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									      Johnson & Wa les U ni v er sit y

Accounting • Advertising And mArketing communicAtions • BAking

& PAstry Arts • Business AdministrAtion • comPuter ProgrAmming •

comPuterized drAfting • counseling Psychology • criminAl justice •

culinAry Arts • culinAry nutrition • electronics engineering •

engineering design & configurAtion

mAnAgement • entrePreneurshiP •

equine Business mAnAgement • fAshion

merchAndising & retAil mArketing •

finAnce • food service entrePreneurshiP •

                no limits
grAPhic design & digitAl mediA • hotel &

lodging mAnAgement • internAtionAl

Business • internAtionAl hotel &

tourism mAnAgement • mAnAgement •

mAnAgement Accounting • mArketing •

network engineering • restAurAnt, food & BeverAge mAnAgement •

risk mAnAgement • roBotic engineering • softwAre engineering •

sPorts/entertAinment/event mAnAgement • trAvel-tourism & hosPitAlity

mAnAgement • undeclAred
Johnson & Wales:
Four campuses, one university

campuses                    undergraduate
Providence, rhode island    colleges and schools
north Miami, Florida        College of Business
Denver, Colorado            College of Culinary arts
Charlotte, north Carolina   The hospitality College
                            school of arts & sciences
                            school of technology

                            graduate school
                            alan shawn Feinstein Graduate school
                                                        page one

no limits
      repare for

      your career with

 an education that

 combines academics

 and real-world experience. At johnson & wales

 university, you’ll have the opportunity to build

 a strong foundation for your profession through

 academics, internships, consulting projects for real

 companies, and community service programs.

 dream big. Because at jwu, there are no limits on

 what you can attain.
page two

no limits
           on Your Future

           at Johnson & Wales, We’ve

           been around — since 1914,

           in Fact. For almost 100 years we’ve

           built a global reputation with our career-

           focused academic model. Choose from programs in business, culinary arts, hospitality,

           technology, counseling psychology and education, on four campuses in Providence,

           north Miami, Denver and Charlotte. small classes in a supportive atmosphere, internship

           opportunities in your industry, robust career services, an experienced faculty, many with

                                          industry connections — it’s all for your benefit.
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                                                                                                                     page five

                                                                       roadmap to SucceSS

                                                                                study abroad, milan, italy
                                                                       “Last summer, I worked with a fashion designer on
                                                                                a brand-new spring/summer line.”

                                                                        stylist, the glitz, glam and business
                                                                                     Fashion shoW, JWu
                                                                    “This was the big event for the International Fashion Society.
                                                                 It was all about putting together a business wardrobe on a budget.”

                                                                                 Founder, hats For hope,
                                                                                  neW england chapter
                                                                     “We made beautiful fleece hats with intricate designs
                                                                        for cancer patients at Rhode Island Hospital.”

                                                                      international Fashion shoW, organizer
allison prucnal ’11                                                     “We worked with the International Club to put
hometoWn: southampton, massachusetts                               together this show, with models from 20 different countries
maJor: fashion merchandising & retail marketing                                        in traditional dress.”

opportunities: Without borders
“i chose Johnson & Wales because it’s very career focused,
and all undergraduate students have the opportunity to do                            relay For liFe, JWu
an internship. i knew i wanted to major in business and that           “The International Fashion Society always has one
i wanted that hands-on learning. i definitely got that here: i          of the largest teams at this event on campus, which
know how to make a trend board now because i’ve done it —                   is a 24-hour walkathon for cancer. We come
not just written a paper about it.”                                                up with a fun theme every year.”

“jwu lets you Be your own

                                                                          dresser, providence Fashion Week
Person, while giving you the
                                                                      “This was a great way to get involved in fashion on
                                                                        the larger level in the Providence community.”
resources And oPPortunities

to go As high As you wAnt.”
    page six

  roadmap to SucceSS

         captain, charlotte culinary
               competition team, JWu
   “We hold five gold medals and a silver medal and
  won the Intra-Campus Culinary Competition trophy
                  two years in a row.”

   internship, mario batali’s del posto,
                  neW york city
 “Being at such a high-end restaurant, I learned an
  incredible amount about different types of produce,
          cooking techniques and creativity.”

       concentration, beverages, JWu
“On my internship, everything was about food and wine.
  I felt this concentration was essential to my becoming
                      a successful chef.”

