                                       Countries like the UAE have made multibillion investments in
                                       renewable energy, urban sustainability, environmental management,
           7pm - 8:30pm United         and cleantech education, emerging alongside Norway in navigation of
   6月20日(水                                                                                                                石油、グリ
60         P3-A,Riocentro Arab         seemingly contradictory imperatives. This side event reviews the
   )                                                                                                                      ーン経済
                          Emirates     case for sustainability in major hydrocarbon economies, highlighting
                                       both the drivers and barriers that shape long-term economic, social,
                                       and environmental health and performance. Panel discussion and
                                       presentations by private and public sector commentators from the
                                       UAE, Norway, the International Renewable Energy Agency, the World
                                       Bank Group, and other countries and entities will illuminate the
                                       lessons for implementation of the Rio+20 agenda through the unique
                                       experience of the global economy’s essential fuel suppliers.Links
                                       Health and Sustainable Development - Reinforcing the
                                       “Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable
                                       development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in
                                       harmony with nature”. Principle 1 of the 1992 Rio Declaration on
                                       Environment and Development

                                             Twenty years on, the Government of Brazil, Ministry of Health and the
                               World         WHO recognize the opportunity provided by the United Nations
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月20日(水                     Health        Conference on Sustainable Development to set the world back onto a
61         T9,Riocentro                                                                                                   健康
   )                           Organisatio   sustainable development path in which better and more equitable
                               n (WHO)       health outcomes play a key role.
                                             The purpose of this event is to help Member States articulate how
                                             health and the health sector can contribute towards the achievement
                                             of the Rio+20 Conference objectives, support fits decisions and
                                             follow-up actions, with respect to three key issues:

                                             - Universal health coverage
                                             - Health in the 'green economy'
                                             Seizing ecolabelling and sustainable public procurement
                                             Ministerial dialogue with Nordic and Southern Cone countries sets the
                                             focus on ecolabelling and sustainable public procurement (SPP) and
                                             highlights the potential and advantages of the regional co-operation.

                                             Ecolabelling and SPP are important instruments in striving for more
                                             sustainable consumption and production patterns and green
           7pm - 8:30pm        Nordic        economy. A green economy needs pragmatic approaches with
62         T8,Riocentro        Council of    feasible instruments for countries striving for a path towards low-          エコマーク
                               Ministers     carbon, small-footprint societies. Enhanced use of ecolabelling and
                                             SPP improves performance of products throughout their life-cycle,
                                             stimulates the demand of more sustainable products and
                                             technologies and helps consumers to make more sustainable

                                             One inspiring example on the ongoing efforts is a joint venture
                                             initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the United Nations
                                             Environment Programme. The project evaluates and advances the
     Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考    キーワード
                                     Financing Access to Clean Energy for the Poor
                                     Current and anticipated trends in energy poverty are alarming and
                                     show that increasing access to energy will be critical to achieving
                                     sustainable development. A wide range of technologies is now
                          UN Capital available not only to scale up energy access but also to foster the use
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月20日(水                Developme of ‘clean’ energy. However, in many developing countries, the main                           クリーンエネ
63         P3-E,Riocentro
   )                      nt Fund                                                                                                ルギー
                                     obstacle to uptake is the lack of financing models that make energy
                          (UNCDF)    accessible and affordable to low-income consumers. This side event -
                                     entitled: “Financing Access to Clean Energy for the Poor” - will
                                     address this important challenge and present innovative approaches
                                     that combine strengthening clean energy value chains with innovative
                                     financing arrangements targeting low-income population and micro-
                                     Business Solutions for Sustainability: Rio+20 and beyond
                                                This side event has four primary objectives:
                                             • Summarize the business contributions to the Rio+20 process -
                                             principally through the outputs of in the BASD Business Day (19
                                 Council for
             7pm - 8:30pm                    June)
     6月20日(水                     Sustainable
64           T2,Riocentro                    • Assess the progress made by business from 1992-2012 as a                          ビジネス
                                             partner and solution provider in sustainable development
                                             • To highlight business commitments to Sustainable Development
                                             • Identify the key actions necessary to increase private sector
                                             initiative and investment in sustainable development

                                            The session will include leading figures from business, government,
                                            and other stakeholder groups in a moderatedthe MDGs format.
                                            Sustainable Futures: Youth, Innovation & discussion
                                            The UN has recognized the need to harness the energy, imagination
                                 United     and initiative of the world’s youth in overcoming the challenges facing
                                 Nations    humankind, from enhancing peace to boosting economic
                                 Department development and dealing with Climate Change. This event will focus
             7pm - 8:30pm
     6月20日(水                      of        on youth as agents of change and catalysts in achieving the MDGs                     若者、MDG
65           T4,Riocentro
     )                           Economic and beyond, with a focus on innovations that are youth driven dealing                  s
                                 and Social with sustainable development. It will: a) present some powerful
                                 Affairs    examples of youth-led initiatives which impact local decision-making
                                 (UNDESA) processes b) showcase tech and social business solutions which
                                            empower communities and c) provide recommendations for ensuring
                                            Rio+20 linkages between the youth and MDG agenda 2015+.
                                            strongerGlobal Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                                The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                 ICLEI-         sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                 Internationa   urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                                l Council      governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                             Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and              都市、自治
                                 for Local
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                                      体
                                 Environmen     ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                                 tal            new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                                 Initiatives    government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                                policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                              Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                              The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                              sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                              urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
                                 ICLEI-       governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
                                                                                                                         TMG will
                                 Internationa Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and
                                 l Council    ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
     6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                                                                                                   "Emerging 都市、自治
1                                for Local    new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
     ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                           Local Cap- 体
                                 Environmen government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                 tal          policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                                WORLD GREEN SUMMIT
                                                The World Green Summit (WGS) is a new annual high-level forum
                                                committed to progressing sustainable development and the green
                                                economy, by engaging business, finance, government and other
5 6/20(Wed)      12:00-19:00                    leaders to find solutions for industries, cities, regions and nations.
                                                The inaugural WGS provides a media, marketing and networking
                                 Rio State,
                                                platform during the official Rio+20 conference, to enable the world’s
                                 FT, TIME
                                                leading CEOs, financiers, celebrities, and dignitaries to initiate,
                                                communicate and build solutions for a sustainable future.
    Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                              Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                        Green Economics:A roadmap of its development and benefits
                                        This event is from the global leaders in Green Economics who
                                        created the field of Green Economics as an academic discipline and
                                        who have been resposible for its spread over the last 10 years. The
                             Green      first green academic journal International Journal of Green
    6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am    Economics Economics which is double blind peer reviewed will be introduced-             グリーン経
    )       T8,Riocentro     Institute  now in its 6th volume as well as a complete range of books on green          済
                             (GEI)      economics and the green economy in 4 series, Ashgate Academic
                                        Press, Gower Management Publishers and The Green Economics
                                        Reader Series and the Green Economics Handbook series from the
                                        Green Economics Institute. This side events charts the history
                                        origins, background, theory and practise of Green Economics and the
                                        Women Leaders’ Summit on and the literature and introduces and
                                        competing ideas within the fieldthe Future Women Want
                                        UN Women, in collaboration with the Government of Brazil, is
                             United     organizing the Women Leaders’ Summit on the Future Women Want
                             Nations    on 21 June 2012.
                             Entity for
                             Gender     The Summit will gather women Heads of State and Government to
                             Equality   endorse a “Call to Action” to highlight women’s vital contribution to
    6月21日(木 9am - 2pm                   realizing sustainable development as well as benefit from it. Their
2                            and the                                                                                 女性
    )       P3-1,Riocentro
                             Empowerm agency, leadership, voice and participation is crucial to this call and
                             ent of     must therefore be fostered.
                             (UN        The Summit follows the multi-stakeholder Leaders’ Forum on the
                             Women)     Future Women Forum: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
                                        for Sustainable Development, to be held on 19 June 2012, which will
                                        bring together leaders and experts from governments, the UN
                                        System, civil society organizations, academia and the private sector
                             Global     CSR and sustainability reporting: creating a green economy and
    6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am
3                            Reporting sustainable development                                                       CSR
    )       T5,Riocentro
                                        Environmental Auditing for Better Environmental Governancex
                                        INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing will introduce the
                                        main messages of public sector auditors derived throughout years of
                                        work of Supreme Audit Institutions about the factors hindering the
                                        progress of national governments in their quest towards achieving
                             INTOSAI    solid performance in sustainable development. The working group,
    6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am
4                            Working    drawing together Supreme Audit Institutions of more than 70                  環境監査
    )       T9,Riocentro
                             Group      countries, will present concrete findings of public sector audit
                                        institutions worldwide in their various audits on the fields of
                                        environment and sustainable development related to governments'
                                        work and progress in the area of sustainable development. On their
                                        basis, and following the 21st UN-INTOSAI Symposium inviting
                                        INTOSAI to contribute to the Rio+20 process, concrete
                                        Workshop on the Protection of Lake for incorporating to their
                                        recommendations to UNCSD delegatesChad
                                        L’événement de haut niveau sur la sauvegarde du Lac Tchad prévu à
                                        Rio Center, dans la salle T4, le 21 juin 2012 de 9h00 à 10h30.
                                        Cet événement qui sera coprésidé par le Tchad et la Commission du
                                        Bassin du Lac Tchad se penchera sur la situation du Lac Tchad qui
    6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am
5                            Chad       constitue un exemple significatif des effets destructeurs du                 湖
    )       T4,Riocentro
                                        réchauffement climatique et de la désertification sur l’avenir de
                                        l’humanité. Ce sera également l’occasion de contribuer à la réflexion
                                        sur les perspectives de mise en œuvre des résultats attendus de la
                                        Conférence des Nations Unies sur le Développement Durable
                                        Rio+20, notamment sur les projets de préservation et de gestion des
                                        eaux du Lac Tchad au profil des populations qui vivent de ses
     Scheduled   Time/Venue   Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                          Environmental Fiscal Reform - The key to achieving a green
                                          This side-event will demonstrate that Environmental Fiscal Reform
                                          (EFR) is an essential policy instrument for a Green Economy. The
                                          event will focus on carbon-energy taxation and the phase-out of
                                          environmentally harmful subsidies.

