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Lance Armstrong loses titles as UCI
president lashes out at ‘scumbags’
Pat McQuaid, president of the UCI, has confirmed that Lance Armstrong
will be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles but condemned the
whistleblowers Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton as ‘scumbags’
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Anger at John Terry’s lenient ban led to
Kick It Out T-shirt protest
The former England striker Cyrille Regis has said the force behind the
T-shirt protest is a feeling that John Terry has been let off lightly Page 3

Hillsborough: police chief ‘boasted’ of role
in smearing fans
Labour MP Maria Eagle makes allegation in parliament about chief
constable of West Yorkshire police, Sir Norman Bettison Page 4

Andrew Strauss: ‘Kevin                       Wales missing key                            Tyler Hamilton hits             Cycling’s governing
Pietersen’s apology                          players due to an                            out at UCI chief Pat            body highlights issues
seemed contrite and                          exodus to England and                        McQuaid Page 9                  of policing drugs in
sincere’ Page 5                              France Page 8                                                                sport Page 10
                                                                                          San Francisco Giants
Andrew Strauss warns                         Lance Armstrong                              reach World Series
England over Kevin                           removes Tour                                 with St Louis Cardinals
Pietersen’s return                           titles from Twitter                          rout Page 10
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                                                                   will be made to refund his $3m of Tour prize money, as was
                                                                   requested on Monday by ASO, the race’s owners. Traditionally
Lance Armstrong loses titles as UCI                                the winner’s cheque is divided between all the riders of his
president lashes out at ‘scumbags’                                 team, many of whom testified against him to Usada.
                                                                       SCA Promotions, an insurance company, has said that it
• Armstrong to be stripped of his seven                            will demand repayment of $7.5m in bonuses and on Monday
Tour de France titles                                              Armstrong lost the last of his big personal sponsorships when
                                                                   Oakley sunglasses announced that it was following Nike,
• Whistleblowers Landis and Hamilton
                                                                   RadioShack and Anheuser-Busch by terminating its relationship
savagely criticised                                                with the cyclist.
Richard Williams in Geneva                                             McQuaid denounced the claims made by Landis and
                                                                   Hamilton that their team leader had given more than $100,000
                                                                   to the UCI in order to persuade it to cover up an alleged positive
                                                                   test for EPO at the 2001 Tour de Suisse. The money was said to
                                                                   have been used to buy a blood analysis machine to increase the
                                                                   effectiveness of the UCI’s dope testing programme.
                                                                       While admitting that Armstrong had indeed made two
                                                                   donations, one of $25,000 in 2002 and another of $100,000
                                                                   promised in 2005 and paid in 2007, McQuaid said that any
                                                                   suggestion of a cover-up was “absolutely untrue”. In similar
                                                                   circumstances, he said, he would accept further donations from
                                                                   riders – “but in a different way”.
                                                                       Friday’s committee meeting will also consider the possibility
                                                                   of setting up some sort of truth and reconciliation process on
                                                                   the lines of that utilised by the South African government in
Lance Armstrong is to be stripped of his seven Tour de France
                                                                   the wake of apartheid, including the notion of an amnesty.
titles by the UCI. Photograph: Laurent Rebours/AP
                                                                   “The trouble is that amnesty means different things in different
Although Lance Armstrong was finally and definitively cast out     languages,” Philippe Verbiest, the UCI’s legal advisor, said on
of his sport and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles on    Monday. “It’s not something that you can figure out in one day.”
Monday, the cycling world will have to wait a while longer to          The idea of an amnesty does not, however, appear to extend
discover whether or not new winners will be declared for the       to journalists. McQuaid confirmed that he and his predecessor,
races held between 1999 and 2005.                                  Hein Verbruggen, will be continuing their legal action for
    Pat McQuaid, the president of the UCI, the international       alleged defamation against the Irish journalist and former rider
cycling union, announced at a press conference in Geneva on        Paul Kimmage, one of a handful of reporters who showed the
Monday that the governing body has accepted the verdict of the     persistence and courage to pursue the Armstrong story through
United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada), which concluded          years of veiled and explicit threats.
that Armstrong and his US Postal and Discovery Channel teams           “It’s a straight defamation case,” McQuaid said. “He called
colluded in what it called “the biggest doping conspiracy in the   us corrupt.” Supporters of Kimmage, whose book Rough Ride,
history of sport” and handed the Texan a lifetime ban.             published in 1990, was the first to expose systematic doping in
    The UCI will not be appealing against Usada’s 1,000-page       the modern peloton, have raised a significant sum of money to
“reasoned decision”, with McQuaid making it clear that he          help with his defence.
would now like to erase the former seven-times champion from           The World Anti-Doping agency said on Monday night it
cycling’s history.                                                 was “encouraged” that the UCI felt it could use the case as a
    “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling,” McQuaid             “catalyst” to thoroughly clean up the sport. But it also warned
declared. “He deserves to be forgotten.”                           that the governing body needed to act on evidence of doping,
    McQuaid was equally severe in his condemnation of Floyd        no matter how long ago, and said it would await “with interest”
Landis and Tyler Hamilton, two former Armstrong team-mates         the decisions the UCI planned to take on Friday.
who tested positive, vehemently denied the charges, served             “The fact the World Anti-Doping Code only came into force
suspensions and then wrote books in which they admitted guilt      in 2004 is not a valid excuse for an organisation failing to act
and turned whistleblowers.                                         on evidence of widespread doping, and nor is the Statute
    “Landis and Hamilton are being made out to be heroes,” he      of Limitations contained within the Code an excuse not to
said. “They are as far from heroes as night from day. They are     investigate evidence of doping that dates back longer than eight
not heroes. They are scumbags. All they have done is damage to     years,” said Wada’s president, John Fahey.
the sport.”                                                            The organisation will have three weeks from the end of the
    On Friday his management committee will meet to decide         month to decide whether to appeal against the UCI’s verdict.
whether the runners-up to Armstrong in those seven Tours               Fahey added: “It will announce that decision in due course,
will be retrospectively handed a winner’s yellow jersey or         and will continue to examine the evidence encouraged by the
whether those races will be deemed to have had no winner. The      fact that the biggest doping scandal in the history of sport is
complication of elevating riders from second and third places      close to reaching a correct conclusion.”
is that so many of them have subsequently been implicated in
doping scandals.
    The committee will also discuss whether or not Armstrong © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
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                                                                      language that was inappropriate, he has apologised for that
                                                                      and has certainly learned from that issue,” he said. “With good
Anger at John Terry’s lenient ban led to                              performances and good behaviour in the future, he should
Kick It Out T-shirt protest                                           still be looked upon as the leader for our club. I’ve never been
                                                                      concerned about picking him.”
• Cyrille Regis reveals motivation behind                                 Ferdinand is reported by the Daily Mail to be working to
players’ protest                                                      create a new body, distinct both from the PFA and Kick It Out,
                                                                      specifically to represent black and other minority footballers
• Sir Alex Ferguson forgives Rio Ferdinand
                                                                      in the fight against racism. He has also discussed with his
for not wearing shirt                                                 Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, the reasons
Jamie Jackson and David Conn                                          behind his decision not to wear Kick It Out’s T-shirt. The Scot
                                                                      had made it clear at the end of last week that he felt all players
                                                                      should support Kick It Out and had claimed on
                                                                      Saturday night that Ferdinand would be “dealt with”
                                                                      p/3b9ee for his actions.
                                                                          But before Tuesday’s Champions League game with Braga
                                                                      Ferguson was in conciliatory mood. He said: “The issue is pretty
                                                                      simple. I spoke to Rio. There was a communication problem. He
                                                                      felt I should have spoken to him on Friday. I didn’t anticipate
                                                                      there would be any problem in the dressing room as far as the
                                                                      T-shirt was concerned. My advice to him is that I always think
                                                                      the union is stronger than any individual and it is important
                                                                      he airs his grievances to the right people, through the PFA
                                                                      [Professional Footballers Association] or the FA.
                                                                          “It has been a communication problem rather than anything
Jason Roberts, left, trains without a Kick It Out T-shirt before
                                                                      else. Obviously as the manager of the club when you lay down
Saturday’s match at Liverpool. His uncle, Cyrille Regis, has
                                                                      policy you don’t want to see it being ignored and that’s where
explained the thinking behind the protest. Photograph: Clive
                                                                      my anger came on Saturday. I have listened to the conviction
Brunskill/Getty Images
                                                                      of Rio and I think it is quite compelling. I can understand his
 The motivation for players refusing to wear the Kick It Out          stance. We have resolved the problem. There’s no on-going
T-shirt during the weekend’s matches has been revealed for            problems and we move on.”
the first time, with Cyrille Regis stating that disquiet at the           While Ferguson confirmed the episode will not harm
four-match ban given to John Terry by the Football Association        Ferdinand’s United future by suggesting he may be offered a
caused his nephew Jason Roberts, Rio Ferdinand and others to          new contract when his current deal ends in the summer, John
take the stance.                                                      Barnes urged the 33-year-old and other unhappy black players
    Regis said: “There is a feeling that John Terry has been let      to aim their protest at the FA. The former England international
off lightly. You are not going to stamp out racism with laws – it     said: “They are targeting the wrong people. If they are brave
is intrinsic to some people. But where it rears its ugly head the     enough to go against Ferguson as Rio did, then be brave enough
authorities have to stamp down and, if they don’t do it with the      to say who you are unhappy with. I can’t see why they would be
right force, it gives the impression that it’s OK.                    unhappy with Kick It Out. Kick it Out have no power to ban or
    “Black players have been voicing their opinion for a long         fine people. If they are not happy with the ban that John Terry
time but feel it hasn’t been listened to. They were unhappy at        got, then it’s the FA. They shouldn’t target Kick It Out.”
the time it took for the FA to sort things out, a whole year in the
John Terry case. Then Luis Suárez got eight games, while Terry
got four – what is the difference? The panel’s assessment was
that Suárez said the word several times while John Terry only
said it once? Come on, do we have zero tolerance or not?”