 apprentice, u.s. culinary olympic team
       “I worked with Chef Brian Campbell,
 a Johnson & Wales instructor, on the regional team.
It was great seeing all the cool things chefs are doing.”

       teaching assistant, college oF
                culinary arts, JWu
  “Doing demonstrations in the culinary labs got me
comfortable standing up and speaking in front of people
                   I didn’t know.”
                                                        page seven

logan mccoy ’11
hometoWn: virginia Beach, virginia
maJor: culinary Arts and food service management

passion: Fired up
“on my first day of culinary labs, my dad texted me, saying, ‘What you
get out of school depends on how much work you put into it.’ Well, i
put in a lot of work at JWU, and i have to say, the university gave back
to me as well.”

“here, you hAve An unBelievABle

    Amount of resources — chefs

               who’ve worked All over

                  the world. you get to

                     Be in clAss with them,

                         leArn from them And

                            Pick their BrAins. it’s

                               Been such A greAt

  page eight

rachel rosen ’12                                           “BecAuse of All the oPPortunities

hometoWn: san Antonio, texas
                                                           offered At jwu, i’m grAduAting with A
maJor: sports/entertainment/event management

Faculty: in your corner                                    comPletely full résumé. i cAn’t even fit
“the faculty here know you by name. they really want you
to succeed and do whatever they can to help you make       everything on it!”
connections or get an interview.”
                                                           page nine

          roadmap to SucceSS

             volunteer, neWport Wine Festival

       “Through volunteering at this fundraiser, I worked with
        a professional event planner and learned how to handle
                       things well under pressure.”

          treasurer, special events society, JWu

     “Last year, I organized a trip to San Antonio for 36 students.
      We volunteered at the San Antonio Rodeo, and I also set up
  informational interviews with hospitality professionals in the area.”

 internship, berachah christian camps & conFerences,
                      auburn, Washington

     “This was a great internship. I created promotional materials
    for events, coordinated all summer staff activities and field trips,
             and oversaw operations of the summer camps.”

      internship, Women’s center oF rhode island

   “As an intern in the development office, I planned special events
 and fundraisers; created invitations, emails and event programs, and
developed strategic marketing plans to raise money for women’s shelters.”

    concerts coordinator, university involvement
                  board: campus events, JWu

  “Organizing concerts for the past two years has been an incredible
  experience. I book bands, review contracts, and work directly with
                          the band’s agency.”

   student assistant, the hospitality college, JWu

 “I loved assisting the dean and the other Hospitality College faculty.
     I also represented The Hospitality College at events, so it was
                     a great networking opportunity.”
        page ten

      roadmap to SucceSS

            third place, national student
                   advertising competition

“Our first-place win in District 1 led to a third-place win in the
national competition, against 15 teams representing the best talent
                    from all over the country.”

     Freelance designer, rhode island small
             business development center

   “This gave me a chance to create websites and online
  marketing plans for local small businesses. Before I knew it,
    I was rubbing elbows with some of the best designers
           and business owners in New England.”

First place, international career development
            conFerence, orlando, Florida

     “I competed in the Web design competition against
     students from four different countries and 37 states.”

          directed Work experience, gtech,
                   providence, rhode island

 “I worked with GTECH to develop a rich media campaign
 targeted to encourage 18- to 34-year-olds to play the lottery.”

   oFFice assistant, college oF business, JWu

    “I provided technical support and was able to develop
      websites for the college’s new advertising program.”

                     president, aiga, JWu

           “I headed the university’s chapter of AIGA,
              the professional association for design.”
                                                                 page eleven

robert erskine ’12
hometoWn: somers Point, new jersey
maJor: graphic design & digital media

Fast track: success
“i came to Johnson & Wales hoping to learn what it takes to become an
industry leader. i think i’m on the right track: My portfolio grew every
term with professional-grade projects. not only have i learned design
techniques, i’ve also learned how to approach clients, give boardroom
presentations and write clear emails.”

