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                                                                                         News                      Fall 2005
                      ASHER CELEBRATES ITS 60TH YEAR!
                                               September 16, 2006
   Asher alumni, current and                                                                    celebration. There will also be
former Local and National Board                                                                 a screening of never-before-seen
Members, friends, and former                                                                    footage of the Asher Singing Troupe’s
staff are cordially invited to Asher                                                            Romanian trip in 1972. A digitally
Student Foundation’s 60 th                                                                      restored CD of the Asher Singing
Anniversary Celebration in East                                                                 Troupe’s 1979 LP will be available.
Lansing, Michigan on Saturday,
September 16, 2006.                                                                              We look forward to seeing as
                                                                                                many of you as possible at our 60th
   There will be an Open House                                                                  Reunion Celebration. Tickets for
from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the                                                                   the dinner and dance will be $30
original Asher House, Mrs.                                                                      per person. Rooms are being held
Beatrice Asher’s former home                                                                    at the East Lansing Marriott at a
                                          Seven of the first eight Asherites in front of the
on Bailey Street in East                                                                        special Asher rate of $109 plus tax per
                                               original Asher House, circa 1946.
Lansing. Now Asher MSU,                                                                         night. For more information, visit
this is the house where eight                                                                   our Website, www.asherhouse.org,
Christian Science men found rooms                                                               in January and go to the 60 th
for rent in 1946 when they returned                                                             Anniversary Celebration page.
from World War II to finish their
college education. From this                                                                     A formal invitation with all the
modest beginning grew Asher                                                                     details of this historic event will be
Student Foundation. Guests at                                                                   mailed in April. Looking forward
the Open House will be able to                                                                  to seeing you in East Lansing on
tour the house and yard, and meet                                                               September 16, 2006!
current Asher MSU residents, as            Five of the original eight Asher Founders. From
well as Local and National Board              left to right: Pearce Dressel, Paul Palmer,
members.                                      Bill Black, Ken Vallance, and Don Reid.

  Later in the evening, we
will all gather in the ballroom at the East Lansing
Marriott hotel for dinner, dancing, and the premier of a
                                                                                          In this Issue:
                                                                                        • House Highlights
new DVD on the history of Asher. The DVD features
interviews with five of the original eight Asher men. We are                            • Send Us Your Email Address
expecting four of the original Asher men to join us at this                             • Asher Location Map
                                                                                        • What Residents Say
 What Residents Say                                                           Asher House Locations
“I cannot imagine living
anywhere else so peace-
ably and happily. The
people I have met at
Asher House have become
my closest friends and I
am so grateful.”

“Asher House has given
me the best four years of
my life. Gratitude is only
the beginning. I hope that
some day I can do more for
the organization. In the
mean time, I will just herald                     “Anyone who has helped Asher            “Asher has allowed me to live in one of
its praises to any Christian Scientist in need    become a living alternative for col-    the most beautiful and popular areas
of a place to stay while attending college or     lege students has helped to provide     of the city at a manageable price. I’m
going through Christian Science Class             me with the BEST experience I have      so grateful to know Asher Houses all
Instruction. Thank you again for all you’ve       had at my university. What a            over the country are offering Christian
                                                  spectacular and loving two years!”      Science students lovely, affordable
                                                                                          homes with welcoming, spiritual
“To have such a wonderful house that I can rely on as a place of rest is a wonderful      atmospheres, as an alternative to
thing. It’s comforting to know I don’t have to go find a new place to live with some      dorm, apartment, and other group
new people every year, but can expect the same quality living situation in college        house living arrangements."
from one year to the next. ”

 Current National                      Chairman
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                                                           Visit our Website for the most current information on Asher House
 Board of Trustees              Terry Twichell             rents, contact information for each local house and pictures of each
                                                           house. You can also update your mailing address online.
                         Vice Chairman
                     Robert Rutishauser                    We want the Asher Website to be helpful and easy to navigate.
                                                           Check out our Website at www.asherhouse.org and email us your
                            Secretary                      comments and suggestions.
                        Martha Dietz
                  Jerry Ellithorpe
             Board Members
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             Kit Kosakowski
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          David Pocklington                      their parents in your area. Thank you!
             Karla Vallance
Lt. Gen. C. Norman Wood,
               USAF (Ret.)