    Regis believes the current generation of black players are
more confident than his own. An England international whose
career spanned the mid-1970s to mid-1990s, Regis said: “This is
a different generation from mine. We had to put up with abuse.
They are more articulate, they have more confidence and they
want a clear and vehement message given.”
                                                                        Compare and buy
    Despite receiving a record yet undisclosed fine by Chelsea,         Use our free independent
having been found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Anton            comparison services to switch
Ferdinand, Terry remains their captain and he leads them at             suppliers and save money on all
Shakhtar Donesk in Tuesday evening’s Champions League
group game, where he is due to wear Uefa’s anti-racism
                                                                        your household bills.
captain’s armband. Lord Ouseley, chairman of Kick It Out,     
told the BBC on Monday that he was “not happy with Terry                compareandbuy
being captain”, but Roberto Di Matteo, the Chelsea manager,
defended the player’s role. “John has realised that he used © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
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                                                                        But after the publication of the panel’s report, West
                                                                    Yorkshire police referred Bettison, who is still their serving
Hillsborough: police chief ‘boasted’ of                             chief constable, to the Independent Police Complaints
role in smearing fans                                               Commission for possible misconduct. Bettison, having at first
                                                                    said the report exonerated him, announced he is to retire from
Labour MP Maria Eagle makes allegation in                           policing in March.
parliament about chief constable of West                                The bereaved families have felt particularly aggrieved about
                                                                    Bettison’s involvement in the post-Hillsborough operation
Yorkshire police, Sir Norman Bettison
                                                                    within South Yorkshire police because in 1998, shortly after first
David Conn                                                          being named by Eagle in parliament, he was appointed chief
                                                                    constable of Merseyside police.
                                                                        Eagle said of the letter from Barry, who was at Hillsborough
                                                                    as a supporter: “Here we have an account of a contemporaneous
                                                                    conversation in which Norman Bettison boasted he is engaged
                                                                    in a South Yorkshire police plot to fit up the Liverpool fans and
                                                                    deflect blame from the force. That is indeed what happened
                                                                    subsequently, so what Sir Norman denies in public he boasts
                                                                    about in private conversations.”
                                                                        During a long and at times emotional debate, it emerged that
                                                                    the IPCC has been given the names of 1,444 officers for possible
                                                                    investigation in relation to Hillsborough, including 304 who
                                                                    are still serving. Keith Vaz, Labour chairman of the home affairs
                                                                    select committee, raised concerns about whether the watchdog
                                                                    has sufficient resources.
West Yorkshire police have referred Sir Norman Bettison to
                                                                        The director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC,
the Independent Police Complaints Commission over possible
                                                                    alongside the IPCC, is examining all the evidence revealed by
misconduct. Photograph: Paul Grover / Rex Features
                                                                    the panel to see whether criminal charges should be brought
The chief constable of West Yorkshire police, Sir Norman            against any corporate body or individuals.
Bettison, “boasted” about having helped to “concoct” a false            Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, closed the
account of how the 1989 Hillsborough disaster was caused,           debate for Labour by paying tribute to the Hillsborough
according to the Labour MP Maria Eagle.                             families, who had fought 23 years for the truth about the
    Speaking in a parliamentary debate following last month’s       disaster to be accepted. Burnham said the disaster itself, then
publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report,         the dissemination of the false accounts, and the length of time
Eagle cited a letter written by John Barry, who studied with        it had taken to dispel them, represented failure by the football
Bettison on a part-time course at Sheffield Business School         authorities, media, police and parliament, bodies which must
while Bettison was serving with South Yorkshire police.             all learn lessons so such failures are never repeated.
    Nine years later, Barry wrote to the Hillsborough Family
Support Group’s solicitor, Ann Adlington, a letter which he gave
Eagle permission to make public, with parliamentary privilege,
in the debate. Barry said Bettison discussed his role within
South Yorkshire police weeks after the disaster of 15 April 1989,
in which 96 Liverpool supporters died.
    Barry wrote: “We were in a pub after our weekly evening
class. [Bettison] told me that he had been asked by his senior