                                          Speakers will highlight successful examples of EFR and present
                        Green             measures planned in the future. The discus-sion will explore how
  6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am                                                                                                   グリーン経
6                       Budget            EFR can support governments in the process of greening their
  )       T10,Riocentro                                                                                                   済
                        Europe            economies and bring-ing about environmental improvements, while
                                          also raising additional tax revenues for poverty alleviation or pro-poor
                                          investment. Participants will also watch video excerpts of interviews
                                          with political figures talking about their vision of a Green Economy in

                                          The event will raise awareness of EFR as a central policy tool for the
                                          Green Economy with a number of en-vironmental, economic and
                                          social co-benefits and support the arguments of delegates willing to
                                          UN multi-stakeholder strategies for scaling-up and
                                          mainstreaming SD
                        United            Learning for sustainable development is already acknowledged as a
                        Nations           key in transformation towards more sustainable society. In order to
  6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am
7                       Children's        achieve a green economy and green society, and to build a world fit             UN
  )       T6,Riocentro
                        Fund              for children, contemporary patterns of production, ways of
                        (UNICEF)          consumption, applications of technologies, foci of innovation, policies
                                          governing major aspects of our lives and even the cities, towns and
                                          villages in which we live have to be radically transformed.
                                          Engaging the Private Sector in Sustainable Development
                                          Engaging the Private Sector in Sustainable Development; the way
                                          forward from Rio+20 and G20

                                          The world is coming together in Rio to shape future environmental
                                          protection, advance social equity and reduce poverty, to get to the
     6月21日(木 9am - 10:30am                future we want.                                                                 プライベート
8                          Denmark
     )       T1,Riocentro                                                                                                 セクター
                                          With the right enabling environments and incentives, the private
                                          sector can make significant and lasting contributions to the
                                          sustainable development agenda. This session will convene heads of
                                          state and government, CEOs, NGOs and academia to focus on
                                          critical post Rio+20 and G20 implementation challenges and how the
                                          Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) can contribute to spur action and
                                          Sustainable intensify business Water: Global Goal, Targets,
                                          scale up and Development andcontribution to sustainable
                                          Water has been mentioned, for example in the discussions on
                                          Sustainable Development Goals, as one of the thematic areas on
             9am - 10:30am                which a new global goal should be set. Such goal would promote
9            P3-E          Finland        socially, economically and environmentally sustainable use and                  水
             ,Riocentro                   management of water resources, as well as implementation of related
                                          human right obligations. What would be the content of such global
                                          goal? What kind of specific targets should be set to promote its
                                          achievement? How states, private sector actors and civil society can
                                          work together towards these targets?
                                          Energy, Gender and Economic Growth
                                          Reaching the goal of sustainable energy to all will only be possible
                                          through women’s increased participation in the economy. Norway
                                          proposes a side-event to explore the linkages between sustainable
             9am - 10:30am                energy, gender and development. The event will take the form of a
     6月21日(木                                                                                                              エネルギー
10           P3-A          Norway
     )                                    dialogue imagining the impact of decisions made during Rio+20, ,                ジェンダー
             ,Riocentro                   looking back from a 2030 perspective. This will followed by a high-
                                          level panel discussion including leaders from both industrialized and
                                          developing countries as well ass business and NGO leaders. The
                                          expected outcome of this event is that member states will endorse
                                          the importance of integrating a gender and sustainability perspective
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            Energy Efficiency in Buildings: key element of global SD agenda
                                            The building sector has major impacts on the environment. It is the
                                            largest energy consumer of all end-use sectors, accounting for a third
                                            of total energy demand and for a large portion of GHG emissions in
                              UNDP -        all economies. The International Energy Agency & the United Nations
                              Energy,       Development Programme are proposing a side event to present their
                              Infrastructur current analysis, findings & recommendations to encourage policy
     6月21日(木 9am-10:30am                    makers to systematically mainstream energy efficiency in building &
11                            e,                                                                                   OSE
     )       P3-F
                               Transport city planning.The side event will gather experts and decision makers
                              and           from the IEA, the UNDP and partners. Straightforward solutions to
                              Technology energy requirement and GHG emissions reduction will be discussed
                                            and advocated.

                                           Beyond the GDP: toward social and environmental sustainability
                                           A highlight of RIO+20 is that the UN and major international players
                                           have agreed to initiate work to develop new indicators leading us
                                           towards a more sustainable and fair world. But which indicators will
           11am -             Forum        be proposed? Certainly some more or less green varieties of the
           12:30pm            pour         GDP or of the ANS (Adjusted Net Saving). The danger that there
                                           remain solely monetized indicators exists, as the outcomes of the
           UN3 ,Barra         d'autres
12         Arena(outside      Indicateurs World Bank, UNEP and the European Commission suggest.                             GDP、FAIR
           RioCentro in       de
           the Barra          Richesse     FAIR has often noticed the many limitations of such indicators: they
           Arena)             (FAIR)       mask the irreversibility of certain pollution or destruction, they do not
                                           reflect deficiencies in inequality or in human and environmental
                                           rights. Worse, they give us the illusion that it would be possible to
                                           compensate for severe deterioration of resources or climate through
                                           for example financial, training or research and development
                                           investments. Lastly, FAIR is looking for how to choose and build
                                           sustainability indicators for and by citizens.
                                           The Rights of Nature to reach Buen Vivir
                                           The Rights of Nature and Buen Vivir, or life at its fullest, are the main
             11am -                        innovative proposals that Ecuador has made in its Constitution and
     6月21日(木                               that it is implementing through public policy. Ecuador has the first
13           12:30pm          Ecuador                                                                                       自然
     )                                     country in the world taht recognizes the rights of nature and is
                                           implementing within a plurinational and intercultural state guided by
                                           the concept of Buen Vivir, which means living in harmony with nature,
                                           with oneself and with others. Buen Vivir is presented as an alternative
                                           Green Economy and Agriculture: Tools for policy makers to
                                           account for
                                           Climate change and its consequences are recognized amongst the
                                           major environmental challenges for this century. These issues impact
                                           agriculture and forestry in several ways:
                                           1) The productive systems are affected by climate change and need
                                           to develop adaptation strategies.
                              Agence de 2) In many parts of the world agriculture heavily relies on chemical
             11am -           l’Environne inputs, likely to be more and more expensive in the future. On the
     6月21日(木                                                                                                                農業、グリ
14           12:30pm          ment et de other hand growing demand for food and bio-energy imply increasing
     )                                                                                                                      ーン経済
             T6,Riocentro     la Maitrise production in the future.
                              de l’Energie 3) Farming, livestock production and deforestation are major GHG
                                           4) Forest and agricultural lands can be major carbon sinks under
                                           appropriate management practices.

                                           Considering above mentioned aspects, many carbon calculators for
                                           agriculture and forestry sectors have been developed recently.
                                           ADEME, IRD and the FAO decided to make a review on existing tools
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                       Tax and Subsidy Reform for a Greener Economy
                                       For many environmental problems, fiscal policies are a very effective
                                       instrument. Reflecting environmental costs into market prices gives
                                       all actors the right incentives to exploit all possibilities for emissions
                                       mitigation and efficient use of natural resources. But the fiscal
                                       instruments must be well designed, in terms of targeting the right
                                       base, aligning their scale to the magnitude of environmental
           11am -         Internationa damages, and using the revenues productively, while also addressing
   6月21日(木                                                                                                                 グリーン経
15         12:30pm        l Monetary concerns as to the burdens on households and industry. Often,
   )                                                                                                                       済、税金
           P3-E,Riocentro Fund (IMF) however, the first priority in ‘getting the prices right’ is reform of
                                       existing energy and agricultural subsidies that distort the functioning
                                       of markets, and run counter to environmental objectives.