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        Executive Director
                Doyle Gray         Doyle Gray, Executive Director • P.O. Box 491296 • Los Angeles CA • 90049
                                      1-800-622-7437 • director@asherhouse.org • www.asherhouse.org
House Highlights                                   EMAIL ADDRESSES
                                                We are collecting email addresses in
                Austin                        order to put alumni in touch with each         where everyone dressed up and danced
                                              other. We do not rent, share, or sell our      to classic ‘80s tunes. One evening we
    A major renovation project was                                                           had “art night” where the residents made
undertaken in the fall of 2004. This          mailing list with any other organization.      oil paintings on canvas, then set the
included re-caulking all the windows          Use the reply device included with this        finished products on the fireplace mantel
and repairing many window frames that         newsletter or visit our Website Update         for all to enjoy for the remainder of the
needed work. The project turned out to        Page at www.asherhouse.org to send             year. Asher residents often go for runs or
be more difficult than expected because       us your email address. Please update           walks together, and group study nights are
some of the caulking was so old and           your contact information if you move.          also a tradition.
hard that the workers broke some of the       Thank you!
windows when trying to remove it. The                                                            Everyone at Asher MSU had
project was completed successfully and                                                       enormously busy schedules, but found time
our house is now free from drafts and         moved a couple of doors down Clearway          to both study and enjoy life. They found
more energy efficient than before.            Street (bordering the Christian Science        that the Christian Science atmosphere
                                              Plaza) so that both Asher Boston               was key to having enough energy to get
    In the spring we held our annual          apartments are in the same building.           everything done, keep stress levels low and
potluck barbecue and picnic for               The move gave the Local Board members          spirits high. The house has an unwrit-
neighbors, friends, and local church          and residents a good workout -- mentally       ten policy that when someone is down,
members. Asher Austin provided the            and physically -- as we tried to figure        everyone else’s job is to lift that person up.
main course and our visitors brought          out how to move bunk beds through              No one is ever down for long in such a
salads, side dishes, and desserts. The        narrow doorways built before America           wonderfully loving house.
weather was perfect and all attending had     became supersized. Now the men’s and
an enjoyable time. Some of our visitors       women’s houses are closer neighbors,               Asher MSU hosted gatherings that
were not familiar with Asher so we had an     and both have laundry facilities just a        included other Christian Scientists in
opportunity to make new friends.              flight of stairs away. Sunlight streams        the local community. House residents
                                              into the new apartments in the morning,        participated in the CSO, and helped with
                                              all the walls are freshly painted, and         a big CSO lecture on campus attended by
                                              the kitchen cabinetry is much nicer            students from all over Michigan.
                                              than in the previous apartments.
                                                                                                Many improvements were made to our
                                                  Asher Boston continues to support          house last year. The kitchen and pantry
                                              the spiritual progress of its residents. One   remodeling,       which       included
                                              resident said she especially appreciated       installation of new cabinets and
                                              the moral guidelines Asher residents           windows, is greatly appreciated.
       e Principia Solar Car Team            agree to live by. In the current climate
            stayed at Asher Austin            of dating relationships, taking a stand            Asher MSU has an outstanding Local
                                              for chastity can feel like a pretty lonely     Board that helps the residents with any
    Asher Austin had the privilege of                                                        questions or concerns. If we need a tool,
hosting the Principia College Solar Car       -- not to mention unpopular and difficult
                                              -- fight. But Asher’s expectations, and        if something breaks, or if we merely have
team for the week prior to the start of                                                      a house improvement suggestion, they are
their race on July 16. The 2,500-mile         the spiritual substance motivating and
                                              upholding them, have been a key source         there to help us.
race was from Austin to Calgary, Alberta.
The team included 18 students and 4           of support for her as she has gained firmer
adults who stayed at our house while the      footing in “the real world.”                                    Seattle
team was qualifying its car and drivers                                               Our house activities included regular
prior to the start of the race. Since we
                                                        East Lansing               biweekly house/metaphysical meetings and
only have seven beds, most of the students  Asher MSU’s activities have been our weekly Sunday dinner.
slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Of the
                                        part of the joy of university life for the
27 cars that arrived in Austin, the Prinresident students. In 2005, we had            Sixteen people attended our first Sun-
Car was one of 21 that qualified and onenumerous movie nights, with popcorn        day dinner, including a Discovery Bound
                                        that a neighbor dropped off as a friendly member and his mother. We had a
of just 12 to finish the race. It finished
in seventh place.                       gesture about once a month. We also “meet and greet” for residents’ families in
                                        had ping-pong competitions in the base- conjunction with a couple of our dinners
              Boston                    ment. One resident threw a chocolate and received very positive responses from
                                                                                   everyone. We hope to do this at least
    Newly installed in sunny, recently fondue fiesta. Other students from MSU once a year as a way of building a sense of
refinished apartments, Asher Boston came over, and the whole group ate an community. We successfully combined
is enjoying an exciting and progressive enormous amount of chocolate on one of these events with a going-away
2005-2006 year. The men and women everything from pretzels to strawberries. celebration.