officers to put together the South Yorkshire police evidence for
the forthcoming inquiry. He said that ‘we are trying to concoct a
story that all the Liverpool fans were drunk and we were afraid
that they were going to break down the gates so we decided to
open them’.”
    That was the version of events South Yorkshire police put
forward to the official inquiry into Hillsborough by Lord Justice     The Guardian digital edition
Taylor, and to the inquest into the deaths. Taylor, and the panel
in its report, found that account was untrue, that there was no
                                                                      Read the Guardian on the web
excessive drinking or misbehaviour by the supporters, and in          exactly the way it was printed.
fact the police mismanaged the crowd on the day.
    Bettison’s name appeared on internal South Yorkshire
                                                                      With award-winning Guardian
police documents which led to Eagle naming him in 1998 as a           photography accessible from
member of what she termed a “black propaganda” campaign
within South Yorkshire police to shift the blame from their own
                                                                      anywhere in the world.
failings for Hillsborough falsely on to supporters. He always
denied any involvement in smearing Liverpool supporters or
what is now labelled the police’s “cover-up.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
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                                                                         simply move down the batting order? “It was a bit higgledy-
                                                                         piggledy. I had a list and some were easier to write than others
Andrew Strauss: ‘Kevin Pietersen’s                                       and I went first with the ones that I figured would be easier. The
apology seemed contrite and sincere’                                     ones that were harder to write were those with more emotion
                                                                         attached to them.”
The England captain wanted to clean up the                                   Did Kevin Pietersen feature on his list? “Um … I didn’t write
Pietersen saga before his retirement but felt                            to KP, actually,” he says of Pietersen, whose text messages
                                                                         to his South African friends in the opposition dressing room
the decline of his batting meant he could
                                                                         apparently undermined Strauss during the
not stay after being defeated by South Africa                            second Test of an unhappy series for England. “But the main
Donald McRae                                                             reason was that I wrote all those letters so they could be taken
                                                                         down to the Rose Bowl where the guys were playing [in a one-
                                                                         day international – a form of cricket from which Pietersen had
                                                                         temporarily retired in order to pursue a more lucrative career in
                                                                         the Indian Premier League.] Obviously I texted KP.”
                                                                             A text to Pietersen was probably more appropriate than a
                                                                         beautifully-written letter? “Well yeah,” Strauss shrugs. “That
                                                                         was a strange time for the two of us. A lot had happened and
                                                                         during that period we were quite estranged from each other.”
                                                                             Surely that estrangement, between Pietersen and the entire
                                                                         squad, cannot be healed – even though, after an awkward series
                                                                         of meetings, he will play for England against
                                                                         India next month? “It’s an interesting point. Maybe it actually
                                                                         makes it easier for the team that I’m not there because some of
                                                                         it was directed to me. It would have been harder if I’d stayed.”
Andrew Strauss says he was still loving captaining England
                                                                             Strauss has previously been resolute in stressing that he
but had lost his enjoyment of batting. Photograph: Tom
                                                                         did not retire because of Pietersen’s texts. Is he now saying
Jenkins for the Guardian
                                                                         something different? “No, because of what happened with
“It was part of the grieving process,” Andrew Strauss says in            KP I felt guilty not sorting it before I left. I didn’t want to
his considered but booming voice over tea and biscuits on                leave it on [the team director] Andy Flower’s plate and I felt
an autumnal afternoon in Hertfordshire. He might still be                uncomfortable with Cooky [Alastair Cook] having to deal with
cold after a rainy round of golf but it does not take the former         it as one of his first tasks . But that would have
England captain long to shake off the polite niceties of a few           been the wrong reason for me to stay. I had to go.”
gentle warm-up questions as he cuts to the heart of loss and                 Was Strauss aware of Pietersen’s soured mood towards him?
painful endings. Strauss is far too grounded to linger over any          “Not really. That’s the strange thing about it. We knew that
comparison between death and his retirement from cricket                 Kevin was having issues about the IPL. He retired from one- but it is still striking how open he is about his         day cricket and didn’t seem happy because it
turbulent emotions when he wrote to England’s players in                 was clear that he was keen to commit to the IPL. But as players
August to explain, in personal letters, why he could no longer           we were outside of that. So when it came to a head we were all
continue as their captain.                                               quite surprised.”
    Strauss takes another sip of tea as he remembers that                    It’s easy to imagine that Pietersen, being such a willful
poignant day. “One of the things I’ve found hardest about                maverick, has always been difficult to captain. “Well, what
retiring was sitting down and writing to those players. It               makes people like KP special as cricketers is they are different.
dawned upon me how much like a second family the England                 Nine-tenths of my time as England captain I found him a good
team has been to me in recent years. You spend so much time              guy to have in my team. He set the right example in practice and
together – probably sharing more nights with them than your              I felt he could have been far more resentful of me in the sense
wife. It’s hard to let go. And as soon as you do let go they move        that he had been removed as captain before I took over. But he
on for the next tour. They’re still in that bubble and you’re on         just got on with his job and our relationship was pretty good
the other side. Your relationship with those players will never          – which is why it was so surprising and baffling when I heard
be the same again . I was prepared for that but           what had been going on. In the preceding months he had not
it was still emotional writing and saying: ‘This is it. Fine, I’m off.   given me any hint of what he thought about me.”
Goodbye.’”                                                                   Strauss says that he and Pietersen have since met – and
    Of course Strauss is too thoughtful to have scribbled such           he acknowledges that some of England’s players have not
a cursory farewell. Every letter would have been packed with             been blameless in the breakdown of relationships with their
personal meaning from him to each specific player – summed               star batsman. “I don’t think anyone got to the bottom of the