                                              This session will provide recommendations for tax and subsidy
                                              reforms to promote environmental sustainability. Case studies will be
                                              examined, with a focus on experience in Latin America, Asia, and
                                              selected countries of the OECD area.
             11am -                           Sustainable Development - Human Dimension
16           12:30pm        Turkey            High Level Side Event to promote human development within the                人間
             P3-A,Riocentro                   context of sustainable development.
                                              Songs and Voices of Worldwide Youth: A Call to Act For Change
                                              The YMCA is both the largest and oldest youth organisation in the
                                              world, with 45 million members throughout 125 countries worldwide.
                                              The voice of the youth, the coming generation, is integral to any
                                              discussion on sustainable development and the future of our planet.
             11am -             World
     6月21日(木                                  No one has a greater vested interest in that future than we do.
17           12:30pm            Alliance of                                                                                若者、歌、
             T5,Riocentro       YMCAs
                                            Representing youth globally, we will through our event seek to urge
                                            politicians to greater ambition, responsibility and political courage.
                                            We will have young speakers within our delegation from around the
                                            world present their different messages, and further emphasise our
                                            communal responsibility through a short film and a song
                                            performance. This will be followed by a panel discussion with
                                            Climate Compatible Development the other environmental themes
                                            politicians on youth participation and for Sustainability & Climate
                                            CDKN and FFLA will lead a high level debate on the climate security
                                            agenda in the Amazon and worldwide, focusing on ways in which
                                Fundación Climate Compatible Development can reduce the threats that climate
             11am -
     6月21日(木                    Futuro      change poses on water, energy, and food security, and ecosystems
18           12:30pm                                                                                                       気候保全
     )                          Latinoameri resilience. Panelists from the research arena, from the political level
                                cano        and from the social sector, coming from LAC, Africa and Asia will
                                            showcase specific examples of where this has happened. The event
                                            will promote dialogue between science, policy and action, bridging the
                                            gaps and integrating global and regional levels. This event will offer
                                            the perspective of developing countries on the topic, drawing from
                                            CDKN’s experience working in these regions.
                                            Future Cities and National Urban Policies
                                            This side event will convene six high-level speakers – including a
                                            Head of State, Minister, Mayor, and CEO -- from different regions for
                                            an interactive discussion facilitated by a high-profile journalist. The
                                            expected outcome is that member states will endorse the importance
                                            of developing national urban policies as levers for sustainable
             11am -                         development. Cities must rapidly address unprecedented
     6月21日(木                    Settlements                                                                                都市、都市
19           12:30pm                        demographic and spatial expansion. However, poor capacity,
     )                                                                                                                     政策
             T4,Riocentro                   dwindling funds and dysfunctional linkages with higher levels of
                                            government have yielded sprawl, congestion and segregation –
                                            environmental, economic and social, respectively – which are
                                            sometimes beyond their immediate control. Many cities cannot tackle
                                            these challenges alone: they require interventions at higher levels of
                                            government. One crucial step is to integrate urban development in
                                            national sustainable development policies. These can serve as
                                            enabling frameworks for transport corridors, job creation and
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             Future Cities We Want-Linking and Spreading Sustainable
                                             Future Cities-
                                             In order to achieve Sustainable Development, building sustainable
                                             cities is indispensable. There are a number of frameworks that have
                                             been put forward by organizations and associations working on
                                             sustainable cities, however, many municipalities, particularly in
             11am -                          developing countries, face the lack of technology as well as financial
20           12:30pm          Japan          and human resources. In order to build more sustainable cities, it is           都市
             T9,Riocentro                    important to share best practices and to support their own efforts and
                                             knowledge sharing. At this side event, Japan, on behalf of itself and
                                             its partners, will announce an establishment of an initiative of “Future
                                             Cities We Want”. Activities to be implemented in this initiative are: to
                                             formulate concepts of “Future Cities”; to establish a platform to
                                             coordinate a number of existing frameworks; to establish a platform
                                             for local authorities to provide mutual support; to establish a
                                             mechanism to support resource mobilization; and to of sustainable
                                             Panel discussion ‘Young people in the life cycle promote regional
           11am -                            devt.'
           12:30pm                           The panel discussion aims to focus on bringing a youth perspective
           UN5 ,Barra                        to sustainable development. Scouting will share inputs on how and
   6月21日(木                    n of the
21         Arena(outside                     why Child and Youth Participation is at the core of Scouting’s                  若者
   )                          Scout
           RioCentro in                      fundamentals and we wish to invite other youth organisations and key
           the Barra                         UN agencies to bring their views and inputs. The discussion hopes to
           Arena)                            provide an understanding of the impact of engaging young people
                                             and the advantage of involving the youth very early in development
                                             El derecho a ciudades justas, democráticas y sostenibles
           11am -                            Esta actividad discutirá la articulación de actores sociales hacia una
           12:30pm                           plataforma de convergencia por El derecho a la ciudad: Reforma
                              Habitat        urbana y cambio de paradigma hacia ciudades justas, democráticas
   6月21日(木                    Internationa   y sostenibles. Reunirá organizaciones de diversas redes en una                  居住地、持
22         Arena(outside
   )                          l Colation     construcción de compromisos comunes a ser presentados a los                     続可能性
           RioCentro in
                              (HIC)          gobiernos nacionales, gobiernos locales, organizaciones sociales.
           the Barra
           Arena)                            En este taller vamos a discutir estrategias para consolidar la
                                             plataforma del derecho a la ciudad. La dinámica del evento se
                                             desarrollará con dos ponencias, la presentación de las redes y un
                                             High Level Round Table on the International Treaty
                                             As the Italian Minister indicated at the first HLRT, Italy is going to
                                             facilitate a second HLRT and that the most effective option of
                          Secretariat        convening the 2nd HLRT would be to organize it in relation to the Rio
                          of the             +20 Summit under the auspices of the High Level Task Force of the
                          Internationa       BSF, which is currently chaired by H.E. Min. Lars Peder Brekk.
                          l Treaty on
                          Plant              The main focus will be:
   6月21日(木 11pm - 0:30pm Genetic                                                                                             生物多様性
   )       P3-F,Riocentro Resources  1. To highlight the interaction between the economy, biodiversity and                   、食糧
                          for Food   food security;
                          and        2. To showcase the Treaty as one of the foremost legal instruments
                          Agricultureleading the agricultural field internationally with innovative
                          - (sub of  mechanisms such as the Multilateral System of Access and Benefit-
                          FAO)       sharing and its Benefit-sharing Fund;
                                     3. “Facilitate the High Level discussion on the Potential Monetary and
                                     Non-monetary Benefits Arising from the Utilization of Plant Genetic
                                     Resources under the Multilateral System of the International Plant
                                     Time for Radical Strategic Decisions
                                     The side-event will be devoted the Nation Proposal of the Republic of
                                     Kazakhstan for Rio+20 entitled “Time for Radical Strategic                              カザフスタン
   6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm                                                                                                      、エネルギ
24                        Kazakhstan Decisions”, which includes 2 initiatives:
   )       T4,Riocentro              1. The Global Energy- Ecological Strategy, which aimed at tackling                      ー、グリーン
                                     the issue of the optimization of the energy consumption in complex.
                                     2. The ‘Green Bridge’ Partnership Programme is a voluntary and
                                     practical mechanism for transition to a green economy
                                     Measuring a Green Economy: Insights into “Beyond GDP”
                                     The side event will provide an incisive and highly original up-to-date
                                     contribution to the ongoing discussions on indicators relevant for
                                     measuring progress of transition to a green economy in the context of
                                     “Beyond GDP” initiatives. It will be opened by Minister of the                          グリーン経
   6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm Czech
25                                   Environment of the Czech Republic, Mr Tomáš Chalupa, to be                              済
   )       P3-A,Riocentro Republic                                                                                           GDP
                                     followed by presentations of eminent experts of the leading
                                     international organizations, agencies, think-tanks and academia,
                                     such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and
                                     Development, the European Environment Agency, the Global
                                     Footprint Network and the Charles University in Prague. The side
                                     event´s ambition is to highlight one of the key expected elements of
                                     the Rio+20 outcome document, i.e. reliable measuring methods as a
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                          Building Together: Sustainable Development in the Brazilian
                                          Prior to Rio+20, the 9 states that compose the Brazilian Amazon
                              Associacao have come together to develop the Amazon Letter to Rio+20, with the
                               Brasileira objective of identifying the main needs and bottlenecks of the region,
                              de          but also to propose a roadmap to the sustainable development of the
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm     Entidades region. The construction of this document involved representatives of
26                                                                                                                       アマゾン
     )       T9,Riocentro     Estaduais the 9 major groups active in each one of the states and was lead by
                              de Meio     the State's Governors, in cooperation with Federal Government
                              Ambiente - institutions and culminated with the Amazon Sustainable
                              ABEMA       Development Meeting, in which 400 representatives from all the
                                          Major Groups came together to consolidate the document. The
                                          objective of the side event is to present the building process and
                                          outcomes of the Letter, including the commitments adopted the 9
                                          regional states. the side event will be hostedOpportunities on the
                                          Inclusive Green Growth: Challenges and by the states'
                                          Pathway to Sustainable Development
                                          Over the last 20 years economic growth has lifted more than 660
                                          million people out of poverty and raised the income levels of millions
                                          more, but growth has too often come at the expense of the
                                          environment. Environmental damages are reaching a scale at which
                                          they are beginning to threaten growth prospects and progress made
                                          on social welfare. Moreover, despite the gains from growth, 1.3 billion
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm                                                                                                グリーン経
27                            World Bank people do not have access to electricity, 2.6 billion have no access to
     )       T2,Riocentro                                                                                                済
                                          sanitation, and 900 million lack safe, clean drinking water. In other
                                          words, growth has not been inclusive enough.

                                           What we need, therefore, is growth that growth that is both
                                           environmentally sustainable and meets the needs of the poorest and
                                           most vulnerable—in other words, inclusive green growth. Inclusive
                                           green growth is the pathway to sustainable development, one that
                                           reconciles the urgent need for rapid growth with the imperative of
                                           Managing natural resources in Namibia in the green economy
                                           One year before the UNCSD in Rio de Janeiro, the Ministry of
                                           Environment and Tourism (MET), with support from the German
                                           Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ),
                                           initiated a multi-stakeholder dialogue process to create public
                                           awareness on the concept of Green Economy and to identify                     ナミビア、グ
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm
28                          Namibia                                                                                      リーン経済
     )       P3-F,Riocentro                concrete opportunities to support the green economy transition in the
                                           specific context of Namibia.