                                            We had dinner 2 parties at the house
    Our Halloween tradition of                  residents who seemed apprehensive in           carols. Then we had a “Secret Santa” gift
watching horror movies in our “eerily”          the beginning had a great time. There          exchange and everyone brought a little gift
decorated home has continued. It’s a small      were a few wipeouts, but we all walked         to share. Our living room here in sunny
gathering of residents and friends. As          away laughing, ready for dinner, and           California looked beautiful with a bright
always, we had lots of treats to eat. In        hobbled over to the Cheesecake Factory         Christmas tree sitting in our bay window.
February, when all of the residents had         for some good grub. We kept the room
returned from their holiday vacations, we       entertained and full of laughter for about          We finished off the school year at
went ice skating as a house event.              two hours, and then headed home.               Six Flags Magic Mountain, which just
                                                                                               happens to be one of the most thrilling
               Madison                              We began having dinner together            roller coaster amusement parks in Southern
                                                every Monday night. When the school            California. We had an awesome time! It was a
   We have five new residents this year         year is in full swing the residents are        beautiful day and we rode a couple of rides
and a new House Manager. The group              very busy and it is hard to get everyone       more than once.
has come together well -- three are             together for anything, so it is really great
interested        in        advanced            for us to gather on Monday nights and                      Tallahassee
mathematics and physics, two                    get to know each other better.
are working on Asian languages.                                                           This year we purchased a beautiful new
                                                   We had a huge Thanksgiving Dinner  sign to go on the front of the house, proudly
   The group has also made Asher                where we invited the Local Board and announcing who we are.
Madison a unique place to live. On              alumni. It was delicious and we had a
the dining room table are containers            fun-filled time.                          In March, the Local Board sent
with three bright turquoise, tropical                                                 letters to all the Christian Science churches
caterpillars, which are part of a project for       In December, we brought home in Florida informing them about Asher-
an entomology class. One resident has           a Christmas tree and decorated it Lewis House and requesting that they
given up her music performance major,           while listening to Mariah Carey sing inform their members about our program.
but not her daily piano practice of the
works of the Romantic composers.                                                                  In April, the condenser on our air
                                                                                               conditioner failed, but we were able to
   Two       residents     are      very                                                       replace it quickly. We were especially
knowledgeable in computers and have                                                            grateful for this, as this past summer was
worked long hours re-configuring our                                                           unusually warm.
wireless Internet network after a change
                                                                                                  We would like to thank Asher
from cable to DSL broadband service.
                                                                                               National's Board of Trustees for their loving
   In November, we hosted a workshop                                                           support. We are proud to be a part of this
on “The Value and Promise of Youth.”                  Asher Los Angeles House Skating Party
                                                                                               important work.
Chet Manchester of The Mother Church
Youth Department and David Hohle                                                                         Washington, DC
of The Mother Church College and                        SPECIAL GIFTS                             Although we closed the doors on Asher
University Activities Department led the                                                       DC in May, we had a very happy year. On
workshop.                                           Many of our supporters have                October 3, we hosted a representative from
                                                 given gifts to Asher Student                  the Longyear Museum. Scott McDonald
   We are dedicating our CSO Library             Foundation on special occasions               gave the approximately 35 attendees a sneak
to the memory of Russell Robinson, a             and as memorial gifts in honor                preview of the museum’s new video, “The
longtime Local Board member as well as                                                         Onward and Upward Chain.” On October
an Asher National Board member.
                                                 of friends or family members. In
                                                 these cases, Asher sends a letter             29, we held a pumpkin carving party, which
                                                                                               was attended by our current residents and
           Los Angeles                           of congratulations, remembrance,
                                                                                               by several Asher DC alumni.
    This past year has been full of fun,
                                                 or appreciation to the honoree
joy, and learning. We started the year           or the honoree’s family, and a                   We had a full house on Thanksgiving.
with a wonderful house meeting and               tax-deduction receipt to the gift             Trish Hatfield (yes, she is from West
metaphysical meeting.                            giver. When sending a gift of                 Virginia) and her family, and three Principia
                                                                                               students from Africa, came to visit and tour
                                                 remembrance or a gift to honor                DC. The meal was a joyous occasion.
    We had several other events this year,
too. The annual kitchen-cleaning party
                                                 an individual, please state the
came first. All the residents participated.      honoree’s name clearly in your                   In December Leah Rothschild, an Asher
It was needed and we had fun doing it.           letter and let us know if you wish            alum, stayed with us. She was in town to
But the real fun started when we finished        the gift to be anonymous.                     organize the Principia Christmas Hymn
cleaning and went ice-skating! Even                                                            Sing.

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