up by the impressively old-fashioned fact that, rather than              text messaging saga. But Kevin has since come up to me and
texting or emailing, he put pen to paper. “Well,” Strauss smiles,        apologised for it and I respect that. He seemed contrite and I
“it just proved to me how successfully I’d managed to avoid              think he was sincere. Looking back I think it was wrong some
getting a proper job because my hand was cramping after about            of our players were following that [spoof KP Genius] Twitter
10 minutes. It took me a lot longer than I expected. I wrote the         account . But I still don’t think it’s a
letters on the back of each other and it took at least half a day.”      justification for what Kevin did.”
    How did he decide who he would write to first – or did he © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
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    Can Pietersen change perceptions of himself? “It would be          creeps back. It’s one of those things that when it catches hold of
fantastic if Kevin does recommit himself to English cricket at a       you it’s just like a cancer – it spreads.”
greater level. But if, deep down, he still feels more loyalty to his       Could he discuss his feelings with Flower? “It’s not
IPL franchise then obviously it’s going to be difficult for him.”      something you can talk about. You spend most of your time
    Does Strauss believe Pietersen is badly advised – as he            fighting it. I only spoke to my wife and 12 months ago I marked
released his YouTube pitch at reconciliation in the midst of a         out the South Africa series as a watershed. If we [England] were
fevered night at the London Olympics ? “I          playing well and I was batting well that would give me the green
don’t know. But I believe we all have to take responsibilities for     light to go on for the [2013] Ashes. But if either of us was not
our own actions. It was a fraught time for everyone and I now          playing well it would be a good time to think about going. In
believe that KP is very contrite.”                                     truth, England had taken a step back over the last nine months
    The difficulties for Flower , who is just as        and I wasn’t playing well. It became pretty clear in my mind.”
straight and disciplined a man as Strauss, will be obvious in              England dipped just as Strauss suffered his personal crisis of
India as he tries to ease Pietersen’s reintegration. “It will be       confidence. Were his players similarly drained of energy? “We
difficult,” Strauss concedes. “One of the problems is that there       struggled with knowing our next goal. We never quite worked
are two separate sections. One is going on in meeting rooms            that out. If you say we want to stay No1 for the next 12 months
between KP and the players and on the other side is this media         then by definition you’re just trying to hold on. I now think that
intrigue. From Andy’s point of view, they need to get that first       as soon as we beat India to become No1 we should have made
part right. If everyone is happy in the dressing room they will        a conscious effort to refresh everything. But it’s hard to do that
play well. But if it’s not resolved then it is a problem. I honestly   when everything seems to be working so well.”
think it’s a real problem.”                                                Flower once said that he wanted to create a dominant legacy
    Is reconciliation achievable ? “Um … I              that could rival great teams from the West Indies and Australia.
think that it can be. But everyone has to desperately want it to       “We discussed it but it was just too big an aim at first. We
happen and they all need to let bygones be bygones and not             needed something smaller than that and that’s when it becomes
have any grudges and bitterness. Everyone has to want to move          trickier. Maybe we could have thought about getting to a certain
forward for the right reasons. That’s the question mark and            number of ranking points. Human nature is that when you
so it’s hard for me to tell. But it saddens me that we’ve been         attain a goal you allow yourself to be happy and content and
through this – after all the hard work we put in as a group for        those emotions are not good in international sport. You have
three-and-a-half years. We all genuinely believed in this special      to be unhappy and keep pushing and straining because the
bond and chemistry we had. Unfortunately we’ve slipped from            opposition will do that.”
there and the guys are going to need to recover that. It’s going           Who does Strauss believe should replace him as Test opener
to be tough.                                                  ? “I’ve heard a lot of good things about Joe Root
    “If they can make it work then obviously England will be           but it would be hard to say he’s the man when I haven’t really
a better side with KP in it because he’s an outstanding player.        seen him bat. I’ve known Nick Compton a long time. He’s a
But if, behind the scenes, things are difficult and resentment is      fully-formed cricketer and he’s scored lots of runs. He probably
harboured, and if KP is not fully committed to England, there          feels ready to open the batting for England. If KP is back
are going to be problems. But it’s in everyone’s interests to          then you have the option of pushing Jonathan Trott tinyurl.
make it work.”                                                         com/9lc27ek up the order. But he’s done so well at No3 it seems
    Strauss is not being disingenuous in deflecting any suspicion      wrong to swap him round. If it was up to me I would keep Trott
that he retired simply because of Pietersen. Instead, he offers        at three.”
some touching insights into his slow decline as a Test batsman.            And that would leave Compton to open the batting with
“I had noticed signs that my batting was going backwards. I            Cook? “Nick has always been very good technically. I played
was starting to feel a bit old and that’s not a good place to be as    with him at Middlesex years ago. He’s quite an intense character
a professional athlete. I first felt it 12 months ago. I didn’t have   and determined to make the most of his ability. I don’t think
a great summer in 2011 and then over the winter I didn’t play          he’d be overawed. Andy and Cooky will be looking very closely
particularly well. I had a bit of a resurgence against West Indies     to see how Compton and Root play in the warm-up games and but I felt like I was swimming against the         how they adapt to the squad. Sometimes it’s how people hold
tide.                                                                  themselves off the pitch that matters most.”
    “If I’m brutally honest, by the time we reached world                  No one in the recent annals of English cricket has conducted
No1 I had ticked off everything I’d wanted to           himself more admirably both on and off the field than Strauss
achieve. It’s then hard to keep yourself hungry and motivated . England will miss him sorely, both for the
as captain. I also wasn’t as mobile in the field. My agility was       batsman he once was and the tough and intelligent captain who
dropping. One of my favourite shots – the pull – was one I wasn’t      steered them to back-to-back Ashes victories and led them to
playing very often and I couldn’t work out why. So maybe my            becoming the best Test team in world cricket. He now feels that
reactions were slowing down. I loved captaining and trying to          he is “on gardening leave” as he works out what he might do
win games – but I wasn’t enjoying batting any more.”                   next.
    Strauss nods at the suggestion that, as a great sportsman, it          “I’m not going to make any decisions until after Christmas.
must be immensely painful to lose your ability and desire. “It         It’s going to be one of four things and quite possibly a
is. There’s this nagging feeling at the back of your mind and you      combination of media work, cricket administration, corporate
redouble your efforts and work harder as a way of masking that         speaking and getting involved in a business unrelated
feeling. But it’s still there in the background. Every time you        to cricket.”
don’t score runs or you dive for a ball and it just evades you, it         Strauss seems most passionate about safeguarding the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 7 G24 Sport                                                                     Tuesday October 23 2012               09:47 GMT