                                           After the initial dialogues in July 2011, thematic working groups
                                           continued to elaborate on the key issues and their results were
                                           further consolidated in a second stakeholder meeting in November
                                           2011. The outcomes of this process guided the formulation of the
                                           Clean Economy Chapter in Namibia´s National
                                           Green energy matrix and renewable energy Report to the UNCSD                  クリーンエネ
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm ELECTROB                                                                                       ルギー
     )       P3-5,Riocentro RAS                                                                                          再生可能エ
                                           Creating Wealth and Prosperity in a Resource Constrained
                                           World: Count
                                           This event, co-organized by several Governments and UN partners,
                                           will focus on practical country experiences with one of the key themes
                                           of the conference: green economy in the context of sustainable
                                           development and poverty eradication. It will provide a high level
                                           venue for country leaders to share their experiences, knowledge and           グリーン経
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm
30                            Mexico                                                                                     済、貧困、
     )       T6,Riocentro                  best practices about how they are shaping their national agendas
                                           with regard to the concept of a green economy, looking in particular
                                           through the lens of national economic planning. The event seeks to
                                           enhance the state of knowledge and awareness about different policy
                                           options and initiatives that are being implemented and tested from a
                                           variety of different situations that promote employment, income and
                                           socially inclusive growth that optimizes country endowments of
     6月21日(木 1am - 2:30pm                  natural resources and positions them for prosperity in a resource
                                           Sustainable Development in Mongolia
31                          Mongolia                                                                                     モンゴル
     )       P3-E,Riocentro
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                   Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             The Future of Food – Challenges and Recommendations
                                             Drought, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and erosion,
                                             unpredictable climate variabilities, consequential damages associated
                              Internationa   with the wide use of agrochemicals amongst others are threatening
           1:15pm -           l Network      global agriculture and the food production for a growing population.
           2:45pm             of             Today, more than one billion people are constantly affected by
           UN3 ,Barra         Engineers      hunger and malnutrition. At the same time an equal part is suffering
32         Arena(outside      and            from overweight and obesity. Food and access to the means of food                食糧
           RioCentro in       Scientists     production are unevenly distributed. We would like to discuss
           the Barra          for Global     questions like: how can we describe the interconnectedness of
           Arena)             Responsibili   climate/ environment and agriculture/ nutrition with violent conflicts?
                              ty (INES)      What are the probable next steps to improve the overall world food
                                             situation? How can relevant international conventions and
                                             assessments be linked together, elaborated and communicated in
                                             order to impact individual and political action? It is high time that the
           1:15pm -                          Preparing for Change: Migration, Black America and the Green
           2:45pm             Deep           Economy
           UN3 ,Barra         South          Preparing for Change: Migration, Black America and the Green                     グリーン経
   6月21日(木                                   Economy will discuss the current migration of Urban Black America                済、移民、ブ
33         Arena(outside      Center for
   )                                         and the role Historically Black Colleges and Universities play in                ラックアメリ
           RioCentro in       Environmen                                                                                      カ
           the Barra          tal Justice    preparing students and communities for existing and developing
           Arena)                            issues related to environmental justice,climate change, human rights,
                                             clean energy development, cultural, economic and environmental
                                             CLIMATE, SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT IN DRYLANDS
                                             Drylands (arid, semi-arid and subhumid lands) represent 40% of the
                                             land area of the planet, and 30% percent of the world population,
                                             about 2 billion people. Of these, more than 1 billion (also referred to
           1:15pm -
                              Centro de      as the forgotten billion) live below the poverty line defined by the
                              Gestão e       World Bank. In fact, most of the world poverty is concentrated in the
   6月21日(木                    Estudos        drylands of Africa, Central and South Asia, and Latina America,
34         Arena(outside                                                                                                      乾燥地
   )                          Estratégico    including the Northeast of Brazil. These are also the lands that are
           RioCentro in
                              s – Brazil     most prone to suffer from the adverse effects of climate change,
           the Barra
                              (CGEE)         according to the last IPCC report and other scientific assessments of
                                             climate change. At the same time, these regions contribute
                                             significantly to the world production of food and energy. These
                                             regions lack political power in the world, and even in each affected
                                             country. It is known, However, it is known that there will be no
           1:15pm -           National       sustainability in the world ifprovision as are not themselves SD
                                             Efficient W & S services the drylands a key factor for the
           2:45pm             Association    Side event titled "Efficient Water and sanitation services provision as
           UN5,Barra           of Water      a key factor for the sustainable development" with the international
   6月21日(木                    and            participation of water operators in Latin America in order to share the
35         Arena(outside                                                                                                      水
   )                          Sanitation     experiences of the sector in each institution involved with the water
           RioCentro in
           the Barra          Utilities in   and sanitation services focused to the sustainable development.
           Arena)             Mexico
                                        Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing
                          Secretary-    The UN Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon established the 22-member
                          General's     High-level Panel on Global Sustainability (GSP) in August 2010 to
           3pm - 4:30pm High-level      formulate a new blueprint for sustainable development and low-
   6月21日(木                                                                                                                    GSPレポー
36         P3-B,Riocentro Panel on      carbon prosperity. On 30 January 2012, the GSP released its report,
   )                                                                                                                          ト
                          Global        ‘Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing’. The
                          Sustainabili  Panel’s vision is to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and make
                          ty            growth inclusive, and production and consumption more sustainable,
                                        while combating climate change and respecting a range of other
                                        Green Growth and Sustainable Development: Regional
                                        The importance of integration of the economic, social and
                                        environmental pillars of SD has been long recognized as critical to
                                        achieving a balanced development agenda, however, the
                                        implementation of the concept in practice has proved to be
             3pm - 4:30pm               challenging. There are some examples of good practices in
     6月21日(木                  Regional                                                                                        グリーン経
37           T2,Riocentro               implementing public policies and programmes which have
     )                        Commissio                                                                                       済、地域
                                        successfully promoted a green economy in key areas. The
                                        multidisciplinary expertise and platforms of the Regional
                                        Commissions gives them the comparative advantage of promoting a
                                        green economy in the context of poverty eradication by linking the
                                        economic, social and environmental issues as an integration of the
                                        three pillars of SD. As part of this side event, the Regional
                                        Commissions are focusing on key elements of the green economy
                                        which are critical to their regions and highlighting the challenges,
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                             Innovative approaches toward the actual implementation of the
                                             Green Ec
                                             Innovative approaches toward the actual implementation of the
                                             Green Economy: the Amazonia sem fogo integrated sustainable
             3pm - 4:30pm                    development model.
     6月21日(木                                 This event is expected to contribute with substantive methodological          グリーン経
38           P3-F,Riocentro Italy
     )                                                                                                                     済
                                             and policy lessons learned toward green economy pursuits, in the
                                             context of sustainable development and poverty alleviation in forest
                                             Building upon a case study in the Amazon biome, it will promote a
                                             High Level panel review on the outcomes of an actual application of
                                             innovative green growth alternatives to unsustainable agricultural and
                                             Innovative approaches for sustainable urban development -
                                        North & South
                                        This side event will provide an opportunity to present tools and
                                        practices used by stakeholders from several countries (France,
                                        Brazil, Columbia, and other examples in the world) to enable them to
                                        share solutions and recommendations for sustainable urban
                                         These tools and practices relate to various fields of sustainable
                 15pm-16:30pm           urban development: air quality, solid waste, water and sanitation,
39 6/21(Thu)                  French    sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energy,         OSE
                              Developme management and risk prevention.
                              nt Agency  A comprehensive and integrated approach is promoted by the
                                        organizers of this side-event: indeed, only a comprehensive approach
                                        can address the various issues of a sustainable urban development,
                                        such as location of activities, urban mobility, and environmental
                                        protection, which is major thematic cross-cutting all city functions.