“By working hArd And Being PAssionAte

ABout whAt you love, you get the key

                 to AcAdemic And ProfessionAl

                             success from jwu.”
page twelve
                                                                                                                         page thirteen

no limits
                on Learning

your experience, your choice.                                     get to knoW your proFessors in
Johnson & Wales’ “upside-down” curriculum puts you right          small classes.
into courses in your major your first term on campus. This is     you won’t find any 300-seat lecture halls at Johnson & Wales.
different from most schools, where students typically spend       Class sizes are small: our student-faculty ratio across the four
the first two years taking general education courses. it’s also   campuses averages 26:1, and 18:1 in culinary labs, which
a huge advantage: you can discover if your major is the right     means there’s no getting lost in the crowd. you’ll find faculty
fit — and if it’s not, you can switch sooner, saving you time     get to know you and are willing to make a call to help you
and money.                                                        network or connect you with an internship experience.

experiential education means                                      Faculty teach From industry
you’ll learn by doing.                                            experience.
Maybe you know that you want to work at a resort in the           at JWU, you’ll learn more than what’s in the textbook. Many
Caribbean or eventually open your own restaurant. Great           of our faculty come to the classroom straight from industry,
— that will help you select your major, your internships and      so they teach from years of experience. you’ll benefit from
where you’ll study or work abroad. or maybe you don’t know        their knowledge of theory as well as how it’s actually done in
yet; you’re thinking about something in entrepreneurship or       the real world.
hotel management, and you want to try as many different
opportunities as possible. Johnson & Wales is the perfect
place for you to explore all your options.
    page fourteen

                                                        FacuLt Y

oscAr chiliBAto
oscar Chilibato is an associate professor within the College
of Business at the Providence Campus. With more than 25
years of experience working at senior-level marketing positions
in media organizations and advertising agencies, Chilabato’s          cArrie clein
expertise includes strategy development using integrated
marketing communications, advertising and sales promotion             Carrie Clein is a professor in the
strategies for major national chain stores as well as regional        Department of Criminal Justice
department store chains.                                              at the Denver Campus. she was
                                                                      a public defender in Denver, a
What kind of hands-on learning opportunities are                      governor-appointee to the sex
available to your students?                                           offender Management Board,
There’s the national student advertising Competition. (JWU            a member of the Colorado
has won the regionals for the past two out of three years, and        Collaborative law Professionals
last year, came in third nationally.) The research the ad team        executive board, and an officer for
                                           does before they even      the Colorado Criminal Defense
                                           start doing the creative   association.
                                           takes a lot of time
                                           and a lot of students.     What does hands-on
                                           The good thing about       learning mean in your
                                           advertising is that        classroom?
                                           you produce; you’re        i bring in guest speakers, such as the chief deputy district attorney in
                                           creative. you show your    the special victims unit in arapahoe County. i’ve brought the class
                                           media plan, you show       to the aurora Police Department, where they have a new updated
                                           how it could possibly      program for doing photo identifications. When i, along with another
                                           work, you show a           professor here had tried a series of robberies, my students came to see
                                           video of the research      us for a day as one of their class trips.
                                           with focus groups. it’s
                                                                      Where do some of your students intern?
                                           tangible. students take
                                                                      i have a student who was really interested in forensic psychology
                                           those materials and put
                                                                      so i placed her with my friend Dr. rick May who is the foremost
                                           them in their portfolio.
                                                                      sex offender treatment provider in the state of Colorado. We’ve also
                                           so when they go in for
                                                                      placed students at the Denver Juvenile Court Probation.
                                           a job interview, hr
people want to know what kind of practical experience they            any advice for students just starting in the criminal
have. and our students can show them their portfolio and say,         justice program?
“Well, i have practical experience. i actually did this.”             tell me what you want to do. let me see if i can help you. is there
                                                                      some place you want to go or somebody you want to hear from that i
and the results?
                                                                      can set up for you? Because i’ve done that more than once.
our students in the advertising program are landing — really
landing — high-level jobs in new york City and Boston:                one student wanted to meet a sWat (special Weapons and tactics)
at BBDo, hill holliday and arnold, which are top-notch                officer. so we came up with the idea of what i called, “Coffee with
agencies that handle accounts such as McDonald’s and                  sWat.” We brought in sWat officers from Douglas County so
Budweiser.                                                            students could meet and network with them in an informal setting.
                                                                                                                         page fifteen