Test arena – which is an aim that he can begin to develop as a         Pietersen’s subsequent recall to the squad and the chances of a
member of the ICC’s cricket committee . “It’s a         lasting reconciliation between the batsman and his team-mates
way of dipping my toe into the water and learning more about           in India, Strauss said: “It will be difficult. One of the problems is
the ICC and the corporate governance of cricket. I really want to      that there are two separate sections. One is going on in meeting
see cricket flourish and I have concerns that we’re putting the        rooms between KP and the players and on the other side is this
game under a lot of pressure.                                          media intrigue. From [the coach] Andy Flower’s point of view,
    “My biggest concern is that Test cricket and Twenty20              they need to get that first part right. If everyone is happy in the
cricket are competing too much. They should be                         dressing room they will play well. But if it’s not resolved then it
complementing each other and the more they clash the more              is a problem. I honestly think it’s a real problem.
damaging it will be for cricket. We have to find a way to get              “If they can make it work, then obviously England will be
the two forms of the game co-existing – and that involves              a better side with KP in it because he’s an outstanding player.
administrators sitting down and banging their heads together           But if, behind the scenes, things are difficult and resentment is
and working out a framework. I understand the politics but I’m         harboured and, if KP is not fully committed to England, there
more interested in what’s best for the game.”                          are going to be problems. But it’s in everyone’s interests to
    Strauss seems eminently suited to pursuing a noble cause on        make it work.”
behalf of Test cricket. It surely also means he won’t be following         Asked if he believes that the rift will be healed, Strauss
Michael Vaughan on to Strictly Come Dancing? Strauss pulls             offered a cautious response. “It’s an interesting point. Maybe it
a face, perhaps imagining a light entertainment show more              actually makes it easier for the team that I’m not there because
geared to Pietersen, and then laughs. “Definitely not! At the risk     some of it was directed to me. It would have been harder if
of sounding like Steve Redgrave when he said ‘Shoot me if I get        I’d stayed. I think that it can be [healed]. But everyone has to
in a boat again’, I’ll be very disappointed if I end up doing that.”   desperately want it to happen and they all need to let bygones
    Andrew Strauss is an ambassador for pensions and investment        be bygones and not have any grudges and bitterness. Everyone
group MetLife (                                      has to want to move forward for the right reasons. That’s the
                                                                       question mark and so it’s hard for me to tell. But it saddens me
                                                                       that we’ve been through this – after all the hard work we put in
Andrew Strauss warns England over                                      as a group for three-and-a-half years. We all genuinely believed
Kevin Pietersen’s return                                               in this special bond and chemistry we had. Unfortunately we’ve
                                                                       slipped from there and the guys are going to need to recover
                                                                       that. It’s going to be tough.”
• Lasting reconciliation ‘will be difficult’                               Strauss also revealed that he did not include Pietersen on the
• Strauss reveals he did not write letter of                           list of England players to whom he wrote to explain his decision
thanks to batsman                                                      to step down as England captain. “I didn’t write to KP, actually,”
                                                                       Strauss said. “But the main reason was that I wrote all those
Donald McRae
                                                                       letters so they could be taken down to the Rose Bowl where
                                                                       the guys were playing [in a one-day international.] Obviously I
                                                                       texted KP. That was a strange time for the two of us. A lot had
                                                                       happened and during that period we were quite estranged from
                                                                       each other.
                                                                           “Kevin has since come up to me and apologised for it and
                                                                       I respect that. He seemed contrite and I think he was sincere.
                                                                       Looking back I think it was wrong some of our players were
                                                                       following that [spoof KP Genius] Twitter account. But I still
                                                                       don’t think it’s a justification for what Kevin did.”