                                             Initiatives of Central Asian countries toward greening their
                                     The overall goal of the Site Event is to strengthen the international
                                     visibility of the commitments of Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian
                                     countries to global voluntary carbon reduction and sustainable
                                     development. Having developed unilateral mitigation activities in line
           3pm - 4:30pm              with their economic and financial capabilities, CA countries are now                  中央アジア
40         T4,Riocentro   Kyrgyzstan engaged in developing NAMAs in different sectors of their economies                   、グリーン経
   )                                                                                                                       済、
                                     in order to enhance opportunities to shift to a low carbon sustainable
                                     development path. The focus is on sustainable energy as well as on
                                     sustainable housing and sustainable agriculture & forestry. Thereby
                                     countries engage in ways of restructuring their national economies,
                                     which reduce pressure on the prevailing regional distribution conflict
                                     on access to energy and water resources.
                                     The Side Event shall include the presentation of the concepts of
                                     SymbioCity - the growth strategies, which the Rio+20 under
                                     NAMAs and greenrole of cities in realizingare currently agenda
                                     The world is urbanizing fast. As a consequence the development in
                                     cities will be of fundamental importance for almost any sustainability
                                     issue. At the World Summit on Sustainable Development in
                                     Johannesburg in 2002 Sweden launched the SymbioCity-initiative for
           3pm - 4:30pm              sustainable cities in partnership with China, building on our
   6月21日(木                           experience of innovative, holistic eco-city projects. Since then, the
41         P3-A,Riocentro Sweden                                                                                           都市
   )                                 work for sustainable and inclusive urban development has been
                                     further intensified in cooperation with China, UAE and other countries
                                     and stakeholders who are also spearheading urban sustainability.
                                     This side event will engage national and local politicians, front runner
                                     cities in Sweden, China, UAE and other countries, industry, urban
                                     experts, UN-agencies and stakeholder groups for presentations and
                                     discussions on the current Barriers to Fossil Fuel and new Reform
                                     Breaking Down Political thinking, best practices Subsidy
                                             Fossil-fuel subsidies represent inefficient use of public funds,
                                             encourage wasteful energy consumption and deter investments in a
                                Internationa low-carbon economy. Both G-20 and APEC nations are committed to
                                l Institute  undertake reform, and the draft UNCSD negotiating text includes
             3pm - 4:30pm       for          commitments to reform subsidies. But recent attempts to phase out
42           T5,Riocentro       Sustainable fossil-fuel subsidies by the governments of Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria           化石燃料
                                             and some other countries have stumbled over significant political
                                Developme barriers. This session aims to foster an open and constructive
                                nt (IISD)    discussion among all stakeholders on the practical and political
                                             barriers to fossil-fuel subsidy reform and how they can be overcome.
                                             The session will include perspectives from government officials from
                                             both developed and developing countries, industry associations,
                                             trade unions, social and labour political activists and civil society
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                            Inequality & Sustainable Development-BRICS Perspectives
                                            The social situations in BRICS countries reveal that economic growth
                                            is not sufficient to achieve social and economic justice at national and
                                            regional levels. Inequality is a unifying factor across the diverse
                                            political and economic contexts of the BRICS countries and
                                            entrenched inequality remains an obstacle to sustainable
             3pm - 4:30pm                   development in these countries. In this context, we will discuss why
43           T8,Riocentro      Oxfam        “growth is not enough” and how lack of access to common property                BRICS
                                            resources (land, forest produce and state sponsored essential
                                            services) results in real reduction in incomes, hits the poor and the
                                            near-poor hardest and results in spiking inequality.
                                            Brazil´s experience shows that public policies can be effective in
                                            addressing inequality and poverty reduction, especially with
                                            significant levels of social participation in design and implementation.
                                            In the last 20 years, the development of public policies and social
                                            participation in Brazil were key elements for the reduction of
                                            Corporate Power: Time for a Turnaround
                                            The event will provide an opportunity for an open discussion about
                                            the various interactions between the UN and external stakeholders in
                                            the context of UN international negotiations and partnerships for
                                            sustainable development. Research and analysis will be provided by
             3pm - 4:30pm                                                                                                   NGO、国連
     6月21日(木                   Friends of   civil society organisations from all continents. Participants will be
44           T10,Riocentro                                                                                                  、持続可能
     )                         the Earth    invited to reflect on the engagement and partnership policy that has
                                            significantly increased since the Rio summit of 1992. A particular
                                            focus will be put on the growing influence of major corporations and
                                            business lobby groups in the UN, which is perceived as increasingly
                                            resulting on UN policies that do not necessarily serve the public
                                            interest, but rather support certain companies or business sectors.
                                            The organizers will present role of dev.cooperation in Obligations on
                                            The Future We Want-The solutions based on Binding getting us
                                      Under the theme “The Future We Want: The role of development
                                      cooperation in getting us there” the side event will look the
                                      implications of the agreements reached at Rio+20 means for the
                          Office for  future of development cooperation. It will focus at the country level,
                          ECOSOC where implementation ultimately will need to take place. It will discuss
           3pm - 4:30pm
   6月21日(木                Support     where development cooperation for sustainable development can
45         T9,Riocentro                                                                                                     開発協力
   )                      and         benefit from lessons learned in the work on aid effectiveness. More
                          Coordinatio specifically, it will examine how aid should be delivered to best
                          n           contribute to the goal of sustainable development and identify and
                                      best practices. It will also review how to use and further develop
                                      existing country-level planning and coordination tools to
                                      operationalize and mainstream the outcomes of the Rio+20 summit
                                      into national development strategies and policies. Following the
                                      multistakeholder tradition of both the Development Cooperation
                          United      Forum andGeneral's Energy 4 Sustainable Development it will
                                      Secretary the Commission for All
           3pm - 6:30pm Industrial
46         P3-6,Riocentro Developme                                                                                         エネルギー
                          n (UNIDO)
           3pm - 4:30pm               Thematic Session on Water Cooperation
47         P3-E,Riocentro Tajikistan                                                                                        水
                                            A Green and Inclusive Economy: The Finance Ministers’
                                            The Ministry of Finance of Brazil proposes as a side event to
             3:30pm - 7pm                   organize a Ministerial Seminar of the Group of Twenty (G20), which
     6月21日(木                                would gather Finance Ministers from G20 countries as well as from               グリーン経
48           P3-4,Riocentro Brazil
     )                                                                                                                      済、財政
                                            outside the group. The event will offer an opportunity to discuss the
                                            perspectives of Financial Ministries on the implementation of a Green
                                            and Inclusive Economy, viewed as one of the tools available to
                                            countries for the promotion of sustainable development. This
                                            gathering would also highlight the commitment of major countries’
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                            New Standards & Legacies with Sustainable Event Management
                                            & Reporting
                                            Business, Sport and Cultural events represent a significant economic
           3:30pm - 5pm                     sector as well as a plat-form and catalyst for initiatives, programs,
           UN2 ,Barra                       celebrations, competitions that advance society. People come
   6月21日(木 Arena(outside       Ann Duffy    together to meet, compete, perform and celebrate. New standards                経済界、持
   )       RioCentro in        Group                                                                                       続可能性
                                            have been developed around sustainable event management and
           the Barra                        reporting. Well planned - positive social, environmental and economic
           Arena)                           legacies are generated through the event planning cycle. Come and
                                            learn how strategic event planning creates benefits and minimizes
                                            negative impacts. Discover how new norms and standards for
                                            Green Economy: Achievements & the sustainability performance
                                            management and reporting enhance Perspectives in the Adriatic- of
                                     Ionian region
                                     Regional meeting of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (AII), will act as a
                                     forum for promoting sub-regional cooperation and affirmation of the
                                     current environmental issues, sustainable development and green
           5pm - 6:30pm              economy at the member state level. It will be a suitable gathering for
   6月21日(木                           country representatives and other stakeholders to define priorities,                  グリーン経
50         P3-E,Riocentro Serbia
   )                                                                                                                       済
                                     activities and strategic directions for the development of green
                                     economy in accordance with their respective national circumstances,
                                     available resources and needs.
                                     The Side Event will act as a follow-up to the Roundtable on the
                                     Environmental Protection of the Adriatic – Ionian Initiative, on the
                                     Road to Rio+20, which will be held in Belgrade on 22nd March.
                                     Conclusions of this regional meeting will be presented and further
                                     Undertaking Sustainable Development, the Indigenous Peoples'
           5pm - 6:30pm              Way
   6月21日(木                Tebtebba   The side event highlights experiences and lessons of indigenous
51         T8,Riocentro                                                                                                    先住民
   )                      Foundation peoples in undertaking their sustainable development in an integrated
                                     holistic manner, one that is based on respect for rights, is ecosystem-
                                     based and greening it’s economy - the road ahead
                                     Morocco: integrates traditional knowledge and culture.
                                            Morocco has undertaken several programs over the past years,
                                            which are meant to act in favor of a sustainable development. Some
                                            of these programs can be considered contributing to building a green
             5pm - 6:30pm                   economy.
     6月21日(木                                                                                                               モロッコ、グ
52           P3-B,Riocentro Morocco
     )                                                                                                                     リーン経済
                                            The Side Event will be an opportunity to share the Morocco’s
                                            experience with delegations from other countries and international
                                            We would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of our
                                            experiences and initiatives we believe to be relevant and related to a
                                            “green and inclusive economy in the context of sustainable
                                            The Partnership Fair
                                            The Planet Earth Institute (PEI), as a leading NGO operating in the
                                            Global South that has successfully implemented several projects and
                                            initiatives using a model based in public - private partnerships
                            Planet          involving governments, academia, civil society and private sector, is
             5pm - 6:30pm
     6月21日(木                Earth           a firm believer in the value of the contributions that Partnerships can
53           P3-F,Riocentro                                                                                                NGO、PPP
     )                      Institute       make towards advancing the future sustainable development agenda.
                            (PEI)           The Institute has always been a strong supporter of the International
                                            Forum on Partnerships for Sustainable Development. It is our belief
                                            that only by meeting and discussing ideas in person, can we
                                            effectively share our experiences and assist in making Partnership
                                            for Sustainable Development a significant contributory element in the
                                            Shifting sustainability horizons: Making or Painting the
                                            Economy Green
                                            President Mikhail Gorbachev was urged at the 1992 Earth Summit to
                                            create a “Red Cross for the environment”. 20 years later, Green
                                            Cross International returns to Brazil as the unique civil society
                                            organization launched at the Rio Earth Summit that continues
                                            carrying the Rio flag to this day. Green Cross, joined by eminent
             5pm - 6:30pm                   partners from the Club of Rome and Earth Charter International, will
     6月21日(木                   Cross                                                                                       グリーン経
54           T4,Riocentro                   stage a side event to share learnings from the last 20 years and
     )                         Internationa                                                                                済
                                            make the case for urgent and concerted action to avert the threat of
                                            dangerous climate change and environmental degradation by
                                            addressing its underlying causes.