hArry Peemoeller
harry Peemoeller is chef-instructor within the College of
Culinary arts at the Charlotte Campus. he is a certified
master baker through the German Culinary institute of
Baking in hannover, Germany, and has won awards in many
international bread competitions, including the invitation-       BriAn
only sigep Bread Cup in italy in 2011, and the national           connors
Bread & Pastry team Championship in 2008.
                                                                  Brian Connors is an
how do you teach your students the skill sets                     assistant professor within
they’ll need to be successful in their careers?                   The hospitality College at
i always emphasize that i want them to start thinking and         the north Miami Campus.
problem-solving for themselves. so if one recipe doesn’t come     he has worked for many
out correctly, i’m not going to take points off. instead, tell    years in the cruise, yachting
me why it came out badly and what you can do next time to         and wine industries, and
make sure that doesn’t happen. i’m trying to incorporate as       is a Certified hospitality
many real-life scenarios so that they are really learning here.   educator (Che) and
                                                                  a Court of Master
What can students do to get more experience?
                                                                  sommeliers Certified
For one, students can come in on Fridays for Friday
refreshers, where they can practice their skills. i also
encourage them to volunteer for the Chef ’s Choice                What kind of
programs, which are one-day culinary classes open to the          industry experience
general public.                                                   do you bring to the
any advice for future bakers?
                                                                  My career spans both
you might be an awesome baker, but if you cannot run a
                                                                  front of the house and
business you always will be bankrupt. you are going to have
                                                                  back of the house, the
a hard time being a manager if your math is not good — the
                                                                  yachting industry, the
food costs have to be up to par. it has to be right on target.
                                                                  wine industry, consulting,
                                                                  the hotel industry and the
                                                                  cruise industry. and along
                                                                  with teaching, i still have
                                                                  one toe in the water with
                                                                  industry. i’m currently the corporate wine consultant for
                                                                  Celebrity Cruises and i still practice as private chef for one
                                                                  mega yacht. This summer i’ll be heading over to italy to
                                                                  launch a new mega yacht for a family.

                                                                  What does hands-on learning mean in your
                                                                  one project i assign to my students is to buy, design
                                                                  and develop a restaurant concept. it’s sort of a “pop-up”
                                                                  restaurant. students have to execute and analyze on a weekly
                                                                  basis. We’ll do a minimum of five pop-up restaurants every
                                                                  term. so there is a tremendous amount of planning and due
                                                                  diligence that goes with this, from menu design to costing.
                                                                  it’s a very entrepreneurial, hands-on approach.
page sixteen

                    internships                                                        Are A

core PArt of our AcAdemic ProgrAm. our students get

      hands-on experience,
               All for AcAdemic credit, At

more than 1,600 sites
               every yeAr.

               no limits on doing
               “When you ask recruiters at job fairs and in interviews what’s the most
               important thing they look for when hiring, the response is almost always
               experience. attending Johnson & Wales, i’ve had numerous opportunities
               to gain that experience through directed work experiences, study abroad
               programs and internships. Participating in an internship is a great learning
               experience. it puts you in a real working setting, letting you show what you’ve
               learned and also helping you recognize where you may need to improve in
               order to achieve your goals.”

               christie pietila ’11

               hometoWn: tewksbury, massachusetts

               maJor: strategic Advertising

               internship: univision, los Angeles, california
page seventeen
page eighteen
                                                                                                              page nineteen

            thAnks to jwu’s                             connections
with leAding comPAnies in your field, more thAn

   1,000 companies                                                                                PArticiPAted

                     in on-cAmPus cAreer fAirs, exPos And other

networking                                               events lAst yeAr.

   more than career success                              robert mellWig ’97,
   “Johnson & Wales’ hallmark ‘upside-down’              senior vice President of
   curriculum gets students into their majors right      humAn resources,
   away. i found between that and my internships,        destinAtion hotels & resorts
   i had a leg up professionally because i had a
                                                         hometoWn: englewood, colorado
   better idea of the industry and was able to
   specialize early on.                                  degree: hospitality management
          “looking back, what stands out for me first
   is the tremendous diversity at Johnson & Wales,       proFessional history: starwood hotels

   in both the people and the program design.            & resorts, w group, hyatt hotels & resorts, hotels

   Then there are the faculty, impassioned leaders       by hilton

   who take a personal interest in their students. i
   still stay in touch with a number of my former
   professors today.”
 page twenty

JWU athletics                                                              rAnge from

      ncAA division iii And nAiA vArsity sPorts

               to intrAmurAl cluBs, so you cAn PlAy sPorts

of All kinds,          stay fit and healthy,
                             or show your jwu sPirit At gAmes.

                 no limits on playing
                 “Playing on the golf team has been eye opening. We have kids from Japan,
                 Mexico, Canada, scotland and sweden, so i’ve gotten to learn how people
                 from all over the world do things. and the team is good — we’re in the top 15
                 in the nation. Three players are in the top 40 in the country, and two of us are
                 in the top 25.
                      “it’s been a great experience. Besides getting to play on courses
                 across the U.s., it’s taught me good life skills, like the importance of being
                 organized and staying on top of things.”