Andrew Strauss, the former England cricket captain, has said
Kevin Pietersen’s return to the side may prove problematic.
Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian
Andrew Strauss has said that Kevin Pietersen’s reconciliation
                                                                         Eat right
with England during next month’s Test series in India will be            Join the Guardian’s health and
“difficult” and “tough”. In an exclusive interview with the
                                                                         dieting club, Eat Right and we’ll
Guardian the recently retired England captain
warned that, if dressing room conflict lingers, “a real problem”         design you a personalised healthy
will ensue.                                                              eating plan from just £2.99 a week.
   Strauss retired in August after England were defeated 2-0 by          Membership includes shopping
South Africa in a fraught Test series which will be remembered
most for the damaging text messages Pietersen sent to the
                                                                         lists, menus, expert advice and 24
opposition. Amid allegations that he had undermined Strauss              hour support to help you achieve
in his texts, Pietersen was dropped by England. Considering © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
Page  G24 Sport                                                                 Tuesday October 23 2012            09:47 GMT

                                                                    are different: some players are head-hunted while others are
                                                                    released by their regions.”
Wales missing key players due to an                                     Howley and Gatland spent a week in France last month
exodus to England and France                                        talking to club coaches about getting players released for
                                                                    training camps and Test matches that fall outside the official
• Five of 35-man squad will not travel to                           window. “Perhaps we should have met with the presidents,”
training camp                                                       said Howley, knowing it was improbable that Mike Phillips,
                                                                    Gethin Jenkins, James Hook, Luke Charteris and Paul James will
• Jamie Roberts could join those playing on
                                                                    be involved against Australia on 1 December.
the Continent                                                           They may be overlooked for the opening game of the autumn
Paul Rees                                                           against Argentina on 10 November because they will not be in
                                                                    Poland. “The camp is important for the physical and mental
                                                                    preparation of the players,” said Howley, “and they should be at
                                                                    their peak for our third match against New Zealand. We lost the
                                                                    series 3-0 in Australia in the summer, but should have won two
                                                                    of the Tests. Fine margins had big consequences and we have
                                                                    to be able to hold our nerve at the end of games when we are
                                                                        Howley said Gatland was involved in the selection and
                                                                    would be assuming a hands-on role in the build-up to the clash
                                                                    with the All Blacks. The squad includes one uncapped player,
                                                                    the prop Aaron Jarvis, acting as cover for Adam Jones, who
                                                                    has been hampered by a knee injury. There was no recall for
                                                                    Gavin Henson, who is two matches into his comeback with
                                                                    London Welsh. “We did not consider him,” said Howley. “He is
Wales’s head coach Rob Howley has expressed his desire for
                                                                    thoroughly enjoying his time in London and just needs to play
the team to be made up of Welsh based players. Photograph:
                                                                    regularly. We will see where he is next season.”
                                                                        Wales squad for autumn Tests
 Wales travel to Poland on the weekend for what has become a            Backs L Halfpenny Cardiff Blues, Liam Williams Scarlets,
traditional Spartan training camp before an international series,   A Cuthbert Cardiff Blues, G North Scarlets, H Robinson
but five of the 35-strong squad will not be going. Their clubs      Cardiff Blues, A Beck Ospreys, J Davies Scarlets, J Roberts
in France and England will not release them, and this number        Cardiff Blues, S Williams Scarlets, D Biggar Ospreys, J Hook
threatens to grow in the coming seasons with the game at            Perpignan, R Priestland Scarlets, T Knoyle Scarlets, M Phillips
regional level struggling financially.                              Bayonne, Lloyd Williams Cardiff Blues.
    The Welsh Rugby Union held further talks with the four              Forwards S Andrews Cardiff Blues, R Bevington Ospreys,
regions on Monday, starting at around the time Wales’s interim      P James Bath, A Jarvis Ospreys, G Jenkins Toulon, A Jones
head coach, Rob Howley, announced the squad for the four            Ospreys, R Hibbard Ospreys, K Owens Scarlets, M Rees
autumn internationals at the Millennium Stadium, against the        Scarlets, B Davies Cardiff Blues, L Charteris Perpignan, I
backdrop of another poor start in Europe: one victory out of        Evans Ospreys, A-W Jones Ospreys, T Faletau Newport Gwent
eight matches in the Heineken and Amlin Challenge cups.             Dragons, R Jones Ospreys, R McCusker Scarlets, A Shingler
    Wales cite Ireland and New Zealand, who centrally contract      Scarlets, J Tipuric Ospreys, J Turnbull Scarlets, S Warburton
their leading players as models. But whereas the Irish are          Cardiff Blues capt
dominant in the Heineken Cup and, since winning the grand
slam in 2009, mediocre at international level, Wales have won
three grand slams in the last eight seasons and reached the
semi-final of the World Cup while their professional sides have

barely made an impact in Europe.
    “We want all our squad to be in Wales,” said Howley, who
is in charge of Wales while Warren Gatland prepares for next
year’s Lions tour to Australia. “That is the ideal but it is not
likely to happen. We need to find a Welsh solution to look after      Fantasy League Classic
our players. I am sure one will be found, but it will not happen
overnight. There are no easy answers.”
                                                                      Manage a squad of 16 players and
    The Lions centre Jamie Roberts, who missed the summer             a budget of £75 million. £75,000
tour to Australia because of injury, is among three key players       worth of prizes to be won in weekly,
who are out of contract with their regions at the end of the          monthly and overall competitions.
summer and, like�the wing Alex Cuthbert and the flanker Dan
Lydiate, is being courted by French clubs.
                                                                      Beat your nearest and dearest in a
    “I have spoken to Jamie in recent weeks and his position          friends league.
is different to the others. He has qualified as a doctor and he
might buck the trend by going for reasons other than finance.
We cannot look at this collectively because individual cases © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
Page 9 G24 Sport                                                                 Tuesday October 23 2012             09:47 GMT

Lance Armstrong removes Tour titles                                 Tyler Hamilton hits out at UCI chief Pat
from Twitter biography                                              McQuaid

• Seven Tour de France titles deleted                               • UCI president Pat McQuaid has ‘no place’
• Hobbies described in lower key                                    in the sport
Associated Press                                                    • McQuaid’s comments ‘expose the
                                                                    hypocrisy of his leadership’