                                            Interventions by distinguished personalities and experts from the
                                            worlds of politics, business and civil society will demonstrate the
                                            opportunities and co-benefits from effective action to avert these
                                            risks by moving onto a path of truly sustainable development. Most
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                備考   キーワード
                                      South-South&Triangular cooperation:innovative solutions to
                                      achieve SDG
                                      Sustainable Development should represent an opportunity and not a
                                      constraint for developing countries. The RIO+20 Summit will consider
                                      the definition of Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the
                                      Millennium Development Goals. Amongst those goals, the universal
           5pm - 6:30pm
   6月21日(木                ACP         access to sustainable energy is a key issue that requires large                    途上国、SD
55         P3-A,Riocentro
   )                      Secretariat technology transfer. The South-South and Triangular Cooperation                    Gs、MDGs
                                      appears as a new dynamic bringing together countries with a view to
                                      engaging in collaborative models to share innovative, adaptable and
                                      cost-efficient solutions to address their development challenges.
                                      Drawing upon relevant evidence, this side-event will focus on
                                      essential policy tools, modalities and mechanisms by which to
                                      improve the technology transfer and ownership necessary to facilitate
                                      the universal accessReduce Deforestation
                                      Brazilian Policy to to energy and hence contributing to the
                                      The Brazilian experience in fighting deforestation, by integrating the
                                      environmental, social and economic perspectives, has essentially
                                      become a sustainable development policy, with all the challenges,
                                      obstacles and opportunities that the concept carries on. Rio+20, in
                                      turn, is, to the eyes of the international community, an opportunity for
                                      the discussion of development models that incorporate the three
           5pm - 6:30pm
   6月21日(木                            dimensions of sustainability. Therefore, a side event is suggested                 ブラジル、
56         T2,Riocentro   Brazil
   )                                  during the Conference at RioCentro, aimed at, on one hand,                         森林破壊
                                      celebrating the advances achieved by the Brazilian Government in
                                      fighting deforestation – including the social and economic gains of
                                      this process, and on the other hand providing the international debate
                                      with lessons learned with this experience, which has created a unique
                                      combination between national efforts and international cooperation.
                                      Moreover, in the context of South-South cooperation, the Brazilian
                                      lessons may strengthen relations between Amazonian countries and
                                      Tailoring green growth strategies to country circumstances:
                                      Over the last four decades, the world’s population has increased by
                                      over 3 billion people, and the world economy has more than tripled.
                                      This growth, however, has been unevenly distributed across
                                      countries and communities, and has incurred significant costs to the
                          n for
                                      environment. Failure to responsibly manage the natural assets on
           5pm - 6:30pm               which life depends under these new pressures will have social                       green
   6月21日(木                Co-
57         T9,Riocentro               consequences, especially for the poor, and can ultimately undermine                growth
   )                      operation                                                                                      strategies
                                      growth and human development.
                                      In response to these challenges, policy efforts to promote more
                          nt (OECD)
                                      sustainable growth have been intensifying worldwide. This side-event
                                      will feature a dialogue between the OECD Secretary-General,
                                      government Leaders and Ministers on how green growth reforms can
                                      contribute to sustainable development. The need for differentiated
                                      green growth strategies to fit countries' specific conditions will be
                                      Sustainable Use of Oceans
                                      The Principality of Monaco wants to convene an on site side-event
           5pm - 6:30pm               dedicated to the “Sustainable use of oceans in the context of the
   6月21日(木                            Green Economy and poverty eradication”.
58         T6,Riocentro   Monaco                                                                                         海
                                            This event could bring together 100 high level experts and heads of
                                            States and Government and personalities involved in the Rio
                                            process, in order to increase the mobilization around the sustainable
                                            A global convention on corporate sustainability reporting?
                                            Governments should express clearly at Rio+20 their commitment to
                                            develop a Convention on corporate sustainability reporting. It is now
                                            twenty years since the first Earth Summit as such this is momentous
                                            opportunity to move the corporate sustainability agenda forward as a
           5:30pm - 7pm
                                            mechanism to move towards a 'green economy'.
           Arena(outside                                                                                                 グリーン経
   6月21日(木                                  An intergovernmental message from such an important international
59         RioCentro in        Aviva                                                                                     済、持続可
   )                                        conference would signal to all listed and large firms that now is the        能性
           the Barra
                                            time to act on sustainability. A clear message that an international
                                            convention drafting process is ongoing will generate an interest in
                                            those firms which have not yet evaluated the way their firm ought to
                                            contribute to a sustainable future in a globalized business market –
                                            some twenty years after the first Earth Summit highlighted its
     Scheduled   Time/Venue    Organizer                                    Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                          Food for life & life of food
                                          Hunger eradication is fundamental to achieving the Rio vision of
                              Food and    sustainable development. Current pathways have left 1.4 billion in
                              Agriculture extreme poverty, 925 million hungry and many more malnourished
             7pm - 8:30pm     Organizatio and food insecure. There can be no sustainable development when
60           T4,Riocentro     n of the    billions of people are left in hunger, poverty and food insecurity on the           食糧
                              United      side-lines of mainstream development, with no protection from risks
                              Nations     and shocks, and no hope to contribute to and benefit from growth,
                              (FAO)       nor to fully enjoy their human development potential. Moving
                                          sustainable development requires a shift to food production and
                                          Educating for a sustainable productive, sustainable and fair.
                                          consumption systems that are future
                                              Moving towards sustainable development cannot be achieved by
                                              political agreements, financial incentives or technological solutions
                                              alone. To safeguard the natural environment and promote greater
                                              global equity, we need a fundamental change in the ways we think
                                              and act. This can only be achieved if all individuals and societies are
             7pm - 8:30pm     , Scientific
     6月21日(木                                  equipped and empowered by knowledge, skills and values as well as
61           T2,Riocentro     and                                                                                             教育
     )                                        heightened awareness to drive such change.
                                              The transition towards green economies and societies requires that
                                              we educate and train everyone and prepare society at large for such
                                              a sustainable future. This entails the comprehensive revision of
                                              current curricula, job qualifications and corresponding learning
                                              objectives of educational programmes at all levels as well as the
                                              development or re-design of relevantof green economy into policy
                                              Integrating the social dimensions professional training and
                                              The preparatory process for Rio+20 has called for renewed attention
                                              to the social dimensions of development, however green economy
                                              and sustainable development debates have largely been dominated
                                              by economic and environmental concerns. This side event brings
                                              together policy-relevant lessons from recent research by UNRISD,
             7pm - 8:30pm                     UNESCO and ISSC, and focuses on the existing gaps and barriers                  グリーン経
     6月21日(木                  Institute for
62           T9,Riocentro                     that need to be overcome in order for the social dimensions of green            済、社会的
     )                        Social                                                                                          側面
                                              economy to be better integrated into green economy decision-
                                              making. We outline what a ‘social lens’ on green economy might look
                                              like, pointing to the key role for social policy in addressing negative
                                              social impacts of transition, institutional change, and achieving policy
                                              coherence. These social dimensions are not add-ons to economic or
                                              environmental concerns, but underpin the process of structural
                                              transformation required to move towards development policies that
                                              are inclusive, equitable and sustainable. Finally, we highlight
                                              PRIVATE SECTOR DIALOGUE IN THE CONTEXT OF GREEN
                                              The private sector is getting increasingly aware of its role for long
                                              term growth that is green and inclusive for sustainable development.
                                              It is providing new ideas in the fight to end global poverty by
                                              partnering with traditional development players such as national aid
             7pm - 8:30pm African                                                                                             グリーン経
     6月21日(木                                  agencies and NGOs, leveraging supply chains to create economic
63           P3-E,Riocentro Developme                                                                                         済、プライベ
     )                                        opportunity for the world’s poorest people, and incorporating social
                            nt Bank                                                                                           ートセクター
                                              responsibility into their business practices. It is an important
                                              contributor to shape the green and inclusive growth agenda of Africa.
                                              Governments need to ensure a conducive investment climate to spur
                                              private sector engagement.
                                              The objective of this side event is to bring together donors, private
                                              sector representatives, civil society and government officials to
                                              discuss their respective roles in helping enable byconducive
                                              Climate Neutral UN Participation at Rio +20 a South-South
                              United          Following up on informal discussions between the UN Secretary-
                              Nations         General, Ban Ki-moon, Under Secretary-General, Shah Zukang,
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月21日(木                    Developme       President of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, Mr.
64         T8,Riocentro                                                                                                       南南協力
   )                          nt              Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser and the Director of the Special Unit for
                              Programme       South-South Cooperation, Mr. Yiping Zhou, the Special Unit for
                               (UNDP)         South-South Cooperation and the UNDP Bureau for Development
                                              Policy, Environment and Energy Group have partnered together to
                                              offset the carbon emissions resulting from UN staff participation in
     Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                   備考   キーワード
                                             VOLUNTEER ACTION COUNTS: THE POWER OF
                                             VOLUNTEERISM FOR SD
                                             VOLUNTEER ACTION COUNTS: THE POWER OF
                                             VOLUNTEERISM FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
                                             Volunteerism is an essential ingredient in the recipe for sustainable
                                United       development. In the same way as sustainable development is a cross-
             7pm - 8:30pm
     6月21日(木                    Nations      cutting theme, UNV’s partnerships for Rio+20 are cross-cutting.
65           T6,Riocentro                                                                                                    ボランティア
     )                          Volunteers   Building on the global partnerships developed during the International
                                (UNV)        Year of Volunteers + 10, UNV will bring together partners from
                                             different organizations, backgrounds and fields: UN Agencies,
                                             governments, private sector, academia, NGOs – from the global
                                             North and South – to speak about citizen participation in making
                                             sustainable development for future generations a reality. In its side-
                                             event, UNV and partners will provide good practice examples from
                                             China Forum: Building an Inclusive and Green Economy
                                             Eco-Forum Global (EFG) is the first of its kind as an international non-
                                             profit foundation incorporated in China. EFG believes strongly in the
                                             capability of informal mechanisms to bring together key decision
                                             makers from all stakeholders to better pursue a sustainable future.

                                          Our side event’s theme will be “China Forum: Building an Inclusive
           7pm - 8:30pm                   and Green Economy.” We will have a moderator and approximately 5-
   6月21日(木                      Eco-Forum                                                                                    中国、グリ
66         T10,Riocentro                  7 panelists, including Maurice Strong, former Under Secretary-
   )                            Global                                                                                       ーン経済
                                          General of the UN, Hans d’Orville, Assistant Director-General for
                                          Strategic Planning of UNESCO, and Zhang Xinsheng, Secretary-
                                          General of Eco-Forum Global and former Chair of UNESCO’s
                                          Executive Board.

                                       This side event will provide a conclusion on effective strategies to
                                       build a green economy using the Chinese experience as a starting
                                       point and discuss ways and actions to sustain progress toward
                                       Decisions we need for the city of 2030
                                       In 2050, about 9 billion people will live on this planet – how can we
                                       ensure at least basic, decent livelihoods for all with more equity and
                          ICLEI -      social justice while climatic changes will have taken effect, scarcity
                          Local        will have led to significant price increases in water, food, mineral oil,
           7pm - 8:30pm
   6月21日(木                Governmen natural gas, and many materials? ICLEI’s vision is not to merely look
67         P3-6,Riocentro                                                                                                    都市
   )                      ts for       at the status quo and make incremental improvements to it, but
                          Sustainabili rather to consider the systemic changes we need to make now in
                          ty           order to ensure sustained human life on earth. Within this approach,
                                       the side event will consider specifically how we must design our cities
                                       now in order to create a sustainable urban future. Which decisions
                                       and by whom have to be taken now in order to create a sustainable
                                       Strengthening National Apex Bodies of Sustainable
                                             Development (SD) for
                                             Agenda 21 called for setting up national coordinating structures to
                                             translate countries’ aspirations of sustainable development (SD) into
                                             concrete actions and establish national programmes on Agenda 21.
                                             In the 20 year since 1992, countries in the Asia Pacific region have
                                             developed and are implementing their National SD Strategies,
             7pm - 8:30pm
     6月21日(木                                 through their National Apex Bodies for SD. As part of the Rio + 20              アジア太平
68           P3-A,Riocentro Sri Lanka
     )                                       preparatory process, each country has held national consultations               洋
                                             and is preparing its national report to the conference. These national
                                             reports identify achievements, gaps and continuing needs. These
                                             bodies and strategies remain key national mechanisms for
                                             implementing the commitments of Agenda 21 and the Rio + 20

                                             This side event will showcase good practices, and identify ways to
    Scheduled    Time/Venue      Organizer                                  Title/Theme                              備考   キーワード
                                       Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food
                                       Creating a green economy is commonly understood to be about
                                       realising the links between healthy ecosystems and sustainable
                                       livelihoods and incomes. Some emphasise that green economy is
                                       “blue economy”, recognising the significance of marine resources.
           7pm - 8:30pm WWF            The Coral Triangle- CT is a significant illustration of the importance of
   6月21日(木                                                                                                                サンゴ礁、
69         P3-B,Riocentro Internationa Blue Economy and of countries cooperating regionaly to provide
   )                                                                                                                      ブルー経済
                          l            sustainable management of ocean/coastal resources for the benefit
                                       of their communities and beyond. The marine and coastal
                                       ecosystems of the region provide significant actual and potential
                                       economic benefits to the over 360 million people in the region, and
                                       many beyond. The marine and coastal resources of the CT region
                                       are under serious and mounting pressure and it is of global
                                       significance these countries have cooperated to deal with these
                                       Development Bank's role on Sustainable Development                                 ブラジル国
   6月21日(木 7pm - 8:30pm                                                                                                   立経済社会
70                        BNDES
   )       T5,Riocentro                                                                                                   開発銀行、
                                             Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                             The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                               l Council    governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                          Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and          都市、自治
                                for Local
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                               体
1                               Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                                tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                                Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                             policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

                                             Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                             The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                             sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                                ICLEI-       urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
                                Internationa governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
複                               l Council    Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and
数 6/18(Mon) 9am-7pm                          ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                                for Local
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park
2                               Environmen new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                                tal          government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                Initiatives  policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                 Title/Theme                                    備考   キーワード
                                     1 Billion Reasons to Deliver Solar Energy Access for the Poor
                                     After decades of attempts to electrify rural populations worldwide the
                                     International Energy Agency (IEA) in a series of energy access
                                     papers has come to the conclusion that business as usual ¡V defined
                                     as a reliance on centralized grid extensions ¡V can not solve the
                        Sierra Club problem. The IEA found that by 2030 there will still be 1 billion people                  太陽エネル
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm
1                       Internationa without electricity using current approaches, while billions more                        ギー
  )       T10,Riocentro                                                                                                       貧困
                        l            considered "electrified" will receive only a few hours of electricity per