                 Jason harris, junior

                 hometoWn: Bath, maine

                 maJor: sports/entertainment/event management

                 member: jwu golf team
page twenty-one
page twenty-two
                                                                             page twenty-three

johnson & wAles        campuses                                     hAve

        Been        named                            to the nAtionAl President’s

higher educAtion community service honor roll

        each year                                    since it wAs estABlished in 2006.

no limits on college liFe
“Getting involved was one of the best things
i did at Johnson & Wales. i was guide right
chairman of Kappa alpha Psi Fraternity, which
meant i oversaw community service for our
chapter here on campus. We worked with kids at
a local high school in a mentoring program. We
did activities and events with them and talked to
them about things like achievement, staying on
the right track and going to college.
     “For me, it’s all about giving back. i say
that life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about
creating yourself.”

thaddeus vanburch ’11

hometoWn: Bronx, new york

maJor: fashion merchandising &
retail marketing

president, johnson & wales
national Pan-hellenic council
page twenty-four

         no limits
                   on You

                   noW that you’ve read about some of the experiences our students and

                   alumni have had and you’ve heard what Johnson & Wales has to offer, there’s just one

                   question: When would you like to visit? We’d love to show you around one of our four

                   campuses so you can experience for yourself all that Johnson & Wales University has

                   to offer.

                        already decided that JWU is right for you? Just fill out and submit the enclosed

                   no-Fee application. or apply online at www.jwu.edu/apply. We look forward to

                   hearing from you!

                   For more inFormation, contact admissions:

                   Providence, Rhode Island: 800-342-5598

                   North Miami, Florida: 866-598-3567

                   Denver, Colorado: 877-598-3368

                   Charlotte, North Carolina: 866-598-2427

programs & maJors

school oF arts & sciences                                           college oF culinary arts
bachelor’s degree track                                             associate degree only
Counseling Psychology                                               Baking & Pastry arts
                                                                    Culinary arts
college oF business
bachelor’s degree tracks                                            bachelor’s degree tracks
accounting                                                          Baking & Pastry arts
   • Accounting                                                     Baking & Pastry arts and Food service Management
   • Management Accounting                                          Culinary arts and Food service Management
advertising and Marketing Communications                            Culinary nutrition
Business administration                                             Food service entrepreneurship
Criminal Justice
entrepreneurship                                                    alan shaWn Feinstein
equine Business Management
                                                                    graduate school
equine Business Management / riding
Fashion Merchandising & retail Marketing                            Mba
international Business                                              Mba
Management                                                          with optional concentrations in accounting, hospitality and
Management (accelerated program for a.s. graduates)                 information technology
                                                                    one-year Mba
risk Management
                                                                    4+1 b.s./Mba

the hospitality college                                             4+1 b.s./Mba
                                                                    with optional concentrations in accounting and hospitality
bachelor’s degree tracks
hotel & lodging Management
international hotel & tourism Management
                                                                    Criminal Justice Management
restaurant, Food & Beverage Management
sports/entertainment/event Management                               4+1 b.s./M.s.
travel-tourism & hospitality Management                             Criminal Justice Management
school oF technology                                                teaching and learning

associate degree only                                               M.a.t.
Computer Programming                                                teacher education leading to certification in
Computerized Drafting                                                 elementary education and elementary special education
robotic engineering technology                                        Food service education

bachelor’s degree tracks                                            ed.d.
electronics engineering                                             educational leadership with specializations in
engineering Design & Configuration Management                         elementary-secondary education
Graphic Design & Digital Media                                        higher education
network engineering
software engineering

notice oF nondiscrimination
Johnson & Wales University does not discriminate unlawfully on the basis of race, religion, color,                                   Mixed Sources
                                                                                                                                     Product group from well-managed
national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information,                                   forests, controlled sources and
                                                                                                                                     recycled wood or ber
disability, status as a protected veteran or any other unlawful basis in admission to, access to,                                                 Cert no. SW-COC-002556

treatment of, or employment in its programs and activities.
                                                                                                                          1201229 August 2012 201M
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