Lance Armstrong has removed his seven Tour de France wins
from his Twitter profile Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty
Images                                                              Tyler Hamilton, right, with Lance Armstrong during the Tour
Having won seven Tour de France titles is no longer part of         de France in 2003. Photograph: Bernd Thissen/EPA
Lance Armstrong’s Twitter profile.                                  Tyler Hamilton, whose testimony helped bring down Lance
    As late as Monday night, Armstrong’s biography on the social    Armstrong, has hit out at the International Cycling Union (UCI)
media site included a mention of his seven Tour wins from           president Pat McQuaid on Tuesday, saying the Irishman has “no
1999-2005, but reference to the race was removed hours after        place” in the sport.
he was stripped of the titles by the International Cycling Union        McQuaid had described Hamilton and Floyd Landis, who
and banned from the sport for life for his involvement in what      also testified against Armstrong, as “scumbags”
the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency described as a massive doping           on Monday after the UCI ratified the US Anti-Doping Agency’s
program.                                                            decision to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles.
    Early on Tuesday, Armstrong’s profile said: “Raising my             Hamilton and Landis were among the 11 former Armstrong
five kids. Fighting Cancer. Swim, bike, run and golf whenever       team mates to testify against him.
I can.” Previously, the profile said: “Father of 5 amazing kids,        “Pat McQuaid’s comments expose the hypocrisy of his
7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter, part time   leadership and demonstrate why he is incapable of any
triathlete.”                                                        meaningful change,” Hamilton wrote in a statement on
    The Twitter change was the only immediate reaction from         Tuesday.
Armstrong to the UCI’s decision to take away his titles.                “Instead of seizing an opportunity to instil hope for the
    Armstrong has been a prolific user of Twitter and has nearly    next generation of cyclists, he continues to point fingers, shift
3,800,000 followers on his page. His most recent tweet was on       blame and attack those who speak out, tactics that are no longer
Oct. 17 when he announced he would stand down as chairman           effective. Pat McQuaid has no place in cycling.”
of the Livestrong cancer charity that he founded.                       McQuaid had started to thank those who had testified before
    Armstrong has steadfastly denied doping, but chose not to       Usada but then directed his anger at Hamilton and Landis, the
fight USADA in one of the agency’s arbitration hearings, arguing    first Armstrong team-mates to break the code of silence.
the process was rigged against him.                                     “Landis started it, he was in a bottomless hole and he said
    On Monday, the UCI emphatically threw its support               the only way out of it was to bring the sport down,” McQuaid
behind the USADA, ending a saga that brought down the               said on Monday after his hour-long media conference in
most decorated rider in Tour history and exposed widespread         Geneva.
cheating in professional cycling.                                       “Another thing that annoys me is that Landis and Hamilton
    “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling, and he deserves       are being made out to be heroes. They are as far from heroes as
to be forgotten in cycling,” said Pat McQuaid, president of the     night and day. They are not heroes, they are scumbags. All they
governing body. “Make no mistake, it’s a catastrophe for him,       have done is damage the sport.”
and he has to face up to that.”                                         Both Landis and Hamilton have said the UCI covered up an
    The Tour de France organizers will not appoint new winners      Armstrong positive test for the banned blood booster EPO at the
for Armstrong’s former titles, leaving a seven-year gap on the      2001 Tour de Suisse.
honor roll of the sport’s biggest event.                                The UCI, however, has denied covering up a test, producing
                                                                    on Monday what it said was evidence that an Armstrong sample
                                                                    was “suspicious”, not “positive”. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                Tuesday October 23 2012            09:47 GMT

   “We did not cover up anything because there was nothing to         The Giants shared the runs, hits and RBIs around in Game
be covered up,” said McQuaid.                                      Seven but Marco Scutaro again led the way, with three hits.
   Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour title for doping,     Scutaro, who was signed from the Colorado Rockies mid-
admitted in 2010 to using performance-enhancing drugs and          season, was named NLCS MVP hitting .500 in the series.
said his former team leader at US Postal, Armstrong, also             San Francisco’s starting pitcher Matt Cain claimed the win
cheated.                                                           with five hits and no runs in 5 2/3 innings.
                                                                      The Giants will face Detroit in World Series Game One in San
                                                                   Francisco on Wednesday night. The Giants, as NL champions,
San Francisco Giants reach World Series                            have home advantage in the Series thanks to the pitching of
with St Louis Cardinals rout                                       Cain in the All-Star Game in July.
                                                                      Giants manager Bruce Bochy said: “I’ll say this, they played
                                                                   with more heart, more determination than any club I’ve ever
San Francisco Giants beat the St Louis                             seen. They were relentless. They didn’t want to go home .�.�.
Cardinals 9-0 in NLCS Game Seven and will                          They just kept believing and they got it done, and I couldn’t be
face the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World                          prouder of a group of guys and what they accomplished here.”
Series                                                                The game ended in torrential rain, but that couldn’t dampen
                                                                   the spirits of a noisy AT&T Park crowd.
Steve Busfield
                                                                      Curiosity corner: The New York Giants and the San Francisco
                                                                   Giants have never won a title in the same year. Is this the year?
                                                                      Box score As it happened
                                                                      David Lengel’s World Series preview will be online later

                                                                   Cycling’s governing body highlights
                                                                   issues of policing drugs in sport