                                            We argue that the only way to reverse the present situation and
                                            reach the 1 billion people without electricity is to abandon the "grid
                                            fallacy" - that building out the grid is the only way to achieve universal
                                            electrification A new the "aid trap" - that rural electrification requires
                                            Vision 2050: ¡V and agenda for business in Brazil
                                            This side event aims at hosting "Vision 2050: A new agenda for
                                            business in Brazil" official international launch. The document, a
                                            version of WBCSD’s internationally acclaimed “Vision 2050”, but                   ブラジル、
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm para o
2                                           solely based on Brazilian scenario, will be symbolically signed by                経済、WBC
  )       P3-6,Riocentro Desenvolvi                                                                                           SD
                                            BCSD-Brazil associated CEOs as their pathway and agendas toward
                                            a sustainable world for the next forty years. It is expected the
                                            presence of government, business, civil society, academia and press
                                            representatives as “Vision 2050 Brazil” stands as a landmark on
                                            sustainability talks and actions within Brazilian reality.
                                            Food, agriculture and conflicts – challenge for peace
                                            The Side Event deals with the questions which dangers for security
                           Internationa     and peace pose the crisis of food supply; which temporary and
    6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm                                                                                                     農業、食糧
3                          l Peace          structural problems pose societal conflicts in connection to food
    )       P3-A,Riocentro                                                                                                    、紛争
                           Bureau           crisis, and which course of action exists for sustainable politics of
                                            prevention crisis and violence, for politics of civil cooperation and
                                            Sustaining resilience – development in crisis
                                            “Sustaining resilience – development in crisis”

                                            Unique case of Pakistan sustaining its development in face of:
    6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm                                                                                                     パキスタン、
4                          Pakistan
    )       P3-F,Riocentro         - Decade of uninvited natural calamities (Earthquake, Cyclones,                            レジリエンス
                                   - Decade of Conflict and engagement in “war on terror” - Economic
                                   - Forcibly superimpose on self inflicted challenges (population, weak
                                   Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: An Emerging Paradigm for
                                   Latin America & the Caribbean
                                   We need a new way of looking at Latin America and the Caribbean,
                                   with a perspective that emphasizes the region’s strengths without
                                   neglecting its weaknesses, that focuses on opportunities without
                         Inter-    ignoring risks. We need a way that promotes long-term development
                         American  without forgetting that the situation still demands prudent, disciplined                   ラテンアメリ
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm
5                        Developme public policies.                                                                           カ
  )       P3-E,Riocentro                                                                                                      カリブ
                         nt Bank
                         (IDB)     The Inter-American Development Bank is reassessing its role in
                                   mainstreaming sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean and
                                   therefore seeks to promote high level dialogue around the concept of
                                   sustainability and its concrete dimensions.

                                            As a partner, UNDP has always assessed the Bank in its different
                                            initiatives, its Global Transformation and Inclusive Green Growth
                                            Sustainable recommendations on how the institution can contribute
                                            This side event will discuss pathways to a sustainable future by
                                            drawing on the WBGU's report "Worlds in transition - A social
                                            contract for sustainability" as well as the WB's report "Greening
                                            Growth: An Inclusive, Efficient and Affordable Path to Sustainable
                        German              Development."
                        Advisory            The WBGU will outline the concepts of a new social contract for
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm Council on          sustainability and 'great transformations', identify opportunities and            グリーン経
6                                           barriers to change and relevant policies for transformation
  )       T9,Riocentro  Global                                                                                                済
                        Change              management. It will discuss the transformation of the energy system
                        (WBGU)              in detail.
                                            The World Bank will build the economic case for greener growth and
                                            argue that economic growth is necessary for development, but unless
                                            that growth is greener, development cannot be sustainable. Green
                                            growth is a necessary input into sustainable development.
                                            Both reports provide policymakers, advocates, and leaders from
                                            industry and finance the conceptual framework needed to make
    Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                     Dynamics of Rio: Population, Women and Rights
                                     The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the
                                     Government of Denmark in collaboration with the Government of
                                     Brazil (TBC) and proposes the ‘Dynamics of Rio: Population, Women
                                     and Rights’ Side Event. The high level Side Event brings together a
                                     high level panel of governments and civil society to ensure that the
                        Internationa Rio+20 outcome document highlights the centrality of sexual and
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm l Planned    reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to sustainable development.
7                                                                                                                          女性
  )       T8,Riocentro  Parenthood The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)
                         Federation Programme of Action must be reflected as a critical component to
                                     achieving sustainable development.

                                            The Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development will have a
                                            major bearing and influence on the post-2015 development
                                            framework. Governments and civil society must work together to
                                            ensure that SRHR are a central component of sustainable
                                            Blue Economy Leadership Event: showcasing efforts to achieve
                                            a Blue Ec
                                            Marine ecosystems and resources have a key role in supporting food
                                            security, sustainable livelihoods, economic opportunity and social
                                            inclusion for billions of people. Recognising this, “Blue Economy” – or
    6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm                   the oceans aspects of the Rio+20 theme “green economy in the                   ブルーエコ
8                          Indonesia
    )       P3-B,Riocentro                  context of sustainable development and poverty eradication” – has              ノミー
                                            been identified by many as a priority issue for Rio+20.
                                            Around the world, there are a number of innovative efforts underway
                                            to achieve a Blue Economy. This event will involve a selection of key
                                            Blue Economy leaders showcasing their efforts to conserve and
                                            sustainably manage marine resources, and defining key
                                            commitments and actions the Future We
                                            UN System: Together forfor the future. Want
                                            UN Secretary-General and CEB Executive Heads will participate in
                                            the side event.

                        UN System           IThe side event seeks to showcase concrete deliverables and
                        Chief               innovative actions by which the UN system will provide coherent and
  6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm Executives          integrated support to Member States in advancing sustainable                   国連
  )       T2,Riocentro  Board for           development objectives and implementing of the Rio+20 outcome.
                        n (CEB)       The event is envisaged as a moderated discussion with CEB
                                      Executive Heads will focus on innovative ideas, forward-looking
                                      initiatives and promising partnerships to advance the global
                                      sustainable development agenda. Guided by a number ofoverarching
                                      questions, the debate will focus on priority areas for action and the
                                      role of the UNRegional Cooperation and Sustainable Development
                                      Transistion, system in supporting Member States and their peoples.
                                      Afghanistan is a member of G-7 Countries. (Fragile /post conflict
                                      country) Afghanistan is also, member of Least Developing Countries
                                      and Landlocked Developing
                                      Countries. During the past 10 years the government of Afghanistan
   6月22日(金 11am - 0:30pm
10                        Afghanistan the support of a coalition of "International Security Forces (ISAF) and              地域協力
   )       T6,Riocentro
                                      has been fighting against threats of international terrorism and
                                      fundamentalism. Right now the country is in a process of transition of
                                      security and governance from International actors to Afghans. A
                                      of panellists consisting of representatives of government and civil
                                      society of Afghanistan and high-representatives of UN agencies,
                                      Environmental Public Agencies Meeting at Rio+20
                                      The Brazilian environmental public agencies in the Municipalities and
                                      Federal States, represented by ABEMA and ANAMMA, will promote a
                                      meeting from 18th to 19th June in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
                           Nacional   The meeting will discuss issues involving Environment Public Policy
                          de Órgãos and the setting of environmental management regarding the Rio +20
   6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm
11                        Municipais theme: green economy in the context of sustainable development and                    環境
   )       P3-6,Riocentro
                          de Meio     poverty eradication.
                          (ANAMMA) The discussions will provide a document that will address the 10
                                      principles regarded as fundamental to the sustainability through the
                                      Brazilian environmental managers’ point of view.

                                            The main goal is elaborating a consistent and democratic document
                                            to be delivered during the Conference Rio+20.
     Scheduled    Time/Venue       Organizer                                Title/Theme                                 備考   キーワード
                                               Proposals for a Green, Inclusive and Responsible Economy
                                               With the perspective of a Green Economy, in the context of
                                               sustainable development and poverty eradication, Ethos Institute has
                                               mobilized, motivated and helped companies manage their business
                                               in a socially responsible manner. However, management tools and
     6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm         Instituto    voluntary commitments from the business sector have not been                  グリーン経
     )       T4,Riocentro         Ethos                                                                                      済
                                               sufficient to promote the necessary changes. We have built,
                                               therefore, a vision of a new development model, requiring new
                                               process in the economy, making it green, inclusive and responsible.
                                               With this vision, companies should not only improve their business
                                               practices, but must also influence public policies, demanding higher
                                               standards from governments and transforming, effectively, the
                                               A roadmap for ECE Forests in a Green Economy
                                               The ECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry
                                               Commission have developed a draft Action Plan for the Forest Sector
                                               in a Green Economy. The plan provides the basis for ECE member
                                               States to identify actions required at the national, regional and
                          United               international levels for a transition towards a green economy.
                          Economic             The plan covers the following sectors:
   6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm                                                                                                      グリーン経
13                        Commissio
   )       P3-A,Riocentro                                                                                                    済
                          n for                1. Sustainable production and consumption of forest products
                          Europe               2. The low-carbon forest sector
                          (UNECE)              3. Decent green jobs in the forest sector
                                               4. Valuation of and payment for forest ecosystem services
                                               5. Monitoring and governance of the forest sector.

                                             A Road Map and related timeline for the development and
                                             implementation of actions identified in the plan should be further
                                             Enhancing science-policy links for Rio+20: The Future Earth
                                             This side event explores calls in the Rio+20 outcome document to
                                             improve science-policy links, and develop a new mechanism for
                                Internationa international scientific cooperation and collaboration on sustainable
     6月22日(金     1pm - 2:30pm l Council      development. Speakers will introduce efforts by the scientific
14                                                                                                                           科学
     )           T9,Riocentro   for Science community to collaborate with other stakeholders to meet these
                                (ICSU)       demands, particularly through the major new global initiative ‘Future
                                             Earth – research for global sustainability’, which was jointly
                                             established by the International Council for Science (ICSU), the
                                             International Social Science Council (ISSC), the Belmont Forum,
                                             UNEP, UNU and UNESCO, with WMO as observer. Future Earth
                                             aims to work with policy-makers and other stakeholders to deliver the
                                             Youth as change agent for sustainable development
                                Batool       It will be a seminar, presented by Mr. Muhammad Kabir Secretary
     6月22日(金     1pm - 2:30pm Welfare        General Batool Welfare Trust. Central idea will be bases on,
15                                                                                                                           若者
     )           T5,Riocentro   Trust        “Sustainable Development”. Stress will on involvement of youth for
                                (BWT)        success of Rio+20 declarations for the overall betterment of
                                             environment and sustainable development.
                                             Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Latin America
                                             The Latin American Platform on Climate (LPC) carries out the Report
                                Sociedade on the State and Quality of Public Policies on Climate Change and
                                de           Development in Latin America that is held on a biannual basis, in 10
                                Pesquisa     countries in the region. The results of the research will be enriched by
                                em Vida      national forums and then released on this side event in the                     気候変動
     6月22日(金     1pm - 2:30pm
16                              Selvagem framework of Rio +20.                                                               ラテンアメリ
     )           T6,Riocentro                                                                                                カ
                                e            This strategic project for the region strengthens the alliance of the 17
                                Educação LPC member organizations to achieve synergy and a common
                                Ambiental product that will improve the quality of public policies on climate
                                (SPVS)       change and development (CCD) in the region, and will strengthen
                                             both the capacity of policy makers and civil society to develop policies
                                             on CCD as well as the regional position in international negotiations
                                             Ethical the Religious Insights on strategies We developed on
                                             through andidentification of commonThe Futureto beWant
                                             Poverty, environmental degradation, sustainability and development
                                             have been at the core of religious communities and faith based
                                             organizations’ (FBO) concerns. Religious communities and FBO echo
                                             the suffering of people because of threats to their lives due to
                                World        poverty, hunger, diseases, environmental degradation and the
     6月22日(金     1pm - 2:30pm
17                              Council of climate and water crises.                                                         宗教
     )           P3-B,Riocentro
                                Churches     This side event will highlight the ethical and spiritual dimensions of
                                             green economy, sustainable development and its international
                                             framework, based on their religious traditions and the long
                                             involvement they have had with the United Nations.
                                             A special video message from His All Holiness, the Ecumenical
                                             Patriarch Bartholomew will be projected at the side event.
                                             Speakers will include religious leaders from Afro-Brazilian, Christian,
     Scheduled   Time/Venue     Organizer                                Title/Theme                                  備考   キーワード
                                       Decent Work and Social Protection Floors for Sustainable
                                       The new vision of development links economic growth with low
                                       environmental impact, social inclusion and decent jobs. This requires
                                       a strong social pillar of sustainable development and policies which
                                       reinforce the synergies and mitigate the trade-offs between the
                          Internationa environmental, economic and social pillars. The transition to a
                                       greener, fairer and sustainable development will create opportunities               政策
   6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm l Labour
18                                                                                                                         雇用、経済
   )       P3-F,Riocentro Organizatio but also enormous challenges. With the right policies, such                          、環境
                          n (ILO)      transformation can lead to social inclusion and more and better jobs.
                                       It provides significant opportunities for the creation of new jobs in
                                       sustainable enterprises, for the upgrading of existing jobs to lift
                                       millions out of poverty and to improve livelihood through access to
                                       basic social protection and services in the form of social protection

                                                  business will highlight examples of coherent policies and
                                            The side event case for sustainable development
     6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm
19                          Barbados        The goal of the dialogue is to strengthen the relationship between             経済産業
     )       P3-E,Riocentro
                                            Member States and Business and Industry for Sustainable
                                            Sustainable Development: The Critical Role of Disaster Risk
                                            The impact of natural disasters is increasing over time in parallel to
                                            the expansion of human activity. Furthermore, growing urbanization
                                            increases exposure and vulnerability of large numbers of people to
                                            natural hazards. The escalation of severe disaster events triggered
                                            by natural hazards and related technological and environmental
                                            disasters is increasingly threatening both sustainable development
     6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm      Saudi
20                                          and poverty-reduction initiatives.                                             災害
     )       T8,Riocentro      Arabia
                                            Poverty and hazard vulnerability are integrally linked, thereby
                                            increasing both the risk and exposure to disasters. Sustainable and
                                            integrated management of natural resources will increase the
                                            resilience of communities to disasters by reversing current trends of
                                            environmental degradation.
                                            With the aim of reducing risks from natural disasters, the Ministers of
                                            Environment of the 57 Islamic countries adopted an Islamic Strategy
                                            for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, and an its
                                            les financements innovants au service du développement
                                            L'aide publique au développement devrait subir une baisse constante
                                            dans les prochaines années alors même que les besoins se font plus
                                            pressants. Les financements innovants pour le développement ont
                                            été créés disposer de moyens concrets pour inverser cette tendance.
                                            Basés sur un menu d'options, ils constituent une autre façon de
                                            financer le développement, en complément de l'APD.
     6月22日(金 1pm - 2:30pm                                                                                                  フランス、金
21                             France
     )       T2,Riocentro                                                                                                  融
                                            Le Groupe Pilote, qui regroupe 63 membres (Etats, organisations
                                            internationales et organisations non gouvernementales), a déjà
                                            organisé plusieurs réunions de haut niveau en marge de conférences
                                            et Sommets des Nations Unies (PMA, 2011; OMD 2010; Doha 2008).

                                            Cet événement parallèle de haut niveau constituera un moment clé
                                            pour évaluer le potentiel des financements innovants pour chaque
                                            dimension du développement durable (sociale, économique et
                                            Roots of Equity : what rights and safeguards do women need
                                            who are dependent for their livelihoods on forest, biodiversity
                                            and subsistence farmers.
                                            The degradation and destruction of forests, grasslands, coastal areas
                                            and other ecosystems is having a particularly strong negative impact
           1:15pm -
                                            on women, as they often depend on the wood, medicinal plants, wild
                                            fruits, seafood and other food and energy sources these ecosystems
                               Women        provide. The agro-fuel plantations cause land grabbing and other               女性
   6月22日(金 Arena(outside
22                             Major        violations of the rights of indigenous peoples and communities and             農業
   )       RioCentro in                                                                                                    生物多様性
                               Group        are one of the root causes of the current food crisis and effect in a
           the Barra
                                            dramatic way the lives of women and their families. Women and their
                                            traditional knowledge systems play a very important role in the
                                            management of Indigenous territories and community conserved
                                            areas and other community-based initiatives to conserve and restore
                                            ecosystems. This role, and these initiatives, should be recognized,
                                            protected against outside economic interference, and strengthened
                                            Biodiversity loss in agriculture, the threat of GMO-trees, the gender
   Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                    Title/Theme                              備考   キーワード
                                          E-sustainability Seminar
                                          The E-sustainability Seminar is a concerted effort between the Inter-
           3:30pm - 5pm                   American Bar Association and the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic
           ,UN5,Barra                     Commerce to help promote technology as one of the foundations of
           Arena(outside                  sustainable development. The event will be composed of lectures                 E-
   6月22日(金                    American
23         RioCentro in                   given by experts on the technology and sustainability fields, enabling          sustainabilit
   )                          Bar                                                                                         y
           the Barra
                              Association a broad understanding of how technology can help the world develop
           Arena)                         in a sustainable and affordable way, going through economic and
                                          legal issues concerning this matter. A round of networking will be held
                                          afterwards, to consolidate the efforts and explanations of the lectures
                                          and promoteof SIDS on Sustainable Development: Innovative
                                          Challenges an even bigger cooperation amongst those who
                                             Knowledge Exchange between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS on
                              Partnership    Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management and
                               and           Creative Economy
                              Resource       The theme of the side event is “Challenges of SIDS on Sustainable
                              Mobilization   Development: Innovative Knowledge Exchange between Pacific and
                               Division      Caribbean SIDS on Climate Change Adaptation and Creative
           3:30pm - 5pm                      Economy”.
                              Unit for
           Arena(outside                     SIDS countries, SU/SSC and the SIDS Unit would like to showcase 1)
   6月22日(金                    South-
24         RioCentro in                      the “South-South Cooperation between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS              SIDS
   )                          South
           the Barra                         on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management”
           Arena)                            project, 2) the Creative Economy of SIDS for Sustainable
                              n United
                              Nations        Development led by Special Unit for South-South Cooperation and 3)
                              Developme      the renewed SIDSnet created by SIDS Unit through panel discussion
                              nt             and an exhibition booth.
                               (UNDP)        Panel discussion includes presentations and video conference with
                                             SIDS countries. Heads of the States (TBC) in SIDS countries will also

                                           Challenges of SIDS on Sustainable Development: Innovative
                                           Knowledge Exchange between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS on
                              Partnership Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management and
                               and         Creative Economy
                              Resource The theme of the side event is “Challenges of SIDS on Sustainable
                              Mobilization Development: Innovative Knowledge Exchange between Pacific and
                               Division    Caribbean SIDS on Climate Change Adaptation and Creative
           3:30pm - 5pm                    Economy”.
                              Unit for
           Arena(outside                   SIDS countries, SU/SSC and the SIDS Unit would like to showcase 1)
   6月22日(金                    South-
25         RioCentro in                    the “South-South Cooperation between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS                SIDS
   )                          South
           the Barra
                              Cooperatio on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management”
           Arena)                          project, 2) the Creative Economy of SIDS for Sustainable
                              n United
                              Nations      Development led by Special Unit for South-South Cooperation and 3)
                              Developme the renewed SIDSnet created by SIDS Unit through panel discussion
                              nt           and an exhibition booth.
                              (UNDP)    Panel discussion includes presentations and video conference with
                                        SIDS countries. Heads of the States (TBC) in SIDS countries will also

                                           Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                           The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                              ICLEI-       sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                              Internationa urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local
複                             l Council    governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The
数 6/13(Wed) 9am-7pm                        Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and            都市、自治
                              for Local
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park                                                                                               体
1                             Environmen ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                              tal          new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local
                              Initiatives  government associations and major city networks will coordinate
                                           policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.

   Scheduled    Time/Venue     Organizer                                  Title/Theme                                 備考         キーワード
                                           Rio+20 Global Town Hall-Decade of Sustainable Urbanization-
                                           The Rio+20 Global Town Hall will be the main forum to discuss the
                                           sustainable urban future at the Rio+20 Conference. With 3 billion new
                              ICLEI-       urban dwellers moving into cities in the next three decades, local      TMG will
                              Internationa governments are crucial actors to ensure a sustainable future. The      have an
複                             l Council    Rio+20 Global Town Hall will provide the setting for high-level and     hour
数 6/18(Mon) 9am-7pm                        ground-breaking presentations, dialogues, debates, launches and
                              for Local                                                                            session.(Th
日 ~6/22(Fri) Athlete's Park
2                             Environmen new agreements. It will be the place wherecities, their local             e date has
                              tal          government associations and major city networks will coordinate         not been
                              Initiatives  policy positions and inputs into the Rio+20 process.                    fixed yet.)


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