                                                                   The Lance Armstrong scandal exposes the
                                                                   need for the World Anti-Doping Agency to
                                                                   develop a fully funded worldwide strategy
San Francisco Giants closing pitcher Sergio Romo is about          Owen Gibson
to be embraced by teammates after the final out in Game 7 of
baseball’s National League championship series against the St.
Louis Cardinals Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, in San Francisco. The
Giants won 9-0 and will meet the Detroit Tigers in the World
Series. Photograph: David J. Phillip/AP
The San Francisco Giants are baseball’s new comeback kings
and will face the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World Series.
    In torrential rain in San Francisco, the rally kings of 2011
were finally undone by the comeback kings of 2012 as the Giants
obliterated the St Louis Cardinals’ hopes of retaining the MLB
Commissioner’s Trophy .
    The Giants won NLCS Game Seven 9-0, powered by a five-
run third inning, to win the National League pennant.
    In the 2011 World Series the Cardinals had rallied to win
                                                                   Cycling’s World governing body has admitted accepting
when seemingly down and out against the Texas Rangers
                                                                   donations from Lance Armstrong’s camp, but denied there . The Cardinals had carried on in a similar
                                                                   were any conditions attached. Photograph: Reuters
vein in the 2012 National League Divisional Series against the
Washington Nationals. But in 2012 St Louis          Amid admissions that cycling was facing its worst crisis – and
came up against a team with an even greater ability to dig         even debate over whether it could survive – the UCI president,
themselves out of seemingly impossible holes. The Giants lost      Pat McQuaid, in increasingly ragged attempts to draw a line
both home games against the Cincinatti Reds in the NLDS only       under the blighted Lance Armstrong saga and move on,
to claim the next three on pain-of-elimination in Cincinatti       included one statement that spoke volumes. It was a defensive .                                                   response to a query about whether the UCI could remain both
    In the National League championship series the Giants were     policeman and promoter of the sport and it cut to the heart of
1-3 down to the Cardinals and it looked like St Louis would be     the debate about what a sport’s governing body should be and
making back-to-back World Series appearances. But the Giants       whether it is inherently conflicted when it comes to tackling
turned the tables on the Cardinals, whose bats went cold when      doping.
it mattered most. St Louis scored just one run in Games Five,         Asked whether the promotional and regulatory functions
Six and Seven.                                                     of cycling should be formally split, McQuaid said: “I don’t see © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                                  Tuesday October 23 2012             09:47 GMT

why we should. We are responsible for the regulation, the             not, turned a blind eye to the fact that one of its biggest names
development and the promotion of cycling worldwide. That              had exhibited a pattern of behaviour consistent with doping.
includes anti-doping.”                                                    The methods may be more subtle and harder to detect these
    From amid the alphabet soup of international federations,         days. McQuaid admitted in his press conference that it was only
national governing bodies, national anti-doping organisations         during the London Paralympics that an effective test of Human
and law enforcement agencies, the World Anti-Doping Agency            Growth Hormone had become available, while a test for blood
must somehow corral a coherent approach to the issue.                 transfusions of an athlete’s own blood remains some way off.
    While Wada, which has an annual budget of £17.8m from                 But McQuaid also pointed out, with some justification, that
national governments and the Olympic movement, can provide            it was not the UCI or Usada that ultimately did for Armstrong
a framework for the rules it is largely down to federations and       but a federal investigation in the US.Once a gun and a badge
individual countries to enforce them.                                 were placed on the table, it finally broke the code of omerta.
    David Howman, the Wada director general, has conceded                 Other major drug conspiracies – notably the Balco scandal
that the set-up is far from ideal. “The model we’ve got is the        – have only unravelled once law enforcement agencies have
one we’ve got and it’s not going to be changed in a hurry. It’s not   become involved.
perfect,” he said. “We acknowledge the imperfections and try              That is why Wada has been talking for some time about
and work with them.”                                                  increasing the focus on so-called “non-analytic” or evidence-
    Other clashes between governing bodies and Wada down the          based findings. But for that to happen it will need large
years – most recently with Fifa, the world football governing         resources and unashamed co-operation from the biggest sports
body, and other team sports over its “whereabouts” out-of-            governing bodies, not to mention the police and politicians.
competition testing programme – highlight the frustrations.           And, of course, money.
    The United States Anti-Doping Agency report made                      “The global sport industry is presently generating
uncomfortable reading for McQuaid. It repeated allegations,           somewhere in the region of $500bn [£312bn] in annual
strongly denied by the UCI, from Floyd Landis and Tyler               revenues, against which the annual budget for the fight against
Hamilton that, when Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel visited              doping in sport pales into insignificance,” said Wada in its last
its headquarters in Aigle in May 2002 to offer $100,000 to help       annual report.
the development of cycling, they were doing so in order to buy            “I [the chairman, John Fahey] would suggest that it may be
its silence. McQuaid admitted accepting donations totalling           time for this sector to assume more of the responsibility for
$125,000 from Armstrong’s camp in 2002 and 2007 but strongly          protecting athletes from doping and defending the integrity
denied there were any conditions attached.                            of all sports and, by extension, all leagues” – the implicit
    The UCI president attempted to draw a distinction between         point being that, if international federations are happy to
Armstrong’s imperial phase between 1998 and 2005, before he           take responsibility, they ought also to invest the necessary
was president, and afterwards – claiming there was no evidence        time, focus and cash in catching the cheats – whatever the
to suggest that Armstrong had been doping when he came                consequences.
back to the sport in 2009 and 2010. And yet the Usada report
says that there was a “one in a million” chance of Armstrong’s
blood profile occurring naturally. Moreover, it said, expert
examination of his blood values “build a compelling argument
consistent with blood doping”.
    That dual role also makes McQuaid’s insistence that there
was nothing untoward in accepting a donation from Armstrong
in 2002 hard to square while the current regime remain in place.
Even taking its strong denials of any impropriety into account,
he faced inevitable questions over the wisdom of accepting
such large donations from the very athletes it is supposed to be
    The Irishman said himself that the UCI’s relatively
impoverished state – “we don’t have billions in the bank
like Fifa” – made it reliant on donations such as that from
Armstrong. He also said he was not about to stop associating
with the sport’s biggest names just in case it came back to bite
    Challenged as to whether it should have taken the money
when there were already suspicions about drug use, McQuaid
fell back on the explanation that Armstrong had never failed a
test. Which, given that the organisation had just banned him
for life and stripped him of his titles on the basis of a damning
report that does not rely on tests for its proof, seemed a little
    In the fall-out from Ben Johnson’s demise – perhaps the only
individual fall from grace comparable in impact to Armstrong’s
– it was widely debated whether the sport had, consciously or © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             

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